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Shreveport semi-weekly news. [volume] (Shreveport, La.) 1865-18??, June 20, 1865, Image 1

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NO. 31. SIIREV\ IEPOITt, ILA., T UESI.)AY, .JUN E 20, 18(65. VOL NIL.
!s unblisAhd ercry Tueszday. S Satucr
day norninzL.
Rates of Subrcription -- Pet
ve r. In advaucc, ; 4i Monuth., f
'Threce Months. $L2
Adv ertiAin 0C a, eqacr, flr·t ins"r
tinra, $I 6 : each NuIcs'qltaclr inflscrIjn. 7.
A liberal deduction rn..id to yeacrly ad
let tieers.
General Orders.
11,I) Q' If Mit. Div. 1,F~# M
Ne.w Ori"aa:-, Inav ha,;5.
1. 11v the tarin- of a a1IlVtiitionu
a nttrvd into th Is lda . .it Ii.i. part 'if
(iinraara E. K. Sminth. cn- inriitl.i g1i,
and Maaijoru' ifrlºi E1 U. ( itil
c~otnaintiding ti,' Mi lit ary I )i 'aio a n
«,",;t .J1iii.firipjii. th.' m..i itar .fIII
:atda i t a~ viii. ofit lla 'I'ra,i4'- li'f! if =f pj
I h'palt nta' an t Iii lti,- j.ihii r pr Ita. '
Rimd -r thlair (ilifti~. hat.- a'"r 1' "!
'iila.rad to tliii iii?}, If ifta . $ "tf tIl
I~iadaaI Stits~t .
Ini ca~trring oIut }.c"~ f
this c na enti .)I iz i i. t..' ta.i :'
tiiialn will hIei ialpin vail
1ur . Al l a i 1"ffli 4 I}: jrai ..n ll
partr "" oth l i l
2. '1'h. ti" ' i ''1": n of t1,'
'.nf.',ieta'x:t' Ar'tfly nff1 N ivy,
Ow llinff: f'd 'Ir I'f. ' 1-. i+
ta.'~·: I ib 1 :iiath''r a. I t i . · a ' f
ha h;.irtifhihf,it" hr .' ila "l"In 't,
a" la'a t f l ff l, ''r' t 1. ' i i r 1 :
t ir l fii t i. tsI'ltl l f t it 1, t.
tif, ana ithii p''iit c t;r l t ii ,' r
ati th .' ai r '" .
iilli fh. l.i 'ait ._ ' f-f ;;.: t.
Uhl plii a. I~r?
tlliil r all .aff l , l: " .:t I :n'
it it.r t in i e h ift I
.1) .l r nll prrril ,'l-- li: \ .: ft iit:
yin t, S rtat . a.hut t I- tl. i
I ',l:ii.lla tI ifti al~f a l
.\rtli'r zii l~it.' ."11f, ."t ff1 t; -,1
tý r ui 'II ' tin " -1 ili: n
< rtt,' ill'lt .71 "h 1 l 'l .i : !
.,t. ri ir to ''
be1. Ii ff t* ' ,f~ I t w.ii" r- Ant . I . "I
flur ni, th ti tv ,i ! it .,; 1t"f .1 -
hiltl Sta e- 1 1 ~14 a~j. - t " ".. . .t1.
}a t lr :ila' tit'll u in1 1 ": . t . ,
it'" r.la i !rfii.' fV n lu .ar -t", i tt .
tilt h luiiugu tg , t i L i,
!tlI. Il l, it 1 3'"11,-. "i ' 1 'n.ff_ '
.,nthroa z l,ri'ii~ l '" t... If" 11 'Il'
l':,." t -t rr ifl tl l"'i r.ff ~~ l1r.tf :. ' .ta i ..
titd ~ila-,." ii lr '0 r ,ff in "t. f i t.. t I
l h - , In lf a f f. .a } ' . : i - \ .fp. u ' lilast , ! : I
I''."u t.l t fiifillf t tl i ".
ii,"i jijai l riii 'at, Intl.- iljfff
j i 'ie i . t int'. aa .a i ,""3 .i .:,'t t ".. iia t '" ."
'.a oiiah d.a a-.ai atal .:i.it fa Ii ff I" .
ho l'raniah'. tatiff t"t -a'".il,
*u~.u r+, fi~iniali ft. Jill, .. riti.".!. it l".11
t "tidi--nati~ins r 1, t ''in' l "iii i ? f h'": .
