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Pollock. Tor tho uve etc., v»
drew J. Par me i e -No 1139.
F ifth district court for the par
isL of Orleans, No. Ilu9.—By virtue of and in
ooedier.ee to an order ot sale, rendered March 7.
1^*L, ar.d to mo directed by the iioGoraole the
x rich L.-strict Court lor th ' pirisii of Or earns in
the above entitl- d cause, 1 will proceed ro srii at
pjouc auction, on tne premises • reinafter de.sig
natfil, on ILEsDAY, Apri. 12, 1SVIJ, at Lve o'clock
ated oq (Jiiira, between Caiiiopo and Euniirosine
screen, in the First District of tbi* city, aspirr in
ventory. which i«ayj>« seen in my office,
fiercei in the above suit.
Adraaa—Gash on tho snot.
V#vi _ THOMA ' L. M \XWFL
ap5 12 Sheriff ot the Pariah r.f Oi
Pedro Pons v«. J <y w«* Frlifola, Tutor.
t?h of OrIeari3. No. 2315.—By virtue of a writ of
seizure and sa a to me dire led by the Honorable r ^e
Seventh District Court for tne pariah of Orleans, in
the above entitledcauso, 1 will proceed to eel? ht pub
ttc auction, at 1L0 Merchant* anh Auctioneer.}' hx
change, Royal street, between Canal and Cus
tomhouse streets ;n the feecond District of
this city. on TITE'DAV. Apr.* L K, U70, u
twetvo o'clock M., the folio \ mg dc.-.cribed proper ■
to wit—
TWO LOTS <»F GROUND, together with the
buildings and improvement* tnereon. situat 'd :r
tne Second District of this city, in the square
bounded by Condo now Char r res* Daruaine, Levin*,
now Dt.i 'ir. and St. Fbii'p stieetc, de; ; mated hy
the numbers one and two • n a plan drawn by liou:-}
bur^i, -.utn Surveyor, on ti e tv\ mty-.-ev* utb day of
October. I-47. and deposi-ei as plan number one
hauured and forty in l ie office oi Tacodore Guyol,
notary public in t his city.
Sa;.i Jots bung contiguous and measuring :ach
twenr^-one leet thre-' bib s front on C'ondfi (ccw
Oi arires) su-eet. by one hum red anil tive* tv tee: :n
aeptfh; b - .nc the s&me property v. icn rue late rio
sepa A n;roice ourchu-ed from Mis. Widow Louis
Guigr.an and from her four children, by an u':
passed before Charles V. FouIon, notary public, io
this city, on the sixteenth ot Marti:, .864, and \ :.-.u
at the deam of said Jo>eph A >h«-!te, fit ivtri oi.
b;s :wo minors. Dauptm Auguste Anthoi/ia and
Augustin a ntnoine, as hi* sole heirs.
The buddings and improvement* on sa'd two i< t»
comprise a double two st-.T. and attic brick *iw*
Jag iioc**, Nos. 23i arid 238, . late rorfi-d with iron
verandah fronting the street, and r. do .bie two- orv
i ■■ ite lain build
ta.ns two Jargr* -tores on toe ground fl ior, *ix
rooms and back gu!!t ries on t e second *?cor sail
two room j in the attic: and th*. kitchen contains
two rooms on the ground and two rooms a*
the second f! >nr, with galiery in front. pr«vies. yar i
pave^. w::a brick, watnworks, etc, tae vtoltj
Civpje.i into two separate tenements.
re./.ec in the above mit.
Terms-—!. Cash in a sufficient amount to pay
p a nr.ff * claim, amounting to tho su r; os two
thousand^ann ecv'nty* nine d ilir» and <. :r.ety-.-!\
cents 79 9C l , with interest ihs rare or to ir »>< r
cent per annum, from the eighth of March, 1866.
until tbe day of sale, tog«the r with five per cent
attorney's fees, on the amount da.rued, ai.J coats
Oi su *. and sale.
2. The onrciiaser to assume the extent of the
amouut v* bis bid) the payment of yix promissory
notes, secured by cor current mortage on said
afore-d escribed property, drawn by Augustine
.Lescure, w do.v ot the lu.e Jo-e^h Anthoine. tutrix,
etc, io ter own order, and by ner indorsed
m hoi* capac tv, each for the sum of live
Hundred auii nineteen dollars and n.neTy-nine cents
(fo.3 99), dated ou the e*ghta March. 1*^6. and pav
abie, respectively, at live, s;x, seven. **var, nine nmi
ten yearo oa:«, boariug interest a the rate ot io-ir
percent per annum from date till puici.
3. And the balance of ihe price of adjudication
(J any) cash on the spot.
m^-3 ap8 26 8ber?tf or the rarish of Orleans.
aienry JLarquIe vs. i*uxcal Lu
isfl of Orleans, so 23,852 —By virtue ot a writ of
se.zure and saieto me directed by the Honorable i;:e
fourth District Court for the par.sh ox urivars. in
tae ac -Vo eatitled cause. I will proceed to sell at
public auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneers'
Exchange. Royal street, botweeo Canal and Custom
I? Second District o/ this city, on
JJ^DNKbDAA, April 27, 287ll. at twe ve o' dock
JH the rol **.ving describexi property, to w^
A OBRfAlN LOT UK GROUND, together with
a:l me buildings and improvements thereon rigors,
ways, privileges aod a<:van^ag*s thereunto belong
ing or in any w»se apperta ning, situated in the
foecoad Distr cfc of this city, ou the Metairie
KoaJ designated r*s nuaiber one. on a plan de
posited in the office of h. G. Gor^chalk, coiary
pT i» ,iC 13 ' 3 c * 1 '. as plan number riiteen.
Which said lot measures, acc >rding to su'd plan,
one hundred and s xiy-three feet nine iiiCi^sanu
eeven ,inr.-. front on eaid M»*t4ir.e road: five hun
dred ana seventy six feor four inches and rev-:: . .t,**
in depth from point n.arKtid B to point marked C:
two thnusand two hundr* d and tw j ieet two inches
aad seven nues in dep ht f -u letter G t > letr-r I):
cmety h -e r-v r el- ven inches ard ihreo linen, also n
dspth. from *ert'r e. to let'er t and tve hnn-red
S-nh th-rty-three f*of,. inches and s*x lic.es ir
- '■ ' : -' 1 j '■ i to ie ter A, starting point,
fising t.ie Ffimo property aeguired by icreLdau* by
t>urcua s roin theci'v of tim at* 'succts-: ,n of
N!cD uogl'per %et pr 4 s-«d l»efor* said notary, i. u.
Gott^chaik, fitted March 1.3. 1-j 9, du-v recorded ,n
Ocntr^yance Office of this city, boj»v 73. toho 53t:.
he;red in tne above suit.
Terms—Gash on the 8por.
tn::T) ap8 27 8b**ntf of Ihe Parish or iyrirar:?.
L*<-;m:err V. tuba r<; vi £mlly C. Me
L or Orleans, No. l!t)9 —By virtue of a writ of seiz
ure an : a ale to d.h directed by tne Honorable the
Sf-xth District Court.for the p r.-h of Orleans, in^he
•bo re entitled osase, I will proceed to sell .
auction, r.t he Merchant- and Auctioneers' Ex
change, Royal street, be ween Oa ai ana (.'nsfom*
hou^e streets in the Second DEtV.ct of «.. ? ci-v,
on MONDAY. April', 1870. at twelve o'c oik M.!
the to:iowiug deecrib d ivowt'v. iom -
A GEK1AIN LOT Ol iikbC.ND, with ali*:ha
buildings and improverner-ts tht-reon. siaiife tne
First District of t air city, is The square bourded by
hi. Peter (now Frankli n. Hevia mow L dayeit-;
S Paul mow Liberty) and Sou*h ^P.-ydras sfrte'--:
wmch ?aid lot of ground measures thirty lour fe 1
nine inches and six lines on Franklin stree-. eight -
five feet threr inct-e? on the 1 ne toward Lafayette
street, thirty four feet nice inches a id two line» ;u
the rear and eighty five feet toree incLec <;n lino
toward South Poydras street, a» p* r eke'et. of Af
tnur O. tie Arina-, surveyor, of March 3, 1*63, on file
in the suit of Mrs. Mary McMdlen, thtrix v». this
defendant. No. 3:i,G3l ot the docket of tho S- cond
District Court for the parish of Orleans, and on
wmch sketen the afoiosaid property is desigui ted
by the letter D.
Being e**mrf property acquired by defendant
by the will of Mrs. Margaret Ann McMiJlcn. her
mother, fi'ed in the Probate Court for the parish of
Or:ean9, on the third of* June, 1642, and recorded in
Wit! Book No. 7, folio 87. Tho k&iu-t proper r v hav
ing been acquired by the lata Margaret Ann McMil
ioc, widow of Charles McMillen bypureha.se from
Timothy Dow. by act p issed beioreG. K Ncnnger.
late a notary public in this city, on the -day oi
Seized : n the above suit.
r l ^rnia—Cash on tho spot.
mhlO 25 apiO Sheriff' of the Parish of Orleans.
'Mr*. Widow Jocinti) A lelx v«. Jean
Pierre Bellan, Bertraud Estrada and Bertrand
F ourth district court for thr
parish of Or eans, No 23.7o8 — By virtue of ar.a
in obelieaue to order ot salo, rendered March 21,
1870, and^ to 4be dir^c^ed by the Houorahie
the I'curth District Court for the pariah of Orleans,
in the above entitled cause. I will proceed to sob at
public auction, on the pr* mises heremaft*. r d- sig
oat ed. on WEDNESDAY, April 6, 187 j, at naif
i^ast tour o'clock R. M.—
and the furnilure and movable e;F eta tnerein con
tained. situated At the corner ot Orleans and \ j.
lera streets, in the IS^cond District of th ; 8city, as
per inventory, which may be seen in my office.
of jaid premises (three story brick hoimeand kitcbem
up to the thirtieth Septeinber. 1871, at the rate
of twelve hundred doll.-ns ($1200) per annum: ^ y
one hundred dollars ($ Ofi) per month payable
monthly, wita the privilege of renewing tor one
a copy of paid 'ease is now on file.
Provisionally seized in the above suit.
Terms—t or the contents of the coffeehouse, etc.,
cash on the spot, and rorthe unexpired thi :u of **.«
leaey the purchaser to pay the mnt as it fa.'io duo,
and the balance, if anv. cash on the spot.
tho*as l. maxwell,
mh26 29 ap6 Sh riff of tha Parish of Orleans.
