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§ta® fttltin* §(fnbtuan.
BY SHERIFF MAXWELL, at M o'clock, at Mer
chant! and Auctioneers' Exchange, iqnare of
ground bounded hr 8t. James, Ulloa, Soott and
d'Hemecoort etreete—J. D. Tartar re. John Ar
BY J. DEJAN, JR., at 11 o'olock, at New Auo
tion Mart, No. 183 Grtrier street, near Oarondet
let, honeehold fnrnttore. eto.
BY R. M. A B. J. MONTGOMERY, at 11 o'olock. at
Old Anotion Mart, No. 87 Camp street, honeehold
furniture, etc.
BY LOUIS STERN A BROS., at ten o'clock, at
No. 16 Ohutrea a tree t, eight hundred cases boots,
shoes and brogans.
Total Destruction of the Lake House.
Between ten and eleven o'clock yesterday
morning, the Lake Honse, end of the New
Canal, kept by Major Hoyt, waa completely
consumed by fire, and there are several cir
cumstances which indicate that servants in
the cook-room are implicated. The fire
commenced in the kitchen, and burned to
ward the front, and so furious were the
flames, that only a few articles of furnitnre
were saved, although had the employes ex
erted themselves, much valuable property
could have been taken out. The building
waa owned by the Canal and Banking Com
pany, and was insured far an amount which
will nearly cover the lose. Major Hoyt,who
owned the furniture, was not insured, and
his immediate loss is about ten or twelve
thousand dollars. The building was eighty
feet square, erected in 1832, and never was
a very profitable investment. The company
has taken little interest in it for years, and
when the news of the disaster reached the
stockholders, they were not particularly
excited. •* *
Major Hoyt returned from the North only
a few days ago, but had expended consider
able money on the place, anticipating
profitable season. He was not there at the
time of the disaster, and was not aware of
what had happened until he arrived at the
Halfway-house on his way down. Becently
tip experienced some difficulty with one of
his cook»and discharged him, and the situ
ation was temporarily filled by two men.
strangers to him, but who are intimate with
the former cook. As the fire broke out in
the kitchen, and at the time it did, when
there was no use for fires in the ranges, the
major entertains an opinion that the confla
gration was premeditated, and there are
other items which tend to confirm this sus
picion, whenit is known that one or two of
the waiters bore considerable animosity to
ward him. One of them, while the house
was burning said, "That is worth fifty dol
lars to me." The cooks made no efforts to
assist, but gathered up their own bundles
•and walked up to the Halfway-house, where
two of them were arrested, and last evening
were closely interrogated by Captain Bad
A large stable, opposite the hotel, was
burned, cinders.falling on it. It was owned
by the Canal Company. The hotel was con
sidered worth something like $15,000, and
the stable was worth the old lumber of
which it was constructed.
Major Hoyt intends to immediately erect
a temporary house, that he may still enter
tain a few of his many friends. His career
there has not been encouraging, as two
overflows and one fire testify, but he may
yet prove himself a phoenix.
Rather Amusing.—^. person was before
Recorder Houghton accused of a string of
trifling offenses. The prosecutor, too, as
cended the witness stand greatly impressed
with the importance of the charges. He
proceeded to detail his grievances, casting
in his private opinions concerning things
in general, using language of the loftiest
description, so very toploftical that the
court was unable to comprehend the issues.
The Recorder, after a surfise of five minutes,
wrote the word dismissed on the affidavit
and handed It to his clerk, and silently
informed the accused* B- 4 Wilkerson, who
was not slow to slip out, the prosecutor,
Charles F. Foster, still giving his testimony
in dictionary words.
After he had arrived in the vicinity of his
"secondly," he began to comprehend that
perhaps he was swearing to too many things
irrelevant to the subject. Finally Foster
nnderstood the case, when he concluded
that he would walk oij and say nothing fur
ther. _ .
To be Returned. —Lieutenant Governor
Dunn, as President of the Board of Police
Commissioners, has issued an order direct
ing that all property taken from the house
formerly occupied by G. M. Wickliffe, be re
turned—to who ? the "late lamented," or to
the house"?
Drowned.—A colored drayman, employed
by Van Orden & Co., last evening acci
dently fell into the river head of Adele
street and was drowned. His name was
not ascertained, nor was the body recov
ered. ' ' _
Sudden Death. —On the last trip of the
lake steamer Creole, Juan Gourdiola came
passenger from Biloxi. He took a cab at
the old railroad depot, Elysian Fields street,
intending to go to the Hotel Dieu, but the
cab had not gone maDy squares before he
expired. He was a native of Spain, about
forty years old. An inquest was held, when
it was ascertained that death was caused by
apoplexy. ____
Ready to Operate.— Habeas corpus has
proved friendly to Jack Killeen, and he is now
at liberty to operate. It would be a good
joke if he would to-night rob the house
of his attorney, or "go through" the
premises of the judge who released him.
It is not the fault of Recorder Staes that
Jack is free.
An Amiable Head. —That was a poetic
brute, residing on Greatmen street, who
recently took up position on the banquette
placing his meek wife on one side and an
innocent daughter on the other, ordering
them not to move unless he ordered them
threatening to brain them with a hatchet,
occasionally sending one off for a pitcher
of beer, which he guezied during the night.
This lamb-like parent should be treated to
something nice.__
Bottles as Weapons.— A knife or a pistol
constitute formidable weapons, and in the
hands of reckless persons are not to be
despised as "impartial" affairs. A bottle
wielded by an angry party is to be avoided,
if possible; but it was not quite possible for
Francis O'Neil to escape the well directed
blows of a bottle in the brawny hand of
Mike Cronan, for somebody had stepped on
his coat-tail. The O'Neil was like a suck
ing dove, roosting in the doorway of No. 1
Annunciation street, when up jumped the
Mike from space and lit into him with that
awful bottle, and had not the assailed been
good at fending strokes, would most likely
have been killed as dead aa one of those
ancient kings, his royal forefathers.
The entine matter was laid before Re
corder Houghton yesterday, and his natural
antipathy to bottles induced him to send
this highly interesting case to the Criminal
Court, where a jury will perhaps mete out
due punishment for that assault and bat
tery with a dangerous weapon. A bottle,
even in the most careful hands, has been
known to send the holder to a worse place.
Smuggling Cigars.— George McGinnis was
arrested on the levee, at one o'clock yester
day afternoon, by Corporal Roosen, on the
charge of smuggling five boxes of cigars
from the steamship Bufo^l. The accused
was locked up in the Pacanier station, and
will probably be sent before the -United
States Commissioner by Recorder Houghton
this morning.
