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.Tno. Iickinaows, Editctr O .Propritor.
oi'FiC o. 27 TEXAS Ui'ENT, UP.STAIii.
description,plain orcolorede evuted on as
reasonableterms as the times will admit.
For Termn of Subsc-ripiVrr and Ad
rrertising, tcerfirst page.
_.Vc (hrlca,s- I). D. t)'Brien.
New Fork- E"merson. Fitch & Co., 83
Nassau street.
etwe uork-J. Lewis, 82 and b4 Nassau
NatciMtoches-John W. Taber.
.Ut. Lebanon--Rev. A. L. Hlay.
I"'aco, Tamer-B. F. Harris.
7en'aa, La-A. B. C. Winfrev.
PD- Postmasters or other retsponsible
persons wishing to act as Agents for the
5NE 1', will please send us their address.
Twenty per ceot. orumission is allowed.
Editor and 'Proprietor.
Shreveport, Caddo l'artsb. La.
The Rev. A. L. Hay is our only
authorized traveling agent to receive
subbcriptions and advertisements for
this paper.
Advertisements to appear in the
Tuesday's paper must be handed in
prior to 12 o'clock. Monday morning,
those for Saturday's edition, before
12 o'clock, Friday morning. Adver
tisers should bear this it uind, as we
are compelled to go to press early so
as to mail our paper in time to leave
the next nmornintig.
For the information of adverttsers
we would say that our lpaper is ex
tettsively circulated in Louisiana.
Texas and Arkansas. As our list of
subscribers is daily increasing, it is
ample proof that we are to be secund
ed in our efforts to furnish our rleaders
with a good news and family paper
in this section of country, whtich we'
hope will do credit to ourself andI
prove an honor to our young city.i
which, with all its superior advan
tages, is destined to be a respectable
Persons wishing to purchase Bills
of Lading by the quantity- or in
small lots, can be accommodated by!
calling at this office.
At this point, as well as above and
below, the river continues to rise.
Weather pleasant, clear and beaun
We arc under renewed obligations
to our liberal friend Mr. Owen Ru- ;
per. for a file of late papers from the
city of New Orleans.
Messrs. Phelps & Co., Agents for
the Commercial Express will accept
our thanks for a large file of late pa
pers from different quarters of the:
The oflicers of the steamer Coosa
will accept our thanks for a file of
c&ty papers.
Mr. If. Polkinghorue, Jr. at 23
Commercial Place, New Orleans.;
Forwarding and Commission Mer
chant, will attend to all business en
trusted to him. See advertisemsnt
in this issue.
Ra.seell 1 arir,,s.-This Variety
Company has this day arrived from a.
saccessftl trip to Jefferson, and will
open to night at (;ai.ty 'Theatre.
Their former success here will ue
speak for them a liberal patronage.
See small bills for particulars.
A colored woman was tound dead
in her bedt on Sunday morning. She
was said to be in good condition at
midnight Saturday night. No ex
Se, notice of Walsh & Bioisseau.
'l'hey have now ample room tr stor
ing cotton, anti will be pleatid to re
cevivr, store or ship the same.
Ml'dlinary.--We take pl~.asutr in
cliling attention to the advertise
tnent of' Wm. Dauphin. r;6 Custom
House street, New Orleans, who is
constantly receiving Straw sad Fan
cy goods.
Clothing.-.Mr. Leon (odchaux.at
bl (tanal street, New Orleans, mantu
actlures and deals in Clothing and
Furnishing Goods. Plersotns wish
ing to be fitted in flot style, (rt pur
clase to resell, should give him acall.
A Mistake.--The Constitution of:
the State (1864) says, "Theparishes
,,f Natchitoches, Sabine, De 8oto and
Caddo shall form one district, and i
shall elect two senators."
In the Governor's Proclamation
ordering the election, it is said there
shall be elected,
"One senator from the District
composed of the parishes of Natchi
teches, Sabine, De Soto and Caddo."
Hear is a clear mistake which we
doubt not will be corrected by the
Gev. WVells.--The report, current
here ten days ago, that Gov. Wells
bad been appointed Provisional Gov
ernor, has been revived st Wash
ington, but still we have nothing nf
Loyalty of the rSoth.
Whatever may be said of the peo
ple of the south by their enemies,
cunning, craft, and a cowardly reti
ce nce, is not included among their
faults. On the contrary, openness,
frankness, even to a fault, has been
the leading trait of the great body of
our people. They look with sover
eign contempt upon the crafty. sneak
ing bypocri:e who attempts to palm
himself off for what he is not, in or
der to deceive and put people off
their guard.
No! the southern man haln ever
been open, manly, and frank in his
dealings with others; and was never
more so than at present.
