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Shreveport news. (Shreveport [La.]) 1864-1865, May 31, 1864, Image 1

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t- Z j v c o ti
i , _____ ____ ____ ____ -----.-._ _ _ _ _ -P:-~Zi ~ *·lCI-Ii Ii
r t * _ HR O .. 8 ...., yda.
N mber 46. - SHREVEPORT, T DAI;,-MAY 31. 1864.' .0Id. &Pies:
No more Subcribers taken.
Advertising-$3 per square for first in
section; each subsequent insertion $2.
Obitrary notices, marrainae, .:alls for pub
lie meetings. etc.; charged for its other ad.
rcrti;emonts. . Jorns 1)rurilxsso.,
Editor and 1Proprietor
Phelps -. Co.,
Grocers, Commission & Forwarding
toer. Commerce and Croke'c sts..
J. R. Putnamta. W:n. I .'rilerson.
Putnnnm & I Indersons.
Ca.emminrsion T1erchnnts,
g.'!e . Poss, Ti6a, and M'lldamorUs. AMexico, I
-References --G. L. Kou :, Dr.; Pirr,. Shrev.'
p o rt. L a ,u.u', - ,m "
S StIRIDVELIRT LoIu:I i'E. A. -....
mneets every Frith v eveniUC. at sev- !
en oIcOcmr. nyT,. ofr'tr r
ect.'lO II. III N.I(:KEIt, W. Mi
ED. EnrnsDT.DTT, Sec'y,
IO, . O I.
N EITII I. ODG E, No. 21. T. O.
O... meeteevery Wed- nes- .
day evenilfg at 7 o.rloek, at their -"r~'.W>,
Hall, on Texas stregt.
Brost In god slanding ar.' iovited to at
} teod. 11. LIN.'1MA Y, N. G
( ."
Army Orders,
II'd. Qr's. Tr:ans-11ist. I)ep't.
Sueas arvNur, LA , .ay 12th I,.,4.
GNRLAL. Oill1ElRtS, t
No. 2o. f
TIiE f,,lowiga Order Is rep:ub!iced for
the iu:urmation uft ala C3,'lcerned :
?ichkm-ond, I7. 4, Joia!4.
General Odors No. 11.
" li ful:e,; ilg t)rle"r -t i h" d for the
Infurwa.oid of all c".cr- ' ! :
"C( .%r,: I:LA. rr - i .. iltoI .11f:1ii :.C ,
1.a Dep.rl',e-t. IItiea r in,., FU. I, 1 '4.
EX~X'cuSti .ti s. X.. · .
1. .43 prin..r·:'s L!t,"f t(oe ltl by t, I
L in:i-'d Stiates a3l3'h ti. wh.t')-r 3r,
suold r. or civlii,,,s r 3, L .. t" '. 1' 3i. 1
befL re the firtlo J:r.t u .'y l". 1. (.t b tI l .,:
Jeleared excha::g-- .L
2. All otli.,-,r- 11i"t m.i-* of tl.. 1 kik-sh :
capture. who iztep rted I~t r d3.," ,t I-,,t
p ie M is.silss.ippi. at aniy thli' l i."r t, th'
144th of Novemiber 1,i:4, 3alal v ; :- i ,'..'- I
were forwarded ., in b3,3 i. J.i "." i. J,4h11
H. ourney. are du..i.r 'd . '·-: .J. I
3. Allo lceras, :r .! m,. , ,f hlii k-, i
eapture. belolw! ga t",) th , 1-t jI :,'" . ... "i'
liHenry Artihlery.rvo 30 pltp I ... di :,t1
)tarij"a. Georgltia. wii3,1 hcu' tweli t 4
forw'"rded to tl I.P .uI'A J:.'Ki-.l'
declared exchaugllld.
Ito. O(t.L, Ag. of :.xel.aluge "
Dy v d.er.
S. COOPE)!'R.' I
Aljuttl nt anti l1'spector G.,:teral.
By ewuuaul of
Luo tliia. TexasIl l : i- Atrk; -.i , ". "- .
p .i,iish three we k.
ilI). QIlS. Ti1tAN =-MI . 10i' '..
CI'ui'Na, ARK.. MAY 4t . t,. ) i
Soldiers of !kt" Tra.' I
TIE canp3la gl i u. . u, a: . d :. t \,a .fi-ih I
T on the day oft .N iNallt I Itallt 1l11 hii1pl '1 i
cation, hba, uil.de.i 'l-vidtln. been cruwi- I
ed with mln.t gltori. u :nul blrilliant Slcce-'.' i
You have deftat.l It lot- three times youlr
own. The lields of .!a tsfi..l 1.'lea'sant liiH.
Cloutlerville. lP' .,n . Spring, .11ark .till
and Jenkins Verry'. itt..-t . tur 1evt. ii n -
Eight thousand killed and wudd.I . -ix
thouear.d prisonlier. t'lir:t' fur , 'i. ,
artillery. twelve hlndrted wiagon. nl, I.u
b.oat and three tr.tn-pt; :are alrIcaly Ih."
fruits of your victlrie. Theii, path of :h'i? 1,
ls still open to you--lt'rll3l3ldn-nt 3curl'!y 33 + i3
your home., before y , i. Call t.l3 ,,:;i..
your comrades, 03d 331alihlder toi 'ho331).'r.
we will yet free the n3il of our btelho i
country from th.' ilnvad-.i itfoot-stepls. :-1
diers of Arkansas, .Mli.iouri. Texais anil
Iouisianas.yo havero the thiankI of a grat.:
fill people. Youlr living will be reap "ct..l
-your dead. hlnired and revered.
