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(Oilcans' Republican . 1
I Journal of the United States
General A Rent
, r . Box 3,727, Bouton, Mass.,
Advertising Agency, Chicago Til
Advertising Agents, Philadelphia,
i niEW.
i 'mcinnati.
uiIum! X, I'ittaburgh.
t _,l ||. Me Veen. A Co.
,. n _ \. Milixpaueh.
r tv-Cha**. »I Porter.
. Avoyelles-w. W. Iramberton.
' Kouge—S. Wrotnowiki.
„ fers?.-.".:
Sr - n ,-..r.tia-R-Marshall.
,r i, lit iana. < nas. vv. i i ng.
r, . .ir-i Robert Worrell.
■ r rl ''.. 'ii M.rritt.
!, Geo. L. Gaskell.
Geo. W. Furgeson.
, i* o.. |>af*vette. Dr U. K.Piqmfe.
" '1« a. j. i«,i. r
ield Liinvston. C. 1>. Ludocke.
1 it, t> ! Madison. Janie- L right.
. 11 »i , .house, W. A. .Moulton.
' s- Helena—James Newton.
'! Po-Vortii-o .V. Jame—N. S l. nd-y.
'I .iolin Baptist -Mortimer K smith.
f a „. st. I.audry-Btephen J. III!! and r. r o
E. Laloiro.
• • Mary—A. «■ mm.
„ as—K. H. M •' -11.
...... bonne— *- A. Stone.
■-vill** Union—F.. II. llosner.
, Vermillion—Rudolph • w
I- : .
, .........—Wni. Wright.
st. .Lime.-.—N. s. Landry.
_ ra , II—John Lvncli
Kj ^11 please notify the 1 It'orti a
•t Baro
O.J Levee street, opposite th- Post
HaW-H, bt. Charles Depot, under the St.
ns i' bookstore, Pon* hart rain Railroad
rv .A Tli.trkt.
orncr. Kerlerec an ! Rol utson
t How
1 Distrie
Notice to Agent*.
nd hubscribere forwarding money for
ns or advertisements to the IlRFUIiLir*AN,
o by means of Postoffic* orders, by clerks of
J, b) draft or by express, at our risk. There
is risk attending the transmission of
1, even in case of registered letters.
River News.
, the only authc
SWKATNAM ia authorized t-.tran
on th*- levee connected with
*[*or.*> of this paper 1
■izod 1
Any | p.
1 iver and
ifdiy was cloudy all 'lay.* During
th* re were 8fvcri'l alight showers ;
•ugh. however, to lay the ilust, which
st suffocating on the levee. But lit
Itoi**** whs done on Lho landing : the
ling of a few boat- coubtituted the
ii business.
arrivals w re : The M -monger from
nati. St. Nicholas and Irene from Ued
Tkksburg and Judgt Flet her from
a, Henry Adkins from St. Louis,
K from Bayou Lafourche, Wild Wan
,dIberville from Bayou Bara,
departures were : The National for
rer, Olive Branch for St. ! ii-*, Sii
ud for Cincinnati, Ston- wail for
in port are : The Henry Adkins,
irer, fet. Nicholas, Vicksburg, Irene,
ViSliam Butler. Judge FleU-hcr, New
lid Wagoner, Iberville, A. (J. Brown,
new steamer Henry Adkins ma'le
wtrancc at our wharf this morning,
i heard her spoken of as a tine boat
dapted to the New Orleans and St.
trade. But she excelled our I'Xpec
Her model is beautiful, her raa
the very best, and h«.*r cabin is
aud fitted up iu 11 most b* autiful
ity style. She is of nine hundred
urden, and commanded by Captain
Green, who deserves much credit
glng out so beautiful and per tec t a
m of steamboat architecture. We
'X for her a brilliant career,
river at this point is still falling
j next steamer due from St. Louis is
I Great Republic will arrive lo re to
dy to leave again on Tuesday, the
ry Adkins for St. Loris.—ThU
ful steamer will leave on her first trip
ro and St. Louis on to-morrow, the
ist., at 5 o'clock I*. M. As we have
of her above, it is unnecessary to
te our statements; suffice it to say
plain Green and l»is clerk, Mr. C. W.
it, will spare no pains to make a trip
Adkins pleasant to her passengers,
fficers are men of experience ami
We advise all who nave occasion
* a trip up thr river to secure a state
t once in this beautiful new boat,
ibing U iu perfect order, aud adapted
, wants of the traveling community.
Tippings from our Exchnngo.
icrland continues falling slowly,
U* ieet water on Harpetu shoals
Ay evening. The J. L. Graham had
-at Nashville from the Upper Cum
d with a cargo of tobacco and corn.
Wabash river has again assumed
ble proportions, and was rising on
^ess along the wharf was rather more
ou Saturday than for several days
with the departure of several well
ed packets to the Cumberland, the
^2*. Lower Ohio and Memphis,
low-pressure Richmond did not clear
w Orleans until yesterday. Sunday
• She had to change the lower cir-
r water wheels, so as to give the
Jiore freedom iu the water, when
freighted. She leaves New Orleans
-vement is on foot to erect a suitable
the memory of the late Alex*
f* Temple, the pioneer ship builder,
®djt Madison, Indiana,
naaatsaof the 9th announce the sink-
the wrecking-boat Mariner. She will
a total loss. 8he was insured in Cin-
n f or 113,000, and valued at $16,0o0,
bowing are the offices holding risks
' Boatman's, Ohio Valley, Tobacco,
and Eureka.
-•! convention of river men is
to meet at 8t. Louis on Tuesday, the
«y- It promises to be one of the
Portant meetings that has ever been
Albert Pearce is about to enter the
-Ttceu Memphis aud Evansville.
v tnree boats, the Governor
1 the Princess, and Enterprise, ply
Bt l^ouis ay<l Arkansas river.
. t*ry of the Treasury has just Is
circo iar to the collectors of customs
' lug and local inspectors of
b follows :
been represented to this depart
^K-boats are frequently em*
^tow vr-K8c4H with passengers on
that, by crowding around
" Wd sterna 01 steamers tilled with
. they endangerAhe lives of the
should the boilers of the
azrrz y° u mo hereby directed to
^52**®! the provisions of the thinl
°»the act of July 25, 1806, "to fur
— 11 for the safe tv of the lives of
h"i3C2 on vessels pro
« whole or in part by steam," ana ap
ltfe *7 valves therein designated ou
^01 the tog boats which shall be
towing vessels usually carrying
3 of %U tugs whose duties
into close proximity to such
Z^ wharves and docks of a
»»perH life in case of explo
Monetary and Commercial.
Thubsday EVEN I NO, May 10, 1?C7. <
The movement is the general market has been on
a moderate scale throughout, and few of the leading
articles have suffered any change requiring special
notice. I he i retailing dullness in sugar nnu inolns
sea con 1 inued, and Western produce exhibited rather
less than its usual vitality, attended with more stabi
lity m oats, a further decline in corn, and a better
fee tug in the higher g ados of flour: while opera
tions in the lading staple evinced rat her more ani
mation, the sales at the close footing up 2910 bales,
at firm prices, the market closing with a tendency to
additional improvement.
