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atm 1 (Wrans HqmMiran.
the daily republican
May be had of the following dealers:
George Ellis, opposite the Postoffice.
A. Simon, No. 94 Exchange Alley.
C. C. Haley, No. 19 Commercial Place.
C. G. D. Holle, No. 61 Exchange Place.
James Ennis, Pontchartrain Railroad
Depot, Third District; also, at Depot foot
of Lafayette Street. First District.
J. W. Long, corner of Love and Enghien
Streets, Third District.
Crescent City News Depot, No. 258 Canal
street, corner of Howard.
Local Intelligence. .
Committed for Trial. —Recorder Hopgh
ton sent the following named cases to the
Criminal Court:
W. Spence, a pale-faced man, for arson,
on complaint of Mrs. Quinn, No. 120 peters
Henry Woods, for inciting a riot and as
saulting and battering Officer N. Bechtol.
Janies Pritchard and Jo Hedges, tor
stealing a half barrel of molasses from
Messrs. Schmidt & Zeigler.
Thomas Harper, Daniel Moran and Jo
seph Boyd, burglary and larceny, Buckedt's
Nellie Scott, stealing $100 from David
Anderson. __
m Jack Lc-mmon is squeezed into the Work
Louse for ten days as a petty pilferer.
Res Down. —A careless driver ran his
soring wagon over James Killeen, two years
old, at the corner of Adele and Koasseau
streets, breaking some of the child's bones.
The driver, seeing the mischief, took a sud
den departure.
Complaints are loud and long that offal
carts have failed to perform their tasks two
weeks back at the corners of Erato and Pe
ters and Front streets.
it -
ajrn^Sry on
Mr. Houston, attorney for M. F. Rodgers,
assures us there is no truth in the statement
made by the latter's wife that he had pur
sued or threatened her since his liberation
from prison. Rodgers does not visit the
neighborhood of his former home, but con
stantly resides on St. Charles street, in a
domicile selected by his attorney, and says
^ he has no intention of disturbing the wife's
Base Bali,. —The well known Excelsior
Base Ball Club, at a regular meeting
held last Thursday, elected the following
officers, to serve until April, 1872: Presi
dent, W. P. Stewart: vice president, W. G.
Thomas: secretary and treasurer, F. B.
Sliger; board of directors, W. P. Stewart.
James Ward, Lionel Adams; delegates to
the Louisiana Base Ball Association,
Lionel Adams. John Shea, W. G. Thomas;
substitute delegates to the Louisiana Base
Ball Association, George Fay, F. B. Sliger,
Ed. Ferry.
To-day the Excelsior club play their
reorganized nine for the first time this
season, and their many friends confiden
expect that their victory this evening •^11
prove but the first link in that ui^
chain which leads to the pennant.
Strict discipline has been enfoj
cine is required to practice cafft
Tuesday and Friday of each wtjjt binder
the supervision of the board of .AjFeTors.
and the players now look toward to
their coming contests with the Stars with
a strong hope that the defeats sustained
L» in the past may be '-wiped out" in the
new year.
Looks Queer. —Last evening the police
arrested a queer looking specimen ol
humanity in the first precinct for hav
ing invaded the premises of an un
willing citizen. When taken to the sta
tionhuuse, a pistol was found on Lim^
him, and he gave Lis name as Joseph De
lgir. • llis head and hair have been badly
singed, and bis manner indicates that his
senses are not entirely sound.
A Mean Commencement.— Friday night
there was the usual commotion and hurry
ing to close the fair in Odd Fellows' Hall.
Two lads, Daniel Gallagher and Henry
Ilamel, having passed a portion of the
night in the hall, made observations, and,
noticing a cash box and a gold watch,
broke one of the ten commandments by
coveting these articles. When an oppor
tunity presented itself one of the young
sters slipped the boxes away, and the
things were not missed until midnight. In'
formation was sent to police headquarters,
and an officer detailed to hunt up the
young rascals. They were captured iu
Magazine market, and a portion of the
money found on one of them. The box was
broken and left in tbe street. It is hoped
that these lads will be able .to show that
they are not the principals in this mean
theft—robbing charity patients.
One of the noble army of wife beaters,
^ Francois Bernard, when before Recorder
t Houghton yesterday did not look much like
f a natural nobleman. He will be urged to
1 swallow a dose of law on the tenth day of
• -ext year. _ _
Conversation. —A gentleman, sitting be
hind a green curtain which hides the rear
portion of a money broker's office lrorn the
front room, recently heard a conversation
not unlike the following:
Applicant, with a sad face—WLat are you
paying for appropriation certificates 1
& Broker—Between eighty and ninety cents
according to size.
The applicant uttered a sound, the echo
of which smacked somewhat like a Parish
Prison oath.
Applicant—My patience is sorely tried. I
Pam compelled to wait aud wait for m.» cer
|ifieates, and dance attendance at .he
.-Mayor's office, urging that official to ap
prove my accounts long after they -are
readv for his signature* Before I have ob
tained them, my deputies ask for their sal
aries, which I must pay in full in currency.
During the delay, I am compel leu to hire
money from you gentlemen, that my em
ployes and merchants shall be satisfied.
Then, when I sell my tardy certificates I
lose ten or twenty cents on the dollar. The
two 'losses leave no profits, and nearly
|'■•raze me. Some members ol our City
iCouncil are aware of these facts, and make
|good efforts to assist me, but there is a de
Jay somewhere, which makes my pocket
liook look as though an elephant had s.ept
ron it for a month
Just then another customer appeared,
swearing "like our troops iu Flanders,
ny not dissimilar from toe
ceed to furnish the court with "a list of all
persons liable to jury duty residing within
the limits of the parish of Orleans," in com
pliance with section 2144 of act No. 96 of
the General Assembly of the State ol
Louisiana, approved March 14, 1870.
Judge Abell, in overruling the motion of
the District Attorney, said: This motion
must be overruled. The. motion is made
under an act of the General Assembly, ap
proved the fifteenth of March, 1855, re-en
acted on the fourteenth of March, 1870,
without the change of a word.
The first section of the act prescribes the
qualification of jurors, and is sacramental.
