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Ottuiil Journal of the United State*.
T ■ A. WS
J. tt ,ed at the First Se**l»a of jtbe
Thirty-Ninth ( »njr««
ACT making further provisions for the e*Ub
labment of au armory and arsenal of construction,
deposit, and repair on Rock Island, in the State ot
Bo it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Stales of America inUon
uress assembled.—That the Secretary »f War
bo and is hereby, authorized and directed to
' Voire. fix. and eetab ish the position of the
* ' --Island and the bridge aerosx
* is'and of Rock
Mississippi r
tary purposi
the purposes cf the
i and right of way on
id designated by l
d island fo
___ order »o effect this, he ii
thori/ed to grant
nent location and
island, to be fixed —------ - • ---
quantity ot land, to be occupied and held .. . .
;ompany for railroad purposes, as may be necessary
Lhersfor; and that the said grant and change be
made on such terms and conditions, previously ar
ranged between the Secretary of War and the com
panies and part les in inters*t as will be t effect and
secure the purposes of the government in occupying
the island. _
SEC. X And t>e it further enacted,—That the Secre
tary of War be. and is hereby authorized t > grant to
the companies and parties in interest such otOe
nwniiitrv or otherwise, toward effeo' ing the cl
r road and bridgi
road for the use of the
tates to connect said
s cities of i even port and Rock Bland,
to be so const ucted as not materially to interfere
with, obstruct, or impair the navigation of tht
.Mississippi r iver, as may be adjudged to fie fair and
equitable by the loard of comuiwmmrrs authorized
under the act of April nineteenth, eighteen hundred
sixty tour, entitled " An act in r.gdttn
___tor trie establishment of certain arson
may be approved by him.
Sw. 3. An<i bait further enacted. -That
visions of the act approved April nineteenth, eight
een hundred and sixty four. enMt'ed
Jit ion to an act for the establishn
arsenals." be so extended as to include »he small
islands ionj!«rtims to Rock Island, and kn 1
Ben ham s, Wilaon's, anil Winnebago i-lundi.
Sko. 4. And bait fuither onacied —That the fob
lowing sums be. and they are hereby appropriated,
out of any money lit-e treasury not otherwise ap
propriated, for Hock Bland arsenal. io be applied aa
follows, v
a liquidate claims tor property in U n
n.iin , wns n's and Winnebago ; - —• — 1
property in Rock Island, which h
pursuan r
inlands, and
drod and nin'l
or so much tliei
to pay the respi
Uuod ed dollars,
may be uecesxj.ry
____ _________ the board of oonnlan 1
i/,ed by the act of April nineteenth, <'ighteen h«
dred and sixty four, and ordered by the UnitedlSta
» hundred thousand dollars.
Approved June '£ 7, 1WB
kN ACT to establish a land oftce
enacted b^the Senate
1 head of Rock I#land
sentativee of
pi} States of America u
♦ hs public lands witiiia the
i-inguished shall «
be called the Idahi
Ada county : and »he President i
ap(>oint, by and with the ad<
consent of the Senate,
public moneys for *aid di
sw land
i-ated at
• hereby
form the same
nd be entitled
r'tne United Mat►
AN ACT amendatory of the organic act of Wash mg
ton Territory.
Be it ena*!ted by^tbe H-mate and House of Ropre
sentatives of i
ed States of Amend i
whall be bienn-a'. Memt>ers of th* council
shall be elected for the term of four years, and mem
bare of the House for the t« m of two year*, and
in of Bix do Jars i er day instead
•tofote allowed, and shall also re
s the -tame mileage now allowed by la'
of three dollars to
ed,—Th at
nrolling clerk.
officers now allowed by law, _ _
"-hall receive five dollarr. per day. Toe chief clerkL
shall receive six dollars per day. and the other offi
• -ere elect'd by raid legislature shall receive tiv* d >1
lars per day each.
8*0. i. And be it further enacted,— 1 That tbe f n*t
olaction, lor tha first biennial aaeaion under thi* act.
►hall beat the time of holding the general election
for the Territory in the year eiglitt'cn hundred and
aixty seven.
S*'-. 4. And be it further enacted,—That the act of
of the legi-tativu assembly of t >a 'ferric ry of tSu di
ington, approved January fourteenth, eighteen bun
ired and sixty five, entitled • An set in re ation to
the county of Skamanio. be and the same is hereby
Approved June 29, l«66.
AN ADT U cr ea t e the office of Surveyor General in
eentatives of the United .state* of America in Goa
cress assembled,— That the President, bv and with
lha advice and consent of the Senate, »halt be, aud
he is hereby authorized to appoint a surveyor gene
ral for Idaho, whose annual ealary shall be three
thousand dollars, and whoea power, authority, and
duties shall be th* nm« aa tnone provided by law
for the surveyor general of Oregon. He shall have
allowances for clerk hire, office
ue/^iot exceeding what now is allowed bv law to the
surveyor general of Oregon, and he shall iocj
office at Boise City, in sa d Territory of Uaho.
Approved June 29, 18K6.
AN ACT to extend the time for the reversion to the
United .State* of the lends granted by Congress to
aid io tb« construction of a railroad from Amboy,
by Hillsdale and Lansing, to some point on or near
Traverse bay, in the State of Michigan, and for tbe
completion of said read.
Be it enacted by tbe Senate and Housa of Repre
-mntatieesof the United States of America in Den
gross assembled.—That the time limited bv the
fourth eection of an aotantiUed " An act maaiag a
grant of alternate sections of the public lands to tha
Htate of Michigan to aid n the construction of cer
tain irailroads in said Htate, and Tor other pur p oses,"
approved June three, eighteen hundred and fifty
•fg. fer the completion of tie railroad from Amboy,
y Hi! sdale and Lansing, to some point on or i
aa bar shall be. and hertby ia. rev,red__
. _ of tie r ____
ale and Lansing, to some point on or near
________ bay shall ba, and hereby is. rev.red and
extended for the per<od of seven yearn from and
after the thifd day of J one, ope thousand sight bun
dred and sixty six end that said grant she 1 continue
oad remain in lull force and effect for and daring
that period aa if it had been »<> provided in sand
fourth motion of said act of Jone three, eighteen
hundred and fifty six: Provided that tbe Amboy.
Lansing, and Traverse Bay Railroad Company, a
corporation ecoeaiBed under the laws of the State of
Aliehigeit.ensh forfeit all right to said grant, or say
part t hereof whten ?t msy now have,---*■'
First. To clear, grub, and grade twenty
Aire mile* of the road bed ef the said road
Owasso and Saginaw City, so that the same hhall be
ia readiness for tbe tie* and iron by the first day of
Februarr, eighteen hundred and eixty seven.
_____uarr, t ........
Second. To folly ec
to Ssartnaw UHy. so t
neas for tbe running
Third. To f
miles of said i
iteen hundred and sixty seesn.
