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•Hew COtlcate UtepnMicau.
Percy Roselle at the Academy.
The Dundee Courier and Ary us says of
this youthful actor, who will make his debut
at the Academy of jMusic next Moml'ty
Last night the Theatre Royal was opened
for a short season under the management
•if Mr. ltobb. The principal attraction-wan
the apjiearauce of Master l'crcy Roselle,
who was supported by a very good company.
No ehange can be observed on young Ros
cius since his last visit to this place, about
two years ago; but his extraordinary pow
ers have been mat ured and his experience
considerably increased, though even there
very little xvas left to be desired. His ver
satility was well brought out in the pieces
selected for last night. The manner in
which he played the part of Richard the
Third was most wonderful. The reading of
the text was careful and iudicious, and
given with an intelligence and force which,
astonishing in one so young, would have
been well worthy of praise'iu one of riper
vears. The farce ol the "Four Mow'orays"
was the other piece selected for the young
aspirant, and if he appeared to advantage
in the tragedy, he was still more fortunate
in his representation of the different char
acters ol the young Mow brays. Every mo
tion was free and unconstrained, and
whether in the portrayal of the sentimental
and highly ingenious boy—of which we sup
pose Master Roselle is a rare specimen—-of
the military youth,.the glutton or the lop,
lie was at once effective and graceful, lie
was frequently applauded, and received a
hearty call before the curtain at tile con
clusion of both pieces.
The Mew Cincinnati Bridge—The Structure
Cincinnati, Match 19.—A test was made
of the Newport and Cincinnati railroad
■bridge over the Ohio river, between eleven
and twelve o'clock to day. The locomotives
Hen Franklin, J. Hicks, Hercules, Miami
and Penn went over lashed together in t.ie
order named. Tlio three middle engines
were arranged tender foremost, and the
lirst and last engines'went over locomotive
lirst. About twenty-five persons were on
them. Engineer Wilsou was on tlie 1 o re
in osl engine, and none hut local officers and
workmen accompanied this train. The
total weight was about one hundred and
twenty tons- The crossing was made
slowly. A step of several minutes' duration
was made in the middle of the long span,
to make the test thorough. The locomo
tives went into Newport and remained
there several minutes, and then returned
lashed together, again stopping on the four
hundred-feet span, where the locomotives
oi^ the Ohio side were detached, and re
turned one at a time into the city. The
bridge showed no slackness under this trial.
The test is not considered a severe one, ex
cept as a first trial before adjustments ot
Viraces and bolts are perfect. The Penn
sylvania Central railroad officials are ex- j
peeled to erossin a special car to-morro'.v. j
Anecdote ef Colonel Colt.
The following story is told of Colonel 1
.Samuel Colt, wli» iu his lifetime was some
times inclined to be atrifle pompous. When
lie was building dwelling houses for the
workmen employed in his great pistol lac
tory, lie oue day* encountered a boy picking
up chips on bis grounds.
"What are you doing here I" he asked
"Picking 'up chips, sir." replied the
youngster, evidently unawed by the great
presence. '
"Perhaps,''exclaimed the Colonel, draw
ing himself up with dignity, "you don't
know who I am. I'm Colonel Samuel Colt,
anil I live iu that big house up vender."
The boy straightened up. swelled out. and
"Perhaps you don't know who I aru,. I'm
Patrick Murphy, and I live in that little
shanty down yonder," pointing in the di
rection. i
"Sonny," said the Colonel blandly, pat- l
ting the boy on the head, "go and pick up j
till the chips you want, and when you get
out, come back for more."
In the United States Senate, on thfe four- j
couth instant, Mr. Davis, of West 5 irginia, j
Tne Committee on Claims, to whom was j
referred the bill (House resolution No. 15501 ]
or the relief of the estate of Dr. John V. '
flanks, has directed me to report it back i
.vithout amendment, with a leeommenda
ion that the hill pass. The facts are brief.y
hesc: Dr. Hanks had iu the Bank of Loui—
ana $1729, which was covered in the treas
iry by tbe order of General Banks and
troperly accounted for. 1 ask, the imme
liate consideration ot the bill. It litis passed
he House, and is unanimously reported by
,he Committee on Claims.
There being no objection, the Senate, as
a cotnmittee ot the whole, proceeded to
'(insider the bill. It directs the Secretary
if the Treasury to pay to James M. Hanks,
.dmillistrator oi the estate ot Dr. John F.
ianks, the sum of $1729, being so much
uoney belonging to Dr. John F. Hanks.
,ud whiiji was, in the mouth qf August.
SHU, on deposit iu tlie Louisiana State
tank, of New Orleans, Louisiana, and re
vived from the bank by Colonel S. B.
lolalrinl, by order id - Tajor General Banks,
'olonel Holabird then being chief quarter
uaster,'and afterward covered into the
reasury of the United States.
The bill was reported to the Senate with
>ut amendment, ordered to a third reading,
■fail a third time, and passed.
If the expense of drinking spiritnoi
liquors ever had power to deter a toper y
from possible enjoyment, ot the cup, or it
the bibulous man thought or cured much
for the future when his passion was on'ium.
there might be some hope of lessening
drunkenness l»y imposing heavy lines on
Ihose who drink. But alas! the recent
action of Liverpool magistrates, whereby
they thought to stay the fiery tide by
fining the swimmers heavily, lies proved a
failure. They gave due warning to ail whom
it might concern not only that they should
be mulcted in extraordinary sums, but that
their names and addresses should he pub
lished in local newspapers. The dreadful
day came, ami on it Rill persons were con
victed, and fined in the aggregate amount
of $45(>; iriterward on one day Unpersons
were fine. and then 1-18. The terrible
threat ol exposure and loss of money had
not the slightest effect; anil tire Pali Mud
Gazette hopes that the magistrates w ill not
persist in their experiment if they are not
quite convinced that it. is a success, which,
apparently, it. decidedly is not. Here in
New York tiie tine is $10. and the alterna
tive ten days on the island, yet "Bummers'
Hall" at the Tombs is crowded every Sun
day morning. Leviathan is not so tamed.—
Napoleon'* Real Eslnlc in America.
;New York CorresiHiuileucc ltoston Post.]