E KIIY 5l.11l 1'11, G.er.erl.
Louisiana., .rk.insl3s anrd Texl i. pip,"r
sopy three week-. navl 17 ;t
Ul1An. Qt: ºr'.. Tit..s- llt .. D :irr. i
o a Ennrvrs.r onr, Li., May, 3., I1;.
No. 133. 3
V. All negroes in tie employment of the
Shreveport and .Marshall Railroad C(.,
through the military autlorities, will ie m
immediately dischlargqd. xcepting Mtl3h :i
ear held by spelcili agreemenlit of0 th
Company with their owners.
By command of
Gierneral K Kttnlr SuI-rn.
Ass't Adj't G(en'l
,'', '-.ý..--*- .ls.clill anrd Jetterson pa
m:tal1,. tI pt, iJ'"v.ceks.
pa:tny .,:'lt;.Z .
will! ,
Head Q'rs 2d In-. Divisions,
"In thneid, l1st M .' ll~l;ti4. i
It ii hereby enjointd upon all the cili-i
enl tno of Avoyelle., )iati to econscrip ion, to
Sreport themselves to fhe Enrolliug OEv'.r
at Mansura. or st sneh other place as lnv
, be indicated hby hil,. withrin ten days ottlth
Spublih'ation of this order, in their respective
r leighborhoods. Faliling t. do ao, they n ill
be considcred Jaylinvkersi aum shut do'ru
without nrrcy.
S Ily.eonmmannid of
Mmnj.r Oeneral 4trt'i h' n TAvLoa.
C. S. POt.IGN "'.
iaj. Gen. Comldig .'d Inf. Division.
May 31st, '64 -tf
Quartier Gene'ale,
I 21 t.ary3'y. MI p l 21. l\T 6t.
i fst enjoinlot. lLr cs pi0-eite3, a tol(3
les tiloyenA des Av ,llw·et. 3;,i,'ti a Ta con
3criptin. de so pr3;.lt.er A |'( .)icier Enr6
leur a Mansu0lra, nil a n'importe queil 3a)tr
.lett letindlquuti iar iui. olls dli3 jo331. apiIs Ia
publication dle cet ordre 3td3s lellr volsi
liege; £ ddfat do q4w,i it4 .seriut coni
. , p -,.A.r..,atiiia et del tuaran
IIAD-QcARatie COtsCRIPr DTSTRrc-r. LA., I,
Shrevepert. La., May 2i7th, ilC4.
I. The follo order is publishel for
the information 'I concernedl:
HIEAD QCAtcrTEi. sta oF Cx.acnarrrro.v
EPArrstEr.Nr TTa.aS-31 x.,
f:trshell Texas. May 23d, 15;.I.
No. 10. f
1. So rihnch of claueta 2. of J.ar. II,. Ged
eral (Irder No. 9. current series from this
Iltureal, as o. tablished places of rende.zvous
for the Rileserve Corps is heretby revoked.
II1. Thie .enrollmnent of thei Itesarve (,Corps
is placed in charge of the cmmnsatt antsi
of the seve ral States. rwhihill i--.tllfi-h
places of re.ndezviaus for adjdininz Cralnlitil-s
or J'arislnis at such pointas as will lat Iec
quire of the meinlbers of thet carp m
I tan three days' travel. The cinina:,l.itat.e
will have at eachi ruena'lzvon. It sitiuble of
frcer to enrCll and organize thI. nmen enr ah.le
into companies;:it- each companlly to c-',ni.-t
,f not less than sixty ntn. rark and lile. l;,r
c:avalry. and sixty-four, rank and file. f.,r
ilt.alttry. C,,pie-(. tfthe nuster roll, of the
c.otitpani.sriaa Ilt h frwardedl by the otlrn
Smartlas to :t...' i'adktart.eris, aindl
thrt-,ugh this a ISle to Diep., trairnt Head
q'larters. In c.ia a whtrr- th!ere :are not stif
:flena:lt t- ,'n ir ,,lie d I,,r a t-mpany. they.
inll he -'rn- lihat.14 wit illt m-n froatl iadjta
rentt ria.tza,-uls to torm at company. and
,lfn ther, i- a exar":e,-S of a ctitmpatny ior
com.i l;i,a a like consoialatltioll will be
tlanla. Ul. an the comple n'ii of t't e coi
pany oraganiz.ations thie o."iaerr and menr
will Le peraillat'to retirn to their home--.
SThe a:im for thet enrollment andd organizt
lion' oif the crps in the ,State, of Lona'its
and .\rkitusas is exteuded to the lath p
Ill. Enro.ling (I Ofmers wil.Reip a trate
dis.ctriptiet - lists aLa11 `I n-acrip:s atlenr, led
by therinilth pIarrticular- rof thedio
iltioli iTu:e ofla m ake.ping lm (I , Th
lheree.4 C - on sepatte roll mto t rtL
rftaft tho-a.lettvaoothe rttes l i
"I'hay naill. \riIhliott le~. n d
nationm rqul;rled by clase 4. of tar. 111.
S;enerail (iraler. No 9. and relle'
the I can.rand ints who will tfra
oftf le re'ports to this office.
