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aQ gant to regular session thU.
mm e'dnak, Hon. B. F. Flan
11 call there were present Ad
i Alfred Shaw (Accounts), F. C.
■ranee), James Lewie (Police),
rffam (Finance), and H. Bonzano
Dspastment or Finance, i
. April 18,1871.. j
lot Hew Orleans:
rtsoa-with the Mayor and
f Public Accounts, I joined
•ndt in a settlement with
■in for thirty-seven and a
m ea the dollar, which
■eeof sixteen hundred and
ire and fifty-right cents due
is to request the adoption
the Administrator of Pub
nitby authorized to issue a
A to rim Administrator of
|BB of $63* 34, in full set
ei Hart Lichtenstein upon
balance duo of $1675 58.
bU ammg the appropriations
lust meeting was one of $6500
me ef a fire engine for Pelican
y of Algiers, upon which the
jumem not called. He now
VC* be taken. •
tag Delassize (Waterworks
kfildiags) entered the Council,
i asked to be excused from
• etyeeted to excuse the Ad
He desired to know his views
motarked that the Adminis
■oee had given his views pre
>aad lb. Walton voted nay
Sis, jtonrish, Delassize and
Oeckrem (Improvements)
e fawner legal-time having
lh emeetion having- been
petition having been pub
nal journal for and daring
led bylaw; therefore, he it
t the Administrator of Im
arihe ia hereby authorized
advertise for proposals to
■qao tt ca oh the northeast
1 street, from Franklin to
U, hi accordance with re
it the Administrator of Inl
and is -hereby authorized
advertise for proposals for
itoubbnnk shells and five.
I tax petition of B. Florence
to the Mayer.
Btitioil of J. F. Worley was re
I Admiaistrator of Commerce,
i wjiarf petition of P. and R.
]>r. A. B. Wefelsbnrg for ser
led John Anderson and John
lamina political riot October
•nefocre d to the Administrator
fee petition of Mrs. E. Murphy
id fo the Administrator of Police,
tf Patrick McNamara against the
t ratpto was referred to the Me*
ef Pacific and Atlantic Tele
i»y for permission to erect tel
wae referred to theAdmfois
J. B. Sorapuru, for $1000
was referred to the Admfoia
Fatrick McNamara for $2500
(■tost the McDonogh estate,
I to the MeDonogh commis
tttiea of Leland University, fq? re
ef tax, was referred to the Admin
of Mrs, M. Conrtade, for a free
referred to the Mayor, as was
Bar petition of Mrs. P. Hop
©f residents of Adele street,
i qf nuisance, was referred to
of Pence.
m fit Mrs. G. de Feriet |was
i Administrator of Finance. -
ti the Opera Association, for
1 1 iatsqssaoent, was referred to
■afar of Assessments.
ef J. ■ B. Livaudais, to lease
MpAM lit, was referred to
taiA A couple of weeks ago I
gti*—««to provide for the more
mage of the city of New Or
h'passed a second reading. I
I amendment to that fo the form
ied ordinance, which I have had
, and have forniahed the Admin
>i tbe Mayor with, copies, as also
| On this amended ordinance I
mb the action of the Council to*
impose that' the Secretary now
sr A few minutes ago I received
lag communication on this sub-.
I will ask the Secretary to read:
,B visaisss"£r''"'!
tion the right of the city to the poner
trol of its drainage system
untarily to contract for the work, and agree
upon a price for tho aame, and does not
recognize the validity or constitutionality of
the said act is certain of its part*?, yet con
vinced ofthe importance of an effectiyedrein
age system, of the desire ef the public for its
accomplishment without forther delay,'and
satisfied of the capacity and readiness of the
said company to perform the work required
liy the city, it is deemed proper by the
(Council aforesaid to ordain as follows:
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Council
of Che city of New Orleans, That all mat
ters appertaining to drainage and the pro
tection of the city Iroin inundation be placed
under the immediate charge of the Admin
istrator of. Improvements, aided by the
City Surveyor. , _
Sec. 2. Be it further ordaiqed, etc.. That
the Mayor and Administrator of Finance
shall be associated with the Administrator
of Improvements as a standing Committee
on Drainage, to act until the further pleas
ure of the Council. It shall be the duty of
said* committee to prepare a plan of. work
to be entered upon immediately, and to re
port to the Council, at its first meeting after
uhe adoption of this ordinance, what canals
and levees, or extensions of present canals
and levees are most urgently required; and
upon the approval of the same by the
and judgment, .but iP not paid within
one year out of the proceeds of the
drainage tax and assets, they shall he
fundable in bonds of the city, bearing eight
per cent intereet, payable semi-annually,
having ten years to run,' and with'due pro
vision for retiring' the same, and securing
the punctual paynfont ef interest ana
gradual extinction of the ffrincipal.