Widow II. Dlrafei v*. LouU Olmbel.
F ifth district court top. the par
isti of Orleans, No. 14 6. —By virtue of a wm
of fieri facias io ran directed by »iie Hnuorable tho
Fifth District Court for the parish of Origan- in the
above entitled cause, I will procee to soil at public
auction, at tno Merchants and Audi meers' Ex
change. Royat street, between Canal and Oc.stosn
house 3treets in the Second D &lrict of thi ^ cif v, on
THURSDAY, Match 31, 1870, at twelve nV.r.rk'v -
ol the defendant, Louis GimbeJ. in and to the an
expired term of tne lease entered into be rive en said
defendant and Samuel Hastings, on tee e gbth oa ■
of 5>ep 4 einb6r, 1863, of the property, together with
the improvements thereon, situated on M ,?azine
stree*. be T ween Fe'icity and bt. Mary-treet . and
bearing the nnmper five hundred aud twemy-three
on said Magazine street. Said ease being lor the
term of one year, commencing October 1, i* 9, and
ending September 30. 1870. a* the rate or Mighty-fiva
dollars ($^5) per mon-h. psyablemontlilv, in advance.
Sen ea i • the above su.t.
Terms—The purchaser to pay the rent, as it fads
due, as expressed m said lease, and the balance cf
the price ot ac.udicat.ien cash on the spot.
mhI9 24 31 Fheriff of the Pari-h of Orleans.
•J.iifid 35. Aden vs. Mrs. IC. Niuraeunrifer.
'Arite, etc—Fourth District Court tor tfie parish
of Orleans, No. 23.6G0.
Unbart A Co., vs. K. Sturzenegger an»i A.
hturzenejggor—Fifth District Court ior tfie
parish of Orleans, No. 1414.
facias to me directed by the Honorabie the
District Courts aforesaid, respectively, in the aoovo
eutitlea causes, I will proceed tc eel! at public auc
Premises herMiaalter designated, on
WEDNESDAY. March 30, 1870, an i succeeding
days till close(. at bah pa^t ten o'clock A M.—
ir M «5Ki^5iS D !r SB * ¥lX 1 ard
M \ ABLE PHOFERiY of every description
contained the premise?. No, 43 Old I.evee street,
between C ustomhouse and BionHile streets, in the
Mecitid District of this city, as per inventory, whi'h
may be seen m my office.
Seized in the above suits.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
mh!6 22 30 Sheriff of the Pariah of Orleans.
JKadolph Tn-ney v«. Wlillum Shannun
xeh of Orleans, No. 2664.—By virtue of a
wnt of fieri facias to me directed by the Honorable
the Seventh District Court ior the par.sh of Or
leans, in the above entitled caube, I will pro
ceed to *ell at public auction, on MONDAY
Apr il 1870, at half past four o'clock P. M., at mv
warehouse. No 74 St. Arn street, between Royal
»nd Bourbeu streets, in the feejond District of tfiib
MOVABLE EFFECTS, removed from the premises
Fio. 108 8fc. Mary street, as per inventory, which may
be «een in my office.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Cash on tne spot.
znh22.29 ap3 Sheriff of tbe Perish of Orleans,
sh ol Orloaos, No. 23,875 —By virtue uf a writ of
seizure and sale to mo directed by the Honorable
ihe Fourrh Uisinct. Gourt for tho parish of Or'ean.*,
in the above entitled cause, I wil proceod to cell
fit public auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneers'
Exchange, Royal s*reet, between Canal and Giu*
to'uhouse streets, in the -econd I>istrict of this
citv, on TUESDAY. April 26, 1873, at tweJve
o'clock M., the fallowing de f .cribed property, to
the bocond District of this city, fignmv'i by
the rumber seven, of square niunho' sixty-four,
bouruie oy Canal, r'rieur. Gustomliouse an l'd^ ur:
son streets, on a plan made by J. r ibe, late sur
veyor, dated May J. 184U, deposited in the * tJi -t>>of
D. Ii. Me ay. iate a not:try public in Hi s < itj : t; 4l n
iot measuring, yinibncan mea*urp, twenij ieven
feet six inches trorit on Cast ora ho use street, by one
huucred and six feet eight iuone* ''ci p, between
psralle* fires, togottier with the buddings and im
provements thereon, ar d appurtenances tiierc»d
2. A DfcRi AIN L T OF (.ROUND, situited *n
the r lhird District of tb s oiiy, designated hy the
number ihirteen.of square number sixteen, wii ch
• bounded by Roman* Preur, doi'imL i
«i»rpe otreer®, on a particular plan drawn by Lo-i
Minn, surveyor, on G:u tw,:;n dune, 184i,
depotitfefl in the office ot a. Ducntel, notary public
in rlrs city. tSo.id ior. m* azures, American measure,
thirty-two teet tivo .nches and six and a half lines
frer-.t. on Co urnbus str^ot. by one hundred and tii ty
se/t" T xeet ' iev^u inches and six line: in d»-i th be
iween parallel lines, together wirh all the bui.
and irnprovemeut.s thereon, and right**, va;.-.
•-s hud appurte* ar.cea vHe»cot. t>.i id !o:^
juirod by .th^ riefomlani from J. ii. Blar.
cnef. per act passed bef- re Kusobe B uny. notary
, this city, on tha fifth d:.y of December,
•Sc.zed in toe above su>
Tjriua—Caaii on the spot.
mfc2uap 6 2t Sheriff of the Pa; h of Orleaf.a. ^
H Johnson vs. «). H. 4 Ohwcy.
k3 i .r; .. (>f Oriea. s, No. >62.—By virtue of a
krit ot lj«ri facias, ia favor of Tnom.is Murr«t\ - ub
rogated. vs. the * Uty oi New « hleans, to me directed
by the honr.rabie th8 Sixta District Court Ji>r
tha parish of Orleans, \nt l-*! \bove entitled caus**,
1 vud pr •• ed to sell at i ubbe auction, at the Mer
chant . .*r>t! Au« i .' .leers' J ac targe. Rcyal street, fcy
tvv;-eu ChdaI and Cu-ton.hou- n sireot . in the Second
District or this city, oa TUESDAY, A mil 12.
Is"'*, nt tw a' vc o'clock M. t the following described
properly, to wir—
]. TtU'. L(M' OF GROUND eitunte in f*iuarH
bounded by Poydras, Haronne. Perdioo and Carroll
raring < ...... f
inches on Baronins tre*»t. fifty seven feet rive m hes
on Perdido st-eet, and one hut dred and fift v feet
f : > u van d i a re 'j- e g h t b s inch cs o n (J r ro i 1 s tree t, a:: d
lifty -seven feet five inches on the !>ne nearest Puy
drar streoc >U!ject to the u»nf uct granted n
DbrisCun Scnm-iuer. J.t ui.i Schneider and Heriumm
Zuberbie**, by act passed before Wiijiam J. u*r li.
notary pul lie in this city, on the eighteenth of May,
let>7: and also all of trie right* ot the city to purchase,
at the expiration of the charier of the New Orleans
and Carrollton Railroad Company, to wit: On the
ninth of February. 183). the building erected on ra d
lot, at a value to be fixed by to ur appraisers, two to
be nam-d by each party, who, in case oi disagree
ment, shall appoint an umpire.
2. THE LOT OF GRulTN'R situated in the
square bounded by Baronre, Perd'do, Poydras and
Lenn streets designa'ed by the letter A on a plan
ot P Ii* & Murray, surveyors, dated Septeiriber li,
1369 aud annexed to an act of Jea-e ' asaed between
the city of New Or earn and Kern A Fell mac, before
W. ,1. Unstell, notary public, in this city, on the said
eleventh day ot Fep'etnber, 1 h9. *
Sagd lot measure^ twenty fact on Baronne street,
with the tame front on Pern server: seventy feet
1 hreo in-bes on the line toward Perd'do street, and
seventy feet eight inches on the line toward P&ydras
street, subject to the least of Fern A lei!m*n, for
fourteen years, from the aforesaid eleventh Septem
ber. 18t-9. at the rate of $200 per snnum. and on the
further condition that the buildings and improve
ments erected by said Keru A Fbllman shall revert
to the city at the oxpiratian of said (ease, an., all of
the righisacd interest ot tha city to the conditions
ot said lease.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Gash on the spot.
mhll 26 apl2 Sheriff of the Parisa of Orleans
A.. Flraer J'mler A Co., Samuei Smith A
Uo., subrogated, vs. Arcane a Andry.
A parish of Orleans, No. 396.—By virtue of &
writ of seizure and sile to me directed byth3Honor
able tne Fifth District Court for the parish ot Or
leans, in the above entitled cau*e, I wi l proceed to
pel! at public auction, at the Merchants and Auc
tioneers' Exchange, Royal f treet, between Canal
and Customcouso streets, in the Second Distri t of
this city, on SATURDAY, April 2, 1x70, ai
twelve o'clock M. t the following described ;roperty,
to wir—
A CERT AIN LOT OF GROUND, situated in the
Second District of ih - city, in the square com
prised between R oyal, Hospital, Conde or Ghartrte
and Ursuhnes streetmeasnrieg twenty-eight fe-.t
front or. Hospital street, upon a depth of seventy
four fett four inches: togetuer wi*h ail the build
ings, cont-tructions, appurt* nnpees and deper.d
or.c Ce on th-. same, and the rights and pnvi cz«*s
tbvreumo belong ng without any exception o * rcser
vation, which said proper'y was acquired by the « e
fendart herein from the heiri of !<:adc:ne 'La'aune
Blanque) as per act passed before A. Mazari-au.
notary public tn this city, oa the r.iue'eouth day uf
March. 18):;.
