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True American. [volume] (New Orleans [La.]) 1835-18??, October 24, 1839, Morning, Image 4

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Cuý 4fw F. Qloth
r tae. taeir as.
tOa i t tuB OooiIý cano
lid4 tw QtIt4Nse:,
X',rpooioy hlir ptawprelared to take
24 1Vf$tolo Ut4ugChoot itret.
£ L 111 AC,07
rra~S"i3'A' ý .- lcarhonitooot
i '-' ¢ COOPER,
&t45oobt,r Ortoono.
New O rlesna.
e 'Ires pat up. ,ar
ýtot1troptI torNAh
Iteoorttorr ooar
t .LM - ' Iioh £t, *~oultl rteo ttfully in
([4t1he Ieuibtit that heit oit .
i oc t iso Yrk athi Itotosti a goat
lo *OA h & I eoo matoony chauirs.
wfaod t0joteo chairs, mtopte nod
rt ,t, ah ava d cheeri tatbleo uftll
Its, worol of mag in and h rery, wash
analaygUIf, beddinlg, Ec: &c.
P'di I''an i a !'tiaaspartatiur with great
UAE ~rtoreo agrees
y$, ' t eoppljy; f every arotcle p.r ng
o,ýrotitooa.~ , ye f te rot '"tyt, o t%. York
No r pIae.aiine riStreet,
L1 to ttýo t t k, Aro ade .
Or, Or o ttoytS & ED0t Otr N
htgtpitlt their limn~se i~ Ne~*~w Yolk,~
,ig nl p-iminllg U!.ak.Not~r,
bpngetc , 'eotifiu ca j of 1)rpofilr
t far itupora t jsalun s raqeul'ng s*curityv
Ala t'e le;uu nvp lrn~s ampll e pr~ln ision for
r t keellq yfa11 I,.',., a nd impresc- h, artisrut
4. a, IIXCIOAEar tOliejrOapre ens' tinges OL
over flue tidiero ric andr i' n and ell,.
,,irrln i. t er Cttt nrmicitu'. n o P rntte atooko,
trn rn,. Obe Loe tioy ,i & ork LuU ro ttoi. ,
8 LEN,6~'~lJLE
·-':·~3; 1, IrxclrrAiQo IITFL,
CCrrlirno I. !'h rtes andn Cotnnryyn at,.
J yI'ORTEQt" tihd_ lDealern in French al s.d Eugii-h
+.,'efnmar;"I)'. g R=¢s~ d Portablle I,,rk k.
4Srt13fy, Hu ie; , Gloves diiirte,'Stucka, Umbre~llas:;
OCanes~,d Fen Articlert.o.
rT otis, Inottooditm, hook .Omen,
hoal y A - 't A .R
~WrIttY AT kIIttut liAt..
j7U. I ELL, .1{ hCurtrrteto 6,tto ihi. to-y to.
r/'tciyrd;0a.5 fuil a ottlo of Wothes, Jeotlro,
[moony Sttaotadrrsand titona Ware, they uilt hr oflter
od~f myýfaket prier. eopt
A1tGvRtCAN & tt:1ýi CROtWN GLASS,
,,ao 7 nIFI r ý,EEr STREE.T. of
SlE£Dot.y, ttANDtttojjY AND CfttA PLY tXtXtCt1TEI
I'rrIfe airnericaa,
S'e",'i.' tIk.' STtlEET, NtAR PO1DRAS.
Stinemi m" iersit. I" .
+I l e I! ILL tr, BI.A)0.\', 96H 1r.g.lyne vt.
t,) -:..i --ts. hle.. rlnt Falla 6t,) 4-I rown
j she.riiga na.l _'5 bhnioa J0jl ,i ton 4.4 hbrowo
sheeItingt,, u:ndilg fro chip (.'hil rlesio . fir sale by
sit 0" I bitlIt I.fi & Co,
0i Ceks liHot u.Oil nod Io dm.
at e' lh nr, in ro "ra for gnale Iyr
l' . T I A Co.71 Povdrne St.
OISARI.D. S CO'S Doston and New Orleans
.L e of Packet Ships.--lThs new line of shipa
L bcren cxpressly builL to roll boetwen the ubbov,
ports, and will be found 1of Isuitable draft of water:
tserontwodations flr passengers, and every effort
will bIe nltde to givo generrl salis'etin, 'I hoe
Jtie is conposed ofthlo ii lowineg ships:
`"einlorke. 415 tons Uapt. J Hlarding,
Croliina, 4il)0 do S Lemtst,
hlet leeton, 374 do D Eldridge,
Cultnnbana, 025 do C Barker,
Seaman, 240 do J lHowes,
Bontbay, 625 do 1) H-lumphrey.
The bov shi are ll now, ofthe first ilaes,
topper fastenerd and coppered, commanded by men
of greet expoeirtce, toew large accommnlodations,
with a soeliartrt ltdois cabit; every attention will be
paid to pa .eegere, and tihe very est of' stores pro
oldeI fur tloenl.
The packets will be towed up and down the Mis
solsippl, and tie stricteslrt punctuali y ol-oerved in
tUe timn of sailitg, and should the regulor vessels
be dotaned int errlving, other ships equally as good
4 will in Xll oaser be substituted. A share of patrotn.
a5o ils soeilcd, and tile agents pledge themselves to
beomoinloat an muoh asn praclicable, to receive
Ide forward good Ihy a id line at tile nmoe moder.
te hoearges, and to advance all open.aes on goods
srhipped, if required.
nTe sltipo til leave the lot and ]6lti of every
month. Foor feiglht at p.ngsas , ilpply to tite agentso .
J A Mr FRoIITT, 82 Culonon st.
N. B: Advalottontoe nttde on oonsigtoeo..ts
eo .Mesre. A. CC.Lolbaitd & Co.
-rT.ON titOO l.--- sfuretti lertea her puuour 7
at a e.lii ut n'e, lihr right of pllling l Iron
ro',ia In Ilts ctly. They nre'edupltd to puhtl
'btldln0, wtirc, iler , and private dtwlli.tn,tnd
feo,.illn, it 'tllb elelnllest and lurtbltlity, alld
fre prleetl- firp and weter prnof. 'l'rnm mit
be kit we, and a tmdel oo at our establisllhtnonl,
toptia tite St.blery's. tclt,r e, Tcnlpiulaslo t.
,l. ' . ~E C(IOsWI ELI, , Cu
to\nif \ir ½ d i i-L.o. t,.etil -r, I t -i.
JO . 6? (;mrvvi .rt
1ol - -e, 1,, f . t.o-,re,,t, uew.,i
en olllt.lu I·rtl iart ll menl olftai .l i tan l rs a1:d
etrr.. o e 'it ,.w lt,.nrl t-l' fr id i, Intl rnE i'GUlt l',
ani r,,il lrl tat etl a~di be, .whlcit !1u icon dspi st II
:i I h :v ..lsco,,l ondit edic u LS SE ;OUR
it h'. I. ic--- sble, 1 r) e lbe d che;
410 ki..a IO «
Englieh ilo-- 1-4 tbIe. i400 r "
ItTis1.aint Itrswhao, dari. us sizeos;
I en..e tritililti I;
it bhla Copal Varnish;
2 " Japan
1 " Coahel
2 ,n packs Gold Leac;
h 50 do Silver do;
I0n do Dutej lr let l.
lWINIIQOV GL -.3, Aelnrica, Ebglr ah end Freach
1O1h0 boers, vartoue.slzes and.qualities.
dorftoa lruwne du-il60 boxe, eollsjgtnahntt, will be
i low.
Also, a general assortment of artiost' enlolrs aeld
col , for sale by A W I CA'l Es.
No 16 Canal street.
N B. Alabama notes ltkel at p r, and tlsseisippi
noteos t(dif rcewed at 10 pereent diconunt for gtoods,
or-ie pa -tn 'iIal debts. j I Iw
5 pntd, mlit up in bottles at the low price if 51)
eschtb iiitiitg the setnlglth of three oul ees if
wartidiie i.; t5.ertuno it many orlitn rontt aned
a htoai cin tlihan as efiaeieious in curing
yes which has ntteondd tile use of
ntr ehrever it hen been itltr
he onfidanete and reommenda
tvaeiiani for nhelure of Gougts,
o walt uf reat, spitting or blood,
ct00d. lits is to certify that wa
fretuenttly presacribed lre (iard.
otfilewor e d Iloarhoaund, with
wn pen threfore, from the know.
it sl natle Frdo mein, and ibcrvatlon
erexcottllen0it 0a0 0a0s peri ' pfrparatlon
o ageilitietlnle of Ith lit hmIr rwtlich it is re
aulnended'. -' l.cIii'ti'R .I.LIt4Si,51 -.
ALVIN E 1.15 i1.I).
Metnbes o tllle Boston Medicanl Aeoaniatitn.
Bolston, (teber 27.
eale by J.ItVlI t & ANIPREI'.t
it 1J% . : i{ltt ti.tLfll antlc.teittul oJ -tr
I ral tRv IIE IFIU(:ENEItI, Il:IttWN & 'it.
mer3 errlbcr4 have l'ilt'-oIl`'
ha lnlo t.ei ,ir 'y l'aL CtrPl andtLiverpoIi Ctiil.
in Initt, " f r:ott -ti qualitt, thibhi th y 0il . f it
-tli, l- , nn"i i I t"I:,,n, rp.