The city shall have power to sell said
bonds or give the sam& in payment of
the work performed; but no sale or ex
change shall be made at a price leu than
eighty cents on the dollar, exclusive of in
terest; and any holder of a fundable w*r
i' notice, if not paid
,_„___bonds for the same
cents on the dollar,
tar ments, certificates and warrants
the said company shall be based
_ r ______ rr _itod according to the meas
urements made as aforesaid.
Sec. 4. Be it forther ordained, etc., That
the city expreuly reserves thq right, at anj*
time hereafter, to contest, at law or otb~
No. 30 ofthe legislative ''session of *1871,
sippi* and Mexican Gulf Canal 'Conipany
eighty cento on the dollar, exclusive of fo
rty days'
rant, after thirty
fo money, may«.
at eighty —
5. The |
issued to
upon and compul
SEcTVr Be it forther ordained, etc., That
the city e:
the constitutionality or validity of act
____; * J * " or
any portion thereof, and notifies the Missis
^7 If a«iaeh Ponol ^^AmnQfitr
Mr. Walton offered the following amend
Amend by substituting the following* for
section four of the ordinance, and changiqg
the preunt section four to section five:"
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained, etc., That
nothing fo this ordinance relating to canals
and levees shall be so construed as to imply
that tho earth taken from a canal and placed
upon its banks Bhall constitute a levee, but
only such deposits as the committee may
decide to be necessary for levee purposes
shall be paid for.
Mr. Shaw accepted the amendment, and
called for the yeas and nays on the ordi
nance as amended.
The Mayor: You do not desire the reading
of,the ordinance, but the vote by yeas and
Mr. Shaw: I am perfectly willing it should
be read, but I did not call for it hs I did not
believe the Council wanted it.
Mr. Bonzano said he did not believe there
was any harm fo having the ordinance
The Mayor: If there is nobody who
wishes to have it read there is no necessity
for it.
Mr. Shaw: Yesterday morning every
member of the Council was served with a
copy of this Ordinance for the purpose of
considering it. If any member desired it
read, I should move it myself. Does the
Administrator of Assessments desire to have
it read?
Mr. Bonzano: Yes, sir.
The ordinance was read down to the end
of section two, when Mr. Bonzano moved
that the further reading be dispensed with.
Mr. Sfiaw seconded the motion, which
was carried.
The Mayor said he would ask the privi
lege, after the vote was taken, to express
__------- aVa m.It.r
hu opinion upon the matter.
Mr. Bonzano remarked that he would
rather hear the Mayarie opinion now.
The Mayor said all th# Administrators
were acquainted with his views on the sub
ject, hut he desired the privilege of making
a brief explanation afterward, a# that It
might.go 6a record with the vute. .
The rple was sailed.
.■ Teas: Bonisa o,8haw,Rearitkapd tSmfc,
trenehawat and economy, to Totano.
' Mr. Delastiae: I rote yes heeauee it ia
the law, and we can not avoid it
ghe Mayor: A majority of the Council
haring voted for this ordinance, I will now
avail myaelf oi the privilege given men
What I wish to eay is that I consider this
drainage bill the moot infamous scheme of
ti n, many infamies of the Legislature—
more infamous than the Ship Island bill,
tfiough that was bad enough, and that 1
look upon the ordinance just carried as
the most unfortunate act the Council could
ofthe Council. It shall be the duty of said
committee to prepare a plan of work to be
entered upon immediately, and to report to
the Council, r* *----"--
the Council, at its first meeting after the
adoption of this ordinance, what canals and
levees or extensions of present eanals and
levees are most urgently required. <
This suits me exactly. I believe this aot
of the Legislature is somewhat binding. 4
don't know but at the next .meeting of the
Legislature they may turn us all out of
always been put down as spendthrifts.
