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jiku: Orleans ^qmbUtan.
Tlic Time!< nnd the Tuiiminuy Kisg.
[From the Chicago Trihuue.l
New York. July 24.—The exposnre of
tLe outrageous* and unlslusbing Tammany
frauds by the Times causes much excite
ment here, and is opening the eyes of even
purblind people to the extent ol swindles
by the ring. To day it lias another revela
tion of plastering and repairs claiming to
have been done to the new courthouse by
Andrew Garvey, a notorious member of the
Tammany ring. The Times says Hall and
Connolly had no hesitation in signing the
warrants for the work supposed to be done
by Garvey.
The same carelessness with reward to
dates shown in these accounts extends
even to the persons in whose names the
cheeks were supposed to be made out
Thus, on December 28, 18t>0, a check was
drawn for 833,283 in favor of one Philip
Donarnmma. This was indorsed by Philip
F. Duumay, probably a name which wras
much more appropriate to the transaction
than that of Douarumma. Three days af
terward another check for £33,129 8.> was
made out for Donarumma, and this time it
was indorsed Fillip Duminin.
The eonl'usiou in the minds of Connolly
and Hall with regard to Donarumma or
Rumrney, or Dunimiu, was of little conse
quence, seeing tae checks were indorsed by
Garvey, s:> that one may conclude the
money found its way into the bands for
which it was intended. On one day, July
21. 18(0, Garvey received for plastering ami
repairs no less than £45,986 89—that is to
say, warrants were made out in his name
for that amount. His total receipts, that
same month, from Connolly and Hall were
£i53.75o 14, not a had month's return for a
Ho beat that, however, in May, 1870, when
he was lucky enough to receive £394,614 50,
all for work done on the new court house.
He beat that again in the following June,
when his work tor a part of two months ap
pears to ha ve been worth £945,715 11. June
being thus pretty well played out, the
signers of the warrants deemed it best to
jump back to April, a month which they ap
pear to have thought that they had neg
They began by paying Garvey for two
days' repairs thus: April 9, repairs ou coun
ty buildings. December 20, 1869, £66,118 31;
April 12, repairs on county buildings, De
cember 21,1869, £67,068 89; total ,"£133,187 20.
A plasterer who can earn £133,187 in two
days, and that in the depth of winter, need
never he poor. Altogether he received in
two years, or some one received in his name,
the sum of £2,870,464 06. In answer to the
Mayor's statement, the Times declares it is
no paid of the business of a newspaper to
prosecute public otiieers; that it is the duty
of the community which is defrauded.
It adds that it does not believe the Board
©1 Supervisors, behind which Mayor Hall
attempts to shelter himself, ever saw the
accounts, and if it did, the Mayor and Con
troller are not bound to pay any accounts
passed by the Supervisors. The effort of
the Mayor to relieve himself and his asso
ciates from the position in which the Times
lias placed them, is a melancholy failure,
and is so acknowledged to be by everybody
not partisan in feeling.
The Business of Beer Brewing;.
The report of Mr. Louis Schade, of Wash
ington, who was appointed bv Commis
sioner Pleasouton to make an otiieial report
of the Beer Brewers' Convention held in
Pittsburg last month, has been tiled in the
Internal Revenue Bureau. It touches upon
every subject concerning the interests of
lu-ewers. and gives some interesting statis
tics relative to the amount of business car
ried ou in that branch of trade.
He states that the Beer Brewers' Associ
ations extend over every State in the Union
and that they receive support from their
friends in all sections of the country. The
Beer Brewers' Congress, which is to be held
in Dresden on the twenty-seventh of this
month, is expected to be largely repre
sented from America, and as the congress
that was to come off last year was post
jioned on account of the war. business of
great imjiortance to brewers is expected to
be transacted. The brewers announce their
intention of renewing their efforts to de
crease the tax on fermented liquors.
They hold that the interests of the
country require that the taxing of malt
liquors should entirely cease. They claim
the exemption on the ground that malt
liouors are known as temperance bever
ages. nourishing and healthy, and that, by
abolishing the tax thereon, the govern
ment would beueiit the people and assist
the cause of temperance. They regret that
the United States has paid so little atten
tion to the collection of correct and relia
ble statistics relative to their trade, and
claim that the want of such information in
the halls of Congress, and of the apprecia
tion of the necessity of the same, is the
principal cause of the present unequal and,
consequently, unjust taxation.
They assert that they are the heaviest
taxpayers in the country, and there was,
for the previous year, taxiug the whole
population, one brewery for every 13,467
persons, or 2862 breweries in the United
States. Florida was the only State without
a brewery, but there having been one estab
lished during the present year, it extends
the realm of King Gambrinus over every
State and Territory in the United States.
The report states that the tax paid bv orew
ers for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1871,
amounted to over $7,300,090, or about
twenty per cent more than last year.
The Jeff Davis Scandal.
The Louisville Commercial of Monday,
which originally published the scandalous
story about Jeff' Davis, publishes the fol
lowing ou his denial:
As Mr. Davis passed through Knoxville
ou the tenth instant, on his way to Memphis,
he has taken the earliest opportunity to
make the denial which he found upon his
arrival there was "deemed necessary.'' As
he has met the question like the "gallant
gentleman which we have never doubted
him to be, and has given the story as
promptly as he could a denial in the most em
phatic and judicious language, we hope
the scandal will be consigned henceforth to
the limbo reserved for such stories upon
men who are called ou to bear the burden
of unenviable conspieuity. No feeling which
wo have toward Mr. Jefferson Davis, is
tinged with any shade of malice, and it was
no disposition to do him injustice which led
us to publish an item of unpleasant news
about him, which to us was apprentlv well
authenticated. If the story is founded on
malice, as he asserts, we take no part in the
iabrication or the spirit which prompted it.
Shirking Duty.
We copy this from the Houston Times:
Our friend W. B. Sbattuc, Esq., general
agent of the Erie and Atlantic and Great
Western railroad, iu Cincinnati, is an
honorary member of the Ninth regiment, of
which Colonel Jim Fisk, Jr., is commander.
When the regiment was ordered out on the
thirteenth instant, to aid iu suppressing the
riots in Nev York, Sbattuc received a dis
patch from Fisk ordering him to turn out
for duty immediately. He was iu a quan
dary. Over'S thousand miles from the
scene of the bloody strife, and no way to
get there in time. Besides, he really didn t
want to go, he being a peace man. and op
posed to all warfare. After thinking the
matter over, he sent the following reply:
Cincinnati, July 12.
Colonel James Fisk, Jr.:
Would rather lose a half day.
We presume our friend will be lined for
non-performance of duty.
