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ifoadhfteafcilowtaff deata n i:
gffSnts, opparito the Poetoffice.
mm, Bff. M Exchange Alley,
fltihy, No. 19 Commercial Place.
D. HoOe, Me. 61 Exchange Place.
Powtohartrain Railroad
TUtd District; also, at Depot foot
tent, First District
ftihafpT. corner of Ninth and Cou
•oner of Love and Enghien
. District.
a, opposite Jefferson "Market,
r rrt fy of the Southern Express
mare fnd oh*«fl for the latest date
York Times.
nuanfoctnrer in Maine runs his
en aO of them his own
im In the new Territory of Cu
be held to day. A delegate to
td a territorial legislature are
large enough to make three ten
eeeh, wiUi four thousand trees to
:hava Men raised from the seed
MM inHomes county, Iowa.
lobe once more in financial embar
king to the disproportion be
tefcMM and his expenditure*.
nremater. yesterday morning at
ate, was 53° at New Orleans, 57°
at Charleston, 58° at Sav*
at Cincinnati, 48= at Louisville,
at Nashville, 60° at Key
148° at Havana. »
d registration in the newTera
hnahte is 28^30, of whom 17,746
10,774 colored, leaving a
Betty of 6973, To-day's election
Whether Chipman, Republican,
; Dttmrat. will be elected to
Mias of Mississippi shows that in
S Hate there are but sixteen hun
thirty persons resting under the
# Imposed by the fourteenth
grit* tee* eoustitution. What good
Rmbeerved b f maintaining this
Rmbeerved b f maintaining this
Mtorcaution* the public against
It for State warrants No*. 1758,
l ead 1761, for five hundred dol
Sffid State warrant No. 1762, for.
dollars aad ninety cents, all
111,1871, payment of the same
peteh was received yesterday by
1£ Jeff Thompson, Chief Engineer
MterfoftaJ. Humphreys, cityengi
Ute—ijplila. stating the river is now
Ifit- beiew the high water mark of
b Ae danger to our levees is now
m ** ■end would be quite if it
tfor the tidal wave that has driven
rinto the river from the gulf.
tor Stewart, Vermont, has re
fill an extra session of the State
to rectify alleged errors of the
Rttoe ia averaging andequaliz
estaie appraisal, raying that if
Men inflicted upon any portion
; the responsibility must rest
BM, whraa power over the aub
iteaive; aad that, if the list is
Mrte are open for redress..
tepiwtanl decision was rendered yes
yta the United 8tates Circuit Court,
6 Internal Revenue Collector Stock
,arhe nraesrad the plaintiff, J. E.
p, w'a epanrercial broker. He paid
pteM* 1*63 44,
under protest, and
K&tttan for the recovery of that
d^pu the ground that though he
fptdn, be did not sell it. The court
Rphfed te* p lai ntiff was illegally as
tfeville Commercial of . Monday
i j infill ilay with a supplement,
her containing sixty-eight col'
ading matter, a large proportion
irtiaemcffita. Less than sixteen
> the projectors 'of the Commer
rithrat some fear of the result'
first number of a paper which
l n political minority in the city
rWe are glad to note the prea
M- of the prosperity f of Bepub
lla in Louisville.
■**r, at Maamohuaetta, proposes a
ffte subject of the wages and hours
^1 Ifod the diviaiou of profits between
taA.tagitol to the United States.
■M^pte.are to be investigated by
appointed by the Prosi
la aalary of five thousand each, who
lid Offfee for two years. They are to
■ten on the serial, educational aad
r ftadition of tee laboring classes of
Itod States, aad haw the same are ef
lar nxistiag laws regulating com
fltaam and currency.
Rita Waqaote yesterday made the
tgappotntments: WUmot H. Ooodale
gghfis; and Beqjnmia Motgan, Cor.
pl' -Stat Baton Range parish. The
lljigjtttemm recently elected mam-1
filfotri of Police for the town of i
is ffpta eommimtoned yesterday by
of intemperance among the educated
English women to an alarming extent,
and asserts that -medical men foil to see
and. act np to their duty in this respect
It says': "A careful practitioner should
remember the peculiar sensitiveness of
women, daring certain portions of their
life, to the influence of narcotics; hence,
if he prescribes' alcohol for them at all, it
should not be for trivial ailmeqta, which
%re liable to recur frequently, and for
which the patient will only be too ready
to £>ply the agreeable remedy which was
found so efficacious before."