Mr. Lewis: I have voted no for this rea
son: I think we have acted hastily. -I do
not propose to give my vote for any com
pany when others propose to do the work
for forty per cent less. If this work can be
done I think it will be a great advantage to
the city, but I-think sufficient delay should
be granted to ascertain in what way it can
be done the cheapest.
The Mayor: Will the Administrator ex
cuse me. This discussion is irregular, un
less there is some motion before the
Mr. Shaw: I move it be allowed.
Mr. Lewis: If by adopting this resolu
tion we could place to work two or three
companies and stop the Mexican Gulf Com
pany at any time when their continuance
was found to be a disadvantage, I might be
in favor of it, but so long as propositions
are coming in proposing to dff this work at
prices twenty to forty $er cent less, I can
net reasonably vote to give it to the Mexi
can Gulf Canal Company, the Legislature
notwithstanding. .
Mf. Bonzano: I would like to recall
the word "parade" I mad# use of
a little while ago. I simply meant
the two officers of the city
government who had been foremost in their
advocacy of economy. The Administrator
of Finance has called my attention to the
impropriety of the word.
Apprepriatlaaa, etc.
Mr. Walton stated that certain bills of
Hasam A Pooley, William Henry, etc., ob
jected to by bioi last week and laid over,
were, objected to under a wrong impression.
•He, therefore, desired they Bhould be re
called to their places.
The bills were called up and severally
passed by a unanimous vote, the amounts
being as follows: Hasaaf A Pooley, lumber,
$47. 15, $461 80, $398 84, $491 77, $439 85,
$401 67, $196 75, $317 12, $199 80, $69 37,
$196 12, $73 42, $310 85, $7 62; Field A
Bell, coal, $150, $232 50, $225, $300; William
Henry, shells, ballast and hauling, $151 75,
$461 40,* $40, $139, $348 75, $290 25; Law
rence Duffy, iron work, $245 80, $285 20,
$88 20, $62 30; Samuels A Oliver, lumber,
$686 85, $221 09.
Claims of Chapsky A Teetzel, $6 50: M.
Benner, $609; J. H. Peters, $4; New Orleans
Republican, $72, $32, $72; Christian A
Hyatt, $30; C. S. Sauvinet, $20 36, $1461 55,
$73 07; P. Creagh, $50, and P. A R. De
Verges, $4940 41, were passed, and a claim
of Dr. B. A. Clements, $50, was rejected.
An ordinance allowing the Jefferson Fire
Department the same appropriation for
January and February, 1871, as already
granted them for March, was passed.
The ordinance placing the McDonogh and
Fink fund claims under ordinance 197,
passed to a second reading last week, was
finally passed.
By Mr. Shaw:
the several accounts therein named.
Be it ordained that the following appro
priations be and are hereby made and that
ifuliua Loeffler, repairs on public schools
fo 1870, as per pay rolls, approved, $8 10.
William Hyer, balance of warrant issued
by the parish commissioners, parish of Jef
for 'one years subs
from July 10, 1870,
ministrator of Police, $16.
per pay rolls, approved, $8 10.
Hver, balance of warrant issued
— r — 1 ~- - — : ~f Jef
ferson, to W. Schwab, for clothing, etc.,
$8 68 .
New Orleans Republican Printing Com
pany, for printing slips, resolutions, -meet
ings, calendars, etc., for the month of
March, 1871, $343 40.
For printing ordinances from No. 742 to
787, for the mouth of March, 1871, $217.
For printing semi-annual report of the
Department of Public. Accounts, rule and
and bind
New Orleans Republican Printing Com
mgs, calendars, etc., for the month of
March, 1871, $343 40.
For printing ordinances from No.
For printing semi-annual report of the
figure work, $626 35.
John W. Madden, for printfo
fog tax registers and indexes,
of Public Accounts, $105.
Bureau of Streets, for cart hire and labor
for half the month ending April 15,1871,
approved by the Admfoistrator of Improve
ments, S59tw 85.