Many years ago our public iment
and our press, made known to the
world our political creed. 'lThere. was
no disguise, n, r attonimp at --uise;
in plain, unsophisticated I . ,uage,
the people of the north we. " thfat
we were agrievedl, and :h ..t iln- i
tntions were endangered Iby th.e po
litieal action of a party in that sec
tion of the I'nion, and that we would
undoubtedly dissolve our connection
with it it they persisted in their pro
fessed policy. All this was said in
an open, straight-forward, manly way,
without the least attempt at conceal
ment. There were no secret clubs,
plotting the destruction of the Union;
but, ont the contrary, we openly pro
claimed our principles and intenltiones
to the whole civilized world, and
when the colntingentcy occurred upon
which the secession movement was
predicated, the whole thing was ac
complished in the broad light of day,
in the face of all men. 'I'here was
not one secret meeting held-not one,
single act that was not open and un
disguised. All this is undeniable.
and we do not believe that the worst
enemy of the south will even attempt
a denial. Our only purpose in allu
ding to this at present, is to bring
prominently before the people of tile
north this well known trait of south
ern character.
And then, after the surrende-r of
General T."-,. the peopele. with ..ne
unanimous voice, prioclaimed that the,
cause was /zho,orablo l.;st and that
any further struggle would involve a
waste of blood and treasure' to no
good end. The struggle could have
been prolonged eve.. for years, but
at such an enormous acritfice as to
shock every well ordered mind.
We had openly anid frankly waged
the war upon the ground of principle,.
and would not descend to the busi
ness of the bandit and the butcher.
We wish to impress the idea, that so
long as the caluse maintained its
groutnd in the minds of the people as
a great and holy principle. no sacri
fices were too heavy for its maintain
atnse, but as soon as we were con
vinced that, atlhn., success was im
possible. we abandoned the caus.e as
frankly as we' had commenced it.
Now comes another era. The piit'
pie, everywhere, have submitted ti,
the national authorities. and with ,ne
voice they declare that this eulbmis
sion is sincere: and in proof of the,
fact that there is no deception, noi
disguise in their professions. they
point to the tone of the southern
press, which, without one exception.
breathes a spirit of loyalty to the
national government: to thel tne of
our ecclesiastical leaders, and also
to the actions of southern men. so far
as the have been permitted to take
part in I ublie procee-dings. 'Then ,tur
Lees, and our .Johnsous. and our
1Beauregard . l. a, ,r the groat nlili
tary leaders oft .,e south, and our
Elliots and Quintards among the
clergy, have not only given in their
adhesion to the government, but have
all, in the most public and solemn
manner, ulrged upon all our citizens
to do thle same. Thlen, why distrust
the peeple of the south? (aur past
history and our present professions
do not justify any such distrust.
We say that we are loyal to fthe gyv
ernment of the United States; that
we have no idea of again disturbing
the public peace, and that all our
acts harmonize strictly with this pro
fession. This being so, and no man
has the slhadow of a right to doubt it,
we ask of the government to remove
all the troops from the south; we
need not their services at present for
puposes of police, as we are amply
able to keep down the disorderly ele
ments, which to some extent exist in
all communities, without any assis
tance from the government. The
colored troops, especially, are doing
great harm. Their presence among
us encourages the black population
to be insolent and idle, and so long
as they remain we fear matters will
groe- worse and worse. The country,
north and south, needs the great cornm
m, rcial crops of the south, and caRn
let werll In l hoi t thi m it ttnt i o
insure certainty we must control our
own labor. This is the only plan,
and in due season the authorities will
fild it out. Give us the control of
our labor amnd we will give you a
three-million-base crop next year;
keep among us the troops to demoral
ize our blacks, and scarcely anything
will be made.
Speech of President JolMsem.
The speech of President .Johnson
to tihe southern delegation, to be
found in our issue of to-day, will be
read with more than ordinary inter
est. 'he President expresses tihe
utmost confidence in the southern
pe'.ile--in their candor, dignity, and
tirankness. "I know the nature of
the southern people well enough,"
said lie, "to know that when they are
convinced of an error, they frankly
acknowledge it in a direct manner,
and know that in the performance of
duty, or indeed any act they unlur
take to performi. they do it free
hearted and frankly."
'Tmhis is a noble tribute to the tanly
qualities of the south, antd no one
knows better than the President that
eve.ry word of it is fully deserved.
mWhatever may be tile faults of tihe
southern people otherwise, of one
thing eveirybody ought to be assured.
and that is, threy are neither cunning
nmor crafty, nor in any sense deceitful,
hut are universally open and frank.
allumst to a fault. In his speech tlhe
l'resident fully acknowledges all this.