Al, et:s ; tlt:t . ,. ti,.- ilt i-rrl.le fmn Er.
oIe.t ai . tin r.:, N ,nio "I, Ltllin; nil Pvr-ib
t,.I''A+ha 1o , alr s: (aoll Icaal ; I,- .Iel 'tin cho
ni 1,-ra I,"l ri Iat·ilh.Ii,,'D o· N . 53 (Ii,.,+vlte s
u ttiiiottst.flr Iripulurnprtli atlenddl to
l . I. & A Sf.t.IIg.
941V 21ns 1 Htirt& ena alt now 're
t-:%cbrh4from .a t b Vril.lihp;oYAZd4 au,+ >Maaogu ,
+.adbey}ots.. degrolte an Yon a great Vtesut, oe
pek tn l tibutt aish Irir.. t n s e P. e .
Ji'lavrio ' nni cri ane n p a
NfQl1tvi ' ellt wi tr,,r., ,
'.m. iol ý{.ftnfnllo Aninwr ds ifa e nesipiaon, ls
pIo.il a lotto fineo Rd LIte.l.er tmatches,
(telsnt wdrsld.r piUlfs and bpxeA, toiletpowder,
at bal ', n - wallets, 'needle hook, shoell pearl,
lnnilnror ooo bardm.leos, head noruments, palan to
t nrnecklas Illnegillige, bo echains, bead
negklaces, cot glsshtu'd plahinoedsilver anti gilt beands,
,iadtes eadee, belleand plhme~n stol ae d large piow
oeftlhaksba,shot belts, idr, belntpicka t and duellinp
attols; double and single boarrelled guns Bowie kven,
ad diikasreisorn, sheara, poketkulivea, nuard chains,
and ribbons, waist bueklin, cloth, halr, tooth, nail,comb,
crumb. shoe., plinto, door end dusting brushes, Cologne,
Florida, lavender, ruose and bay water,assorted essences,
and ealtnlt. !accoasnr, ten, anotiqtie, and Word's va
gotable hair oils, sohring and toilet soaps of all des
riptioanns, adle'" and genlletens' desks and tressing
ceaset, tir rieglets,frizettis and braids, plain, fancy and
musicnln work boxs, ' i , rdt.e . -ed, cont and
iset lnttons, pearnl teld ,nrt;,,. "nd h iolr satlkla,gold
and eilve" ,encil coo .. tl.n o tl 1oeez1er,Iplated
and lt locketo, a;nit o ,lon, '-, r'ass and steel
t-dimoles, hookls nosn I: e', 1i l ,o,. I.At .'0n fruit,blk
and rediink, she aucike, bvl( a(: ,uitrl s;ribbed
and plain peret.lio ' ,a: :11', "Pl l,+ td Cleudh
engold and sil.'er Iani i :t ipt :r aer, goae
bn srridio k w'tipe, .lti g u:.n tioýlnge clds, fin e
god ploto and gei jhl,, fitre r .r"
'Ie above, togeth l:ls il a.s .a L. .tV of other arti
loa are offered at .i cn,,tea:.i., ., n r ! on oerudomodatio g
ernl a.
N B Shell conbth r ii;a e I o
I ) O Y L E I M A D ,,Ii.,N , P , ;,,I l iu:R m
Painter. No 3 l tCao'ee m i, ttWO doots lota
LUsola tles.
tiollasinsa o lt'ie tollowints, woods lad n1 mrbles, o
eeulcd illn a n ste'o ll Oanner
Lnhltg-pola Egyptlan block adu gold,
( ok,, "iulluti snt Antiio,
Ieodllad to, ( Or ejuhl or verd pnricet,
N urlerd do, , bSl.r, d,;
taitoled +Maple, l nltcio te S tr. e
Birdils Eye l.o, b by iranide,
d ii soi nluile IWtod it heloa
I lnar ndVot,, I)ote ni Iouirdello,
'haf s.'e, iliiti W.hiti,
CLottnnlille or llck Simlan lil Soll Ilroctella,
h(.ose W tood, Amnni t noIllnael,
Ash hhtlie l iik sbio. kc.
Ciiiurllel Elm,
s lpciltl' liS to Ie SeCt at lit( shell'. t'laints. oil,
gl s, eCoptal P th ll , · a . l al hoid I' w th.ll d ld.b
1i1 1
'IIONSt'IE.lnI F. VY ( I tl)llhS--lla, t a
anil hnindle iron, sell aRssoii'tCd.
C'slt, Gernian, shear, llismier'd, spriillg, Slent l' I
(C,'owler steel
hllohw a.to:l, ct ad wrug i nl nlltilllis sId spilk.s
Zilel, blnek fill, mi anilti grl slIsteos, ihi keltles
ha ll sils ks, :ilnehol s, s ll,
,it In aill d pllnce t hooIll licelcrn mnl 'ie
Ant, l a, an ct , ,lll, liltI Illtlll un 1111 hll elenllht
Wire, sheetpj0 tUoo bar I %,ll; sut
C--llq. tlitiCll nnk Sth iles fii
Ann's, tin l;+id's n t od ,lht. slmile i, shloah vels
lhrok Ilul p ld, thilges, loo, rae walldw hooks
l i'dliil, and Mtnilla lerdoge, lihs al itweinlI
ol LAY I'ON b Co. 53 Old Levee.
Iltllllu!'I' (il, % Nt iIN.:,
Wholesale Dealer ill a'uilnts, Oil, Varni,'lle, Blrushes,
alll tWindow avd l',"o ure (;ies e. ae.
L OAF eUG Ill--aelurio quali gu s, a. lestinlne i
Elton ald Irsual by SIHALL ,m' [li LI\VNE,
mar .9 91i; lllgnzile at
[NO. Ol, Clharl'es lflst'sc,
hIr1 i)1lr i, ,,,ii l'i5nivihe..
TAYV constantly on hlnd eivriv irlicl nlI perttin.
Il' ig lI gcollll enio diPens, ililll in t ,e ie 1.m
\el arand tst flinhionhblo n lstYlc',lhlicll tlhcy offet t"c
eathaledllced pricts.
SNEW ilrticler frpersnt Itlrubled with deauiies,
S(eolled ilin Ear'l'rlnlll't,) Ilne just beIlenl rceived,
ce she lise ' ii| of hiellh, tie _a!ig Ile,:nt antie llc ion nlhe hu
tan ovoice is die'llietivco;nu:eP ' toi ilt ,ar. Ant, ola1n
who u el r ver gte ll o ullgrli l I1 t rllvPrelar,' ith a vrol d-l
lro , m11111 lie frliy aile il h1 e ii i e ilillic:I t,' l d mell
,lvidals so unllulencled nlllll ted Il, tle use if" .-"
Isr 'irlnln pe t tnils i ,'ll tion ie ' lli rcl alltillelu ,. I loe
mol t ' tlelp l hinv, uli u\ n it lnl .ll tlh. i r - Ubt' F ir
Iloavilig uned toii'l'rUliptit. Ftr nstll at
T I' GUION'hl,
,' cy t o lm.ttore. corner or1 (',,,l!f'lln li it Clurlcs e ,r, cts
Lilter lie Extlllng Illolel. III, 1:1
L ,fl ,J/31 F lt 1. 't I f., T F ETI f., I
Bd A L r' 1 TiE I 1. 1stlished r nth ld t')Iln.tlvlcl 0 t.;t
sorvative of th, lst-etl, ha. induce:dl lc ruth-crher
otir it I, the Ar l llriv lll a t il l!i,. ,rri id n ,e ,v I
helol tnud,- to rUlldv ' ,.,ete,, ill all ti.. ,p oIIcpltl ¢2 •
ted LoIs ill t]i UI ltlI -d rTI:,'s , ,t o it pla i
thel reuch tI those d th : e d ll ti luts, this, ut.t
har sninig ;tf ll c ih e -,'I-'u<tntl-n he "
S . rlte applied tli.ol rdig to diret, lrtei l ,ni ,n i
botte, it has nitett r filt i , i nl': lad illoldrttd e -lt
moaleat relilef It also ,ert It- ti' e h dey('r. tin ,etfn ili
tenlti, and relievers tat t Olrneitt vttiih'iir, tiequlltltt
renders a trng tllooth lnSllis Te nt liealit ol a
remted are tt.ai, l, itot ta n T i t l Uleai unt ni
tie la Irge nu ber of periets in diffillrnllt s*l'tilr n oif tit
eoltltr, t nhat ilavte ir adv eXpeliet wcd ullch deli:ýlbtl'u
andsafutaury et1rl t reit lde lt . ti- f I ith ll11,, ti lltaId
to bea ir (Ithe public g rd) their testitont tt itH ul -
rivalled qldlitae. It is al Inditn remedy ldai iNe
scngularly aon unaexatcnrdli mid toi lie ,tegar 1e-i t
the ci iiized eatld as tile oat valuable discovery
tedredma oC the awoods.
Plicae $1 I.r bottle. Sold hb
ac 5 Cp r Cmtil tl and Tc'a, tinI -i
Ii ii'ID Frlut' & cli. ii V Statiente' fla
-cOhN a Iz .te--Op d, r an ti reeiveld lr earn gmile, by
Di SpTe7 SHALl. .) Illoth l ', i L oagSzik SS,
I ULrI) LF TIe.mI( n Ed Ftei--Juil.rcia trd na et
t1i hlu ndhe wove ruled I.lttte l'alu.
A large rpply a Gardel i Sid, ,r l rlntd b t gr
juf 151.
\V NlIIOIW r.M-IT, l & CO., retrictifulA Inici
1 I'E 'riendI, and t. t hli in aO I G ,IiSSt
retant, where at ity krpetantaotlya n hnid Conppr,
Tin and Sitt Iran Wirner, at tenttvry dincipti,
Sas oprn er , kettl , and t tupi iouap tir bts .