St ine tears ago the well known Franco
American dentist, Dr. Evans, purchased for
the Emperor Napoleon the property situ
ated on the northwest corner oi Dey street
and Broadway, fronting between iilty ano
sixty feet on Broadway'and running back
on Dey street to a depth of 1 AO feet, for
$480,000. The Western Union Telegraph
Company have re<•< ntly bought this prop
oT Dr. Evans, .o-ting iu behalf of the
erty <
Emperor, for $840,000, a profit to the de
posed monarch of $900,000 It is the in
tention of tiie Western Union Telegraph
Company to commence tearing down the
building.at present thereon the first of
Mav, and to erect a magnificent structure
for the telegraphic centre ot this city ami
continent. Napoleon, however, is not the
onlv deposed monarch who owns property
in this vicinity. Ex gueon Isabella, ot
Spain, also has a good many dollars in
vested in New York property, and is
known to own a block ot houses in Clawson
avenue, Brooklyn.
letter directed to "The Belle oi Albany,
» ig claimed by every young lady in
town, and the postmaster can see no
r wav out of the difficulty but to re
a Harris, the American puna
been remarkably success! ul in
,tal tour. At Madrid bouquets
i to her containing doubloons.
JVo. 13.
To authorize the police jury of the parish of
Red River to issue bonds for certain pur
Section I. Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
Louisiana in General Assembly convened,
That for the purpose of building a court
house and jail, and paying the indebtedness
of tlie parish, the police jury of the parish
of Red River are hereby authorized to issue
the bonds of said parish, duly signed by the
president and treasurer of said police jury,
and bearing the impression of the parish
Sec. 2. Be it further enaeted. etc.. That
the bonds so issued shall nut exceed in
amount the sum of twenty thousand dollars,
or so much thereof as may be necessary,
and shall be of such denomination and form
as the police jury may prescribe. They
shall be made payable to bearer, one, two,
three, four five.•six, seven, eight, sine and
ten years after date, respectively, with cou
pons attached, ami shall bear interest at
the rate ot eight per cent, payable semi-an
nually upon the presentation to the parish
treasurer. They may be sold under the di
rection and control of the police jury, on
the most advantgeous terms.
Sec. .5. Be it further enacted, etc.. Ilia,
in order to nrovide a fund for the payment
ot the semi-annual interest and bonds as
tliev become due. the polioe jury ot said par
isliis hereby <iutlioriz<*<l «m<l rpfjuircu, with
in thirty days^ifter the assessment roll of
said parish shall have been completed, or as
soon thereafter as possible, to determine
what rate of taxation on the total assessed
value ot all the movable and immovable
property iu said parish will be sufficient
for the purpose of paying the said bonds as
they become due. and the said semi-annual
interest and said tax. as annnally deter
mined and ascertained', is hereby levied
upon all movable and immovable property
that may be annnally assessed in said par
ish. anil it shall be the duty of the said po
lice jury to enforce the collection of said tax
in tiie same manner as the law provides or
mav hereafter provide, for tiie collection of
all other parish taxes. Said tax, when col
lected. shall be applied exclusively to the
purposes mentioned in this act. and said
tax shall be payable in United States cur
rency. •
Sec. 1. Be it further enaeted. etc., That
until the tinu! payment of the bonds author
ized to be issued by this act. :t shall be the
duty of the police jury of said parish to
applv the proceeds of the tax, collected by
authority of this act, to the redemption of
said bonds, ip such manner as may he
deemed by them most advantageous to the
best interests of the parish.
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, etc., That
all expenses necessary to carry into effect
the provisions of this act shall be be paid by
the parish: and this act shall take effect
front and after its passage.
(Signed; G. H. BREWSTER,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. 15. S. PINCHBACK.
Lieutenant Governor ami President of the
Approved March 4. !STj.
(Signed) H. (J. WARMOTH.
Governor of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron.
Secretary of Mato.
:vo. ir.
To amend and re-enact sections oue, seven,
forty-nine, fifty-six, sixty-one. sixty-six.
seventy-rive and seventy-seven of an act
entitled "An act to provide revenue: to
levy and collect taxe.-: to prescribe cer
tain penalties and forfeitures: to provide
for the creation and re mitral of revenue
officers, and to define their duties: to
punish certain crimes and misdemeanors:
to create liens ami mortgages in favor of
the State in certain cases: tn-rcgulate tiie
manner of the' payment of moneys from
the treasury: to prescribe certain duties
of justices of the peace. State and parish
officers; to provide for the collection of
hack taxes or licenses." approved March
three, eighteen hundred anil seventy-oue.
and ielaiive to fees of the Auditor of
Public Accounts, and repeal all acts
inconsistent therewith.
Section 1. Be it emitted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
of Louisiana iu General Assembly eou
den< d. That section on>- of the act recited
in the above mentioned title, anil approved
March three, eighteen hundred aud sev
enty-one. lie so amended and re-enacted as
to read as follows:
That an annual ad Valorem tax of four
mills on each dollar of the valuation for each
year of all the real and personal property in
this State •abject To taxation shall be as
sessed. levied ami collected iu current mo
neys: provided, that two mills or said tax
maybe paid in State warrants: provided
further, that aii warrant- known as - free
school warrants" shall be receivable for
general tax and licenses for the purposes of
supporting the government of the State, of
paying tiie -public debt and of promoting
the public interests : said tax to be levied
upon the following described property :
First—All lands and iots of ground lying
within this State owned or claimed by any
jiyrsou or corporation, whether patented or
not,'including iu the assessment thereof all
houses, machinery, fixtures and improve
ments of any kind thereon or appertaining
Second — All horse*, mate*, geldings,
mules, jacks, jennies, .ill neat cattle, all
sheep, hogs and goats
Third—All carriage'- ,u- v -hic>s, whether
with two or four wheels, kept fir pleasure,
use, or hire.
Fourth—.Shares of stock or interest in 1
steamboats, ships, brig*, schooners and ail
.ther v.ater crafts, whether at home or
Fil th—Ail moneys loaned or in possession.
Mixth—Ail capital invested or employed
each year in trade, traffic, merchandise, or
a it kind of compromlfe.
.Seventh—The property, of whatever kiftd,
ol ail corporations over and above their
capital stock, and all money and funds held
by any such corporation in trust <>r deposit
for persons or-corporations of this State,
and used in Trade or commerce for the bene
fit of such persons or corporations.
Eighth—The capital stock of all banks in
corporations doing business :u this State,
not expressly exempted from taxation by
their charters granted by this State.