4 he building* and improvements comprise a very
desirable two-story brick dwe n iug rouse/ mate
roofed. No. CO Ho3pFalstreet, and a two-story ) rick
kitchen, elate roofed, apourtenances, yard paved
with brick, waterw rks. oic.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Gash on the sp f.
mhl !6dp2 Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
Luui« Amr.dee r r»<Ierei
ieb oi
ot Orleans!, No. 102.*.—By virtue •. ; a writ t I
to m< lir morabl
Fifth District C urt Mr the Parish of Orleans, i» : j
the above entitled cause, 1 will proceed to m : a *
public auction, at the Merchants and - u- Fo p* r-' j
Exchange, Royal street, bet wee a Canal an < j
tomhouse str etq in the Second Distric: of fi.i •
city, on MONDAY. Aj ;T 11, 187;', ai j
twe;ve o'clock M., tr.e following described }
P TWo LOrS OF GROUND, situated in the Third
district of thiscitj, das crated ns numbers thr*-« j
and four in square bonnded hy E -pJanad -.Kerltrer, j
Johnson and Crieur streets, measuring twci.t»-Uiiu I
feet-, nine inches and three lines fr nton Esplanade |
street, each t>y one hundred .and twenty fear in
dep* -. between para lei fines, a-, per plan of
DePcuiUy. rssiiitanfc city surveyor, flawed twentieth
October. ar-t deposi^efi in the cffice of \V. J.
Castelf, notary public in this city.
Being the same property acquired by defendant
by purchase from Thorny Lafon, per act parsed be
fore A. 1C. Bionvenu, notary public, in this ci y
dkted ninth February, 1 69.
Seized i r> tne above suit.
Terms—( ash ou tne ppo*.
mn!0 25apl0 Sheriff or the Parish ot Orleans.
Tomy LuS'oii vn. Jouh KePy.
F ourth district court for the pak
ish of Orleans No. 2:1.782 —By virtue of a writ
of seizure of sale to me directed by the Honorable
the Fourth District Court for toe pariah of Oneana,
in the above entitled cause, 1 will proceed to sell a'
public auction, at, the Merchants ar d Auctioneers
Exchange. Royal street, between Canal and Custom
house streets, in tho Second District uf tti*- city,
ou MONDAY, April 11, l£70, at twelve o'clock
M . the following described property to wit—
GROUND, situated, lying ai d being in the First
District of tlif3 city, iu the square bounded by
Felicity. Terpsichore. Howard and Liberty streets,
designated by the numbers eleven and twelve on a
certain plan drawn by E !!. Pil e, late ci*y Mir
veycr, deted tenth May, lfcfO, deposited in the office
ofC. K Fcrrier. late a no ary public io this city. as
plan number forty-eight of book of plans one. r^aid
lot, cumber eleven, measures thirty three feet
e-giit inefces front on Felicity street, thirty-three
feet eight inches on tbe side of iot numbei ten. and
nine feet ore inch and four lines on th&side of iot
number twelve
And lot dumber twelve measures thirty-three feet
eight inches front on Felicity rfreet, thirty three
feet eight inches and three lines in the rear,
by a depth of nine feat one inch and four lines
on The si e of .'of number * ie*en. and nine feet three
inches and one lino ou the side cf lotnum er thir
Together with all the rights, ways, advantages
thereunto belonging, or iu any wise appertaining.
Being the same property acq nired by defendant
by purchase from Daniel Uox per act passed
before W J. Cacfoll, Notary Public, in thiscit^,
on the seventh of October, 1862.
Seized in (he above suit.
Term -—Tfie purchaser f o assume tbe payment of a
promissory note secured by mortgage on said nron
erty, for tfip sum ot three hundred dollars ($ ''1' ,
drawn b; defendard to his own ord*r. and by him
endorsed, dated the seventh day of October, fi
pa rable on the ten! • •
eight per cent, iutereot per aunum from date n:l ma
turity ; and ihe ba j,dco oi :.,e i-ri-.e of adjudication
caah on the spot.
f of tl e -Parish oi Or' »ans
UVIah «.*. JAoaenihii
liuj burn, 11 off'.
h ot Orleans, No. 1222.—By virtue of a wn ..
seizure and sale to me directed by the Honorable
Sixth District Court tor i'.epar>-fi at linear.:
vuso l will proceed to
in the above entitled
public auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneer*
E•-.change, Royal street, between Canal an ; On3
tomaous^ rrree'«. in the Second District of tn - cu .
or SATURDAY, April 23, 1370, at 12 o'clock M.
tfie lo iowijjfir d scrip,.d property, to wit —
A LOT OF GROUND, together wiih the build*
ing3 and improvements tnereon, situated iu tee
First District of this i ity. and designated by tne
number twenty-three, m stjuaro comprised within
iiravxer. Common, St. Jane ard Bolivar f-treets, on
a plan by Koell and Werner.ftn-vcuors, dated -evtrj
teenth March, 1^48, and deposited in tho office of
James Graham, notary publ-c in this city.
>aid iot forming the corner of Gravier and St.
Jane streets, and measuring thirty two fee: seven
inches Iront on Gravier street, by oue hundred and
ten feet eigh 1 inches and four Lnos in depth and
front on St. Jano street, between parallel lice.fi
American measure.
Which property was purchased the Iat9
Christian lloffman from l harles J. F. Raquio, per
act executed on tbe seventh of April. 1858, before
H. ifi Caire, then a notary public in this c ity It
belongs cow to his widow, Barbara Hoffman, in her
enpa- ity of his universal legatee, ar.d recognized as
such by an order ol the Second District Uourt -f
New Orleans, dated twenty-sixth January, 1866, No.
22 ft«9of the docket of safi' court., putting her in
possession of all the property left by deceased, who
died without issue
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Cash on tne spot.
mh22ap6 23 Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
Louie Stern A' Bro». v* Hcrxer.
Mrs. Aspasia E. Peters vs. Same.
F ourth district court for the
pariah of Orleans, Nos. 23,658 and
23,661.—By virtue of two writs of fieri
facias to me directed b! tbe Honorable tbe
Fourth District Court for the oar it h of Orleans, in
the above entitled causes, l wilt proceed to sell at
public auction, on M »ND \Y, April 4, 1870, at half
past ten o'clock A. M., at my a warehouse No. 74
5>t. Anu street, between Royal iRd Bourbonstreets,
in *he Second District of this city—
The CONTF^NTn of a Shoe Store, removed from
the corner of Poydras and Penn streets, as per in
ventory which may be seen in my office.
Seized in the above suits.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
mh22 29 ap3 Sheriff of the Pariah of Orleans.
II. lionst&no and A, ** Keauintr, £xvca
tors. vs. Peter Klein and aL
jl parish of Orleans, No. 18 253.—By virtue of
a writ of iL-ri facias against Mattfras Waiter,
sure on appeal bond, to me directed oy the
Honorable the tilth District Court for the
parts.i oi Orleans, in too above entitled cau^e,
I wi'S proceed to sell at public auction, at
tne Merchants and Auctioneers* Exchange Ki^ya!
street, between Canal and Customhouse stroete,*in
the Se-ond District of this city, on SATURDAY.
April eT), 1670, at twelve o'ciOwk M., the loiiowing
described property, to wit—
A UeRTaIN LOT OF ( ROUND, situated,
Jyms aoo being in the Fonrth District of tlm cii ,
m the .*q*:ar« bounded b Second. First, Ohippexv.j
«idu runon streets, njeasuring forty-t*^*) fee: front
oa SecMtjd street, forty uvo f* et two inches two and
one naif lines cn the rea 1 " lice, fcv a depth <»f oue
hundred and twonty-s : x feet six inc e and threw
iice« on t6e :-i e inward Chippewa,s reet, . md
hundred and twenty-aix feet six inenes aud t*o
baes on the side line toward Fulton street, being
composed of lot number tw elve and the half of lot
number elevea. adjoining Io' numb r twelve
.''aid otb numbers eleven and twt-lve aro fully do
scribe j on a < main p;;*n rira vn i.v 11. Moeihausen,
archi'ent and *-ivil engineer, dated twenty fourrh oi
} «A>rnary. 164C, and deposited in the office of VV. J.
Uattell, notary t ublic m tni3 city, ?*»r r- .erenc *, ;n
r.'abookof pians, r.umter one. Together with aii
|be ri :hts, ways and advantages »hereunto belong
ing. oj^in anywise apperi-aining S vid proper r y was
a-quired from the succBfasion of Jasper Strong. p«r
act passed before ^aia notary, VT J. t 'a .-t-Ji, oc. the
twelfth of May, 1866
Seized in the above suit
Terms—Cash on the spot
m.:29 aplff 30 Sheriff of the Barish ot ori*-_ na
S tlehmon v*». J, R. Conway.
O ish t Orleans, No. 861—Ii> virtue ot a vri* of
fieri racias against t w e citj of New t'r;tar?,^r
li'tnee, in tnvor of Samu<-t Johncjn, m his'ov:;
right and tor the u=e e! Oliver & Mar.haad.
ro me Oirected by the H'.corabie the
Sixth Distr ct Court for the parish ol Orleans,
ir. the above entitled cause, I will proceed to ۥ:*
public auct on, at tha ulcrchanr^ and Auctioneers
f charge. Royal street, b-tween Canal
h- u-e .-.rreots, m the Second Duui.t ot
TUESDAY, Ypril 1». 1870, at twelw
tne following deacTibed propmty, to wir—
1. THE LOT Ot GROUND si:ii
b r .ucde ; by Poydras B^onne. Pern,
streets, mvasur ng one hundred ar.
inches on Barunno street, fifty-eeven ♦
on I • red and tirty feet
tear anti three-e.ghtbs inches on .>arroh trecT .md
fi t: -.-e.cn feet five inchts cn »Ln line nearest Y oy
rra* street, subject to the u-ufruct gra >u.d to
Christian Schneider, Louis Schneider ai d li »rmsnn
Zulu bier by aci passed before Willi m J. Cartel J,
notary pohlic'iu th's city, on tne eignteenrh of Mai.
18' 7: U'lff also ad of He right?- of the city to purchase,
attheezpi atiouof th*.« cl arter of the New « s r:a%ca
and Gar roll ton Railroad Company, to wit: un the
ninth of rebruary, 1883 the builcing erected o:i s^id
f ot, a r a value to he fixed by feur apprai ere, two io
be nainrd hy each party, who, in case of disagree
ment shall appoint hd umpire
2. THE LO i' OF GKO UN 0, situated in the
square bounded by Baronne. Perdido, Poydras ard
Peun streets, designated by the letrer xon a p an
of P« ie A Murray, burveyois, dated September 11,
18C3, and annexed to au act of lease passed betw en
the city of Orleans and Kern & Fcliman. before
W J. Caste !, notary pub ie in this city, on the said
eleventh day of Sept- ro her. 1869.