A largo unply o Gc a orden alltl tlu tdrtctnd ieandall
Lthnir icriens and-i tie atilic iinit, nl al, e l .
street, where tley k\$lS oatslly on hand Cllper {
rin and shaet nrots thirc of every dei chno t a ntlo
hicl a opi r stills, kea tlen thi nd p cailpea, ti beth.h
boalt stilrups, lng Ellallan , St:InV ',oltt, ain 1 othtl r
kid ofistuach lat work, uclu ueh a iiteys, breech.
e. ,tualn ilpis.
'liey nwill alao dio a! kinds ,' out dCoer aork,
&r. .'tI;y .t.os and ail other Ilind, & wolk Imt'
their line af busintess, tithey lil eeocitte a tile
ihorteast r,.lieto d e7 ti 2
.\,.\VJIM-% IT l
r An SS ( tIRIstirl S, ,111'5.
SIIl well kl nll waireittg lli isruow rii npe fI,r the
i S itotn llltler Ihe ii. elatir r t u 'ltlelldarin e u
1lie. Joul llc ttcii~ il. ' it nl. i Ie ii-hiiitti' ban 'tot
el, rlclliderub ln Iltprol d t se ,itit il bitl uhi -
lDinillg ro,,o, hell rotm, hillicrdI titt ,t tnh pii ,i t ,
catdr tom rendr teia eoltn-,frl Jhe i d n Lr- llll
resort. '1 b,'re oriPs -ft, for-otn - tIl fllli,, l f ,i s,; au+d o. -
.euirut outt l+nctieo art a, grd tir -igIs- o,+lth,,e . it,'
oil. antil fi liinlg nu l bo t , ilrvnhd. s il , :,,e tllt b,
I mTni sic lir eotilll pcltre, & rltlr-itll s, I n tt e oll.
TIna t of it it nhu-. lits i rn.dictel i-, nlnl if t i,
btutl ic I.-lnd li'ekeld l't ev.,rol hli lttt-n h " itiutt a
Sitip a few tour sam i, n-!auuut . e uliluJf ii r Cut (n;Lo,
A Letter I'ag i terpi at ti e tea ut 'il E at g !:o
tel, N. 0 i. btEth mii r.unE.ie ady ulrt.: ii.n.
kcltOnNNI l.1. \V VJ'a'tiIAN,
. (rta k l lvr a ucd hu r totll ki la o,.,thS.l nlS*,rr
nment of i ianl,,n tes ro;1.i lgneg t,;-Pl'innin, os I'ielu,,
of KuI',alnd, Cnrat,,crlnct jo:rI,,h t-Utigaion .+o
IHrizonltal Plallo l of the richel) rselosu+d uad In.)hh
Senit upriei lt inno;iu ire dc do.
fIl' hll e ier itrllln ellta al, an l i:ti>t rl, tc-ed Iv tiheli
celebrtn,-l at, era ' 1l..EL t. in, "<1 ,f P ar, nll ra..
ta iu l.j ,,enitnt , aci of it t uns) ia-perulrfiaclt ani r- 1
platud la rn,.al' for usy lestrs *l i. Knld,.nn r
bhieh farit care'live t iiling o ticnro in r'ngard to Ithe
barntlllly of thelir ton.
Th llttatleur anll:l preuecor fte musie are replet.
full, iov, ed to rall anso I ,atinta the rta, ti ptiIIht
pinus c hinch rare eltireile net, arlinle.
E J1)tINIS t1n, t,. Charles st
J1 opposite the tlitrandh Ehx,'bhanu cI, hel
I)o FI-n;EltATiAl`cln-i it-h c'it. J 119-5llan
i otega rerlcerllntotu - ',cti'dd dt. l 1hI gcllu ,a
watne jilts ";i 3 geig oti oin,, i ino d , -ai.r IP y
r,' ___ N," J I' II'I~'.,Evf,73 C t, [.
Salph ul h lr nale b .A. 'ltt II I
any tt : don (;,taier st
7 ) h. F.-'tii o lbl- , ,, ,,'nmri-Vin n .r -t"ýrur -
li l,'! 11 ee t'ia er oaei b y h c f i jS . v,
,,£ I',r lI .r ul l revee t N
lul-la0+:, ti;++ nneal,; lading, 'l'ah, s and1, I.,'er, I.,,
A..,, a :ew -runpplv *,I" rtc., eu' "l'ate:A it, E y' tI t
,rah'eu PRtne, &.C.
Mt l,,hn!l the \Vnndrrer' Clvinaal v 1i, !lnr rg •
rne 3ahrver ; Alice
Iadydv nfl.)inci ; iruhat Crietloun
3 css S- erwoo i'n nlurk-, i c &, ill-t receive I oh
rosae v AEX. T VAh,
I"o til a1litna -icbhCtb~
i-Yf~i TOPC i Biiimr
This line will onsist of the ftllowing vessels,
whichlarvse been built or porchaserd expreosly for
the ira Is, vie:.
Ship .raman, Capt. Mnosr,
Bark Mary, 'a Nickerson,
" Irad Ferry, new - Stevens,
SSoloton cnaltus, a Lttham,
Brig Arclatect, oc Gray.
Thee vesseli are of the firat class, have hand.
some furnished .ccomnodations, and are ofa light
draft of water, so as to admit of thlir receiving aoid
diiocoargiacg thliir rcrgoos io Oalalanoce, at he city.
Freight will be takeo for ports on rho Clcesaperke
Sor Jamres' River, and ftrardoedl by the agents,
Maesrs.t CLARKE & K :t'ILt iG(, at Baltiioro:
expenses on goods shipped will he advanIOd whni
r cLqorid. 'too 'rieo of po.lgo is firxd 't $ti0.
.tiaoiplo stores oFl'lr hat qolihty will be priyidrl.
Steonp, o anod docwn the Mississeippi will be tolten
oi1 alloccasions.
For freight or iass.ago, apply to
nov27 :2 Ibenvil a st,
I' ill NIW YORK.
[Louioiona a'd New York Line of Packsc]
Till, ai: Shi l ciainotii.iia this lio e will soil liom
NiI Or'ooildl and w i Yiolk on every oiher .Mo-.
dal.yc--eo ,,l,cia i , l a !he ihotltl Novembcr--aoal to
il liihaII( t olll liiy in t,' ti ooaatiog, the
line will lIre, Ie r consist offiv ehips, via:
Ship YS zoo,. 'ploais Trask, to leave on the soth
Shi r L-oi.i4 l. 'pl.tain Palner. to leave on the
4thli t'coinlber.
Ship alultolo, C ptalin Eldridge, to leave on the
]Stl I Dcilohbo~r.
Ship VieNseor'. Ciaplein W'oodhouse, to leave on
tioe lt J3 iio. ry.
Ship ilt.Ci. ilsi, Ctailtalin Davis, to leave oni tihe
'S I J," uaiiou .y.
Tlle :b:lve arl all nrew, of he' first clcsre, crpjer
dllad ....ppr iii'o .cl.... .l po..li. of Sw0 tions
liorth oaril hif , algh rauglltofia 'Ior bhri,1 bhili
cd rti pa cin h , ,i: iiO h ll r d cii ta
lilici,iiid liiia,acd iin oaiort wad a'h'g.'iicti!'ylo..-
Ao, lt . to '''i 1fth float qta~ohiy wrIl he lilraC-ida,
t. iii e e lyo re a paid'i le lll t lll ail.'
i ..ltI.Clulaetl .I i,,,,.lllg. .rs" wh.i l \i ri .lasc lake ,mn
iit h~ti,) et o1 r t ci cocal arrlt pAl l~e c
r'' ?',o Lricolue pugicr ubly'
Inohv 117t D BEIN 'i A COlt i ENt ,
iio.e Vi O .,i t 90 Coramon sto
''i ll'ric ;,'l' ia rljr olt i.,,i l l v,,rT
t i liiiiii · lan ti i ooi geol orhln llld.' ,
we aq id to or it, tlrow roocti Ioon c dowi tile oisi
ohei'i~i to h..icro , ,i~ triolcporreo lst p ic
JDlEI 'r &r A lOrtI t.
017r 9It Loinoi ci
O.' F U, NlR I'C' 1 TIll h Iat. BN PACIcEIh'o
in c hust n c'' f'rr,,, i e. i ,,, r 1 ., i d .Ar
I i 'i 1 ri ' c oolher
I' I lil~l: H,I, l ' leo't 11 't,,, ' hi r p*+tn d +
''l i s, 8 t hi cI tyr. s s'+ t alll t e, d ji u thleiil annexe
u dil llut inu e cI. slsl, i l, l thlhlla t ro :r poepra o a
Bhe rc i P o "as rr err' to A r it to 011 0 .00
Ic i It cr1sn fr so rhe ho, hat 'i maIUIL
e ons ofrebrv,, "ill o C hee hoar
te l i' n - '. l t'l Ih. 'll alN€, , i llllj i a i
ish l il .a cri, vI n t"mot bt inl d l d tai g
, , tlo li; a, I:I D 1I a', , ,f , ir, e :11 ' ll l . hlwitc ,
organ,. crtea aappetite., 'a,,nd+.it saiomt reqie
[.'l +% . ,.vlI J~III ),al lP. lll~ll.,i.8
I ta~ i ,ror i r o tIIcaio csea s w. ily iler
to Ilr,,le a cu. I ., r. i Eihr r i' r r cury
t re l orr llO0 "'"ni" o ld 'l'lTl l ro I eI ri l .ii
Ve.Ll tril·, it, 111% 1,'.', ,~ I" " " >l s1I 111
Rsow ll c .nin.,l: t fal, , ll t ncr , ad f " r
II h:· ·s:liv! I* · i il ilrhrrh, Haoo lsar ti
tIloi re&dhpre ,o v IyItlhle , ( t ' Fa, L e e
taken O in Iiodae wtON th1 ir nsad a
o i'ct irri h r la t h , I o11 l h Iii r 1 1
IAricrrr LIVR cuole Ugent fo'Eanir Orrir',r
S ri llf lol l ciei llra lr i'l oh t rrlca .
hoaI: ra I hI Ii rs d ira 1 (rli rdcove, allo oioio I ,i
I o ie dainr i t 'ilte h'ir iiilroid ol r Ito c lho ri
, e!i T. IV. 811 , 48 Cont i ., pt,.
