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rrespondent of the New England, Farmer
from Plainfield, Massachusetts, sayis that h(
d on his farm forty bushels of good sound
ne hundred and fifty bushels of potatoes, sev.
cart loads of pumpkins, fifteer btashels of
, twenty bushels of turnips, tl!rebbushels of
forty cabbage heads, one bushel beaus, after
11 he needed forlhis family, a hpt of peas, and
bushels of sugar beets. All :bhee were the
of one acrel
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin' says there is
ing, within a short distance of !that city, the
rviving nephew of the illustrinils patriot,
thony Wayne. He is likewise, the enly sur
one left of the Dartmoor prisoners, who were
by the British fleet in the wt.r of 1!812-'14,
ow at the advanced agtof 76 years.
ew York Evening Post learnsthat ar project
t for a new evening newspapers in that city,
-led the New York American. It has acapi
-0,000-is owned by an association-is to ad
lie principles and the union of toe American
nd is to be edited by F. H. Ruggies, esq.
said the French government is preparing a
scheme of a socialist charadter-nanmely,
e business of insurance in their Jwte hands
Susing, of course, the existing offiies, which
abolished) and m eking insurance c'oupul
-all Frenchmen and all residents in .Praiice.
iing it would, it calculates, ga;i a large ac
.to public revenue, and at the sarne time be
make compensation to all sufferere. whatever
e, hail, lightning, inundation, or any other
the Boston Atlas:--"In the municipal court,
. Frazier, who was on trial for larceny of
rel, was discharged on thegroundof a flaw in
ictment; he was charged with stealing certain
of mackerel, when the testimony shuwli d they
alf barrelb. Mr. Brewster contended that the
rrel was proper, but judge Nash thoughtdif
, and ordered a discharge."
t'needle gun," a late invention by Mr. C. D.
rth, of Connecticut, call be loaded and fired
conds by the watch. The hunter gisesin the
or the warrior to battle untrammnclet a:id uin
ed with flask, horn, shot or bullet-ag= caps,
ions and wadding. His cartridges include
can be adjusted in a moment, ready fi:r use.
ded at the breech, the powder is i.,nited at
of the cartridge, consequen:tly co:us mruing all
nerating the full explosive power without
f powder or gas.
-y not be generally known that aly suiu can
tiplied by 25 by simply addi.ng two ciphers to
Iticand, or sum to be multiplied, an: then by
a by 4. Take, for example 68, aid multiply
; two ciphers being added make 6800, which
uig divided by 5, gives the quotient, itr an
700. The reason why the amount:is.thmui ob
is as follows: two ciphers being dddcdto 68
actly the same effect on that sum es if it. were
lied by 100, and that sum multiplied, being
by 4, gives the fourth part, or t mount due
Any sum may also be multiplied by 15 by
e rule in the following manner:--To he sum
ultiplied, say 68, add two cipliers, which
6800; divide by 4, which gives 1700, or one
part, and the 1700, or fourth.part, eing sub
from the aforesaid 6800, leaves the retain
ee-fourths, or amount due to 75.
ebrated drinking club, in alarge tow;a iit the
Scotland, which had forumerly :reat influ
thelocal elections, is broken up. 'Twoif its
v were sent to a lunatic asylum; o-ie junped
window and killed himself; one w~rkt d or
to the water at night and was drotvned; one
und dead in a public house; one dii+d of dehli
emens; upwards of ten became bankrupt; four
e they had lived half their days. pOe, who
ailie when connected with the club, is at. the
t time keeping a low public house. Sucl, are
facts, well known to those living in the lo
Rhode Island legislature has pas ed a bill,
Sis now a law, requiring U. S. seiltos 'to be
m by a viva voce vote, instead of bytballo., as
e laws of Vitginia require every man who mar
ogive security for the support of his wife and
ren. Many lovers, who find this inculnvenielIt,
Maryland to have the ceremony perfumtns!d.
e governor of Illinois, in his recent Ima-ss:tge,
sed the belief that the revenue of the .llinois
al railroad will soon pay the whole e lpc.nses of
State government.
.J. Van Buren, cf Clarksville, Tennessee,, iin an
ultural paper, details circumstances 5i'ithin hi.
ledge, going to show the great valui of. d.,.d
als as nutriment for fruit trees. An1j kind of
d animal buried near a fruit tree, lie says, o;s
` tonishming effect upon it. Young trees planued
alanimals have been buried thrive prodigiouslyv.
fowls, cats, dogs, rats, &c., and even old shies,
come valuable for this purpose.
- aragraph has benl traveling the rounds till it
come an antiquity, that a dentist, do ,ýto John
el. of New York, boiled down a poundof y oung
from a quart to a pint,when threedreips killed
it. ,Boiled to a gill, eight drops killed a eat
w minutes. So would catnip, sage, n"i.t, and
dozen other harmless articles, prepatmgd in the
ay. 'I he experiment is no more a proof of the
ous properties of tea, than that peaches :ire
ietive to life because they contain prussic actd,
, concentrated, is one of the most deadly vof
s. but the most harmless and agreeable of fla
diluted by nature in that delicious fruit.
Sussex (N. J.) Register mentions an .iinusihg
which recently occurred near that place. A
lady was engaged to be married on the 4lth of
o a suitor who had been accepted by he ) father.
referred another, however, and conmjmnicated
*t to a friend, who arranged matters sol that the
overs were furnished with a carriage ad ab
ed to another village, where they were inarried, I
g the suitor of her father's choice in tlhe lurch,
reaking up the arrangements for a wedding
communication to the senate of New York, it
ted by thIe secretary of state, that, dumling the
II years two thousand one hundred and eighty
ilts have been released from the State prisons of
ork previous to the expiration of the term for
they were sentenced. The clemency of the
vernor, Clark, is said to have exceeded that of
edecessors by aboutonehundred cases. & N.
aper expresses the very rational opinion that,
ver three thousand vagabonds allowed to run
without punishmnent, but little protection is
r society, to protect which is the true intent of
Michigan legislature has amended the pro
y liquor law of that State so as to exempt frotn
aisiois thelsale of beer, wine and cide'. Ac
g to the Detroit Free Press, this was done to
Sthe German voters of the State. whohad sup
the republican ticket upon the assurance that
Sshoul be repealed. At the sametime pro
n remains the apparent policy of the State,
isalso satisfactory to the prohibitionists. A
repeal the law had previously been rmjected
ten CAsE.-Memphis is decidedly a great place
way. The Nashville Union says that a few
since a case was pending in the commmon law
of that city, in which a Mr. and Mrs. Helbing
ued Philip R. Bohlen for a breach of marriage
ct, in failii g to smarry Mrs. Helbing when she
Iiss Agnes Handwerker, and the jury lhas given
jured parties $1250 damtages. The idea of Mr.
ng suing Bohlen because hlie did not marry his
is certainly the richest thing of this fast age.
s or WoasnIIe.-By different niations, every day
week is set apart for public worship, viz: Sun
by the christians-Monday. by the Grecians
ay, by the Persians-Wednesday, by the As
Ms-Thursday, by the Egyptians-Friday, by
-urks, and Saturday by the Jews.
e Cincinnati Gazette says that above one hun
Germans, all connuected with the turner associ
in that city, left-a few days ago for New Ulm,
nesota, where the turners have been forming
ement since the election difficulties, about two
assumed by British statisticians that the year
sumption of tobacco in Great Britain and Ire
amounts to 26,000 tons, about one-half of which
opposed is smuggled, owing to the excessive
S(upwards of 10iU0 per cent.) levied on the ar
nder the tariff system of thatkingdom. The
ity of cigars atld snuff imported does not ex- :
two or three hundred theusand weight per an
shington Irving has put in the hands of his i
sher the fourth volume of his life of Washing-i
hich will sooit be given to thIe world.
New Orleans Market.
ay 7.-The cotton market is dull and depressed,
few buyers coming forward and making ltiwer
. The prices indicate a decline of fully ,Ic.--sav
iddling 5/ [email protected] l . We omit our l uo
oc.-superfine, $68'@7 i 25; extra, $7 [email protected] 50.
OaK-M.O. $21 [email protected] 50; mess, $22 [email protected] tt.
AcoN-Sides, Il1 [email protected]; shoulders, 9;[email protected]
[email protected] y lb.
[email protected] cts. P bush.
FEE--Rio, [email protected]'c .? lb.
[email protected] lb.
[email protected] gallon.