'oily complete, in like means.._____
road tn tech and every year after the
said first day of Norember, eighteen hundred and
sixty-seven, and to fully complete toe entire roed by
«fee time limited by toia act: And provided further,
* said Amboy, Leasing.
Michigan may, at its first eamton after any east fail
t*. NIMM o I «»• Nud ool o Jun. tMnf. Mhun
huadiM and fifty ou; and «h.n so cotttorraX noh
^ ■s f WXt uu or oorporstloas shall ba uutitM to ban
ood.njor mil Wtbsuib(rant, which shall M "
has* bHS Iswfolljr dispowd of. ta tha not w
old I* tbs Santa msnn.r and tor Lha asm* ptarpoa*
an If tha atuno had law originally oonfnmd npon
snob oorpntnr corporation* And any ml
rjulrund ooryoratlon or oorporntiona, wbothar now
oswanAtad or homnttor to bn orcnntxod. noon
which a*M grant may ba tn oooforrod in winlo
or an part: may raoaim lha aamo without
gr a i n dMi to any land grant ar otfcsr ngMo
drod and fifty-six,
railroad deecrth;**!
bhall be d ie^sedc
aid in the construct oo of the
i the first eection of this Set, ,
only in the following manner.
_______ When the governor of the State of
Michigan shall certify to the .ffjcrvtarj of the Inter
ior that ten or more consecutive miles of said road 1
been completed in a good and substantial m;»n
' road, stating definitely the |
~ * * 1 completed i
___________________________ JZnSfflCi l
Secretary of tbe Interior shall caure pat *»ntx for lands
for such
first .
lands on account t
inch romplotud portion ot Mid read to be i.laued
iid corporation or corporations Provided. That »
e of said lands shall be acquired or so patented !
for any portion of said road so completed south of
belong: n.--- -----
Sec. 4. And be it lurth.
and parts of laws incon
"iis act are hereby repea ed
Approved July 3. B66.
AN ACT to amend an act entitled
led ' An
struct ion
— --------- —4ball
---- _ of a railroad and t»l«grApu line from ,
the Missouri River to the Pacifiic ocean and to
i the Government
for postal,
proved July one, eignteen ounurea nnu
two," approved July two, eighteen hundred and
it enacted bv the Senate end House of Repre
itivesof li e United Stsfes ol Aruenca in Con
d road, the
unbled,—That the Union
__ _ _____ ____ ,d road, and
map thereof, as now required bv Jaw. at any
time before the first day of December, eighteen bun
dred and sixty six: and up □ the filing of the said
map, showing the general route of the said road, the
lands along tlu- jntire line thereof, mj far as the
nity be designated, shall be reserved from
sale by order of the Secretary of the Interior Pro
led. That said company snail be entitled to only
e same amour* ef th« bonds «.f the Untied State*
aid in the ■ ons'rnction of their line of railroad
and telegraph a-. they would have been entitled to if
they had connected their U
one hundredth
farU er. That said company shall connect tnetr bne
of railroad and lelegraph with the Union Pacific
Railroad, but not .it a point more than fifty miles
endian of Denver, in (Jolo
jted.—That the
their r<>ad from Dinah.n
the besi
e, and without ret si
Nebraska Territ
i most pi
the initial j? not c
. ... » hundreds nieri<litn of west longi?
w provided b* law. ta a continuous completed I
ti! they shall meet and connect n- th the ('entr.il I'.i
u Hinlruad Uompiiny of Usliforma: and tbe Den
I Pacific Railroad « .mjmnyof Dsldornia wifiitbe
lsent and approval of the Secretary of the in
upleted line, until they sha'i
r-asonof d.*epcui- uno tunnels, sha'l tor the *n»e
diti ius construe ion of the pacific railroad, rsuuirw
it. to work for an exten* of not to ?xcsed three bun
di ed milvs tn advance of tbavr continuous completed
Approved July 3. 1066.
AN AUT granting certain lamia to the ftta
' La. La Hull" -arbor Jmprov.
Lac La Bel *
iDilx. pi ior to the l»u»
qh th** rights of pr*
i attach** I: Ploti- >•<!.
«*n completed, a depth of
ided further, Tli
remain a public highv i
»n**nt of the United Mi
xloy ed by said govvr
uy property or trooj
r.< 2. And be it fur
eby granted ►ball Ik
legislature of the State
y for the use <
government, c
i Belle ,
h* and
it-r enacted.—That ths land*
.object to the disposal of the
A Michigan lor th.j purposes
And be it farthei
AN AOT granting landx
• over
« the
to the
• rnor
» been
e pro
then it
canal at Portage
Superior, in said t
Be It enacted by tl
e ot Mi- : gau to
arbor ana sh.p
aw Po nt, I^We
Henatx and House of Repre
Si..-.-* A marina ... . ...
granted fo the State of Michigan, to aid in the
Lq.Miiik o! »1i r:>or .nd.Lip cul .t *•<.««.; I.kc.
«**"»** ^>; 1 Sapt nor, in sildiuon to a
-----«T»nl Jor bM purp—. Mareh ,h.
ig. te n b ndred ard sixty five, twejyundreil
thousand acre* ot land in the upp. r penmen a of the
S'hte of Michigan, .nd from l.n.Vtr, which 111.
. a -.C ~a
and fifty thousand
i. n d,
. , . , r' l
and ben fit of the Portage Lake and Lake
right of homestead or pre ***npti<
tached: Provided. That or * J
sand acres o'
alternate odd numbered tection
nerss from even numl ered set ________ „
th* United Htatcx. Maid grant of lands shall inure
Superior Hhip Canal (
an act of the legmlatu:
confvrriog the land granted
with any each oil' or
pletion of Mild work and the right of
theUaited Matos undsr tk---^ —
bppro ed Maron the thud,
sixty five. »>e extended three _
prov-ded further. That no land*
United States a* " mineral before---.
this act shall be included withm tlu* grant
Approved July 3 Itm.
AN ACT to regulate tbe transportation of ditro
glycerine, or alynoin oil, and ether xubatancee
therein named.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sin estiva* of the United States of America in Doo-
greas assembled, —Thai hsresfter it shall not be law
ful to transport, carry or convey, ship, deliver on
board, or canoe to 0# delivered oo board, the sub
stance or article known or designated a* nitre gly
cerine or glycerine oil. mtrolenoi or blasting oil,
nitrated ml. or powder mixed with any such mi. ...
fibre saturated with say such loti or substance upon
or in any sbip. stenm*hip, steamb tat. vessel, car.
wagon, or other vehicle, used cr employed in tran*
porting paeaengers by lend or water bet seen a place
or p ie o ws in any rereign country and a pla e
or places within the limit* of any Htate, Territory, or
diMrict of the United Htate*. 05 between a place in
one Mate, Territory, or district, of the United Ntaf as.
and a pious in any other Htate. Territory or district
thereof , and any person, company , or eorperatiep
----shall knowing y violate the provisions of this
________ _______— —------.. MW
diaoretion ot tbe court, one half to the use of u><
He* X And he it farther enaotad,—That*in ease
death ef any person shall be cauWd. directly or
' explosion of eny quantity ef said
*y person company, or eorporatioo
nag y no nt * tbe provisions of this
liable to a fine of not less than one
indirectly, by an explosion of any quantity of said
substances or articles or either of them, while the
name s Ming placed upon or in any sock ship,
•Uamehin, ateamboat. veeeei, car, wagwa. or ether
vehicle, lo be transported, carried or conveyed
thereon m therein, m vioiattAn of the foregoing see
ttan. OT wtrite the same i« being eo transported, oar
ried. or conveyed, or while the same is being removed
from such ship steamship, stsnffiboat, veasel, ear.
wip e , or other veotcle. ewenr peewm wan knowingly
*•!». >«•>*•* »j»rtCV»r. ..Iriri. tr
sssfS^SaS^rsars l
\mm thiui t«> r
8K. 1 Awl b. it twtlM. MWKWL-Tlut It ^1
xe wutlbn ®
tentative* in the same order provided by Law for the
payment of bounty in other cases
Approved July J. 1066.