IV. All persons. whe;aer sraliiera or con
criptsa. , aho have been or may be detailed
fri:nil il)ea,:rtm.nt HIeadlqaarterm-. ats h!an.a
a". ( I Ivat'aer irs of plantatt tions will cont
l',a-it:e Ia ..La taJ wth th -ta i ,.u e of thei
I 1 - ,, t itn ,' :he Acrt ,,f c'untr,,e, ,f t fhir ,
o f l'a- .ar-ry ;a-t. 1ytr tliit inr th , aflit. te
-ia, ,I tfsri-aT- a rtqa i ite,.. ex. -ca:. ,l aci ort',r,:ar 
t, . i.e ,liirr, ia . 'a- i ..i.. t. t, f l'.ar. IV . .1
(;,t eifal irdae.t No. 4. I:nr ltin. ailat! -ar
ill plr -a Ily repi.ir:t t' tlhi- ti.:,. lthe
i.t -au s of -atih I 'r-ont a+ fail to ots ei
i:ii - I-ti 'lt 't,. tha:'t lt.iil tar tl t Imt ay bet
-a ,k .I.
Sl. Persoins a l- i hate- . i ,..'1 ,r t'- :l.' ,r
al-tia- 1 a-it I'-aern-ar+ and .11,t.tiga rs of
d,l ar _ r,,l t' l . ,I lr,,Ia t- u. air-' :! " ,. i \let
a-11 is- -it. I ;3, w:11 a1-o irnt.-" ta , 'y lv al'
na:i -,l. t t bf'ii l ' rta. X!"f .iti faaitl 'lit
ti " t1 le h ad ';! ter e~rv n!.t;' o. rtu let -
Tirl .*1 r u , to a II , Tr:' Ii'nt ilel
'April. ISi;4. aIn I ..I-' ala-i . , -a.h -a a:.a -
:.it a .t i e t .ef ia 'l"- i ai .,:: '- "1
wil: h" a , t. . 1-- l an,,i. hi - t-, - t - h
S ::n i t' ,e % h11 . *f I .y ' t
, I,'" tt a 1t1 tai - , tel 'r': .t ,l 1 , 1.."- 1. '" ,
- A t. ,, i intdi .h - itI. .i + ., : ; aa,
a a; I. I". t'n'I: ii ti, a ir lC.. i
al. ' 'CI~tn l taa h - 1-a .- ; -a ,a- Iaa- '-. aia:.,,
.. 1 i.. .. r b y '1by o ., r o : ,t ,i 1 r ,:",n
:. iua f , ,1-. . i :: t!i : -, l
1.It a t'e I wall d, lij:t fe h:e:,. ... p .k a ni Il
he'e'l I .aa tireil by the !a I'v. a hil ti lavt"
t lno:;ii, tralln the lb at.at at t I. al n, rtlit an
-i' : lla th,.reafter. dliritia it, r-.!fatiii iiie '.
:irat ttuch tites as the ( e, ".l I mint'iliil
inzl thel department Iani.y ala. ral:- t. iantl
those,. ewecuted purmlanut to h i.- V iar'., will
he c -ilitined t(in adlhitihn to tba oth-r a -
aitatl- of the ttittat e.) that ftie ,aT'"aa' e',a , ,r
detail ,,, p"ir-on will deliaf . r t h ca: , r
atk lan I hbeef withini twIva . nw nt;h- ;, ,h
\- -ril. I I. aita unrua'lv tha .r.. ,aftea r, - e
aj oa r a a -orI l' a -t
ti -" ia l - I t., . a,- i ii.r e . Ia I -..l i
am L its r e. Itie I .' ' ,.rol , 1 I' n 1. 1,uth
tro', l it.h A. i' i !.,-t.
\ II. Thl" haatal givaen plir- na ti ,a two
prte-e !iat p ia. Jisaphs. tat-.n r~ n." ainlila
al' a with th.' atll lat it- of thl oa. aialp ' I aa
,.,h.a l 1.r-ali. -t itint ti.a a .: -r '.I
-I lTrv' " t.ae l.mtiitt O l lr iat,.a tl.V
- ar - 'x tal' I aar rta a ;.- i -t - r ha
1t1 l th a, 1 7, : a l i t I . :i. - a-i a-h -r ti" i-h
I 'r, Iri tl a li,' d -ar 7t .: : .~ .a l ':it ,iflia',rii,4 i r
.x r" t.,; i un :to ,. t: lthe .1 t f ,,Ila lla r t !.ar -t
:ti- i ' iaa I'  .ii,-llt faii t ti:a.l.atr iaf' at
a. ,a d e a a nta-taot .
Vi-a to li l frai a ""ta ,,i' i a1i a Ia t- n i -"
ttrid t the grt - n- .' pub: ,te-it marl r
{the -,ul1 .l et of 1. t:1 I' . ra y , .i ', tA i' , :
-t t tithe - a - a I ta nia It " It- , i
tov Ie , -,. ,i ia ,
Ji a . a .a a a . 1f a . t. .i. . ,tva -
to i a t i. " I aa 'i a a at ! " i i a ty at,
and o. r a1ii .ilt i - " 1 .i "a i , a:f!:1 t ml 1i a iti -
Siti ..i whic I o" tit- 'h. r': ' t cedrtti " la-t
der hi h:.nal a a alli a a - a-a ai
- . la I ;,ner-aia Ia t .h " N\,. 11. Lf la -t e ': froa l
ti e l im  ,. - o . i a ,f e ra yi i i,. tk , 1 .i -l
faa . In alpa uaflanre ai"a tar lIha fte a t i, - i
i .fo v e - , f P a - a g r a b i . t, t a.lt- a a -I -l a - a
te:'..' n lodifieal ah. tlala ala- a
' t w ,,n :a- a t o f Ia la -li l aa a :i i a ' la l ,a
% n t, ai "iema-aves i -t it,]lw li' " ii
i .Lt i ala . a -" ' t it e - -er e o r p , li ai n a ia-iria a
t,, ata .. il  il', a by- th a Iat c1 I. ,1
,i-,Iv it plia.,a a ,,- ,i thair iii -,i
ihi *i f -, ai-.. I 'i t ) --l l al "1 th
-t i " . I i iit-. fi it h fY ' ¾ at t faaI
at"" -' ihi tt i fa ,a th par is .-* f (arlll.i n Olie
stela h Iaa .at ' ". I af o i tai .l:i.lit ilfa Xa
- thrir ap al. L-li
a ITa.-o htaln the pari-' - ra if tclahit:
- Mit-iut ie. Jackn-iakUn. 'ni-,n, Frtataklhi, (2aihl
'IT;oe from the parishes of Calcasien
St. Landry. at Opertousas.
