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N..~---LL-~ _ _ ___ -I _ -.
Nt - NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, APRtIL 4, 1837. Vot. 11.-N, 207.
. . .. . Ne - umi- FOR NEW FORK. -- - --"-"-'-*
5adbegs~qiep.-Twet dells, ir_ , ge
emmi.ptable isio-.n een.. i n
.-, nooe, where to esr, e ew. No
.i....e wIcil l be dtsiaidstuld auntis a e r ae
tded Ina eane ot dieeonharane, one week' ndtce,
'4rias , meat be invariubly glies, prseev i os to
ad s few a .each eneqrni onse;
ý el dm enl da tbie e ve men
b m 0 a012 s'mrw ero i
-Ain a d.--llachr ned tordeO foty
de lneuC o ales, sad o t o ar Lkr6lp alui n
shduk Iw aeda d·1*a sd set a w io sm"
wlt artts lia f dpUri a glish o nly, and eighty for
both lguge. Ship ld e end umbet _teorcaneom
mision mereabt, eiaty dollar in Egilih alone, end
Mertae O(iMtmer Nticea, and artlle cealing
Che atentollof the public to alenof prpty ca a.
dccbneftsat. icc. will be cham' one ed
ar ptSlo re, w r te dm eehtrti ne,. a ngugle.
4eNostha i .eriio nrsa ertiaeentso f. eny a raoed
" teeeme in hetaht Ueaises he po rie Ipu
ANALSanidoRAItnol e.L 'ODd-W.Mado h..d
+ doll lib wr hets 4" will be pade to
ryl- my lan lI, unatgeedin an dllort o ay
. .leonta. Ene ls al man I per co ant. cInu of
ltlý op sd otern the dIrect l ti bue, snesi o
lit yjaly ao ertlier, nech aega actIl ad plenta
E Any Ese, alee paid for pe oeustole thun al y
n trtgueo theed bye reo aesble prent in tower.
'hes.n et d m thaer prlace of amueea advertiming
daor r twhe •ae. to beefed 100 dlau-for En
glib alone, and 5 idolet in beth raegegte. oCs
All een eteosemeto C ceedideteeter politcl edict
ehall e changed dwubleri pence of cther dvetnitte
O*ing to the imene loa sutained by'newmpaper
Apap ee, they hse come to the conciuion, thaet the
'r persons whom accounta have sot beet peid
icatn s onth after preentation, ubhll he tmade
knuwn, (i fatr spracticable) to each other, they obli
ut rleve l an to oadvert. e or prant for suhe
dMeat n naldee ia eae of ndean mpncaaou r
Sp .REA,
Wel.dm Praee.-We, tha undernilled, agree to abide
py the' e condtilo, u r ua they are appnlicale to
"dhlev gtpero.
(+Sie d) A B LAWRENCE,
(I No lbs-riptieons ate taken tore.lthesads months.
putt'litteeu in nll eataes he polt aidl.
,ANAlS end HAIL IOAIIS-Map o time U.Iltrd
,Jv Srtate, thowing the prinaiel trovelling tamtlipike
*itcl mment, rt.at; on which ar given tihe 'ilotnoes
in mile from ase plisee to ilmother also, time coures of
e canaia.ndn rnilraed tlIthro ug t tle sountry, care
lly eomled frotmn the bent anthorities, hy S Aulusotu
litrhell, li3I. Jet received and fi,r i lte by
) e orner camp lmitl eomltl ct.
T EXA-A viit to Texa , being the jomrnal of
a traveller througlh these prte most inter
sting to smerican trvelslern, with deelripolima of
esr.ty, ete ctae
Politicl Conatlihtien of tihe free I.ate of Coshuill
Map of rmen, with partn of timh adit.ining stattet
Ly S F Auntin, ed. S1.15.
A Mtp of Trees by tMela H Rnrr, el. 1t35.
A Mep els Trsa, with the eewtimgnoa Anmeriean ant
Alieiuen a ate, by J II Lailng, pobliset by I. An
.etaes Mitciell, I.;5.
Just reorivtl and for ite by W\I. bIcKF A.
*notetr emols an enm P ot. I r,
55 Canmp at, nerly nlppodte tlie American Theatre.
ESPEC'C 9 ,,Y- fits ka ! n,, .... the
pu plie in general, that he executes eli orders in tihe
Le brnInmee, in the bent syt le, n., at m.elrrl
terms. He will eln execmte in like mnumer, all kind.
.f deotroeatie it Oil (Ind Walter C.lot. for lbllt, en
tries prlorlsn and l-rsontss, e. l.e. lie will also inli
tate a great variety of Marblso and Wood, Military
Stansdars, Us
SMehope etIte )ft of prtnetice ael enertions to
--eeesiveIy ematlnel, will merit a tmstiumnamee of tie
atronage he has Ieretedore received from isn friends and
he whole eonmmuity.
Paint, Oil, lass, Vartidai, Gold Leaf, Lie. .Le. on
-t ml for ale. Aim, readly mixed mclors for use.
W hiteninlg, chalk nld diry oltrsn. Ins): 3
N EW BOOKS-Norman Ilelie, a tale of the pres
Ie nt limes, in 2 vl, by T S Fay.
Paulding on Slavery in the United Staten.
Mitrien of the Sea. by the author of Peter Simple.
Memoir of George R T lewes, with traits of tle tea
lorte, &e.
SGilbert Garney, by the author of Sayings and Do
Ail, a new supply ofOne in a Tlaoisnd,or the lays
of Henri Quatre, by the author of Richlile, &e.jnst rn
seiled by C H BANROFT,
mI 14 camp st.
LIELL'S NE WORlK,&c.--The Amerleap in
SEngland, by the authorof "A Yevar in Spain," in 2
Noble Deeds of Women, aIn volr.
The Young Wife's Book, a manual of moral, reli
Sgipus and domestic duties.
S Just received and forsale by WM. IPKEAN,
jan 27 corner of Camp and Comton rte.
i-LS, DOMSTICS, &e--T Usrbern have
1 for ale, larilng frotp c hipslo cad Ann, 1 truem
sen appleton 4-4 brown sheetiage, nzlialti each trus,
put up for the r Mexiean macot l75 kes. lBoeeon Ieon
SCompany Nails, well uesorted; 2u oenc sweet Spanith
ehoeolatelO1 all b1 esneach, II b se, snmmer cloth
g, covlsn, ne good issmstmtent on sairts, mtsloeous
Smeat ofelegant.andunful funiture. whi :h they
lave just reenived by t'ie arral of ships Saratoga, Ar
Ikan Ms and M iioa , from NewYork, convioting in
eartofnide boardc ovariuus attemns, with Egyptian
nd Italian marebi topt, cantre tablen ofevery delerip
tio and quality, wa robelm of , eiou p.atterns, see.re
tory and book u ladies' Fe ttlett tabl , toi
lett buresoa. ,reeian dining Pemboakens,ald iand Ia
die' worek tabls, piner do ald afew a lrn ileooaroc
with Egyptiat marble-taps, a new nd beautifal acti.
A eomplete asesorment of sofas.
A largeanld nempipt i: aneoaeat oft mtmaloags, to
pie, rentowed, ftncy ed common chai, ioalaegan
nseking do noeend with plosh, plain andilgured bair
cloth, together with a eomplete nme: tment of muh arti
eul am a sanlly found ina nuch an eotablibhment, the
lade of whioh will be sold on reasonable terms for ap
proved pa ror reh.
n Thppouli are eepelfull ar omny.ivtl to call and exam
Sine the tcek,
N B Goods pcoked a t-shoe oie inmsl order for
Ishipping. f 12 C I GRANT & co
3 Y GOOi)-,40 cases fancy eoirmd ilomesnie
plntats; 10 bale. Trenton impromed ticking.; 10
"alesiTferd 4-4 tiekings; 2 eaors btium Pitsburgelord;
I ca heavy blaeksarpeting, Ilming frton barqee Jo
epbine and for ale by T CASH& C,
asi No 44 Camp et
/l K Iobscrier, imltrter mnil whowlele tte"r In
j Foerign tod Domestic Hardware, lies on htad an
xtlcnsive isoe. ofnSheffield, Ilnrmiigham, end Ameri
can gt.1. etmbracig a great variety, consisting in pgi t
an follows:
Anvil, cummnen imitation and genuihe monehole;
smith vlecs, black said bright fse; traceh chain, om=n
seon, blueid aml hright; beoe, Cril, Louisiana, gtll
sId ctton; Engliehsnl Aoarienes iddle iroi; long lni
noort hisile re pans; ralme dilte, houk hutt al l l1l
ether kinds of ligels; pit. nmll, hno. lamtel, treaon sd
Mlo cut wn rim, coset, lil, cuidbaral si Ilonk
leethl Americ silver platedt tot, inside edl slidling
rlone dot round and flt priag, niright, ail tlekekd
hautter aid ,looi bolt; lat, lit, mill, nsI erop tat nlw
ies; dhip ctcgeiter'i aid othr sogtr; black, leight
asl pitnt cast steel seket snd liruer ehlselsigmges,
all ilaco; knives all fbsis'iilitts nd o.elis; great on.
ietiee dane, cook, .atcher, eervsig, aMl Ilreawil kiivei;
pocket mal dirk etlery, in doezens an on eall hrge
and rmall ointer haliura and sheep sheam;t csmsnn
mpl fie roamne;t .an,. Jaanmnel, bright and fine
|lallmhesl steel mullri hilgh aid fit botitom brass ca.I
dacUticak plated, brisanalenon, te and table .pons
liat ad reuo lrion ain sraal_ sclew awi niplile
we.naels, oider hery lks, shot bells, game bgs.,
etc. earlEIie' sles, sdzct, lnthadlts, Iliatllmern, (Ie
cormtin bhrls and Iista, conillole imba, &e. ilgha Nor
folk, brals andl liare latehes, eoopr's frol, irxes,
liowehl, ies,, etcn. maithl hallows, hmem, tollgs sod
tskios, E.glish and American siailes and ishovels,
bog and sh hacudleni aomnaMn cast, set irm aul tlta
q" meal e kbtles, potent set rni eomon cecttoal
-ed weol seeds a11 numlnes, waer sal wag.e loit,
shlltal ibas pale jk crews, woaloerews lencl.