AN ACT making a grant of l.vad.i in alternate sec
tions to aid m the constitution and extension of
the Iron Mountain railroad frou Pilot Knob, m
the Stats of Missouri, to Helena, in Arkansas.
Us it enacted by the Senate and Houee of R-prp
seniative* of the United States of America iu ' on
assembled—That there l**. and is hereby
«r,i,t,d to the IUU,f Mi..ouri. f ir th, parpo.. OI
» „ n *L,' n 00 ** ruc | 1< * n an< * ** ,en 'l'? n ,
I. V ^ 11 * fro,u
**; T _ . A''
be Feld by the Mat-of hi-i
, purpo*,- aforesaid, and for noi
That the lind* so located »lull b
o be selected a- «f<>resaid.
uch lan< a- (he United State*
iibm Bnr.m riated or to which tbe right- . _ .
ds thus selected
other Provided.
estab isbed. and not miro than
twenty nulee from the line < f said road: And pro
tided furt.ier. That all mineral lands except those
containing coai an0 iron and anv lands heretofore
re erved to toe United States by anv act of uongre**
or in any other manner b> competent authority for
Und iiie :
ot section- above !
is or parts of i
shall be equal
provi-ment or for anyc
•ration of thi
r aulmg i n any obj<
through tbe
onl» snali be granted, subject
President of the United Mates.
Mountain railroad intersect
line of Missouri, by t he nr
roote, to a point st or n«
the line of
Umted States ha»
of internal
ivr purpose whatever, be
d to the United States from
except »o far as it may be
the approval of the
H ____ HUB _______
th« purpose i f aiding in the construciion and exten
poiat wlkera ria Iren
tlis southern boundary
t?a e-t and most pra ticab e
ar the t'urn of Helena, on
tr, every alternate section of land,
itimlwi'. for ten sections in width
road: but tn case if shall appear
id road isdetinileiy fixed, thatthe
sold any sectior sor part thereof,
granted as aforesaid, or that therigot of pre emption
hasattached tx the same, then if f all l>e Uwfnl for
anv agetlt or ag nts. to he appointed by the governor
of said brate, to select, sulje t to the approval o
the Kecretaiy of the Interior, from the lands of the
Unit d Mate* nearest to the tiers of sections above
specified, so much land, in alternate sections, desig
[ gilts of p-e emptli
*e app
. ion ha
ed shall lu held by
for the u e and purposes
elected and loi
urther. That all t
ng coai and iron, and an
o the United htal+* by
ir.y other manner by rc
r for any other p
hi located And provided
I Ixnds except iho-e contain
> land* heretofore reterved_
any act ot < ongru* ."tfif in
'mpetent authority, for the
object of internal improve
cd to the United Mate* fr<
ces»ary to locate the
•' miles of the
enacted.—That the see
• of land which ►hall re
ritlnn ten mile* of eithc-r
and jmrta of
■••id .
t be sold for less
v»h«n -old. nor hiisK a
subject *o piivate ent
l>:en tirst offered at pu
mi once ot the puolic lands
nyof the said lands become
*y until tile same shall have
•fie sa'e to the highest bidder
um price us aforesaid. Pro
.. - i fid- settlers under tlis p-e
the United Mite* may. efter th»
>f settlement, improvement, and ocoupation,
I rovided by law. purchase ths »«me at the
ed minimum price And provided a Iso, That
i tinder the provisions of the home st ea d law,
tnply with the term* and re<iuiiemen ► of thi
ictual t
it led
* cacti, aoythii
i thi* act i
and at the
h>i 4. And be
railroads shslt be. and remain, pubic highways,
far aa the sunn* may be constructed under this act
lor the use <>! the Government ef the Unit'd .*tat*s
free o all toll or other charges upon the tranxporfa
of any property or troop* of tbe United Stats*
: and the aaid roads a
after the first day of July, anno Domini eighteen
hundred and sixty mx.
Sir. 5. And be it further enacted,—That the lands
hereby granted to sa<d States ot Missoui l and Arkan
»a* nhall be disponed of h
p*»*e» aforesaid only, and
|y Whtne'
id Statex
vernorof either of sain Htate*
all certify U» the to ec ret ary ol the Interior that any
eucn of ten conxecutive miles of e the
ad- it completed iu a good, suhotantiai.
manlike manner, n* a ft M class railroau. ana tne
-aid Secretary shall be satisfied that said State has
complied in good faith with thi' requirement, the
mi id Secretary of the Interior shall issue to the said
htate. patents for all the lands granted and select ed
aforesaid, n it exceeding ten section* per mile, sit
uatedopposite to and within a limit of twenty miles
of the line of said seeti- n of road thus completed,
extending along the whole length of said completed
section of ten mile* of road, and no further. And
when the uovernur of mi id State shall certify to the
Interior, and the Secretary shall
d that another section of said road, ten
nsecutive mile* in extent, connecting with the pre
eding section, or wit t * «m** other fir. t class railroad
the pur
mg. name |
ot said
Secretary of
be ut t he r 11
! -hiii
»*tai« Snail
sful operation,
lid. th'^aid Secretary ot th*j
I situ* ed opposite ro and with
mites ot the line of said com
nd extending the
„-t and the ant ro wh ch this is an amend * ent. and
>. froea time lo time, until said road and branches
upleted. And when the governor ot said
___________________fy. and the Secretary of the In
terior shall be satisfied that the whole ot any one of
d road# snd branches is completed in a good, sub
xuntiai, and workman^) manner, as a first cla *
r .,| ro , d „f the InW.ioc .hall
t j„ uet „,h, ..Id 8 Me « lo.llthe ronn.ti ».