II+ 0i ala " l rail' ¢le lo l l la , lo . lioiiar lilt l ilt l c '
i ! t l-(;l-f\'N)J/i a -lr I ',,rg l fiy 0 ' a t laricc, l + o { l. i ... .
ua ill'"g ocle t Ihcr ll(oc Iloli I'ailco la .; lnoat
t.'O t lt: tU fll li ClltTO NIC ,M (l1Prll IIIX'I' nt T .ord
so .t. ar cll,\i ltai, t ur foI +: l8: l. I+',;~.l. h(itS " ru.
i aiinil liol cloiltr ilioorg gce ll[lo l . llell l+t* lirell
InJI te IItllifl rl el~ld,.j U>,'dl ti di cllu llu;ll l ii inI 13
I flirol igue .ia, io c 1 i, thyier e o t he hcch.,a,
of t sI,,I, l iooc(l,'r. Ii lclo .c rI clao riend i'.nd liar
I ccli i +'xtlnl u.il cy 1 rI. ecl ' ll e the a iBC dlroas's cwitl
to tfurelo ai0llcllrl ''l aCa'rei eIhto t lcr a
{. ...io =Ie .... i dolo......, . dailo ol.ry ii ~ tlur . ..o . o'a
to le hiar i n, ar'iiti o i lorU 'Iv. 'the ' prep.. t t la
So t oheIrrllll o"rl'iovinrilallneolcth~acctte 'lag,o 111
cordg tolihe I'irl'cimf' hoai'Ici nerhhado
,aeotllaaa jclSr e, il e oi'ihae Ii'os r titagoe.
A! h iliN'KEd,r co i l ot ' , lld.aged frN c lreabho, atl
rohlsohenahe woal ecicl droll~eg cod celacaen ciore,
coroae ',cet: ii' hh pcc etiteolUi sidrr ontecot. +u ,
Il) or Dth in ' o11oc, crii t)tla e o1irly It o Iot,
lrolle 'I'. th Win d ei tj'tt, 4$y Coth i ,ar t
to the h linail c.l ____tti _n. _Th_ pr___ ri ters ar
lE\l" CITY E.1S.tOLtA.
orl o ubseriloorIohitt purt.0.~ad tiLe .0n~ e .. fior I
tl:tlrt' III Illilr Wel lr-: o vi tt! Rl%[i-; Ih Illr jllll, "'(
r e or wt ti t leioadl to reette o i
eIl 1V hv the t I1 :\lril ntt xt.t"
abolvint m It~w l pt't'tt.' hit to. l
b uut'lt ltui tt ll illlt : c l , illl nd i ,
[l "t . 'ell Oh ~l M nitt'ou o '.iou t..'c d to
IlioIC u~lilllltlollIu~l bUlllil llllrC" htil(t8w[* Itla Jlit l~lnj
onr bth,.i will Io, e ru nrol.cl I t a Pe, -\lac •
W. r ill he ;l illbhN i A I 0 I1 i.I1. 1li l i U Il:i
tivl(:h rill" ]lorl~li; Ilindl Cil~ll'li.,_'e .i 61' I trlil· h.· !Il' r i II
t:t'lb oto t il l t<,te k p i i ~ ],. :;r
Ti r tll e tamb ol vli1tt'18. Ion!li:ealr e slll r ti illlle ifr P .e
t' o llr r latei wlllle till . thl'ihi , lace8A illt 1 1. III' tt ll
a i O It Ri ll1 10l I.'l, III -l O 11 Ch t IlK I h I i r
he t jrl: itct;-, ! t,, to ti uiI al:l.:' olilihllt l llitt Uit ltet t
Il', t otl olll 6ll lt e til l t f r r
'l h++ Io.l~e FI: H Iillltlto l, 11 i. I t o l~lll. , to ll
r Lutitl tooto ox., ho l ot otng o e d Ihet te -oti - T
t'. el .t t ot'1.hlt itt. o ott" ' lUltd t to I of th i
i 1V' Il tl A I 'OIIL~p''II tel lin (0.lr t NI 'AI ll ' I
rJLL::\ File 1 111:,~lll' I it\' Of it6 l1·llltt el,+ edo I a tvil
Alto T oh .ot I t:l i t o ilt od- rth,'o i o.I l tI lll, n pd o ll t
hi ( I I oto*, o-· t t tot' 'ttll y ll tl tt ote t o " I0 , t
i' anI . . I,,(i~ t ier-;,h It eoivdll.e ulnld d~irli,l.ht:.t v
oit tit, ltchin , ttom phttiott c ttlt it. ot'p,
lttie ' too t l:.^ il,'p . . , oltotltto tt'tet t lsIt ttta 01r.
frtills 1]+ ccll.v h it'll v rll o lrt 1 Ii
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i elonlo til , Itt ti ho Ihil.IitooL t I "'olt
{J.-" r;,ltnll ll, fl ;',lr + llhgm to I.- JlllrllP.!Y I llT¢ l'ora e [
I',)lllle - r'tu~ l ul· h * . tho +r) )v/ tit hllrne~l i~r
MrI Ilv.+.li'a'Tv~ the·I g t'o~id~ )ll;+~: ('llnit sotl-) i +..(r.
Ti ,<. if i lr,], r-'.,;, 1:CIr t': ltll, l'i :. 1, l,
'V 0,tlih 111.0 00
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.1,os lt l,. c~leor Il rlttH, ll. is lac . t III'o \VhitL1 Ian'
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.m .Jl illltlleoltl t, ll hP Nor |l.,rcl ll.+,I r elllrl t I a irs' at,
hotsu+,lll unll~~lljrrlr ,itl~sl 1v lrollll ;,l,+e, i Pen-:,,
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;I "-"ea.T~·.. ui a~lo ths ll .,l,' H UI·!n. lLe : I'. ll.i
n i Ic£,da~ 'r<+I.h h+dl.n or 7lot ltl'
tw;Cotioq of rtsyliecnot, LYtzsccijC7;
Pi '_riipnnat l #egbl thleitoot tUveldtien Mali-. i
I ene, lnr jrelI h Mhtlkin, Eli. lemedr t of
tivel) College of hurgnnrgs,"Liecntiite of Apothe.
nsar) 'sllml3,y, Fdllbw onf !C.ol (.:ou neoyiet)', gul~n
to thle RoyI Uniloe P~e01ioi A~ouiitipn, I..urlmIste
Plieei 1ooterloo Irhlldge. nd Perpotunl Pupil of Guy'
aod St. ThnaInOs's toxiu'aSo Lton.
Thils ·dlanble medolinee thie result of twenty pen Is
experi .e anlun uslrlleleld succesS in the'extensive
andl highlll reIpectsblE pmracice of the prornlietp~
.led bw, the tlulty .ned nodlilwtv, an r i.Xow r ed
to the notice of th Anieriean joblin, at the earnest so
liitationl *f n tlnliber ofl'gentlemen of long aon high
stoaling in the iprofession.' It is hoped, ns a prellmsi
mnay step, to cheek thle evil, and linta couoelseneel
orihing fiome the unse Of the onlueroetu aidl deleterious
oestirntms loisted t pe.n the pohlic by the oid of falbrielted
iro.enofmiraeulouose:re.s,and other frittis, bya set of
tflel'etn'y, tie~rjinenp~edt 'tieieler s tnoltly igntelnnnt
of vdies! science,nthint It itnposilble tine tnonsitroes
deluslottntia, n anov lo.ger go down ithi the inutelligellnt
eol'le ofthl eutl. "'hres pills, intild un|:lg'e:neotie
e t0eir nature, sheel~l ine kept in every fotaily inn clnet
ofsItidten illess, for, by heir proinimt at miniostiintii.nl
choleirl, elnrlms, splilslssi , tk* ,. aid other "1.. ' fli( ain
co.(Plahltd whide~h toll oefte II o t h , l l ii~*o din e nl i.ti.t'Anl
tl nnrenlor Inlrev. eni . In t illtll host whl va i .. ,. '
hi ptilketsaet 5ila ee~iletne n iinlnclln tii n linnn 'tinn in '
thble l hti, sgio s l llno evk i', b e i n i ith. n m. Ti heltcnin h. tint
tunitied t. ei it IB CilnlllllI ith ctn pinit s c ih iitisl ,
t enLee rwith n ctinenialnn ii f o rof lsioll bili "Pill
Aigc'nnni< eten iS teyttevinnnine',
Abeiehv, mueir n Ilhinonini, NI. D,., IV. ilnich, Nt. lI.,
. o. Astol Key, A. 'r'ntinptnon, M. t), nod niero
otiters. The orininntis tnnnv he seen ti |postesiottf ninthe
(ellernl AgentI, bg wtholli till medicinie is ieliinopted illno
thls t. tysllt. lll to whoe mll nlpplic:atioll fI'rignc ietsi
must In mnide.
