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Shreveport semi-weekly news. [volume] (Shreveport, La.) 1865-18??, June 24, 1865, Image 3

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' BO3¶1ib rECrLýTATIONI. -
sry put ihqd fur thu bu nitfit of our; ly
uumrtjras readers in this cqunarte, ae
tbdy apply to thie and other 1'ni'heu pr
lately concituded in thou *Xdera linep t 'd
in tis Zitse. we aru undeir oblige- lilt,
tions to Lieut. W. B. Stiaknuy fort 1
tteI Same.: . )
New Orleans. Slay 225, 18t5. f 9
The iollowintg regulations are pub- " bN
liahud for the hlring and gt: ''rt:mt'nt Su
tai freodtnuxa itlaboring oni piaiitatitti'' it
and elsuvelinre, andi tnt It.' "totlire tit''.
proivise for. Tu1102. :1 apply to
such Whetlits nut rxrally p'.vided fir, hi
5$ 3Liju (3uteIcinat Ct luniiuaisdiig 'ire
!Oa~r ut!2C. ;ri
1. ýIo'u. Coluniol, '.\ ili bo .'tialt
liahe:3 undetr plrcpe·rr 111:ruage'"' ·'': · in i,,
such contiieabie' or aluadoid'ud JIai!'.. uI.
a5 nmaV be detigulntttd by th: military k
autboritieou. where. the eln'ij."'u itil art;
the vagranLt may be *-li.lt 'reii iulld of
dtmploycd. Freettdilu1" \win'` will niot It
'work for waget' and :ibid' by thir 1,
cii1Ltre&:: will beU ptt -I thli ct !oiv I'
.a d at . \trk witii'.i- '" *"` \t Lett In
be found lit fault. I " 't' ia Iu e . Il
t 1il bit"' i".lt.bi ll d iltl . * - t . :t
putitut. anti 'n a ait in' . - ." ' ll'.i t?"
a ill be. 1,la'd in cia *.' tlI':n
2.RI l-rt't''efit F'!:a di rin" i ' : f:
I r e ?l nr : n il1":tn. 1~\ ::l:,
inaki' atl' co) tr ,t a .."' 14" ut''. 1' t h
'm 'h CttOi~llia ". I it i .: :"i"'h e i
it the. 'top... art in1'1 Ie :ti '''-'t I i1"p11
All s'.enta.'t't i i."1 i _ r n ' '1 : ;i
Mnipe'rntmu i t. an i it~ I it v i". 1'111,
by ,t 1
111b )ie , .e fair au' i. t. r; ll,, t '
t,.- "v111 I.. ...,,
r,"gt'tcre, :. ·I:.· ·': ' ·· ·
i tt r1 . : i.:.
l u". ,.ear ... .. ..~? · ·.
I ~:. ·
? 1I i
it C i -. 1
I~jit- : Lur 'tom: 1- a ·· · : i . 'i. "r
. 0' iik Ii~·:. · : · ·: :
A ? fl :r l· i· ·· 1. '.: .. 5- .· !I._ "?1"··
1. , .. . .T 1:: ' ! t'
.I .rt. : to "- e -'-r
ýttI a
1 1:
'I t 'r're ý .it) . .'
.:: ~lov ltt,"llt it .:I. .ie I.. , . t ·~ '·I
I. l " h I.. ?
"l i :..i u ie. : '.t' .
!i. ' Ilk. lab . k .
t * (bU nliv t ,,..1 +\'."I. I. I . r
*.. ' :t :i 1 , " . , t .
". ' 'rau'.:1 Ii,) .'.r .. .. . \ ..
