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•Jfcu; Odfiws -flcjmbUc<m
jf^iuopN^ ofThs uniteo states
Sfaytie had. of the following dealers:
.George Ell is, opposite thefoatoffice.
C.C. tIaley,*Jo. 19 Commercial place.
C. 4i. 1> Holle, No. hi Exchange place.
A. Simon, St.Couia street, between Royal
Atreel a(jd ^xcliange alley (under St. !..oui»
Hotel V
fames fcnui*. roatchartrain railroad do
pot, yiiiri District; also at depot, foot of
•fcaf^yette street, First District.
ari*'ty news stand, No, 33 DanpLine
^ 4 .^ 0 ,>t, between Customhouse and ilienvillo
■treets. _ _ ______
e* SHERIFF 8AUVINET, at If o'clock, at St.
I,., ; « Auction Exchange, two lots of ground
a:..: buildings on Claiborne street—-Mrs. II. It.
St.tieme vs. Sosthene Hero.
®, LOUIS STERN A BROTHERS, at ! i o'clock, at
go. T6 Chartres street. 750 eases boots, shoes
and brogans.
Lncali Intelligence.
Lak*e Fire in the Third District —A
Human Life Sacrificed. —lie tween one and
*4 wo o'clock yesterday morning fire was dis
©overed raging in a twe-story lrame dwell
iag house corner of Elysiau Fields and Mo
reau street, owned and occupied by \Y niuw
Darker, who dealt in furniture at that place.
'The bdilding burned like a flash, and was
totally destroyed, as wore the contents. In
sured for § 15,000 in several ofiices.
Chief Engineer O'Connor, finding that
the wind was blowing very fresh, carrying
large live cinders to a great distance,
sounded a general alarm, and it was well
he did, for this prompt action doubtless
saved much valuable property. The entile
ffire department was quickly on band, and
performed good service, but the men were
Sighting a powerful enemy.
Tin? dames soon caught the adjoining
•house, occupied by Jacob Steirs and wile,
»aml here occurred the saddest feature of
the conflagration. Mr. Steirs had heard the
alarum hut was mot aware that the flames
•jvere so Bean him. Faying no particular
>heed to t fie sounds, lie and his wife returned
'to bed. Cut they had remained there only a
little time before smoke and blaze all
around mreused them, for their home Was
«m fra, Gathering a few article* they
atarted down stairs, the wife in front.
The husbandaon seeing the wife going down
the steps returned tor some purpose, and he
wa* lost t* sight. Before Mrs. Steirs was
lialf was down the stairs fell, precipitating
lie. int. the burning train* beneath. She
was able To .cry for assistance, and fortu
nately Ollier Griffith heard her voice.
With an- nlfort that stamps him as » real
l»er% he tushed into the midst of smoke
And flame and rescued her. lu another
minute she would undoubtedly have been
burued or sufloeated to death. Iter face
ant haflds wer« badly burned, and Officer
Griffith .114 not escape a warming. Mrs.
®teir» was immediately taken to a neigh
boring houft* an4 properly attended to.
When HU'. Steirs disappeared it is thought
be «eturned *o hi» bedroom t« secure eorne
valftabies. attempting to leave was
blinded by siaoko eo that he did not dis
®ov«r fthaft th. stairs tad been burned and
gone, flemust have stepped, intending to
Walk dowm, wlie* he fell near the spot
Wheiw his wife had been a few minutes pre
Vioui. 4 aiircg aiuid a mass of fiery ruins
h« waa almost instautiy smothered, or so
«tunwed t-liaf he c.uld not help himself or
«rv wut foi assistance. However, ho had
#ot bcew there wiore than a few seconds be
fora some tiramea became aware of the fact,
^irhew several Bushed to the rescue, but it
wa* fto* late, lor bis body was so much
burned tba* it was scarcely recognizable.
Iu on* h*id was his watch, the hands stiii.
Jioiiitmg ta The hour and minute that its
.win! met a horrible death. He bad been
•named anly a few weeks, and was well
iknown ta many citizens down town.
The fire, while raging, communicated from
hoaf.a ta bouse with great rapidity, and
groat as was the destruction, alter a fierce
(struggle of two (hours, the firemen suc
ceeded in checking and finally subduing tho
(flames of what has probably been one ol the
Suost destructive' fires ever in the Third
As far as can be ascertained the list of
liouses destroyed and loss occasioned will
l>e about as follows:
After the house where the lire originated,
Hie flames .communicated to an adjoining
two-story brick building on Elysiau Fields
street, also owned and occupied by tho
Widow Darker as a furniture warehouse,
■•which was totally destroyed, with a loss of
about }5')00, covered by an insurance of
Tho T!ames flience communicated to an
adjoining two-story brick house on Elysiau
(Fields street, owned and occupied by Sir.
Jjleliuler as a barber-shop, which was totally
destroyed, with an estimated loss ot $. 000,
■•overed by an unstated amount ct insur
ance. The flames then spread to an un
•ecupied two-storv brick house on tae same
street, owned by Sir. Louis Fix, which was
totally destroyed, with an estimated loss of
f5000; insured lor t-'500.
The flames thence spread to an adjoining
Siame building on Elysiau Fields street,
•owned and occupied as a livery stable by
Mr. Grayer, which was quickly destroyed,
with an estimated loss oi $(1000, coy ored by
insurance. The flames then communicated
fA> a frame building on Moreau street, owned
and occupied by Mr. Brandin as a dwelling
aud slate warehouse, which was totally de
stroyed, with an estimated loss ot about
$ 900; insured for f 1500.
The fire then extended across the street
the corner of Moreau and Elysiau Fields
street to a two-story frame house owned by
Mr. Noetling, and occupied by Mr. Jack
Sterling as a dwelling and coffeehouse,
which was partially damaged, to the extent
®: $300, covered by iuiurauce to an amount
not stated.
The lire thence communicated to a one
story frame bouse, owned and occupied by
•Mrs. Caprees, which was partially de
stroyed, with a loss of about $500. The en
tire loss is estimated at about $ 13,300, a
i| ar ge amount of w hich will be made good
by insurance^_______
Criminal Court.— Information* against
fke following named accused have been
•led by the district attorney:
.Toe Alexander, larceny ot six rolls blue
Wibbon: also, the larceny of three chickens.
M. Smith, assault and battery on Hattie
Jjiurues. , ,
Armand Bout,;, carrying a concealed
Cphraitn Grown, alia* Oouierray, two
charges: First, burglary, in breaking into
the Upas* of Mr. tUntie# Uid^s; aud »ec
I ond, of larceny, in carrying certain property
i The case against Thomas Reed, charged
with an assault and battery on Adam Cline,
was continued until the ninth.
