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gcur (Oilcans Republican.
Official Jcurnal of the I'nited States.
O V E l CJ AL.
abliahment ot the United St
gress aeseiiiblert, That the military peace establish
luentof the United States shall hereafter consist o!
ti «re regiments ot arnller- ten regiment* of cavalry,
forty-five regiments of infantry, th- professors and
corps of cadets f the United Sta***s Military A cade
Htc\ 2. And he
isist '
ulery pr
ot tte United
That the
>t, second, third,
tillery shall have the
prescribed b> law for t 1
but trio remmental ad
commissaries shall lie
selected from the first
.3. And be
ehy abolished Tt
; shall ho rilled by
addu g two companies i
in the line of the
corps has hei
Sec. 5. A
r duty to which that
■d. That the a
her U troops
by t hem respect
Provided, Tii
lected from »
one colonel, one lieutenant colonel,
adjutant, one regimental quartern!
geunt major, one jnartermaster sets
trmaster shall hereafter be e xtra lieuten
ed from the first or second lieutenants of
ompany shall have one
scouts, who shall receive the pay and allowan
cavalry soldiers, and be discharged whenever t
cessity for their further employment is abated, c
thedi 7 A , t t rtn r enacteo
the| Military Academy
ided by law to Vim assigned
w uiigades in time ut war, and in time of peaoe to
assembled brigades or to forts or posts at wuuili the
largest number of troopiLshall be ominarily tta
ttoned, and the band at MiiiUry Academy shall
bands, including the band
may he retained or enhs ed
organization as -
be placed on the i
military p
footing i
ori/.ed, who shall be
of the United States i
tor eacn national cemetery now established, oi
may be established, a superintendent, with the
pay, and emoluments of an ordnance nergei
selected fri
of the regu .
received certifli
nd be it farther enacted, That all enliat
___the army shall hereafter he for tue term
ears for calvary, and three years for artillery
__aM times be col
lected at fcfie genera^ rendezvous in additi
number required ......
___________ _____________- nimum all the regi
qlentsof the army, provided that such recruits shall
? service who
„ „ w „____... the line of their duty whi
j the army of the United States provided
ahali be found on medical inspectic- u "* *-------
wounds they
liiat by such
n garrison
........ i enlisted
____________ w ____ i exclus vely in the regi
ments of the Veteran Reserve Corps.
v ______t unfitted for efficu
_r other light duty, and s
shall be assigned f
t further enacted. That there shall
be one general, ore lieutenant general, five major
generals, and ten brigadier generals, who -*
the same pay and emoluments, and beentit
same staff officers in number ar.d grade, as
vided by la
Sac. 10. And be i
colonel* of cavalry; and thirteen assistant adjutants
Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That there
shall be four inspectors general of the army, with the
rank, pay, and emoluments of colonels of cavalry;
three assistant inspectors general, with the rank,
pay, and emoluments of lieutenant colonels of ci
airy: and two assistant inspectors general, with t
rank, pay, and emolument! of majors of cavalry
Sac. 11 And be it further enacted, 1 hat trie uu
reau of Military Justice shall hereafter consist of
one judge advocate general, with the rank, pay. and
emoluments of a brigadier general, and one aoaiatant
judge advocate gensrai, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of a colonel of cavalry; and the said
judge advocate general ^ffiall receive, revise, and
nave recorded, the proceedings of all court*-mart tab
court* of inquiry, and military comtnisetoaa, and
shall perform such other duties as have heretofore
been performed by the judge advocate general of the
army. Ami of the judge advocate* now in office
there may be retained a number rot exceeding
l ________ < f War, who than
perform their duties under the direction of the judge
advocate general, until otherwise prov.dcd by law, or
until the Secretary of War shall decide tnat their
services can be dispensed with.
BBC. 13. And bn it further enacted. That the
quartermaster's depart ment of the army shall here
after consist of one quartermaster gene, al, witu the
rank, pay, and emoluments of a brigadier general;
six asaist&nt quartermaster* general, with the rank,
pay, and emoluments of colonels of cavalry; ten
deputy quartermasters general, with the rani, pay,
and emoluments of lieutenant colonels of eavu*ry;
fifteen quartermasters, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of majors of cavalry ; and forty four as
sistant quartermasters, with the rank, pay, and
emoluments of captains of cavalry; and the vacan
cies hereby created in the grade of assistant quarter
_____________j rendered meritorious service as
Assistant quartermasters of volunteers during ■
years of------- " ' <4 " * v ' --------
persons who
____.IP war. But after the first appointment
made under the provisions of this section, ss va -an
cies may occur in the grades of major and captain
in thi# department, no appointments to ml tht
same shall be made until the number of major
shall be reduced to twelve, and the number ot cap
Uuas to thirty, and thereafter the number of officers
in moo of said grades shall oontinue to conform to
eaid reduced numbers.
BBC. 14 And be it further enacted That the
number of military storekeepers in the quarter
master's department shall nereafter be as many a«
shall be required, not exceeding sixteen, who shall
have the rank, pay, and emoluments of captains of
Wk And be It farther enacted. That the
provisions ot the act for the better organization of
the quartermaster's department, approved July
fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty four, shall con
tinue in force until the first dsy of January, eighteen
hundred and sixty seven, and no longer.
SBC. 16. And be it farther enacted. That the sub
eistence department of the army shall hereafter con
Met of the number of officers now authorized bylaw,
namely: one oommissavy general of subsistence,
with the rank, pay. and emolument* of a brigadier
general; two assistant commissar to-* general of euh
utsteace, with the rank, pay, and emoluments of
colonels of cavalry; two aaahrianL commissaries gen
aval of •
______, with the rank, pay, and
its of major* of cavalry: and sixteen c —
ussaries of "ubsiatsnee, with the rank, pay,
soluwenlss of captain* of cavalry.
