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Jiso. Ihickiwnac, Editor O Prapriefor.'
O1V'It d Kýý.'Li 7L·~ Ji MILII IPYT1k8. "'
'JOB RINTINO of every
eocription,plamw or@ciicred, excutedncNus
eauus_.bl.tesms e the tituwe will adwuit.
For Terms of Swhxrbepfos and Ad
uariiang. "a#frgt paga.
.e5tpt.on, TWas. I he /kAetir of the
Aenm (rleans - H. t'olkisnghorue
Neo itwor-J. X. Eroerron. j .usau.
street. Joy. Coe C o.. Tribune buitdios.i
. . .Petengiil J Co.. 37 Park Row. J.
Lewis. 82 and 4 Nussanstreet.
PAs;iazphI.- Joy, C(b" c.., ftrewa's
Iren Buildingt
BeaSi.--D M. Fetteagill, & Cu., G itase
Natchateches- -JouLh W. ITaber.
Jt . Labeton--Rer. A. L. lHay.)
Iaoe. Teras- B. b. Harria n, ..
Vienna. Le-A. B. C. Wiefrev
sdartile, 2ras4--J M Baker..
g" Pl'otmasters or tber responuiblsi
peruson wishing to act :. Agent l,,r tche
NE.I) . willt pleae send us the:ratdd ress.
'T nt p' r cent. commiueioa is allowed.
Addl e"
Editor e.pt Promrietor
ýhtrevepor;. LAc do .raT:-. La
Our steamboasiriends are renmi ded
that by sauding their orders to our
office, in due season, they can have,
all the papers they rnquire, stamped
with thename of the boat and officers.
Our friends in the iuttrior, whoce
mail facilities % ill not admit of their
eubscribing to a Beemi-lWeekly paper,
are reminded that the Shroseport
i'Urkly .e-we is the choaptat and
best papur published in this section.
We desire getting a large lift of sub.
scribers and put the priro low. t,) saUi
the dull times. Send on tht.., dol
lars.for one year. Weekly made up
from the SeiAo-vWekly. and contains
editorials, choice sclhctioes, r, ports
.of the New Orleans and ihieoveport
markets, commnunications fr'm spe
cial correspondents, anut the latest
telegzaas. Address the r Jitor of
this paper. ti
The river abo,-e and at this p..iL.:
continues to fall. Up freights are
scarce, and down ireight, ditto.
Capt. R. Sanuott and J. T. Hall.
clerk of the steamer National. will
accept our thanks for late papers.
Thanks to our friend Morris Man
heimer for St. Louis and Louisville
papers. If you need any fancy gro
ceries call at his store on Market
street near Milam. He will be fouud
We are pleased to notice a shlight
improvement in the businuas of our
city. Our merchants begin to look
more smiling, and Lope for the better.
A committee of gentlemen are so.
liciting subscriptions to aid in get
ting a new fire engine for the benefit
of our city. Our people ought to
subscribe liberally and willingly for
an object of this kind.
Telegraphic dispatches of the 21st
say that gold was 142}. This shows
a rapid decline, and speculators in
the "-hard stuff" had better be cau
tions or they will trot realize as heavy
as they anticipated.
Our friend Fred. H. Buck. who is
at prestnt in this city, eu route for
Texas. traveling for the house of S.
C. Hickey, 49 Camp street, will sc
cept our thanks for his liberality .
Not liking the looks of our old bat,
he presented us with one of the finest
in this place. We wish him succes,
and recomnmend him to our Texas
friends, as a gentleman. in the true
adaptation of the word.
On Tuesday night a roan named
Clapp was murdered on the Texas
road, about one mile from this place.
The deceased we are informed was
engaged in selling chickens. He
was formerly a merchant in the city
of New Orleans.
A report was current on Wednes
day morning, that two wagoners
were found murdered on the Texas
road, in the neighborhood of the four
mile spring. We hope that steps
will be taken to prevent such out.
rages, as robbery and murder on that
road is of too frequent occurrence.
On Monday night a Tableau was
given at the Gaiety Hall, for the
benefit of the Ladies Monument As
sociation. We are told that the en
tertainment was very pleasing, and
that a respectable sam was realised.
Last Tuesday evening, an engine
on the Shreveport and Texaurailroad
was set in motion. It is used for
haling the material along the route
as the road progresses.
improvements inourcity continne.
Go in almost any direction yon
chooes sad the sound of the ham
mur and trowel usa be heard. We
are pleased to see this confidence on
the part of our people.
Every description of boots sad
sban ean be found at the empeorium
o.$ r. J. B. Lewis, jr., eorner of T"e- I
m. i p: - ring streete, Give him a
i4td judge of prl es and q'ssVal.