But that part of the act that requires the
Sheriff to furnish a list, etc., is directory,
and it is very clear from context that the
law meant the following December after
tbe passage of the act, and after a list fur
nished at that time they were to be con
The fourth section of the act declares
"That no person shall serve a second term
on the jury until all the names have been
drawn from the box; and whenever the box
shall have been emptied the Sheriff shall re
turn all the names on the j ury list into the
jury box, and commence a new drawing."
The bail in the case of Edward Donnelly,
charged and convicted of the murder of
Dennis Callahan (Kelly), on the twenty
seventh of September, 1870, at the corner of
St. Andrew aud Laurel streets—who es
caped the sentence of the law by tbe merest
accident, one of the jurors serving at the
trial, an old man, having served under the
name of his son, and signed the verdict as
foreman, on which point Donnelly of course
was granted a new trial-was yesterday
fixed by Judge Abell at $10,000.
The Attorney General, in consequence of
tbe horrible features of the ease, opposed
the release on bonds, but Judge Abell de
cided that under the law Donnelly, who had
been imprisoned during several terms of this
court, without having a trial, was entitled
to bail. He overruled the objections of At
torney General BeUlen, and fixed the bail
in the above amount.
Constantine Rosario, the mate of the
Italian bark Pagannini, arrested as a wit
ness in a stabbing affair on board the bark,
and who happened to have a pistol about
him when brought to the station, was
charged with carrying concealed weapons.
He being sent to this court, pleaded guiity
and paid a fine of $5.
In the ease of John Dwyer, convicted of
manslaughter, on the charge of murdering
Dennis McElhany, in Greenville, on the
twentieth of September. 1870, the board of
physicians intrusted with the examination
of the mental condition of Dwyer have re
ported. Dr. B. Weffelsburgh declare s that
from observations during attendance on
Dwyer, he thinks him subject to fits of in
sanity, while Drs. Boyer and Lewis declare
that his fits of epilepsy have not impaired
his mental faculties to such a degree as to
lead them to decide that lie is insane. The
case was continued after tbe plea of insanity
had been argued.
Mr. Planeliard argued the motion to ad
mit William Watny to bail, charged with
the murder of Gottfried Bass, who was as
sassiuated on the seventh of October, while
leaving a house at the corner of Rampart
and Congress streets.
St. Charles Avenue.—' This is the drive
par excellence from Tivoli circle to Carroll
ton—the most direct, aud the most beautiful
as regards the residences on each side.
Strangers visiting the city are usually taken
through it in order that they may witness
the evidences of wealth and ta>te which
those residences and the grounds surround
ing them afford. An unpleasant, almost a
dangerous incident occurred recently on
such an occasion. A gentleman just arrived
lrorn St. Louis, who had never visited New
(irleans before, was invited by a friend to
drive out to Carrollton. They had a light
buggy and a fast horse, tin- day was lovely
aud their spirits high. Riding along St.
Charles street, talking and laughing and
admiring the houses on each side, they did
not take much notice of the road until they
reached that remarkable portion of good
driving, the three squares of new Nicolson
pavement. Here the proud citizen
of our proud city indiscreetly let
his fast pacer put oa his fastest paces. It
was delightful fora second: but. alas, three
squares pass quickly under the feet ol a
fast horse, and soon our gay friends found
themselves bumping along over ruts and
holes, in a manner anything but pleasant.
"Is this your best drive?" gasped out the
well-churned guest.
"It is our only one in this direction,' -
pleaded the citizen of New Orleans, in a
deprecatory tone. "It used to be a very
fine road once, but it certainly needs re
pairing now."
"All," said the visitor, "liow I wish I had
visited New Orleans when this old road
was new. But do they Dever repair their
roads in your city ? Have the city officials
no efficiency, that they leave your chief
streets in such a wretched condition ?'
"Well, to tell the truth, the Administra
tor of Public Improvements, whose duty it
is to attend to this matter, is ready to do
his part, but he can not act without the
co-operation of the other members of the
city government. And as there is to be an
election next November, and they desire to
be re-elected, tbr-y are trying to get up a
reputation for economy;"
" Very bad economy," ejaculated the
visitor, jerking out his words as the light
buggy went bobbing up and down, "very
poor economy to risk people'—" here the
light buggy succumbed to the vile condi
tion of the road, the wheel coming in col
lision with one of the evidences of official
economy which diversified its surface-,
fairly gave way, and our two friends found
themselves brought with unpleasant, sud
denness iu contact with the "old ?.iicoiso:i
Fortunately their injuries wore not very
serious, though sufficiently r .-o to keep them
lrorn taking a pleasure ride on the main
thoroughfare of the First, Fourth and
Sixth Districts of our -itr for some time to
The visitor from Louis expects to
start for Lome as soon as his bruises are
well: and takes with him a very low esti
mate of that penny wise pound foolish
economy which leaves the chiei drive ot
a grand city iu such a condition as that o?
St. Charles avenue.
Edward Thomas found guilty of shooting
Policeman Boused some time last summer,
has been sentenced by Judge Pardee to fi ve
years iu the Penitentiary.
The Case of Peter Donnelly .—The
examination into the causes of the death of
the car driver, Peter Donnelly, is to be re
sumed Tuesday next. The latest theory iu
connection with the sad tragedy is that the
various injuries which caused his death were
received from a fall from a window in the
second story of the building. Theie are
circumstances which sustain this view that
will be probably more fully elucidated at
the examination. It is known already that
deceased retired to his room under the in -
flue.nce of liquor, and there is no evidence
of any unpleasantness toward him on the
part of any one.
The Southern Paving Company has em
ployed. or is allowing, three or four men to
carry out its contract lor putting down the
Nicolson pavement on St. Charles street. It
will take about ten years to complete the
job at the present rate of progress.
Carrollton Items. —The Council has is
sued a formal call to delinquent taxpayers
to walk up to the captain's office, and settle
for the years 1869 aud 1S70.
The Council has voted to purchase a lot
of ground lor Friendship Fire Company
No. 3. M ayor Z. McKay was authorized to
to purchase an engine and hose for this
For reasons given, the Carondclet Street
and Carrollton City Railroad Company was
granted an extension of time—one year—to
complete its contract. The route has been
changed, to he as follows:
Single track on Levee street from Jeffer
son to Madison street, on Madison street to
Hampson street, down Ilampson street to
Lowerline street, from Hampson street on
Lowerline street to Second street, be made
to read thus: Single track on Levee street
from Jefferson to First or St. Charles street,
down First or St. Charles street to Dublin
street, on Dublin street to Hampson street,
down Hampson street to Lowerline street,
from Hampson on Lowerline street to Sec
ond street.