The same journal also condemns the
practice of allowing yonng girls between
the ages of twelve and fifteen the use of
alcoholic stimulants of any kind on ac
count of any real or imaginary delicacy.
It farther remarks, "the practice is ut
terly unjustified by any physiological need
(in the absence of positive disease) and
the results are most disastrous." From
the extensive notice Which this subject re
ceived at the hands of the London presa, it
was supposed ip be a sensation rather than
existing reality. It is asserted by the
nabu and under climatic influences which
do the strongest man make alcohol a
tonics, elixirs ahd bitters, all warranted I
"free from a drop of alcoholic mixture," I
are brought into constant requisition to I
ease the pains and ailments of all ages,
from the babe at the breast to the adult
matron who seeks a sedative to doll the 1
nerves and senses into rest and quiet. I
"The sensation of sudden relief," says
the Lancet, "replacing acute pain or nerv- I
poison. There are certain quiet "ladies'
restaurants" in all seaboard cities, so
| quiet and modest in appearance that gen
tlemen are not tempted into them,
where respectable women resort for the
stimulant which is probably inaccessible
at home. Deaths from mania-a-potu have
occurred this winter, And that not in the
debased lower classes,* but among cul
tured, delicately-raised women, some of
them young, generous, lovable girls.
This is an ugly ahd almost incredible
Can we say teat this sin does not lie at
onr own doors, as well as it does at that
of onr sister communities? Let the sub
ject be carefully considered, and let every
effort be pat'forth for its eradication, to
the end that onr mothers, wires and sis
ters may be free from the thraldom and
power W this social curse.
etriy of » Oil is the main
Ota* Vbodaad lodging ean be obtained
for money *t*ny hotel, and to be over
solicitous aboatouch matters to the ex
o^psion of that better entertainment, the
cordial greeting, the kind, inquiries,
the giving of
time and attention,
j is a gross and mistaken view of this social
I virtue. The New Testament story of Mary
I and Martha well illustrates the difference
I between lofty and contracted views on
I this subject Both sisters welcomed their
I divine visitor with love and joy ; but the
I one appreciated the fact that he had se
I lected their home in preference to many
others which were doubtless open to him
from personal preference for their society
and not for sake of the superior fare and
softer bedding which their- house might
afford. A due attrition to these matters
is well—nav, is indispensable; but such a
solicitude "about many things" as de
prives the guest of the presence and com
pany of his host is not the best kind of hos
pitality. Sometimes, indeed, the desire
to overload the table with luxuries pro
ceeds from ostentation, which simply dis
gusts; but even when such over-solicitude
springs from a sincere bnt mistaken no
tion of the dnties of hospitality, it is apt
to defeat its own purpose by making its
recipient ill at ease, and warning him in
directly not soon again to repeat a visit
which costs his entertainer so much
anxiety and expense. Thus, by over
doing matters, some well intentioned
persons simply succeed in driving from
their doors those best worth entertaining.
No man is called upon to discommode
himself greatly for the sake of hospitality.
It is, or ought to be, an every-day virtue,
not an act of self-sacrifice. The homely
Republicanism in New York is purify
ing itself under the impulse of the new
State central committee. The lines were
not sufficiently well drawn before, and'a
large number of Republicans were al
lowed to hold office under appointments
from the Tammany Democracy. This
rendered them lukewarm on election days,
and the city of New York has been al
lowed to go Democratic by such
lonpd to go Democratic by such over
whelming majorities that the honest vote
I of the county, which has always been Re
I publican, would not overcome them. The
new central committee .adopted the plan
of refusing to allow any Republican irho
held an appointment under Tweed to be
placed in nomination for office on the Re
publican ticket. The effect has been
very signal in creating a livelier interest
in our own party, while it has taught
these middle men that if they hope to
succeed hereafter they must quit their
Democratic affiliations. Not only has tbi»
policy been beneficial in the city of New
York, bfft it has had an immense effect
in the Legislature at Albany, where
Ta mm a n y managed to carry through
many of Its most rascally measures by
corrupting certain weak Republicans.