The movement in coin has been of a limited char,
acter throughout, attributable, doubtless, to the
increased tightness of the money market. Uotd
opened this morning at 136'^Oi 136>*—against
J37 at New York—but later intelligence being
morj favorable, it improved and closet stexd
li/ at about lJt>V<|!3C. 1 2 . There were no sales
at the noon sea.-ion of the board. Outdoors
the transactions were extremely light, including:
fir f«0 and fSTlOO at 136 $2000, $31.10. and $5000 ar 136',
$6000, $8030, and $ 0,000 at 136'a. 912.000 at 13b ..and
$8QC0 at 137. In silver there were few tramactioBR
reported, including: f^OO in American halves a* 123
fdOdo at 130, and 1200 Mexican dollars at 12- ,
The foreign exchange market wn du'l and inao
five throughout. The tnppljr of commercial sterling
was more liberal, bit there was little disposition
manifested on the part of dea'ers to operate in this
class of b ID. preferring, for the pr sent, to confine
their attention to first class and unexceptionable
signatures, which, it may bo observed, were rather
scarce on the mark t. lienee the negotiations «.• 0
light, including: 12000 A1 at 146; £11,000 a? 14«*,;
£.1000 St 146 1.J0U0 at 147 M ; £3000 at 147 £7000
first class at 1D' 4 A140: ££K0 bankers, at H'*: and
£(000 bank at the same rate. In francs wo n it 5 sales
of 2S,0(li A1 commercial at 3 91 L - 75.000 at J .*2-. and
25.0 Oat 3.90. Sterling maybe nominally quoted at
144 'a! 15 for bill r-f ladisg bills, 14*'.-.,U7 for Al to first
class, and 149(4149.' for bank: while francs ruled at
3.92 * - tfO for Al commercial, and . . . .. for
In the curly part of the day domestic ex hange
was rather steady, but towards the close the rates
for commercial bills suffered a marked depre, iat inn.
The banks checkei on New York, generally, at far,
at which they met w*th a very moderate patronage
The supply of commercial continu'd light through
cut, with rates indicating a decided leaning to the
tide ct buyer*. 1 ho sales included $10n,'0(:N .v
York s-ght at . ' A ~Y cent, discount: $4 *,000, $50,000,
and $60,000 at $«00>. $.5,000. and $30,000 at ;
* 1Q.COO at j, and $10,(00 three days' sight at the same
rate. The cl- sing rates for commercial sight vero
.(\ aud A Y cent, disc nit.
The stock market was dull and inanimate from the
opening to the close of business There were no
sales at the board and only two reported outdoors,
vi 20sbarc* New Orleans (Vy Radroadat $210, aud
40 do at $7t0 50.
City bonds exhibited no change for the bitter
There were no sales at th* board, and none that
ispired tn the open :
id the r
ted at
ccordingto (hecoupons. Lou
t 'A'atT ; Jack-on Railrua 11
3* .74; »n*l Op"'.uusas Railroad first mortgag*.
• ith eight matured coupon^. &t5l y53.
There were no sa'esof uncufrent, money re
Bank of Louisiana notes are quoted at 4F. pj
' *■ Treasury r.ot.es at F!y.84c. Dealer- ;
*»de flsures f: r small sums offered at thei
'crs, many retail dea «*rs receiving them id ti
p. P City Treasury notes rule st » *» a f! ce
l, nat.-ir.af currency l»eing the standard,
he general medium of exchange in
les at 7tv, -o,
i Ado.
4 ONI %l Rite IA Ii.
Tin K9 DAY Even ivo, May 16. 18»'7
COTTON—file mark#t opened this morn'ng w.
a limited inquiry, and nas exhibit' *1 only niodera
animation thr. ugriout The supply was ample
evinced increased acx.oty (.> rea'i/.u, but the
ab'o obstacles in the wav of placing exchanc*
nection with the stringent |.reien-.om of holders,
exerted an inllacneo decidedly adv.-r-e to heavy
operation**. Under tho-e circurasUnce*, tne day's
transactions were rather light, comprising at the
close barely 29)0 baits, eleven broker* participating
the batmens. l*r;cea were irregular throughout,
but, on thewholo, in favor of seller*, I >w middling
bug in most in-tances ou the basis of 25v. ^26 ,
while middling commanded 27c. * 2-c. The market*
however, closed *0 completely unsettled that wo
are again obliged to refrain from giving detinue quo'
tations. The demand was coniin***! principally to the
good ordinary and low middling description*, and
Stock on hand Sept. 1st, I860—bah i i 2,08:

1U.J bales for Narva. It
for Liverpool.
hUG Alt AND MOL AS SI. *—'l b-ro haw n*t be
any receipt-** from the coa-t since yesieidsj
supply c'
yellow clsritied, 1
EM alto,
is; moiasses
1 ha
thu production of Loui-iana IS very !:*ht,
_____ demand is limited and only of a retail charm
r. Wo have not any sale* worthy of 11.' • t*>
report, but quote Lmipiara u»ar nom
' - * - tor choice
<1 14>a-ifclfto. lor wl
■r fermenting and '
litre is a large stock of t.'uba »u«.ir .
on hand, but no demand for mnla-.-cs aud very hltl**
fur sugar. Tho soles of sugar are oontic** 1 t«> 105
boxes .No. 12 at 11 t(tfll'aO. an J luo hluls, groc iy at
11 _,t. ***. lntlieiotaia ounce Ot saloa of in*j*xs-es
ne nroeotnpe ied to omit quotations.
AitKlVAl.S 1 ROM THE WEST—T * steamers
Ii'e-sunger and Henry Atkins, !rum bt. Louis, havo
arrived since yesterday.
FLOUR-The market is very du'l and prices for
the lower grade** are drooping, bat those t .r the
choice grades are tirm. There i-only a retail bu»i
ne.-9a doing, and tho inncipai I . day • ■. • *u
rined to 5ti bbl*. superfine at $13; 25 and f
merit•*, at $16 50; 50 choice extra at J*l'.«5J, a
$10 75 ft bbl.
ud 25 1
Tho stock 1
$13U; .00 and 511 do. at $1 32 4 ; 20U white at ®133
j* 0 prime white, 5UU white, yellow, and mixed, IloO
white, and 600 yel'ow and mixed nt $1 35: Jskj m*xed
anil white at $1 .»5' * 1 37'*; lid aud 250 white, y* flow,
and uti&ed at $135; 3UJ white at $136; ltd choice
white at $1 37*,. ami tflU at $1 40 j* bushel.
«*ATS—Are in mo hwate demand, but the Mock is
light and peic**« are nnu. Several hundred sacks
have M*ld at 90 'j,9$>*c. ^ bushel.
BRAN —is scarce and in request. Prices have
further advanced 5*;. lttl tt). borne 3<*J racks have
sold, in lots, at that price
Pi mi.< Western is scl ing to the trade at $35 p
lot of 100 ba es Ohio were sold at that price.
CORN MEAL—Thoro were sa'es of 225 bbls. kiln
dried at $ ',100 and lou at $b 25 fi bb .
POHK—The market is very dull. We have not
any sales to report. Mess is held in lots at §24 25 .
24 60 f) barrel. It is retailing at $21 75 **,25 >* barrel,
LArtD—We quote a fair demand and firmer mar
There were tales of 60 and 2Uu kegs prime at
Tierce* are quoted at l.i'*c.
casks shoulders sold at 9'ic.; 25 tierces sugar cured
hams at 15\e. fi hhoalders are retail.ng at
|»i g c.; ribbed sides, 12c.: clear ribf>ed sides i.ie.; clear
sidea, 13*iC.; sugar cured hams. lt*'^17c. th.
GREEN MaATS— A lot of 10 casks *l**ar sides
sold at 10c. V tb. Hhoulders are quoted at fc-^o. bides
and hams 1* 8*.