This is Washington gossip, dished up by
the special of the Louisville Courier-Journal:
Washington, July 24.—Advices received
here to-day mention a serious disaffection
iu the Republican party in Louisiana, aris
ing out of an attempt to use the money and
patronage of the government in the Cus
tomhouse and Postofliee at New Orleans in
the interest, it is intimated, of the Presi
dential succession. The Collector (who is a
brother-in-law of the President ), the Marshal
and Postinaster are said to be engaged in a
movement in opposition to the State Repub
lican authorities, and are making numerous
fU'Pbiuiuwuis uu<4 vrs^aiiii's duks tv GVtda
control of the State government next year.
Complaint is about to be made to the Secre
tary of the Treasury of the excess of ap
pointments which are being made in the
S'ew Orleans Customhouse under this new
political movement. The Collector is at
present at Long Branch with the President.
We copy the following from the More
house Conservative :
(>n Sundav night last we had another
successful jail delivery. The parish is doing
as well as could !.e expected under the cir
cumstances. The parties escaping were two
of sundry and divers Rileys, convicted be
fore Judge Bussev of hog stealing, and
sentenced to the Penitentiary. But strong
in the persuasion of their guiltlessness, they
appealed, carrying their cause before a
higher and less prejudiced tribunal. Iu the
meantime, [lending the full assertion of
their innocence, they pined for liberty—for
a more active life. And though securely
locked up in strong iron cages, in the centi
of the ground floor, by some hocus poem
unlocked .the doors, pned out the iron bars
and made good their escape. One of the
trio was left to pine in loneliness the flight
of his companions—their combined skill
failing to open his cell door.
In all seriousness, Morehouse had just as
well have no jail at all. Prisoners make
their escape almost at will. The parish is
put to a heavy expense in trying precious
thieves and rascals. They are justly con
demned, put in jail, fed and fattened at the
public expense lor weeks—and then get out
at their own option. Is there no remedy ?
A committee appointed by the Governor
of Georgia to attend the examination in At
lanta University, admit the fallacy of the
idea that the African race are not capable
of high culture: "The rigid tests to which
the classes in algebra and geometry, and in
Latin and Greek, were subjected, unequivo
cally demonstrated that under judicious
training, and with persevering study, there
are many members of the African race who
can attain a high grade of intellectual cul
ture. They proved that they can master
intricate problems in mathematics, and fully
comprehend the construction of difficult
passages in the classics."
A lady calling herself Mrs. Hortense Wat
son. alleged to be the wile of Judge Watsor
of California, was prosecuted in New York
by Coleman Macy. the proprietor of the
Coleman House, for a hotel bill. Her eouuj
sel produced letters to prove that she was
the wife of Judge Watson, and said that
she did not intend to defraud the hotel peo
ple. but that she was disappointed in a re
mittanee from California. Justice Shand
ley sent her to the penitentiary for two
months. She swooned away when removed
to prison.
Has the largest circulation of any Re
publican paper in the South. It is de
voted to News, Literature Commerce, Ag
riculture, the Mechanic Arts, and the Dis
semination of Republican principles, and
gives particular attention to all matters
affecting the interests of the South and
Southwest. It is the earnest advocate of
the poor man's rights, as well as a guide
to the young politician. Its character as
an earnest Republican Journal, should
commend it to the support of every Union
man and industrious citizen in the coun
try; and not only should they subscribe for
it themselves, but urge others to do so,
thereby assisting us in its circulation, and
thus contribute to secure the proper re
sults of governmental and material recon
It is the medium by which the State
and National Governments make known
their laws to the people of Louisiana. It
has been selected by law for the publica
tion of all judicial and other Government
advertisements. State, Federal and munici
pal, and non are valid or of any legal force
unless published in this paper. We pub
lish, also, officially, the proceedings of
both Houses of the General Assembly, and
of the Common Council, Sheriff's sales
and monitions, all advertisements relating
to successions of deceased persons; all
cases in admiralty arising in the United
States District Court; Bankruptcy notices
and sales ; all ordinances of the Common
Council, and all advertisements of the
Government calling for proposals to fur
nish supplies or perform work.
No other paper in New Orleans embraces
within its columns so wide a range of in
terests. Our regular telegraphic dispatches
are the same as those furnished the New'
Orleans Associated Press. Special dis
patches from Washington and elsewhere
are obtained from the best sources and
are always full of interest. Our views
upon questions of State, national and
municipal polity are freely and concisely
stated, always with an object to promote
the public welfare. In making selections
from our exchanges and various corres
pondents, care is taken to use such as re
late to matters in which our people have a
vital interest. Literary and miscellaneous
selections are taken from the best writers
in the Northern and European publica
tions, while w r e are not unmindful of
native talent.
The Republican is at all times open to
discussion from the people, ready to an
swer inquiries and to discuss topics of in
terest. Nothing of sufficient importance
to find its way into a first class newspaper
escapes our notice. Honest officials, w r ho
discharge their duties wfith fidelity, can
rely upon finding a staunch defender in
the Republican ; while no amount of per
sonal or business influence will shield the
dishonest official from exposure.
Such is the New Orleans Republican,
and such it is likely to remain. It is a
p ow'er in the State second to no other
But its power and influence are always
exerted for the highest good of the human
Advertisements of ten lines Agate solid
one dollar and fifty cents per square for
the first, and seventy-five cents for each
subsequent insertion. Second page ad
vertisements charged as new each day.
Advertisements inserted at intervals
charged as new.
In addition to our newspaper depart
ment, w'e have one of the largest job offices
in the South, from which w r e turn out, in
the course of a year, more work than any
other four establishments of the kind in
New' Orleans. For dispatch and good taste
our job establishment has no superior.
We print books of every description in
the highest style of the art. Also, blanks,
circulars, cards, account sales, briefs, ju
dicial forms, and every description of
printing on orders from every parish, in the
The Daily Republican is published
every day except Monday, and the
Weekly is issued every Saturday.
Daily, one year____$16 00 Weekly, one year. $5 00
Dally, six men tbs.. 8 00 Weekly, six months, 2 50
Money should be sent by Draft, Post
office Order, Registered Letter or Express
The New Orleans Republican,
No. 94 Camp street,
New Orleans, La.

QUARTER............. ........CHARTER.
Be it known that oh tins eighth day of June,
in the year of our Lord oue thousand eight
hundred and seventy-one, and of the indepen
dence of the United States of America the
ninety-fifth, before me. William Joseph Castell a
notary public iu and for the parish of Orleans,
State or Louisiana, duly commissioned and quali
fied, and in the presence of the witnesses herein
after named and undersigned, personally came anil
appeared the parties whose names are hereunto
subscribed, who declared that, availing themselves
of the provisions of the laws of this State relative
to the organization of corporations iu this State for
works of public improvement and other purposes,
tliey have covenanted aud agreed, and do by these
presents covenant aud agree, aud bind themselves
and those whom they represent, to form and estab
lish. and do hereby establish a corporation or body
corporate, 'or the objects aud purposes, aud under
the title, obligations, stipulations and regulations
following, to wit:
The name and title of the company shall be THE
LEANS, and its domicile is hereby established iu
the city of New Orleans. It shall continue and exist
for twenty-five years from the date of organization.
