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THE DAILY Li publican
May be had of the following dealers:
George Ellis, opposite the Poetoffice.
A. Simon. No. 94 Exchange Alley.
C. C. Haley, No. 19 Commercial Place.
C. G. D. Holle, No. 61 Exchange Place.
James' Ennis, Pontchartrain Railroad
©spot, Third District; also, at Depot foot
of Lafayette Street, FirH District.
J. W. Long, corner of Love and Enghien
Street, Third District.
BT E. M, t B. J. MONTGOMERY, at II o'clock
at Old Auction Mart, No. 87 Camp street, a
general assortment of new and second-hand
furniture, pianos, etc.
BY A HUSTON, at II o'clock, 4 at stables comer of
Gravier and Baronne streets, saddle and har
ness horses and mares, mules, new and second
hand top and open buggies and wagons.
o'clock, at the door of the courthouse in Pointe
Coupee palish, plantation, buildings, horses,
mules, carts, etc.—Alexander E. Prewett vs.
Jules Labatut. At twelve o'clock, at the court
house door, Houma, Terrebonne parish, the
Mulberry plantation, three tracts of hind ad
jacent, and buildings, machinery, engines,
etc.— Andrew McCoUam, subrogated to Haven
A. Co., vs. Connelly et als. At the residence of
Marcelin M. Dufour, near Bayou des Glaize,
Avoyelles parish, bay horse, gray horse, mules,
cows, calves, cattle, hogs, plows, wagon—P. J_.
Pavy A Co. vs. Marcelin M. Dufoor.
BY CHARLES E. FORTIER, at 12 o'clock, at the Mer
chants and Auctioneers' Exchange, lot of
ground aud buildings on Meipomeue street—
Succession of Mrs. Anne Masterson, widow
of Alexander Labry.
at warehouse No. 1 Customhouse buiidiug,
cigars, liquor in bottles, silk velvet, cloth, mu
sical albums, cigarettes, handsaws, caudles,
bottles of gin, barrel of mm, barrel Hayorka,
boxes jolly, accordeons, tobacco, keg of wine,
mathematical instruments, rifle, shotgun,
demijohn of gin, vanilla beans, demijohn of
wine—Collector's sait.
BY WILLIASI WEEKS, Constable Third Justice
Court, at 12 o'clock, at No. 38 Exchange alley,
a lot of turniture—Joseph Martin Alva vs. Sir.
aud Mrs. William Johns.
BY SHERIFF SAUVINKT. at 12 o'clock, at Mer
chants and Auctioneers' Exchange, a lot of
ground and buildings on Magazine street—Ed
ward Booth vs. Clementine de la Follie et al.
Lot of ground and buildings on Freret street—
Patrick Harnan vs. Joseph R. Shannon. Laud
warrants Nos. 124, 125, 126; two certificates of
Stock of the Agricultural aud Commercial As
sociation; twenty-five shares of the Louisiana
Canal and Improvement Company; two and a
half shares of the Arkansas and Delta Railreal
Company—Succession of Bartholomew Collins.
Local Intelligence.
Gone. —Dummy, the unspeakable young
man who, in a moment of temporary aber
Tation, appropriated the sum of one hundred
and forty dollars from W. H. Lillard, of
Tangipahoa, has taken an excursion to that
town for the benefit of justice.
Horseflesh.— The love of this delicate
meat has brought Jerry Arnol to repentant
tears. Seeing four feet of halter dangling
loosely on the plantation of H. Boisblanc,
near Kennerville, accused seized hold of it
and marched off at a round pace. Singular
to relate, a horse followed as willingly as if
going for a bin of oats.- This little diver
sion has been construed into a larceny, for
which Arnol will have a hearing before Re
corder Houghton on the twelfth instant.
George Walker who severely wounded
Henry Brown, corner of Cypress gnd How
ard streets, fifteenth of July, will have an
examination on the tenth instant.
From Texas.— The Sf! Charles and City
Hotels Thursday registered the names of
eighty Texans. Will city merchants and
manufacturers make a uote ot that day's
doings ? ' _
The Bells. —Firemen and all others are
reminded that to-day, at meridian, two taps
will be madeJfor twelve o'clock and four
taps at one o'clock P. M. Do not mistake
the change for a'n alarm of fire.
The Ammonia Company.— At a meeting
■Of the stockholders of the Ammonia Propel
ling Company of America last Monday, the
following gentlemen were elected directors:
Emile Lamm, P. J. McMahon, Leon God
ehaux, J. A. Thurber, W. C. Wilson, Jules
Brady, H. C. Millaudon, G. L. Laugliland,
D. F. Edmond Burtbe, G. T. Beauregard,
A. Thomson, W. S. Pike, L. B^Caine, H.
A. Frederic, Joseph Bayle. The'board sub
sequently elected officers, as follows: G.
L.' Laughland, president; H. C. Millaudon,
vice president) Dr. Emile Lamm, superin
tendent ;• Leon Godcbaux, treasurer, and
Ernest gabonrin, secretary.
Taking Tume.— Rebecca Porter was not
afraid to look on the face of a gold watch,
as it had no eyes to Bee her steal it from its
owner, corner of Camp and Julia streets.
Rebecca's pulse is heating funeral marches
to the grave from a place sometimes called
a calaboose. /
-» .......... f - •
Broken Skull.—I n June last, Harvey
Simms was sent from the parish of St.
James to the Charity Hospital, very sick.
He lingered until Wednesday, when Jie
died. After death it was discovered that
his skull was crushed in slightly, and
Coroner Creagh's jury concluded that
death was caused by the fracture. It is
not known how Simms received the wound,
and the jury had no means of ascertaining.
Police. —J. Collins, first precinct, "and J.
/ O'Donnell, third precinct, were dismissed
the police force yesterday.
An Answer. —A New York paper of the
thirty-first ultimo, states that there is no
yellow fever in New' Orleans.
No. there is none, and no explosion of
ferryboat boilers, murdering citizens by the
score. - We have our little diversions in the
wsJy of shooting affrays and such; one here
for every six in New York.
Officer Hirt, last evening, found a man
lying on the ground corner of Front and
Poydras streets, apparently very drunk.
Taking him to the stationhouse, it was- then
■first discovered that the unfortunate was
quite unconscious from a wound on his
bead. How or when he received the injury
is not known. He was unable *to converse
and his name was not ascertained.
Cool. —The weather being rather frigid,
Hattie Marshall thought to warm her lean
body by piling on eight blankets, ^for
tunately the blankets belong to Delia Davis,
who objected to the confiscation, conse
quently Hattie took a bath in the first pre
cinct sweat box.
On the Track.—A bout eight o'clock last
Thursday night a policeman in Carrollton
found a man named George H.Squares, fifty
two years old, lying bleeding between the
street car rails in Greenville. 4 11 exainina
tion of the individual revealed that he was
drunk and had fallen, badly injuring, his
hand, whence flowed the blood. lie was
taken to his home, on Chestnut street.
There was a large and enthusiastic gath
ering of the Repudlicans of the Fourteenth
Ward night before last, at their club rooms
on Broadway street. Speeches were made
by Messrs. Eerkins, Boone and Brown, after
whieii an election was held for two dele
gates to the . parish executive committee
The following named gentlemen having re
ceived the greatest number of votes were
declared duly elected: J. Madison Brown
and J. H. Hillman. The club then ad
His Condition.—A rthur Guerin was still
very low last evening, and it was thought
his lease on life was short.