This game is now blocked, for the Re
publicans held a caucus on Saturday last,
at which it was resolved that their votes
should be cast as a unit against Tweed's
contemplated impositions on New York,
and that any Republican who bolted the
decision of the cancns should ah once be
read out of the party. This defeats sev
eral rascally schemes, and saves the city I
of New York from being plundered to the I
extent of millions for the purpose of I
carrying the next presidential election.
Weed and his followers are amazed and
dismayed at this new development, for
since its proclamation he has tried in
yain to rally a single Republican to vote
for his measures; and, as the Legislature I
is tied between the two parties, Tammany I
is lively to go home empty-handed. A
little management is a good thing, and
strict party lines are saving dispensa- I
I The prospect for a good wheat crop in
Texas this y ear is to be excellent,
and tbe Pe°P le of that State are confident
1 time is not far distant when flohr
I cease to be imported there from other
® tates - They are already blessed with
I cheap meat, and with plenty of good land
wtTO*er<*lld** W«k Wwdl M the
havaaooe of (be comforts of life, sod In
nmny instance* death ensue* from a want
of food! *
Could these people be assisted ahd en
couraged to find homes in Louisiana and
Texas, where labor is well remunerated, a
doable blessing might be conferred. The
resources of these States eould be fully de
veloped by a people who would become
comfortable and happy in the work of
adding to the wealth of the country.
The telegraph informs ns that Bepre.
sentative Wind ns, a Kepublican member
of the New York Assembly, has sqjd him
self to the Democrats, and that in conse
quence of this corruption the Tammany
ring has succeeded in passing its objec
tionable measures. This announcement
will be seized upon to denounce the en
tire Nepnblican party as venal, and Demo
crats will virtuously demand its over
throw. What if we say that the Repub
lican party has cast this man Winans out
of its ranks? What if we say that the en
tire Democratic party engaged in the
work of corrupting this faithless indi
vidual, and that it is now enjoying all the
fruits of his venality? How will this
jfiace the blame? And if through the
measure of this rascality the city of New'
York is submitted to limitless plunder
ing, and the national government passes
into the hands of the most nnprinci pled
political ring in the United States, where
is the sin to be placed, on the back of the
party that cast out and branded as a traitor
the instrument that sold his virtue, or
upon the party, that tampered with and
We submit
| corrupted a public agent?
these questions to honest men for their
serious consideration. Seventy-five thou
sand dollars is the price that the tele
graph informs ns was paid for this actGf
bargain and sale. If out of twelve men
one could be found to sell the Saviour of
the world, it is not totally unaccountable
that in a body of sixty-three Republicans
one could be picked out who would foil
before the temptations of the Democracy.
The penalty to Winans is that be is to
be published in all the Republican papers
of New York as an apostate.
Thft members of the American Union
Clnb will extend the hospitalities of their
rooms to the distinguished General of the
United States army this evening. We
are- requested by the officers of the club
A very becoming silence has fallen upon
the Democracy, concerning the letter that
was published in Springfield, Massachu
setts, about Louisiana affairs. It is said
that the Kn-klux are hunting for the
anthortof the obnoxious epistle, and that
a dreadful " cord and dagge/ordeal" will
be perpetrated upon him if he does not
explain that he was drunk at the time he
wrote the dreadfnl revelation. This ex
cuse goes a long way to palliate offenses
against the Democracy.
True love never enjoys a smooth chan
nel. The excess of affection which over
came the Bulletin for Speaker Carter last
week has either met an obstruction, or it
is allowing silence to suggest suspicions
that "concealment is gnawing at its dam
aged cheek," or something of that soit
Let it bubble.
The most valuable and important inter
ests ever controlled by a single corpora
tion in *this State are those of the Cal
casieu Sulphur and Mining Company.
The valne of the sulphur deposits are cal
culated by millions of dollars, and the
intelligent secretary and treasurer of the
company has estimated the value of each
share of the stock at fifteen hundred dol
lars as soon as the sulphur is brought to
the shrface.