Ti'hen why unt trust the word of our
ipopil.? Sincer we abandbmed the
contest fur a ?sparate nationality.
we have. with our usual open frank
t-ness. imunaniimmittusly said to the gov
ermmmnent, "' we haIve given up the
conltest w; w. ill. ma far as permitt.,l.
take the oath Iof allegiance and he'
coime true and lo(al citiziens of th,.
L' nited States " ' This should be suf
fici.ent, and wi. dmiiibt is sufficient with
the P'resident. liut there, is at thli.
north a plarty-a piowerful and un
scrupulous par vy, that is nuit atifi,,d :
they wish to punish iis still moire,
and to strip us rf the last pat tiele if
prloperty. Through thie finatici. who
ly alnt meanls have iagot posae,-siin
of tihe, freeidmttn's 'imreau. tie'' put
forth the mll st atrociou Si atmt ent
as, tittmi diipositi.n and purpmose ot
the southern lpeopIle. Thle 'PresidInt
is well awaret hat tihee statements
are utt.irly false, and are put f;,rth to
deceivie. Iuit'ortltmmately this party
is. in the majority in most of thi,
uorthcrm stimrb'. and., iin conseilrenci,.
have thie pomwer to tralmmlnl anld
thwart his p~air'v.
imt. thank heaven, a rea.i-in is
g 'ing in: tilhe o en.'n th-m,,"'l v.' , ari.
split up and divided upon various
points, and Tn, doubt will noon go to,
pieces', of sheer' rottltnne". A mlor
corrlupt perty has 'neve,'r hal, anmi exis
tene,'. and of thi' l'r-esident Johnson
i.- well awar,'. Iii, im a southlrni mIan.
anid knows the soIthIern peopleh well.
''lTheln remlov' tihe troops from our
midst-send themi somewhere wheire
they arIl Illrm'. neelcded than they are.
If ih, i tr, ps are inot taikeni away
fr'im thi'e ioutih notllilng will b. Inmade,
uim't year, for suchli in the mle'mtrali
zatioin of thie niegroes, growing out of
the residence, atong us iof tile c',lored
triups, that all labor bas beeni mieasu
raLly su.-sp,".dmd, and by next year
it will be still worse. So, in rmimnov
ing tihe troops from the south, tili'
g -i'rl-iint'nt i ill promllote tile interest
of every section "f ithe Union.
'T'here is a considerable falling Rfl
in the receipts of cotton.
There is some decrease in the
quantity .,f cotton arriving here.
which will likeily continue to be the
case until the new crop bm.gimts to
come in.
Sttie g ,i'o.--We uind in the
New (rleans papers of tile 23di thi
_mo.elamiation of G(ov. Wells appoint
ing the 'il Momndday (i'th day)of No
ve-mber next :mis the day for a geni.ral
el-hction for S'tate offict rms, congIress
and thie legislature thiroughout thim
state. ''liere is,. it seems, to be ilo
el',etion fur sheriffs, elerks, record
crs. &c.
Thus has the position taken by ms
sometime since liemn fully sustainmd.
SWe took thie ground. it will be recol
lecttd, that we lhal the permanetint
government already .stablished in
this State, and, of course, needed no
State conyvntion or I'rovisional Gov
Albout to reltirr.-A friend in New
Orleans who has just returned from
Washington, informs us by letter,
just received, that it was understood
in Washlington that Stanton was
about to retire from the Cabinet.
We trust that thiFs report is well
See advertisemenut of corn, hogs,
wan pli w .'.. itc., for selr.
Special by Telegraph o the New
Srlea Tim .
Gov. Bramlette, of Kentucky, is
at Washington. He thinks there
will not be 60,000 votersin Kentucky
opposed to emancipation, nor is any
respectable number of Kentuckians
opposed to the President's plan of re
It is thought the present Legiala
ture will declare slavery worthless,
and pass the Constitutional amend
ment. The families of negro soldiers
have been uniformly liberate-d in ac
cordance with law,
The general drift of Kentucky
policy is finally in the right direc
tion, and it is supposed Blrah,ltte
will act with Gena. Rst-nucrans and
Smith, after
New York, Sept. 2.--Evidence
it on file in the Bureau of Military
Justice against a gang of rebeIl 0Ini.
scaries who, during the war, burnt
steamboata in the Southwest. It
has implicated about thirty-five petr
sons, including Davis. Benjamin.
Juddge Tucker of Mobile and otheri:.
Washington, Sept. 22.--I the
Wirz trial, Dr. Hopkins testified he
was assigned to duty in tihe Ander
sonville prison, and detailed meas
ures which he took with Surgeon
White for tit, ianprotvement there,,t.
anbuuitting a copy of his letter to I(:en.