Said lot measures twenty feet on Baronue street,
wi h tne same front on Penn .-tre*t: seventy f. e*
t rfeincn sen the lino toward Perdido .->tr*et, > in a
seventy feet eight inches on i he line tr.ward Poyrrai
street, subject to tho lease of Ktrn Jk Felun tn. ;cr
'onrteen years, from Lhoa^resaid eleventh Septem
ber. I8»9, at the rate of $2 0 per annum, and on the
farther condition that tne buildings and unp ove
ments erected by said Kern £ 1 elliuan shall revert
to the ci y at the < xpiration of said lea.-e, and >5'l ot
tho rights and laterest of the city io ths ejaduion^
of said lease.
Be zed in the above auit.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
:n'al9apI19 Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
id Custom
cloca* AL,
in pqua-e
• nd Carroll
By feel sim
live inched
Toray Lafiin v». «Iohn Kellv,
isn of Ora ans. No. 23,781.—Bj virtue ot a writ cf
seizure ami sa ! e tome directed by the Hor.o 1 ub'e me
Fourth District Court 'or the parish oi Orleans, in
the above entitled cause, I w ill proceed to se'i at
public auction, at the Merchant-; and Auct on^pr?'
Fxcnange Royal street, between Canal and Gun
toinn u.-e strrats, in the Second District of this cu ..
on MONDAY. April 11. 1370, a* twelve o'clock M.,
the f >ilowing de-cr»bod proper'v, to wit—
A CERTAIN LOT oF GRi ( ND. situate, lying
and being in the Fourth District ci thio city, in t:ie
square bounded by Pu.ilip. First, Cl ira and Martin
street: 1 , and <ies'gna!:>d hy ihe number six, a
certain plan iua,:e by Pec.piet S Crampon, iafe
architect?-, dated M^rchS, 1- a copy, <.r iktfcii
thereof, i ; annexed ior refareiice to an act pa>-ed
before W. J. Cast ell, notary public :n this city.
da r ed t l c seventh day oi October, T- j .
Which said l t measures, according to said { Ian.
twenty-nice feet six inches aod &:x '. n< - ironr oc
between par
ninety o -9 l'cet nine inches, together u ito a!] the
ruth'-, ways and advantages ih? leunto belonging rr
iuanyw-.se appertaining; beirg the sa ne pr.'oertv
acquired by oefenda*.t by p-ircha-:9 f.**m D.hr-I
■' *. per act pa—ed before said notary. Casta.i, on
th»* seventh ot October
Seized in tfie above ^ufi
'i orms—The pun baser to assume th*> payment of
a prorurisory note secured by mortgagt on -aid
nroperry for ♦te sum of t wo fcundr.-d a; i; r wtuAy
five 'do! ■■- KS Irawr j I it
'dor I seventh da
■ l
her, 1^7'J, with eig! t per cent inters t p*-i- acuum
bom dale t»• I raituiity. an i the balance of the price
of adjudication catfi on the 3pot
tn- 1' 2.' apT3 Sheriff of the Parian of Oriess*.
.. thr
gj r
.* herr
U 111.'
1 ' TGOU
ET 1
THE ; j
~ n,h of
I' .
r vi
itue oi
vr:: of her
to V
the fit. ent
i ■
Cl -l
; *art for t
r.- Orle
in the abo
ve ent:i
; ea c
1 v
ri iO M
: y.i
pc >'JC SUCi
job, at
Mer 1 ..
its a
nU A
Excr ange.
Roy.®; -
, b€ tW.;?
n Car
: 31 111
cd ' -i
-fccor.-i j> s;nc: of thi
I 27, atl
;r»bed properry. to wi:
with the i
ii pro
vercents tl
e-eon, r
ivilexes ar.d
ad v i
mages. rh«=
re;» be o
y \ure aperi
: ti i a
in ihe fi
of this ciry,
iu rh
e square ba

and Roch
eb!ave st
* grated by
seven, on a
drawn by
C. \. i:
and <.
archiu i t, on •. he thirteenth of April 1850, and d«
posited iu the of of the la*e A. O. Ah
then a notary public in this city, as oar- number
seven, said lois measure each twenty live f^et trout
on Customhouse -treet by one hundred feet in depth
betveen parallel lines and bounded in tip; rear, by
an afiey ten feet wide in corr.m^n to paid lots and
others, i lot number twenty seven, forming the
corner of Tonti arid Customhouse streets
B ; ng the same proi-eny acquired by defend
ant by purchase from Georgo Pfister, pr*r act passed
before Joseph ffohn. noiary public :a ihis city,
dc'ed October !7. 1-54.
Seined in the aoove suit.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
mb26 aplO 27 Sheriff of me Parian of Orleans.
Lonli F. Cirenere* A'frea Kearney.
ifchof Ur eaas. No. 23.810 —By virtue of a writ of
seizure and «?aio tome directed by tbe Honorab etfie
F .-urrh Dijtricr Court for the par.-h of Orleans, :n
the above ©milled cause. I nil! proceed to >cll at
public auction, at the Merchants aud Auct oreer*'
Excbange r Royal street, be ween Uanai Cus
tomh »u e st/eets, in tfie Second District of thi? citv,
on MONDAY, Ami ll. It70, at twelve o'clock M.,
the following described property, to wit—
LOki OF GROUND, wirii tbe buildings aud im
provements tnereon, situate in the First District of
the city of New Orleans, in tfie square hounded by
Tchoupitculas, Magazine. Julia and Notre Dime
streets, aod designated as lot3 numbers one, two.
three and four.
Lot number one measures one hundred and three
feet four inches, more or fess, trout on Juba street
(but by an act ot sa'e. one hundred foet . nii.ety
e-gtt feet s*-^'in ir cues on ihe side i:ne toward num
ber two, and a front on r J cbonpit mlas street or
twenty-two feet two and a half inches.
Lot number two measures twenty two feet four
inches front on Tcfcouputoulas stree: b;. ^ depth on.
tha lies toward I tfeet
seven inches, and ninety-four feet six inches on the
other 8iGe ime toward Noire Dame street.
Lot l tmber thr-emeasures thirty-three feet five
inches front on Juba street by u d^pth cf fo»-ty-four
feet six and a halt inches c u the line towar.l lots
numbers one f anci two. and an irregular depth or
fi:e other side lino and opening on the rear line o:
tc r(y-sev. n feet six iuches.
L'-t cumber four roeasures thirtv-thre^ feet n*ne
inches i rot*? on J u!i sir it by a dept a of forty-live
et six ini
and an irregular pth on the line tow . d b.t num
ber th re «>, opening on uhe rear line, shirty-eight ten t.
as •. bi more lufiy appear by retcrecce «o an act
- v . • . . ootar
porting io be a snie r.f said proper:.-- * j ucE.uda J - by
Wi Iia'n E. i.evench.
Eti/ed .n tfie Above suit,.
Term —Uai-h on tfie spot
mkli>25aplC .Sheriff or the Pari-h Orleans.
•n avenue, and designs?
the numbe
rs four.
five, six, seven.
eleven, twe
:>8, thi
iteen ar.d f:»urt<
the same a
r lota, drawn by
date of fourth
iiund W im-drldge Hubert II
of Orleans No. i» 75 —By virtce ol a v.ritof sei -
urp and tome directed by the Honorable rhe
Fifth District Uourt ior tiie parish oi Orleans, in tbe
above t-mi.led cause, I wii! proceed to ?e!J at pabiii
auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneers' Ex
change, Royal street, between Canal and Custom
bousa streets, iu the Second District of ibis city, on
MuNDaY, April ll, 1870 at twelve o'clock M.,
th© following described property, to wit—
together with a" the buildings and improvements
thereon, consisting of a spac ©us 'wo-stcry brick
dwetfing hou e, ere., and ail the rights, privileges,
customs, ways servitudes and appurtenances there
unto be'onging. situate m the Fourth Distri .t cf
this city, iu ihe square bounded by Pry tan ia Colid
enm dti*e I laquemines; and F rarth str eets, and
ated re-pectively b;
lit, nine, ten.
teen, ou a plan of
posiGdmtheoffi.ee o: Ii. B. Cocas, late a notary
pubhc ir, ibis cit>, which said lots of ground have,
in American measure, the following dimensions,
to w.t:
Lots namb-rj four, fire, six, seven, eight and cine,
measure, each, twenty-five feet nine inches and four
lines t'ror.t or; P:;.TanU street, by one hundred and
twenty-five feet si* and ooe-haff inches in depth,
between equal and parallel lines.
Lot number ten measures twenty-five feet ten
inches fronton Prylania street, by ore hundred and
twenty-five feet six and a half incces iront on
Fourth street, of which last two mentioned streets
it forms the corner.
And lots numbers eleven, twelve, thirteen and
fourteen measure each, twenty-five feet five incheH
and one and one-seventh lines front on Fourth
street, fcy 0 D9 hundred and twenty-nine feet, be
tween equal and para'lel lines.
Being the same property acquired bv the said
Robert H. Short, defendant herein, by purchase
from Edward Ogden, by act passed before said late
notary. H. B. Genas, on the fifteenth day of April,
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Gash on the spot.
tnhl9 25 apID Sheriff of the Pariah of Orlooxa.
F ourth district court for the par.
isii of Orleans, No. 23 665.—By virtue of a writ
of tie i facias to me directed by the Hvi.or.il;.o
the Fourrh District C urfc ior tho parish of Ur
leans, in the above entitled cause. 1 wil! proceed to
sell at public auction, on MONDAY. Aprff 11,
70, at hafi-pa t ten o*c:ovk A. M.. at m.r ware
houae. No. 74 St. Ann street, between Royal atd
irbon streets, in the Second District oi this
TAIN DRUG SJ'OHK. removed from No. 138 ^oy
eras ?treer, as j»oi inventory, which may be sten
j m my office.
j Seized in the above suit.
Terms—i bis being the second and Just auction,
the said pjopeny v.ifi t>« definitt-Iy afijuuica'ea to
the highest and last, bidder r^r whatever it. v >iii
bring, at twelve months credit, the purchasers
furnishing toads with good and solvent saeurity,
bearwg fivo per ct'nt interest p<*r annum from date
until final payment. The purcha?<*rs shad have to
pa> in ca^fi out, of the amount of their bid- their
proportion of thecnaiges or printing, vjfier.ff's fee*,
. - b i d ibarges an ai
property altogether to about forty-tiv? dollars.
TH CM A a ii M vX vV •*. l i L,
inL30 an 5 II .She-iff of the- Parish of Orleans.