JhO. till .IEIN, iW \WVacerly Plance, N. York,
Sole (;enlei:d Atltt tint tir the Unitcd States, de.
Pot nune by inpponnntnnennt if dtie nliilal p, . , etor .
lip iowtt'c & tIIItnn'in itn in' e.tis, N,.it CittLa street,
(.ee A ell:hl Saltllthneel I.luisinlla . julv8i
) EtiltY Itnd ~l i con, No A %tngnzine o ro , tnle
Srnw Ireeieiln g fronm ships N.lshville, I.,lnisville,
KCeltltik , ':gle, llli onlelr Inte ni valsn rtnlel :".
'-tinn .Iell . rnlltgn:ld nieiw nelevite'd issortmentn
I;.ins, Itoot, Nlioes tt al t rnpgntilts,
elltstlnltngns ttih ',lenenIS finnne calf sllld t.it oeeCn bioex
to d iall tliiyn dlu n lninnlle tnlnllt Wni' aineId Inotos o
: .aio lishol es ; andbr i's; dlol i call f seal .anl 1ld .o'occM
tlso qiniitentra ain't o ftn nii ' i tu '.in Ni nin
-I , ro.l . s unit shY1 e blog:.t I1 ,k0l0in d.Oe 0li ng3 i Hp I
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| 'leonnox- tin benint.sii vino ini tkiniint nimx~iiw,'eguuentsnoes
P 1I |~l'll I etl etRr llclw.'. ~ib Illl'st l C alhv .]'sllell shoes,5
bi'·og al sl I I .let Ik)ul)W llg.I I0o rall" .lid( .lnllellO /
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,I dil sh . inn llt, s ml, ic tII Seaint Hhse 1 m n
-r se Ile o; it o tli e inllto n .et llll I' lllrec I kilI Iu
tttt in s ,n tIni os'i nolnni ntih rin 'sti l.astio g s r
Altonnt'en'sltinn'nsion.bebaksl as l l
Alo idra beaer, mt l f a isullpl ior qua"lit; sloel Wim liato
i itnl o l 'ltllro IntI ll I. ri ,llnrln .itm , l 0in e n..
bl:k usinhot apedhasa ewarinne nit tint
i wn il, nin itin n' son-e mnt i ll . ilnni 'lli t tt in - nt FI s I
Sai' i ten eilln' l, ill rll en.hI n d b hni . rini i
cat"pIn kes trh omt he iI m monel"l' dh.|lllies, il oiii which'ii
rl, iiid ulll, .,r llS 1toI:I'I ,.hlll'(, U il~l :III1 J \) tllllll III,(,l.· l
It ief, soel ' d 11 1 ft :, o 1I , ; t e,, in. Iomn t llllt I
I I;lll Ihi~ll. llS : I ii( I II~BIIIS I i:11,1. ill ll )X bo :liiti IttI:ll ,. e "
0 'll L·Jillll·(I1 ChhhDI's cLord \(OIrtl,C(Illl~ I:(lillnr ..'i·hi hi/
b inie, l n d In llnier. l tonn l l:* illiilt It h a I
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s~~l ine hnnino inn ntniimlernnn ninmi'iitnn tin nhihhittn' F
.ll'n'e itniim y tIi.nik 'tInttt n'n it llt lln " IInin' n 'i 1
tint in'i, with gnuinn-'nd:lfi'ini~tt b1 Ioys' miid
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pltnh nitk l'oin'nini ' 'he.ini. n' n'nin' i nt. '. ihnt al ofwin h
n1ltbl o litl :celminim ~ t. tl~l.. OII1. -tif
Lc huIl'hnotlonnin.nin.,o1..'I tint
i i).T i. lnnl inn lt) lt nt lni iin iit 1i '-no. |i Z.
nnIttnenio teni itn.tlll |Iii[nnnii-,.ilt iiFl, t .. .. n, i( f|I , l
toy ii......... "i...e.. . nun l tin i'ngii .inil I Ii-i F . .... t ,int ..... nt n'
tie -iitonei tin tn .it-, i, . -itt1. ,'k . I.
ltinte .' mti~h 'di- l neni, " h iil I:it l,, l i r iN''.,;
C net.i -it'lll lllll. 'it i T 1tlt ~ei
T ui l wel e a .r l , v ali. I1 II l it t '" It
Im. .. ..k l r i h.l' I I ,,I ...... . 1 ...... e ,e M it. ts 1 I- tne, lh . r
hune I hove l ll x \l o ft . std r .I ., i" r, ,v
l y i. l tl le" I I1'iti t ii 'il't il.t 8l, ;1 11 ' l siit 1i 11 1;
I r tll 3' ,rto l h
I h ,o i I. 1 rtls 1 s, i l l r l ii I is'I
If any nor, n:t.[ to+ .to i:, m J a[ N.,. 111 ,toile.t,
.i liilili\ i; i s.
\' ."I t ,I .,. tItss .Ii 11 10. I i Ii i
ri tiit-e', r ". i ,it i ' i I it tt:',, t, ,,.
v ertItemeit ttl t "'eo h I i
(r.le of leo noht .r. ,l.,I., r,,i::,-.,'f;e:,r.o m I
vh' 51,i ecl'l., '."1 :' .,L +, I ,il l Il ' o. : lll . ,,, sl 111i,*I 1,I +.
red f e deec ion of w." offer
.ion orl'oe 7' aI .le, ,t b tf ll! t , .: :,'cl a si 'lo o t i
lit' ie oll, itf t . ait st b ' ' e, . h i t
ng f rIoad "al ts pit " 1 il t t ta t tt li.t'l iit g a
en ttiet r enilt t I 'nilt iiItiri , s i o it ti l p s1' 'i i 'is f
I tit rll is :s, f.5 ins tssla tm'1 isi, it hi: +s It' . b 1lu
Elul .1 in tt
Sfr'ill- t eu rli s . ien , s tt seo hefirs.t
. inthe'eit em "i ''a, "
c ll }cul, + I+ d lr ·ts th ,I t wI ,'i r . 'i l. t
or editittt, it os • f , wit lhten ih
rofte s i se and de x, can n p er its l- s
teri Its ts s be
|I 1'I . I l~ i l + . l': 1" 'ti lT l
Sllllol tll il'lt e i tlleero. o t. p. liS ai :
tilhst Ilr llls l Itt -:It.n tt tlts he iti ' 111 iii I.tltls wi ll,
ty m P ase wit .' hih c iss n: sl cai .L n is',d tlothe
extent of g u., l .... : iyl 1..... u iltn .... E.s. o t l lij t o st..l
I Il lIhes eonll 1 III s l l i. sx-li.lrl that i1 lla: I.tlmtt
hIti ntti ll ti llts " te lI g t 1, sietit, tiist't thi t I l i
i ll' t i IIItti ' is ki it has 'tse ei i' .iii is iti to p. tttlit+l- ,
( ' s i eI I c i pt , 1 1st Ao Iuiihs i.- , (in r ats isin
ltt't i IlI,.II & C it . 'is , 'h , sit
- -M akhsi'.. btl"et 'lop :I '" ' I s ""'' "'s't - " i
t 11,.l the .11 i 1,ing o , It- , had tll- lli)0 I Ie
oitll~lanl u l llirt~r . -I . .lest. n , . l ". ~•r t-,o: :. -
'ne hall'ti! totm t, ., a•
"+1'n I. S ' .a I" I -t I- 'I''ll ,.u "i th
: 'it u it cba l lerl , th'" l+s, I ,. ,, ",l-- I , i mit l .
I / '11 Wlt n ii ns tl r I , . i,n i. i. ii+1t ili-H I 1. illi I
a 1"I, ding ,1 I' III" I11 . k 1 , a lI.f 1 :o~! l Ias w I I ' t, " in
"ub yutlh l dl I 6LS11111] ",- :1 1,1 h eel I i n.i I" i1
i i p tll I oi) wcl ta. li llt ln of ri ll[, ·b n i'n *r Ina-I
SIt is ml 'el) ver weI .11 n I ht, lJll ll it s r'e.,l a h l kl'
r dll en e ve' II b y o hlhl'" I llr t tcar, l' I l ',most co m pelll r ti
Y Lio il ilti, ll'l', l iira, Ul , ,i ar l+iE·, u i 0 +lt r fir t dito I
: ,ll l ",lrcll' tl l :,t I llae ic sl;.. : .l.+s- . all,.", ' r " old 'l':llOr - !
nlldlllf l lClIw d I'I't . ll , - I.I p:'a . jll*,: S I t e. .o i ),
fo ol . ot .l t I i , anal i +l . h ll i
inl lelh [ l1rt' illtall: t ,.o'fli ir, f+\|l" . 'v : tie m Ikr
51|1., Ii a"h,1 ii .. ,hll-+ ol.ir,
From Mtonile to Augasla,Geo. *
leave.-~lobld every dayii three
o'clock. p m Iper U A'nmail' hoa N
for IalH'a .Landing, above Blizlely.,--ihencrfour at
et ecachees to Penorr.'ar-thccilaritni ambli'ltis
Lvgr-inae, wIlhere thl ind lule, is raeumed-thenee ti
via Marianna. nd Iirownlville, Fin. dninbridgre,
Prndertown, Itaw!:insville. Snundersville& Louis. at
villae it Augusta, Ga, conneeting regularly wilh l
he r.il road cars in Charleston, nand the steeam
sacketse (, Now Ybrk, Norfolk, Philiadelphia, are. ai
'1'a, etearnbnitn are the bels for the service, and
tihe nnvigation presents more edvnntages than can'
be found upon any lteiambolt'rale in the south.
ern regior...
