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Shreveport & Alexandria Passenger Pac
ket UNION.
? Y r TutE entirely new (and lightest d a'
S' boat above the falls) steamer Ul I 4o";
1 R. EDWARDS, nlaster, has coarn:,
making regular trips between the falls and Shr,
orotuing through in forty hours, the best and ,
time ever made in low water. The Union v., ,
- tiue in the trade during the entire low water -
and being in every respect designed for a vet ; , t
draught packet,-with superior accommodation
cabin passengers, we respectfully solicit the ptr e,.,,
of the public. The Union connects `with t!
Orleans packets below the falls.
New Orleans & Red River Park
a Tne..new and fast running a
- SYDONIA, Wa. KAY, ma:
run during the losv water as. \-,--',
packet between New Orleans and Alexandr
she will connect with the Shreveport pack
r Sydonia for speed, comfort and good accome
is unsurpassed by any boat in the trade, ane. ".::
lar care will be taken to promptly forward
shipped by het either to upper Red River or
on the .Mississippi. For freight or passage,
board. r
Shreveport & Alexandria Pac1.i
r ,~- TtE new, substantial, very lig1,
j steamboat RUNA1'VAg ' -
Smaster, (having been thoroug- ,;
hauled, repaired and renovated,) will resume ,
on or about the 1st September, as a regul ;
packet between Shreveport and Alexandria. ,
place she will connect with the New Orleans
ihus alfording passengers and shippers a thr ;t:..
to:the city without detention at the falls.
'Tihe htunatay was built expressly for the t
boilers, machinery, furniture and every thint
entirely new, and inl point of safety, speed at...
niodatioi she is unsurpassed by any other b
the falls. Particular attention will at times I l :.
plantation and alfway business. Thankful f
eral patronage they have heretofore receiver ,
eers solicit the favors of their old friends, pr,
do every thing in their power to merit it.
To Steamboat Olficers.
O FFICERS of Boats runninglin the upper
r er adc, arc res.pectfully itfortmetd that .
letans Newspapers, of every description, c
Sni-lhed to them, in any qua-ntity, by sendint
MW.. I. DECAMP, Reporter, No. 3 Frot Levee, be
low Can.1 street, (over A. & II. Bloclis wholesile
grocery.) If desired the mtuie of the bout purch;,sing
" will be stamped on each paper, and the Iackalges for
warded as per order.
- Corner of Texas and Edwards streets, Shireveport.
r T HE undersigned, having purchased the interest of
' I Messrs. Vanlihbber in the above well known e:
tablishment,and put it in fine order, infoirm their friends
and the public generally, that they are prepared to ac.
cotmi odate them with saddle horses, buggies, carri
a ages, etc., of the best description, and on as reasona
ble termti as they can be hail at any other establish
i met Horses will be kept by the month, week, day,
or a single feed. Gentlemen from the eountry. wish
i ing to visit New Orleans, or any point on the river, by
leaving their animals with us, can have tlhem cayeftel.
ly and faithfully attended to. Our ostlers are caperi
Sencee and and attentive, and are rr:ady day and night to
attend to the wants of culltomenrs.
o Horses bought and sold. Horses and Mules sold on
SThankful for the patronaiote extended to the late fitr
'of V anilibber & IHitchcock, we respectfully solicit a
continuance thereof, pledging ourselves to do all in our
power to merit it.
aiugi 3 A. J. IITCHCOCK & .Co.
SPRING STREET, Shrevep,ort.
.i Nj o cornntxion whatecer with any Hotel. "i
IA. BOARMIAN, would respectfully inform the
J punblic generally, and travelers in particular, that
lie has just had his stables put in complete order, and is
fully prepared with a thorough and extensive stock of"
Saddle and Harness Horses. Harks, Wagons, &c.,
which will be let at unusually low rates. lie will war
rant his stock to be, in every respect, equal to any il
the country. llis hacks are mostly new, and careful,
safe drivers are sent with them, wlhe. required. lie is
determined to accommodate the public fully in this
line, and to an extent nI ver before attlllpted ill this
city. From and after this date he will keep horses at
the fiollowing rates:
horse, if lonth,....13 0 Ho IIrse, 4' day, 75 cts.
' week ,.....4 t50 " ' nigtht,50 ets.
Horse, :If'feed, 25 cents.
lie respectfully solicits the calls of his friends, anal
all who wish accomlmnodation in his line. lis stable:
are nott inl any way connected with hotels.
The Ciddou Gazette, and Flag of the Union, (ilen
derson.) x ill please copy. ja ll
{ý TutTs establislhment, long known as Van
Bibber's liotel, has bieen leased by the
untdersignted,and is now being thornigh
ly repaired and renovated, and will be opened for thie
acconmmodation of boarders and the pubiii general:ly as
soon after the Ist inst. as possible. The proprietor
takes this ,ocesion, to tender his thalniis to his nnmm,
rous friends. for their past patronage, while in the Net
son Hlouse. a.id assures them that it is his determitia
tion to mnakel the City lm tei eqiw.l to any hIuse in the
south or westctand no pains or expenlse wxill be spared
to ellbet ithlit purpose.
Hi- friends in the country may rely upon havitng
their horses well taken care of.
C. T. NEISt)N, late of'the Nelson Iouiie.
T1'Ihe Mlarshall, Jefferson and Mansfield ,tag t5
stop a t this house.
N. B. The subscriber is desirous of renting a numt
her of furniihed or unfurnished roomns i the Nelson
Hlouse, recently occmupied by him. Also, the larp;
dtining room, suitable for concerts, Ialls. etc. ,1npil
The subseriber is prepared to receive,
Sand will accommodate in good0style, a
reasonabile number of day boarders, at
his residence on Travis street, neat adjoining the bap
tist church. PrirC:, .$ 16 per montlh.
r! mlif G. S. TAINTOR.
Boarding House,
- Corner of Texas and Edwards streets, (,.pposite Van
Bibber & Ilitchcock's Livery Stables.) Shreveport.
" TItr 'subscriber having thoronughly repaired i.id
- L renovated the premiises, is now prepared to ac
eoiumtiod'ite in the best manner boarde.rs by the day,
Swek, or month. J'The house is convenientlry situatcd
to th: busi, ess part of the town, and the thable will he,
at all time:,,sutpplied with the best that the mtarkeit af
Rates--oaird and lodging, If' month. 18; board
without lMgd g, l15 15 month; board, If' week, ;+6:
board, ,4y day, ;l1 50; single meal;, fifty cents.
ml -G-i J.1. TALL1 1A l)E; I.
o The handsomest building Lots in town.
SOT'S 7 and d, il block 1, on Travis street, I,
a _ tween a'olonols Johnson and Battle. A lib, ral
credit iwill be given. Apply to SA'L FOR D, or
t122 I,. P. GRAIN.
r Valuatbe Farms For Sale.
