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&1fubi.Atd every Taesday Of Sa&tur
day mornings.
*ate* ft ub beriptioI -- Per
It. Is d dvsance. :e; Rit Mlontb1a, $
Tb'. Mouths. $2.
AdverISIIui -Ofi sgnawe flrst Insr
U... SI b0; euieb mubsequoent inertio.f, 75
A liberal dudaetion nuil to pearl: ar
V theft
G a ral -Ordardes
1'D Q'9 3I:.. DIV. OF WaciaT .-isS r eli
Naw Orleans, May 26. 1865. ng'
GMRasnL OnoDaS No. 61. ,te
I. By the terms of a cnvntin h,,n
entered into this day. on tha part of an
teneral E. K. Sm th, co:namnding i:.
the Transa.Miiaiippi l).pitrtmn,nt,. tur.
and Major-G.eneral K. It. S. 'rnhy. ,
commanding th,. ;lilitry I)ivi·i·n at'
Veslt Misi.sippi. the f.ts, mitlitary int
and nav&l, of th. Trars-Mi-=isippi
Department, and th,: public pr.'p.-r:.'
-nder their control, have bten 4r1r1
t.endered to thei ethlor.i:tie of th, ,.',,,
United 8tater,.
In carrying out the P ipunltioni of
this convYnition the fI, lo, inF colt di
tions will be observed :
I All acts of ho.tiiity, on th "'
part of both armies, arJ to cea-"'e,.
Er:ma this date.
2. 'I'Th otlicers and tann of the i''
Confed.: a(e Army and N.tvv. withi
the liin "s of the 'iatre--Mi-.-i.1iil
L)epart,:;. t, to be p iaroll n, t il dulii
.:ehan,_e:. or otihcrw ." rei is. ,.
fruut the. otlig.ttion of th,.ir ii t '1,. ."
Or :b' author ty of thI.. .. - i tn
of the United., Staer.i·· .  1 '" : :.
roti, of ,i!n oill "i-ri ti . tr . I. "': ; . "
to I.e reta.::,te by ,, t i t. , ,:s ;,t at
be dasign.,,d by th.. parti.. t t, !
c-nvention; llt er,a giving tlh..i iii
dividual par ,i,.,. and ,otin.jtn,i,'.. ,
regimnott. batt. t .a' aa . )' *, ,ira ." or .r
•let:,achment-. eig',i ,g" a i , p rI.,
for the menl of tt.-tr r..': ::
3. Artillery, r:nai, nrrlsI. -nniTIt i t
Vi ,n, and other pr.operyt tit t. ,n
f:,d,-rat:e Gover .n:ll :: . intun: ii . l Lt ,
boats and tranisp)rt, to , ' :1 , ,a '
overr to thI, ot ci,.rr' :tp s.,:nt,.t1 t.' ,. .t:
cive theL.n oil the patrt.: . t; .
ernCnnt of tli a n r,,! t..: -. I
plicate invent,,ri,.e o! th,. }~.',"",. "
to be suttrrrndler'-l, to b. ir,
one copy to be raite I .% :.,
cr deliveriag, an:1 :h1 .. "r '
oflcr receiving i'. r "- i 1
ti ii of -heir .. r' ; iv.r (. n l 1 I "'
4. The oilic.ra -.t:. u:: I...'
under this u .. , -t .! " t . h. I'" : '. ,
to return to thl:ir h tinu.., with tl.:,.h
asunrance that thi.y - I nit b'. i
tirbed by the uuith ,ri'i l...- 'f th:. I':n
ted State . a-,, ling ats th.v e" . :
to obs,.rve i -, ,Li.n t,. ,",f ., "
paroles, and tl.. law- IL t!.~: ', wb r.
they reid". l',.r,,.:t- rr, ,. - 1. , . .
N orthe Lran t:t', .. a:.. ..t - x " '1, "' I.,
the A .rialut r ,, P ~ :.",.I 11 t f , I,
turn to thair i :-.. , : : i ti
oath of al..g an :'t t .,. I ut
Btates. Si..i. -,. rag i,. II. t., i.r.
Oi'ders. \ .,' rN ,.i' . ,.: i, i.