Bbc. 17. And fie it further enacted, That the a—
ial department of the army shall hereafter consist
* itb iae rank, pay,
general, with toe rank,pay, and emolument*
of cavalry, on# chief medical purveyor,
ant medical purvey ors, with the rank,
jmenis of lien tenant cokmcls of oav
I give the same bon** which are or may
'assistant paymaster general#of like
the firvt three year*
-with the same
law; and ali the
. 18.
Ind be it further enacted. That the pay
department of the army .shall hereafter
paymaster genera), with the
iluinents ot a bngadiei general
. gem ral, with the rank, i
lone:* of cavalry: two dep
general, with the rank, pay, and
lieutenant colonel* of cavalry: and ti
pay, and emolument* c
lected from persons who
with the
i' additional p
BBC. 19. Am
if engineers s
t furthe
c ted. That the corps
o'f thecnl
> it further enact d, That the five
gineer soldier*, ami Ihe sergeant
sergeant heretofore p
tailed from the
of engineer-, acting
quartermaster of thii
a battalion of eng in
battalion, shall be entitled to
nts of adjutant# and quarter
cted. That the ord
hall consist of the
authorized by law, and the officers shall be of the
following grades, viz: One brigadier general, three
colonels, tour lieutenan' colonels, ten major*, twenty
pay and emolument?
nd thirteen omnanct
*eding *n
a* now provided by law.......
btorekeepe a, of whom a number
may be appointed and authorized
ter* at armories and ar»enals. The ordnance *t<
keeper and paymaster at the national armory
it ary storek
the rank,
ial! have the
and all other ordna
act, shall be selected from volunteer office
er» who have performed meritorious servu
irmy of the United Mates during the lute r
nacted, That the
M e 22. And be it furtner
ahull be one chief signal offic
iliall have the rank. pay. and emolu
shall have the rank. pay. i
nd ot cavalry: nnd tne Shi
» of 1
icretar.. «-f War shall ha
and i
bundled non commissioned officers and privates,
from the hatful on o' engineers. for the performance
of signal duty; but t.o nffi, ,- r or enlisted man shall
be so detailed until he shall have been examined end
approved by a military b ard. to be convened by the
)*e: and enlisted
provided b> the
SEC. 23. Audi
be kep
id the
ed by
pay n
at ihe
payment .
vuled. That this suction siiall not go mt ____________
the fir>t of July, eighteen hundred and sixty seven.
Sec. 26. And be it further enacted, 1 hat for
the purpo-e of promoting knowledge of military
science among the young men of the United Stale*
the President may, upon the application of an estab
lished cohege r.r university within the United State*.
ith sufficient capacity i
less than one hundred and fifty male student, tietart*
of the army to act as president, super in
the Secretary of Wa
necessary to carry out the provisions of this
md it shall be the duty ot the post or garru»<
nander to cause to be set apart a suitable ;
religious purpo;
. And be i
the a
cted. That nothing i
of the United States ______ , ______________
n the military, naval, cr civil service of
'•rate hiatus, or of either of the
U during the late rebellion ; but
such appoint went shall be illegal and void.
any capacity in the mil
ihe so called Uonfederi
SEC. 2d.
ung t
i have heretofore be
ith Un
i of the regular
loluntoera; and •
army who have also held •
volunteers, or have commanded volunteers, shall r
i be volunteers under the
. 3o. And belt further enacted. That nothing
___________ined shall be construed
isting laws respecting the rank, pay, and allowa:
of chaplains ot the army, but the
amend *
abb-bed by the i
a dec ting
1 allowances
hall remain
f the a
teen. eighteen hundred and sixty
act to define the par and emolument?
cur* of tile army and for other purpe
April nine, eighteen hundred ami sixty
chaplain may be appointed by^ the Preside
ly i
led 'At.
of certain offi
tionof t
lhsted i
' ,P a
as other
is ec. 31. And be it further enacted. That nothing
shall be so conatrued a* to vacate the
tm-Hion of any officer now properly in service, or
whose name insy be borne on the Army Register as
partiabj retired,
____ . ording______
2. And be it further enacted, That officers of
thu regular army, entitled to be retired on account of
disability occasioned by wound* received in battl-.
may be retired upon the full rank of the command
held by them whether in the regular or volunteer
service at the time such wounds were received.
bBC. 33. And be it furtuer enacted, That the Provost
Marshal General .* office and bureau shall be con
tinued only so long as the be ret ary ot War shall
deem necessary, not exceeding thirty days after the
he uniform of the highest grade they have held by
brevet or other commissions in the volunteer *«r
of officer* of the regu'ar army, th
volunteer rank shall be entered upon the official
Army Registe-: Provided. That tuese privilege*
shall not eutite any officer to command, pay. or
six," shall continue
passage of this act: Provided. I hat no omcer wno is
furnidied with quarter* in kind shall be entitled to
rete ve the increased commutation of rations hereby
hundred and sixty-three
ment of a
bonzing the appo.
Micitor of the War Department, be, a
hereby, lepanlsd.
Sec. 37. And be*it further enacted. That the Sucre
taryof War be. and he is hereby, directed to have
prepared, and to report to Congress at ita next sea
sion. a code of regulations for tue government of the
army and of the militia in actual service, which shall
embrace a
_______w nou»<
BBC. 38. And be it furtlu
and parts of
enacted. That all law*
___ _____ it with the provisions of
ii i set be, and the same are hereby, repealed.
Approved Ju y 28,18c6.
AN ACT to revive and extend the provisions of "An
act granting the right of way and making a grant
of land to the Mate* of Arkansas and Missouri, to
aid in the construction of a railroad from a point
upon the Missis-ippi opposite tbs mouth ot tne
Ohio river, via Litt e Reck, to the Texas boundary,
near Fulton, in Arkansas, with branches to Fort
Bmith and the Mississippi river," approved Feb
ruary nine, eighteen hundred and fifty three, and
for other pm
' act granting the right
Texas boundary.