John Dutz, convicted of an assault and
battery on Michael Schabel, was sentenced
to pay a fine of $25. or go to the Parish
Prison for ten days. -
John Williams, convicted of assault and
battery on William Jones, was sentenced to
pay a fine of $2 .50, or imprisonment for
one day in the Parish Prison.
John Brooks, found guilty of carrying a
concealed weapon, pays a fine of $25, or
goe* down to the Parish Prison for two
Nolle pfosequis were entered in the cases
against Daniel Calhoun and Jules Otey,
charged with assault and battery.
William Edward* was acquitted of the
charge with au assault upon William Ryan
with intent to kill.
The IIcericane. —The big blow Wednes
day evening flattened a portion of the
fence around Marine Hospital, tore down a
part of the railing around Coliseum square,
and broke down some of the wall of the
Reading cotton press. The ship Northamp
ton broke loose from the head of Ninth
street and was blown over to Gretna,
where she came near being wrecked. It is
thought sire will be taken away without
any material damage. Trees, chimneys and
roofs in great numbers were torn up.
Season ron Game and Guns. —Mr. Charle
ville, No. 55 St. Charles street, lias so far
perfected his arrangements that he can now
make bargains with ail retailers to furnish
them the better kinds of shotguns from the
Manchester manufactory, andhave the mer
chant's name put on them at the factory.
This is good newi for dealers, and, as he
will soon send out his largo orders, ap
plicants should not delay in sending him
their bills. He will make liberal discounts
on cash orders. His enterprise is gaining
him not only a good name, but an immense
line of trade. Mr. Charleville has all kinds
ot goods for sportsmen.
Brown the Burglar. —Ephraim Brown,
the man against whom half a dozen charges
are pending, was yesterday committed to
the Criminal Court for burglary—entering
the dwelling of Mrs. Briggs, Coliseum street.
Recorder Billings sent him in one case, and
Recorder Campbell in another.
Recovered. —Mrs. Mary Kane, of Cus
tomhouse street, having delivered up the
stolen property found in her possession, has
been discharged. She gave detective Brown,
of Galveston, a fine gold chain and a cluster
diamond ring, valued at $175.
Man Burned and a Sugar House De
stroyed.— Between three and four o'clock
on the evening of the sixth instant a work
man in the sugar house on Baker's planta
tion, twelve miles down the coast, placed a
lighted coal oil lamp on a barrel of kero
sene. By some unknown means the oil iu
the barrel ignited, settiDg tire to the build
ing and completely destroying it. It is said
that the man was burned to death.
St. Andrew's Society.—T he annua!
meeting of this organization for the election
of office hearers for the ensuing year was
held in the hall of the society. No. t> David
son Court, Wednesday evening. There
was a large attendance of Scotia's sons,
and the following officers and hoard of di
rectors were elected by acclamation;
President, Alexander Hay; vice presi
dent, Duncan Sinclair; secretary, Hugh
Russell: treasurer, John McIntosh; direc
tors, Peter Ross, Peter McBride, Charles
Muuroe, Thomas P. McDavitt, Alexander
Annan, John W. Iluntcn, James Carmi
chael, James Low, Alexander McLeod.
The society is in a strong, healthy condi
tion, and has made a large accession of
numbers during the year, and will celebrate
St. Andrew's Day this month by a ball in
Minerva Hall.
Eighth District Court,
Merle and Cbappus brought suit to enjoin
the Treasurer of the State front paying W.
II. Benjamin by preference, but the latter
bad previously obtained an injunction to
prevent the T reasurer from paying anybody
else until be was paid tlie amount sued for
in warrants of constitutional officers.
The eases were submitted to the court.
The court would seem to intimate that
"this sort of thing would have to be
stopped," that is, enjoining the Treasurer
until some individual got ail be wanted.
It is said the counsel on both sides seem
to concur in this view.
The mandamus applied for by James
Reynolds directs that Alfred Shaw either
comply with the demand of relator and
register a judgment against the city in his
favor for $2999, or show cause on the ninth
of November.
The fiscal agency cases, wherein both the
city and Louisiana Savings Bank are en
joined, will come up for trial to-day. The
case lias been placed before the public.
rhe Metropolitan Loan Savings Bank
Company has filed a suit in this court
against Henry C. Dibble, president of the
board of school directors. Relators aver
that they are the holders and owners of a
large lu mber of certificates anil warrants
of tho board of school directors of tho city
of New Orleans, signed by James Long
street, chairman o! the finance committee,
and the secretry of said board, directed to
John S. Walton, treasurer of the board of
school directors, the amount of said certifi
cates and warrants being the whole sum of
$25,520 89, and payable to the payees or
bearers thereof.
Relator is informed and believes that the
Auditor of the State,, James Graham, is
readv and willing to pay over said amount,
or to warrant for the same in favor of the
treasurer of said school board whenever
the president of said board of school direct
ors shall warrant for the same, and said
wan ant shall be countersigned by the secre
tay of said board.
Relators also aver that they have request
ed said president of said hoard, llenry C.
Dibble, to draw said warrant and wore re
fused the same. That by such unlawful
conduct and refusal to perform his duty,
said llenry C. Dibble may indefinitely and
forever deprive relators oi payment ot their
said obligations.
Petitioners pray that a writ of mandamus
do issue, directed to Henry C. Dibble, presi
dent of the board of srfiool directors of
New Orleans, commanding said Dibble to
draw said warrant, and the secretary to
countersi gn the same . _ ^
A New Orleans dispatch to the St. Louis
Globe of Tuesday says:
The election passed oil to-day quietiy as
a general thing. Many business houses and
all the whisky shops were closed. Police
men were stationed in sufficient force at
the polls to quell any disturbances tnat
might arise. The colored voters were well
protected. It is as yet impossible to esti
mate the relative popularity of the various
tickets. It is evident, however, that a
great amount of scratching has been done.
Appearances indicate that the Republican j
State ticket is a long ways ahead.
A great many Liberals ia each ward are i
said to have scratched the name of MvEnery
and substituted Kellogg, especially the Ger- I
man* have done this. The Liberals will j
probablv elect a majority of their eandi- f
dates for city offices, but the Republican j
candidate for Administrator of Improve
ments, James Lewis, will be elected oa ac- !
count of the split by running both Beaure
gard and Burke. __ _____
The Grecian ladies counted their
Irgw their marriage, aot their birth.