SO Acres or Land. situated in Caddo pari-h, two
miles from Shrevepuit,adjniliig tilthe reside ,,
of Ir. John W\Valpole. There are two ,ol, d
r buildings on the premises. Thei soil iis a ,go! ,d alny
uplands i tilhe par: Ih. A portion of the fand is tunder
cultivation, and the balanlce lheaviiv timbered.
Also--One Acit of Gl' ronttl, ywitlh good cabins. and a
chiice variety of fruit tees, situated otl the .aIt;lit ii
Sroad, 14 miles fromt :' steamlboaut landin, alnld adjoin
ing tih re idence t.; capt:in John Gr (ahani.
Being dctermined to sell great inducements twill be
ofierel to piurcasers. Pose-sion given itnedlattt 1,
Apply ont the prelmifes. T . . .Il L,, or
jy2 i tde l At this ,,fihe.
Tt.n.Itwo story brick store occupied [for the lat
.six years by the unlldersi'ilned, situated onil "Tsc... street.
near the corner of Spring. It is covered with tin all
thoroughly finished in every respect. In the rear of
tilhe store is a fine walre oullse, which Illtkes thij ,ione of
the most commodioulS and convenient buildi
wholesale and retail business in toiln. As a
has no superior.
Als,--A Dwelling House, and three lot- i'f
attacimel thereto, situanted on iMarket street.oTi,
contains five rooms, well fiiislhed, and there ari
ens, servallts' rooms, stables, a well of good :.o
every other convenlli.nce necessary' to the cit.:
a family.
:1'The above property will be sold low and on
Sllolldating tern s. A ,pply ito
jyl9] E. & B. JACOBS, Texas sti
A- C[-- i- For Rent,
A convenient dwelling house, on Sprint
possessing every convdttiencc for a small fal
Rent only fifteen dollars I'y month.
Also-A new and neat cottage dwelling, .
on Texas street. Just finished. Rient only
dollars 4' nmionth. Apply to L. E. CAI7
For Rent.
I have .a house tat would, with sotn,,
slight alterations, make a co.venictt
bhoarding liou.e. WVith the nec ssal'
changes there will be about fifteen rooms, and it is
more conveniently situated than any other house of the
same capacity in town. Possession given on tilhe lt
January, 1854, provided contracted furin time to make
the altpratims. [nov23] S. I1. CAIN.
-Schiuedam ScIl.a. pps.
Ajrt "r pr :'. . , .
Sn.a... r Cga rs
To Wille t. H. E.
,. . e past, the hallowed past, reflection softly
,. kii::lles up the pleasing scenes that memory
Iondly keeps,
'4 .. i ,f joy, in these blest thoughts, steals o'ermy
spirit's chords,
Sa there a elody too pure formortalor mortal words!
I ,::.;notchant that joyous song
1''h heart alone can still prolong (so strong.
?: .>!i -f :I, life-inspiring strains-so sweet, so deep,
i, : aik .n angel, near to me,thy lovely image seems,
,- bless my solitude-to beautify my dreams;:
.:in thy pleasing voice, I see thy winning
smile- [from guile.
And, ohl how favored to conmmune with one so free
I would not break the magic sp.ll
I would not those emotions quell, [well.
That fill the fountains of the soul, as from a crystal
How sweet the time, how full of joy, how swift it
rolled away,
When, in thy presence, I have passed the lingering
hours of day- [low, above,
By thy side, have gaz'd on nature fair, around, he
And felt her inspiration deep, and heard her voice
of love;
Or, when you've sought music's altar, fair,
And paid your soul's devotion there-
Such hallowed hours of pure delight, would I oft
might share.
When other scenes shall greet your eye, and other
friends are found, [around,
When nature, in her loveliness, smiles gloriously
h0! say, will then, as back you gaze, a thought to me
be given, [to heaven?
And shall I be remembered in the prayer you breathe
Girl of my heart! where'er I turn
Thy lovely image I discern;
With Inc it dn~ells, and still shall live in memory's
sacred urn. T.
Old deacon M. was the only store-keeper in
a pretty village "up country," and used to
take great pleasure in catelhising the youth
who might visit his store. One stormy day,
business dull, the deacon was quietly smoking
by the side of a cheerful fire, when a ragged
urchin entered, who seemed a fit subject on
which the deacon might exercise his question
ing powers. The deacon drew a long whiff,
then pulled out his pipe, and exhailing a long
column of smoke, called the lad to him, and
patting him on the shoulder, said:
"Well, my son, what's the strongest thing
you know of?"
The lad thought a moment, then scratching
his bump of communicativeness through a
hole in his hat, answered:
"I reckon marm knows, she's tarnel strong
herself-she can lick dad at any time-and she
said that the butter I got here tother day was
the strongest thing she ever seed yet, for that
was so strong she couldn't hold it arter she got
it down." The deacon asked no more ques
tions of that 'little shaver.'
A sheriff's officer was sent to execute a writ
against a quaker. On arriving at the house,
he saw the quaker's wife, who, in reply to his
inquiry whether her husband was at home, an
swered in the affirmative, and at the same
time requested him to be seated, and her hus
band would speedily see him. The officer
waited patiently some time, but the fair qua- i
keress coming into the room, he reminded her
of her promise that he should see her husband. I
"Nay, fiiend, I promised that he would see
thee. He has seen thee. He did not like thy
looks; therefore, he avoided thee, and has left
the house by another path."
When my grandmother (long since in heav
en) was about three years of age, she was ta-:
ken to a funeral of a deceased playmate. The
tiltle corpse was lying in its coffin, around
which flowers were strewn; and she, being
lifted up, kissed its cold cheek, and whispered:
<<Ptn.ýen `rves my 1( f n (THAI")
This strikes me as the sweetest expression I
ever heard made by a child.
A good man once said that soon after his
marriage, his circumstances were so straiten
ed that he was sometimes destitute of the ordi
nary comforts of life. One morning his wife
called him to breakfast, which consisted of dry
bread, molasses, and water. Observing that
she was much dejected, he cheerfully said, 'my
dear, this is better than the promise. We read
that bread shall be given us, and water shall
be sure; but we have more than this.' The
happy remark dispelled the gloom from the
lady's mind, and they often afterwards spoke
of that meal as the sweetest they ever enjoyed.
Getting into debt is getting into a tanglesome
net; but do not be disheartened; the next best
thing to keeping out of debt, is to get out of it
as quickly as possible, and I do not see any
reason why, if your health is spared, you
should not set all to rights yet.
The Richmond Post relates an anecdote of
"the ruling passion strong in death."
I was told of a noted gambler living in the
city of New Orleans. Betting was a mania
with him, and the argument which he adopted
to settle any controversy. Whatever might be
the character of the debate, his strongest reply
to an antagonist was, "I'll bet you." That
scourge of New Orleans, the yellow fever made
its appearance. While it was raging most fierce
ly and carrying off hundreds, daily, the gam
bler was attacked. Medical attendance was
secured, and everything that skill could do was
done to save his life. But the fever was stron
ger than the doctor, and at last he was told
"Sir must die andif you have any arrangements
to make, attend to them speedily."
