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True American. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1835-18??, April 05, 1837, Morning, Image 1

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, , ' . , , ,,,,,, ".Vol.. II: N v 0.
ttlu a re dr - f1,: .. - 1'/ " ',Np . . ...xr1 Nero .. Orlean.s rrnru7 F ]m · - -- - - -
awtlllY Rr67 cC ll rl tau Idloar·,,r tl ntrrli n_"nl' Iuý ( Ii~nnannl Kn~ Výýv tý,,. .,r - v_.1-111 11. I.·II,\ I I Iriir i ý ·I·I.~... ...i1. :.. ... .. -.-._ .. - _ .._ .. _ .
Tere. ef ike Neweepaper Peso rtf w Orleor tb s t -'
muoult sareed to atoa ad'oadjouroed ol otit,o f IhE
Proprietors, hell ot the 13th of .MLrcl, Ii Oi7.
Subscription.-'Twelve dolltrs ftr thoe Daily paaper
raeranllltn, paytlble semi-Unnually in advance. Ten
ollirs for thle tri-woeklt counltry paper, paionkle one
year in advance, where no city relffrcto is given. No
tilbaripion will be discontinued lutil arraraollres are
eltned. la case o :'discontinuance, one week's notice,
in terling, oast be invnriaoly given, previlos to tle
sxpiratitn of lulbscriptioo.
Adrerttsino.--One dollar per square for the Grit in
sertioMn anld hallf that price for each sltbseoquent one;
asye material alteration frotl tile original ltloerltisetellltts
will be oharoged rno new lllE.
Yearly Adoeertixer.-h Ierelnts and Tlrder. forly
dollars for Englioh arlotc, oand ixlv ft It hoo lagt.uage`;
LBanksl, lnlsuraoce Ollices, and otller simihlr ptblie iu
stitutions, ilfly dollars in Enoglish otly, ttlt eighty for
bot lalngutges. Slip i tnl lll( et t ttotlt tort ltrs orcolll
mimsion merchantt, sixty dollarso in lEgli.sl itoal , an,
ouighty ftr bott lorttttgee..
Marriages Obituary i Nlotites, nld urticleo calling
'Ils attontion l f Iht pul bhlic t to s th ' t tl r)-op rtr, rto dto otf
passenecr.r, teonotfit &c. &e. will It coorllo.o toot dol
lar por square, I te firot intertion in onch lan guge.
C outr"ttictlinot or Advreriellenllot of a0 0 )ro0nal
nature, wheo utdoaoionlo, shtll be charged doullle, ond
in advoance. ,
A deduction of twenty-five ]or icn t. will bIe nude to
A .etoncers, Shterilfo, loogisterr of mWills, ar o Marslloa
Saleb ot roesl estat, pnllthed il both oboogotso;'ltoo
0 per ent. io fntglioht lesnoc, l per ot0 l. Ol oa ns of
uther propnerty.
Adeeortiiewneto nttln the di hret line'tf bulin,.s of
(hlt nearly auolertter, etsch t. Ionlg, no llcitiol Ilant
fiu-emles, rlntwanlty slco, etr suIoIoV o"tile. &cO. &r. will
bs charged for sop.l r tcltly I It ordi o illarVr ti:
Adtorirnemett not loprelfoid tos to tic e will Ioe )tt
ltmhed le non ntlttttll 'tu'toCtged tl'rcortdintyl .
No aedlertoarom ts of hantkuplotes twillle be lishcll
it ny aene, u iont o ptid foter prviouts tiotn-rrt.l, or te .
tlekntoluurnllt ed by ta tooalrtible pro l'loo ill tn,t Lo.
Theatelt- ntnl totller tlhrelt' of lttlllsrl.nent, lool'tioiue
daily for file tseson,t to t,: rtlotegd IO0 doollalrs or l:j -
gush aloe, and It5) otlltor, il btoth InIgulotute.
All ttlno lltlltetllotst orf canoidtes ftort iolitirtl ofl/its
hatll be chtt lged double tiol. price of other itdvertiso.
Owingg to t Jhe illtllot Oc Itn s 1nhllt ll b)1 11, nla ,r
proprietors, tlhey hvro rote to the ototoeoluoeio, lhat the
satmoa of perseons Whlle ieClOllllot , helve not t ipidt
within one nrotot ott'itr ltp t letttttiottn, shtatll too mtoade
kasnsw, (so fotr no tractitltic 0000) I0 Ituh other, lhory tlt/
puting ttllloelnvo 00l to otdvetise or pllll f l: u.clell
delinqulents, olllrao ill otto.. oltoadolitot o patytooenlo.
(igtod) J tC tIt Str ltIt.\tlo,
l P llt.A,
J TEI' N l)ETRC;r \I',
IVeekly Presn.-We, the undorsignd,t ngre tot abllde
ny the aboe eollditiosl, its for .at they lre lapptlloable to
weekly papers.
(Swe ignd) A II IAWRENCE,
t S Nosublsciptiotnsoore ttke orlesthan six months.
t++ I ttres t iust itl all ases h tt st aid.
C ANALS ant RAIL O DI11M-m : I o .h itot!
tnates, showing thor t)ici pol It.;vellili tuIlnpike
and olonnoo roIds; ol which lar given the distillles
illn iles fronm onl pllllc1. Io ntllller; also, the courses of
he cannals ild rail irolls IhrlllothoNtll Ithl elot' ityl'', crlre
fully eomlled lifonl th'e lbet nIilhoritie's, hb S A I fsts
Mitchell, 1835. Just 'rceivedll ut I'h salth ly
0 40 aorneooaor >m duoomonsot1
! ft . c-A l mllal d II m.I cmltllll'llll q.
" W -A visit tooToj ap, teon, tho jooro l of
. tiraveller th roulgh theoso-o p rtsm it ilr.
etting to Amerielanl tielle' , wilsl descriplions ol
scenery, etc, ,tc.
Political Coontitution of' the fee sltate of Coauhuilh
and Texas.
A Ma1 p nf loexas, y Mal i II l..r, o. IS31.;.
A Itn p of Texas, with the I il0 oti.lol AniotiOl'il to 1(I
]Mexican s ahs', h) .1 II Lorin.;, plhlis.hes% I I, .LI
Lgstos Mitchell, I0.;.
.lJustl received :l'l o.r .'lt by 8,. M lotKI" \\
It :1 .(1 o VA L.
Ill)USE, SI(.;' AND Otlt h\II iAEi ''AI, PAII.'1i'EIlt,
:3 8 p IC t, neIAI v oppositel ' lthe Ame\iS ivnoo' 'll'heatl'e.
P 1 1 C i) N 1) is 1, 1 a1
E.91CSI 'k i'TIl'0I. to i 000l0.0, hto I'oot, t :toot tIe
lpu elc in g noAt,t t too' h i. t esll ders tItt
a.[ - branlchea i,1 the h" t ,thl, a., nl o n, ,hrap
terms. ie will nlo', at orvn,, in likte m n:.w,' .all kind
l' decorltionsit ()il ad \Vo r I ' .lor t, tfnor Ihlls, te
tries, parlor :ndlll hIll- )Ollln, kte. ,I, i Ihe t ill llillli
tul e . great t.lietl of t" 1arbl.s adl W oods, Militar',
Flandhrls, ` 'o.
pi hoiaptrsio e'r r ro . l f hot "r ileaa· ? rexl ios t 1 SO
slccesssivelr y I t Ith. I, will merit Ll i tlill o :.ll . of t111
atl'rolln Ie h:ll h rl re'lo of.. , Ito' s hi0 s riei.lls and
I'to w'DKo le co(loni pilo. t
faint, 4Ill b Ia;s, \'V rnih,I; 1o1 1.all : f". "c on'co
p:eul foin' sle. A ,so, t',l:lv min edI c l-d es ter ulke.
Whitening, 'halk al d dry molo's, mtnt a2
I.IlV o iot . ,S- norn, tal, of.o ,to 111,h1]pr,
Nelool limoo in 1 vo.ll by T N r I e.
SIIlhuli ol n(lu'r - h t ovo in l t- Itlt d I't ll t tts.
St0rie of' the Sooa. hv the anh of 'eer I ingle.
lnloir of Gteoirge IL t' lowe, wit toraits.of the tlA
part, &c"
I Gilbrt Unrney, IIv tilhe lllauthor of Salnlill and )o
As.o, a Raw stpply otOifne itn t '[lt0olo, Io tofl days
SI nri . , y the ntho l'd Ili , e , . t re
s,' 2d by Iill II.\ I+'I ) 1,'T,
ml51 I camp St.
Sl.li Dt:l.l.' NIEW \V8l l0I0 , .--Th i o ri- in
, Engluold, by lth lloo htorlof".\ YIpear in Spai" i 2ll
Noble D'oedooof Women, iin vol .
The YoIttng \itfe'. Lloo<k, Io o'aonal of oral, reli
Jo ot lreio''il aod Irt l1rot v Wt' l. Ml'KiE.N, t
Iai 27 corker of anllloiilnp l o Oll
AillA , D)1108S1tIlC, Iro,.--'l'he sohotrihotos toive
N ooriale,landinol l rotto lhipotOhio t nlo d Annl, 10 trls.
ie ta ppleton 4-4 brown s'? et I rg, six hulea itl enh tr'ss, pi
put up for theli MexianoA market; '75 keh.rs Itooton l ron
I~'oopanly Nails, well assorted; 210 aI)IRs sweel\ lt Sp)llish
chocolateo, 10 smallll boxe oach, 1 cc ummelltllr cloth
Aig, crioaplsinet a gootl us.orltlcnt of thito, tootrttons
nokbts, &c B tll)tiGE, Vao E & CO, 1
-NEW FURltNITI 'IJIO El t I()C l.--T I. i
No. 46 C(.irTTlns ST.
V1HE l mriolhcrs r iro no w opon norgo Iooo tri assort
have just rocelive by l oi t oroiol of ships Soaotoga, An- -
kransas anud laiss.lipi, ilron New York, h'n itting in
partofsido boards ol'variooo I uttthrus, wilth Eglptian
and Italian mllarbl. lops, e0ro tablesi of evc.ry d.trip
lion tlnl qlualito , wt rd-robtero i t to o Vil'o"--oi o't0e
torr and botok "co . Ioroitso Ioroo mch tootllt tOl IioIo, tao
lelt burc.uo Ž3irtino dtining P'enrtilroketsrtol 1and la
dirs' wob lortol, ,bloil to. alsoi, it 00w airoloh o hlo a
.A cnomplete oaoortmnct of sofoa.
Alairge aond conmplct' asotortmenl of mahognlry,m
pli, rosewood, fAno v and r'lomonol cthairt, olalonllo l I'
iocking do roverotl with phlh, piAtotd fitouot bu r
lnloti, tIognlher wiiih ti o trltt o'tl-llat -tlltoor olh l ri
tclnian areinooolrl footolnl il .ch olt t"nhlihnenlo tot
while of woi,.h Oill b[or old o0 raso0na0leo tipoo for ap
proved paperor rooalh.
