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Juri de Polie» d'Ouosî. Baton Rouge.
A une session du Juri de Policed« la Pa
iois.-e d'Ouest Baton Rouge, en d'.t" du
courant, tenu a la maison de Gourde la dite
Paroisse à 10 heures du matin, les membres
ci-après nommés, furent prénois, savor:
Messrs. John L Lobdell. V/. I Lyle. M.
Le Blanc, Fielding Cooncy et Wm Rey
Absents—C. L. Petit, C. Srriith, Jos. T.
Landry, E. Hébert, B. 'Beyronniu et J T.
Corfime il n'y eut pas de qnoram il ne
fét aucune transaction et le juri s'ajourna
si** die. WM. REYNAUD, Pré't.
O. l'uRriARii, Jr., Giert.

r-H» . J-ULÎ ' ^ •
€ljf Dailij Coiiipt.
Official Journal «f this City and of the
PurUb of Weit Baton Bonge.
fi KO. PIKE, Editor and Proprietor.
[jjr u THE DJ IL Y COMET' if pub
lished every «lay (Mondays excepted) at
the low rate of five dollars per annum, and
will lie punctuallydelivered every morning
within the City, t>v the carrier.
baton rouge.
SKIT 25. l«W
The Louisiana Institute for the Deaf,
the Dumb, and the Blind.
We understand that the Board of Adminis
tration of ths .Louisiana Institute for the
Deaf, and Dumb and the Blind, have pur
purchascd the wpiare of ground, upon which
the Baton Rouge College buildings aro sit
uated. and the next three squares adjoining
the same on the East. It is the purpose of
the Hoard to opr.n the institution at an
earlv day, and with that view they have
opened a correspondence with a gentleman
who has for many years lieen successfully
engaged in the supreintendence of Institu
tions of this kind, and whose services they
exjiect to obtain The College buildings
will be teinporarally used, until suitable
buildings can lie erected.
Mechanic* and Manufacturers
Our neighbors, ir. the surrounding towns,
and along the coast of the Mississippi, are
not aware ol the fact that nny kind of work
in the mechanic branches, can be done in
this city, in the very best manner, at short
notice—and low prices. Within the past
year many sho|is have sprung into exis
tence that are daily manufacturing every
article necessary for agricultural, or eom
merse—for utility, ease, or elegance.
We k now (hat Planters and dealers gen
erally, only want to be satisfied of the fact
that they can purchase articles manufactur
ed here, as cheap as the same articles can
be brought from other places, to patronize
home industry.
What operates ma te rial I y against manu
facturers in the (South, is the mania that
every now and thep .comes over our people
for "cheap things. 1 ' "Cheap goods" is the
cry. "Give us cheap household wares—
cheap waggons, carts and carrages, cheap
clothes. cheap lite ra.ture and cheap laws."
I Iiis cry proceeds from sudden commercial
panics, which is the result of an unstable
money market—from falling to the
Tiiclalic basis, from inflated paper curren
< les. These panics must inevitably come
now and then, but they can be guarded
against by the people It is this that un
fixes the value of things, acting prejudicially
to trade both ways. 'Tis this that sends
up a cry every now and then for 'cheap
things' and they come forth from every
machine shop, rattled together iri such a
manner that they will scarcely bear the
wind to blow at them. Purchasers should
take into consideration the manner in which
work is done, and every man should be a
judge of the character <*f work and not be
deceived with the tinsel glitter that every
thing wears that comes upon us from Yan
kee land.
Those people have no reputation to loose
here, whereas our own mechanics have.—
We do not contend that we can (as long as
we have " peculiar inititutumi") manufac
ture lor other markets all we aspire to do
is to satisfy our own ; and this can be done
by encouraging our workmen. We address
ourselves now, not to the bloated nabob
who believes nothing good, that has not
a foreign savor—anil who sends his shirts
abroad to be washed because of the miser
able quality of home starch : we are not
talking to these people, we address oursel
ves to the frugal and the industlious, and
prosperuh and happy population of the tran
cesdently great and enlightened Pelican
State of Louisiana.