There is a movement iu progress to have
the city charter amended.
Balls Last Night.— Managers of the
Sports' Social Club made Eagle Hall
brilliant on the occasion of their fourth
masquerade. Stylishly attired ladies danced
until they were quite content. The mem
bers are certainly well up iu their duties.
Orient Lodge No. 46,1. O. O. F., gave its
many friends a pleasant party in Carroll
Hall. All who attended passed a happy
time indeed. Third District belles were
out in a blaze of beauty aud refinement,
and the beaus were all attention.
Independence Lodge of Odd Fellows
made an elegant party in Odd Fellows'
Hall. Masking was in vogue before mid
n : ght. making tbe ladies more bewitching
than ever, Nearly all the toilets were
splendid and iu excellent taste. Several
characters were well sustained." The man
agers deserve prai-e for their energy ami
good system.
Fire this Morning. —The alarm of tire
between twelve and one o'clock this morn
ing was occasioned by the partial burning
of a feed store at the corner of Triton walk
and the New Basin.
In the case of W. II. Peterson, no more
evidence being obtained, the jury was una
ble to determine if the deceased was shot
at the corner of St. Ann and St. Claude
streets, while in the act of committing a
burglary, or if he, as the statements of
others are, was accidentally shot. The jury
rendered a verdict that he died of internal
hemorrhage, caused by a gunshot wound
which he received ou the night of Novem
ber 15, at a place anil from persons un
known to the jury.
The Holiday Number of Scribner's.
The publishers of Scribner's promised
that tbe Monthly for January should be a
"grand holiday" number—the handsomest
number, indeed, of a magazine ever printed
iu America. We think they have fulfilled
their promise. The first picture, by T.
Moran—one of the illustrations of Bayard
Taylor's ballad from the German—is a finer
picture, in both design and engraving, than
we have been used to look for in periodi
cals: the illustrations of "The Big Trees
and the Yosemite"—a piquant and graphic
paper by Mr. Bromley—constitute probably
the best series of the kind ever prepared for
an American magazine. The number has a
fine Christmas llavor throughout. The
poems by Bayard Taylor (after Rueekert),
Christina Rossetti, H. H.. and Mrs. Whit
ney. form a memorable Christmas garland
of verse: then there is "The Oak Tree's
Christmas Gift," by young Hawthorne; a
burlesque Christmas story by Frank I{.
Stoektou. with capital illustrations, a new
Wonder Story by Hans Christian Andersen;
anil an amusing page of "Etchings," by
Sheppard, giving characteristic Christmas
scenes in " Ole Virginny." Among
other interesting features of this num
ber are the very promising opening
chapters of Mrs. Olipbant's now serial,
'•At His Gates:" a story by Joaquin Miller,
entitled "The Last Man of Mexican Camp:' -
a delightful sketch of "A Day of Scottish
Games" iu Rhode Island, by Colonel Ilig
ginson: a trenchant article by Rev. George
B. Bacon, on " Some Kinds of Spiritual
Quackery;" graphic selections, with striking
illustrations, from Lieutenant Colonel (Jor
don Cumming's " Wild Men and Wild
Beasts;" a portion of the forthcoming vol
ume of Bryant's "Homer," and a graceful
little poem try Harriet McEwen Kimball.
Dr. Holland, in "Topics of the Time," lias
some earnest words on "Sliakerisin," aud
"The Faults of Culture." "The Oi,d Cabi
net" contains "A Face," a " Letter to a
Young Writer," and " A Christmas
Thought." "Home and Society" treats of
"Christmas Greenery," " Twelfth Night."
and "The Clothes of the Period.;'" while m
" Culture and Progress at Home " and
"Abroad" arc discussions of "International
Copyright," "The Opera." "Charlotte Cush
inau." "New Books," etc.
A series of articles on "The Wonders of
the West" is promised, tiic first (on the Yo
semite) appearing in January. The Feb
ruary number will have another story by
Saxo Holm, author oi "Esther \\ ynn s
Love Letters," and other features of im
portance. Although the January Scribner's
contain more and better pictures than any
number yet issued, the publishers promise
that there will be no tailing off iu pictorial
interest in February.
Strni«ht University.
This school, located <>n the corner of Es
planade and Derbigny streets, begins its
second session next Wednesday. \\ ith a
full corps of experienced and successful
teachers, and all the appliances in the way
of charts, maps, globes, boards, etc., neces
sary for illustration and explanation, which
are found here, the facilities for obtaining a
thorough education, always good, were
never better than now, and guardians of
children are assured that no pains will be
spared for th" improvement of those placed
Extensive additions Lave recently been
made to the gymnasium, affording both
amusement aud profitable exercise to
the students.
The classes in higher mathematics and
classics will be continued as heretofore.
Pupils desiring to enter here should he
present the first day of the term.
And now* comes the close of the week and
the year, with its accounts to be settled, its
debts to be paid, its new leaf to be turned
over. If the old adage that " a man in debt
at the beginning will find himself in debt
throughout the year" be true, few men on
Carondclet street can be calculated upon as
clear. The prevailing dullness has driven
all but the brokers absolute oft' from the
corners and into some other business. The
broker absolute is one who can get along
without help ; who lives while others die,
and who is as firm in dull as iu any other
times. The negotiation of city certificates
did afford a temporary relief, but the gains
are very small at the best. Stocks are of
fered on all sides, but no bidders come up.
It is ruinous to put up any obligations of
this hind unless the holders are not particu'
lar about a loss of twenty-five per cent.
Tbe sole topic on the street yesterday was
the discussion of the sale of Slaughterhouse
at $14 50 at auction. It was reported the
stock was not delivered. At any rate,
$17 50 was offeied on the street. The com
pany is in just as prosperous a state, and is,
in fact, in a better condition than for some
time. Its legal bonds will soon slip off, and
the company go straight ahead. Y'et the
scarcity of money has produced the same
downfall in this as in other stocks. Where
no disposition to buy prevails every obliga
tion must settle.
The difficulty iu money Las also affected
the passing of foreign exchange by sym
pathy, and this last trouble still continues
to hinder the movement in cotton, inas
much as bargains eau not be consummated.
