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gnu (?)d cans Republican.
Official Journal of the United State.,
6 V F 8 Cl A li.
UNITe 1) s'i'.v r ri:s.
l»a Mtrd «l Ihc First Session of the
Thirty-Ninth Congress.
nil such other force.-,;
ict, lo be knuiMt
'.'■2. And be it furthe
i Army of tte Ur*
ribed by law for tbe lift!
UF.i*. 3. And be i
posed of colored l
as is now provide*
tne addition ot o
<-d. That to the sij
rvice there -all In
hich shall be com
original vacancies in the grade ot first and
second lieutenant shall be filled by selection from
among the officers and soldiers of \ duntuer cavalry,
Jiditrs of
of the original
______ ... .
tenant shall bo tilled by selectioi
and two-thirds
' «.f th
it shall _____ .
ot' volnntei
u shull
d good
. nay be
nted cavalry.
armed and drilled as infantry .
.it the discretion of gio President, ami each
regiment sliall hereafter have but one hospital
ard. ami the regimental adjutants, quartermt
•d. That tlioap
shall bo die
her of t
service of the Unit
lissary s-rg.-mt. one hospital s
ai musicians, and ten companies
oil quartermaster shall hereatt
the regim
•e extra lieuten
........first or second lieutenants of
Each company shall have
sergeants, eigiit corporals, .
clans one wagoner, and fifty privates, and the nuui
ber ot privates n.ay bo increased at the discretion ol
the President, not to exceed one hundred, wuenevei
the exigencies of the service require such increase
and the President is hereby authorized
employ in the Territories a
of Indians, not to exceed ... ------ -----
scout*, who snail receive the pay and allowances of
cavalry soldiers, and be disc-burg dd whenever
cessity for------------------'---— " ■
id Indian country a force
the discrete
r further employ u
SBC. 7. Ami
of the department commander.
.. ...... be it. turth r enacted, '1 hat fiftei
bands, including the band at the| Military Academ
may be retained or onlis ed
to^irigades in time
assembled brigades
largest numb
tioned, and the band
be placed
>r finance
________ _ h tho
ops snail be ordinarily sta
t the Military Academy shall
footing as other band;
ward f
military post, and — -----. -•—. . ,
Jains as at present authorized, who shad b
pointed as now provided law: and the President
by la
v« iuo —_____shereby authori
for each national cemetery now established,
may be established, a supcrintendeni, with th
pay, and emoluments of an oronanc
commissioned officers
v* _______, unteer forces who have
reoeivedcertificate* of merit for services during the
SEC. 8. And be it further enacted. Tin
meets into the army shall hereaft*r be
of five year* tor calvary, and thrr-------
fectedat the genera) rendezvous in addition to ttie
her required to fill to the minimum all the regr
and infantry ; and recruits may
ments of the army, provided that such recruits
not exceed in the aggregate three tnousand
shall be compete
_____ for the service who
„Jiinded in the line ot their duty while
the army of the United States, provided
pection that by such
__ unfitted for efficiency in garrison
or other I>gbt du»y, and such men when enlisted
shall be assigned to service exclus vely in the regi
znents of the Veteran Reserve Corps.
ttEC. And be it further enacted. That there shall
be one general, one lieutenant general, five major
i brigadier generals. who -ball have
y and emoluments, and be entitled
same staff officers in cumber and grade, an no
vided by law
after consist of the officers i
jors of cavalry.
8f.c. II. And be it further enacted. That there
shall be four inspectors general of the army. with tho
rank, pay. and emoluments of colonels of cavalry,
three assistant inspectors general, with the rank,
pay and emoluments of lieutenant colonels of ci
airy: and two assistant inspectors general, with the
rank, pay. and emoluments of majors of cavalry
8BC. 12. And be it further enacted. That tne Bu
reau of Military Justice snail hereafter consist of
one judge advocate general, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of a brigadier general, and one assistant
judge advocate general, with tne rank, pay. and
emoluments of a colonel of cava'ry; and the said
fudge advocate general shall receive, revise, and
nave recorded, the proceedings ot all courts-martial,
courts of inquiry, and military commissions, and
shall perform such other duties as have he-etofore
been performed by the judge advocate general of
army. And of the judge advocates now in ot..^ w
there may be retained a number not exceeding ten,
to be selected by the Secretary <t War, who shall
perform their duties under the direction of the judge
Advocate general, until otherwise provided by law,
until the Secretary of War shall decide that thei
lervicea can be dispensed
■ tt*c. Li. And lit- it further enacted. That the
quartermaster's department ot tne army shall here
after consist of one quartermaster general, with the
rank, pay, and emoluments of a brigadier general;
atx assistant quartermasters genera 1 , with the rank,
pay, aud emoluments of colonels of cavalry; ten
deputy quartermasters general, with the ran#, pay,
and emoluments ot lieutenant colonels of cavalry:
fifteen quartermaster*, with the rack, pay, aud
enuilomen r of majors of cavalry ; aud forty four a»
siaiant quartermasters, with the rank, pay, and
emolument# of captains of cavalry: and the vacan
cies hereby created la the grade of assistant quarter
master shall be titled by selection from among the
persons who have rendered meritorious service as
assistant qriarieriuasters of Volunteers during two
years of tuo war. Hut after the flr#» appointment
made nnder the provisions of this section, as va.-and
dm may occur in the grades ef major and captain
in this department no appointments te nil thei
asms shall be made until the Dumber of majorJ
shall be reduced to i waive, and the number of capJ
tome to thirty, and tnereafter the number of officer#
in eaca of said grade* shall continue to conform
•Sid reduced numbers. . . .