* ittre but tth a1t.
h~nfr't.''.'? 1~l~~il\· ~·dt, ,
't~r·~ I it' t r ink tI~lC 1 l tl
tslue tpluyt-.. - uI.A v ' i Jn a 111
tultko Kiiurti crup" or p~roperaty inl niiy
Sand nil liands until Autcll Ialior ii ltu
ly paid aiindl .Atielj,.Ai
10 1A.A ltn- in t AAill bh, nllua A rd to t
JAAACt'i'd to tIay As-,iutaul Suprr'in ten- Itio
dt3it of Ft eedii'.i or othuer .rnvelnu h
went oee or age..t for tihe' ptlrpol'l III]
of lodging any complainlAt or repporltilg In
AY u iifriugeuiiiiitt of thieiri tights!, by h
I. Thu e ciii. i already pla:edntrdl
%hloultl intaved. ~Othlier crops 'ilioui·t j1,I
Sbe uecurei diurinug the year.-'-i-T t
suppo~rt if the people a'.l.. the t apply {pie1~
it the~ :uaArkLAstit d ,.ixdi Ullti the rut
tivatio rti if " iii. ti. To K"cut: this l':, e~r t1 .o;" onsol i~ei.1 t
his bi"-t flirts ii, thait 1pea,' and r- tits
tilr is tna1A iitiitiied ill I ill c(unllrv diii h
trill"; tiditi l~ v hiltrige c;tjniiutjhii ti
upon 1 . e1I· In' It ( 'v .. alII. strUCk, In
i1.1n iter.it.l' A that ut AAA aIready A) lis
keep-, tiit usqzil" ~t piii ljiA.jiet1~ nii i
starvatil i. It i; A t l iii,.''1D1 thi. di - .'t
of ai ·lll ",tl Ill · ",I l.. to ;el et'''' "" In
!:~ 1 t~r a l u it d }.t~ i t I ," ii 1.l'i"ra. t!t u,V of
ii ll, h nlr."atci Iclu.rtt"t i n';il !,": f"Iii -
low ii Vii t i N . \ pr 1" 'uid n l ' a.
iit11010 al . 'i t 1_,"
tr"""11,1Iv 11 sit i1ii'i I... r"it ,it""rl. x
..,.'I I A' hi A.T t I ·. I i :` , ii
It ilo'- this .. . ;!, :1, t" ,":1: .. "' :" :..
1}I t \1' t ' 'i
I: ··:. ·., 1 ." % ý l : t, r"' ""t i .1.n"'
I, I
t 1 :.t1
Ii1 : 'I" i i -i i
iii' 1 I, l *V IF V . 1 -.1 u "
ul . ii
; I- ....' · . n .. I i 1 , - ,. .
I i... 1
j : .
tI \ 1" I
it'''' ]ii'
I, · I Ii ~ it
,: ill I.. :... :
i. ·i: ·f ·ji 1'··'I
Relations with Mexlco. It
-- wit
'hti (4ten. i'ro n, now e'alutln ±'I- uo1
inig the ULii't|d Stutse fIorces n the cot
Rio (Grande. arrived ut lit Bat lgd.d de
lihe had a per-olLl intetrvi.ew with the pemt
Imperial repLresenrtative, t.;ni. Mlejit. Sut
In tihe coulrs" of that * olinverultion" Mat
he assulred (,Ua. .lMjia that the troul,s yv:
tinder his commllanlll would not be per- for,
i,itted! in ::ny ,Itllannltl"r to interfre "'in tioi
thl?, present. relations of ll.Mexico."- ithe
le soubs quelnt ly Mnid,, to the I3- at 1
peiiilist, a lorlo , flormal declaration ev.i
rf1 lntutt'ility, in writing. at the s.1lm.' cuo
time that le gave' lik assurance to bhl
the inl miiritlr of thet Lib-ral party.--
In th 'tine paperr and nt it to give t
his declar. ion additio nal weight and
utah it-,- the, (Gen:ral t 'ollia':.didl, c"'
I,.ip l,,,u,..d the follow ing extr:.t t t
ti t
fllli tilhe Secretaryl. of ta:llt's in tilne- pI:
'i,)l to the I)e',partment rnlntl lidder ,'rI
ofl The Gulf Says 31r ta~r'ei : lair.
You hav,. ,ae, ," fl,.,d tL,, r l, wt
c u 'uI iln .%l.:Tine t:.:in t vil I ri aIn'
*:.1 fI orl ign ".t in .l" x'i i r. : i- O :e
duct l ftl ,i"a i ir'1 ' 31 .I -Ul 'pi elt ( . 1 I,'i
ha ''', ti,'r- fot', to itfur ., va ,f the- 1
"xa at , 11 :en of :,'t t" i'i, J" to)- ' }8
w .'td : ,.. :' ..p,,blic at :L 1+r' ,.-" t t
Ill''.". l I
.·. . *1,,.