BUTTER—Is plenty and dull. A l*»t of 25 tubs
new Western, the tirst this aeasnn, sold at 32'a' - .
tb. Northern is selling at XK*,32>«c. Old Western
S< ljRiEO B APPF.ES—8omo 50 bbls. sold »t0c. ft
VINEGAR—We note aalea of 50 bMs. cider at
*4 gallon.
TALLOW—Is in good supply bat i* dull at 10o.
{4 lb
RICE—The atock of Louisiana is small and prices
re tirna. India and Carolina are in light supply
but dull. W«> quote Ixxiuiana at '4c.; India
1(K4 I t 4 o.*. Carolina U\(6l2 l s e V lb. At w holesale
India is held at 10c. currency, duty paid, aadi^c.
gold, in bond.
BKANK-Are coming m more freely, and price*
have declined $1 'ft bill, fer Northern. They are held
at $14<sl6 p> bbl. fur the latter, and $13^14 for West
*ce*pt.s are increasing.
______________ _________ Some 6 j bbl*. spirit*
turpentine sold at tOc.. and 50 at 660. Y gallon. No. 1
rosin is *#l ing at $0 5tk/6, No. 2 at $4 60<*5, and No. 3
at $3 5i <4 V bbl.
HIDE'—The supply ia light, and the demand is
^ood at 9V*10'iC. f* » for green, and Uhillc. Y
WO&L-The rei eipiM are light; there i* a fair de
mand fur shipment. We quote 28<«t35c. • lor
washed ; lOfel&c. for burry ; iSis'JDc. fur Louisiana na
tive Jb*24v\ for Texas, merino; and 24^27c.
,*4®;s merino,
tNHtrEE—The demand is only moderate, and is
being snpp ied st l7\^lft\o. Y » gold, for fair to
pr.me, and 23V425\c . currency. Groc«i* obtain
1C f'OAL <?U^I*%Sbing at 48<g52c. in bbl*.. and 9«
<a,7(k! in cans.
HUN DRIES—Potatoes are wiling on the landing *t
$2 ai>* 2 75 ja bbl.; new Onioci fK#**' Y bbl.; old
are very dull. There are no Apples in market K*g*»
tr* selling st $16017 Y LbL : Flue kens $6 5ls7 Y do
en; Geese $7®8; Turkeys $.4 ft dor.en.
bond 701 sacks.
SALT—Horae 67 tons Liverpool ro< k sal* was re
ceiveri last week, a portien of which is retailing at
3c. Y D- The stock is light; the demand good at
$1 9542 05 V sack for Liverpool fine, from wart
house: and $2 10*42 15 from store ; coarse is held, by
the cargo, at 91 Wki'iOO ; from storw. f 2 09^2 16.
There are some 4u<ii bushels Turk Island on baud,
which are held at HOe. » buahel.
M'Alt C!ANDLEH—Tho market is dn l. They are
retailing st U>*o. It I>. for Woe. 1 wV*
ox.. 19 > «*tl9tke. tot lioa., and«®22>4e f«*f ul weight.
vVlUftKY-We quote Western st ti«2 30, and
Iy>ui.isna.tllWglW. OMlMl doing
at %J 1*A2 3U W ga km, and 91 A4il » V gallon.
(X)W Pf Ale—Are selli g at fO^ boshsI
. uvdiiv— 1- >||o plenty and dull at 156118c
t, for Wsetom, and 194922c- Y * for
| at 91 W9115 gallon
i*os very Iu*
t im baslaeea.
nth a
extreme decline in Cotton, and very unfavnr
rs fr.on Kurop», we find no disposition on the
operate to any extent. Wo report
ii about 35(J bales, on a basis
►ales during the m<
ot 25* j,c.
(•l.'.vNY BAGS—No demand f r new. Heavy held
at 2 2'V'i 23c.
ROPh—Demand very limited. Weiiuote machine
hemp at ini ■ • Hr . in lots.
Are selling at If ■ 11c
a good inquirv to-day,
TulJAi.i O-Tiu-n .. ___________
bnt factors refusing the offers of buyers, ti.e -«l
confined to t!) hint*, lugs tind lc-' r - f" i'.es a
full, the market i
ITU.lOHT.S-'lb- market 1
York. I- for IIo«t
•t but linn
ew York t
. _____ ... _ .... ._ _____ t? bb-. for Flour, an i
$1 -lor Pork; -ail for Liverpool 17 SJ'b 9-ltid. 1
(Jotion, Havre U.-.c.; steam for Liverpool \ 1
City <.f Jrffer
A rr.ved yesterday—357 Texas 1. <
Yearling-, and 231 bl eep.
S^ld —132 Texas Beeves, 177 Cl
41 Hogs, 288 Sheepand » Milch e o
•Stock on Sale- 715 Texas Bee
Sheep and 48 Milch Cow*
Western Beeves, civ v :*• net.
Western Beeves. 2»1 qualii' . r* It*
Texas Beeves.N- ..asiny
* Bev
• head
, 664 Hog-, 1288
- 139 — W
. AS) (K)^ 80 (II
30 OfK.V 45 0C
15 00-> 20 U)
Marine Intellieence.
of the r>\n.'
Br steamship Ola*
Br echr Mischief.
Brem bark Carl G
Br schr Mary. Bri
1 1 Igo 4 :■
Arrived Yesterday.
Ur* •
________ Alaba
C A Wtii'iv.y
A' k 11
1st dint in
V *rt a*i Prir
* li -II A Bnzs
3'n-htp I l'*ri*H. O'I.earv. fro
Post .C Hobby—1st dist 12
k l- red Hi 'i.* ruian, from -
dick— 1-t di t 18
2*1 *
'It lURK* :
. Lai
Amanda, and --ii 11 LI na
01 i 1 per. I/jstutter. from Id - .ng S .
Messenger. Dean.fr
Henry Atkin**. (»«>r«
m St LjU.s
from Bay.
\V 1! 1 Wag
Ho-o Frank, nr mk
T nrodii«', Tallin tm
M us* 'iMj/i'h-'r
r, Baranoo, from Ih
Ital Ft
Br sch
chr ?
.11 id in,
, Bryant, 8 days from Ma
1 Hava
IVF.RPOOL— St-amship Glailin
'vLV LS l'uN AND iNDIANOLA — St**am - I
. w ilarrib—1...... ' '
bids p. rk 2W
160,64 1
»ks e
m »7r.ouis-stea i
NARVA, t. a - -
ootti a
TA BANCO- 4 -' !
25 kegs butter 5 j i
_ adrir
Stiver Cloud-Sur.dr;
Branch— Sundry :ud**<
Alabama—201 Lead cai t
Agnes—143 head cat
1 ALVES ION--Steamship
e Mi n>i'-id. Me hie Jtco
le Ben Foster—sundries to
| *
MOBILE—Steamer 1 r
bates cotton
A PA LA* ;iI-;OLd

narilla S t err unde/. .1
BOSTON—Brig I ri
-StcamEi.p Flor:da-37 bale
nna—$450*0 specie l bale sar*»a
Id BlU*-A'*td mJ .e
lleccluts of Produce,
1 !N»,'INNATI—Steamer Messenger—2*i pkgs ■
A NYalt • — 4. <1 > ?t*f Kic ..* rt-13 pkgs in 1- t *
Schnndt A Z. iglt-r-72 pkgs sundries to S ti:i. : r ii
Z.i her tiler— 6 » » butt»r * * bxs • ggs 1* '*;-- !
l Dei Bonder -2.5 t.t «ni Uonver*;o Aco-148 box* - ot
glaaawaro \ Bertel Ac ' '" l " 1 • * ■.-*«—->*. 1 v,
hardware J110 ( hallo •
. Br**— 5u t»t-gs giasswnre Bar
—lud-j Brown JL 1'erguson--292do to
',*•: du L**vi A Navri--3do W Cleary—1
do J P l.»c»r**n-» \ * il R «• ogrevo—25 S G.lb-r*.—112
* A Wli tuey A«x>-2 E .J Mart .