The hanks declaring their dividends yes
terday produced a comfortable feeling in
those who held the stocks. As it had been
long anticipated, there was not more than
the ordinary momentum on the spreading of
the news, bunk stocks being among the
things in which the run of brokers are not
much interested.
Cotton has been somewhat atiected at
last by the negotiations oi exchange, but
to a slight extent. It is a business now
upon w hich tl.e whole community relies to
rescue us from our embarrassments.
St. Charles Theatre.
The "East Lynne" matinee yesterday was
in every respect a success, while the
"Child-Stealer" last night was a new sen
sation. This evening Miss Lucille Western
aud Mr. J. A. Herne will appear in the
"Child-Stealer." taking the leading char
acters. In preparation, "Lealr." Next
Friday evening benefit ol Mi*s Lucille
Western, aud first aud oniy representation
of "Frou-Frou."
Academy of Music.
The Abbott pantomime troupe had a good
matinee yesterday and a splendid perform
ance last night. This evening, for the last
time, the laughable, funny aud lively pan
tomime of "Mother Goose" will be put on
the stage, and that will be the farewell per
formance of the Abbott pantomime troupe.
Grand New Year matinee at twelve o'clock
to morrow, when Mrs. F. S. t'hanirau will
make her first appearance iu "Dora."
Varieties Theatre.
The best Saturday matinee of the season
in that establishment was that at the Va
rieties Theatre yesterday. 'Dot" was the
performance, and it was played to a dot.
The same Christmas story dramatization
was put on again last night. To-morrow
evening Mr. John E. Owens will appear in
the "Victims." and also in "Forty \Vinks."
For the. Wednesday matinee "Dot" will be
presented. "Solon Shingle" and "Live In
dian" for Wednesday evening. Thursday
evening, last appearance of Mr. Owens,
when "Dot" and "Live Indian" will be
The Opern House.
The second Saturday matinee yesterday
was better attended than the first, aud last
evening the opera of "Les Huguenots"
brought out a good hou=e. This evening,
Verdi's grand opera of "Kigoletto;" Mon
day evening, the opera of "Faust."
Masonic Ilnll.
Satsuma's Royal Japanese troupe gave a
nice matinee performance Saturday, and
they will present a New Year entertainment
at twelve o'clock to-uiorrow. '1 he Japanese
exhibitions will close this week. Perform
auce this evening.
Tivoli Circle.
Under the canvas there were crowds ot
people, oid and young, large and small,
both at the matinee and tlie exhibition last
evening. John Robinson's circus, museum,
menagerie and caravan tents are now folded,
and the destination of This grand three-tent
show is Cincinnati. The proprietor has
taken in a large amount of money, but lias
disbursed a hundred dollars a day to the
citv for the use of Tivoli circle lot.
W e are happy to inform tiie merchants of
our city that Messrs. Lawrence A Wright
are about starting a much needed sheet, the
View Orleans and Southwestern Advertiser.
These gentlemen are both Liverpool men,
aud we are well assured will do great credit
to their native city. Mr. Lawrence lias had
a ripe experience in Chicago. They are
both well acquainted with the district sur
rounding our State, the trade of which this
city ought and will command by a little
effort ou ^he part of our merchants in
patronising their paper. Tiiey inform us that
their paper xv ill be i-sued gratuitously, and
sent only to business houses of good stand
ing and hotels throughout the following:
South, East and Northeastern Texas; South
ern Arkansas, covering the Red River and
Ouachita countries: Mississippi, including
Mobile: also Louisiana (New Orleans and
neighborhood excepted). They have opened
an office at No. 22 Commercial place.
.Military Power.
The power of the sword i« mhre sensibly
felt in an extensive monarchy than in a
small community. It lias been calculated
by tbe ablest politicians that no state, with
out being soon exhausted, can maintain
above the hundredth part of its members in
arms and idleness. But, although this rela
tive proportion may be uniform, ti e inllu
ence of the army over the rest of society
will vary according to tbe degree of its posi
tive strength. The advantages of military
science and discipline cannot be exerted
unless a proper number of soldiers are
united in one body and actuated by one
sou!. With a handful of men, such a union
would be ineffectual; with an unwieldy host
it would be impracticable: and the powers
of the machine would alike be destroyed by
the extreme minuteness or the excessive
weight ot its springs. To illustrate this ob
serva'ion we need only reflect: there is no
superiority of natural strength, artificial
weapons or acquired skill could enable one
man to keep in constant subjection one hun
dred of ids fellow creatures: the tyrant of a
single town or a small district would soon
discover that a hundred armed followets
were a weak defense against ten thousand
peasants or citizens: hut a hundred thou
sand well disciplined soldiers will command,
with despotic sway, t -u millions of subjects:
and a body of ten or fifteen thousand guards
will strike terror into the most numerous
populace that ever crowded the streets of an
immense capital.— Gibbon's Decline and
Fall. Cha/dcr U.
Tiie Picayune reports the following ease,
involving specie obligations:
Suit was recently brought in the parish
court of Bienville on a note for $-00, to iie
paid some time after date, in specie or its
equivalent in currency. The court recog
nized the validity of the contract, and
gave judgment for plaintiff. It was held
that tLffi obligation sued on being for so
many dollars in specie, or its equivalent in
currency, not for specie alone, was not in
contravention of tbe legal tender act. That
act was a measure of public policy, not a
law to confer privileges upon debtors, aud
give countenance to the repudiating of con
Mpirifnali»m«-Rev. .1. M. Peebles lectures
THIS MORNING and ENBN1NO in Minerva Hall,
Clio street, between Prytania and St. Charles.
Subject in tlie morning, "Progress of religious
ideas.'' Subject in the evening, "What of the
dead ' Where are they 1" Services at 11 A. M. and
7 P. M. de31 It
Mutual National Bank of New Orleans.—
Notice is hereby given that this bank will be
ooeu for business at the new banking |house, No.
106 Cana! street, on TUESDAY, second proximo.
Business hours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Ottering days tor discount. Tuesdays and Fridays
until 1 P. M. ' Answers given on the following days
at 9 o'clock A. M.