\11e art , trin, of auityiTC ..: . n'
ft i.-u . l, I . i , . " ,' ,li nl t a i n il . d i p ! ia n ul
t11:.t.. i. ie"1''i t' ,a t,
tl" 11' 1" _a: l 1 ~ i .1~ 1.1 :t- 1
1.. .t,. it,,,* if w .,r r , ;l,..i w i:, rih i. n"
F it ie. i . i l , I it t t" W - 1 , iI
I .1 .  : t1 Ill t ,. i 1 il l'a l'V , u l: . ": "
titi t 1), ,";l " ) , t " ni t l ' a 11 ") I .1,,
"it" l , '. 1 11% tl.. vt t ti,
, , . . " ',. , . . , . ,
, , ,;. .: ;. '. i .. '. " ' : ( . " • ti.
I . -". ., ' I .. z ..1 . .:. I : .
* I . " .. : .: . . v " " :
S. .. . .
S - . - , " " ' '1
tl , r r .. t " .. ..
S. ... . . ' ' .. I,
: , :.
r. t.
.i Imperi : d- .... :. r
. d. i' , . ..' . : ':.. : : .
•1, j :. ' . . . .:i .. ' .t ":' .
r-!ie ge i:: nt \ . ,ak :.
,1  ".'nt u " n ... -'· ' ' i pu" ;
y h , , .In e..- . ' . b ic' .
." r. : h N . . l e| -, , 1. x . .h :: ;
P• • t. : ,.: .: . . . , . i i  : . .
It is lhardly probable, therefure, that it
with suct'h aid and comfort, moral t 1"
only though it be, the people of that h,
e countxy will stop short of thi mitost tul
, dei-pratit' efforts to regain tLir indle- anl
Spetnd,,uce. A li if they iperist as ii
L. successfully na they have begun., a":
SMaxi milia u will require, before the aft
S%-,ar ini ont. large reinforcemexnntl of' tll
foreign troois to maintain his posi- of
I tion. It iS possible, therefiro, that d"
- though inutiality is aganil proclaimed H
t- t tllresllent tlier, we are on lthe n
I till
n evo. of neiw and nl .: itiimate and th
Sconl Vei til r,.lations1 with our neigh- m
o bur.-Iicayuue. i ac
Letter froml New York. be
. lst ia.c l Cot r upioueicr:' oft thl1 Picayu I.] ubo
i N\w York, June :3,1, ISi5 -The+ At
c .:o:,"n queltin, is albsril!ing ;much tot
:t attenti.u, and tintre is a unive,- al wt
dlt-ire to kl.<ow ,how, mnuch t thi, eta- i
l, there is at pr ,nt-., in 1h,. Soth ,a
r ,.r 5ta.t -'L rn, at, ' of t!e.
amun,'tnt lu,, c "ut m. u , n;,gt, Lu: of
W w ut te tl satl. tre t.'i, .  ihen t i,
. are f;nd to rng, li thl .,.oy f~1 , I
. o:- to fu I il 11 l(u : t 6 t . ? 'a .vt
rmailion'tl,, bahi-s has Uenn a very p p- 1.1
. ar aver t 's hitret for somottilra.' pat :
iyet wiht h ait cts for (sati:rit., f'r,:n
the .v,:l :tt!-- t, g 'g ve tint a1'er
age a ,huv' ," r,.iialIiliv. of lihatt r
, m z. v, .u i,- i" th us the , , s et-r . :i- in
aX e I ,i I' !t Illinli*t l f li lt r t he I -
f r,,,h { , .+ .-"n: . ,of f".' r t:iil ,iut.s ?