5 do N Keillor--7 !. F M'»i*"»-U E
Musi wood .v W*-t—10.1 T Moorc
lou— IDM Pc rt .v * -26 d • I i • • .! *1 W Burbridgo
Aco—12 do :>4 pkg' gla- '.varo Brooks, Macdonald Aco
lli!i ,t
.. .4organ -
e—19 W H Pemb-T
3 pkgs sundri
J S Aitk*?' s 2
mdse J W Norris
Hoy Aco—l li
, Jt Escdap' U — 4 do hardware
bolt? W cooper Ac *—5 bags corks 4s
assware B Do lunger—337 pke*-undre ' 1
-1000 bis 6 bbls oil 2'/bx»* ila.'sware MS
1 isber-12 pkgs mdse J F. Hyde Ac<»—543 do hardware
li pkgs indse i*iUner. llopkins A •» -10 d<> liar. " —*
Keep A H .gun—4*0bx-* bitters I l M*
Keep A
7 pkgs gl i
pkg tot
e-7 bbl
____ -lUtOskscorn
.* J Svine—ltr I s l-athe:
*.t*jrs'»n A 1 enner—-l t'l books Dav is lino—1
a.. a ccoJ 1* Sara/.iu—l tes hams Winston Mor
Aco—109bdls paper McGregor Br<*s—42 pkgs ot
bacon O Bercier ftco--131 b.ils snokes l bxs more to
Mocorob. Baldwin ±co—2 do 1ft rol's leather » 'Veis
tiaar-5 t xs tfhrdwsre lot furniture Montgomery Bros
do C (; bampson—D Kelham Aco—10 t*t»ls oil P E Du
rand— 20 do l A vet A Uhambon--6 hints tobacco to
S A street—2 bxs mls<> J \V Hughes -10 do/ bromns
S M Baiton Ac-.5 tes lard :o kegs lard to Grieff A
Bvrnes—24 do G Theurer—10 tes ham * J I Adams A
co—IU do Vose Bros--1 do G 1 iiilderbrand-9 iron
uates 1 bx marble Folger Aco—lot machinery 12 culu
vators 1 engine ai-d sundries V B Bod ley Aco—17 t*xs
hardw are * mules 1 bot!»r lot machu ery Knight Aco
22 pkgs mdse 5 d<> eggs Keep A Caulfield--.«-6 pieces
hard ware l bbl ale 1 .10 almonds 4 bbls oil 13 stoves
147 pkgs sundrie-* Brooks, Macdonald Aco—i6 do to
Rice Bros Aco— 3 bbl* vine J B Munson A CO—15 tes
hauis .1 H Oglesby Aco--lido Liulev Auo-1 bx to
bacco J U Lytton—50 dor. brooms J 1 Mom*—12 pkgs
leather Leon Pierre A00-50 bbl* oil Kearney. Blois
Aco—10 pkgs mdse Uobb, Dolhonde Aco-6 bbts eggs
J Lechner-Uiubbls pork G A Whitney Aco—lot ct
maouinerv W LCushing-6 pkg* mdse Crane. Breed
ft( ripera and sweeps Mark. Stauffer Aco— 1 hx
mdse 1. L Fevre—1 buggy J W S ha wan--3 bxs mdse
K J Hart-6 bdls pipe J C Huey Aco—173 bx* clu-ese
H firkins butter 11 bhds bacon 1 pkg book* 3 pkgs of
hardware McFarlan, Straight Aco-2 bxs mdse t
Frank—2 do Perkins, Swenson A o—4 do Vanholtz .
Gooiimnn—175 )>v candles J Kobinson-3 bbls t<ei
nuts Garbrini A Petrovich-2 bbts wine J Zeigler—
sundries to order—Total, * hhds tobacco
Brook*. Macdonald Aco-68 J W Burbridge Aco—55
Jno Phelp* Aco—21 Fa>ne. Huntington Aco-lb do to
D R Carroll Aco-14 A tl Mey-ll ( onuer A Seua*
12 Logan, bontat A Claiborne—II Ober. Atwater Aco
11 W h TuUis-9 Perkins, Mweneon Aco—ti H K Garter
8 bueake A Buckner—8 \V G' Lipscomb Aco—I to Al
Dunbar—8 Adams A Cockburn-7 W J Robson-7 do
Kirkpatrick A Keitb-4 Bonligny A EscLpon-3 U>
Carroll, H..y Aco—i Hull A'Bnggu-2 T A 1* Header
■on—2 Keenan. Philer A Norris-i Warren. Craw
ford Aco-16 do 1 bales wool 11 Ware A >on-4 do
J Robinson—1 do S Marx-3 bide* I B Wshop—44 do
Brooks Macdonald Aco—34 roll* leather K Lloyd—230
nbeep McQuoid. Meble Aco-sundries to order—To
414 bale* cotton
VldCBBURQ—S'eamer Magenta-44 bales cotton
opp, Dichman A Hid—33 R Pritchard——14 Kicks A
[all— 30 Hunt .t Macauley--26 T II A J M Allen—«5
,j L Le Aco—lit Garrard A Craig-12 Jurey A Harris
12 ki Greenwood A Son—10 hsthn Aco——10 to Gas* A
Dowling—10 Hogan A Patton—9 J P Kennedy Aco—
9 W Keliowee jr—8 Rlakemore. Wooldridge Aco—7 to
J W Chauipbri—6 J B Gribble-5 Meyer. Deatch A
Wei*—ti A Henderson. Pe-ile Aco—4 Aiken A Rainey
4 J Bu neti Aco-21 R L Adam*-3 Wolfe A Tnomp
son- JG M Ha) ley Aco-3 bvmouds, Courtney Aco-3
Jno Watt Aco-i Pilcher A Barrow-2 W R (.reene A
2 Bruton A M*K>re-2 O N Worthington—2 —■
Is l' LtilHb—Hteanier Henry Atkir
*00 do bbls meal to Prud
houiuis A El ioit-17 do alo A D Flem.ng—80 bbls of
pork M J Nmitn Aeo--60 bbt* flour 2 If *ks corn tb
.1 E Vil!ava*o A<o-173S do Iacov. Terry Aco—170 do
T 8 William*—nO do M Duffy
Tansti, ilorbeak Aco- sundries to order Total, ti bis
^OU AC HIT A • ITY Steamer Vicksburg-li bale*
ce ton TH4JM Allen— 4 Jno Nixon Aco—3 do to
Hpyker A Haud»dge-3 J P Kmitii-2 Medd A Newton
2 Arrington A Klmer-i B Toledsno~2 bides to EL
Israel—I do J P Smith-sundr.es to order—Total, 3d
AND^gORK— iMamer 8t Nioholas-18 bales
cotton Clapp Bros Auo—-40 Ar MiPenberger—18 do
Carroll. Hu* *00-1TC LW alms ley Aoo-I do_Black
.....u*r—4 Meyer, Wvia A--- - *
aKSE2i B .®fi
sugar Schmidt »v. Zeigler—l r»ale- v. >.> 1 and * undr.*.
