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Jkw ©rUattjs Republican.
Official Journal of the tinted Staten.
A Nul.unce.
The citizens of the First district living
out on Common street uud its vicinity, art
complaining loudly of a serious nuisance,
caused by the uiglitly custom of the mana
gers of the St. Charles and City hotels, in
emptying the contents of their privies into
the gutters, and washing the f.lth down
Common street. This habit has been cus
tomary for years, and all attempts to have
the evil corrected have betfh defeated. As a
general thing, the street commissioner lias
.1 gang of men at work early every morning,
cleaning out the gutters, and forcing tln -e
hotel excrescences through by the back
part of the town, but sometimes the n en
so employed have other duties to perform,
or are late or negligent, and at such times
the effluvia arising from the gutters is in
tolerable. There have been frequent in
stances of their neglect of late, and any
early-rising pedestrian on Common street,
from Basin to Baronne street, where the
ground is lose, on the time in question, will
bear evidence to the terrible stench of tV
gutters. Anticipating, as we well may,
more or leas sick ucss this summer, tin •'au
thorities should be brought to understand
the nature of this nuisauco, and should be
required to correct it before it is too late.
Coroner's Statistic*.
From Coroner lfeleryV official report it
appears that from the lillli to the 3lst of
Alay, in this city, four persons were acci
dentally drowned, one was killed by a crate,
oue by the blowing down of u building, out;
by the accidental discharge of a revolver,
oue committed suicide, and six white per
sons and eleven colored died from various
diseases without having medical atteud
The new German
asylum, located at B1
distance above Jefferson city, was inaugu
rated Sunday evening with appropriate
ceremonies, Reverend Mr. llciutzer officiat
ing. The inaugural poem, written by Mr.
(iustave Kruebbe, was spoken by Mr. Stro
meyer, secretary of the association. Suc
cess to the German Protestant orphan
Suicide by Morphine.
A woman named Hannah King committed
suicide, Sunday, at No. 7*4 Perdido street,
by taking morphine. She was about twenty -
two years old, and had been living a dissi
pated life. She is &iid to have c ome from
Marietta. Ohio. The coroner will hold flic
inquest to-day.
Death* during the Week — Iccr.-atfil Niitu
The total number of deaths in New Orleans
during the week ending Sunday morning, as
reported by Dr. Diriueyer, .-eeretary of the
board of health, was 111 ; of which number 1
died from burns or scalds, 12 of consumption,
2 of small pox. 2 of delirium tremens. f> were
drowned, L died of old age, ii were stillborn,
and the balance died of various ordinary
diseases; 156 were under one year. 12 be
tween 1 and 10, 5 between 10 and 20, 12 be
tween 20 and 30 , 15 between 30 and 40 , p
between 40 and 50, s between 50 and Go. 4
between GO and 70, 2 between 70 aud 80, and
8 whose ages were not stated: 40 were natives
of the Uuited States, 10 ol Ireland, 4 of
France, 4 of Germany, 2 of England. 2 of
Spain, 1 of Prussia, and 30 whose nativities
were not reported.
Lonngeni on the Lever.
Captain Blonk, of the river police, in view
of the numerous complaints made concern
ing the number of idle persons who lounge
about and obstruct the root of Canal street,
has issued stringent orders, by which this
annoyance will be stopped.
Ou the Levee.
Yesterday morning a disturbance took
place on the levee amon~ the hands em
ployed on the steamboat Silver Spray. The
chief of police was promptly notified, and
by the aid of the police force, together with
a detachment ot the First United States in
fantry, order was restored. A negro named
Eugene Vineyard was arrested and locked
up as accessory to the disturbance.
Ex-United Stales Marihal In Court.
The suit before the Fifth district court,
instituted by Mrs. A. C. Rains and her
daughter, Louisa Rains, against J. H. Mc
Kee, late 17. S. Marshal, for damages, was
submitted to a jury. Mrs. R. claimed
$60,000 tor unlawful possession of her furni
ture and occupying her house, and Miss It.
claimed $1500 for an illegal seizure of her
person. The jury found a verdict in favor
of plaintiffs, allowing Mrs. R. $7500 and
Miss R. $1000.
Cat with » Razor.
Officer John Hogan has made an affidavit
that on the night of the 1st instant he was
assaulted and cut with a razor, m the hands
of Taylor Bright, who is a colored soldier
and drum-major of the 34th infantry. The
affair occured in 8t. Thomas street. The
recorder has directed that the military
authorities be notified of the affair, and has
fixed the case for the 11th instant, under
bonds of $500.
Funeral Honor* to a Police Officer,
The funeral of Officer M. Welsh, late of
the First district police force, took place
from his residence, 257 St. Joseph street,
yesterday morning, and was numerously at
tended bv his late comrades. The police
loroe made a handsome display. A finer
looking set of men, physically, rarely get
together m the community, while the sol
dierly bearing of the "new appointee!'* at
tracted general remark.
Attack Upon a Soldier.
Corporal Jones, of company I, United
States infantry was brought to the Third
district station, about 2 o'clock Monday
morning, having been found at the corner
of Independence and Love streets. He says
that a gang of six men attempted to kill him
without any cause, and that the assault oc
curred near McCarthy's plantation. He was
sent to the barracks.
**P»rt of Amita In May.
The following ft an abstract of the report
of arrests in this city during the past month,
Males. Female*. Total.
First district
Second district.
Robbing n Printer.
As Mr. J. N. Moliere, a printer, was re
turning home Sunday morning about one
"--------k< * ' **
o'clock, he was attacked by three unknown
white men on Main street, neat Burgundy,
and robbed of his pocket book, containing
$20, a photograph, a gold watch, and knife.
George Connelly, a boy about nine years
Ola, was accidentally drowned Sunday after
noon about three o'clock, in a pond at the
foot of Market street, while bathing. The
body was recovered and taken to the resi
dence of the parents, at the corner of Mar
ket and New Levee streets.
Blabbing Affair.
Between 10 and 11 o'clock Sunday, a
named John Pettigrew was stabbed and dan
gerously wounded in the left side by oue
llauuet Bobie. The latter waa arrested, and
Mr. Pettigrew taken to hia reaidence No.
4W Victory street. The affair took place in
the vegetable market, tn the Second district.
Soth, we understand, are fishermen, and
Pettigrew la aaid to have thrown a hatchet
•t Bobie, when the latter drew a Sicilian
JjtfirtLKTJS' 4 hlm - The of the
7 curved, sharp aa a needle,
ABd about a foot in length. Pettigrew was
fir'wf'a 111 the !eft ,lde 't u,t aboTe the hip,
the blade apparently entering nearly throe
Inchea. He la not expected to recover.