Ninth—Household goods, silver plate and
jewelry, to an amount in excess of five hun
dred dollars in each household.
That section seven of the act recited iu
Tlie above mentioned title, and approved
March third, eight,cen hundred and seventy
one. be so amended and re-enacted as to
read as follows:
That no city or other municipal corpora
tion shall levy a tax for any purpose which
shall exceed* two and three-quarters per
centum on the assessed cash value of all
the property therein listed for taxation, ex
cept the city of New Orleans, which may
levy a tax of two and three-quarters per
centum; nor shall tile police juryot any
parish levy a tax for any parish purposes,
e.tcept to pay indebtedness incurred prior
to the passage of this act, during any year,
which * shall exceed one hundred per
centum of the State tax for that year, un
less such excess, whether levied by village,
city or parochial authorities, shall first be
sanctioned by a vote ot a majority of the
said voters of said village, city or parish, at
an election held for that purpose. No pet
capita tax, except the poil tax authorized
by the constitution, slut.i be assessed or
collected in this State.
That section forty-nine ef the act recited
in the above mentioned, title, and approved
March third, eighteen hundred and s venty
one, be so amended ami re-enacted as to
read as follows:
That the, tax collectors, outside of tin
city of New Orleans, shall receive an
nually, as compensation lor making the
assessment of taxable property, five per
centum on the amount o* taxes assessed or
levied on such property. The Board of As
st ssors for the city of New Orleans shall re
ceive annually, as compensation lor making
an assessment of taxable property, two per
centum on the amount of Taxes assessed or
levied on suc-li property. The poll tax shall
be no longer a subject ot assessment,
the compensation so fixed to be paid
in the manner provided by law, after
a copy of the roll, to be lodged
with the Auditor of Public Accounts shall
have been received by him; provided.
that no tax eolleetor outside of the city of
New Orleans shall receive less than three
hundred dollars nor more than two thou
sand dollars for performing the duties
herein imposed on him by this section.
Each assessor for the city of New Orleans
shall be allowed a payment in advance
upon his earnings, as such, in the sum of
two thousand dollars, and such advance
shall be payable to such assessors, respec
tively, in two equal installments, one
thereof on the first day of April, and the
other thereof on the first day ot July ®{
each year; and the advances so made shall
be deducted from the compensation to
which said assessors will be entitled on
their final settlement with the Auditor ol
Public Accounts.
That section fifty-six of tiie act recited in
the above mentioned title, and approved
March third, eighteen hundred and *ev
enty-onc, be so amended and re enacted as
to read as follows:
"That in all cases of neglect or refusal to
pay their licenses, of any description, by
anV person, fir mi company or corporation
doing business in this State, the tax col
lectors shall give ten days' written or
printed notice to such delinquent taxpayer
to pay such license: anil if, at the expira
tion of said notice, the licenses, together
with all costs, be not fully settled, the tax
eolleetor may. without any legal formality,
proceed to seize and sell, after ten days'
advertisement, tiie property, rights and
credits of such delinquent taxpayer, or so
much thereof as may lie necessary to sat
isfy the claims of the State, as aforesaid,
together with all legal costs and charges.
That section sixty one of the act recited in
the abovementioned title, and approved
March third.eighteen hundred ami seventy
one, be amended by adding the following
words, viz:
That the pix collectors shall he^ author
ized and required to collect all back taxes
not overdue more than two years, for
which they shall received a commission of
ten per cent on all collections."
That section sixty-six of the act recited
in the above mentioned title, and approved
March third, eighteen hundred and seventy
one, he so amended and re-enacted as to read
as follows:
That on the second Monday of Decem
ber in each year it shall be tiie duty of
every tax collector in every parish of the
State to render to the parish recorder there
of, and in the city of New Orleans to the re
corder of mortgages, a Ii$ r , iu alphabetical
order, of the names of the owners of all
lands or lots within his parish or district,
on which all taxes and penalties due by
such owner have not been paid or fully re
alized by a sale of the property assessed;
and he shall distinctly set forth that, after
diligent inquiry, he could not find other
property liable»to seizure and sale sufficient
to pay the taxes due, which list shall con
tain a description of the lands and lots, as
set forth in his assessment rolls. The fol
lowing oath shall be attached to such list:
I, -, tax collector of
parish, or district, do solemnly swear
the taxes on the lands, or lots, in the above
list liave not been paid by the owners
thereof for the year-; that I have re
ceived no other* part ot the same than as
therein set forth, anil that after diligent in
quiry I have found no* other property
lioKlt* coi'tiito utuI c 11 1 fur tliM n:iiii('. So
liable to seizure and sale for the same,
help me God.
A-B——. Tax Collector,
Parish of -
All fees, now allowed by law to the Audi
tor of Public Accounts for services, as such,
or otherwise, shall lie paid into the State
treasure, anil be placed to the credit of the
interest tax fund.
That section seventy-five of the act re
cited in the above mentioned title, anil ap
proved March third, eighteen hundred and
seventy-one, and be so amended aud re-eu
acti d to read as follows :
That the following compensation is here
by allowed to tax collector.? for collecting
the taxes levied on the assessment rolls, to
be computed on the sums actually collected
and paid into the.State treasury, to wit:
Iu all parishes except the city of New Or
leans. collectors shall receive ten per cent
commission on all taxes and licenses col
lected by them and paid into the State
treasury: in the city of New Orleans tax
collectors shall receive, on all taxes collect
ed by theft) and paid into the State treas
ury. in the First District two and a half per
cent: in the Second District three per cent;
in the Third and Fourth Districts tax col
lectors shall receive, on all taxes collected
by them and paid into the treasury, a com
mission of eight per cent; iu tiie Fifth Dis
trict tiie tax willector shall receive, on all
taxes collected by him and paid into tin
treasury, a commission of. ten per cent; iu
the Sixth District the tax collector shall re
ceive. on all taxes collected by him and
paid into the treasury, a i oiumission of ten
per cent. In addition to the aloresaid com
pensation. each tax collector shall he en
titled to collect and receive from each tax
payer. after the publication of the notice
required hr law, twenty-five cents for each
notice and two doilgrs for each seizure
made and suit brought."