A Sudden Departure —A Frenchman
Take* French Leave .—We find the follow
ing hit of local history in the Bulletin. As
the reporter of that paper was well ac
quainted with the man of easy flight, we
copy the narrative which interests so many
It is sad to know that Mr. Dumonteil, who
on thousands of occasions, stood flatly on
his dignity, should suddenly entirely forget
that accomplishment and slide out, without
even wafting a single farewell irom a per
fumed handkerchief: . '
Among the list of passengers from New
Orleans which left New York this week for
Europe, the name of Colonel Felix,Dumon
toil and family appears. There would be
nothing surprising in this, hut that the gal
lant Colonel was believed by his creditor:
to be quietly enjoying the comforts of
viUegiature in the little town of Tangipahoa,
on the line of the Jackson railroad, whence
he would soon return to settle, his accounts.
We combine a brief account of the
Colonel's career in this city, together with
the circumstances attending his flight. Two
or three years prior to the war Colonel Du
monteil made his appearance among us.
coming from Bordeaux, France, and until
the secession movement commenced- re
mained fa obscurity. Jn 1861, when the pre
lituinary preparations for war were being
made, his known ability as an instructor in
the manual of arms, which he had acquired
in the French service, caused him to be cm
\)loyed by the Orleans Guard Battalion
which was then forming and needed a com
petent instructor. *
His military talents, a handsome face and
splendid figure, aud a bright intelligence,
soon made dim popular. Following the for
tunes of the body to which he had attached
himself, we find him a major of the Thir
tieth Louisiana at the battle of Baton
Rouge, where he distinguished himself l>y
his gallantry. His connection with the
regiment was subsequently severed, aud
he became the commander of a body of
cavalry operating about Jackson, Missis
sippi, and on the line of the railroad, ac
quitting himself with credit of his onerous
The war being ended, Colonel Dumonteil
returned to this city and engaged in the
general brokerage business, which he pur
sued with the success which always attends
energy and strict business habits.
Belianger, the proprietor of the fashion
able confectionery at the comer of Canal
and Bourbou streets, having made a for
tune at the business and desiring to return
to his native France, sold his establishment
to Colonel Dumonteil, a well knowu gentle
man backing him in the enterprise as part
ner in commendam. The establishment
thereafter flourished under the name of Du
monteil's, until within about eighteen
months, when this partner retired from the
concern, whose business was now on the de
cline, owing to the conditioff of business
generally in New Orleans.
Although to all appearances the Colonel
attended steadily to his business, it was
pretty well known that his fandness for the
sex led him into extravagances which de
pleted his purse, and eventually he found
himself compelled to convert the brilliant
confectionery into a rumshop. For some
time past' he had resumed his regular habits,
and it was believed or hoped by every one
of his friends that in due course of time he
would be enabled to settle his accounts, and
even his creditors exhibited a marked con
fidence in him.
On Sunday before last Colonel Dumon
teil w.'^5 one of the gayest visitors to the
Pontchartrain lake end, spending Iris, money
freelv and making a night of it with a
couple of flashy women whom he met there.
During the preceding week a fire broke out
in his residence on Broad street, caused, as
he reported, by the explosion of a coal oil
The damage to the furniture and wearin
apparel was considerable, but fully covered
by insurance, to the'extent, we learn, of
$8000. His friends having jeered him on
the subject, he laughed at the idea and
stated that the building, which belonged to
his wife, was either heavily mortgaged or
sold. The explanation cheeked the busy
Ou Tuesday last, calling to see the Col
onel on business, we were informed that he
had Jet't for Tangipahoa on a visit to his
wife, and would have been back on that
day, but that one of his children was sick,
and, he wrote, he had to delay his return.
Since that time he has not been heard from,
and the surprise of everybody was great
upon noticing in the New York papers that
he was on his way for Europe.
The liabilities of Colonel Dumonteil are
estimated at $60,000, at least, with little or
nothing in his establishment to meet his
A sugar refiner suffers to the extent of
$1300: a broker to the tune of from $3000
to $10,000. One of his own clerks suffers a
loss of over $2000, and another clerk a loss
of $200, borrowed money. In fact nearly
every one of the employes of the house
sutlers to some extent, whereas the greater
losers are among our first class importers.
As we have said, there is scarcely any
thing left to meet the claims against thq ab
sconding merchant, who even took the pre
caution to discount the rent notes given to
him by persons to whom he had sub-leased
portions of his front store, and amounting
in the aggregate to between $3000 ana
Criminal Court.— The rule for a new
trial in the c-ase of Garvey and Earle, found
guilty of murder, was continued until next
A new trial was granted Edward
Donnely, convicted of killing Dennis
Gallagher, or Kelly, on the ground
that one of the jurors who tried
liim had served under a wrong name; that
is, George Tate assumed the name of James
Tate, his son, who had been drawn, but who
died about the time. For this offense Tate
was fined one hundred dollars, aud impris
oned ten days.
Benjamin Taylor and Henry Voegling,
for larceny, on plea of guilty, were sen
te i*-ed to three months Parish Prison.
Handy Gedley, for assault and battery,
was sentenced to pay a tine of $30, or one
month in Parish Prison, on plea of guilty.
Morgan Kennedy, for larceny, was sen'
tenccd to Parish Prison for ten months.
Marie Boudreau, convicted of larceny,
was sentenced to eight months hard labor
in the Penitentiary.
George lowers, convicted of laroeny, one
month Parish Prison.
Ephraim Brown was convicted of wound
ing Officer Moore. i
Annie Johnson was convicted of wound
ing Carrie Lee; six months Parish Prison.
Anatole Decourt was convicted of lar
ceny. _________
The Steamship Wharf. —We understand
from the Administrator of Improvements
that it is in contemplation shortly to com
mence repairs on the steamship wharf at
the head of Toulouse street. Repairs on
the other wharves will also be begun in a
short time. In front of the Creole Market,
below St. Ann street, a portion of the wharf
has-been considerably twisted and thrown
out of shape by the recent land slide, and
the repair of this 'will also demand the at
tention ot the administrator.
The Club.— The Grand Jury yesterday
returned a true bilk against Officer William
Campbell for assaulting and battering citi
zen Anton Baumann on the twenty-eighth
ultimo. Campbell wrg arrested on a capias
Arrested. —Edwuid Thomas has been
recognized as the man v ho assas -mated
Officer Bensel, in Carrollton, a few days
Serenade. —The Fifth Ward Mother club
and one of the Sixth Ward Republican clubs
passed up town in procession last evening,
and their bands serenaded the Republican
office. For this pleasant compliment our
thanks are tendered.
We have received a neatly printed pam
phlet embracing the rules and regulations
of the Claiborne Agricultural Society, list
of premiums, etc., for the second annual
Fair, which will commence at Homer on the
twenty-fifth of October, and continue four
days. The pamphlet was printed at the
office of the Claiborne Advocate.
Deserted Children.— Somewhere on St.