1 t u1 r' are rep '. ftrw n tit l-- iit'th1 "
, y , a t ud. - 1 i th . c o tt1 n I
B:: t :, me it hout t ta d utr esti
.:na:,, giv . at I+nd._uu. is just a.,
), , I t our mjn trn,"i y, s , terday
tr r l't..-td to 1!:.. . it ',u a iol that
t. w , w rt., t it in '.tin- th. q, an
ni ,, t e:.r . , ill:,,:. , ,f h: , .ts. V. , rv
s, vm, c
, . L,": '3:
1 oi
r . •
r h i :. ". , ,
S . i. '. i '
dit.. : . ' . ' 1 " '. . . " , 1 "
.,. I i I'.
it is said, made personal application
to do so, and the P'resident, without
hLsitanc y, granted the request. 'The
World demarldsr that the trial shall
take place in the Supreme Court and
aird lnot in a local court that has
neither prestige, history, venerable
aSorciations, nor any national fame,
and the da-cisiou of which will leave,
alftir aell, tthe g:reat and legal consti
tutional questions that will arise out
of the castt as unsettled and undeci
ded as if' no trial had taken place.
I am under obliga;tions to Captain
Ilildreth, of thie Flung Slhuy, fur a
natlnhelr i kind attantionas, and as
the captaint, bv pl rtessiion, is a public
maan, I beg to tender himr a public
Sacklloowledgmnalntt. At t lla.a lrnr tuielln,
public jr-1,travrty thorglh the captainu
be, thl.re- i, taot a rmae modest, pop
ular or ene,.rg, tic commander in thei
AraItrictan  cL a ily other service. It
muost be a real treat to " walk the
wate-ra" with no pertfec.t a genltlemanr
T''h, Virgiaia ,.lectio'l, it is nowW
raid, will bte d,-cllarted void.
A mor:it;g of all th.ll ishops of tIhe
S.M "hodist -lpi".l :tal Church will he .
L-Hi i a Erie, I'Prnusylvania, on the'
14rh, 15th, and IGth instant.
---------H -----
'i, succ,.,a of the a grant fair rat
' iaicaage caertiutres tt t atede. '1 he
r ceils tip tr, tlr lnight of thlt, :ed
in. anmntad to t1 15 .,000.
Slirtveport Prices Current.
~V · :i.·tlrtr quttntati., :I. 1 f;L1 as
Wt. 4''.11 aruiive nt thsin. ( );ii ruirkc,
rt e g I'"ýi vr 1,ic.-- has 1.) i ts, vct,
"::I d ti it t, an thing lik t lantuin
( ~/44 d~ag.I ()te 11'" # HI..
.'urar-11 15, M a Pl.
F1/cutr I k~ 14 P LUb.
la ..a--,.. ii z'd P It r. /
ii 'ii ctified c.. a -. j1
O - 3, ':
1_.ý a ~ u \li :j:,::'ict, 3
f air 14. .44 0(1 wh"ite clarihctd 1S~c -`
~!' I'
1 hilt-r l".uI.i:; '. $7Yl , c) ~lnicr.ll
i1' x'a 1
E i ' 1 1i.
' ". .%,I i' ., I t: =1 P e c
1r ýf·' - «'. . ;:srt · fi r ¢ . ir l
1 -i 13 ; slv. }
*1. 't
1' 1r
`"i" :1;1- . a i r 1 .k r"i r
ti I ;a 1. ,I
For Nel illt nais.
1 ' ýff 'i Sn". h te . a t' till,!
=.i \I ;, I.? \ !; 1_ is"s i'
Thos. H. Mtorris.
is in 1.11; I ,.L. iu 't Ii b tri
;:rt s.
Toi Qil adul rPalle Articles,
h. c.. rap.t:C a- Jaac ..` miy- orders a:.
j4 tt~ u:-ci~.if· .txt I inttni 'xi t'. conrdact
'a·: , -a¾. a' thCr trad&
Wholesale and Retail. D
The fnllowing named articles are
to be sold nit the lowest Market P
prices; for
Famimiiy and Bar Use,
'lery old Ityb Whisky,
Derby & Day, Extra Whisky,
Wilshire's do. do.
C(hampnagne, Ilids.iech & Co.