Arkansas, with
tKoeTwfth all the provision* therein nude be. and
theaame i* hereby, revived and extended for the
term of ten year# from the passage of tbie act; and
all the lands therein granted, which reverted to the
United Btates under the provision* of *a>d act, be.
•by. restored to the kiih
idition, and made subject
re.-peers ss thoy were
aaa at tne time suon reversion took effect; Froviuea.
That all mineral lands within the limits of ibis grant
further. Ill at all property and troops of the United
B tat e e eh all at at) ttm«s h* t ran* port sd over said
railroad sad branches at tne coat, charge, and ex
poaeo of the o mpanv or corporation owning or oper
at lag said road and branches respectively, when so
required by the government of the United States.
WaX And be it further enacted. That there is
hereby granted, added to. and made part of thr
donation of landa hereby renewed and made, sub
I ao4 Iran i, aud unde:
--------— _ ., sat, all th« alter
nat# sect>oueand parte of sections, designated by
odd numbers, lying along the ou'er line of lands
___numbers, lying along the ou?er line
heretofore granted, and within five miles
aide thereof, efoeptmg lands reserved or otherwise
' ed by law. or to which the right mt pre
. —nenMa ba* attached
otityr of landc
lamia specified
a hereof, shall not exceed, in the nggre
i amount t
And provided further, That lands embraced in thi*
grant and the grant revived bv stetien one of this
act shall be disposed of only as fellows: Whenever
proof shall be furnished satisfactory to the >Secte
' ry of the Inter.or that any section of ten
ompleted i
Iroad, the said Secretary of trie Interior
atents for all the lands granted as afore
eedmg ten sections per mile situate op
tbe limits of twenty miles of
r ___________ _______ y i
the' section of said read at d branches th
pleted: and when like proof shall be furnished that
espectively. connect
* completed a* afore
- completed a* here
:i prm idt d. when the Secze
1 issue patents for nil the
i granted not exceeding the
ided for and local
further,That if o
And provided
nilesor each of
be fully
>11/ «
ad \vt1
section of twenty mile*
t becomes a law.
the whole of said road*
i, al I >he land* granted c
■t, and which at the t
teinplated fi
> any o> her purpose than he
from the
t this act: Provided. That' al' landa here
to tore given to the State ot Missouri for the con
strue' on of the Cairo and Fulton railroad, or for
the use of *-aid road, lying ;n the Mate of Missouri,
and all land.-, proposed to be granted by th a r :t for
the use or in aid of the road herein named, and
aid State of Mih.souri, shall be grant
l»e held by said Slate and used toward pi
ded further, That the pro
vi* ons of this act, so far as the same relata to the
Memphis and Little hock and the Little Hock and
Fort Smith brunches of said road, shall not take ef
fect until the Secretary of the Inteiior shall make
and rile a certificate in his office and the office ot the
Secretary of Siate of Arkan-a*. stating that the
claiming thu benefit of
■r such reorganizati
rights, or privilege:
rity. i
tider the *
the late
pproved July 28,
ACT to authorize the u«eof the metric system
tc-d by the Senate and House of Ropre
i the United States of Americr
bled. That In
it shall be lawtul throi
t Uniteit
pghta and
• 2. And be it further enacted. That the table*
s schedule hereto annexen shall be r' jogrv.ed
and in all legul
eeding*. ase»tabli thing
valent* of the weights ai
ps may be lawfully used t
Myriametre ,
Kilometre.. |
•18 2137 miles.
lecimVtre .. I 10 of » ,
entiiuetre..! 1 lw) of a i
lilimeire (lKMJOofai
I 128 feet and 1 l
- .fi« 7incbe*
• 39 37 inches,
e 3.937 inenes.
e 0.3937 inch,
elti f inch.
f ?•
2 - S'®
flf: PI;B: I
: f ?
:ii!i f l?
^ c JUT
is § 8 5 ? i :5
f 2 *

f ilfll H h
a <
►. 2
RkbinJ C. Mor«»n. d»Meu»s
Kli IV.or®. datMtl.® .................
ChsrlM M. KoMb®. d»t« Ii.®.......
Ttau H®o#p®ob. ...........
William M Worm®rUimil. daucll.l
Job® U Kimball, rtlizan.
F H Ciarti. clu*««l ....................
AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act making
appropriations tor sundry civil expenses of the gov
eminent for the year ending the tnirtieth of June,
eigUteen hundred and fifty nina."
Be it enacted by <be Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Mates of America in (Jon
grass assembled. That the provlro to the seventeeth
•act on of the ait to which this act is an amendment
be altered so a* to read a* follows: And provided
further. That where there is no collector at the
pla— of location of any public work herein specified,
the secretary of the Treasury shall have poser to ap
point a disbursing agent for the payment of all
moneys that are. or may be hereafter, appropriated
for tho con* tract ion of any *uoh pub ic work, with
such compensation a* be may deem equitable and
just, and all law* and part* of laws in conflict with
tne provisions of this section be, and th* same are
hereby, repealed.
Approved*)oly #. 1666.
AN ACT authorizing the payment of the rewards
offered by ihe Fr—ident of the United States and
I he officers of the War Department, in April and
lay, 18*6. for the capture of ihessstsaans (assteaine)
of the late Preeident. Abraham Lincoln, and the
hecretary of Htate. Hon. William H. Seward.
Be it enacted bv the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Btat— of America in Con
gress assembled. That there be paid, out of an7
money* in the treasury not otherwise appropriated,
in satisfaction of all claims for the rewards offered
by trie President ot the United States, or by the an
tiiorur of tti® W*r pei»r(m.nt. for tb. ojirtor. ol
the assassins of tne late President, Abraham Un
cob), and the Secretary of State. William H Seward,
the followring sums to the following named persons.