"w F= d ririop wlld bits, brans asi silver mrtili
thgoad r. alins sadl buckles, aneo Callhis'
*t Csther!i etc. star), wrnchtes, stck saml alies,
se a, plas, squ iree, dhma si ltong t mlnlons,
Ineks beod,, llssssPlato andla p slag amulds, cast
weosdle wore, A.eev eors mill., L. s 1ade,, cee hems,,
geameapac. oi Bened, plough lisa, lnekiag yrneoatos
aohllrea twiae, hawer, Itent blumes, Isoles, guns,
pstal., ilis st sails. kl , lct, B .en"' aed psst',I
powdler, with a pug esricly of other gon ldrisge,- to
he lsak. W it CitAI.Yw OR,
'l lp No. 10 New Levee,
f JlI.I`S PATE~NT .CO.TT.. OIN, Ol hb has
ham in i ucrceful openratk for soas dayVs, at no
Slµ,qk elveet. fron, IS to 1 nclock, a m. and foo 4
.toM t will be cn:iaucd at thn rnae Ihouurs, till iS
"'.u.. .biteione, when itsoperatiee will he cl-ed.
These disircui' o sellng t ii erpvtrinon. r rrpete
1l liuopiz-4 attend, is l
J uisians and New York Line of Packets.)
f t tdtetlpensmj § thin ewilllaailfmrom i'ccvc
SOrleans end ,w ork on every ether Monday,
fcommenacing on thle 96th April and to insure the
sntictes panteadity in their time of sailing, the line will
herafte consist of sik'shipj vie :-
Apip YAZOO, Captain Eldeidge,to trave nere 2th
Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Robinsen, to leave on
9th May.
Sl'o aHAKSPEARE, Captain Collins, to leave on
Ship VICKSIURG, Captain Woodlhouse, to leave on
Gth June.
Ship LOUISVILLE, Cptain Palmer, to leave on 20th
Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Palmer to leave on
M.r The above slth are all new, of the first class,
-eoperod and eopjtlr fis tned, and upwarde of.p0o tons
barthn, er of light drnught of water, being built in
N ow terc expressly for tIe trade. The price Of p
u lxed ato uene ndrefd dollars; their cabins are Itfed
p on the moat improved and convenient plan,&l fisllj d
in a eat and elegant style. Ample estea of the treet
quality, will he provipdled atd very regard had to the
otRmlrt and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will
ploueae take ntiee that ne berth can be seutred until
paid for at the offlrc of tite anoaigneeo.
Thie packets are commanded by captains well e.
perieneedin the trade, who will give every atleation and
eonrt themselves to aeomneadate. They will at all
" rnes he towed up and down the Mlisieaippo i by oteam.
oats, and die stanltest punctuality eobervd in the time
f o.nlllag.
The owners of thtese hipo will notrbe msponsiblefori
-ny letter parcel or packnga, sent by or put on beard of
them, unless a regular bill of lading hbe signed therefior,
t the counting house of the agents or owners. For
furtnhebr-partlicrs, apply to
April 11 No. 77 Canal street.
FOR NEW YORK.-(Na w Iine of Paeta.
tons, to sail Febrlear r2'2d
Shlp NASHIVII.ItE, J. Rathbone, eotmrander, 513
tons, to sail March 7th.
Ship KENTUCKY, Jolhn Banker, commander, 629
toen, to sail Marrel1t.
Ship ORLEANS, S. S. Sears, commander,:i599 tons
to sail April 4th.
Ship ALABAMA - C. C. Lerry, cnmnandar, 474
ons, to sail Jantlary 26.
thip S RATO6A, W. Hathaway, commander, 542
tolls, to sail May 21.
Thei ships of lthis line will sail pnnotually from New
Orleans and New York, every secnhdMaondby through
oet the season.
They are all of the first class, copper fastened ond
copperod, and were hbilt in New York expressly for
Thei are 'ommotandaul b experienced men, draw a
light draft, of water, and will at all times betowed up
ead down die Mississippi by steambbots. Their ae
commodatiofl for passengers ore very superior.
The owners of these shipe will not be responsible for
any lettrer parcel or pabkage, sent by or put on board
of.them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed there
or at tile counting house of the agents or owners.
lhe rate of pasvage is fxed at $70; no Wiate or liquor
furnished on bnarl. For freiglt orpanaOga ape&ly to
f . No. 61 Gravier stree.
S FrnFOm and after this dIatet. follow
ingm rate of freight and paetor lll be
H" harged, viz:
T 1,aorre s Ilc.
Wet brnrelt .1.
Bacon eask $3m00.
llhdu. N.Lcar $3 75
Casks Clare $2 60
MI asured ealade, at 15 cent per foot
Cacting, $I10 per tln otnfr00tlWbn.
!ah), per Ich,, $3 06P
Ceorn, per b.hlCrl, dIr 3-1c.
(Oiat, per do t5r.
. locik , SiO. p,.r piece ofa 1 yards
IRopre, 50e. per ,Ohbs.
Kegs of latter, r'r kg 9i5c.
Keg ir I.eald, 1 (lo eaclh
Pipes of Iillnor, $1715 each
Coffe par hug 6S 1-2
Horroe pr head $12
Caftit $10
Sheept rcih $1. IIlg'c $2
Cobhin Pasung $12. 1 orvantr $6.
LDeck Passage $li
It will bo nIcessary for shlippenrs to give at the tile of
getting their orders, the mcarks and consignees as near
as pomslile, so that goods can properly be dtelivered. i
case bills lading do not arrive at tile sane time.
A genet, i. Poydas S trO et
New Orleans, Dec. 10. 1836.
B Stoem Pa cekes, no Carriaes.o
the lirst elss,viz:
Steamer OULACIIITA, Crease, Master
IcEONIDA Coulton,
Tile abnoe boats are fisted tip exprdssly for tilhe trle,
and commandcled by able nnd experiened.l seaman. In
consequentreof the very light dredht of theoabeve boats,
they are enabled to takc-thainterpaseages. eonnseoquent
ly passengers escape tihe annoyance of sea sickness, at
tendant on the outside rount. The etrictest attention
paid to tile eantfort ofpassengersn.
An arrategtemet has been made with .tla Florida line
by wlieh passengers bound to allehinansee, New York,
Philadelphia or Norfidk, who do not like the delay'of
stopping In Moile ,i;-I he traneferred to thie Waitchman,
and tlaseeorturnhag from Pensacola, by the Watchman
tothe moil :,iat; fltirding greatoccmnenodations toper
conv t.avriling northwanels, auah.parties of pleasure wits
woy wish to visit thbe healthy city of Pensanola.
The mail biats lrave the lake end of the rail road
molmliately after the arrival of the half past twelve
o'cloek car, and Mobile at 11 A M.
Fof ri o RNE & BECKWITl, Agantsb.
28 and 29 New Levee, NOrleans;
tug 19 or J O BURKE, Mohilh.
N. . o'nssengee oy the abve line lhave te pre
erence in mail lines leaving Monbile. Dinner will be
given oa board thelionte otltre o'clok P. U. 'The
above boata will receive and land.passengers at all the
nternediate landings.
lVaShington Irving,'S New- Works, &e.
, CAIOE CRAoN MISCELLANY; No 3, containing
1 Legeuds of the Coonef t of Spain,. By the
author of tile LSk etellch Book.'
Taz Lara rf George Washington; in Latio prose. By.
Franciis lass, A. M. of Ohio. Edited by J N ley=
Janl-Dowassots Song Book; contaioing a selection ef
altout'two Ilrldi.dl toigs, many of which ae neve.
-Ly Jck Downuing, . . M.
ecnarlmnE. .Trt latedtiy the tey R. Potter, M. A.
Pi'ebenl"ry of lorwich. In 3 vol 18mo. being No;
150 16 Ilnl 17 of '.llarper's Classical Library.'
Jlist eoeiroveold for sale by \V.M M'KEIAN,
no 2 chor ofeamp and coalm it
XIS r RNEWWOItK--Memoirs of ielebtsied
Commanters; by J P R James, Esq. authlr of
etley, Richelieu, Marsterton, The Gipsey, kc.; in
2 vols.
Nuts to Crack; or, Quips Quirks, Aneedotes aond Fae
sete of the Oxfiord and Cnlmbrhlge scholars; by\h'e nu
thor of Facetie Cantabrigitnsis, ke, ke.