Vermou'h, ;Lacomete,
Claret, Cantenac & St. Esesphe. Pt
D)o Chateau Lafitte, pure
1)o Chat. Margeaan, itnvi
Scntch le, and Champagne Cider, then
Quarts and pints, Rici
Ir.ench MuPtard,
Stg-rd ines,
Star Candles,
Soap, etc. etc.
Tobacco and Cigars,
Best quality. 10
N. W. Haulfe,
Market strett, bet. Milam& Texas, G
jun24 lm Sýrereport, La.
Wm. R. Henry & Co.,
AT Can
rJ['exaW street, Am
liave on hand jua
French and American Wines and Brandies. N
Monongahela and Iuarbjn Whiskey. m
The Celebrated C. A. RICHARDS s
Tobacco and Cigars,
of all kindi.
\Aft l\ Ni. OYsT'IS.
I. reain and Am.ricanr.
june24-tf ILa
To Planters !
- IIA . Ia: pri
500 Coil, lHope and
:)0O BaIles of Baggiug, On
.\ri will :nep,lyv .-ubh partie, as need it to
1!"' up t:eir GCut 'I. 1
I TIi p:i.ai'dL t).i: ,i Clt'Itn to New itro
O ax.$. and uiok', a.:e .LG': as near elli
, . t, . :. a ,, ,it)
I sh.! re: .air n h ,.:.e' ,rt al:- f for to
ne... th ,f tire and wti, :n:l e 'e:tle- , p!
: ut; h r a: my,' , :_'. 1
: , ,t,_": . STEVENC:N. b
Business Notice.
i: . :, .'rn,d. fuecr'iy ,f th oldiI
id ;.ell k,,n; firm of frellsen. sFeven- Go
in " Co.. Cotton Factors. New Oirleans, wa
1 d,-ireo to inform the citizens of this vici ii- St(
. t hat be has ample mIeans and arrange.
:uien!. fIr the resumlti,on of business and
ifor ship:n at and sal.* of (C'ttn. He is an
hluso li,'paieri to b:u cotton where parties til
prefer to s,.!l here. j
, dii ..e at the Warehoun-e of Walsh &
i.,k-e i, nre". p, rt. ..a
I'. - ,iil -ve. all iri,,:iMnat, that he
":a i". rz"ar'd :o tle shipment antd s:l of mi
I 'aoan tIo ,ty cI e calling on him.
Shrev.port. I. .. June 24th. 1,'5 tf
,FF, B HItllS
testaurant, ,
T''exas street near larket, ,i
P. 7A:I? R tXA. -Prorieor" c'
The :.tt ,f Liqu-rs cn be had at th.b Iv
0 tr. a: thle b·' th. ,irari.et affords at the Cr
ie-tau!r a:,t. tinu 4 tiro sm
.... noAl
Corner Milam and Spring sts
I 1:.ta opnj'I ifor thi annaonldat oIl of
" !" t av.nag pb' ic 'atahle alpplied wi'b
r -h suibstntlal a .d ,leiiacies to be haiu
,n th,. mark.: jun24tf -
"Quick Sales and Small Profits."
At J.ohn L.-annta'e Old Stand 'r
Texas Street, near the Levee,
SIMIL1- EI(t.)RT, LA.. [sl
Hlavie on h mni al :,-n; nile a rri, i'g a p
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats,
H-losiery, Cutlery, Pa ecy Articles, t
I I . .
; T ' n h ich th ..v in 'i:re the atten to n I;: : t'
rT.resiicl: of the city alnd .,rridgJ
'ec,-rry. - 'ri'er te letr
june 2. Im
Harlow J. Phelps & Co.
Conm nission MYerchants,
No. 42 Grarier street.
.Ewv (fHl.uT-:.s, L.A
Pseltp' ll.tner.
.lcA rs t Nhrec'ilvort
S S.P. Griffin & Co.
At Nichols' old stand,
L ev ec Street·t, ,
ing Dal÷rs in
Drv Goods. Groceries. Hats,
r,, Iron, Steel, Nails, Plows, Bagging,
rade Keep constantly on bavd a lrge and
Swell pelected stock of all the above :irticle. I
S-f f, or fanily ,nnd Ilannti ion i I e i'nf 2'f
n. F. t
IIa ope ase M a
Which they wU&Mi 4* 4 ..