Powers and Duties of United States Su
pervlsors—Opinion of United State*
District Attorney Beckwith.
The following communication from Hon,
J. G. Beckwith, United States attorney
for the district of Louisiana, was directed
.. . , . .-it
to tiie united States supervisor ot elec-:
tion for the parish of St. Tammany, in rela
. . . . ,- ,. ,
tKill t«> the powers &nu unties Oi I_nit€u j
States supervisors, and is published for the !
information of similar officers throughout
the State, and their attention is particularly
directed to it:
Csiljsn Status Attor.vky's Grim ». )
District of Louisian;*.
New Orleans, Novemben.5. 1H7L S
Silt—'The net of the supervisor of election
in bis refusal to allow the United States su
pervisors of election to be present at the
canvass of the entire vote east at the elec
tion yesterday, and his attempt to limit
your authority to a detached canvass ol the
vote for electors and Representatives in
Congress, subjects him to the severe penal
ties provided by the acts of Congress ap
proved May 31, 1376, and February 23,
1371. Your attention is called to the fifth,
sixth and seventh sections of the latter act.
If the supervisor (State) refuses to allow
you to be present at the canvass of the votes
which he may undertake when his pretended
canvass for electors and Representatives
in Congress is completed, secure a warrant
from the United States commissioner in
your parish for his immediate arrest under
the tenth section of the act of 1871, and if
you are unable to arrest the supervisor, re
port at once at this office the fact, together
with the names of all persons who aided
the supervisor in resisting process, and a
warrant will issue from the court here, with
troops enough to arrest all parties. If, alter
once being arrested and released on
bail, or otherwise, the State supervisor
again refuses to allow you to be present at
the canvass, he is guilty ot a new offense,
for which he should be re-arrested. I shall
present indictments to the grand jury
against all supervisors who see fit to act as
you report the supervisor of your parish to
have done, when, I trust, the punishment
they will receive at the hands of the court
will prevent a repetition of the crime at
future elections.
Very respectfully,
United States District Attorney.
No M. Le Blanc, United States Supervisor of Elec
tion, Parish of St. Tammany.
Jleteorologicnl and River Report.
The signal service, United States army,
reports, for the benefit of commerce, the
meteorological record, and rise or fall of
the rivers, at 3:43 P. M., local time, yester
day, as follows:
• Tear.
Heavy rain,
tvglit rain.
Fa i r.
* 'loudt*.
Fair. '
Above tow
Fall, water mark.
Ft. In.
Pittsburg................... I
Cincinnati.................. If
Louisville.................. I
Vicksburg............... Z
Shreveport................. «
Rew Orica us............. .. t
The river here is fourteen feet
inches below high watermark of 137!
Cain) ...........
____ 67
S. W.
Chicago ........
... 51
Cincinnati .....
. .. 50
Davenport .....
... 53
Galveston ......
... 54
Iudianola ......
. .. 5:*
Keokuk ........
... 5j;
N. W.
.... 64
Louisville.. —
... 60
25. U'.
Memphis .......
... 57
s. w.
Nashville ......
... 63
New Orleans...
... 64
N. K.
Omaha .........
... £6
Pittsburg .....
... 51
Shreveport .....
... 57
s. ' \r.
St. Louis .......
Si. Paul ........
... 4*
• *•. k « ij urg • •...
.... 57
StaT ion*.
St. Paul ........
Rise, !
Inches, in
4 . .. ........
.. i
Hf. Louis........
:: fi
i'erniciou* Purtfulive*.—The brilliant idea
of half a century ago that the weak and ailing
coaid be bled, blistered and salivated into a condi
tion of health and vigor ia happily exploded; b.:t
violent and prolonged purgation is still, to some
extent, iu vogue. We have imposters who .r:e
da ling enough to o t!br to the world, as tonics and
restoratives, the most destructive cathartics, un
modified by a single stimulating, soothing or re»
storative element. Compare the operation of one
of these terrible nostrums with I hat of Ilo.stet
tera Stomach Bitters, in which .are combined
the three great curative elements—a tonic, a» al
terative and an aperient. The; former completely
paralyzes the vital forces, so that nature can make
no resistance to disease; the latter sustains the
strength of the patient, while it restores the sus
pended functions of the secretory organs and r«
lievea the bowels without violence or pain. It is
simply a choice between restoration and prostra"
tion. no' :3t cod W
Office 31 iirunt Aid and l^nerohni Idle i
Insurance Association or Louisiana. No. 19 Camp i
•treet, New Orleans, November 5, J 72 —Member* |
of this association are hereby i otitied i f the dea r h !
of R. J. Watson who died in this city Mav 4, 1872; •
J. Acebo, who died iu Havana, Cuba, January 4 j
1872, and A. D. Barlow, who died in Clinton, Missis- i
eippi, Juliet), 1872; and are called upon to come for- j
ward without further notice and pay, at the office •
of the association. No. 19 Camp •treet, 25 ou •
or before 4 i\ M. December 10, 1372. •
no5 6t R. W. YOUNG, Secretary. J
Batchelor** flair I>yr.—'This splendid Hair
Dye u the bust in the world. The only true and
perfect dye. Harmless, reliable ami instantaneous:
no disappuintment: no ridiculous tints or unpleas
ant odor. Remedies the ill effect* of bad dyes and
washes. Produces immediately a superb black or
natural brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft and
beautiful. The genuine, signed by \V. A. Batcheloi.
Sold by all druggists.
oc3 !v Propiietor, New York.
New Orleans 31errliant* nhoulff Adver*
tise iu the TERREBONNE PATRIOT, Houma, Loui
iana; it will pay. del3 ly
I'ity of New Orlcnn* v«. Salvador 2'roliaip.
A. Sambola and E. North Colmni, curators ad
hoc—Second Justice Court for the Pari-di of Or
leans. Nos. 28.) t. 2b8f), 2s.(7. 2815. 28 id. 2-: 17, 2818
2 <, 2820. 2821 . 2822, 2828, 2821, 2825 ami 2 .■
facias to me directed by the Hon. W. L. Ev
ans. Second Justice of the Peace in and for the
parish of Orleans. I will proceed to sell at public
auction, on FRIDA Y. November 22, 1 72. at twelve
o'clock M., at the corner of Well* and Canal streets,
in the Second District of this city, and parish of Or
defendant Nalvador Prohias in and to a c.-rtaiu
lease entered into bv the said defendant and tin
city of New Orleans for the lease of a certain pfi-ce
or'portion of ground, situated in the Second Dis
trict cf this city, in the square or islet bcuuded by
the line of the 'Pontchartram railroad and «'anal,
Wells anil f'tossman streets, measuring tifty-rv.- .
f.-et one inch front on Well* street, sevyiity-eight
IY-et six inches front on Canal street, ti;; v-sevc:
feet three inches front on th** street facing the line
of the Pontehaitrain railroad and sixty five feel
live ami one-half inches on the line nearest ♦ toss
man street, as per sketch of the City Surveyor, w,;h
all the improvements thereon or in any w»v
thereto attached; said lease expiring August ■j-.