The greaet improvements in the rte te have bien
produced by he eonstruction of fifty miles of iner
road, by the iroprietors, viz : fromlr I.aGrLnve orrr
I.nFelactle flavou, ani arm of Soni.a Roae B.y, to 1I
Biryant's Ferry, on the Chatrahoocrhee liver, ten
,r il's ab.ve tlhe C-,wltrd, or 14 abolve Cedar BluffIII
wiereby the lnavigatlon oul he river, and thla cor.
sta'rr deterntion, n. d more recently the incuro
Stentt crossing at tile Cowford, are entirely
.vi,h.ti and a fline road from Marierann direct
tI irrinbride,t inrtind at the roundabout rd via
S!aLttbtuchier lersening tlrerdielance about forty
iles, arid irr':rreaiT g tilhe facilities more tllh l
oee a duy
Alu,. r. onrch line of wvo horse siagle every
,th.r irtv h.y ini Hlrkinvdle viv Ptvrry tbrlrni
(; rrr:rrnnerirg irtir tihe line to Savannah and
Darienll e...
A nail strae bnllnnt lire regilarlv ihetwr.en
Brilnbridve andllprl' taechlJieorl. ITraivell, rs wishirne
to reearh . mnyp itlt oi Chltutluhltocl or Apallueh.,
colt , call take stelrut unll at BrullPsvillC.
Mobile to Prensaolla-il oaid Routll--I)arinU the
time eccup eI fry tie repairs ,ti oasts, the proprie.
rrs of the Florida rnie will un a line oi lour
horse post cotehto aevery other day between tealI
Illeand Pensacol.l
iPaselngere will leave Mobhile at 3 W,',lck, p Il,
in Ihle ULS mail hnt, , snld proceed It, liull's .lad-!
i1g, where a lour hor.er coacuh will i u t waiting in
conveyr e lie to Ithe xcel-ltlhouse ae Marl. (.'harhs
Iill, 1 14 raile drlisan, where l r ey - will lild
ple santlll nect mollllldatol o lls i ,r ih, ii llt-- lav
in the evening, itre avoutig car atfot
timal travellita:.
Otlce n.t lal i Mansion Ilaust, obiil.. and C-I.
line' l lltel , Perirlltsi I , wuhere llia a I tII .E i t
,. STil)CK'I'ON & ('.. now I
ta nano ire tiner-r uctt. e
W illiam Slti . entles. his ervices to thie ei, I
Sens al New Oilearns as ita eacher iof th plan 1
l'le.. :lrS .d ii.i bi eel n e pIIIi, d si ver: n l l. l
asst len.her .i inusme in private Ihmilies iii B +: tn,
I r I, tei terI-ed oI ri tar I I: R v I CI - ip- r p l.Muas
||,' till . . . . ic t art r tt at le r, l ir e.vI li,- . l
ItSrir & A.vcry ,ieid+r.,t &a ;;aiiaa.
t o 'r ier-is.-ae. c .i - ;Iee a pl I tre tnu,.o; slre .I
AlIxatiiler'rT.wenne.41 (iat rat 2
Drags and .11ed, toes.
1 S ret- v iirt hi - eI ...led oIII nI.I , , . thils ilt' 1 i 1
fit e iliutr +e t ren. Ii-n ctn ait ga e' rmr l ' lrh-,..el l 1,
l eu b tusl les . I - is lnow rcteIvillie a lull lia llr
of Iresh a nll d .rII r ,ill ire, whclllh hi w all sell
n liherl le intr- ''o aei Irut ilts, i ld his,,
rtl inller ir. It I p rlll tmi - .tllU l l r a b lll -r a .id 1 1 lts, re,
fle wrill b fl' r inllonei :e a is 8an h i- I'ave noeve I h-e,
il-r, beer n a ffetd ir Ilia rie.tt, Itl -at- n.. tI i. ll
th r strictly legi .iml e bust,,. II, - ste, k lill
Boion be limiltlete, and it d at .w , . kI w ll i'. rea
dvy for htln,. ea,. A ll nt,irr 'ra ".,.: tll, . r,o r t. nl
alor lrrhanll te of I .o lelt re.,iving, ru', iilll'lr ld ,t
wIll I , prl, i rptly air t ,,' ,
-l¶ T Iii t .I S-.% I.E A .\ I) I , t i' vAII .e ' i-,I 1 :I nl t V :1 -
a t rir I '1'Y 'lr '(lrr l a-rr thr ir lir of tr l rr e olden !
ronibt, lo ') Ch irtre - steart. Th'I srlibalrrri-rs faie re
eilved, in: alition to theirtpr aviousi arit k l t Iihald, ri full
and complor a.isort m ,it of arti h rl in their ilee ; vril:
Iombll, perlfrllll ry a.I,wellrY , hru ,hes, linkll te gIt lI ,tl
eau cidnl a" alrtle.l . .-c., iting it pI rLt ais tb!lows:
('() liS-lll-ortie sheall, wiroult stlld plain tir ktwis
q illed neak, loni ronnd, ldressing, side pulle , curl nd
Stik, alirtzilia combs oa f e-iri description amongst
vhich are mln tlexian pnllitter, Ivory comibi of eveIry
l,, ,roset, and oranle Ilower wafi'rn of every niz,, and des
rptimn" clll ilh laoraid CoIsllo gnfe, eltr ,t'of' llpreuinot,'
pli8.v tl s ma ll1, 1 II hod, shavhl.rilln tdo l n k rs d it o ,
rell sol i dol , tWrld'n vlgem ltel hair Iil, ibers .liant1u
tiCIon, ledeilureii's slumellingI wlr., phain sIlul perfumd i
ad aowdeii., with it rentan tsortmolent of
n i-I' ILle nir-some of ithe lutest mnd lat ost fair hionau
lie 'elll s nlli.stiln oif white r mid red corrnelia, topa- *
jet Plan oll' .t in. inle , bra. JNii',,f n are.'. h - a -
ltv it iiruir ta,lci he I i d tirit.h I glrt n nlllt h- . oles
r nilvrnlhi mblu C, silv iter h a tned o.hI . pi ilI tanl Ur u
. .. . l i 11i (t'luir ll i-ia, thlat, iu llc i 1t+Itrilhr 'riiti luLO ,
litc, cleh. iolll, ilathe, ad Neki, c v e,il o w+6r e r
-% i ait-it.tni ist llt . s u
I1iI iii'| li i .A:. 'S- rumY tti l tu ie
dc, with atr l iv oafothe ai" t It tI-a lllnl. iCllnt-i .
-I" n l "1 A..t V.iicr F'I'\". 1 ltTi I'llr.rair -, .
ardi .i U inn . tr7Ie dali e -l.art ml dr. i s., .e
tt, s rilh lud finlll y C liPlil ai es hit . w ,rk , o .., haa te-i
hl tll's ises Wilh amid titho rutiln l ' c. I -s , .\ -
rlill o It'att llt-I indi , dlieit Iit d rec tllli , in .,I
-h ill i-,iucils mid - ltract ilew d entils ,til ,'ivtri -i, r "s ,
-elit sei, ht.- iii ran ir h it, ui' anul , i 1.lsrarr pi m -h s
aielaad c Eill Itlileh raeizrs aSrevlll r.iloe-r P .
nedh's, piu-,nsiher p eltai, steel itre eutir s eu lina ird
-ln-trii.rtik ite-0, pli.iug riads l tret-chl i(rmtitnu
'li,>re, lr i , Ilallh uar and aluwki i'-a raiz icrtniatm a nid
pIa. ed'.b| a h ltl, gih alnd silvar eao, Pali ehaeir siraeal -
entaud irielimg cupsa with a great varlet ot other arti
cle, ail fwhii h wvilhle stld ilir cash ortcaty acu t.rat+.
eer on 1i nirrths credit. B tl SIt.IIc.t-s, & .o
_J_'_o_' 71___.. (,.,_rrv·,,
----- ~ -----I,
"Spteri Otil, in casks dtitd lils, l.r sildt '
Wlhloeial I)rugg ase, corner C umano and I TerllpI
Iss streets. , r I
Cologne W iler, I' .rluitlm.rt , "e.-- A i 1,,i,,~
'.rlirle of colo, ~e., put u, f'.prely fo r the rt, l
trade; also the purest F eet'h P.ril'unlt rt, r ulbr,l
cinl every variety for the cellol, for ai h, .b
cI t 2 REE D . tt & ' ;to yt
V A N 11t I IIE S --T e O ub ell~c lllmr Ilav II al t , I lll . vsl
bli-hacl a varnish lmannlltll luur in r ".irle.l,.n .
reidv to *,niply hille iaintlP r. tn i1."l le o". gt 'rit
bIi thltlesal' r rrltail. Ili+ pric:s are ",,,II r 1" 'ina
tilie qu lity lthl is produt sl u erOr an e. c, r .tuci
Ilt ibis plrCe. TPh, genllemanl mton1 Ell .-llll\t p llo I.lleIt,+"..d
tle illul tlr ry its i bheen alt Ith Iiib lul l c xtelsive
t.Iabli .enl ent of rllhis k d i. '. L ,rate. I Buse d ip' l,.
t Ii cll ni lhe i orner ,of Na llthez tli To hai ' a ou uis iti
tl iy In t uishtio ttry. Al ntlIt the villroi' hes r tlhe
"+,l~lt'l'r· )111· II ,ll L V:TlrlN l l lvlr ,.lr ,- I!Ile r lea'It;, lln b
r 'li'iullemics '1'. tll,lr l u l- llu v.trllln ll ,vilbo.ll -" l".:I, .