Baton Rouge is admirably situated to be
come a large manufacturing city We are
high and dry from inundation of the Miss
issippi—in a mild and salubrious latitude—
and have a stream at our feet large enough
long enough, deep enough and everlasting
enough, to float the commerce ol .ill nations
lor all time
At this present writing we have in
dally operation, two steam brick, machines
(McMain k Co.,)-turning out fifty thou
sand* brick per day One steam foundry
(Hill fc Henderson) that has manufactured
several steam engines, and saw-mills com
plete and of the most perfect workmanship.
This establishment is prepnired to do the
very largest castings.
Two stenm saw-mills within the corpor
ation (F. Arbour & Delarodeier) always at
work and do not moie that half supply the
demand. One steam plaining machine (J
Brown) ulways nt work In the house
furnishing way we will put J. Piper's es
tablishment against the world, and we
have workmen here in every blanch of the
mechanic arts, that cannot be surpassed —
We want our lountry'friends to wake up
to these facta, and send in their orders.
It would be wrong to close this article
without speaking of ourselves. Thero is
nine sterling literary and political papers
in this place, vii : The Vin-a- Vin ami tie
Gazette is two, and the Vin-a- Vi n and the
Mvoraie 'u four, and the Vin-a- Vii ami the
Camrl is six, and the Vin-a- Vin , and the
Cajntvluin Vm-a- Vin ir eight —where in the
ninth ' Well we will set the Vii-a-Vin down
for the odd number. We would like for
nine more paper* to be found anywheie
this side ol Uranus, to compare with these
in wit—pith—jioint—or puits of beauty ;
if any of our editorial compeers w ill drum
them np we will never brag more.
France.— Movement for the rr-r*
tablishmcnt of the Umpire. —The
Pari« correspondent of the Nationid
Inlilligencer in Iiis letter of the i!2>d
Tilt. , says.
"The most stirkin# fart in French
politic* at the prevent moment is the
pouring into Paris from the three hun
dred and Hixty-lhroe arrondiscments
into ¥?hk h the eighty-six departments
of France are divided of resolutions in
favor of I he re-establishment of the
hereditary empire. Fach arrondise
inent lias its council the members of
which are elected by the people and
charged with various local administra
tive concerns having no connexion with
politics. Theso councils have ju. t ken
renewed by universal suffrage applied
under the présure of completely organi
zed and irresistible executive influence.
The result of course was tho icturii in
almost every instance of Government
candidates devoted to partisan* of the
Empire. * * *
The eighty-six < «encrai Councils the
principal popular assemblies of the de
partments are goon to meet. We shall
doubtless see them aheying tho same
impulses and inspiration passing with
even more eclat and authority resolu
tion of the same sort. The J'rincc has
just been using his appointing power
by placing at the head of all these holl
ies men devoted to himself after having
secured by executive pressure on the
popular elections large majorities of his
iiartizans in the bodies themselves.—
n the mean time petitions under Gov
ernment patronage are circulating a
moug the people of every commune of
France to the same end-the Empire
These are collecting in overwhelming
quantities in the bureau of the Minister
of the interior. By and by the supple
Senat« with the composition of which
you are acquanted will be convoked.
It will proceed to declare the demon
stration of the will of the people to be
foo plain to be mistaken, too decidcd to
be resisted. A Senat us-Con.su/cum
will declare the expediency the neces
sity of the Empire. The Prince dear
self-sacrificing man will yield to their
petition and will submit to universal
sufferage a plebiscitum conccivcd in
about these terms :
Tho French people wills the re es
tablishment of the Empire founded by
Napoloon 1 and confcrs upon tin
Prince Louis Napoleon hereditary hon
or with the title of Emperor.
The people will asiu December last
be called upon to vote on the above yes
or no and he may count with certainty
upon majority as strong as that of the
20th of I>eccmber.
That was a very definite prescription
which orieold woman on Long Island gave
to another, respecting the mode of ascertain
ing whether Indigo was good or not: "You
see, Miss Hopkins, you must take the lumps,
and pound 'em up, e'n a'most to a powder,
and then spnnke the powder on the top of
a [ian of water ; and if the indigo is good,
it'll 'ither sink or «'.vim, and I don't know
which !"'
M b . R obb . —Tbe numerous friend*
of this gentleman have teen alarmed
by aotuc idle rumor Iba* b« was in s
dangerous state and not expected to
recover. We take great pleasure in
removing all such apprehension* upon
tho strength of a telegraphic dispatch
dated New fork on Saturday last from
a particular friend of Mr. Robb who
state* that bis health was greatly im
proved and that he was momacutarily
expected in New York —Delta.
