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tmtwo acts, of
n and every mem
Mr the .benefit of the
or the Protestant Episcopal Church.
OuTMMMDAY EVENING, April 20, at eiglit o'clock.
T, April 21, from* to 11 P. M.
returning from Asia through
apis 4t
■ ofthe Order only. Prize: A ofi
n, repr es e n t iag the emblem of tie
dm at Ally yards. Prize: *5.
B, aad a number of other sports, the
r be made pnblic on the grounds by
ntttee. •
Mt 12 M. Entries to be made at the
mt the day of the festival before two
■ $10W a month, secure their
with coun$«l mthe City of washiegton for the
proaecntiea of daiuw against the United States
under the late act of Congress.
Addreaa Washington, District Colombia, Ho.
14*3 I street, corner of Fifteenth. • __ '
now PEAS...................cow PEAS.
^3SOO bushels Clay. Red Ripper, Whippoorwill and
'mixed PEAS, instore and to arrive.
Potatoes, Beans, Dried Fruits, Grain and Hay
for sale by J. C. MURPHY k CO.,
ap!6 3t No. 34 Foydraa street.
Manufacturers of
Manufactory. Pittaburg, Pennsylvania
Warehouse, No. S3 Carondelet street,
X be received at the office of La Variete Asso
ciation, No. 27 Carondelet street, until three
O'clock P. X. FRIDAY, April 21. for the copper
smith work, slating, flooring and stair building
of a new theatre.
Drawings and specifications can be seen at the
office of toe architect.
The committee reserve the right of revesting any
and all bids. B. M. H aRROD, Architect,
---- No. S Commercial alloy.
Windows and doers screened with thia cloth
will not oiily.bar all Aids, mosquitos end other in
sects, but trill answer for blind from the outside,
while it does not obstruct the air, light or view
from the inside of a room. We are now prepared
to fill all orders in this line. We have all patterns,
both plain and landscape. All orders promptly at
tended to. Please call and emunine our goods, at
No. Ib Carondelet street. _
aplleod 1m 8, M. TBRMELL, Agent.
The Arrow, also Open Side Slot and Self-Fasten
ing BUCKLE TIES, manufactured of. the best
quality of English iron bgr J. J. McComb, Liver
pool, Bngland.
Far sale at the lowest market rates by
For sale by
No. 41 Natebes street.
Organised for the sale o t
AII their Wine and Brass; Warranted
Strictly Fare.
Arrangements are now perfected for weekly
shipments, direct from the vineyards, thus insur
ing 0 foil and constant supply of these PURR AND
Dealers, physicians and femilics are requested to
call and examine in regard to quality and price.
All orders should be addressed,
]ew Orleans.
mhi9 6mo No. 96 Camp street, N«
jyoncE __
The circumstances that for some time past
have prevented Messrs. Krng k Co., of Rhehns,
from putting up their champagne vftne in a regu
lar style having ceased to exist, we beg to inform
the public that the goods now sold and an Invoice
of 1500 baskets expected are the last prepared
with tin foil or wax, and that henceforth all bot
tles will have a cap bearing the usual trade mark.
16 and 18 St Louis street.
S«v Orleans, April 4,1871. _ api 15t
Fresh invoices of HAVANA CIGARS, choice
brands, such as Partagas, Corona, Figaro, Upman
and Pumariega, Juat received, per Lorp Lovell, Gen
eral Hancock and Liberty, from Havana, and for
sale at a small commission.
Also, on hand, a good assortment* of DOMB8TIC
CIGARS, Havana Cigarettes, the celebrated Pica
dara "Kl Galii to," mi 8 fresh Havana Tobacoo Seed.
fe|9 3mo No. 9 Carondelet street.
lit-..- ......Foydraa -street..1..........1M
(Corner of Carroll street),
nun* 1
Would nspeetfolly inform his old friends and cn»
tomero that ha haa reopened at the above named
location. IDs eteek being .entirely new, hla good*,
consequently, are all of the latest styles, and an
warranted to he equal to anything in the market
Having bought for eaah, he eon seU taper than
almost any other boms in the city, and being in
Ikvor of quiek return aad small profit*, he will
guarantee batgate* to aB customer*. Come and see
his goods.
Watches and Jewelry reptered in the very host
manner and at toe shortest notice. deSUmlttp
May in' Flanders presiding. Present:
Messrs. Bonzano, Walton, Lewis, Remiek,
Shaw, Delassise and Cockrera.
A resolution appropriating $6030 to Peli
can PiiB Company Mo. 1, of Algiers, for a
steam engine, etc., was adopted.
A resolution relative , to brick sidewalks
on the northeast side of Felicity street, be
tween Magnolia and Liberty, was adopted.