-Total. 133 bales cotton
'■Vrigiit. Allen ±co— 1 ba'c
bides l crate 1
Bei'.h—2 bbls 1
Beilh—13 do ■)
fhtiicr rolls leather 2 * ■! >
nolassea 1* Ma-p«*i
David—6 bb's ri<
1 A Seixas--suudrii
1 NF'lNNATI — Steamer Argo
Bahn • on—17 H I t hofT
' Pleasaot -sundi .* 1
hbds ______
skins L Terrebi
Bros 72 -ks potatoes F (iayant'c —
rdcr—Tota', 19
BAYOU SARA-Steamer Wild Wag r -«
r A Maes—111 S
Miller—i Fall
cotton K I I a er A Maes—b' Mey
Blai l>hear A Miller-4 Fall-. A...-- *
Heath—I A B C'liarpantier—1 K K Wa
cotton J Vnnvieke—(0 hides L 1/
Bernois—7:* sk«* cotton seed lfewi". .N*
head cattle (i Sheldon—sundries to 01
bales cotton
< AM DEN—Steamer Rose Frank—7 '
JnoNiv n #co—2 Barrett A Lebae«i**r
F* rguson .V H, rvey--1 Ii d« >* li L M
dries tf* order—Total. Id tiales cotton
MOBILE -Steamer Lucretia---WH
JnoCi tf'*A*Bro-9 <• a tea. Oil leap •- A ■
gunnies T Flynn—33 pkgs mdse Allen,
sundries to order
MONTH! »MIiRY—Steamt r Planter
ton Lehman Ne -,v-g i •- Aco—60 M II. r
Tli ,111.1 — :i Jurey .V Harris---7 II W 1
bait ' o«n*burgs Lelinum, Newrguss A* ■
K FCJoNon Aco—17 bal-s rags 17 ton- *.
Wayr e
■o—sundm : to order--Total, 1* ;
W i t —1 H T 1.
r e • * - '* . -Total. : : hub
:e- .1 P Water—78 tihds '*
near Memory R01
wreck- r-. and ari
age if any. not
50 baiei into the 1
150 head cattle
Al-v— 7.
. di scharsed
?1 would pro
Of Ascension will remain at Donaldtonvtlle
the 18th, and will be at the following plac*
Charles Geek's Store. M;.v gu and *
Burnside's Plantati* n. May 22 and
Dorsene Landry's Ma . -1 and 25.
New River Landing, May 27 and 1
Dutch Store?. May 23 and 21.
Manchac, June 1.
V. P. Landry's, June .3, 4 and
Adam Guedrie, June 0 and 7.
Will return to Donald onvil e Jun>*-ih i
Board of Regi
Ur I .f ARTF.r.s r-PARTMF.N :
Special Orders No. -
, La , May It, 1867.
Until farther orders no tirear;
to be carried, either secretly or
-ou in the edy of New Orleans, except such as m
be authorized or required by law to carry the san
in the execution of their official duties.
The Mayor of tho city will give such instructions
tho pal ice as may be necessary to insure a strict r
forcement of this erder. nnd any person violating
will be subject to trial and puni-hment by Military
By ■ommand of Ma.or General Sheridan
Poitpi ncineal. '
between tho meeting to welcome Senator Wilson
and that ann unced to be held to-morrow evening,
to welcome Governor Hahn, tbe litter meeting will
d until further notice. myl7 It
be postpo
Ilead'iuattern I*o«t No. 1, Second Dlh
trl* t.<4. A. It.—This Post hereafter will meet
very SUNDAY EVENING, at V/» o'clock, at tho
Customhouse. Punctual attendance of tho mem
bers is requested. By order of P. «
myl7 3t _A. Adjutant.
The Iadepctidun
every Tuesday and S
Thomas street,
my 11 lm
ISepiilillcaii <'lul»
nrday evening, at No.
4 St
Kepubllcau t lub Mcellng* -Meeting* of
tho various ward clubs are held at the p'a.*es and
Unto mentioned :
First Ward—Monday evening, corr. ?r Polymnia
and bt. Charles streets.
Second Ward—Friday evening, at 1721 trap street.
Third Ward—Dustin Republican • Tuesday
and bri Jay evenings, at 7 o'clock, at N >. 71 St.
Thomas «fr,.*€t : and Saturday evening. U> n S ns'
Relief Hall, between Franklin and L •• r*..
Third Ward—Durant Republican! .»*, Duma
llall, No. SOOtiravier street.
Fourthi,Wa-r l—Tuesday evening, at 1 rr. •.: u ;i
and Tremo streets.
Fifth Ward—Friday evening, at Giobe C.* i Room.
feixth Ward— 1 Tuesday evening, u*. l.\ onomy Hi .
Seventh Ward—Monday evening, at corn* r In 1
and GoodcbilJren streets.
Eighth Ward — Saturday evening. Colored
Church, 5Iora'ts, between Manduvi.le xnd Mar.gny
Ninth Ward—Monday evening, at Cr* o- t Beer
Garden,on Front Levee street, betw*.* a Louisa and
Clouet streets.
Tenth Ward—Friday evening, at Colored Church,
corner Jackson and Fulton streets.
in Three Pieces, Sing'.e
n Four Piec at $10 50
1 Spht. *11 a Cord.
.......Na* I and Split \>-j
1 anal 3tntet, 'four doors a. ve i hartres.)
myI2 Ini
J. H TODD, Agent.
94 Marais Street,
(Between Canal and Gasquet )
my 10 ly Fn Sun Wed ^
'••mmission Merchant
_ -..... Ixjuis. Mo. Advance*
consignments 1 either l.**u*e. my 10*1 Aw
j«mn 11 Kl* HARDS
No. 67 Commercial street, S
SALT SACK**, etc.
*sa mate street, Boston.
114 South Commercial street,Ht. Louis.
in)8 8m-eodAw
Solicits the patronage *>f hi» friends and the
public, for outdoor sale* cf Cotton, Sugar, Produce
gt*nfrail;., I in pi*ore > ■ _IJlLlUL
O dratt side-wheel Hteainboat. with double eng-ne*.
Addres* P. L C , Tine* Office, with description of
We wanfst oa>t one m ever^y election pre
! -....,1 1't.NVA.v -
soliciting subscription* tor
'** nt at'east one in evt ... - . .
inu must L sincere^Kepnbucaus Ju
svrinp ste <^ ot
cinet. Applicant* must l»e sincere Kepnnuc.ns In
principle and bring good rticoumiendation*. 1 yi
CASMDV. At UB hi. J0..1J1 .tr.el, b.tWMU Cup
ud ll mme. ___
dr. i f.w door, from Canal areri. takriB, a---
------ |--i—*— — — *-- int a
ipP- l m
my possession—
The Ship WM ROBERTSON, hertackle. apparel
id furniture, now libeled by Zebedee Bird tor tb*
luges set forth ;n th* 1 libel now pending ;n the Dis
i'-t ( ourt of the United States
And I do here* y cite and admonish the owner 01
vners thereof, and all and every person or person
having or pretending to have any right, title or inter
n the same be and appear at the District
• of the L'f ■*.1S 1 t - District aforesaid,
to beholden at th city of New Orleans on, or before
tbe THIRD MON DAY from the date hereof, to show
f ar,.. • ,-y nave or can, why the said ship Win.
Robertson. b« r tackle, apparc 1, and furniture should
ndemned and sold agreeably to the prayer
of lilM-lant.
ited Stat< - Marshal's office, New Orleans, th r
h day f f May, 1867.