Charles Case, XJ*o*lver, eto, v to Johi
Cord uk 3
■l i- w i' of OiloAEri No. i J .473 —By virtue of a writ o:
ner'. facias, to n:e directed by the Honorihie tht
l*ifixi District Court lor tha p^rub of Orleans, ir
the above entitled cause, 1 will proceed to sell at
pnbi.c auction, at r he Merchants ami auc
tioneera' Exchange. Roi a I street, between Canal
and Custom- f'Usc sir-sffl in the Second District - i
this city, ou kaTURDaY, April 30. l-7d. a:
twelve o'clock M., the following dbocriued prop
erty, to wit— ^
the Second ? sir ct ol t i citj (known ai
property), in square curater three A. b ur.d»ra by
Customhouse, numvjhe, i'lay aud Front street
designated by '.fie number ten or said square, as p
plan ma e by L. i Pilie. i»te City ftUi've>or, d.itfd
l w =*nty-firat . f M;«y, i c b. and den- s ted ic the office
ot W. J. Cast* :i, n.'t ry public :n ihmcity
Said mei inch
*ron? or. each ot l c Giay and From siree^s, by a
fepth oi one hundred ucc n. eben feel ten inches
an J two i:ne^, between pnraffel 'infs.
together w>rii ab tne right-, w.iy^ ; snrvit idft« ard
advantages thereunto b.-iotcirig or iu a lv wise ap
Being the same property acquired by the defendant
ict of &aie pa w s«*u b-> ore .aid no!ar>, VV' d.Castel
>n the twenty fifth day ■{ July 1858.
Seized in t e above suit
Terms—Cash on tne -»»or .
mfifi)apl2 iO Sheriff of t::e Parish of Orifans.
•7. IS. ('ainoi
Co. vs.- V. 3, Favre.
k; i >n of Orleans, No. 1181.—By virtue of a
writ of fieri lac.as to mi directed by the
Honorable the S xth District Court for the
parish of Or eans. in the above entitled cause. I
wilt proceed to sell at public auction, on «he premi
ses hereinatter designated on filONDA 1, Ayrii
ll,i 1870, at five ociock P. M —
H trees and Carts, and movable property or evarj
description cor-tained ic tee premises occupied bj
-defendant as a bakery, at the corner or Dauphir.e
and Dumaine street-, in the Second D strict of this
city, as per inventory which may be seta in my
office.. *
Seized :n the above suit.
Terms—Cash on th
mh29 ap5 10
Sheriff of &fie ParicXOrieaua.
Jean Mule v«. Frederick fltvmpf.
ot Orleans, No. 1404—By virtue of a writ oi seizure
and sale to :ae directed by the Honorable the t iftb
District Court for tho parish ot Orleans, m the
above eatiiied ciu^e, 1 \sil! proceed to seii at pubfic
auction, £t the Merchanrn and Auctioneers t.x
change. Royal street, between Canal and i.nstom
house etroars, in the Second District of this city on
SATURDAY. April 2. 1870, at twelve o'clock
M. the following described property, to-wit—
l iVK CuKTaI.n LD'iaOb GROUND, with tee
buildings and improvements thereon, rights, ways
servitudes, privileges aud advantages thereunto
belonging, or m an., wise aopbrrainiiig, situated la
the Fourth District of *:.i 3 city, in the square
bounded by Jcaeohine, bt. Andrew, Benton or
Franklin, and VFhite sriee"a, designated by rue
numbers twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and six
iern. on a sketen or sauis mare drawn by fi. tie: -.en
slem, enginfer. da'ed F hr lary 7 Hot. annexed to
an ii pai sed n the effi * yi r Harnett, ni tars
public in tb»s city, on the eighth :L.. oi March, lrt-7.
w hit a lot? measure as follows, to w.t:
Lot number twelve, thirty *-?• t front on Frmulir
street byadepth of vne hundred and thirty-*e.^u
feet two meats and t. o fiueo, ooivreea psr.-.b-F
Lo' number Thirteen, * dirty r nt on I rauk
finor. t: c
one feet f-.u;
no a -terfoui
' oi nr.mbt
r f,
»s nr?
een tfiirt/ f«et r.
f* ? x li;.es front or. ihe .me &. GcriulejE r^z.-rre,
t i irty-one fee: four inches an • fi lines on ifie !.u.
« f lot number thirteen, fiiir'y feet live inches three
• - r twelve and
thin y tw » feet nine inches ard tw , hues on tfie line
of io! number fifteen
Lot number fi teen tcirtr fee* five inches a".i six
lines ir t on t - of i ri j'n
two f e*i nine inches and ? wo ;.n<-.-» j iue lien of iot
• • irei
- -
thirty four f-_>t and seven tic*?d on ths fine oi lot
number sixteen.
And lot number 'ixtean thirty at fire inch*v. *. :
lines iront on :lif ii.,e G'-rm - u-. *?-:. m r >
f« ur foef oco in<?h sc.-tii !•- oa the finoof iot
r.art: - l f-.oen . tainy feet five inches three a--*d a
• — fi on
i i lo ir iiaes on the
' act
Ifi' I
V \>
« Ii
bar:* Ann 1*1
:.uphi'us Park.
acs. No. 2*83 — By virtue of a writ
) to me directed by the Hor.oraifie
f ne Seventh District Gourt tor tfie parish of Orfi i.bo
in the above entitled cause. 1 will prooaed to soil a?
pub ic auction, at the Merchant-antRAuofi >oeers*
! * xchange. b'oya; s. reel, bei weea Ganal and Custom
>'r r -e: in the Second District of this city, oa
FRIDAY. April 16. 1870, at 12 o'clock M..
cue foi.ou.nc rtescribed property, to wil—
A ULKi AiN LOT OF GROUND with alt the
bui'dings and improvements thereon, situa e m the
F'lrat D - trier of tlds ciry, in the square couiprtsed
within S.. Peter (row Franklin), H«v a now Lafay
ette-. St. John (now Basin. 1 , and Girod streets,
designated by the number twenty three. ^
Said iot ct ground measuring, in American
measure, thirty-eight feet t ree inches and tfiret
iinr .s f ont on said St. F'eter (now i rankiin) street:
one hundred and tvecty-eight f©et nine inches ani
seven lin^s ou ice iico dividing said lot from tbe
lot number twenty-two. and one hundred and
twenty eight feet nine inches and six lines on the
opposite oicm lie**, and thirty-five feet one inch and
five lines in width in tfie r» ar
Being the same property which belonged to the
community th tt existed between tne .--aid defendant,
Barbara Ann Pld.Gimer, and her deceased hus
band, the said Theoi fi Iu3 Park. Tfio interest of
the heir.-of the hitter in the said property was ac
quired by the Widow Park, by act passed before ri.
H. Lewis, then a notary public m Ms city, on the
t * c ntj-third or M»;oh. 1850; and tbe late T Park
had purchased said lot from tee ©stars of L G.
IL!ig*bftrg tied D. b. Burtbe. by an act oa.- s ?:o bsi re
Jules Mo'Sv . !nr^ a notary public in this city,
nineteenth of March. 1345.
Seized in the above suit.
Terms—Oash on tbe apor.
miil5 2^ ap!5 Sheriti of the F arish ot Orleans
i the
ht Knlr vs. Mr. «nii JJrv Fenlei-Sio
j> facias to me directed by the Honorable G. tv
Sadler, First Justice of the Peace, parish of Orleans,
issued against plait t*);, l shall proceed to *«ii at
public auc;ion. on SATURDAY April 3. 1870. a;
lry offioe. No. ISO Julia street, bet ween Camp and
St. Ch&rh\\ ct eleven o'clock A. A 4 —
O : e TH U N K » n d l • * N TK N T S.
4)ne blac;f SILK H.\'i'.
One POLLIN' PKl'feS.
Seized in the ab- vp - .it.
Ter ms—Cash iu Ur.irad S'.rte* ?rear.ary noree
mb3J op- 9 A. A. i'l.A 1 I 6MIER. Uonotab' i.
-I m« I.Lk o \i. V% ;<inw *f. S»ctna-d
an i P .irre Gallot—fio. 3.795.
.L> to me directs* try the Honorable <*. W Sa.;•
ler. First Justice rf the Peace I shall proceed to
*cil At public euciicn, cn MONDAY. April 11.
T70, at twelve o'clock Jvi .—
Tbe cor to. »ts and fix urea of \ GROHERY
STORE, situated on tha corner of Ga.-qust aud
Marcia sir. -sts.
Seized in the above su't.
'itrma—Gash in United » tr«arary notes,
mb37 a. a PL\ rTbMIKR, Constable.
Fritz ^ihJz Juiln: Li!mu{{e-%'o. 4771
i? to me directs-d by the Honorable G. W. Madier.
F jr-:t Justice rt tne Peace I - hail proceed -o .soil at
pubi c auction at my warehouse. No. 181Tchoupi
toulas street, on PRiDAY. April 1. ISTt, at two.vo
o'clock M -
Seized in tbe above suit.
T**rms—Cash m United States treasury not ».
mh'22 27 c pi A. A. PL A i TSMIER. Constable.
U 3
rr«J1 «
v *'. T. Dunham v*. i: rre
Vichlaus v- Farrel 1 d* Uo -
• Co-No. 4t2»;
& Go —Iso. 4616: P.
AF facia, to m? direc'ed by the Hon. (jeorze W.
First .iu^iito cA toe Peace for the parish of
lirltiins, l :-ba!l proceed tosrli at public an. tion e.
the Merubanf-i bechance, on Koyal rtre,,.-.
Uanai and UnetombottBe at red. oa THURSDAV,
Aprili^T., at t.^ti te o c!o.,tt .'i —
a OEKTilS LOT OF OKOUM>. with all tbe
iir.proreme ite and appurt-uaneea thereon, beOr . .
ir.g and appertaining, cr in any matmt r ronnr-cted
thertwi'h, eituatjid in the Fourth District, in the
h anbury Livaudais, in the square bounded by Third,
Fourth. Fioueseau and Fulton streets, said lot beioic
designated by Ro. 13 rn a plan dra« a hy Hnfth
(.rent, harvejDr. on tbefirst day of F'ebruarc, 18(3
and be in- a Portion of square iVo. II, on the original
pea of said iauburp. drawn hv Benjamin Bateson,
on the fiith day of March, 1832, whicb lot rneasurea,
American measure, 31 feet 3 inches front cn Hops
seau street, by a depth if 103 teet 5 Iine3 between
parallel line-i, bounded on t&e side toward Third
street by lot No. i'2, acquired by act of sal t, from.!