Thiep pblic arr r 'espectftlly invited to call and exam
ine th iletack,
N B Gtoods packed at shorlt notle i oo gorol order for
shipping. f 12 C If GRANT & co
a r Its' 10 bati o Tl renton ioi'r ovod tiociiniso. 0t
and ottineon; nli orl Ay T tie CAs: l Io & Co,
h 10 No -I4 Comop oto
ojHo kE SubsA l rifO an ilr o pl tio r ot, toi oi oltI olde oto lo l oin
ano godentlolnloinogreao d h'tiety', eoltrtlig i'i poml
as o llowao
Aovile , otmmon imritation, Ion, gengoul. oi e lsol ol; a
smith vicne, blAck tn In'ight fce; trIac chains cnltl
umo, blueod noe d higoht;oli, l es, C ti , l oiA:ium, gt .b
antl cottonis English an A, 'tritc s:llet irotsi lol, :u.I A
slnmrt handle I y npals; raised laten , hook bt oult d all
loer ktitLs of hit g sl poit, mill, ha., panel, trenon and
looks; Atetriooo lilocr platled Iototr, itsio lte oslidiog 'f
doorlos, as round od flat llpriws , solinget, aodrtl ck
nlitter taid door oit ll i tA pilt, nill ad cross ct saw
oles; dlsip oarpl'ttr't. A0l other a g0rns; lohk, L'ight
urllitent oast sieel sokot tol tf'irmer chiselsbgoogres,
ll siozes; koivesr-'lt forks i.'.ols ard lltozi ;I giell a
Oielios shoe, cook, hatcher, ctrilrg, tmllt Idat t.g kuivcs;
pcket and dirk crtlo'r', it dozten's and oa cards, lr'ge
.nmt inoll ltiss.os, taitort riot!nd shoot)shearsc Ollllmon
soid floe orzors; ctrnommo , ijpo:oio , b"ight and file
polished steel slollfos high'1110 a la-1 boio llltonl boostl o oii
dlestiokn0 loatod, britotoia, it 0n, 000 0u00 tbole slOrts on
Mist aoll Ilcslonnhln gon locks; t or Ailoro orol 1tlll Ito
rsionoelbs, plrwder oiltrs, flaks, stot belhtso, gluOne bags, i
n.a erpeOnter's axe0s, olozos, aIIttlto-t, L.Lio-otlllClr'S, tI. cI
,olk, bo.rss trll .ualre boooo, oht, .loooltr s 'troos, toot, til
lorelsaes,niion clc. sotllllr bllhowo hmo s to illon lor I too lioodgS ofli
lohackirton, Eoglish o .orolio ic:l oolloades ooi stil ooh Ito
Iong| and shorthulno s; cllo on ooo as ooo ,oshoo et hiot'oon otllnl tl
tgint metAl teAn kettls, 0i0cnt oott mol ll tololott ottooli
rhtlls allotmld Ibha.too, trle oprwo oo.aototr,it n:sleWs, ocllho I
rnor ttlotd stoirrps bits, hroot s d silver m'o i .
le hooks tod 'io otoo'ooi alol oil t, otIckleo Axes C' r olls' t
-.it'l l Ca llr l'o p tc. oo ll. a ioo i lo esto s ototobllets olll dloes
Inrt raltn ,lloon p lano , , sor, io t.hoo o! d loo 1 go 1111 0ro ,Al i 0 :
lank;, bootls, sl'igs, plourhs a'0! Idloth moulds, cast 't
aaltd erltootot Stooel, illk, tollhoI, shltes, jalplanoldlo, titol a tto
ytolotlen ,a'are, sio'veos .oo''o iltlb, It. spt(!es, tAred he n
granrrope, bed eordot plogh litoo, toaokitgyro tcotto too
lnllo. em twile, IbarS'elotoso ltootot llolotc'', saotoS, ga,11 n
;ldntoil tll rlls, cutooo l, Il ot le , lhot, Ilo. ers' and Il) I o.t's
paorilet with a gr'-oat varoiet t"t' rthoor io' heloo g 1to it
pho tlooo. " \1' i. (:IitAStI'OIlltD,
oonyy 'o. 10 lOew r 0ete,
2)09 Julia: t-ee, fl' l 1I to I l .t. .'! . a.. a 'd lro' l -!
to i5 t too'ill he r . , ti,t t -to t-' -aoto' tn 00 r,,0 toi o . 5
'llly ill+ td ttktltllhl I+"t t
te (looisiutl and Nit w Yorw k Line of l 'nckets.)
So lue ncing io n tile 25th April and to irseto etrie
sriclt puontepnality io tIleir itoe of sailing, the line wilt
ohereRlfte t consist ot'six ship, viz.:
Ship lYAZOOC, Captain Eldridge, to Iurav lere nS2tt
.1-i MISSISVIPPI, Captal lobintson, to Ive ove
S hip SII AKSPEARE, Captiol Collist, to leave Ot
). 2:h y.
ShiIC'ICK14lUftG, Coptaio Vo<od ttoouc, to Ierve o
or Slli I.OUISVI.LE, Captain Pat er, to rleae on I0tot
it"ilh C IlUNT'VILI.E, Capttit Palmetr to rleave on
Oie 1 i T ee o stve hips ore oil rew, of lth firt class,
'ot tlerell RItIc tOl)ltr lrt ottllCe o, told upwards ofl 500 tong
Sburtln, are of light drielltt of watern, b ing btuilt in
New York expressly for tile trade. 'ITe ptrie of o.os
i oage fixed a t ooR ktoderd drarheis coubin are fitted
t o'' n tile moRt hn wovcd and .aVetio , titoan, & fihlidledi
in ato t c it lntl clrel tt .o Am er ores of tile t firt
to uality, will [R i.roviderl and every regn:rl ad to the
tcmflort ned entire sotisfitctiot of oassragers, wo o will
it illo tlake mloti'e tthat no betlth tLcI he elceordl uotil
of ttid fitr at tile tifice of tlt, coSigtoees.
Tlrese mkets tore mrtlnmueotld tb cattnirta wrll ex
of 'erienee in tile trader wiho will vivecvrv ottentioooand
Sexert thip oflvcs to icslotinwll taluten T iully wi at N
tt htimes be owd up an down the tMi ssipsttti hby ster ac
Lboat, fndl Cilt stritest linctutauity observed in tle tlitt e
tl'llco eI.rs of thteoa ships will tot ,e respoitsile fr
"llV h 'tl ,r pit'+Pl usi I.mckag , selit by or put i1 I bolardl it'
t rl r t', nl t cs , a r egolll or bill.t f o o tulilt o be sio r n tl 'Or efr, "
ti it [ l'ait n ttilose of tile ngenltt or oteatca. leer
rilllher pltnticulor oppli y to
SJ. 1). tEIN & A. COtlEN,
April II No. 77 Coanil srreet.
vOlt t N)\' I)litL.--.New Io hoI oftAokert5.)
It 1tt1, i{ NTU , o. Slr otitr, eototttdr ite
So,, NAtI,,te I,.o , J. Ibone, con r, 513
11 Ship KEN'TUCI(Y, Johnt Btlnker, commander, 62"9
tots, tlo etil Ml'c:h It.
Shtilt t)tIl.EdNS, S. S. Sears, cooulnoaltcr, 59i tons
to otai April tit.
Shil AI.ABAMA, C. C. Burry, comtmtndlr, 17.1
tot s, to silt Jsn tlnrv t l
Slip SIA LA'l'tf.L, \V. Ilathawny, etlnmtttrr, 5.12
ts p to sail Ainv 2dr.
C'l' stips of ttiof lite wiill Pail punrtully fioal New
mit eIlle 8ntoRo.
l'heC re all of the first tlacss, orotr r ittoost d loand
op.tcrd, tand wetre built if p'.'. ork extpresly tbre
illRs trade.
Thav aire relllended by eixperienllted mon, draw it
light draml[ of wha-r, and will iat tll times be rl Iwed
Sand idown thtt ie ,Mirsis.ippi by ortnnetatsta Theirl c
Onlllolllol ltiol's lor llarrosrr(t ler are very sulrior.
' The owner 1.of tieoe sltps p ill not be resp'ttaiblt fir
sII t" Iltctr, ' t.. or latkogle, s'llt by or p)tttll t oard
o lthi m, otir ot I r ular I Billl of lidingc be asit, d tllre
f)r, C tihe nllting ltOlleor ofl tie cets or olVlcer.
"h'l. rate olflpa-Palge is fixed at $70"; nw nilie or liquor
flrtished lt beard. Ior Ctrirht or pao. oKiv ottc
f 1d _ No. l6 ;rrvie orlant:t.
NCEi CRift 'I.NS C. It ItIllC Ill, ICEAlt . t rt
S1 'r ... altrer Citt dRit C ,, ithe I
re t - l-- i rata e ,f reig ht and ait.a .... ill be
3'trlirgr ltilt
Clicoit cask $'r (0.
M"lototred e rl.I too hrerlok pr fit
oltet, pl iide , 3C 0.t li
Coto lle , e o++er tll:; 3-t t ce.
()fit-, p r t l 5v.
Itri , ii il t+in .per pl .ijrec l. + llo dd
K.eg: of ladl ter I.e' e ' aOi.
It,'s f hi. ,.r, 'r r k-.ct ' .
tIG, r Lh, r ,, , $I III (11 o
C'il. .I"A/ ti.'(r,',t r tt tsh t
C(;tlll , per h e i,, ;-! 1.2
C I CINtht. r.tirr4Il
(' Otil i A ,tIAI
Ic will lI t eo tlotid oy elto t Slli tptr Iolrel rr lrI, Ittlt of
Ig. i lt'l " 't l't t Irt.o tPC' ltle I ttltt tnItt' tttll rtsit'i t ntr. itar t
i1 ta l t tilh ,, c o Ih rrlllc o rn rmllll p'r eat1itrl t'y dIlivertd. i l
rast hillsr I U I hl.tt tteltLtIIc ltetra ti t it t ie l t it tt. i
C"I .V"I" I) ;T.'7',17'lN 1;+,111, }" MAll. I N[ . f
rlolnl N):w lo t:nr to III. N re t.tll lnl l..:.
ti o r ,'ttt i 't,toit eI tt a (ttrrt riot1· tit.rirPlr,'
otrtpi ttttl ltoittiet poc of lti e trt ut t tltoirl ottf t titt.,tiz:o
tlte .r"t t tItA(tII'IrA, C ross'et, 1ttoetl"
Sot Ito'll ArItABAiti., Aldrich
The.. Itionlhs 00k re filted expresl for thie tro Iri
rirrd oiettitl ctld e I thl ttr ofti t x i tctl f Istt t.n Inlle
t tri ( f ni bltt ed tr o alr e t Coi r ta . , ra ltte qllt -
tr 1 9i' l n ,e l' e s 0 0p 3 in l 1 , lt ltite i f Ls e a s i rt ir'k . a t -
N.It. on111 ttile orl.hhro thOl'o. The ctehotert itll tipne
AOn itn ctnCienht ata be t whit elo Fi IC lite
tto rtpiag in wbilet .:11 t r e tran.eI rrce d I o the \\onotra luoutc i
tt ermt l ait l o ts leo ve t ie la e end f t the r il r enid
ViaSlhingtoit Irviing' Noew VWorkS, &e.
;11ill C' aoo. 3hsMIcl.tNv; No 3, containing
Legends of the Coniqgst of Spain. By the
author of the 'Sketch Itook.:
Trin. lI'l .'f (;eolge \Vsl.lingt,.l; in Latin prose. BI
Franlcis Glass, A. M. of Ohio. Edlitd by .I N eIly
I.AcK DI)OwnsvtU' Song Book; coltlaining n selection of
ollotit t onw Ihltdred songs, .Ian of litch i re new.