,. nd , , nrt on W .ool of ..Id complied
rott \ fcn( t », *ncheh m i hie act. situated within ttie
n • »«ren
| throolfout th. Milt
branches Frorided. That no land
the hn« thereof.
throughout the entire length ti>f said road and
ded. That no land snail be granted
conveyed to said Htate und»r the provi»im>.x of
this act on aocount of the construction of any rati
( ri> *d or par* thereof that t.ss been constructed un
i derthepreriaiooeof any other act at tbe dele ot the
I passse*' of thisact, and adopted as a p»rt of tbs I ne
of r% ,f ro4 q provided for in this act And provided,
Thai nothing herein contained shall interfere with
to the United Mates
MX. 6. Aud be it farther enacted,—That so soon
a« the governor of either of the said fitato* >ha'l file
or caaas te be filed with (he Hoc ret ary of the lnte
tior maps demgnotlng the routes «f said roads norem
mentioned, then it shall be the duty of the Secretary
er the Interior to withdraw from ma-ket the lands
embraced within tbe pro visions of this act.
8*1 T. A ad be it farther enacted.—That nothing
obtained in this act shall he held as vestiae in tba
ItOjeof Arkan-aa title to tbe lands herein recited
the trout purpose aforesaid, or coibn i/ing said
.... " same until said
•f» to it ► former
it and be repre
>*ition of the same i
relation to Abe National Goverai_____
sented in the Uonjpen of the United States.
Approved July i, tm.
AN ACT to create an additional land district in the
■"1 Ar **n— to ,tx..
, — —.
>ot which
----- -—--,----- r - ; -------hi rrnai
deot shall be aathonzed hereafter. Iron time ro
time, os circurastaooes may require, to adjust the
• b-iundanasef any and .al*. of the land districts in said
State, and change the mention of the land office from
time to time, when the same shall he eipedieaL
lands granted to the
of Repre
___Ad lionsl ia
Mate of Oregon.
Be it enacted by ths Heoeto and Hoase of Reprs
seutative* of the United HtaUso of America in Con
srnseassembled,—That the Prexident of the Untied
J an 1
wk <
--— -------- - --.aUtd
• hereby authorized to establish
1 » iha Slate of Oregon,
flmriw ________________
to time the boundaries thereof,
be named after the place at which
time u> time, when the same shall he expedient,
SEC. 2 And be it fortnei enacted,—That ti*e Pre*i
1 d- nt ia bareb» sutkorized to sprain*, in and with the
odvio* onl coneont of the Henate. or during the re
«e*e there##, and until tbe end of the next chsutog
' *wmwm. a register and rsoeiv«i for said land district,
who sJmfl be reqmrwd to reside at tbe sit* of the
office, shall be subject tn the.**me lawk and respooai
biiitiss. and wbcei* compansatson and h»«* shall be
: respectively the same nor annum as are now allowed
I h 'E?A\r?s2r n
B. it MtoA br tb» Imi'i u4
** *#« ■ <*■ W Ua! 1 *" 1 *'•'•*
I a d ,______
said lands in her own name and right iu tract* of
nol lets than forty acres, and depose of the *gine 10
tracts not exceeding three hundred and twenty acres
each -nly to actual sett era and bona tide occupant*:
And provided further. That city and town property
shall not be subject to selection under this act: And
provided furJier, i hat this section shall not be con
strued to interfere with or impair rights heretofore
acquired under any law of Congress.
Approved July 4. l«e«.
AN ACT granting lands to the State of Oregon, to
aid in the construction of a military road from
Corvallis to Acquinna Bay
He i' enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentativeaof the United States of America in i on
gress assembled,-That there he. and n hereby,
granted to the NftM of Oregon, to aid in the com
strut tion of a military wagon ^fdjrrom^the^town of
Corvalliato the Acqumi
designated by odd numl't
miles from said road I
hereby granted shall I
vided. That the lands
i the
rnctunof said road, and shaH be riisjiOMid of
only ,, Ih, work i,ro)rn-..f
applied to no other purpe— ---- - - ----- .
*'d*d further. That any and all lands heretofore
...............- *nd Ihp
applied to no other purpose* what#«
vided further, Th.it any ar.d all Unde 1---------
served to the United State- by act 0* Ucngreas,
other competent noth' _ " _
thereof for the purpose afon
r; and toe said road shall be au
L.f by the (ggislstur
said, and for uo oti -.--------,
remain a public highway for the use of the Uo
uient of the United Mates, free from tolls or other
charges upon the tran-portation of any property,
troops or mails of the United States.
hn 3. And lie it furtm 1
►hall be constructed
bridges aa to perm t ot its regular u*^a* a wagon
road, and in such other special ninnnerslthe Mate
of Oregon may prescribe.
bicc. 4. And be it lurther enacl
hereby granted to aoid Mate
only in the following
.... ss:
_ _ _ . continuous miles
said road are comp.eted, then a quantity of lard
hereby granted coterininons to vaidcompleted por
retary of the Interior tha* a
; eed thiriy sections, i
rt her sales shall bo :
Approved July 4. 1066.
riie Mate of Minnesota. :
,1 grant of lands t
truction of railroads in said Mute.
of Repre
_____________i meric * '
bled,—That there be.
Ba.* it enacted by the Senate and Horn
eeotativee «f the Ueited Bastes of A
gress Sioi'
In'.m Hc»u'
the counti
..... ...cf Minnesota, for tlie pur
drag in the const ruction of a railroad
ron. in th# county of Houston, through
sof l ilmore. Mow- r. Freeborn, an.l Kart
p\ ►►tern boundary of the Mat?, and alto
>d from Hastings through th*- count •« of
•t*. t^irver. and McLeod, to such i>oint on
a boundary of tbe State a* tbe legislature
e may determine, every alternate section
g?:ated by odd number!*, tattle amount of
9 per
.'.11 appe
a- aforesaid, nr that the right of
... mtead e -ttlenoent hs^attacned
r that the earn*- has been reserved by
tbe Un ted States for auy purpose wh
hIiaII Iye the duty of the Se-To ary of I
caa*e to be selected, for the purpoeei
the pahJio lands of the United Slati
► of i
alternate <wctionH, or parts of sections, designated by
• wld numbers, ax shall be equal to such lands a* tbe
United Mates have sold, reserved, or ottoerwise
ayipropnated. or to which the right of homestead
settlement or pre emption has attached as aforexaid.
which lands, thus indicated by odd numbers and
sections, by the direction of the Secretary ot the In
terior, shall beheld by said Stat 1
the purpoee
land ►
i the lit
__ . . ..id roads: ______ !
vided further. That no Innd Hhall be grunted or
transferred by the provisions of this act not included
■ the Mateoi Minnesota:
___________ t ....._ any other manner by
authority, tor the purpoee of aiding in any object of
internal improvement, or other purpo 1
Ire, and the tame are hereby,
from the operations ot this i
may Ire found *" "
-ed and excepteci
Mate* ha* yet in posm
i the title thereto
t hhal
less tha
_____»ide of l
i double the mini
r shall any of *
United States within t
o*d*»h»ll not l>« sold for
price of public Ian is
lamls become subject
r ______ ___'ry until the some shall have
been n*at offtred at public .'ale to the highest bidder
-t or the minimum price n* aforesaid ■ Pro
That actual bona lids settlers under the pre
£ bow
pr*K»f of set th
t the United States may, after di
lent, improvement, and occupation,
ded by law, purchase the earn ' **
price : And provided al
who shall make entries after the pasting** of this act.
upon the wc'ion* numbered by even number*, and
who comply with th*- terms and requirements of said
act. Huall be entitled to patents for an amount net
exceeding eighty acres each, anything in this act to
the contrary notwithstanding.