F Landry aDd others, to Thomas F'arreil, before
Fein Gr'ma. notary, dated the twenty-third day of
Aueust. 1860.
Seized in the above namberad and entitled saits,
from I'homaa F'arrelt.
Terms—Cash on tbs spot In United States Treas
ory notes.
mh27 ap!2 28 Ooostable.
F.E M A l, E R K G l~ I. A T O R.
VV ,iay a j PrH<eatl
• maiiiu.ce :: prepa'T'a fer women e
d u on!?
adapted especially io tnoae cases where tne womb
disordt-red. and v li cure any irregularity in t.i:
''mensca,'' except in such cases ai. require a surgic.
operation. A- liicaB last are very rare, the Eema
Regulator is of almost universal appi cation. Iu
suddeu check oi the "monthly courses, ' from cold.
trou'o-6 ct mind, or like causes, it acts like & charm
by restoring tfie discharge in every insranc^, ihuj
relieving the fever, headache, pain in the email o
tne b'ick and 'bower stomach, tlu-hes of neat about
the face, chilly sensations, burning of ihe eyelids.
get*'-.-'. ■ - - i - I.vkeoio time, all these
evmpiom.5 pass away immediately, without injury to
to ihe constitution. Frequently, however, the pro
noti : ..!,»• ....
corn?- chronic, and the foundation laid fur number
ess evils he con titut-ion ol the woman i'..
next "turn" comes around raid there is no **: iow,
or per Laos the " whues,'' wni aopear. There w Pi be
some uneasiness about tae wo;uu, but very little or
. tides the ci molex
becomes sallow, bowels swollen, a sort of gr euisc
casta at>out tfie face, constant cull cch
r :«i cad. w g't in the fi-w. r scomdch ard back
with or without whites, p<■)Marions cf the hes-rt
P *dor. ezhau .-r on, indigestion weariness, languor,
aching across tho ;oias. lo?v of appetite, pain :n left
hro at. Lightuess across the chest, cough aud gidd
ne?s. If sti.M allowed to go on, ''-.'rten sickness" v^il
be fully developed; the fiead&che becomes severe
wi»n loss ot memory, diminished eensibility, sick
sLamach dyspepsia, no r-efi-h for food, loss oi'.' .1.,
increased fluttering ot tho he.-.rt, tweliicg or i^e
f' fi. I^gs and body, and occasional spitting of blood
'ihe slighter effort, causes nurrie^ breathing.
m .ii to suffocai on. Thesk n is Hobby, and has a
' doughj feel." i his is a t ad picture, but it is tbe
cordition of thousands of women between the agi
of fil teen and loriy-iive. who are brought to tfie
grave by ignorance, or nbgiect to take tfie propei
To ail w ho are atil c r ed with any of the symptoms
a cove mentioned, in connection with twti irregularity
of the'monthly sickness, we earnest y say: TaKF
A few ounces aken. you wil! at once experience iti
benefit, end with a little patience you will be fulij
•^stored to heebh.
1 his remedy has beer, extensively used fo» upward
of twenty yens by many of the most experienced
and successful physicians in Georgia. No family
should b-j witnout t-oor three bottles.
peat, r hat DR fi. RKaDFIELD'S FEMALE
RF.GtjLAlcKis prepared ior women, aud to be
sed by women oniy. a trial is all ask.
Fretarsd and sold in any quantity by
L. H. BKADE1FLD, Druggist,
Atlanta, Ga.
Toxkc.ee, Aia, Novembei 21,16C9
y. :. I.. U. Bradiiaff—Sir: Please lorward us, imme
dial." ' another supply ef "Bradfielc's Female Ktgu
*> c fir.o ir to oe a.i that is claimed for it,
i we have witnessed the most happy and decided
io i proQuced by it.
Very respectfully,
»T«». the undersigned Drugs t*. take pleasure ie
ommencing to the trade. Dr. .J, liradfield's Female
Regulator, believing it to be a good and reliable
remedy lor the ci.>ca><? for wnith he recommonas it.
V . A LANSDKLl.. Atlanta, (.a.
Atlanta, Ga.
f_! LAW.SHF.. Ar'anrs. (»a
Y> ROOT i SON, Marietta, Ga
State or Georgia. TroapCJounty.
* \ to rer'ily that 1 have examined the reciDe
• Jo ii«h Bradfi< ! ot this coai f, « . aa i
■ .1 r.q; r pronounce it to be a combination of

.seaot temaif's for wrich ae recommend* t.
*■. December 21, lioe.
%l .*O per KottV
J. HAKl AG L> ,
Ball. LYONS A CO.,
! & Certain ?id '"poody < ure f^r NiTaaLfiia
Wuoifi pager- from miluerit'a! citizens
tothe di
t• % of the Gil!- * T 'A NoJ'eRN K! ML . 7 Y. w;-1
Sold by AH Flritd iaii Drug^liie.
caaTd, 50 cenM 75 cents, $1, ind %l 53 per fiotr..
AARON DAVIS, Discoverer and Manafxctnyo
Wuchlogton Street, Ntwark. S. «J
To be obtained of the Mraxnfactorer at Whom:*
»ad RetaB, or PE MAS KARNES A. GO., e -r
.................-A CAfiii
Srrftngsrfi visiting the city and wishing medical e.
Margies! aid, will call at the Southern D::->penfiar*
No 2ud C'arondeiet street, near the corner of St
Joseph, where modiemes are compounded to car*,
aM chronic cases that may eaii. if within the reach c
medicine or surge'v. Consultations are given i:
males or females. Tho poor will be pro^crifiea fo:
graiir-. Letter* giving description of case, and cr.c
taming five dollars, will meet witn attention *cc
medicine aeor by express.
P-SI.—1 will give free conpultation 9 at my dre,?
store. No. '266 St. G'fiar*e-i strs-t, corror of Deiord
strest from haif past t n n to half-nasr eleven o'clock
je'^2 iy J. E. LcOK WOOD, frf. e.
* graduate of th
WILLE, M. I)., A
_ - - - — University of Copenhagen,
Denmark, Honorary M. D. of the University of
Padua. Italv. Office and residence No. 135 Ftoya
street, office hours from ni no to ten o'clock A
M., and from twelve to three and from six to c-evei
F'. M. Goneulfiations in English, German, French,
Spanish, Ita.ian and Dan-sh. Ilavjog boon phy
sician iu Danisn men cf war in the East aud West
ladies, be is thoroughly acquainted with the treat
ment of yellow fever and lung affections. Havinp
passed several years a.* assistant physician of tb*
Hospital ot the c-eiobrated Professor Ri.ord, ir.
Pt-ris, Dr. BiJie offers to cure all kinds of women
d-'-ea-jos, diseases of tbe liver, and private disoasas.
aft- r a new, nure and quick method. ja23 sea
a uic a b eras
Secret oiisd Cutaneous Blieans,
S V FTiJLIs, goxorbiif:a,
eratiou, Oivatrpctions, Jnterruptiona, 1 c com
S crofula, Scurvy, etc.
F'rom tna Cuive;,-,ity of Faris,
)7 rm Corner ot Conti an t Burgundy etreeto
T he undersigned beg9 respeclfuliy to u\fr.rni th*
inhfibnr.r.ts of New chat na naa euLri/i
himseii perman :
hi. J ofi.ee, a I kinds ot OHRDNiO DHSKA.ri ;
HOWl.VEli INVETERATE, wirh zeal, p.nd w
tan professional K«,iii i^nd expo it»nceol a puy-ic;.«a_
of forty v'ears practice
HiJ diploma, or the Royal University, Brri:r.
Prussia: Testimonials of tht? most cmiziont pbjst
oians ot England and Germany, and a t < stainon r.
from tae celebrated Baron Alexander Von Una
boldt, aro in h:a Lands for r*ubhc inspection.
J. tl. h'lEINAU M. D ,
Late Physician to the German Hospital, London:
late Suygeon in tne Briiish Army; Gtricri
transit'or o! Dr. T. Watson's " Lectures on tL<
Principles ar.d Practice of Physic;" Author oi
" Eseay on Hereditary Diseases. etc.
Office 69 Daupl ne s;rcet, bet.weeu Bienville and
Oonti --treota. Office hours 1 rum 10 to 2; and icon
5 to 6 P. M. no5 6c.
No. 22^ UaiiuI 8trcr.t.
Positively carea the most obstinate ehronio ;
. a a tt8, sacn us rineumatism, Neuralgia, etc ,
ter romedes a&vo never tali ad. Ldkei eatferint
J a stoppage of the Messes can Lj r .
>e ac- a ... t • .
rooms and board. rr y? j n
Corner t amp aud Commou Rtrcila,
The oldest and most efficient and snccon^fn! Com
mercial Go liege in ihe United Mates. 1 here ic a
full fatuity. Citizens and strangers who wish a
business education for themselves or sons, are in
vited to call. Students can enter in any or all the
departments of the College ind at any time.
N. B. Not one of all tbe nnmerous graduated
ox this College, fo** the past thibty-seven yfaes,
ts now out of profitable employment so fra as known.
A word to the WISE is sufficient.
For catalogues, etc., address
de81? RUFUS DOLBEAR, President
United States of America, )
Stats of Lonisiaiia, Oity of St w Origans. I
B? it known, th it on this tfie third day of March,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eigat hun
dred and seventy, and of i he independence or t oe
United States ot Amer.ci the ninety fourth, before
me, John G. Kustis, a notary public ic and for th'e
cry of New Or ©ana. State of Louisiana aforesaid,
duly commissioned and .--worn, peisonally came and
appeared the persons hereinafter namsd and un
d»rr-ignev, who severally declared sfiat, av-.ili. g
themse vi s of vhe provisions of tne statutes of the
tate of Louisiana relative to tbe organization of t
corporation - in tf»r« btate, they have agreed, and
bmdth maelves and those whom they represent - , to
term rl.MnuHves into a corporation for tiis objects,
and under ti « tipulations, regulations, and ->o*iga
tionsluiiowmg, to wit:
'« he corpora*© nsrne of this association shat
It shall h.iv*-' a cor o ate seal, and fordfe'fice tfie
o'tat of r.rni-of the State of I onisiana. aud for an
icEcnption the name of the company and tn« date
of this act.
The place of business an d the legs! domicil ot this
company bi.ali bo the city cf New Orleans.