7i. The. d tailail ti i ha' 1lrltil-ti'.l it':
hisi. pclinil'n ' p p rt' . ~ilian': t., fill
irfna. iiia arindui , in'i ad iti al..! *:t'i
iI. ti lut Ud. ". t ilfff a ýt t:, t.ii tin.
inh n ,i troo a, an ' t1 i p ifi a'n:tt t 't.,
.dilioipna ofa :-d 3 i . C iLt ii I. it rin ^1
land tha Ifirlt ,n land it, a' i. ii tit' :ha'
I tachmient* are tmade for the purpose
osf prote'cting the inlihaitants against
jayhawkers and other lawlss char
acter, and on all marchsl, throughl
the country, theit codul't o of" o ,il.rs
alnd o",n mnust he such, as to inspire,
the peoplt ' with ronfilener and re
spet, atnd no ,h-predations., however
slight, or int, rfEtn',ue with the citi
zenc in their lawful pitr. itt.;. will b
III. To guar,1l agaitist th.v w.-ast
,r In- of p r-blpi- !,r ,-,,rtv, nt uttnd-r
the i 'nntrol 'of ti- t'Io,.dl.rate tinili
tlrv and nav'al :aumi ,,rti.".-, t.l civil
ofsLs i- or a;''enti , ittn chart ,, of suiich
Iprop-rt.v will hi,- rgarldel as in thit.
.ervi, ," the I iiried .:'tt-,s , uto ti
rt live,,d hv the .ropu.spr *,thc.rs ,:'
: sgints It" t!tl.: (i'; utllt'i;rtit. ,A l 1
, .al, oaf ciihit - r,," ;rtV, o" trtan ,e.r
s ,ic--pt i r+n - I -,.-I-t, or' I
xc. t to th i itnihrizy.. ;ig ;its or
iany atti, lt to, s tt.',:l or .'itihhib,li
t r. ,iif :o v- kri't , itt, ir-.t ts,:at sii I
i t s . -i, ;ritht.  i,. r.- t r d i t.,
Sl, li, u- . a ; :I h. r thi i- un
-.' .arv, it will b. t- k i- :ii -i ,'s
dt rlv il '. i, -tlar t :.- :,;, r. , :i r the
S 'r .r ,, t ,. {';: .n : ,nlin It lh r ,
...A "j ,,, . r . cviplls ' it I" ' iv
Si P rn t r.1 iv',+.' , w ill ,.
, h ,.r pit ,. Ipr. 'q ::
.1 . I ut, t!". r n:,:ci:i r. - 'ri
, I" t :t- :t li .,1 o tt Uill. 11
S . _ t '. " _ ' ' ' i L ll 'i :i i . 3', :I '
b i ,. .. : . ?.-: : 1.3 - "
> +t 11 :i'
' 1.. . 1 1 ' : ' :
I l- t.- N.t
I ... , I a. . l . ' .
s" a , - , ' 1.' Nc . " ' .
I .. . I ,- I : . t
"I , , . - - " r
s 1 I,-.
: i i Ii • . ,-,, - I ..
- t. ' lt. ' . t.,
- . pntiti- 'ti'·l sll. rN ixit. x , t.
ht s ." - sit s it- s.,iisinftit-h h t :.
, ,its-s .hl, lIi, a s r-t - i Ii
V i iit t tt . .. i I •i i i . . . .
5 t a s is s its i i i ris..- l s- it " r -til
ill s 1 -- .-.ti -0 :this- -ii I
sistanccv to the lawful authorities .lf
the gRnverninent. In thi: re'g.'ard n.a
in all other.s the armier of the' LUzi'ted
Statet, will suc p irt a:id recpcire'
,,b,.dienc' , to hi ,r I :Lcwi . At t:,: :atcine
tiher to all who are, dieqo1~'d to stiul
sit qui."tly to thlle lawrs of the land,
th gr,'at.st pJ.c ibihl' aiti-stanc'' will
Ib,, giveniat , iit it rie mnIli nd.l.lc to all
-uchi that thil Freedmcn he e'mpllcvicd
undclr ,pe.eiti:e cc,ntrnct-; at r,casot, abhle
wagegs cand kir ily tr'ated. Ne ,'n
c'rlr':clg.'inlent will le' gfi,.ven to thlc
latter clatss to hlave their fTr ,.r cIma
ters, bitt thile intat ]earne that they
-a: rnot be ccppi ort'd! in idlnjcee 'r
tilowev ,l to cnc,.gre"y-c te at imilit:,ry
icts. To he, ' wrtlv of theiri fr.ce
ion. tli.v imu-it b, inchu- tri ,es neel
h Ionet. Tlile.ir statue will illn ni way
eh.- tc ipr en is-d hI ...cniei g r i c
thiccr he ,:.e- ncl wr,! rvc kj tr uaes
I 'ti' t ,.rrrival of an'h , .ii. aI._', -.