HalsKEY-Rectified, [email protected]®28z; raw, [email protected] ? g'~.
AooILo&RoFEE--Bagging [email protected]; rope [email protected]
LT-Liverpool, fine, $1 [email protected] 25; coarse, 97 ts.
1 00 ' sack.
DES-Dry country, [email protected] lb.
EM.aKINs-In hair, [email protected] ) lb.
Exchange on N. Y.,sight, i.i 4 ct. prem.
Land Warrants, [email protected] " acre.
BEEF-Western, fine, - - --- [email protected], lb net.
Texas and Lake, - - - - - 31./ @6.ge -
Hogs, - ---- - - ---.- . . S . -
Bheep, - - - - - - -.. - - $3 [email protected] 00 head,
Calves and yearlings, - $6 [email protected] 50 -
Milch Cows, - - - - .- $30 [email protected] 00 -
3' NOTI(E.-Inhalation in Consumption. See
e advertisement under this head.
WooD'ss HAi RESTORATIVE-.Prof. O. J.Wood has
iscovered a remedy for the gray and the bald, wit h
ut a resort toa dye in the one case, or a wig in the!
ther; for his restorative will restore gray hairs pdr
manently to their original color, and cover the head
f the bald with a luxuriant growth. We would so
licit from our readers a perusal of his advertisemeit
½n th is paper.-Hannibal True American. a22:
Consignees of Merchandise per Steamboats.
At Dunn 4' Yates'-D. C. Russell; Thos. H. Eth
ridge; John Foster; J. A. Barney; J. H. Muckleroy;
Seeton & Walker; Sanfly & Battle: S. D. W.: A.
Simpson; C. C. Alexander; H.V. Fowler; B. C. & Co.,
(Claksvill;) Estes & Atchinson; Miss Mary Goff;
O. Loving & Son; P. W. Conner; J. T. Atchison;
J. W. Moore; McNair & Britt; B. L. Britton & Co.;
D. Preston; F. MI. Scott; A. B. Collins; 11. V. Fow
ler; H. A. Romes; R. B. Tutt; A. S. Johnson; S.
Danels; J. S. Garden; R. E. Wynne; C. A. Sunmer;
J. W. Russell; J. Vinson; T. A. Brown; J. W.Brooks;
J. T. Sharp; C. C. Alexander; A. M. Alexander; I.
D. Rogers; R. C. Cummings; G. K. Grimes; Sauflay
& Batt; Jams Gammon; N. S. Johnson; G. V.; Mar
I tin Casey; Taylor & Darby; B. S. Halcomb; D. & Co.,
Williams & Cole; R. Mi.; McKee & Whitset; J. G.
Love; G. B. Gilmore; Joel J. Mlave; M. D. H.; K. F.
L.; J. C. L.; Mrs. P. Pickett; captain J. Graham; T.
B. Goyne; Mrs. Virginia Davenport; J. M. Cook &
Co.; Chas. M. Iaguet; J. D. Perry; J. Gilliamt; Dr.
IM. L. Marseiles; Dr. R. C. H.; C. B. 0amstock.
At J. N. Howell 4 CGo's--Wilson & Jackson; N. W.
Evans; J. M. Hays; W. A. Preston & Co.;J. M. Wig
gins; R. H. & L. Key; C. M. Adams; G. W. Ewell;
M. J. Dial; G. G. Gregg & Co.; II. Rhine & Bro.; W.
W. Nesbitt; L. P. Butler; J. E. Jones; doctor W
Evans; W. H. Stokes; Spilker & Co.; Redding &
Wooten; L. Bacon, jr.; C. & H. W. Raguet; Wootten
& Lyons; C. Reno; F. M.McCowen; W. S. Hynson;
Dr. J. H. Starr; T G. A. Tharp; King Thetford;Jno.
R. Pierson; J. T. Williams; Jacob Hoss; Winm. Wig
gins; J. L. McClunn; Isaac Nolan; W. W. Ford; P.
Marsh! N. C. Fowler; R. R. Larkin; L. Evans; G.
W. Clinton; T. L Kay; R. W. Wynne; H. Marshall;
C. A. Edwards; G. W. Goff; A. S. Kotwitz; Dr. B.F.
Dial; E. W. Bush; Buck Jones; A. Flournov; Chat
ham & Williamson; Jas. Fisher; R. W. Walker; W.
F. T. Hart; W. A. Pegram; Pegram & Owen; D. B.
& Co.; F. M. Hicks; T'harp & Bro.; E. Witts; N. W
Evans; M. R. Sommerville; A. Fitzgerald; E. A.
Hatchett; G. R. Oorton; L. T. Persons; T. G. Daven
port; Samnl. Hollinsworth; G. W. Bates; T. J. Allen;
Wmin. Coyle; G. S. Rosborough; F. G. Whaley; T.J.
Ham; A. D. Erwin; Land & Winans.
At White, Smith cg Baldwin's.-Dr. W. H. Boyce;
J. C. Maples & Co., J. M. D. & Co.; (Tyler, Texas;)
W. A Tharp; Dr. H. J. Arrington; J. W. P. McKen
zie; Rev. H. B. Barnilton; D. S. Redner;J. WV. Moore;
Hart, Norwood and Hart; C..E. Hynson; W. Wyche;
Cook & Watson; W. B. Cook; C. Broome; WX. M.
Turner; Geo. Williamson; Swan & Myers; A. II.
Hollingsworth; Anderson & Maddox; Jonathan Ad
amns; J. F. Fullilove; J. C. Meiszner; W. F. T. Hart;
Davenport & Bo.; colonel J. Garland; Babbard &
Smith; Haynes & Harris; J. M. Tapp; J. Z. Bell &
Co.; S. F. Culberson; R. R. Haynes; W. P. Smith;
R. Fitzpatrick; J. D. Blair; B. Witherspoon; T. C.
Cook; E. A. Blanch; Bovd & Baldwin; T. G. Boyd;
Collins, Dillon & Co.; Wim. Colly; P.; W. H. Elst
ner; W. M. Harrison; E. & B. H. Kingsworthy; J.
M. Douglass & Co.; Valentine, Erwin & Co.; T. L.
Scogin; Reese Hughes; W. H. Farley; J. G. Fulli
love; H. F. Fullilove; Oliver Thompson; H. C. Ash
ton, sen.; J. AM. Clough; Montgomery & Waldridge;
R. F. Haden; D. C. Russell; J. Draifouse & Bro.;
J. H. Harrison; L. F. Maddox; A. & J. McKay; J.
T' Hamilter; C. R. Harrison; A. H. Hearne; J. Clay
pool; G. L. Ellis; T. W. H. Cates; Saml. McMichael;
T. Mooring; Asa Holt; G. W. Young; S., (Marshall)
G. C. Dial; R. W. Loughery; captain James Graham;
D. W. Light; W. Sneadakes; J. Z. Bell & Co.; Jas.
Cole; Pegnes & Hamilton; J. Miller; V. D. Metcalf;
Joel Hale; Anderson & Maddox; J. J. Zealock.
TIE meetings of JOPPA LODGE, No. 7.1, will
be held hereafter at thie new lodge room, over
Miller's drug store, on Texas street.
RICHARD S. CARNseS, See'y. augs' ,
i. O. O. F.
THE regular meetings of Xetith Lodge NO.
- 21, are held on Wednesday evenings, at
their new Lodge, on Texas street, near Edwards.
R. S. Err.ioT, Sec'y. N. JACOB8, N. G.
1E1W. I. HODGSON, formerly of No. 188 Camp
street, New Orleans, takes this method of informinis
his old friends and customers that he has given up
business at the above number, and is now located at
No. 95 same street, with Messrs. C. C. BIER & Co.,
(whose advertisement appears in another column,)
where fie would be most hal)py to see them when
they visit the city, and in the interim would pay
most particular attention (as of old) to any orders
they may favor him with. March 4, 1857-3,n
For Mayor.
I- WE are authorised to announce JOHN W.
,IONES, as a candidate for reelection to the office of
MAtoa of Shreveport. Election, Saturday, 16th May.
aI-WE are authorised to a4nonice SAM. WELLS,
as a candidate for the ofice of mavor of the town of
Shreveport, at the ensuing eleCtion.
Election Notice.