Criminal CourY. —Vincentio Simondellio
was to have been tried for murdering Resario
Dimichelli, in Congo Square, but as the
State was not prepared, the trial was post
The same disposition was made in the
case of A. Darmini, charged with arson,
firing No. 27 Front street, as Attorney Gen
eral Belden was necessarily absent.
A motion to reduce the bonds in the case
against Jean Capdeyille and Julius Dubois
from $1000, resulted in Judge Abell kindly
raising the sum to $3000. They are indicted
for burglary and hircery.
The Muddt. —The river is not quite seven
feet below high water mark of 1802.
Not Discharged. — Although Captain
Cannon, of the steamboat R. E. Lee "went
off in smoke" last evening, he is not dis
Overflowing. — Recorder Staes' court"
room was so full of interested spectators
yesterday that legs, arms and feet hung out
of the doors and windows.
Irish Republican Club —This club held
its regular meeting last night, at Mechanics*
Institute. Among the distinguished per
sons present were Administrator Emley
Colonel Roy and General Campbell. En
thusiastic speeches were mads by General
Campbell, Professor Parker, Dr. Creamer
and several others. Communications were
read from Hon. P. F. Herwig, Adminis
trators West, Emley, Pierce, Delassize, Gen
eral Sypher, Captain Noble and others.
The Knife.— About dark last evening
Charles F. Thornton was taken to the third
precinct station, cat across his abdomen, as
he states, by a man named Daley, in a
Prytania street car, near Euterpe street. Dr,
Avila attended to his necessities, but con
eiders the wound not very bad. It does not
appear how Thornton, wounded, wandered
from Euterpe street down to Jackson Square
There is a mystery around the affair that
leads one t o suppose that the transaction
has a lengthy history.
Details of the Losses.
Mr. Tupper. President of the Attakapas
Mail Transportation Company, furnishes
the subjoined estimates of the losses by the
disartrous conflagration at New Iberia:
Real estate owned by Boutte, $2000
Weeks, $3000; Miqutz, $12,000; Serrett
$25,000; James Burke, $2500; Mrs. Sawyer,
$1500; Mrs. Duperitr, $3500; U. Decuin
$16,000; A. Moncheur, $4000; J. Lion, $1500
E. Montague, $7500. Total $83,500.
Merchandise owned bv Bazers, $3500; Mar
tin, $1500; Serrett. $2000; Mrs. Fourcade,
$8000; Siegneur, $1500; Mrs. Fourmique,
$1000; Mrs. Gentille, $3000; A. Hebert,
$15 000; Mistrot k Ducuin. $10,000; Mestay
er, $3000; It-ihn, $2500; Kocoruah, $1500;
Reeoudeh. $2000; Soulier & Decuer, $7000;
Hiem, $12,000; Montague. $3000; others not
burnt. $20,000. Total $96,500. Total loss
$180,000. ________
The Robert E. Lee.
A correspondent of the Vicksburg Times
The Herald, puffs the Natchez about her
famous run, but if they will take the trouble
to look over some of those old papers, they
will perceive the Lee ran from New Orleans
to Vicksburg in twenty nine hours and a few
minutes; on another occasion she ran here
in thirty hours and forty minutes. The
latter run she made six landings from New
Ortaans to. Natchez, wooding—taxing on
seventy-eight cords of wood—losing sixty
four minutes; then made Natchez in nine
teen hours and ten minutes, which fsr ex
ceeds the time the Natchez made, with these
conditions. After leaving Natchez, she
made fourteen landings to Vicksburg, went
through "Old river," losing two hours; went
around Davi6* Bend, losing one hour. If
you will allow the Lee ten minutes for each
of the twenty landings, two hours by going
through Old river, sixty-four minutes by
wooding, you will perceive she lost (6) six
hours and (20) twenty minutes. Deduct
therefrom thirty hours and forty minutes,
and you will see she would have been in
Vicksburg in twenty-four hours and twenty
minutes—far, far ahead of the Natchez s
time. When the Lee ran she was not
trimmed for the tace like the Natchez was,
but the thirtieth of June will give the Lee
the honor due her.
The Hlver Not Shorter.
The careful Cairo correspondent of the
Cincinnati Commercial writes to that paper
as follows:
It is now generally conceded by all steam
boatmen who have given the subject much
thought, that the Mississippi river, from
New Orleans to 8t. Louis, is about the same
length at the end of every five or six years,
and the fact is explained as follows: During
that time every bend in the river has
lengthened a little—some very much—by
the constant caving in of the banks. This,
of course, makes the river longer. But at
intervals of about five years average a cut
off occurs, or a new chute is thrown open to
navigation, which shortens the river and
counterbalances the lengthening process.
This counterbalance is not thought of by the
casual observer, because the lengthening
process is going on daily and even hourly,
and is seldom spoken of, whereas the fact
of a new cut-off, shortening the river so
many miles, is published far and wide.
There have been enough cut-offs formed
since 1844 to have shortened the river
nearly three hundred miles, but for the
counteraction spoken of, and the distance
is the same to-day as then.
We learn this from a Washington dis
General Butler appeared before the Mili
tary Committee Saturday, with a long state
ment from the treasury, showing the
amount drawn for national asylums. The
whole sum has been nearly $4,000,000,
and over $1,000,000 is in good hands. He
stated that only in two cases had directors
had pay—one was resident manager at Day
ton, and the other at Milwaukee—and the
compensation was for actual service per
formed in superintending the construction
of buildings. The chances are that the in
vestigation will go over to the next session
for conclusion.
Never play at euchre against a man and
his wife who are partners. There are such
things as family telegraphs, and, if they
fancy their looks are watched, they can al
ways communicate by words. If Mre.
Smith is to lead/ Smith says, "Dear, be
gin!" Dear begins with D, so does dia
mond; and out comes one from the lady.
If be has to lead, and she says, "S., my
love''' she wants a spade. Smith and spade
begin with the same letter, and sure enough
do wn comes a spade. ' Harriet, my dear,
how long you are sortiDg your card?! " Mrs.
Smith at once stumps down a heart; and a
gentle "Come, my love!" on either side,
produces & club# With such a code of
eigne, it is impossible to win of them.
He had bowed down to drunkenness,
An abject worshipper,
The pulse of manhood's pride had gone,
Too faint and cold to stir;
And he had given his spirit up
Unto the humblest thrall;
And, bowing to the poisoned cup,
He gloried in his fall.