"Doctor," said the sick man, "how long will
1 live?"
"Not more than three hours," was the re
"Doctor, are you perfectly certain that I can
not live more than three hours?" queried the
"1 am, sir, you may live that long, but the
probabilities are, that your end will come in a
shorter space."
"Well, but you are mistaken, doctor, and I'll
bv.t you my f;ineral expenses that I will live six
hours, just double what you assign me."
The physician was astonished at such cool
ness and hardihood, but remembering with
whom he had to do, accepted the bet,and wait
ed the result. The fellow lived through the'
six hours, secured the amount of his stake,and,
while chuckling over his triumph, was seized
with a spasm and died.
Clarissa, (in a tremendous hurry,) Oh, Liz
zv, dear, I can't stop; I've just run in to say'
that Mr. Simpkins proposed last night; I de-I
clare I havn't got over it yet.
Lizzy (all alive,) Lor, love, you don't say
so? Well, that is nice!
Clarissa, (quite joyously,) yes, dear, aint
it? I told him I must have my own way in
ev'ry thing, or I couldn't love him, no! not a bit.
Lizzy, (with eyes and ears open to their full
est extent,) and what did he say to that Clarry,
Clarissa, (out of breath,) oh. lie agreed,
dear, he agreed; and so it's settled, we are to
have the "bridal room" at St. Nicholas, and I
am to have as many dresses as I like, and moth
er can come and live with us, and he'll always
be at home at six; oh, I'm so happy. Good
bye, dear, good bye. [Exit.]
The savans of Paris are going to introduce
the dioscorea japonica as a substitute for the
potatoe. It is a tubercular vegetable with ai
more delicate flavor than the potatoe. It will
be funny, till we get used to it, to ask Bettyi
to "peal the dioscorea japonica" for dinner,
wont it?
ADVICE TO A YOUNG LAwrEa--The follow
ing is the advice of an examing judge to al
young lawyer, on admission: "Sir, it would be
idle to trouble you further. You are perfect,
and I will dismiss you with a few words of ad
vice, which you will do very well to follow.-
You will find it laid down as a maxim of civil
law, never to kiss the maid when you can kiss
the mistress. Carry out this principle, sir, and
you are safe. Never say "boo" to a goose,
when she has the power to lay golden eggs.
Let your face be long--your bills longer.
Never put your hand in your pocket when any
body's else's is hand-. Keep your consci
enee for your own private use, and don't trou- '
ble it with other men'smatters. Look as wise
as an owl, and be as oracular as a town clock.
A fellow who took the liquor movement in
hand, found it took him to his back.
Tho Baltimore Patriot says, the sidewalks
have been embellished for a few evenings past
with the sight of numbers of pretty young la
dies, wearing a head dress of a peculiar novel
r and striking character. It is composed of a
sort of wreath of interwoven ribbons of many
colors, prolonged behind into long pennants
that float out upon the air like streamers at the
mast head, describing an infinity of curves un
known to trigonometry, which catch the hearts
of their beholders in their intricate mazes.
This new head gear is called the "know noth
ing wreath, as we are informed, and like every
thing else about know nothingism, is very start
ling and unexpected.
"Shall I help you to alight?" said a young
t gentleman, addressing a bouncing country girl
who was preparing to jump from a carriage,
in front of our office, "Thank you, sir," she
said sweetly; "but I don't smoke."
As the lovely cedar is green throughout the
barrenness of winter, so shall the christian
alone flourish amid the winter of death, and
t bloom in immortality.
The vulgar mind fancies that judgment is
r implied chiefly in the capacity to censure; and
yet there is no judgment so exquisite as that
which knows properly how to approve.
An honest Hibernian stopped at a country
inn, in the interior of Massachusetts, and seat
ed himself snugly down by the fire. "What's
the news in this quarter, landlord," said he.
"Nothing," replied the landlord, "only they
say the devil is dead."
Pat said nothing, but in a short time, when
about leaving the house, he walked deliberate
Iv across the room, and deposited three cents
on the bar; the landlord followed, and inquir
ed what.was wanting for the money, when the
following colloquy ensued:
"Ali sure, nothing at all, yer honor."
"Why then did you lay this money on the
Arrah, yer honor, and sure, in me own coun
try whenl a poor lad loses his father, its cus
toniary to give him a few coppers, to help to
provide for the wake and funeral."
A gentleman was once negotiating with a
New Hampshire horse-dealer for the purchase
of the mare, but could not agree by ten dol
lars. Next morning however, making up his
mind to split the differance, lie posted off to the
stable, when the first person he met was the
groom. "Master up, Joe?" he inquired.
I No, master be dead," said Joe: "but lie left
word for you to have the mare." Yankees
never lose a trade.
A correspondent of the National Intelligen
cer writing from Florida, gives an incident in
relation to a prayer offered by request during
a drought, by a venerable preacher who bore
no good will to the baptists. His prayer was
somewhat remarkable forits unselfish tone, and
ran in this wise:
"Let it rain, beginning at my plantation, in
Hamilton county, coming down to the religious
neighborhoods of Columbia and Nassau, where
immersion is not practiced, and reaching Black
creek-even Black creek-and bringing forth
in abundance-none of your little "nubbins,"
however, but long ears-as long as this good
right arm."
A yankee, out walking in Wheeling, Virgi
nia, while to himself talking, experienced a
feeling strange-strange, painful, alarming
from his cap up to his knees, as he suddenly
discovered, he was covered over with bees.
They rested on his eyelids, and perched upon
his nose, they colonised his peaked face, and
swarmed upon his clothes. They explored his
swelling nostrils, and dived deep in his ears,
they crawled up his 'trowsers,' and filled his
eyes with tears. Did he yell like a hyena?
Did he holler like a lion? Was he 'sccart,'and
did he 'cut and run?" Or did the 'critter'
swoon?" Neither one. He wasn't 'scar't' a
mite. He never swoons or 'hollers,' but he
hived them in a sfihall tight keg and sold them
for two dollars.
Three mnseries of a man's house-a smo
king chimney; a leaky roof, and a scolding
A student in want of money sold his books;
and wrote home, "father, rejoice, for now I de
rive my support from literature."
The words which 'fell' from an 'orator's
mouth' were taken up uninjured, and attached
to those that 'hung on his lips.'
Young America is an evanescent, quicksil
very globule of creation. Hie comes into the
world on his knees, flitters through it on a cloud
Sof steam, and leaves it by a misplaced switch
on thIe line of advancement.
j University of Louisiana.
r HE Lectuares in this department will commence on
Vi 1 the second Monday of Novembcr, 54, 54, and con
tinue until tihe first Monday of April, 1855. They will
e embrace the most important branch(s of the Civil,
-Common, Constitutional and International Law, as
I well as Equity, Jurisprudence and Practice. Lectures
i will be delivered by four professors.