T he R ook C oncern .—The follow
i ng extract from oue of the New York
letters of un exchange pap'T accounts
for the delay in adjusting t'i» auewtiou
of dividing the Methodist Book Con
cern situated in Now York
Tho long pending difficulty b' t ween
the Methodist Churches North and
South in respect to the mammoth book
concern in this city has not yet been
finally disposed of, although the princi
ple involved way decided by tho U. S.
Circuit Court in favor of tlie Church
Soul Ii— and tho Church North Las de
termined not lo appeal. The cause of
the delay is said to bo tho confused
:-'ute of the accounts of their conccrn
v,inch tho most skillful book-keepers
find difficult to uniavi 1 and until these
accounts arc straightened out it will be
impossible to ascertain the value of the
concern. The fact ii the Book Con
cern has bean in the hand* of the most
stt'pi'l and incompetent men that could
have been culled from tbe whole lield
of the Methodist denomination. They
may have been abundantly blessed
with piety but they have not had the
least modicum of business tact and have
gone on heaping blunder upon blunder
until the financial department is in
almost inextricable confusion. T!;i best
nay to Mittle tho matter would be to
sell out tho whole concern to the high
est bidder and to divido the proceeds.
Polio* Jury of West Baton Rouge,
At a Session of the Police Jury ol the
Parish of West Baton Rouge, o! date Sep
tember the 20th 1832, held at the Court
House thereof, at 10 o'clock a. m the fol
lowing member» were present, viz
Messrs. John L. Lobdell, W. J.Lvle, M.
C. LcBlanc, F. Coon y and W. Revt.uid.
Absen» —C. L. I'etit, C. Smith, J F. Lan
dry. E Hebert. 11. l'eyronnin, and J T Nolan.
There not being erjuorum present, no bu
siness wus tran-acted and the Jury therefore
adjourned Hint l)ir.
O. B kksahd , Jr., Clerfc.
(ET No belter portrait and biography of
lien!. Wim 11 :111 Scott , have we ever seen
executed from a printing press, than is now
for sale at our office.
Just Received.
fy sale bv S. M. HART, & Co.
conduct!.!» hy JOHN SLEAVEN.
THIS establishment is now prepaired to
do all kinds of Bookbinding and
Blankbook manufacturing. in tho wry neat
est style, and expedition. The proprietor
owes the public an apology tor not having
given prompt attention to wotk 1m the
past six or eight months. TKm has not
been re asioned by any negligence on his
part, but an inability to procure a prompt
workman. That want is now supplied and
onr customers at Clinton. Jackson. Port
Hudson, Bayou Sara, Plaquemine and
Donaldsonville, can send in their -work
with the assurance that it will meet with
prompt afiention.
Periodical, La ft Books, Miscellaneous
works. Magazines, Newspapers, Scrap
Books, Portfolios &c. fcc., made to sny pat
A VALUABLE lot of ground, situated
(il a desirable part ol the city ol Baton
Rouge, upon which there is a good dwelling
house, and all neces-ary out houses, and
also u large store and warehouse, a go<s! bu
siness stand; said property will be sold on
reasonable terms if application is made soon
For particulars, apply to Wm. S Pike, or
at the Sherifl's office. sept 2l-tl.
THE subscriber has just received from
New York, a large assortment of In
grain, Three Ply, and Brussels Carpets, all
of which will be sold at low prices
sept 23, W. 1) PHILLIPS
WILL be given for information that
can lead to the Loafer that broie
downmv Lantern at the Washington Hotel
Ca* WanUd
rruiosie of mt friend*
I <W»I1 Kdil Mire
jt m M
"for/M up" n jfcH confer
Jling in and hffiiitftorei
ehest. tseplÜf JOSi
WANTED— A negro girl capat
serving, •• nurse. Apply to
BUTTER—A smalt lot of very fine
western butter, in tmall packages, for
sale by »cpt'j:i JOSHUA BEAL
For Sate.
A FINE Buggv and Hoite—th* {lone
well suited to saddle or harness. Ap
ply to septSM JOSHUA JIEAL.