New Orleans, December|30,1871. (le.l fit
New Orleans Nntionnl Banking Associa
tion. New Orleans, Deoemlier 30, IH'.'ff—At a special
meeting ot the Board of Directors meld this day, a
semi-annual dividend of six per .cent, free of gov
ernment tax, was declared, -nvvable on or after
N. AUGUSTIN, Cashier. •
I'niinrian Church, corner of St, Charles
amt Julia streets —The annual meeting of this
society will he held on SUNDAY", December 31, im
mediately after services. The members of the
society and aii persons who feel an interest hi the
cause of Liberal Christianity in New Orleans are
expected to lie present at the morning service and
remain aud take pait in the proceedings of the
meeting* de31 It
Louisiana Savings Bank nnd Safe De
posit Company, December 3a, 1871.—At a regular
meeting of the Directors, held this day, a dividend
of SIX Fr.K CENT was dee lured; as.d a further
dividend i f TEN PER CENT placed to the credit
of reserve. JOHN S. WALTON,
del!) 3t Cashier.
Headquarters American Union (inb,
New Orleans. December 31, 1871.—The members of
this club are requested to attend the funeral ofour
bite comrade. Judge George P. Carr, at No. Z7b Fe
licity street, THIS DAY at 2 P. M.
WM. WRIGHT, President.
E. E. Adams, Secretary. de 31
Crescent City Bank. New Orleans, De
cember 30. 1871.—At a special meeting of the
Board of Directors, held this dav, a semi annual
dividend of five per «eut was declared on the
paid up stock of the bank, payable to the stock
holders on and after the tenth of January,
proximo. CHARLES FAl'RIE, JR., Cashier.
de31 lit
Notice.— The Louisiana National Bank, New Or
leans, December 3U.1871.—At a special meeting of
the Board of Directors held this day, a dividend
of five per cent was declared from profits of tl.e
past six months, payable in this city on demand,
and in New York at the hanking house of Messrs.
Winslow, Lanier k Co . on aud after the tenth of
Jaimarv. 1872, free of government tax.
deJI K't A. LURIA, Cashier.
Notice.— I hereby give notice that I have, by
act passed tliib day, December 30, 11171, before W.
J. Casteil, notary, revoked the power of attorney
by me given To John Anderson, Esq., December 27,
1871. belore W. J. Casteil, notary.
New Orleans. December 30,1871. (ie.il lot -
v otice.—Metropolitan Loan, Savings and Pledge
No 14 Camp street. New Orleans. December
871.—An installment ot ten per cent (making
turty per cent) upon the capital stock of this bank
lias been called lor by tbe Board of Directors, pay
able at the hanking house on or belore the first day
of February, li:72.
lie.ill lm eod T. D. VAN HORN. Cashier.
Hibernia Bank. —New Orleans, December 29,
1871.—'Tiie directors of this hank have this day de
clared a dividend of six per cent, free of govern
ment tax, payable to stockholders on the sixteenth
of January next.
del" 6t ' JAMES J. TARLF.TOX. Cashier.
Hall of lAifayetle Hook and Ladder
Company No. 1, New Orleans, December 27, 1871.—
At the animal election for officers of the above
company, held this day, the following gentlemen
were elected to serve for the year 1872:
Ered Yost, president.
Charles Assenheimer, foreman.
-Frank Cassreno. lirst assisiaut.
( Varies Miller, si rond assistant.
W. H. Burroughs secretary.
•O. M. Redon, treasurer.
Gustave Ttoy. marshal.
Delegates to Firemen's Charitah'e Association—
Chaiieb Assenheimer, John Weathers, Gcoige Z.tu
Substitute Delegates—A. M. Burroughs, Joseph
Armbruster. George Keiftr.
30 1
W. II. BURROUGHS. Secretary.
Office of Firemen** Charitable A**oeia
t:on. Nt*w Orleans. December 28. 1871.—The Board
oi Delegates of this Association (new board) are
lierebv notified that the meeting for the election
of officers w.U be held on MuNDAY EVENING.
Juiiuaiv 1. 1-72. at seven o'clock, in tiie hall of
Louisiana Hose Company, corner of Carondeh t and
Perdido streets. Officers of companies will see
that t lie credentials of their delegates are :n pcs
ses„-ou of the secretary of the Association on or be
foie the night ot ti c meeting,
dt 29 t C. C. FLANAGAN, Secretary.
Office of the Lafayette Fire Insurance
Company. New Orleans. Derember 27. 1-71.—An
election tor twenty five directors of this company,
to serve ti.e ensuing year. Y*nl be held at the office
of the company, corner ot St. Andrew and Maga
zine streets. on TUESDAY, the ninth dav of Jan
;ai v. 1872. from j A. M. to •' P. M.
b. 2-f T«i L<>n< MATHIS. Secretary.
.Hctropoiitavt Loan. Savina* anti i'letlire
Bunk. No. 14 Camp street, kuwt Citv Ho
le: New Orleans. December B. 1871.—At ameer,
iug of :he Board of Directors, i Id tl :sdav. a divi
de.... FIVE PER CENT " ^ declared out of The
i:»'t • arcings of the institution for the three months
*«-iminating Novembei 3*». B 71.
d»-9 eod 1 m _ T. P. VAN HORN. Cashier.
Hibernia Hank. New Orleans, December
i-7!-This bank while c\.-ed on the twenty
fifth mutant, aud lirst and eighth of January next,
holidays. JAMES J. TALL ETON.
Notice.— New Orleans Credit Foncier Assoeia
t on office No. 4d old Levee .-tieet, New Orleans.
December 2*j. 1871— Subscribers to the capita!
stock ot tliis company are hereby notified that the
first installment of ten per cent shall be due, paya
ble at tin* office of the con.puny, on WEDNESDAY,
January 1<». h 72.
Bv order oi the Board of Director?.
d» 27 lm A. SAP'LET, Secretary.
Notice.— New Oilcans Ciedit Fourier Associa
tion. office No. 4*» Old Levee street, New Orleans,
December 29. 1U71.—'Tbe public is hereby in
formed that this association is now readv for busi
ness. We call the attention of property holders
who wish to offer lots of ground lor sale, and those
who desire to have houses built, to caH at our office.
Those that have not yet subscribed wi:l find the
subscription book at trie office of tlic association.
J. A. FERNANDEZ, President.
A. Saulkt. Secretary. de27 lm
Bank of America, New Orleans, Decem
ber 21, 1871.—At an election held yesterday tbe fol
lowing named gentlemen were duly elected direc
tors to serve the ensuing year:
And at a meeting of the board held tins day. Mr.