It shall commence operations immediately on or
ganization. It shall have a corporate seal having
for a device an Irish harp encircled by a shamrock
ami the name of this company aud the date of this
Section I. The objects and purposes of the com
pany are hereby declared to be—
Section 1. To make insurances upon dwelling
houses, stores, cotton presses and every other de
scription of buildings, household furniture, goods,
wares, merchandise, machinery, aud other property
against loss or damage by fire.
Sac. 2. To make insurance noon shirs and sea
going vessels, steamboats, ami all other vessels,
freights, goods, bills of exchange and other evi
dences of debt, commissions, profits, bullion or
money, and against all maritime and inland trans
portation risks, 1 ottomry and respondentia inter
ests; in other words, to effect tire, marine, river aud
inland insurance or any kind whatsoever, with privi
lege of exercising all or either of said purposes.
The company may cause itself tn be reinsured
against any risk upon which it shall have made in
Sbc. 2. The company shall sue and be sued in its
corporate n.iiue, and all citations and other legal
process shall be served on the piesident of the
Sec. 3. The Board of Directors shall have power
to invest from time to time the money aud capital
of the company in bonds and mortgages on unin
cumbered and improved leal estate, which, in every
case, shall be deemed worth at least double the
amount loaaed thereon.
They may also invest the profits of the company
in any bonds or stocks created by or under the
laws of the United States, or of tins Mate, or of the
corporations of tins Mate or city, or make any
loans on pledge of any of the aforesaid securities,
bonds or stocks, or any collateral or bill of lading;
provided, this investment shall not interfere with
the prompt distribution of net earned premiums
for the current year.
They shall have power to dispose of mortgages
obtained by way of security, or of stocks pledged
for security, or of property conveyed to them in
satisfaction of debts previously contracted, or pur
chased at public sale upon judgments or orders of
seizure obtained by said company, or of any
property movable of immovable, which may have
been pledged or abandoned to said company for or
concerning the operatioi s of its business: but
nothing herein contained shall be so construed as
to authorize the said company to discount negotia
ble paper, or do any banking business, nor, either
directly or indirectly, deal or trade in buying or
selling movable or immovable property, goods,
wares or merchandise; provided, also, that the
company shall have the right to purchase a proper
tv or buildiug, for the puipoee of establishing an
office therein.
They shall fix the compensation of the officers,
clerks aud employes elected or employed by them
iu the service of the company, and shall also have
power to fill any vacancies* which may occur in
their number or in the presidency.
They shall have power to adopt such rules, regu
lations aud by-laws as to them shall seem best for
the transaction of the business of the company:
provided the same shall not conflict with the true
nt eut and meaning of this act.
Section 1. All the corporate powers of the com
pany shall be exercised by the board of thirty-one
directors, to be elected from among the stock
holders; provided that after the election of di
rectors for organization, no stockholder shall be
eligible who does not hold in h*s name, or that of
his firm, at least twenty-five shares, which stock
shall have stood iu his name, or that of his firm,
on the books of the company for at least three
months prior to the election.
No one shall be eligible for the position of di
rector of this company who is a director of any
other fire, marine or river insurance company.
Nine directors present at any meeting shall con
stitute a quorum for business.
Section 1. The capital stock of this company is
hereby fixed at five hundred thousand dollars, di
vided into five thousand shares of one hundred
dollars each, subject t«* l>e increased to one million
of dollars under article twelve of this charter,
and it is hereby authorized to commence business
as soon as the capital shall be subscribed. The
stock to be paid as tallows: Ten j>er cent of the
subscribed stock sball.be paid in cash; tor the re
mainder ot ninety per cent the subscriber shall
furnish his note payable on demand, subject, how
ever, to calls whenever, in the opinion of the Board
of Directors, the necessities of the company shall
require it. In such cases calls shall be payable
itliin ten days alter thirty days notice, published
in two of the city newspapers. Subscribers may
at any time pay iu cash up to the full amount of
their subscription, but no dividend shall attach to
such payments unless paid during the first three
months of the current fiscal year.
Nbc. 2. Upon the failure ot any stockholder to pay
the amount due on such call, so made, the stock
owned by him, with dividends or increase, shall f>e
liable to forfeiture to the company by a vote ot the
directors, or the company may enforce the pay
ment of the stock, at its option.
Sec. 3. No stockholder snail ever be held liable
or responsibly for the contracts or faults of said
company in any further sum than the unpaid bal
ance due to the company on the shares owned by
him, aud Ins indebtedness to the company.
Sec. 4. All transfers of stock, to be valid, shall lie
made on the liooks of the company. No stock
holder shall have the right to transfer his stock
until his matured obligations to the company are
fully paid. Should any stockholder desire to trans
fer his stock previous to the full payment of the
same having been made, he shall be permitted to
do so by a substitute of the obligations of the party
purchasing, provided the substituted obligations
are satisfactory to the Board of Directors.
Section I. The election for directors shall be held
on the first Monday of May of each year at the office
of the company. Notices of such elections shall be
iven for at least ten consecutive days, iiniue
iately preceding the electiou, iuat least two of the
city papers.
Sec. 2. The board shall appoint three stockhold
ers inspectors to preside at such elections, and if
any of said inspectors decline or fail to attend, the
president shall appoint others to act in their stead.
The first Board of Directors shall consist of the
following stockholders, to wit
Hugh McCloskey,
John Henderson,
Patrick Irwin,
Thomas Gilmore,
Robert Carey,
Thomas C. Walsh,
Edward Conery,
John McCaffrey,
John T. Gibbons,
John Farrell,
William Conway,
Thomas McKenna,
Thomas Mai key,
Nicholas Burke,
Thomas King,
John T. Moore, Jr.,
R. M. O'Brien.
Thomas Fitzwilliam,
Michael 3IcQuaid,
Edward Burke,
David Jackson,
Janies D. Martin,
Thomas Dunne.
John Henderson. Jr.,
Edward Sweeney,
K. Briggs.
William Hart,
Patrick Dwyer,
John M. Lockhart,
John G. Ryan,
Michael Duffy.
Sbc. 2. They shall continue in office until the
second Monday ot May, 18T2, or until their succes
sors shall have been duly elected and qualified;
aud the directors elect shall take their seats on
the second Monday in May of each year, or iu the
event of a failure to elect, ou the first Monday
after due electiou.