A plan is now on foot in this city
to form a joint stock company, with
r. a capital of 840,000, for the purpose
of establishing a foundry and ma
chine shops, capable of doing all
manner of iron work needed in this
section. The idea is a capital one,
t and itbecomes the duty of our capi
talists to assist in such a laudableh
undertaking, which, if prop.-rly man
aged, cannot help tmnt prove a pay
ing institution. We must have, all
kinds of manufactories located in
and about Shreveport, if we wishi
our city to become prosperous, and
I to do thisa, it is all essential that en
couragement be extended to such
proposed objects. The eetabliuh
tment of various branches of industry
will not only add to our population
a laboring class of people, but it
s will materially add to the busintes of
j the place. Oar wor t for it, that
when once commenced, the people
will not regret having assisted in
r the encouragement of home manu
f Actunre. The future of this city doe.
r pends now upon immediate action on
r the part of enterprising men, in all
e matters conducive to the growth and
independence of this part of the coun
try. and where, we ask, could be
n found a better locality, with all the
r advantages, than our own city ? Let
;#I our citizens seriously meditate these
I i things, and determine to arouse them
. selves, with the firm conviction that
their efforts, be they ever so trifling,
t will be crowned with success.
The special correspondent of the
a Cincinnati Gazette arys that promi.
nent sd.ossionists are offering to bet,
f at large odds, that Jeff. Davis will
ºt be released on bail or parol. within
if less than two weeks. DMr. O'Connor
and Wnm. B. Reed, his counse-l, also
l express themselves confident that
. their client will soon be allowed his
Mr. Shidet, on Texas street, of
Ii Jewelry noteriety, proposes to get
up a Grand Raffe of Gold and Silver
Watches, Diamond Rings, Diamond
- Breast Pins, Ear Rings and every
e description of fine jewelry, amount
- ing to 96,415,. So soon as the
it tickets are all taken the drawing
d will commence. One-fonrth of the
amount he proposes to donate to
t wards the erection of a Grave Yard
Fence, as contemplated by our
citizens. Every person should as
sist by calling on Mr. Shidet and
purchasing tickets.
The prevalent < pinon of those
who profess to be posted, is. that it
is the intention or the Radical leaders,
to keep the Southern States out of
the Union until after the next Presi
dantial election. It looks very much
like it from present appearances.
According to the new Postal law
just approved by the President, pre.
paid and free letters are to be for.
warded at the reequeFt of the party
addressed, from one post office to
another, without aditnonal postage
being charged, and returned dead
letters are to be restored to the
writers thereof free of postage.
See advertisement of Furnished
Rooms to Rent
See notices elsewhere, issued from
the Mayor's office. Our citizens are
all interested in them, atnd must con
sequently give attention.
See advertisement of Pitts &
Thayer's Auction sale.
Oar citizens are cautioned against
counterfeit $20 greenbacks. This
demonaination of greenbacks are
afloat in this city, They are easily
detected, being very coarse in exe
cution, and lithographed on very
thick paper. The lettering and
figures are sudiciently rough to
attract attention.
Don't forget to attend the Ails-n
meeting ts-day, at the Court House.
A funeralsermon and a eulogy will
be delivered. As it is very likely
that a subscription list will be pre
sented on the occasion, all should, it
possible, go prepared to contribute
towards raising a fund for the pur
pose of the erection of a monument
in the city of New Orleans, to the
memory of the beloved and never-to
be-forgotten, Henry Watkins Allen.
A Ibferiral Maczise.-An infer
nal machine found in a restaurant in
Mercer street, New York. was found
to contain two pounds of powder in
a cigar box, with matches arranged
between two pieces of saund paper, I
and attached to the cover by a small
cord. A large wA epring, such as
are used by upholeterers, was found I
between the bottom and the cover of a
the box, so as to ignite by friction'
when the cover was removed. No
cinue hasu been obtained to the maker
o this machine, but the scheme is
beliered to have oraginated with t
thieves, who expected to be abhe to I
steal during the excitement whichi
woulH f'lUoe the srq.s!..i
On the subject of the wheat crop,
i the Dallas Herald says that the
I wheat harvest is now ver, the crop
is the largest ever raised in Dallas
I co,,ty, and in many cases the yil4d
Swill be as much as twenty-five bush
ele per acre. We think the amount
of wheat in this county, for sale will
reach at least three hundred thousand
bushels. and should our farntmers be
able to sell their surplus grain ftn
I anything lik:o a fair price, say one
r dollar per bnshel, they will be all
i right as regards tmuony.
From tlnh best information we hav, I
been able to obtain on the ~lbj.ct,'
i we are sat;sfied that the wheat crop
.in the North Western States will b i
" very light, and as a natural cons.e
Squence flour will command a much ;
t higher price than it has for several
f years. In view 1ot these ficts we!
advise our farmers to hold on to their
grain until they can g.-t for it a good
i price. W\e suppose that the matket
will open at 15 cenets specie per bush
el. Any farmer who sells for less
1than this, will certainly sell at a:
i grat sacriftice.
I -
lGreat Railroad and Stealwhipl
We understand that necotiations.
e which have been for some time pend.