The assessments on the ordinary stock,
which are comparatively light, pay all
the current expenses of the company, in
cluding salaries of its officers, which are
sufficiently large to induce them to de
vote all their time to the interests of the
I '
vote all their time to the interests of the
company. *
We have advocated tli$ right of the five
thousand shares of ordinary stock to rep
resentation in the board of directors, not
because of any dissatisfaction with the
acts of the present board, but because,
under the charter, they have a right to be
By article %ight of the charter it is pro
vided that when the ordinary stock is all
subscribed three may be added to the
number of directors.
If this provision
should not be - conformed to, the hojders
of this five thousand shares of stock will
continue to be liable to taxation without
representation, and they will have no
remedy against frequent assessments that
may be made by the directors representing
the full paid and preferred stock.
Since every dollar of the working funds
of the treasury is derived from assess
ments on the ordinary stock, it is not un
reasonable that the holders of this stock
should be represented on the board. A
meeting of the stockholders would cer
tainly bring about this result.
We might add that the duty of salaried
officers does not consist in depreciating
the stock to a point below tho amount of
actual paid assessments, but rathef, in
representing all the foots connected with
the value of the mines, the resources of
the company and the ultimate value of
the stock, which is of arithmetical calcu
lation. To advise holder* to sell stock
at eight dollars on which ten dollars hpg
been paid, ill order that an officer of the
company or his friends nufy buy it on
speculation, is not exactly what the of
ficer gets bis six thousand dollars a year
lie writer at this neither wishes to
hay or sell this stock,. andtf what hss
been written in these columns has called
attention to the duty of officer* and stock
holders, it has been in a spirit of unkind
ness to none bnt of justice to all.
The directors will bold a meeting this
evening. Upon their action will depend
the necessity of a special meeting of
stockholders, who are united in the de
termination that their rights shall be re
At the brokers' board, last evening,
ordinary stock was offered at eighteen dol
State warrants, new, in amounts of from
one to. two hundred dollars, were sold yes
There were sales also pf five thousand
and two thousand large new State ty
rants at 54. Dealers bought at 51 and 5?,
and their selling prices' were 55. New
Metropolitan Police warrants were bought
at 96} by dealers, who held them at 97|.
State warrants are in demand to pay
State taxes with, under a recent act. of the
Legislature, by which from three to four
million dollars of warrants may be ab
sorbed, and the advance in State warrants
willf probably, be considerable. The law
reads as follows:
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
Douse pf Representatives of the State of
Louisiana in general assembly convened.
That all the damages awarded by any law
for the non-payment of any* taxes and
licenses due to the State previous to the
year eighteen hunilrea and sixty niue be
Auditor of Public Accounts on the State
Sec. 3. Be it, further enacted, etc., That
tile collectors of State taxes shall publish
this act in the official journal in eich parish
thirty days before they commence collect
ing. a
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
this act shall take effect from and after its
Hibernia Bank....................
City consolidated bonds..........
City Ire per cent Waterworks
City seven per cent funding
City (even-thirty. certificate*...
Mississippi and Mexican Gulf
Ship Canal.,
DR. .8. P. CUTLER,
to. 14 Danphlne Street, Second Deer
From Canal.
Nitron. Oxide Ga* administered. ja!2 2dp6m
(Tivoli Circle,)
Stores fitted np with dispatch. Jobl
np dispatch. Jobl
attended to.
in order to efleol a clearance.
Liaens, of every description, at a sacrifice.
MERRIMAC, SPRAGUE, and all standard calicoes,
at ten cents.
And all domestics equal}? low, at
Linen Warehouse,
ap20 222dp __*o. 205 Canal street.
The most durable, simple and reliable LOCK
°TTTrU utnuivv }' _______
STITCH MACHINE in existence. T
Every machine sold by us is folly warranted as
represented, or no sale.
, X foil supply of Silk Twist, Linen Thread, Oil,
etc., constantly on hand.
ap9 lm 2p " --
Nos. 7 and 9 Camp street.