Joseph street, between St. Charles and
Dryades streets—skulking in dirty alleys
and sleeping under rickety sheds; begging
crumbs of the charitablo or eating garbage
that dogs disdain to touch—.we hear that
there are two little children, v*ho have been
driven by a drunken and unnatural mother
to wander upon the streets, from sheer
terror produced by her cruel conduct.
The boy is about eight years old, and the
girl five or six. It is said that the face of
the girl is bruised aud blackened by re
peated beatings, inflicted, by its fiendish
parent, aud that the hoy has slept in the
street several nights, subsisting on the
relfise of the gutters, and reclining on bricks
and stones wherever he can find shelter
from the vigilant eye ot the police. Both
of the children are in rags, and in a starving
coudition, while the mother frequents low
drinking dens, clad in tattered garments,
making companionship with disreputable
characters. Is there no "Good Samaritan"
among the numerous neighbors, having a
knowledge of these facts, who will see that
these innocent children—framed in the
image of the angels, but companioned with
a fiend—are handed over to .he guardian
ship of some one of the benevolent institu
tions that exist in this city ? The case calls
for the active interference of the benevo
lent. __
Peneciiaud's PaVilion Burned.— Mil
neburg had a warm sensation last night in
the burning of Denecliaud's pavilion. It
was owned by the Pon tcbnrtrain Railroad
•Company, and was probably worth about
three thousand dollars; uninsured. Mr.
Denechaud had a lease. His loss is not
great; no insurance. The fire commenced
in the oil room, but it is not known how.
To-night, the lessee intended giving a ball,
the last of the season, in the building. This
will be bad news to the frequenters of that
locality, as the place had gained some f^vor
in the estimation of visitors to that section.
Throwing a Rock.— As a train of the
Pontchartrain cars was passing along the
levee, head of Bienville street, somebody
threw a rock through a window, the missile
striking Mr. J. H. Carter, secretary ot th®
company, wounding him badly. The man
who threw the rock was arrested, and gave
his name as James Coat.
Transportation of Goods in Bond.
Instructions have been received here from
the Treasury Department, in reference to
the transportation of imported goods in
bond from New Orleans to auy point in
this collection district, including Natchez,
Memphis, Vicksburg, Cairo, St. Louis,
Nashville, Louisville and Cincinnati.
Steamboats taking goods in bond are not
required to wait here for a clearance, as
heretofore, hut may depart as soon as the
goods are on hoard. The advantage is, that
our river steamers may take on goods for
transportation in bond at any time after the
Customhouse ha3 closed, and depart with
out delay. Heretofore, steamers have been
detained until the succeeding day, and
sometimes from Saturday night till Monday
morning; awaiting a clearance.
\Ve learn from Deputy Collector Charnp
lin that this desirable result has been
brought about by the efforts of the Custom
house officials here.
Growth of the Petroleum Trade.
According to the annual report of the
New York Chamber of Commerce, just is
sued, the exports of petroleum in 1870 were
thirty-seven per cent greater than those* of
the previous year, and that nearly all this
increase, or thirty-three peg, cent, is ac
counted for by the shipment from the port
of New York. The total export from the
United States iu 1870 was 141,208,155 gal
lons, against 1.500,000 in 1860, and 99,281,000
gallons in 1868, showing an increase of
nearly 42,000,000 gallons in two years. The
first sale noticed for export was in May,
1861, when 100,000 gallons were sent to
foreign markets. Antwerp, which has
since led all other ports in the importation
of petroleum, took in that year 5671 gal
lons, increasing the amount in the follow
ing year more than 800,000 gallons. Great
Britain 579,000 in 1861, and in 1862 increased
her importation to 3,238,000 gallons. The
continued growth of this trade for ten
years—from 1,500,000 gallons in 1860 to
141,000,000 in 1870—is a wonderful exhibit,
not only on the accoqnt of the rapid devel
opment of the oil interest, but also because
the yearly increase has been steady. The
daily average product of the Pennsylvania
oil district in December, 1867, was 10,400
gallons; in the same month of 1870 it'was
15,214 gallons—a fact which iiovs the inex
haustibility of the wells in that region. In
regard to tbe homo consumption, it is esti
mated that it is equal to one-half the quan
tity exported, making in round numbers an
aggregate consumption of 211,000,000 gal
lons annually. This enormous amount,
reckoning the price at an average of twenty
cents per gallon, represents a value of more
than $12,000,000 for a single year—certainly
.remarkable return for ajproduct unknown
to commerce ten years ago.
A rougli-looking specimen of humanity
was recently promenading up Chatham
street, New York, when he came plumply
pon a Jew, a specimen of his race, about
/horn there is no mistake.
Without a word of warning, the rough
knocked him sprawling into the gutter.
Picking himself up, and taking his bleeding
nose between his Anger and thumb, he de
manded an explanation.
what for you mash me in do nose'f " asked
"Yes, ybr hev; yer Jews crucified Jesus
Christ, and I have a mind to go for you
"But, mine Gott, dat vash eighteen hun
dred years ago," said the Jew.
"Well, I don't care if it was; I only heard
of it last night," replied tlie unwashed; and
he went for him again.
terior. This has been followed by a further
■advance of seven dollars per ton at all the
rolling mill3 of the interior, which is flatly
refused, with the expectation of a pro
longed strike ou the expiration of the no
—-— ii
The Iberville Fern has a weather report:
Heavy local showers have prevailed in
different sections of this parish durinf the
past week, at times rendering the dirt rdads
almost impassable. These continual rains
have greatly damaged the eotton crop, as
plantation work was at times wholly sus
pended, but the cane has pot suffered in any
calculable degree. Our great saccharine)
staple promises a fair yield.
Louisiana Jockey Club.— New Orleans, Au
gust 1, 1870.—The •stockholders of the Louisiana
Jockey Club are hereby notified that an additional
call has been made on the stock of the club of
twentv-flve percent, payable fifteenth August, and
twenty-five per cent payable fifteenth September,
1871, C. II. SLOCOMB, Treasurer.
au5 15t
Office of the Upper Red River Raft Com
pany of Louisiana, Arkansas *ud Texaa—New Or
leans, July 26, 1871.—Books of subscription for a
limited amount of the capital stock of this com
pany are now open at the office of the company,
No. 45 Baronne s reet. Five per cent to be paid at
the time of subscribing, and calls to be made not
oftener than once in thirty days, or in greater
amounts than fivo per cent.
By order of the Board of Directors.
JAMES LEAKE, President.
F. Whs atom. Secretary. jy27 lot
Knights of Pythias.— I van hoe Lodge No. 1.
The regular sessions of this Lodge liave been
changed from Saturday evening to the FIRST a»<l
THIRD WEDNESDAYS of toe mouth until the first
of October proximo. The Lodge will meet at the
same place—/Etna Hall. No. 3 Carondelet street.
Jlemhers will govern themselves accordingly.
H. 0. CAULKINN, Worthy Chancellor.
R. Von Stoltzknbkhu, R 4F. Scribe, jy26 1m
Office of the Upper Red River Raft
Company of Louisiaua^exas and Arkansas, No.