He< . 3. And be it further enacted. That the lands
hereby granted .shall be subject to the disposal of the
legislature of Minnesota for the purpose* aforesaid,
and no other: and tne said tailr ads ►hail be and
r-main public highways for the us* of the Govern
ment of the United Htate-. tree of all toll or other
charge* upon tne transportation of anv property or
troop* ct the United Mates, sad the same shall at all
iported at the cost, charge, and ex
*""e company or corporation,
...______ _____ ____ ign*. having or receiving
the benefit of the land grant* h *rein made.
He» . 4. And it further enacted, That the land*
i first clast railroad, then
or Hhall laeue to the State
______ iu alternate sections or
Cesi*n*t'<)d by odd numbers, s tu
_____miles, and not. exceeding one hundred sect ions.
for the benefit of tbe road having completed the tsn
consecutive miles s* aforesaid: Provided, ho
that the coterminous principle hereby applied shall
,x are taken by the said
up deficiencies, provided
land to make up such beficiencien shall be
any point wiihin ten mile* upon each side
____________shall have l*<*n completed a* afore
sat 1. then th# Hecretary of the Interior ahail issue
patent* to said Htat* in like manner for a like sum
her: and when certificate* of the completion of
additional section* of ten c<»executive m'lex of sa d
roads ore from time to time mad-* os aforesaid.
Provided. That it said roads ore not rompleted
within ten year* from the acceptance of this grant,
the said lands hereby granted and not patented shall
revert to Alia United States.
NEC. 5. Ant* *
as thaGoverm _____________,_________
filed, vri'h the Secretary of the Interior mate* desig
noting the routes ef said rondo, then it shal! I
duty of
from m .
visions of this act.
NE< 6. And b* it i-isther enacted,—That the
United Htata# mail shall ti* trsnaportedon said road,
under the direction of the post Office Department,
at euchprioe as Gongreas may by law provide: Pro.
Tided, That until such jirvo- is fixed by law, the
Paatmaster tGeneral ahail have .oower to fit the rate
of compensation
Approved July 4. 1066.
AN ACT to provide for the disposal of certain Una*
therein named.
^it enacted by the Nenets an! House ot Repre
sentativeaof the United Ntat«»df America 1 a Con
grew* oseemWed,—'That the Uommiononer of the
General Land Office be. and he ia hereby, aulhoi i.f«d
to cause to be offered at public auction all the unaoM
lots jot that portiot: of the pubfic domain known as
the Fort Howard Military Reserve, which is situated
ia the county of Brown and Htitj of Wixcoasm,
giving not less titan tw > months' notice of the tune
and place of such s«le, by advertising the name m
such newspapers and for such period of time as be
may deem be« Every such lot shall be so d sepa
rately to the highest bidder for cnab. and wheu not
paid for within twenty four hours from the time of
purchase, it shall be liable to be resold under tbe
order of tha (Jommieaio nmr ol the General Land
Office oforeaaid. at soch reasonable minimum os
may he fixed *> the Sec story of tbe Interior, and no
••i- shall be landing until approved by that officer.
tc.fi. And be lt further enacted.—That it shal
be the duty of tha President to cause patents to be
issued in due form of law for each and ever/ each lot
s« soon a* may beafur tbe purchase of and j>
Approved July 4, 1366.
AH AUT mount tend, U th* »UU of Or»fnn t»
•Id IB tk* ran, tract ion of • *iUiUr> ro*d tram Al
jmaf, Or**on. to th* *•*.« ba**d*rr of Mid
jtrmm assembled. -That thorn he. and hereby is,
granted to tba biota of Oregon, to »idin tha eon
- __. _______________ Qua eilaliif
militia, of Cincinnati, H rd a company of cavalry,
and Paulsen's baft- ry. during the time they were
the service of the United Mates, in eighteen I
nentaiiveeof the United States of America in i
gross assembled.—That
- ,
eed the period ot ,
AN ACT making appropriations for the suppott of j
aspectively, not howeve
hirty-one dais
Approved July . 1 V66.
the army for the
and for other
a. ted by tbe Senate and House of Re pre
_______ending thirtieth
eighteen hundred and sixty sevt
sentativesof i he "United States ot America in Con
gress assembled.—That the following sums be, and
the same are hereby, appropriated outof any money
in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the
of the army f« r the year ending thethirtleta
eighteen hundred and sixty seven
June, i
support of the army f< r
of June, eighteen hunm___________ _____
F* r expenses of recruiting, t ansportation of re
cruits, and ccmpensatioo to cit zen surgeons for
medical at-endanco, three hundred thousand dollars.
For pay of the ar.x y. ten million Be^en hundred
and twelve thousand and fifty-two dollars.
For commutation of officers' eutaistence. one mil
lion six hundred and fifty one thousand five hundred
and eleven do lars and titty cents.
For commutation of forage for officers' horses, one
hundred and five thousand two hundred dollars.
For pajtnents in lieu of c'.ct in# for officers' ser
vants, one hundred and ninety one thousand seven ,
hundred and sixty six dollars. !
For payments to discharged soldiers for clothing !
' <U____________ ____ — r ____
... _ million three hundred and one thousand
six hundred and twenty five dollars.
For toe regular supplies of tbe quartermaster's
department, consisting of fuel for the officer*, en
listed men, guard, hospital*, storehouses, and
offices: of forage in kind tor tbe horses, mules, snd
i fo*
nies of infantry as rosy be mounted, and for the
authorized number of officers' homes, wben serving i
in tbe field and at tbe o'ltpoit*. including bedding I
for rh* animain: of straw for xoldiers' bidding, and
of stationery, including blank b *oks for the quarter
► department, cer ,iacatet* for discharged sol
department ordei» and reports, tour mi lions
hundred and thirty four tlioutand lour hundred and
ninety nine dollars and thirty-three cents.
he incident*! expenses of the quartermaster'
department, consuting of poatxge on letters an
packages received and s at oy officer- of the a m
onyublc service; expense* «.f courts-martial, mi!
tary tommi»t>ion*. and court-of inquiry, includtn
th** additional cuiupt-nsation >ri judge advocates, r*
cordem, membe'x, un<l witnesi
hundred i
under the din
ent, in tl.e i
the i
if Maroh sixteenth, eij
extra pay to soldiersemj
m of the quartermuxter s v
i of barracks, quarter.x.
houxex, and bo«pitxis: in t e construction of road*,
and on other constant lab >r. for periods of not !•►*
than ten days, under the acts of March feecond,
eighteen hundred and nim teen and August fourth,
eignteen oundred and filty-four, >nciudingthose em
pioyeksib cierks at division and department hend
qnarteri*; expense-* cf expre^se* to and Jrom the
frontier posts and armies in the field; of escorts to
paymasters and other disbursing officers and to
trains where military escorts cannot be furnished,
expanses of tbe interment of officer*, ei led in action
or who die when on djjty in the fi**.d. or at posts on
e frontiers, or at other posts a id places when
'!**re* 1 by the NecrotarY of V» ar. on ' of non comnain
sioned officers an>i soldiers; authorized office fur
of laborers in the quartermaster s
department, including the hire of intxrpreterx.