That section seventy-seven of the act rc
citeil in the abo^e mentioned title, and ap
proved March third, eighteen iiuudi. d and
seventy-one. be eo amended and re-enacted
as to read as follows :
That within the first five days ot eveiy
mouth it shall he tiie duty ot'the tax col
lectors in and for the city of New Orleans
to have their respective accounts settled for
ail raxes collected or moneys received on
account ot the State during the pre
ceding month', and to pay the same
over to the State treasury, and for that
purpose the said tax collectors shall make
aud transmit to the Auditor of Public Ac
counts a statement whetiiei they have or
Lave not collected any taxes or licenses
within the preceding month, and with an
oath taken and subscribed appended there -
to that the same contains a iuitliful account
of all taxes collected and the amount re
ceived. it any, from' licenses to persons
pursuing trades, professions or taxed
occupations, and it shall he the duty
of the several tax „ collectors of the
other parishes of this State' to have
their accounts settled, and to make
payment and statement a* hereinbefore pre
scribed. within The first ten days of April,
July aud October, respectively, tor all
taxes collected and moneys received for
licenses for the preceding quarter,
and sfleli payments and statements
for the last quarter shall be made
at the time prescijii ed in the final set
tlement of the year: provided. that all tax
collectors shall be and are hereby author
ized. in making each settlement with the
Auditor of Public Accounts, to deduct from
such settlement the amount of commissions
to which they are entitled by law for col
lecting licenses aud tax*-s. The amount of
parish taxes collected shall be paid and ac
counted for quarterly iu like manner to the
parish treasurer.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc., That
all iaws or parts of iaws in confiict with the
provisions of this act be aud the same are
hereby repealed, aud that this aet take
effect and be in force from and after its
(Signed) O. H. BREWSTER.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. B. S. PINCHBACK,
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Anproved March ti, 187 -g.
(Signed) H C. WARMOTH,
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron,
Secretsrv of State.
Alo. 19.
To incorporate the Pacific Fire Company
No. 1. of the town of Alexandria, in the
parish of Rapides, State of Louisiana.
Section 1. Be it enaeted by the Senate
and House ot Representatives of the State
of Louisiana in General Assembly con
vened. That James W. Osborn. John M.
Bassett. W. S. Ridge, 15. H. De-Sola. W. T.
Rodgers, John T. Ferguson aud T. T. Peter
man. etc., citizens of the city of Alexan
dria. are hereby cieatcd an independent
tire company, by the name of the Pacific
Fire Company. It .-dial! be the duty of said
company to keep tin-ir ejigine, li'ose, etc., in
good order and repair, and on the alarm of
lire to go to it wi:n dispatch, aud to assist
in extinguishing the tire. The said com
pany shall not be let-* in number than
seventy officers and members.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc., That a
majority of said company, as soon as thirty
names have been subscribed, shall have
power and authority to form and establish
such by-laws and rules, not inconsistent
with the laws of the State, for its govern
ment as such majority may think proper;
and that such fines and penalties as they
may prescribe for the government of its
officers and members may and shall be col
lected and enforced before any justice ot
the peace within the town and city of Alex
andria, or in any court of competent juris
'diction. r
Sec. 3. Be it, further enacted, etc.. That
said Pacific Fire Company and their suc
cessors be capable of suing aud being sued
i, and they
in any of the courts in this State,
and their successors, by their corporate
name, shall be capable of purchasing and
conveying any estate, real or personal, lor
the use ot' the company.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, etc., That it
shall be the duty of the foreman of said
company to furnish to the sheriff ot the par
ish of Rapides and to the officers command
ing the militia, if there is such, a list of the
names of the members of the company.
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, etc., That
tbe officers of said company shall consist of
a foreman, a first assistant, a second assist
ant, a financial secretary, a treasurer, and
such other officers as it may elect.
Sec. 6 . Be it further enacted, etc.. That
this aet shall take effect from and after its
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. B. S. PINCHBACK.
Lieutenant Governor and President ot tbe
Approved March 6 . 1872.
(Signed) II. C. WARMOTII.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron,
Secretary of State.
JSo. OO.
To incorporate an independent hook anil
ladder fire company of the town of Alex
andria, parish of Rapides. State ol Lou
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and Huii^e of Representatives of the State
of Louisiana in General Assembly con
vened, That A. B. Raebal, E. A. Boissot,
W. W. Whittington, L. Bogan, J. E. Bailey,
P. W. Linskie, J. P. Grogan, R. P. Hunter,
Thomas Crawley, Jacob Ringgold, etc., citi
zens of the town of Alexandria, are hereby
incorporated as an independent hook and
ladder tire company, by the name of Stone
wall Independent Hook and Ladder Eire
Company No. 1. It shall be the duty of
said company to keep their hooks anil lad
ders, etc., in good order and repair, and on
the alarm of tire to go to it with dispatch,
and to assist in extinguishing the fire. The
said company shall not lie less in number
than seventy, officers and members.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
a majority of said company, as seen as
thirty names have been subscribed,
Shall* liape power anil authority to form
and establish such by-la w-s and rules, not
inconsistent with the laws of the State, for
its government, as such majoritymay think
proper; anil that such fines and penalties
as they may prescribe for the government
of its officers and members tuay and shall
be enforced and collected before any justice
of the peace w-ithiu the tow n of Alexandria,
or any court of competent jurisdiction.
Sec. 3. Be it further, enacted, etc., That
said Stonewall Independent Hook aud Lad
der Fire Company Number Uue, and their
successors, be capable of suing anil being
sued in any of tln^uourts of this State, and
they and tlirir successors, by their eprpo
rate name, shall lie capable of purchasing
aud conveying any estate, real or personal,
for the use of tiie company.
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
the officers aud members of said Stonewall
Independent Hook and Ladder Fire Com
pany No. 1 shall, at all times, be exempted
from serving on juries, aud from military
duty: and it shall lie the duty of the tore
man of said company to furnish to tiie
sheriff of the town of Alexandria and par
ish of Rapides, and to tiie officer command
ing the militia, it There is such, a list of tlie
names of the members of the said company.
SEC. 5. 15e it further enacted, etc.. That
the officers of said company shall consist of
a foreman, first assistant, second assistant,
recording secretary.' financial secretary,
treasurer, aud such otbef officers a? it may
Sec. 6 . Be it further enacted, etc.. That
this act shall take effect from and after its
(Signed) O. H. BREWSTER,
Speaker ot the House ot Representatives.