For the captureof Payne:
To Major H W. Smith, who bad charge
of, and commanded the force, the sum
100 00
— -
thirteenth Penney)
mt AtaeroU:
Artman. two hnadred gad
hurt—..... ffl.R
b C hristopher Ross, first Delaware
3,598 54
j Albert Bender, i
George W. Young,
•st Delaware
■st Delaware
2.878 64
2.878 78
2.878 78
2.878 78
2,878 78
James \Y. Purduni, citri
r the capture of Booth and liorold;
$15,000 Ori
3.750 00
. 3.0P0 00
To Alexander Lovett
emth New York cav,
Charles Zimmer, sixteen
cavalry; corporal Michael U
h Ne
corporal John Winter.
---------- ----- .'ork cavalry: corporal
Herman Newgarten. sixteenth New York
cavalrv: eorpciral John Walz, sixteenth
cavalry: corporal Oliver Lon
*" — ■ cavalry: corpo
sixteenth New
... _________ John Myers, six
.nth New York cavalry; private John
R>a ' ~ --------
sixteenth New
sixteenth Ne. — .
j William Byrne, sixteenth New Y ork
cavalrv; private Philip Hoyt, sixteenth
New Y'ork c
airy: private Mart n Kelley.
7 York o
;■#£*"«_....., _____. -
eenth New York cavalry;
n Genay, sixteenth Ne
Emery Parady,
ivalry: prii
v---» —•- cava..,, ------- .
ju, r,» «.itli New Y'ork c«.
...... j John Millington sixteenth
Y'ork cavalry: private bred. Deitz,
ri New York cavalry; private John
»r, sixteenth New York cavalry:
private far) Steinbruggo, sixteenth New
Y'ork cavalry: priva'e Joseph Zisgen, six
teenth New Y'ork cavalry, one thousand
six hundred and fifty-three dol.ar* eighty
four eight tenth cents each...............$
xteenth Ne _____
ik McDaniel, sixteenth
Lewis Savage,
York cavalry:
.. ixteenth N'exv
. David Barker, six
th New York cavalry; privnte Wil
McQuaoe ' '
11. Mnger,
.2. Ard be it further enacted. That the ?
ii sums shall be paid the sevo al persons a 1
d. respective y. personally, or in case of tl
under tlie bounty i
I a decea ed soldiei
roved July 28, 1866.
#of the United Mates
the city of Er
sof Am
of Kepr
desthe . ____
______ court of the United htates direc ted by law to bo
held at Pit'slmrg, in the county of Allegheny, and at
Williamsport, in the count® o f Lycoming, fur the
western district of the fc ate of Pennsylvania, the
judge of said wr*tern district shall hold two terms in
, ery year at the city of Erie, in the county of Erie,
hn h shall commence trie first Monday ot Ju y ami
January in each nnd every year, beginning in the
July or January w hich shall first immediately follow
lie passage ot this act, and be continued and ad
journed irom time to time, as the cor-*-----**----
expedient lor the dispatch of the busi
Approved July 23, 1866.
AN ACT to authorize the Secretary of Wart
nisb transportation to discharged soldiers to ■
artificial limbs
i thereof.
horized ami directed tot
and' House of Rep.
ere tary of Wa
» discharged sol
place where they may b<
i tic ial limbs pr
Approved July 28, 1866.
nor homes and the
l under authority of
of Ropre
Be it enacted by the Senate arid H
seniatives of the United States of America in t
gress assembled, That there be, and hereby is.
propri&ted, out of any money in the treasury
otherwise appropriated, tor carrying the i
the post road- established by act - of Congri
during trie first session of the thirty ninth (Jongresi
for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eigutee
nail upon
and eigh
live dobai
ty-eix thousand
ed J uly 28, 1866.
AN ACT to protect the mannfact
of mineral
the District of Columbia, and for other
Be it enacteo ... ®— -----------------
sentatives ot the United States of America
gress assembled. 'I list all manufacture
nd House of Repr
lineral \
■rage* by law
allowed to be sohl in bottles, upon which tfieii____
marker inarks ah all be re-pcctnely
pressed, may hie with the clerk of the supreme court
. ____ district of Columbia a description of such
bottles and of the name or marks therein, and shall
the same to bo published for not less tnan two
week-, successively
ilished in mid District of t
2. And be it farther ei
by declared to be unlawful foi
hereafter, without the permission of the
thereof, to fill with
beverages any such bottle*
trathe in any such bottles s<
by him or her of
every person *o t---------„
of titty cents for every bottle
disposed of, or bought.
marked, for sale, or tt
larked, and not boughi
the t
off ei
Approved J uly 28, 18C6.
i the city of WasU
t of Columbia
acted by tli
5 of the Unit
quired to grant, and c
>y t ----------------
iy to the trustees of colored
hools for the c ties of Washington and George
town, in the District of Columbia, t r the sole use of
schools fir colored children in said District ot Co
lumbia. ail the right, title, and interescof the United
Mates m and to lots numbered one. two. and eighteen,
square nine hundred and cignty five, in the saiu
city ot Washington,:
having been designated
apart by ihe Secretary of the I uteri r to be
used f jr colored acr.ools. And whenever the same
shall be converted to other uses, they shall revert to
the United States.
Approved July 28,1866.
AN ACT to extend the jurisdiction^ of commission
hereafter may be. appointed by the circuit
____________ 'I and may exercise ail the pewersthat
any junto e of the peace may exercise under and m
vii tue of the seventh auction ot tlie act passed the
twentieth of July, Anno Domini seventeen hundred
and ninety, entitled "An act for the government
and regulation of seamen in the merchant service."