A petition from the Pacilio and Atlantie
Telegraph Company for permission to erect
poles in this city was referred.
Several other claims and petitions were
appropriately referred.
Another ^proposition was received from
Messrs. Roselius, Irwin and others, forming
the Carondelet Draining Company,proposing
to take city bonds in payment for the work
which they had already offered to per
form twenty per cent cheaper than the
Mexican Gulf Canal Company.
The proposition was not acted upon, but
the ordinance of Mr. Shaw relative to the
drainage of the city by the Mexican Gulf
Canal Company was adopted, with a pro
viso by Mr. Walton that only specified work
shall be paid for 9s lector, and not embank*
ments made from excavations.
Mr. Flanders said that the presage of .the
ordinance was a most unfortunate thing for
the Council. The legislative draining act
was one of the most infamous infamies of
the Legislature.
Mr. Lewis voted against the ordinance
because the Council should not act hastily
when there was competition, and parties
offering to do the work for twenty and forty
per cent less.than the Mexican Gulf Canal
.Mr. Walton voted no.
Mr. Delassize voted yes because it was
Messrs. Bonzano, Shaw, Cockrem and
Remiek also voted yes.
The ordinance was therefore adopted- It
reads as follows:

An ordinance to provide for the more effi
cient drainage of the city of Mew Orleans
and environs and their protection from
Whereas, By the provisions ot act Mo.
30 of the session of 1871 of the Legislature
of Louisiana, it is made mandatory upon
the Council of the city of Mew Orleans to
provide, on the part of the city, for an ex
tensive system of drainage, to lay out the
lines, and fix the locatiou and dimensions
of certain canals and levees, and in various
ways to recognize the claims and accounts
of, and to make settlements with the Mis
sissippi and Mexican Gulf Canal Company
in performing the excavation of such canals,,
and the building of levees; and,
Whereas, The Council of the city deems
certain portions of said bill to put in ques
tion the right ofthe city to the proper con
trol of its drainage system and its right vol
untarily to contract for the work, ana agree
upon a price for the. same, and does not
recognize the validity or constitutionality of
the said act in certain of its parts; yet recog
nizing the importance of an effective drain
age system, the desire of the pnblic for its
accomplishment without further delay, and
satisfied of the capacity and readiness of the
said company to perform the work required
by the city, it ib deemed proper by the
Council aforesaid to ordain as follows:
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Council
of the city of Mew Orleans, That all mat
ters appertaining to drainage and the pro
tection of the city from inundation be placed
under the immediate eha.rge of the Admin
istrator of Improvements, aided by the
City Surveyor..
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, etc.. That
the Mayor and Administrator of Finance
shall be associated with the Administrator
of Improvements as a standing Committee
on Drainage, to act until the further pleas
ure of the Council. It shall be the duty of
said committee to prepare a plan of work
to be entered upon immediately, and to re
meats shall authorize the Mississippi and
Mexican Gulf Canal Company to enter upon
the performance of the said work tinder his
Mississippi and Mexican Gulf Canal Com
pany that it does not waive its right freely to
contract for the work of excavating the
canals and erecting the levees required,
with the said company, or any other party,
as may hereafter appear to the best*advan
tage of the city, ana that the directing or al
lowing the said company to enter upon and
perform any portion of the said work laid
down is not to be considered as implying
their exclusive right to its performance and
completion, or to continuing the same further
or*otberwise than during the pleasure of
the Council. The said company is further
notified that such work, and no' other, as
shall be performed with the consent and ap
E roval of the Council, will be settled for as
ereiiiafter provided.
1. The surveyor shall measure and certify
the dimensions Of all the canals and levees
now existing along the line of the works
entered upon, so tar as the same may form
part of the canals and levees to be con
structed ; the same to be allowed for by the
company in deduction of their measurements
of work performed and completed.
2. The canal work to be measured and
certified monthly; the levee work also to 1®
measured and certified monthly so far as
the same shall have been shaped and com
pleted, and sufficiently dried for the pas
sage thereon of vehicles, it being the inten
tion hereof that the levees shall have the
full dimensions required after being dried
and ready for use; and all payments shall
be based upon measurements made of them
in that condition.
3. The earth removed frpm the canals, and
not required foT levees, shall be the property
of the city, and disposed of as the city may
deem proper.
4. The city will issue warrants for thfrpay
ment of the work, as required by the act of
the Legislature, and in case of the non-real
ization or non-collection of assets provided
for therein, the same to bear eight per cent
per annum interest; the said warrants to be
issued-with the understanding, to he in
scribed therein or indorsed thereon, that
they, shall not he enforceable by suit
ana judgment, but if not paid within
one yfear out of the proceeds of the
drainage. tax and assets, they shall be
fundable in bonds of the city, bearing eight
per cent interest, payable semi-annually,
having ten years to run, and with dne pro
vision for retiring the same, and securing
the punctual payment of interest ana
gradual extinction of the principal.