8*c. 14 And be it further enacted. That the
nwakoer of military storekeepers in the quarter
roaster's department sball hervaftA- be as many as
shall be required, not exteediag sixteen, woo shall
have the rank, pay, and emolument# of captains of
fiScTli. And bs it further enacted. That the
previsions of the aot for the better Organization of
the quartermaster'* department, approved July
fouith, eighteen hundred and sixty four, ehall eon
tiaue in force until the first day of January, eighteen
hundred and sixty seven, and no looser. . . |
ttep. 16. And b« it farther enacted. Chat the sub
sistence department of the armjr shall hereafter con
•let of tne number of officers now authorized by law,
naawir: one commit sary general of subaietenoe,
wttn the rank, pay, and emolument a of a brigadier
general; two assistant ooixnaisaarie* general of sub
etetoeoe, w.tto the rank, pay. and emolamn
oohamh of cavalry; two uudsat , commissariei
era! of subsistence, with Ah* rank, pay. and ei
manta of lieutenant cotoSehof cavalry ; eight----
of subulate no*, with the rank, pay, and
--------—, i>*» "<•
_____f of capvams of cavalry.
, |f. And ne it further enacted. That tne am id
Ideoatdjueet of the army shall hereafter cewstet
sue nuresfin general, with the rank, pay, and
t medical P
■vsyora. with the rank,
I purveyoi
jieufenani ^
m« boo *a which are or may
paymaster generals of hke
18. Anil be it further enacted, T
tment of the army shall hereaftui
paymaster general, with the rani
aments ot a brigadier general
general, with the ru
lieutenant colonels of i
with the rank. pay. p
airy; two deputy pa
k, i ay, and euiolu
:t ?d. That the corpt
-it#, who shall have't
vided by law for offio
Sk« 2U. And be
ajor and quartetmastei
f pay and moluments
shall be of the
enants, with the
r colonels,
lieuten.i n
and thirteen ordnance
ay be appointed and authorized to act a* pajmas
iiories and arsenals. The ordnam n store
id pay in
■pringfle.d shall have the rank, pa
ill all be
hall bav
nel of cat
22. And be
cted. That there
. 'iii :n ; ■
:ro:u Hie battalion or <
>f signal duty ; hut r.u
je-o d.wuled until he
provided by the go
aacted. That the a
elmg under ordei
cien« e among the young men of the fcnited States
he President may, upon the application of an estab
lihlied college <
itnin the United St
lumber of officers so detailed shall not ex
. .. . jtyatuj • n -. aud (ball I • apportioned
t hrough the United States as nearly as practicablelac
' ----- ~nd shall be governed by gen
ording to population and shall l
-ral ruies, to be pre-<-.:ril>ed from t
the Secretary of W«
i authorized to del
honed officers and enlisted men as
:ry to carry out the provision!' of this
t shall be the duty ol the post or garrison cou
lei- to cause to be net apart a suitable room c
mg for school and religious p-irpo.-oes.
. And be it further enacted J hat nothing i
ol either of tho
officers of volun
army- who hav<
t account be held t
be volunteers under the
owestab ished by the i
led ' An____ __
of the act approved July seven
i hundred and sixty two. or.r
he pa» and emoluments of certain offi
of the army and for other purpose,'" approved
ighteen hundred and sixty-four
. may be appointed by the Presitft .. _____
with the advice and consent of the henate, fur each
regiment of colored troops, whose duty shall include
the instruction of tne enlisted men in the common
English branches ot education; aud chaplains, when
dared from
____it led
nher, shall be
i other
8kc 31. And be it further enacted. That nothing i
this act shall be so const-ued as to vacate the coin
mission of any officer now properly in service, o
whose nim» may be borne on the Army Regiater a
partiaby retired, according t
the r
,cted, That officers of
t of
disability occasioned by •<»«..» ...
may be retired upon the full rank of the command
held by them, whefhtr in the regular or volunteer
service at lhe time such wounds were received.
Sec ?3. And be it further enacted, That the Provost
Marshal General's office and bureau shall
tinued only so long as the r*e. re*ary of
exceeding thirty days after the
8 * 0 , 31. And lie it further enacted. That all officers
who have serve i during the rebellion as volunteers
in the armies of the United Htates. and who have
been or may hereratter be no> orat.ly mustered out of
the volunteer service, shall be entitled ._
official title, and upon occasions of ceremony to wear
the uniform of the highest grade they have held by
brevet or other commissions in the vo'unteer »er
vice. In case of officers of the reguar army, the
volunteer rank shall be eutered upon the official
Army Register- Provided. That these privileges
i any officer to command, pay, <
8*c.3A And lie it furl her enacted. That the third
section of the act entitled ** An acl making appropri
ations for the support of the army for the year end
ing thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and sixty
six," shall continue in force lor one year from the
passage of this act: Provided. I hat no officer who is
furnwied with quarter! in kind shall be entitled to
tece ve the increased commutation of rations hereby
hundred and sixty-three, authorizing the appo nt
merit, of a solicitor of the War Department, be, an<l
the same is hereby, repealed.
Sec. 37 And be'it further enacteo. That the Becre
tairy of War be. and he is hereby u.'-ected to havt
prepared, and to report to Congress at its next s«-s
eion. a code of regulation* for t ne government of the
army and of the militia in actual service, which shall
embrace all necessary order.-* and forms of a general
eluding rule* for the government of court inartia ;
the existing regulations to remain in foroe until Con
gress sha'i have acted on *><
of land to the States of Arkansas and Missouri. _
aid in the construction of a railroad from a point
upon the Missis ippi opposite th* mouth of the
Ohio river, via Litt e Rock, to the Texas boundary,
near Fulton, in Arkansas, with branches to Fort
Bmithandtne Mississippi river," approved Feb
ruary pine, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and
for other perpesee.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Renre
aentatives of the United States of America, in Con
greee assembled. That the "act granting the right
of way and making a grant of land to States of Ar
k >naas and Missouri,
railroad from a point
the month of the Ohio river, via Little nock.