Winder giving plane for rt-nediol op
Netw York. Sept. 22.--Capt i'. Ii.
Marshall, the originator , f ti, IBlack
Ball Line of packets, is dangerously
ill, and not expected to live.
Cairo. Sept. 22.--1800 bales of
cotton have passed t his place fIr Cin
cinnati and 400 for Evansville.
)Detroit, Sept. 22.-i- harl.s I):,w
son's store at P'tniac was rtohl.d by
burglars last night of upward, of
twenty thousand dollzse itn (;overn
ment bonds.
----r+.. o ....
Latesl News.
'There is a terrible excitetnt(-t at
Columtus. Ohio,. owing to th.n de
falcation of the htate, treasulrer. The
otfice if trt:asu(Ir was d.e-lared vat
cant until the -nct. -- nr of t ,he prli nt
inicutnltt oultl b." appointed.
New Yo.rk. . pit 22. -(otton dull
at 4~.)c.
(;old cl,,ed. at 1431.
,Sterling .etxchatng. 094.
Now YI k. ,lpt. 19-iT -'wo tt
ddl vwr, huse-, ont I'herrv stri-t.
have i s.en hl-.trOvtd Iy fire. I. -
J*The Irazilian gn-veloo, t i las ,.x
presse'd itself prf.t.ctly ,.,rtifi.-d with
the explanation of the I ',it,.li Stati.s
in regatd to tihe seizr,. ,t theilt ('I,t
ti,.eratei steamer Florida.
In a dlilpatch to ItMr. Aiudams. Mr.
Seward writes, that tin Unlited State.;
is re.sponsilhlh, ;r Ci,nfederati dilits,
bitt will demand the restoratiion of
the cotton received by British tler
chants as security tor their advanc.re
to the late Contife,racv, withoult r-
gard to any d.ci-i.ns r.nl.-red,. by
Britibh courts.
It. Mi.'1'. IT. unter has b.n t..alea-e.,
In lilndott several hundrd dre:td -
v clholera have occutrre.d.
- National laktik will be .sa!tali clh1i
in Itrowntsville, (;aliteston. ltu-:oi,
WVashintgtotn, S-pt 22.-The Pre,-s
ident to-day pardoned ov,.r one hlin
dred applicants, mostly Nrth Car-
kSecretar y Seward antd M r--. Jludgei
lPatterson, daughter of th,. P'resident:.
are reported ill. 'The s-icktne.s ii
the latter is quite serit+olS.
The pottnaster Weneral ha- ordiered
the opetnitng of two additionla] ,tp
office, iIn the south.
tPhe Tribune's special sa' .",ecre,
tarsv McCulloch has decidel n,,: t. ..i.
tufi thi. payment of int.ereist ," .; '
due Novemitber l-t. Tihe .aittl will
be paid after the 2i5thI of Si,.pt. ihe.r.
Seeretaryv 3lcCull-olh i- tnaking a
most rigid invesitigation itii ti. rti e
tery of the I 1)0 cuoluipt':d ;i:ei, ,-t
counter..-feit treasiry notlet. "il. tain,.
of the note i- a tiost accrltat.' itlita
ti-on. T'he back is tither g,-unine .,t
electrotyped from it.
Ctholera reports frotl ('oLstanttIni.
pie are of the most alitrMii tchtarlt i
oir. 'IThe deaths at ti, t r,;t hia;\
reached 2000 per d.2a. 'Th," ,.t l" l,,p
was check'ed tfr some-t ilute. but i c(u-k
out afreshl. -,teadi.g trighttuill.
Washington, Sept. 22.-- fur c.0
ual at aiyrtina says tihe hl-rT 1
steadily tucresnllg tul tlha its - ii
ges are alarming.
iReports say it has sapphcr-id it,
Mtrjorcu and is itill alvatncitg. .1
itnutmber of cates had fur,.tke.t ott at
Barcelona, ipain.
The dieh.anding of mii-, Nu. York
heavy artillery. aite ,li-iiunioii tg ui
the recent works, indicatt,, th.tt h,
government tmeatls abnl.dtlldii.lig tii.
Idefence of' Washiugt,,lt a-,,uth ,t tt lte
Alalutmwrs f/or Br,:/ -M.t-ur,
Hastings, of Alabama, ,app. ". ,
have succeeded in ortganizinig ii .r
Sny to emigrate to Br.,zI. Tlie ,SI
i ma Messenger says hII is to liarv onte
hundred families, or live hltlndr-dl
paying members, tach pamitug a qunu
Ia of mouey, which thy tf;rf.-it i,
case they tfail t, be re'ady to e.tilb: rk
at the tilme anId pilace designateld Iy
thi-ir writti-nagreemrnt. The trans
piortation will oest ~20 fur adultle attd
So10 for children between two and
twelve years ofl ag., ,ach tn:uily be
ing entitledl to one ton of freight freet
of charge, and each unmarried per
aon, not of thie families, to two hun
dred pounds.