Approved July 28,1866.
the State of Louisiana.
a, judgments,«
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep
------------ --------------------_jpre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gre-s assembled. That all suit-, cause-, p r o —l Btil HI
nd proegedings in the United htates provisional
proceedings in tlie United htates pre
court fortfae htate of Louisiana, with the records
hereof, be. and the same are hereby '
he United htates district court for the eastern dis
rict of Louisiana; and all suits.cause-*, prosecutions,
nd proceeding* so transferred shall be proceeded
Provided, howevi
t court without farther action therein.
t further enacted, That all judg
ment*. order*, decree*, and decisions o? the United
Mates provi* onal court for the Mateo/ Louisiana,
relating to the cause* herebv transfen -id to the dis
triotoi feMH *' •—-®-.
W the
_______ _____district of L^i_____
...uit court held in —id district, shall at
the judgments, orders, decrees, and decisions
triot court of of the
thereof: and may be enforced, pleaded, and proved,
the judgments, order*, decreet, or decision* of
of th* Htates of Iowa and Wisconsin to
mouth, Nebraska
enacted bv the Henate and House of Rep
»v the Henate and llonse of Repre
■eotatives of he United htates of America in Con
gress assembled. That it shall be the duty of the Bee
retaryof the Interior, as soon after the passage of
this act a* may be, to cause the office of surveyor
teneral of Iowa and YY'ieconsin to be removed to
fMattsmouth, in the Territory of Nebraska, tud to
make the necessary provisions for immediate and
effective operations, and when so removed ti e duties
and jurisdiction of **id surveyor general shall be co
exten-ive with the limits ot the 'I emlory of Nebra*
ka and include the State of Iowa, and the same shall
constitute a surveying district
BBC 9. And be it further enacted. That all acts
ind part* of act* inconsistent witu the provisions of
AN ACT to prevent officer* of the navy from being
deprived of tdei' regular promotion oq account ot
woun-!s received in batt e, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by tue Henate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Htates of America in Con
gresc as»emhled. That the provision of section four
of the 1
United States navy," approved July sixt—n,
eighteen hundred and sixty two. requiring that no
officer in the naval service shall be promotedito a
higher grade upon the active list until he has been
exammed by a board of naval surgeon* and pro
uinnoed physically qu*Lfl^l to perform all his dunes
at sea, shall not be oonatrued to apply to and exclude
from the promotion to which he would otherwise be
regularly entitled an7 officer in who— case such
medical board shall report that hia(physical disquaii
fication wa* occasioned by wound* received in th
line of his duty, and that »u« h wounds do not inci
pscitate him for other datie# in the grade to which
0 shall be promoted. . _ 4
Bsc. 2 And be it further enacted. That the rate of
_________ the retired list and not
,__ retired on furlough pay. in ca—e where
such rate ot pay has not Heretofore been
*--* be one-half of the pay to which
___ ___ef the pay to w ----
would be entitled tf on deny at sea And the pay of
darks of navy yard*, of clrrks to commandants of
navy yards, and of clerk* to naval »tor«keepor«, is
navy yard*.
_rd*. and of cl
hereby ia cr es**d twenty flvo per «
present salari— from the comm* 1
ent fiscal year.
* And be it
ind be itfw
g officers of
farther enacted. That th* proper
th* treasury be. and they are
' y - . ...
1 fundi
tary of the Navy, such credits f
----- ------ ---------- --------- ...jperfcy
have occured during the lato rebellion,
hereafter, and which thali appear
> them by such vouclie
equ'retohave been o<__________ _
mm lances, or a condition of thing
,ony as they shall
been occasioned by accidental i
i condition of things oi
control, and for whicl
to used '
d clothing, etc., for de?t
p subsistence
Resolv d by the Senat
tivesof the Uni ed Ktai
assemlded. That the President of the United State*
be, and he hereby i*. authorized to cau. e to be n
5 tended, under the dinction of the Secretary of the
nterior. for trie immediate suosisten »• and c'othing
for destitute Indians and Indian ttribes wi'hin the
southern superintender.cy, and for agricultural im
plemen s and seeds for trie same, a sum not exceed
mg five hundred thousand dollar-*of the unexpended
balance in the irea-ury of appropriations herrtofore
made " to enab'e the President of the United State*
i hundred and r
» effec' the n.t of third of March, eight
' other act*
ifeion of i he. siav
unts of such ex]
■ess during it * pin
ed to said destitute India
* and Indian tribes
■ before the first day
Approved December 21,1&63.
JOINT RESOLUTION tor increasing the bond of
tae nuperintendent of Public Printing.
Whereas, Trie amount of mou y w hich can be
vanced to the Yiujierintundent of Public Print
i of his office: There
Resolved liv the Senate and House of R* prosen
ives of the United Stales of America in Uongr
ssemlJed, That the said Superintendent be
" ' * * in the penal sum
wed January 12,1886.
Exposition at Pa
Whereas the United S ate
■> the Industrial
ioen invited by
Resolved bv the senate a
e ot Represent
ivesof the United Mates of America in Uongre
issembled, That said imitation is accepted.
M:r 2. And be it further resolved, That the pr
eeding* heretofore adopted by the Secretary of ftta
Hec. 3. And bo it furthe
hundred dolla;
urteen hundred dollars,
r 4 And be it further resolved. That tlie S*
taryof State be. and is hereby, authorized a 1
JOINT RESOLUTION granting certain public
property to tlie Soldiers' Orphans' Home of Iowa.
Keso ved
Hou— of Repr
ic Uni
sembled. Trial
_ her property, now a: (Jaiup Kin?
poit. Scott county, Iowa, be. and tin* -nine are here
by, deuated to the Soldier-' Orphans' Home ot Iowa
ved January 15. lsO 1 ..