S. T'l : -t.r. u a,,r. ,,l,'" '. '
hant inc tud.e th," -i, '":)- ,0 I : "
It rans. or bht : , ,t ... .a t
the hor.+ea wh<' t, , i'L I, 1',
the private pr. i'p ,:y ". . ,!
T hese la-t a 1 .. :I , ,! :., ..
their hor.-e~ to h i.r . : , l
nasd foir ptL'Lv.t '. ,I. u ' .
paroling, and -:. ... ...
will be tited by 'I . i""
m anders. at, 'A:1 , I t I --ii . , it t
Commtnis-io n'r:s 1, f ' , .. i:".::,
7. The t,.rmsti an l c iii "l, , :;
this con v nUti.,n t'. t ,xii, .t tt . :III .'i
sera and mitt.i ,t tl' X A:'L'y at i -N t
of the C o ., t. iitat . ,..,. t,,.i:.; iin
or belonginig to, t.re ''raI s 1t-
sippi ),.parttui,.It.
8. 'li.le ti'.rI ail n. 1 prp.'ry to b.
surrende.r-tid within thilt ,:i :ti ni ia t
Divihion of .1ii-- ,ut i. trill bU. r ,i
over to (C'o li ,iiiLi- i,, r' aLihu'in' t1,t
the , niacatlr of that I) vib ,::.,
and thin 1L.i anii tuI t.ri:,l ,i th I,.
Navy, to C ,uum i-i,.u,ir- a} 1, iutti
by the C.ontiunL l,,,s a t it ,. l1,,-,
s*ppi aail I',.-: t llt" ti ul tlri'n. r -
peativ Ily, t.cc.irdg (. i th. liiuits I ,t
which the said min ttaid uiatt it ta mayi
be tound.
9. Transprtati in antd 1s-b i,', ,'
to be furui-h ..d t pulihc c,,,it , t, th.
oficers and ttlu+n, (nt-~r ,eing pa
roled.) to the nearst pramctt'+bh.
point to the.ir hi.ni'.
10. If i,, ULtiteid .entt.s iro,,,.l
designated ta', the g trri.., .s of iti',
nor point, t,, ",, , it , .. h . i , .al
daastinatio , I- . ! r.i th i. . k -,I' i ,i
roling is c .r', .-," >'i: i'b l ti l
w ill bie det . i i , "i i,.t . ,l 't
th, p bhic . : v. i'. --. w e r,
when rms . nl
ama.and I
with tha* t,.
II. Th*" "
interior of t . : " .
in hand, in a titat uot the U14ist iiLC.
diaciplinj,, and in constant readititsaa
for any srorvce wh;ih ',hev may be
*t64 p n pairtirm Wh-n d-.
tachmtents are mIade for the purposel sistt
of prote.cting the inhabitants againslt the,
jayhawkers and other lawless char- in n
actoirs, and on all nmarches thlrocughl ital
the country, the condruc:t of otficelrs' ob,'
and men must he sue,. as to iinspire: tilt'
the people with confi lence andti r'- milt
spect, and no depre.dations,. t ewever ithe
slight, or intrlrference with the citi i,'
zens in thir lawful pursuits. will h.- -,tl
ierwrmitted. Iiil
1Il. To gutrrd algains: the. wast." . a:,
or I.es of public pr ,p,"rty. it .t , ind r .,
tihe control of th+e .'ounfel,-rat.: miili-l ietd
t.iry an n v.t l ati h riti..s. the , cviih i r
ctar"icrs or ac;e'hte, iii clharnge of tuI.1 :L:
pr'pe'rty, will be r,'.rd', d ic s int th. l: n
se.rvice. of thie L I'i .. I Stiatet, ti'.i i
,relieve I by tit. pr air otliie'rs c.
Sage"nis of t'eat i I ver.rnen'it. All
siales of such pr.pt t.ity, or trcilfer-. .
IexC, 'et to tihe ;ithlllel!z,'d 2eelili:lc ut rillt
:cnv att.'lipt t, C',i'n l or ,viT h ,I., 't
li,'' w ill w1,,k th-c , iu r .ditci ,,i'i f i
tur.c of r i"Y privull i .ert;o:t that iuay i ,,
b" h inlvolv.- . .'.