Thtose fro.m the, p rihes of St. Mary,
Martin, Vermillion, and LafJtyctte. at S
Those ft .'m that port!on of the coni
withj llulr lires east of the Atchafal
eithe.r at ()pelonsan or New Iberia.
An '.fltUer will be in uttendun;e at
rendezvu;us on the day stated to organ
tho men e'nrollett.
All of such persons who fail to a
themselves to the volntary organizatin
before mentioned, or to enroll tretnsel
wa above, previouis to the let .dtay of Ju
or who having ellriIe. thenmselves. ;aitl
report at the ret:e.zvoIs asbove apploinr,
will be sen.tt by the Enrolling Officer to -e
camp of instrultction for asignment to dtl
in the tield dutrin tthe war. a.- if they wer
between the :ges otf tI and 44.
iy orde.r of
Col. E. G. RA.ND)OLPIH, .
Comnmatlit (:.nscrtipt Dist., La.
(joonwtt.L, iot Licht. **.nd Aj't.
New'papers in La. copy till Ist July.
lay3f-t6t .
Local Advertise'
W antaed to Puiclhase-A hou)si
s tit.ah4t for a i'uial family. Inqu;iae
at thit oitice.
April 19-tf
.Statef Louis.iana-Pari.sc f Caddv,
In District Court.
Tutorship of Sallie lM. GilkLal
* o.
"TOTICE is hereby given that W. 1.
ore, tutor of said minor, his triMs
tin my ~llice an 9ccotn t of his 4i
wministratinn of thl. property .'f said milnior.
__il_ tabltau of i debit. paid by him. td i
as - li~'l 1to hav", same homuilogatedi. tit t
Inl'..-it 4poition b. minad, thelreto in IliS.h I
time pr,-cribh d by law. said Jý,
w l i'kIc *. ·r:alnted at lrayed !,r.'
(. iln .ll v hand and .,at of o*'l.
A-t A. I. LE4 NA1P.R. Cler
stateof Louir.iana-P.risbi rf Catd40,
In I istrict CoLnrt.
.'' cs.siot ', f' T. (,;/,o r. det .'isd.
1N Yl' C: is .' ..by giv.ti thIat W. ,.
1` GC ., r.",. ia :v. *'',-Mamta,,,.,rv E -i
r,1 or , th," - te.- 'i.,,n of V. T. (y I
h . in. l. r a-..I. tl tti: d y li:i.i il u .ill j
-" I.i; - L .i l u,':,n nt with --,il ,  c -ha' .I
Itin an api licatin t: an Ing h tlrt - n.o be.
Slieino1tl_.-t " 4 1 ' i th:ll'+ .,p -ition I.
ma 1. th lben - i th t J u r:. th.* tl i I
-at ibl," I by la'v, -ai ,d I ; acr".:nft :will j> t
h :, n ,"l "a: , }i .t+ plr.ve .l ft Ir.
tb.i: ,..1pr "- ,1. 1i;.}..
p,, ri, i, .. _2II. .lI,,N.i, . (',."r
I ut 'e,' of 0 r'i-14u ..:1'z-ta"i
1 '. 1r ), 1 ' ' , i ix.-"1 " t c 'iu t.
hr 441111 in t! ," "!d is lv. only It}: a .clllncr
**r . ,,' "' I before o r ,.:r the I' . Ji.t.y
It 1 h'i-t tile':'-! n l, by, l 14. 1i a ,
I "t' 't *II int I*,h hllsmll
I i-p tnt wibot d
. ,"1. T. -ýit.KN 41."
f". f ', , 1,i- ri. 'urc in- .\1g ::.
-tur ni"y of "r'a r - o'r "i'r:ani
.l i ..iip i ) " ipa rt ment..
Ma.r'h !4th. 1-1I1. in r' t tre I,;:- l - in '1.<
hLamL o1 ll-b ii:, n i ,,!I1i ,:r-. u a :1 • 1 :4a t,"
imn , w ill h.- 11i- , I , i (,!:1. er'sinll
! c !:, - "!r ! :2 1 1 r ,i : _ . Ml ! -
. 1 t : " 1 i . , " :" :" ,I . -" i r .i lpre i:t
t t . ' t t . o yI, I ^i. i ll b " p.', i.
aili InI . l ie:.t , i: ..i '.
:" lill n, ii (h . 1 Vt , - * I, - ,f .
ni . i. " ' " !; ,  " , ' I, i," I. ':- , u .1 l "
1, :n' w .- .. }. 44.."7 -,:' .tc L"
}I i . I j .i .1. I : 1 lI.  , -
ii -I',C -it ti ti r:-ti-.t I t I tO . e ,; /z J
I:st Iv 1.I' 41:1 . * :h '1 r,. \ I.
hen , - ". " f i .-.1-":i ni,.r
I I'. 1 . : ;l t. t:r . t
, I r.-t.- ry .t r T 'r.Al:i-1i- . l re.i.