7ne object of the association shall he to purchase
a lease of cer ain mineral ian<.s, situate in the
parish of Calcasieu, in tha state or Liuisiana afore
said, covering a tract of about fourteen hundred
acr scf land, with the right to dig. bore arid miue
u on said lamia for mineral o.l Petroleum,
Sulphur, S lit, Coal oil or other minerals, and tor
■ upper, Iron, Lead or other metals (except only
mineral w ter.-), which mry be found on or; beneath
stud lands, sad to tak», carry away and sell the same,
and receive tfie proceeds of ihe same andforexer
ci.sing Mich other powers and privileges as mat be
r-ac-ssary for the business ^ppertairing th roto, or
whic^ iie or may hereafter be conferred upon ir.
Tbe capital stock of this Association is he»oby
fixed at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars,
represented by ti.teen thousand shares of filly do -
1. rs each. '1 hree thousand seven hundred and fifty
~hare» of - a' d stock is the property of Truxtcn Low
ll, and three thousand seven hundred and fifty
har e s of br.id s ock ia the property of Mistress
Widow Hilaire Fscoubas, and .-hall bo deemed as
paid up, at this time, to the extent, of fifty dollars
per .share, and full paid *tock, not IKb.e to ary con
tributions c.r assessments. Two thousand five hun
dred shares of said stock is tbe property of Alexan
der Bonneval and his associates, and shah b"
eomed as paid up, to tha extent ot thirty five dol
lars per shari. at this time, and shall be exempt
trern all calls u til the other shares of stock rhall
have brer* taken and shall have paid thirty-five dol
Krs per share. Five per cent of each subscriotion to
the o:her stock shall t e payable at the time of sub
scription, and the r.*mainder snail he paid at the
time and in the manner detexmined by the Board cf
Directors: provided that not more than ten dolla:
per share ot such sub-cription shall be called for at
auy one time, and not olten*-r than once in thirtv
days; and provided, further, that no subscriber shall
be cailed on for more tbhn fifty dollars per share,
and his stock be then considered as fully paid.
Should any subscriber or stockholder neglect or
refuse to pay punctually bis installments as they fa 11
due, interest thereon .-hail be added at the rate of
ei*ht percent per annum from maturity till pay
ment, and if said payments be not made within
thirty days after the specified time of paymen a,
the Beard ot Directors >*hall have *he ri°'nt of cans
ing any shares on which installments may be due,
robe sold at public auction or otherwise, after ten
days' advertisement in any newspaper published in
the city of New ur eans, or of recovering by suit at
aw tbe amount due.
The said corporation hereby assumes all the obli
gation** of Alexander Bonneval and others tracer the
provisions and terms of a contract, of date the third
day of March, 1870, by and between Truxtcn Lowell
and Mrs. -''.cow Hilaire Esconbas. deposited and of
record in the office of the undersigned notary, sain
act ot deposit bearing dato the seventh day of
Marco, 1870, granting to said Alexander Bonneval
and others a lease of the lands aforesaid, for the
term of ninety-nine years for mining purposes,
as set forth and expressed in-aid contract, wh ch
contract is hereby referred to, and a- certified
copy made part hereof.
And this corporation hereby obligates itself to do
and perform every obligation, condition and re
rement in said contract contained,and to ho 1 tho
i vlexander B »nr,evc>l and ct'.crs, his associates,
harm'ess from all liability growing out or the non
performance thereof.
Ar.d the said Alexander Bonneval and ethers, his
associates, lor the consideiation her in expressed
and conta ; ne h does herebv transfer, ar-sign, convey
ad abandon unto this corporation all the rights
and privileges granted <.r conveyed to him and
them, by sud contrac , with all the rights and fr3n
»isea therein contained, to have, hold and erjoy
0 :.ane, as fully and as freely ay though sa d con
ne: ba>; b en made directly with this corporation.
Three thousand sev> l hundred and fifty shares o^*
the stock of ea»d company sfaa* 1 be the property of
aid iruxion Lowell; three thousand seven huD
red and tiltysh res shall be the property of said
Irs. Widow Hi aire Escoubas; two thousand five
undred sL.arcs ct said at-eck snail bathe property
t Alexander Bonneval aud his associates upon
ayment of t.f n hollars per share, and *hen shall be
itned to bn paid .'hares to the exter t of thirty five
o it rs per share, and not liable to cab's for further
ouvributiors until all the other shares snail have
een paid tip to tnirtv-hva dollars per share, and
ht-reaiber u-i the stock, consisting ot twenty-five
x'ldre i shares, heretofore assigned to Alexarder
Bonneval and his associates, and bed by th* in, as
lore- id, or their ass gn i or tranferees, shal 1 stand
,pon the earns tooting, and shall contribute equally,
hare ar.d .-h*ie alike, to tbe necesritien and ro
uiremerts ot ?a*d corporation, iu conformity with
me provK-ions cf arucie four ot ihis charter.
corporation .■•hail go into effect ani com
mence oi>e;u.:iots fr^m the date hereof.
charter may be modified or altered, and the
a\ »t-l stock may be increased with the consent • i
hree-fouFihs or tfie stock represented in general
nsoting of t. e stockholders, convened f* r thai pur
, after thirty days' notice by publication in any
a»ly newspaper of thn city of New ur eans
Whenever aa incr -i.se of tne ca: ital storis fhall bo
duly authorized, ninety dais' notice of tne same
hall b*» published m two d«i2y n»iwspaper^ in the
t New urienns, within which true stockholders
shall bavo the first privilege of taking acditiotal
ares, in proportion to tho amount or their stock,
and any shares not aken at the expiration of that
me may bo disposed of by the Directors tor tne
benefit or tho corporation.
Ail business ct the corporation shall be managed
hy h Board ot Directors, consisting oi nine -.tock
dors, each of whom ana l hold in bis own right
y shares of the c ipital stock of this corporation.
1 tbo Board of Directors may ba increased t o
we!ve whe n ail tne shares of the capital stock shall
have been taken. %
The following named Stockholders viz; Paul
Fou'chy, N. D. Kenuedy, W B. Koontz, AmJcar
ortier, Carl Kot-n, Alexander Bonneval, Henry
-'eyefiaud, Truxtcn I.oweil, E. H. Summers, shall
compoev, and a*e hereby constituted, the first
Board of Lirectors, who shali, at their first meet -
ing, eiect one oi their number President ot said
Board, and shall ?erv© unt l superseded by their suc
cessors, who &h 11 be electod as provided in article
On the second Monday of January, 1872, and an
nually thereafter, an clue ion of Directors by tne
btockholdars shall be held at the ol$ce of the cor
pcrai ion, for which election previous not. ice of teu
days shall be given in two newspapers published in
•be city of New Orleans.
A plurality of votes, counting oce voto for each
-rim ».< of stock voted upon, but uo o/»e stocahoider
f hall vote on more than five hundred shares. th^.!i
be sufficient to elect Directors, who she.!' at their
firHt meeting i.ftor their election choose one of i h' -r
number for I'ro-ident of this corporation, and said
election ri:rdl be by a majority of :he wh d..- board,
and tn« President i-hail be the party upon whom
ail cit ariocs and other i--gal prr.cest shall be serv. d.
It ihall be tae duty of ihe Pres'Cent, to preside
ol • o t» I ard, ani
absence or inability to ac 1 , it shal li>e the duty of the
n ard to tlec' one of their nan.ber President pr-,
tom , wh h i .II, for the time beiDg. exercise the full
... . lent.
Aii elections shall be by ballot, under the enperin
tcndeuoe ot inspector# appointed by the board
from au ong th- Loohboldera, uot uirectors. at easo
OLe week prior to election.
A majorip-oi the Board of D-rec*orssha ! l be fully
authorized to do and perform ac. ■> necessary
»;• co
i Of
ng t'ue huriness of the
rights, and the projtcut
~ t ion. V e
n cf Hs
Any Dir ctor about to absent himself fer a period
of > x it om i s, or less, may uominatH a r-u >.-iitute in
:us SiCJsd. provi ed ss'd bubstitate shall have, in l.is
own right, not lesa than twenty five pares of tha
capital stock cf this corporation, tr.d provi ed a : r.
tiat Hi 411 u r.t i in to be elected by the Boaid of Li'
rectors ior th time bring.
Bozrd of Direc ors shall aproint a Sur?rin
irvmieai, ar.d fcieerotary, and Treasurer, and aii
clerks and agents, ancs r. move t o same at pleasure,
and t-baii fi\ the salaries of all officers of ti:e corpo
ration, ard the amount of security to be required oi
anv officer or agent.
The board may a'so d<3'<\?a*o such power in the
transaction of tfco ordinary business of the company
to committees of their own body, or io their officers
or agents, a3 the board niny coeru expedient
T he board shall have the power to n:ako by-laws,
rules and regulations, and fo alter and amend the
sam ; . vnenever the uitraraU of the corporation may
require it.
And the board shall power to supply any
vacancy that may ocourT^xtaa board by death, resig
nation, want of tho requisite number of sharps, in
thr y bucccsrive mouths from tile regular meetiiicrs
ot the board.
Books f r the registry .ard transfer of shaves of the
c\priai sto(*k of the company s-.ail be open ard kept
subject to the restrictions directed by the by-laws.
Aii transfers of shares t a tl. bo mauo on sai«1 books
and signed by the shareholder or hia attorney in
fact, which bocks the directory may close as often
a«»convenience or oxpedisn y mvy r qure, but not
for a longer period than ten days at a time#.
Ary shareholder of stock may transfer the same,
previous to full payment b&v ng been made, by tae
substitution of the party purchasing.
A failure to elect Directors on the diy namsd for
tbi-.fc purpose, ^baff cot dissolve the Association
but tho Directors then in office shall hold over until
their successors are elected and qualified, and alter
an election celd as provided in article eleventh
At all meetings for the election of Directors aud
other pnrpeses, each shareholder shall be entit ed
to one vote, either directly or by proxy, on each
share of stock held b* - him to the extent of five hun
dred share-, bat no mote.
Mirrates of all the proceedings of the Board of D i
rectors shall be kept by the becretary and verified
by the President.^nd the Prej-idt-nt ard secretary
shall sign ai! note**, drafts checks, certificates of
stock, contracts and all evidences of debt, of thin
The liquidation of the htfairs of Ibis aisociatioa
shall b? made by three commissior ers appointed by
toe shareholders at a meeting convened for that
purpose, after sixty day's previous notice in two
newspapers published in New Grhars; said liqui
dators shall be solvent persons, not indobteo to this
association, residents of this ciry; their terms of
i ihe '■ shall be a-signed; all necessury powers shall bo
conferred upon them.