S Bobie waa arraigned yeaterday morning he
re Recorder Gaatluel. and, without exam
ww eommltted to await the reault of
PeUigrew 1 * injortea. In the meantime he
will not be permitted to give ball.
The coroner yeaterday mornlog held an
inquest over the body of an unknown white
ody _ __
e, found in the river at the head of Kl
mlra street. The corpae appeared to be
WMofa man about fifty-five years of age,
evidently been many days in me
"! had no money and no papers bv
could be identified. He wait
I colored sack and gray
1 o'clock aa a
Saint Joseph
----- -1 boys
i and men.
upou him by be
from the crowd uud went toward Saint
Marys mark, t but was followed by a white
mau who struck him with such force from
behind as to fell him to the gutter. Immc
diately a rush was made by the crowd,
armed with sticks and stones crying "kill
him,''"kill him," but he succeeded in get
ting tip and making his escape through the
market. A party of the First infantry -t-■< >d
on the corner but remained inactive, w th tie
exception of one, who made a frantic effort
to quell the disturbance by picking .; a
brick uud hurling it at the negro.
Tweniv Dollars Stolen
Betsey Mullet, a colored worn n . has
brought a charge against one Robert Clif
ford, also colored stating that a letter con
taining $20, from her husband, Jacob Mal
let, living in Pensacola, was addressed tn
her in the care of the said Robert Clifford:
moreover, that said letter was delivered t'
Robert Clifford, and he has failed to account
lor it or for its contents. The accused lui
been put under bonds of S5U0 to appear o
the 10th iu.st.
I.e Ilreton Market,
ing of the revenue of th
lie got away |
Breton murket was adjudicated
by the city controller to Mr. B. Clav
W. R. Bell security, at $1400.
Coal Oil Accident
A colored woman named Clementine
lope, living at No. 220 Conti street,
badly burned by the explosion of a coi
lamp tarlv last evening. She is no1
pected to live.
Bnptlnm at Uujon At. John.
On Sunday last, at quite at an early hour
in tin- morning, large numbers of veh
ot almost every description were wen
their way toward Bayou St. John. T
carriages conveyed some two thou
people, nearly sill*colored, to witness c
ticipate in the baptismal services to be
formed under th** direction of Reve
John Turner, of the African Methodist
Episcopal * hurch. w ho olli
James chapel, on Roman strut
Fifty-si . candidates for admission to that
m > .
most solemn and interesting. Mr. Tun.
was assisted by Deacon Forrest. Dear
Lloyd, of Jefferson (who is pastor of
church then*) and Deacon Norango.
It was not until evening that this relieve
assemblage dispersed and returned t«> a
\ith uud profited by t
of thi
el Mu
chad Vx
J. *
nett, James V
Beauregard. Frank Ward, F. G. Jones
Fepliin, Georg'- W. Payne.
Itworal*- -John Connor?, J. D. Mi
A. I). Terradc, F. Delarme. K. Roubo
8latterly, J. K. Fagot, C. Johnson, T.
i. D >i L. J. Bo rg
Smith. L. Lambert, J. Summers, G,
A. C. Powell.
Fourth Ward Republicans.
Tin 1 meeting to-night of the Fourt!
Republican club will be held at the 1:
the lower side of St. Louis street, l>t
Treme and MaraD streets.
A Dry Goods Nn Indie
Sophia Malarme was arrested by
Barry at quarter past
evening at the Jacks
charged bv William Dai
and obtaining goods un
The dry goods lady w u.
First district statiou.
clock la
false prete
eked up at the
Tm? Academy of Mi sic.— The »m
are entitled to great credit for their
to cater to the public taste as they are sue
ceasfully doing. The ballet " La Bouque
tiere," in which all the female stars appear,
songs by Eva Brent and Madelaiue Hardy,
games of strength by the Buislays, per so
tricities by Carter, Gerrard, and School
craft, arc followed by " Love in the Mount
ains" and "The Secret Lovers," in the bill
for to-morre w night.
The Olympic Music Hai.l.—A large crowd
attend nightly the Olympic. Excellent and
uuequaled variety is the secret of the suc
cess of manager Hart. "Les* Abeilies ' :»
beautiful ballet in which thcMayliugs Loui
sette, Albertina and Bucket appear, is the
gem of the evening's performance. New
novelties nightly," is the axiom ou which
the manager seems to act.
The Rrru.—-Mellie Sanderson is still the
favorite on the boards of the Ruth, and
seems to gain a higher place nightly in
popular esteem.
The Metropolitan.—L arge crowds nightly
throng the Metropolitan to witness the
comicalities of Clannen and Pell, and watch
Dixon and C'bcrrie as they glide through
the poetry of motion or* the "light fautas.ic
United Staten District 4'onrt—Hon. E. II.
United States v-. 7 barrels an 1
rum. Decree of condemnation.
Uuited States vs. 25 barrels nun.
of condemnation.
United States vs. 8 barrels rum.
of couderonation.
United States vs. 15 barrels and 15 half
barrels whisky. Decree of condemnation.
United States vs. 1 barrel of whisky. De
cree of Condemnation.
Naturalized—John Flab area, John Me
Supreme Court of Louisiana.
Dabuc vs. Vasa. Rehearing denied.
Marx vs. Knight. Rehearing denied.
Sullivan vs. Sabatier. Rehearing graLted
on question of non suit.
Bauer vs. 8hackleford. Rehearing granted
Turlur l' k'nunn «-a \l.l ____I r.
Taylor A Knapp vs. McGee. Appeal froai
a judgment upou interrogatories answered
by a garnishee. Dismissed.
Maurice Schott vs. I. Levy. Motion to
dismiss appeal overruled.
Bertdulin vs. Bourgoin. The court decided
in this case the citation was improperly is
sued, not being a idressd to the defendant
by name. Judgiueut reversed and cause re
manded to be issuance of proper citation.
» vs. McKuight. An appeal from
. . —
seizure aud sale. The errors as
signed were that the curator did not give ev
idence of his letters of curatorship, nor were
the promissory notes, the evidences of in
debtedness, stamped according to the reve
nue law.
The court decided the notes were given
secure a mortgage in the hands
of the holder of the notes and letters
of curatorship were not necessary to be j
shown aud the notes need n<»t be stamped
a* -they were execute*
J, affirming Bauer vs. Sh.ekleford. Judg'
to October,
hark) ' " ' gm
William Mithotf v*. Bvroe, Vance A Co.
be defendant sold to plaintiff oue hundred
bale* of cottoq,ut a ope ended price, the sale
evidenced bv a written contract which re
cited that the cotton wai that of Levin *
Elliot, plautcra, aud spoke of delivery If
acllers could ship it. Defendants contended
the cotton waa aold by them aa agent, of
Lev in A Elliott and offert*tl parol evidr*ucti
to prove it. The court below ruled out thi.
parol evidence as tending to vary the written
contract. The supreme court held it
was admissible. Tl.e word "seilera" was
umb guoun. and parol evidence could be ad
mitted to explain, but not vary, the written
contract. Judgment reversed, and cause re
manded for a new trial; the rejected evi
dence to admitted if offered anew.