,,t'h,. e",' .:e ' , ..:m . :11 n,. d
f' 1 int..r ": t ! it : t..i : :
! i .I I, 1 . i' t * , . t
cc 1e ,. "c a' r-l,,:'c - t . l, , it 1 .
1 " . , I'" "i ,'. e- 1 ,,'
S t1 ." .". t. 1.; :1: , t !r" n , i,
hliiý p Vrt ,f I ift . .\!0 .
,i.-' ,n,:e ,iv L ". - -. ., t. - . 1!.h
-t " .... a *lcc I - ' - ' l t c
-- - ntp in r" , ,e: c ':C t- l:u it.
1 ii: I eC, in ' i it
11": " ' I . , l..- .'I'.
S .I :. . I - I.
l :. ' " .. . , : . .. . 1 . t
. t
, ' , ' . . · , . .
1 . . ... . . • , !
h 1 .t i r,. .
! If . . - t w
.- c I. - . .. . . .
, , . L C
I:i • .-c , . I '. .
•c ,l tie -'-- :...icc ic
.c . ccil c;Cdl . - . -. , • ,s C ,
:- l , ,. . t i . ., : c c"cr :c
,c . ' t i, e , : t • C:. . .C - .
cc ryi-c--------------- aai
. -cc. .- •l .: I . , . : r
Cll10 .. . tic ti - cc ;i e C 'eee , , . ,- i •rge
treatmnetit of th, ItaiLdr, can they hop.t
to nratur., and harver.t their crops and
carry on their plantations.
1D1.fiit.' culntacts, nmut bne, madte
with the liigroeis, which will I.e hind
ing ftr the balance of the prets'nl
P'lanters wha *.nl.n avor to do thij
in ge,,d tfith will b. as-i;t.d in all
pr,,,lor ways. anol a ill d,, mu :h to
wards rti..trin g luiet iand conlliduecu...
By (;,,un~nul /.f
W .11. I. (,1..1 '1'.
( )1-F lI I.tAI: Capt. t :.. A. t,.
11'n 1; 1:= 1)ar. .1 1K. A';i -
i t it, .o nn l . I T
I. ' ,i1 ,i I, .
A . . '. " I
1r f
,o 'ccivi. . T , . v Co-.:
. 1 I.- :
' . ",, : .·: I. . `. ··... ; ,':..
1 : .T ": " N.
I l.1 i . ii. .
'l i i'
.1 1 .t : - . " .
• .: . 0 - - * o . I • . . ,
r. . ,
:iI. h  i_ ,.
On Tcnnm street, Shreveport,
Is pr,"1-.arld. a. h14"1vetofovt'. to 4"xeNltot
rc."rv d."-rriltion of
111,41.v 4')1$ COLORlED
nt, and 1;-patch, nt r,"a ,nab 1l·
4.. ;,...lL:
1 t tII attIýi - w lcv assrI
is ,t'
t1 I FIN;' \RI)
1.1 11 11:11 PAPER'
~~},1,t fa:,
iNtI L-1- k-C h
' III AI· ···lr· 11;L'F.!1: · ·!
11k. " }..'..,nr in .vi:r . .i TA L
'':.-*I 'I>-aui -TI'.I*~
' ' 1 1.11:,g1 t. 1,I -
'.-: .: it : tI, 1c'* t i t
'Fi' ºI.'1: It g:
;,t'I ` "il-ri h -. i i t'.& '
N lr~\", .:, II- -aV t n," t tlt,
.t '1tut '1m II)
a \-' "i:, iA-tt ,..ii ' 'tr ,,"-t~:I -
t'-r. .,... ('~to- knt -1:..
:. I~r t:;I rý: . Iiu t~r ." - l ~"a"r I- tiA. -
ii .;. u ,-. _ I:.f.", "
l l 1 ; I' sugt r :I : v:tit k- t "S
Vhllolesale amid Retail!
A large stock of
Sl'TLElR'S GOOD)S., &c. &e..
At the old stan'l of M. Levy, in the city
ref -
one door from the corner of
TExAt and . Spitzo Srlverrs.
We are pJernancttly located hero, and
will, Ar A.Lt. rli s, be prepeared to tell to
Wholesale and Retail,
and upon lib ral ter-i receiving-
in xc!iange.