Resolved b® the Sen
of the Un
sembled, Tha
irehy, authori
known as the s
e railroad tr
trie Port Hur-11
al and upon sue.
and other parts ot said 1
of War shall direct, will
damage- on the part of s
their legal re present a
Approved January 31, 186fc.
ling trie distribution of
Resolved by the Sei
the United States o
assembled. That the Joi
Library be, and they are h**reby,
General, and .
anate uikPhou*o of
the library ot (Jon
j Department of the In
>d by the Senate and House of Reure
_ the United States of America in (Jon
einbled. That in ca v e the B irlingt n and
M'Hsouri River Rai road Company shall
section of twenty miles from tlie jiresent terminus of
its road by the nrat day of October, anno Domini
eighteen hundred and sixty six, ami the certificate
ot the governor shall be filed with the Secretary of
the interior of such completion, then the said com
pnny shall t
ititled t
the completion of ?
provide i in section eight
of land t
of twenty milei
itled 'An
the Htate of Iowa, in a!
he construction of certai
State,'' and its rights shad
entitled "An
aliiug a grant
Approved February 10. I860
to Vice-Admiral David (.
officers, petty officer!
ed by tho Sen
atives of the United States of Amern
assembled, That the thanks of Congress
of Repri
.__... hereby
Admiral David G. Farr gut, of the United States
•y, and to the officers, petty officers, seame n,
marines under Ins comman l, lor
lurnry and skill exhibited by
_____ n Mobile bay on tUe filth day of August
eighteen hundred end sixty-four, aud for thoir lung
and faithful services and Jfiwav wring devotion to tlie
cause of the country in the midst of the greatest
d fficulties and dangers.
Sec. 2. And be it further resolved. That the
dent of the United States bv* requested to conimuni
lunnicate the same to the officers, seamen, and
marines of the navy by general order of his depart
Approved February 1C, 1SG6.
JOINT RES0LL r I ION for the payment of expenses
incurred by the Joint Committee to inquire into
trie condition of the States which formed the
bo called Confederate htates of America.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Represent
• ' * Uongre**
atives of the United States of A
assembled. That the sum of ten thousand dollars.
S'1 much thereof as may be n
same is hereby, appropriated to pay the
I the
Committee of Congress appointed to
the condition of the Mutes which
formed the so carted Confederate States of An
and that the said sum shall be drawn froc. _____
ury upon the order of the Secretary of the Senate, as
e she 1 ) be required from t
shall be allowed by the said Jo.nt Committee
nesses uttending before it, or to persons employed in
its Mnrice fur per diera, traveling, or other necessary
ex pens s, and paid by the Secretary ot the senate 1
pur-uance of ihe order of the said Joint
Approved February 10, 1866.
the Treasury Department.
the eastern and western continent*. ' approved July
first, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, it was pro
vided. among other things, that the Secretary of thu
Navy be authorized to detail a vesse to assist in sur
veys and soundings, laying down submarine cable,
transporting materials connected therewith, and
generally afford such assistance a* might be deemed
best calculated to secure a successful promotion of
; and whereas the Emperor of Russia,
Ordered a atesm corvette, the " \'*riag," of two tl
■and one hundred and fifty six tons burden, sh
teen guns, three hundred and six men, to assie____
the achievement of said telegraph : a d whereas
said telegraph company intend, the ensuing sunt
lay trie submarine cable requited at
tbeoompany, seven In number, beiog ready at Ban
Francisco and Y'anoouver for the expedition, and
require immediate co operation on the part of the
United Htates. in conformity with said act: There
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled. That tb* Secretary of the Navy
be and he is hereby authorized and required to detail
one steam vessel from the squadron of the Pacific
station, or elsewhere, to assot in making vurveys
and soundings in that part of the Pacific coast, l»oth
of America and Asia, where it is proposed to e*>ab
fish said telegraph, in laying the submerged cable,
and generally to afford such assistance a* may be
best ca lc\i la ted to sucure trie snecese of the enter
prise, and to carry out the purpose* of »!"• Mt
auoroved Juhr first, eighteen hundred and sixty four,
encourage aqrt foci In at •> tele
western continent#," so for as the a
pproved February 26, 1886
JOINT RESOLUTION providing for expense# in
' ' — soldiers of the
curred in searching for miauog 1
army of the United Btates, and 1
prosecu^on of the same.
mg soldiers of the armies ol the United Htnte*. and
in communicating intelligence to their relati-----
Resolved by the Senate and Rou«* of Represent
ativee of the United Bute* of America in Cougr
assembled, That th* sum of fifteen thousand don
be, and the same is hereby appropriated, out of 1
moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriat .
to reimburse Mis* Clara Barton for th* amoun; so
np®nl, d: 1. .
|lon of jrbe seargb
printing nci-essuky
orijeet shall hereaft
Approved March 10, 1 m«*\
nid in the further proseuu
- 1 —' ,J and the
the said
ifi for_______ _______
' i the furtheraiiL. _________
be done by the public printer.
and Jefferson to the Htate of West Virginia.
Resolved by ihe Senate and House of Reprbcen
ives of the United States of America in 1 ongress
2 nib led, 1 hat t longre** hereby recognize* the trans
id Jefferson from
JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing the Sea
the National Home for Ho^
Orphans, of Washington city.
iso of trie govern
Resolved by the Senate and Hoti«e of Represenia
ves of trio United State* of America in Oongress as
■mhled. That the Eecretury ot War be, and hei*
herebv, authorized to deliver to the lady director* of
the National Home for Soldiers'
Washington city, for the use and aid of that
uch blanket-, bed
■» a-uiogiuu city, lor
it* benevolent objec
ding, and other furniture and
proper tor their purposes, nnd as *re now on hand in
t best ores of the Surgeon General's department, and
s thus to be nppropri
_____ .d characl____________________ _ rr
ated, and of wh.cli due account ?hal! be taken.
Approved March 10, 1866.
by the late explosion a
in the District of Uolumb'a.