Naw York, March 21, 1871,)
No. 16 Cedar Street. J
I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I have
this day appointed Mr. W. H. HENNING, of the
city of New Orleans, Louisiana, Agent for the ex
clusive sale of Dr. J. G. B. Siegert A Sons' ANGOS
TURA BITTERS in the' market of New Orleans,
»p6 3p
Sole Agency for the United Staten
>ublic have lang desired
rt, where all kinds of 8ev
The public have lang desired the establishment
of • Mart, where All kinqo of Sewing Mochineo And
Sewing Machine Findings could be had; where they
could see and compare the working* of on* bmUm
with another, and select from the different make*
the machine beat auited to tbe use to which they
desired to apply it. To such a Mart we invite von
at 150 Canal street. Agents wanted. ^
noM 2ptf M. £ HEDRICK. General Ag»nt
860 Doable-Barrel GUNS, at *8 and *10 each.
- 206 Pine English GUNS at *1S, * is and *» each
50(downTable KHIvig andTORKsTat ffltad
|2 per dow n ^
** •" * Mh -
2Lfot^ P ^2X ,tre<t - repiaaand
Printing, and have
Camp, the Galley. It la aotealy tha l
Cheapest Baking Powder, and li nip
production of elegant aii whafceaaw
^Wholesale Depot to few s tr e et , Mew 1
Act No. 1*1 of the General Aseeotety aateatate
the New Orleans Sanitary aaA Kertlhxing Company
to charge ONE DOLLAR per ben hr hnMhg<b
odortaing material aad remevtag ths henna ■■
The Board .of Directors, Raffing tha mmtmmj
will be amply remunerated by a lad a at k u (frnld
charges, and wishing to rnnaaiaga tga pouai
adoption of the dry earth elaast system ta lUh
eity, aad place it within r e ach of an, havs decided
not to exact the pries allowed by law, and hove
established the following tariff ef charges, via;
For removing single hex, Sftjr cants cash.
For'five t ickete.............................. ..*1 n
For twenty tickets..............|«
Each ticket good for removal of one box. -
Office Bow Orleans Sanitary aad
Company, -
ap7 lmtp _
Attention ia particularly directed fa my Wtvra
TABLE WABE, each an
Price* aa low as at any •*—»i*rrn aieaelbutmj
and CHEAPER THAN Iff AffT HOCEl Iff fffflP
ORLEANS. Quality aad style .equal taauy. Mi
guarantees given in all eases. Every deearipffieaef
Medal*. Badge*, Military Bcltplatcd Sward Meant
inge, etc., manufactured ia tha most artieti* mam
ner and at low prices.
A. HIMME L, P roprietor ,
de« irtp
nr bahkrdptcx.
District of Louisiana, {
New Orleans, April 17, lStt.)
T his is to give notice that on the sbv
enteenth day of April. A D. 1171, a warrant la
and State of Louisiana, who feaa been adladasd a
bankrupt on his own pettMea; that the panasat
of any debts and delivery of any property betsM
ing to such bankrupt, t* hfoi sawUaase, s5S
transfer of any property by him, areforbiddsoby
law: that a meeting of tea a MBa i of aH
bankrupt, to prove liheir debt* and to Mange sa*
or more assignees of his estate, will be held at a
Court of ^kruntey, to be boldea at the Otafom
house building. New Orlcens. tiS " 1 **—■- *-*^*r~- C. B.
United 8 tates Marshal, District of r^.t-i.»
apis myl7 _
* emi* notuji*' nffr *«» m
to te tho aod^sSte
who hat been nHiMijed i beefcniet.
on hit own petitloii; that The, iMaeil Mtw
rupt, to prove their debts and to ctaoeo mo or
!:« t ^ 0n o-cteck:" t i: 5 * Te,,th ^mrSKSI.
*pl3m%7 a PMCKARb -
I Ovnca OF UXITBD *TATBS Maw «... _
of booioteiMa^ J
transfer oi anyrawrtv^^^iX&AK. *6?
creditors onaddWri^
md to ah**** mam
in the Customhow tafl^ntheSa* CK xS^S'
mhtemym * _DsMMtaiSiUl
ROTATE OF HKXR^OCTAV'ff c frriiiaay
Officr or UvirirI vavii lUiiBAfoh
Disfrifit nf traitelam.

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