IlylJacok Dlowning, M.1). 1I.
IClsrliPits. 'lrlnn(ated by the Iev 1t. P'otter, AM. A.
Irhenlldary of Nortidh. In 3 rots 18tlo, being Nos
15,16 I lnd17 ol 'hipel's Classical Lilturar.'
,I st received and for sale by \V11 M'K'IA.N,
uov2 cor o'elunrp anlld eonol su
J7 4El'S NEW YV WOR-ttie oirs of coetttrutesl
SComnl:llldel's; bTy 1' It Jlamens, sn. author of
Darnety, lticheliesto .lrstecton, The (iltset, lko.; io
2 olls.
Ntuts to Crlak; or, Quips Qtt irks, Anecdotes agal 1
ete ,of the Oxol'rd 'iut CI:iuhltdge schte)l.s; ts th. ant
tier of ltoaetim Caulubrig ienssis, e, be.
'hillipr on lnsusttc, v I 'g2.
Just reccivued td fo'r sale tby
nes( o nt 't nltls (:lsln o iltis (:Che t tlinitin ltts.
N oIt;ec lsl 'oiis.teV'N,
t AI ES Ol Pusi . csti . l Iss \silliOatI1s II.Tr
S'\V i IleyAt exrcliot prdon in t le aldicity of the
atteill it."----51 'It"IIuMA'.1s BRIOW.
In vols.
Nttlrra r Me Isas. In I vol.
A Pt.iUlltlAnll to Ithe Ihly Illlnd; comnplrising rieel
hlethulr , skc hdles iuilll Irle litn m r I
toiur i LIe East, in 83IL2-:,I, Illy Alfunisulc)e I.l
nlarihne, MvTimlt, of the Ilrench Aead enty. 2 so]. .
'ilt. Fotooe: in oI.logndt, itl. , a s.,tusl to ice "Ftsitge
jountiit its 'otis." By 'I'tusto. litsowts the s'oungr,,
uthor of tle t'Twop.tny I"ost liag,' ec, et.
"Si ILl Iaitel'ie respongdct muajIIIjnclalms
lOT''CIIKISS & co,
ocnt 7 S1 (Charti's sl,t
tinted it: a ieries of short usl liniliar Essras ,
eridginally published ill tie " tBanner of thle Cocstitul
ltI' clergy of te t'suttllltlitll,.I ehurhnt on eqllitoltte right
I thie iitlles, or to iattty ilthr Isilting clletl sorei Irin
perty, greater than the diessenters havIe in the same l i
ststl osgh there, or oeghe t thesre ilot, to lie a osltunltliott
sf the thsretl f'otgs tho tgate !'-ill uix letterts, utldrcst.tg
nlglgtitt ter tsctll tte e ther llIie hislo, witl Iat Ieditiont ot
llogllttt'll, Iisllggl of Iosgttsn ; its \Vn's. ('oleits , i . i I'
Instructor, cllntalinig fit lll tsount of tle nlonov-,
coin.t, eightI and mesuI.res of tlle risipi tl trading;
nations and their colonies; Igethier %iIt ll their finls iln
tlhe ;tIh edtlio otifl i I Ilngc, witlh iilidiliill. frnOs i the wosrks
of Kellv, Nelllroelcer, KiIuei, ru eKel~l, I, mIil others;
byv Francis J. Gr(;nd, ntllr of " Ehluonetarv T'eruti ,
o Plant e and Solid (ieometr','" s'. & t,.
TARIFF, or ites of I)itiis, frins nod after the o3d
day of lMarn.lh, lt;:1, until the :l1st 5,f fleemler, of said
,cur, i0 lltsv re, en Itst gt g tgg'o T r r snu l iolfthhnlie,,,
;5i l rel>-r dglne -ti fltury do;; tI l p tl. t .
1 I' ('1 .1 f( & CO . il ("
J+ I1l.ll.Y has removed(I l i 76 Clhrtreo Street to
J 7, Clral, earlr ronl -to tii Its ecPrinl by lnte
iurrivtr, ollditiot' to tl noeigitrnl stock, wlhirh are now
Rith Satioo lotei nod liguot.
do do 1 l ck .ld colored.
d do Gru "o PuH.J plain l figd.
ito elop Silk, plttrrro i c a, .
do (Cleorr,, I qrlirro, IIrlnrrion, &C.
Sul riorjrlt l 'lrto rredrl n e.e aRlld oieo work do do
o 'Thread, Mohar, \Volsteln n l Cotton o.d
Stewart's p'lli •.ts umdle II h Gloves, t. lk white, & as'd
Silk told Net coveso, Ilk, mwhit and and sontcd.
It do d io md elioS lon-its, lon arImed.
v len o--2lnt f .r re ,n whonct c i ts 0 otino m"l
Frutrhrc fili on'l Sautrin rimeand tor i otinrled Oricu
tal Greriot, I'lurlt.er, Ol crIrwn, and 'l'uscan Strenws
T'Il'rlols, iletrd IfDressesm \Vnretrhs, PeateP, FlowerIc
s &c.&r, I. P I.EY, 76 Croud t.recre
fHFtl rp linld atronage awardnedro tlo e Pi iltn nl
pInhia Sotldntov (llurierh th u lees t heed itors to htrn
id o1nnre it t te ipublic nn dr tilo bove t itle, o a gri
o editionetfl c ir or ilirjoura .1, ro ling in own as ote
Inarget cFonily Ncoeuni tcrit ttie rolited SRtatens,wriln
I list of nr... I. ENI Vh-.ts TItOU ;SAN . s.l. 1
il SCIRIBEItS. The ew fel ture roe ntli itdoull(., of.
fnrntiiogn iir o readers tn ith new hooks o Itle I ost lite
rbrore of tlne dnay, ur vi poverd s IIn o ve- cl 8uCss
dils, fit tolbtn w filllctoli neud. ix volum corftlc e e
de r..ltiod lti ltlls If lt -c o fntn hrru itt, not sixtrv- fi of
Mr.l.nrook',;ralonlle Ittirso ofomi nrOe, nlnr'er nr.nd
Sen blishrl withnrlen t rrferindr with itsnews noun
otioiiug o'tirleo i r icra toten ,Sce anc tol Arts; In
trnerl I rlone: nt; Ar.intlllll o , ine slorl every o ar:c ni
r toe ta alrA olh, itronldtlled ioto R pbliCo jlr unral.-i
(frivne frll uocn;ulrsr of ni es, maCrkets nd wnnooftrho
latcst antl te.
It in inpllished rot thie lIow price of $2. Tnir this osal
tllOl rubselrilr.r -tt vhlalcol e al delltroeilrig intter,
euch weeok rlllorrhi tto 1l a noono1 book oflO0 pages,
IIiid Eual Iio t tol~ltles I elIrtnlld wh itsli esdnrl ed
to le elad wCorely, lo Iit Ieast two hnllldl'cd lhoor i.
StennI, BretOcThrd Is 'll portsofr ie lountrV fronto IaUie
to lorida, and fronr thie subonrd to thre hikes.
It Ito rnror1it limlu roinn enrnblo ito entorpcrising pro
priecorn, Mloessrs \V-oorWAR t & rn-'o, of I 'lrtld.l
f in, to re-inlt lth io it -ofutrtns, ill tile r ounr s t'a
car,scvedrl of lier Ilosl iolreslhlg nrw o orkh thatl ,
sote fiom tl Britinllr ponoor: woiiI o"nutfiil togirr e to
it a prIncronrrUt illo'.nt, noId ren-der it wrtclr ofrllreser
rLolite. r1oelnt rlnh wishes thefr reofore o, slcll tof rirrr
lse ribers its ,Il-ire to hIorve their i umblers brulrr,trler
have iltetrlllill++d (ill io slrirg or1 editior of tire Courierin
voliCllt for reatling wn,11 it is bouod ill a vololmre, nd
thus ngr.utly ohllllrce int value,
t{rrrler tir title of the t1r1t.AtolrrnPttrA fIRROR. o to-il
' lllollell(.' with thie publicotion of tire 'rizre ui e, to
whlloh was tWalller the prize o'f $100, wnittre byr iss
lt.slier, edtor oi lii s rPlndid Anlr tirhe i .Iknli r , lt
llathor if Ill:il Sh.tt:rIts o d otfheor vaIlrble l conrrtribu
tions to Aolllricolo LiterolLt'o. A iolg'rU-oolboreofIongS,
npoems talcs, &c. olt--r.ll in comtpetition Ior thre $rt10
I trelllllu s. ill oIdId t Lue in ud interest tthe dllCcNel ,
, lino Oodgoteritk, aulhor of Hle IrCslierc I c lioivnkde, -
`.r, whence talellt, halve be'u sOjosL.tlv LUnd extellsiveCly
Iicr oteri em tarll t In-tht:It jOltl firnd rihrtrltd.
r'lliru irr.ovcd InAMIII,\" NEW\VSI)PA'ER i. st cly
illltnl.tl iu Irtli.io r- anitt political c a le rso nllll tile h I1i
('oulprll' mil i Olg IOllp 11t u*It " I , .:kcl f u "eve "v killll
Irnt hliilrrr tn)I iI ,fr Ihilh tfire purlisholmr intorend fr
oillihl- theit. 11111101"h with a series of elr.lre ed ll op,
calohrtlci re thitftornr-frve Stales of I'it, , &I•ex
hihilioff tilth sillla ioll'l &tr. Of river., h)'.vi 1114) Il llli
tokes, til. .rrt I ,Ir , ilntornral illlirteuerlll lll I diPisp t
rd ito cotglrl, rnoil .ndls &trt with l hrcitrl.r ilttrest t.- Idl
oocefdl ftoooor l road', distorr.r, lc, fonrmin. a . I
pleato Atl I r -inl' i.;ocnl mieO radilt i|'lllnltiO'll, r lOltu 4a1dool
hint ex l11ntd, tine ri·lrht r I tmt map 1tro1 It. r t ollrlo
s'hlel, a0 an c'¢ptv whcit h nothir i orr t thtrr sphcilt
otttl 0llt ".1 j rv t cI h f " i rx y ' IrOst tir ill eu so gItelle
i)tslyr er..t 'lltc ir to tint h'i , rt t rllr oarot t.
'lFh yeor l.del)hla nr tnlt rdar, 't-cl er is etil -,,,t +" I
i ell its b rt, irli illr tIhe Stntrt ri el r n i ae 11u r e rl" 11 . r cheI
l'hiladelr hir t dil r. hit q ato edIiilin "l-he S -
Itrda , (+' t ,I ;llr i ntll n I t ill- Rs d t tlrl it c ti lits , lol r nt
I, fl r it t ll s w ile filer paper ll ftN he .same i.otriS llono.,
U I tt imc k llit m, wo iln l he p t e tt ip(,isol,, one hal tlhe
price tr th qe ro trmbli, i.rcnrt, viz: Thte Dielrrsroor
alltUn r o orlll r il ill I co 'no (irrlo ittshhl e e lo ft fo "rrI!