''The time and place of emnbarka
tion are already designated; shout
half the requisite number havesigned
the agreement; the full number will
soon be obtained, when the final ar
rangenments for ttfn departure of the
cIlny will be made.
Letter Btrn New York.
[Correspondence of the N. i,. I'ileayue.
The denmocratic conventiitn of this
state has passed resolutions which
the Times says "must be seen to be
appreciated." (f course, it doesn't
like 'em. yet what are they? 1What
their tenor? They endorse tnhe Pres
ident and his policy; they declare
the great democratic party to ie still
the real conservator of' the lntitti;
they congratulate the people on tih.
return of i)peace; they call toIr aI relax
ation ot military rule i, th eh utlh rn
Statest , a dtl t the cetlsalltio n ot' iilii irs
arretts and trials by dr um 1..-i
courts-martiatl ; tly ask that thli
rights enijoyed by tin ,,uth ,.iefit'
the war b"" restired; the" ,,*II ilphati
cally deny that the "" national dist is
a nationlnl ihheinpg ;" they ad,.ocat.
the ent'rcettient of tl, Ml urnit dito,
trine; thtey thank t|n- stldierst whn
toughst ant Ibled fir tlhe tlipuhlic, a,.Id
they call ,,r tile e.xtrci-. o, a just
and miigulnuiitou cii ons:. idi atiu of
of' negl.o mitltirag' th'.v .a,'e to, th,.
;llate+'.- th utull - th'tt -• in i tloin
th e l i g h tt nl i u l, i t . , p ,c , th11a .1 -el ii ,.
pat ioti c , . n:tli, h avt ' n i t 'e l. t' ,i . i .. i
a.le riint - : iltt it juntt..- iiHn t ihi,.tL..r
the, ahlitin papi -i •I lik, thll".. ,r n,. t,
the will hit, I:tti. t-t ,I ri stt . rA-t
ti ei , v. 'iw 'l r.e"".•r"+ i , r
llit. the t ia atIs Ilhat e .li,,l , t'.In
ttIrt, fr ai tihe entoni . hIi hart th
N'owt iik tl.k iur ' u. In d -lt aw cit,- r
first pJ itt 'lt ,tu e. n . the, lari. tit-, re
tpu lit'ts NtFt'" un-.'-. t.a L.ul. dowi t'a
th irs, atnd in it w,' .t t!,.. i whl. r-h 
,In . tl'rage t,,r all clast.e.-. A 1 " ,."r
war juict n- gt,,d ac a'i hit aI tni atnd
R iniggt 'r sh uld "!'., it he wanted
t,. and r h,- uhft l iii d  l ,c whu:l'h. lu- wan
r dt', ol to (, r t,. Iift e fh g. r 'I - I,,1 .r r. 1?
wiit to .e v,,t.d t<lI . lint, u il -, i
v,.ltiun w,.-t fns:thti r., " i thr,.w a, - dI ,
a rei.ii-lutii t t had it . .ni inii ut'o.luc I llt
S'u-tit lulg th it. p licy f .t l': r id,.nt
J-lihnni 'Thi . T a-..emld wis* ln ,of
inii.li-tm w,'uld not approve. that
not radical e no.ug h-in shiort. w- .
i inot radt al ut all.
"l'hi., is the iiitt hhd oIppositioi
that ha.. beed off-red it, tlt "'re.torn
tiv . Ht.. n,' stt o illn.ti., nave
thalt of .lim,-.,ta. has gonI.ll s.. far at.
thi.-I It-ping ttf thI radiial war- -
w.ar which is t "..lipst alt yith;ii; it
the. past.- for the rad.lc. i - .swwar. that
' wrul i i o rtuinl" .h.tll e1 the, watch-'i.
word !
t htl at has teis, l 'r.- ideant dlon,..- 1-I.
leras refus"d t- itnIctuagt. thn grth..-ut
tr.gd. Ii o has restrbdu the siuthe""rn
chur ch, tr their t wn.-re. I). hac.sr
r itued to try fdita. g'f'detral tle' ax.
I'r,.>id,.,t 1~ "r. ir c unnil, 'f -h l,.
ai. r-t apsl for Li- blutr t o  l a I1.