There came a change—the cloud rolled off,
Aad light fell on his brain—
And like the passing of a dream
That cometh not again,
The shadow of his spirit fled,
He saw the gulf before— _
He shuddered at the waste behind,
And was & man once more.
He shook the serpent's fold away,
That gathered round his heart,
As shakes the sturdy forest oak
Its poison vine apart;
He stood erect—returning pi^de
Grew terribly within,
And conscience eat in judgment on
His most familiar sin.
The light of intellect again
Along his pathway shone,
AntPrenson, like a monarch, stood
Upon its golden throne;
The honored and the wise once more
Within his presence came—
And lingered oft on lovely lips
His once forbidden name.
There may be glory in the might
That treadeth nations down—
Wreaths for the crimson warrior,
Pride for the kingly crown;
But glorious is that triumph nour
The disenthralled shall find,
When evil passion boweth down,
Unto the God-like mind.
The Man on tha Steeple—Hie 'Wonder
ful Escapee from a Violent Death.
(Fiom the Louisville Commercial.]
A number of people were watching in
tently yesterday the teats of a man upon the
steeple of the cathedral—the ease and in
difference with which he conducted himsef
at the dizzy hight, provoking many expres
sions of alarm, and wonder. This mans
Dame is DeLacy, and is in the employ of H.
W. Deshler. the proprietor of the Hull
L*ghtning Rod, on Jefferson street. De
Lacy was employed in endeavoring to throw
a rope over the cross on the steeple, to
assist in attaching a lightning rod on the
top of the cross. The man looked very
small, indeed, as he let himself down witn
a rope from an opening in the steeple.
There is a history connected with young
DeLacy which is both wonderful and
terrible. . _ ~ .
i. During the late war he was in the Confed
en»te service, and frequently active as a spy,
He was caught by the Federal forces In
Georgia, taken to Savannah, we believe,
tried, convicted and sentenced to be shot.
He was accordingly ordered to be executed
on a given day, the order being carried out.
He fell before the firte of a file of soldiers
pierced through the body with bullets. He
was supposed to be dead, and carried away
in his coffin by two men, who, while con
veying him to a place of burial, thought
that signs of life were visible. An examina
tion of the body proved their surmises to be
well founded. Instead of being buried, he
was taken to the house of au old colored
woman, who nursed him for several months
when he recovered.
After the war he was employed by the
Bridge Company here, and fell ene day from
the Highest point of the structure into the
river, which he reached, fortunately, feet
foremost; rising to the surface of the water
after his fearful fall, he managed to reach
some place of safety, where he found his
injuries to be slignt.
Yesterday, this man, who. it teem', is re
served by fate for some death other than by
violence or accident, was cartering around
in mid- air attempting to do the hazardous
work undertaken, showing no trepidation
or fear. What need he fear after his past
experience ? He is probably doomed to die
in his bed from old age, as accident and
bullet have failed to rid him of life.
new orleahs postoffice.
Revised and corrected by the Tostcffice Depart
Time of Arrival aad Closing of-Malle
From the North—through mail—11:10
A. M. ,
From Louisville, Cairo, Cincinnati and
New York—through mail—1:30 A. M.
From Alabama, Georgia, East Mississippi,
North and South Carolina and Florida, 8
A. M.
From Covington and Mandeville (Tues
days and Fridays), 12 M.
From ail points on Morgan's Louisiana
and Texas Railroad, Bayou Teche, and in
termediate parishes (daily, except Sunday),
5:30 P. M.
From Carrollton and Jefferson City (ex
cept Sunday), 4 P. M.
From Algiers (daily), 11 A. M.
From Northern Louisiana. 11:10 A. 31.
From Southern and Middle Texas, Mon
days, Tuesdays, Thursdays aEd Saturdays,
at '2 P. M.
From Red River parishes and Northern
Tt'XSlS e
From Lake Coaat, Mondays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.
From Vicksburg—river way mail—Mon
day and Friday mornings.
From St. Francisville—river way mail—
Monday and Wednesday mornings.
From Burn—river way mail—Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
From Lake Coast via Mohile (daily), 8
A. M.
From Florida ports, Key West, Havana
Cuba, West Indies and Mexico.
From Havana, per William Creevy's New
York and Philadelphia steamers.
From Brownsville, Texas.
From Hamburg and Bremen.
From Havana and Key West (Baltimore
To the North — through mail—(except
Sunday), 4 P. M. Sunday, 2 P. M.
To Louisville, Cairo, St. Louis, Chicago,
Cincinnati and New York—through mail
(except Sunday), 6 A. 31.
To Alabama, Georgia, East Mississippi,
North and South Carolina and Florida (ex
cept Sunday), 3 P. M. Sunday, 2 P. M.
To all points on Moreau's Louisiana and
Texas Railroad, Bayou' Teche, and interme
diate parishes (daily, except Sunday), 7
A. M.
To Northern Louisiana (daily, except
Sunday), 4 P. M. Sunday, 2 P. M.
To Carrollton and Jefferson City (except
Sunday), 9 A. M.
To Algiers, 9 A. M.
To Southern and Middle Texas, Tues
days, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at
0:30 A. M.
To Covington and Mandeville (Mondays
and Thursdays), 9 A. M.
To Vicksburg—river way mail—(Tuesdays
and Saturdavs), 4 P. M.
To St. Francisville—river way mail—
Mondays, 4 P. M. Fridays, 9:30 A. M.
To Buras—river way mail—(Tuesdays and
Saturdays), 9 A. M.
To Red River parishes and Northern Texas
(Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), 4
P. M.
To Vicksburg—river way mail—(Tuesdays
and Saturdays), 4 P. M.
To Lake Coast, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, at 9:30 A. M.
To Brownville and Brazos Santiago (Sat
urdavs), 6:30 A. M.
To Florida ports, Key West, Havana,
Cuba, West Indies and Mexico (Saturdays),
4:30 P. M.
To Hamburg and Bremen.
To Key \%etst and Havana (Baltimore
To Belize, Honduras, fourth Wednesday
in each month, 3 P. M.
Opens at 8 o'clock A. M., and closes at 8
o'clock P. M. Sundays, opens from 9 to
10:30 A. M., and from 1 to P. M.
ATotlce.—All penoni.are hereby notified thet I,
B. F. Mitchell, will not be responsible for any debts
contracted by Mrs. O. Temple, wbo bae been nsing
my name aa her partner in bnsinesa, aa she is no
partner of mine, or ever has been.
jyl 2t* Hancock Conn'y, Miseissippi.