AM. FORT IFR was unanimously re-elected presi
dent. J. E. PASCAL, Cashier.
de23 r.t
Cnromlelrt Slrert
Carrollton Citv
R.v.iroad Com
;i!inv, Office
No. 12
< aiomlelet street.
New Orleans
. Deceinori'
2.:. r.
Ti.— Subscribers to
Tbe capital
stock ot lli
is company are lierebv
•.otiliea that
the ninth
Jnifriit c*t tell per
cent "ill he
■ due. pava
b'e a -
: the office of the
o!MT»a!u* 1 or
v 2. : t2.
o>y to iler o
i In* Boanl
of II:
vV. So
UIRES, Secretary.
I. the undersigned, do hereby revoke by
tli^se presents ali power of attorney given in favor
ot Mr. Paul Enoub Livainh !s from this date, as per
act passed before Chailes V. Foulou, on the twen
ty-first instant. ALB. E. HOA.
New Urb ans, December 21. 1971. de22 27 ja-3
Notice to Stockholder*.— office of the New
Orleans Gaslight Company. D»-rembci 20, 1671.—
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of this com
pany held on the nineteenth distant, a dividend
was declared of six dollars per share, from the
profits ot tbe last six months, payable ou and after
tiie eleventh of January n« :f. 1 ** iiansfer books
will l»e closed iro n the lirT to the tenth ot Jan*
de21 lm
WILLI AM T BROWN, Treasurer.
Carondclet Street and Carrollton City
Railroad Company, office No. T2 Caionde.et 'tu > t.
New Cileaus, Pe» e ither 18, 1871.—An election
tor seven Directors of ti company, to serve the
ensuing rear, will be he'd at the office of the
company, on Tl MSDAY, tlo* se< »nd day of January,
ld"2. from 1" A. M. to V. M.. the first Monday in
January, fixed by the charter, being a day of public
re a t.
del9 t*l CHARLES W. SQUIRES, Secretary.
del9 t*l CHARLES W. SQUIRES, Secretary.
Ilihernia Bank—New Orleans. December 14.
1571.—Tiie annual eU « tioa for Ve din etors. to
serve during tbe ensuing year. w"i be held at'.bis
bank, on MONDAY, Jauuaiv 15, It>72, between ti.e
oursot lo A. '1. . i -1 2 P. M
de 15 1 :.i JAMES J. 7ARLET0N, Cashier.
The "Terrebonne 'Patriot.Published
lit Houma, Louisiana, is one of -be best adv. r> 3 -
:;g mediums in Southern Lo iia'ns. i. Jel3 ly
New Orleans .Merchant* *!:i>u!<! Adver
se i\: *1 e ThKKhfioNNE PATRIOT, Houma. Loui
iiaua; it will pay. del3 ly
The Louisiana National Bank, New Or.
De- -"inher 3, 1471.—T: e annual el etiou foi
hr« elors To serve tiie ensuing y« ar will beheld a:
lit* banking house u:i TUESDAY, January 9, l ;72
>er w< eu tbe hours of 1" A. M. ;md 2 P. M.
delO td A. LUR'A. Cashier.
Olli.-e New Orleans Credit Foncier As.
sm lation. New Orleans. November 29, 1871.—At a
regular no ' ! eg of this assotuttion. held at tills
dale, the following gentlemen were elected officers:
President, J. A. Fernandez; Secretary, Allorii Sau
let. deii liu
ttnr.-heior's Hair Dye.—Tb s supero h-..i
dy. is the best in the world—perfectly harmless,
reliable and instantaneous; no disappointment; no
ridiculous tints or disagreeable odor. The genuine
William A. Batchelor's hair dye produces immedi
ately a splendid black or natutal brown; leaves
the'hair clean, soft, beautiful; does not con
tain a particle of lead or any injurious compound.
Sold by all druggists. Factory, So. 16 Bond street,
are requested to call at the office of the Board
of School Directors, No. 99 Burgundy street, on
THURSDAY and FRIDAY. January 4 and 5, between
the bouts of 9 A. M and 3 P. M., to sign the con
tracts required by law. Teachers will bring with
them their certificates of qualification.
By order of the Roard.
New Orleans, December 28,1871. de20 3t
Executive Department, ?
Orleans, Deeen&bvr 4, 1871. j
me tor the cancellation of the official bond of
E. B. Wentz, as Sheriff in aud for the parish of St.
James, to wit: A bond dated October 27,18f»8, in the
sum of six thousand dollars, signed by E. B. Wentz
as principal, and J. R. West and Mortimer Carr as
sureties, the said bond being conditioned for the
laithful performance by the said £. B. Wentz of bis
duties as Sheriff aforesaid.
Notice is hereby given to all persons 'nterested
the said bond to Hie their oh; ter, o~s T o the can*
cellation thereof in writing, >l the office of the
Secretary of State, within ninety days after the
last publication hereof.
Given under my hand and the sea! of the State, this
fourth day of December, A. D. 1871, and ot the inde
pendence of the United States the ninety-sixth.
By the Governor: H. C. WARMOTH.
J. W. Fairfax,
Assistant Secretary of State. de!4 30t
State of Lofisiana,}
Executive Department, ✓
New Orleans, December 13, 1871.)
vv me for th* cancellation of the official bond
of S. D. Moody m Controller of Jefferson City, to
wit: A bond dated December 23, 1369. in tbe sum oi
live thousand dollars, signed by S. D. Moody as
principal and W. Van Norden and Edward Thomp
son as sureties: the said bond being conditioned for
tiie faithful performance by the sa.d S. D. Moody
of bis duties as Controller aforesaid.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested in
the said bond to file their objections to the
cancellation thereof, in writing, in the office of the
Secretary of State.within ninety days after the last
publication hereof.
Given under my hand and the seal cf the State
this thirteenth day of December A. D. 1871, and
«»f the .ndependence of the United States the
By the Governor:
J. W. Faikfax, Assistant Secretary of State.
d« 15 ;j(»t
of Louisiana, )
epartroei t. J
in her 9, 1871.)
Statk of Louisiana,
Executive L<.