Texas boundary, near Fulton, in Arkansas, with
brancha» lo Fort South and the Mississippi river,
approved Fubroary nine, eighteen hundred end fifty
three, with all the provision* therein made, be. and
* 'ie same i> hereby, revived and extended tor the
irm of ten yean from the passage of this act: and
II the land* thorria jfrazted, which reverted to the
mtsd Stats-* under the provisions of sa d act, be,
and Uu U in ail napeot* as they were before
_ at the time each reversion took erect; Provided,
at ali mineral lands wbhin the buoRs of this grant
i grant made ie section two of this act are
reserved to the U«it*d Statae: And provided
and tne
further. That ail p r op e rt y and troops of thm United
State* ah all at alt itm»a hi transported over said
railroad and branches at the ooet. chares, am*
penee of the c mi any or oorporetion owning or
atiag said road and branch** r« m poetirely when so
i original rraet, all the alter
I v»hi« An sail*, on Men
i aggre
m section one hereof, shah not exceed. —
gate quantity of lands by this atu cranted, suffii
to amount to ten sections tor each mile of railroad
And provided further, That lands embraced
grant and the grant revived b' ----- -
shall be disposed of oi ly as f*ilo
i of t
W! f thi8
the Secre
tirst class railroad, the said Secretary of tne Interior
shall issue patents for all toe lands granted as afore
said not exceeding ten
nother section of tei
States or on th. said b
ing with the preceding
said, the Secretary of t
in like manner a» in cs
lions, and so on from
is completed as herein
the limit* of twenty miles of
r. a.l and b*anches thus com
proof shall be furnished that
of the ti
ovidtd, .
vespectivelv. con
.until the whole
egate amount provided fo
f one section of'
nd located as required
ns act : And provided
said roads and t
the whole ot ■
>ears from the t
enty miles on ea.h of
ich year thereaf er, and
nd branches within ten
ake effei
ended by
s, all i he lands granted
ived or.....
shall be
oad or company making
the United
ved from
irs from
pi opriation to any cm her puritose th
templated for the said term of ten j
vassage of this act: Provided. Thai
t dore givtn to the State of Missouri tor tne con
struction of the Cairo and Fulton railroad, or fot
tin- use of taiil road, lying ;n the State of Missouri,
and all lands proposed to be granted by th-s act for
the use or in aiu of the road herein named, an'
lying in said State of Missouri, s 1 all be granted am
patented to the said State whenever tho road alia,
lie > •uupleted through said State, which lands ina.
be held by said St ate and us< d >oward paying the
State the amount of bonds heretofore issued by it
to aid said company, and all interest accrued or to
(led further, Tnat the pro
Mem pin*
of this
id Little t
til the Sect
ry of Siat
ck and the Little Kook and
of said roud. shull :
tlie Inte
iffice and t
the late so-called
ved July 28, lHOti.
eof the n
ie of Repre
t r |o* passage
the United
ivalstl or ha
sli-i.l be deemed
tables may be lawfully used fur ( ompulmg. d
ining aud > X| res.-* Ill I u- 1 "mi.ii\ w * - i c 1 i i
measures tte weight* and measures ol the :
i 2137 miles.
1 02137 m. or 328hf. i(h.
110 of
1 100 of
|l 1000 of
! 19 37 inches,
i inetre|l)..W<7 inch.
i 0j g4 i
MEASURES OF si r I auk.
Kololitre or stare
Decalitre .........
Centilitre— ----
g 2 01 o*? 9 9
l '■ :

= ?5 :
Mh 5 i-;F 1
: f S
r r „ _ 5 fl
Iss_ 5 5ai«i
o r S2 o c " :r - cr e
lllll; iii:
5 ®
133311 !!!!
• ? 5* ® j a-ceo-a.
r ? A f i*
Approved July e. IM4.
be altered ao as to read a* follows
further, That where there is
ernment for the year ending the tnirtieth of June,
eighteen hundred and fifty nine."
Be it enacted by ihe Senate and Uonse of Repn
sentativea of the United Atatea of America in Con
And provided
... ..... ____________collector at th*
of location of any public work herein specified,
moneys that are. or may be hereafter, appr
for the coo'truction ef any puoh pub ic work, with
such compensation as be may d«em equitable and
nd all laws and parts of laws in conflict with
rrMeae ef ' 4 '
, repealed.
Approved July ®, 1866.
AN ACT authorizing the payment of the rewards
offered by i he President of the United States and
seotative# of the United States of America ii
in^etisfactmn o?*aU claims for the re wards'offered
StKelKSM**®* United Btatea, or by the an
tnoritv of the War Department, for the captureof
tne aeeaeetne of tne late Preeicent, Abraham Lin
ooln wd the 8ocretery of State. WilAam U. fleward,
th# following sum# to the following named penons.
For the capture of Payne
To Maj< r H. W. Smith, who bad charge
of, aedoammanded the force, the an*
Richard U. Morgen, detective
Eli Devore, detective
Charles j*. B««obe. (teto tivo...
$ 1,000 ao
| fl»
Sergeant Zachariah W. Gemmill, first
Delaware cavalry..........................
Private Christopher Ross, first Delaware
first Dels
W. vV.unp, firnt Delaware
Longacre, first Delawure
3.RH 54
2,678 54
2.878 78
2.878 78
2.878 78
For tiie ca; I .r* ot Bootu nod 11
To K.J. Conger...
•ette tBaker .
er B. Bark, i
enant I- I*. Doherty.
Toll. If WmiIs......
I'o George Cottingham
To Alvx.iader Lovett, t........
$25jOOO 00
. $15 noo on
To Li
'lo Li.