Phillips on Instl.nolte, vol 2.
Just receired and for sale hv
\WMf.l M'KEAN,
c eonerCop Campl at Coliolnll sts.
T ALES OF A Pur'stctlA. By Williamo H. IIar
'WVo erave excesdingl joldo in the audacity of the
atte at."--Sm lo'uuuas nBI sx.
iI 2 vols.
NIOrTs ATr Mss. In I vol.
A PILIiRMAGa to the Iloly Land; eonmprsing recel
otioel, skethdles snld rcfletionsal, Ale ilurill a
tour in die E.st, ill 183.-3:. llv Alinte li)e LIa
tmsrtine, Memtler of the Freneh Airademdy. vols.
'lit. Frime io I:eglodl; being o starel'tv thq "Fudlge
Family iu lioris." 1Iy Thes. Ilttnw die yougller,
author If the 'TwepeOtyNy IPot Ilo ,' ete. etec
"Si Iten nuotere resplotldet mus joens:e,
i'Viciaous ' VIne.
vot i7 24 Clhartre street
trated it a series of short and familiar ~iestyt,
originally publidlied in the "Banner of the Conalitu
the clergy of the cetahlishedchuorh an equitable.rlght
to the tiites, or to any other thing called church pro
perty, grenttr than the di.senters have to the same e
aold uuh1 there, or ought there nvt, to ie a iepuattiqo
of the chuch froe the state --in six lotters, addressed
to tile church parsones eneraolly, including the cathedral
andi college clergy aud irthe bisiop, with a dedlcation to
Bloovmfeld, lishop of Lo.douhy WilV. Gobluote N. P.
Instructor, contiining a fill aceount of'tlic moneys,
coils, weigihts and measures of the principal trading
nations and their coloniis; together with their values hi
U. . currency, cweights and measures, transllated from
the 7th edition of lugel with ith ition from tihe works
of Kelly, Neleebrocher, Krunr, MeKelleghl and others;
by Franeis J. Gruand, ruthnr of "Eiementary T'roatit
on Plane and Solid Giailoetry," Uu:. Uec.
TARIFF, or Rates of Dutioe, from and after the 3d
day of March, I33, uutil the list of December, of said
year, incluosve, on all oodse, wares aed inerehildise,
imported iito the U'itod Suates of America, us ca
tablilshed by acts of congress.
Just received, aon for sale by W. McKEAN,
nov 7 Corner Camp ant Common street.
IjANCY PRINTS--td caes rich light lincy printe;
S50 eses de.nrrrir, faley do, I0 cars b:ua print,,
itc rore and fir so!r by
o37 '1' iti'S & CO. ilm C
SF.LLEY has gmbaved from 76 Chartres street to
. 76 Canal, near Royal and has receivei by nlate
arrivals, additions to the original stock, whisl are now
ofigyd in quanitites to suit purchasers.
Rich Satins, plain and figured.
do do blk sand colorod.
do Gro de Palai, plain d d figd.
do do jet aufibluo blk.
do Rep Silk, plblnk and egd.
do Gauzes, Paplinl, H,ranoiea, &c.
Plain and knotted, China Ci lourgh & English Silk
.o.riorembroidered, Lace gnd open eferk do do
do Thread, Mohair. Worsted and anotn Haose.
Htewart'a Paris nmde H S Gloves- ll, white & ass'd
Silk and let (loeeah blk, white .ni anourted.
do de nd H Rti'eMt Onug anraed.
Als u-26aoes lonaets4eansltneing of
Feoteh Silk and ,lati-taimmedad aentrimogdl,Oriaen
tal GraiaanFlorence, Oval rownt and Tuecan Straws
i'urbha , head Dresaea, Wreaths, Foatherl, Flowesm
&ce.&e, d. E. FII..LLEY., 76 Canal sreet.
T IIE apleadid patronag awarded to the Phila1dl
plhia Satqnay Courier, indiced the editors to cam
ienee the publicalion, under the above tide, of ai qar
taediainn oftheir inpular jour :1, so lung knpwn as tihe
laimat liFaili ew paperin the United Stnrte,with a
liast of sear TWENTY SIX THOUSAND. SUt
SCRILBERtSi. Tne new feaorn 2re ently introedced of
furnihingtheir readers with new books ofthe behost liae
rature of-the dayo havint proved so eminently euceess
lrebrteda~aitiung nf Cnptain Mtpryat,, and sixty.five of
Mr. Brook's valuable Letters fron Eurnpe,have alaeady
leen published withoti it.erferinoh witd its news and
mitseltaneops reading. The Courieris teelargeslt an
cloaest famindly no .lpnper ever issued in this country,
containing artieles in iteralture, Science at.I Arts; tn
ternal Improuement; Agriculture, in shortlvery variety
of toplce usually introduced into a pnbli journal.-
Givipg full accounts of alee, mnarkets and news of the
latet dates.
It is publrlled nat tle low price of $2. For tlos small
ault sbseribeUn get valuableand entertaining matter,
each week enough to fill a comnmon hook ofll00 pnges,
and oquatto 52 volumes a jar, and :_.., : J.x..r ted
to he reamfwenklt , by at least two I.indred Rtcollond
people, cattered-i aell pnrtnofthie ceuntry froml Maine
to vlorlda, and from tile seboerd to the lakes.
its mammotl .iinenalish enable its enterprising pro
t1rietore, Messre WoouAwna & CLanRK., of Phihladel.
phia, to re-puldils in its enlumns, in the eourse of
yeer, seaera of the nmost interesting new works tlnt in
sue from die Britise press: whichl cannot foilto give to
it q permanent interest, end render it worthy ofcreoer.
vntion. To, meart the willies therefore, Strllh of their
ahbre ribers as desire to have their nuimbers bound,they
have dotermihid on issuing an edition of the'Conricr in
the quarto form, Nwhcl will render it much Aubm. conu
n unient for reading wllan i is houtnd in a volume, and
thls grendty enlanee' it value.
Under the title of tie PAILaDELPInrA MIRROR, will
cnmnmencn with the publication of the Prize Tnle, to
wlhiii was awarded te tprize of $100, written by ilisn
Leslie, editor of the sldendld Annualnte 'Tokiind
anutir of Pencil Sketches and other valuabnhleontrilb
aions to nAmerian l.iterutnre. A large nulhberuofsonji,
poems, tales, &c. offercd in comprtition for the $5(10
premiums, will add valoe and interest to thy suceeding
nuinmbers, whichl will also he enriched iv na utory-from
Miss Sdgcwick, author of ltdpe Lesolie, The Linwnodo,
&a. wlhse talents- haRe been so justly nod xtensiveCly
npareciatcd, both at home and abroad.
Thisapprovned FAMIILY NEWSPAPlIR is strictly
neutral in religinus and politicol Wnttcra, and the un
comprmlsingi opponent ofqueckery of every kind.
tn addition to all f twhich tihe publioler intenl fir
nishingtheir patrons with a serjes o.f nenraved Mals,
embraeing the twenty-ivre States ollhe i:aiill, &c. x
hibiin the siuatninu, &c. of rivers, mode1, r(lu nluth
lakes, .ihe aeabiard, internal imjrovenemsnJs dinployav
ed in cnal. mrail ruad,, &c, wit other interesting and
useful features, roami, distances, &c, furnling eom
pleta'Atlna fir genornl us e and inforelmation, "handsome
ly excelued, andl eachl distinct iap on a large qoeroi
sheer, at nall exenle which notling bt tile lsptli:udld
patronage wbklh for sixr venes past had been so gciecr.
nously extoeded t (thruo, cnuld warrant.
Tihe Philadellhiin Saturday Coorier *ie still contiourd
in its-large form,, nat te acnue price ns lhertofore. 'lThe
Philadelplhin aMirror, being a quparto edition of flie Sa
turndayCourier, with iots l iereod ntlrnetiools, nd print
ed on the best white file roper, f tli ensamne site, as e
New Yirk Allbion,, will le pot at preeiarlo one halflthe
price of that valualble jmurnl voro : 'fhroel I)r.llarslr
annumn, paealle io adndonc. (i.elonding the Mans.)"
jIl Plilade.phina. -
H ARiROi & tLUAIOLE0 No 'tl Custotihouec st.
aofer for sole
il pipes nial 0 Ihalf pipes Berdetnx brandv, entltled
todebenture; 10lrecnsks old brandy; 2.1 riglitll'cun
alianpaigoebrandy; 8 pipes gin; 120 qr coeks, Mreillec
Madeira wine; 30 r casoks Sicily Mudeira; ii hbali
pipet Port Wins; 10 baskets cbampoigne d,; 100-*ux
hrown Havanta sugar, 11'2 hno loavqna coffee 81 bags
St Domingo do; 50 ermons Cuba Tobcco; 1I cereoons
-oat indigc, 50 sacks soft shelled almoulwlo 2001xs inl
perinl and gunpowder ten, 13 lbs each; 200d dido I hs
each, 20 ohektts ponenhnto tea, 100 bxe No I chocolate
100 kegchanck paint; 25 bls dlovso; 22 hens 2 dos acol
old brown and l pale sherry wine; 30 bhlo pale ale;
200 coils bole rope; 9Jltwxes supenor ('avendish tobeac
ca 250 hblsi No :l ncakerel; .i9. barrels No 1 Potomacn
herrnlogs new;! 90 bblalwives, &cde. &.c. r. J30
REGULATIONS for the Militia and Volunteers
of die United Staten, cnilrehlndingaii the exercises and
nmvemeints of the Infiantry, Light lafnntry, and Riule
men, Cavalrv, and ArtillerY; togetler with the nmnntcr
of doing duty in Garrison and in Camp, and-the forms of
paradeszeiews, and inopeoationa. as a tablised by nit
thoritv, for the governotmet d to lte RelurAruy. "Pre
pared'and arranged hy Brevct Captain-S Cooper, aid tde
Camnp, and Assistant Adjutptnt.General; unde te sutiper
vision of Major Genrml Alex. Macoumb, cumnnmadiang
the Anay of the United Stites.
eount of the habits of the Birds of lte United States of
Ameriea, aeomlnpanied hy deeeription. of tihe, bjeets
represented in the Work entitled' Thu Bircls of Anmri
cn,' hnd interspeeled wiith delhantimls of American
arcnery and ninners; IcI Johit Jnames Audubon, F R
SS L &. E.--Vol 3.