45 Baronne street.—The organization of this Com
pany has been perfected, as per act passed before
William L. Poole, Notary Puhlio, certificate of
which is hereby appended :
I hereby certify that at an election by a majority
of the corporators of the Upper Red River Raft
Company of Louisiana, Tex.is and Arkansas, the
following officers were cle«ted, to wit:
JAMES LEAKE, President.
F. D. ATWATER, Vice President.
HENRY RUTY, Treasurer.
F. WHEATON, Secretary.
All according to an act of record in my office
New Orleans, July 14,1871.
jyl6 lm Notary Public.
Batchelor's Hair Dye.—Tills superb hair
dye is the heat in the world—perfectly harmless,
reliable ami instantaneous; no disappointment; no
ridiculous tints or disagreeable odor. The genuine
William A. Batchelor's hair dve produces immedi
ately a splendid a splendid black or n3tutal brown;
leaves the hair clean, soft, beautiful; does not con
tain a particie of lead or any Injurious compound.
Sold by all druggists. Factory. No. 16 Bond street,
New York. jyl3 ly
Notice of Election.— Rooms of Fourteenth
Ward Republican Mother Club.—In pursuance of a
request of the State Central Executive Committee,
notice is hereby given that an election for one
delegate to the "Republican State Convention will
he held by this club on MONDAY, the seventh day
of August, at Rev. 3Ir. Robinson's church, Broad
way street.
Voting will commence at half-past seven o'clock
P. M.. and close at nine.
jy30 6t MADISON BROWN, President.
Rally! Rally! —Live Oak Republican Third Dis
trict Sub Club: You are most respectfully requested
to meet at your hall, on Kspianade street, ou SAT
URDAY, August 5, 1871, at eight o'clock P. M. Punc
tual attendance is requested, as business of im
portance will be transacted.
By order; B. L. LYNCH, President.
William K.nccklkt, Secretary. au4
Mass Meeting ot the Third Ward Radi
cal Republicans.—A mass meeting of the voters lif
the'Third Ward favorable to the Administration,
peace, harmony aud unity of the Republican party,
will be held at Mechanics' Institute en SATl'R
EVENING next, at eight o'clock.
All lovers of good order are cordiallv invited to
attend, as business of importance will be trans
Distinguished speakers will address the meeting.
By order of tbe Committee ot Arrangements.
au3 3t* JOSEPH JOHNfcON.
First Ward Republican Mother Club.—
In accordance with the call of the State Central
Committee for an election for delegates to tlie
State Convention on August 7, 1371, notice is hereby
given to the Republicans of the first ward that the
poll will be open from 4 P. M. until 9 P. 51. at Polym
nia Hall, corner of Polynmia and St. Charles
Commissioners of Election: Charles E. Chevalier,
Richard Thornton. Lawrence Scott. Clerks: Nelson
Woody, Arthur Frilot.
Bv order:
A. Frilot, Recording Secretary. au2 td
Attention Tenth Ward Republicans.— You
are herebr notified that a primary election will be
held at Miles' schoolhnuse, corner of Josephine and
Fulton streets, ou MONDAY, August 7, from two
until eight o'clock P. M., for two delegates to the
State Convention, agreeable to resolution passed
by the Tenth Ward Club. All registered voters
now residing in the ward will be entitled to vote.
Commissioners of Election: J. D. O'Connell, J. C.
Weaver, F. K. Hyde. Clerks: Seymour Alcorn, J.
D. Clarkson.
JOHN H. BOWEN, President.
William H. BfRRori.Hs, Secretary. jy30 6t*
Flection Notice, Second Ward.— The Re
publicans of the Second Ward are hereby notified
that the election of two delegates to the Repub
lican State Convention will be held MONDAY,
August 7, at the Mother club-room on Erato street,
upper side, between Carondelet and Baronne
streets. The polls will lie opened at four o'clock
P. 51.. and will be closed at nine o'clock P. 51. All
Republicans who are enrolled in the Jluther club,
or ui any duly recognized sub-club, will be entitled
to vote.
The following are tHe Commissioners and clerks
apppointed: §
Thomas Murray. F. F. Trinchard. F. Zebriska,
Commissioners. Charles Labuzau. H. F. De Fuen
tes, Clerks.
President Second Ward 3Iother Club.
P. E. Bkchtfl, Secretarv. jy30 6t
Hall Twelfth Ward Republican Mother
Club.—New Orleaus, July 29,1871.—Notice is hereby
given to the members of the Twelfth Ward Repub
lican 3Iotlier Club, that iu accordance with instruc
tions from the State Central Committee, issued
Juue 27, ultimo, there will he an election held
tlie chureh on Marengo street, near 31agazine.
MONDAY", the seventh of August. 1871, to elect
delegate to the Republican State Convention. Polls
to be opened at 12 M. ami closed at 10 P M.
D. C. WOODRUFF, President.
John Movl'an. Secretary. iy30 6t T
Notice of Election.— Hail of the Seventh Ward
Radical Republican Jlother Club—In pursuance
a resolution adopted by tlie aim-re Club at iis meet
ing held on Friday evening, July 28,1871, notice
hereby given to the Republican voters iu the
Seventh Ward that an election for three delegates
to represent the ward in the Republican State
Convention will take place on 3IONDAY". August
1871. at the Hall of said Club, corner of Union aud
Claiborne streets.
The will he opened to receive the ballots
voters from 4 to 9 P. 31., August 7.
No person will he permitted to vote unless he can
produce his certificate of registration as a voter
saiii ward.
In cases where a citizen has changed residence
from another ward into tlie Seventh Ward, he must
be vouched for by two residents of the ward. This
rule is applicable where certificates have
been lost or mislaid.
Commissioners of Election: J. B. Lndwiek, E.
P. Planchard, Narcisse Julicn. Clerks: George
Candiff. P. Collins. *
Vox populi. Vox dei.
By order of the Club.
HENRY L. REY. President.
_YVilliam H. Green, Secretary. ,jy30 6t
Election Notice.— Hall Eighth Ward Radical
Republican Mother Club, New Orleans, Louisiana.
July 27,1871.—In pursuance of a resolution adopted
by the State Central Executive Committee, an
election will be held ou 3IONDAY", the seventh da
of August, at the hall of the Eighth YVard Radical
Republican Mother Club, on Morales street, be
tween ilarigny and Jlandeville streets, for one
delegate io the State Convention, to he held on
the ninth day of August, 1871.
The poll will be open from four to nine o'clock
P. M.
The following named gentlemen are duly ap
1 minted Commissioners of Election: F. Baithclemy,
5. McKernan, T. Leon.
President Eighth Ward Radical Republican Mother
Club. *
F. Barthbi.kmv, Secretary. jv30 6tY
Hall of the Ninth Ward Iladical ttfpiib
lican MotlierClub, New Orleans, Louisiana, July 29,
1871.—Te the Republicans of the Ninth Ward:
In pursuance of a call issued by the State Central
Executive Committee, an election will be held in
the Ninth Ward on MONDAY, August 7,1871, for
two delegates to the Stale-Convention to assemble
611 the ninth of August, 1871. The poll will lm open
at the Wigwam, on Congress street, between
Dauphine aud Burgundy streets, from 9 A. M. to
All Republicans of the ninth ward, not enrolled
as members on the roll, will he ptrmitted to vote
on presenting their registration papers.
