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VOL. lIL-NO. 7
of the Week Recorded in a
Brief Style.
j.othly Crop Ke P° rt Says With
rable Conditions There is Yet a
jpje for Wheat Another New
Uetric Line -Other Items.
Monthly Crop Report.
January crop report, issued by
„yof State Stearns on the 9th.
-jat with favorable conditions
«n may have a fair wheat crop
but to the conservative ob
thechances are against it at the
it time. One-half of the corre
cts think that wiieat has suf
jn injury during December,
ierthis injury is due to unfavor
able conditions or to the rav
rfthe Hessian fly. cannot be de
jf!. The number of bushels of
1 reported marketed by farmers
mberatthi flouring mills was
at the elevators 288,066, a
rfTH.OsT bushels. Of this whole
bushels were marketed
►southern four tiers of counties,
(bushels in the central counties
UO.” bushels in the northern
: X At 54 mills and elevators
iriiich reports have been received
ns no wheat marketed in De-
F The total amount of wheat
[jby railroads from the various
b. as reported for November,
|U4I bushels.
peerage condition of live stock
(State is rejiorted as follows, com-
B being with stock in good,
pand thrifty condition: Horses
bep. 96 per eent: cattle, 95 per
Fine 97 p t cent. Milch cows
rorth 832.44 per head. Cattle
fsan mil 'll cows, under one year
treworth. per head, §10.79; be
etle and two years olcf. §18.79;
n two and three years old.
and three years old and over.
The average prices of sheep
neyear old was §2.81, and one
Handover *3.57; and hogs not
Miwre wo] t h §3.33 per cwt.
pices of farm products do not
itch when compared with those
1.1'99. The price of wheat
u increase of one per cent, and
terease of one per cent, while
oom is the same. One year ago
itofhay showed a decline of 13
Rton. while this year it has in
ifi.M. The average price of
wk has increased 75 cents per
I hogs GO cents per cwt. and
l*?4 cents per cwt.
Friendly Game of Cards Ended.
I will probably prove to be a
io self-defense occurred at the
si Mike Hayes at Mill Creek,
nod llapids, just across from
Ufrs home, on the evening l of
Henry Morse, aged about (JO,
'* lin the war in a Massaehu
finient and was admitted tothe
Be years ago from Detroit, was
■ the head and fatally injured
fjllollis. a railroad brakeman,
“en is the nearest one to the
iw across the mile limit line
flaw, and is a great resort for
Didiers. The two were en
•ajtairie of cards and .Morse
and ugly, and finally ae
chsof cheating. At this the
*■-from the table ami the for
k a knife and chased Hollis
room, when the railroad
-dakinon squeezer from oil
and hit Morse over the head,
liffl to the tlo< >r.
•' ew Electric Line.
Ir citizens are elated by the
1 after a struggle of several
*yare to have direct railroad
“cation with Detroit. On Jan.
was organized in Detroit,
Whiting, of St. Clair, as
which will construct aline
( ’ a i Lenox to Rochester, a dis
' ®iles. connecting with the
“lentral at both ends. Behind
** pioniinent beet sugar men
* so’uie for the farmers of
f Mt^fac! ” r y transportation
product. It is the
“construct sidetracks in the
P»t intervals. thus giving the
easy way to market their
''-Hioiit hauling more than
s t. i ]aj r j s interested be
increased facilities for ex
.. J n,! the prospect of a di
i without a change
. niiinj it s st. Clair trains
'“Posed road.
J**’ Returned.
grand jury, which
t ie charges of cor
tan'i '“'J'' !e bislature, the
and other depart
l^Ar'T' ~llent - is a
iioitty after noon ;
ea,lie into court, re- '
sdbv tl and was j
judge. The |
‘■t'utt' " ere against '
Relives. 1 t ’ Br °' Vn ' !
su, ck commission. |
an^i' 1 " ith fraud and I
hitvf ' 1 h with co]- I
.T Uh ‘ for ser- |
Un *' ad been cm- i
individuals, i
ini?"'' 11 , "’’tlook for south- j
bad. j
kis^J 135 ” ,IH “tropolitan '
'•le.l for 85.000 for |
1 “ ;1 an alleged de- I
A *tell ti,
SzreJ * n '' ll,stie pas- '
t Wa s church of i
o! !l!al!,V b r iven his I
h abrogation on
*at fallowing result J
'' r t!le matter had I
hv,> ii'mrs behind !
r’ctw,.?;’?','.’ 1 - Vr - Axtell’s
a ' K him to resign.” .
The January calendar of Eaton cir
cuit court contains 17 divorce cases.
A large wildcat was shot in Fraser
township, Saginaw county, recently.
Several farmers of Berrien county
raised profitable tobacco crops last sea
The number of undischarged mort
gages in Huron county since 1885 is
len wildcats were recently killed in
one day by Geo. L. Atkins, of Crawford
’ alumet police officers are making an
efiort to stop the gambling which has
flourished in that city.