- tor il1tl)t & (t1 .-1ln:i' No t:il Cttmhuuose 't,
r otrnlinr r tfi,-lr-r rir tc I crr
Illr0 rripr ul orI ol ol pIeti d : . l u I r-rer Rlro Iu tlle
Ito dt,lt unl 1ritrrrr q lt k o r 0rr rlld brntin; it - Illgltt rsks
l'aimi hr h • o" 2 pis Iin; 'M rrr Iasks 1urrrrn eooo
hrwnI".;llr oe 1 t ie st oi'r'-112 gs nvtr o 8tt- 0 bg i|i i gic
St llhlnt-,do 21 5 ,'.'" €PIr ; Cuha Tobacco" 1 eerom s i
iult It L'"; 91 1 so,,-. :"' sll i llel id ni lnndl I 2" d xst intii lr
torial anl gti llrpwdr ea, 13nr lb- col-N o +0t do dh (I Ib
arl, i) frlst, irrhrc tr 10 f hx" Nu I eholutei
I 'o(1 "rie tI Iltri lo ttr- rr Lbrs t itc , lto t"2 hxse n hz Crollt
oIi brown and ple, rerry wif 30 bohls pale ih
- nol coil r oh o oi. o on lltl (nnrCfc, tlrc-t
to; 2t.cr iob t i ecntllr,'ctt ; `rr f aOll' No I troe rUlr
h4.1"rilg:4 (m t;) !t h I rls i ohwiv rs, &c. & o. &r. Ji3r o 0
t h1 \('t\)\I IV . \C't voI' .' . ,lll'la.
f%) Irr I[, rri 1IONS ifii trorr i(crrii, and rihtoeerst
lie o rrUoittd ti Iasthe exercises ar
lovcteo"lt o| o tine lf/ntrc, Loight Irefontrot and ltitle
ittrlCctrr, t rrtdrtrttro tdrio I together' with o ire marlr erto
Iprtorudcs, rvirwse ini ott'rtidu e to intllsd oftvcc-=
t .l t, tor r e tott,"er In t ro frthe Rooegular A\rmly. ire
(t'rop, atd os~iotnt I djutnnt (.ettrall unt r the suprr
eisloe of M ' (;,"rat Alexo Mcofori , cor( ooormoIoog
the :r rio 1), of th m "o. Lotos,
OItNIoIItIO1o ('mI, Int)GRAtr-Or, rn rt
COUit of the oooios ft'l'h Birds of the n'oiled Soates of
Ameritca, rcooirc oid by d4stipotons of the objects
reprtosentd n th \ork ,:ntilted"f The niird of.er t.r,
WTILL, W\.Trre. From the autobiogral,h oft Ilhri
t a tieh olC.er. Ilythe nithitr of Catc tllihll, etc. t.e
'Ahi! null'alt:o cCe pinato al moollo duorl'
Il titree volumes. Alab,
T'iIe. )tttlIrt iSIcOItoL; or Ntilonail Eduetionn. fly .1
Ort ill Tat lo-, ilnrotls of i'oular Eidutcation in tihe
New York Universitl.
Received Iby IIOT1CIIKISS & co,
artl: '24 Chadr11uOs st
I t l'"'oketn acil Atlnotic Soutrei;i a oiriostnilrs ll
New Yeals I'lr, senl.
Edin (ter itChritctis and New Yert's Pirsont.
Ilceived" aml forisil by
IIOTClli4S andcl Co,
n tr 0-I Cllaritr'rs lrltet
-I10Ai. I'AIR.-l'iiitci~s, iilllhlers, shilp andll stel
) iJbout tImI'ters, cull now supply themsielves with i thii
esttliW :aIticl ait 2 I-Q cents pert gallon, bt y apphatitt
at the tilas l litte, aink Alley.
The many- successlfll e.xprimthnts of thi colr tar hlo
rIe 'llre it to thoi' aclt N'alllt with its valuable prni
pie iWi int t iliitiispeisblaih i otlicil rireservation o if l.ce
timber', wod'nU rI'ts, c; mixed with bharp Sanlldll :ll
lill, irt makes a Wontll tll cienl for ll O f the rI o ti I,
.csin thIl rn lil tilil lakaitel. e xlJlctemelyc lolw i ic
" I,.AER C IA M PA GR N E l--A fl rthei r suppl y of thi:
l highly c hlirated winei , wit'. leadcin i ps, wi ra. t
ed inii ilitil, at leasit etcl niiy chllmtp.g.e iiporle ii
ite Unite States, just rieceived by
s.eplt 11 A II I NSKI:E, 53 , n st
S ll VE . O Y- 1 EI OI l ( WN I t(O IIO A N C I -Rii o r, an o tt .
SIot iof thte mn 't. illllint persons iin succicsivt
aies, who hah e vlaiowd fnr themselves or to whom ha1
hy \Vifilii Glood w in1, Itllhor of Well i tl lial.+, Anl,.
,man, new , o,l tiul i tn t v tolujes. Jiltt rcei vcd ai fi"r
nun.7 CICorner ol " ef C(`amp lland Commonlll s s.
ItR.1-NIlY, GIN i. RAISINS-A lotofa fiew hon
T dIredll ls nL Ih Iraiins, few halfpiltsof Frnlch
NIt. IIron and l C ioppe r-eio h will e l aid for n litw
IIllr Wt tont o- old Iron lnd Copplr, apply as above
r-I 111 I.ANGiUAICK OF1 FI O \lERSS, kc.-lThe
S elllllll oif Flowers, illust ted Iby coloredf l
Ti· dl i Ft-wers, illtteio by ciolotId engr
Sfinks, Hd eliir lin.
lolrl n l m l lllTh ; or (buls of Flnwers fand Poetry,
hintg n :ilhial al.ical :tngnmen .ut orf Ilowers, with a-11
priatt illlustralions, ebelltshiId wiIth colorIed platel:s,
Flora's lilirpreterl nl, the Americ.nt Book of Flow
Sall Sentiments, bly irs S S llall, third edition, im
TIr Ari't, or. , 'ng ildies' Instructor in Or.n.
11n1 l: I'iinl ,: 1)l Wiln N~ c.
J t. ei l a tl", for ale hI
iM % I'I EA,
11. n2 corner of (lampll (:1n11mm1} s.,
-i ip 11 llria:: . it y c , --n lo l limean' l, enllnonl.
1.::1. i i~i, ' lI i lllll ll- ll " ,-I/ I -; I:;, ',l-o (l lhii l
'I: I!lli;t:, \11)el: & I'11.
... .. I ill l e-'' public ae e
1"to sp t il inthemll -l hlt ll" ilt this instil-inct, erccted ie
ate ie most a l wlcl ,tl i, id l in tin ii., l a tmost a mi i
ow elhle sitdttt o, in tie tImbotl+ lIntal liln, lpone the rail
road, one mile Ifr nt the .1ississill. .
Tlre IUlilbs;g i h'ge, and mostu c emm lionly divided
hill) :1 "l ltt kll(t't ;r1 keeping sep'l:ualrte dilliarCnt classe
allnl diltl+lrlt dlia sus.
T'ie insitittion is slpplie, d with the movt skilful and
utlent ic tlu- :llulll te, k llc llllltr.el speaking the valrious
n l/ll lllleo I ll.g e.
ll Private roomlis ll be ill hl lirl gol menll :tit from two
to ive dtrolh's elr lier, inciicic . : .te t , atsc ie.
s io. :Sa : l s llslti (0 u i c l o bli is nhtu ry wau
Ih-re do1lhos.
All yit ls.nel " gi l operaltiola veta.
li"ce 'ri 'Iite a Il . siioa s iiii Ilt i ciis i ito Iod.
s- l 1 biri'm loonl, ortlli. l)"". it. A,
At i cpzcccli c'. i, No. 17. l i a c it =t. h ,ci "t
ic s i then ioll iitc, ii 2 ol.n
fe l - c -ici n I d c-i 11 mliac iclctcIcc , ic," ti-'s Nolsrcmc i
In ot \lhl"am Call , orll . thl t CVhtl e Il." o, . ts .
or, I 'i i c l l c ii cr i n tl e , i ii o
tel netl nll l t 'e e iI CCpd :n --- tst .
ed T Hi E faclhe oor tis ,t a lh,, 'Lo l:od . .: 1 te oil wli
le el'Os thitiiu t h' in cic, s rcfih i cieuh e ii li citles" , t
oli i Ic ",'': ,ir"C -ii, cc., iiM i i., Fci iic .
F ae ity rae-i lsll`.lllv:il u nr m l t. Pte tIIo 'to the iL treiSt
Sthi e i COi Oilc :InII I ac c I. I ct si of the i ustitiitisll i i
ll the ir ii a ig
O Itlhel olhege wsl o rtganizcald m etc. athosel 1834h ;
Iall e ol'4r of'in lect cr was gaic i l uceesg Ihro u st winter.
is- ll le lla h last scs..itn it Ii 1c c l.aiti , Ito c rtilu er wns
It tll rnin l l ol it nl; n ilhth ttheal l w ates:c ill c d rivileg.s o
hi ii i s iar i t I l tiotll . 11 li i u i if ic ii ecii-n
i lor e i tlceiciui l i icii of fi e ,ll , of Lcci-l-tsinlg
Th- P: hcl le: gil tl l tibenl e i l l ss tio , to tll h e midrestc
c ml dl 'll ' o if c cll it ctl i ioa lo e oilyh tll h g-Ir it
Ic.in-ll i , t t -I c i- ie, tcqihec :cil t c.ie !till c h
e' their ot'lt z tl an htdo sry, the etfen ct, e o w "thei' eioldie
t prize is mla illy i i tll i In the D ci te, eo I t oi sllll o
t plllhir eIllw tI t ts e h , i ctsl ltul" Ii. Ip those: o the M ,
y c it:il in --- p II(n, lalll l t er i e: d erll l s tohi-lll en Ih
l- tle tioi iictit t.i e i imi.lh"cii the i cl Illlliut. ociti"ed i -
T ithei r n I ' slltttiin to the1 . ll i this i hius unctiom
iThe coilltii ig c-e i poisp ne ssiio.it cle clnmene-i
ill mii t i ci cn i ie i ic;cl iieil iilieicOt tciillt l t ie iit-e
t sill h t Osiici to chi - is t, tle iii ec c ilaterial .icience..
. iall m l l llllSl h. I IIIIl ho ii iic I Ciii llIfiill i.ii l
d se tollth o tl I trh ir t Ille llt 1he , :mats with llut iolatill
u- Ihfch snac,- t'.gtill r iog v rcr i Itdihe ". l lel` +ci ty.
Whieeul it is arcte llet h i thir h pof t ophu -
t- Ul olln o l rw , tlillli d:lmlot i. le t e inlllt, l• a l nllll ) il Ce
illclll iil` ilill Iciiurc 1 iiiv I llilc 1' II 3 .(:lOf le
S Cti cls i i, Ir.lsl in sic llei, to I h ic sn t - l well oll ll citil
Io, nI t thlit.t h:-It I.ili t lltllti lll lllle Clr+. llt th t f II I
l , r ii iii i. . ls ii 'iiici ly, , i Iii t s bs fl i 'e II il Ie
t)' ill iii c ill, oi -Ioi cc t lh clli1 dcciti -ccc C Is ci. irueider
"r ' i tvlv l ic il n s cl ofvicl lili ii -i r es ith lias een o "il.