Suction 1. In all elections the vote shall be by
ballot, and those stockholders receiving a plurality
of the votes of the stock represented snail be con
sidered duly elected; and in the event of no elec
tion taking place on the day aforesaid, the Presi
dent shah order an election to take place within
ten days thereafter, and give notice of the same as
Sfc. 2. Each stockholder shall he entitled,
either in person or by proxy, to one vote for each
and every share which he or tliev may respectively
hold; Provided that no individual or firm shall be
allowed to vote more than one hundred shares in
his own name or that of his firm, at an electiou
for directors of the company.
Section 1. The officers of the company shall con
sist of a president, vice president and such other
officers as the Board of Directors may deem neces
Until the first election, in May, 1372. and until
their successors are duly qualified, Hugh McClos
key shall be president and John Henderson vice
The Board of Directors shall have the power to
employ such clerks aud employes as are necessary
to conduct the business ot the company.
Rbc. 2. The Board of Directors shall, at their first
meeting in every year, elect from among them
selves a president and a vice president, who shall
hold their offices until their successors in office are
elected and qualified. Other officers, determined
upon according to the by-laws, to l»e elected at the
f ai .h e A , tl me. All employes of the company shall
lio.d their offices at the will of the Board of Direc
tors. and shall only receive salary for the time
tliey render service.'
Section I. The president of the company shall
sign ai; policies and preside at all meetings of the
Doaru; he shall conduct aud mar ge its business
generally, under the supervisic/ of the Board of
Directors; in case of his ab&er .t the vice presi
dent shall act in his stead.
Section 1. It shall Ire the duty of the president
and Board of Directors within the month of June
°J e * c , Y® ar » 1° cause to be published for the term
of at least one month, a full statement under oatli
tail 6 the company, which shall cou
1. The amount of premiums received during the
year, specifying what was received for fire, mari
time and river policies.
2. The amount of losses incurred during the year,
specifying what amount of losses have been in
°urred under each of the different kinds of policies.
3. The amount of capital, stating the portion of
the same invested m securities and the nature
thereof. —
• 4. The amount of expenses and net earnings of
the company, and in what those earnings aud ex
penses Consist.
Section 1. The compauy shall make to the as
sured such return premiums in cash as the presi
dent and Board of Directors may deem expedient.
Sac. 2. Out of the net profits of the compauy, an
interest of ten per cent on the paid in stock shall
first be taken, tne balance then remaining shall be
divided among the stockholders, as follows :
Three-fourths of the same to be divided among
them pro rata of the amount of earned premiums
paid by each of them within the year, and one
fourth of the said balance to be divided among the
stockholders pro rata of their paid iu capi :al. It
is, however, provided that no dividend of less than
five dollars shall be declared, nor shall any divi
dend declared contain any fractional part of the
said unit of five dollars, aiid that all such frac
tional sums shall be carried to the credit of con
tingeut accounts. The interest of ten per cent ou
ia '* ' "
iu capital shall be payable in cash, but the
amount of the two dividends declared shall Ik*
placed to the credit of the stock notes until the
latter are paid up. The balance due on stock
notes not extinguished liy dividends within five
years shall be paid iu cu9h after the expiration of
said time.
Nko. 3. When the notes of the stockholders shall
have been fully paid, there shall be issued to each
stockholder a certificate of stock for the amount
of his or her subscription.
No dividend shall be paid to any stockholder
while there exists in favor of the company any
matured indebtedness of any kind against him.
but the same shall be passed to the credit of
such indebtedness.
Sec. 4. No dividend declared shall bear interest,
and any divide nd unclaimed for three years shall
be forfeited to the company, aud passed to the
credit of profit and loss account, after the publica
tion of the same once a w eek for four weeks.
Whenever a dividend is called for after being ad
vertised, the party entitled to it shall pay cost of
Tlrs act of incorporation may be modified,
altered or amended, or the said company dissolved
at a general meeting of the stockholders to be
convened for that purpose, after thirty days notice
aud with the asseut of three-fourths of the stock
represented at such meeting, and any and all such
mollifications, alterations, amendments or dissolu
tions shall be recorded and publislitd according
to la »v.
At the expiration of tins charter, or sooner if
ordered by a vote of stockholders representing
two-thirds of the capital stock, the affairs of this
company shall be liquidated, its debts paid and
the balauce divided among the stockholders, pro
rata on the amount held by each of paid up stock
under the charge and superintendence of three
commissioners appointed by the Board of Direc
tors for that purpose.
The names and respective interests of the sub
scribers to this act aie hereby declared to be as
follows, to wit:
United Mates internal revenue stands, amount
ing to twenty-fire cents, are affixed hereto, duly
canceled at the execution hereof.
Thus done and passed in my office, at New Or
leans aforesaid, the day, month and vear first
above w ritten, in the presence of Messrs. Lawrence
McCormack and Harris Murphy, competent wit
nesses, residing iu ibis city, who hereunto sign
their names with said nartie- and me, said notary,
after due reading of the w hole.
Shares. Shares.
Patrick Irwin........
John T. Moore.......
it. Camp..............
Johu Henderson......
Nicholas Burke.......
James D. Martin.....
Smith Ac McKenna...
Thomas King........
Michael McQuade....
R. M. O'Brien........
John Douglas.........
41 >
William Hart.........
Thomas Fitzwil iam.
J. J. Irby At Co........
James J. Tarletou ..
Hugh McCloskey.....
Edward Burke.......
Thomas Dunu........
E. B. Briggs..........
P. Dwver ............
John Farre :..........
William Dillon.......
Johu T. Gibbous Ac Co
Edward Sueenv......
John Ac J. Lockhart...
William Con wav.....
Louise Castell........
C. E. Gnardev i Co..
E. Conerv.............
Michael Egan.........
Bichard M< Closkev...
James Dwver_____...
Thomas Markv.......
James 31. Walsh......
Thomas Sefton.......
Mrs. P. Gardner, per
John Traev, per M. D.
M. D Gardner.....
. 5
M. E. Garrev.........
Mis. M. K. Carver.
Theodore T. Osborne.
Thomas K* edee.......
Mrs. Thomas Keeffee.
Small k Co............
David Jackson.......
Hugh M( Manns.......
Michael Haekett_____
. 5
George McCloskev____
Christopher Crawler.
. 5
Joseph B. Garrev.....
Martin McCormack .
Joseph C. Gilmore.....
. 5
John A. Gilmore......
. 5
John H. Hannon ......
Johu Burke.........
W. Vau Briithuvsen.
IV ackei bartli Ac Joseph25
John Heunessv........
A. J. Fitzpatrick......
James Tinionv.........
D. P. Bcaulan.........
Thomas Green.........
James Buckler......
Richard A. Faliv......
John J. Dwver........
C. B. Block Ac Co......
E. M. Bermiugham...
M. E. Hal'agan........
■ H)
I). J. Dunn............