I Those by sirofessor McCaleb will treat of
S 1. Admiralty and Maritime Law, embracing the
- rights and oblig:tions of Masters and Mariners, Colli
- sions other Ma ritinle Torts, general Average, Salvage,
3 Civil and Military Mariners' Contracts, Marine Insur
ance and Hypothecations, and contracts for .Maritime
Services in building, repairing and supplying ships.
2. International Law, embracing the law of prize
and the practice of prize court-, the absolute rights )f
States to their pacific and hostile relations, treaties of
pea~ce and private international law.
3. The Jurisdiction of tihe Courts of the United
States, embracing the original and appellate jurisdic
tion of the Di:trict Cout s as courts of revenue and as
prize and iist;tne courts of admiralty.
Those by prof, ssor Randall HuLtt will embrace
1. Commtert-ial law as it relates to mercantile per
sons, mer-:anle p:roperty and contracts, and mercan
tile remedies, ThIey will treat of sole traders, partner
Sships and corpnration,; of principal and agent; of bills
oflexcha:nge iad promissory notes and shipping; of
bailments antd contracts ' ith carriers, contracts of af
freightment by charter party and for conveyance in a
general ship; of freight, jettison and average, salvage
and insurance. of sale, guaranties, liens and stoppage
in transit.
2. The Cri:tinatl Law and Practice in Courts of
Criminal Jurindiction.
3. The Law of Evidence.
T'hose by professor Johnson will embrace
1. The Cot:mnon Law and Equity, Jurisprtdence
and Practice, nnd Pleadings in Civil Cases at Common
2. Constitutional Law.
Those by professor Roseliua will embrace
i. The Civil Code of Louisiana in connexion with
the Roman, Spanish and French laws, and a critical
analysis of the decisions of the supreme court of the
2. Land titles,whether derived from England,Spain,
France or the IUnited States.
3. The Practice of the Courts of Civil Jurisdiction
in Louisiana.
The Degree of Bachelor of Laws will be conferred
on those students only who shall have attenJed two
full courses of lectures, or one full course after having
read twelve mincths under the direction of a respecta
ble counsellor tt law, and who shall, on examination
by the various professors, be found deser\ing of the
The fee of each professor is twenty-five dollars; ma
triculation fee five dollars, and ten dollars for the di
All communications munt be addressed to the Dean
of the Faculty at New Orleans. C. ROSELIUS,
aug23 Dean of the Faculty.
University of Louisiana.
iA THE annual course of Lectures in this department
i will commence on MsoYa.', November 13, and
will terminate in the ensuing March.
James Jones, TMs.D., Professor of Practice of Medicine.
J. L. Riddell, rM.D., Professor of Chemistry.
Warren Stone, M.D., Professor of Surgery.
A. H. Cenas, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics.
A. J. Wedderburn, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. I
Gustavus A. Nott, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica.
Thomas Hunt, M.D., Professor of Physioihgy and Pa
Cornelius C. Beard. M.D., Demonstrators of Anat
Samuel P. Choppin, M.D., omr.
The rooms for Dissecting will be open on the third
Monday in October.
The Faculty are Visiting Physicians and Surgeons
of the Charity Hospital, and attend this institution from
November to April.
The students 'ircomtpany the professors in their vis
itr, and free of t :peise, citj,"y extra.. trv: priacintil
There are, dio-ing the session, about eight hundred
persons presettr:d fir daily.
In 1851 the entm bIer of patients was thirteen theu.
rand seven hiuncred end fifty-nine.
TtHOMAS lUNT,M. D.,Dcan.
New OrreneF. o1:y :G6, 185L. austg2.4t
Wholesale a'nd Retail Family Grocers,
And dealers in
No. 13 oni the Levee, Shreveport.
JAVE just received, and now opening, an exten
sive stock of fresh Family Groceries, Western
Produce, Plantation Supplies, etc., selected expressit
for this market, which will be sold at the very Lowcsr
raices. Among our stock will be found:
Seasonable Dry Goods; Domestics;
Osnaburgs; Boots; Shoes; Brogans;
Ohio and St. Louis Flour; Lard;
Sugar-Brown, loaf, crushed and powdered;
Molasses-Sugar-house, and rebuiled;
Coflfe of every description;
Teas; spices; peppers; genuine mustard;
Soap, brown and fancy; indigu; starch;
Candles-Sperm and star;
Sugar-cured and plain Hianms; Sides; Shoulders;
Pork; Beef; dried beef;
Mackerel, Salmon, Shad, hIerrintgs, Codtish;
Oils-Olive, sperm and lard;
Potatoes; onions; dried fruit;
Cheese--Goshen and western;
Tobacco--Cewing and smlokiig;
Cigars--Havana, assorted brands;
Water crackers and soda biscuit;
Sardines; pickles; ketchups;
Pepper sauce; nutmegs; ginger;
Rice; buckwheat; vinegar;:
Salt--Fine, coarse, and table;
Raisins; figs; prunes; almonds; candies;
Preserves; olives; anchovies;
Fancy Groceries. of every description.
in great variety, consisting of Dexter's, Rose's, Mason
county and old Irish Whiskey; choice old Cognac
Brandy, of all the favorite brands, Rum, Gin, Madeira,
pure Port, Sherry and Champagne Wines, Claret, Ab
sypthe, Cturaho, Porter, Ale, Cider, B:tters, Lemon and
other Syrups, together with almost every other article
usually to be found in a large grocery store.
Planters, country merchants and others wanting or
ders filled, will find it to their advantage to give us it
call before !tpurchasing elsewhere. apl9
New Stock! Fresh Goods!
r ilE subscriber has just received per steamers C.
IHays, St. Charles and Compromise, an extensive
addition to his stock, comprising every description of
s:easonable and fshionable lancty and staple lDry Goods,
silks, satins, velvets, muslins, linen-, calicoes, .,ig,,
dress goo s, ribbons, bites, ladies' capes, collars, tiun
dersleeves, silk, cotton, thread and woolen hosiery,
gloves, bonnets, millinery, ladies' trimmings, handker
chiefs, diapers, mosquito nettings, puarsols, um1brel
las, oil c-lth, blankets, domestics, Lowells, and alim st
every other article that call be Ilnamed.
Clothing, in great variety, comtpri ing almost every
kind of fabric, ranlgfig frot superline cloth to light
linen and gingham.
Ladies'. ,nen's and children's fine sewed :and pegged
slippers, siuoes, brogans and boots, of every quality.
Fur, silk and wool hats, line caps.
Perfiimery. fancy soaps, ladies' work boxes, sewing
sillk. thre ad and cotton, etc. etc.
Cutlery, hardware. crockery. ;la:ts, woiidet ware,
tinware, broomns., buckets, iron, nails, tea-kettles, potis,
oventin, eoll e mills, etc.