.1prri:' , lil
l-.I-:, h*. llrh.II tli.ve-on N. w ,. . 'all
. :li, it li r 1 1 :. 1t 0" 4'.4 .r I Cl t telte. will
SIeralstit ld or Itleit i.
X 11:; .1 1 4:," 1::1d'. -' ::.1.: t t!.: Oln " 14i,"
' IIu- . al,i'_ht i,.:v llfl --E : 1T A;i, i
wc i; I ý: l llr 1," J : i. l 11" .s . .1 '.-0., it 1 " ii4ll,
. . , V h o r s , I1 I 1 1 : bt :: l. i n 1 1 1 , " t Ie iM " '4t " ,
a til ,o irr ' l ill frot h b l: ,
1 wiIl i y .1,: r,.w- I r 1,,1;1. or tn ."ntV
n. n , u l1 1 . fr o ' , 1 r ' l,r ,'  t .. ,t t h e: , F i n n
P!1,- ". at l. i.0a 1 t-3t'
I clhanle and ]Br0ok1nlisat.
rt .,.i,:.-::. "-. : ,. ill hivo : :Ili I - ":!l ,.i, ait.
, 041. 11l,, .1, :! l'.thlk I "' "e-. I,. ow f l prl
.1. 1 kI. : \', . ,1 e, ei :uid ,1i- h'l: e *!ep-wits
i .4 r, a00 ," .i j in .o c. 11 ill "l " ,441iv .Iepeci.,
4(t400i40 4(0 t i l.:, i,.: ,,vy for 1,41r frien %i
.\::v fnis',- tr xteivite. to ui- hill re'.eiv,
pr mtpt .tenti:o'i n.
Sh-rvevport..May 20, I :l. rs24-t
T'['.Ix ti t\xn,
.'hrv,,port. La.. Mtay 1:. IMl1.
S" vijw of th,, inth rfl e',ntc (e a'i' i t!ii, ctllt
I iilon of III I r'eslnt enl1o) Ih~ wo'' li
be oca' iolnJ hvy the ~:nn n'. ;kit I halin
t of oit,'al dallinI" llty s.":aw fur cn'ti,º lai
tit " lime for the de',ivery of the tithe ilito
is hereby extended tuitil the 1"t driy t
-'lign-nt net at ti. option i thno il'nd ce
. 'or Sale.
AA Snbstantial thorough brace IIAC`
.L with harness complete for two hbrses.
*+Enquire at this office. may jt3t*
For Sale.
A First rat re SULKEY, at Sim's Stable. he
LMay 17-2t St
Paunding. t
T IEftEBY give notico'that I am now a
I receiving money on deposit for Confid- h
er' pBonds, bearing four per cent interest
per ananm. under the Act of Congress of
SFebruary 17th 1864.
I appointed as Deputies to facilitate
fun sngX: a•
For Bienville parish. La., Capt. C.G. Thur- at
mend ; office at JMt. Lebanon.
For Claiborne, John ChiqT; office at Min
den. •i
For De Sfte, J. D. Wemple ; office at
Manfield. a
For Natchiteches. A." M. Li'so; office at -;
II. J. C. tB TTLE.
- l1iptsitarv.
.lireveport :fw 12th. 1°^f. m17 '"
I1D. QU:. TItAN'S-fiSS. D;P1'T., 1 L
S S.:tIuIE rIvitr, i., MAYr ITrl l Se.. f th
te oi
to i\ . 1_i. .h
"T All A ie.ron...is who have been or c
L1 f . may b e detailed ait mnaagers or
oTo'erseers of plant tirtns or farms. will tom-µ
ply immendiately with thel p1ro..'ioas of the
Act of Congress, npproved lFebruary ]7th.
This order appiies to all, whether detail- th
.ed fiomn the army or a, conscripts,. th
i The Conscript I,'irean vwill take the nee- ca
1 essary steps to carry this ,riLer into -ffect.
r. and w;ll report :,t tonce iti- lnames of all
d flilinj ts comply, it i,:decr tha t the de:ils a
Smay be rlCii k,.d.
S l( y commanttd ,fE in F
e(;vn. E. Krne r w , n, i a ,
a. .. ANDI)I' tN.
ima 24 it A s't. .,lj'. n'l.
Str.z yed or Stoleua.
[1('1 tl. ·-t " c· nc e of te un.der,,n,  e?..
1 1,0 mlil.e ;i l :-t " 'l r:'t. i s ch. ht h.1.
-iI : ti uk".1i 'i I t -1n I .a'r in t.- i. I
hiiu , i ht I , tnit t hlit., i.eg- , I.
in irk-..itl I it * w ' l v l i" t '.tr .,
i w il ipay" ' I f.,r I .ll. ."-r i t, ti me.
may2 t Inv" ' Capt ::,] *i r . Iron -emr ",.
11. Q.C h<. i-tt'. AV.i l, Iil\I-I IN, i.ln
.1 : ,,. \t i st, l . \h a :. N64. )
.i vI+tmi I t. < u li t'!r -. N,,.
f I i. ,..I t. G nr.d ' ,' tn , ; : :nT . t:%(.akc
1 o t.:. t, !. ll '1 t., v.i il t ti--.'.
c ii i d, * . , tm :I." :* a nr d .q . (.1 1.i l 1 ,
the Ii -i r- atut I, nt e ,I it rr - i' - a ll . ., i ,'i -
S1 i:tm",t-. is t?:, e a:_t t t+.r, th . eut,- L.