IV. 'ri latr priprty will not bi:'
interfere.l i ith, uIInl-. r. '1 i'e t"i
S lipuhiic ni.c ," 1i t l wi i,-r itl - is i. , ' I
c s( ary, it will t, e t cit', in ai , '' '"
. l'v :.:: r.'eular t nnn,. , n .t,-r :i.e
," -td.Tr-" of a 1, (. C m nlll : ' .in, (1,::,' "I".
,n l. Th' iTI r : ' r e. ' r.1 '-v.'d w iill I, . '
,i;p .i ."f tin ' it" " iun:el i h, r a - ai ,:
(,,'h."r p it'e jcr.p,,r'y
V . I ' t ilt . ct , " , ' ly.r at l r".-''
:1ii :i, a ' {,j . ftd. .f' ie 'l.t
pirts. ,ir.' ri .ticv I by th1 " ,'.-i 'tit. ,
cc fr c ,i r " c"i , nit" ' i
I , * t u Ye , " wi of ?'.
S - ieY ,  ' .
Sit ' II t". I: 'y 'f",' i I I IC £c Itt a.t cti 11
S I r'" - .
I t.
, c, .ii , . c ii t . " : .:i .
i 1 1 . ,' 1 •i
ilcici N ic:i "11 <:l i : . i
c I " It ' " i a
S II:td ill \t ' i , i . : . i. 1
I i 1t1 l , i . I . ' l ,. i' , t .
i .l v '`..-. t , L " ..I ", . ..
. - l ti c- : • c - l . .c -
c e . t ! . . . _ c i -
I c ii I
I Ic .c i ," ' ', , " ' \ i .  i c I.
1 ":
'.. . . . .' ,.'- ccc ' "c '
r .c " i l" i'- 'i cli .r :. , II l t . . .
' , , c. n :ie . 'I 1. ( .t ith , . '. . i , 1
c.,- ' c' a I - , . i. N . . . '1- .
W i f ," :. '.wil . t ei "i.- I 1i bi, i a .
the g.ve'rnltt tit. en tIeill ri-garil 1W, to 1t
in iall others thl artni,.t oft tl, Lt Initvd Ca
States vwill nuupp rt ntA requir
obelienc to her I tws. At the ~at. Witt
time to all who arre disprpe,d"l to suilli
nil q ti,.tly to thll laws- tof the lasn', st-
thle gre:atest p,-"lhle,+ itas -t:ttl ,e, wil 1
.'a ;s tind kit Ilv treat-',l. No ie'
•. itg .mint will bt. giv,."u t) th,.
Lieter -las~ t) l,.av.- t:ir ter'.'-re'-
et,.s, but tl. 'V i;ni I ,.:lr: thll't th, .- t
..ta .-t 1,,l tai'.pp r:t .'d in i1t .0 .s ,.
t.lowted to co .r .*. tt :ti1( 0 .
,,it. T1 h ,," w'.:ity fit t it I ....
S *i- -
n. th, v , it 5,, i b -t i , i
t lir h I- i .'- , : 1 0 , kin tr wat .'. 1 t
I ti il ,.: , ri l ,  u t ri
I'i im .,: n t' i n ,n th . ,, t c::n
I * ,,l'.".,- . ' ti· .' ·: , , 1..'
I h1: , t ' , , , . t: 't , I" '
u a ll;i , ", .t : i I t i "
.. *
1 .
I ,. " . > ' :.... l... ,
" it :, t , ; s i , ' . . . : I
" \ '. i.t '-:\i : t r i e{ \ . : •
- ii te-- e ec-ut et e- 2 1 1 it - t
t- t te black- ,, I ,, Is 1I \"er . ate' ':
e..e. ,.i ,cd d thou .ii , at. t . 'u-- d- t g.
.... .-. :'i t, . ii T T'- , , " 'y r
traitinviit of dithe a lll l. can thiv Inli'"
ito Iature and hIarvet thiir crops :Ld
tcarry (" n thutir plantation,;.