The Lonlalwiua National Bonk of New
Orleane, New Orleane, June 30, 1870.-At a ipecial
meeting of the Board held thid day, a dividend of ■
five per cent (free of government tax) waa declared I
from earning!.of past six months, payable in this |
city on demand, and iu New York at the banking
house of Messrs. Win-low, Lanier & Go., on and
after the ELKVENfHDAY OF JULY.1870.
jyl A. LURIA, Cashier.
Notice.—Fostofflce, New Orleans, Lenl
sians, July 1, 1870.—To the Public.—Prep aratory to
commencing the free delivery of mail in this city,
the letter carriers will begin to-day to make n
thorough canvass of the districts to which they have
been assigned. It is hoped that citizens will furnish
them with the data desired, to wit: Names, places
of business, and residences of all persons in the city.
The delivery of mail by the carriers will be com"
meuced as soon as the street lettor boxes can be put
up—probably about the tenth of July,
jyl 3 OHARL8 W. LOWELL, Postmaster.
Bank of New Orleans, New Orleans,
June 30, 1870.—At a regular meeting of the Board of
Directors, held this day. a semi-annuil dividend of
eight per cent, free of government tax, was deolared,
payable to the stockholders on and after the second I
Monday of July next
N. AUGUSTIN. Cashier.
Office of the New Orleans Ona Light
Oompany. 159 Common itreet, June 79, 1670.—At a
meeting of the Board of Directors this day, a divi
dend of six dollars per share was declared from the
profits of the last six months, payable to stock
holders or their legal representatives, on and after
the eleventh of July.
je30 lm WILLIAM S. BROWN, Treasurer.
■outbern Stank.—New Orleans, Jane 29,1870*
At a meetidg this day the Board of Directors do
ckred a semi annual dividend of Five Dollars per
share, free of tax, payable on the twentieth prox
imo C. L1VAUDAI3,
je30 lw
umco >>■ «■"*= -----*
Savings and Pledge Bank, corner of St. Charles and
North streets, opposite the City Hall.—This Bank
will receive Deposits, make loans on Promissory
Notes. Beal Estates, Movable Properties and Col
laterals, on and after the first of Ju'y proximo.
The subscribers to the capital stock of this Bank
who have not paid the five per cent on the ameunt
subscribed by them, are hereby notified to comeand
pay the same, as directed by the charter.
New Orleans, June 30,1870. je3) lOtTbASu
Office New Orleans Sanitary and Fer
tilizing Company, New Orleans, June 28, 1870.—At a
meeting of the stockholders of this Oompany, duly
convened for the purpose, it was resolved that the
capital stock of the Company be increased to two
hundred thorn and dollars, in shares of one hundred
dollars each. It was farther resolved that the addi
tional one thousand shares of one hundred dollars
each be sold at forty dollars each, and that the
Board of Directors be authorized to fix the terms of
At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held the
same day, it was resolved that the terms ef sub
scription be as follows: Fifteen dollars to be paid on
subscription, ten dollars at sixty days, and fifteen
dollars, the last installment, four months after sub
Books of subscription open at the office of the
Treasurer, W. SI. Owen, 74 Oarondelet street; O. E.
Girardey A Co , 17 Exchange place; E. Tomatis.23
Commeicia! place, and C. R. Benton, 118 C'arondelet
street. ' J.C. GOLDING,
j e ;9 7t _ Secretary.
Orleans Office. United State* and
New Orleans Office. United State* and
Wev Indies Fresn Meat and Fruit Company, No.
58 Camp street (ip stairs) —Sealed proposals will be
received at tLis office until 12 M. oo MONDAY . the
fourth proximo, for the purchases of the F resb Meat
and F'ish procured in lexas and preserved by Bray s
refrigerating process. 1 be same to be delivered by
the cargo, at the vessel's wharf in this city. Specifi
cations, with terms and conditions, can be seen at
the office. The right is reserved to reject all bids.
je29 5t J. M. DALTON, Secretary.
Germania National Bank, New Orleans,
June 28,1870.—The Board of Directors of this Bank,
at their regular meeting, held this day, hare de
clared a semi-annual dividend of ten percent, pay
able to the stockholders, or their lawful represent*
tires, on and after the second Monday of Jnly next,
free of internal revenue tax.
je29tjyll HKRM. FOP.HL, Cashier.
Important Notlro.—At.the great demand and
for tti0 convenience of tfce inhabitants of the hourth
and {Sixth Districts, L. Pessou. Recorder of Births
and Deaths, hereby notifies the public that be has
opered a branch office at f*o. 524 Oatnp street, oppo
site Magazine Market, where certificates for births
and deaths will be approved every day from 7 A. M.
to 5 P. 31. .
The main office w : ll remain at No. 22St. Anthony s
Alley, near Cathedral St. Louis, where all records
will still be kept. L. PESSOU.
je28 lm Recorder of Births and Deaths.
Office of the United States aad West
India Fresh Meat and Fruit Company, at No. 68
Camp street. BRAXTON BRAGG.
)e29 lw Chairman Fxecutive Committee.
„ , . ,, „ . ., __|
Northern Railroad Company, office of the General I
Superintendent, New.Orleans, June 21,1870.—From |
Nolle®.—New Orleans, Jackson and Great
1_ I
and after this date there will be no change of care
at Canton, the fall train going through to Hum
boldt. Sleeping care to Louisville.
j e 25 General Superintendent.
False Colore on the Fore-Top.—Who ever
saw the natural tinge renewed in gray hair by a hair
dye 9 No one. Who can distinguish the browns
and blacks brought out by Phalon's Vitalia, or Sal
vation for the Hair, from Nature's 7 No one. And
mark, it leavts no stain on tbe sk-.n, and is clear
and transparent, and has no sediment. Sold by ail
druggists and fancy goods dealers._ J eZ4 lw
Notice —The Board of State Assessors' Office is
at the corner of Royai and Conti streets, up stairs
Office hours from 9 o'clock A. M. until 3 P. M.
j e 23 President of the Board.
Office Borbarln Gas Lighting Company,
New Orleans. Jane 22, 1870.-At a meetmg of tne
Stockholders of the Barbarin Gas L gkting Compa
ny of Louisiana, held on the twenty-second of June,
1670, it was resolved: „__, . .
'1 hat the Capital Stock of the Company be fixed at I
$250 000, and that the Board of Directors be author- I
izea to open a subscription list for the sale of five
Hundred shares at one hundred do!.ars per share. I
payable one half upon subscription and balance in I
notes payable in sixty days. ■ ,
F arther—That said subscription list be open for I
ten days from date of publication, and be subject
to the subscription of present Stockholders in con
formity with t be charter of the company, and if not
all subscribed for at tbe expiration of said time, the
rema, nder of said five hnnored,shares to^eoffered
je21 I
llfflee New Orleans Metairie and Uake
Uabroad Company, No. 6 Camp street. New UrleaDS,
June 11.1870.—Books of subscription to the capital
stock of this company will be opened at this omes,
provided bv company's charter from the otate, on
and a'ter WEDNESDAY, the fifteenth instant.