Whereas by the late
arsegal, in the Diatrii
were killed, who wei ...........
employes of the government in sai
where a® those who were so kill-d left
dren dependent upon them f<
Ur.ited states
of Columbia, ten persoi
men, but were
d arsenal; and
horn are now in a destitute condition : Ther
Beit resolved by the Hena'e and House of
sentatives of the United Htates ot America i
__ ____1 hun
ie i- hereby,appropriated,
a-ury L
d placed by the Hecretary of the Treasury
ithe hands
rsenal, to be distributed by hur
y the said explosion, a-cordirg
> the equity and ne
Approved March 1
sliiji " * * *' - '*
id that the said
chers therefor.
nl di-tnbution
ship ** Art Unit
ved by the Senate
of the United Htai
ubled, That the Sc
to change the r
wned by the State of
quarters for the n
of War and Navy t
id vessels at the
proper authorities, at ports ot the United Htate*.
Resolved by the Henate ami House of Represent!
tives of tne United States ot Amen. .1 in Congress a
Med, That trie Secretary of War amt tlie Hei
• Navy be, and tuey are hereby, re spec
national gover
md regulation
lively deem ne
rhu ks belcn;
'•(Hired for other
ubject to such re
•aid Secretaries
Approved March 24, 1866.
ubled, That the
v of State be. and lie
nd dtrec e l
jer thirty-first, eighteen hundred and
'.he Department of State and Little,
fifty, betw
Brown ,v bo., or Moston, aias-actiusett*. IU( W a 0.1
nual iiubllcation of trie Statutes at Large of the
United Status, until otherwise ordered by Congress,
in conformity with the joint resolutions approved re
sot ctively March third eighteen hundred and forty
five and September thirtieth, eighteen hundred and
fifty: Provided, That the time within wli ch thean
nual edition of the laws is to fie delivered at the U«
l artment of Statu be extended to seventy days after
tne adjorrnraent of each session of Congress : And
id l'u
the actual e
ork. i
shall ) _____________
»s, the paper to he furnisned at 1
t for pape
quality, and five pe
, commission
Approved March 3V 1866.
tlieUmU d Statei
to the public
rmory at Springfield.
House of Kepieocnta
t America in Congress
me nrsi section of a joint resolution
eventeun. eighteen hundred and for
untied " A resolution relating to the public
»'*rta 11 _ng to the armories at Springfield and
rierry is hereby revived, reenacted,
d in force,
ed April 4, 1866.
er* Widiam Keyno"
United States navy,
Reynolds and Melanc'
Reynolds and Me la net on B.
letolved by the Senate and Ho
tat ives of the United htate* of An
jmbled, That the 1
aiucrni the several acts heretofc
for the enrolling and calling ou
and fur other purpose-, '
the pr
overt Mai
-e of Repre
(•.ml meaning
i that the benefit of
____. of said section shall be extended t
enlisted man or other person entitled by law to
ty who has been or may be discharged by rea*o
absence, n r engaged ini
iztd act or pursuit.
Approved April 12,186*5.
Htates during trie re bell i<
1- of tlie Un. ted
Resolved by the Henate nnd House of Repre
sentatives of trie United States ol America in Con
nembled, That^the hecretary of War be, and
take mime
_______ ______ . desecration too
graves of trie soldiers of the United S ates who fed
* "*f disease in the field and in hospital
A pproved April 13,1
famous offenses on condition of emigration to the
t appears from official correspondence
United States; and there is reason to believe that
1 convicted of infamous
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That the Congresi of the Uni
State* protests against
unfriendly and
ith the comity of nations, and hereby
requests the President of the United Stale* to cause
a ci-py of this protest to be communicated to trie
represen 1 atives of the Ua-tsd States in foreign
JOIN* RESOLUTION for the temporary relief of
destitute people in the District 01 Columbia.
R»>solved by in* henate and House of Repre
•-□tative*of the United States of America in Con
jre»* assembled, 'ihat the sum ot twenty five thou
sand dollar* be, and the aauie is hereby appropriated®
cut of any money 111 trie treasury not otnerwise ap
propriated. for tne temporary rel-ef of the destitute
population in trie District of Columbia, to be expend
ed under the direction of the Commissioner of breed
Approved April 17, 1865.
JOINT t RESOLUTION appointing managers for
the National Aeyiuin for disabled volunteer sol
Resolved by the Senate and House of Repre
nnted managers of the National
tney are hereby appoi
Asylum for disabled vo unleer soldiers, under trie
provision* and condition* of the third section of the
and sixty six: Richard J. Oglesby,
min E. Butler, ot Massachu-ett*. and Frederica
Suiy'h, of New Hampshire, of the first class, to serve
six years; Lewis B Gunckel, of Ohio, Jay Cooke, of
Pennsylvania, and P. Joseph Osterhaua, of Missouri,
of the second class, to serve four years; John H.
Martindale, of New Y'ork. Horatio G. Stebbias, of
Calif rnia, and George H. Walker, of Wisconsin, of
tlie tuird clues, (o serve two y>.rira®
Approved April 21,1*66.
__ .. Jlaioi ________ ____ ___
Re-oived by the Henate and House of Repre
sentatives of the United Htate* of America in Con.
R resa assembled, That in addition to the thanks
eretotore voted by joint resolution, approved
January twenty eight eighteen hundred and sixty
four, ** .... . .-x-, ®.
pressivo of the thanks ot
vr. mu to the officers and sol
_____of the army of the Potomac, for the skill and
heroio valor which at Gettysburg repulsed, defeated,
and drove back broken and dispirited the veteran
peo pl e___________ . . ____________ __
Congress are likewise due, and are hereby tendered,
to Major General W infield B. Hancock, for hia gal
lant, meritorious, and conspicuous share in that
Approved April
JOINT RESOLUTION for the transfer of funds
appropriated for the payment of salaries in the
Post Office Department to the general salary ac
count of that department.