S i, tn ll tt , 1 n-.i i - .. . ( * r-t ii i.tn :t
."f c,. t alry .u ,l , : . .--t'. , _ :'" I.... c'1 in ' Ji
'- t i n t ! ;r ( I ! . s o. . . . - ul a r . .1 .r a t s
is t, hl u.: * .eitr.-!. it.',: Il t '
tltr . i, at . 0 an .. i i !tt t." .1 ·; ."t' .1.
il• i" i I
;..- ''u; T. , t.
" ". it r"nnn~ t 1 !. " 1, - ,i t. i i t t ,:i h
fi ,- .t I ,.
\\ti I it h \ i in.
i " t'i i:i , . - i IA. .j:
-Ii.:l I.t:
:' , .. . , , all k : : ' u
i , . r  . .. ; , "' ' ,.
ti l l . 1 , i : tr\ 1 : i x 1 .
.i. * t i i t.i W . . . . .t . ..
t "r n 1 h ! -t 1, t .e r ". g l "" I:` "
Si., t L:'ll : , . t Il .
113 v
tr tu otice..
t , t. , h tt - : .U K - ... h
`' 1 1 hey L.-it I i o , ti-I e
ar, ni, I. . i : r . t :t.l crilt-, i-v t
Sill e.i . .r ' .-, . 1
ii i. ru th itii rl ,,ilti l - . t i -
uti 11. 1 i.t .l h,,fl ' ,,,iiii .. l ',,.i, ,'lx; ,,, till ;i
lit i-r h C. i ii ll i, itjiii.:" f 1:t i th'.| l l.t
mi 0I . .1. G . f itl'Ti,
ht' ' i, , t i, . : t' ..t: .
' n , irl, L :L "pOri.f -a u 4 F_ 1 -, . ,..vtl -thi .
lC 't s 8i lll, e pr,, , t te '' m, 2 f ilm'd tl,.+-. i
t l a . ot .,ii .. on e hal• te , .ar'+l-, o f.," ,
Le p tc bhas e w ,t b . h e' , ,'eI :i.i. $1,,1 bills,','t
. App, l y,1,' .soon -ROt W ELL++ & ' BUCK'.,;'d+nE
ct% icP,,s II h" aS?4 t~~ 1:1<,ll.
Notie to ianderate Tax
I c. . t',odtiere t - i ,
A IL such persns as have.not yet been
a tes.sed flior tabile Produlc!s. Nitrai
So.res, Salt, Wigs as d Liqnors. and for
Moneysc, and- Creitta Iteeld on the 1-t of
J.dly. 1863 ; Neast CtIorites.-Mules. &e..
held on the Ift of 'fovoemb'r. IR63; their
Salaries and faccishes fur the year.186;
their profit on Pllfu, Corn, and other tax
ables, during 1862. and their GrospSales
or 1Rceipts. from any branch of busain.'aa.
between the 24th of Apiit.-lact3. and the
I4t of April. 18:4. or any ptortlioo of salit
period ; and all such Faramers and Planters
as have not yet renduretl. on oath, a fall
andl complete estimate of the Cropls raised
and gathtaed Ib., them sing-e the Ist of J.t
ly, 1803. oflthe Tithe l h ern"o due the
oovernmen; and all such pers'os as hare
not reported the iogs htlghlltelIed by or
for themn. between the 24th of April. 181i3,
and thet let !March. l.6-t. ierttin2 moore than
:30 p.ou nd= of Pork. and the Ti'ithe thereont
deliverab.- le to the Goutertiiit.nt, in cored
Jilacn. (at lthe rate fi, ;0 pounltd4 of Balron
for every limt poundsl of Pl'ok.) are. helrehly
nir;kded ail reqidll t app :'p.lr at the tilt i'
of tlhe Iltntler aamed I ri Ii.t Col:ector for
their L uCt1li3=aith.- Wiltin twentyir dty fromn
the datole of fd nollcc. ant there render. on
oa:h. full and complete rertlrns of their
taxatble 4,roperl r aforesabl. in such form wa
.ho said Collector or theL A..c-sor hL:tal pre
Notiet it also glvi-n that any Tax pay',r
who tdesire. a re violl of tIhe. Aias.,inett.
lir ctll're-iln of retin therein. . m lt tde-I
liver Li: w.riit tn application tere.for. tritlint
_; ',<,, d. .. to the lit, ri t Col t:,,r : af.ir
that tll "such It a',r., a 't e re' :tly. to pixavy
their tatx,-, may do nor elrlti~:ft dely. by
ca'l: n cl on itid oilictr
N. '. ·..-' n- t i'.;l~ to m'ike ret l'rns
within the. prescrilhd t fiee are subtijec: to
a petualty of twenty-liv,, pI.r crnt.
Li to tel It of July 1p Ixttioi. all gonn
ine noll int;rit-elr . lt aring CL,,nftiirl 'el note,,
wsill be recviv,.d it their Gtee valul, in pay
att o it f'taxn,. After tha:t ilitl. ti- t li:t-ii
,l ed1 will not be iceir.*,l at all. and flit
I il'a;e4. Twe.tntiea. anI Ten-. wilt lie ta.ken
only at two third- of th*tjr Iare value.
ROuT 11. 1U.'IIE:1.
tnt!e I o'u:lctor.
Sl:rtvopi'rt, La, May. 31, I.Cl
.i.ittlt Van Iibber, for Cadd-., ig threvt
ri,ltn ts T. \':illLimn, for )e Soto, at Mane
ti ".,i :
.lont, . 1I. 1II.1t..q,r .- .l':^, at larne:
.1:n.* 9 . Brown. for Ji0 -,ier, at l;Dete'r:'t
\\ :,ly I. t;ray-tin. !,t.rhruri it:in. Caldwel/
atil \'iln .. it " .,lllii; :a
V. i. Knt :.. hr t i0t avid Jackson. at
i ri .tirvi',. :
,it i. t'.t,:s. t',.r Cltiborne and Pi'nvi;le.