►piow, and guides for the army: compensation of
clerkH to officers ot the quarterma-ter s depart
merit: compenxa'ion of forage a->d wagon masters,
authorized by the a-.t of July fifth, eighteen bun
dred and thirtj -eight: for the apprehension o, de
serterH, and tbe eapsiiHex incident to their purnmt;
and for the following expenditures required for the
eral regituentx of cavalry, the baturiesof light
lery. and such companies of infantry as may be
3 g iooLx. hur*es' and tnulc
steel for ►hoeing, hire ot
eterinary Rurgeot.a, medicine* for horee* and mu'ee
picket ropex, and tor snoeing the hor-os of tbe corps
i pr.q»c
and author!:
pe ratio
army i ot expressly asefi
iiiAiit. oik luii ion dollars.
the purchase of cavalry and Artillery horse*,
hundred and thirteen thousand one hundred
ransportation of officers' baggage, fifty thou
oifth** trooi* when
water: cf clothiPg.canili ci
the depots at Plii!ade1ph
York, to the several poets a .
thoen depots t-o tbe trooosin tbe field: and
nixtence stores from the places of purchase, sod from
the places of delivery 5 ' * *'
»the oironnxsti
to be s
; of c
f requ
* a mad
freights, wharfage, iOlio, and lerriages: for toe pur
and of ships and other
•►sel* and boats re<mired for tlie
n of supplies an**-* for garrison
drajage and car'age at the teveral
if teamsters: transportation*of funds
for the par and oth»*r disbursing departments : tbe
exj>en»e of tail ng pubbe transp iria i n the various
rivers, the Gulf <•! Mexico, and the Atlantic and
Pacific; und for procuring water at such posu as,
from theirs tuation. require it to be brought from a
distance: and for clearing roed*. and removing ob
structions from roads, harbor# and rivers; to the ex
tent which may be required for the actual opera
tion* of the troops in the He'd, five million dollars.
For hire of commutation quarter.-! for officers on
military d ity: hire of quarters for troops: of utore
housss for the safe-keeping of military ator«e: of
for repairing public buddings at *Hiabli*iied posts,
six ii und rad and twenty four thousand and thirty
eight dollars.
For contingencies of the army, one hundred thou
►and dollars.
For the medical hospital department, five hundred
thousand dollars.
For repairs, improvements, and new machinery
at the national armory, oae hundred thousand
For repairs and improvement* at arsenal*, includ
ing new and addition* to present building^, end
morn aery, tool*, and fixtures, fifty tUo&eand
hundred thousand
For the purchase of Und for enlarging tbe Water
visit ar hb nol. thirty thousand dollars.
SEC. *A An^beit further enacted,— I hat the_____
one hundred and forty-six thousand dollars be. and
the same i* hsrebv, appropriated, oat of any m
------------ jr —*—
treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be
_i#r ■ ' "
___Slate of Pentixylvania, to be used as storehi
for Government troparty at that oust
NEC. 3. And be it further enacted,—That tbe follow
ing sums be. and the -aa« are hereby, appropriated,
out of any money lo tbe treasury not otherwise ap
propriated. f r the support of the Bureau of Befu
gees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, for the fiscal
For si
fi oa w i ,________
hundred dollars.
cing July first, eighteen hundred and
I and forty-oeven thousand five
For stationery and printing, sixty-three thouiand
For quarters aud fuel, fifteen thousand nine hua
dred dollars.
For clothing »«.
dred and seventy thonaand dollar#.
For clothing for distribution, one million one bun
For commissary stores three nridion one hua
dred and six thousand twohsndred and fifty dollars.
' * five hundred thousand
For medical depart mei
For transport at on. on*
twenty thoosand dollars.
For school superintowdents.
million three hundred and
me thousand
For repair* and rout of rcbeoi bouoo* oa«l asylums,
five hundred thousand dol ars.
For Ulegraphiiig, eighteen thousand dollar*.
SEC 4. Beit further enacted,—That the quarter
master w department shall in a 1 coos*, in obtaining
supplies for the military servioe, stat# in advsrtlse
aiect* for bids for «nntracts, that a profereaes shall
equal, a .id that such y refers n-e shell be given Ui ar
ticles of American production an A manufacture,
produced cu the Pacinc coast, to tim extent o? (he
conxuirptioi. required by the pubic service there;
and in advert! :ng for ormy supplies the quartenuos
ter * department shall require ab articles which
to be used in the Niates and Temtaneeof tbe Paob
coast to be deliver 'd and riapeefed at point# de*ig
Bated In than# Sfetea #M'Territories; and the ad
vert laments for each supplies shall be published in
ne w spa p er s of tha eitio of Ban Francisco, m Grit
,0 SIr
sevwataan of an set entitled "an act to define the
itam hundred and
a resolution to
to o*aig* tha oammaa
trooth l* th* «*• Sold (tfwrwwnjo ofUor, of th*
Mm* *r*4* wit hoot re«»rd o Mmortti; *nn»o*
April loorto. .IftitMo haBdrrd »na «pj iwo I*.
foisr sblMSSi TOr^n' o u±3
peace, ba diamlsaad from tha sarvica sx- apt upon snd
AN AOT to anaeod "An ect making a grant of lands f
to the State <M Mmneacta to aid in the construction
of tbe railroad from Saint Paul to Lake Superior.'
approved Ma> fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty
«f Minnesota to aid in th* construction of the rail
of the Lake Superi
_____________ ________ Iroad i* de
finitely located, that the quant ty of land intended
lo he granted by the *aid set in aid of the coaxtruo
ion of the said road shall be deficient by reason of
the line thereof runoing near the boundary line of
tbe said State of Minnesota, the said company shall
bo entitled to take from o her public an os of the
United States within thirty miles of the west line of
sa d road such an awount of lands as shall make
up such deficiency : Provided. That the same shall
lie taken in alternate odd sections as provided for i
__________ __________ _____ ____iDon*
press assemb'ed.— I hat civilians employed in the eer
vice of the United States, in the qoar<ermaster's
department and the subsistence department of the
- become insane
.... ,
HEC.2. And be it further enested —That . .
lowing classes of person* under the following cir
cu— *----- - K * N ** -*•—«—«— *--- lA
Approved July 13 U66.