I),-linite cintracts mn.t he madeJ
wit h ti,; .ti-grit, whiIh will be thind
i, t- fr tun al~ .. lot ti" jn n:
in good faith will L." aU.i-istdt in al.
pr[,p, r wavi, l:ti v ill do mn hii to,
w:tdli r t',t ilii tuii t and coltitlti"lce
j . . ll.
V. . . ' - . ',  1 . 11. . . . ('L l ,' . " ,
( IFFr n. : ( C &AA
I i . - ," f. :, l: r, l{
*1. "I 1;
.t\ -
. N -
l , . ;.
I . r u 't / 1''
Ltl Ainr·9 Isam'~js1
? '. ··:. It)
rrr t· r &z C
Ij''iii` ii 1
Cg \~~~··,
Pti c*·I! .
.,; ., -, a> m
ml. Km'
'Iin C tC
I· ~ ~ ". rnke r ic o.. ··~
On Texas strect, Shareveport,
I. pz.)P:aredi. te heretofure, to tt-cute
;t{ n rhtn , un dinF(patc', at InaaOnablo
BiLLS OF L `Oifv ,
+ IL t
INc),site ls
" -¼
, ,) A~fl1\LE -A well assorted
IS I'I NM .tY .
1.1; I" I IR It AIP R.
;'I' '\-I.' ;Itt.fl
t - . i , " is t'." , - ."''
F frFSr O NAL.
£lttorney-at- Law,!t
11.: . 1.w , i.. t: ii
i Li.
f :. La.in-, 17 1r
ii Ž1
. 1... .:," -, j; 1',: it li! "i l Ii, w u
--- -- X -
1u ~ ~ ~ I I',i! p l~ nl ,nhn..
n" , . ~ i l.. .t i., Lill wa- in
lit i i) aT
\\ h':," ~'i way on. *
ct iir*iiii IF.iturIrs i ," havt StuIteiori
.tlviii i-i--'- itn tiuriiiianl our etixtoni
PoIri on- ai.-'ii ig to nretke purcliact-&
tii ,liexaaint- our stock before till
t jut- th.'.r o\rtlortt nh·n~vtwcerc
Wholesale and Retail ! I
_ A large stock of
l)itY GOODS.
-eLYri) -
SU LERs' GOODS, &c. &c..
At the old stan I of M. Levy, in the city
oie door fr.rn the corner of -
TExAs and SrPatrst Sutvrtse.
We are' permaeeur'ly located here. and
wvil!, a·r ALL. .ll s, be preps red to sell to
Wholesale and Retail,
.nd i;ron lib-rat t3rmnI receiv ng
in e\rhan e.
\Ve pro-ooe tO d"ral re, the eq:nare, and
"lici: a sha; of J'L'ILIC PATRONAGE.
J. MIE;O' & CO.
hrrveport. June 13t'. IK;5-3m
.OR Reent --A good Dwelling
I' ho . Apply to
jilnnr,tf The" Ehlitr of this paper.
'. F. L. Frank,
i,.t 1 A Agent for J. !.irthauer,
TI'exxs stree', near Spring,
All w:";t'!,e well repaired at Short notice
0,i t r-i -o -th:e tert ms.
I :. ' vi rrn a , fewell'r rnmpliyed.
t! ln 1 " 1, truer -r or ,f any deoerr i.tion
Svi!' i." p ',,o t, ia't rte I.. i to. j In13
I : \'TI : D- .1 tin.! hon,',t hbo to
,,,, liv -r ,tao p' pe tJ :ivy subier:bers.
'reialent Jtai' .C ia.Iy -1
W ,isltvrroN., May, 29. o1
A Plrlan,,ztion bi, the Presid,i t of t
t/e ULetec1 S!ttes of America.