■d in the abo
*•2 > lot
entitled and numb
: spot.
fflr*. l'rnoi?oiA Chiy rinridc Hourin—
Fifth Justice Court for the Parish ci Orieans.
No. 454.
B y virtue of a writ of fieri facias
to me directed by the Hon. » . L. Sweet, Filt h
Justice of the Peace iu ami for the parish of
Oi !• an*, aud the property not bringing ?«o thirds
oi Hi* anpraisenicwf. * wiii ]>roCr*'«i t«» -ell a* puh
lic auction, on MONDAY'. November ti. I 72. at
r veri .* ©'clock M . the level* ;»♦ ? : *• : *ot «*i
Market stree t in Algiers, the lollowing desci bt'i
rty. to
' < IN K' il l:!'[.l AKn TABLB. BALLS A NO
gether with one ashstand and Bow: an*
Terms—Cash. .. „ ...
jjoi 5 11 II. W. FARROW. (V
I KS ? i
ai. j I uber % !•. .•Geplien Brurkmeyer— lrir^t
Justice Court for the Parish or Orleans Nos.
44'»7 and 4408.
B y virtue of two writs of fieri FACTA*
to me directed by the Hon. H. M. Dibbb r .;«r
Just ice of the Peace in and for the parish *u Mr
h a;..« ! . . * - - - . :
'. * . • i, at th* M< rchants a:;-i A *
change, Royal •tree?, between Cana! and * ^tom
house streets, in the Second District *u r; • • :>
V. . . *A\ Novel i«*r 1 i 72 ai * - -*• ^ M..
the foTowing described property, to w:r—
ONE L**T 'O GROUND a:tuate«i in t »■ F-.
District, iu the square bounded by \A as: ; > '
Patrick Sixth ami St. Denis streets, am, obsigna
ted as No. 24. Said lot measures - ••feet trout *>n
Sixth street, by a depth t>f 119 teet J>*-tween par
allel line#, all according to a plan drawn *v
lions** surveyor, o i* *-bruar> 2 , I •' • ■ * • ' o
property being acquired at public amnion •' 1 *"
« : c**Sfi*-!. of -ph .-.* V* '• l '* • '
fore W. J. CastelT notary public of In:* city, and
dat* I Mav 12. IS ti6.
Seized in the above entitled suits.
Teims—Cash ou the spot. ,,
DANIEL caOXTLEV Canatab e.
O M 25 uvi C 12 1?
. ?
j An ordinance extending the provisions of ordinance
no- It>35, Administration series, and extending
tSSi right of way therein granted for the {no
j 5>osed rallroa ' 1 '
: fKcrniN I. Be it ordained by the Council of the
j cir -. of New Orleans, That the privilege and right
! « { w *y granted iu ordinance No. 168.1, Auminist
Mayoralty o? Nkv: Oklfa.v*,
Hall. November 6, 1^72.
[No. 28-13—Administration Series.I
Bel ies, to George F. Brott, lna associates
signs, be extended sous to allow the construc
tion ot ad ruble track railroad upon the road way
of th»- m-w; protection levee alontf the lake shore,
from the upper line levee above the New canal, ?<*
the lower lme ievee on People's avenue, below the
Pontehartrain raiiroad, the rate of fare for the
whole or any distance, alon^ the lake shore to be
five cents *>er passenger, alto, to allow the con
tinuation of the roadway before granted on 4>r
lean* .-itieet to Gar roll ton or t'anal a\>nue, thence
through Carrollton or Canal avenue to Canal street,
with privilege of carrying freight as well as pas
Shu. 2 . Be if further orlaim-d. etc , That the prn
visioua of article one of said ordinance No. ititl.l
shall apply to the foregoing extension.
Adopted by the Gouuci; of the city of New Or
leans, October 29, 1:72.
Yeas—Cockrem, Deiassizr Remick, Lewi*. Wal
ton, Bonzano—b.
A true copy:
II. *'■ .v^'rs* Clarke, Secretary. no8 !t
Mayoralty op New Orleans, ?
City Hall, November 7, 1372. 5
f No. 1344—Administration Series.]
Resolved, That the Administrator of Public Ac
counts ;.s hereby authorized to cancel tax bills Nos.
412 and 41:; for the year 1371, against the American
Mission Association, amounting to $59125, the
same being for ail assessment on uroy>erty in square
No. 7o0, ninth assessment district, actually and ex
clusively used for religious and educational pur
poses, and exempt from taxation by section fifteen
of the city charter.
The Administrator of Assessments is also author
ized to canct-l the assessment for 1 >72 on said prop
Adopted by the Council of the city of New Or
leans, November;), 1372.
£K J. F. FLANDERS, Mayor.
A true copy;
11 Conquest Clarke, Secretary. no3 It
Mayoralty of New Orleans, J
City Hall, November 6, 1872. J
'No. 1845—Administration Series.]
An ordinance appropriating money to defray the
expenditures of the Department of Police lor
the month of October, 1872.
Be it ordained, That the following sums, or so
much thereof as may be necessary, are hen*by aj>
propriated to defray the expenditures of the De
partment of Police for the month of October, 1872.
and that the Administrator of Public Accounts
draw his warrants ou the Administrator of Finance
in payment of the same:
administrator's office.
New Orleans Republican, one year's s'in
scription to daily, from April 4, 1372,
t » April 4, 187-3...'....................; $16 00
New Orieans Republican, advertising pro
posals ror lighting city with oil...... 36 00
Jghn W. Madden, stationery............. 52 75
Jean Rogers, milk........................
New Orleans Republican, one years sub
scription to daily, from January 1,
i8?2, to January 1, 187:'................
Mrs. C. Kieckinger, vegetables...........
Louis R ich, fresh beef...................
R. L. Bruce, forage.......................
Mrs. Dora Phelps, services as seamstress
R. L. Bruce, forage.......................
P. M. Williams, vegetables...............
Martin Stitch, wood.................. ...