. ' - - -_ It II ,\ t iIIH ,
e1 .',, 'Ir. t lit .ii ' .
,II . Ia I.,+ .
.rnu`lie' aru ,cle, J '' he..
,... 3. REfIDI is; c)'l.1\':. IC 1'n "
mt d .'" l l '11 , , n . r I I ·t
"3 lOC~lF'IT & II1A ' Tnit N, ,i.N I.+ia.
i r the ll t ,t .il . Isup lll I I ., i
* l 0 r'l -l]t' l ' U L C I " It" i l , ru 'l i s i t I itt
utdid rot ti tior" lt .. but t i , . urltt",r , it
i . nev... r w ot... . + . i. . I r.:. u .. i t.. i s, I, y
/ illt . I ltit l tit tnl I.tolid,,, I, li" till's. v ' a .
j i t, lutt11 , i so ieI lI p .u ,t 1 I p t i oa li i t o i
I-,..lt o, Id g . 'fi ,. ii'- I wiiol , l 'ty Otto+
i e su e d , ,l t t., , i "".. . .. , .
Stu -I-t E a tnd tit stuld ,a ti- i a l , ,, t o b; i t ii, ! i t
i L hl, t dlldl, ta I reces l , 11 addil1, li, . st lr f.I
sork. t arte, atr itovals It r vr d, Ap rp , ,, it : . tl'.
hr. lb of 113, : 11lr so, o f t og ri1tdry , l;e i i llnl
kliol'.t . 'l he po ts mt In," il !yo ' ttdi llo , n S li a,
a.h ' orlsultll ill uilt iv ln I t te tic of d i , ell1
on qualily, land il'puor toed itr c l by o I
Sslt'Idim,I under lr. .illiidt tof ChUarlston,
'utit C dibro na, and for some yeorsl his assistant ind
the practice of toll dietllO ad s urgry, hasoll d the nloru
He assures f'llII, Iltoe a ndlll getllttilenL 1 that e llost
'ol lldere oslaves, beilng well nequ.ated whilt the,
sdtalle c ell ollllu ll to ti eIlrs, I.b lg attended tllheI l
ie iugar housle i Ch. rl, slo .
SProlit ,,r Slnullu tte, witlh directions, c ,n be had
i the undersigned. Time effect wamch they have
roduced in tens and other cities, has been uttended
,vith Lthe greatest success, to which the best of
tetbrenees can be given. Ap!ply ;at No. Ii6 'Nava.
sino stree. JNO. ,'LORIN.
iT t)TlE---The partnership of K iilley, Mu-ml &
Ie:: s of .luyv urs,l tl t tlh tldeat of salmnle i .t .1j+'tl
lie ulthe luriners ol lthe lirus.
'ba n udcrnllaer , rvi llg plll.ner , will e ellartr
.,ithl th Weltling anl closirg annuld usiuesY as ;lhuwL
l~evi(C HLali, will attellnd hl thla otlllle ul' tile business
of Mlason, Harris&, Cu'.. ut Natchez; ald I;,rri,, lel
ef & Ce.,.t Il.adney; Ultd Henry Kelleuy 'ill attolud to
hie ltling of the business ofrKelley, 'lh ot & Co., at
New Orieans. T he nu nes of' heto rverut lfrtms will ue
L.++,I in lit uidutiuntloy.
'l'hcne itld t'bted to said firms are earure .tly requested
, coleut Iorword and maie early cettleietoe; antd thuoe
uuviu" t ;(aiut will pLeuseprecent them witboul daelavy
Cwwa Olaiane, Jus 2CO, 1)97.
tOLflEAR'S'Sraee orirna ip recoiredand
S eor salid at their Opermasea t v V WrittF Aeadsluiae
No.: Chlssrese'lreut, Newo Orlqans, 11 ltsriadway
Nas"York, Dnauphpsic at., Mdliil. - .
It is partienldrlydesigned lis private learners, and
ssltoosItutd is aclculatPd for persons ofall mges.
Lsdied ano gsentlebntioe a invited to call antl eanalae
tile sysiems rollhenaselves. '
Lessons are given at sech hous, as sas i suit the
easvellanee ofall, and to classes furnaed in oiy part
of ti eis. ci
Ladies wih prefer itcan receive 'esonsa at their own ref
Pesonis Psvin, a orse otlessonsnre desired
a atlenol -- o s is s ell astheio wslh.
3S.lt BROTHfbR.
lF.ENyears have not yet elhpsed incv it wnn
first regularly saublittedl to the petlic; but it
Ilas attained tile highest reputation; and has stop.
planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherry.
or it has been known and appreciated. Already
has it been carried in every dlirgction throughout
tihe United States, and still realiszes wore than could
have heeorn anlicipated by its oer atsanguine friends.
Tlousands of persons have not only been relieved,
but restored to helthlt and vigor through its agen.
ey; and they noew clheerflly testify, at every op
peorunity, to its deoid.ed and surement efficcy.. It
is composed of such medicinal principle as s are
calculated to rellne the Ilelthy action of lhI istlom
scll, liver, and other imoaortant digestive organs,
tits loss of wheicll harllony is tile immllediate cause
of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ.
cos an entire clhange inl the condition of the systesm,
and certainly dostroys the native liability to relap
ses of the affliction. Wlhen the Ague is attended
with any other complaint, tie empidoytenty t of thile
'onic Mixtu-e will not ilterlbro with thle treat.
neat of the other disease, but wil. even afford as.
rstannce by furnishing strength nid vigor to the
Iody dulrinlg the course of treatment. Those who
make nsoe of this lediline iollay be assured that
there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other
article in its eonpolsition unItriend'y to the human
constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract;
and tlley may Ihai addiotial conttidince in the
uce thereof, when tihy preroive that It hasll te ef
fect of agent cr laxative about the time hulf a bt
tie full has beesn tKens--in e)ons'que.ce of whiclh,
there is no piert of the miedicilo let to linger ill
tihe btewls to causes obstructions, and other evilsn,
arising triom the use of rlany Of the remedies now
ofelbrd tsir tie curl of this aIti fctioU. It has been
used alsoasa preventive, bIy llslty who were stub
ject to at ptrlodical recurrene olf lthe Chills, and it
has nvartarbly warded of tlhe apprlltlnded MalLtes.
Observe! The Proprietor, fully satiscld 'a ith tlhe
ulllpa llelcd alid ulliver al success ,vIct h it:i s Cll.
stlaltly alttdoll d a pulctlual aindl regl.t r usat of tl;
'l'i .ic lxture, in all cin+s Fc.ve, anl Ague,
eels warranted lt eng.iging t j roundl the Ilace to
all lhosn who have tk ,l it le WilllIe ictls il strict ac
cordance with the prescribed dlirections, witllout
hlaving been perficlly anld lastingly curedl.
The uslll,.crlbers aret tie wnhlllsaltsl isgeitI for itie
SoutI Westerll States, anlld haviie nw \Y oil ul aX
ty cauv,. of hlies lIsedlicsine, w hiciI is warraILtid fresll
and genuinu. For sale at tihe sanutsa telurcid prlices
JARt IS & ANtll:f'AVS,
\Whlel-isale )rtet.cgts,
noVf7 elC Colosin kt 'i'stlllec ltliltlt s. 1reel.
311fslsstlspl aIId I.ttlsmsla fi lartel,
RllS. MARY KIRllKf.AND respectfully an.
lnollncl to her friends and tite public genle.
,ally that she is prepared to ccollmlnudaote lheml at
lto allbov st:blishmlllellt, anlld napes fn an her
xeritons to rlender visitors lcnslfortible, to receive
a contnllulance Iof former Otvers. Shel lels coanli.
tert that pcr.otns vlaling g Uovi-tgtats during. the
oulnleor Intlls, caonot fid bherttcr aCenellltddtil
thal ln h caln afford them, on more Ilbteral terlms.l.
iler hose Ls ptl asatly ituated, anlll d well supplied
with every convenience; the bar ias furntisbed with
rh s tloost chlce hqllors. &c. In abort,.ull proslllisee
,at notling shall b'- wanting ni her part to give
itire oatistacltion to all whlt, Iay patroillZes thll
issisippi atnd Louisiantta Ilotcel. jc3
IRONS, &e.
2 938 Water, near BIlkll-all strvet, New York,
have received the past selson. ans1 are consalIntly
receiving large anti extensive addttlons to tithe stck
of the aboivegIooods, whebi now conistn of ths
ollowing assoltlnant, saitlbla for tile southern and
western markets.
hIhlltow ware of supertir quality, cotaisting of
about 1500 tins, viz,
Pots of Si' iilf, rit eizje, from L:8 to 50 gallons,
Kettles, 15 Izs o, fronl 3.8 to 30 c'llilos,
Ketllcs, 15eizlon, fromea 3:. to lv gallons.
B ikelptns or OIvlla, 7 dttlirent sizces,
Ta Kettlecs, ti dt
Skiliet, . . do
Flat Spiders . 6 do
1 rlll Ils, 4 do
F'ir(. 1R --., . do
W\ag,,n Ibhoxers fromu I "1 to L 3-41 3.ch ;.
('-rt - ,,- 5 to) 7 llteh s.