W1e prIon'oe to deal .n the sqnare. and
solicir a gbare of P'ret.tr PATTR nAniE.
Shrrvtport, June 13th. 18G5-:3n
FLOR Rlent -A geoo, Dwelling
1 lAom .1pply t; sed
i u2Cf The EI'litor of thi- paper.
PI'. I"'. L. Prank.
A,-.n" fir J. LI tt.banr.
TI'x'is ,strQe', nitar Sring,
-II .wtl ".h :werI .l : pailrd a:t b-hrt notice
,nd ,n ito--8.. i e:b ,. t'rmos.
--,: Htvitrt :v , I ,eweller employed.
. eil .,i , 1; r .,c r w,,rk of any description
:;1 bi." prol'tl'v "a t'end d to. junl3
rI'.I.'TIiD-A _oted. hon.,t boy to
. ?; : 'tt fi p*. r t city s ubcribrs.
Prie-lient .lohnis.,n New Amnesty
\-it\r..tiN. ,'4av, 29.
1 P.f ',,isri,. / ,.,y Ite Pri-eil.,-t of
/,r- ln'itd S,'t-.a.ts o/'A l,nerica.
Wt:itr.t-. Th'l. Pr-.is-,.nt of the
Irlrt. 1d Stairl.-. on the 4th day of
I c,etniber, 1 s3, and on the 26th day
of 31.trch, 186 , did, with the object
to .suppre,. thei existing rebellion, to
ind(ue- all pe-r ins to return to their
1.v alty. and to i-store the authority
ot the LC:ited States, issue proclama
ti,-.n otft-ring amnesty and pardon
t, cert:in pi-rsos who had dire-ctlv
or by implication, participated in
-aid rt,-llion : :ani
IIl7/rer.s, M3.,ny persons who had
,o ,._aed in said rebelllion. have,
ntiC- tilhe issiuantce iOf said proelatmina
ti.. f'ie-1 or n.-g!ct,-,1 to take the
!.u.,fi'e N-tr,.d th,.rbly ; and
TF7/,rs.r . ay pet.rsonts who have
bei,-,- ju.tly depriv-ed ot all claim to
pint,.-tv an, p:uard,.n theriml.-r, by
rea-otn of the ir participation, directly
otr hy implicati.n. in said rebellion.
a 1, c,,ntitnitd th,.ir ho-tility to the
Go,,.V.rnm."nlt at th." Unitei States
-inc-. thel d;te of .-aid proclaination.
n ,w di-il, i atpply tr andl ltain
atLo:uiriVy antI p:ardonl : to the etnd,
tl.-r,-tr.i.. h.tit th- a:uthicrity of the
-o-.-rnm nt t ,of the i- nit[teid States
may be. re.store.d, and that pence, or
der,- a,l, frellediom may be .-stablished,
,.-nt of the United States. Do PRJ
I .\I*t -. DENt.L.aR:. that I do here
tv grant to all I'"rsonus who have
duir,.ctlv or indir.-ctly pa:rticipated in
the .xi.ting r.bellion. except as
hiri.-inat.-r c,'pl,t,,d. AMNESTY
AND PAI) t1(ON. with the reserva
ti-,n of all rights of property, except
:.- to, slaves, an.d except in cases
whler lI-gal prce'dlings unider the
law- tf the U1. S. .provili utg torthe con
tiscation ,f property of persons en
_-:t,.I in th.- r.ellIiion have been in
stitut,-d, biut on the c.iiiition, never
th.l.l-.-. that everv eu"ch pl-rsonshall
tah.' teal stnbcri Ia- thn f.,liewig rathl
or atPrmation, and therncf,,rwv::rd
keep and mnainitain said oat: in.viol
a ntd al which oath .hall be regi -
tor-it for lerm-nnt pr.--e-rvation, and
It:l1l b,- iato the t-nor and .ftTect follow
ig. to-w:it
-1 do, solemn!yv wear (or altirnu)
it pr-tenc, tf Almighty Gol. that I
will bInce-terth tatlhfilly defend ths
t'.,:ttiuti,,n of the 'United State
a~d th, i.nion of the States thereun
der. and that I will in like manner
abitid and taithfully support all laws
antd pr-clainations which have tben
madil during the existing rebellion.
w-ith refterence to the -mancipation
lf tav-,s. s, help tne (;,d."