S!ing between th*e Grand Trunk liail
t way of Canada, and the Montreal
Ocean Steam Navigation Company.
for the purchase by the trumer of the
]seam fleet belongitg to the lastt.r,.
t have been succe.sshflly twrtinated
within the last few days. The U;ranid
Trunk Railway. theretore. ,now lhas
lits starting point in Great Britain.
e whence its enterprise is puslhin
westwardly year by year with sat.ad
, persevereuce It controls a lte of
I road acrurs the State, of Michigan
now approaching compietton, anid it
is soon to occupy, conijointly with
r the Chicago and .Northwestern rail
a road, and with another ime to which
,t we will presently refer, a spacious
and central station in the great city
of Ch:cago The other j.oit cenU
pant of the proposed station is the'
Pittst.urg, Fort Wayne and Chicago
tCompany, this b.eng ,nly anoth.r
Sname tmr the Penntsylvanam Cetiral
r Railroad, by which it is cont:rvled,
and with which it fortus a coustl
F dated line from Philadelphia tL (Cht
l cago. The Pennsylvania Railroad
I is negotiating for some ocean stu;am
era, so that within a short time its
Spo:nt of departure, like that of the
l Grand Trunk of Canada. will befrom
j the shores of England. Tl'.ese tw,,
Sgrat lines :hus taking- th!.:r depar
ture side by side roui Liverpool, w ll
lseparate at the imuith ot the Mersev.
I the one o'.:owing the rotte to :ihe
S'North of Irelar:d tv a of Lo ido_.
dery. and of Portland in the a inter, .
and of Montreal in the hummer,
through Canada and across Michi
r gan; the other by way of Quee.ns
town to Phdtadelphia. Ohi, and Iu
diaas, the two. after their log n:.di
wide divergence, meeting again ,.t
the head of Lake Michigan, and
reaching a commrton terminus to b.,th
in the imetrop,;lis of the northw.st.
This is a railroad enterprise on a
broad and worthy scale; this is a
policy which brings d:ff.rent sec
tions ofa country into clase proxim
ity, and lays under titbute, for the
benefit of our public works, the corn
tnerce of the ocean!.
No Compromrse in Europe -The
attempt to settle, or at least postpone.
through the agency of a cotgrs ofat
nations, the controversy ahich now
threatens Europe with a genr ral war.
is not received with in uch hope oft
success by the English press. Th,
belligerents are all ready 'or the war,
and in their coiufidence in thetr own
'powers, do not relish the i lea of post
poning the fight. The London .-pre
tator thus express. a the views of the
English Liberals:
" The project seems to us unreal;
1and, if' it is real, it is none th.. less
objretionabhl, alike, tr Enagland, be
cause she is not ready to tight for an
arrangement into which she is scar
cely interested, and will therefore'
! enter Congress only to be powerles ;
for the world, because the halfsettle-i
ment a cougress would prodrce would
not remove any of the ancient heart
burnings. but would leave Europe, I
armed and watchful, weighed down
with the burden of troops, nervous
with the sense of insecurity, unable
to move lust a motion should once
more bring down the badly con
structed building. A sharp cam
paign, which must be short, would
be preferablea to the security now
prevailing, and a congress could only
help to protract that insecurity."
There is no arrangement which al
peace congress could propose that t
would be acceptable under present I
circumstances. England, France I
and Rusia. if they could agree, might
require the other powers to accept a
such terms as these three should dic- I
tate, or the alternative of a war to'
enforce them. 'IThis is the onlyt
practical method, and even that
does not eczlude a war as the prede- I
cessor to the ultimate settlement.-- a
Under the eireamstanses, it is possi
ble the safest plan to allow tihe belli
gerents to fight until they have ex- 1
bhausted themselves somewhat andr
then have a congress of nations to t
arrange the terms of settlement.- I
The treaties of 1815 are the terrible
reproach which Napoleon wishes to r
be removed, and their abrogation r
will be more likely after a war be- i
tween the other nations than it will g
be in any congress now called, with i
Austria. Prussia and Ital- in arms II
--rc,:og Rppubli:sz aP
.Funeral of Gene Scott---rderS on
the Subject.
' Trena'y. Dept., May 30, 1866.
A The funeral of Gen. Scott having
been arranged to take place oil Fri
daya, 1t day "of June. proximo, the
Custom Houses of the United States
t art, by order of the President. di
I reeled to be closed on that day, as a
i mark of respect for the memory of
the deceased. Flags of all revenuoe
cutters will be placed at half muast.
r H. McC.ULLC.c,
Secretary of the' Treaesury.
Navy Dept.. May 30, 1866.
The Department anurounces to the
Navy and Marine Corps the death oat
-Lieut. Gen. Wintield Scott, of the
United States Army. This illustri
t onls flicrer departed this life at West
rPjint, N. Y.. on the 29ti, at 11
So'clock A M. In honor of this dia
S;tinguisihed tGet:eral thecoinmandants
of Navv Yards and $stations will di
retct the flags of theoir ge-neral com
mandis to re hoirtetd at halt mast un
r til sundown, and fifteen minute guns
'to be fired at ur.*ridlan, un Friday.
June let. the day of thd funeral, or
ton the day after the receipt t.f this
(Signed) GIuNso. \W\cr.I..s
Ss'ct'v. Navy.
Hleadq re. of Army. Adet (fe 1'. itfh'e (
Washingtoton. NaI 39, 1c66. }
General Orders N . 33.