Converse, Hardlnge A Co. vs. Blum, Kahn
& Co. Motion to dismiss the appeal, on the
ground that the bond on appeal was in.util
eient. The amount of the bond was fixed by
the court, and did not exceed by one haif
the amount of the judgment. It is not good
for a suspensive appeal but Is good for a de
volutive one. The motion to dismiss was
succession of John Crnslns, opposition to
homologation of the tablean of tne execu
tor on the part of the State. The heirs
are residents ut Bavaria in Europe, and by
the treaty ot 1846 between tne United
8ta.ee and the kingdom of Bavaria, no
tax was to be paid by any heirs residents
or Bavaria of inheritances In the United
Stales. The State tax upon the heirs In
aaccesslous must yield to that treaty. The
judgment of the lower court homologating
the tableaux of the execujor without pro
vidlng tor the payment of the Stats tax
wae affirmed.
Biggins vs. Merchants' Bank; action to
forfeit the charter of the bank on the grout d
of non-payment of its !s<ue. The ba.uk tailed
to answer, *>ut bo default was entered and
This was error.
Judgment rendered, uud cause remanded |
to proceed according to law.
Lallande vs. Ingrain, and same vs. Davis. ,
Davis was a subscriber for 1000 shares, $25
each, of the capital stock of the ;
Mechanics* aud Agricultural Fair an- [
soci.itiou, but the certificates were i
never issued to him. 11** pledged them by <
a written instrument to Lallande. Ingram
sued him aud issued execution and levied
upon them. Lallande then enjoined the
execution of Ingram on the ground these
shares were his by hypothecation. The
court decided these shares not having been
issued by certificates were not the subject of
hypothecation, and that Ingram by his exe
cution obtained a superior right to Davis's
interest. Judgment affirmed, and amended
by striking out the five p r cent, interest al
lowed, as this i* not a case for the recovery
of interest.
,-llows A Co. Judgment re
Denton vs. Woods. Denton and Irwin
were copartners and purchased real estate,
battiin* property above the triangle build
ings, which stood in the name of Irwin.
The latter had obtained against him Individ
ually a number ot judgments upon which !
ii was levied upon this and other J
, but no sale made. Denton then
-tied Irwin for partition, and pending this
action the property was sold entire on
another execution to the defendant Woods,
btained a judgment against Irwin
for his undivided half, and this action is to
have his rights ascertained against Woods,
the purchaser of ihe whole, oa the ground
that he had notice of Denton's claim by the
institution of the original partition suit.
The court affirmed the judgment of the
. „.rt Mow, r im-UKirtition, as Woods
could not buy more than Irw in had.
Robertson vs. A.. Levy. Motion to di
mi" appeal overruled, aud judgment for
defendant »
pears that
of non suit.
al. Tn tliif
ti traded
ith '
it ap
ttus. of Mississippi, to furnish hin
55000, and to
•otton beiongii g to
Turnout. G on egal
payment thereof
Confederate gov
mod the money
w ith Bowman he
lie profits of this
s to grow out of
u in mated
vman brings th
lit ot III** United States
•ourK and parties
ulgment that the i
m»not there
their illicit
tiou U; liis
51000 for
Bouuiu vs. Kiliott. >
.-Under. Judgment affiri
Richard Taylor vs. Mohan, controller.
Th * plaintiff is the lessee of the new canal.
LTior to its kase a bridge was uu
thori/.ed to be built over it at Lib
erty street. The defendant, as controller
of the city adjudicated the contract
and the plaintiff songht by injunction to
restrain the imprisonment. The court
affirmed the judgment of the court below
dissolving th* injunction.
City II ink vs. Bello* q. Noble A Co. Mo
tion to dismiss appeal as not taken within
judicial time. The time is to be counted
from the day the judgment is signed, not
when entered, but the appellant has lo?t his
rights, otherw ise there is no error in the
record; judgment afli
Nalle vs. Ventn
eight not ten per
sion of Kings laud. Judgment ren d e red -
T he Insurance company not liable to .
pay over the whole amount of pro
ceeds of seizure and sale to await the pre
ferences in the succession; ordered to pay
over surplus unU gtve h su.licieut bool to :
refuno all legal charges to the succession
when collectable
X ii.) i mn va Ktot tann lipf.-nso thul
Adaioon VS. htt ttson. Defense that the
note was given as the price of a slave. Judg
ment reversed, and judgment for defendant.
atlirmiiiK WaiuriKltt vs. Bridge.. [Published
by tilt* RkpCBLICAN a week ago.—Kn\ J
Grcnellion vs.Cronsillac,Tute vs. Fletcher,
Austin vs. Saudei. Decided on the principles
of Addison vs. htettson, Ha above.
LaPlace vs. Heydel. Judgment affirmed. ;
Meyers vs. Simmons. Judgment affirmed.
Jacob vs. Macon. Judgment affirmed.
Wright vb. Cummings. Judgment affirmed.
. Hope
Judgment amended to
nt. inter. ; otherwise j
apany vs. Succes
Ruppclge. Appeal
Succession of Pitkins. Opposition to the ho
mologation of the tableau of the executor
on the item of attorney's feet. Judgment
affirmed. Peter Marry v. Merchants Mutual
insurance company. Suit t > reco\ er the value
of the insurance on the ship Petigru. des
troyed by fire at the wharf at New Orleans
ovc (
the twenty-fourth April 1802, The ev
ience showed the vessel was burned by the
Confederates under the command of Gov
ernor Moore and General Lovell. This was
an exception of risic in the policy. Th
plaintiff urged the fire was the result of
general conflagration. The court held that
the insurance company was absolved from
the risk. Judgment affirmed.
River News.
Monday Mousing, June 3. 1867. 1
Arrivals— Bart Able, Starlight, Rose
Franks, from Bayou Macon; Silver Sprav,
Cincinnati; Olive Branch, ht. Louis; Rich
mond, Louisville, General Quit man, B. L.
Hodge, Cairo.
Boats in Port— New Era, George D.
Palmer, H. A. Homcyer, (Juba No. 2,
Pioneer, Bart Able, Judge Fletcher, Star
light. Rose Franks, Irene, T. D. Hine, B. L.