Functions of directors and permanent organiza
tion, will be effected as soon as two thousand izUtUj
shares shall have been subscribed. . ,____
Tbe Acting Secretary will afford every informs
tiou as to terms of subscription, privileges of com
pany, projected routes. etf- „„ AW
J. G. Oamtrf.ll, Acting S-cretary._ jell
Errlug lint Noble.—Essays for young men o {
generous character, who having committed Physio
logical errors in early youtfi, now dssire to be
restored to a higher life, and a better manhood.
Sent free, in sealed envelopes. Addrees, Howard
Association, Box P, Philadelphia, Pennsyl
vania. ieuiy
Office wf the Germasla Inaaranee Com
pany of New Orleans —At a meeting of the Board ot
Directors field on the twenty-sixth instant, it was
unanimously resolved to call a general meeting ol
the stockholders of this company, to be held on
THURSDAY, July 7, next, at naif-past seveno clock
P. M.. in conformity with article eighteen of tne
charter, for the purpose of modifying, altering or
amending the same. K. MAIER,
New Orleans, May 28,1870. my31 tj>7
German Kepnbllenn Veteran Club of
Louisiana.—The regular meeting of this Club will
be held at the Temperance Hall, on Josephine,
near Rousseau street, on FRIDAY EVENING,
Jnly 1, 1870, at half-past seven o'clock.
The semi-annual election for officers will take
place. All members are requested to be present.
F. hPRANLEY, President.
John Amrein, Secretary. „ je29 3t*
and FINE GROUND BONE, the great Fertilizer*.
LOUIS STERN A BROS., manufacturers, office Na
EOhartres street, New Orleane, Louisiana. Bone
Black ofialJ grades constantly on band. no3 ly
department ox Improvements, I
City of New Orleans, Jane 19, i870. I
O undersigned, will be received at this office
until WEDNESDAY, the thirteenth day of Jnly.
proximo, for constructing all unmade banquettes on
Josephine street, between Howard end Bratnerd
etreete. according to specification! on file in the
office of the City Surveyor. ,__.__
All parties making propoeala for this contract are
required to deposit witn the Administrator of Fi
nance, aa evidence of their intention to abide bv the
- -' • • *----— 1 -•iller*.
-v? — -• —— ------ .j
cash? which shalT be forfeited to the city in
ofjfailnre to si£n the contract,
~ ' ' * * ' *"
ilimre w biku tue vuuuevt. . . ...
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded will
have their deposits returned to them on the dey ad
indications are made. * . ., ..
No b.d will be received unless accompanied by the
certificate of the Administrator of Finance, certify
ing that the required cash deposit has been made.
The city reserves the right to reject any and all
Bids to be per running foot for banquettes com
plete, and to be indorsed "Proposals for banquettes
on Josephine street."
jyl td
' J. R. WEST, Admieistrator.
Department ox Improvements, j
C ity of New Orleans, June 29.1870. 1
O undersigned will be received until WEDNES
DAY, the thirteenth day of July proximo, for paving
with North River flagstones the banquettes on both
sides of said Royal street, from Canal to St. Philip
itreet, which are now paved with bricks And
also for repairing and putting in order, in the best
manner, or ail sidewalks on said Royal street from
Canal to St. Philip street, which are now paved
I w jth flags, according to specifications on file in the
office of the City Surveyor.
All parties making proposals tor this contract
are required to deposit with the Administrator of
Finance, as evidence of their intention lo abide bv
the adjudication, the amount of one thousand dol
lars in cash, which shall be forfeited to the ciiy m
case of failure to eign the contract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded shall
have their deposits returned to them on the day ad
judications are made.
No bids will be received unless the certificate of
the Administrator of Finance is inclosed therewith,
to the effect that the required cash deposit has been
m The' city reserves the right to reject any and all
Bids to be per running foot for banquettes com
lete, and to be endorsed *' Proposals
for Ban
pie t*r and 'to "be endorsed *' Proposali
quettes on Royal street."______ , . .
jjl td J. B. WEST, Administrator.
City of New Orleans, June 29,1870.
undersigned, will be received until WKDNEs
DAY, the thirteenth day Of July proximo, for con
gtructing all unmade banquettes on Liberty street.
between Knpbrcsine and Jackson sJr«tB^anidon
Liberty street between Jackson and Washington
streets, according to specifications on file in the
office of the City Surveyor.
All parties making proposal* for this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator of Fi
nance. as evidence of their intention to abide by the
adjudication, the amount of five hundred dollars, m
cash, which shall be forfeited to the city in caae of
failure to sign the contract. . „
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded shall
have their deposits returned to them on the day ad
judications are made.
No bids will be received unless the certificateof the
Administrator of Finance is inclosed therewith, to
the effect that the required cash deposit has been
m The city reserves the right to reject any and all
Bids to b» per running foot for banquettes com
be endorsed ''Proposals for Banco
plete. and to be endorsed ''ProposalsJorjlanjuette*
on Liberty street."
jyl dtd
and Public Buildings. /
New Orleans, June 29, 1670.1
P roposals will be received by the
undersigned till TUEaDAY. July 5.1870, at 12
M., for furnishing FRJfifcli MFAT to Insane Asj
lum and Home of Aged and Infirm.
The city reserves the right to reject any and au
All parties making proposals fo* this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator of ri*
nance, as evidence of their intention to abide by the
of failure to eign the contract. . .
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded shall
have their deposit* returned to them on the day ad
judications are made. . _ , ,
No bid will be received unless the certificate of
the Administrator of F'inance is inclosed tnerewitb,
to the effect that the required cash deposit has been
Proposals to be indorsed "Proposals tor'fur
nishing Fresh Meat to the Insane Asylum and Home
ot Aged and Infirm."
Depabtment op Improvements,
City of New Orleans, June 23, 1870.
undersigned, will be received until WEDNES
DAY NOON, tbe sixth day of July, proximo, for con
structing Banquettes on Freret street, from Calliope
to Washington street, according to specmca tons on
file in the office of the City Purveyor.