Edward Flvnn.........
Hugh Flvnn..........
Thomas Owen.........
Thomas L. Maxwell..
John L. Lavelle.......
John Barklcv.........
Daniel Moriartv.......
D. Galbreath.........
P. J. Cull..............
M. Wheelahan. ......
J. A. Fitzpatrick......
Edward Prophet......
<\ Stott...............
Mrs. Ann Canby, per
Mrs. Sarah O'Neil, per
E. Sweeney.........
E. Sweeney
William Gannon......5
Daniel Malone.......... 5
Amedee Couturie......f0
Joseph Raviuond......20
M. Duffy...'.............50
Jacob Hawkins.........25
P. Barron...............10
W. R Fish..............25
31. McAuley............25
Charles Donnelley......10
Francis Johnson .......25
John J. Clark.........25
Anthony Vizard.......2"
Janies Grennou.......25
Michael Hahn.........25
Patrick Johnson......15
Hugh Murphy.........25
Mrs. P. F„ Gogartv____lft
Peter Cooley .....*.....10
Robert J. Clohec
George Rice.........
lin streets .....
Daniel Crowley......
.. 25 F. W. Lot-wen.....
Samuel A. Shuinwa%
.. ,5o
Edward Connell...
M. Dowling Ac Co____
Thomas Mangau..
Martin Glvuu........
Thonns Edw. Wile.on.25
James Leonard.....
Fin nev Ac Byrnes.
Mrs. X. Gauche.
J. H Read v......
. ... 10
Joseph A. Gauche.
.. 5
31 1 3Iarv Fouclier
Mrs. Sarah A. Kellv
.. 8
N. Burke.......
Owen Cahill.........
J. 31. Brabazon...
P. B. O Brien, per
E W. BawltV......
M. O'Brien.........
William J. Kellv..
W. Y. Jinirs........
P. Coniiskv......
.... 10
John Curran........
F. X. Zaeriuger____
... 1ft
P. Gannon...........
.. 10
E. M. Houghton..
Mrs. J. Connor......
< ►'Neill Al Gleason.
Thomas O'Neill.....
Pat lick 31. Jov____
John O Neil.........
J. J. Healv...........
. 5
Patrick X Kellv...
Johu Dalv...........
John Mefffielin......
.. 5
C. Tavlor Gauche.
.... 5
John Fitzpatrick____
31 is. J. L. Brand..
. ..25
J. P.Garvey, per Lynch.25
Robert Jackson....
Mi* m MoinW o* '
W iUli corner
Pont™* a,»«j Fnnk
ro\dras and Frank
J. McCaffrey A Co......25 Joliu Ford, per McCaf
Patriek Walsh, per 51c- frey................2
John Reiiley........
I). Urban............
P. Curtis.............
John Hussey........
John Henderson. Jr.
John B. James......
Thomas C. Walsh...
B. J. Henderson.....
W. H. Berthelot......
Thomas Heal v.......
Maristauy A Doll....
Jacques Levy........
Sarah Jane Conroy.
Mrs. Kate Kelly..
. .10
Janies McKeon
. 20
31. L. Feehan.......
H. Wenger.........
. ..25
Patrick Quinn.....
.. .20
. .25
John G. Kvan......
. 25
S. A. Houghton.....
. .25
C. Dovle............
.. .25
. . 25
E. Conerv, Son i. Co. 25
Thomas Lynch.....
. 5
D. Bradv...........
Luke Dillon.........
James Nelson.......
John Conroy........
... 3
Dominick Madden..
Laurence Hart......
.. .20
Edward A. Yorke
. 3
. 5
James B. Sinnot....
31 rs.Catherine Bourke !'►
J. J. McGinnis......
Mrs. Kate Kelly..
Thomas O'Neill..
Julia A. Ryan____
Michael Lyons....
T. Gilmore........
H. T. Veunard____
C. N. Welshaus...
Tom J. Burke....
M. F. Dunn.......
James J. Jones....
M. O. Tracy.......
Rev. P. F. Allen....... 5
A. M. Levy............. 5
Mrs. Mary L. Steele____10
John P. Lyons.........10
J. Racelins.............50
St. Mar.'s Dominican
J. J. McGinnis......
... 25
A. B. J. Dureau.....
Charles Pleasants...
. 5
C. Reilly............
Joseph Cooper, per
T. \enuard......
W.J. J. Armstrong.
.. .20
P. S. Armitage......
. 5
M. McManigie......
Joseph Garidel......
... 2
Daniel X Landregan... 5
Hugh Cassidy..........20
Rev. J. Moynihan......10
Ann J. Burns...........25
Nuns, per Rev
Thomas Sheehan.....
Johu A. O'Brien......
Christian 3Ielile...
James Hagan.........
James P. Hogan....
Isaacson. Seixas Ac Co
W. T. Bell..........
... 5
Patrick Hooley.......
Timothy Dunne....
... 5
William Wood........
John S. Twoiney...
John McWhirter......
Horac«* E. Upton...
M. Bchujipert, 31. D...
James X O'Hara...
... 5
William X Cooney____
Thomas Reynolds..
... 1
William Clark.........
J. 31. Burcliardt....
P. E Haterl............
C. Connell..........
J. 31. Bach............
J. E. Quinn.........
J. B. Henderson.......
Thomas T. Bragg..
... 2
W. J. CASTELL, Notary Public.
I. the undersigned, Recorder of Mortgages in
and for this city and parish of Orleans, do hereby
certify that the within act of incorporation lias
been this day duly recorded in my office, in Book
Society N<>. 8". folios 542 . 543, 544, 545, 546, 547, 543,
549 and 550, as required bv law.
New Orleans, June 29. 1871.
I certify the above and foregoing to be a true copy
of the original act extant in my current register.
In faith whereof I grant these presents under
my signature and the impress of my seal of office,
at New Orleans. Louisiana this twenty-ninth day
of June, 1371.
W. J. CASTELL, Notary Public.
jy2 7 14 21 30
Be it known that on this twenty-first day of June,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-one, before me, Robert Joseph Ker, a
notary public in and for the city of New Orleans,
parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana, duly commis
sioned and qualified, and iu presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and uudersigr ed. person
al, y came and appeared James M. Wagener, Esq.,
President of the New Orleans Hydro Carbon Gas
light Company, who declared that, whereas, at a
meeting ot the stockholders of said company, .held
pursuant to previous public notice, as required bv
the charter of said company, the following amend
ment to article three of said charter was adopted,
bv a vote of eight hundred and thirty shares in the
affirmative, and no shares voted in the negative,
to wit:
Resolved. That article three of the charter of in
corporation of the New Orleans Hydro Carbon Gas
light Company he amended by substituting the fol
lowing article in lieu and stead thereof, to wit:
The capital stock of this corporation shall be
fixed at the sum of three hundred thousand dol
lars, divided intoj three thousand shares of oue
hundred dollars each, of which capital twro hun
dred thousand dollars shall be apn led to take up
the stock issued to the Texas Hydro Carbon Gas
liglit Compauy aud the Alabama Hydro Carbon Gas
light Compauy, which companies shall be con
solidated with and merged into the New Orleans
Hydro Carbon Gaslight Compauy, upon the surren
der of the issue of the stock certificates of said
companies aud upon the acceptance of the certifi
cates issued to replace them; and the stock of sam
companies, upon which twenty per centum shall
be paid, shall be considered fully paid, and any
provisions iu this charter inconsistent with the
foregoing article is hereby annulled.