Wttan.A. The l'r.-&idnt of the
I lo t Sl f:ate, on the :lh diay of'li
.,.,mr. I8 r0.rl, on le. 2Gth day t
ot Matrch, 1G64c .lid, with the object
to -uppres thlt existitng rebellion, to'
in tduce all pers ns to return to their
I ytalty, tand to itostore the anthority ti
,f the lUniteid States, issue proclama
tins offrtriug amute-tv and pardon
to cert.ain p.-rsons who- hll directly 0
br by inp'ication, participated i"t
lr/Vereas,. JM ny p'rsans who had
.• n ."tC a -  i itt said reh-ellio , have, n
ni t,,e i- l tntce of -:t; 1 prtcln't
;i,. ft di-i,. t.r n,;rieect.d to take the
. . .i ,i' 1 , th."r."bvy; and
I ,.rr'/t, .Maty . -ersont who have n
.it.. n .ju.:Iy d - priv'.',l of all cl:lain to
tnn a .ll . pardon ti hr.i-ull r, by t
, ft-, :.ft - tiht' 1 par, i.ipation, directly"
r by .nplieat,a iln i-ti, t r'-b,':.lion.I
I, o,n tt tnti .d their h, o-tility to tlI,.
1I;v" rr:n:o,.nlt of tihe l 'uit,:d ta te.. t
-iace. h i date of said prcl:ttnation, i
lnow desire t~o apply tor and obttain
:Ilntt .l anid pa:rdoln : to tile end,
rh..rotre, that the authority of the,"
rt;, o irttn nt ofthe 'uited States -
itna be r t.red1, and that peace, or- ! t
!-r. andt fredm mar I, established,
l" Int t' th. nit,.l Stat~ s, D') P -i
. L. It .\ ol. i.-t t , t .lhat Ie do here
b ' gr:lt to till ~.,i'sttUs whtt, havy
lirect-tlv or indlir,- ctly par. iciipated in
h,. ,.xi ting rtai,.lli,,,i, +.xc,.pt is,
'ht...int 'r.-r .'xc,.p.,l. AMNES'YI
NI) I'A IDON, with the r, . rvt
tioun t' all right. of prnperty, ".u rp
-: t - a , and e xcpt i i 'n a.,s
wh,-r,. 1." it pro.,endin -- nid .r the
la w, , f th . - , .p r, ,v i li -n c to r th -ec,,n - I
i..- i . i ih. r. i. liin hav, tit in in
:Li , buI i t o tile t'r tieif-' t, i elVi-, "
* . 'i." i .to t . vtri snwa' (o.r fnf .h il
tt " :t : . t -vri'ttt jttt f ilow n t . t .
'r tiilti tt on, an .l tl e.fnc, Sr.vtatl
 t'. n t id t itItrltiln s , l ik tr In ritl
,h .. ani d i, Il' I i ti h . :t tlil i. r,-I --'
a't Il r-t' - Ir. 'i .ll'e nt prt.e ,rt.tit in. aitdi
-hall i),- ,,f the tenh r and .ti ctt f llow
iI do ,, intt.'ly swetar (or adirm)
i It res.' - r t' A' ig h' Ge d. t' sat I
will h.-ueforth tfti Ittlily d -fend tIlhs
t,< iitituti n ,,f th.+ t uited S;tate,
:a.n ti t. Union tit the .l S tats th 'rtn
lo.r. nd it it I will in like manner
1. hid. aId taithnli c sUplort all lawsv
and, pr"cl:tilnatl's which have bleei
cid ,l ur otit the e txi-tig rebllion,
with r-f.-rentie tol the etntdcipationd
,tf slavt, AS, hfjp mtc Gad."
T'h- f,,ll twing chlsses of persons
toare xceTt, d fr,.u the benefits of this
Iprolwinl'ttloll :
First-All who are or shall have
hoon preten led civil or diplomatic
o ..cers or otherwise domessie or for
..ign a.elnts of the pretended Confed
S'ate n otnerate government.
S ec,,nd--All who lTft judicial
stations under the United States,
to aid the rebellion.
Third-All who shall have been
military or gen-ral officers of said
l- pretended Confederate government,'
above the rank of colonel in thba army
or lieutenant in the navy.
Fourth--All who have left seas
in the Congress of the United States
to aid the rebellion.
Fifth-All who resigned or tender
der resignations of their commissions
in the army or navy of the United
States to evade duty in resisting the
Sixth-All who have engaged, in
any way, in treating, otherwise than
lawlfully, as prisoners of war, per
sons found in the United States ser
vice as officers, soldiers, seamen, or
in other capacities.