Hasam &. Pooley, lumber.................
Louis Rueh. freahbeef....................
rIOl 75
16 00
38 75
2 1 0 80
243 89
J. W. Madden, stationery................
recorders' courts.
Firs? District—
New Orleans Republican, one year's sub
scription to daily, January i. *872, to
January 1. 1873.......................
William Brown, ice............. ...... ..
John W. Madden, blanks, blank book*
and stationery........................
Second District—
W. J. MoBirnie. services as Chinese inter*
Third District—
John W. Madden, stationery............
Fourth District—
John W. Maddo&. blank*, biank book*
and stationery ............ .......
1 23 50
B. Cal
. Fist!
or c«
James Wright. lei:
Second Distriet
Jidin R. Clay, rent
Third District —
New Orleans HepubI
pound not *'u........
Fourth District—
New Orleans Republic
pound notice. ......
James Coyle, rent......
Fi ft
»'harlea Film;
Pat. Buckley, ferriage t<> Algi<
John Mack, one set of harness
J. C. Dav.
Jefferson «'i?y Gaslight Compx'
i:ig Sixth District, with gas
. . ......„........... . m
*•. .. .... . . . • _ * . virhoii .......
New Orleans Ousiigtit Company, lighting
City With gas..............I........... It.278 !3
Tota! .................................$20,382 *t
Adopted by the Council o* the city of New Or
leaus. November 5, i 72.
Yeas—Cockrem, Dclassize, Remick. Lewi* Wal
ton. Bonzano—6.
sg' EST Clarke, Secxvtary.
Mayoralty ok Nkw Orleans, I
City Hall, November ti. 1872. *
I84d—Administration Series.J
Aa ordinance providing for the payment of the
•several account* therein named.
Be it ordained., That the t'o'lnv. ingappropriations
be and are hereby made, aud that th*- Administra
tor of Public Accounts warrant on the Administra
tor of Finance iu payment of the same;
P Keenan, forage for horses. #50.
New Orleans Republican, subscription, ('2.
J. W. Madden, stationery. $5? 95.
Kastman .x Son. brick, sand, «-te.. $41 25.
Niecomb, Baldwin y. Co , haidware,
Folger A Co., hardware. £1 D .O.
W. Van Drozkowsky, * <•]>]*• r work, f- i •
•C. Oliv.-r, iumber, £151 50.
II. <>cr;'dug, ceiling, ^40.
L. Gaguet,.judgment, $500.
Cuberuaioi leiry, iimbt i. $15; SO.
Harbor Towboat C-aipanv, towing nuisance;
boats. £*' 15 40.
Hat bur Towboat Companv, removi:; ^ mud lump-.
<E ('. Oliver, lunik r. ^ 175.
G. C. Oliver, lumber, 6929 57.
F Mar*i«iez*-, lake sh*-l •
P. Keenan, lumber, 6 458 %.
M. * midiani. ster shelis. 61
J. Biefcry, pav;ng stone, 6 192. '
J. Root, hil:*-shells. 62250.
J. Root b.dlast, 6513.
•I. W. Madiien, statirmeiy, 6 27*» . «.
J Ci in. stom: crossings
Nev, Oileaas Bepublican su • • liption. * V.
Stetson 5. Armstrong. >r;ttio:i«-ry. 6122 5'*.
f. Duffy, iron work. $218 8').
r5dg*-r a. Co., tiardwaie. 6848 8e,
Wted k. Co,, printing, etc., 61*»J >♦.
E. P. Boyer, rt nr 625.
A. De Monasteriu, rent. 625.*
H. Ringgold, rent. 6 .
F. Vender Haar. rent, 6?5.
Lambert, repairing to** s, 67".
F. H i!
r 'i' ;
:oal, 6 125 m
A' ffiplby t ; ** * . 11111 *;,
A true copy
'i ak ft k. ftecr.*tarv. fio8 It
LTV Ml' Nnw OkLK.4N«
. 1 Administra
te appropriating
• th*
Department oi AaS»SS
meuts »• r the month of October, 1-72.
In- it opht'ued by the Coimc i «'t the city of New
i * . . i....i * .* tollowhig * ms, or « » much
thereof as may L** nec*-ssary, arc i.»i* by ap
propriated to defray the expenditures of the Departs
rrem ot es.'uenta for the lmuitli of October.
1 .72, an.I that the Administrate! ot Public Accounts
, * • , : uts on th* Adiniuisti itor oi Finance
in payment or the 6amc:
New •• >.»:•«. Republic*.!; P inting fi.ra*
pSny. two year's subs.rripti*/n three
copiV» New Orleans Kep b, ;-an, iron*
Aj»n; 4. I-7 , to Apr;': i, I 73, a*lv.;rig
? • ri •. • efficient • •.
* ; • .... oi '• u «
i'. j. K.-hn: '•./ stationery .
Register of Conveyances', 17
1 cert ificaJes of
r of property dm
;:ig tiie month
of s pri-mber. t' 72 .".....
New culeans !>*■• . advert!
sing notice t*»
el t.
.. *713
of New • r
■eu'v. Dclassize. Kemick, Lewis
Lb it
Mayoralty op Saw Orleans, ?
City Hall, November 6. 1372. i
fNo. 1848—Administration Senes. I
An Gidinance appropriating money to defray the
expenditures ot th** Department of Commerce
for the mouth of October, 1372.
I3e it ordained by the Council of the city of New
Orleans, That the following sums of money, or so
much thereof as may he necessary, are hereby ap
propriated to defray the expenditure* of the De
partment of Commerce for the month of October.
1872. and that the Administrator of Public Ac
counts draw his warrants on th** Administrator
of Finance in payment of the same:
Joseph Stiller, for rent of wharfinger'aoftle**.
Fourth District, for August, September
and October, three mouths, at t l-> per
month.......................... ...... § 1
• C. Haley, for stationery.................. 25 40
W. A. W.-ed & Co. stationer;. . ....... 6 50
A. P. Harrison, for mahogany desk, recovei •
eriug and refitting locks............ ... 27 00
Adopted by the Council ol
leans, November 5, 1872.
A true copv:
H. Conquest Clarke, Secretary. no8 !t
Mayoralty or New Orleans.)
City Hall, November 6, 1372. £
* No. 2849—-Administration. Serie*. ]
Aa ordinance relative to the drainage of the fourth
drainage district.