Meat 1£.i s U 1
Purchasers will 4o A l4 ln
purebesleg elsewbe.
invite their old leabt d iStb
them a call.
Richard Walsh. J
Walsh 2& hkda10,
Receiving, .Forwart
COrnere Milae iaand e
Skrewepnrt, t.
Have on hand sad t sea..
Texas Flour. W a Fleer.
Sugar, Molas.
Codfish. l.
Can Fruits. Nslw.
Whisky. Ale
Bagging. ope.
Ambulances, Carrisge*.
Ec. Etc
New Goods! New Goods !
THiE undersigned respectfully informs
the public a1
, "be w just re
ceived a new
stock of f Fa
of the fo
articles; Ladies
DressGooda. nd
Trimmings. Em
broideries, LasM'
Hoop Skirt'. Corsets. Ribbons,
Hosiery. etc. etc.
Also a fine assortment of
Ladies' Gentlemen's and Cllidrea'
Which he in prepared to poll at rees'nable
prices at
Mrs. Wells' old Stand,
On TexaI street, a few doors below the
Market house.
I respectfully solicit the continued pa.
tronage of my mother's (Mrs. Wells) former
customers, by whom I promise to do justice
it being to my interest to do so, us I expect
to remain prmarently in business at this
place J H. .McDERMOTT
j u1n2(tf
Dry G-ooz .ae, e -o.
Goods. Clothing, Boots, Shoes,. and Hard.
ware, will be sold at Auction at Mrs. Wells
Store, on Texas street. Sale to commence
On the 15th day of July, 1865.
s and will be continued from day to day un
s til the whole stock is disposed of.
Jas. E. Phelps. Jno. C. Elstnri
e Phelps & Elstner,
Conminissioni@ Merchasts.
No. 1 G Commerce streeC.
IAVING leasedi the large and commo
dioin Warehouse formerly occupied by A
M. Hull & Co.. are now prepared to receive
Cotton on storage and consignment. They
will give their personal attention to all
r consignments made to them.
r' They are prepared to make liberal ad
vance. in Baggin r. Rope, Groceries and
. l Ca-b. on all Cotto t or other produce for
sale or shipment r, their friends in New
Orleans. jon20tf
Looney & Wells,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law.
n{' Market street,
Light Draught Passenger
The ste'mer Capitol, Peter
Ta 'rg rona. Mntster. will ran
m regultrly b 0tween Shreveport and Alexal -
Tbe Capitol ws hbilt at Shrrerport.
•sud the Captain besin an old citizen, well
knvown to the public, he asks for thoir
patromage. june24 -f
, Notice.
TIIE partnership heretofore existing bh
s, tween the undersigned. is this day dissotl
;ed by muttual consent.
J. E. I Hiu.,PS.
F' JInC lat. 1,ti5. Ii. J. P'I :ta.L.P
"F i :n?;O,;"
Im For Sale.
S. A good A.RE. sha!lt and bri
Ndle, and a scnd Ihand kiugsv
- and barnere can Ie putchare
hi ehap. on application to th- 1. lit': ol ti?.
Spaper. 20.
, Wanted to Hire.
LA GOOD Cook, Warb.r sn Ithnu,-r, for
a small family resisting in thi' city. The
applicant most be nieat ani ,l.a:n and of
respectable charact r Inqmr.4 , ' .e Edi
tor of thi' paper. i;'t-Otf
For kale,
At a BIaargzsiti,
rn ITE HULL ofa  ~unin;t ,rd .s .
L steanmbhoat with Macchiuryst
Sand Materials on hand to finish it, now at
Barr's Mill on Clear alake. To a Cash
Spurchaser a bargain will be given.
For parti tlars apply at T
"t, iune2iOtf Shrs.veport. La
"ZC WIFE baving lest my hod and
ug, .I board without pr voc: ion The'
public is h'reby cautioned u.¶ f trad
ing with her. in my name, as V will not bi
and accountable for any debt that -he may cmn
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