Seventh-All persons who have
been absentees from the United
States for the purpose of aiding the
Eighth-All military and naval
officers in the rebel service, who were
educated by the government at Weis
Point, or the United States naval
Ninth-All persons who held the
pretended office of Governors of
States in insurrection against the
United States.
Tenth-All persons wholeft homes
within the jurisdiction and protee
tion of the United States, and passed
beyond the Federal military lines,
into the so-celled Confederate States.
Stor the purpose of aiding the rebel
Eleventh-All persons who have
been engaged in the destruction of
the commerce of the United States
upon the high seas, and all persons
who have made raids into the United
S:tat's from Canada, or have been
,engaged in destroying the commerce
e of the United States upon the lakes
and rivers that separate the British
pr.vincees rom the United States.
Twelfti'-All persons who, at the
time when they seek to obtain the
0 benefits hereof, by taking the oath
herein prescribed, are in rilitery,
naval orcivil confinement, or custody,
or under bonds of the civil, military
or naval authorities or agents of the
United States, as prisoners of war,
or prisoners detained for offences of
any kind, either before or after con
Thirteenth-All persons who have
St :1utarivly part icipated in said rebel
f li,n, and the e.timated value of whose
Y taxable property is over 820,000.
Fourteenth-All persons who have
0 taken the oath of amnesty, as pre
ir scribed in the President's proclama
Y tion of Dec. 8th, A. D. 1863, or an
t oath of allegiance to the G.vernment
n of the Un;ted States, since the date
Y of said proclamna'ion, and who have
" thenceforward kept and maintained
the sam.' invil.te :
id Providd.d That special application
may be made co the President for
p nr. , by ,uvY p.rs .n belonging to
ith ,excepted classes, and such clem
encv will be liberally extended as
` may b'" consistent with the facts of
to' :he case, and the peace and dignity of
v the United States.
.'Y The Secretary of State will estab
lish rules or regulations for adminis
t, ring and recording the said amnes
ty oath, so as to insure its benefit to
. the people, and gaurd the government
ali agai nst frand.
, l A l tstimony whereof I have here
unto set my hand, and cause 1 the
S-.s-al of the United States to be af
r- fixe.d.
D, I)olne at the City of Wasuington
lis 29th day of May, in the year of
'our Lodl. 1YS.5, and of the indepen
S-nceof the United States theeighty
'" ninth,
B' D tile President :
'Y \  H. H. Ew.oRD, Sec'y of State.
n - mreATME'T.r or qSrA'rI,
a Wsml ingtmn. May 29, 1,65. f
-r- Sli:--^. copy of the. Prosideitt'a
aii :,Iety proclamatiou of this date is
:. hrr,.witih app'indled. By a clause in
tll th.i inu ull:n.nt the Secretary of State
1 iS ,lir,-c. to establish ruf's andreg
"- .i .tions tfor adi:iii listering aid record
i' i.ll the uanmety oath so as to insure
w its bLeierlit to the peoop!., and guard
thi. g.,vernm nent againist fraud. Pur.
in) -tnait too this iljUnction, you aret in
I Itornmed that the oatrh pretscribed in
h th,, proc!amation mty he taken and
t,' ,ibhscribed before any coulmniasioned
o- otticer, civil, military, or naval, it
:r thef service of the United Stat,.s, or
W y nv civil or milit: rv ofic,,rof a Stat,,
Srl .trriltory, who, by the laws there'
on lit, may bequalified t'for administerrug
ion the oath. All otficers who receive
suc:h oath are hereby autholized to
Jo .ive ctertified corpies theretof to per
his sons respectively by whom they
were made, an I such .ffice'rsarrhere
eve by required to raiusiit originals of
stic xsuch oaths at a. early a day as may
fmr- be convenient, to this Deipartmeont,
ed- where they will be deposited. and re
mnaiu in the archives ,f the Govern.
cial mont. A register thereof will be
tes, kept in the Department, and. on ap
plication in proper cases, certificates
en will be issued of snch records in the
,aid customary form of oticialcertiaesees.
int, I am, sir, yoar ob't serv't.
my W. H. SEWARD.
Becrtetary ,d 8Bt.

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