1. J HERRON, U. S. Marshal.
1—my 14 21 28 jel
Zebedee* Btrd •. J«*hl|» Win. ICobertsou,
•r tho Di-(. :* ' Loui-i.tni^No ^IH 1 ,—In obedi
warrant to me t!.r* ••• 1 iu the
nd take
1 nitrd S(at**»
h'even Barrel**
adm ralty warrant,
entitled suit, 1 he ve ■sei.-.'*
Sterdman. Esq., Collecto
e United Stat--s for
owners thereof, and all ;
having cr pre-«.*nding to
Court cf the Unit*
ne d reefed in the abov** !
a the hands of James B i
! Internal R*?venue— 1
i«k of RUM, now libeled i
cau-es set forth in the
the Till I:I) MONDAY fr :
K. J. HERRON, U. S. Marshr.i
'nU'*d State**
•»ix Bnrrtls <
for the District ef Loui-iana. No.-740.—In obedience I
admralty warrant, to me directed in the above I
entitled suit, I ha\-' sei/.ed in the hands of James B
e**daaan. Esq., t "ollect rof Internal Revenue
Twenty six Barrels of RUM, now libeled by )
the United States for t! ** causes -et forth .n th* ,
libel now fending in the D -ti *.t 1'our. of the United
And I ri
mers thereof, a
iv:ng or preten
1 adn.
obe and app
1 the Dis
aforesaid, to be holden at the city of New Orleans, ou
r before the THIRD MONDAY from the date
.ereof, to show cause, if any they have or can, why
ho said twenty.six barrel' c-1 Hum should not he con*
dcinced and be sold agreeably to the prayer of hbe.
3 Offic*
New Orle
HERRON. U S. Mar-!
.1 —my17
.1 —my17
United State* x **. Slaty Barrel** of IVhl*k> .
for the District of Lou; iaaa. No. 8747—In ob**d:*. nee
to an admiralty warran*. to me direct** 1 in the ab jv*.
entitled suit, I have seized in the hands of James B.
Steedman, Es \, U'o.b-ctor of Internal Revenue—
■ i, ■ WHIS
United Statos fer the causes set forth in tho .!bc l
now pending in the District Court of tho United
And I do hereby cite and admouihh the
owner or owners thereof, and all and every person
or persons having or pretending to have any right,
to tho tame, to bo and appear
ot tho United States, for the
j be holden at the c.ty of New
how cauae, if any they have cr
is of Whisky should
old agreeably to tbe
title, or interest in *
at the District Corn
District aforesaid.
Urleani. on or befo
the date hereof, to
can, why the said sixty ba
not bo condemned, a:d bi
prayer of libelan*.
United .States Marshal's Office, New Orleans, six
teer.th day cf May, 1867.
F. J. HERRON. U. 8. Marshal.
Noft—my 17 22 2P jel
1 ulted Status x **. Fifty Bart els of
f*r the District of Louir-iana. No. $748,—In obedience .
to an admiralty warrant, to be directed in the above
entitled suit. I have ~ei 'ed in tho hands of .l ames B.
Steedman. Esq,, Collector of Internal Revenue—
FI FT V BARRELS WHISKY, now libeled b: the
United Stated for thecaxsei s*t forth in the ib*-l
now pending in tue Di-trict Court of tha United
And I d*> hereby .'e and admonish the owner tr
owner* the: >f, and all and every person or persons
having or pretending to have any right, title, or in
terest in or to t . • *a:;K*. to be an 1 ap pear at the Di
trict Court of the United States, for the District
aforesaid, to be holden at the ci*yoi New Orlean-,
hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can. why
the said fifty barrels of Whisky should not be con
demned and be • old agreeably ty the prayerof hbe!.
i Offic
1 Or!.
J. HERRON, U. S. Marsha
l ulted States \ s. 1 Iglit lkurrels of Hum.
for the District of Louisiana, No. "750.-In obedience
ad mi rally warrant, to me directed iu tho above
entitled suit, l have sei/.ed in the hands of June* B.
Steedman, Es j.. Collector of Internal Revenue
Eight Barreiaof RUM, now h --led by tUnited
States, for the causes set forth in the li - el now pend
ing in the District Court of the United State'.
And I do hereby cite and a inioni'h the owner or
owners thereof, and ail and every person or persons
having or pretending to have any right, title, or inter
tothe-ame to bo and appear a*, the Dis
trict Court of tiis United States, for the District
aforesaid, to ba holden at the city of New Orlean*.
or before the THIRD MONDAY from the date
hereof, to show cau«e if any they have
the said e.ght barrels of Rum ehould not be con
derailed, and bo ^eld agreeable to the prayer of
United States Marshal * Office, Now Orleans, s>x
teenth day of May. 1367.
1 J HERRON, U. S. Marshal.
w.ny -
I alter! State* v*. Light Barrels of Kura,
for the District of Louisiana, No. 8751 — In obedience .
1 admiralty warrant, tome directed in the abov.* '
entitled suit, l have seized in the hands of .1 am :* B. ,
bteedman. Esq., Collector of Interna! Revenue- ;
Eight Barrel* of RUM. now libeled by the Un 'ed ,
States for the cause* set forth i* the libel
pending in the Di-irict Court of the United State*.
And 1 do hereby cite and admonish the owner or
owner* thereof, and all *n«l every person or persons
having or pretending to have any right, title, or in
d in or to th«» same, to be and appear at tbe Di*
Court of the United States, -for the District
aforesaid, to beholden at the city of New Orleans,
1 or before the THIRD MONDAY from tbe date
hereof, to *how cause, if any they have or cao, why
the said eight bane 1 * of Rum should not be con
demned and be sold agreeably to the prayer of libel
United State* Marshal'
teenth day of M.if, 1867.
No. &-mj 17 22 28 jel
1 Offici
New Orleans, «
t ulted •titles vs Fifteen Barrels und
Fifteen Half Barrels of Whisky.*
for the District of Louisiana, No. 8752.—In obedience
to an admiralty warrant, to me directed in the above
entitled enit, I have seized in tho hand* of Jame* B.
Bteedman. Esq., Collector of Internal Revenue—
Fifteen Barrel* and fifteen Half Barre's WHISKY,
ow 1 bole J by the United State* fer the csusa** set
forth in the libel, now pending in (he District Court
of the United State*.
And I do hereby cue and admonish the owner or
ewner* thereof, and all an 1 every person or persops
having sr pretending to have any right, title,or inter
est in or to the *ame. to be and appear at Um District
Court of tbe United State*, for the District aforesaid,
to be holden at the city of New Orleans, on or before
the THIRD MONDAY from the date hereof, to show
cause, if any they have or can, whf the said fifteen
barrels and fifteen half barrels of Whisky should
not be condemned and be sold agreeably to the pray
or of libelant.
United State* Marshal'* Office, New Orleans, *,1
teenth day of May, 1867.
P. J. HERRON, U- S Mar*h*l
9—nay 17 22
holden at the city rf New Orleans, on or before the
THIRD MONDAY flora the dat<- hereof, to show
cause, if a y they have or can, why the -aid ten
l«urre!» of Whisky should not be condemned, and
be told agreeably to the prayer of libmant
4'alted v» Ten llurrel* of Wlilsity.