I e i.d Ihl o g i ni n of .lcc e.i i , i s l n om h
sl::iiici i ic, r-, ihiiih:de iilltii nil d ise iicats i-e n
I ta he i.sii cii si b f siifi l c thici i t i t iii , ct Ih t iii
iclic- .c -t-icRd sltI iaiccl o1ii rtl lie "n'i . scIenc
ic, i ll I ie pec i. cii l iiuci !ci iccl c he livini siic epsts
b'l' t'hec Iu ·serCt'lf : I.ouloe ; , d llt o sy p li will, inlke
e icc c t icsuhc li eulc ic . cc, Is ii . ii c -
i'dTlhiie o'fr ' of kcc Ilc·c e the dicIms nc'. o tfci e S inii
Ii ll ld l kI t hllll l( h I1r e or- ll ale tIl'eit e noll'lll I well
"rofst ssiill hr di or th • h e Ri ti t ll oP i col StI " of" it
Ple o llc th e ii l i' aelll'stt . i, o l ce n I
h uo it i iCsc caisry a- i hii i arm o c i li i
•n, , rolc s iee r elt ,ill, itll may 1 1 l"iirf I h ll, ol :L o ; to ll
ithat oiip 1 le fiir c:dcil:lloi oflal l the c." m s l ciit ilfli d-i I
in o 1'1. ulc12 ioetil l lt l ris i:lllis.idl'.eclleh am ell Ii~l' ,'i ll h !
l lllo io c I.orio ilui. e licci gi in th is( J it. To reli ll.
lite ii l cii sc iii l ii i thi , ie illioiic ii c iii i ulli l lt t u ,i
it r'ovit i Iell yaI .'-ll i e In· i, thlla l nllt sc t 'ite l shall
1, e r mil led gira etris an.ci 1 -ii e e oi·lc \Ici nlll s.ii rc (lll
slinrli-. io llll'l l Ji lblrli ii u rr at lal C tei llicrUicml-.
Jl ' iat ii..ll ic i h ic i clleh , ii her to .i ils, iithi iii h heII l t
llon U let- hI i iI '' lIc l Ill ,iiv l i i llci i ll am pl
ia d t 1holou hI nill h t Ii, l : hs IIs \ -ioe d ,II l , te t,-ss
Sil ic s i oi a ii l ti cll iu llc iciilli tlC-. C idii i iilln l
Iile hi tlrls~l Ic n u1,I: I~l` l(llll' Jll~lltif I~I1(,; it'lli) Il I ti -
ui iecgill t n |uth lrlisn c ip l n o U cclei i"itin il t, i enis Iri
colliLelilt e1mrlL lillll oppnrt.
hI (.+',s,'." I. l+. r,'++itrill roooiiiiii oln+ii I.s t -ii
c ri ticd' iiii i.ii[c'ci/i.
Ii ' II.\i I +I,S A. I oUZEiiIiic, M. 1).
[o i sot -(i " Io h Icr.tlisi;i e n id Piri l ineo tSl ieii
e xprofesiti nof the 'hul.t i ai cc ici u'rctii of Ac u deiui -c and
S Co rrllcic' t I t- iclt o dil.l
\ .i I i.i V ) i-'lVc l fli,,, M. 1).
= cccs ci,- ccciiccsc lisucnbs-ePl.ll
, .1r IIAIkIISI iiN, t i. I).
We havejs Peei'vt', nl' a 1 o uppl` o.hh d Patholcgy.
.1Ir \oNf l t, u itale 'r H tls I:rInI g I. 1),
p cc'l'issi o i, ah litii sells ic i T heircat .cs l -lili eilcali
cliepl'. s ni • of Ues Il s :a d t · I lliu otl il of t \il" \ ie u ln P df
il liA. IU -1. IIlliR, M. 1).
egiite ud Ies of i. T elu:lio u I les a eas in
ihe cci-liVe -sit. ml1 P h liisvlva ci UIi i au-27_
' u1;Ui U N 1'AN!..I ;-il l hc ! IN rt Ilit' M f lf 'll
Siciper c il o n ii , cIc ciolf il stcc o ihl hlitnsr ill
hlx tracton a eleUt t f i' O pll liisel An Ro wll i dli mll P t.l"c
IOil'V to whh( l i, pr,e n nued ni hin Ulry i nto tlse Ilne
Ipe 1l' hc system, t with en u diries in o»la its cthifls i
oitarl ad hap in t .-..TI 1'h le :ne nded Ni e I s phid
re l o itiue ic tithe erni ins which I'liPr .isiliuic io .li
im o t" iciortuih _ tterll.l h erl cs al ` ditle reut crtessi
tes t r te ti, e d l u r l tl e b y i tOT C . hIt S ,S & C o .
j l2 4 ('harti res. i-iS is iiilccic ai i iat ist. I
Jthen-i i i iei ttol's, iiri l or a nthracii e -co-.
Wie bar jticst rucc iv-cu a c i lll s-u /,c i 1.ol their eleh i -ted
stcies olcall sie, it I- fI r lhtels, Bl oarding (louI ss
iiioid hiriie ll mll li- ilis. ior cc.ol nstrOe I and de1s
p Ltci il coocking ic, is well is the g it saviciin of fli, fully
p ii-aII tfhc y will he rili t II lc d in ciahle. Cc rtiii -
e .ttcs folm hr t rli ' il l Ihot per, fat flie 10rlh ns
well as ohTIrc d: o" otheri a c ri n fc y ll lLi thlid& s nd
c aitniihs of , als 1 d sotl ho tsci s to till utility o
Irla J: itovl l licibe see sit occr w irh ciitOi. i
I)UN AI.ul & MCa, i
j iE c 7 N ,.icTiu hiis piitoi l. at,
'l.lppri I1. and shor t iron imade r to order.
cExtriiict lf ele i-tirc iiiio ('il-c n i ii.in, o Iilrl l- iti l Ion
Ltevi \\o he r, See. of IN a :
Lotry i okin, d itoe , Ie bc lpeave rii, '. epretlsu Iiiy i
leii lld tIil olni hcf N-slp tic thla "o se
i rt - l ' co e .lico aiii l os incaiil h ia lo.ls, ge-I
nci'[I iucicc i F t Vii,' ,lit ariii h hi lt jei IuI) ihcmosiii
roeno," is oo. l, tyrmei'il , cllc is more ilucc ctriic e to
he hoI - oi Ilrl.-' %- l l i -i I ciit.o- imi t ion ii inor therI
( li-i": l' \V\I. t'1 )IiH l:'l'l', & r.--'1['he li, I , .
4 \1'm, Pohl. ; (' +I 1 ,,- .. '1, , . ' I to Il hi. +ir<. ll 'rlo tits.' +q'
t'ln ll. ml t ,.lt l l ,tti,l n ll I n I'nnl.X
M.".oirv do th" I lF" of t l lll ri-11rh Onrablle .ir.Tnll l
tlh <intt -F ! th ' by hi, on, Itinert . n- ,kin.
.'h, I:-r1 . ·ill j1 II.
"T'lhurlltont'l'l.", I,Tle , y th o ll lr of"T"nlls- of va ..'l e
to Ie Ar."ctis ' - ,tl in 2 vrl|f Jn I.r nI, i' l or 1
Nlr Ili r lir r of C imp llil CoIlli l 1II.
NE I ll'l ld ..1 ()TION" -.
r". b n;ts'l froi ,' il"j l l il tl , an tirisnm of |he+ northern
.ibnlitioni-l-. I inl. I"2 m..
The b,.k ofr I'I1. --ln- r , hI Thi C,,nl,.ll C .ian l
He s I :"Id \11m, I.1 `nsi-o. I Iol. I8 Mo.
Th , i I.ui'h" R-ook ?ofl lithn.,n l pro.
Ili.",ii f mu II)I'IIýnI . ,l. i ,'l t' 11 ^ h t o th of i both It ", -
Il'll - t ihe I nIin I ,"t- t , i-- int rv. Iinii .ljor
I n Init !, - i\ i. i %ni .. i .ln : - e `
1- 1 l l N - - i. .i. l,, i n- e I ,
, It I1 I ' I Tn.. ill.! 1 . Il
S Il )
FIT\I I, .I.nna ers oft ili counern, take ril 'itvrofin
L forming the ci:izens of New Orleuml], tfult thev
ALavu I ni(en har aTntelllnlt i t I t o t he ew f rk l Uo"li
fp:ant', (ltt'e t." Mobile) to pet'nL, lll orl n sh r " l . ll, il;
ounJucti t n with thiser pro t:la citup , w tnt r t a rfnll
il itthe: ci , t.i.to ' ,tr " ti rpnutatiot of 'tlt
ortcr o. ,n ttat.e ta now porfnit- ore
Iet lerte t., ll t catll a coinpetC will it in the 'llithd
Statel, and ill filt tilt world i 'Ile Iblluwing'o ulg w
arc attached to tile eoncern:
Me-rc,.. ' Pl('Wi0'lE '", R 0EI-ET, NOR TII', 11UN
NCIL'!, ROi IeN, AXDI)I.,5,, LEV11I, LIL.,
SIl1Y, I.IP-NII.-ti, J~IIN' tl.'() M.. I7'EER,
BYRNI+S, iE Ri-I,, LOII i'lII., 'i"lI'ERllON,
LO.V'; Masters I, PII'I , IlIis, LEE, ed N
J. .. U. Ii('Ul.,I;]'; Cluwn, Al It. t ()S.SN.
An cflient ia ml f ti l usic is ttchted ito .h,. e ablih
Ilaclt. uLl)Ora T ItOp r CIa Iuarter u ieCr 6i, and pr
rl'lllllm:. to 'omlllmelnec nl t 7 prreiselv.
Atlmittnalccn-itoes, , $1 (t0l; (;inlcy 50 cerntl. ml
SNU+%LS F0C8 I13lci.--Ilettll's I'icturem e .\t
n1mls tor' It}3+., with _5 spleudid eng. ~i15s6, by thie
beN t a'rtits, ifler dIt'awtri1g., b -y A. (. oir . ttrs f E.iq.
i'he Tokn'tll i Athn AnSotllellir, ta Calrislmas' and
New f'ranr's lresent fr 1 8136, edited by S. G. irc i ta 'i.
Tle(lift a Christls' alnd New tear,' I-.esdnt edi
te.d b h 3 Ail'Leslie.
F oortn-1Not, a Cliri'nts New Year's and B(r'h
dtvi litt-.tidt far I8:1 81, edited Ihv 11rhedric ttoloaI.
Pie OriendtlOshijs OS.- a o th R ofe Woln g \'restt, wt
Chtreis H tall New e rear's Presentu Cr 185tr.
iiThe itcli,,iotl Sutural,, IN a ClrictnrSt, NewC Year'
Hol Iliirthda) Present Ibr 1636, tdited. by Chauncey Col
Year's (tifl Air Elt, 'ditad bv t . "SC . ' Jlill.
YealrcsPent fa itI. I &a6, I ta ee at
' AndaraaI'rat nk B ticlt'itrry
iThe I'oelical Atlat l a;,r n136, IhcinF seletonhtto na Lt
tihe ntisc Poet, front C , hla el-r lo Beattteip.
Th ali fatuti's A uale , or Mothetr's Oia ,ritg. an
Tlahe titlllh c I look i IIaf o I i lthe tttllh al eil
'The a lri' t or Y' Oll ic' Ladies1' Itls • o . in lame l
tal I'tlat, .drnw - &il ill .. ly It. F. (it lido.
Elemenlts. of D)ra~uitc ltFlover Painting in oltaqut and
trmltprtrctt watercolorv. 1,r E. E. Perkins.