Hodge, General Quitman, Silver Spray,
Olive Branch, Ht. Marys, Richmond.
Marine Intelligence.
Arrived Nunrfuv
Hteamabip George I'Drnweil. Vaili. from New V^rk
•'reery, Nickerson Aco— 4<n dist
Steamship Crescent, Hawthorn, from Indianola, to
Whitney Aco—1st dist
Bark Lucy A Nichols, Ford, In da}s from Las Tt
to A Coatnrie 4co—AIgi»
j Brig ua reston. M~rrunan 16 days from Havana, to
A Couuuria Aoo—2d due 42
. Irvin, from L -uisville.
G*n Qo trnan, White, fra_
Starlight, Hays, from .leff«r
Rose Frank, Hr nk . _
Aloe. Madovich. from Fort Jackson.
pr ...
Hr nker, from (
-________eh. from Fort J ____
Ion tor, Newberry, from MontgouiKri
Cleared Tester day.
Br steamship Piano, Thomham. for Matavnoros
H F. Woodhoa-e
Steamship Hudson. Burt, for Iniieaote, in balli
Sc hr Elizabeth, Frith, for Boston—
Arrlrol latarftay.
Staamahip Lizzie, Webber, from Pensacola to mas
t«r—ifaw Basin
Steamship Lillian. Olsen, from Sabine Pam, to D
Met !o*rd—2d dist
Steamship Ratal*>•, Marshman. from New York 31th
uit, to Jaa < '.onnoly Aco—lit dint
Steamship Maripo*a. Quirk, from New York, to
Cre-ry, N icker-on Aco—id diet
Bri* Mary O Hoeerwlt, Fam*worth, frees Uardei
atari- Aco-Sd du
* Mary O Haak-il. Haskell, tram New York, to
O A Fuadick —pent
ire ndromedn, Aa .ley, from Havana, to J Aret—
2<1 diet IS
Bohr Mai *
■ry A Rich, Roes, from New York, to master
Sen Annie A Ri h. Lewie, from New York, to Oeo
W ilynoon Zoo— * oint
Schr J Siiuonoon, Kills, from New York, to G A Foa
diok—1*4 dial 1ft
Sloop Eiizatieth. Michael, from Potato a iwHaehe
to master—zd dist 15
Maornta, Un on and Hope, from PoinU-a
laUStd*. to ma-tera—2d diet li
Logirers noil* Oora, Mary, Orleans, Gam. Va Vic
foire Thrve Brother*. El Lucon, Lady, Heer-sy
aud Trident, from Lafourche, sad Upper Coast—
2U diet 16
Lomot Flying < loud. Oarers, from Grand Caillou,
to master —id dis* It
Harry Wright, Wright, from the Passes—Towed
dona sad to sea, il l on, brut ktohi Pest nd
Mary Road-Brought up bn* Mary O Hasheli,
eahre Annie A Kiel* aaJ Mary A Ro b
Wio*oe, • omhard, f on» the Pu w t Towed down
and to sea. 2Mb utt, ship Li.bon. and aobrs Henry
Brought up bark L A Nioh i*
______„ bo Passe s Towed down and
toma.^bipOiaMlower, brige harab Harris and
Joria Joaquuo—Brought apaohr Aa drom e h i
Calhoun, Jack-ton. from the Passes--Towed down and
to ae*. s'lms Helen Clinton and Meichant. echrs
Fanny Ealer and S P Haines—Brught up brig
and t<
M n
Mohawk, Arnold, from Si Louis, wi'
Richmond. Neal, from Louisvi
Thus P Mav, Taylor. from Bur
Louise. Hopkins, from Mobile.
Spray, tentm, from Ci
from Jeffers
1 L> Uit
, Hoots.
i Sim
. Dugas. fr<
i Bro
. from Bayou Sara.
rJ. from l <
. lV-ke'
» Step
Masters of V
**d with signal bo«
bis can*
i III bA-is'ipar 4fl do claret 70 «
tea lard 1 t>l*l turpentine
10 bbls potatoes 9 do tobacco W
BOSTON—Schr Elizabeth —9
maou shin boner
bales tobacco
knuckle bones
ALVESTON—Bark Kate Stamler—5^0 bbls lime
BORDEAUX -Bark Rome--8 bales cotton 9".0C0
pe.l-» daBnmraerj."^ 4p.vi,
surmne* to — J - -
* HAVANA—Brig G#
Perkin*. Swenwu Aco—3 do
I bale wool Francke A Han
nmmervtll* A Davis—$1(J0 currency
-JSg hhda
ola-se* JJJ hbda auga:
ve|l—1.35 bhd« of
NEW YORK—Schr Mary A Rich—Asstd m.1«
-Bark Lucy A Nicholai
>-■(.' A W huet*y Ac
Bl in h o <!--R I. Morse- A
11 t ll, II Pin-ard—Wa
nicker-K Tboraps*
:—E J Ha
>rris— Kniglit
A Dcbruil—J
arald—A IVr
-W 4 C
eff-V Ochtnichen
Hunt- E
< Ira at 4cn
Tailor A *
: ii iB
lilevil'e--K I t
iibcon 4
IT A lUri
-H btomb
' r Samps
•v Bros—
-J R Flott
s-W A
Leo— Blelo.k 4co
-J Mune-Foatei
racken-F llecr
-D Hickok —It H«*a
tuond---W A J M
bmonaon. tram New York-A D (
-8 M lodd 4co-ii Leamor
-R M Denman 4co—E .J Hart Aco—A
off A Kn.trht
ub. Bald a
iTnr 4co—I* Dwver— \V P l c
>th 4co— B i. Mann 4co-Ur
-ll .N Ward-8 Hernsbeim
s E K*ke—T B Bodley Aco-H W»
Hill 4
• A Rich from
t'»n—Barncf, Ward4co—H U»li
r cK-H T Hill 4co—8 W Hoyt
r York—A Moul
i 4 He
Wolf—w p ronverse jr-Ifaindton 4 Du
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Surame'b—8* bund' 4 Zt-igler— C (J
Bobrinx—K M Denman 4c
-Y E W
____e 4co~S
tell—L Fix—J Kikin
g Mary C Haskell, from New York
Pi; O'Riley—J Simou—(» I Heaur
J; a 'n - E a* ull ' m an—\v l [ d A - d °\v B m-bn dj e 'a
W Ptionverse jr-T Hoffman-aod others
_________________ -Art bur. .Stone
.... .1 Aoo-H Haller—JH Maui ael *
W 4 J BIoGr^kcn—Sloromb. Bald
&)fr.u*-7uJ 'ih J. ' J
try C Hankell, froi
Hill 4
--r-, * ...... .