(Signed) P. 15. S. PINCHBACK.
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Approved March (i. 1-872.
(Signed) * H. C. WARM! >TH.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron.
Secretary of State
JVo. 3.
Appropriating to Mrs. Ellen B. Dunn,
widow of the late Lieutenant Governor
Oscar J. Dunn, the balance of the salary
that would have been due him had he
lived to the end of his terns of service.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
of Louisiana in Genera! Assembly con
vened. That there be and is hereby appro
priated out of an* money now or hereafter
in tbe State treasury, not otherwise appro
priated, to Mrs. Ellen B. Dunn, widow of
the late Lieutenant Governor Oscar J.
Dunn, the balance of tiie amount of salary
that would have been due him as Lieuten
ant Governor from the day of. hi* death to
the ead of his term of service, had he sur
vived. and that the same he paid on the
warrant of the said Mrs.-KIlcn B. Dunn on
the Auditor of Public Accounts. This ap
propriation not to interfere w ith the salary
of tiie present Lieutenant Governor.
(Signed) O. H. BREWSTER,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. B. PINCHBACK.
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Approved February 10. 1872.
(Signed) II*. C. WARMOTH.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron.
Secretary of State.
rvo. it*.
To amend an act entitled "An act defining
the distances from the domiciles ol mem
bers of the General Assembly to the
State House, filing the mode of ascertain
ing the 'per diem of members of the Gen
' rial Assembly for the time engaged iu
going to and'returning from tLe State
House, and their mileage to be paid, and
the number of employes of the General
Assembly and their compensation, aud
defining their duties, aud making an ap
• propriation to defray the expenses of the
General Assembly, aud to repeal act No.
52 of 1869."
Section 1, Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
ot Louisiana in General Assembly convened.
That section eleven of said act be amended
anil re-enacted ft) read as follows : That the
Committees on Contingent Expenses of
Doth houses of the General Assembly shall
keep a regular set of books, crediting the.
State with the amount of the per diem and
mileage ot members, per diem of employes,
and the contingent fund set apart for their
respective houses, and debiting the State
with payment made, on any of the above
accounts daily, so as to have the account
'made up at the end of each business day \if
tbe session, and shall also open an account
with each member anil employe, on contin
gent account,charging the amount due them,
aud crediting them with payment made as
they are made. The chairman of the Com
mittee on Contingent Expenses shall,
upon the production of the certificate
required by this act, draw his warrant upon
the Warrant Clerk of each house for the
amount due the member or employe, which
warrant shall be countersig ned by the pre
siding officer of the respectivfcouscs, if he
finds the same correct, ano^lie Warrant
Clerk is hereby directed to warrant on the
fiscal agent lor the amount, to be paid out
of the funds provided therefor. The Presi
dent of the Senate and Speaker of the
House shall, by themselves or their clerks,
at any time, have the right to examine all
books required to bo kept by the \Yarrant
Clerk and Committee on Contingent Ex
penses of either house, and the vouchers in
the possession of said respective committees
and Warrant Clerk, as the case may be,
ami other evidence they may desire, to as
ceitain whether such warrants issued are
coTrect and the amounts legally due. Said
book shall be kept posted up at the end ot
each business day during tbe session, and
be opened to tbe inspection of any member
of each house. The money appropriated
for contingent expense of each house shall
be paid on the warrant ot the chairman o
rite Committee on Contingent Expenses,
approved by the presiding officer ot the rc
spective houses, drawn on the Warrant
Clerk. The warrants shall be drawn r y
the Warrant .Clerk on the fiscal agent, m
favor of the persona to whom the amount
may be due. me
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc., 1 bat
section thirteen of the said act he amend
ed aud re-enacted to read as follows.
That there be and is hereby- appropriate
the sum of two hundred thousand dollars t<
pay the per diem aud mileage of the mem
bers of the General Assembly anil the ^fil
ters and employes and the contingent cx
nenses thereot, for the session commencing
on the first day of January. A. D. eighteen
UL1 UIC Uini vu.j w. ---------i ' .
hundred tlH^cxtra
nunureu mm ••■".I -— --- . -t ,
session of the Senate held on the sixth and
seventh davs of December, A. D. eighteen
hundred aud sqventy-one, payable out ot
any money iu the Stare treasury to the
credit of the general fund; and that if there
be not sufficient funds in the State treasury
to meet this appropriation, that the Auditor
of Public Accounts be and he is hereby di
rected to issue warrants on the State treas
ury in denominations of five thousand dol
lars each, in favor of the Governor of the
State, who is hereby authorized anil em
powed to procure a loan ot the said sum ot
two hundred thousand dollars by executing
a note to be signed by him, as Governor ot
the State, to which may be annexed the
warrants above authorized^ to be issued to
him, as collateral security lor the payment
of such loan; said warrants to be registered
iu the office of the State Treasurer, and paid
out of any money now in the State
UUV wuj UIVMV j -- - —
- - * ' ' tm " -------
LicaoulY IV vuv v—-vv - 1 _ • V
fund, and out of the first money which
shall be paid into tbe treasury to the
credit of the general fund, until all the
warrants issued under the appropriation
made in this act shall have been paid;
provided, that the warrtints heretofore
registered in accordance with the provisions
of act No. 22 of the acts of 1871 shall be
paid in their proper order; that spiff money,
so borrowed, shall be deposited in the State
treasury, one hundred and forty thousand
dollars to the credit of the House of Repre
sentatives, and sixty thousand dollars to
the credit of the Senate of Louisiana, to be
drawn upon the warrant ot the Warrant
Clerk, countersigned by the President uf
the Senate or the Speaker of t he House, as
the case may be, by the chairman of the
Committee on Contingent Expenses of the
respective houses. The amounts so drawn
shall be deposited, in United States cur
rency, in the Citizens' Bank of Louisiana,
to the credit of the respective houses, and
shall he disbursed upon the check of the
Warrant Clerk, in settlement, first, of the
mileage aud per diem of members, officers,
employes ami contingent expenses of the
session of eighteen hundred and seventy
two, and tiie extra session of the Senate,
convened December sixth, eighteen hun
dred and seventy-one, aud the Warrant
Clerk is hereby directed to make no pay
ment except upon vouchers drawn unon
him by the Committee on Contingent Ex
penses, and countersigned by the presiding
officers of tiie respective houses; that no
warrant shall be issued by the Committee
ou Contingent Expenses, anil counter
signed by the officers of either the
House or Senate, except for tho mile
age and per diem of the members
and employes, and Contingent expenses
of either house tor this session and the
extra session of the Senate iu December,
eighteen hundred and seventy-one, it being
understood by this proviso that no warrant
issued by either house prior to the sixtli
day of December, eighteen hundred and
seventv-one, in the Senate, and first day of
January, eighteen hundred anil seventy
two, in the House of Representatives, shall
lie paid out of the money appropriated by
this aet, and the checks issued by the War
rant Clerk in payment of the mileage, per
diem and contingent expenses of the Gen
eral Assembly shall tie countersigned by
tbe chaiwnan of the Committee on Con
tingent Expenses, whose duty it is hereby
made to keep a separate register and num
bers of all checks so issued by the War
rant Clerk and countersigned by him. anil
make a statement each day to their re
spective houses, which shall 'qe laid upon
the desks of the Chief Clerk or. Secretary
for the inspection of the members of the
General Assembly.