The following are the duly appointed Commis
sioners of Election : Charles Lochbruner, Alfred
Jones, Alexander Johnson. Clerks—John Edwards
and E. W. Paul.
President Ninth Ward Radical Republican Mother
Charles Lochbri-xer, Secretary. jy3e 6t
Notice of Election.— Hall Algiers Radical Re
publican MotlieF Club,, July 29, 1871.—In accord
ance with a call of the State Executive Committee,
an election for three delegates from the Fifteenth
Ward to the State Convention w ill be held SIGN
DAY, the seventh of August. To facilitate voting,
three polls will be opened from six o'clock A. M. to
six o'clock P. 31., at the following places:
Poll No. 1—Courthouse, Algiers.
Poll No. 2—3Iadam Coret's, Cut-off.
Poll No. 3—Stanton'B Plantation.
Attest: B. BUCHANAN, President.
* jy30 et*
C. P. Ames, Secretary.
Special Notice.— The steamer Trenton leaves
7KS---* ' - ......
TUESDAY, August 8, at 5 P. M. (in place of steamer
" " ippera of freight per Lessia
please change their policies accord
Lessie Taylor),
will plea
au5 It
Rally! Rally! _____
the Third Distinct Irish
Rally !—A special meeting of
Radical Republican Club
will be held at their hall on Spairt street^ between
LeveandSt. Claude streets, on SATURDAY EVE
NING, August 5, at half-past seven o'clock. A
punctual attendance is required on the part of the
officers and members, as important business re
quires action. J. A. SPELLICY, President,
Third District Irish Radical Republican Club.
William J. Moors, Secretary. au5 It*
New Orleans August 4. J871.—To the
public-, and particularly to fhe Republicans of the
Fifth Ward: A publication in the New Orleans Re
S ublican of this morning, stating that the preai
ent of th* Fifth Ward Radical Republican
Mother Club was impeached is really laughable.'
Tbe facts of tbe matter can lietter be judged of by
the bona fide voters of the Fifth Ward.
Now, I would state for .the information of the
public that, according to tbe constitution of our
ciub, all imiteachment of officers must lie over on©
week; besides, it requires two thirds of the mem
bers of the club to impeach an officer, and the im
peachment must take place iu presence of the offi
cers of tbe club, not one of whom was present at
the meeting. The meeting should be held iu the
hall of the club, and not in the middle of the street,
as was the case in this instonce. The president of
the mother ward dub feels confident that a very
small minority of the|bonafide voters of said ward
would attempt to impeach him.
In eimclusion, at the last meeting of our club,
July 2T, 1871, the club was adjourned until August
10, 1871. Therefore, auy weetim; held between
July 27 and August 10,18*1, is illegwl, null and void.
au5 It* President Fifth Ward Mother Club.
Hail Fifth Ward Radical Republican
Sub Club No. 1, New Orleans, August 4, 1871.—At a
regular meeting ot the Filth Ward Radical Repub
lican Sub-Club No. 1, the following resolutions,
oifered by 31r. O. J. lligaud, were unanimously
Resolved, That the Fifth Ward Radical Repnbli
can Sub'-Club No. 1 indorses the action of the Re
publicans ,of the Mother Club iu ousting Hyman
Smitii as president of said club, aud electing J. C.
Kuehler in his stead.
Resolved, further. That the Sub-Club No. 1 will
recognize the club presided over bv J. C. Kuebler
as the only legitimate mother club in the Fifth
Bv order of the club.
J. Mathiku. Secretary. au5
August, 1871, in this city, aud give public notice of
the place so secured ou or before Tuesday morn
ing, the eighth of August, 1371, through the col
umns of the Ni-tt Orleans Republican and other
city papers, and the delegates elected are hereby
notified to attend and respond to the notice of the
President upfnpthe day ol meeting.
By ilr. Rav:
Resolxed, That only those who are returned as
delegates to the Convention according to the re
turns forwarded to the President of the Executive
Committee, and to those who may contest the
seats of such delegates, as may be shown by evi
dence 'presented to the President of the Executive
Committee, and the members of the present Exec
utive Committee and their Secretary, shall be ad.
initted to the hall of the Convention until after the
permanent organization of the Convention, aud
that the President of the Central Executive Com
mittee he authorized to prepare tickets and a lilt
of the persons to be admitted, aud submit the same
to this Committee on Tuesday evening, the eighth
iustant. for their action.
liy order of the Committee.
Recording Secretary State Central Executive Com
mittee. au5 5t
Rooms State Central Executive Commit.
tee. Republican Party, state of Louisiana, August
4, 1871.—At a meeting of the Committee, held
August 3, 1371, the following resolutions were
By Mr. Wands:
Resolved, That the President of the State Com
mittee be and he is hereby authorized to secure a
suitable meeting place for the assemblage ot the
State Convention, to he held on the ninth day of
mittee. au5 5t
Notice of Election.— In pursuance of the call
of the Republican State Central Executive Com
mittee, notice is hereby given that an election will
be held at the club room of the Mother Ward Club
of the Third Ward Club, at Clay's Hall, Perdido
street, between Liberty and Franklin streets,
5IONDAY, August 7, 1871, for four delegates and
alternates to represent said ward m the State Con
vention to be held August 9, 1871.
The Commissioners of Election will open
polls at 12 31., and close them at 8 P. 31. A sufficient
number of sergeants-at-arms will lie in attendance
to maintain order and protect the lights of
voters. , •
Bv order of the President,
jy30 6t Secretarv.
Ward Charles Sumner Radical Republican Slother
Club, corner of Valence and Chestnut streets—To
the Republican Voters of tlie Thirteenth Ward:
You are hereby notified that in pursuance of a call
issued by the Republican State Central Committee,
dated the twenty-seventh ultimo, for a State con
vention of the Republican party to meet in this
city on the ninth proximo, there will be an elec
tion for a delegate to represent this ward in said
convention oil MONDAY", the seventh proximo.
The poll will be opened at the above headquarters
at five o sloi k P. M., aud dosed at nine o'clock
M., on tbe minute. You will take fur tiler notice
that in accordance with a resolution adopted
the last meeting of tills club, no person will be
lowed to vote at said election whose name does
not appear 6n the club roll book.
J. B. GAUDET, President.
William Baudrich, Recording Secretary.
jy30 6t'
Notice of Election.— In pursuance to the call
of the Republican State Central Executive Com
mittee. notice is hereby given that an election will
he held at the club room of the Mother Ward Club
of the Eleventh Waizt, on Sixth street, between St.
David and St. Patrick streets, on MONDAY". August
1371. for delegates and alternates to represent
said ward in the State Convention to be held
August 9,1871. The commissioners of election will
open the polls at 12 31. and close them at 8 P. 31.
sufficient uumberof sergeanta at-arins will be inat
tendance to preserve order and protect the rights
of voters. E. YVILL1AMS, President.
Radford R. Davis, Secretary.
New Orleans, July 29, 1871. jy30 6t*
Matoralty op New Orleans,
City Hall, August 4, 1871.
[No. 1012--Administration Series.]
Be it ordained. That the following appropriations
be and are hereby made, aud that the Administra
tor of Public Accounts warrant on the Administra
tor of Finance iu payment of the same:
John Klein, jury warrants, *103.