New Orleans, Decern
to me tor the cancellation of the official
bond of E. Verrett as Sheriff in and for the parish
of Iberville, to wit: A bond dated June, 18C8, in
the sum of six thousand dollars, signed by E. Ver
rett as principal, aud Antoine Dubuclet and John
Billinas as sureties, the said bond being condi
tioned for the faithful performance by the said
E. Verrett of his duties as Sheriff aforesaid—
Notice is hereby g>ven to all persons interested
in the said bond to file their objections to the
cancellat.on thereof in writing in the office of the
Secretary of State, within ninety days after the
last publication hereof.
Given under inv hand r.nd the seal of tiie state
this ninth day of December. A. P.. 1871. and of
the inde}*nceLce of the United States the ninety
By the Governor:
J. W Fairfax, Assistant Secretary of State.
de 9 5(*t
Department of Police, )
New Orleans. December 31. 1H71. 5
tv Pound, corner of Orleans and Claiborne
One Yellow COW. horseshoe brand on right hip,
rigiit ear clipped.
Which, if not claimed within five days, and the
expenses thereon paid, will be sold at public auc
tion at said pound on FRIDAY. January 5, 1871.
No. D»9—deJI 5t Administrator.
Department ok Policb, i
New Orleans, December 30. 1871. \
Pound, corner of Morales and Union
^ (1) Brown MI LE, fourteen bands high,
ich. f not claimed within five days, aud the
ises thereon paid, w id be sold at'public &uc
at said pound, on THURSDAY. January 4,
tq.r2.iis. i't'<-euji»ei *o. 10.1.
t f Pound, ooriiur of Morales and Unio
StleetS— 9
One Black COW. spotted white on tail and storn
V»re White and Black Soot red COW.
Which, it not claimed within five days, and the
| expenses *l«reon paid, wr! be sold' at public
j alter on at said pound, on TUESDAY, the second
lay oi January, lb72.
i sucet^ion of Penelope Boatlck—No*
ot Orleans.—Notice is Lereb.v given to the cred
j itor* of i: Hwuate. and to all other pevsous herein
; inteiested. tosbou cause within ten da\s from tbe
j present not.iicatiou, if any they have or can. why
i the account presented by J. E. Bostick as surviving
| 1 is? and <i«immun.ty and ad tutor of bis minor
I children ill this estate, should not be
i homologated and approved, and the funds <fcs
I tribute*! in accordane** therewith.
Bv order ot the Court.
j de:;i.ia4 9 M. O. TRACT, Clerk.
Succession of Willififii J. C«oo<litmn—No.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the
creditor* ot this estate and to ail other persons
herein interested to show cause within teu days
from the present notification, if any they have or
can, why the account presented by the adminis
tratrix of this estate should not be homologated
and approved, and the funds distributed ;u ac
coidance therewith.
Bv older ot U*t Court.
deal ja4 9 M. O. TRACY. Clerk.
Notice to f'reditors.
i Gallegau will present their claims to the r.uder
bigned adminiotrator o! said succession.
P. B. FoUKE.
Public Administrator, No. 13 St. Charles street.
de>8 ;a::7
Succession of Captain James A. \\ illiams,
No. 35.m
O of Oiteaus.—Whereas, Philip B. Fouke (Pub
lic Administrator) has petitioned the court for
letters ot admiiiistration on the estate of tbe late
Captain Janies A. Williams, deceased, intestate:
Notice is lierebv given to all whom it may concern
to show cause within ten <ia,is why the prayer
of the said petitioner should not be granted.
Bv order of the court.
cie27 Tl ja : M. O. TRACY. Clerk.
Comtrof E.ato and Sew Levee streets,
W. J. J. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Manufacturer of vertical and Horizontal Steam
Engines. Sug-.r Md's, Draining Machines. 8*w
Mi is. Cotton Screws and Gear ng, iron Columns
ami Fronts of BvJ'd'ngs. Furnace Mouths Grata
Sera, Bone BUck, Kevivdiers, Gas Retnr-s. Radroad
Krone, etc.; Low Pressure, Locomotive Flue ard
Cylinder hol ers oi ail kins. Edicts, .nice Bozos
and Clarfiers. etc.
No. !S5 Gravler street. New Orleans.
Manufacturers' Agents for
Of ad kinds.
Best.,n Machine Company's Kr,g:ner, Portabi#
and Starim ary Eoileis; the Baxter Portable En
gives; Schaffer X Dudenberg Steam Ganges; Coffin'l
s'e.iT-.i, 'A niti and Gas Valves, Hydrants r,nd Watej
Metita; sr.irtevant's Pressure and Fan Blowers
Exhaust and L'rver Fans; Berrvinau's Automatic
B-'dler Feed Regulator and Low Water A Arm;
Drake's, Evan's and Low's Automatic and Band
i'-.i'i .-L ogie Machines; (.lark's Linen flose, sost
Pipes, Couplings, etc.; New York Tap ami Die Com
pany s Screw ratten, Taps, Ices, Beamers, t * -v
United States S;andarii Not Company's Fiu.'i -d
and Untir.i-bed Nuts and Bo'*s: J. W. Mixter h
Co.'s Saw G'lmiuers Upsetsard Mid Picks; -fcl ien't
Steam ..king; Plymouth ii-iis iUvtta; the Eagle
Piai.tat'ou, Draining, Cotton, Iron, Word-work
| :ng .o-i kieda iff Uu.-l hieTy. Behing. Shaft rg
and rulic .'s, on bind, or will i - turtnaned si at art
notice, at Manuiacturera' Prices.
ia2» .«» Su
Pca'er am! Jobber of GUNS and PISTOLS breach
No. 55 S-t. Charles Street,
Arms made to tinier and repaired bv exoerierred
and thorough workmen. Models neatly made Horn
drawings with secrecy and dispatch.
Mr. Gerteis expectBin a few days a 1 ,11 ge assrrt
raent of newly invented Arms. He lias now on
hand every article necessary lei a sportsn on. aal
also a great variety of loaded and unleaded
Carpet., Mattings and Off Cloths cleaned and
laid. Furniture cover* made to order. All order®
will receive prompt attention, and satisfaction
guaranteed. _ _
No. MO Jolla street, between Baronne and Dry
ades. Ne w Orleans. no 8 ly
l .......COAL...............COAU.