TheI following class,,s of rrsons
are ,-xc.,pt.,'l tiomn the benefits of this
proclamation :
First-All who are or shall have
h been pretendeid civil or diplomatic
,,icrs or otherwise domestic or for
eign agents of the pretended Confed
u-rate govtrntm1ent.
Second-All who left judicial
stations ulnder the United States,
to aid the rebellion.
Third---All wLmo hilall have Leon
military ,ir general officers of said
pret-entded Conf,-derate gov-ernment.
above- the rank of conlonel in th,, army
-itn lineutenant nt the navy
Fourth-All who have left seats
in the Congress of the United States
to aid the rebellion.
Fifth-All who resigned or tender
der resignations of their commissions
in the army or navy of the United
States to evade duty in resisting the
Sixth-All who have engaged, in
any way, in treating, otherwise than
lawfully, as prisoners of war, per
sons found in the United States ser
vice as officers, soldiers, seamen, or
in other capacities.
Seventh-All persons who have
been absentees from the United
States for the purpose of aiding the
Eighth-All military and naval
officers in the rebel service, who were
educated by the government at West
Point, or the Tnited States naval
Ninth-All persons who held the
iretended office of Governors of
States in insurrection against the
United States.
Tenth-All persons who left homes
within the jarisdiction and protec
tion of the Uiited States, and passed
beyond the Federal military lines,
I into the so-celled Confederate States,
for the purpose of aiding the rehel
Eleventh-All persons who have
been engaged in the destruction of
the commerce of the United States
upon the high seas, and all pereons
who have made raids into the United
States from Canada, or have been
eougaged in destroying the commerce
of the United States upon the lakes
and rivers that separate the British
provinces from the United States.
Twelfth-All persons who, at the
time when they seek to obtain the
benefits hereof, by taking the oath
herein prescribed, are in military,
naval or civil confinement, or custody,
or under bonds of the civil, military
or naval authorities or agents of the
United States, as prisoners of war,
or prisoners detained for offences of
nmy kind, either before or after con
Thirteenth-All persons who havR
voluntarily participated in said rebel
lion, and the estimated value of whose
taxable property is over 820,000.
Fourteenth-All persons who have
taken the oath of amnesty, as pre
scribed in the President's proclama
tion of Dec. 8th, A. D. 1863, or an
oath of allegiance to the Government
of the United States, since the date
of said proclamation, and who have
thenceforward kept and maintained
the same inviolate :
Provided, That special application
may be made to the President for
pardon by any person belonging to
the excepted classes, and seuc clem
ency will be liberally extended as
may b,, consistent with the facts of
the case, and the peace and dignity of
Sthe United States.
The Secretary of State will estab
lish rules or regulations for adminis
te ring and recording the said amn,.s
tv oath, so as to insure its benefit to
the people, and gaurd the government
against fraud.
In testimony whereof. I have nher.'
unto st my lhand, and cause l the
seal of the United States to be at
Done at the City of Wasnington
this 29th day of May, in the year of
our Lord, IS6.5. and of the indepen
denceoof the United States the eighty
I By the President :
«.1t. IT. SEw.trn, Sec'y of Stat,
VWashintton, May 29, 186i5.
Sin::-A copy of the President'-:
amn'esty proclamatice of this date is
Ic-,ewitt: appended. By a clanse in
the instrumrent the secretary of State
is directed to establish rules andreg
olations for administerir and record
ing the aminesty oath s,, as to in~sm',
its benefits to the pe plh,. and ^alrli
the government aga'nst trawl. ulr
luant to this injuncti,-n, .y u 'r,, -
formed that the o:ath p:- s·rihI in
theic prclaa'ation to-ty bi- taken an I
sul:;cribhd betfre any (crrtni-ssicned
other, civil, military, or .nmval, iin
thie service of th, Unlit,.d Stat,,., ,
any civil or milit-rv ft; *,-rof a Sta:e
or Te.rritory, who. by the l' I:w th,-re
of, may bh.:qualifid fr ,c,:ninistering
the cath. All cfiecire wh, r-,-',ivo
such oath are hr-by,. auttht-ized to
give certified copi,, th r,,,f to per
sons respectively hy whom they
were made, an I ui-h t.fi' o rs are here
iv required to raurinit or;ginl: s of
sutech onths at a. early a ,y as may
be convenient,.to this Tlr:r:rtm-nnt.
where they will be deposited, and re
main in tlhe archives .f the Govern
ueat A register thereof will bit
kept ir the Department, and, on ap
plication in proper cases, certificat-s
Swill be issted of such records in the
I customary form of official certificates
SI am, sir, your ob't serv't,
Scretatry of t~te

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