" ork on the Gull Lake branch of the
Battle <-reek-Kalamazoo electric rail
road has been suspended until spring.
Dowagiac has a chance to secure a
canning factory, and it is not likely
that the citizens will let the chance
Regular service on the Detroit «fc
Northwestern Electric railroad be
tween Pontiac and Detroit began on
the Bth.
Owing to defective walls a new three
story brick structure at Battle Creek
collapsed on the 9th. It was known
as the Stewart block.
Sheridan is without a high school,
that building having been destroyed
by fire on the 7th. The loss is about
83,000, with 81,500 insurance.
Ihe Sons of St. George order at
Houghton have started a fund for the
aid of widows and orphans of British
soldiers slain in the Transvaal.
The organization of an independent
military company is under way at Sa
line. No effort to get into the state
national guard is contemplated.
Ingham county will pay the expense
of the recent grand jury and will then
ask the state to reimburse the county.
The total expense will by about 84,500.
J. Garrison is pushing a project for
erecting a beet sugar factory at Marine
City. Local capitalists are supposed to
subscribe for 8100,000 worth of stock.
A mummy from the elift dwellers
of Arizona was recently presented to
the U. of M. by Dr. J. C. Leonard. It
has been placed in the museum of that
Barry county farmers who have be
come interested in the breeding of
Shropshire sheep have organized the
Barry County Shropshire Breeders’ as
sociation for mutual benefit.
Port Huron is after the L. A. W. of
fer for the city sending in the first 200
applications for membership in the
league to have a mile of macadamized
road and the four days - festival.
Grand Ledge people don’t believe in
j using adulterated products, and a To
j ledo firm which has been selling eider
■ there that was not made from the pure
! apple juice was fined 850 recently.
Lumbering is going on with a rush
since the recent cold snap. Ice roads
are being made all over northern Mich
igan and if the weather remains cold
I the output of logs will be immense.
Omer is to have a new tub and pail
factory. Saginaw parties will back
the venture. The factory will use jack
pine, which has always—or rather un
til very lately—been considered worth
Branch county board of supervisors
has voted to submit a proposition to
the voters of the county next April to
raise by tax 82,500 for the purpose of
repairs and additions to the county
Miss Lena Kehil. af Ta was City, com-
I mitted suicide on the 7th by shooting
. herself. She had been in poor health
for some time and it is claimed that a
love affair over which she was despon
dent caused her act.
There is talk that the Caro branch of
the Michigan Central is to be extended
to Harbor Beach, and Bad Axe people
are hopeful that if it is done, the route
will be laid out in such a way as to
take in their village.
The survey of the route for the ex
tension of the South Haven Eastern
railroad from Lawton to Schoolcraft
has been completed and construction
work will begin as early in the spring
as the weather will allow.
F. W. Wolf, of Chicago, a sugar fac
tory contractor, who has visited the
Michigan counties where sugar fac- 1
tories have been erected, is quoted as
saying that Bay county beates all of
the counties in the state on the raising
of sugar beets.
State Salt Inspector Caswell’s report
for the month of December is as fol
lows: Manistee county. 104.104 barrels:
Mason, .‘>3.195; Bay. 38,512; Wayne, 37.-
326; Saginaw. 37.111; St. Clair. 32,276;
Midland. 5.508; total. 299,042. Decem
ber. 1898, 297.068.
Coldwater people may soon be in a
position to get the benefits of competi
tion in the matter of a telephone ser
vice. as the council has received an ap
plication for a franchise from an inde
pendent company which wishes to in
stall an exchange there.
Albert Linabury. a progressive
farmer of Metamora, has conceived the
idea of stamping all the eggs which his
hens lay with the date on which they
are laid, thus enabling purchasers to
know, without breaking the shells,
whether they are buying eggs or
Kalamazoo supervisors cut Sheriff
Snow's board bill frohi 40 to 30 cents
per day for each prisoner. The sheriff
says he cannot feed the prisoners for
30 cents, and after a certain, date will
refuse to board them leaving the su
pervisors to provide some other means
for their care.
The supervisors of Jackson county
believe in patronizing home industries
and at their present session adopted a
resolution that hereafter all printing
and binding work shall be done by
home concerns, instead of being sent
outside, as has frequently been the
ease in the past.
Manufactories Prospered in 1899.