With profound asrrow, the Gener
al-in-Chief aunounces to tilh army
the death, at West Po,l:nt, on the 29:h
inst , of itst late' illuf-trlus comnand
I er. Brevet Lieut Goeneral W'infield
Scott. Hitt history is jart of the
historv of our country. It is almost
needlesa to re,'all it to tl.hose ho
I have venerated him so ion.r. E1nter
I ing the army rn a Captain in 1808.
at the clo..e ,,f the war of 1812 and
,'1. hie bac already by the force of
rtnert, won his way to the rank nt
' revet Major (Gene'ral. In 1941
t Maj. Gen. Scott was aseigned to the'
t cormnand of the army. In the spring ;
",..t 1847, tht Mexicarn war having al
Sready began, he comsm -nred as ('cm
' mander i-Chief ofr thie army in M -a
ico. thu execution of a plan -,f camn
paign, the A utces at Whi ch was a ;
co'pilete as its c,,nceptin, was b. dl.
and whlch e atisbinshel his reput:a:in
as one of the tirat soldiers of the ag,.
A grate-tul crutrv conferred on hil.
the rakir of ltr."\et L'.-tecrntatit (4enr
I e:alas a tokeu of its estIa nate of olif . !
brilliant s-,rvice As the rigor of
h:is hife. whhertl r in p, acc or tie war.
had been drevrte-d toC tite service' t
the c'ountry he lov.ed s, well. so to
his age' lhi couintry gave to 7liun ir
Srturn that vel.rantOnl. r-verr::,nCannd
estern. Ktich 1- by far "Le L:ghes:
reward a nlatinl Cat gIv . O.t miost
comnt rnding prea. acee, with a mind;
,: ar n' bott^ .:l, :.i " ,r r l, r.-, in
l lr. his iu.-r mr w if! never fade
from the n:ii of :h,-se who Lave
rev.r--. -ced hai- He loang
As a t,.etiauoI,,y of r-pe. c'. thi ot
f ceIS O, the it.I waIll .. ,tr t0e,, usnal
i ba.ge of mourni .g for e-x t it-:ti+s.
in tll. 1..ft arn. t:; ' h'i: of tilhe Hwrcid.
I(lGuns wi 1 be fid at eracI ul'rrtary
SPs: I:t initervaies f :hirty iunitltit
Stronm annrlts. to 1 o'clock P M., ,,i
the ciay eucc--ding the r.ect pCt ot
Sthis r :dr r. iire troC,,-p will t, pa
'iad, d at 10 o'rIelck - i A it.. ar. tins,
ordter read to th.nt. After w irlh ari
labor tor th. day waill c.a4e, and :hu.
tflag kept at half mast during the
din v.
By crder ofat Lieut. G(.n. Grant.
E. D 'Iw.c-S-ND.
A. A G;n
War Dept . Ad!vt. G.n e's. (,Rh', t ,
W'ir 'Fungton MaJ) IC, GG. {
peCa.l a:-sr-e No. 2't6
IThe. follwirlng ffiJcers arte detailed
to proce.ed to Key Wi'est, N' . ., to,
attend the funeral of thi. 1lt., lient
Gen.Wuti.t!d Scott, on Frdday, June
j, at 1 o'clock : Bre-,I-t Maj. (;en
L. 'Thomas, Adj:. Gen. liBrevet Maj
Gen. 8. Sch.rrn,.r. Ispector Gpen
eral ; Brevet Maj Gen. J Holt.
Juidge Advocate; Breivt Mai Gen
A. B Eaton. Commissary Genu, rr.-
vet Maj. (Jen. J. K. Bare',s. Surge i t
General; Brevet Msj ;(eni. If. WV
l'rice. l'aymaster General; Brever
Maj. Gen. A. B. I)Dyr. Chref of (rd
nance; Maj. Ger. O O HIlward.
Chieft of Bureau Cf LRtfugees, Fr.ti-ee
imen and Abanoledrl lands; inMj.
Geu. E. A. Ilitelcork. U S V,,lun
teera; Brevet MajS. fleu. A. E.
Schirves. Assis:nrnt Co'mrnmi-ary
General of Subsistence ; Brevret Maj.
Gen. E. I). 'Townstend, A. A. G . late
SChief of StaffofLieut. Gein. Scott
By order of thlre Secretary of War.
E. 1I. To'as--vn. A. AG
A Vtsit to Fairfaz C ourt House.
A correspondent givaes 1ris account
ofthe appearanlce ot things abrout
Fairtax Court tH rouse :
Yesterday I paid a visit to l'airfax
-Coirt liouase, it being the first day
',f Court. The vast majority of the
people present were entirely South
ern in their eymarothies. Mosby. the
famous "guerilla" chijf, was present '
TI'h. hotel keeper weas one of Mosby's C
soldiars, who bad been condemned
as such, while a prisoner, to impris
onment for a long term in the' New
York Penitentiary. Tibhe region ofi
I eountr thlrolughl whtch I pas;sed, in
going to Faiirfax Court IHouse, was,
lperhaps, as thoroughly devastated
as any p1art of the country by the
war. l'lho foreste were largely cat
down, the fences destroyed, and the
houses generally destrotryed, or very
much injured. But it was curiousi
to observe how enlergetically the peo
pie were going to work to restorei
matters to their old footing. elhe
road I went along had beeu cordu- ,
royed by the Federals during the
war. These rails (of very large size'
generally) were taken up and turned
into fences. This was important, s C
lumber was very erarre 'Th,, pr,- e
ple are plrc5fil a rd hirphic. i
TtcMcnnesota rheat tr(op.--The.