VIIEREAS anr election was iillden on MXonday
4th May, l'57, in the diflereit wards of the
town of Shreveport, for mayor, treasurer atid
trustees of said town; and whereas, L. M. Nutt, esq.,
who was elected as one of the trustees in ward No. 2.
declining to qualify: Now, therefore` 1, Jin. W.
Jo.Es, mayor of Shreveport, do hereby order another
election for trustee for Vamr N'. 2 to be held at imy'
office on Saturday, May 23, 1857, between the hours
of 10 o'clock, A. M. Und 4, P. 3I.; and the coummissioners
heretofore appointed are instructed to hold said elec
tion, and make return thereof to me. Gfion underit
nay hand, officially, this 12th day of May, 1n57.
ml3 JOHN W. JONES, Mayor.
A Large Lot of Fine Jewelry At l uction.
I WILL sell EvErtY DAY AND NIGHT this week, a
large and well selected stuck of fine Gold and Sil
ver Patent LeverVatches, Vestand Fob Chains, Chat
elains, Breastpins, Ear-rings, Ciharmsn, Studs, Sleeve
Buttons, Medalits, Lockets, Seal and l,ocket Rings,
(;old anid Silver Pens and Pencils, Gld Keys, &c., &c.
All fully guaranteed. A. L. IIEINE,
Shreveport, May 13, l857. auctioneer.
A A. ENOS, has reimoved his Clothina Store and
STailoring Establishment to the building lately
occupied by J. HI. Reynolds, Texas street, one door be
'ow 'I'. H. Morris' drug store, and has opened a large
and complete assortment of Spring anid Summer Cloth=
ing, and will be happy to all times to see his old friends
nii] customers.
Shrevoport, May 13, I157.
Strayed or Stolen. ."
STRAYED Or etolen fromt the rear of the Clerk's
Soffice, some four or five weeks since, a dark
bay or brown lorse, abouiit fourteen hands high, four
years old; had on a Spanishi saddle, with wooden stir
rups, and curb-bit bridle.
A liberal reward will be paid for his delivery to me,
at this place. J. B. JENKINS.
Shreveport, May 13, 18.57.
A Good Cook For Sale.
SLIKELY NEGRO GIRL, aged 19 years, a so
perior Cook, Washer and Ironer, and good Seam
stress, for sale by [ml3] E. & B. JACOBS.
-i A RI)WARE-An extensive assortment olf lard
H ware, just received and for sale by
STHISKEY-Superior old Monongahela and Dex
W Rter's, for sale by
11J SETS, for sale by
R AISINS-50 boxes, whole, halves and quarters,
fifor sale by FORD & SMITH,
m13 13 on the Levee
PULVERISED SUGAR-10 bbls., best quality.
. for sale by FORD & SMITH,
m13 13 on the Levee.
Election Notice.
WnEnEAs an election was holden on Monday
4th May, 1857, in the ditfferent wards of the.
town of Shreveport, for mayor, treasurer and
trustees of said town, and, whereas, there 'ceing no
choice of a mayor, in consequence of neither candidate'
hatving received a m:ajority of the votes cast. Now,
therefore, I, JoaN. W. JONES, mayor of Shreveport, do
hereby order another election for mayor, to be held at:
my otfice, on Saturday, May 16, 1857, between the
h:ours of 10 o'clock, A. at. and 4, r. at.; and the commis
i sioners heretofore appointed are instructed to hold said
election, and make return thereof to me. Given under
my hand, officially, this 5th day of May, 1557.
m6 JOHN WV. JONES, Mayor.
HE undersigned have this day formed a copart
1 nership, under the style of FORD & SMITH, for
the purpose of carrying on a General Grocery and Pro
duce business. CHAUNCEY FORD.
Shreveport May 1, 1857. mG.
Ice! Ice!! Ice!!!
T HE undersigned having on hand a large stock of
SIce, are prepared to supply their friends and the
public generally, during the warm season:
All orders from the country will be attended to with
despatch. A liberal patronage is respectfuliysolicited.
Depot, Texas street, adjoining the Smile.
m6-4t ENGLE & AARON.
Railroad Tax Notice.
LL persons who have not yet paid their Railroad
Tax, are hereby notified that unless the same is
paid immediately, that I shall proceed to seize and sell
the property, in accordance to law.
m6-tf B. T. SCOGIN, collector.
J. C. LEwIs, N. Orleans R. C. OGLESBuY, Shreveport.
(suCCEssoRS TO LEWIS & CO..)
Cotton Factors and General Commission
No. 6 Union Row, (Carondelet street,) New Orleans.
;HE undersigned solicits from his former patrons
Sand friends ti continuance of that confidence,
which they have so long extended him at this place.
We are prepared to furnish supplies and extend the
usual business facilities to our planting friends, trust
in" we will recccive a portion of your patronage and
confidence. Yours truly
mti-tf R. C. OGLESBY.
, i For Sale Very Low.
h I WILL sell the House and Lot where I now re
side on the Texas road, near Mulhaulpt's sash factory,
at a lower price than any property of a similar kind
has ever been sold for in Shreveport, foir cash; or I
will give them time on part of the purchase money. If
a not sold at private sale before Saturday next, the pro
` perty will be offered at auction by W. C. Trabue, at
his auction r.roms. The title is beyond dispute. Pos
session will be given immediately if desired.
m6 J. L. TURNER.
Notice to Railroad Tax Payers.
y Y OUR Railroad Tax Receipts entitle you to stock
i in the railroad, but it is necessary to send the tax
receipts to the office of the company, at Monroe, La.,
accompanied by an order for the certificate of stock,
atating the name and residence of the person to w iora
it shtould be issued. If not done within three years
from the date of the receipt, it will be prescribed by
act of the legislature. These receipts are not nego
tiable, but no objection will be muade to a transfer, un
less the company have some offset against the original
h; older. In case of transfer they should be endorsed
in blank. They should also be endorsed in the same
way when sent to the office for stock. They may lie
I safely entrusted to the mail, if the precaution is taken
a to retain a copy. C. G. YOUNG,
April 29, 1857-tf Pres't of the V.S. & T. R.R. Co.
Railroad Notice.
S AMUEL WELLS. Esq., has been appointed agent
k. to collect ilstalment receipts due upon subscrip
tions to the Vicksburg, Shreveport and Texas Rail
road, and lie has been authorised to exchange these
receipts for tax receipts given to subscribers for the
pay ment of any railroad tax assessed upon the property
of. the subscribers, ait when the tax receipts paid by a
subscriber shall exceed the alnount of the instalment
receipts in the hands of Mr. Wells, and now due, lie is
authorised to pay the subscriber, in reimbursement,
the difference, in excess, until the amount of any pre
vious payments on subscription is entirely refunded.
Wi hen the tax receipts amiount to less than the instal
meit receipts now due the matter may be easily ad
i justed by handing Mr. Wells the balance in cash.
The subscribers will see it is not intended to imake
1 them pay double, but they must pay the tax collector
I and then settle with the company's agent as above.-
Mr. Wells will always be on hand, and if a subscriber
should chance to pay a little in advance, he teed not
layv out of his money an hour.
C. G. YOUNG, Pres't V. S. & T. R. R. Co.
April 29, 1857. if.
VWholesale and Retail Dealers in
No. 2 LEVEC STREET--Fronting the steamboat land
ing, Shreveport.
T HEIR stock consists in part of every variety of Sn
L gars, cofees, teas, molasses, salt, tobacco, ci
gars, candles, soap, spices, pickles, fish, flour, pork,
beef, bacon, hams, lard, butter,cheese, rice, oils,fruits,
candies, syrups, wines, liquors, powder, shot, lead,
starch, lime, hardware, boots, shoes, hats, caps, Low
I ells, domestics, linseys, kerseys and heavy plantation
I goods, of every descriptions.
Liberal advances made on consignments of cotton,
in caslh or artiies of miierchaldise. april29
r 'ý!tI, Lace aind Chantilla 31satels, for which there
Ihas been such a great demand, have arrived per
steamer Duke. Also, other Novelties for ladies.
TheI goods will be opened to-day. Those who call
early will have the first choice.
apr]5 G. AM. LEVY & Co.
Spring and Summer!
WE respectfully call attention to the fol
I lwing Goods, jtust received and now i
offered for sale tit the Very Lowest New L ;
Orleauis Prtices:
Fashioanbil, Organdies;
F louInced Hareges;
French Jaconets, c
New style Calicoes;
Finr, Linen Checks,
Printed Lanws;
Vallencienne awl Grpure sett,;
Fillet MSlitts and Gloves;
Fans. Parasols, Marquesses;
Linen Catnbrics and Lawns;
Swiss aMuslins; Jaconets; Nansook.