Be i? ordained by the Council of the city of New
Orleans, That the Administrator of Public Accounts
file the plans and tableaux of the assessment for
drainage of the fourth drainage district in the
mortgage office, aud publish notice in the official
journal, according to law announcing that the
Council will proceed to diaiu tho sect ion. and ask
ing for a first mortgage lien and privilege in favor
of the city of New Orleans iu its capacity as ad
ininirttrator of the funds of the drainage districts
for the amount now assessed upon such property
for its proportion of the cos: of draining said sec
Adopted by the Council of the city of New Or
leans, November 5. 1872.
Yeas—Cockrem, Shaw, Delassize. Remick. Lewis,
Walton, Bonzano.
A ti ue copy:
H. Conquest Clarke. Secretary. no8 It
Mayoralty < ■? New Orleans, j
City Hall, November 7, 1872. )
[No. 1850—Administration Series.]
An ordinance to provide for destruction by fire of
certain bonds, city notes and blanks.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Council of the
city of New Orleans, That the Mayor and Admin
istrator of Finance and the pres.dent of the fiscal
agency be authorized to cause to be destroyed by
fire in. their presence the following:
All teu per cent bonds on hand, whether blank or
signed, ot the issue of i {71, excepting such as may
be required to carry out any of the appropriations
or contracts heretofore made, or the law authoriz
ing their issue.
Ail seven per cent bonds of the issue of 1870
which the treasury holds by transfer with subro
All city note blanks, and all redeemed city notes,
unless such as they may find it necessary to keep
for identification on aecouut of any existing claim
or lawsuit.
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, etc,, That they
shall make a sfrict detailed inventory of the bonds
and notes so destroyed, whether signed or in blank,
and shall accompany the same with a process
verbal of their acts and doings unJer this ordi
nance, which shall be communicated to the Coun
cil and published in its proceedings.
Adopted by the Council ot the city of New Or
leans. November 5. 1872.
Yeas—Cockrem, Deiasaize, Retmek, LewU, Wal
ton, Bonzano—6.
Nay— Shaw—1.
BENJ. F. FLANDERS, * I avo r,
A true copy:
H. C-unburst Clarkh, Secretary. tio3 1?
Mayoralty or Naw Orleans, »
City Hall. November 7, J872. }
[No. 1851—Administration Series.'
Resolved by the Council of the city of New Or
igans. That the message of the Mayor relative to
the Fiscal Agency, presented at the meeting of the
Council held November 5, 1872, ■* ;th the corrections
this day made, be and the same is hereby approved
by the Coimci'; and the understanding of the Louis
iana Savings Bank, as declared in the letter of W.
Van Nerden, president, accompanying the message
aforesaid, is hereby accepted and recognized as the
true meaning of both paities relative tothesubjeet
xuatt-ers referred to in such communication.
Adopted by the Council of the city of New Or
leans, November 7, T872.
Yeas—Cockrem, Delas»izu\ Remick Lewi.*, Wal
Naya—Shaw, Bonzano— i.
A true copy?
H. Clark*. Secretary. 1108 It
Mayoralty*>p Nrw Orleans, i
City Hall, November 7, 1872. J
[No. !8'2— Administration Series.]
Re* i!vi*d by the Council of the city of Now Or
leans the Louisiana Savings Bank and Safe Deposit
Company assenting thereto, that the Administra
tor « f Public Accounts !>*• authorized to issue ap
propriation certificates for weekly robs ending at
any time during the present week.
Adopted by t lie Council oi the city of New Or
leans. No vein be!' 7, 1872.
Yeas—Cockrem. Delassize, Re?!*.*.';. Lewi*. Wal
Nava—Shaw, Bonzano—J.
A true copy?
H. * '• '-.n «:'??*? Clarka, Secretary. ik> 8 It
Office State Tax Col* ecTof, >
First District. No. 9 Curondelet stn-e-t, .
New Orleans. November 8, 4872. j
will he placed ?u court tor collection during
the next eight days, interested parties are again
reminded that immediate settlement* will save
penalt.es aud costs of court,
n 5. *:H< >EUE .%. .mIKP'DaN f., r .
O of ??.••: ex stii a in the State Treasury on
the thirty-first day of October. 1872. inclusive;
General funds...... .......... 1,59b
Current school fund........... ......
Interest tax fund.....................
Levee and dram age fund..............
Seminary fund.. ...................
Internal improvement fund..........
Special levee tax fund................
Levee construction i und..............
Levee repair fund........... ......
Redemption of State debt thud
under act No. !14 of 1868. . 15,47:
Redemption of floating debt
U. S.
790 28
€8.063 79
*7,927 09
10,687 37
210 4)0
Lea* amount overdrawn ia
fund, etc..................
290.792 94
157,49.7 54
!he foregoing statement
e spec 4 a.
.. ...........#133.299 40
[•» *oie.?uu y swear that
true and correct in ail
James graham.
Statu Auditor.
Mate Treasurer.
Sworn to and ruhscribed before tne t?n* fifth
dav of November, A. D. 1872.
Third Justice of the Peace Parish of Orleans,
noti 81
No. H'-l laixp Street.
0 «A.srrr.«*.TruK!i 8 .% 5 f> nxsLEii* ^
Agents for Baldwins Patent MONET DRAWEE.
Agents for Tiocmncr's STEEL CORN MILL.
Fine Ahold nud DruggisiVs Scale*.
CHIMNEY' FLUES from four to eight inches ic
dLamctei', in sections of lw«* feet each, ready to
put up in phice of the regular brick chimuev
1 '....ue-. Caps. lot* Jute cions, «:t«.
SKWEP AND DRAIN PIPES, three to eight
inchesi »iaineter, with all tho requhsito junc
tions. joints, etc., tor sale at LOWER PRICES than
am be furnished from ti.e West or North, as they
are manufactured in this city,
nun Sm dic-w W. E. BOWMAN', Agent.
jglI.U&E»P£.\lt rOl'SDKV,
tJiroJ street* Between Barotin^ nnd
tide* Street*. New Orient)**
Joseph A. shakespear, A. Sn.-.th S. Swoop.
<Successors to (ied«l*-.s. Shaket-p'-ar A Co.#
manufacture every variety of Steam Entries. 5Sugar
Siills, Centrifugaf Machines. Saw M.iis, Draining
Machines. M;ii and Gin Gearing and Orate Bars
Store Fronts, Columns, Ventilator* and East
Blacksmith work of all kinds. ap27 )f
^QVf£i.TV iR«» WORKS,
t«rwer ®F tfrlord nfiil Sitit Lftef •tr*9(# k
Sucot.tion* of i>Ir. nnrt .11 r*. P. H. flyna—
Nos. 34,345 and 35,346.
ot Orleans.—Notice is heivhv given to the
creditors of this estate and to all other persons
herein interested to show cause, within ten days
trom the present notification, if any they have or
can. why the account presented by the' adminis
trator of these estates should not be homolo
gated and approved, and the funds distributed in
accordance therewith.