St. Paul (MlLtn I P'lunier says that
all the erportL conming into that city
from tbhe agrlcultural districts of thut
State are ot the most favorsa ll na
ture. A large amuunt of wheat in
excessa of last v ear bas been sown
this spring. and good weather is all
that is necessary to snake the coming
e!op the largest ever gathered in
Minnesota. The high figures which
wheat has maintained during the
.:pring haa led to its cultivation rath
cer to the neglect of other crops, and
the propnrt:on of corn atd putatoes
will be 1.'*c than naral.
A Kansai palper saysa that ltiv men;
entcatlped is a tent near Lort L.eav
'.nworth, were struck by lighuing rv
cently, and four of the party weret
k!illA. The Efith barely escaped,
being badly sing, d.
ý-~ - -
HMAtitlll--t the sit. mIet attbe Battle
SlH:vise in city by 'I bh . Fl. Balek q .
G EkLt GE: Ti. MoI:hIS. of Shrevep.rt. to
.MI E.'111EK IIYAMS, of New tLneCAn.
Malaria Everywhere.
Ha.re:. has :thce been aoa senn so !suit
t.I axi the ,f mnal.ºricus dteearei. Not only
oa hbe ;,rairie. and in the valieys of the
,'iext , un mt r.ly 1to all the iold haunts of
I evrer anrd .4Age aund illioti. Remittent
Fever have these prustratling dissewer beec
Siinu-u.lIy irulnult . but they have extend
.,i t-. to np an,! ýi',l'. tai vr r behtra inter ed
with them. antd bhive iven aternd d the
tnc'inltalausnd attack-d thouwauds of people
uppowed to have b nI ipla.ed by the law=
,f Nattr, aIbvie their r.-a h Hence we
arm com.pellehd t,, admit that a fatal ele
I ment ptRvamd. the. tUn:vreaal ir thllotraton
.Id sl holttd at once resort to ti-e only ap
pr...ed preventave of its cunueqneuc s.
ia tO:C i)so p.tc..:t, .;v arti-tseptc iso periect,
an al:erative ret tr -ý eti!'b!*. and a stimtl.
taunto p.re. that it tn:.b;be ,he human
aystetm to teelst .'rA bltt., all the ,predo
pelinig ellitu tt dasute 'it th te con
lid.-u", that rue clu.te Iva " u ioo libuetitble
garmentls itiwhbt mr'v among blazitta build
ing., :bh, lnan alh" a-m:- Lin,.,*!f saginst
nlalmi.s with thil p-'w"rfu -fersC , e rtdt
-iane tIn.y walk .e fe'v.v. o;.:ige-.l d trict ,
: sa:i .~ .,Its laiuLt:,,s ttntmutpherte
lbe in'erunatents an! rte':itten at pre
sen P+ . e ural in all par!t -f :he c,,u;ttry
nia, L t. t th. " fureFrtvt ers uo a .!radl.c,
:'Ow (.L 1its w-r wswlrd trIm i the fir
Fast. Prepare the s; sten isiih
H1, r; Tift6 ! :Trif.
for a  ee ! :, .s t e a.:i'h .e m.epih.it
_auscs tf 'i:: . r.i mi a lie A iol in tiiie
y~l i evrcywh t,' --. V } i'or:J '., I,.
Iý"l'rin hex td RIoore.a
III a%, v;r.:"fi t 1, r' , r:6- city o:
I !". , ý ::itg a: 1:: .. .r it th,,
1111(e x &1 Ihaiyecs Sa'le'u.
D Ir% G.'1dw Bow!" a I. ral Hats.
([rc·."-r-. + .trt.cc..r ad CiSarr,
C.-nv k,.ra" noa. iii i Vir'.. Woridn
rA:r .ii Actric ~ net,
ý,tt.tc.. ano t3. t ntrr.'t
1"I .' ,"-aX >1l1ir!
th. \' i. 0Ii
"t o ..n Wate..( a'eri and n;.a tiare.
An Nita, r:uwnf: f N.w anld! sa.. od t1:and
I-u ruth;
t~iir I: +g Kt nn . Iiarness ..i:d ,mre Vifgb!
11 spun
T,-raie -C(ash. 1*'. reae~urv Notes.
1'rolpos(tel for (oJjhsrs.