Also-A fiull assortmient of Mantillas, such as Lace
and Chantillas squares, of every variety and descrip
tion; 20 pieces white and colored Slatting; Window
i Shades and fixtures. "
If cheapnes in price and superior quality. is nit in
ducement to, our lady customers, they would do well
to, call early at tile store of to
aptl G. M. LEVY & Co.
Groceries and Provisions.
Texas street, Shreveport.
A RIE now receiving their spring supplies of fresh
Groceries, Provisiuuin, Wines. Liquors, Bon t and
Bar Stores, embracing one of the largest and morest
complete stocks ever brought to the platie; which will
be sold at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. Comn
try merchants, planters antid purchasers geicrally are
14nvitud to give us a call, as we feel asuirel that we
are able to offer great inducements, and supply all tht y
mayv want. All orders swill be carefully aid promupt
ly filled. Our stock of
embraces ever} article that can be called for: suiiar,cof
fee and tens of al. descriptions; ii.,lasses; flour, bacon.
pork, and dried beef; mackerel, salhntn, di, , hCrrint ,
s rtines and lob-ters; soap, candles, starchi and oil-;
lard, cliei-e and gosheln ibutter; fine anid coarse suit;
pepper, ginger, spice, mustard, pickles, ketchup.,
sauces, preserves andi jellies; pie fruits, fruit in th air
owt ljuice, bratndyl fruits: cigars, chewinig and sitk
inag tiobacco, pip(s, tnatchics; old Minongahglela, rye
andil Dexter's whiskey, old cognac braiidy, rum andii
i'in; Mad-ira. port, rntalaga, chamtpagnie and claret
rwines; cordials, assorted; syrups, alimonds, raisin,,
prunes, olivee-, apeurs, canidies, etc. etc.
Also--Iardwiare, cutlery. nails, castings, wooiden
arare, stontwalre, crockery, cueeis'\ are ianild glassware,
together withli every otiher article iosu-ily found in a
large establ shmlent. n..lt i
Dental Notice,
H.lavusu permanently located in the city
- f Shreveporrt, ian hiaving fitted nIi and
furrnishlied rooms in the tmost suitable
manner, respectfully solicits the attention of the citi
zens of this plaice aid the adjeccnt conutry to his pro
fession, anid hopes hty close application antd uinremiti
ting attention to bhausiness, lie may merit the platron
na'a'oof citizu.ns gencraly. All operations in every
departmentt of the pnrofesior will blie skikfullvy plerfilrtll
ed, and warranted to give entire satisfaction. (O)liice,
ion IMarktetstreet, opp,,site the post-toffice. aprd
Miusic for Balls and larties.
(Late of the N. Orleans Theatres,)
" WorU respectfully inform the
ladies and gentlemen of Shreve
port and its vicinity, that he is
prepared to furnish Miusic for Balls and Parties, on
accommodating terms. lie is perfectly fatiiliar with
and executes all the new Poilkas, Waltzes, and fash
ionab!e Dances now in vogue.
o Orders left at Mr. Pichardie's Tailoring Estab
lishmtent, Texas street, adjoining the City Iotel, will
be promptly attended to.
Mr. Z. will also give Instruction on the Violin. tt22
Leavitt's Latest Improved Portable Mill.
THIIS is the mast valuable and economical Portable
( Grain tMill ever offered to the public, as is freely
acknowledged by all who have seen it work, for grind
ting cob and corn. Mr. Leavitt was the originator of
this description of mills and has spared no expense in
bringing them to perfection. The mill is so simple in
its construction and so few in its parts that any per
son can manage it, and for glining or crushing corn
and cob together, grinding fine meal from corn, etc.,
hasi no equal. At a recent Iriai of mills during tie f:ir
of the Maryland Agricultural Society, the result was:
Young America or Excelsior Mill, 27A miin.... 10 revo.
Little Giant 3Mill.... ................. 4 min.... 15 revo.
MIaynard's Champion Mill,......... 5 tmin....20 revo.
Colburn's Mill,.......... ............. min....32revo.
The Young America will grind more corn, or corn
and cob, in 'lie same time and of the same quality,
than any mnill extant. These mills can be procured in
Shreveport of [fieb5] KNEELAND & Co.
Washing for the Million!
Tr IE trials and perplexities of washing day are ob
Sviated byv using
John McChesney's Patent Washing Machine.
The greatest invention of the age for washing, and
adapted to the wants of every family in the Union, and
will wash more clothes, with less labor, than any oth
er machine now in use, and with less injury than by
hand on a common washboard. It has been fully
tested on the finest fabrics, and will wash any thing
from a bed quilt to a lace collar without the least inju
ry. Price $25. All orders, accompanied by cash or
draft, will be promptly filled, and machines shipped
without delay. The undersigned are sole proprietors
for the State of Louisiana; and also agents for the sale
of State and county rights. Offlee No. 82 CaMP
STREET, New Orleans.
Notice. ,
TOHN M. LANDRUI1, Esq., is my duly authorised
-I agent and attorney in fact, during-my temporary
absence from the State. J. W. TYSON.
Shreveport, April 1, 1857.
description and quality, for gentlemen, ladies,
misses, boys and children. A fresh stock, just re
eeived and for sale very low by
march26 E. & B. JACOBS.
EEI) OATS-Just received a lot of superior Seed
k. Oats. For nale by E. & B. JACOBS.
Jaii1 * xas i-icrt t.
Sheriff Sale.
k• District Court, No. 4816. R. C. Cc:natuns &
Co.. vs. GRAHAM & MCCoLOtGu. By virtue of a writ
of fieri facias issued out of the honorable the Dis
trict Court in and for the pariah of Caddo, in the
above entitled suit and to me directed, I have seiz
ed and will proceed to sell at public auction at the
Court-House door in the town of Shreveport, parish
aforesaid, on SATURDAY, the 6th day of June, A. D.
1857, between the hours of 11 o'clock, A. t. and 4 P.
or.. the following described property, to-wit: A certain
lot or parccl of land, situated in the parish of Caddo,
in the north-east quarter of section one [1,] township
seventeen [17,] range fourteen [14.] containing four
acres, three roods and twsenty-fouur perches, together
with all the buildings and improvements thereon.
Seized as the property of the defendant and to be sold
to pay and satify the iv.it issued in the above entitled
Terms of sale-CCash with the benefit of appraise
mtent. J. G. MecWILLIAMS, D'y Sheriff.
Shreveport. 1May 6.t57._ pf.$14 O0
Sheriff Sale,
District Court, No. 3366. MrEKY RYE AND Htis
BAND VS. WMy. PICKENs, tutor. By virtue of a writ of
sale issued out of the honorable the District Court in
and for the parish of Caddo, and to me directed, I will
proceed to sell at public auction at the court-house
door, in the town of Shreveport, parish afioresaid, on
SATURDAY, the 6th day of June. A. D. 1557, between
the hours of 11 o'clock, A. at., and 4 P. at., the follsow
ing described property, to effect a partition between
the heirs of Welm. L. Pickens, deceased, to-wit: the
east half of the north-west quarter of section twenty
five (.23,) townrship seventeen (17,) range fourteen (14;)
the west half of the north-east quarter of section tweil
ty-live (25,) same township and range; the west half
of the south-east quarter of section twenty-four (24,)
same township and range; the east half of the south
west quarter of section twenty-four (24,) satme town
ship and range; the north-west quarter of section
twenty-four (24;) the west half of the north-east quar
tcr of section twenty-four (24;) the north-east quarter
of the south-west quarter of section twenty-five
(25;) the north-west quarter of the south-west
quarter of section twenty- five (2S;) tl e west half of
the north-west quarter of section twentyv-five (25;)
the west half of the southi-west quarter of section
twenty-four (24;) the east half of the south-east quar
ter of section twenty-four (24;) the south-Wvest quarter
of the south-east quarter of section twenty-five (25,)
all in township seventeen (17,) range fourteen (14,)
and all situated in the parish of Caddo.
Terms of sale-cash with the benefit of appraise
ment. J. G. McWILLIAMS, Dep'y Sheifi.
SShreveport, April 29, 1857. pf. 27 60
Sheriff's Sale.