J. F. Campson, jury warrant, *72.
Owen Bruen. jury warrant, *54.
R. L. McMurdo, jury Warrants, *1336.
Lawrence Duffy, hlacksinithing, *153 50, *437 14,
*464 35, *498 7o, *429 45, approved by the Adminis
trator of Improvements.
Adopted by the Council of the city of New Or
Yeas: Coekrem, Shaw, Delassize, Remick, Lewis,
Walton, Bouzano.
A tine copy:
H. CosqrBST Clarkes Secretary. nu5 It
of money in the State Treasury ou the thirty
first Df July, 1871:
General Funds..................
Current School Fund...........
Interest Tax Ruud..............
Levee and Drainage Fund......
Seminary Fund.................
Free School Fund...............
Internal Improvement Fund...
Redemption of State Debt Fund.
Special Levee Tax Fund.......
RedemptionofState Debt Fund,
under act No. 114, of 1868...
• *585,603 88
Less amount overdrawn iu
Levee Tax Fund............. 17,826 74
v. s. cur.
201,440 no
244 547 56
1,822 79
210 00
480 91
6.930 00
127,099 05
Totnl.......»................*567,777 14 *16,770
We, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that tlie
foregoing statement is true and correct in all re
spects. .
State Auditor.
State Treasurer.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this
of August, A. D. 1871.
Third Justice of the Peace, Parish of Orleans.
H olders of city ten per cent bonds
due October 1, 1871, will present them for
payment, with accrued interest to August 1. at the
New Orleaus National Banking Association.__
an4 lot Administrator of Finance.
ci! of the city of New Orleans—Gentlemen:
The undersigned petitioners, owning property front
ing on Philip street, between St. David aud Willow
streets, do respectfully petition your honorable
body to cause brick banquettes, with wooden curb'
ing. to be made on Philip ssreet, from St. David to
Willow streets, in accordance with the provisions
of section twenty-four of the city charter.
Hoping your honorable body will grant ns this
our petition, we will as in duty hound ever prav.
Names. Feet. Inches.
Peter Joseph...........................29 4
William Miller.........................120 0
John Nuemuller........................ 56 0
Lawrence Quanvler..................... 29' 0
William Hazard........................32 #
David Nicoll. .......................... 58 8
Henrv Edward.........................29 4
Lewis Jackson......................... 29 4
H. Rooney.....'.........................60 0
James Gerz............................ 30 6
Daniel Poranigau...................... 27 0
Michael O Keefm....................... 31 0
A. Borne...............................60 0
C. H. Beggs ...........................27 0
William F. Hornbaek.................. 20 0
3Irs. Bridget VYingU.................... 30 0
Francis G. Blaaco...................... 30 0
31. Wahlig............................27 0
Conrad Gasse.......................... 70 0
James Cullen..........................45 0
George Carroll.... ................... 40 0
James Kijaanagb .................29. 0
Charles Wazzolettl.................... 30
Louis Hoffman.........................130
jf22 law4t*
City Hall, Rqom No. 15. >
New Orleans, August l, 1871.)
ordinance number seventy-one, Administration
series, notice is hereby given that the assessment
of real estate and personal property within the
city for tne year 1871 is now complete, and will be
open for inspection and correction at the office of
the Department of Assessments, room No. 15, City
Hall, from 9 A. M. till 3 P. M. (Sundays excepted)
during thirty days from the date hereof, at which
time all complaints of either excessive or inade
quate assessment will be considered.
anl lm Administrator of Assessments.
Ogvios Board op Statu Ahsrssors, 1
No. 8 Gallier Court, >
New Orleans, August 1,1871. )
T he public are hereby informed that
the State tax assessment for tbe year 1871 is
now completed, and will be exposed from the first
day of August until the first day of September to
erroneous assessments.
JOHN W. SWORDS, President.
correct all en
aul lm
Dkpartmk.it op Improvements, j
New Orleans, City Hall, July 28,1871. )
dersigned, will be received at this office until
WEDNESDAY NOON, August 30, 1871, for revetting
the Lake Shore Protection Levee with Gray Iron,
in accordance with plans and specifications" on file
in the office of the City Surveyor.
The city reserves the right to accept for any
number of feet or reject tbe whole.
All parties making proposals for this contract are
required to deposit with the Administrator of Fi
nance, as evidence of their intention to abide by
the adjudication, the amount of two thousand dol
lars iu casli, which shall be forfeited to the city in
case of failure to sign the-coutract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded-shall
have their deposits returned to them ou the day
ad judications are made.
No bid will be received unless accompanied by
the certificate of the Administrator of Finance
certifying that the required cash deposit has been
made. , •
Proposals to lie indorsed, "Proposals for Revet
ting Lake Shore Protection Levee."
jy29 td JOHN COCKRE5I. Administrator.
a .... . . .. . . „ ■_ -----, —----
the fi'iim the terminus of the present pavement
of to the wharf; Julia street, from Rampart to Clai
Dkpartmkmt of Improvements, Citt Hall,
New Orleans, July 27,1871.
[No* 985—Administration Series.]
Resolved, In accordanee with section ten. acj
forty-eight, approved March 13, 1871, notice , is
hereby given ot tlie intention of the city of New
Orleans to pave with square block stone tlie streets
hereinafter named, and the streets lying within
the boundaries hereinafter set forth, viz: Canal
borne streey ■ _ __
borne streerj Rampart street, from Jufia to Delord
street. Boundaries: Canal street, Tehonpitoulas
street, Terpsichore street and the levee, in the
First District; Canal street, Peters or Old Levee
street, St. Peter street and the levee, in the
Second District.
Adopted by tlie Council of the city of New Or
leans, July 25, 1871.
Yeas: Coekrem, Shaw-, Delassize, Remick, Lewis,
Walton, Bonzano.
A true copy:
H. Conquest Clarke, Secretary. ,jv28 lot
Delord street, from Ranfpart to Clai
8ta-|e of Louisiana, Y
Executive Department.
New Orleana, July i3, 1871. )
is hereby offered for the recovery of the little
sun of James aud Elizabeth Lane, residing in New
Orleans: said child is six years old, and answers to
the uame of Charlie Lane, and was forcibly seized
aud carried without the limits of the State by
Charles and Miriam Stein, who" left for Galveston,
Texas, on June 22,1871, per steamer City of Norfolk.
I will pay also two hundred and fifty dollars for
tlie arrest of the offenders, accompanied byevi
id i
dence sufficient to secure their conviction and pun
ishment. The police force and all police officers
are directed to give their prompt aid for tlie re
covery aud restoration of the lost child to its un
h;tppv parents.
Given under my hand and the seal of the State
this thirteenth day of July. A. D. 1871, and of the in
dependence of tbe United States the ninety-sixth.
By the acting Governor of Louisiana.
Geo. E. Botee, Secretary of State. jy!3 30t
Geo. E. Botee, Secretary of State. jy!3 30t
w -
Department of Improvements,
New (>rleana, July 27, 187L
undersigned will be received at this office until
SATURDAY" NOON, August 5, 1871,. for grading an*l
shelling with lake shells State street, iu the Sixth
District of this city, from Green to Benjamin
streets, in accordance with plan and specifications
on file in the office of the City Surveyor.