»«it—«67 so P a DuSoucbet 4co—Prtuio Elder 4
Goodwin—110 do Lamb, Quinlan 4cO—339 So to order
ll 3l d» Lehman. Newga*a 4no-ft61 do Ellis 4 Cham
beHin-«s P G O Riley--ll?/do Hamilton 4 Dun
uioa-5 biul* tobacco Howard, Preat-ns 4 Barrett—
E Brown 4co—•ledo ioriin, McKa«,Aco—3 do
dJ S2.C h£m
CO— i do Kirkpatrick A K«nt)—7 Beadlea. WtDfft
► do wi ak*c< rn J u Huer 4oo— b* c ops poultry
So W t""CJ,i 1* bb" o it L"'e* u!'i l o-1 ?.«
| F Mitchell 4co-:« hf bbla beer Schmidt 4 Z*i«lei
jonba oa ta> I*L.O'Reily— * L ' *
K Dei Bonilio-I half bbt 12 bbla
Is f'ggh 2 kpps butter
ucirs 12 half bh!g of
Bchneider 4 Zu
Mari 11
> ISO k«*£9 lard 4 k-i
jr— l csk bacon 1 bbi lard Bisc*
1 H Knox 4co--mo bbla O 01
12 half bl>:
ineider 4 __
bbla Hour 1 *
ator M J Smith 4co—3
iffitSmiW L Cashing—
l roll lent* er U Weinliaar—22 coons poultry 60 nead
cattle .) If Jones— 21 plus mdse Mibb K Hackley—J5
tea lard J ron safe J flotiheimer— —1 b *x seed ntew
pkg mdse W H G King— 2
' ' roll 4c.
ft do Joo W.l j
S Ilendoiaou—2 d«> I) KCi
1 4 Son--ft Boyd. Golemi _
3 order--Total, 57 bales cotton !
Aco—lot fur
Mitcbsll.« T
id—N 1
Knight 4co—
4co—3 1 kegs
kegs 100 sks 1
r Broe—J cases
ter M < >lynn—
-54 pkgs hutter 10
J Ii Oglesby Aco- 2 buggies PL ner-1 bbli
Prothro, Carol hers 4c a——JO tea hams 1 toa bacon
pkgs butter Ocbnaidar 4 Zuberb.er—20 .lollies was 1
Brooks, Mac.
Jonas 4 Egg
•Oo—4 K Lloi
Macdonald 4 co--10 Carroll, Hoy 4co—10 to
"igleHton —9 Hpeaka 4 Mnckoer— 8J Kubin
" " *'.co-*2 Jno Chaffs 4
1 do akms 1 bag wool
oils 1-a'hrr A F Dunbar--2 oalrs wool Ober,
Atwater 4co-1 cus bacon Artnur, Stone 4co-2hales
■ 1 bag I ba • wool 76 hid«« J Robinaon
bidex 1 do skins Brooks. Macdonald 4co—-ft sheep j
(jettmger—4ti head cattle T G Noel-sundries 1
aer—Total, ft 4 ba es cotton
LOCK OUT—Steamer New Era—8 bales cotton
Ar M ilienberger—10 hbds sugar A Hrous-eaa Aco—48
sks onions 47 sks potatoes L f^urle—6 bbls potatoes 1 .
L Iaesffeagne—6U 00 J»i sks potatoes 1ft sks o
bbt d j L Terrebonne—14 sks onions 42 ski
Total'M bales cuttoa
1 bdi skins F < berot--22 bales m'i*s H Me
Coil—1 do J I Adame Aco—11 bdJ* bides E Ferre—42
pty ubis laaai'eon 4 Seizes-sundries to order—
atjo. Mark* Aco-3 bis hardware ;69 bxs cheese 52
h a vi egar 2U kegs meal McharUn. Straight Aco—1
safo J W Norn* Aco—14 tc* hams 12 hhds bacon
•r* Shepi ard. Abbott Aco — li 0 sks ma't 2ui do ship
-*"1f Scott .'-roe-2ftl tea hams strar Silver Spray—4
tobacco G K Sp acer Aco-10 pkgn tobacco W.l
4 l a t -n—40 hf bbls l eaf Vose Bros-lMaks corn
nker—475 bbls pork li hhda bacon DWG San
hides L L caasagne—4 ska onions 1 bx horns 41 sks of
J Botnancourt—jftdo Llamba i a A Dock tor—
G*rn hatk-r —16 bbls potatoes J Beltrans—6 do J A
Graa—I d>» K Haody--7 male- E A Turner--2 bdU
bidee I bbt tabow D Duller—J aka w ol Rtndall Aco—
I do A Leri—4 ska potatoes L Dunnest.er—sundries
to order
ST|lX)UfR—Steamer Hohawk and barges-11,326
>k* corn 260 bbla flour G K Slay back Aco— 160 do to
Lamb, Qumian Aco—150do S li Kennedy Aco—50 do
JaaUonnoly 4«o—*
ak eorn Hamilton A Dunni c a M u _ ______
154 do Woods, Ms*hew* Aeo—I9M do 2ft oka bacon
J I Moore—61 fteks »»ras 1**0 bbla flour Kehl.ir A Up
dike—JUO.Io Prudbomoie A KHio»t—106 r Bfindio
VU bbls meal to order-— undo SOeka bacon K»he I A
2* pkg* at>>veeeto Ober. A* water Aeo---31 do to GL
Konns A Broe—ft 0" f««t lumrmr »• R Stevenson Aoo—
3 barge* ice G C Iue Co—3 do lluse, Ijoomi* Aco-To
lai 18.2 6 *ka e m 664 a«e bran iJ» bb.# Hour
WASHINGTON-ft earner M<ttw Stephens-ft
bales o ion P J Pavy Aoo—ft do Ber u I A C '
bad horn* 27 hides M Wei-II do L Leca
imii* h dee J L iJouret— 40 do IA calve* 1 bat.
P G -iger-2 hues moss F Oherot-1 do ib«l ...
bides aud *un triento or 1er-Total, U bales ootton
rioe F Martin—23 do Pin*
Avery—sund r ies to order
i lot of
-Loggers Magenta and
Mary and other*—-413 bbla poUtoee 2B0 bbG onion
to order
GR \ND CAP LOU—Lugger Flying Gloud-4 tons
oo*t'•»» need 7 ha<e« moss to order
BUR • S BBrrLBMKNT—Steamer Thoa P May
Sundr o* to c
P. IffTK-A-LA-H aCUK—SO* 9 IC uUtt-»bbU
potatoes t<: order
K1 - i i v-Metmer f >liva Brenoh-*» hhda tobac
co and sundries to ord.