?.IAV;,ý c er, t .ti
ýGtre'-opnirb. I.:, f':ne'~t3, 1Ff,;
at..; ptr-';.u'o:+ for it,-r n:fan ý:wb. it
- *nnb:y tisnithed e" tln tutr the I.1-:24tr
wbu 111 my i.." 1r;"" 1 h" !, :'1'Y a s.()rr) rltl ."·
-ill h." tr " ,.J a w: hah , l ?rr ur iti tb.- 3d
*i ,:e tt~e ýi-ay,. -
1 }-' A LD.I'NAIU'.li
p Ir 3 '. l'ul.t tlkt
-tt a Jjr .. luau
.utit cis hernbn R',eni that fil l persont
weti'. bara. prrvtnt atl ni!l zitnal i- .epr lty.
i such as Iras c artd. him+.-." &I: . who have
not.' ýýl it in for afcc c.4."':.t 1., :i~e yeat
1 !".b iap b, pr. c-,.A i ag ,trtt at once
Pc crder +i t e %fayir
A Good Chatcer.
tjjrt!HE pteent cont.iitimn, f out. ccintry in
Ii arh, at the ititn'ie C:-d is irilejne~
it rntirini tfn·r tht. r...lrhtIt.g bu-tn,.
f,"l-t for-! "v .-firr. for gal. on t..anaabte
terms. the :hh~l·e-vel-r . Nests yntn
E.t.ahltbhioent The ptaper ivpttblirbed semi
IV*-ckly anti W...'kt and lii., fin axctllent
advlrti-ing p ttmflige ; tI" ."' j (iffce
conmir.tlrd 1ag s a ll m reIeCl ii*i ato a firtu
claus p'rintintg #.elwileirnrnt A- a pay
ing inttutui-n. the estabti-bncnt h' proArmen
it-elfnanourpaas..ul by any othe.t umce in
the Statc. or cotttrv. To anv person
wisbine to engage in the bustn.,-S. t Ibis I
on.- If the bent -pportllnitie+ '.ff"d. '..
Address, with stump ctcioo."d for an
swer. JOHN liCKlINS )N. !
Role Editor anit Propriet,,r, Y7 Texa.
streer. Shreveport, L.ai
f. f. NC Mt.cft. -- W w iaeeerT
Wholeale and }retail Itca.."s iu
Bnots and Show,
Plantation Suttpltes. &c.
N.. 11 Levee Nreet.Sa.'Areepor, LS.
IIYEY have received and are now open
jing one of tbu lat geet and beat sele-cte-d
st-cks .'t the above articles ever offered in
this titarl.vt.
Tiny have made arrangement. by which
the.y can keep their stocks always replenish- I
ed, and will he prepared to meet all de- I
manda made apon the houec. }
The highest Avric s will always he pail
for Cotton and WooI, and advances made
on !ileac artocios when consigned tw us
J. II. Reynolds, I G'. a(. alm,
ereeport, La: I luet Austin. Taus .
I (Siccessors to %. IM Swenson.)
Shrevepotnt, I.a
Wholesale and Retail Detlers In
OGrooeries. Dry Goods,
Hardware. loota, .shoes. Hats.,
RsIpe, Solls, (.,etisfg. CofTfe. 4r.
Liberal cash alvances made on cotton
wool. and Hides, to S. M. Swesona. No 48
Carondelet street. New Otleans. or IS. U
.Swensom. No. 26 Exchange Place. New
I ork
7i E offer at the- Old Hlardware
S'tatrd. No. 19 'T'exas Street,
I the followtug articles oft Inrdware- the
'stock will he renewed by ,ionstant ad
ditioes- Jack. fore and stmoothing plains,
band and ripeaws,padl.cks Vorlnnakinds:
ri:n t. cks. colttage ltks,. eouith.rn 1, ker.
dead IrLeks atre-door ltcks. aw,+rted prices
land st)les; cupboard, trunk, till,. chest,
draiwer, wardrobe, andt pantry locks: br.ase
candlesticks, trace chains, halter chains,
lock chains. dog cahbs ; sew ing and pegg
ing awls; Coair' and other axes. hammers,
hatches, nesortd:; lathing hatchets ; plated
table abd teeapouns, llrittarai and iron
al uonus shears. eciscora, lamp trimmers,
carpenrere' ratre ard squares. butts and
screws, assorted; strap hinge., light and
Leavy; hinges. screw pull.. s., brase cas'or.
i pann'el, erquarO and shutet: bolt'. saw.sett.
tplulmb bobs, compasses, mill saw, bastard,
and band-saw files; brass cock,. racking
Scocks. wooden faucets; hollow a;gers,
Butchers' cleasvers, rat-traps. rein and hal
S,.r snaps. Cooper 'a frotes,etd keys augers.
assorred ; frying pans, aseorred ; we!l
whetIs. sauncepans ; nail and and spik gimb
lets, monkey wrenches., aworted: Trafr
wrenchet, breast drills, raten:ettdlrlls. bal
braces, Wilsots' brace and bitt; h. rIe
brershes, shoe and hair brnubes. shoe kn:ves.
pinchers, and pant bes,sl'e floats- assrt
ed steel hoes, coffee mills box and W1ilsons'
ca penter's level., packet levels; pocket
knires. all qualities. E-iglish and Ameri
can Table cutlery. in every variety, ph. w
i ine, bed curds, Jute arid hanilla rope
with many other articles in the hardware
_ I('.1otULt' & PALM.
Boo t. bops, Brogataa a ilats.
T - "Wholesah.. b,',gbht fr cash In tin
StInh, and uffer*-d at hlw prr'.s by
ltFv'ot.ols & PI't.M.
I'LO I--.
AM 1. ' PL.OWS.
Ltrvi ".t-is & ]'l.&.
Cotton Yarn.