STATE OF LOUISIANA.-Parish of Caddo-In
District Court, No....... TO'waSEND, JOHNS &
Co. vs. H. WELLS. By virtue of a writ of fieri facias
issued out of the honorable the District Court in and
for the parish of Caddo, in the above entitled suit and
to ine directed, I have seized and will proceed to sell
at public auction at the court-house door in the town
of Shreveport, parish aforesaid, on SATURDAY, the 6th
day of June, A. D. 1857, between the hours of 11
o'clock, A. 9t. and -I re t., the fo;llowing described pro
perty, to-wit: Lot No. 13 (thirteen,) in block No. 3
(three) in the town of Shreveport, parish of Caddo,
t geither with all the buildings and ilprovemi ents
thereon. Seized as the pr,perty of the defendiant, and
to be sold to pay and satisfy the writ issued in the
above entitled suit.
ITerms of sale--Cash with the btnefit of appraise
mit. J. G3. MeW'ILLIAMS, D'y Sheriff.
Shreveport, April 22, 157. pf.7 211t
Sheriff Sale.
.{'TATE OF LOUlISlANA-P'arish of Caddo-In
k Ju t .iuti's Court, No. 1(8. T. S I. Iaonms vs.
I. K. Ga(tsse. By virtue of a writ of fieri faciis is
sued out of the honorablr ite Justice's Court in and
for the parish of (Caddo, il the above entitled suit
anti to imt directed, I have seized and \ill proceed to
s.-l at public auction at the court-house - door in the
town i f Shri veitort, parish of Caddo, on SAITURDY,
the tth day of June, A. ID. I57, between the hours of
11 o'clock, A. rt., and 4 P. M., the following described
property, to-wit: a Tract of Land, bcilg ttie east tili
of the north-east quarter of section No. sixteen( (16,)
township seventeen (17,) and range fourteen (14.) conl
tainiing eighty [80] acre-, imore or iess, situated in
the parish of Ci:iita , State of Louisiana. Seized as
tilthe pr operty oft the defendtant,andto 1e saidl to pay and
sati.ev the writ issued in the abovi e entitled suit.
Terms ufsale--Ca-h, with the benefit of afpl,pyise
terit. J. G. MtXcWILIA3S. D'y Sherit.
Shirevep rt, Aprd 22, It-57. p'f. 12
Sheriff Sale.
Successi.n of F. Lester, deceased.
SQ TATE OF LOUISIANA--Parish of Caddo- In
U ltstrict Court. iBy virtue of an order of sale
issued out of the honorabil the District Couirt in and
for the ptarish of Caddo, and to me directed, I will
proceed to sell at publie auction at the court-house
door in the town of Shreveport, parish aforesaid, on
SATII'RD)AY, the 6th day of June, A. I. 1857, be
twieen the hours of 11 o'clock, A. M. and -S, v. at., the
following described land belitnig ti tthe succes
-i tn of 1. lester, to-wit: the suth half of section No.
2-(twenty,) tiownship No. 1 (-ighiteen.) and range
16 (sixteen.) About forty acres of the lanid have been
clear:ed, and there arc good cabins onl tile sale.
Termsof sale-Cash with thCe benefit of appraise
ment. J.G. i Ac\VILLIAMS, Dep'y Sheritf.
Shreveport, Aptil 29, 1t57. pf.,5 34
Sheriff Sale.
. TATE OF LOUISIANA-lParish of Caddo-In
D)istrict Court, No.i 499s. \V'. MotEy vs. . N.
Cioorpa ct al. vBy virtue of a writ of sale issued out
of the holuorable the Di,-trict Court in and for thile a
rish of Catdo, in thile above ciintitld suit, anild iti me
ciirceted, I wiill yr.cted to sell at lult liw aunlctio at tue
court-hluse door in the town ,f Shilreveport, iarilshi
afresaid, ,nii SATIRDAY, the 6th dav of June, D. D.
857, bi-tween tile hours of 11 o'clock, A. . andtl 4, r.
at., the fliowing described piroperty, to-wit: George, i
Sslave, of yelhiw comil cexion, agdcl about 25 years;
cud Adhliie, a slavs', ol ilack complexon, ited asout -
18 years. Seized and to Ibe sold to pay and svttisy the
.lit issued in the iabove entitlid suit.
T'erms of sale--cash with the benefit of appraise
inett. J. G. McWILLIAMS, Dep'y Sheriff.
Shrecvepo't, Apr:il 9 1).57. pf.5 81I
Sherilf Sale.
Sale to effect a 'arlittion.
STATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Caddo--In
District Court. By virtue of a writ of sale issued
out of the honorable the District Court in and for the
parish of Caddo, and to tie directed, in order to eflect
a partition between George VWilliamson, curator of*
Edward Houghton, deceased, and F. i. Sewall, I will
proceed to sell at public auction at the court house
door, in the town ofShreveupot, pati-ih of Gaddo, on
SATURDAY, the 6th day of June, A. D. 1857, between
the hours of 11 o'clock, A. al., and 4, a4 a., the follow
ing described land, to-wit: the south half of the north
eas;t quarter of section 11 [eleven.] in township 17
[seventeen,] range 14 [fourteen,] situated in the parish
of Caddo.
The land will be divided and sold in parcels of ten
acrtS eacth.
'erms of sale--cash, provided the property brings
its appraised value. If the appraisement is not bid,
the property wril be readvertised and sold on a credit
oftwelve months. Purchasers on i credit to give
tiheir notes, wit h approved personalsccurity, with eight
per cent. interest from date, and a mortgage retained
upon the property sold.
J. . . McWILLIAMS, Uep'y Sherilf.
Shreveport, April 29, lr57. _ pf.$13 30
Sheriff Sale.
. TATE OF LOU[ISANA--Parish of Caddo-In
º7 District Court, No. 4915. JaN. TuArcnrnn vs. E.
H. RHODES, tutor. By virtue of a writ of sale issued
out of the honorable the District Court in and for the
parish of Caddo in the above entitled suit, and to me
directed, I have seized and will proceed to sell at pub
lie atuction at the court-house door, in ths e town ofe
Shreveport, parish aforesaid, on SATRDAYT, the 6th
day of June, A. 1). 1857, between the hours of 11
o'clock, A. t. and , and 4, . i., the following described
property, belonging to the. succession of J.ohn Lowe,
to-wit: the north half of the north-west quarter of sec
tion No. 5 [Iive,] in township 19 [nineteen,] range 16
[sixteen;] the north-east fractional quarter of section
No. 6 [six.] sname township and rangre; the south-west
fractional quarter ofsection No. 32 [thirty-two,] town
ship 20 [twenty.] range 16 [sixteen;] and the south
east fractional quarter of sectioa No. 31 [thirty-one,]
townshipi '20 [twenty,] range 16 [sixteen,] containing
one hundred anti thirty-one [131] acres, more or less,
together with the buildings and improvernents thereon.
Seized and to be sold to pay and satisfy the writ issued
in the above entitled suit.
Terms of sale-cash, without the benefit of appraise
int. J. G. MeIoWILLIAMS, Dcp'y Sheriff.
Shreveport, April 29, 1,'57. [pf.$8 75
Succession Sale.
Succession of J. S. Reed, decea d.
. TAIE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Caddo-By
virtue of a writ of sale issued from the honorable
the District Court of the parish of Caddo, atnd to me di
rected, I will sell at the Court-House door in the town
of Shreveport, on SATURDAY, the 16th day of May,
1857, the following described Land, belonging to the
succession of J. S. Reed, deceased, to-wit: the south
east quarter of section No. 32 (thirty-two,) and the
north-west quarter of the north-west quarter of section
No. 4 (four,) ail in township 16 (sixteen,} range 14
T'erms of sale-.-Twelve months credit. Purchas
ers to give their note, with approved personal security,
bearing eight per cent. interest from date, and special I
mortgage retained waiving the benefit of appraisement
to secure the purchase price.
Acts of sale at the expense of the purchaser.
HI. HUNSICKER, Auctioneer.
Shreveport, April 8, 1857.
r pOBACCO--On consignment, 40 boxes Virginia
I Tobacco, of various brands. For sale by a'
andl sold by R. D. SALE & Co.,
Si24 Market itre.
,A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Shreveport, Louisiana.
..Will practice in the courts of DeSoto, Caddo,
Bossier, Bienvilie and Claiborne. Office, in. Office
Row, Market street. nmG-tf
I. Shreveport, La. Oiiice, Market street. jan24
HINToN SMJITu, Shreveport. R. ItUNDY, Mansfield.