L. h ':ict,<. fi.r t it c!.ita ans. Vorhotsce.
i'ht- P. a oil r. fr ('arr- l. :it Ilovul:
\I.,ni t an, f"iir Na r ch:tr_'he, at Na:citih
Th, ooih. C'. Littet!..: r .St. L, I lry, at O', ,
I t rlin It.i .',iJ. s, fo A i.v, ielies, at Mark
. teph i%. c'.opr. ln. f.r lS .. Mtary. at Cen
- /;!. f. C:" ' .i-u. at .,k,' haur .
. I ii :.- 1I:l :IS I ',, t" li nl t.- lr ,i , er
"'r:. ' t. ' t, if p . In 1I' rs,,r ' list.  aiy, .
1 . e, f lelp ty .:ate _',,le'tor, ,It 't!reve
I:. I r 'dr. L uu-dcll. eip. State C-,,'r . tit
Si:'". .l. LUSLII.R. IaLte Ca'r.
tr " .1t 1";4--3
:; .vsrnwtr. LA., Mlay *:o0. 1. 1
'II e'm1. I), r -Ma'' Di'p...
: l.u. t,.. I
-i1,, ;,,t :~·.' I.": iil:.ý - \r ll::,-t 11:"
t, t ; e -'." t f..
t; i b i I h-ch i dnp
. '.-? ' , ,' . ":. ' " d1e t-, . it .
1 . l li 'I. . ll T' ) 'i ,:ll '
Str i il t t..t- rI ig t l' 1.) Ity' a t r
u.i. i -t. -, L u'. i t - lIt)
It ii 1, ith It P lit ui "i ti.i t ti iii h t:
.the lIt f t:" , 1 ': .' l ' t the att i day ti
I. i !,t lt r. , a e lf " aborit' AcrI t
1t . 1II lit itii i titruir b rile ArmI
r litglt, - it h - sir Ii" at,,i l to thlie A -ti itint a td:
i i . itot a ic ra:. . :ti iiti,, Lr . wilh il
tt. Iulls ,f the-warded to the :head Qday o
111. Atllt i tt ointiers arte apt orln let Ih
hCalve ll in it neserle Corps of tIer h'- the
tire v oui,tI' or pa1iai., hn-itoer ither
( '1 !ir d.i, ," :. r\,l tca m:.t . b y h t ter t o i
i t- t,iiu l 1:.11 it tn.of r - their l ip a dr ehi' , s l
I ' g - :,V . t E ion t,tit '
hi r iet oE KIR _1tdTIT.
Se O AND, esOr , A'i"'t Airt Gen.
Lr"ttt-itin xaIinqtit and Arkanlti poipi
, bl-li.h 4 e. k-.
Meeting of thie Shreveport laar
At a nleetin of the Bar held in the city
of Shrwveport, on thbe 25th day.of isv Ip;14.
on the occasl,m of the death of the late Col
on'l Wrsl.r P. Wi.'Axs, the following pro
ceetding were had:
On motion of Sam. Wells. Capt. L. M.
Nott was called to the chair. and A. I.
Levvlse chosen Secnretar.
Robt J. Loouey stated the cusE
meeting and:moed' the ajpntmea
committee of three to draft resoltis il
ably expressig the f ellgge of the
in elation tit t-he deeeased.
Wherenpon it. J. Looney. W.:.
and J..liuknley Ha~ were atp
Consl Iipte..alIsce ztign r. 
In duif time th w teiiUe y altt
tihe following resolations wI vl t Lh
imnously adprlted :
iViile in cotornaol-of the 19 Rgg
of Loruisiana vrlunteerd on ibelid of
.ionary Iidgeo, nobly and gallahl dl
battle for our dearest righti.,4acreda'
ors, fell Col. WistAy P. 'If o rs
and re+pected brother of the
liar. Words are inadlequa to
the etiotions ot grief and r tegt- w*
the lostjthat outrcq ntry and`:Op'bjc sswLam. -
sustained by this erhateaing -di-'m tilido A i~
of Divine P1'rvidende.
Feeling that lore for the memoryof our
deceae t brother, as well as or.a appreeita
tion of his noble virtuen, should be publ*,
ly spoken and reegrded., . ,
Be it therefore rvsolve4,
aFir-:t: Tuat it is lithl the
and pain that we hrve heard
bar, and as cit;zens of th ce ill
n ourmnful and irreparable calamity7. "v
Secon.nl: That iu this act of oar isralli
I,!, IP'ovidence. our bar has 10it one of
b: ighe'.t. purest arid most christian nuej[:;
hers--the counlry one of its noblest and.
mhi.-t useftl citizens a wife and family
their kindest love, honor and support, and
our .acred caus'. of treeldo a braveo and
gallant officer, and a true and honest tol
Third : That we tender our sincere con
dolence to his afflicted and bereaved fam
ily, and if possibie. would by our sympa
tiy. Ilnhten the load of anguisls under'
wi hidi, they still:-1".
i' urth : That a c"'py of these resolutions
be I.resente to the Di)trit Court of our
p :ti-h by J. Pin kn y Harris, E2q.. attorney
tor the St:.:-, wirih a motion to spread the
same oil the rni.:esi i t. said court, ad that
tih. nlewt i"p":'s of the ci:y be requested to
,publish thbe :ine.