Groteries, Wines and LiquOrs--My stock of these ar
ticles is large and very complete, chosen by an experi
.nced buyer expressly for this market. Among it is:
sugar of every quality, (commonII and sugar house Iot
lasses, coflee, tea, chocolate, fine and coirse salt, Ohio
and St. Louis l l.r, . corni meal, sugar-cured, canlvassed
antd plain lams, shoulders and sides, pork, beef, pota:
toes, dried fruit, lard, candles, soap, oils, vinegar, pep
per, spice, nutmi egs, starh, indigo, aimonds, raisinsl
pickles, ketchups, sardines, lobsters, mackerel, saltion,
shad, herrin,_. codlish, syrup:, brtndy fruits, pepper
mlint, and iall IMds of lrncy gocrteries, clewing and
smokingi tobacco, cigars, old Monongaliela, Dexter's,
Rose. Bourbon, rye, rectified and coaIon whickey,
rare old cognac brandly at various prices, American
brandy, old rumt, gin, porter, ale, cider, chlamlpagIne,
Madeira, Malaga, sherry, pure port and claret wines,
cordials, fruits in their own juice, etc. Crackers, bis
cuit, cheese, beans, cort, olnts, etc.
These goods were pirchased in N. Orleans fir cash,
and will be sold as cheap, if not cheaper, than thy i
can be had in any other :ouse on Red River. Coun-i
try merchants, lainters, and others laying in suppl:es
will find it greatly to their advantage to give me a call
before purchasing elsewhere. 31. BAI"R,
jaR 'T'exas street. I
TEXAS STrRLET, (blear the Levee,) Shreveport,
SRE now receiving and opening a new and com
Splete stock of
S of the latest and most fashionable styles,
comprisi:ne in part the following articles:
Silks, silk tissues, and berages, of every .ýb
Muslins, jaconets, linen, ginghamns, calicoes,
Bonnets, ililons, artificial flowers, gloves,
Bleached d and unbleached domestics, .
Mantillas, capes, collars, chemisettes,
Underslccves, and various ar:icles of embroidery,
V Cambric, linen and silk handkerchiefs,
Hosiery, fringe, pimp and velvet triimin;rgs of every
Mosquito netting, of all qualities,
Laces, corsets, veils, braids and every description of
fancy and staple Dry Gooids.i
Fine French, Italian and English mnerino frock,dress
and sac coats,
Linen, ginrgham and alpaca coats of every size and
Fine tlerino, linen, alpaca and cottonade pants,
Black sattn, silk, white Marseilles, linen, and every
other description of vests,
A full assortment of linen and muslin shirts.
A large stock of boots, shoes and brogans, ladies' gai
ters, slippers, ties and brogans, youths' and child
ren's shoes.
The latest styles of silk, cassimerc, leghorn, Panama,
straw and palm leaf hats,
Cloth and plush caps, children's fine Leghorn hats.
A large assortment of 1Hardware, Crockery, China,
Queens and Glassware; Trunks, Valices, Carpet
Bags, Powder, Shot, Lead. etc.
10fi bhla whiskey, of various brands,
.1) bbls Monongahela and rye whickey,
100 bbls flour, St. Louis and Ohio,
75 Ihars Rio and Java coffee,
50 hhds sugar, 10 cases loaf sugar,
50 bbls and 60 half lbls molasses,
1:20 plkgs Brandlies, French and American,
10 casks rum, 5 do Holland gin, 10 do Amer. do.
20 bhls peach brandy, 5 do cherry bounce,
10 casks Port and Madeira Wi:es,
10 casks claret and Malaga do.
5 baskets clhampagne and cordials,
50 pkgs syrups, bitters, peppermint, etc.
10 casks London porter, 10 do Scotch aie,
250 boxes chel\ing rtobacco, 1l"0.000 cigars,
20 cask, hams, shoulders a::d bacon sides,
25 hIbls Irish potatoes,
Brandy fruits, fruits in their own juice, sardines, pic
kles, ketchups, lobsters, shrimps, candles, starch, in
digo, sal veratus, spices, cloves, niutrtegs, lish, matches,
together with every description of family groceries,
plantation supllies and boat stores.
These goods were selected by us in person, are
guarantied to be of the best quality, and we will not
be unde(r sold by any house in town. mn15
A RE now receiving and opening a large stock of
L Dry Goods, Hardware, &e.,
of the latest styles and importations, which they offer
to planters and others at the lowest prices and on the
mlost accommodating terms.
Their stock comprises an extensive variety of ladies'
dress goods, of cotton, woolen, silk and linen fabrics;
including a fine assortment of trimmings of the latest
styles. Hosiery of the best and common qualities.
GENTI.EMEN'S CLOTtfING--An rextensive stock of ev
ery variety of material and of the best and most fash
ionable make, with Hats, Boots, Shoes, Umbrellas,etc.
The stock of Staple and Plantation Goods, will be
found to afford choice selections of every article need
ed by planters.
Ample arrangements are made by which their stock
will te augmented every ninety days front the east and
New Orleans, with such articles and amounts as may
be demanded by the wants of the surrounding coun
try. It will be found at all times equal to any stock
heretofore kept in this or any of the adjoining coun
ties. Elysian Fields, March 15, 18541.
New Copartnership.
No. 14 on the Levee-Successors to Robt. Donnell,
H AVING formed a copartnership, for carrying on
the Grocery and Prodare Business, and having
purchased the entire stock of Mr. Robert Donnell, will
continue the trade in all its branches at the above stand.
One of the firm has just returned from the city where
he selected with care extensive additions, so that our
stock is now large and completc; and will be sold for
a small profit. We respectfully solicit, and will be lfap
py to receive, a continuance of tlh liberal patronage
extended to our predecessor, whicvlfromn a rigid atten
tion to business, and to uniform fair and honorable deal
ing, we hope to be able to merit from a generous public.
july 13 OSBORN J. WELLS.
Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas Railroad.
T HE subscribers for the stock of the railroad are
required to make payment of the amount due on
their subscriptions, viz: 5 per cent. die at the time of
subscription, and 10 per cent. due and ordered to be
handed to C. G. Young, at Greenwood, or to L. P.
;.san or B. M. Johnson, at Shreveport, directors of said I
company. C. G. YOUNG, c
L. P. CRAIN, Directors.
-22 B. M. JOHNSON, Sub Treas.
India Rubber Goods.
O VER-COATS, Legg.ings, OvershoesPants, Hers c
-.Covers, etc., just received and for sale by
TnE undersigned is prepared to
receive applications for Insur
ance against Fire and River
risks, and on the Lives of White
Persons and Slaves, in the best
and most popular companies in
the United States, at the lowest current rates of premi
um. Apply to ALLEN HILL.
r Shreveport, June 21, 1854.. ly
THE subscriber, having taken the corner brick build
ing on Texas and Market streets; (opposite the
market house,); lis opened a GENERAL AUCTION STORE,
and is now ready to receive goods of every description
on consignment. Having been for many years en
gaged in the business, he flatters himselfto give satis
faction to all who may honor himn with a call. His reg
ular days of sale are Tuesday, Thursdoy and Saturday,
or any other day, when business demands his attention.