To Ja
2.000 (b
1.000 00
1.1 Ol 00
Sergeant Bostnn Corbett, sixteenth New
York cavalry : sergeant Andrew Wendell,
sixteenth New York cavalry: corporal
Charles Zimmer, sixt
cavalry; corporal Michael Un
. sixteenth
. . . rporal John Winter,
sixteenth New York cavalry: cornoral
Herman Newgartrn. sixteenth New York
cavalry; corporal John Walz, sixteenth
New York cavalrv: corporal Oliver Lon
pay, Rixteentn New York cavalry: corpo
ral Michael Hormsluy, sixteenth New
York cavalry; private John Mje
teenth New York cavalry: pnval .
sixteenth New York cavalry: pri
Byrne .....
vale Willu
cavalrv; i
New \ ork
York cavalrj
private John
' T Vo?k
ifart'n Kelley,
ixteenth _
Henry Putnam, sixteenth Ne _________
airy: private Frank McDaniel, sixteenth
New York cavalry: private Lewis Savage,
sixteenth New York cavalry; private Abra
ham Ger.ay, sixteenth New Yoik cavalry:
cry 1'arady. sixteen 'h
private Emery I't ---- ----
i ork cavalry: private David Barker,:
teenth New York cavalry: private Wil
liam McQtiade, six*eenth New York cav
alry: private John Millington sixteenth
six'eenth New York cavalry: private John
H. Singer, sixteenth New York cavalry:
V rivato t 'arl Sfrinbrupge, sixteenth New
ork cavaby: pnva'e Joseph Zisgen, six
.........$43,CK)0 GO
$74,000 00
ed. That the said
of the United fct
Be i
of l-'.i
Iip Scali
d State
A me i
bo held i
of Hepr
I States directed by law to be
held at Pittsburg, in the connty of Allegheny, and at
Williamsport, in the count. Lycoming, fur the
western district of the N ate of Pennsylvania, the
judge of saul western district shall hold
Un h i-hull c
of Fr
the fir*
ntyof Er
r, be
inning in the
jdiately follow
Approved July 28, 18(36.
AN ACT to authorize th
ged soldi.
id'* Jiousi
tificial limb.-' provided for t
Approved July 28. 18»J6.
AN ACT supplemental to
ioir homes and the
(1 to go to obtain ur
i under authority ol
ss assembled, That there be,
pi luted, out of any money i
nd House of Repr
* 'unerica in Co
1 hereby is, a
a P«*<
blished by a
ssion of the
he fiscal year ending Ju
Ired and sixty-beven, *he
?-fcix thousand five
d July 28, 1866.
Congress pa>
hirty ninth Congress,
' th, eighteen
i doii
AN AOT to protect the manufacturers of mineral
waters in the District ot Columbia, and for other
sentativesot the United States of America
gress assembled, 'that all manufactui
a of Rcpre
mineral \\a
rages by law
r> be sold in bottles, upon which tMeir names
mark or marks shull be respectively im
ay tile with the clerk of the supreme court
District of (Jolumbii
bottles and of the name or marks therecn, and shall
eause the same to be published for not. less than two
-ekly newspaper
published in raid Diet______
NEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That i
by declared to bo unlawful for any person
hereafter, without the p
thereof, to fill with r
offending shall be liable
of fifty cents for every bottle so tilled, or sold,
* J: - 1 1 - 1 ----- 1 ' — trafficked
used, or disposed of. or bought, or trafficUcu *
the first offense, and of five dollars for every subt
quent offense, to lie recovered as other fines in said
District of Columbia.
Approved July 28, 1866.
tentative* of the United States ol
ess assembled
hidings be, u
ired to grant,
rey to tfie trustees of colored
f Washington and George
town, in the District of Columbia, I r the sole use ot
schools fir colored children in said District ot Co
lumbia. all the right, title, and interestof the United
States in and to lots numbered one, two. and eighteen,
squure nine hundred and eighty
the United S
hall be
ie Uoi----------
Approved July 28,1866.
t the r
AN ACT to extend the jurisdiction of coniinisaion
ers ot the circuit courts of the United States.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United State# of America in Cun
gress assembled, That the commissioners who now
are. or hereafter may be, appointed by the circuit
courts ot the United-states, to take acknowledgments
of bail and affidavits, and aUo to take depositions
civil causes, shall and tnay exercise all the power*that
any ju#tu. e of the peace may exercise under and in
* " ' ' ot the act paused the
b of the seventh t
twentieth of July, Anno Don
.nd ninety, entitled "An :
and regulation of seamen in
Approved July 28, 1866.
___________ _____________d House of Reprt
sentativesof the United States of America in Coi
grass assembled. That all suits, causes, prosecution
and proceeding*
court for tho Sta
thereof, be, and the same
hereby transferred t
the United States district court for the eastern dis
trict of Louisiana; and all suits, cauHes, prosecutions,
and proceedings so transferred shall bo proceeded
......... said court and tried and determined, and
process and judgment issued and executed therein
and by Baid oourtr !_ 4 " "* —'- 1 - ,;i -
___________the same manner and with like
if the same had boon commenced originally
said district court: Provided, however, That any
suit or proceeding *o transferred, of which the
circuit court could take jurisdiction under the lawi
of the United States, shall in like manner be heard
and determined in the circuit court held in said
»aid dii------—----------------------
h*r. 3. Ana be it further enacted, 'lhat all judg
.j the causes hereby transferred to the dis
court of of the eas-era district of Louisiana, or
____e circuit court held in said district, shall at once
become the judgments, orders, decrees, and decisions
of said district court, i
______ __ _____ _r said circuit court, unless the
b inconsistent with the rules and proceedings
thereof; and may b« enforced, pleaded, and proved,
as the judgmenta, order#, decree*, or decisiot
AN A(JT to remove the office of surveycr general
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Renre
seotatives of be United btatea of America in Con
grew assembled, That it shall be the duty of the Sec
retary of the Interior, as soon at Utr the passage of
this act as may be, to cause the office of surveyor
f uneral of Iowa and Wuconsiu to be removed to
lau-rniouth. in the Territory of Nebraska, and to
make the n«e«tMrji provisions for immediate and
effective operations, and when ao removed the dut es
and junsd > uon of said surveyor general shall be
j with the limit# ot the '1 erritory of Nebras
ka and include the State of Iowa, and the same shall
constitute a surveying district.