IN I ii.'. UN *' 11 DS1 ATEfi DISTRICT < OUB r,
for tin D»»ti.' tof Loui ,.1: No. »*754.-Inobed ence
to an admiiahv warrant to me directed in the
entitled suit, I have *• • d in the hands «-f Jame a
B SUedman.C'ii'.lector«*f Interna! Revenue,Ten Bur
rOs of WHISKY, now libeled by the United B*atf
for the causes set for h in the 1 bel now ponding in
the District Court of the United S ate-. And Ido
hereby cite and admoui-hthe owner or owners there
t.andad and every person or persons having or
pretending to have any right, title, or interest in or
to the same, to be and appear at the District Court
United State** f*-r the District aforeraid, to be
Marshal's Office,
nth day of May 1867.
o. 10—my 17 22 28 jel
Orleans - .*
United Itutm \ * 4lue Barrel ot' Wliiihy.
f r the D; tr.'-t or Louisiana, No. 8755.—In obedience
to an admiralty warrant to me directed in the above
enti'led ruit. I r.a*e seized in the hands of James B.
Steedmun, K*q , Collector of Internal Revenue—
One barrel of WHLSKY, n w libeled by the United
rth in the libel no
f the United States.
l -1 admonian the owner
i .l r .!•'>• person or perss
ha - . • any 1 ight, title, or
b • and appear at the 1
l States, for the Distr
*- city of New Oil *i
* date here
i . J. HERRON. U. S. Marsha!.
28 jel
* B. Steedman. Coih
een Barrel- and Fift
iow libeled by the!
v* .% Wolf Uo„ and
Ilulf-Barrels of Whisky.
Loui- anx, No. *•762.—In obcdienc*
warrant, to me directed in th*
tit, I have seized in the hand- of
•of Internul Revenue
Half Barrels of wins
*d States for the causes
ending in the District
id a dm
wners thereof, and a
lited !
and appear at tii
<lden at the city of New Or Ivan - t»r
lilRD MONDAY 1.11 tiie dl.ti
.arrcls and fif eon half barrels 1!
it be condemned and ba sold agrt*
■r of libelant.
iarsha; - OtU*.e, New Orlean ■ a
No. 12—tr
. .Mar*:
tailed State* \ Fight Kurrel* and two
Dern :johns of Whisky.
for the Distrie of Louisiana, N*a 8754 -In obedience
to an admiralty war nnt, to mo directed in the
.ibuve entit'ed f-u:t, I have seized in the hands of
James B. bieedman, L j., Coilectsr of Internal
E :i;t Barrels and Two Demijohns WHISKY, now
libeled by the United States for the causes set forth
in tho libel now pending in the District Conn of
the United States.
And I do here!y cite and admonish tho owner cr
owners thereef, and all and every person ur person*
having rr pretending to have any tight, title, or in
| toreat in or to the same, to be and appear at» tho Dis*
1 triet G'-urt of the United ktate-. for the District
i aforesaid, to be holden at the city of New Orleans
on or before the THIRD MONDAY from the date
j hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can. why
j the said eight barrels and two d*n. v hns Whirky
j bt;6ul J not be ccndemneJ, and be sold agreeably to
ie prayer of libelant.
United States Marshals Office, New Orlean?, m.x
enth day of May, 1867.
F. J. HERRON, U. S. Marshal.
No. 13—my!7 22 2 i jel__
I ailed State* v*. Fitly Barrel* otYWh!»ky
for tho District of Louisiana, No. 8772 -In obedience
to an admiralty warrant, to me directed in the
above entitled t-uit, l ha*.*' sefr.ect in tho handset
.n, Et* , Collector of Internal
United States,
now j. ndicg i:
libeled by th*
tho UnrrJ
And I dole
cite and admonish the owner or
owners thereof, and all and every persen or persoti
having or pretending to have any right, title, or in
terest in or to the tame, to be and appear at the
District Court of tbe United States, for the district
aforesaid, to bo holden at the city of New Orleans,
>. '
hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can, w hy
tho said fifty barrels of Whiaky should not bo con
demned and be cold agreeably to the prayer <*t
L'mted States Marshal * office, New Orlean**. i*
teenth lav of May. 1867.
U. J. HERRON, U- S. Marsha 1 .
No. U—my 17 22 2Pje 1 _________
ITilted States vs. Fifty Barrels of Whisky.
for the District oi Louisiana, No. 8773.—In obedience
to an adinir^Ity warrant, to me directed in the above
entitled imit, I have s. i:-.od in the hands of James B.
Steedman Collector of Inu-rnal Revenue
Fifty Barrels ul WHI?KY, now l.lvcled > y the
United States for the causes -et forth inthehbcl
now pending in the District Court of the United
And I do hereby cit
owners th* reof, and 1
having cr pretending
terest in or to the e

d admonish the owner or
uni every person or person*
have any right, title, or in
rae, to be and appear at the Dis.
......fturt of the Un ted State*, for the District
aforesaid, to b* holden at the city of New Orleans,on
or before the T HIRD MON 1 AY from the date hereof
to show caua*. if any they have or can, why the said
- fifty barre's of Whisky should not be condemned and
bo sold, agreeably to the prayer of libelant..
United Stale* Marshal * Office, New Orleans, six
teenth day of May, I8S7.
F. J. HERRON. U. S. Jlarsbal.
No. 15-my 17 22 28 jel _*____
InltedHtules v*. Nine Bixrrel* «l Bum.
for the District of Louisiana, No. b774.-In obedience
to an admiralty warrant, to me directed in the abovo
entit ed suit, l have seized in the bunds of James B«
bteedman. Esq . Collector of Internal Revenue,—
Nino Barrel* of RUM now libelled by the Uuited
State, for tbe cause* set forth in the libel now pend
mg ia th* DistrictCourtof the United btate^
. _ j » .. . v- k„ t »« «.w
And I d ) hereby cite and admonish the owner or
owner* thereef, and all and every per non or persons
having or pretending to have any right, title,
tere*t in or to the same, to b*i and appear at the
District Court of the Unite 1 States, for tho District
aforesaid, to be holden at tho city cf New Orleans
on or before the THIRD MONDAY from the date
hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can. why
the said nine barrel* of Hum should not be con
demned and be sold agreeably to the prayer of li
United States Marshal's Office, New Orleans, s i
teeoth day of May. 1867.
F. ,J. HERRON. U. 8. Marshal.
No. 16—mj 17 22 28 jel _
Antonio Caruasi* und JoaepH Portusl*
Owners of bark Bessie, vs. Brig Lady Monk, her
Tackle. Apparel, and Furniture.
for the District of Louisiana, No. 8772.—In obedience
alxniralty warrant, to me directed
above entitled suit, I have seized and taken into my
The Brig LADY MONK, her Tackle, Apparel, and
Furniture, now libeled by Antonio Caras** and Jo
seph Ponusis, for tho causes set forth in the libel
pending in the District Court of tho United
And I do hereby cite and admonish tho owner or
owner* thereof, and all aud every person or person*
having or pretending to have any right, title,
terest in or to the eame, to be and appear at the Dis
trict Court of the United States, for the District
aforesaid, to be holden at the city of New Orleans,
on or before the THIRD MONDAY from the date
hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can, why
the said brig LADY MONK, her Tackle, Apparel,
etc., should not be condemned and be sold agreeably
to the prayer of libelant*.
United 8tatee Marshal * Office. New Orleans, six
teenth day of May, 1867.
F. J. HERRON, U. R. Marshal.
No. 17 —m /17 22 9
United Mate** m. 4>co. Mer* and Four
Barrels of Rum.
for thr* Di-trict of Louisiana, No. 8420.—By virtue
of a^vrit of venditioni exponas to me directed in the
above entitled suit, I will proceed to sell to the high
e-t bidder ou SATURDAY, the 25th day of May.