)fit alln.,d rh." in., , t:,ion ".i nirn
Ithe co1a1try-M 1 rmattuk .n. t eIth
ril .d.. tl.. i tt ar 1,n -. ii ti, bavek
iuplin Ihro. gh a M..l tai, 1.y, blttu
t i, . lot sthld wlhed tht r i '.--i -,li, i
r'- wrn ri ti., d. - f t, ..-.o:. llI,
Mtusrmarlu u k ua , in htim II,,l 1'hu
ýumner. !1." hat lip . t.iu < - ti ,
:t.. plrovi-i,,t j. i, .-" ,u,,1s a" the ,,unt],
I hitlieu ti,. .hila thtlo ,p ,It - . ! ,f \ ."N
Euland -h,,ulh ho ,- h.-, 1 hi.I- 1
aul ,onIv choi'.".
.111 th. the l'r,.-enh lt hlint .t, '.,
and I 1",re ...iiI il pon th,.l.-' will ..- t,,"
-o t ,.t n a- , it- < ...,-- shlll l I,
'111. m pt th y ill 'ln .Il--u r...I
1 h. Tn I 117h,11'. ,_ l .-,Lh ,, a: :
atrt. l c tr0'-- +, w ti h h \ .I,,h.
1 -a.'l to hits - lit , : ., 1,,,. ." .
. ew I I, na . i r ;u 1., ,. -' li,:. i."
to taso, , | iit't. gr"" - ;t +.. N . Ilh.
ii ,., , I tI . 1.+t -- 0i.. " I.i ,. ..: t' ,
!'re--;,l. t <, t 1 ,k , , ,. . , :, ,
illla it 1,.' l lh l ll II. I :h " ,"t
i t ,l . ..i,,. -- I , h I , t. u t l" . ,.
-t ,, n, o t .., , . i! r, 1 i - " i;, ,
, ., ,;; ... . , a ", 1. t "i ' t ~ . _t ..
t. i ...o i t . u . , 'mb. , .. .. . 1 i..
nilhed. Betauregard. it in rumored,
intends to iproceed to France.
'1'h.e New York clamben r of com
merce, at a neeting this week, re
solved to petition congress to author
ize tIhe receipt of legal tender notes
(any 10 or 15 per cent.) in payment
of cusnnoms, and tere is an impre.
sion that ao mode-st a request will be
(ie.er:di Cu-use L.ee takes Jack
o-mn's chair aih Jproneasor icn the Vir
gI, t t Military institute.
* 'ottol closeul .trouger, despite re
., ait this port alone of nIearly
:t, .1-u Ia.e]-. 'The demanid chimes
I lrot all pitrtt, andi middling
cloe-s at 44.4 to 45e. per pound.
i-te i uhg [till? have- been helavy.
land leave oifl l+niunally :.t 9. to +b
for ,anker' A.rr.t J'.
.alCest Intlrllgence,
1'1. Inltent i, lvticet.. from Jamiaica
Ie.-prt tl, i d-ut -t f e ut was it attend,
tlha.t taolah b ,b . h·, .ert , hal !'allei ,
:l; . that t ,e i-try s' lan insu frreclion
:1i,, lit to hrntiak ,tit ill tbhe wlt tern
pI rtio . .th ,- i-laoi d i.s g rou n ,il?- ..- .
_At lIt-t actcount., h'unl IHlayti tlhe
.t,,.Ilion n a-, ~till unsuhdued.
It i- nLII Luncd thI a ta lg nll1Otnollunt
l,f tiu tcupi.tr tire hIas beenti discov
',.-.I ni-ar It"red-,rick, Marvlian0!.
If. t;llis. & t'o . batnk.r-, Cincin
lttl, luile-I ern fthe .ith. in com',e
tu,.nc. f .,,"avy loSe n ,i gold oper
Th, NaZhvil. sid t'halltlsn
liilr:l ha .it, IIa e.d firom t li it ilita
r% t., civil vt.ruuol.
I h. ilnpoits .t N.w York in tlth.
u, k e.titing ti tIhe lithi, wIere vetry
Ih.:i-v. ',.epri-itg flour lnillioi itn
Ilry . t i'. an ld nearly thei i eilt
Iaoiitliu t in g.inerll itriiii.hantdi-e-.
"l hi. ailll,v. initelligen we. tie gather
ftat dispatcch , to the 'M ,u ils Ad
,..iti,.,-r s rlid ening New.--'lrve
Dr/ia. 2(t.( a/t.
San Anlt.ni,, Ih.rald ,-:yt-:
"" We are happy t. Il-arn thriugh a
fri.n-d ollf oui '-r, who ha, recent'ly be0.il
triov li tg iil tIle. cllintry, that tlll
Ipeople, tnd nsrt euli . iliy tuhe tfairer
portion-ith . I . tii,.s. h, v -. taken this
tubiect it ha1ed1 w11 h it wiill end t-ner
igy that ttlih d ,-I e; n i t.1*-' I u -cuIj *ll''-el .