h*o 7. And be it further enacted, That ail act*
and parts of act# inconsistent witn the provisions of
AN ACT to prevent officers of the navy from beim
deprived of these, "* "
wounds reoeived
deprived ot their regular piomotion on account
* in Datt e, and for other purposes.
Be it enac ted by the Senate and House ot H*pre
tentative* of lhe United States of America in Con
free* assembled That the provision of i
of the act to amend
„ i , ... ait entitled ________
esiabliah and eqnaiize the grade of Uee oflloers of the
United btatee navy," approved July »;xte*n.
a h teen hundred and sixty ten, requiring that no
cer in the naval service hhall !>• promoted >o a
higher grade upon the active lurt until he haa been
examined by a hoard of naval surgeons and pro
nynneed physically qualified to perform all nis duties
at sea, shall not be construed to apply to and exclude
from the promotion to which he would otherwise be
e ularly entitled any officer in whose wye such
dical board shall report that hit phyncal disquali
tion we* occasioned by wound' received in lh«
bne of his duty, and that tuch 1
ounds do not inca
the grade to which
»«c"2^udtaHfurther enacted,That the rate of
pay of officers of the uery on the retired list snd not
oa duty, nor retired on furlough pay, in casee where
such rate of pay has not heretofore boen fixed bv lew.
shall be one-heM of the pay to which such officers
would be entitled if oe duty at see. And the pay of
clerks ef nary yard*, at clerks to commaudacte of
navy yards* 0*4 of clerks, to naval * tore keeps
SMffirtJrag Sisissss ix
*8^"?' ll"bt
ifldbeit farther enacted, That Mw proper
swithe treasury b*,«*4 Uwr are
allow, subject to the approval of the I
?redits for losses of pre
ed during the late rebell
• them by such voucher* and testimony a* they shall
require to have been occasioned by accidental cir
L-unntantes, or a condition of tilings over which such
officers had no control, and for which they are not
JOINT RESOLUTION authoriz ng the Prct
by th
s of tho Uni _ ________ ______________________
nblrd, Tr.at the Pre ident of the Ui ited States
e, and he hereby is author_____ ..........
ended, under t ho cftriction of the Secretary of the
andn-lot hing
balance in the .. „„ ... ,_____________________
made " to enab'e the President of the United States
carry into effect the act of third of March, eight
i hundred and nineteen, and any other i
» paid destitute Indif
id Indian tribe'
■ before the first day
Approved December 21,1665.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representa
i of the United States of
(sembled, That the said Sup
i furnish n new bond
inerica in Congress
the penal f
Ivxnosition at Phtim
Whereas the United t
) the Industrial
e**n invited by
eaof the United 6 1
'•>mbled. That s _________ _
>i:< 2. And bo it further resolved, Thutthepr
sdingM heretofore adopted by the Secretary of Sta
: the
in bei
the :
i? of w he
hall r
-n hundred dolla
lueste l t
-erning tli
And I
t the Sei
n hundred do la
trS d, Th
il regula
aken by tho United Mates in tl
Approved January 22, Ufifi.
JOINT RESOLUTION granting certain public
yroportyto the Soldi era' Orphans' Home of Iowa.
ed by the 6
nd House of Repr
•f the United Mates of a
sembled, That the budding*, fh.
ther properly, now a- 1'atnp Kinsman, near Da
iort. Kcott county, Iowa, be. and the ►nmo are I
iy, donated to the boldiers' Orphans' Home of I
Approved January 15. 1866.
of Wa
the Mate ot Michi
of War be and he
he St. Glair river, in the S
know n as the aite of Fort Gratiot, a
extending a horse railroad Iron
the depot of the Port Huron and Detr
nt aland upon such terms anc
tnay seem proper, :
and other parts of t
JOINT RESOLUTION directing the distribution of
the manner following, to
dent of the United Mi
and*H0UM Of
the library of Uon
inted by tho pr
ativos of the United States of America in G
irre'-sassembled. That in cave the Burlingt n a
Missouri River R&i road G'omiiany shall complete
section of twenty miles from the present termilim
its road by the first day of October, anno Dom
eighteen hundred and sixty six, and the certittu
ot the governor shall be tiled with the .Secretary
the Interior of such completion, then the saia c<
puny shall be entitled to its lands, due l
the c
of land
id section of
section eiglu of the aot entitled "An
amend an act omit led * An act malting a grant
_________econstruction of certain railroads in said
State.' and its rights shad be in all respect# tfie
same a# if the same section should have been com
pleted on the first day of July
Approved F'ebruary 10, 1866.
A RESOLUTION tendering the thankt of Congress
to Vice-Admiral David G. Farragut, and tw the
officers, petty officers, seamen, and marines under
his command, for their gallantry and good conduct
action in Mobi[ nay on the ii.tu of Augu-t.
Resolved by the Senate i
atives of the United Mi
marine#under hi.- - _________ ... ..
gallantry and skill exhibited by them
dav of Augui
_________________________|______ d for their loi
and faithful services and unwavering devotion to vli
cause of the country in the midst ot the greater
____ _______________ -- —i engage
Mobile bay on the filtn day of Auj
d fflcultieeand dnncei
ttEC. 2. And be i
cate this resolution t
j Admiral Farragut,
that the Secretary of the Navy be requested t
Approved February 10,1%6.