In a bulletin sent out by Labor Com
missioner Cox on the 10th on the in
dustrial conditions in this stat«» it
is stated that at no time in its
history has Michigan enjoyed the same
general condition of prosperity as it
did in 1899. Manufactories are said to
have been run to their full capacity,
laborers and skilled mechanics have
been employed at fair and improved
wages, the real estate business has im
proved, lake traffic has been heavy, and
the mineral deposits have been devel
oped to a wonderful degree. The aver
age daily wages in factories have in
creased from Si. 37 per day in 1888 to
81.39 in 1899. In the canvass of nearly
5.000 factories it was determined that
545 of them have increased their actual
capital 86,531,884. In 1.382 factories
of those canvassed there were found to
be employed a total of 24,262 more em
ployes than in 1898. It is estimated
that 74 factories are able to pay their
employes weekly. 12 per cent monthly,
and U percent semi-monthly. Seventy
four per cent of these factories report
an increase of business over 1898.
Someone was Negligent.
A sensation developed in the circuit
court at Port Huron on the 9th at the
trial of a 82,000 damage suit brought
by Wm. B. Johnson against John C.
Hamilton, a saloonist. and C. Bern and
Joseph Casselo. his bondsmen, for the
year of 1897, for the alleged selling of
liquor to his minor son, causing him to
become intoxicated. When the bond
was produced in evidence it developed
that instead of being made out in the
penal sum of 84,000, as provided by the
city charter, it was in the sum of only
84. The amount was plainly written
in the body of the bond, while in the
justification the sureties simply justi
fied to “the amount of the bond.” The
introduction of oral testimony to show
that the bond was intended to be for
84,000, and that the error was simply a
clerical omission, was objected to as
inadmissable and ruled out by Judge
Atkinson, upon legal grounds.
Another Grand Jury In Sight.
Although there have been no direct
assurances from that gentleman him
self, it is generally believed at Lansing
that Judge Wiest, who succeeded Judge
Person, will soon call another grand
jury to investigate alleged crookedness
in the legislature. It is believed that
the jury will be called in March. The
methods by which the McLeod bill was
passed and the use of liquor in the leg
islature will be among the subjects to
be investigated. It is not improbable
that if the grand jury is again called
that other expenditures of public money
will be thoroughly investigated.
Milan's School Destroyed by Fire.
Milan's public school was destroyed
by fire on the 10th. At the time the
fire started there were 300 pupils in the
building, all of whom escaped death.
1 wo girls, however, were badly burned
and Miss Clara Eages, preceptress,
saved her life by jumping from a win
dow. Great praise is given Prof. Car
rick for his presence of mind in the
hour of danger, as it was through his
efforts that all but the above persons
escaped in safety. All the pupils lost
their wraps and books. The fire is
supposed to have caught from the fur
Favor Municipal Ownership.
The village council of Homer lias
manifested its approval of municipal
ownership of the electric lighting plant
by appointing a special committee to
confer with the present owners of the
plant for the purchase of the same.
Ihe plant which is operated by water
power, is a new one, having been put
into commission January 1 on a 10-year
contract, with the provision that the
village might buy the plant at any
time at its actual value.
The Lawton fund up to noon on the
Bth had reached 867,409, and Gen. Cor
bin is of the opinion that 885,000 will
be raised.
Seven additional cases of plague have
developed at Honolulu since last ad
vices, making a total of 13 cases to
date, Jan. 9.
England is preparing fresh arma
ments, and 22 transports will be on the
way to South Africa with 25,000 troops
and 72 guns during the present month.
A Nebraska man has the names of
1,000 men who are willing to go and
fight for the Boers, and are only wait
ing until means can be raised to trans
port them to the Transvaal.
On the 10th the city of Ann Arbor
presented silver medals to all veterans
of the Spanish-American war who
hailed from that place. The number
is 170.
The famine in India grows darker
every week, and the sale of children by
starving parents is becoming common.
It is a famine of water as well as food.
Cattle are dying off by thousands, and
no rain is now expected until June.
When the hardware warehouse of
Adams A Lich, at Lawton. was opened
on the morning of the Bth the body of
a man was found hanging from one of
the rafters. Later the body was iden
tified as that of Chas. Brown, of Ben
ton Harbor. He had gained entrance
to the building by breaking open a
A tramp broke a plate glass window
in a Big Rapids jewelry store, think
ing that he might get 90 days in jail,
which would re I ’eve him of all the
trouble of hustling ■ board and lodg
ings during the winter. His guess was
away off, however, and he has gotten
more than he bargained for. The judge
l<x>ked upon it as burglary and gave
him two years in the state house of
The F. & P. M. are talking of build
ing a tunnel under the St. Clair river
at Port Huron. If the project goes
through the F. A P. M. will connect
with the Canadian Pacific at Sarnia.
Ihe plight of British arms in South
Africa is overshadowed for the present
the storm which is bursting over
the head of the home government.
Ihe Manchester speeches of Mr. Bal
four. the government leader in the
house of commons, has loosened such a
torrent of comment from the press and
individuals of his own party that were
parliament to re-assemble today it is
doubtful if the conservatives would re
tain power in spite of their tremendous
majority of the past session. The pent
up dissatisfaction with the govern
ment s lack of energy in waging the
war is no longer concealed.