, TTORNEYS AT LAW, Shreveport and Mans
. field, La. Will give prompt attention to any
business entrusted to them in northern Louisiana.
Smith & Brother, NewOrleaus.
Taylor & Hadden, -
Rugeley, Blair & Co. -
White, Smith & Baldwin, Shreveport.
Cul. E. I. Crosby, Keachie. oct8
I Shreveport, La. Will practice in the district
courts of Caddo, DeSoto, Bossier, and the supreme
court at Monroe and Alexandria. nov14
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Office on Market street. jy4
1 Shreveport, La. Will give strict attenwion to bus
iness in the District Courts of Caddo, DeSoto and
Bossier, and the Supreme Court of Louisiana. ap25
'A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Shreveport, La.--Will
.practise in the courts of the Parishes of Caddo,
Bossier, Claiborne and Bienville. sl-ly
Commission Merchants,
38 Camp street, New Orleans.
r IHE undersigned are prepared to make Liberal
Advances on cotton consigned to the above hoIuse.
J. M. & J. C. MURPHY,
(Large Brick Warehouse.)
R ECEIVING, Forwarding and Commission Mer
chants, Steamboat landing, JErFcFesoN, Texas.
A large stock of Groceries, Bagging, Rope, and Plan
tation Supplies constan tly on hand. Every descrip
tion of merchandise sold on commission. feb25
Commission and Forwarding Merchant,
Lower Warehouse, FULTON, ARKANSAS.
OODS sold on conmmission, and adrances made
on merchandise left in my care.
Refer to any of the merchants of Hlempstead, Pike,
or Sevier counties; or to Brander, Mcltenna & Hub
bard, Lloyd & Frierson, E. Smith, or A. & H. B!ock,
New Orleans. april 9-ly
r HIIE undersigned have recinved to the bhick corner
toppu-ite our former stand in the warehouse,
where we have a large and well selected stock of
Groceries, hardware, Iron,
which \re int nd t sell as low as any house in the
mirket, and for cash only.
jccu;l tlG;LESBY & GRISWOLD.
l)cal, r ic
No. 14 ox TiE. LiE\EE, S :REVEPORT.
,l ILL keep cunst:catil on hand arge supply of
W the various articleins ihis line.o which he in
vites the attention of country merchants, planters and
purccaserva enc'rcliy. c ugt27
Receiving, Forwarding and Commission
And dealers in Groceries, Boat & Bar Stores,
Cocntlerle street, Shreveport, La.
1T1 E have leased the commodious Brick Fire-Prcoof
'" \ 'arehouccs, recentll owned and occupied by
Mies-:rs. Ogh shy & Griswcold, and are prepared to re
ceive and stor:c ccctto, lmlcrchandise and produce.
We solicit patrt:nage, and pledge ourselves to give
prompllt a;ttetion to nil bucsiness entrusted to our care.
W\e shall kee'p on hand at all times a complete stock
of Plantation c Supplies, Bant and Bar Stares, and Gro
cerics of every dcsctiptioc, to which we beg leave to
call public attention.
Outr charges f(,r receiving, storing and shipping cot
ton is twentcy-live cents per bale, for the entire season.
We will itake liberal cash advances on cotton and
ncerchandise in store. [ol] DUNN & YATES.
TJE have associated with us V. RITCHIE, and
s will contiinue business under the style of DNss
Sihrveport, December 10. 1856.
J. N. HOWELL & Co.,
Receiving and Forwarding Merchants,
On the Levee, Shreveport, La.
j AVE purchased the well known building former
ly occupied by Messrs. Douglass & Dashiell, on
the Levec, (at the steamboat landing,) and are now
prepared to receive, store or forward cotton and lmer
chandise of every description at as low rates as any
respect:able house in Shreveport. Our warehouses are
imtmediatelv on the hanks of the river, and among the
largest and most convenient in the country, which
renders our facilities for storing and shipping cotton
equal if not superior to that possessed by any other es
tablishment on Red River.
Cotton will he shipped without being exposed to
mud cr rain. All goods will be promptly forwarded
according to orders; and every attention will be paid
to the interests of our patrons.
We are prepared to make liberal cash advances on
cotton or goods sent to our care.
We keep constantly on hand a complete assortment
of groceries, provisions, flour, bacon, salt, sugar, tmo
[asses, coffee, tea, candles, soap, whiskey, brandy, gin,
ruiln, wines, syrups, tobco, snufllllf fancy 'groceries,
castings, nails, etc, which will be sold at the lowest
Iprices. jane25
Receiving, Forwarding and Commission
Ani dealers in
Groceries, Boat and Bar Stores,
Corner of Commerce and 3ilamn streets, Shreveport.
=H AVING purlchased from Mr. E. C. Hart the comrn
Smodious Brick Warehouses, formerly occupied
Iry Mr. L. E. Carter, and more recentl by y Mr. Nat.
Moore, we are now prepared to receive and store cot
ton, merchandise and produce, and solicit the patron
age of our friends and the public, pledg:ing ourselves
to give prompt attention to all business eitrusted to
our care. \We will keep on hand at all times a large
and complete stock of Plantation Supplies, Boat and
Bar Stores and Groceries, of all descriptions, to which
we request the attention of purchasers.
N. B. Our entire charges for receiving, storing and
shipping cotton, will be twenty-five cents per bale.
Shreveport. April 9, 1856.
J circulated that our charges per barr'cl for storing
up freight are 25 cents, we are induced to notify our
fiiends and the public, that ourcharges are as follows:
Storage, per barrel,......................... e.
Drayage, receiving and forwarding,.... c.
Shreveport, April 23-6 mos.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, Groceries,
Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoes, &c.,
Texas street, Shreveport,
H AS jnst received one of the largest and best as
sorted stocks of Dry Goods ever brought to this
market, to which additions are made by every arrival,
comprising in part silks, tissues, berages, and every
description of the most fashionable dress goods for la
dies, calicoes of all colors and qualities. merinoes,
flannels, cloths, lowells, lis, lins , linens, drillings, dia
pers, etc., etc. A large and varied assortment of the
most fashionable styles of hats, caps, boots and shoes;
gaiters, shoes, slippers and brogans for ladies, misses
and children; boys' boots and shoes. A large assort
ment of fashionable ready-made clothing. A variety
of saddles for both ladies and gentlemen, bridles, col
lars, blankets, hardware, iron, cutlery, tools, nails,
crockery, queensware,glassware, china, etc.
4Aso-A large stock of fresh and genuine Groceries,
consisting of bacon, mess pork, sugar, molasses, coffee,
tea, chocolate, flour, lard, salt, pepper,spice, mackerel,
candles, liquors of all kinds, wines, etc.
Terms-Cash, or on time to strictly punctual cus
tonmers. april 18
R D. SALE is my lawful agent and attorney in
* fact, during my absence from Caddo parish, to
transact business for me generally, for myself and as I
tutor for my children. JAMES H. BRYAN.
Shreveport, Nov. 29, 1856. dec3-tf
I PROPOSE to sell, on Speculating Terms, to the
.urchaser, the Tract of Land on which I re
Sside, in Harrison county, Texas, five miles
south of Port Caddo, containing
Eleven Hundred and Forty Acres.
Four Landred acres of open land. Improvements of
the st kind. Any sort of terms.
B OOTS AND SHOES-Now landigg a general
! assortment of Boots and Shoes, some of them
manufactured expressly for plantation wear. For sale
at the very lowest prices by
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant,
Texas street, Shreveport, La.
A GENT for the sale of Bagging, Rope, Lowells,
_. Jeans, Kerseys, Linseys, Cotton Yarns,Tobacco,
Ploughs, Iron, Nails, Western Produce and Plantation
Goods generaily. aua20
HT E subscriber, having taken the corner brick build
ing on Texas and Market streets, (opposite the
market house,, has opened a GENERAL AUCTION STORE,
and is now ready to receive goods of every description
on consignment. Having been for masny years en
gaged in the business, he flatters himselfto give satis
faction to all whu may honor him with a call. His reg
ular days of sale are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
or any other day, when business demands his attention.
Will give particular attention to the selling of Ne
groes, Real Estate, Horses and Succession Sales.
Liberal cashi advances made on consignments of
Groceries. A. L. HEINE, Auctioneer.
Shreveport, Ilanuary 10, 1855.