AN AOT to extend to certain persons the privilege
of admission :a certain cases, io the United States
government asylum for the insane
may herea
________________,... neut.shrill
order of the Secretary of War, the sirae os peraoni.
twlonging to the army and navy, to the benefits of
the Asylum lor the Insane in the District of Colum
bia, as now provided by law in reference to soldiers
and sailors m the army aud navy.
NEC. 2. And be it further masted —That the fol
iwing classes of person*, under the following cir
cumhtan. es. shall be **ntit ed to admission to said
n the order of the Secretary of War, if in the
army, or the Secretary of the Navy, f m the navy, to
First. Men who. while in tho servioo of the United
States, in the army or navy, have been admitted to
►aid asyium. and have been thereafter discharged
therefrom on tbe supposition that they lied rec vered
their reason, and have, within three years after such
discharge, become again insane from causes existing
at the t
s of ■
hargs. and have no adequate
iccount of disability ari-mg from such insanity
discharged therefrom
-------------------, .iff "
Third. Indigent insane person:
'*'■ * i-earsi after Cuscnarire irom eucn
i which arose during and were
AN AOT to orovidp f vr making tbe town ot White
hall. New y ork, a port of delivery.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
►entative* of the United Mate* of America in Uon
•xembled.—Than the town of Whitehall, in the
grp*- aesemh
through which
York, which by exinting law is a port
" ported merchandise may be «
col lection diet net of Champlain, and that » depub
►ide. who shall receive th
now paid to the deputy
, shall i.fcer« re
AN ACT to extend the benefits of suction four of an
act making appropn«tion* for the support ct the
army for the year ending Jaoe thirtieth, eighteen
hundred and sixty-six, approved March third,
eighteen hundred and sixty five.
Be it enacted by the Henate and House of Rej
sentativea of the Upited Hiatts of America
l four of an act en
► for the support
ti led' An
- _ my for xhe year ending Ju__ _________
eighteen hundred und sixtr-stx. ' be so construed •*
t i entitle to the three month* pay proper, provided
for therein, all officer! of volunteers below the rank
of brigadier general who were in service on tne third
day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty five, and
whose resignation* wera preset.ted and oorepted. or
tausterod cut at their own reque-t. <
_____irwise honorably discharged from 1*
/ five.
Approved July 13, !•*«».
Be it enacted by the t enate and House ol Repre
sentativee of the United States of America in Gon
ht of way through tn*
hereby granted to
•< assembled,—Tbs 1
publii lands be. and _________
the •• Piacerville and Hacram«n(*i \ alloy Hatload
Company." a corporation existing und»r the laws of
the Htate of California, aud designated by the Jegis !
iature thereof, to construct tho road hereinafter I
named, and to itx successor" and assigns, for th* con I
►tructi-n of a railroad ant telegraph line from the
town of Folsom ro the town of rlauerviile, in said j
Htate: snd the rigid is hereby g.ven to said cor por
ation to take irons tbe public lands adjacent ro the I
line of ssid road, man-rial for the const: uct on there
of: said right of way is granted to said railroad to the j
*' i aach aid# of
'a a d e ;
i tables.
obaa, siav !
assign*, foi
sts: I
2. And be it furihar enveted.—That mere h
true lion
of public
Iver, designated by
•n alternate section*
id free from
safe and speedy
munitions of war. and public stores o<
►aid line of railway, every alternate oe
land, not containing gold
odd numbers, to the amouu _____
per mile, on each side of sa:d railroad
company may adopt, whenever, on t?
the United .Staten hav* lull title, not
granted, or otharwuo approp lated.
pre empt ion or other < Uunx
line of said road is definitely
filed in the office ot the Commi-sioner of The (______
Land Office: t rovided, Thai the word mineral when
it. occurs in thi* act shall not be held to include iron
or cool.
Ht<-. 3. And b' it further enacted.—That when
ever said Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad
Company nball have ten consecutive mile* ot any pnr
tion ot said railroad nud telegraph line ready for the
service con* em plated, the President of the Unitvd
.state" shall appoint three commioaii
the s ' "
bovn coinpletod iu
rod in ail r«siwct* as |
_ ---------- -ommi'Mionors shall #o ra
. the President of tho United Ntatae. and pa
of land#, a* afurssaid, Khali ba i##ued to said
company, confirming to said company the right and
title to said lands, situated oppouta to and coter
minous with said completed *ection of said road, un
lewsaaid and* are oovered b. the exoeption* of (hi*
act. And from time to time, whenever ten sddi
tional mile* bhall nave be *n constructed, completed,
and in readine.-vi as aforex id, and verified by the
commissioners to he Presidsnt of the United State#,
then patent*-ha'l be issued to said company, con
veyiog the additional section* of land as aforesaid:
and so on as fa#t aa every ten mile* of Mid read is
completed as aforesaid: Provided, That said com aiis
sionera named in this eection shall be paid by tha
company tan dollars par day fo the lima actually
emoliyed, and t«n cents per mile fur thedistanoo
actually and necessarily i ravelled each way.
SEC. 4 And be it far. her enacted, —That Mid
Placerville and Sauramanto Valley Ra iroad shall ba
constructed in a substantial and v*orktuaniiks
nor, with all tha
viaducts, cross! ni
places, and all oil
tore and railing stocl
roads of the first claa -----
with rails of the best qm
American iron, and a undo_____
lished the enti?• length pf th* v____________
be constructed a telegraph line of the most substan
tial and approved description, to be operated on (he
entire route Provid»ii. That said company shall not
charge higher rates to the government, iu officers or
i* necessary drams, culverts, bridges,
mgs, turnouts, stations, and wateriag
other appurtenances including rural
stock, equal in all respects t
cla*#. wnen pr a pared for bui
i to rati
businei ,
manufactured from
agent*, that they do t
hat said company shall not
government. iU officers ot
I__ IP . nd: vidus s for taJegroahie
and that the Mid railroad shall be ana re
mam a public highway for the use of the government
of the United States, free of all toll or other charga
upon the tranaportati on of any proparly or troops of
the United Mates, and the aame ahail be transported
over said road at the cowl, chargee aud expanse of
the corporation or oumpany owning or operating th*
same, when required by the United States to do so.
Sec. &. And E>* it further enacted.—Thai th# Pres!
dent ol tba United States shall cause such lands to
be surveyed for twenty mili*s in width on both Hides
uf ths entire iins of said road, of er th* general rout#
shall ba fixed, and as fast aa may bv required by tha
construction of said railroad: and the odd sections
ef Und horeby granted shal not be liable to vale,
i, saw
duu/, vr pre emption, before or after they or* *ur
veyeJ. except by Mid company, as provided iu this
Kion* or the uct of September,
and forty one. granting pre
**"■ f ar
act; tul r. pro, isions ol ibe
■aim hundred
he scT eotitlvd "An act to encore homes toad to* oc'
eig!,t«>m I
i there r and of
tion right#, sn 1 ths acta amend*:
** J "An act to eecar_______ r __
the public domain." approved May
tusl MiyereB. ___
twenty, eighteen hundre J and vixty two. shall lie.
and tha Mm* are hereby, extended to all other lands
on the line of Mid rood whs* surveyad. excepting
those hereby granted to Mid ootnpany; and th* sec
tions and |isrta of sections of land which by the afore
void grant shall remain in the United Mot**, within
ten miles on each t<de of said roan, shall not be sold
for lea* than doable the miaUnrai price of public
Unfit when sold.