By order of the Court.
tio7 il 15' M. O. TRACT, Clerk.
^ucce?*Aioii of* Jean Bouvet—No.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of this estate, and to all other persons
herein interested, to show cause within ten days
final the present notification, if any they have or
* ;H7. why the provisional account presented by
Mrs. Widow Bouvet, tutrix, ex othYn* adminis
tratrix in this estate, should uot be homologated
and approved, and the fund* distributed in ac
cordance therewith.
Bv order of the Court.
no? il 15- SI. Cf. TRACT. Clerk.
!Suec«vv*iou «f Jenn Jncutit?* Albert-So.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the cred
itors of this estate, and to "all other persona
herein interested, to show cause within ten days
from the present notification, if any they have or
can, why the account presented by Emile Arthur
Albert, testamentary executor in this estate,
should not be homologated and approved, and the
funds distributed in accordance therewith.
Bv order of the Court.
no3 12 hr M. O. TRACY. Clerk.
In the Matter of Charles Ledig, nil Ab
sentee—No. 35,882.
Orleans.—Whereas, John Steib has petitioned
t he court to be appointed curator of Charles Ledig,
an absentee. Notice is hereby given to all
whom it may concern to show cause within ten
days why the prayer of the said petitioner should
no* be granted.
Bv order of the Court.
m>l 5 ■)' M. O. TRACY, Clerk.
Succession ol KoweThiry, Widow by Firat
Marriage of Frangois Noirjean. aud bv Second
Marriage of Felix Auguste Jacob—No. 35,838.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given > t rie cred
itors of this estate and to all ot her persons herein in
terested to show'cause within thirty days from the
present notification, if any they have or can, why
the account presented by J. G. Prigmm, tutor of
the minors Rose F. Jacob aud Henry Jacob, sole
heirs of the decedent, should not he authorized to
remove from the State the property of said minors.
By order of the Court.
noT 14 *21 28 de5* 31. O. TRACY. Clerk.
Am f£. Carion v*. K. 45. 4'ieburue*
F ifth district court for the parish of
Orleans. No. 3783.— By virtue of a writ oi
seizure and sale to me directed by the honorable
the Fifth District Court for the parish of Orleans,
in the above entitled cause, I will proceed to eeh
at public auction, at the Merchants and Auc
tioneers' Exchange, Royal street, between Canal
and Customhouse streets, in tbe Second District of
th.s city, on SATURDAY, December 7 i872, at
twelve o'clock M., tin* following described property,
to wit—
A LOT OF GROUND, situated in the Second Dis
trict of this city, in the square founded by Tou
louse, St Peter, Fourth and Fifth streets, desig
nated by the number eighteen on a sketch an
nexed to an aYt passed before Andre D. Dorioeourt,
notary public in this city, dated (fl.tobe* 10,286 7.
Which said lot measures thirty-one fu*t rive inches
6 lines front on-Sf. Peter street, hr or* hundred
feet deep. Together with all the rights and privi
leges thereto attached. Being the same property
acquired by the defendant herein from Aristide
Carion per act passed before »=ai<l
court fin the tenth of October 136^
Seized iu the above suit.
Terms—Cash on th« spot.
e ». *.rtriNF/?,
ocS 20 de? , Sheriff of the Parish of Orieans.
>loore. ianney At liynnit %». ft. tin In uric*
£>f Orleans. No. 3812.«-By virtue of a> writ of
seizure and sale to nw din*4t**d by the hon
orable the Sixth District Court for the par
ish. of Orleans, iu the above eutitfe*l c:ffiise. I
will proceed to sell at public auction, at iiie Mer
chants and Auctioneers' Exchange. Royal street,
between 4'anal and Customhouse streets, in the
Second District of this city, ou MONDAY, Decem
ber 2, 1372, at twelve o'clock M , the tb'lowiaj, *!«
«> rihed property, to wit—
A CERTAIN LOT f)F GROUND, situated in ftie
Second District of this city, in the square bounded
bv Petvrs. Customhouse. Clinton and Bienville
ftiveets. and deaigiiaied by th. number si*, and
nieasuiing twenty-five feet tv/# iiwl.e* three imrs
front on each of Peters and Clinton streets, by tlie
cut re deiffh between said streets .v«lot i* 4 b*)
same acquired* by rlie defendant by inheritance
from his mo!lo t. Sirs. Delphine Moca: t v. ;*:ni by
act ot partition with Ti is co-heirs, passed before
A. Diicdtel. testary public in lhi§ City ou the 4'«#en2
ty->ixthcf April, 1867.
Seized :n the above suit.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
e ». V AtjVTSZf.
n«.J5«Ie? Mhs*ritf of the Parish of Orb ntui.
Widow A7n*'if -lll.ii d %*. 'tdnfimd fft.
i vens.
(kT of Orb aiM, N.*. 3.'06. — By virtue awi .? of se zure
and sab* tome directed by the honorable the Sixth
District Court tor the parish of Orlean* in the abovt
entitled cans**. I will proc<*ed ton**!! at public
auction, at the Merchant* and Auctione*! 1 *'
Exchange, Royal street, between • AMilCui
; ■ • -* street* in tjie Serond I»is*ric! ot •' »
tit', on TUESDAY. November *;>. 1872. at tw>iv«
o'clock 51., the following tU*»< ribed property, to
A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, together wifffi
the buildings aud improvements thereof, situated
in th*» First District *>f ihi3 city, in the square
tiounded iiy Prytania, Erato, Nay»<le* ami 4'Lio
- :ts, measuring twenty-one feet ineli«s
front *>:i Drytauia street. _ by one huTidred and
* in depth,
■. hounded
>r the use
aid lot he
f drawn by
i.. Suigi, arcl ite'et.ou the twenry-ti*sr day of Au
gust. 1 deposited in the record'* ot Ch*i'l#-H Bou
dou>quii*, late » notary pub ic in tiii- c:.v. Which
property was He*|iiired by the cetemlan? herein by
l>urch»s«- from Mrs. Laura Lewi*, wife of Anthony
Foster Ax son, per act passed before Ada.phe Bou
dousquic. late a no lav \ public in thiaeit v,*>u >la«th
i H 2.
Seize*! in T*.« abov« suit.