Just received antI for stleo hr
- W " McKEAN,
o20 Corer of Cnmp and Co,,ti,.hnote,
IEW iBOKS-TOhe nasi o/f Efiqrue.e i ' ne vo
SkeUcst of 8wiStzeland, by the author of the Spy,
&c, &c, in two volmotes.
Life no Dedignsof Jolhn A direi, and an account
of bis deteetioni by Virgil A Stewart.
Received and for sale by
J6 HO'TCHKISS & Co, 24 Clartres st.
WI.rJ WrrcH, Fom tlhe entbbiaraphj" of a-]hi
t listolficer'. By the autlor of Cvoniishd,, etc. etc.
'Ahl! mnill'altro se piantoat nmondo dlral'
Il three volumnes. Also,
Tua l)lsorale'sr. otoL; or Ntonta EIduetion. By J.
Orville Ta'lor, ProlesMor of Pottlar E.ducatimn th the
New York Uinivetily.
lReeived by IvO''CIIKrISS ono,
oct 1 24 CharttWas st
- ANNUAL' FO . 36. -
TLHE'Token and Atlautic Souvenir; a ;hristmrs and
Ne* Years Prnaseot.
'ta Giare; a Christuas amnl New .Year's6 Iseet.
Edlitedl by.Miss Leslid.
Receivedaontdobr salc h,
IIOTCIlh'ifS and Co;
oct 7 24 ClwartresrrreCt
COAL TAlR.-Planters, uilders, saipt andl stea:m
hoat nttmatlY, can noow sttlply themselveswithi thil
o..ful article at 129 -2 cents per 'tlpto, by application
at the Gas(Oflice, Ilok Alley.
Thoe tmny siccessfUtl exp"inettts of the coal tar has
reItreLr'd it to thoae noeaindeIte aiut its valncabh' pro0
pIrties, an indispeablcealtitcle i ir preselvtion of fence
timber, woolden roes, &c; mixed i ith sharp sand and
liume, it makes a moot e:eellept cemct for the rioos,
seering them liom leakage. The extrimely low price
at which it is now uritiseil, should idlure every planter',
asipmasterand btilder'to have a constant supplty. 0 2
tI RAPE CHAMPAIGNE--A. frther su pply of this
thighly ctelebrated wile, with leadel caps, warc.ant,
ei quality, at leastequa-loaney clampagne itmporvd in
the Uniitel States, just receivedl by
opt I " A It INSI(ECP, 5S onatl it
.L .count of the moi t eminient lerona in sueeeasive
ages, who lhave climted for themselves or to whom hid
been imputed by others tihe exereiee of.nmagical power:
by Williooat. Goodwin, autlorof Cahb Williamo, &cr.
LETTERS FROM 'I'IE SOU.TrH, by a No·otthrn
man new editioln, in vohlumes. Just re r ved and for
nov 27 Corner of Camp and Common sa.
B.RNI)Y, GIN & RAISINS-- A lotofa few iltm
dred boxes bhnch raisins, few hanlpipcsof French
Brandy, several pipes ofold superior Hlolland iin, and
ilty hboxes spermcandtes, al or f4r qulityv, to be sold
io toelose aconern. WM B.'r 'Ev 34 old levee.
N. B. Iron and Copper--clsh will be paid for a fiw
huimred tlon of old Iron and Copper, apply as above
jan 21
T IK IANGUACE OF FI.O\tW.ttS, ke.-T.'i
SInr i:neo of Flowers, illustrated bly cololed ea
t'e r .Moral of Flowers, illustrated by colored engra
vings, 211 edition.
Florn andi T'lho or (itemsof Fllowers and Poetry,
being an.l dlabelical oiarrgement of fltoeirs, with ap
prolnriatr illusta.tiotis, embellished with eolowcd pllatns,
by n lady.
Forlba'a Intertcer ; or, the Amerlican hlook of Flow
era:mr Sentimentslyy Mnrs SS llall,thlirdt edition, inr
'Ite Artlit, or, Young la.dies' Instructor in Orna
mentatl PIainitinig, I)rwi.t , i N e. .
Just i;eiell d atfo, sallet e
*at 19 eorelir of Camp ant, CoalO't sts.
)ROCGANS, CLOTIIIN(t. &e.-landing from the
i absp Maria: 50 roea es .oott BroEanrn, coaoin,e,
extra and hors' smies; I crtses men's kip, pegged Itro
gans; 8oeaes men's daocita Pumpe; 17 caons ladies'
lid, morocco and ittier Slippor. 15 -ices Clothing, t
raifgrri g n a goi n' :or;,ce,--for e'it i+.
at lllt inl r., \O,,E & co.
"IIANKIlIN INFIRMARtY.--The public atre re
. spectdly" illnformed that this ilnstituttlloll, erected lin.
lie most approved lan, and in an sire oni tost admi
iiloe situeton, in tte faehnour k Flaoulin, ulpan the rail
oat, one iimire fron the Mississippi.
'lhc buildlng is large and most comnmodlitslly divided
into nalartmenis, for kceping separate dillilrent classet
anti diierent dlisneases.
The institution is supplied with the most skillul and
attentive male and flmale nurses, speakinll tlhe various
modlern languages.
Primte rooms emay be hod y, gentlemen at from two
tofive dollars per dae, inelodig attedansine, etc.
Terms in the ordinariy vwartds, one doll tr ner day.
Slves also one dollar. Small Puox i thooardiln wcards
theo dollalrs.
4A1 calital mugical openitinerlolr.
aieeesident-tth'lieila ia l)r. I.i. iewsin To whom
appliecason fori mimssion must be made, or to )-. O. A.
Lstsem'ierg, No. 17, lIampart st. ji 24.
'T ' E ~~ ~hIILICA'T'I --S'l - . htir7' rthrr, a talc of
i thie Faronde, in 2 vol.
!'h e Wife and W\Voman ' leward, by Mrs Norton, in
Miriam Coffin, or thei Vhale Fisherman.
The Uashful.lrishman, or the Exile of Erin, inl vo s.
A Narratire of a Visit to the Anericai Churches.
bya' fDulpudrition fronllte Col.A..tegillllnlinimlon of lE.g
landil'nd aVles, by Andrew IRead, I). 1). anl Janmes
- tIheson, 1) I), ilt e rots.
Noels and Talei by Mari IEdgeworth, LO0 vls very
anvtlybtmla into.. - '
T''he W\orks of Mr. Sin'rwoodi being the only uni
fonrts dittfli vurapntnishltt-tln tile Utlttn" States.
Just receisvd aml for sale by - -
W.M 31'KFP,AN,
pti a 'eornec Camtn anod Conv. n sts.
T rl iE'lFulloy of tile ut L[vOICAlo Osi.olsl sr " .at l
Ae:respeotftllyaask thu attettiola ai.the Medical
Profession, andi oof te friends of cience in geRtlal, to
the conditin anlod-spe:otas of thie nstitatio on le,-r
their chalge,
'The coltege wans ormgaizs l.in the satumn aeI tI1; a
fiul course of lectureasws givea dnrin thnt past winter,
and at the last sesssion oft lle Irgislatt1'.e,. a PI!rter i a
conferretl on it with tie :stal pcaerI and privileges of
sitoi ar insticattions.
Since the termintnlh lb of tlie co~nrse of t.vtures, the
Faitc tyilne int eginll'einreittd attention to tlhe ilterests
of the CIotllge alte linhll e cbi.dilernhlty anItguletted its
means of ietlness. t a Ialt ilta, t.,.hteve-r otlf be
their o.vn e nlll a ldc llustry, tie success ol their L titeo
prize is mainly eplln:llcllteti the cutllrlnlolu.irif ilta
rrcyive front the enlighttened antl iitrlintic irlotion of
dieir fellow ciitizen, parttieltartlfiet tlhose. of the Mo
dicat nroflesiol---tlhe Fsculty ae dnlsirms to obtain the
natention of the communtiwt i t he ladvaituges oltlred by
their institution ti tthe .%dicl Studelnts it this section
ofour eounti..