» and sundries to order
O AI KG—Stramer Oen Qnitmaa—1062 bales ootton
107 bbd* tot^bom aud eu ndries to order
LoUISVILLC—Steamer >ieb Longworth—31 hhda
tobacco and anodfie'
m 'S/tG iMKRY RUamer Pianter-42 bales oot
in and -und
Stariighv-172 bales ootton
The Albuij Zee ning Journal break,
C oni In favor of Oeneral (Irani (or praai
t in IMS.
en of the
AN ACT grant ii
aid in the cons
rg acorpoi
State of Ka:
from the ea*
dSiaie>*of An
tn.! DUrpoMe o
Railroad O 01
,n. at * lie line
• near the inou
ide thereof.sonl
alternate »
r of
by odd c
a of land or part*
of !
f, designated :
lected witfnn
each wide of said road
twenty ni.lesfrom the lioe of said road; bu
it shall appear that tire United Mates ha
the line of said road G deftn rely located,
section, or any part thereof, granted as aror
that iih ii|! .1 ol preemption or liome>tea
ment 1 a. attached toths tame, or that the
ed by the United Mates for .ny purpO)
of t
ball be the duty ot the i
b Interior to cause to be s lected for the pur
aforesaid, from the public Ian is of the United
much land as shall be chju«
lauds as the United U1
otherwise appropriated, <
ut of such
le 0 *
L of internal itupn
ever, be, and the sa
1 purpose of aiding 1
1 ved'*hm ds ^ in
tidied feet in
And provided
tf land vihicb by t
the U 11 .ted Ma e:
tuidload. shall no
»d. That the sections
dual bon » lid« hettlers under 1
oiled btaios^ may, aft
ted. That the grant
1 public btorcu *tu
when equired to
:osi, charge, and e
cd. held, and 1
aforesaid shall inure to the benefit of taid
, as fo lows: When the irovemnr «.f »h«
Kansas shall cer'liy th
ve miles of said roud .s
1 workman Ue n
the saui Kecretary . f tne
1 company pa ent- for
npleieil in 1
s of the land
id wlie-i
said becretary shall in like r
completed: Provided, That if said
i land for each 0
ivided further, i'hat ;
1 manner, be disposed
upmy or its a-sign*, except
lands re
aid amis
under tho proviso
renacte \ Tha
Interior maps of 1
sof this
be be
id oub*
: calculated t
t furthei
ted. That the United
Mates mail suau »>e transport ated 00 sa d road and
Its extension, under the direct ion of the Post Office
Department at tuch price a-s Congress may by la«
provide: Provided, That until sucu price is fited y
law the Postmaster General shall have power to fix
the compensation.
bEC 6. And be it further enacted, That the
of way through tho public lands be. and tl
ibhsrehv, granted to said Kansas ml Neosh
Ka'lroau Company, it* successors and a-S'gn*, f
roimtruction ot a r«i:road as proposed: am
right is hereby given to said corporation to take from
the public I ami* adjacent *
*»ho Valley
itruction thereof, ^aid wav
0 said railroad to the extent of o
a Of
ad wild
passthrough the public domain; also a!! necessary
g ound fur statiou building-, workshop*, depot«,
machine-shop*, switches, tide-tracks, turn tables,
and water station-.
Sec. 7. And be it further o-iactcd, That the ac
ceptance ot the term*. conditions, and impositions
of this act by the said Kan
Railroad Company sha 1 b s
der the corporate seal ol tiier
1 Ne*
had and oln>:
hall be made w.thin one
j Secretary of the Intern.
N aJey ^ail
ml as igns, is hoi
to extend and construe its r
hern boundary ot Kan-iua sot
ntnri or,), tolled river, at or 1
ite of Text*, so as to connect
D>-ing constructed from (•alve) 1 |
'Preston, i> said 8taU: the
the lad uu ter ri tor wherevc
■eservedor may hereafter be res
ueb right
by 1
} the t
as granted by the sixth section of (hi
the pub ic lands. and n h case-* where the
way a*aforesaid through the Indian I
il to t
a tribes, is
tne extent
' bt of
._______________________ e .rar n ;..
be reserved to the government, tue said c onpany
.Hall, Lelora constructing it- road, procure the con
.entof the tribe or tribe « interested, winch o**nsent,
vith all its terms and condit on., ►hall be previ- usly
ipproved and in torsed by tha Prukidunt. and liit*H
villi the Secretary of the Inter
•ted. That the *
Indian t*-rritoiv
the tiisl
le rfiall t_____________
r otherwise, not to exited lh« ratio per
cquire from, any fnd n
liate with._____,____
tribe authorized by the l nited Mate. . _ _____
lands t r railroad purpose*, an 1 from any other na
tion or tribe of Indians through whose l .nd* said
ilroad may pa**, aubjeci to ihe approval of the
t the United 5
r parties incorporated ■
uthonzed for such pur
poj«ea, by such nation or tnl>e, or which s ctipar'ie*
may have acquired under the law* of the United
~ tc. II. And be it farther enacted, That any rail.
1 company chartered under any iuw of the Uni ted
tes, or of the State of K n*a*, which m«y hav»*
been heretofore or shall h.'r. after be recognized and
subN'dized by any act of the Congress of tne United
_________________ tt _______
St ten, ma> coi.nec-, unite, and consolidate with this
railroad comp-ny, after the same shall be located to
thevalbyof the Neosho rirer, upon just, fair, and
equi's le term*, to be agieo 1 upon between the par
, and ehail uol he aaain-tiue public interem or
> iutereal of tti# Unit d Staten; nor »bail any road
. ho ized toconnec as a nreand charge the road
connecting a greater tariff p-r m le fo freight or
«*eng.'rs than it cugrged for the came per mile by
own road: And pr-vided further. Tost should
the L*-avenwortii. Lawrence, and Fort Gibson Mail
ro*d Uompanv, or the Union Paoftc Kailr .ad Com
pany. southern branch, conatruct aud complete ila
r .a<i to that point un th soutlieru boundary of the
State of JCsuvsi w ere the -me of said Kan-a* an
i^eosh ■ Valley rai road shall C'-on* the -sine, b fore
the aaid Kansas and Neoaho Valley Rai*roadGvm
p*n> /hall have constructed and computed ite /aid
r ad to said point, th* n a* d in that event the« om
panyaohnt reaching in omnpletiun the sa d point
i ne southern boundary ot the rtr.ie of Kansas
•bail be authorized, upon obtaining thenritten ap
proval of the President of the Unned State*, to con
i ruct and operate its line of railroad from ad
point to « point at or near Preston in the State ol
Texas, with grants of land according o the provis
ions nf this act. but upon the farmer special c»ndi
ti P, neverthe eon tha -aid railroad cu < psuy shall
have commenced in go d faith the construction
thereof before the said Kan-a* and Neosho Valley
Railroad Company /hall have completed it* said
' ' 1 fa
rood to said to.ut: and provded furthe*. That sa d
other railroad company,
wo k in good faitn, ahall
same witn sufficient eaei
of t
> energy to u
approve, of the President of tne United Statear And
provided fa iher. That the right ot way through
*—• ***" " not otherwise provided *—
' " ijth.