W\ill give particular attention to the selling of Ne
groes, Real Estate, Horses and Succession Sales.
Liberal cash advances made on consignments of;
Groceries. A. L. HEINE, Auctioneer.
Shreveport, May 11, 1854.
rpHE undersigned, having purchased the entire right
Sfor this parish for the sale of Fisk'sPatent Burial
Cases, are prepared to furnish thenm at less plices than
the ordinary wood cotlins can be manutfactured for. A
supply always on hand at the corner of Texas and
MecNeal streets.
Walters & Redus,.
H AVE just received by the S. W. Downs in addi
tio'n to thl~ir former ex:ensivq stock of groceries:o>
40 bbls sugar house molasses;
6(i hfbbis do do
20 hhds primte sugar;
S-1 do choice do
6 do fair do
10 bbls crushed do
50 do superfine flour;
47 do extra St. Louis flour;
40 do fine xx .1d do
39 do Dexter '"hiskey;
30 do Olive:'sa do
.i) do Rose's do
21 do Miller's (extra) wliskey;
:i(300 sacks salt;
10(1 do line salt;
2t) casks bacon; o
47 sacks Rio coflee:
30 boxes str. candles;
29 If bxs do do
'Tlhy are also in receipt of new and fashionable hals,
bouts, shoes, and clothing; hardware, Lowells, domes
tics, and iudced EvERy Tvritxo ustally kept in a dry
goods and grocery establishmenit, wLich they offer ve
rv low for cash.
Cash paid for otton,. my3
H. L. STONE & Co.
Wholesale Grocers, Commission Merchants
and Powder Agents,
No. 1 Gravicr street, New Orleans.
rl IEP constantly on hand a large assortment of
! ;roceries and staple articles, among others will
be found
Butter, (Gshen and WVestern;
Cheese. English dairy, western, pine apple, etc.
Iard, hams, shoulders, sides,
Tobacco, chewing and sunoking,
Sou; , rice, Liverpool and table salt,
Scotchl h, London porter,
Janmica, N. E. and N.O. rum
Brandy aod vine, of all brands,
Clarets, chlamplllaglns, ntlld Sauterne,
Gin, whiskey, cordials as-orted,
Sal .Eratus, starch, indigo, lead,
Macaroni, vcrmicelli, tapioca,
Spice, pepper, ginger, nutmegs, clres,
Fine teas, colfee, all kinds,
Pickles, ketchups, sardines, lobsters,
Oils, olive, in bottles and Ilfass.
Candles,, serin, wax and star.
We areo, so, agellnts for one of the mlost celebrated
PIIwoIUtR ~1ItLts, and keep a large assortment always
on hand. nov 2, 15:53
E. J. HAItI & Go.
G Grocers, Commission Merchants,
No. 79 Tchoupitoulas street, New Orleans.
i I EEP conistantly on hand a large assortment suit
1L able for the city and country trade, viz:
SWINs--Madeira, Oporto, claret, white, sweet and
dry Mimaga, Muscaet, Sherry.
b .t.Iv -Cogunae,R.oJchelle, LBrdcaux,Plcach, Amcr
e ican.
its-Iholland and domestic.
R ets-Jams tie,, New Orleans, N.E.
Vs txt - 1Ml siu-"ahcla, Bourbon, \Vestern Vir
ginia, Irish, Rochfuri:, apple champatgne.
Setles-Cloves, mace, nuittegs, pepper, ginger, all
spice, ground spit es of all kinds.
ox r--B l rown, HIostoni. westterit, nortliern, white and
tfanicy in bars and cakes; Castle.
Starch-,xt's, Cimt innati.
DRti;s A n DvES--nrligo, madder, sulphate qni
Snine, together with a full assortment of other staple
drugs and chemicals, by tile ease only.
. STATIONEiRv--Plfaylng cards, letter, cap, wrapping
,f and samiilii paper, blank books, together with an
assortlient of sitilar goods.
SSrGARa-Browtt, white, loaf, crushed and powdered.
Mh.tassts-Country, sugar house and golden syrup.
SIToruri--Assorted brands, comprising allqualities.
T'1' EAs-liperial,Pouchong,gu unpowder, hlyson,young
I hyson, souchong, padre, etc.
Co U iE--Rio, IavanU a and Jlava.
CnocoL rT-Sweet and plaitn.
CltGARs-Large stock, well assorted.
SnoT-Btuck and drop.
Powr.aR in cans and kegs; Lead,
Pickles, catsups, preserves, brandy fruit,hrandy clier
- ries; fruits in their own juice.
lIermetically sealed lGbsters, salmon, shad, sardinec,
oysters, etc.
Wooden and Willow Ware, brooms, gunny bags,
buckets, tubs, txehelves, etc.
t ing been made agents for the sale of the celebrated
S\VWhite Lead, tnmnufactured by Wetherill and Broth
er, we shall keep constantly on hand a large assort
itent of thie ditfferent gradr; and the various sized pack
ages, to which we invite the attention of the trade.
nov 2, 1853 ly
R. M. McALPIN & Co.
7 Canal street Row and 20 Common street,
SFFER for sale the following goods, together with
many articles in their line not enumerated be
low, which will be sold low for cash or good city ac
TEAs-Imperial, Gunpowder, Young IIyson, Pow
chong, Oolong.
COFFEE-Rio, Ilavana, Jamllaica, Lnguira,choice old
Java, Mocho.
SUGA --Louisiana, Ilavana; New York, New Or'
leans and Boston loaf, crushed, powdered, clarified,
FLtour-Extra St.Louis, superfine do.; Illinois,Ohio;
corn meal, honlnlony.
Fisa--Mackerel, Nos. I and 2 in bils., J bbls.,
t bbls. and kitts; No. three in bbls. Herrings in barrels
and i bbls. Salmon in kitts and J kitts; smoked in
boxes. Shad do. do. do. Codfish in boxes and drums.
Ilerring, Potoimac and North Carolina in bbls.; smo
ked in boxes.
SOr.s-Castor, lard, linsced, whale, sperm, tanners,
fine salad, olive, etc.
r Paovisttos--Mess Pork, prime dIo.; mess beef, in
bbls and J bbls.; prime beef, ribbed sides, clear do.;
shoulders, sugar cured hamns, Westphalia do., plain do.;
dried beef, do tongues, pickled tongues, lard in barrels
and kegs; beans, peas, split do; potatoes, onions; coarse
salt, fine do., table do; rice, barley.
CtiEEsE--Goshen, English diary, western and pine
BUTTER--Goshen and Western.
,,CANDLEs-Splerm, star, adamantine, tallow.
SoArP-Winchester's, Livermore's, Eagle, Boston,
Jackson's, Hunt's extra, Castile, fancy bar, variegated,
toilet, shaving, do cream.