C. A. Miltenberger, for 400 barrels of coal
for Water works,|$300; for 461 barrels of coal
delivered to Waterworks, approved by the
Admfoistrator of Waterworks and Public
Buildings, $316 25.
C. S. Sauvinet, for transportation ol
ing claims, at the option of said holders, by
the issue of certificates under ordinance
No. 197, Administration series:
Joseph Hernandez, warrant No. 436 of
the police jury, parish of Orleans, favor of
J. Oulifrass, *25.
Warrant No. 450 ofthe police jury, parish
of Orleans, favor of Thomas Hermetic, $59.
Warrant No. 443 of the police jury, parish
Of Orleans, right bank, favor of James J.
Tiner, $50.
Referred and Deferred Marines#.
By Mr. Lewis:
Department or Fauci, >
April 18, 1871. $
To the City Council of New Orleans:
On the petition of J. If. Sfaginnis for the
him on the twenty-fifth day of March, 1871,
for alleged violation of article 1247, revised
city laws and ordinances.
JAMES LEWIS, Administrator.
By Mr. Remick:
Department op Commerce, J
. April 18,1871. 1
To the City Council of New Orleans:
The undersigned, to whom was referred
factoring machinery.
Mr. Bpnzano Expressed an opinion that.
this petition should only be granted subject
to the revocation of tbe Council.
Mr. Remick said he did not think it was
necessary to put in the proviso. There was
no moneyed consideration given,, conse
quently the party, would have no action for
damages if the permit were revoked at any
time. This place was immediately adjoin
ing Leed s foundry, and consequently the
erection of another steam engine would
make very little difference there.
Mr. Walton said, for the information of
the Administrator, he would state it was
not so easy to remove a nuisance, onoe
established, as he supposed. Near where
he formerly resided there was an intolera-,
ble nuisance, which to-day was a greater
nuisance than ever it was, yet it could not
be removed. There was no harm in the
proviso proposed.
Mr. Remick assented that there was no,
harm, and accepted the amendment.
As amended the resolution was adopted.
accompanying petition of the Louisiana
Paper Manufacturing Company, and re
spectfully recommend the passage of the
following resolution.
F. C. REMICK, Administrator.
Resolced, That' permission is hereby
granted to the Louisiana Paper Manufactur
ing Company to erect and operate a steam
engine at tbe building known as the Blakely
Marble Works, on the square bounded by
Girod, Liberty, Julia and Franklin streets,
for the purpose of Manufacturing paper; and,
under the direction of the City Surveyor, to
alter said building and run a pipe therefrom
to the new canal for tbe purpose of supply
fog Water to said paper mill.
Adopted, with an amendment similar to
that introduced into the two preceding reso
Organization of the Department af Com*
Mr. Remick called np the ordinance or
ganizing the Department of Commerce,
passed to second reading last meeting, which
was as follows:
An ordinance to organize the Department
of Commerce. *
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Council
of the city of New Orleans, That the De
partment of Commerce is hereby organized,
and shall consist of:
One Admfoistrator.
One seoretary, with an annual salary not
exceeding $2000.
One clerk, with an annual salary not ex
ceeding $1500.
One messenger, with an annual salary not
exceeding $600.
One superintendent of wharfingers, with
an annual salary not exceeding $2500.
One wharfinger for the Fust District,
with, an annual salary not exceeding $1800.
One wharfinger of the Second District,
with an annual salary not exceeding $1800.
One wharfinger for the Third District,
with an annual salary not exceeding $1800.
One wharfinger for the Fourth District,
with an annual salary not exceeding $1800.
Four deputy wharfingers, one for each
division, with an annual salary not exceed
ing $1200 each.
Four acting deputy wharfingers, one for
One-superintendent of market inspectors,
with an annual salary not exceeding $1800.
Twelve inspectors of markets, with an
annual salary not exceeding $1200 each.