Now, in pursuance of the said action of the stock
holders of said company, and iu conformity with
the provisions of the charter of the New Orleans
Hydro Carbon Gaslight Company, the article three
as above adopted bv the stockholders, is declard to
be in lieu and stead of said original article three of
the charter of the said New Orleans Hydro Carbon
Gaslight Company.
Thus done and passed in my office, at New Or
leans, on the day and date aforesaid, iu presence of
Messrs. Alcee J. Ker and Frank D. Segliers, com
petent witnesses, who hereto sign their names,
together with said appearer and me, notary.
Original signed:
J. M. WAGENER, President.
Alcee J. Kkr,
F. D. Nkoheks.
Notarv Public.
A true copy:
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned, Recorder of Mortgages in
and for this cDy and parish of Orleans, do hereby
certify that the foregoing act of amendment has
this (lay been duly recorded in my office, iu the
margin of the original act of incorporation of the
New Orleans Hydro Carbon Gaslight Compauy,
which act is recorded iu book society No. 8, folio
New Orleans, July 1, 1871. jv2 11 20 31
This is a hard, compAC paper, like at
I ordinary book cover, and is saturated witl
tar and used on the outside of frame build
I ings under the clapboards, also under shin
Kies and floors, to keep out damp and cold
It is also used on the inside, not saturated
instead of Plastering, and makes a warn
and cheap wall. It costs only from $8 to $3(
(according to size) to cover houses on the
outside. Samples and descriptive circular*
sent free.
Address, Rock River Paper Company, Chicago,
Or. E. C. PALMER Ac CO..
93, 95, 97 Camp street, New Orleans,
mh6 • General Agents for the Southern State*
f f hies, No. 180 Calliope, near St. Charles street,
has every accommodation iu the line of Pleasure
and Fam ly carriages such as hacks, brettes. phae
tons. buggies, etc., for the use of the public, and
at xates to correspond with the stringency of the
times. All hacking done below tariff' rates. Or
ders for weddings, balls, picnics, races, etc., will
be attended to so as to guarantee satisfaction. I
am also prepared to hire yehic.es (alone) to par
jv!6 lv
tieshaving their own horses.
Steam Boiler Manufacturer and Blacksmith,
Nos. 133 and 185 Fulton and 213 New Levee streets,
between St. Joseph aud Julia streets. Residence
No. 330 Clio street. Low Pressure, Locomotive.
Flue and Cylinder Boilers; Clarifiers, Filters and
Juice Boxes made at shortest notice; and all work
done at this establishment will be guaranteed
equal in point of workmanship and material to any
iu the city or elsewhere. je!5 ly
This new article, constructed on scientific prin
ciples. can be seen daily at the grocery of Clark
A Maeder, corner of Common aud fcaroudelet
streets. It is guaranteed to consume not more
than Fifteen Pounds of Ice in twenty-four hours.
It is the only kind made not to require the break
ing of the ice, and it thoroughly separates the
warm from the cold air. It is now recognized as
the only refrigerator in which the contents can be
kept perfectly dry aud cold without freezing. Even
matches are kept dry in it for any length of time.
See the Scientific American about FISHER'S RE
L. P. Gene res.
J. U. Payne,
D. A. Chatfraix,
Effingham Lawrence,
George W. Campbell,
Arch Montgomery,
Bradish Johnson,
Duncan F. Kenner,
Adolphe Schrieber,
George Urquhart,
William Von Puhl,
P. Griffin,
P. S. Wiltz.
Extract from the Charters
Akticlr II. The object and purpose of the com
pany shall be to induce immigration from foreign
countries with a view to supply laborers to the
agricultural, manufacturing and other industries
Q ? tLe Uuiu . d states.
Books of subscription to the capital stock of ths
company are now open at the offices of
L. F. GENKRES. No. 109 Customhouse street.
ARCH MONTGOMERY, No. 13 Carondelet street
TRI8T Ac OLIVER. No. 13 Carondelet street.
ip23 Im
The proprietor of the Seaside Hotel takes great
pleasure in announcing to the traveling public, as
well as the community ;u general, that this hotel is
now completed and will oi*;n for the reception of
guests on SATURDAY, June 10, 1871.
The great advantages of this hotel with reference
to its superior location, its accessibility, its uii9ur
jiassed accommodations ami resources, render a
statement of its claims to public patronage appro
It is situated on Bay St. Louis. Mississippi, and
occupies a frontage on the gulf shore of 415 feet.
The building is two stories in height and embraces
more area than any other hotel on the coast. Its
accommodations are ample for the entertainment
of two hundred guests.
New bathhouses and wharf have just been com
pleted. A number of summer houses, pleasantly
situated, adorn the shore front.
A corps of expert fishermen, together with a fleet
of fishing and sail lwats. are secured for the ex
clusive use of this hotel aud its guests.
Carriages will lie found, on the arrival of every
train, at the Nicholson avenue, to cou\ey passen
gers to the Seaside Hotel.
The lessee having over thirteen years' experience
as manager of the Irving. Howard and Manhattan
Hotels at the North, flatters himself that lie can
successfully cater to the tastes of those who seek
the seaside for either health or pleasure.
Mr. J. Kittredge has charge of the office, and
will at all times be pleased to meet his New Or
leans and Mobile friends.
Terms—From $2 to $3 per dav.
,je7 lm Lessee and Proprietor Seaside Hotel.
J. D. Mayer A i'o., Proprietors.
Tliis long established seaside resort is now
open for the reception of visitors.
This is the largest hotel on the coast, capable of
accommodating five hundred persons, is beauti
fully situated on the Gulf shore, with large grass
lawns, well shaded by live oaks, etc., and in point
ot natural beauty is unsurpassed by any in the
South. The house will be supplied with the best
the markets afford: also, fish aud oysters in abun
dance. The bar is furnished with the choicest
liquors, wines aud cigars. The music will be from
the band of the French Opera of New Orleans.