1^'.., at twelve (12; o'clock AL, at. the entrance of the
United Staten Customhouse on Old Lerep «»treet—
Barrels of RUM, more or less.
•di, at time tf adjudication, in U. S.
Terms C
Treasury r
United States Marshal's office, New Orleans thir
teenth day of May, 1807.
> 1—raj II18 21 25
1 . J. HEREON, U. S. Marshal.
Orleans. 1867. ' f
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this
office unt.l 12 o'clock if. on MONDAY, the loth day
of June, l-'.;7, f**r furoi.-inng end d.rlivering rations
and fuel lor the lighthouse keepers and light vessels
in the F ighth and Ninth Lighthouse Districts, and
for any other light-vessel an.l lighthouse tender that,
may be called f- * ! roue year from the 1st day of
July, 1867, to the 30 hj . t.. , inclusive. The ra
tions to be of good and approved quality; to be deliv
ered alongs de of the lighthouse tender or othervej
i l provided for ' he purpose, at New Orleans, La.,
• nd t.. b ''iited .n ti.e bi-J u irdingly, in good and
sufficient packages, barrels, boxes, and cases, and in
* **J Order, for thj light-vessel, onto a quarter, free
of ail expense to t. j United Slates, agreeably to
-*, *-. ideations, wi. h wi,. f rm a part of tho contract,
copies of w: ici. may be had by applying at this office,
Ail bids mas. be sealed, and indorsed "Proposals
for Rations a : i l'url fr 1 Light ve sel*," and then
paced manor nr envelop .* and lei t at or directed to
tills it!:.-* , prepaid if sent by mail. 'J'he bids for fuel
and for m' *m- wi:l *.*e considered separate from each
1 Lit
Sri V)l2.N L! Li JHayVikw. (
C F A LED PROPt S A US are invited till the 2Sth day
k - of May. lv>7, at 12 ^1 , for furni-hing for army use
IRISH POTATOES and ONIONS in such quanti
ties a- may I *• required from time to time daring tho
month-of June,July. August, and September, 1867.
Separate bids wi'i ba r*- juired for each article.
The articles furnished must be of the best quality,
put up in good barrels, with head lined, and delivered
at the Subsistence Depot, free of charge for coop
erage or dray age, with the name of the eiler marked
on each package.
Bids to be addres«ed to the undersigned and in
dorsed " Proposals for Potatoes and Onion*."
A. BEvJKWmi,
mylft t mj28 Bvt. Major (Ten. A <'. S . U. S. A.
i i' 1 : Assistant OrAUTEKMA.sTb.a, •
Nh'.v OBLKANS, La.. May It, 1867. V
i this advertisement appended, are
ited and will be received at this office until 12
M., on SATUIII VY, tho l*th irn-L. fur tho
very within ten (10) days from the opening of the
bids t<> the United Stakes (^uarti rma-ster's Depart
nt, in this city—
126 SAMI. 9 lights, 12x14.
489,500 LATHS.
118,000 feet Yellow Pino Dressed F LOOKING.
14 Panel DOORS, 2 feet wide, 6 feet long. I 1 *
inch ihick.
fe Sash DOORS, feet.
The ability of the bidder to fulfill the tonus of hi*
agreement mast be guaranteed by two responsible
persons, whose signatures must he appended to tho
guarantee. The responsibility of guarantors must
be satisfactorily shown 1 1 the advertising officer.
Bids will not be considered lor loss than the whole
mount of any one article advertised for. f
Bidders will state the difference :n prices of Pine
nd Cypress for which they can furnish the articles.
All of the materials to be of the best quality, snb
ct to a careful inspection by a competent persen,
• be selected by the Chief Quartermaster Fifth
[Fitary District fer tho purpose, and rejected if not
of the quality required.
Bids will be opened *>n the day and hoar above
named, and bidders have tho privilege of being
present at the opening.
The Government re-erve* the right to reject any or
all bids.
Bid* should be indorsed, " Proposal* for Building
Materials, and aridrtteed to Brevet Lieutenant
( r.. • ..I A. J. McGonniglc, Assistant Quartermaster
U- S- A.. New Orleans, La.
By order of Brevet Brigadier General O. G. Saw
;» He, * :• • f (>uartcrmaster Fifth Military District
null It Bvt. Lt. Col. and A. Q. M., U. N. A.
F*'l< I VI.
I* roposals
.San Antonio. Texas, May 1, 1867. )
M.ALED PROPOSALS, which must be made in
duplicate, will be received in this office until twrelve
ocio . nnon.cn MONDAY, the tenth of June next
tor furnishing the Quartermaster's Department at.
.aid Horse* must be sound in all particulars, well
iken, in full flesh and good condition, from (15) fif
n to (16) tixteen hand* high, from (5> five to (9) nine
years old, and well adapted in every way to Cavalry
All hor-es offered will be subjected to a rigid in
spection, and only those that conform to the abovo
pacifications will be accepted.
Bids will be received for not, les* than twenty five
horses, and most be accompanied by h guaranty of
ai lea-? two person.*, <w bose responsibility must be
ertiried to by a Clerk or a Court of Record), that tho
bidder is competent to carry out the contract, if
awarded to him, and that he w.ll give ample bond*
The horses must be delivered within twenty days
from the acceptance of the bid or bid*.
The Government reserves the right to reject any or
all bids if deemed unsatisfactory, and no bid will be
entertained that does not conform to the terms of
this advertisement.
Proposals to be plainly indorsed " Proposals for
avalry Horses, ' ami addressed te tho undersigned
at this place. J- G - LEE,
Brevet Lieut-C'olonel and A. Q. M., U. 8. Army,
lNTKttXAl.Bsm.-~. .
_______ OFFICE. FlBST Dl*T. OF LG, >
NLW OllLilAN'-, May 8, 1867. )
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 28, of an act
entitled "An Act to Provide Internal Revenue to
support the Government and to pay Interest on the
Poblie Debt, ' approved June 30,1864, and the amend
ments thereto, notice is hereby given to all persons
liable to pay duties or taxes under said act, in so
much of Die First Collection District of Louisiana as
embraced in the City of New Orleans, that the Col
lector of said District lias received from the Assessor
thereof a portion of his Annual Collection List, that
the Bpecial Taxes, formerly called Licenses, assessed
by said Assessor, are now dne and payable, and that
d Collector or his Deputy will attend to tho collec
tion of the same, at bis office in the Custom House.
... the City of New Orleans, between the hours of 9
o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. each day.
mylO 20t Deput y Collector.
"'"•'''SBE.'JSa 1 SSSSiEKS? |
ATLANTA. Ga., May 3, 1867. )
By order of the Quartermaster General, HEALED
PROPOSALS will be received at this office for the
sale of (7400) Seven Thousand Four Hundred Tons of
COAL, at Barrancas, Florida.
Payment to be made in Oorernment funds.
Tb. Propowl. wtil be opened at 1. M., on rtATUR
DAY. tbe eth of June. IM, and ibonld bo marked
" Proposal, to Porobaw Uoal," and addreaaod to
Brevet Brigadier General E. BAXTCN.
Chief Quartermaiiter, Third Military District,
Tames cmmllih
No. 132 Camp street, Nsw Orleans.
hand. Metal
other kinds l__ -
ither kind, of UOPFISS eonntaotJy on band, and
All Order, promptly attended to at r*»—

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