It ulso tll i .il i lts tuu ke d grat itca.
liot t lo i t-c rd th . ai' t. tha i ii lt itel*
itat- .tt It t'-r t 'lie i, alcr fhih lfk haI
also authorizi.d h.1 l itndl,'o e .ui-i i1i,
tiotl to hi  ftittt d. i ich nItt aniii i -
it and : tun . V i -ri 't ,bu l' h.--ltn
'hPlly a tppeal t, our n tI. it apira
tih lt , i a d it. l .arinli t. -tilnyi i t,,
ith, t.f et i we, j I"y it. l i..t the gt.d
w,,k go on. tail l -et th. hMi..-t.:,l
li-.h it our enitl. c, to b,.- ,tccupiei d l,
it-l noel tolenant ts lun ; ll a it shall
l,.a'- s th.- t'r, at'r to er,:u hIi- iun -
sil s. lit.-. ,.rv 'l ,.x.a, houhli ft-. I
ia ,prciait l pr'l, i, gultin: i- oi l-thin ,
tl - l i Irt lll. , ni u, .ift', r( a ,*, -Dil ill
th ;ll ( .,artt ;t:. terI tit'r.e- t t-re
i len t i-an y at , ti' i,. wtlct l. t lof the
tI.hi, 'T.':hun1"t.- sit} I. h, i lmse, e that
tlb. . um ployrn. r." .'f rn t'.1to01 111.11
I' I ,lt ro.t' -* t lr th" rttre I l ak eit
l*r . i i t , I- tre ither pli te tfl' r
. ",." l',l:ta i i i. 11." 7 il-', +ayiti't
.1 .r. at I ..n .-at it- l ir the -ir''
w . Itklil e tih. peit n that the, c.n
I. ini a I .I'ght not tir pat.- ai orilt -
iuitt i te, t i.'1: ig the , atlt ithen ,t f -la
v.: v : thl . itrt tee ilt favor of l.t
rigl' the miiatt-r r'e-r p'i'ers it it.. and
th i t,,W e on Uev. t ln te ral Gt, eral u"i t
rl.,- ,1arre iltelitv er comtpleting whiat
tl.,." hay., t..giu .
I i,..r.i--, :ue intichangef vi,.w.
i ' r te' i. ltimii.-r- as to the pro.a -
},r t ile It lting.iu the cote titut iotn
a.t rr asv, t t election of w.iget
S, h ; l,!e au-? vent the aptptint.
' " ",, iil the G ov, ru, r, to
I.-- potd.'.! ley th. Senate of, tile
a :,. byt ilt! etJ.,u e and tlit r. , 'lit- iri
: , i. .t . tleie. e - e, it to etnate,. t hermi
,.:'t-e . t. l pwl.e arl..t tit p ,oulu, , t<
,- ce i t . , it ad a in-, to th.g blie h Ithl
1, ae ; d y t, ' at u 't th - State.
r1i r. , r a . ... wa her, w, i i',teet-,
.t" "1' th . 11 r," l ,.r ""t .'l:i . (,, it
- .,n ," u a .wl u I-ta i t -in tr., itn lat.'
A:,-,ti ., t}f,.- Sao Anltoni, ll,."rall
. h n.ilit trnilln pa -, tlh n+i t who,
hfi, ji t :.-st e.?d Ii our city f|oi'u
,,it.tr,.v. that .1aJo,,e e.eu ral I'ar
.+io - tit ý1lh-ouri. with his t.ntire par
t, ,t trihnd . were ievc.oly catltui itd
p.r.v," matteor, in thi-- r,.-p, ,,
Imigration toa if- soutb.
Tl'lrN. 0. TIrue lDe·lta of the 20th
ult., ill sonicr remnarks upoin thil tflly
of leaving the Southii in oridrr to ret
tie in Brazil, 11,ltiiiuri.. ,lno otli.*r
of tihe actual cilifitlir..*iueti- of o
gratioln to tiih iuli.u
rtrprire.r-ititili" .t it 1111014 ot 1'"Li".