The period of liquidation shall be fixed, ns well aa
their compensation, in sui:h manner as the stock
holders, in general meeting convened, shall deter
article 'Twentieth.
The names and respective interests of the parties
• tms act are declared to be as toll ows, to wit:
Tra ctor. Lowell, three thousind even hun
dred and firty shares, at filly dollars per
share.......................................§ 187,506
Mrs. Widow Hilaire i^poubus. three thou
sand seven hundred ar.d fifty chares, at
fifri dodarsper . ; hare............ $137,500
Alexander JBcsucval f wo thousand five hun
dred shares, at fiify dollars per share—$125,000
Making the nurobor of I en thousand shares,
five buodred thousand dollars...........$5* 0 GOO
Ail of which is preferred stock, deemed to be paid
up to the amount, as follows to wit: Thetnra#
thousand seven hundred and fifry shares, belong
i: g to Truxton Lowell, shall be deemed a-paid up
-hure-, to the extent of fifty doilara per share, or
fuff paid stock, i he three thousand seven hundred
n»l fifty shares belonging to Mrs Widow Hilaire
E ooabas. shall b- dtenien to be paid up to the ex
tent ot fifty dollars per shore, or full paid stock.
I he two thonsaod five fined red share , balonging;
to A»exander Bocnev:-!, shall b'; deemed as paid up
shares to the extern of thirty five dollars per share,
or w hich two thousand five h indred shares Alex
ander Bonneval has transferred to Paul Fouchy
fitly shares; to Jules i u>es, fifty shares; to S. L.
and K. L Levy, cce l unoroci shares: to Henry Pey
chaud one hundred sharf.*; to ith fa ruche <iu. fifty
ffjar»»s: toBoniigni d Ktclaion, fifty chares; to
B. Koontz, two hundred shares: to Jehu Lynch,
fifty shares; to Carl Kohn, fifiy shares; to L. h,
Lemarie, or e honored shares; t ( ' Cliarler: Roman,
fifty shares: to D. Urquhart. fifty shares: tch H.
^urumors, fifty shares: to H«rjamin Toledeno, fifty
shares; to J. W. Hiccka. fifty snares; to F. A. Du
cros. fifty shares; t<rP. Matpero. fifty sh«r-s; to A.
Chiapeila, fifty thares; to Edm. bJrtbe, fifty
shares: to Dr 'i'ureaud, fifty shares; to Ed. Morphy,
fifty shares: to O. Miliaudon. one hundred
sr.ares; to Joachim Kohn, fifty shares; to 8.
M. Todd, fiftv shares; to J. Michel, fifty
shares; to R. L. Robertson, Jr., fifty
shares: to Salomon «fc Simpson, fifty shares; to Am.
Fortier, fifty st ares; to A. Alexander, one hundred
shares; to M. Masson, fitty shares: to J. H. Oglesby,
fitly shares; to b. H. Kennedy, fifty shares; leaving
five hundred shares to Alex. Bmneval; and the
several parties above named hereby make them
pelves parties to this act of incorporation and assume
said shares, respectively, upon the terms and condi
tions and under the obligations herein set forth.
Books of subscriptions for stock shall be opened
at suen times and places as the Board of Directors
mav determine.
J nis done and signed and passed in this city of
New Orleans, cn the day above a aid, in the presence
of Henry Ghadeffaud and Jonn F. Elliott. wifc»e*P»*i
of lawful age, ami domiciliated in this city, wHo
have signed with the parties, after reading hereof,
(bigi-ed) TRUXl'ON LOWELL.
Shares. Shares.
Paullourchy......... 5f L. E. Lemarie.........100
Jules Tuyes.......... 501 John Lynch.
Hy. Peychaud.....
fi. 6. A E. L. Levy____106
W. B. Koontz.........200
A. Chiapeila.......... 50
M. Mur son............ 5c
E. Ganucneau...... 50
Cl. MilUudon..
Carl Kohn.....
D Urquhart ..
M. Todd
F. H. Sum mors
Joachim Kohn.
Aih. Fort ier---
Charles Roman.
J VS HincKS.......... 50
P Maspero........... 56
Ben. To'eriano......... 50
E. A. Ducroa.......... 50
Eda>. Burthe.......... 50
H dward Morphy....... 60
100 Dr. Tureaud........... 50
61 I fi. L. Kobnrtfcon, Jr... 50
<v *<«* * -
Salomon A' Simpson.. 50
... 50] Rouligny &. Eiciapon.. 50
■ 5tiJ.J. Michel.............. 50
.. 50| 'i. H. Kennedy........ 50
... 5G;J. H. Oglesby.......... 50
... 50 A. Alexander..........100
Notary Public.
A true copy of the original act of incorporation oa
file in my office, duly stamped.
Notary Public
1, the nnderngned. Recorder of Mortgage* for
thiscityand parish of Oi leans, State of Louisiana,
co hereby certify that the foregoing act of incorpor
ation has been this day cu'v recorded in Book So
ciety No. 8, folio 5 of vny office, according to law.
New Orle i >. March 26. 1S;C.
mh27 ap3 IU 17 C. DAROANTEL, Deputy.
Before me. Anc're D. Doriocourt, a notary public
duly comnns^ioneci and sworu ior the parish and
city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, and in
nreseace of tbe undorsigoed witnesses, came and
appeared. Me srs George W. Dunbar, A Rousset.
Richard England, P. Malltrd, Rebel* M. Davis,
do tpa David, A. fiocola, M. Bern in. ail of his city,
together with the other persons whose names are
hereunto affix d, who declared that they met
this day in cor fortuity with a ri-aoiuttion adopted
by the Board of Directors of tho People's Bank of
New Orle«n at t beir uvceiii g hold on the ixnh of
harm a >, 1870, o py wherlbf, duly certified by the
Gath er of said bank, is hereto annexed for refer
ence, in orr'er to araund tho Arr.'cle V., of the char
ter of i- id Bank, duty exec tod by act passed before
the unoer icne.d uo' ary, under drio of first Decem
ber ia-t. 1HH, tLis meeting being b Id after the no
tices requir «! by the section fivo «.t tbe act entitled
'an act to establish a general system o Tree banking
in tbe .*vt&teof Louisiana," approved tiiieenth
March, 1*55.
Th#it they, and those they represent, aro stock
holders of tne r.bove named corporation, establish
ed under the 1 .w above referred to fer the number
cf siia cs, affixed to tbair respective names, and they
represent over two-thirds cf the amount of the
capita! stock of tho said People's Bank of New Or
That they approve the resolution above referred
to, which was read at this meeting, and they do
vot to ratify tbe amendment to article V., to in
crease the capital stock of the said Bank to
the sum ot two hundred thousand do'larthat is to
say, one hundred thousand dollars more than tho
same is at present: such iocreaee in the stock to be
represented by two thousand shares of fifty dollars
each, payable as follows: Fifty per cent on the tenth
of March, twenty-five per cent on 'he tenth of June,
and twenty five per cent on the tenth of September.
87ft. |
That m compliance with Article VIII. of tho
original charter of the ^aid People's B<nk of New
Orleans, tho President and Cashier ut the Bank aro
hereby requested to give sixty da' s' notice of this
increase ot the cap tal of said Bank, in at least two
newspapers pubimhed iu the city of New Orleans,
and within said sixtv days the orignal r-tockhofders
shall have the privilege of taking additional shares
in proportion of the number of shares held by them
respectively, ard shares not 1aken at the expiration
of said tune shall be sold by the Boar/i of Directors
at not lesi 1 han par, for the oeceti* of this Bank
Ail thtyjfher »r»ic!es of association ?n the original
charter e? said Bank t •» remain good and valio.
Thus done ana passed at thi citv of New Orleans,
at tho ban Icing-house, local* d at»be corner ot Levee
and St. ReJers rte s. onthri tenth day of February,
A . D. eighteen hundred and seventy, in presence of
Messrs. Antoine Doriocourt and FhiHippe Ghlrbon
n«t, competent witncsses. who have signed with the
parties ard me, Notary, after readiug.
Original signed:
ii. W. Dunbar, P. Mallard,
A. Housset, Jh. David.
Richard England, K. M. Davis,
A. fiocola, M. Berwin,
'1 h. f Davir. and otkere.
Ant. Doriocourt,
Ph. Gharb nnet.
Notaiy Public.
J do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy
of ihe oi igmal, which \s duly stumped and vn record
in my office.
In friih whereof I have hereunto ^et try hand
arid affixed the iuirrevr- of my seal of cffi. e, at New
Orleans, this twenty-third of February, A. I». 1870,
No'ary Public.
T, the undor ; igned. Deputy Recorder of Mort
g«ge.i 'or the parish of Orleans, do heraby certify
i hat the afo.og .ing act hxa been tnis day tecorded
ir Society Book No. 7 f fio 412
New Orleans, F&bruar&24. 1870 te25 I aw 2 m
Table d'Hote:
Breakfast, fifty cents; Dinner, fifty cents.
AH the delicacies of the season served up to cus
t.omors, and th« cooking unexceptional. Try my
house. EDWARD MARTIN, Proprietor,
No. 57 fit. < ffiralbs street.
Board per month, $25; per week, $C. feS 6ra
vfe jui: i. v Jioiissi;.
Ao«. S *r.d IO laroudelciStreet.
Ono of the most etchant ettabliahmenta in the
city; everythin* about jt new. The rooms iarge;
the location centroi, end tbe m.m&gomeut unexcep
tionable. •
Mr. Pino, who has the direction and management
of thia e tab! sbmant, having/had twenty years ex
perience ae a reetarateur in this city, feel, confident
in being able to satisfy the patrons of this house.
The cooks are real artists, and the WISES tha
beat ever imported.
Asking for a share of the patronage of the pnbiia.
perfect fair dealing ie guaranteed.
Gentlemen, accompanied by Udiei, will find, a,
stairs, delightful saloons, fnrnisned elegantly, and
no extra charge made for service or style. d» 16m
jjiAJiosn commoiiss _&»»
vi.ate Cotton Plant*
Corner Curondelet usd Auafoyetta Strew to.
Choicest Wine*, Liquors and Cigars, always on
hand, as also the very best Western Lager Beer.
„ „ _____ __ g. henSebkrg.
N. B.—LUWOH served every day Irons 11 to
ootook. jy9l»

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