The city shall have poorer to sell said
bonds or give the same in payment of
the work performed;' but no sail# or ex
change shall be made at a priee lees than
eighty cents on the dollar, exclusive of in
terest; and any holder of a fundable war
rant, after thirty days' notice, if not paid
in money, may demand bonds for the same
at eighty cents on the dollar.
ing his opinion. He was only reclaiming a
right he hod at one time ceded to General
West, Administrator of Improvements, by
compromise. * ^ ,
The ordinance was passed. *
The retrenchment ordinance was'then
The Tableaux' at Odd Fellow** Hall—Close
of the Mission Schools Festival.
The ladies and gentlemen who had charge
of the Mission Schools festival dosed their
entertainments last evening by giving twelve
tableaux, which had been selected with great
care and taste. As was expected, the living
pictures were rendered artistically, and
were quite above criticism, had they been
subject to analysis. All that talented re
finement could accomplish was brought to
bear to make the occasion aa event, and
success crowned the honorable efforts.
The Court ofTnania waa really a fairy
Court of Death, Was superb; Boucher paint
ing La Pompadour waa beautiful; the Artist's
Dream could not be'surpassed; Unvailing
Hermione surpassed anything of the kind
we ever saw; Old Letters presented a home
like scene that sent a thrill of pleasant
recollections through every heart; the Last
Moments of Mary Smart was extraordi
nary; the Game of Rife, or Temptation and
Triumph, was well executed; the Departure
of Rebecca was grand; Pocahontas at the
Court of Elizabeth was magnificent; Cor
nelia and Her Jewels was charming; and
the last picture, Columbus ot the Court of
Spain, was a rich climax.
Those in whose hands rested details may
congratulate themselves in having actually
rivaled the Mis.tick Krewe of Cornua in
their tableaux. So excellent and vivid were
the pictures that it is a pit/our citizens can
not have at least one more opportunity to
view them. Why can not a larger place
than Odd Fellows' Hall be secured at no
distant day and a repetition be given f St.
Charles Theatre will close its doors before
long and then the fair participants might
gratify the hundreds who were turned away
last night, unable to obtain an entrance into
the hall.
After the tableaux were passed a large
portion of the fashionable audience visited,
the supper room and partook of refresh
ments, and afterward purchased the articles
which had remained unsold at the festival
last week.
This has proved one of the completes t
and most successful affairs of the kind ever
undertaken in Mew Orleans, financially and
artistically. The memory of it will dwell
in the hearts of many for yeare to come.
Republicanism Am eng Oar German Clti
sene ef the Fourth District.
It is surprising to notice the political
activity among our German eitiaens in the
Garden District. They keep up. two large
and enthusiastic organizations—the Central
and tfie Veteran dubs—both of which fire
have had many occasions to speak favor
ably of lately. They are presided over by
Captain F. Spranley, who' is well known in
the party to a faithful worker. His only
ambition seems to bp to strengthen the
party with his countrymen, and he has suc
ceeded beyond expectation.
Two very important meetings were lately
held in the Temperance Hall, on Josepnme
street. The late appointments of Governor
H. C. Warmoth were indorsed unanimously
by the Central Club, and in the Veteran
' Club, the Hon. J. Cockrem and F. C. Remiek,
the lately appointed Administrators, were
elected honorary members, which list is
headed with the name of General U. S.
Grant. In 1869 there were but four
or five German 'Republican voters in
the Fourth District, among whom were
Judge William Weber and Captain F.
Spranley. It is believed that,- at the
last election, from seven to eight hundred
German votes were cast for thfl Republican
ticket in the name district., iTaking into
consideration the harmony*and general de
sire for a closer union which exists among
our German citizens all over this city at
present, we can safely predict that they will
cast a solid Republican vote, in 1872.
The Lydia Thnmpsan Bnrlesqners.
There is a magnificence of costume, and a
gorgeousness of scenery in the burlesque of
"Lurline," that renders it exceedingly at
tractive. It has been so often represented
by this company that each part is perfectly
understood, and the entire performance is
free from awkward mistakes.
Bat, however attractive are the magni*
ficently dressed ladies, with their symmetri
cal forms and features, the performance is
sadly marred by the vulgar allusions to
Republican officials, at whom the scum of
tte most degraded of the Louisiana unre
constructed press, or the vile words and
sentiments of that presfi, is hurled from the
stage by mem and women who should re
spect themselves sufficiently to respect
others by refusing to indulge in foul words
and smiscless allusions.