---~ -- " - _ N -
Trabue's Auction Rooms,
'exas street, Shreveport.
SALES EVI RY DAY, commencing at 10 o'clock,
A. a.., and avery night, at early candle-light:
Dry Goods, Caps, Groceries,
Clothing, Boots, HIardware,
Hats, Shoes, Furniture.
And a great valiety of Goods suitable for planters arid
housekeepers. Also, Negroes, Horses, Mules, gold
and silver Wat Fhes, Guns, etc. etc. nov5
Real Eltate and General Agency.
TM. C. TRABUL, will give his attention to the
I'V sole and'spurchase of Real Estate in Shreveport,
or Caddo parish;, iaying taxes, etc. He has on hand
some de.`rable property for sale or rent, on accommo
dating teh ns. octS
R. D. SALE & Co.'s
Banking, Exchange & Collecting. Agency,
Markle treet,,opposite the Post-office, Shreveport.
XCANCGE bought and sold on the principal
Scitis in thb United States.
Timtand siirtt drafts bought, sold and collected.
Unc rrentl :ney bought and sold.
Cas advance.1 on Cotton and other produce for
ship nt.
1 eyv receiv d on deposit, payable on demand.
Interest allowed on time deposites.
Mopey loaned on mortgage hbn real estate. Claii:as
ofeve-ry descript on collected, settled or compromised,
and funds remiti d promptly in bank checks.
!Ieal estate bhlught, sold and rented.
Taxes paid orl real estate. dec3-ly
ARE Purchasing Beef Hides, Peltries, &e., at their
Soffice, in the rear part of the house occupied by
Messrs. Boarmant & Tally, corner of Texasn and Spring
streets. The hihest prices paid in cash. octl5
l(EEP coasti tly on hand a large and well selected,
stockl of ALL KINDS OF
which will be scll I neAr fir ca~sh. augl3
tr E. undersigned having associated with him nMr.
SSa.ner. Vaxnlun.Ra, the Grocery, Produce, had
General Mercantt:e Business, will hereafter be carried
on under the firra and stylr of II:DGINS & VAN
Shrev.eport, Ap il 29. 1857.
STIIE copartnet.hip heretofore existing under the
firmr of WYTLY & TOTTY, was dissolved by mu
trial consent on the 17th March. S. B. Wyly being
alone authorised to collect arid receipt fir debts due
the late firm, and iray all claims against the same.
r PtlrE utndersigqod, having purchased the entire in
terest of Mr. i) im A. Totty, his late partner, will
as heretofore, at the old stand, in front of the steam
boat landing, and ,elicirs a cuntinuance of the liberal
patronage extendi d to the late firm.
Shrevecport, April 1, i.37. S. B. WYIY.
t HE mnereantilr pa:rtnership heretofore existing be
Stwieen II. C',zart and Forbes J. Houston, at
Shreveport, La., under tre name and style of Cozart &
Houston, was dissolved by mutual consent, Decem
ber 31st 1856. All the debts and liabilities of said
partnership are assumted by II. Cozart. lie will con
tinue business at their old stand, corner of Texas and i
Levee streets, and will keep for sale a large and gen
eral assortment of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Iron,
Castings, Nails, Hices, Axes, Chains, Bagging, Rope,
Twine. etc. January 51, 1857.
Foot of Texas street, on the river-bank,
S Tal: subscribers, ltaving
f!r'chased the large
new warehouse at the
foot of Texas street, are prepared to receive consign
ments on sale or storage. Our charges will be mode
rate, and prompt r,'turnr made in such form as our
correspondents may wi-h.
We can furnish merchants, planters and others with
Ploughs, Cultivatols. Cotton Scrapers, Gins, Gin
Bunds, Wheat Fans. Hoes, Axes, etc.
Iron and Nails offevery description.; Lime, Cement,
IPlaster of Paris, II ir, Guano, Corn, fOnt=, Cotton
Sand, etc. [janll]J CARTER & SHIVERS.
IA:cc setn s Tyr
o. 11 - SA LE
'99 Magazine streei, and 52 and 54 Gravier street,
Refer to... Olesv &- Gri voild.
W. . S.. mith, Esq.
John Walters, Esq sept lit, 1856(
Have just recivedi per steamers IIoper
: and Union, direct frotm New Or leans,
, a large and cmrlete assortment of
consisting ito part of sugar. cotree, flour, lard, ihamns,
bacrs, dried berf, goshen butter, goshett and western
cheese, soap, starch, candles a--orted, teas, pepipers.
olive, salad and lard oils, mtacker-el, onions. Irish po
tatoes, molarses, table -a', tc:c. Together writh every
description of
Brandies, swines, rum, gin, whiskey, cordials, fruits in
their own juice, brandy fruits. pickles, ketchups, mus
tard, sauces, etc. etc. Every description of steamboat
stores put up at the shortest notice. ict 9
India Rubber Gin-Bands, &c. S
THE undersigned would respectfully
call attention to his large stock of Saddles and Har
ness, as he has now the most extensive and complete
assortment in his line ever oilered in this marktet, and
which he is determined to sell at the'Lowest possible
Rates. He has always on hand a large stock of
Manufactured to order, expressly for this market, at
the celebrated works of the lioston Belting Company,
which lihe will sell low. I'lanfers and others are invi
ted to give him a call. f. A. ZOLL,
dec5 Texas street.
Boat and Bar Stores, &c.,
No. 13 on the Levee, fronting the steamboat landing,
Shreveport, La.
T HE subscribers begs to inform their friends and the
public that they have opened as above and have
on hand a large and complete assortment of staple
and fancy Groceries, Provisions, Plantation Supplies,
Wines, Liquors, Boat and Bar Stores, all of which were
selected expressly for this market, which they are
determined to sell at the lowest cash prices. A
mong the stock will be found:
ScUGAR--Brown, of every qruality; loaf and crushed.
COFFEE-Rio and Java; chocolate.
TEas-Imperial, gunpowder, hyson, black, etc.
1MOLASSEs-Reboiled and sugar house.
BAcoN, &c.-Sugar cured hams, sides, shoulders;
mess pork, buffaloe tongues, dried beef, etc.
TonAcco-Chewing and smoking, of every quality.
Cigars, of every quality.
W\\'sKEer-ld Monongahela, Dexter's, Bourbon,
and other favorite brands.
BRANDIES.-Old Otard, Sazerac, Cognac, Charm
pagne, and other brands. Some old and very fine.
Gin,Rum; old Madeira, Sherry, Oporto, Malaga,
Claret and Champagne Wines.
Cordials, Syrups, Bitters, Peppermint.
Brandy Fruits; Fruit in their own juice; pie fruit;
preserves; jellies; pickles; ketchups; mustard; raisins;
prunes; almonds; candies, etc.
Hermetically sealed lobsters, salmon, shad, oysters,
sardines, etc.
Mackerel, codfish, salmon, herrings.
Rice, cheese, crackers; powder, shot, lead.
Ginger, pepper and spices, of all kinds.
S oap, of every quality; starch, indigo, candles, olive,
sweet, sperm and lard oit.
Wooden ware, stone ware, castings, nails, rope, etc.
Boat and Bar Stores, Bar Furniture, and every arti
cle usually kept in a large grocery establishment, all of
which being entirely fresh, offer great inducements
to purchasers.
" Also:-A large stock of Staple Dry-Goods.
All orders from planters, country merchants and oth
ers will be carefully filled on the shortest notice.
ias FORD & ilMITH. 13 on the Levee.
New Orleans and Red River Packet.
TnU entirely new, staunch and very
light draught steamboat JOSEPH
HOLDEN, B. II. MART.N, Naster,
will run as a regular Red River and N.Orleans packet
throughout the entire season., receiving and landing
freight and passengers at all points on the route.-
The Joseph Holden having been purchased by Proctor
Ankrim expressly for a Red River packet, will re
Smain permanently in the trade under the command of
captain Martin, who will make use .of every exertion
to give satisfaction. All business entrusted to the
boat will be promptly attended to. For freight or pas
sage, having fine accommtodations,apply on board. a28
New Orleans, Shreveport & Jetferson
. Ti.e entirely new, fast runnintg steatner
AFTON, Jr., J. . S. ST. inmas
ter, will run during the entire seasun as a regular
packet between New Orleans and Shrevepont, Port
Caddo, Benton, Smithland, Jefferson, and all intertme
diate landings and plantations. The Afton is entirely
new, very substantial and of light draught, and was
built expressly for the trade. Her ofeicers wilt pay
particular attention to any business euntrusted to the
boat, and make use of every exertion to give satisfac
tion. For freight or pa sage, apply on board. feb25
New Orleans & Red River Packet.