pnvate pro t erty, _________ _ __ ______ _____
in this act, or by the Ians of any State through which
the road may pass, shall be obtained by said Kansas
and Neoeuo Vtley Railroad Go^pony. or aitbar off
trie other • ompa» iaa named n t^is act. ro accordance
w.ih the pro vi* ion« of section three of an act to
amend an act entitled "An act to aid in the con
•traction of a railroad and te egraph U e from the
Mis-onri river to the Pacific ocean and to secure to
the government the axe of the same for postal, mili
tary, and other purposes," approved July first,
vigliteen hnudred and *txiy-two
Approved J a'y 39, LM.
Pacifio railroad.
Be it ena* ted by the Senate and Honee of Repre
>v*e of the United State* of ,
____________J UnlU_____ __________
tree* aanembl d. That the 1 California and O_____
Railroad G mpaay." organised under an nc« of the
with Msr>sviUe, in California, approved April sixth,
eighteen hundred aed sixty three, and each com
ny organized under the lawa of irregon as (he
legislature of aaid *44kte shal'here«fter designate
. and they are hereby amhoHked a»d empowered
• l*y out, locate, ooneiruct, ftnUh. sod mainf - 1 --
railroad and teleg y»n line betw»cn the city ^
la if urn in, in the
Gaiiferuia and ti
atrun. that part •
a Insm
of Por
Gent> si Pacific rail oed, In
r totlowing. to wu : Tn# said
Oregon s-Ircad C o mpan y to
•»t the unid railroad
MMpaay to oou
I aud telegraph
ulroad and telugiaph line wit
with the part sforeniid i
»be named by
ml and telegraph from either of the t
and Oregon
lewiao a. rived
right, and the paid
ii-. up
elegrapb shall be .
for the purpose of aiding in
sid railroad and telegraph line,
sand speedy tianspotntion of
said alternate
* found tr
iccupied by
r otherwise r'
al. designated by
enty alternate sec
said railroad line:
b shall be found to have be.
d sh aforesaid. ehaiV be selected by said
thereof, under the direction of the
alrernato sections desig
Secretary of the I
• section : and 1
said rail. oad. ____________
iixty continuous m fes from either termin
er re ary of the Interior shall withdraw from
? pubi c lands herein granted on each side of said
railroad so far as located 1
rel.v, whi___ ______________ _______
sections and parts ot sections of land which shall re
main in thn United Mates • ithin the limits of the
nf iresaid grant ►hail not be sold for less than double
price f public lands when * <ld Pro'
due proof of settlement, improvement, and____
tion, as now provided by law, purchase the same at
t ho price fixed tor said lands at the date • f such set
tlement. improvement, and occupation: And pro
vided. also. That settlers under the provisions of the
homestead act, who comply with the >erms and re
ipiirementn of said act. suall be entitled, within the
huiiusot aaid grant, to patentfor an a mo mt not
exceeding eighty acre <.f the land so reserved by the
United Mates, anything in thia act to the contrary
n M with.-tandmg.
8kc. 3 And be it further enacted. That the
public lands be. and the
!i: b
right, p<
by granted
id railroad ami le egraph line; and
mdau'h ri.y aro hereby given t-o
take from the public lands adjaoent
on of
said railroad where it
I l md«, including all neo«
buidings, workshops.
any other etructures required in the construction
a .1 operating ot said road.
M. 4 And be it farther e*8'ded, 3 ha» whenever
i ihifiHb 0 ,
ation "hall be paid by sjid company,
e same, and if it a a I appear that
live m*le-» »f railroad and t-Ipgraph
md equipped in all re
:t, thesa.d commission
ort under oath to the President of the
and thereupon patents shall hsue to
the comp eted »e
ad and telegraph shall
ruoted. and the pa
i.l u-c and shall at all
id railroad and telegraph
j railroad shall be a
public highway
for the u* -of the government of the United Mate.
undlthe name had be transported over said road at
pense of the corporations or
.perating the name, when so
vent ot the I nited States.
bK< .6. And be it .urther enacted. Tint the said
ed by the go;
_____panics shall file _ _____ __ ______________
Dep .rtnienr of the Interior within one year after the
pa-sage hereof, and nball complete the first section
of twenty miles of said rai'road a d telegraph w.thin
, and ba connected ttie
acted. That the said
hereby required to
I arts of aaid railroad
crimination whatever,
without any dis
etentjuri diction.
And be it further e
panics shal' fail to_____
qnir> d. namely.
a dec ________ ..... ______
assent thereto m provided
or by not couplet ing the same a
section, this act shall lie nuli and
lands not eonve ed by patent to
may be at the d.
ui all <
such failure, shall
put the
after .lev.
---ate of a
d Slates. And
nd fit for use afb
'leied, ucngre*s may p
rep/.ir a 11 ->se, aud mi
ad and tel graph line. ______
the United States, to repay all
med 1 y the defaui
f li * pec
value of ho land* granted by tin*
ity, not exceeding the
woids had been i
o said companies: Provided. That the
lands shall not include Gnd» contain
conaent ot the aegis a lures of their respective States,
a .d be governed by the *tatutor>- regu ations ihereoi
all matters oertaiumg to the right of way.
-------- ----- ng to .... ...__ .
wherever the aaid road and telegraph line ahall ____
pass - ver or turough the public lands of the United
Approved July 25,
.rtssf 1
. N ACT G change the place • f holding court in the
northern district of Georgia.
Be it emoted bv the Senate and Home of Repre
hentatives of the United State* of America in Cou
gre*a assembled. That the di*.net • • urt for the
nor»h*-ru district of Georgia shall hereafter ba held
at Atlanta, in>tead of Marietta; and the clerk of
_ _ hern do*riel is hereby required t __
al the hook*, papers, aud records b longing '
*---*'-rict«ato At ants
olhcs from Man*
made relurnsble t
Approved July 25, 1366.
AN ACT to revive the grade ol general in the Uni t
ed States army.