JOINT RESOLUTION for the payment of expenses
incurred by the Joint Committee to inquire in*o
the condition of tne State# which formed the
ativee of the United States of America in Congress
assembled, That the #
thousand dolla
much thereof as may be necessary, be, an
same is hereby, appropriated to pay the expens
__,____ _____ ____ _______ of the btate* which
formed the »o-ca led Confederate State# of America:
and that the said sum shall bu drawn from the treas
ury upon the order ot the Secretary of the Senate, a#
sh*M be required ________
committee having such inve-t igation in charge: ai
any port.on of the sum hereby appropriated th
bhali be allowed by the said Joint Committee t» w
nobses attending befoie it, or to person - employed
service for per diem, traveling, or other n
expens s, and naid by the Secretary ot the >enate
pur-uanceof he order of the said Joint Committee,
and facilitate telegraphic coinni'inicati»n be 1 ween
the eastern and western continent*. ' app J ' '
first, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, i
veysand soundings, laying down submarine table,
transporting materials connected therewith, and
E enera'ly afford such assistance as might I
e#t calculated to secure a successful pr<______
the enterprise ; and whereas the Emperor of Russia,
' operating with the government
entire line being now in transit, and the . .
the company, »eveu In number, beiog ready at Ban
Francisco and Vanoonver for the expedition, and
require immediate oo operation on the part of tne
United Btatea, in conformity with said act: There
Bo it resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
d whereas
sentativesof the United Mates of America ---
gress assembled. That the ttecetary of the Navy
be and he is hereto authorized and required to detail
one steam vessel from the sqnadron «f the Pacific
station, or elsewhere, to assot " '
and soundings in that part, of the Pacific coeat, both
kish said telegraph, in faying the--------------
and generally to affprd such assistance a# may b«
best calculated to sucure the s»oeee* of tne enter
price, and to carry out the purpose# of the act
approved July first, eighteen hundred and sixty four,
entitl'd "An act to encourage and factli ate tele
graphic coin mu meat! >n between the eastern and
JOINT RKttOLUITON pruriding for expenses tn
curred in searching f»r mii-i i soldier# of the
army of the Umt*d Mate#, and
prosecution of the same.
Where*# Miss Clara Barton has. during the late
war of rebellion, expended from her own resource*
large eums of money in endeavoring to discover miss
mg soldiers of (he armiee ot the United Mates and
in e. nun on ion tang intelligence to their relativer:
bt ihe Senate and Hons# of Repreeei
Amenoa iu ttongn
i of fifteeu thoeoaad denoi
to nisiwm Mix Otero Bartoa lor Um «
i further prosecu
expended by her, and to aid
tion of the 6earch for miss ng .soldiers._______
printing neceHHnry in the furtherance of the said I
hereafter be done by the public printer. !
Approved March 10, 1»06.
gre.es to the tramfnr of the counti
end Jefferson to the Statu of We.«t
" ed by the Senate and House
United States of America
fives of tli' _
eembled, That
i r ol i he counties of Berko
the Stete of Virginia to West
JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing the Secretary
of War to transfer to tho National llcme for 8of
Orphans, of Wa«hington
# not needed for the u#e of the gove
• of Represent a
solved I v the Senate and Hon
ot the United State# of Amen_________________
ded. That the Secretary ot War be, and he i» |
' the lady directors of
hereby, authorized to deli
the National Home for Soldiers' and' Sailors'Or
phans of Washington city, lor the use and aid of that
^mngton city, lor tne use and aid of that i
> benevolent, objects, such blankets, bed
ding, and other furniture and articles as may be
proper tor their purpoHus, and as *re now on hand in !
he btorea of the Surgeon General's department, and {
> longer needed for government a
to determine, at his disore
t and chara 1
n the District of Golumbv
reas by the late explosion nt the Uuited Mates
District of Columbia, ten per»OLs
were killed, who wero not enlisted___
employes of the government in said ar
wberea' those who w>re so killed left w-iv<
dren dependent upon them tor suppo
destitute condition :____
resolved by the Kens'e and House of
sentatives of the United States of America i
dred doilars be, and the s
money i
ed and placed hj the Secretary of the Treasury
in the handf- of Colonel Be......._
arsenal, to be distributed by him a
by t he said explosion, a cording tc
the equity and n*
and that the sai
said distribute
olved by the Senate and Hou
;ss asBeinblcd
9 ship Art Unit
of Repre
he Treasury
i a me "Georg* M. Barnard,"
, register m the latt r name.
Approved March 22. 1866.
JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing the So?i
of the United State#.
authorized, in the r dine
» place gratuitously
. _-j.v of the ports
i used by them temporal
s, such vessel# or hu ks belt
i us are not required fot
government, subject to st
, I hat i his re*olutic
the publica
i the laws of the Uni _______
Resolved by the Senate und Hou#e of Kepresenta
ve- ot tins United S'ates ot America in Cungro.-s a#
unbled,'That the S* cretayy of State be, and he is
ereby. authorized and direcel to renew the con
act "f October thirty first, eighteen hundred and
fifty, bet ween the Department of Mato and Little,
t Bost
hundred und foriy
tifty : Provided. That the t
i of fitete be i ztended i
i wh ch ihe mi
red at the De
em.v days after
ork, paper, binding, editing, and
quality 1 , and :
nd Houhu
» of A meric,
of a j.
lands appertaining to tl
Resolved bxthe Senate
tire* of the Untied Stati
assembled. Th t tho firMt
approved June seventeen,
ty four, entitled " A resolut
lands sp,>erta ning to the ar
Ilarpe s Ferry." i# hereby revived,
continued in force.