It is about time that in entoYtainmehta
attended by gentlemen of all political or
ganizations, who * go to the theatres to be
amused a few hours, offensive mention of
snch representative Republicans as War
moth, Dona and Pinchback should ceas e .
Let the bnrlesqners out their local hits from
more decent and mho respectable sourem
than they do, and . alienee the . attempt to
burlesque auqb Republicans as w* hare
Threatened, Etc.
(From toe Maw York World.] .
General Julio G.' Peraitd and Mr. Jose M.
Tragmire, representatives of the eastern
department of Cuba, arrived In this city on
Tuesday last, with inmnrtant official corre
spondence from .the Caban government to
Honor Aldema sad other Caban representa
tives in New York and Washington. They
report the feeling of the Cubans as very in
nished Senor Aldema with a eopyot the
following letter'addressed by President Ces
pedes to the government of Ring Amadeus.
To the Supreme Government of ^>ain:
The respect inspired by the law of na
tions, which, under the influence of modern
civilisation, has, as far as possible, de
prived war of its savage character, imposes
on ns the obligation of addressing to the
Spanish government an energetic remon
strance, in consequence of several oppres
sive acts, which should not be known with
From the time when the standard of inde
pendence was raised in Cuba, unworthy
we did not take into consideration the de
moralization of an artny accustomed to pil
lage and violence, which generally has no
personal considerations, may be unfit for
hostilities, protesting that we will not be
responsible, if snch Spanish chiefs will not
regard what we now offer, for the terri
ble consequences', which will certainly fol
low this barbarous system of warfare.
We give publicity to the present dispatch
that it may come to the knowledge of for
eign governments.
Headquarters of the government, January
President of the Cuban Republic.
The foregoing is a true copy of the
original document.
Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
A Rare Chance.— William de Lacy, auc
tioneer, will sell this day, at twelve o'clock
M. t at the St. Charles Auction Exchange,
that handsome residence Mo. 235 Chestnut
street, between Sixth and Seventh streets,
in perfect order, provide! with all the
modern conveniences, gas, and elegant
chandeliers throughout; large and highly
cnltivated grounds, cotitainiug a fine assort
ment of fruit trees and ornamental shrub
bery. Seldom does an occasion like the
present offer itself for securing a beautiful
home. Also, at same time and place, three
large lots adjoining the above, one forming
the corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets.
See advertisement.
Mr. Charles Morgan, in answer to an in
vitation of the Mayor of San Antonio, ex
tended to the Indianola railroad directors,
to visit-that city, replies by telegraph aa
follows, dating Mew Orleans, twelfth in
Mr. McComb and myself expect to be at
Tn*4*m*a«t1m AA A la A O mnm Is aAL ^aim sbaA jlnms
Indianola on the twentieth.
------------------ Can not decide
till we reach there whether our engage
ments will enable us to accept your kind
The Mow Iberia Sugar-Bowl says:
Wo lean that Messrs. Bronson k Walker
have -sent for one hundred Chinamen for
great Earthquakes in Scotland
case waa discussed all day in the Si
Court. The Attorney General appeare
half of the government, arguing agai
present decision of the Supreme Cbm
contracts anti-dating the legal ten
are unaffected by the abt, aim also a
Jesse Taylor, Collector, Sixth Tennessee
district; C. T. Garland, United States Dis
trict Attorney, Western ' Texas; Ellen
Condy, Postmistress, Aiken, South Carolina;
James Mimmo, Supervising Inspector Gen
eral of Steamboats. 1
The only points in the conference com
mittee deficiency bill affecting the South
was the concurrence in the amendment
giving $S0,000 to the Sister* of Mercy, at*
Charleston, and the appointing of an attor
ney to represent the government bofore the
Southern Claims Commission.
Senate —A resolution passed requesting
called upon the Attorney General to com
municate the stipulations between the At
torney General and the counsel for Mr. Yer
ie gulf and Atlantic coasts.
Shipment ef Beads aad Speck for Ea>
rope— Gove rn m en ts Firm - Ssstterw
Mew Yoxk, April 18.—European ship
ments to-day $1,000,000 in bonds aad
$126,000 in specie.
Money more active at 6®7; exceptions
on governments, ' 5. Sterling firm. Gold
1U%®111%. .Governments fiym all dap:
five-twenties of 1862,113-V *
Southerns very dull and heavy toward the
closeiTeiineasees66%:new66; Virginias71;
new 72 W; Louisiana sixes 68; new 62; levee
Carolina* 48%; new 25; Soutl
new 55.
Money was more aetWIto
among stock brokers at 7^1
ments the rate was 6. with ext
Exchange eontinoea'firm. ffi
110%®fll. sold np to 1114
at 111%®111%. Governmei
very firm all day ait the m
Norfolk. Vi
stone of a Mom
the corner of

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