Flora, td illnlia or t;los and oe", beo n af n al
Tlhe LRag' ge oIi' ' owers; d ediiiun.
Petlvr a tritcyt'< Altnctt f ahr 1 a:16.
TI OAle t Ari;.n t lnnnlltsid repository of r soful
fIr tfile near 1/13C3.
Slist received and fur sale by
.... ..eonNLrr.fR Cm andl . C-tnfi' on++ CHis.
1E\ 1 BOliS.--Ir',sav on tle Rlte ft \\agP, ,itf
l lllillltlon o "f ti l r lllleai s of tile di flt renirc in
thl ronlilion of tilLe lboring lpulation throumglout the
worhl, by 011. C. ClNrev.
'lintlt Iraltlllawi or the Advtitur of a law.er,
ill two to l.
The Itaearo ien Alttnane and Ext s.itor of '.eftl
Khowle t e ,Itor the veer t136. F]or stile hIt
O(K AND JOB liO INR 11 INr,.
'lthe p tlll ic that lie Ia c i ennte lt iot it h ltis bolei
I okI Ii l.l.+, ; d i lli rel y i to Ade o '1 tt he printli g of
ialhtt, a a tn t trid l k C he cks ,
,intltels, ill Fort m , il l'r Receipts,
a II ctiuha and aaSlw " lints.
Alsothae Bindting at' cIoookad tit i tnei Init g of
W01' MKI0I6AN,
ornr it ('llll I nod Colnltllo t opposite saiatlrd soll's
I little I tish t 's) otel, t ian a j 3o
ANNI"A[,S FOR 11736.
S wIE T :N I~.is~oi ti r aEtsthtot E - t.-N ,a hritnt' masd
- ti n New I ear't s lc ift ol r IB th Dat o I'r. .e , for
(:831. Elited by Airs. S C I hal.
tcd with 2!-: ph id tn tA n1s, i te rt irstartst.
J'ot.Utuc.'t. s.tv-t.ttt beini sefctt os .m 0 the n, -
ish poet s, friom tticS tcetc, t ilt eattic; er be ,ibo with
ttracft t'd 24tt illustrations fi.onl dra1ingIi by 11 COr
T'Iut: REt.ttltiS c vUctItt, It Christa1Iii s Nt V Yetaro
ild Birtll I)t v 1'Prsalnt oitr 1: 3, Edited ' l bt Ch' uu'ev
Cotlton , D D." Jnst rec tived tltal for ale hr:
t t-lee ! eorner Ctllntp tlad Corlmon et.
tttst Disttt lrct t Ftt Ollt t illllttc
It Admiralty s ttigt:
UN uhel, ire of au. o ,rderat this (Cort mlde on motion
L f I len'y Soekett El'sq. oau tike Wilt 3 ai uu'l v 183 ire
null Illlelill'ltRh d ill fll I.e Ec;;i.t. s othe Co " atrt, It be pnl -
tished; splmefvitg the a,!: s:--Itates adelie sit and parties
it 'rt,strtll il |t."1.uut, Ihe tndtrtarsigntl Registralr repo"rts
\Verllhord & ,"gtevt.1) P.. ship \\'asliucton 543:1 75
Ilate o|'del lsit A u i'. 9th! Au 1 ,17.
Blae of '1 osi t Je l p je -ltll 1s e no flt onnnt on
5it.'hell et dis rs clleoaoir tho Janary, 57 30
l.tes of de mrsit dnl. I11th IOq39, ( l87 . z'man
J) '1111oii1 It NJl i ]rl lll st nfwe ,sJl
\\'inte`r et dils rs .Stp/to| 1o t+1 1 "th .Onall 47 I1
late of de t.il I)ce. 2l18 IQl., btlunee of t o
nm.. vhl ima1t. Boat chtlmed by Athu'son 0(Il
Vietor D)vid rs rF talllll hnot I,'lorida, 3 813
hillt ofdeposit S pllt 14tlh, (,11, J '1' Hoat oe's
dotreof de noil, lauv ()ti 1,. uv o ner. of Sally,"
-Ind in obeditm:c to the I'urtller order of llte said (',art
persollns hlillow ng lr pretenling to Ilh ve . llv Igihllt title, ill.
trr'+t or dlltllllm ol o r o to tile saild llmOll iC. are( . itrebv el
tll III(I IiiiitlOlliit12 It) Ito be llnthl ),p ar tit i I)slrie.t Court
)fI+ht. It. S. "for (]to i Sl'i tl di l,.mcl e it l Ioe, Itlo l hot o l nII on
the third :h mlen'v of Mlay 1J313 at 11) mot hock a.. at ntle
rattllle tall)' hv ll ·ligllltltnl Ibtil'l.(.rllllr',h llll Ilnut be amtdle
Is to tlel ('alrll.t IDIIv Sl.lll llm y l s illem a d proper.
By order o i 'ottrl,
I)I;N(3AN N IIIENNE. Registrar.
FVII· \ I'l' 11,1 xi kTOWVN Iioi{-t-'.
- liil i i tine, :11 it tr tir n L rdutII or NImtt i f J I ix 1 I
X'< ýi.''ntifnll xxx.~r xxxxxxxxxxxox tote x lvto
let ht [lie :inthn 1!r of the "BIl'oonf .Ilan',. 0".11 Bunk!~i
j 'rill N.1`I'~ t.1Il d ' 'll t l"lil ( .(, lllllWllil W U-II
iw n1 omnc,-1u l !, 'ortin It. ,I of( ~l~l the " ail y Li-tr(l
I,% II v , Itntree, 1:,,1. It i1It 111 od ohi t and II l Snln u or ( to
1 u \''rico n , · Tsion, and to llne ·2, I,h cot nlll r lawl andl
r eI). tlix a xx'xu . xxx lix~nxxxoxxlxlx flrt'ux l
ON It (\·().2 o't d or I 1P *I~i:i 11 .19 of tilt' ·FIIII IlT-h TIrl nI T
xxxfielx Grxit x 't xxxxli lxxhir 'lxx xix"xl axx.d gxc l; n
lxx VIN - V I IxxlxxFli'trlto tA D PttTriO
Io1.mv-,Sy John ll 1ll·atkintio.=k,~k 1 I ., from he 011,0 on
i, x x xxxliwl 11 xll l 1 Ir. o ditx o, oi x PaCuel lieu
lI: xx: li i;:lx x N 0·lxtx U E Ii E ixxxxxi
I1c "rm rr Il o:, ,nl~t r rilnr Iln lllr a l~ nd 111 ut It
I I W xxxxxnxx . ot'xx l .lxxox n m.
ch.ll r i·III~1I· ;.: the f dltilll tug llll endid not .' nla CroT
^_.1·111 . 1 1,1`I!r·, which they o tter lot' Su l' on li ber l
VII VI xxxan lixc~t chairsx , xxx xii txxld xxxiii Cxxi ixi.
and war-led d~amtck 0 11', to 111dto0,I. xlfl r ol x
xi xxxxx, xx.. xi
lxxx :v;,- x'lxx h.1r, , s t, I. xxti.'x ; do do pi , xxxio
do ddo rimsn wesIexxxld- k. Grxxxax kollx cxlx xx.d
'. 1 tu.rn x0 ' xxxxxlxx roct, 'xxx'ixrixx Ho-111 of
\111 illl xoak xio llil "f clxx ''Txlx. xi
f -)-:~.II,,, I·.,, & N. 59 Tcht ,,,~ it ,,,a , ,t
I xx,ofni. t xx ,xO1 xxttTxx'ixxixxx'xxxilxxhxxx-xiv.
x'x l lxx ix'lxx( xins xt lx'rxli' Ih dxlxit ox', xtlixx 'xoxxx,xxxithx,
in la 'xx xx~ii xj'x~xxxixx"x. J~h lxxi C('X i i Ell I
VI'..C~ x\.txii , i.IliOxix '.c - lx -
iSTol~ix' 11. Ii .."xxx. ,.i unv (ix imx ro
1 1720 .1 : N. \ xii.: ' \'xxx xx ,*''i (tart.
"1'6 I'vthomot rn ,r_ of lxxlI'i"xxxx' (l ob i an
xx1 q xx1m lo x !. " ,1lx t xx f !h " x: xx, byxlte j.
ltxxx hI 101:\.1.x~.x'xi.~ x ixiix\'ii,i i
.,i~I III ll. '.I I", Ivr~i" xiih Ii'.h..11
i 1 I !' 11\ ':11: h x '. O 1 1'11, 11.,
Puhlir . lrerwubu/t tre Ge.t;ral . l oear OJ .
"AM 1II.'T()N H.AL .1. laniag openiedl an fliee a No.
11 l4 d:xehlag Pl'hec, liar the transaction of bnti
ness relative to A icbaunts, Collection Debtse, Transle
tidrn: et.; will eneteg to e rite tip n a keep tnradehiin
I,iukir eith.uerh- t, onth, year iirjib,nndis confident
from tlhe exparleee hle has tied in s unany evnarn pi.t
ill Iutine of tie nlost respectalble houie., that he can give
general .ltilsfuelion to iIIhose who mary plhle te employ
hiim. le pe hihplede lf lislthln ofde.ts entrusted to hiI
car, will reneive his lent ettentitr, nnflfrom hn I know
ledge of and hmnln residence in this city, lie offers his ser
vi.e c with ihe flllest nlniidene, at the snmein lie lie
will ive .ecrIv for the flaithful ccl ln of acline ill rr
ceiai. T'ranth'liou.s to and from the French and Spa
nilh l lie r .ill likewine undertake to execute
withll Iicdpiti alnul audorrietnnan.
Iy}ear Ntewr Orleans. October 1.1116.
[Ii Eei.:halnge Pilnce.]
I IAMI.TON II.I.L, oflern the fUllowing Lands
-i d Loes fur sale. vix:
IN 'i1'EXA,
11 leengl.i, oil the river Navasota,
II do n ithle ia bine, near Caddl villnge
0 do ui thel Trluidild,
.i di alibule Noi;:uoIu,
5 Inu ei LIerliver,
I do oni Bi Alima cr.ok,
I do and 177 acIeu, o Char(lle oreek, near tiu
1 do between Villagu crook and Pine Ilaned
I do on'lhc head water, ul Con Bay,
I do on ilie Ange.lia,
14 do in Nlilnmrn'ai'oluon,
I do and 177 acres on lied river,a littleo iivt
[loi, d'are
I do on Red river.
I d on tilhe Sabie, 40 mniles below Gaina's
I du ineii Sulphur Fork, six miles freo Red
1 do oi liill's Crock,
1- do 3 milh s froni Linn's landing, Mntegorda
I--do on the Bay of Cerpus Cri.t,
.0everl lrerip, of 610 acres, unloated.
Iio ofoeo cigna do,
18'80 Acren, noldir II Ben1et LIeund.
All Th abore lIndt are trel sit intid, eidilr fae supet
] Lan oettlers. iliT. tit.es ar itdi.put, ble an, dnd ll i
ALSO.-500 Acres, nitlliuald near new river. andl -
buut ltea aline fritl tihe Missisiilpi, o whichl , ihen
in n good road. There are about 40 aeres at prO -
seNa, ilndler olittanl rtliirntion.
170i Ares near Iberville, I.e., glodecittn lad, bhear
iliy tinbered, wilh a aene undergreowth.