Approved April 4, 1866.
Represent a
. resoluti__
ighteen hundred and for
lating to the publi
Springfield and
United States navy.
the a
I Irom the r
, by the Senate and House of Representa
f the United States of America in Congress
"'resident ot the United States
by and
be authorized
Commander# Williai
Woolsey to the Active list of the
Approved April 5, 1866.
charged for wounds.
Re red ved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Mate# of America in Cou
of the words "or in tue lit
fourth section of the act
eighteen hundred and sixty
l* intent and meaning
the several acts hereto,
rolling and calling o
tier purpose-,"
i that the benefit of
t the national fo:
ty who has been or uiay be discharged by reasou *f a
ually in service unde mili
me on furlough
any unlawful or
and House of Reprt
during the rebelli
Resolved by the hem
sentativesof the L T oited States ol Ami____
gress a#-enibled, That the Secretary of War I
he is hereby authorized and required to take
diate measure# to preserve trom desccratl
graves of the soloiers of the United S ales who fed
i hospital
disease in the fiel.
lie rebellion to >ecure su-table
h they may be properly interred,
JOINT RESOLUTION protesting against pardon#
by foreign government# of persons convicted of in
farnous offenses on condition of emigration to the
Uniied State#.
Whereas, it appears from official correspondence
inrder ■
rtuken to pardon a per
the condition that hb
, meaning thereby the
offenses have been granted in other countries: Now,
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repr
sentatives of the United State# of America in Oon
gresb assembled. That the Congress of the United
States p otest-s ugaiuHt #ueh act# a# unfriendly and
istent with the comity of nations, and hereby
repreeeniative# of tho Urn tad States ii foreign
countries, with instru tions to present it to the gov
ernment# where they they a.e accredited respect
ively, and to insist that no such acts sball, under any
t lrc-uniBtauces. be repeated.
Approved April 17, 1866.
JOINT RESOLUTION for the temporary relief of
destitute people in the District ot Columbia.
Resolved by toe Senate and House of Kepre
sentativesof ihe United States of America in Con
gri-ss a-seinbled, 'lhat the sum of twenty five thou
sand dollars be, and the «ira» is hereby appropriated,
cut of any money in thu treasury not otherwise ap
ed under the dhection of the Commissioner of Freed
meri'b Bureau.
Approved April 17,1865.
the National Asylum for disabled volunteer sol
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repr
3 hereby appointed manager* of the National
Asyluiu for disabled vo unteer soldiers, under t__
provision* and condition* of the third section of the
act approved M* 1 ' *----1| || — *— g—g
and sixty nx: Kl_____ ____ _____________
min F. Butler, of Massachusetts, and Frederick
Suiy h, of New Hampshire, of the first class,
i year#; Lewis B. Gunokel, of Ohio. Jay 6ooke, of
Pennsylvania, and P. Joseph Otterhaus. of Missouri,
the second claas, to serve four years: John H.
Mammlale, of New York, Horatio G. Mebbias, of
• alif imia. and George H Walker, of Wisconain, of
the third class, t o serve two years.
Approved Apni 21, 1866.
Resolved by the benate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Status of America in Con.
S re#a assembled. That in addition to the thanks
uretofore voted by joint r« eolation, approved
unuary twenty eight, eighteen hundred and sixty
four, to Major General George G. Meade, Major Gen
eral Oliver D. Howard, and to the officers and sol
di, rs of the army of the Po'omac, for the skill and
heroic valor which at • -ettysburg rapulsed, deflated,
and drove back broken and dist-inted the veteran
of the rebellion, the gratitude of the American
army oi tne rooenton. tne gr at it tide or tne American
people and the thank* •( their representatives in
----——"-I* likewise due t and are hereby tendered,
to kiajor General Winfield b. Hancock, for his gal
lant. meritorious, and conspicuous share in that
great and decisive victory.
Approved April 21, II
JOINT REtt JLUTIOnTot' the transfer of funds
appropriated for the payment ot salaries in the
Post Office Department to the peneral salary ac
oountof that department.
Revolved by the hsnaie and House of Repre
tealativusof the t aited btatus of America in Con
gress assembled. That the unexpended hafanees on
the books of the Treasury Department, from the
respective sum* of money appropriated by different
acs of Congress, for the «alar>e* of Po»tmael«r Gen
oral. A-Mivtant Poetroa»t*isG«neral,cf*rks temporary
c.erks additional o*erkm. mes-engera watchmen,
laborers, <• n<i euperintendent and cie> k# of th* money
order system, ino'nd*ng the amounts appropriated
for the payment of twenty per centum inero*#e of
certain safari**, (all of tn# same being appropriations
made by Goanro*w for the Post Office Departmeuti,
mav be transferred on the books of the Treasury Dv
D*p*rtia«n4. t* ttw iraonl rotery oaoouat of food*
Office 1)( pi
„ .......
I strued to increase the appropriation# alrc»A
! for the service of lhe Pont Office Depart mem'
Approved April 25, 186 ;
JOINT RESOLUTION an-king appropriate
the expenses of collecting the revenue m
toms. ^
Resolved by the Senate and Houso 0 «
sentativesof he United Staten of America l
gress assembled, 'lhat there be, andh reh*
propria ted, out of any money in the • — 7
otherwise appropriated, the sum of two
hundred thoa>and dollars for the expen:
: the
the Iran,
■ived during said hi;..