Fnah Arrival*,
•J A Barrel* Fresh New Flour; 3 cask s
»5 r i-ugar cured Shoulders; 5 do. mgur
cored Hams; 3 bbls Tar; 20 Kegs South
Carolina Tar; 1000 lbs Fresh do Rice;
Fresh Butter am Cheese tud fresh hening.
sept 21. For sale by J. Psaar it Co.
On GALLONS of Sewell Taylors best
£\) Sazarac Brandy, just received and
sale by J. PARRY f* Co.
This Day Received.
LBS. fresh May Butter: 200 lbs.
_ _ _ Goshen butter; '400 lbs. Fresh
Cheeve, lor sale cheap for cn h.
J. P asky h Co.
Fall Style 1362.
WJ) PMLLTP8—Solicits the atten
• tion of his patrons and the pnhlic
generslly to his Fali, Styi.k of D i:i-:ns and
Sokt Hats. H!b rtrle is entirely new. em
bracing taste, durability, beauty and light
ness, far in advance of anything ever offered
to the public ; citizens and si rangers need
only give me a call, to satisfy themselves
tluil it is to their filierest to purchase Hals
at the old stand, opposite the Harney House.
Subscriptions win be received hy
the undermined f< ' the following news
papers and magazines:
New Orlean. Daily K W,c4ly Crescent.
■ a .. .. i. ]>pitii
Louisiana State Repntdic in.
Illustrated Family Friend.
San l)i. !'o (California) Herald.
Graham's Magazine
(Jodey's '*
Meyer's Universum.
(ty"Specirnen copies eon lie seen by cnl
l;.*ig on J NO. C. LaNOUE , Agent.
From St. Loula Thi*-day.
\ BARRELS Mo. Mill* extra flour
• /' / 50 Keg? Prime Lard. In addition
to our already large »toe!; of Groceries and
western produce. For sale by
sept 23, S. M. HÀRT & Co.
For sale at a Bargain.
A GOOD liarouch and Horsf»—apply
1 1 to [lrn Sep. ll.| W. S. PIKE.'
Wrapping Paper. *
REAMS Each. Small, Medium
O'/U and Lari;e. Selling at New Or
Icans prices, liy JOHN C. LANOUE,
ly, Harney House Row
m - j . ways on hand and for sale by
june 16, y. JOSHUA BEAL
oppo-ite Harney House.
Lafayette Si., one door soul h of J. Fisiier.
AFRESH Simply of OYSTERS by every
Boat, w ill lie received ut ihisestablish
ment, and they wiH lie done up "browtu : "
than anywhere else in town. The house
will bo^ltept neat nisi orderly and no pains
will be spared to please customers, seplll.
Just Jlcceived.
0^1 BOXES Cincinnati Soap; 1500 lbs.
sô* ' Sugar cured hams ; 25 dozen brooms;
50 Barrels Flour; 20 half barrels Deans
Whiskey; 'M Kegs prime Lard; !'0 boxes
H Lump Tobacco; 100 barrels Cape Girar
deau Lime. JOSHUA BEAL,
sept 1 *s-y. opposite llarn'y House.
FRO M Cincinnati—per Steamer Yu!«—
50 barrels Flour; 10 Tierces S. Ät S.
Harns. For sale by S. M. HART & Co.
MU. R. D.WILSON, will re-open Iiis
School for boys—on Monday, the 2'lth
instant. sept 10-St.
Just Received.
AS additional supply ef fresh "Cape"
Lime—a fine article for making sugar.
For sale by | sept 15 J S. M.HART & Co.
For Rent.
SEVERAL fine Stores—very favorably
situated. Also, several fine rooms
pleasantly locoled, suitable for offices or for
sleeping appartmcnts for «ingle gentlemen
apply to |>ept 15-yJ S. M HART & Co
I HAVE just received, and will continue
to keep, a good supply of very fine Su
gar House and water cistern cement
aug 20- y Opposite Harney House.
Spectacles and Glasses.
JUST received a superior article of Con
cave and Convex Priema and colored
^spectacles and Christals to suit every age.
I-a fa Vf tte Street, one door below Laurel.
JUST LANDED pel Steamer Midas, from
Cincinnati ■—
12 tierces S. C Hams ; 50 boxes No. 1.
Soap ; 50 bbls Ohio Flour . 20 doï Brooms ;
5 bbls Inferior Lard ; 25 bbl# M. O Pork.
For sale low —for the time*
>ept 2. y.
S. M HART h Co.

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