All parties making proposals for this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator cf Fi
nance, as evidence of their intention to abide by the
adjudication the amount of five hundred dollars,
in cash, which shall be forfeited to the city in case
of failure to sign the contract . „
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded *h*;
have their deposits returned to them on the day aa
lud.c»tionsare made. ... . „
No bids will be received unless the certificateof the
Administrator of Finance is inclosed tnerewitb, to
the effect that the required cash deposit has been
m The city reserves Ithe right to reject any and all
k*Bids to be per running foot for banquettes com
plete, and to be endorsed, "Proposals for banquettes
on Freret street." - - . l *.
j e 24 td Admmis'rator.
Department of Imrpoyements,
City of New Orleans, June 23,1670.
_ undersigned wiTl be received at this office nnt.il
WEDNESDAY NOON, the sixth day of July
proximo, lor constructing banquettes on i ocust
' tree ^ from Calliope to Washington streets, accord
j n g to'specifications on file in the office of the City
S< Afl e parties making proposals for this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator of
Finance, as evidence of their intention to abide by
the adjudication, the amount of five hundred dol
lar* in cash, which shall be forfeited to the city in
case of failure to sign the contract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded will
have their deposits returned to them on the day
adjudications are made. . .. ,.
No bid will be recoived unless accompanied by the
certificate of the Administrator of Finance, certi
fying that the required cash deposit has been made.
The city reserves the right to reject any and all
k'Bids to be per running foot for banquettes com
plete. and to be indoreea "Proposals for banquettes
| on Locust street.
je24 td
J. R. WEST. Administrator.
Department of the Waterworks and
Public Buildinp
Few Orleans, June 27. I
P roposals will be received by the
undersigned, till SATURDAY, July 2,1870, at 12
M for lepairiDg, whitewashing, painting with coal
tar. etc- the Insane Asylum, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of the City Survey
or _ . . „
The city reserves the right to reject any and all
^.11 parties making proposals for this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator or
Fmance, as evidence of their intention to abide by
t h e adjudication, the amount of one hundred and
fifty dollars in cash, whioh shall be forfeited to the
city in case of failure to sign tbe contract,
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded shall
have their deposits returned to them on the day ad
jrftaaMon.-rem^e..^ ^ ^ of
the Administrator of Finance is inclosed therewith,
to the effect that the required casn deposit has been
''"proposals to be indorsed "Proposals for Repairing,
whitewasbirg. painting with coal tar, etc., the In
sane Asyium."
je27 td
Department of the Waterworks and
Public Haildin,
New Orleans, June 21,
undersigned, no person can act in the capacity
of Plumber in connection with tbe City \Vatei
ffork c . I*- T. DKLAMSIZE,
j e 22* Administrator.
Department of Polick, 1
Administrator's Office, ',
Room No. 12, City Hall, !
New Orleans, Jnne 29, 1870. J
trict Found, on Dryados street, between Jack
son and Phil ip streets—
One (1) Yellow GO AT.
Which, if not claimed within three days, anck the
expenses thereon paid, will lie sold at public audtion
at said Pound, on SATURDAY, July 2, 1870, at
twelve o'clock M. E . w . pieROR.
j,30 3t Administrator.
Marriage Guide, a Private Counselor to tffe
Married, or those about to marry, on the physiologi
cal mysteries and revelations of the sexual system,
with the latest discoveries in producing and pre
venting offspring, preserving the complexion, etc.
This is an inieresting work of two hundred and
twenty-four pages, with numerou-. engravings, and
contains valnabie information for those who are
married or contemplate marriage; still it is a book
that ought to be under lock and key, and not laid
carelessly about the house.
Sent to any one (free of postage) for Fifty Cent*.
Address Dr. Butts' Dispensary. No. 12 North
Eighth street, Bt. Louie, Mo.
Before applying to the notorious quacks wbo ad
vertise iu public papers, or using any quack reme
dies, peruse Dr. Butts' work, no matter what your
disease is, or bow deplorable your condition.
Dr. Butts can be oonsulted, personally or by mail,
on the diseases mentioned in his works. Office,
No. 12 North Eighth street, between Market and
Chestnut, St. Louis, Mo, ly
United States OubtommoubJ^ New Orleans, )
Collector's Office, J one 18,1870 I
. . remained in warehouse, unclaimed, for more
than one year. or warehoused for more than three
yean, will be sold at pnblio auction, in accordance
with law and the regulations of the Treasury De
partment. at Warehouse No. 1, Customhouse bulld
og, on SATURDAY, July 9,1870, at ten o'clock A.
b a a o
SSc* oooo^SSooIS 3 oococoooooq
S 22332 M J
i ;a
: ;g

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• • a
: :s
• ; os
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: ; a : r-o-o
: -3 ; ;gn
:.2S : :g.a
:® :« : = : • :d:
SEC 3.S-V5 " a " "S3a*fo-«aS5
335«"g®go5 ® * e'C a o-S § 9 a,
ZZ1*22 1S 22*2 "ioSii 1% §13Sa18
: : : :©2© : : : iogg :»= : :
£ 2 K Z Z Z O 3 & S3 £ 8 £ ^ ^ * *5 2
; 3S
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: c a
irt-sg-s-sSfffs -»a
si i £ 3 aa a 2 aa ®*® ® & jg
££ fefl « ® B s ® S ? = 11s►_
PC ► < ► ► c« 3 ► 5 ©"S £ £* oanacppp a a a
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I ; ::::::::: : • * 'dpcaddepcd
..... C *C*0 ®S 'J^'OOOOOOoOOO
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s 'S'S o * 5*= 5 5 § S ° o 3 o'E a a a a s n a o
51 • 1=5! Sggllll t 111
:::::::::::: :®i-25 : a i o o d n o d c o
S S£gggs&&&! | S If iSfittigragg
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.2 .2 — 3
33 S S SS aa ca a a
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3 * si
tj *d j
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CO 03 S
2? 5
ii S S
a ri -ri a
£ S? £ 9 2
s s a a a
» £ 3
a a
JAMES F. OASEY, Collector.
P. F. Hebwig. Deputy 28 28 30 j,3 5 9
Louisiana and Florida.
Postotfice Department,
Washington, April 21, 1870.
Contract Office of this Department until three
o'clook P. M. of MON DA Y, J une 27. next (to be de
cided bv the twenty-ninth), for carrying the mails
of the United States ftom October 1,1870, to June
30, 1874, on tbe following route in
and by the schedule of departures and arrivals
herein specified-viz: . . _ .
6500 From New Orleans, Louisiana, by Penssoola.
Florida, Apalachicola, St. Marks, Cedar
Keys, and Tampa, to Key West, 988 miles,
and back, once a week, in suitable and sale
steamboats. _ , , „ _ „
Leave New Orleans Saturday at 3 P. M.