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, etc.. Tiiat
this act shall take effect liom ami after its
(Signed) <).*H. BREWSTER,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. B. S. PINCHBACK.
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
■Approved February 26. 1872.
(Signed) H. C. WARMOTH.
Governor of the Stab- ef Louisiana.
A true eopv:
F. J. Herron.
Secretary of State.
JVo. 1 I.
To provide a revenue, aud grant and" col
lect licenses, to prescribe certain penal
ties and certain duties of judges of courts,
justices of tlie peace, State and parish offi
cers. and to repeal all acts inconsistent
Section 1. Beit enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
of Louisiana in General Assembly con
vened, That, there shall he levied and col
lected an annual amount as a license or tax :
First—From each male inhabitant over
the age of twenty-one years, not attached to
the army or navy of the United States, the
sum of one dollar, ninety per cent of which
shall he appropriated exclusively to tlie
support of public schools in the parish in
which the sum is jiaid. and the balance
placed in tin* State Treasury to the credit ot
the Charity Hospital tunil.
Second—From each wholesale <y whole
sale and retail merchant, dealer or trader,
from each importer or dealer in bar stores,
one hundred dollars: from each and every
retail merchant, fifteen dollars.
Third—From each keeper of a ware
house, cotton or lumber yard, or other
place of public storage for hire, fifty dollars.
Fourth—From each keeper ol a livery
stable, sale stable or yard, or livery and
salt* stable, with stalls or other accommoda
tions for horses or mules, twenty-five dol
lars: for every public hack, twenty-five dol
Fifth—From each keeper or proprietor ot
a distillers', except distilleries used exclu
sively in distilling from fruit or turpentine,
three hundred dollars: from each keeper or
proprietor or manufacturer of cordials,
liquors, wines or syrups, one hundred dol
lars:'from each keeper of a distillery from
fruit or turpentine exclusively, and for the
keeper or proprietor of a brewery, fifty dol
lars ; provided, that no license shall be re
quired from any person who distils from
lruit for liis own use aud not for sale.
Sixth—From each proprietor or keeper of
every billiard saloon, bowling alley or
pistol gallery in which there is but one
table, alley or target, twenty-five dollars;
where there are two tables, alleys or tar
gets, forty dollars; where there are more
than two tables, alleys or targets, two dol
lars additional on each table, alley or target.
Seventh—From the managers or lessees
of a theatre, concert saloon, opera bouse or
museum, five hundred dollars; from the
owner of any coffeehouse or beer saloon
where theatrical plays, daucing or singing
are performed, whether with or without
admission fee, one thousand dollars; from
each proprietor of a show, menagerie, race
course or cockpit, in the city of New Or
leans, five hundred dollars: provided, that
no distinction shall be made on account ot
race or color: and any violation ot this
proviso shall incur forfeiture of such
Eighth—From each keeper of a cotton
press, cotton pickery or ginnery, two hun
dred and titty dollars: provided, that this
article shall not apply to cotton gins on
Ninth—From each fortune-teller, astro!- •
oger. clairvoyant, five hundred dollars.
Tenth—From the proprietors of all coffee
houses, bar rooms, grog shops, beer saloons,
or gardens, or cabarets, eighty-live dol
lars; from the proprietors of all bars
kept ou steamboats owned and registered
in this State, fifty dollars: all retail gro
ceriesselling or giving away liquors by the
glass, shall p».Yi i ' 1 addition to the grocery
license. a coffeehouse license: and each re
tail grocer or dealer in distilled liquors in
the State of Louisiana, without such addi
tional license, and who shall keep for sale,
sell, or give away, either by himself or by
any employe, distilled liquor in less quan
tity than one gallon, shall be liable to a fine
of one hundred dollars for each and every
offense, to be recovered by motion by any
person, after live days p. w hen recov
fore any justice court, whic", w_^ ^ tlie
ered shall bo paid by s '*^ 1 f the Char
State Treasurer tor tlie Dent a*.
"SiKKff-r&i proprietor or
S 'i«lf,b-Er.ry P»« 22
every keeper of a country
il'.llara: every keeper „„r,alnu.ent
boaidin^ ' week, month, or year,
of persons > pnprr keeper of alo<l#
twenty ^^'^ccomniodatbm of night
jns house tor the accomm LoW .
lodgers on ^ t tie ffuty of the Audi
State the provision.-, ot arutie
tb ^S;&omeachp^.e^hawker
who peddles or carries goods, y» re 8,
ten dollars.
Fourteenth—From each broker. a ? ! | a ;
agent between buyer and teller foi per
centa-e or other consideration, in the sate
of real estate, produce, merchandi.f b' 1
freight, and from each factor or commis
sion" merchant, ship or steamboat agent, one
hundred dollars: from each money, stock,
note exchange and insurance broker, one
hundred doflars; from each auftioneer
thirtv dollars, and from each pawn broker
and keeper of junk store, five hundred dol
Fifteenth—Fr<?m each agent or represent
ative of an insurance company, by or under
the laws of this State, and transacting an
insurance business therein, one thousand
dollars; from each insurance company or
a' r encv not chartered by ties State, but
transacting business therein, one thousand
dollars: from eaelr insurance company or
aaencv not chartered by the State but
transacting an insurance business therein,
one thousand dollars; provided, that no in
surance company whose license tax shall be
one thousand dollars shall be liable
to any assessment, State, parish or mu
nicipal throughout the State, other
than that imposed by this article and by
section six ot this act: from each banking
companvor private banker or agency, uu
less exempted by rf charter from tins State
or the United States, one thousand dollars.