Gen. SV hite still holds out, or did so
on the 6th when the Boers, ousted
from their foothold inside the works,
-suspended their assault at nightfall.
England has taken heart. The situa
tion. however, is worse. The beleag
ured force must have expended large
amounts of ammunition, which cannot
be replenished and must have lost a
number of officers and men, which is
counterbalanced, so far as the garrison
is concerned, by the greater loss of the
Boers. It is also reported that Gen.
hite is in need of relief and is short
of ammunition.
A report from Col. Pilcher of the
British force-s says that on Jan. 1 he
completely defeated the Boers in com
mand at Sunnyside laagar, taking the
laager and capturing 40 prisoners, with
a loss of only two privates killed and
one lieutenant wounded.
1 he guns which were captured from
Gen. Buller at Colenso have been
mounted in the hills eommaning the
drift over the Tugela river A at Spring
field. The Boers also captured 620
rounds of shrapnel when they took the
The executive committee of the In
ternational Peace society recently sent
a telegram to President McKinley ask
ing him to intervene with a view of
ending the war in South Africa.
Gen. Lord Roberts, the new com
mander of the British forces in South
Africa, and his chief of staff, Gen.
Lord Kitchener, arrived at Cape Town
on the 10th.
Boers accuse the British <jf misusing
the white flag, bearers of it taking
part in fighting and a train ' arrying it
aiding in bridge repairing.
SV ernher. Beit & Co., diamond mer
chants, have donated 8250,000 to the
fund for the equipment of the British
There exists a serious difference of
opinion l>etween the members of the
commerce committee of the * ,vo houses
on the shipping subsidy bill. As this
bill was offered in last congress the
premiums were largely for speed. This
means that the chief benefits would ac
crue to the swift passenger carriers
and the high class freighters. Newly
constructed Atlantic liners would re
ceive the greatest sums because they
naturally will be the speediest and
largest vessels. There are a large
number of senators and representa
tives who think this is wrong in prin
ciple. They say that the greatest ben
efits should go to the coarse freight
carriers. These dissenters from the
plan of the original bills say that the
premiums should favor tonnage rather
than speed. These objections first
came from the men who are interested
in building up the commerce of the
Rep. Weeks, of Michigan, has intro
duced a joint resolution reciting the
unsettled status of the people in the
islands acquired from Spain, and pro
viding that for five years the President,
as commander-in-chief of the army and
navy shall continue military authority
in said islands, and that congress shall
deal w’ith the subject at the expiration
of the five-year period. In the mean
time, it is provided that reciprocity re
ductions not exceeding 25 per cent may
be made on the products of the islands
brought to this country.
The house and senate on the 10th
paid beautiful and impressive tributes
to the memory of the late Vice-Presi
dent Hobart.
New York — Cattle Sheep Lambi Hogs
Best grades?s»o@6 25 14.50 fa 70 f 4 85
Lower grades.. .4 65Qi5 30 300 575 175
Best gradess 6O 4 75 6 25 4 50
Lower grades... 4 2U@5 20 425 450 420
Best grades 3 75774 55 4 50 5 80 4 69
Lower grades ..2 50@3 75 350 500 440
Buffalo —
Best grades 4 00@5 00 460 639 470
Lower grades.. .2 2>4i3 69 425 575 415
Cincinnati —
Best gradess 25@5 75 400 575 450
Lower grades. ■.4 25@4 65 375 550 415
Best gradess 50@6 25 465 610 460
Lower grades.. .4 25@5 00 425 585 440
Wheat. Corn, Oats.
No. 2 red No. 2 mix No. 2 white
New York 73@73 39@30?4 29@29>4
Chicago 68@«8’i 32@33 23@23«
♦Detroit 73@73!* 26@26 3 £
Toledo 69@69’i 32@3’!4 24@24
Cincinnati 70@7U 33@33‘4
Pittsburg 75@75t4 35@35'4 28@28>4
Buffalo 7i@74S 34@344 27@27«
♦Detroit -Hay. No. 1 Timothy. #ll 50 per ton.
Potatoes. 50c per bu. Live Poultry, spring
chickens, 7c per lb; fowls. 6c; turkeys, 10c;
ducks. Sc. Eggs, strictly fresh, 20c per dozen.
Butter, best dairy, 20c per lb; creamery, 26c.
At the cabinet meeting on the 9th
the subject of the alleged corner in
hemp was discussed in connection with
the numerous requests which have
been received to open a number of
ports in the Philippines for the expor
tation of hemp to the United States.
Secretary Wilson said he had received
a large number of letters on the sub
ject. some favoring and others protest
ing against opening the ports for the
purpose stated. It seems to be the set
tled policy of the government to open
all of the Philippine ports as rapidly
as troops can be spared to garrison
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