'the ethllge will lie in o.ost'ssion, at tie enmmenoc
minn lt fthe- text Settasno, f wnltgqn:llte aplmttu fele'r the
ill.tiitttion of htemirniy an.it'-ite conllatl-ral stlninces.
Ample tmeots fl'ollrt itoily of Anatonm', will be Anttihh.'
Al ivithtoh lio tolle to the student, anti withoutti violatio
of the esn:eed feelingo, or eltec preu.dices fr society.
W.then it is rconllectid th.na oner tdid of the lpopliln-t
tion of New Orloons, d.ltlil'ng thie winteli'setson, is rom-.
posld of stlan'ers, mnlan ot wlhomot, frnl choln.oe or tieo
cessiny, rvsort iil.sicknesls to thlt 'e\ertl e.totolllonucted
htispitnis in this city, it must b appa:n.lt thabt the Fit
vntvsore ttts tnaanniao of luaeat'toved tans foorrend-ei'
in ilaercou.se lof insl rnetion thorualhth' demolnsltraltive.
"u avail tilhemselves of thelse pri il epo, it lhas biott at
ranged tIhnt large prnlportion of thlecturl s from the
pitIntical ehairs,.haUnl be clinicln , and disitase aid treat
atn'htaght.at tie bedside of the platient. "
'The .unberof stlagical cas-s ill this eity isurncony
tilnly grerot, atll InttI'Il every oltelltiolo iln the sciecller
tiill h err li-t 'htit rti.' lasrt s - niht e liino nlhict r
'Thecourv of Pathlilogy ant Phiilognv gwill, in 'like
maontei, he acuoilnpallied by i:monstratin :anitd rlxptri.
l'tla.tetly onel pnirticlla.ly tige tlht, eptioin (in
ititell itin bolirevd tlhT will iL, oustatoittntv lln t' eloe.
riLctee of I'hi. ici:tla,) tiha thie likn:lases of the Sotit.
Westlern setioi of the Unilted Stnles . e, in onoly i'.
stlliies, sntylnii.ited by cli-ite, that then rln neilhr be
well Ltlaglit by tihose ualh htve inot-stolenl th!p, toer well
studied ithy dluo \lto tnhve not an oIppIorItuilty of wit
sening thlir ipecitiaritieits. .
n'hogh )t is, jtrhiiaps, unnicessary in this part ol lte
nillt tojtl e tr ptTl ntllli.clll lnie. Inet, toto I io anwhy int er.
roul:ousi imiipresaioln, it ily Int be" sapetlnhios ito satle,
thit1 lltnin tinL altculnaionin ol'l the expetnses of attend
ing retmote instinttitons, :t co.tsident:-hic balanane will be
finllll in tivoc of tllheol lege in this City. 'o retllder
tile cehool Laeansible 1alhnse it indig.'nl circ-ltslllllcs,
it is provided bv the by-laws, that tEuttty stnihents shall
be adnitted l'tisi, Iollo. eidtenllc nl iu.vestitous c;irlnm
lanirls, pli d itttt t lliitt ita.lll. a int d ittll- l i t n iil lnlatll.
Z'lte tlic'nttIiy lio onily itlihenr to iifa(-, thit themr butt.
exertionsi will biegien, to renlder th cnnrse of int.lae
lion in the Mediical Co.iege of L.oisiitnna, oth ample
anlll thorough; Iin believing, as they tldo, thit tite succetss
of this institution will be ,'-ainentlif usefll anld hnlnllrs
,ill to this sretionl of our conlllltry, thely ailpeal with con
iidenuce li tile pltritismli oaL thici ftlow-chitizens for
conuntenlalnc ands stulporl.
- tiltS. A. I.UZI'NIIIly:,EI, )can.
Non Orl-eans, Aigullst, 1535.
T'he Coutrse of Lectures till coitntucatre on the first
lludai y i Decetater irelt, and termirratr the last
week its Jla/rrh.
C(HAltItuS A. LUZENllE'ltf, I. 1).
Prolcssorl of tine rli+icills anul Plnce iocof Surge y.
1I0)\\'AtIIJ UI. h AlLI'tN,\ M.
Prp.essrof the Themory and IPractllicc of Mleduicine and
Cliltical Pra'ctiee.
W. ItYIIt i"OWFlI.l, M. I).
Profelsor of thleistryl:ollnl Pharmacy.
.1. llAttlllSi)N, M. 1)
Protfessor of Pli'iiohlgy-.:ltld Itllolot.gy.
.I. M.(N'RtOl MACII , M1. I).
lProfessoru t o t Mott il Mdies, T1lh..ir.pti'instd tledibi
J 1IIO MAS It. ING(Al.S, 1 TIi.
Professor of Obatetrics mind Diseaies of 1L 1.1ovnn and
C. A. I.UZI:NtEMRf, M. I).
Irofessor ot Aiat:ltlti (:d intelriml.)
'i'Reulsites nd f ral s el -aiaduation i the saltc s i
th'O Uu1isVinynst- of Ytanll aohit. annl ht
Y OUGE OS IANKINI - A short 'hci ttrnrn 1oi
Is- per Money nnd Ihulionin in the United L tar i.l
eludhli nuaccount tf Provnciaid'i.if ontiurthld IP rir
Mooney to which is prelrxed an inquiry into the prnei
ples bf thl 0ystern ,with considerutir ps on its elbects oan
mlorals and klppinest.rTl'la whole irtended ra u plril.
exhosition of tite way i whic l'uplper Rl eyi enud r o
ne Corpgramlls eic al tht interests of dIlourtnt portuls
ofmti a crtnounity. Be Win. Mit. (ione.. aeoand cdtitn."
Jitt received ad faor ale aby t1i)TCtKIa S & Co.
j l. -1 Clnrtores-st,
U tarn Cooking L.oesr, filar wolad r d lthrauile coal.
tW'have jusrt received i full pply rof tllheir elebntted
nstove of ail nizec, soitjlh for LUiel+, oinardi ta-louscs
aod,largetrod smUll faeiliec. Ionr culnn'tonitr lan) dPt
patch in cooking, as wellr Ils ithenerat eavi rof fll, fullye
one:hall, they will e fouand to he rnlvailabh. Ctirtii
eo froinm ite ribipntl e otwlnl Kealrres t the -North, as
welt aos hthdred of othlers firn privnate hitdi idlaln and
oaptnirs of vessels nonl atetlatrtl , un to ti th tilid y Oi
thenOsatuvos, r t bIe are irtour rarellhou.a. "
jon 7No. 5l),l'rhlrritorltnsrst.
Cpper; tin and eastt iroat InndLr up t, order.
E wtract ela letter froma Caltain Win. .1. Ihwarnl, cnoi
'handing U. S. ltevcnou Cutrtr 1beLane, to tlie 11om .
i _Vi Wooedbunt Stc. of Nurv:
I.E answer tq vtllr enqniriesr 1in relatrton Starnrir's
Rota.y Cocrking Sturv1 e Ii ave irr n =I rrrIcItlrloty to
trconimenil to tle DIopartnnrrrt, tri artnptirr t tilnroac
Stoves for the Culttert generally they ire lr nih Iecs
ltea in ore rronvrcrliellt llllrl r'lllllllllri ll rl t ll rrth r; ge"
nralinr allt-s. trlri inu oil rthh Ht pe moist
oO!ll, is sonck e t cwlfnd i 'lt anttd i n i ln dlt.tttlelti to
tie ilouts of tile veitrl i Ittrr·la i .atlio thlanl . .udh
used oe Wi. lll.I heIad I'm bphtw all T (.-Tihlltllie of the
rrr iplll'aifirr Col etr lUr i batlte I r thei rttasr.
A.'l uollt ol'fflel consuntlced by the old (;.dley, ly~on+
'aireb. th I tli M ru it t rch I r. l I rt , t 12 1 2
A. ulllltir of lt i ronlrlllllr.d Ih r a:lllre'a fr onl
Malch t Y in to May ithrlri, hig I rirmt u11,1 t1i
diys, ttl
iato t ce rn fav r .orf t heia r at hr 3n 9ii
A\\'1r..A. II.I ,nr n,
" apt. '. P. Rer. Catter .tCalnei'.
NerAltBedirnT, MaTr,,ttl'Tir P.
Expenpes oi (Galley" I Imndt ind 10 dy'isalt r tma e
ratio ns tlr uIortll, F"l; ':
EXICenCe Stanrlatri'sr seinaoe tire, Ii o0
Differencc in ftvor oif Slairlcy'rtS1 11
Packet olea, Sta Srprrtr, . rearm nd ftin Iktlfnlu to i Ru
cheiter- Jaly l:tth, 1:35.
4Iaving been r eqanrqiatld by a in.rcer:P l tI -rrl'rx rin)y
liniou of the Ttilit nid c,.toreninre ef rIe " t iary,
Stove inl Catin Packctu, I iRr toarc trrra frnth J haur
noule ful trial of onot of th, .rIi.. I3 otM-y j Slnres ct
thier pSlot, i folmd it to answer ,1 it m lnube rlr rr r
pu ti. rVr re irle to iikvi, ranet oil in mrilinl hort:
to eook r lr the al v rietis r r o rf melatr, , rr, d
diiges,, &rFi 60 it percn.