One superintendent of fire department,
at an annual salary not exceeding $1800. *
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, etc., That
tbe Administrator of tbe Department of
CommerCe shall define the
foregoing officers and shall ht
under direction of the Counc
the officers fo his department
sition to another, as he mi_„_______
transfer will be for the best interest oj the
C §ec. 3. Be It further ordained, etc., That
the warfingers shall be -ex-officio collectors
of levee duties, and to that capacity shall
to transfer
am one po
in section four "upon paj roHs>tobe pre
pared tf the Administrator Ihmunf ." as
there was a general uedtaaaee prescribing
bow pay nib were to be made dot.
Mr. Kemick accepted tlfc amendment.
Mr. Cockrem caned for the yeas and nay*
on the adoption of the ordinance.
The Mayer took the flaor. and called Ad
ministrator Lewis to the phair.
Mr. Walton said: I was in hopes this ordi
nance would have been called np in private
consultation. I want to amend that sec
tion of it which provides that the wharfin
gers shall be ex-officio collectors of levee
dues. The collection of the revenues of the
city belongs to my department according to
the charter. In reference to General West,
when .this Administration first came into
existence, I made a compromise with him,
and we agreed that the whhrfingers should
act in the double Capacity of' wharfingers
and levee dues collectors. Not wishing to
interfere with that arrangement, and in
deference to the superior administrative
abilities of General West, I have let the
thing go on, although I have long been sat*
isfied it was not a proper arrangement.
Now, when the Department of Commerce
comes up for reorganization, I must claim
my rights to have my collectors under my
own control.
Mr. Shaw: This was a usage entered
into last year. I think it has the ad
knows apything about the doty of a
wharfinger knows he efinnot be a'wharf
inger and collect revenues at the same time.
This ordinance provides for twelve wharf
ingers. ■ Under the old city government,
which was universally denounced as ex
travagant, there were only six. It provides
for superintendents of wharfingers, super
intendents of fire department, inspectors
of markets, and a number of officers en
tirely useless, as I have demonstrated.
The Administrator of Commerce has been
some week* examining into this sutyect,
and he probably has come to the conclusion
that these officers are necessary. I don't
pretend to set np my judgment against
that of the Council, but I do insist on my
right to appoint tfce collectors of levee dues.
Mr. Remick: I expected opposition from
this quarter from the very fact that there
has always been opposition from that quar
ter to the department over which I hate the
honor to preside, if I have correctly read
the journal of tbe proceedings of the Coun.
cil. Alien I was appointed Administrator
of Commerce my first object was to get an
office in which I could have my headquar
ters. When a proposition was made to the
City Attorney to vacate the room formerly
occupied by the Administrator of Com
merce, now occupied by him, he willingly
acceded to my request, but a cry of "ex
travagance!" was at .once raised—"it would
coat a thousand dollars to effect the
same way with no more employes ana no
less. If I am correctly informed, I have
statistics to show that the running under
the new regime was some thousands of
dollars cheaper than under the old regime,
on account of the per centage then allowed—
some six
or eight thousand dollars less.
Not only has this new system been a saving
in the expense ef running the office, but it
has brought something like a hundred
thousand dollars more into the city treasury,
so that the Argument is decidedly fo favor
of running the wharves on the plan adopted
by the Administrator of Improvements. So
far as regards the Admfoistrator of Finance
claiming the collection of a levee dues, I say
this, that under the charter I have the "su
perintendence" of all matters on the wharves
and he has only the "regulation" of them.
If there is any extortion practiced the par
ties will come te me because I have the
superintendence. The charter says the
Administrator of Finance may regulate the
So he may. He may prescribe
that money shall be received instead of
checks; or that specie shall be received to'
stead of greenbacks, but that he shall'
strip me of the powers conferred upon me
by the charter I do not propose that he
should do it.
As far as the *matter of the
inspection of the markets is concerned I
have this to say: The Administrator of
Finance says he administered the markets
successfully without inspectors, having dis
missed the appointees oi Mr. Emley as un
Let m3 remind the Council that
under the regime of the Administrator
of Finance there were twenty-one police
officers detailed for duty as inspectors
Twenty-one police officers at
eighty-three or eighty-five dollars a month
do not come much cheaper than twelve*
inspectors at one hundred dollars a month,
and one superintendent at one hundred and
fifty dollars. The Administrator of Finance
says it is necessary he should have charge
of the collectors of levee dues as Admfois
trator of Finance. If I have the markets
under my control, it is necessary that I, as
Administrator of Commerce, should have
supervision of the inspector!. On personal
examination I fonnd the police inspection of
the markets satisfactory neither to the
farmer nor to the sub-lessees. The police
officers are changed every few days, and
the markets are left fo a very dirty and
disgraceful condition, dirt and filth all
•round; the police officers, not being
snltfeet to direction from tbe Department of
have the mean* under my control to do the
work laid dawn for ns by ths city charter.