11\\ ,,' \c-,,w , i) 1)01 geross, ironll ald lbra,,, from
\: ' ' , o. 3 ,, 3:t)l teh, N . _I of .hstlle+rlor
I, ' " . . , "'i, . L I IUJ . L- .l , ,n ,l Ica ,,z i,,}l , icd
I e, nlr,, asosrtid, in casks of ab.
S' tllor' al n hattolr' Irons, a;lcrted.
Shi si eights, 1I00 t)lls, assorted frl.o 1 4.4 to
201i .
Holls for PIhtattions, steamiboats, churches, &c.
made to order,
A!so stealnbeats and other machinery mads to
The alove nassortlaent of LCoids is particularly
recoilllntelted, to tllo ia lltntlo ofr Soutlrn nlld
VWestierl Inerciants, tallt arei otlereld tr lvll at low
prices, and upon th le moat Iberal terma ; it - i be.
hIvad to Ie tIe largest and best asnurlnr.int ever
ni..red for sale by any one eotablishment in tie
SUnised States.
Merchants, by forwarding a request by mnail, ca*
avleit a prld circular. withl deacriptcln iof gods,
pricesmail terms., i-o'ii whichll no deviationl is ever
inadc, farnished by retttrn of tni- .
All orders will receive ilttnedi.ate attention.
New York, 1838. J'e
I II' Gie,,i,'s I'rfluiiiiitn.r
Iidian Dye for liloriing the I..,r ; ULr's i)iit
1(48.41 it ns L~ear', Breese·, 1)1C I , TII'C;IIAt% F'I,,
'i rCle osh a I pearl !,44.",14i41, ll wiC(·. lre;Iol
IIt l .4'," r water, pnw II puff- and 6.4x-4 A n" ti, .Te
, h r,.. p t ~ , 1 ti . nn 4,ll, i.
it is r44 rit' 'ii e t; iltt 1 iltt0pltpi4itit, h ll
w ,Ile 1 ithe, rlo n, h"4.('ti t Is
11y t . J. 'I I) x I. I,,
\\t3 i ;. r A- A 1'0.i . liti N Ii jul11l
lit(tn IGlittiti6,a 1'10!+ t.ll t
1 broad 441;0!'I ('ltllll low ,'towns 44 44!;00 I ill.:n ,'}l p
I ril.tfhIiiUt , II: by 11!11 It; ý. ,
ppltl ili i R 'i'? or, I~,r d.ll r 6 h ·1.o "1.410' _-_1;11.0ll
S ll te Il :11 Ut, I.,' IU, I titc Gl t '
Inl~ ~ ~~~"ii ii Ut IIS~(`)1:~n (,, i,,n,, t
lti Ip.ttttiltti dI i-i 1nti "Ii
It tot i Iflli(tlitt i Ind S it,, itliti , I.I t 1)I
ors, Ed c: 'fool,, &cl..i; 51~t. lc. & pt ltI th' at peip td
n r xhiht in th 110, I 4nrorder. '1,:10444 and li(lil2o ndtlio nI1I
t ilI L Inil"d.I; know n at t he. 11,0 1, 11 .11 1111E~~gll
A6 J.)~il~~l~ I1_I3·IEIN & A ('( )II; IJNI·9(): (·IU·\ I.·l
I,',s ip Ii~oo ii ( , \Irrrv .\ dl, "a, 11ig11
l'id, r, Frv~ ill all 114410;n da l, I,. heal pla} inII _ ca Ibl :
SteICJ·Y lil! eSl i and pnrket plClto \; pl a n, 'I(L·11 0411 split
clllsainol aps cap l los I d, sig ; 41!44 r.,, pen .
Gill·I· llml"coc neri:l nt - l, ! en ; ';
ns; \'4444~ .tl'in l $b4411, t ivy ,na orn 10.044,; val" r,
it, 4444,.l and 1':,114 44 , orn,.; hair I. aid , rUllk( and
.,;!,I, 1 ,iI. n1: o )111x;,;1 0444 114! ',' ,; c 10 n4
.t 41'1. It a illcmla r14rlll0"l*. 1411, :: ' llnn d..; 4401140"rlB
,!",c, lil"'ll ":4110 nd 114;!441 ý" .:.,, ý; rl~ rx ll ditbli .ýiP /I
c~al.l ,sr es :141,1 view;; In li",",h ,:[ ll 44,"1!0 and jf Y.IT`(
nailer, c r ulrtie 4':14.!4 bll.; r!·, (:Ied -I h, \:r rlllllll
po~I stand;; s ·, ' " siti1 a ; I~l).l 441:.."1 chants 014,1 1
erlunt lam-; razor idle 111 c'(· lgl
r4,)" Im.61s; CIV · oo., h' n i ,1.44 .~
L~barr4 c lmo.111_t :
C 'r1., A taiAS", ý. '. 1ttCllr: nl\ [ x lr. ..tR
4ll in a nd lea 4,rvic-, t,.l ,"1 ' Lis, piit'14rP, 1.111
hat44,44 tc c
MAIL AALLKA ta. .eta t
Nora-rp M-ail., )aeEvery I)ay at IL' A
t/4era ra ,.. . ."
s an • a D wim e oryedi Ln atcdn x sda
The IstkErn n at., Frldk . 5, PA hursd,,e y
u, aa. [ lrn.l lrd."y . ! P. l~lt ...... aI~'
"e a .a Cla[ es every M[ondday, Wednesday
Xt A EE o iA
&c. oa the Express Mluil, bhlar-a Mloaila snd New
Ylk- -leavia nlobie ldail at 3 P.d M. Northwar
New yarkc daily at S P. 21'8outahwuid.
Aerrives Asle
Northward. Distanec. Tilnc Retaurn'g
tut'migeery. Ala. '2 phi. 198 cia' 23k I 9w.
Celulithac, Ga. llIj lit il ee
ililedgellle. Ga. 2 133 1,I m211,.
(otuabie, S.C. 7?amt. 63 171 1
biehml, a. 1a.6
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less; l'ilag5 daysa ad 17 haurs.
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St? ipp,·l byI. (iital Gail, ILa) l Nan, F.
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ltog'e's t'ra'nch ,nd Englich Dirliunnry, ihi I aol, 3s
cta' s ''rt tretch tad hag/lish flirlincrat1.
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lill lltt'tiimpeed t'tetlic I'etneJepa.letl Italalaas, waili
&c. e. &ie.
J.laeitrcmiYtd, a.ld rl salei by
11131 IEN'J. LEVY.
I ioldsnlithl's Aebridgent of the Iliscarrot
to iihiltl i lresctiel tian hltltllcltion to trio ttltdv
tIaIca1 Iltslort leld a tlaat veaeety of csalcbke ilafor
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COlll1tll/ t~Ig llllllalory Ill~tea. Iclel~n on k+ il e rol
tics lllIIIIrt4 tlldhterlth e l F! oftea e Ill o ElI C
thle COnstlltlatiOn, ke. S:e. Ilhlshtr~ld by manly enrI"
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of Keithsll New "1 teati,: 'at iLe: -;se cif Clnbes. Na
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ric~al AIllltlllla,
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I hi- .I lit I otiti
1'111,:1111:,'4 wi t the U;III "111111 1) 11;,t \11 1· 11)i s lrm .1
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parts iii t iia&ad da n s
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Rbli. t . Igq,,rts, jula bu and (uay souve postr
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I clcr iid Ih ur min ch l c, II ,i a tralk tiagik
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SIUF LL'S NEW1 IW... . h Iiiic, ni Iterni.n
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ti e bii el, 1i hile 'lrlrue Iiisi, Ji "J r,ii ri ll t crn ts
lnl!,t'rtlliehe ., bill lcherte ., r] I h," `ll ceveral or
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the u+.'t.f~its co I ai)'I + re e- th a t rit.il alaca t
'.I' Irrqurltl . 1", ,i lollll111tl Agil, - . arid. r ein, for
SIlls u th' i c+ant hlhc.ae Thu 'I' , is 1.ilx u r isl
,ff'er, - d i lt l -h .n.ro . l pri esii i h i wit iiu.
urn 1,". r ) ftu il, ,i h ,, It!, I ,l· .... .... .... :it ,.1' 1 . . li .itSll +
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,taita ;,:ation f Yarthi: d will h,- p caS al daitly offnred
Ind a gallealt -d atul cair. Jhlin I.. and, atPhir a
tafait i c wpo'iit l rk w icha insl p ,lh ;lad, lihi. ers
terad a lah e and i it rEyp i n I tali n, rich and
Aarpeia l pr ice. 'Ala I,e hM atli rcutl, T al, sd
a pP thc riris, auut &H sainl . (citul,. ii( r
a atciiad cad pliia dran lld I rdlisac irs
stupel iorhe twcrkmatp, and oif tht alted ipatlernr.
lad i otiaic. t ,t Egypltian, italiatn, Irish In
A ltrlcal narble. Also, MOItl cllunus, Tolhs liand
Pris, ltad,hy tha & iydraulia ('ium nt is l 'tlasta'i .
i g llair, together with a placald ai Ioaruntl oJ
b a. i td and pliae. Grates Russia Iron
Jatls oft h Caci l t and ,la os approved pteli rns.
1,liatt1r tr duoi c i th ieatc l uanic i er andtai t titd
; n t byiahuidlr yiti i oi a ".\ u 'cur in uhr " in
- ti ;1 r '7 \ edic sl B l ,,ks-- L nui~ . I, Pll' h ia ;s; du,
l hl,illl .grll e ·Irr oluppls oeC'd by
:' I ToWAR d' '

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