.\ 'r I . Mf t i\\', C t d 1.il l o
J" \l t.. CotIe dedicat,d tot Il strk. fLOn the se
colrd L.ntion edition, in I vrl.
tleamrirc oif Ire Life no the erlahl hnorr.lc Siari
Ptnclrjrtrng, crhcted Ily hinn a, Rohlrt James ant:eli
tosh, Ers, ini vilte.
]'lurfinirrt T'aentv tire iuthtr oi Tales .f tt Vif . re
to fle A nctic ()ent i to . .lost rcei ved d
bh b R \\+11. il'KEt N,
aleel i iorcrir if ('nap ld (nottrnti n Sit.
1+ At 'IVI i ty \t t TIiE liUt' , .r tha" smithi imlii
T~.lrled ro- tlel treir snll Ine n ' ,rr tltti,'nl l f tie llrth rl
ubirlilinisls. I erl. 'I o.Ir.
'The rook if PIh:or.ra, hti Thun C~inphell Samuel
prietv offdeprtultner, rlo firmdto the ';t11Ith o',hnth S,,
e-. "By V Malllc Celulet, tr.m-:lated ru+nl the ,ixuch Pa
ri edrition .
Tlfntre'\Trartnis.or rile= fti r rl eerelse and tal -
noeiavrtclrf+othe Irnite-l Sttde : ia+uiulllt\' \ \Itltlr Ger
ncral Scott, US .lr an- In,, v.!,. 12 Inn, in=:t rec,,i',-ed
all folr t:laihr C i \\ iii - c.a ectraup t ei t
IEr' BOK)pS--Rirpt ie t!;, f:t ifthe airlhitiis, '.
n the authorrs of trcrllt,1 ,ic.
O:i.r I THnlA l.Y onr the dayns "of tenry Ona:re, by
hi .r.'--:,, iri t 2 3:ir ,
Ii Ant.(RI- i "i 'inl.Rtf I-t.t , ., p ¢. I
forming tie citinens otrf bW Ort thna
have made an arraemeas wth t Na Y.rk.Cm,
ppony, (la'e of Mbuile) to pernsrm for a.shet snema., 1i
canjonction with their prenant compap~, now paetorm.
ing in the city. Knowniu from th thplstl "f te
northern concern, and the bae Dow odrtnfaheree
thire is none thate an eaomnpte' with I It Ais,Uat
Statel, and in fact the wnrld! Tlefut-Wipgytlag mwo
are attached to the onieern:
Msrsor. NS'IC KNRI';8Wt $ OR
LONG; Master. LIPNA E asr
J. 4' a. BUCKLE)', Clown, 1N8.
Ap efficient lindof Mubtie ii ateohedtj tniMpbtblih.
ment. IlTDoors openata qu aer 6f amd per
formance to commence at 7 preinl. -
Adm.titanoce-Boxes, $1 O; Gallery Ienw. s 4
A NNUALd FOR 1836-.-Headt', Pieubc quo An
nuals for 1836, with 25 lendl eng .hie m'ti j
best artist afterdreaviýge, b A. . Vi~ a teu im
Fislter's Dlogog Room S~an p Book fr 3 with
poctiacl Uluntrationstry L. LE. I
The Tokon.and Atlantic So.aair, a Chrilmam' andi
New lear'sl'renrent for 1836, edited by S. U.titl.irich.
ThlteUi,.a Christmas' and New Yiears Plnas.nMl
ted b !Miss Le.lie.
Fteyet-Me.Not, oChrstimette ew Year' atnd Birth.
dty Psent for Ito tt6edited by FrNre Shobel.
iTh FIrietidsiiieps 9'ringr.ad Wntomne i Wrreath, a
oTidtmaO anod Nhtw Year's PrAent. or 1830..
Tite Rdigious Souvenir, a Ch8iaotma, New Yeasr
otdBirthlday Pranent for 1816, edited by Chauncey Col.
ton, D). 1D.
'he Jurenile Forget-Me-Not a Clhristma and New
Year's Gift for 1836 edited by M Mr. . C. all.
'bie Pesrl.or. Affection's ISi ,a Ctrtma an Ne
Years resent tor 2 36" Ne
. Tlie Poelol Annudl for lM beih,.oqatimtlan from
ise Eaglisim Petafrnt Chauer to Beiattia. -
T'e itthi t'i Annudal r Mother'sOfferIg.
llThe Yth's Baaotta ro bSetaonc
The Artist, or Yotn eLadies' Instroetor cna mmeno
- talPanttittg, drawhnttg,. by 1, P. .Ouds.
Elomtents o Drawig Flower Painoting in-opaqte and
tontprent iatercolora.nhbyE. E.Perkiae.
Flora. aid Thalia, or CGems and Poetry being en si
phtabelical nrroangetlit of "Aiwer wdh alppslteiilu-.
trtions tand colaed.l plates, by.a-lady.
-Ti.t Lineguage'of'Plm.so'r d bditlon.
Peter Parlet's Almanac Ibr IBS6,
'Phe Antersian Almanac and reporitry of ISSll
iknowltedge, fir-thle year 1838.
i'ite Nauteial Almanac and uatrpotleral Ephamprie
nite (termean Aintneo ftrr1886.
J ust receiveda e.fand fesale by -
S - orner-f Camp and Commnon- at.
NEW IIOKl(.--Eeyo on tias of Wqgre, with
'Nt aexeipiton ifibsa easeu of the diferearnes in
ite condition tithtl laboring pbplahtion throughout the
world, by H. C. Caey.
Clinton Bradslhaw;or.tlte-Adyantur'of a Lnwyer,
in two vols. -
S'lte American Almamtec anid Expoitm r of Useful
Knowtledgc, fortle year 1836. FroalL by
nv `J4--. HOTC|.L-1 8 ,- Cd44.Chirtres at.
And Blank Bonk Maaaeeln.'
¥ IE sulscrtber "npeetfully inlrme li friiende and
Stile publice thatrne han, in oonnaation'with'hisblmok
ltd statiouary store, an oextretnsive Printing Office and
Book Bitdory, atndis ready to undehtake ti printing of
Pl plets, CaCd, Blank Clahecks,
Cath gob es Legal Notices, Bills of l.adlng,
L~abels, Bill Forms, Dray Receipts,
Auction and Show Bills.
Also, O Itittinding of Bnoooka ad tnanfaetnring of
Blank Books of any sitze or ,teem O . r K•
Corner f Camp atd Common ste oppouite Ribelrdmos'
_(lt_ BitItIop's) Hotel. j 3
Sand New Year's Gift or Birth Day'Prenat, far
1836. Edited by Mrs. S C Hall.
IrEAT-t's PCTrunsasttnt Antr'Vt For-1836, embellish
ed with 25 splendid onravinge, by the fietegtiatg
PeLITImttr . Antr.., being selections. frontsthe F4js
lieh Clets, f'rom Spenree tolnatti; -embelliiphedwitt
portrait ttd 24 -illustrations from drawingspby-H Coa.
-Tt'It Re.LtOocstioPventIa Christmas, New Yea.",
I attd Birthi Day Prent for 1835. Edited by Chautcey
Curtot, D D. Jnateeceived and for sale bA
lee 12 eornerCant saedCe mon .L
East District oTLeuisiana.
n .AIdmiralty soingm
N obedietce of an order at this Cotit made on motion
. ofllenryv ockuet Esq. e time 16 lJinumanry 1836tre.
quiring a tattement of tIe monies remmaning deplsted
nd unclainmed ill thie Registry o the Court, to ho pub.
lish d; specifg thee aues-dates ofdepon t d paoies
nterested Record, the undersigned Ieg.itrar reports
the sllo of 123245, remaining unlaimed--in the tal
lowilit cel1r.
-Welforn & Stevens ne sip Wufsington 94375
Dt)eposited on tihe Registv Allug. 19,1817.
Bemg time proceeds of sale of the vessel of
whowi the owners appear Io be lowan & Rob.
bins, Jtnles 1oalon,. )lion Wilcox, Warregn
Biallop-rgir ede.enoo o n Record.
Schooner lDebll oe certain Goods, 53730
date of metmirlatt ig 9h 1817.
.F- Smith en 27 Hgh's of wine,. 7980
date of dcposit July 24th 1819, no claimant on
atit ltmell et die Scooene r 8th January, 47 2
dtes ofdeposnitnJen. 18th, 832, Levin Uothean.
Plymouth N C claimant of vessel
Winter et le en Steam stlat Napoleon 10 12
datc'ofdepomsi Dec. 261828, balance of theim
proceeds of the sale of the Napoleon asler pay
ig cloiitnntsi. Boat clmhed.dby Andersn Mil
ler, cfIo.tseim ille. ..
Victoi Davidl v steem hoaFloridr e 3 83
date cf de1o ti S ept 14th, 1831, J T liauduec'
sydlie cloimnnt.
lvayden Perty et alses Brib Sally Esthler, ft
alte of deposit, Mlny 9th 1 , ner owne f Y al ly
IEsthrcr, It C Clrk, John Lillin. Richard IDna
borte and 1I IRicerscof'lnusarechstts.