: )( liares C.,tu Vsr. as osrrted
sl\ numbers
No 129 Texas Strlpt
mar 31 3ndj
DrUy (Goods at lIbolle.at'.
SlTfE tffer to Merrtant,: ,a :be cor. r:
11 and Tradl'rs a well -e]lted~ stock '
IH)ItY t:Ul)l.ý,
II)SILRY. W IIITI: t;( I) 1s.,
hrowwn anrd lll.arlild I lomriticC..
llavirg an Ag-rn: r,'i.2l:i.g ::0 ..-w Yuork.
we ap.rchase at the la,..; :a lket ...
ai d will - sri; a rudt ll pr,..lt
IItlKr.t.i.s & I'AIM.
.No. 29 Tl'.ins Str.'ett
T s. i MIT- IiItl't.'a : , titAIER
l["I'S & TIIAY'ER.
Auction and Cottm ission
Stiry & P'olal's larre l'areh,,use.
foot of ' Tas stre t. eIvt uf 11. It. f r
frn tc (' C SIIkrVEP'i-.r. I..
' t prlvave or piub!.c sa!. r.*eec: fally
1 oli,'it. l A tll hum.r:re .*ntrt.-:,"" t, ouv r care
hall recrie , prfipt attehrtn
Regular Aiuctiti1 TrIt. ie., t:ie .irel
i ad third ,e'dtesda-y .f rery) ,-nth.
Also Agents fur be
.twes Life Insura e Company?.
of llartford. C'onnectlcllt.
.Vd.ltI attau n Fire Insurane r t i oprny.
of New York. and
Truarrlrs tnsurance CornFaTv,
.f l'rovidence, It. I
TLe Ttavtler Insurance C:,mplan in
-res against all 1'ersotal Arccdents.
while traveling or at home. causing lose at
:ire or personal injurv marl3-3rn
Important to Merchants and
Beard's Patent took Iron Tie,
SUIA'PA.cSI1" all others. owing to its sim
I plicity of application, reliability and
strength. It ean be put on in less time and
with greater east- than rcpY and custs
sabout 40 per cent less. Its expeditiots
adjustment to Bales of any sire. d,,ea away
with objections oexistrng to all other Iron
,l a would particularly invite the atten
lion of lantcs to these Iron Tres. All
orders adds-ged to us will be promptly
filled. l'ITI.S & TIIAYER.
marl7 .Stle Agents
hFor Sale.
InquIire ol
Cotton Seed ! Cotton Seed '!
000 bushebals of Boyd'sa P'rolife Cotton
eSced. Tbhe seed is sound and of the
growth if the ,ear 18t4 and 18s65
ap28 rIT + & THIAYIt.
Whisky ! Whisky ! !
4. Barrels Celebrated Star " " Whiskyr
',5 faindeer
S"' lied Rose
Just received on c6ctlganment and for
sale low by PITTS & THAYERI,
moar 17
be Soto Parish. -.
TIBE undersIgned is prepared to do all
kinds of WAGON and CARRIAGE
work, Trimming. Harness and Painting
All orders filled promptly aid esttefac.
tlorlly. F DICK,
je9 ly KeaehI, De Solo Parish. Li
TlHE frm of HENRY. PARKS & C'O..
Sis this day dissolved by maluItnal con
sent. w k IfIENRY
it I' PAIK'.
nos. 3 . ,I ,) AY'[ I.F
Tr ,
Gr.cat En guLsh iemnedy.
Sau acquired the utmost fame in every
part of theb world : it has been elamnled
approved ul arnd sattacoored by the faculty
of medicine, and recommended by the
most eminent of the prflesion
A. a tSre and s ldy cure Itr Diseases of
the Bladder. Kidney, and L'rinary Or
gans ot both Feres
To secnre ( The stamp
the Genui ie CW- iT on each
SObserve LC.aoe4  11 also
this Label Ji t I t' AaRi b. ar the
burned on sa sru . NAM.
and cover-  ests AtsID of t h e
Sin the 4/,sy r. roprietit
bottom ot et and the
each Pot. t'.~ Ak "t
, -t bseirtve ti1e preoaltitnlur and ad
'.ireas o:der. to Tarrant & (o., N!.
278 Gree.nwich street. Nw 1 :tk ..ld by
all Druggists. jyl2-6m
,At: -N A BROOK'S Ptr-nia::. xs.
fIll" lir!l tInnierr!v kn,,wn ae it.
j • A d k in s l io u r . . :r ,_:,r ,. ' 1 ." in ,,-'
cummrr-liou sand e..;nz.t hortel buildings
wtWe al.f tae M.si.Wptti rivr It- irnal
arrahgementD cu.rreepot.d wrcit. ,-.-r
T rie rt, nC are Woeil fltr:.i.Lt. ar.i , .ry
thing h.a teea proutvid :. I :uo:.": :t.e
comtort 1,f guset- The lpr.iet .rre em
brace the oics.ton to say., that rnether
pains nor eip -'.' wil 1*. tareil tto ren.
der it one of tht irvc bent hbtril tin the
lr. Br,..,ka hau 2.." :nr ' a'to ass "*
red with the hotIe ant.i p:,terl t, rnd-if to
eideror r it, Klre ent.le an a-fur' i.