Sixteenth—From each notary public,
thirtv dollars.
Seventeenth—From each apothecary or
druggist, fifty dollars: provided, that no
druggist shall be licensed except he shall
have a diploma of'some medical or phar
maceutical society. From each physi
cian and attorney at law. twenty dollars;
provided, that before any physician, sur
geon, or midwife. can obtain a license, he,
she or they shall comply with the require
ments of section 2677 of the Revised Stat
utes. except those who are exempted from
such requirements by section 2681 of said
act. Each attorney-at law, before pvac
tiling in any court in this State, shall have
his lieeftse under this law recorded in a min
ute book kept by the clerk of such court for
that purpose; and no judge, justice ot the
peace, or recorder, shall allow any lawyer
jo practice in his court until this law is
complied with. Any judge, justice or re
corder violating this act shall be liable to
a fine of rive hundred dollars, to be recov
ered bhfore a district court, to be sued for
by the district attorney or Attorney Gen
eral. one halt to goto the informer, and the
prosecuting attorney to receive a lee ot
fifty dollars in each case irom the amount
recovered. And any physician who shall
falsely' pretend to have* been a professor
of any medical college, or to hold
literary or professional titles to which lie
is not entitled, shall be forever barred froiq
a right to practice medicine in this State,
and a failure to supply, evidence to sub
stantiate any claim .to sucli titles by
proper diploma, or other documentary or
other satisfactory evidence, shall, on con
viction. be imiirisoneili in the State l'eui
tcutiary not less than six months nor more
than five years.
Eighteenth—That'the only legal evidence
that a license lias been paid shall lie the
appropriate form of license issued by tlie
Auditor, aud no receipt issued by a tax col
lector in place of the license itself shall be
Nineteenth—From each and every butcher
or market dealer of any kind, from each
and every person who keeps a stand or stall
iu a market place, five dollars.
Twentieth—From each merchant tailor,
one hundred dollars. •
1 wenty-first—FromJ every contractor,
suh-coutraetor anil stevedore, twenty dol
T wenty-second—F rom the owner of every
coffee stand, or soda or mineral water foun
tain, fruit stand or stall of any kind en the
streets, or tombola, ten dollars.
Twenty-third—From everv incorporated
company other than a railroad, whether
fficapr foreign, engaged in transport
■nandise in thi* State, one hundred
in.g mi
Twenty fourth*—From the owner oi everv
ublic u>e or hire in the
towboat l'or
iters 01 tni* State, one hundred dollars.
Twenty-fifth—F'roiu tlie proprietor
every transient^ e:reus. menagerie or
public show or exhibition, twcntv-fii
lars. in advance, for each performance
agent or employe of an
or ex
every traveling
agent or employe of any merchantile house.
i\ ho sell- or contracts tog the sale of goods!
wares and merchandise, by sample or
otherwise, shall pay a license tax of one
hundred dollars: and any such agent or
employe who shall, when called upon to do
so. Jail to pay said license tax, shall be sub
ject to a fine of one hundred dollars, recov
erable as ot\er fines for every sale thus
made, one-half of which shall go to tho in
tenner: provided, that when such a-'ent or
employe represents a house which h»s paid
a -State license'tax ho shall onlv lie liable
for the license imposed by the parish or mu
. — parish or mu
nicipal corporation m which he pr
opuses to
I wenty-se venth-F. very person having more
than one shop, store or oilier establishment
'rwho shitll exercise or loliow inure than
one profession
shall pay the tax ou each s
or loliow more than
trade, calling or business
y tinu
-an pay the tax on each separatelv.
Twenty-eighth—Each partner of am
doing business in the State, m any line of
occupation, whether resident or non-resi
dent, active or silent, shall pay a license as
hen-in prescribed.
Twenty-ninth—Parties having a tax as
sessed agamt them other than real estate
shall not receive a license to pursue their
occupation until they shall paT the tux due
upon such assessment.
Thirtieth—All forfeitures collected
herein expressed in tlie country parishes or
rural districts, be paid over to the parish
treasurer, lor the exclusive use of the poor
/t tilt) Darisll. to Ilf* OTTinrifJn <1 .. —
;VT-" - , ; , use ot the poor
-t the parish, to be expended as directed
bv the police juries ot the several parishes
leans ** 1 ^ tUe Charit - V of New Or!
Sec. *J.
Be it further enacted, etc.. That
from and after the passage of this -i.-t
shall not be lawful for any person or c'ori.o
rat'.iiu to carry on or pursue, practice or
tohow any oi tho trades, lii'ui'easiima
*. . .......- .....* on a pro
fession, business or occupation subject to
the payment of a license, as herein pro
vided. shall be allowed to collect any claims
for services rendered in such * profes
sions- business or
sums,, business or occupation, unless he,
sho or it can. upon demand, exhibit the
tax collector's receipt for such license, ac
cording to law; and a failure to exhibit
.......> ----- - ------ exhibit
such ncense receipt, by any person or cor
poration liable to such license, shall, in anv
suit instituted by hint. Jier or it. entitle the
party defendant iu such suit to
* -»/ —-----*• ^s vi»vix rum cb u nan-suit;
and any person, firm or corporation at
temptmg to do business without a license
shall, ou written notice given bv the col
lector to the Attorney General or district
attorney, or district attorney pro tern.,
be enjoined in the name of the State
trom proceeding further in the trans
action ot their respective business or voca
provided. no person shall i l,* 1 *
penalty from the first of K
to the lime the tax colleei J ». n,, l 1
licenses for 1872. wr '
Sec. 3. Be it further enacw
the tax collectors for the
leans shall receive for the^
licenses in their respective du 2 '®
lowing compensation, viz:"ivSdK'd
for the First District, five .J* 1 '
licenses collected-by Him^mf^Board
State treasury; the tax ^iiijNitwent)
Second District, seven and IT*
on all licenses collecteil i.A^ineers,
into the State treasury »L,
for the Third District.'ten IN*"'
lioenks collects by him and
State treasury; the tax lEn
Fourth District, teu per cent°
collected by hijn and paid '
treasury; tie t aT
easury; the tax collector r *
District,»ten per cent on
on all 1
lected by him and paid into thet
r for*
(i n ji'
urv: and the tax collector 'r„„
District, fifteen per centonV^
I'ifiil into ^
collected by him and paid I 1 .fv
treasury anil the tax
parishes in the State.ex*e«J!jBtate
pansh of Orleans, ten per cent
collected and paid into the St,,
Sec. 4 Beit farther enaoS^h,
each and every license shall , r
tlnrty-hrst day ot DecemberkEBank,
winch it was obtained; pmridriVn.