Aid in obedience to tie further order f the said Coert
the owner or ownmrs, nud all and every other prona or
persons having or preteldulg to hleve any right, title, id -
terest or lemmallro or to-the said monnie are hereby ci
tael amd admonisheml to be and appem ata D)striet Court
of the I. S. or tile district aforSaid to he hoiden on
the third Monday of mray 1836 at 1 o'click a. m. at the
City of New Orleans tomlnketheircaine thleretoerdhw
cutse wliu noelh'disposition theof should jet he nmade
cs to the i:oert oiey snecimelll oinmd pper.
ily ordelr of Cort,
IUNCAN N IIENNEN, legletrar.
ll HI: NATU RALITST'S OWN BOK---C mpri iug
1tderimpmtionos auod'lte uic alecdoteofQunedrup.
ede; seiutifmmllvarranr tgeilc necmrding to thie system of
C(uitt he tile nether of the "Y'oung .en's Own aBook!
two vlamese--rvol 2,furming no. 74 of the "Family Li.
A di:Cit of tihe LAW OF .tvlnrNce IC CtrustInL Casz
--by lic.ey Iloscme, eq. with ,otes and refrninees to
..klritmclluidelitill, al to the En fish enmllpn law and
cemti.siaistirl corts hy'(iGeorge i wavmwonId.
(N I)i a+?ltS Om I)S tsr o ns of the CnE.n.-tmoerd up
na tihe immponrosn Pf 'tleir plthysical and general sign.,
by Wit, (,erhard, M 9.
I 'tlrcl.tE S OF PATHOLOGY , AWO PaelucmLz on
Plysic--lly JIehn MaLeintoskmn l D., ftrm'tlmmlesti Ie.
Idlon edliin with notes end additionn, b1 ,aSoutel lice.
31*.rtu, I1 IS, in 2 vnl's.
toeHE AMclC.lv QvcrT.e.aL Rvtrw--. 1 6 for
ilrrutcr 17335. Juit reciveel amifolemalebv
fl': \Wima ,MKAN.eern r ofC amoa soidlCom. .
1Vti'luThlUKthei & e..,hiecethor have rcerived ic
'ihip ellmnkpeir, thIe Gmllowng spldandidnew tmaelm
maim 'iluicitire, whichI they offer for sale onr liberal
t lr'llle. "
31 3olahognev lRoc.kilgchaire, plain al carved with
tlircloth, Ihlnt scarlent and parple plush ocarlet velvet
aId woeoted dhamask rets LMaheganv frnenh parnnr
cluills with damask hair se, 24 do do do d plen 2I do
di dito do crimson woreted damneak,J3 do OnGcian do do
hair clothl, 2 do Franch lBtger chltine Maren Morenco
2 do uIII. chabins, I pair couches, leveret stand-All of
Nomw York make and penfeetly new.
S15 DIIN iR.tl & Co. 53 Tclhotnpitla at
UT AVING on hnnl a large quantity eeaske nirCoal
Il o7'r, fa sUPrlon quALrr, ordelrn will be reeiv.
cdI at the cas olfre fer tle delivery of tlneaeme, eitlsc
ilt Inlgo or smr all quaotitice. JAS H CAI.DWELI..
II (:Chairunm ' ne,';m,,.
1IISTORICAI. Memuirsof mlIl Owe Tite from
i 772. to 170I, by ir N. Willhm Wtraell. Mart.
Tie Psthumues l'mapers of tIm Pieckwick Club, con
trining itoihfel ceerd nt the imramboltioc, peer
il, edventdmre and p'rtilg tr.Iaisos alrths st.
respmnding mermbee, edited hby !.
1 .il.uet oa the dieaaes of t BLe.i by Ltsi, jr. M
Ii. Just recoived, and tar sl h
fIrhilt 5 (..LETV
I B1I&CAl'4- e Mai. a Psarisr. saa nod
1. cuovrtnl teooimnecrvant. Foi l alea Wfo crgh.
Frr further pertimulas saily at T4e. oIrJ's., t i
Royal et. $l
ibc -r'..Ycs. ..j1 Propc tye, 'Im'vjr
i J? h.h- rt&f' C 74?d Puo '6M i.t
igleme he he. lw o muerek e
.. k[4 linbilge e n ad een.
StI doeti r i lphtr oro the tIe s eta of t bait
I'o o la rie ahea ebolo h me e
r5 d e ,rlw l, 0" ar sdhe
.ih5 odo -er I dtoI rai u t
i dml. elielim9X&J
S dn isseiusther hoe w ro k art is h
Sdo " , pie m hac boe,
leo'el na& mi ,
*il d ho moea l ur ork, weds
I ne o htones, ihllahou re culdy learled T
I do o h elen onl"ie,
- 1e ~ou dk ·e As , of lm hui n ,sda
It-do ive o ad tezu e Cleuy
1do e adl7,oon ethei r aIea.- I ek.
tI 19do an ths s · Cash. erestr
4.d. A ( hli' B.ty ric
la'e oar tl . ural Phlo thn
l do
A . dO ; 0 A e lt At ne r r n
bdott miem the Slue, 40harliesho wleh e the'
I mEidnner muner
1 AsI bk Le Viealle crik lid Creek,
o1 eion ' adeyioro 0e.... y,
Sdo OTC AneleIe ,a,
yles in MHrs rlgny,8 e o
.t h esunt.d.17d ace wetdoitteL , a eittleruc sh.
. do .a lt r ,e .
eI do ma the Sabine, 40 iPle whJicthre
I do. near r, . lpu FL, sin mletee len, hoed
fly i. reall l cane O ane ; wah. l
1.e Acre, sineinlo' B-y .
All the above Japds ire ,well situated either wotopec
uentuh omsettlen. Th'1 ttles are o ndisoetibl , n nd lulil
4 ALS.,-0 Aeren , Feohotmcg naola n n reartverand Ra
i ort good roa. Ther 11 fnu llen. 4i deit
saet, undcr o ltnoncltivatn l o n eaion.i
'170 Acrt near seltvilnle, L and omltonlnd lellilav.
ifliy thilli wirtpa a t. 4 nt, lI und ag iopt.
4liote, in Fwhe rerl Waleescity fotI Rue do
feeet e. o 9 in by-131 . r . jIou Mr oee dth. e ,
A.0 ! non'(strca tl' bi,. y , awol t.o . tne aMbt e IsaRe
I thae intPhieacotypat je. 8 . fron, by9 a ea t e
iIer, wnl l sert enCin .nrhllter cic Lletl, n ic ae of
fnlerd aee a tbrntihe et latta m go th tand t
ASCeo.teB ofcpns, lhrat ioul ollsti m of ailedrd
. sndie , (tneoeotl..pl ineel patent at o.,a rnated
wllsaoell o ainel HOit alac ted tq tI watatany il
Sletmy o t ertollro of ate . Detul el aind Ileyd
nlem re on, Chis liurth Mu ino-the ofetim dfr Veet
Cnlledl'i-L ari So atre- l son Fla.-ad by
m rnir i tl D.aSha n di, y oe, .h eei e
meottntoneamet re m e , G mactore'd sce do, neiamu.enal
Imdianta, Saisca Haciceao ,aaot. rn tm wenta iofeewi
Latin Gnoanyr, teieonict l a of mI e. Rto ih tonm Vcry e
Bhymea 'ctFrete coate ir tcnihymn bat eat toaimermntI
NIcl lateand sr r lia opnleh rajeelichlly EIa nniry,
mcj. Ity he.lere ttc ecal and hymn e oiteo , te olott ctionsto f
intlereioi mamoenet, tlctcot piehe, acrI d mncl
-id chants whfcact e Isort, ce y of En ersglan cae with
out inr mem nle aemid, aar te'c e thae aenal omm.
no c no etri tat ahtip resotmwao of ttgim crudttnlmle
cntmodtiIoeiwtich, hnd heecalcan tdusedul topingelr for
thtir owaprie pm ti. e an e im ent.
Thase itsl colfino muhl nehlvlobehy wi
""inllhI been drmwn fcrm Itc, t of tm.
Stated riencs in Euroap. e ope eaally in (c
Mr. - Ie haBrun' thetemnataut aim o, the uthor to give
nBlaketiOs tutes, thiat cnd be eiai Bemionoeay
Balri cuao
r enll fing, Gargmmen hIndno mahou am
desirous of improvuia sared muoeic, ectnemtply ae
Araiks lolecetl lo ,he cidhulahin ri thieiadmaml
Coltmio' wish das eenoc Catlc d a xpanolyf the
South sold We do.
caoauod sted or ale by d
lales19 e4 Coo rtrcati e
NaSWORTIura l atiand EPhi liosophtiya
.0 _Virgil elphini, Valpy'e Homer, hStohrtor =i.
onButUnmnua Ge rm'a dooon' d, en
Mrallul.t t' L ic o, Go' ek TeSyatemns cd
orienft's History of Enland P
pS Aiho uthe Americat
I ee '. NaHurl Philos.phyt
SOrldsmith's d l
Blahi's do
iurroy'a EnBtlian y, mmr
Comly's do
IBihrsol's do
I. cnnet', a Arithmetic, d e ,
Pike's de
Gmlobee, crlecy'iloi. 2d ana atd Bork oef istory-fer
ftraS HOTCHKISS & tCo, 04 Rhatlcu eic
IPt}NGLINGSON'S amuma Phyviplogtvarlse
do (Iersenl Trapeate's
do Etiumats of lygIeta
Dewees on Children
do Females
do Syntemnof Midwifery
do Emays
Horner's Ralhelt al Anotomy.