which now iluur~ii fif..ty 1'- titijit
rare-ia.. in our city ~L f. \-+ ..k- n
tivanocu, fit visit., x.llulia, i..oii'i
auInI., and finaiily- cri-ied ,v,-r to I. x
Rn. A fine 11Z~ U-ia mail.- him ir~
a aill kl"w y ,1411 gulol i i of thisicity,
hr aclmIasRul 3U.,000 'arcar.t ot liatalI
cituri I'uleaiiitlii. 'l'iii is at Ill-ti i-li
gibl." site. 1'alr-tier b.-in, Ill..e counia:
sni-t it Aod..rsuiri cioiuiny at'l a ceto
troal locuation. t."v-ial ii ipiirtalt
turupik." randti, wiliich - cn lellct witli
maItny of the. Ieadinig lo us onf lI'.rz
tion t t lh i iiiint . The iSr i ll liii-
Ruiiriod will also pias tharorghPli alti
ineioc trho-mi11 impl.tid. i.i'he laudi
piuiciiased by Ma1r. Soil i-kl it. \am1.
ed bya. tiit- wati-rn iof it 'riritity riv
er. and as will be n-."-io by' till shot.'...
i-ii i McI Ciiiiliiilluiic:Iti' l N ii tII
imtrkes, here caui be ,. 111 all Ow
'..tick. eotitel ori i.-r.-:iln that iii. c"il
of Siiri-.-piirt.
it is tp.-itt-d tihat t hyi- will irrirl
ihei t urly ini the eIIi ill -1ril,,. it
is also iitigtiiiieiv li ti sups'. ii tint
troti t the name sijti cof t. k-t hijr
neigihlbrrs. t~ l~ th i t 1"0 i.tn." -i i ill.r
tIn ii ,ilott. a any r . ti " ,- i mill
duu tlr a,. itbltpu it, .".ilof .si
prosjttt'ta .-ff-fr. moid w' . ie it- rich
tgrii.-ltiiu'ulitt. W v. shall giy. ti. ll.--i
all a 1h.eiaIrty a .]'..itw. 'II'~hacii. r.ie
iiiiii gratii., a,-w.4 as-i itn a -ig i utu rot -
ItIi,. at b . ia.s-." dv b hitm. anid wmili
he i soun !"uiiitin --.I." u -"i' Awl I . --jpi.
l ii -1v i abi r , . l-- ..t* t l t'I, Iif,, i
cnit11le h i- 111,"llti - iii u. Ti 71
for' l V. ho tui y,ii .a sire .v.:rrii! . -
i uhi-l g i-i 1,111 :iI sIi -, , ll , zt-t
tl 'I huh I I t-I C(.-of iii 1."II :I:i ., 1 ."
iih,.. t., i iiii. the"\ ,. i.' iii 1.. iii I
1t it. I.1.. ).h, I- it1:1, i-11W A - ,t,.
i-ian . in-ho-.- l ` II - 1 11)1. i - i. .
i·ir i-r.l in ttil r1 tat 'i l . i ti t -iii a iny
'll ii lii p tutu-i., l go .vi-l l i--it . -
". it i r" - .rhi t I ar y f ?" ," "
,ill."I1 gin .- hr to .11w-1,11 i. 1 1. ~"
-111" trlcau 1u . 1111i it, i. li "tIi ,`
·'ii - .-llz uit.-: i~ Il -iii1 1 I- -
wIl I . I -.;l, . t - l . l It i t , . t( y]t " " . r
-il, ut - u:." irr, · i nt.,· 11, iI1" TIH ,s
ut.. h, i 1.ou; r ;-, . iiiu to . a ui .1a L -
,,..n. 1. tuurh hou anyI " *h \,u
(i' (i b l'- . Ie Ai ll it ,. N t, pit ,
Xuit" n ru-i n- o - a" i Our Ilk ,ll. ,!
.-li-il. IauK, -11111 ,"f wou.il 1- il -
X..rria~l rruui- ~~III I- l thu~~. Or
iJi,-ir. XX ritl ii,.- liii· r)111 ¶lIuu.-uiiui
iait v.u i irt 1 lii t1,. hn iwt iihI trn W
."rittint e a.. ii uirjbriuriii-. a t 10 ri :1,-i
1 i ii ii ro -t 1 iti- h IS I111,. i .1 t: ll jot
Smt-il ri-pr-- I t.'. to,-. It , uie uii l it
.i-ill itf ,ul'li . It. .nIut uij r- i,,\ . - li
win l ri-i r." firri iiua"" \,it- ".,:
-ail n ". r il "oiu1." iiiiu--l: I,. I .u-i hu".'"
.. ,t(i " r tr-. :+:.: t i \ , "n I..t ti+,i l t- f I..
!hty :if Niw" Yr
""111 . . I tchi lia., i.i.%Ii .,tini l ial t-'
""it , nisi't.t intarl l~ie ," uri
itugcto h i. it.
I liii 1~naroll-t I ri . -1,u111" 'iti
thu bit 1m 11- I Io lite-1i1-,i lo --it- d i.-1
andp ., thlu ctiglit.ti-n tnbult.-. iai."t.-

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