17 Aro re.,I atile frino Ahenune Prairie, and about
rfnefo tile 3liuaiai1,pii rive.
4 Lets, in lFauigoalrg Wiasienaon, fronting Rue dle
part,3'_ lb.e 9 in. bhe 131 fi. i in. iIs depth.
11 Iiotsi.i in axhlierg lnrignv, 80 feet front eash,
on Union streert. by I20 feetdeop, between Ia Rue
l.ileralas nd Force.
1 Iot in 'llillplpa t. 1 f. 1front, Lv iildeep.
Togetlier, withi aseeral other city Luis, whih are of. I
erel on naceollodaltinllg terms. " jauti
SASON'S S , ti Iltt tnI, I irCn colletin'l of fao red
Itll luie, (ltmeOlylleI ill ltent note.) arranged
lvnli Lo lllwal , iinl o"n u lleoton Handel iiid Iiayl I
Oteleiv Collection Chliuirrll Mimic-tlle Chair or Union
Cillhmlion--I.yl-l Saeil-ihitual Songll.s, &.--lbl u
T'ilolhiy I. Mneon, . lrIlenanr in tile Colrelis Ateih-niy
if Mlaie, Cieiennatl. Publiihnd bi Triman ia Sn ithy
Ioiksellles, (ileiiinati. i i
'Slnsuun's Sialrell Ilnll' is nlpted to the wantsl n ell
denoainiiation. 'Thle variety ofl nietl.s is r lei kn-rater
ll ill tvn olther ollcetliin if nlusie . ldt Ven- few
asnn1 nr ne colillnled in Ihe hlymll books of ile iliferlet
dnonaieiiallOS ioLl Christian Ifor wlilich a Ione may note
be tunll illthe unleir llrp. Itcnlanihii, gr.teva-riei y
I ver-y libemnuill pile nil nhynimn lilnec. a collecloin of
interestlig aitliems set Iiees, saered sl , su see -ltele
L ntil rluil'e, llotiu e sIhort iL.arls f lleIlFerin ne wiilh
nit ilntilrueninRal aill ieproilriate to tie variols OCee
ilo sifCrlintinia wortiip, the wants ofsingio spchoohl
llsical soeielcs, ianld plrasi.i niatl usefi to silngel for
itir own tniviellrucietleo iiill inilirovemnelt. E
Ilie Ilarll eonauuillr tich new anl rialunlile miltic,
lieick hls beelnn wfrom i e hlgliest eourcrs of nel
nisd i.ste and liene. inlleiEiiope, esilneially in Gernsa.
i-. It lins been tle rCoailnsiln l lit Ire authIinre ingit
'ailllsletio of tilnenu that should be eadly lernie and ci
.wilyi ig. rl
Ileaelheiln of singing, relvaeii ean! otlhers who aie
lesilreus of ililiroilg eaeiil mIlllie, crnll iplnoe n
n fnals un enlltilil aln tite eilrlliation of thinltllihinhle 1
illctiuln, whlich hasl befii proaed cenltral for libe
5lillltio null l -\Vt1l
lieceiihemd fll r sale by t
erllt 19 42 Chrireiltreet
Clultl i HBOOK.S.
A INSVOR.TII'S Laihl and English Dictionnry,
SVirgil ielphinin, \p,'s Hotmer, Srhmvelli I.eni.
', B nk l N (reek c irnollncllr .aare'adola, Juirnal
lDcfhini, Ovid )clhini arllusti Delphini, Anthon's
nSallht, Slrtt'.. Ciele, rGrreek Tesa teantrs, Jaenb's
sreek I(adl.r, Virgiliasr, Ovidji, lfiber Prilla, Adalts'
Latin Grlaalar, t\ ilsara's 'SalnIat, Wmra.hiangton'i Vilta,
loallar'- Frencih Glmtallamar, Lubi's psar a inll Grammar
NaSulllaara and liarreli's panisahi and Englis Dl)ietionnar,
rGri-nwlr'a llastor of England
l"orth Anaricn,
Blake's Nntural Philasolhv,
Natural History,
Golidmihai's do
llodlbride'e,s GIugrap)s,
Iallta ltiar'lln S steal oriao,
lbllbi's do
31 irrv'Sa Eaglih GrMamear
.Iridgeomgcent or" d,"
lnitr'sara Prductivn do
('only's do
Ingersoll's do
laeaaet'a Arithmetin'
I.acroix's do
Colhrt, u's do
l'ike's do
Coria 's do
Tol'rrna's ' tnotll,
ia-s iacuhraaia'ra
Illake's a is- r
crntt'a Ir.e llss ''n .laor'I P lltea or Parley'sa eogra
H, IlilIgh Slc l IIler, American Spealer, Cnlaal
h i Orallaor, larplv'sa (onllltal ft Ilstory, Worr
e la Iir'torv , albr's and ririlahnaw's l.i'rion
lriesanlll and l-Inti' slrclling liask, Ma vltytre n II
Gilobcs, Larl','s lat.a"l nudd hl Blak sf llistora--lor
snle by
1a15 ItOTCIIKIS4. & Co, 24 Chartres st.
i.u ... . 3ii.'Aii. wOlrK'; - -..
I UGIINiSOtl \' ftISllnKan Pl'hsilogs,2 vnle.
do Gicneal tl'htcrapeiitc'tl
do Eltnents of lvgiben
iteesa aon ('iildren
Ito \vls.inta f Mlidwrifer
STraeCr'as Pathala icill Anatomy
Alllltna of tle TsllS i sr.
la.nteck'a Ph asirlaagy
Ihiseeau Oull fllvebr
(: I h ntc ll ,nlal n
Ilrnlasnr'o I'hlleinn ra
1Sllnrllmlno raa (olIt utld Rllr natist
.liar'kall on laropay
Jrlhason rn Clihnntas
Priidr' rlhirlacolnoiaia
'T'nscrnair'aa S.Salrgery
Beak's .llnrav
(Clark', 'l'reatien Il I Punon arsr Cansumaptisn
(opr allra iashorri itahmms
Iloriierhs dhncnial mlnnatomy
Slhll kruelln's llrllutlen
( illlan ll aa .latroutl
3exr'a .1llaorirnall )ilpl.ldtoy
Fitchr's lnaaa I aiiSnllo an"r
Iiiehard's Prinri des Wf\hdichat
°l' ,iithar's rilsr.an.i'ry
loer hnl" y IIOITCIIKISS 4 (Cl).
b I) 2"4 -lilasresn..-t.
ltl.-Il \lii ('tCtll l(II'tIIsK:' (e.ale by,s
I I. IN.SKEEI',5~1l'annl strest, whol lIst aosnutila
(n h and, Old C-ag1arr, Armina- and Clhampsigne Ilrali
rlir+ Illhilrad lin, \\'respi,Fil, as. oi tier llranls Ja
iitIa Sa. La-roi sllll (rdnidan raina; sal'rioirtL . IN.s
drairu; IBrown snd lalI' Shl'rr Grilple Juice and ollher
Poir Iibon,'rlrhll'eri'; icra, .ladclirs, Sicil- al; Cl.amm.
inirrTa lhr"unllaa ( Ilaret&, a, ailie-a at ilelaet dle
I.-rip1tinn. feb 1aI
T I I 'li a ,'l hP s ' Ia g c nic ra l rl ei .c ri`t i o n o f tia E. l ti re a f
'hina and its i~ialiitast'. Is- John Fraais Ona
is, l-rq. F I-I" Ar. rl. l, Ibilng Nos. 80 and
Il of liarplers' Fadisi Ialarnrt.
Ilat,,rs t a alsaVo I.aairle by urs IM II 11igourne-. New
ediirr, lo7.
I'h. rirlillI'a Progress, litla at ie of Jlasin Bua an
llRiaart Sntlia hr E-q. L.D). Port rnloatsisos, la. ¢ao e
IIlin a-ra aadtriaiis ta, by Ad-nnse nfatardrsigns Is
Chiarprrna, Ilerrv a-a ititerr. New ediaina, IPJZ.
Jn.i rreci ncd aid for arl, lIa b V W leKE.AN,
I) t'neily lPone .nlp & Comlmon ,o1.
r i. I,\ I I 'sS,&e .---..liaa c anriherl rve forale,
laaalinr ftorm .aahip ailrasnlasr---di0 bhag pepper. 2011
raoxes aautaraelt S eral (C tlles; I 71 a llaxe rlllahs flt l
liaising, I.llrh,,-hranrd; 21nlaaCe.-' and Boxes Ipaae
il, IlIceas,,n and 'is lhens Tea' 5S escas YIlng i{v
an -'ras in li. calr 'tn. a 1.1t -( lIIsG::.- & CO.
t"" NS. 1I31 'lnzsne srlreet
N ED a \aOltllm-inna-stai haalalinaaiatlsrtraa-ral; asa
I re'sitorra for thslte wha-asrnot ld tlaae sho anrlata
mnril. By'ths most classic authors, ancient anntd sao
"D slrstiae ha pinasr, Iitnt nail-blls
Of ara., -Ist Ilase sur.esI ta aila tll."
It IC'fIIKIS'- c t2 'ICl hnrans at
N ' I OtiKrt-Snva l Sketch aooks n tile S.raet'
.\tloat and ashlre. Witah chnrrla ristlir rerminl.-en
tp, frlnlents nlsd pinions. Bi tle aul.tlor of tahr
i'lies aI aIt lr, &c, sl nrd srieries, in 2 sale.
Itandsrin lit-erllcctiasua of tlt House oat otatlnns.,
'il skcil.-ic. of thllei Ir gmlidn m I erls-r-M".v nne of no Ipar
a or 1 r i' nllasa1 Coall nllln3in lal..
.I --. ,w coriir of ar' ls saralltss inr-is - if Mas,,a i
Irs-.. V " l n,
1 t-- P,,nk. llIsr Inndin,_ atom sleti
I . I1:T. & .kIEI.lNti;, 17t'ulmlas.t
S-The sub hribefs are manufacturing at Wale,.
mrd, Saratugau en. N Y., on an extenaive oeale, linger'
Patent Balance Firne Eagine, end the csauty n de nt
hesitrte to re'ommond it tle pupiic as decidedly anu
periur tor ai are engin.e now kaown. It hat been teat*
id by akilfi Eog'neers irt the U. .. At4Areltie at Gi.a
bonsvile and Waddiaigtoa, and by dtear p ropouned m
Ie superior toan otlher. The. veraemetrArneal at
WaVlhington is now suppdlid nith, uoat fseaid Engtn.
and the iprprietaoel Irver.jnst muaplted a eqltract widl
file gu erllanet far the scpply of nll teirp.pileipal .
'Thts Eneirr,. Ina rirrla te 'datnago oft( t more pwer
t Issar ruat than att other rilt use, aend needr to be o.
antined and tried to etnure apfretermaeto all others.
The llanuaclnceer.n , in ail canes, warrant their En
ginesrin a trial with otlhes Unllder eqral circumstantce`
tu perlrm more thuan ny other .fBgla,aor no sale.
Priera at tie Fa..tor, wilth plainailitntg,
These designed for i21 utle, dinehaPl hg 2t10 galltn
f water per miuuinte, 700
1 dmatn, 160 gnlBtrs petr minutel, 30
11 men, 110 galll. . per uinutf, 351
The above prices iltnude satnions hoaetwe.nhas .e a.