Anatomy of the Tissus
Batoea s Pitl ology
iloiaeau on Fever .
.Msrha o Femso.,s
Brousorar's PhleSmssic
Scaitgore n jouot aed Rheumatisat
Paris' Pharmnculogg .
Tavseu"a e urge[y
Clark's Treat..e op Pulmonary Conmmpthbl
Ctoeopr ojft.slocatioc "
flbCess's Speeial Ailitemy
Car xr's lectures
lall n tle BlMood
Mnekenmon's Brandon
Cathoun's Prost
Coxe's Americnao-Ditpeansaoty
Richard's PI'hyiology
Fiteh's Dental Surgery
Richlrd's Principles of Medicine
"Plsatelr'n Uirpensatury
For sale y esat OTCIIKISS r CO.
f tO 2Chanrias t.
1 H, r1n dt CaCAj satet, who hren.oamnsly
on hand, )i d Cafnar .brminas ati Champaige Bran.
dita, Holland Gin, Wt-.espa Fishl ald other bnodwl; J
maiae, HI. Croix sand Grtda run l lsmuperiur L. P. Mka
deis; Brown and Pale Shcrery (ape Juice and other
Port; Lsiiyta 'tenerma~; Pios, Msdetra , Siily do; Chamn
pai~t , Btrlundy Clare, &c.wineas of the IB.tld -
- 2l.np a wk. ,an .
'lW CiEr se, a general rescritioun of Ol mpire of
O China and its .,h.ilasts. By John Francis B.
vi, EOs. F R S, &e. In 2 v, being No. i0 aWnd
A8 of Ilarners' Family Librays,
Letterto Young Ladies, b- Mms L tl Migotrney. No.
e tnition, 1837.
The Pilgrim's Protress. with a Le of John Basan
Rob.ratemr ithoy, E*sq. LLD. PImt laurento, &r. &r,
ltleraltedwittsl. crute,hv Adunr, aflern estlg bhr
Chalpman. Ilarovey and ,,liers. New edi0i,. 183f.
Jst received and Ikr eals by W'I MKEAN.
o Corner of Camp d Cn.auun rtI.
/~T'iGAI9SI N$, &e.-.'Thoe brsnrribcrs Iawefoerste,
I ladllng frotm chip Girantar--1t0 haos pepper, 21t1
boxes Nantueret pen Candlesr; 700 Boaes lbanrh
Itaisna, Loring, brand; lIdi Cle.ts and Borls lip
riol, ttseon,atd Sntehmn Treo; 50 ane. Ysamn Iy.
son Tieaa2lb. cantlers. ISAAC IBH.ltin' CQ.
I9 No. 131 MN galigse erot
tWW1O-b - ntoeastic hoppineafprvrayedl or a
whre taore for thse o ,h r nad tlhem who ar-es
msried. fly the muest caelsc authors, acieat and aes
U- ome.lr happincer, he" m yInrbot
Of arsaie,.t has. l ir sr ir a i"
Hi()TCHKIS."-&vs25. 19" at
IEW IBOOKS-Naval Sketch Bos1 , i the Sevikte
i oat sal aohore. With lharoacterisie riemiowren
era frmeoam ad npmitain. l v trhe author of it
Tktrofal'&e, arronid series, a2 eats.
Raneom Aothlletienn of the litona a fsnmsasan,
frmsa therwe 1L to the elone I . tll<ttluan lporno
eat slrtes s ofhut letdihs mcmbre-ht ear of on per
ty, just rceinved ad fsr sale by V W MrK .AN,
ear Camp and s'namau. ot.
Al.m-A. eit. espies Uof ,isetn, Ao.rasawo /lt.
44(7h', ditass Po.,' just lunding fea eteautx
:,;.. e " 1 ,r ,xle ble
17 I.A.bT.'. d A?:.;.; , L 17ci.i a t
A TlGUr dhers ar t
m in ant igent e. tailehm s alend at a
T iur sppie with oa of said 8AhToo,
Ioiits nhpply oif ill okerifiiemipl a
la m4 a n °ia end na Ste
tfit s. their Es.
U pe*o'us0 I wv ticrW. Iu hoM..
c RaT 'Osr k p O t . 28 , e w ,L .
ui 1q," t Iallea i prda suint ein, 550
The stew pala. ircleape stiao bhoyi,wruhs. lan.
theI.ni on hoa d, both eradin e ti
st M * whbr t alh ll rd e t roiatw ti
It ca ehm e ohinefin onR rv to
1e farcT inan etsiug sail enginse ern
sea, t s will aed e potunlly ttrendo w to, eond
sa ored withh th e S eim ntppieousiW depateh, ifaeddr,'
ad a the sqhusn'bae at W rford1 foretugn cu. N. Y.
WMl. 'l k A'1'T & no.
cr tt.flroe tis.
New YorklO)ct. 18, 1H3.
ftoenife ctat I have tti dairy eineadod a trial of x
Peeta gIne reft ' Paent, miode by int. PlOltt
.vatla easlroer PSats.og extco. New .i.l, with B oI
The st cr aie h .iesr a d thrait cortao-l oftl fcity
a Ne o etrhe tsi awtse na e and the o rorleatinn
yard, d rin s e eaperite. i atoreatianed tL.othe
eagidink wh e ns Patert. will itew Ar watern, and at
asgeater die.ret with the opplication of lios power,
tan uur eurueatioo engins.
SI afu er ll certify thet pi t has ever im en w .
Whited in this cic witMyt could enerpetl with t ie Nrw
el B IearLe, or Gnasl rhoeld o utor cho. purpose:
rcpt togem'PaM.et iasve mentioned. ''le ,o1Otruh.
liot. of Rogers' Pata i eceedin Ivsilple, and I se.
no eaonse ehyftohosltl rotgo into gtoersl o'o. ie.
I mstn hsotfnllycmly ether nrooJeieet d f Kipi
Plat alto to ite meiy o Tpioi l.tl trol adtte Firn
Egiseof ltog*t a Patent, manulaeruradtl y the at
Waterford, Sareatoga c N.Y.
The orustionef Utica have purchased sen of the
above maplesed e lites,.nasdfrsse sepaned trair, I te
not heitate to psroetace it decidedly supden ri i ani
other rmreedte nowin o e,i'wcich I have any know.
ldg end I as o mont ttlly cncur in te crtlifitoteof J
Oulicisthe'hiefe.gioee'r of the Ntw lurk eDe Dtepart
.eOtin eslatin to its oerite. The pop oflisieutn
is wonstrocted oin eingle cylinder, snd is exceeding
l3 i .tinpletd little iahoe to get or.t oftpair, tmnt I
dno ot esnite s to y. that ai ty judtlgeat, itwillnoon
sPAedr the Mt ao ihecuwso nptun p aetno r.
Chief lodineer of the Utica Fire yepnNit.
N. H. One oft ahsove Patoent Engine ofehlgerats
se, wase orldered for Engle Fire Co. Ne: 6 tNW Or-r
leel, ielddetithy have recrived, tiod and-seeeptedi. The
Egine can beaten at antytimue, hyto tint tpp.
Agent 'or the Manefacmtreri,
Cocoer of Puodren & Tchoopitoelan sts. NaO.
P. te have an angine delivered in
given. S SElK dim
IEtl- PASOAGOULA HOUSE is nsw opue fot the
S.receion.t, company. ThiA delighltit retreat is
situated en the west hbok ofthe Pa'carwtc ttBay, st its
eonflutce with the Gulf of Marlen. The situnatio is
elevated, and coutnutods an extensive view'of Bev and
Lake and is only separmted from the Gulf bIy a .hais
of ldenlsd which lay tloating the whole coat freim to
10 mile off.
The Ptnw.iel . feet thankul t che tc.ntmoelty for
the srntlege ofthae t seaton, and would hei4eeteful
fora return of the see the present, Every esPiew on
their par will he made to rrenr vintern cdliirgneable.
- F"h'ad I oyetere will be had to astidaaer, aditdvry'
articlese fe.d iG salw. c. wnnre theo uatim oat f'erl ,
wrll ntesIemhe tatle. eenneled wilh the establish-.,
lot am ne us.ensalcv aseueare't for Batking; almor.,
two Billiard Tables, and iwo Nie Pit Alle -
'rT hose dno ate fond of porting, ume1 lame will i
he found along the tshore, end by going a httrt diemtane
in the interior, deer and athur large aomnale can-he found
tkondanee ' and, ian thouse fond of the cha., a Push
rhe bent of Ilotndt Ore tobwaYs .tsicomntnd.
lThe drikinkgl water is fromt.o pearet Spring, and ice
always at hand.
Any of the Boal plying ictwe-tn .hln City and ,lsbile
will land passengeeoat the Pier. T'he oieuirtv offpttltng
from the Pier to the hosne in small boat, poatictully
for ladics and hhiltdes, always s lbeen an o tuioetio to
the ht heg s eetabliehtnent, is now obviati.e thed
steamer Alert plies twice a week between this and Ps
eagoula, nd will hand her panneteers immadislel at
the house. C. d& M. J. lc
N. B. The I.iquors are of the clheiest kinde'
been motlv imeorted fir the i'otnlliilr'mnt.
HIIECK t b an the ftllowing buonK, vizt Mier
chant., Exchange amd Ranlkin Co.. Orleans,
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