The- city reserves the right to reject anv and
AU parties making proposals for this contract
required to deposit with the Administrator of
nance, as evidence of their intention to abide
the adjudication, the amount ot five hundred dol
lars iu cash, which shall be forfeited to the city
case of failure to sign the contract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded shall
have their deposits returned to them on the day
adjudications are made.
No bid will l>e received unless accompanied
the certificate of the Administrator of Finance
certifying that the required cash deposit has been
Bids to l>e per running foot, and to be* Indorsed
" Proposals for grading and sbeUing State street.'"
JOHN CXI... ......
j.v27 td
COCKRE3I, Administrator.
me lor the cancellation of the official bond
of A. P. Dumas, asauctioneer, inaud for the parish
of Orleans, te wit: A bond dated October
1867, iu the sum of ten thousand dollars, signed
A. P. Dumas as principal, aud Frangois Victor
as surety; the Baid bond being conditioned for the
faithful performance bv the said A. P. Dumas
of his duties as auctioneer aforesaid—
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested
in the said bond to file their objections to the can
cellation thereof iu writing, in the oftioe of the
Secretary of State, within ninety days after the
last publication hereof.
Given under my hand and the seal of the State
this twenty-second day of July.A. D. 1871, and
the independence of the United States the ninety
By the Governor:
Joseph Wittoenstein,
_ Assistant Secretary of State.
jy21 30t
Department of Improvements,
New Orleans, July 27, 1871.
dersigned will be received at this offiix until
FRIDAY NOON. August 4,1871. for making a wooden
sidewalk ou the lower side of Broadway street,
from St. Charles to Burthe street, in accordance
with-the plan and specifications on file in the office
of the City Surveyor.
The city reserves the right to reject any and all
bids. _
All parties making proposals for this contract afe
required to deposit with the Administrator of Fi
nance, as evidence of their intention to abide bv
the adjudication, the amount of five hundred
dollars in cash, which shall he forfeited to the
city in case of failure to sign the contract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded will
have their deposits returned to them on the day
adjudications are made.
No 1
hid will be received unless the certificate
the Administrator of Finance is inclosed there
with, to the effect that the required cash deposit
lias been made.
Proposals to be indorsed "Proposal for sidewalk
on Broadway steeet."
jy27 JOHN COCKREM, Aijministrator.
United States Consolidated Land Office,
District of Louisiana,
New Orleans, July 24, 1371. )
having been made this day to this office to en
ter as public land, under the homestead act of May
20. 1862, and the acts amending it, ahomestead con
taining 78 17-100 acres in fractional section thirty,
township thirteen, south of range twenty-four
east, and fractional section two, iu township thir
teen, south of range twenty-five east, iu the south
eastern land district of Louisiana, about five
miles from the town of Algiers, Louisiana, fronting
on the Slississippi river, and bounded on the west
by lands e,onfirmed to Barthelmey Jourdain.
Pierre Jourdain and 3Ianuel Hod, and on the east
by lands confirmed to Louis "Bernoudy, and is
known on the records of this office as the uncon
firmed claim of the representatives of Thomas
Ramos, dent ased.
All persons interested in sakl claim are notified
conformably to general instructions from the Com
missioner of the General Land Office, to appear at
this office, personally or j>v counsel, with their
witnesses and other testimony, on MONDAY',
he twenty-eighth day of August, 1871, at 12 51.,
to show cause why said entry should uot be al
jy*5 4t law W. H. HYATT. Receiver.
Dkpaktmknt of Improtkmfxts, I
New Orleans, July 27. 1871. i
dersigned will he received at this office Until
SATURDAY' NOON, August 5, 1871, for paving with
square blocks Customhouse street, from Ranfpart
to Dauphine street. Also for the construction of
flag stone sidewalks with stone curbs ou said street
for the same distance. Also for such cast iron
bridge plates as may he necessary. Ail in accord
ance with plans aud specifications on file Uxthe
office of the City Surveyor.
All parties making proposals tor this contract
are required to deposit with fhe Administrator of
Finance, as evidence of their intention to abide by
the adjudication, the amount of one thousand dol
lars in cash, which shall be forfeited to the city in
case of failure to sign the contract.
Bidders to whom contracts are not awarded will
have their deposits returned to them on the day
adjudications are made.
No b:d will be received unless the certificate of
the Administrator of Finance is inclosed there
with. to the effect that the required cash deposit
has been made.
The city reserves the right to reject any and all
Bids to be made as set forth In specifications, and
proposals to be indorsed "Proposals for paving
Customhouse street."
jy26 td " JOHN COCKREM, Administrator.
Andrew McCollum, subrogated, to Harea
& Co., vs. Connelly et als.
the Frfth Circuit and District of Louisiana, No.
S336-—By virtue of a writ «f fieri facias to me di
rooted in the above entitled suit., I will proceed to
sell to the highest, bidder, on SATURDAY, August 5,
18il, at twelve o'clock M., at the courthouse door,
in the town of Houma, parish of Terrebonne, the
foBo^n^ri^^t^ vis
ON, called Mulberry
Plantation, situate in the parish of Terrebonne, in
this State, on the Bayou da Large, at about five
miles from the village of Houma, measuring twen
ty-five arpents fronton both sides of said bayou, by
a depth of forty arpents ou each side.
adjacent to the above de
scried plantation on the left bank of Bayou
Black, containing about five hundred acres, more
or less, and bounded on the upper a.de by Bayou
au Large.
3. ANOTHER TRACT, adjoining the said planta
tion, and composed of sections numbers idrtv-seveu
and forty-eight, in township number seventeen, c
range number seventeen, containing 394 16-106 acre*
4. ANOTHER TRACT, adjoining tlie last described,
and being section number forty-nine in the same
township and range, containing 165 40-100 acres.
all,and singular the buildings and lm pro vo
lt, f
... . . - ,_____,__appur
tenances attached to aud appertaining to said
Terms—Cash, at the time of adjudication, iu
United States treasury notes.
Act of sale, recording, internal revenue stamps,
etc., at the expense of the purchaser.
United States Marshal's Office, New Orleans, thir
tieth day of June, 1871.
jyl 8 15 22 29 au5 United States Marshak
Alexander E. Prewett v*. Jules Lahatut,
and Northern Bank of Kentucky vs. Same.
the Fifth Circuit and Districtof Louisiana, Nos.
5305 and 5308.—By virtue of a plurius writ of fieri
facias, to me directed In each of the above entitled
suits. I will proceed to sell to the highest bidder
on SATURDAY, August 5, 1371, at twelve o'clock
3L, at the door of the Courthouse, in the parish of
Pointe Coupee, in this State, the tollewing de
scribed property, to wit—
A CERTAIN PLANTATION, fronting on the Mis
sissippi river, in the parish of Points Coupee, in
this State, hounded above by the plantation de
pending on the succession of Caroline Constance
Cooley, and on the lower side bv the plantation de
pending on the succession of Dr. Auguste Perrier,
having a front of eleven and seven eighths arpents
on the Mississippi river, and a depth of eighty ar
pents, being the same plantation which formerly
belonged to Zenon Porche, deceased; together with
all the buildings, improvements, horses, rallies,
carts, implements of husbandly, etc., aa per inven
tory on file at my office.