Tl'hey ralso keep eOllnsUtntly en hatta, b.tltrl adieg ual
ructlon hose, which they will furnirs t3 order as low ae
it can he hooght itl tlhis enltnervl
Thie arrtanrcment. Inar ruurralnturiag iad engites mo
such, that ofl orders t ill be punllctualr rtcndtid to, and
exuertrd with tire grtettet prsilhble dr.epntclh, iladidrt
ad to the subscribers at Waterftal, Saratoga eo. N. T.
W.1 PLATT dao.
New York, Oct. 28, 1238.
I certify that I have this day ulperintended a trial o t
Fire Ett.ne of Iogerts' iatente jande by Win. Platt &
cl. at Whatererd, Saratogan con. w Ytrk, with one .l
the bet anrines elongino to the eolrc tine Ie of ie
of New Yerk. ITh trial wan Thade then ormaot tii o
yard, ant ftret the experinGlet I t.pe ree4pl that thm
engine oniRogers' Pattert wnl tlt w inure water, and 1
a greater distanet e with ith application aet Iu pwllry
than our curpomratioan engines.
I tlrtnhlr eertify tlit no fire engine Iheas ever bea a.
hibited ill this city wich eoult eUotpete wir t the Nw
Yark engilles, or which shoauld lnwureour pprpeatc.
eat Rl(ger' I'tenrt abve mre entionted. The conaated .
tie of atlger I'ttetlet is exaredhli. ly seitple, aed T a
ma ren.un aby-it rshiuhl not go intogeneral ue. -
sidne, it han another advtan ge;t it an he furaihled at
munsh Irs crlt. JAMhES GILICK,
ChiAfEutgineAer OUN Fire Do pertmnat.
Utica, Jnly 9,11184.
I most eltoetfllly crmply with a requeet flom Wal.
Platt & co. to giie mr upintan in reolte6n lb the 7k e
Entgle of alager' l'atent, anlihctuee d by thic atr
Waterford, SnEatngu en N.Y.
'rhe crporatint of Utica lnve prttoe ad' na of
abanve mentioned engines, and front repea.d trial. Ida
nat hesitate to pronornce it decidedniy suptrlr ito
other fire etrine naow in uaual" wheich I aire any kinew.
ledrge; and I do most iully eonetr in the eertifcatei of
Golick, the cinefeniiaeer of ite New York Fire Ilapst
ment,in relatien to Ins merit. Thie pumttnp ofthisindPa
incontiurated inn a ilgle cylinder, and is sano Men le
Iv eilpler, mtd so little tirhie It geout nofrmpair, that
dt not hesitate tnas, tt itivjlgha net int ugetit will on"
supersede tie nun oattie courntilt piston etgine.
- Clhief Engr er of tihe Uriea Fire Deprtneat.
N. i. One of th t above Patent longines of the Iarga.
ize, wasn ordered for Eagle Fire Co. No. 7 of New -~
lean, whlich thely Ihave received, trierd nd accepted. T
Engine can be aen at any tinm, Iy appl mag eP
Agnent for the Mnaufacturere,
Conter of Povdras & Tehanpitoulas ate. N.O.
.1'. S. I will gnarnanten to hareuengine delivered i
New Orleans aitlin lIur nouthrla rm titre tim ordor i
giveu. S E K. ji4a
vItE IPAS.CAGOULA HOUSE is norw open frdb
.reception of compeanuy. This delilghtful retreat i
,itunted or tile west bank of tie Ptenagoula Bay, at iM
ronfluenee with tile Gulf of Mexiro. Tie aituatiou in
lervated, anti Crllrlantllda nl extenive view of Bay lad
i.ale, and in only Clm'rnrted from lih Gulf by a ehoa
af Islands, which lay fronting thle whnole oat flearnm a
i mitCes olt.
The Proprietr.a feel thankful to the eonmunty fLi
the putlrngei of re past season, and would he gra.r
Tur. returu of the sarre the preent. Every enertima
their rant will be ad to rendervieiterea anmnlable.
Fish and oysters will be land in ahtitgdaaelaa.ud
crticle on foal at.d luxury, whieltine emnnt tt aan
will supply the table. annnteced with tihe eilnbat.
ltent are all the neressanrv aplmretus for Blatiag-; ae
twa Billiard T.bles, nlld two Nine Pit Alteya.
Tlo those whio nre fial of sportning, manil gient lw
be fillnd along tire shore, ard by going a ahome di.a...
in tile interior, deer atld other large n nlall canhe fea
in abulntdnne and, ir tlhose fontd of the ehur, ae
tifthe best oif nloundsR am nlway atcommn nd.m
The drinking water is fromn tie purest Spring, and im
alwave at hand.
Anti of tie Bnat. plying betwne this City aed Mulde
wil land pasieagersna tile Pier. Therdiluetlty ofltuing
froe the ttier to tlhe nhouse in small boats, prticalaelf
for aIndies and children, has aIways been man objctic at
those visiling tile e.tallilrhment, is now obviatad, as d
eteaser Alert plies twice a week between thie and Pa
engoula, and will and her pasengere immediatetly t
the eoune. C. & . M . J IMRAil.
N, B. Thre Liquors are of tihe ichoicest kinda, Laying
neen meetlv inaltrrtel fnt, tilhe r.tnli.htwnmt. Jel
heen montlv inil*rtad for then r.tafnl.lihnant, j)
tA.At\ nnit~l\t. .a'in'8.
C HECK bonka nnt tile llwing banks, viz: Me-.
hangtb, Exchatnge ind Banking C, Orlelm,
Mechanics and Trnaders, luisjann, nLauiniiely hett
Atchilayan, Canal and Pnaking Co., 'ComanuiJeL
Carrlton Itnprovelsenti Co., inae, CitiuemnU, Uai.
City Banks; for sale by II TCH KI, i e..
jan 10 4. Cheartrs
T UST pubislned, eontaliaga lit of alli the tanke, ,
I rectors. nd l)i'nlallnt dn vs, l.nran rae inId e
Ctamelais. T'aoifoaf tinhe rate of cha rges adopted ky
the ( uialiber fCn lnnelc, Aeautionlors.,urrivldn nd
panl'tre of tle ltlii-a, FaUilit ('Ontsul', &r. &c., pua
lis h d blan Ir iala by Hi'hTCIIKISS COn.
j.34 .- 124 8.44hae st.
JA'IN'I" b1'fEEL 1l':NS.-hsaat'itk Irlet Kr,
gt inlig P ctr. This lllrnrl inealtion, b~ i mlnaln
t la regalnlthgnpig, antani.antlsaalltlie t nea-l fiealg
af tIe hast quill, It nina also be laule lawn lr I erl tiw
Ion lr t the Inlar taste o in thale 'writer bIy iruyn y m ii I
ie allititig lihear or lanai, aneordlag to the f pet e
mrtetd Periynt Erlastin Flinteal Pwn. Dy the le.
eulinr entrnetain of thi.s entirly naew inatmtment, a T
sctnol is irlntlldl alntt ill ntniahn aalalt itk to tnlt i
thirt.y !in\,s ala, ai bilijt. Tlua I le nliof t iS t ela
411nl ln ltnisai aIainat agar~lalllaaaaql aale+in frartlewn tlhe
Pietl reniltrilg it itnrlalla al ot ftligiiglheltlet. Toas
lthis pe Wl iii tI h land a a lnukbl e anisinittm.
IPatellt 'cPrl t i:ti |;OnlStmil Pelt, W.alrl'lP in write mars
thanll tly liireswith raze din, of ink. The ink ftrtan gie
nwlb t illtlla e llt |losila , e aait e knll n aut'lllanlritwld
m'etnI, r ~x .ttlt nllltlntiior.l toin tioe atrmtlt 'he Ia,
telallmriln,, tfmn lIrodalii g a ghranter untlarnailt io the
mpleatinte lo tlhe writilg.
Patent India Rablwr Slaintg Pea. T'hisanovel applt
atin of CeuttI i cnlttnrlluc nts ant elltetigar n elastiefl
in tChe aresat lh nol idatn s sta ils oos qll
be Ittnlv nl'mdh+s ackrllatosl ll;,
lai)mtbie Paiet P'rr ihn Pen.
(ill's PaItent aI.lkt'Pn. Tlhese peswill eotais t
grnatlern Stlpply of inlk tIian oll ant innanted, ai.& l*ed.
lhnpre.ltdIt' Ier'tui:ma Steel Ptnn. Jlntiedi
tlo ft' ilhe Ib ~.rc. MPKbANf
mla l8 e narIa olt C.anpllll arn d C~a
hfllos iug goods, nlltitned to lebenlau,.
Imitatioan ihdratts, nnsilliltita anl Psiig-sha.
kereheil ; ri ttitiittini ilk Ittatrna, &ca. iu ee
ceanal arkand light grotajd, 7-8 tlO-d 9-Bptiadtl
andl nambrics, lialt g 'ant nli i na.li4.4 e inb
111,4l,and 411 ia ibihas widtli; 9-8 bleacl.g pr
Inml hirtilg.n; C-lt bhi tlll dihik citlintlz altwll hNO
ll, black, hlle. purple nilld tlter ilar, naftenol a.
terns; black, blat, puralr anud oli ter eolora. Yai
valathcen. olet-Laki ailaia-rted .olnoat tsp. yg
whlite griiiilil hltd dli nnl hlnl, ld; s sheI-I
aenl, assortea qnublltia:; P 8 itbjaerhileata, 4-4s
calicoes as riabtia; 37 anl 38 tch k ptslat ld
double red; td 'lt ,f Lnglalnd broaad elolth, Idet dlea
:.l facr color:; |i. .s,,u., bl|ac.k blo, vino plies
nasnorted;i lne ia i ln i·ed nlltll lrealln iludniahei Iag
and bllel trillesr hessitanlla 10 illethe WoIde;,s snetl L
ging 4' ilch.e. aid, se ing and a.n. ati 4p
-j: I1 C' ('AM1 MACK & Cn,.43
ýjI s:o 11- ip" (lnilll t i; IXu a
,ipe++ Sherry sint; I ]-^, to pi'a st laeg.ý t &S:
Mol.wn iI,+; "IlP bla.skets rhnallilgll w, r · "vrp,
other b.ra d; alht 1 v e!aret Uwillnr*Pfd tb'L 4d1r
.tle, ia glare and for saea by h I.a.
I .VMearira of (bout GiroMmel t, I-I
ton. The .Ulnt af lannor, n.d t.e -
The Eimpress, i nael ha CG leqer
ilbantan., &r,juat recoi lelvy C 4 I.
may t l 10
1 a-li -T JI-.1."I:t,,, ,,lNhlt P
I ATI ll .I al ad Lath , lamling,
l ier drah.a, for .lr by ('aptalinrlp
bnril, npposit Jelirsain ,t. Rii
fb1i 9l Comine l
l rislmns in 11w, hiv FatnFm ,i
incest" Ilnnersof tilhe "l'nertiar ,di
en; itn hillre, the Intt o Nerleat
inpt Chamlirr R , ill ! oatItahnin M.
lerlninl, in't -a w. Thie rSelf C
khra , thie I.ulludsa (altharpe,&a. jstI
tinr tnli h v
-- t.. .reli. lust , r,. ils ePl- pi on w, lri
,, I.. iiu:"i ht 1 e a " nuab$.: w er c tna 1 ,
TIl Il.l .

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