person, firm or corporation e n ,YT871,
of the trades or occupation,
licence by this act, after the'S
July in each and every year
for only half a license. * ™* 1
Sec. 5. Be it further enaeted.
all parts ot ai%aet to provideTjWorkt
levy and collect taxes, to g r »jt,
licenses, to provide certain
forfeitures, to provide for the n*
removal of revenue officers npd
their duties, to punish certain^ #f
misdemeanors, to create iien,«fP®
gages in favor of the -State incn£*
to regulate the manner of the^ree
moneys from the treasury, topjk!^
tain duties of the jii 8 tices*ofthe^£,
and parish officers, to provide (or 4
tion of back taxes or license! ap
all acts inconsistent therewith 4
March 31, 1871. so far as they^Jf
"the collection ot licenses as "n-AP
this act. be anil the same i»l
Sec. 6. Be it further enacted, e if
this act snail take effect from u e .
Affined) O. H. BREWS®
Speaker of the House of Rem,
(.Signed) P. B. 8 . PiNCHk
Lieutenant Governor and Presids
Approved March 5. 1872.
(Signed, II.'C. WAKHI
Governor ot tbe State of I*
A true copy:
F. J. Hereon,
Secretary of State.
„ X
-Y>7 A.CT
Making appropriations for the* ?
penses ojfilm State of Louisa
yejfr ending the thirty-first d*tr
lier, eighteen hundred and tjt.
prescribing tbe mode in which*
propriations shall be drawn.•*
section 187 of Revised Statmeuh
hundred and seventy and certs
ing salaries and coiu[isn.«atiotM
performed for the State.
Section 1. Be it enacted bj&
aud House of Representatives,!
of Louisiana in General As«
vened. That the following sums hi
are hereby appropriated trim ■
in the State treasury not oihens
printed, for the following purpoe
year ending the thirty-firstdif
her. eighteen hundred and sever
For the salary of the (ioveai
fifty-six. constitution, eight tht*
' a ^?' 1 1 . T
For tue salary ol the Lieutes
ernor, article fifty-seven, cjustk.
thousand dollars.
For the salary of the State Tw
tide seventy-one, const it utioa. r 8
sand dollars.
F'or the salary of the Auditor,
Accounts, article seventy-one ,ms
tii e Y' nUl ' an 'l dollars.
| F'or the salary of the SccreUr 1
I article seventy-one, eon 3 tiuiti<«,lt
i pand dollars.
I For the salary of the Attowj
! article ninety-two, constitution -1
1 san l dollars.
F ur the salary of the Adjutan
speetor General*, three thousands
For the salary of the Mate Libs
tion 2180 Revised Statutes of I?
tfundred dollars.
F'or the salary of tlie Govern*)
secretary, sectiop 1503, Revisedfc
187-). twenty-five hundred dollars.
F or the salary of the chief cks
Auditor's office, act No. H2of 1*
live hundred dollars.
For tiie salary of eleven tits
Auditor's office, at eighteen huntfe
each, nineteen thousand right ta
F'or the salary and traveling
the inspector appointed by theversi
Public Accounts, act N"->. ,, 3 of it
thousand dollars.
F or the salary of the chief ci®
Treasurer's office, act No. ll'Jof
ty.five hundred dollars.
F'or the salary of the hook-tee!*
Treasurer's office, act No. T 91 d
thousand two hundred anil tiit? il 5
F'or tne salary of the two«k«
in the Treasurer's office, tbreom*
hundred dollars.
F or the salary of tiie AsustMt*
of State, act No. 214 of 1868,
dollars. ,
F'or tue salary of the clerk in &
the Secretary ot State, eighteen■
F'or the salary ol a regi.-iraii*
tiie office of the Secretary of
hundred dollars.
F'or tbe salary of the mess«?
Governor's office, lour hiuiJr^ 41 *
dollars. .
For the salary of the page 0' w .
tary of State, four hundred aoPr
l ar -*- . .
For the salary of the Ik-' 7
State 1*1 ml Office, act No. iri.et 5
ot 1870 . f our thousand dollars- .
F or the salary of the chief f
State Land Office, act No. 38. ef?
ot 1870.- twenty-five hundred "v
Contingent expenses ot the •
five thousand dollars.
, Contingent expenses of the "
State, one thousand dollar.-: and *
ages of 1871, two hundred 8°"
Contingent expenses ol the-'
I ublic Accounts, fifteen iiundrri
Contingent expenses of the -
Governor, one thousand dollars-,
Contingent expenses of the St#
urt-r. one thousand dollars.
Contingent expenses of the At#"
eral, two hundred and fifty doll*-;
Contingent expenses of the » r ;
the State Laud Office, five hm>
Contingent expenses of the SJ- |j
nan. five hundred dollars. .
Contingent expenses of the > ;i .
mtendent of Public Education.
sand dollars*.
Compensation to tax collectors *
general funds, the current school
interest tax fund, the levee tat,
ibe special levee tax fund, one a# 3 -
seventy-five thousand dollars. .
Compensation to assessors, oy
genera! funds, the current seboo-i;
interest tax fund, the levee 1,1,1 j
the special levee tax fund, one W*
hfiV thousand dollars. <
Appropriation to the register 0 .
antes, tor furnishing ccrtidcat*
Board ot .State Assessors of tiied"
Oiieurns. two thousand doiiars. ;
Appropi iatiou to pay the rent®'
• "g occupied by the Auditor y
treasurer, corner of Roy:'- 1 iJ '
s-rrets. three thousand dollar*
For the salary of the Chief'
iUeer, act No. 7 of 1871. six
.For the .salary of the Le'^
sioner. act N*. 7 oi 1871. six W#
F or the salary of the two a*f ;i
engineers, at four thousand doh®
each, act No. 7 of 1871,' eight the'
For the salary of the sec."* 1 *

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