S - TIE new, substantial tand fast running
) s teamer SIVAN, CHmARLEs HAYEs,
master. (C. F. Havye, clerk,) has re-:
sumed her regular trips in the Red River trade, and
will continue running so long as the water wili permit.
The Swan was built expressly for a Red River packet,
is very staunch, of light draught, and new throughout.
Her officers will pay particular personal attention to
any business entrusted to the boat, and make use of
every eflbrt to cive satisfaction. For freight or pas
sage, having fine accommodations,apply on board. dl0
New Orleans & Red River Packet.
• 'a TE entirely new, fast running steamer
STanALL, master, will run as a regular
packet during the entire season between New Orleans
and ipper Red River, touching at all intermediate
landings. The W\m. Rl. Douglass was built at Louis
ville during the present fall expressly for the trade, is
unusually staunch, and the boilers, machinery, etc. are
entirely new, and in point of safety she is ansurpassed.
She can store 1200 bales of cotton, and has commo
dious cabins, fitted up with state-rooms, andl furnished.
with every requisite for the comfort pf passengers.--
Her officers will at all times pay particular attention
to any business entrusted to them, and make use ofev
ery exertion to give satisfaction. For freight or pas
sage, having fine accommodations, apply on board. n5
New Orleans & Slreveport Packet.
The well known passenger steamboat
:-mr An, master, wi-ll restime her trips, etn
the first rie on water, as a regular ipacket between N.
Oileans and Shreveport, touching at Grand Bayou,
Caminit, Grand tcore, and all intermediate landings
and plantations. The St. Charles has been thoroughly
overhauled and put in fine order, .nd is in sOf respects
as good as new, and for comfort and fine- aceommo..
dations unsurpassed by any boat in the trade. Hle:i
commander solicits a continuance of the liberal pat
ronage heretofore extended to the boat, pledging hitnt
self that nothing shall be wanting on his part to give
satisfaction to shippers and travelers. For freight or
passage, apply on board. sep3
New Orleans & Red River Packet.
//RaT 'I'He new and splendid fast running
' steamer DUKE, SA.t'L ArrLEGATEr
- . master, owing to to the rise in the river
has been enabled to resume her regular trips as a TEX
Dar packet between N. Orleans and Shreveport,Grand
Bayou, Campte, Grand Ecore, Alexandria, ant inter
1 mediate points and landings on the river, and will'
leave Shreveport on
Sunday, ..........Mairch 8 Sunday, -.........April 1L
W\ednesday,.... " 18[ Wednesday,..... " 29
Sunday,.......... " 09 SSunday,........... M ay 10
Wednesda y,.......April 8 Wednesday,..... " 20'
The Duke was built expressly for a passenger boa t to
ply on the alississippi, and is in every respect the finest
and largest boat that ever entered Red River. Her
cabins are unusually coin mmodious and furnished in the
tmost magnificent manner, and for conlmfrt, good ac-,
commodations, safety and speed she is unsurpassed.
Captain Applegate solicits a continuance of the liberal
patronage heretofore extended to him, pledging himself
that nothing shall be wanting on his part to give sat
isfaction. For freight or passage, apply on board.
The Duke will hereafterconnectat Shreveport with
the steamer M. . L. Dugherty, for Jefferson, and will
at all times receive freight and passengers forBenton,
Port Caddo, Smithland, Jefferson,and all intermediate
landings, which will be forwarded without detention.
New Orleans & Shreveport Packet.
a THE entirely new, fast runnint passean
ger steamboat R. W. ADAMS,
CHa E.I MARSHAI.L, master, has cotm
menced her regular trips, as a Shreveport and INew
Orleairs packet, touching at the month of Loggy Ba
you, Grand Bayou, Camptn , Grand Ecore, Alexan
dria, and all intermediate landings, leaving Shreveport
every alternate Satnrday, viz:
Saturday, ....... lMarch 21 Saturday,............ May I
Do ......... April 4 Do ........ " 30'
Do ......... " 18 i Do ..........June 13
Do ............May 2 Do .......... " 27
Tihe R. W. Adams was built expressly for the trade,
can carry 3000 bales of cotton, and has unusually com
modious cabins with unsurpassed accomm'odations lfo
passengers. Her officers wiil pay every attention to
any Iusiness entrusted to them, and use every effbrt tao
deserve patronage. For freight or passage, apply ort
board. imarllh I
New Orleans & Upper Red River Packet.
I'lE entirely new fast running steamer
Z t ERA, Jonlt KoCxs, master, (BE.J.
Korat, clerk,) has commenced her trips
as a regular packet in the upper Red River trade
taking freight Ior Preston, loniham. Pine Bluff,
Wright's landing, Rowland, Lanesport, Spanish Blulfl,
V White Cliffi, Fulton, and all intermediate landings orr
upper Red River and its tributaries. The Era was
built during the present winter expressly for the trade
and will run regularly at all seasons of the year, when
the water will permit. She is unusually staunch and
very light drau ght--drawing only twelve inches light,
and carries 700 bales of cotton on three feet water
and is provided with all the latest improvements. Iler
officers will give prompt personal attention to all bus
iness entrusted to the bout. For ,'reight or passag.,
apply on board.
"I*Telegraph, Wtiashiniton; and Standard, Clarks.
ville, copy for three months. decl7
Upper Red River & New Orleans Packet.
, ' Tt: new and fast rlllliing steamboat
LrLE, taster, R. C. iltUctita, clerk,
hies commenced .er regular trips as a packet in the
utipper Rlied River and New OrIens tradle, ti:ehing at
all intermediate landing? and points. The Belie is en
tirely new, being just out of ship-bui!lders' hnnds. is
unusually staunch, is provided with all modern im
provementts, and ranks A. 1. in all the insurance of
fices. She has coimfortable accomCi odationi s for pas
scngeri , and in point of speed and safety is unsurpass
ed sy any boat in the trade. Her officers will pay par
ticular attention to any business entrusted to the bout,
and make iuse of every exertion to give stti-faction.
For freihit or passage, apply on board. nov3
Shreveport, Jefferson & Lake Packet.
I'THE entirely new and very light iliraughi
esteaner Li. L. DAUGHIiERTY,
J. WV. 31MaRTI, master, has entttiettcel
her trips as a regular packet between Shreveport andi
Jefferson, touching at Port Caddo, Bention, Smithland,
and all landings and plantations on the river and lake.
'he D) igherty is new, very staunch, light draught,
and having been built expressly for a passenger pacK
et, with coutmodius cabins fitted up ith state-rooms,
is particularly adapted to the trade. 11er oflicers will
pay particular attent;on to :i1 business entrustetd to
thetm and make use of every exertion to give satisfatc
tion. For freight or passage, having tine accomm,
dation=, apply on board.
The '1. L. Daugherty will connect at Sh:evepolt
with the New Orleanlt packet Duke, .,nd will takl
freight and passengers fir N. Orleans, :o be forwarded
by that oant. Passentgers and shippers may rely that
every eli",rt swil be made byi the officers of both hboatis
to give entire satiizection. jan7
I as just arrivetd fromi New Orleans. and is nosw
Sprepared to attend to the repairing of every
description of fine Watches, at Burnside's, Texas
street, Shreveport, La. nays1-tf
Not to be Overlooked!
G. M. LEVY & Co.,
A~ s the :eason advances have Reduced
the Prices of their stock 25 per Cent.,
tof which the followsing is a part:
Ladies' Cloth, Velvet, M'uir Antique aind
Satin Cloaks and Mantitlas,
It being an undisputed fact that none can compete
with them, either in assortment or cheapness, the) in
vite the ladies of Shreveport and its vicinity, and par
ticularly those that are good judges, to their well se
lected stock of fashionable Merinos and Cashmeres,
their Embroideries and Dress Silks.
New Goods are received by every boat.
Orders from the country are carefully attended to,
Shreveport. December 10. 1856.
S PICES-Cloves, allspice, mace, nutmegs, cinna
mnon, cassia, ginger, mustard, black pepper, and
every description of flavoring extracts, for sale by
my30 WM. BALL,
CORN-300 sacks Corn, in store and for sale by
f. &. B. JACOBS,
lan I T'exa' stlr (et

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