I will also sell bn said fifth day of August, 1871,
at ten o'cIock A. M., at the domicile of The defend
ant, Jules Labatut, situated in the parish of Point©
Coupee, Louisiana, all of the household furniture,
now in the house of the defendant, such as china,
sofas, tables, chairs, carpets, etc., with the excep
tion of knch articles as are exempt by law- from
seizure; 300 eords of wood, more or leas; one car
riage and harness; one gray horse; one grey many
one buggy and harness; one bay horse.
Terms—Cash in United States treasury notes at
the time of adjudication.
Act of Bale, recording,'internal revenue stamps,
etc., at the expense of the purchaser.
United States Marshal's Offloe, New Orleans,
twenty-fourth day of July. 1871.
jy8 15 22 25 29 au5 United States Marshal.
P. J. Pavy & Co. vs. Marcelin M. Dufour.
the Firth Circuit and District of Louisiana, No.
6380.—By virtue of a writ of fieri facias to me
directed in the above entitled suit, I will proceed
to sell to the highest bidder, on S*g'URDAt,\
August?, 1871, at twelve o'clock M., at the resi
dence or Marcelin 31. Dufour, near Bayou des
Glaises in the parish of Avoyelles, tlie following
described property, viz—
One bay horse, one gray horse, two mules, six
head of cows with calves, one cow, one calf, fifteen
head of cattle, two plows, sixty head of hogs, one
wagon, and the brand marked thus, I-L, with privil
ege of said brand.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
United States Marshal's office, New Orleans,
twenty-fifth day of July,,1371.
jy26 29 au5 United States Marshal.
jy26 29 au5 United States Marshal.
Her Husband—No. 683.
eighth day of Jane, 1871, judgment was rendered
in this court in the following untitled suit, in the
words and figures following, to wit:
Mary Louise Dunkel vs. George Pearson, her hus
band—No. 683.
In this case, submitted to the court for de
termination by consent of counsel in open court,
after deliberation and for tlie reasons assigned
in the written opinion this day delivered and
tiled, the court considering the law and the
evidence to be in favor of the plaintiff, it
is ordered, adjndged aud decreed that there
be judgment in favor of tlie plaintiff, Mrs.
Mary Louise Dunkel, wife of George Pearson, and
against said George Pearson, her husband; that
the plaintiff, Sirs. Mary Louise Dunkel, do have
judgment against aud recover from the defendant
the sum of two thousand one hundred dollars, with
legal interest thereon from the- day of
A. D. 1871, till paid, and costs of suit, with" lien and
privilege allowed by law to married women on the
property of their husbands, and that the communi
ty of acquets aud gains heretofore existing be
tween said parties be forever dissolved.
Judgment rendered, New Orleaus, June28,1871.
Signed July 3,1871.
(Sigued) ' HENRY C. DIBBLE, Judge.
In testimony whereot, t nave hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the said oourt at the eitv
of New Orleans, ou this fifth day of July, in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
seventy-one, aud the ninety-sixth year ef the inde
pendence of the United States.
jy7 21 au6 • Deputy Clerk.
No. 8903.
tburth day of June, 1871, judgment was rendered
in this court in the following entitled suit,
the words and figures following, to wit:
Sirs. Ophelik Hewlett vs. her Husband—No. 8903.
Ou motion of E. C. Guillct, attorney for the plain
tiffin this eause, upon submitting to the court due
proof iu support of her demand, by reason of the
law and evidence being with plaintiff, it is adjudged
aud decreed that the judgment by default herein
entered on tbe nineteenth instant be now con
firmed; that thetfe he judgment in favor of plaintiff,
Ophelia Sioreau, against defendant, John Hewlett,
her husband, dissolving the community of ac
quests aud gains existing between them: that
plaint iff do have and recover of defendant the sum
of eight hundred dollars, with legal interest from
judicial demand until paid, and costs of suit, with
lien ami privilege on the property of her lfusbanu,
In such cases allowed by taw to married women.
Judgment signed Juue 29, 1871,
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand aud affixed the seal of the said court, at the
city of New Orleaus, on this third dey of July,
iu the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and seventv-one, aud ninety-fifth year of the
independence of the.United States.
:i2 9 31 * EDWARD COTTON. Deputy Clerk.
ORLEANS—No. 28,732.
T he state of Louisiana, to all yvHom
it may concern, greeting: Whereas, Hugh
3IcCloskey having purchased at a sale made by
the Sheriff of the parish of Orleaus, ou the seven
teenth dayof JVine, 1871, the property hereinafter de
scribed, has applied to the judge of this court for
a> monition or advertisement iu conformity to sec
tions 2370 to 2380 of act No. 96 of the session acts
of 1870, commonly known as the Revised Statutes
of Louisiana.
Now. therefore, know ye, aud all persons inter
fisted herein, are hereby cited aud admonished, in
the namO of the State of Louisiana, and of the Sec
ond District Court for the parish of Orleaus, who
can set up any right, title or claim in anil to the
property hereinafter described, in consequence of
any informality in the order, decree or judgment of
the court under which the sale was made, or any
irregularity or illegality in the appraisements and
advertisements, in time of manner of sale, or toe
any other defeet whatsoever, to show cause within
thirty days from the day this monition is first in
serted in the public pais-rs, why the sale so made
should not he homologated and confirmed. a
The said property was sold by tiie sheriff afore
said by virtue of and pursuant to a writ of fieri
facias issued from this court, in the suit of David
C. McCann vs. suceessiou of Oliver DuBois aud
William Mish, No. 28,782 of the docket of said court, .
at which sale the said Hugh MeCloskey became the
purchaser for tiie price aud sum of fifty-one thou
sand dollars.
Description of the property as contained in the
judicial conveyance, viz:
1. Three certain lots of ground in the First Dis
trict of this city, m the square bounded Jay Camp,
Poydras, St. Charles aud Gravier streets,arid desig
nated by the numbers two, three and four on a
plan <iraw*i by J. Pilie on the twenty-second day of
August, 1837, which said lots of ground have the
fellow tog dimensions; Lot liumlwi- two measure*
twenty-five feet eleven inches and four lines front
ou St. Charles street, by one hundred and twenty
five feet six inches in depth; aud lots numbers
three and four each twenty-five' feet eleven inches '
and four lines front on St. Charles street, bv one
hundred and seventy ffiet six inches in depth be
tween parallel lines, all English measure.
2. Another certain lot of ground adjoining lot
number four above described, measuring, in French
measure, twent.v-two feet six inches limit on St.
Charles street, by one hundred and si tty feet In
depth, between parallel lines, bounded on the side
toward Gravier street by said lot number four,
and on the oiher side by property now or formerly
belonging to the succession of Mr. Pooric: together
with ail aud singular the buildings aud improve
ments on said four lots of ground; being the same
property acquired jointly aud iu equal shares by
O. Dubois and William Mish from John Hoev, per
act passed before H. B. Cenas, late a uotary'puhUo
in this city, on the sixteenth January; 1830.
New Orleans, July 31, 1371.
M. 0. Tract, Clerk. aul 15 29

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