Be it enacted by the Senate and IIouse of Repre
sentativea of the United Slates of America in Con
gre»s assembled. That the trade of "gen-ral of
>y of the United States" be, and the sau____
___eby, revivad ; and that the preaident is hdreby
authorized, whenever he shall deem it expedieut, to
appoints by and with tha advice and • ensent of the
Senate, a «eneral of the arm. of the Un ted States,
to be selected from among those officers in the mili
tary service of the Uni cd Hiatee most distinguished
for courage, skill, and ability, who bei g o.*mou
eioned aa general, may be authorized, under the di*
rection and during the pleasure of the president,
command the armies of the United state-.
per m nth and bta rlowanc* for fuel and quarters.
when ' is bead.
hia oth*r allowances in a
■ *«K r a
'tatea, is hereby repealed; «nd the aaid
mar select, from tne line of the army, for /ervtea up
on hia st ff, such number of aids, not exooedinx a x.
aa "• mav j dge urooer. who, during the term of
an »>e ma> j dge proper, who, during the term of
each stall service, shall **ch bava the rank, pay. and
emoluments o' aoooaal of eava'ry. And it ia here
' ■ staff aof '
by prov ded, that m Men of the staff n»w all >wed by
law to the lieutenant general, he ahe'l be omitted to
too aids and one military eeretary. eaob to h*ve the
rank, par and emoluments of a lieutenant ooioneiof
ivalry during • he Um uf net staff a
Approved Jnl 34 1661
> his
AM ACT in relation to tha unlawful Upping of gov
ernment water pipes.
Re it enacted by tho Senate and House of Repre
aeatatives of the United States of America tn Con
g n* assembled. That the uniawfnl tapp-ny of any
he United I
■-——■i ■ i 11 wwd. That Uu uunf lul ribIbPWBP
water-pipe l«id down m the District of U- lumbia by
authority f the United Mates m hereby dec ared to
be x mi demeanor and an indie'eb e • flense; and
be indicted tor and conn ted of
ff the D •
- bo may be indict
i in the criminal e
may direct the
and be it further enact d. That the said
"California and Oregon Railroad Company" and
the M*id " Oregon Company" shall be governed by
the provisions of tne general reili a.d end telegraph
law* of their respective states, as to the oonatruu
i and man gementot he »aid railroad and tele
graph line hereinbefore authorized in all mittar*
Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That all n___
>ra> land-snail be excepted from the operation of
eighteen hundred and eixly-four entitled "An set
reviving tne grade of lieutenant general in the Unit
ed Siatee army." and the chief of staff o the
lieutenant genera! shall be transferred and be the
chief of staff to toe ge-eraL with tne rank, pay, apd
emolument# nf a brigadier general Is the arm* of
the United M atee: and the act approved March
third, et hteen hundred and a xty five, »ntitied "An
-i ----- L1 ' f »Ul to F
r fora chief of aufl to the lieutenant
ol tn. I oaHiMinitr ol Pa blit . ... ,
Mm la tb. . atm a. th. auaraa; ot tha Ua.taJ
•tarn far tn. Di.u.et ol OalaabU. or ta tt. gmd
jary, any inf meftien «ff this law *
tppsovefi Jn*~ ----
Room (17.) No. 13 St Charts. „
NEW uaj
RcnuUENCES:~Hon. John A. An ure
Henry Wilson. Massach'
New York; Hon. S.
ben E. Fenton. New York: Hon. S. I. J
Hon, John A. Fcters, M.ine; Hon
No. Oil, Canal Street,
87 .................Camp street........
(Over First National Bank.)
Residence-No. 76 Hospital streot, New C 8.
Late of t|
Elcenaeil I'nlted fttatn Claim
(Opposite Ja. k'on sftuare.i
Prosecute to collection all kinds of d«j»
the United States. Special attention gjr
:laim«. for liounty. i
and prize money; invalid pension* widow*
i, claims for bounty
1. Feliciana ) Notary Public. Real Estai,
•oral Gommaroial Agent, will be found it
Common street, botween tamp and St- i. hi
Will promptly attend to a I
no* hj , , j,
dimes, and other real estate, 1
entsfor yes id
The colored people of I
e country parii
ftrpers an '
i of their I
«r.d will till the r orders (if not und
money inclosed in k letter through the*!
addressed to me. gla*' box No. 931, New oj
Kemunler. No. 118 Common street, NewQ
A T I O .\ A L. "
M. T HEWITT....................
W. 8. GRIFFITH...........First Vm
A. 8. BARNKS...........beoon 1 Vh
Rev. J W ALVORD .Correspond, n| |
D. LANSING LAMBERT.....Reoordmgfi
SAM'L HARRIS .......General Financial
Principal Office, No. 87 Cedar street \um
charge Bank Building), New York City.
llraa«-h at \e
Open everyday, Snndays and Holiday* a
from 9«. clock a. u. to 3 o'clock r. m ;
days from 6 to 8 o'clock r. m.
Deposita of One Dollar, or more, recc
Interest pa>able ,n January and July,
All deposits will be repaid, with interi
A.l the profits belong to the deposit r
Branches have been established in t
cities from New York to New Orleans,
a be transferred from ote branch to anotk
t charge or interrupting ihe interest
Chair a
apll 67 ly
w. r. cram;.
Corner Wall and Nueeau ete , \
We buy and aell at the most liberal cu
and keep on hand a full supply of
At present price*, holders can realiz.
'Jovernment Conversion rate by exc!ian|ifli
1-JI6 * in this market for
New Issue 5*10 Bonds
We make then* exchanges, buying
And selling the Bonds at the
New York.
apll #
flanker* und Dealers la Gov<>
milted for on Receipt,
t ml Co,
We are exchanging New 5 20 Bonds for IW
allowing Banks and It.user*
on all convarsiona ; tha difference of mu
usted according to Government n '
hCOND and THIRD bERlES bougat •
„ ^ _____ will pay th4
AUG' ST 7*aO's eon us ff
in NEW H-KO'e ordered r«t&
' VERMILYE A CO.. No Aft Wall
600 Cords ASH, Sawed In Three Pieo*
Cord $10
600 Cords A8H. Sawed i
Single Cord.
9* « *>rd«. all Sawed and 8p'|t, $11 a
ood, Wholesale and K^t il. Hawe.l and
an. N. O. KIRK WIP'D k
89 Canal stnet, (four doors ab<>v
my 12 lm
Only Geed lance
and appUoabla to
imt vaejitt or
The socoeee of thia meet delic "
condiment having eanae* many Ml
era to apply the name t» Mgrarious
Pnb to is eapeatfuilx and a*rne tly re*"
that the name* of 1JCA A PERK
that the name* of LK------
. JOHftpUN';*'"
a* York. Agmou fa? lb*

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