FRUITS AND NUTS-Raisins, altmonds, grapes, cur
rants, pirnes, figs, Brazil nuts, pecans, citron, filberts,
English walnuts, cranberries, dried apples, do peaches.
I'AER, etc.--Writing, wrapping; playing cards in
great variety; cotton twine, lamp wick.
PICKLES, CATSUPs, etc.-Underwood's, Davis' and
Wells, M. and Prevost's Pickles, in gallons, ½, 4 and ý
gallons. Catsup. tomato, walnut and mushroom;t
XWorcestershire sauce, rose water, orange flower do;
pie fruit, currant jellies, guava do; assorted do; pepper
sauce, Havana preserves, Am. do in glass and tin; Can
ton ginger, capers, olives, fresh salmon, shad and lob
sters in sealed cans; sardines.
SttcEs--Cassiai in mats and glass, cloves, mace, nut
megs, allspice, black pepper, Cayenne do; ginger, Ken
tucky mustard
TVoODEN-WARRE-Buckets,tubs,brooims, washboards,
clothes pins, shoe brushes, scrub do; bed cords, plough
lines, Manilla do; churns, boxes and kitts in. nests.
Daits-Indigo, copperas, salteratus, sulphur, lamp
black, Spanish brown, carb soda, cream tarlar, canm
phor, madder, alum, Epsom salts, brimstone, saltpetre,
magnesia, quinine, sealing wax, matches.
LiQors--Brandy, cognac, (some rare and old,) do
domestic; Jamaica rum, New England and N. Orleans
do; Holland gin, American do; Whiskey, Irish, Scotch,
Mononogahela, Bourbon, rectified and common; Ma
deira, Sherry, Oporto, Malaga and Muscat Wines, in
wood and glass; claret and champagne; brandy cher
ries, do peaches, fruits in brandy, curacoa, maraschi
no, absynthe, annisette, cordials, Stoughton's bitters,
lemon syrup, assorted do.; London porter, Scotch ale,
cider, essence peppermint.
TonAcco-A large assortment of the most favorite
brands of chewing tobacco; fine cut chewing and smo
king do,
Clauas--IHavana of all brands and qualities; Ameri
can do.
Particular care taken in putting up plantation sup-1
I plies. Orders promptly executed, nov 9, 1853 1
INew Orleans Depository for Philadelphia
Manufactured Wagons, Carts, &c. &c.
TILE subscriber has on
hand and is constantly
receivingfrom fhe
manufactory of Wilson
Child & Co., PHILA
- DELPfIA, as well as
from his own, a large
assortment of Wheel
i wright Works, such as plantation and road Wagons for
horses and oxen; cane and other CARFTS IDRAYS, OX
and TIMBER WHEELS, all with wood and iron axle
trees. Jersey and Baggage WAloNs, Wheelbarrows
and Trucks of every kind, and all other articles in the
line, made of the best materials and workmatnhip,
warranted to be superior to any other manufacture,
'for sale at reduced prices and lower than any other
Purchasers will find it to their interest to call and
examine before purchasing elsewhere, as the, above
establishment rises none but the best of Jersey white
oak. Apply to DAVID G. WILSON.
firyl0-ly* 24 Perdido street, New Orleans.
* Perdido street runs west from St. Charles street,
between Gravier and Poydras sts.
J. A. LUM & Co.'s
New Orleans Carriage Warehouse,
Opposite the St. Charles Hotel.
Our stock comprises One Hun
dred and Fifty Carriages, of the
NEWEST STILES, fromn the best
manufacturers of the north.
An extensive assortment of
Salrness, Whips, a.l Coach Trimmings, all of which
we will sell very cheap for cash or good city paper.
Planters, Livery Stable Keepers, and all others wish
ing to purchase any thing in the above line, will find it
to their aviantage to call at our Carriage Warehouse,
1113 Gravier and 13 Union streets, opposite the St.
Charles Hotel. [janll] J. A. LUM & Co.
Louisiana Carriage Repository,
Nos.49 and 51 CARONDEr.ET ST.
(Union Row,) New Orleans.
Always on hand a large and
complete assortment from the
best manufactories. dec 14-ly
rfIIHE undersignead having purchased of BREWSTER
L & Co., their entire interest in the Carriage busi
ness in New Orleans, will continute the same at 116
Gravier street, and respectfully solicit the patronage of
the late house. We shall be constantly receiving from
our own mainufactory in Newark, N.J.,as well as from
other of the best minanufacturers at the north, aBcomn
plete assortment of Carriages and Harness of the latest
styles, to which we invite the attention of buyers be
fore purchasing elsewhere. TURNBULL & Co.
i. GI.LINGiAM. D.. RI Tr Nt i'L. . . ... T iUR ULr..
1 16 ....... ...Cravier Street........... 116
Rear of the St. Charles Ilotel, New Orleans:.
Every description of carriages made to order.
D. B. & A. Turlbull, Manufacturers, Newark, New
Jersey. nov 2- v
New Orleans Slave Depot.,
No. 163 Gravier street, between Baryonne
and Carondelet streets. °
J. W. BOAZMAN,keeps constantly on hand a large
tand well selected stock of SLAVES for sale. Negroes
also bought and sold on commission. Refr to M. D.
Cooper; \Vrighlt, Williams & Co.; S. O. Nelson & Co.;
1Gen. M. IJtitvin(ard: \Villiams, Pihillips & Co.; Moses
Greenwood & Co.; Moon, Titus & Co.; E. W. Dieges
& Co.; Buchanan, Carroll & Co. nov9
Included in the Eclectic Educational Series
FOR SALE BY J.W. MORRIS, Wholesale Agent
For Shreveportb La., at P.blisher's prices.
rI.ttIS well-known .ecries of School Books has now
. attained a popularity and extensive sale never vet
equaled by any similar series published in the U. States.
They are the Standard School Books of most of the
Schoolsi n the southern and western States. The at
tention of the trade is requested to the fact that, con
sideriug the inounllt of matter contained, and style of
nteehlllical executiol, these works are miuch cHiEAPERi
than any similar school books.
Reading atnd Spelling.
McGufley's (smaller) Eclectic Pictorial Primer, 36i(tp
o 19 too.
3MctGffey's (Pictorial. Eclectic Primer, thin covers,
60 pp. 12 tio.
Mc(_ ufiby'c (Pictorial) Eclectiec Primer, thick covers,
McGullb.y's Ecel-tic Spelling Book,
McGufl'cy's Eclectic First Reader,
McGuffey's Eclectic Sebond Reader,
lIcGuffey's Ecleclic Third lHeader,
McGuflvy's :Ecicctic Fourth Reader,
MlcGuffcy's (Eclectic Fifth Readter, or Rhetorical
The HIeman- Young Ladies Reader, [ Guide,
Arithnmetic.-REVtsED AND ENLARGED.