Resolved by trie Sana;# and -House of Repre
sentative* of th* United State* of America in Con
gre*s assembled. That the unex(tended balance* on
th* hook* of the Treasury Department, from the
________ ___________________ingers wat an effigy
Dliorere. and superintendent and clerks of the mowe r
order system, including trie amouge* appropriated
for th# payment of twenty per ciritura incr***e of
certain salaries, (all of trie same being appropriation*
* * '* • - JK-. , KC
made by Congress for the Post Office
trajMM *
...___it fni_____________________
they are now placed to the credit of t be Pest Office
Department, to th* general salary account 0' fund*
__________/erred on the book* of the Treasury Pe
|>»rtment. from the^rrepective headings under which
placed to the credit of the Post Office n
Provided, 'ihat this joint resolution t-hii
Btrued to increase the appropriations
for the service of the Post Office Depart*
Approved April 25, 186*.
Ke.-oived by (he Senate and Ilot
sentatives of • he United States of Am
gress assembled, Ihat there be, and
propriated, out of any money in th«'
' d, t he------* •
otherwise appropriated
the last day ot December. eJL/-hli
xty five, an 1 in addit!on(
ed during said hi|
sums as xnay be „
fines penalties, and forfeiture^ connect]
customs, and from storage, cartage
labor: and the first section of "An ac
propria turns for tlie expenses of collet
enue from customs. approved Jm
eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, be, ai
hereby, repealed.
Approved May 3,1866.
the gratitude of tno n*
of the LY
officers soldiei .
by whose valor at d endurance, .
th« s<'*, the reheilion has been crushed]^
have been humbled-by t)
ot freedom the g ________
pie has been preserved and miiiniaa
whose orderly return from the fire and
war to Uirpeac -fal pursuit, of prualou
ing and ennobling influence of the ir-»
nation has been so signally ma
r RESOLUTION extending the ti ®
.lr I ion of the Union Pacific rnh
ft ly
gres- assembled. That the time tor tri
the first one hundred inilesof rai road
line by the Leavenworth, Pawnee, and Wi
the tenth
Railroad '
Hundred and sixty
— . und in the fifth* (D
thereof, of July second,
-hall be reckon! fij
June in said vp«r.
further enacted, ft
1 of t
Approved May 7, i
JOINT RESOLU I ION to provide ! »r
of crude petroleum from internal taj
for other purposes.
Be it resolved by tho Senate and Ilo
rentativesof the United States of An
gress assembled, Tnat par a tli- e oil, n ,
rity thirtyi
, the
of dm
Oduct of
single distillation of coal, shale, a-phaiti
other bituminous s*b-tanoe-. -hall im
trie pas-age of t-.is joint resolution, !>o a ,k
internal tax or duty *
Approved May 9,1866.
td by
s of 1
the I'.mpejorona^jpret,
of Amin
_______ .... nned
made upon the life of the 1
11 enemy of eiuancipm un.
lg to his Imperial Majesty
isings of thei
1 it turtirer re
ed States be requested*
Approved May 16, 1866.
Tajlor, of New Y'ork
y select a proper sue l
ii. may agree, and
i be purchased by
contemplated in
and the Secretary of the Interior.
communicate iua Miiif, »ua .-■;. auai
fe- ion* a* they may think proper, toC.i
Approved May 16,1866.
fair for the Huldiers'and S.
Resolved by the Senate and Hou-e
sentatives of the United SG
E ress assembled. That the Hecretary
demanded by tn« deport
.! . LoW
. ••
Ihj extended to the tir-t
hundred and. sixty >
ml notice ot huch
them to the He.retary of tlm Interi
ids known a* the land* of trieex ma
K. 11. Dj«*r. deputy Ui
___eluded ____ „____
aid Western Pacific Railroad l
▲pproved May 21, UG6.
by th" general assembly of tha
cose the envelope inclos ng <
franked by such adjutant general
health >
Be it resolved by the Henate.
1 of the Unite 1 8tat«
n»Hembled. 'I hat the HecrcU'yoll
\ und lie hereby i*. authori/.*-.! to nd
ito effect such order* anrt regu *
', in Ins opinion, may be deemed t»
execution ot t
speclively in such a
cessary. And such
necessary to carry
9 health laws of
amount of _ _ —
___________________effect this
hereby appropriated out of an> monrijB
Approved May 26, 1866.
A RE OLUTION prodding (cr tiiefifl
a collect on of plants tenth red Mffi
ien tat ives of the United Btat*-.-< ol Aefl
gresa as.sembled. That the Unit*- i
'ion of plants tendered by IrM^R
•morial of March second,
Approved May 26, 1866.
A RESOLUTION authorizing theffifl
examiners to examine a site fortffi
basin for iron clad vessels of the W
Resolved by the Henate ami
sentatives of the United State* of AIV
grass aftxf-mhlert Thai the Nai-relarr «■
gre** assembled, That the Secretary of,
authorized and directed to appoia 1 *
aiuiners to examine a site at or t
Maine, for the fresh-water basin
of the United Htate* navy, ami louj
vantage* and cost of said site, and
Congress during the present sessioi
Use the
" IClchurdsou's New U f,k 1
An improvement upon 1
arrangement, adaptation and
upon a new and original plan, ami
seriea of plates, showing tne proper
hands and finger*. <r i
The popularity of thi* book has,
led by that of any similar work. 1 rn to
are sold every year. Among teact*e»»
have examined it, it ia pronounced
* / Methods.
lence to all other —
" Schools," and the book that evpry m
the aoeuirement of a thorough
forte play»ng. It i* adapted t<> all
from the rudiment*! studies of tri#
studies and exercises of advam "t
tions are published, one adopting
other foreign fingeung. When the
if no preference is designated- tb#
American fingering will he sent (M|
Be sure that in ordering it
■pecifyiug the "New Method V'.Ttfl
ed, poat-naid. to any addre** Boia 1
___ ______ _ Brief*
ed, post-paid, to any addre
aplO 277 Washington tU Z
'tbofic-xl KOOHNO HAXVfiff
▲nd Deaiei
Beal, ( harcoal, Cek*. 1
New Orleans
Order* left at «h# above place.«
ice Exchange, will receive prompt a*

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