Arrive at Key West the next Friday by 3 P. M,
Leave Key West Saturday at 3 P. M.
Arrive at New Orleans the next Friday by
Proposals to run by an expedited schedule in
T *tfe < parate proposals invited lo begin service at Mo
bile, instead of New Orleans, on completion of the
railroad between New uvleans and Mobile; and
also for omitting St. Marks, when railroad conaec
tion with the Apalachicola river is completed.
Proposals invited omitting service to (Tames,
dneing distance one hundred miles. 1
Separate proposals invited for service from Cedar
Keys, by Clear Water Harbor and Manatee, to
Tampa, 150 miles and back, once a week, Jo be run
in due connection with main route.
The special agents of the Fostofflce Depar.ment,
on* exhibition of their credentials, also poeto.tice
blanks, mail bags, locas and keys, are to be conveyed
without charge. j .
The route agents of the department, should it ap
point them, to be conveyed without charge, and, for
their exclusive uso while traveling with tne mails, ^a
commodious apartment is to be provided by the
contractor, under the direction of the department, i
No pay will be made for trips not performed: and
for each of such omission*, not satisfactorily ex
plained, three times the pay of the trip may be de
ducted- For arrivals so far behind time as to break
connection with depending mails, and not satisfac*
torily excused, one tourth ot the compensation ror
tbe trip is fubiect to forfeiture. Deduction will also
be ordered for a grade of performance inferior to
that specified in t» e contract. For repeated delin
quencies of the kind, enlarged penalties, propor
tioned to the nature thereof and the importance of
the mail, may be made. _ _ .. _ .
Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency he
promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates
of postmasters or tbe affidavits of other credible per
sons, for failing to arrive in contract time; for ne
glecting to take the mail from or deliver it into n
postoffice: for suffering it to be wet. injured, des
troyed, robbed, or lost; and for refusing, after de
mand, to convey the mail as frequently as the con
tractor runs, or is concerned in running a convey
ance on the route. 1 lb. aanlMAk
Tbe Postmaster General may annul the contract
for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract;
for violating the Postoffice laws, or disobeying the
instructions of the demiriment.
The Postmaster General may order an increase of
the service by allowing therefor a pro rata
in the contract pay. He may change the ^bedu.e
of departures and arrivals if the runxnng time be
D °Kach^bici e must be guaranteed by two responsible
persons, certified to be fcuch by a postmaster or a
judge of a court of record. The Department re
serves the right to reject any bid which may be
deemed extravagant, and also'to disregard the bids
of failing contractors and bidders.
The contract to be executed and returned to the
Department sixty day* before begtnntog service.
For forms of proposal, guarantee, and certificate,
and also for other instruction* as to tbe conditions
to be embraced in the contract, eto., see advertise
ment of October 31, 1866, and January 3. 1670. lnvjt
Inc proposals for mail service in Louisiana, Florida,
etc., to be found at tbe principal poetoffleea.
Bids should be sent in sealed envelopes, snper
scribed, ''Mail proposals. Route No. 6500, Florida,
and addressed to the Second Assistant: Postniatter
my4 law6t Postmaster General.
Fiat* of Louisiana, )
Executive Department, >
. New Orleans. Jane 2L 1870.1
nude to me for the oanoeliatiou of the
offloial bind of DoWitt Fordjce Btsbea
Sheriff of the pariah of Jefferson, to
A bond dated the twenty-first day of
irand, as securities in aolido, theoondition of the
ioad being for the faithfnl performance by the said
taWitt F'ordyce Biabee, of his duties as Sheriff
Notioels hereby given to all persons interested
j ah* aforesaid bond to file their objections to
th# sanwlistion thereof, in writing, in the omce of
is Secretary of State, yithia ninety days of ter tha
'**G, .«ci uSi*. r my hand and the seal of the State
this '•ntyVai, day of Jane. WTO, and of Uu ta
depenesnoflof ttw United State* the alnaty-fourtb.
By the tac»e/nor: H -<J .^WkMWVfff
Pitt OsaTATH, Assistant Secretary ef .iu*,
je21 __
Executive Department, >
New Orleane, May 31,1870. 7
. made to me for the aanoellstion of the official
bond efRiohard O. Bond, as Clerk of the Fourth
Distriot Uourt of New Orleans, to wit: A bond
dated fourteenth May, 1866, *n the lum of Are thou
sand dollars ($5000), bi«ned by Richard O. Bond aa
•rincipal, and Onthbert H. tolocomb, and Eugene
Sere as securities in solido; the condition of the
bond being for tne faithful jHrformance by the said
Richard U. Bond, of his duties asOlerkof Court
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested m
the aforesaid bond, to file their objections to the
cancellation thereof in writing in the office of the
Secretary of State, within ninety days after the last
publication hereof.
Given under my hand and tbe seal of tbe State,
this thirty-first day of 31*y, 187®, and of the inde
pendence of the United Bt&tes the ninty-fourth.
Governor of Louisiana
By the Governor:
Pitt Ohavath, a ^
Assistant Secretary ef State. X4 30t
•accession of Alexander C. Hensley—
No. 20.3i0.
_i ieh of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of this estate, and to all other pertonB
herein interested," to show cause within ten dajs
frem the present notification, if any they have or
can, wby the account presented by Walter Hunting,
ton, dative testamentary executor of the deceased,
should not be homologated and approved, and tha
funds distributed in accordance therewith.
By order of the Court. _ _______
jyl 5 9 M. O. gRAOY. Clerk.
■accession of Chrl.toval Toledano— No
ish of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of this estate and to all other persona
herein interested to show Icause within ten
days from the present notification, if any t hey have or
can, why tfie acccnnt presented by Charles Cavaroc.
administrator of this estate, should not be homolo
gated and approved, and the funds distributed in ac
cordance therewith.
Bv order ot tha Court. ____ _ .
j,15 9 _ M. O. TBAOY, Clerk.
■accession of Philip N. Lockett.
the aboAe succession are notified to present the
same to the undersigned before the first day of Au
gust. 1870, the universal legatee having applied to bo
put in possession. BOBkRI M'lTT,
je30 30t* ___Executor of P. N. Luckett. _
■accession of Blnel Levy—No. 87,811.
ish of Orleans.—Notioe is hereby (riven to tbe
creditors of this estate, and to all other persons
nerein interested, to enow cause within ton days
from the present notification, if any they have or
can, why the aeoonnt presented by the administra
tor of this estate, should not he homologated and
approved, and the funds distributed in accordance
By order of the Court. ______ .
je28jyl 5 Iff. Q- TBAOY. Oleik.