Ray's Arithlnctic, part first,
Raly's Arithlnettc, part seconld,
Ray's Arithinetic, part third,
Rav's Key t I)do do
Pinnco's Primiary Einglish Gramlniar,
Pinneo's Annalytical Grammar,
Ray's Algeblra, part first,
Ray's Algecba, part second,
Ray's Algbcb-a, part third.___. a. 3 I-I- ..
lrugs, Medicines and Chemicals
Varishes, Brushes, Select Powders,
1Extracts, Perfumery, &c.
Physicians' Shop Furniture, Medicine
Chests, medical bags, dental and surgical instruments,
gold and silver foil and leaf, and every article usually
kept by druggists, for sale by
J. W. MORRIS. Chemist. Shreveport. L-.
New Arrangement.
THE tndersigned will continue the D)RIG
BLSINESS, in all its various branches at the
old stand of Miller & Tebbets, on his own
With increased facilities, his stock in future will not
he surpassed in the State for variety and purity of arti
cles. Importations are made monthly.
TERas--No departure from the casn system will be
made, except in cases where parties are both punctual
and responsible on credit to January. Wholesale and
retail dealers will be supplied at low prices, and EVERY
ARTICLE sold will be GUARANTIED as represented.
Druggist and Bookseller.
Shreveport, January 18, 1854.
r.H.IE subscriber would, respectfully, solicit the at.
j tention of those who may wish to purchase
Hardware, Cutlery, China, Glassware, &c.
to call and see Ihis stock; which, lie believes, will please
ilis stock is very general.
A continuance of the favors which for years has
been generously given him in business is gratefully
acknowledged, and a continuance of the same solici
dec 15 At his old Place.
L ana Tonic Mixture;
Green's Fever and Ague Mixture;
Morris' Fever and Ague Mixture;
Whiteman's Tonic Pills;
Champion's Ague Pills;
Sappington's Pills; Jayne's Tonic Pills;
Dr. Martieu's Tonic Pills;
Speed's Electrical Febrifutge;
Hull's Fever and Ague Pills.
All highly recommended in the treatment of fever,
chills and fever, etc. For sale by J. W. MORRIS.
Mlorris' Anti-Bilious or Family Pills.
T HE proprietor can confidently recommend these
pills as the best, most efficient and pleasant Anti
bilious Pills in use. Int full doses they act sufficiently
to supercede the necessity of mercury in any torm; and
in small doses as a mild, gentle laxation or apertent.
Price 25 cts. per box. Prepared only and for gale by
st J. W. MORRIS, chemist.
Fancy Articles.
P.APIER Machd Centre and Work Tables, rose
wood and papier mach6 Work Boxes and Dres
sing Cases, shell dressing cases, and Fancy Articles,
suitable for holyday presents, in great variety, for sale
by [d21] TRABUE & KLINE.
SUST received-ToBACCo, various brands, from 371
ets. to $1 'ei lb. BRANDY-P. C. & Co. Pellevoisin
and American. Pearl Starch: Whiteand Yellow Soap,
Jewelry & Gold Watches.
A LARGE and select stock of fine jewelry, gold
I watches, etc., just received by
Jy5 E. & B. JACOBS.
FRESH arrivals, from the best manufacturers re
ceived and for sale at reduced prices by
j 10 J. W. MORRIS.
sUE & KLINE, would call the attention of buyers
to their very large stock of youths', boys' and child
ren's clothing. jy5
SPTS: TURPENTINE, LinEeed Oil, Lard oil, veg
etable paint oil, cold presssd castor oil,boiled oil,
tanner's oil, sweet oil, whale oil. A large supply in
store and for sale at J. W. MIORRIS' drug store.
PLOUGH POINTS-20 bbls Hall & Speer's Nos.
1 and 2 Plough Points. 8 bbls. Hall & Speer's
Land Sides, for sale by [ap26] L. E. CARTER.
Isaac Straub & Co., Mlill Factory,
Corner of Frjnt and John streets, Cincinnati, O.
Warehouse No. 19 Front street, between Main and
Walnut streets.
No. 33 Tchouepitouias street, New Orleans.
T HE above is a wood cut of a double geared 'Queen
of the South'Corn Mill and Crusher. We manu
facture a Cob Breaker of great strength and durability
and ease of operation.
We place this useful contrivance on all sizes of mills,
by which means we convert a corn mill into astock-feed
mill; but a few minutes work to put it on or take it off:
We manufacture portable nmills, single and double
geared, (Best quality of French burrs,) to grind wheat,
corn and stock feeds, calculated for steam, water or
horse power. These mills havebeen run by steam and
horse power, in competition against the other make of
mills of our city, at our State Fairs, and have never
failed to carry off the first premiusm-on one occasion
was awarded a beautiful silver medal. Our mills also
took two first premiurls, as the best mills, at two annual
fairs of our Mechanics' Institute.
Also-Portable SAW MILLS, to be run by steam,
water or horse power. This mill was exhibited in op
eration by horse power, at the Ohio State Fair, in 1850,
when it was awarded a premium and a splendid silver
medal. o
Also--Different klinds of PORTABLE HORSE
POWERS and STEAM ENGINES' All 0our articles, for
ease of operation, simplicity, usefulness and durabil
ity, are surpassed by notie now ii use.o o
All our articles are warranted as represented-or no
sale-at our cost of transportation and the money re
For a full description and testimonials of merit and
usefulness we refer those interested to our pamphlet,
Dto be had at our factory, where we take pleasure to ex
plain each article. ° ISAAC STRAUB & Co.
° NOTE.-Mr. Kimball, the partner of J. II. Burrows,
while exhibiting a Burrows' mill, at our State fair, last
fall, was boisterous about Bis mill, and courageously
entered into a verbal agreement with me to grind corn
thus: Whoever grinds the hmost, regarding quality and
quantity was to be the owner of both mills, at each and
every trial: 0
First trial--Straub to run an eighteen inch mill.
" Burrows & Co. to ru?i a twenty inch mill.
2nd trial-Straub to ruria twenty-two inch mill.
Burrows & Co. to run a 24 inch mill.
3rd trial--Straub to run a 26 inch mill.
". Burrows & Co. to run a 30 inch mill.
When the pitp-h came, that boisterous courage slipped
To the above, I now append a challenge to grind cob
feed out of whole ears of corn.
I will run my cighteent inch QUEEN OF THE S.O I, i
with a Cob Breaker attachment, the samue article that
took the Pre!nmum at the Ohio State Fair last fall, against
a twenty.f(iur inch Burrowsn mill, and iVm. Stewart's I
Ohio and Keultucky Stock Feed Mills, both to be run at
once; and if you are apprehensive of a risky business.
you have my entire approbation to run Mr. Pomeroy's
corn crusher as an auxiliary. Should my siagle article
fail to grind equal in quality and quantity to the com
bined productions of the two or three mrills (just as you
please) then you can draw a few hundred dollars as
stakes put up. Come boys, don't he cowardly-there
is nothing like walking straight into the merits of a
To J. II. Burrows &cz'o. nov 9, 1853

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