Hoc. t. And be it further enacted,—That each and
every grant, right, and w ivifege herein ar* eo made
and given to and acoepied by said PlaoerviUe and
tfearamento Valley Railroad Company, upon and
subject to the following condition*, namsiy 1 bst
th* said company shall commence tha wort on Mid
road within on* year from the approval of this act by
the President, and ahail complete the whole road by
the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty
7. And be it farther enootefi.^That th*
Untied Huts* make the eevovol oondUtoned grants
herein, and that the said Hpcnrvtd* and Baerameoto
Valley Railroad < ospenv accept the sans* upon the
further condition that if the said company make any
breach of the conditions hereof, and allow the aamn
to continue for upwards of one ynar, than in soak
Be i
AN AC r relating to lands granted to
Minnesota to aid in constructing
enacted by the Senate and Hoe*
vet of the United States of Arw,
______ * ______ _
granted fo the Territory or htate of
the purpose of aiding in the construe ho,.,
alter the definite location of the line of r
fore tbe withdrawal of said land* fros
proper local lend office, said State mxy
select, in lieu of the land* so sold or di«r>,.
any of the lands of the United Slate*,
being odd-numbered section*, withu t*<
the line of > be proper road, a quantity b '
to that «o sold or aispoeed of; and the I*
ed shall bn substituted for those eo sold
of by the United States, and may be di 9l
said Mate in all respects os if Raid sub*
hxd been pareel of the original grant ^
Provided, however, That nothing hei>j
►hall be so oon-traed a* to diminish th*
hiny hoi
— -------—_—, .. —ninnh t,
land granted by set of Msy fifth, eight*
and sixty four, to the State of Minn*.*,
the construction of a railroad from ht. ]
Super or.
S*c. 2. And be it further enacted,
named in the ec granting land t to t
Minnesota to aid in the eoaatnt"*'
railroad, ** from Sxlnt Paul and fit
by the way of Minneapolis, to a conven 4
notion west of the Missiasippi river, to
mndary of the Ternto* j-." approved 1
-unction west of the
boundary of the T
eighteen hundred
and completioti cf
__________ r __________id road.______,
for eeven years from the passage of th>
MKC. 3. *rd be it further en*c'ed.- a
lands granted to the Territory and Nt t *J
terior. from time to time, whene
definitely Io ______
by said State in the manner and np-rn
shall be d
•ely located, and shall 1*I
in the manner and np-»n thL*
, - ____the particular act srantiny »
roocified by the provisions of this acT
That when the original quantity grx;i. i
the construction of any roed has been mTif
quantity authorized to be sold from tis
shall be increased correspondingly ijfg
further. That on the completion of anjfS
road, the State may sell o»e half the qu^
which skid Htate is authorized to dupoJz!
completion of twenty mi e».
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted.—T-i
grauted by an< act of Dongrews to tbe tul
neeora to aid in the construction of rai.u
State epecificallr, lying in place on aJ
tea miles of road, shall uot be dispOHelf
road shall be cor.ipleted through andL, '
with the same : Provided, hoserer, •I'rJwp
►ion shall not extend to any lands autaj:.
taken to make up deficiencies.
Hye. 5. And be it further enacted,—Tis» ..^
of anj act as cvntlicts with the pro vise.
ix hereby repealed.
Approved July 13, 1066.
E nsfts paid, to null
achine. This mac
can t>e d«ne on any hi
patented, licensed an
pay the above wagett.
twice that amount cun oe
terms address
apl3bw 724 Gheennl
$1 Mj per montijfl
he Genuine l:%-2\>,
ine will do all > .■
■h-priiied m*chin«9
warranted for Kt.B
r a couibu!m<i> r. SB
E A .V P E & K I A *•
Only 4«<>o«l Hsurr
-cess of this most deliciou
it having caused many u
name to Hpurioo*
Wrapper I*abe!, St-pp . ______ _
Manufactured by LK A A PFRR! .'
A clergyman, while residing in S*> i . If
mi.xsionsry. di'Covered a safe and su:i; .*|
the cure of Nervous Weakness, Earl;. IkJ
of ths Urinary and Seminal Organ
train of disorders brought on by bane: i ,j
habit*. Great number* have been • J
•obV remedy. Pr 'inptad bjr a desir** 6 ,
afflicted and ur.fortgnato, I will send ta
preparing aud using this medioin<-. ,o
velop*-, to auy one who needs it, free <>f
Address JOHKPK T IV*
a;»191y fetation D. Bible Home, N -w t
Ozone Kemedp for <'on#iin
The only valuable property that oo<l |i
******* for tbe cure of consomptioi, .
ozone But tiie nauseous taste and i&rS
of its grease on tbe biliary system ni*trill
of no avail, but more a harm than a i» :<■
AU plants growing by th* seaside hiS
able ozone in their r
the cure ot consumption in proporti n H
titles ol ozone they may have irabiMM
a low degree of heat, in vocoo.
log from consumption or any broncr is! B
requested to write to th* follow in* M
These and many more hav* been undrCrl
and have been 1
aa Soma_________
more or less of both lungs.
New York. J:fe
Dr. Moggie!—Door Sir- Your not* 1
nit. is at a <nd. I hav* no objection tc m
my natna aa yon win > it Ail I hope »<
on* mth a cough as I bad wdloddre* - Aa
get cured as quickly at I fid, ISO »-•.
price to pay. Hnsoectfullir youm
TO ARK WETHER. Bridge st.f
This ia from the Poster of Cfcnrcho!,
name and address wi.l be given on app >
iUAM. Auxi
Prof. Maggie 1 —My Friend I shou <!►<
suppose, tf* um of my name. Yom fcegg
K tided oa fio not advertise it too t IE
aon'y s* a reference. My wife and 9H
eatial personsef mr aoogregation obji
on on exteeafv* advertiser, can underru
bji |
can und. rri
____ __________ ___ that od<lr#,<
be happy to answer, as regard* your
Luage," and 't* beneficial affect* en a
lung*; bet do not pteoe me too eni
fere tbe public
Yours vary truly.
i. t. r —iks.
Pastor of Chute:
"My ooagbiog ce a s ed ca she third
our msdioib* I tovk Uxrse lea'poo i.
** 'Life for Ike Lunas iejaatth*
r r. Maggie. I triad your Pill*. wn<
astfitjaag gffe v "
although I boagtt the medicine hei <
****Oer littl# girt (fourteen rear* old
wonderfully. Can you e* nd me two
press' Inclosed ftedfiA . . I
Your letter of eeviee aad 'Long LibJ
weeke age. head me aniffi
______ 1 shall reqair# oa mor*.^

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