New slate billiard tables, ten pin alleys, etc. Picnic
parties will find good accommodations. Particular
attention will be given to the wants and comfort of
children; the place is well suited to their pleasure
and recreatiou.
N. B.—The hotel is situated half wav between
Mobile and New Orleans. Parties coming by rail
road must be careful to inquire for Barnes' Hotel
Station half mile west of the main depot This
station has been given by the railroad company for
the convenience of the house, and is not a hundred
yards from it.
M«jor W. A. Hurd has charge of the office, aud
will welcome his numerous friends. my9 2m
Office corner of St. Andrew and Magazine streets,
up stairs; entrance on St. Andrew street.
Vice President.
Louis Mathias, Secretary; John Purcell, Inspector.
J. H. Keller,
E. H. Burton,
W. R. Fish,
O. F. Theisman,
Louis Faessel,
Henry KUermann,
Henry Bensel, Jr..
Charles Kummel,
Christian Mehle,
B. H. ScUene,
August Bernard.
Philipp Drumm,
Henry Bice,
L. L. Levy,
Florence Pfiister,
J. F. Kranz,
Dr. W. B. Wood,
Alfred Shaw,
R. D. Maclin,
John Henderson, Jr.,
J. M. G. Parker,
jelfl ly
No. 104 Canal street.
In conformity with the requirements of their
charter, the company publish the following state
Premiums received during the year ending May
31, 1871, including unearned premiums of the
previous year—
On fire risks............................. $757,573 63
On marine risks......................... 103,808 61
On river risks........................... 239,680 35
Total premiums...........
Less unearned pr emium s.
....*1,101,062 64
222,422 00
$878,640 64
Net earned premiums, May 31, 1871.
Losses paid—
On fire risks...............$429,790 37
On marine risks........... 69.230 27
On river risks............. 72,791 63
Total....................$571,812 27
Taxes...................... 46,531 71
Reinsurances aud return
premiums.............. 30.052 37
Total....................$648,396 35
Deduct interest, less ex
penses................. 33,260 75— $615,135 60
Profit.................... .....$263,505 04
The company have the following assets—
Real estate............................. $110,965 11
City bonds.............................. 254.050 00
Bank and railroad stocks.............. 37,456 00
Notes secured by mortgage............ 410 932 80
Notes secured by pledge............... 103,596 80
Bills receivable......................... 57,755 43
Premiums iu course of collection...... 62,023 94
State bonds............................. 1,500 00
Scrip of other companies.............. 6,112 50
Stock of Vallette Dry Dock Company.. 19.800 00
Stock of Levee Steam Cotton Press.... 2,300 00
Stock of Marine Dry Dock aud Ship
Yard Compauy...................... 3,700 00
Harbor Protection Company........... 1,500 00
Mortgage bonds Grand Lodge of Louisi
ana.................................. 2.000 00
Mortgage bonds Turners' Association.. 2.000 00
Mortgage bonds Odd Fellows' Hall.... 5,000 00
Stock Opera House Association........ 3,000 00
Judgments.............................. 18,134 10
Cash on hand........................... 381,362 89
Total assets...........................$1,483,189 57
Less—Unclaimed interest
and interest payable
July next on all out
standing scrips of tlie
company.............. $78,745 90
Issues of scrip for the
years 1363, 1864 and
1865, payable iu July.. 179,890 00
Unearned premiums on
May 31, 1871............ 222,422 00— $481,057 90
$1,002,131 67
The above statement is a just, true and correct
transcript from the books of the company.
P. FOURCHY, President.
G. W. NOTT, Secretary.
State of Louisiana, )
Parish of Orleans. City of New Orleans. )
Sworn to and subscribed before me the third day
of June, 1871.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held on
the third day of June, 1871, it was resolved to de
clare a scrip dividend of thirty per cent ontlfe net
earned participating premiums for the year end
ing thirty-first of May. 1871, for which certificates
will be issued on and after the first day of August
next. Also, to pay on and % after the second Mon
day in July next the whole issues of Scrip for the
years 1863, 1364 and 1865, and six per cent interest
ou all outstanding scrip of the company.
P. Fourchy,
P. Maspero,
D. McCoard,
M. Puig,
L. F. Generes.
P. S. Wiltz,
8. Z. Re If,
Joseph Hoy,
D. A. Chaffraix, Charles Latitte,
je4 ly J. J. Fernandez.
Office Corner of Camp and C anal Streets*
ASSETS DECEMBER 31,1870, $802,742 07.
Insures fire, marine aud river risks, dividing the
profits ou each department separately to the in
sured. J. TUYBS, Piesident.
J. W. Hincks, Secretary.
George Urquhart,
A. Rochereau,
G. W. Babcock,
A. Schreiber,
Charles Latitte,
T. Bailly Blanchard,
my 12 ly
M. Pavro.
Placide Forstall,
Augustus Reichard,
Ernest Miltenberger,
W. B. Schmidt,
J. Tuyes.
Twenty-secoml Annual Statement.
NEW ORLEANS, May 19, 1871.
The Trustees, in conformity to the charter, sub
mit the following statement of the affairs of the
company on the thirtieth day of April, 1871:
Fire premiums for the year... $180,572 50
Marine premiums for the year 70,195 62
River premiums for the year. 222,613 88
-$473,382 00
Earned premiums, less reinsurance and
return premiums....................$400,010 69
Losses paid aud estimated as follows:
On tire risks.......$45,799 95
On marine risks... 19,195 09
On river risks..... 72,639 45
-$137,634 49
Taxes paid and estimated... 43,819 21
Discount in lieu of scrip,
stamps, expenses, inter
est account, etc., less dis
count, etc................ 50,103 53
231,557 23
Leaving net profits.........a........$168,453 46
The company has the following assets:
Bills receivable............... $24,389 11
Loans on bond and mortgage 91,143 33
Loans on pledge of stocks at
call....................... 286,716 66
Cash on hand................ 119,095
-$116,532 44
405,812 43
75,000 00
228,745 00
82,572 65
Heal estate...............................
City bonds, hank aud other stocks......
Premiums in course of collection........
Total..................................$908,662 52
The company has also suspended—
Notes, stocks and bonds..................$283,246 25
Forfeited scrip............................ 9,904 79
Less interest on scrip.................... 53,489 £2
The above statement is a true and correct
transcript from the hooks of the company.
THOMAS A. ADAMS, President.
Henry V. Ooden. Secretary.
Parish of Orleans, )
City of New Orleans. 5
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this nine
teenth day of May. w. V. EVANS,
Second Justice of the Peace.
The Board of Trustees resolved to pay interest
at six per cent in cash on all outstanding certifi
cates of scrip, aud also to pay in cash FIFTY PER
CENT of the issue of 1360, to the legal holders
thereof, on and alter the first Monday in June
They have also declared a scrip dividend of
FIFTY PER CENT on the earned premiums en
titled to participate, for the year ending April 30 ,
1871, for which certificates will be issued on aud
after the first Monday in August next, free of gov
ernment tax.