■accession of
ish of Orleans.—WI ereas. James O. Grattan has
petition id the Oonrt for letters of administration
on the estate of the late Mary Ann Harvey,
deceased, intestate: Notice is hereby given to all
whom it may ooncern to show cause within ten
days why the prayer of the said petitioner should
not be granted.
By order of tne Court. __ ________ _ ,
je2S29jy3 M. O. TRAOY, Olerk.
Heorge Dorris and ale,, * vi Steamer
Golden Era, her Tackle, etc.
^ for the*District ot Louisiana, No. 9e02 —la obe
dience to an admiralty warrant to me directed
in the above entitled suit, I have seized and
taken into my possession the steamer Golden Era,
now libelled by George Morris and als, now pending
in the Distriot Court ot the United States.
And I do hereby cite and admonish tne owner or
owners thereof, and all and every person or persons
having or pretending to have any right, title or in
terest in or to the tame, to be and appear at a Dis
trict Court of the United States, for the District
aforesaid, to be holden at the city of New Orleans,
on or before the THIRD MONDAY from the data
hereof, to show cause, if any they have or can.^why
said steamer should not be condemned an** Do
sold agreeably tothe prayer of libelants.
United States Marshal's Office, New Oriea
twenty second day of June, 167ft
United States Marshal.
la. M. Flonmoy. President of the Oommer.
cial Bank of Kentucky, vs. Samuel T. Thorne.
for the Fifth Circuit and District of Louisiana,
No. 6217.—By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale to
me directed in tbe above entitled I Pro
ceed to sell tothe highest bidder,ouSATURDAY.
July 2,1870, at twelve (12) o'olook M., at the Court
house. in the town of St. Martinsville, parisb of St.
Martin, in this State, the foilowii g described prop
"lf'A'TRAOT OF LAND, lytng at Oharpeatier's
Bend, having four arpents iront on Bayou Teche, by
twelve arpents in itapth from said bayou, and from
thence having eight arpents front, more or less, hy
twenty two arpents in depth; containing two hun
dred and twenty-two arpents in superficial extent,
purchased by tbe said S. T. Thorne frem Mrs. Julie
Dugas, widow of Jean Baptiste Obiaseon, and from
Narcisse Ohiaaaon, by an act passed before Simeon
— ■ -- - -j the first of October, 1859.
D, having about one hun
dred and fifty-eight acres, bounded on the upper
side by the properi y of Valein Bernard, and on tha
Valery Martin, notsiy, on th
red and fifty-eight
side by the proper, yc.--—
lower side by the property of Alexandre Nezat, pur
chased by the said S. T. Thorne irom Stanislas Key
nand, by an act pasasd before Simeon Valery Mar
tin, notary, in the parish of St. Martin, on the
twenty second day of December, 1859.
3. A TRACT OF LAND, lying in township num
ber eight, south of range number six east, on the
western bank of Bayou Teche, bounded on the
upper line oy lands belonging to the said b. T#
Thorne, and on the lower line by lands of Jean Cail
lier, purchased by the said S. T. Thorns from Mrs.
Virginia Patin. wifa, separated in property, of
Alexandre Vezat, by an act passed before Simeon
Valery Martin, notary, on the twenty fifth day o£
^^^A^BACT OF LAND, lying in said township
number eight south, of range number six east.
Southwestern District of Louisiana, containing one
hundred and thirty-six arpents: also, the one undi
vided half of a tract of lane having four hundred
and sixty-one 43 100 arpents, tho whole purchased
by 8. T. Thome from Alexander Kstelet, by an act
passed before Simeon Valery Martin, notary, on tho
first day of October, 1867.
5, A CERTAIN TRACT OF LAND, lying at tha
place called "Grande Pointe," containing one hun
dred and Bixty-threo 75 1(0 acres, being the true
tional southeast quarter of section number twenty
five in township number eight south, ot range Hum
ber six east, purchased l>y the said S. T. '1 borne
from John U. Hamilton, by an act passed berore Al
phonse Landry, notary of the parish of St. Martin,
on the twenty ninth day of August, 1859.
6. A CERTAIN TRACT OF LAND, being in tha
southwest fractional quarter of section number
twenty-five, in township number eight, south of
range number six east in the Southwestern District
of Louisiana, containing one hundred and tiny
16-100 acres, purchased by tbe said S T Thorne
from Anrelin Breaux, by an act under private signa
ture, rated twentieth day of August,1658.
Together with all the buildings and improvements
thereon, machinery, etc.
Terms—Cash, at the time of adjudication, m
United States treasury notes. ,
Cost ef deed, stamps, etc., at the expense of tha
*"u Lbfeil ^States Marshal s Office. New Orleans,
May 31, 1870. S. B. PACKARD,
United State* Marshal, District of Louisiai a.
my31 je4 11 18 25 j y 2 _
United State* v*. 500 <Jnee* of M/lwe.
J. for the Fifth Circuit and District of Louisiana,
No. 5839.—by virfhe of an order of court
to me directed in tfie above entitled suit.
proceed to sell to the highest bidder, on SAT
URDAY. July 9, 1^70, at twelve o clock M , at tne
entrance to the Customhouse, ou Old Levee street,
between Canai and Cubtomhouse streets, in this
Terms—Cash at the time of adjudication.
United States Marshai's_ Office, New Oncans,
twenty-first day of June, 1870.
je23 29jy9
United States Marshal.
United Ntales v«. HOI Boxes and Fifty
one casks wiDe, marked G. L; same vs. 101 boxes
and 39 casks wins, oharles de Porte.'S. L.; same
vs. 24 boxes wine, F. A O., Claret wine.
for the District of Louisiana, Nos. 8462, 8467 and
8491.—By virtue of three writs of venditioni ex
ponas, to me directed in the abovs
entitled suits, 1 will proceed to sell to the high
est bidder, on THURSDAY, July 7, 187P, at
twelve (12) o'clock V., at the entrance of the Cus
tomhouse, on Old Levee street, between Cana) and
Custombeuse streets, in this city, the following de
scribed property, viz—
Three hundred and one boxes ef WINE, marker
T. L.
One hundred and one boxes of WINE, marked
ly, Obas da Porte.
Twenty-four boxes of WINE, marked F. C. Cl et
Terms—Cash, at the time of adjudication.
United States Marshal s Office, New Or* 0 ®'
twenty-first day of June, 1870.
United Btates Marshal, District of Lou* oa *

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