I lorteitures connected
storage, cartage, draji
id theiirsi section of "An ,
sighteen hundred and fifty-eignt, be, ami th.
t f the nation to the officers, soldier;
of the United States,
Resolved, That il is the duty and privilege
tho gratitude of the natioj
oificf-ra eoldiers. and eeamen of the Un
by whose valor a- d endurance, on the land
the sea. the rebellion has b;en crushed, and h
and its power have been humbled - by whose
to the cause of freedom the government of tl
pie has been preserved and maintained-,
whose orderly return from the fire and blood
b peaceful pursu'ta of private life,
JOINT RESOLUTION extending the |
npletion of the Union Pacific railw
Resolved by the Sensto and House of
by the L -avenworth, Pawnee, and We
road Company, (since called the " L'ni.
Railway Company, eastern division,") i
e Unit
hundred and sixty two, and in tho fifth
amendment thereof, of July second, one thi
eight hundred and sixty four. be. and •
eight Lundred and sixty four, be, ._____
xtended until tho twenty-seventh I
thousand eight hundred and sixty^
ime for completing each sucreedi
ndred mile# shall be reckoned froi
twenty-seventh day of June in said year.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That
for conin enclng and completing the Northe
Railroad, and ai: its several sections, . u
the t
Approved May 7, 1866.
JOINT RESOLU I ION to provide f.
of crude petroleum from internal tax c r dun
for other purpose*.
Be it resolved by the Senate and Hou
sentativesof the United States of A me
gress assembled. That paraffl e oil, not
specific gravity thirty six degrees Batin
ter. the product of a re-iduum of distill,
potro t'.iin and crude oil. the product of
single distiilat ion of coh|, shale, asphai'
Approved May V*. 1866.
i enemy ot euianc-ipatic
Imperil! Majesty
as-ian nation, ana congratulate# the
m# ot serf# upon the providential
nger of the sovereign, to whose lie.
e> owe the Messing* ot their freedom.
Si:c. 2. Aod be it further resolved, T;
int of tho United State# lie request- .1
py of Un- resolution to the Emperor of
Approved May 16, ib€6.
ambled, That the n
of New York, the
Chamber of Commerce of the Statu .
and Jackson S. Shultz, Charles H
Moses Taylor, of New York city, bu
comoiisstoti to select s proper site for ,i
_ - and for (
iled States court* in* he city ot 3
t they report to the Postmaster G
jority of thei
the purpose
may agree.
That the
iy authorized to grant die use c,f lumlx
udeil by tne department for uuRu.ilia*u g
the eraction of temporary buildn c
Washington for the national fair »■
tho Soldier# - and Sailors, Orphan II
Approved May 16,1866.
A RESOLUTION to extend tho time for
#t ruction ot the first section of the Wt
Resolved by tho Sena'o and House of I^V..
sentativesot the Un ted State* of An
grena KHsembled. That tho I
m!es of tho ' W. ieml
: ."il
by thi
my, i
land# known a- the land# of thee
hundred and fsxtrl ,,
. . ed States surveyor, ■ u
uded in the grunt berdotoru lutdtf
said W*-turn Pacific Railroad Comp;
Approved May 21, 1866.
E. H. Dye
PUty Uu
xold f
Resolved by the Senate and House <
sentativesof the United Stat-s of Ameri<
gross assembled, that the adjutant
State ol Ohio is hereby authorized to M
through tho mail# free ol ;>os'age, to vfie
dier# re-enli#ted in Ohio. Certain m fae
by the guneral a##> mblv of that
:I "
Be i
.ike i
tw\ and ho hereby is. authorized
into effect such orders and regulation' ui
as, in hi# opinion, may be deemed use
proper, in aid of Stati* or munioipa lautT.
gua'd against tho introduct
i-ortsot the United States; i
1 the
Treasury i# further authorized to dir - -
officers and the officer# onintnaudin..' r«
to aid in the executieu of such quar.i
spectively in such i
health law# .-t the*
mier a# may t me
i amount ol rn< neyel
_______|______B Mi effect this Joint weft
hereby appropriated out of any money intk
---------- : r .vi'icU
appio)iriated: pr..'
Approved May 26, 1866.
collection of plants tendered by Ii
his memorial of Maroh second, eigli
and sixty ois, and that the same bo *i>
Department of Agriculture; and fl)
s hereby appropr
hundred doI'_. ...____
money in the treasury not other'w
i» enab'e tne Commissioner of Agri
are suitable case# for the protection
Approved May 26, 1866.
A RESOLUTION «ulhon.lnj tho . :■ «
examiners to examine a situ for # WJ
basin for iron clad vessels of the LmwM
1 by the Senate and H
of the United States of Ar.- nc*
nblud. That the Secretary of t!wj^^*re
* assembled, That the Secretary
authorized and directed to appoir
aminer* to examine a site at or
Maine, for the fresn-water basin for
ot the United State* n^ry, and
vantage# and cost of said site, and
the present Mosion.
1 1866
Congru-s dm i
tpprovMl r
1 * ING
Use th#
Hlch.rd.-U'. ■«!•*.
An improvement upon all other# >n pq
arrangement, adaptation and situi>l
upon a new and original plan, and nlu*®;
.. ,Alt 10*
< ■
The popularity of thi* book ha*
led by that of any similar work. T
are sold every jiesr. Among teachers
have examined it. it is pronounced * u T® r ;"L
leno* to all other "Methods," "
" Schools," and the book that every I'XP"
the acquirement of a thorough knowleOft
forte playing It is adapted to all grad**",
from the rudimental studies of the min*"
studies and oxerciaes of advanced
tions are pnbli#h«d, one adopting 'T'
other foreign fingering. When the work*
if ao preference is designated, the
American finger ng will bu sent
Be anre that in ordering it yon are
STecifying the "New Method." F nc t*
ed, post-paid, to aqy address, bold uJ
And Dealor si
Ceal, Cher
>1. Coke. Wl'lte
New Orteeno ,
OH«. left ot the obor. piece, m "p
tee' Eochooce, will roeoiro prompt ottem^

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