15............f'ar.ndclet Street..... ......IS
Will deliver the best PITTSBURG, ANTHRACITE
and CANNEL COAL to steamers, foundries and
families at the LOWEST MARKET RATES,
de 6 2m
Office and residence,
153...............Jnlia Street...... .....15*4
All operations in Operative, Meehanieal and Sur
gical Dentistry carefully performed, nitrous oxide
and other amesthetics administered. oc28 ly
(John B. Robertson, D. De Haven)
55..............Grarier Street..............55
noIO 3m Over E. Conery St Sons. _
Keeps constantly on hand a choice supply of
Beef, Perk, Mutton, Game and Sausages
Families, steamboats, boarding-houses, etc., fur
nished on reasonable terms, and all purenaae.
115 Pejrdrns, next deer te Cam afreet.
Dealers in Plumbiug and Gas Fitting Materials.
Douse, ship and steamboat work promptly at
tended to. Eox No. 226 Mechanics and •ealers'
Exchange. au22 ly
(Successor to John R. Schiller,)
Nos. 14 and 16 Royal street, 11 and 13 Exchange
Place, New Orleans, Louisiana,
Devote themselves specially to the importation and
selection of pure
Brandy, Wine., Liquor., Ale and Parter.
_ Their stock consists of
From the best known distillers, and held by na to
mature. Champagne and Burgundy Wine., St.
Croix and Jamaica Rum, Scotch and Irish
Whisky, from the best makers: Red White and
Chemisse Port Wine, tine pale and ordinary
Sherry, different brands; Holland, Bell and "Old
Tom" (Sir R. Burnett's) Gin, Vermouth (Notlley
Pratt and Toxeno), Absynthe. Anniaette, Cura
joa, French aud German Cordials, Ale, Porter
and Bremen Lager Ever, Auagostura, Boker's;
Hostetter s. Pyrenees and other Bitters.
We particu lari v invite at t ention to our veryjmlect
which we sell by the cask, case or dozen, to cult
purchasers. Liberal inducements ottered to city
dealers, and the most careful attention given to or
ders from the countrv.
oc3 3m Nos. 14 and 16 Roval street.
The undersigned has made ample arrangements
with counsel in the City of Washington for tha
prosecution of claims against tiie United Staten
under the iate act of Congiesa.
Address Washington. District Columbia, No.
1423 I street, corner of Fifteenth.
Peter, street, between Thalia and Hunter,
nnd Hunter street,
Between Tchoupltoula. and Peters,
Our machinery and gin stands are now, with all
the latest improvements, with a rapacity of turn
ing out forty naies per day. No delays. A supply
of hags always ou hand.
We gin for tlTe seed and guarantee satisfaction.
Highest market price'a'ways paid for seed cotton,
8. B. Newman k Co.,
Naile k Cammack,
A. Miltenberger k C'o.,
J. P. Higgins k Co.,
Warren Crawford k Co.
Penn, Pace k Simmons,
Witherspoon, MossCo
Nelson, Lanphier k Co.,
Johnson k Goodrich,
Sam Stafford St Co..
Orders left at the ginnery, or at our office, No. 14
Union strett, will meet with prompt attention.
sel7 6m
A H. Pea'c k Co
Hugh Allison k Co.,
Jir.rrett k LeSassier,
Gairaid, Craig k Co.,
, John Chaffee k Brother,
F. E. Ernest k Co..
. S. H. Aby k Co.,
J. Burnet k Co.,
Oscar Chopin,
Reiishaw, Cammack k Co.,
Dr. Sam ihoppin.
J S. S1MONDS ft CO.,
Nos. 19 Carnil, 9 Crossmau and 4 Front
Nails and Castings, Hoop, Sheet and Bar Iron,
Manila and Tarred Cordage, Sail Dock, Plows,
Shovels and Spades, Sheet Copper and Zinc,
Anchors and Chains, Axes and Hoes, Lead Pipe
and Sheet Lead, Pa nts and Oils, Blocks and Oars.
Hose, Packing, and all supplies necessary for
Railroads. Steamships. Plantations, etc.
Agents for the new patent
"Self-Lubrlcntlng Packing.—
_ sepS' ly
Agent for the sa'e of
And various Foreign Delicacies,
Comer Canal and Carondclet streets, New Orleans.
Raw Bone. -Gipcrphowphntr, Pine Ground
no4 3m eod No. 35 Carondelet street.
no4 3m eod No. 35 Carondelet street.
The New Orleans Hydrocarbon Gm>
light Company.
This company has just completed a series ol
ecieutiiic experiments in the production of Hydro
carbon Gas by "Sloper's patents," aud can strong'y
recommend these machines as the simplest,
cheapest and most substantial gas machines ever
offered to the public, producing a gas five times
the illuminating power of city gas, and at a much
'.ess cost. For chutchts, halls, sugar-houses and
country towns this machine can not be surpassed.
Ordeis for machines left at the company's office,
No. 3 Oarondflet. street, New Orleans, or with
Messrs. Jockush k Co., bankers, Galveston, Texas,
will meet with prompt attention.
J. M. WAGNER, President.
JOHN COMMUNY Superintendent.
Hwpy Stxrn. Secretary and Treasurer.
No. 12 Union Strett, Up Slain,
Have now ready f«r delivery their superior FER
TILIZING COMPOUND, n quantities to 6Uit pur
chasers. Certificates from well-known citizens
characterize it as superior to Peruvian Guar.p.
while it is cool at kss than half the price, and
has no dieagrteabie odor. Send for Circular.
Price of our Pelican No. 1................4>N' per ten
Price of our Pelican No. 2................*45 per ton
Terms—Cash, or approved citv acceptance, pt-J
able December 1. 18'i.
Als-., EARTH CLOSETS and COMMODES for sa.c.
Samples to be seen and orders taicu at the office,
This Is a hard, romp.v paper, like an
ordinary book cover, and is saturated with
tar and used in the outside of friiue bu'14
iugs uuder the clapboards, also under sh'.n
I tries aud floors, to keep out damp and cold,
lit is alw used on l e inside, not saturatod.
1 instead of Plastering, and makes a warm
I and cheap wall, it costs only from $8 to $3*
| (according to size) to cover houses on tbs
outside. Samples and descriptive clrcuAr."
sen' free.
sailoss, Rock River Paper Company, Chicago,
Or. B. V. PALMER fcO.,
* *5. *7 Camp aireet. New Orleans,
ox ■« Cm • - Age: .is for the Southern St&tt t»

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