The point of economy, it seems to me, is
strained in this regard. There appears to
be a disposition to force edoanny on the
new members of the Council, while the
older members make no movement in that
direction. 1 ask that 1 maybe allowed te
organize; I hsk that I may have a depart
ment in accordance with the spirit of the
This granted, then if you want to
law. This granted, then if you want to
talh of retrenchment, I am on an equal
footing. I have no ambition to do anything
but what is right and proper, but 1 do not
think it fair for the Administrator of
Finance, or any other Administrator, to pnt
his hand to my throat and say, "Yen shall
not have on organization, because there is
extravagance on the very face of it." 1 be
lieve there is no extravagance in my
ordinance. The organization, so far as the
wharfingers are concerned, is the same fop
General ^Vest's. As to the markets, the of
ficers proposed are less in number and in
salary than thoee~granted to Mr. Emlcy. I
have studied this thing. I am satisfied this
is necessary to enable me to carry out
the duties laid upon me by the charter.
Mr. Walton: The gentleman has made a
long speech, but it does not amount, to any
thing, because in the beginning I say I do
not intend to oppose the ordinance, except
as regards this section three.- Some of the
remarks of the gentleman might seem to
imply there was some personal feeling on
my part. I have no personal feeling in this
matter. I said when the charter was first
published, before I had any idea of becom
ing an administrator, that the Department of
Commerce was an excrescence on the new
city government, and there was not a man I
spoke to on the subject but agreed wity me.
It was even then stated that in onder to check
the Mayor who, according to the idea of the
framers of the charter, was to be a mere
head : piece on the city government, the Ad
ministrator of Commerce was put in so as
to prevent tbe Mayor having a veto in the
case of a possible tie between six members.
Tbe idea was carried out by putting a man
in that office originally who had no force,
and who simply spent his time in trying to
make business for his department to trans
act. When the charter was pmended, and
the control of the wharves was turned over
to the Department of Commerce, I said then
that the right kind of man coaid make this
department an important organization.. I
do not set up my judgment against that of
the Council, but, I say again, there is a great
deal of unnecessary expense laid out in this
ordinance for the organization of the De
partment of Commerce.
Mr. Bonzano: As this is the only depart
ment which remains to be organized, I move
that the final c msideration of this ordinance
be postponed to our next regular meeting.
The Chair put the motion to postpone and
declared it lost.
Mr. Remick: The Administrator of Fi
nance has taken occasion in ono breath to
say he does not oppose this ordinance and in
the next to assert that it contains useless
officers. It has been a happy expression of
his to call the Department of Commerce an
excrescence on the city government—
Mr. Walton explained that he did not ap
ply this term to the department as at present
Mr. Remick: I quote from tho published
proceedings of the Council of March 7 :
When I was appointed Administrator of
Commerce ad interim, 1 took the opportu
nity of making known to the Council what
I had long thought, that the Department of
Commerce was entirely useless, and was, in
tion I have asked for. The Administrator
of Finance says he deferred to tbe superior
' He must not
ability General West,
assume that I have inferior ability.
Mr. Shaw said he had a great desire to
adjourn, and he called for a vote.
The Chair put the question on the amend
ment proposed by Mr. Walton, that the
Administrator of Finance should have the
appointment of the levee due collectors, and
decided that amendment rejected.
The Chair (Mr. Lewis) said, fo regard'to
the commissaries of markets and the police,
he would mention that there were still
policemen fo each market, as there had al
ways been, and it was the duty of the police
to see that the streets were fo a clean con
dition, but not to report if they were other
wise. The reporting part of the duty was
confided to these other officers who had
now been withdrawn. There was no alter
fore the organisation jntoefltatedtitlmlto
partment of Coaunaroe, fi» titasaf^paf
rolls and salaries amounted.**
three handled thousand dotlarsa Jaar.JChi
organization of the Department ef '^■for
me rce will, I think, make jit -—
and fifty thousand dollars.