W. J. I'UN' \ " 1 . L'ommittee.
O.n mn.,t'tin. th .. -,-c.lri of the meeting
w.t.s reqttete. : atrnith a cop.gpf the ford.
g.t,lig.lI'su.u i -us to th, :id%"-of Lho de
W\\hereupon t' meeting a,jfjutn."r.
A. I. Lt.\iJlE. 'c. ty.
013IT 1KRY."
D)roian,,,1. i.n IIi:o Cow hayon. near Vida- 'i
lia I. . May J3th, JAMES CASSIDY, in
the -1 th y-a;i of' hi' age. -,
(.'ap t. Jai ',ic-evi ly was bnrn in Ireland;
it; piit':rt. etigr-ate:' to Louisiana during
lh:i i ,Ilc. With all the ardur of his na
tit e: .. ,' loved and claimed our south- .
ert- In'l as his own. At the commence- g
tuent ,il thi< stri le for libeli'he volu -
,i 8:s Lt. cavalry. At, the expiration
of t!a:' ,pe~' "I. li' health failing. #e was
~.r:.ad a 't:l.: h When the time ar
r,': r.1a t~'°w ra " n to his con:mtnd.-Vicks
iul' l:a ri .t', , sttenud treisfllifi2uly in gse
i:: e Miss--',iipi raver was so great,-lo- .
gite11r titi tl c netned we hadl of e-very man
on tai- ' ,;-". d,: :nilinlll him to join a con
,p ny : S: .:i'tl .au,-e, then in umbro'io.
At i l'raiz' t.i''it (,l v., :eh company, he
was tc:~' 1 ( ':pt:ain. in the c mtlicts on
l.1 t v, i i' t iti-es I te e beon dangerous;
'uIIIl ' r,-.'iti-:bility and toil. At fhe mo
mient of his death he ha id almost completed
a -,,tr.'l tip t, the .1ississ'ppi river in
e'llltil't i "ai' If -t.t'ty five men ltspatched to
ca;i,:' - :.a' li-ji, *' th, jay-hawkers that
iater'.eAl "i, r i , trr nl "f t country. IIe
hld a;,t: i. :i . ;,J , t';ld six of the most
nlii oi l 1,.iadr.L of the diflerent bands,
ant I:; ntu I, r ,f the less con'picuous of
:.. lie- i a I ,,d orced to join different con
' "...-..,te c,:n tn did lie had crossed with
, t "h aid of Ihat. .kifi or canoe, the Lusto,
It ar'k rivt.r ainl nix other streams. and in
c,".--::;4 th1,: e~.,ni' ti. ,;'iit0r three miles of
! i,- iin L l.e he mit his untimely fate.
1t!:, :no.n :sre to the detv tlon which charac
.,,: .. m:i'i, Cevetry ( ffort to rescue
.:. : i vain. Hlls holy was recov
... .!v,, .:. afier andtl inerreti at Capt.
. : : ,in nu Black river.
:. , :1,."r , ntitll'l is ot d:lty forever,
S:, er : an ot hlier patriot soldier good
a; ti tru. It a-accrtplishedl his last march;
I"'.t" his I.- batt.e, and now sleeps sweet
I;" an.l qt 'ie:iv in h:s modest grave. '
As in o litler. C(p. C.tsidy was'brave,
rin -:'-:: :::. I klt.l ; as a fr'end. lunselfish
S:ti l:':: " : ~mtani. he was indeed one of
t "' i.. . ,-: I. t!llen. lie has gone to
h.' g:'' ln't.e\n-d with heroic honors, anti
ih:e I. , i-s emba:lned in the heart of
h,. - 'art a It. l'ho knew him as he was.
T1'..1t =.t: ti,.ew n; I carry desolation to fond
.;tel', ,, "at:d it .,ur-i s in i:his home circeo. buy
:w .1.t ti ul ( "s of tlei,' irst grie leTr'; er. "
S.;ill be ia ',ieet sooliee for them to knoew -
liti: i wI .:lh tinl min.rit was known and
,p,t.,'.iat, cl :" .hat he gave his lite a willing -
taol'tie t, t'e a'te lie loted so well ;and n r
Stwhen our b1.l' .iers of peace are unfurtled,
th'y w" il hat I the proud right-thmroutgh
- t'i':e tears sto shout hurrah-for his struggles
and his death will have made thenm ben's
2 in the rich legacy of Liberty and Indepen
1 dence.
Tribute of Respect.
SAt a regular meeting of Neith Lodge NO.
21. I. 0. (. F., lheld this evening, 25th i t..
the following preamble and resolutions
- were unanimously adopted:
i 1'hrcas, it has pleased the Almighty
Father of the universe to remove from our
nudst and place him near his throne, out ,
1 beloved brother. WIL.AM SROaxAKEL .
i ~erefors be it Resolved. That, although ':'s
acknowledging the power of outr Creator, _
we deeldyv dplore the loss of olnr Brother,
, and that in his death, this Lodge has been
- ep, ied of on- of o oits wortthiest members.
r and the Order of a worthy and true repre- i
-' Resoleed. That we deep'ly etympathle" i"
with the biereaved fetmily of our decesad
: 1rnithr in their afflictiolt.
Reselt.ed,. That the mnember of tIhls Lnodge
'- wrt i tht I-nttlal badgeof motlrning fr thirt]f
I da.i'S. nd lthe Lodge draped in mourning.
"- )e.slced. That a copy of these resolhr
t1:us le sent to the family f of our deceased
tlrothert. tand be published in the Shreve . .
part News. L. M. DURR.
" The'r Monterey Morning Star says
Y that the question of eubmission:
a: French rule havint been subm
ro- to t o b . Vi

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