THOMAS A. ADAMS, President.
C. T.'BUDDECKE, Vice President.
Hbnry V. Ooden, Secretary.
Thomas A. Adams, Samuel H. Kenne
C. T. Buddecke,
S. B. Newman,
A. G. Ober,
P. Simms,
A. Eimer Bad
J. J. Garrard.
P. H. Foley,
A. Thomson,
John Phelps,
K. H. Summers,
B. Newgas*,
my21 ly
Established in 1859.
Last Cash Dividend Fifty Per Cent.
Cash assets over...........................$2,000,000
Policies in force............................ 25,000,000
Annual income............................ 1,009,080
Losses paid since 1339 ..................... 600,000
W. H. PECKHAM, President.
W. T. HOOKER, Vice President.
L. Me ADAM, Secretary and Actuary.
G. A. FRSDR1KAR, Superintendent of AgencibS.
Hon. John A. Dtx, New York.
John J. Crane, President Bank of Republic.
William M. Vennilye, Banker, Wail street (Ver
milye 4c Co).
Charles G. Rockwood, Cashier Newark Banking
Hon. George-Opdyke. ex-Mavorof New York.
Minot C. Morgan, Banker.
Thomas Rigney, firm Thomas Rigney 4c Co.
Benjamin B. Sherman, Treasurer New York Steam
Sugar Refining Company.
Aaron Arnold, firm Arnold, Constable 4c Co.
Richard H. Browne, of Wetmore 4c Browne, lawyers.
E. V. Haughwont, firm E. V. Haughwont 4c Co
William Wilkens, firm W. Wilkeus 4c Co
Julius H. Pratt, Merchant.
William W. Wright, Merahant.
Charles J. Starr, Merchant.
William Allen, Merchant.
George W. Cuyler, Banker, Palmyra, New York.
George 'T. Hope, President Continental Fire In
surance Company.
John H. Sherwood, Park Place,
Walton H. Peckkam, corner Fifth avenae and
Twenty-third street, New York.
William T. Hooker, Wall street.
Edward H. Wright, Newark, New Jersey.
George W. Fariee, Lawyer.
W. L. Cogswell, Merchant.
Manager for Louisiana and Texas, No. 153 Common
street, New Orleans. fel8 2y
Insure Fire, Marine and River Risks nt
Lowest Rates.
A. EIMER BADER, President.
CH. KNGSTFELD, Vice Piesident.
Board ot Trustees:
Eimer Bader, M. Frank,
W. B. Schmidt,
Louis Schneider,
J. M. Schwartz,
F. Rickert,
Jacob Hassinger,
S. L. Nasits,
Louis Schwartz,
R. Seig,
H. R. Gogreve,
W. Davis,
Isaac Scherck,
je4t jal
Theodore Lilienthal,
Frank Roder,
Hermann Eicke.
C. H. Miller,
Ch. Ku^stfeld,
H. Pohliuann.
G. L. L. Maver,
X. Weissenbach,
N. A. Baumgardea,
Joseph Keller,
E. T. Del Boutlio.
61................( amp street................61
Nxw Orlkass, January 21, 1871.
In conformity with the requirements of their
charter, the company publish the following state
ment for thi year ending December 31,1870:
Amount of premiums for the year ending thirty-first
Decern be viz.:
On Fire Risks.................$102,060 88
On Marine Risks.............. 48,465 64
On River Risks............... 74,305 59
$224,332 11
Unterminated Risks for 1869.. 51,511 00
Unterminated Risks for 1870.. $45 612 00
Return Premiums............ 914 56
$276,343 11
- 46,526 56
Net earned premiums for 1370........$223,816_55
Losses paid during same period, viz.:
On Fire Risks......$73,539 00
On Marine Risks... 51 ,005 61
On River Risks.... 20,964 83—150,510 C9
Taxes.............. 13.913 79
General Expenses.. 37,0 L2 72
Discount on Prem
iums............. 16,031 91
Interest on Scrips.. 47,434 42
Re-insurances...... 3,114 33—117,507 24
Amount reserved for unad
justed losses less savings.. 6,759 04
Discount and interest, and
profit and loss..............
$274,776 35
57.995 80
216,780 55
Net Profit, j....................... $13,036 00
The Company have the following Assets, esti
mated at the lowest market cash values, viz:
465 Consolidated and Railroad City
Bonds................................ $338,435 00
6 State Bonds..
5,160 00
44 City Seven Per Cent Bonds......... 23,630 75
4 I. O. O. F. Bonds..................... 4,000 00
3 Grand Lodge of Louisiana Bonds.... 3,000 00
2 N. O. Turners' Association........... 1,000 00
600 Shares N. O. Gas Light Company*... 99,000 00
224 Shares Citizens' Bank of Louisiana. 36,600 00
350 Shares Union Bank of Louisiana*... 11,900 00
223 Shares Canal Bank-.................. 9,372 00
50 Shares Crescent City Bank......... 1,200 00
59 Shares Louisiana State Bank*...... 5'900 00
50 Shares Mechanics' and Traders'
Ba "k-......................... 1,800 00
30 Shares Hafbor Protection Company 1,500 00
5 Shares Merchants' Bank............. 325 00
Loans on Pledge......................... 54,863 45
Loans on Mortgage...................... 72,450 00
Bills Receivable.......................... 2,800 00
Scrip of other Insurance Companies____ 6,381 60
State Coupons............................ 3,457 20
Premiums in course of collection....... 28,000 00
Cash on hand............................ f3.2£6 82
Total................................. $774,061 82
'Including Dividends.
The above statement is a just, true and correct
transcript from the books of the Company.
THOMAS SLOO, President
Tbohas Andsrson, Secretary.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, >
City of New Orleans. ' 5
Sworn to and subscribed before me this twenty
first day of January, 1871.
Notary Public.
The Board of Directors have resolved to pay six
per cent interest on the outstanding Certificates of
Profits, on and after the second Monday of Febru
ary, 1871; also, fifty per cent on the balance of the
scrip of the year 1358, payable oa and after the
third Monday in March, 1871, and they have fur
ther declared a dividend of ten per cent on the
net earned Participating Premiums for the year
ending December 31, 1870, for which certificates
will be issued on and after the twentieth day of
March next *
John G. Gaines,
B. Biscoe,
1- ». Mark*,
W. A. Kent,
jJIugU Wilson,
THOMAS SLOO, President.
JOHN G. GAINES, Vice President.
E. J. Hart,
Henry Renshaw,
W. K, Seymour,
B- 8. Venablea,
Richard Flower.
Thomas Sioo.

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