TIlE .:i TA. B L a, ,
"The proprie:tors hav., p :1t..re1d the
large. elegant Ir. k .a*l:r esat of tt.e
hotel It is prov:vrd ab'h an a':ndance
of good. -w..,les trie pr r,...tlor a:t"n :rcv
manager, and o.-rv n:e
BIORST S. b6'"rIF. at..! !iA'K..
flo bire or sale. or -4lld * tn . nirlIlrit l
Their FPI.NSDII+ A i.tr.ait b, t.r
passed They wt:.l k, 'p ron habl the very
b*et r,"i!cv .,it e let [ s. , ý.rt " a r.d
I.:o :li r i,.1 t tu,:i c "..1"",t. 11, tr ,.},.
h.".a s eI :r'? O,. t h'l- ". , 1 .. et,. + .(v At(
the l 'tr prtr'.t r. are dlt,-t.r n ,i t. rt.ir t
pa o ". X:tlert.t st :,a,
"4 1 i.: ( tr .
J ..' :f
P*roJ'rtyl /.or S(lre.
( AV RES. withil. ""n, un:"" of the r, r
l ptratin line ,f Shr epiotrt k , n
Thr. I'R I . IdNr d n i 1 *:: ' rn ' rf
., A t la t. : trne lut.. f i 1 i'. •
.iiu ri all. ni ,i.t . tor 1r f *r . . t
T -.ta - e t ,:t dri .i t . ..I !i X' , .it A.re.
:he ar. :., e .m :r kn., .n , : o , : 't
1ti0 of c ' *'! it.h fIr r'n'ý , '€,ls ,. iO
baThe r -. :.. , it. ., *ti, .a.i: ýi , r
!1a:! it o r:; r, tink vi. 1. ,a-: ' n i :t l:
i ., t , . :.: tir , it r , . .:o
.tt . 1 e,' It t I : .1" - Ar
Nat. itLt t Ac.r .t. rl , lr lia I"1 *' .: " ,,t
,ld a half mil-A .itm .l r t i ,e ,.i r , Ity
"t<: "* ha 't m :nr i . < t l orrll .i . .., ..:
tn*"*" ,ru 121!! "W, a , . , ..::1 frui 1t . r
Two Hl .'.t. t.irld t "- . , :- !. ,r.i :u.
fifty C¢.ra~'! w:th ":i , p ,* r n '> ari: t. n
mire i r ,tL .j:l. r i .t r add r,1 e. lt t mt .
back 1"f ..bauy
holase IL rroauf d u*, n l IrTu t1aro F'tn
li e nt rnd sre ' t. te. . ttl ea tirer ,. a,,t
tens h.t e. sr t!!,t -. '..t It, 11i . ,,n.. Li .
iht . .l!,. k t . o mile". r .m t' , etr
water a.dk '.u l nrever fa t g rpr:g r. w.
tre . e'gl.t l:: rft 1, t~1 .t.! .: , t , ,r' 1~,,
I". ,I.t:*- rf F1,rtder, .ee en \fu., two As
lotned and Olit, o, tlhdre ,.lt.! n flVw -
ipr fifty ei t:!*, f.Y Ph p and filt. . ,
tA .Lind o tr:e lau cOnder tiutrlt fnr uie
:, prII, rt .:'ni h.r nht,-d A.Iet ch t
'Land, e*,ht hnldr.- .,pe:. ,V.:g r, h,,t-:n
idesn of tet railrtd, aptr u tiie fuorm rrt",
irm : It-. a.r* ar-vtn tu aFrtd . tomf.,rtah.
1)welhug . a ,o,,d .tst d for a ,uti,
h se.r a well of water, anr under.groun t
:s;tern and a spriing, senn rr.rsei eat
ie, hog. w ll e , a -age s.- ca:tt. ci.rn ai.
tarming utI rnir
Tigbty Agree, two mhiles frm oo.t r
part, wii th cobmfort. lle sitelll I, well of
waterd nd the al nevep r fatiung .prlmg
itcue and mlet mon Shreveport. now oc
Stpwd by Leitvy oo
be single story agau ins. Hou.e ,n "xa
street. hetween.Jfarket and ld-Aard rtreeti
'Ibhe prcprrty kn,,wn a" tie 'Dutch Gar
den " f twety five srte acre lotw S 6.
and orchrd and a ten acre gatden a , rldt
rhd c.tV of ahredvport . larg, o t S semto.t
and werrll: all e-son ry oooi street fur
nitor particularsf red
Thirty Acrnd, one-third .n woods, a
Joloiog the above , ld ts, candnee
tioi.at the option of the put, haser
Tbhe Resldent latldy ccupied by T It
PiToaco. two miles Cirt Shreveport. cimm'ar
ring twenty are, with goo' d budi:ge e.
ald vh Itb ior foe acre lot t liog6. rfmbdt
Ithe ra U Sread.
For pnrticular- apply tot
Iancy and Staple Dry Goods,
Boots, hos, Luorats and
Clothing. Fancy and Hey Groceri~.
Hardwaret , QueewAreIN L. .Nail.
q Dea ers int

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