Mr. Remiek: That estimate in tenAeUr
sand too mneh. '
The Mayor: Under the ett admhifrm
tion the salaries 'were about tlMyOM*
showing an exeess of mem than ahsn ir e d
.i_______j .,-11 _______
seekers, the eitg is vary unfortu
nate. There It groat pwarure 'upfor
us, I know; but t .. M
borne, or the very vitals of the community
will be tom out I state Uric with th e h op e
that it will be published, because
now three months behind in the paym ent
of our current expenses, and no itmn
coining in. We are as feadly oil R VtUtM"
a year ago, except that wo have se ttl e d a
portion of the tooting debt. However com
fortable a feeling it may ho net to econ
omize, in the foes of the imperative mqnfote
ments of the law that we shall not nmta
debt more than n hmnirnri thnsund dtMoit.
and that the taxes shall net ran above n
given amount, I say we ore bound ^re
trench, and that if wjiat wa expend it only
well expended, we are not reepeneihle for
what we are unable to do. I state this new
publicly, because I have so often urged it
privately in the meetings of the Couaril
without effect, and because the fldt hhN
hastening when all the pretexts and dtdgee
we may adopt will not sure us fr smfoton
cial calamity, if wo continue in our pres en t
course. .
Mr. Remick explained, that he did not
ask an organization to relicvq him fouls the
necessity of saying no; but hlaskldfiMr
ganizatioa as Adm ini s tra to r ef Finance.
God knows he would hale to say no often
enough in any ease.
On motion off Mr. Cockrem the
part oi the ordinance waa stricken <
on a yea and nay vote the ordinance
unanimously adopted.
By Mr. Walton: - ^
To the City Council of New Orleans:
. The petition of Francis A. Boyle,
to me April 11,1871, asks for the *
of taxes for the reason that the
was occupied by the United States
Similar petitions were addressed to this
Council by Evaristo Segaati and by the
Southern Cotton Press Company, neither
of which were granted. I can add nothing
to the reports made by the Administrator
ot Assessments in those cases one ea the
fourteenth of June, 1870, tbeother ea *the
sixth of September, 1870—wbiohare printed
in the proceedings of the Council under
thou dates. For the reasons there giyea-I
recommend that his request be - net created.
JOHN 8. WALTON, Administrator.
By Mr. Walton:
To the City Council of New Orleans:
Upon the petition of Theodore Danzigei
referred to me on the fourth of April, 1871
I respectfully report that it appeerefrus
the records of tne Department ef Aslesi
ments that his application fof a radu e ti u
of the assessment of his property to squar
forty-eight was re ported apeu by eXpertl
who reduced it from $30,09$ to $17^001
which they consider • fob valuation,
therefore recommend that hie request fur
further reduction be not granted.
JOHN S. WALTON, Adiffinistmtor.
By Mr. Walton:
Department op Finance,
April 18,1*71. {
To the City Council of NewOHsons:
The petition of Samuel Boyd, ntoisl i
me by the Council on the seventh of Marti
1871, asks us to raise the mortgagee oa re<
courts for the no np a y ment ef toxas.
Upon an examination of the ease I fin
1863 were paid into the Untied Status Di
it riot Court, and by that euartpaM ever 1
I therefore neoraasnd the adoption ^
the accompanying resolution.'
JOHNS, WALTON,Administrator.
Revolted, That the tadgraente randen
against 8amuel Boyd, In suits Noe. 182M
Third District Coart, for 1861; E
District Court, for 1802; 21,061, Sesond Di
trict Court, for 1863; 26,780, nt IXstri
Court, for 1864, for the non-payment
taxes, be annulled, and that the Anmmm
tor of Finance be authorised to caned t]
mortgages resulting from the. rauL Jrai
ments. • #
The Council then adjourned.
% to permitted. Even the
lager beer saloons are chat,
confectionery store or any
"street walkers" are permlttti
"social evil" exist, it is almost

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