Terais—Ca.ili on the spot
twenty-j»rvrii feet three indie* four 1
bet ween par.i'.b 1 iiin-s, American measi;
au alley. * ghl t-*-t '*vui«* iu tin* rear,
said lot ami others adjacent thereto;
designated by tbe letter C, am a pi
Khetiif of tin* Parish or *>. >ar.#.
11# M. f'rookt y*. f Ira view Tlioni*
of Orloana, No. 8840.—By virtue of a writ of fieri
facias ?•» me directed by th« honorable the Seventh
Distrii'f C'Girt for the parish *>f 4>rlean*. iu the
above entitled eausei, I will proce*-:! ♦•> s. b at pub
lic auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneer*' K«
change, Royal street, bet ween Canal and Custom
hbu* street*, in the Second (>ist?ict of Ibis city,
on TUESDAY. November If. 1872, at • a • v* *> clock
M., the foiI*)wi:i® described pro.pertv. •** w; —
buildings, etc . thereon, situated in the Fourth
District of this city, in the square hounded by
First, Constance, Second and Magazine streets, and
designated a# lot number three of square number
fifty s x on a plan dated M iv 4, I 166 deposited in
the office of A. Hero, notary public ia ?! us city, as
plan numlier seventeen; which said lot measures
tweuty-s;xi f»*et six im-hes fronton F.i.-c • r »•*, by
a dept h #>f sixty-three fee? thn*-e j !
parallel lin*
TViuim — 1 1 'ash
Plan is now expo:

j ,

*■:: :;i
:Iio r • : ang
c. s. sa(;v*ne:
Sheriff of the Pai ns!i of Or;
>ew Orlean* Aftiitunf tn-iurance A«isocia*
Tion vs. Louisiana Cotton Mai.ur' v tore.
kv of Orleans, No. 9871—By virtu - of a writ of
seiz r.e ami sale to me dire cted by the onoi ihle
* he Seventh District 42ourt for the par;.>'.i *-t Orieans,
in the *bov<* entitled cause, I will pro* * . «i to sell at
pr.bie auction, at the Merchants aud <■ rv
F'ichange. Royal street, between Cana! ami cus
tomhouse - ' !> et>. i $ j the Second I>--.*• u • of this
c.ty, #)n SATURDAY, November 2... I >72. a* twelve
O ' !«)':k 31. The following described „ do
;*:»•<; in the 1 bird District of thiseity. bo irnied by
• ; •:riser Great men '-?• •♦-• ami tn
pi ejected stive's, designated a
et St
:y one ?c*-t
tr.hiic load.
, in*'
:ng ?■'•#!.
in* j ie « two lin
•l*-pt!i <*f <jut fin
u a * t six
in fit
md '
ft f n
aiid eight hun
• ; - • ® • ' ne feet sev* « • <>
•nt on said Ad tin street, also ti* » • :■ nl
to rire-a?:,:--: .-? r icef, :ni«l two hundi*--'. il .-•;:. (e*-n
Tee* in widt re; and
*• * o * ' • Bt.re* *. •
the hatt . I »-.• f said pi it • ' * ?
» ' o * » .. I mi p.'*»
d pp r r * • * tli ere of * * * rights
way *4 -• • . ileges and . * • ? .•«'•.*
: v pii'ni
id h<
. A !*.
1 ;y.
j iic-u; • i • i by t/i** sail! Louisiana « •.•?<
• • repi esrntvd by Victor Peri
, A:•*»:!,*- Perrilliat. Beeretarv thereo
Hem Jean Edmond ♦'oinmunv. ,
sed before f.dwaTd Barnet f. n-.**ry
• • : ' . ; •.
■. • * • a...... *.
ei nis—-i. For » ash to cover The #• • o;
d dollars, toget her wit Ttie a
t co*. . v due and unpaid on eu*
1 Hid ' a pet
: * • • . 1871 | ed before * .
• iate a not y . 0 . •
• <■ other than t tilt the putt
r:ff out • t said rash the - . ■ !
•1 dollar*, Together with ©n»u aa<i •; •
a his own hand* aU Th- • .if-' ■
e si* lent
V ? ,ir *
/•■o.A. Hi
hi by
• P*?
of Kaid c;
ish Th,
•t shall remain
.. .
r ^ • • •-.*• •
. ia on
h r to pa v
• ■ill
• . O • .
now dti ■
0 r
; ft to
%-rit of Tin
• arnc*-:
' of t!. i . • e of
* • ?
he men'
t of
. *
h*' !iV;*-at *'*)ii
S><w*.-i a no
bo mi n
• not vet du*-.
pavri ut 0 •»

♦ * ■ ' •
'* 1 i«
*11 H<
• *1 eouponn am*i
liond • . res] ■* ~ •
lusting To secure eacl • . • • . * part of
raid debt, as ewd«nced by «ai*l And : tlre bal
am-r of ? !*•• pre®' of adatt r*.^*!*
the «pot.
ti ',22 l*. 2 s
«•. i* s
fhtriff or tUt i\*: :
t o:
,...........SHERIFF'S SALES.
Marchand V*. iiladnnio IUaritf>
Jeanne de Lassus, wife separated in property
from her husbaud. August Dehaut de Lassus.
of Orleans, No. 8681.—By virtue of a writ of
fieri facias to me directed by the honorable the>
Seventh District Court for the parish of Orleans, in
the above entitled cause, I will proceed to sell at
public auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneers-'
Exchange, Royal street, between Canal ami Cus
tomhouse streets, in the Second Dis'rict of thi*«
cjtv, on SATURDAY, November 9. 1872, at twelve'
o'clock M., the following described property, to»
1. .4 CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, with the build
ings ami improvements thereon and appurtenaucee
thereot. situated in the Second District of this city.,
in the square bounded by Public road, Custom
house, Bienville ami Clinton streets, designated by
the number three on a nlan drawn bv J. Pilio, then
4 lty Surveyor, dated December :U,'fii33, and de
posited iu the office of William Christv, then a no.
rary public iu this city. Said lot of ground meas
ures twenty five feet two inches three lines front
on the Public road and ou Clinton street, aud -ev
tending in depth from one street to the other
which property now belongs to said Mrs. de Las
sus by virtue of an act of partition between her
said Mrs. August de Lassus, Miss Lain** Blanquo
ami Loms Lalaurie. passed before A. Ducatel. no
taiy public iu this city, on the twenty-sixth o '
Aprn. 1867.
. *• THK. ONE UNDIVIDED THIRD of said Mrs. de
ciassus in and to—!. A lot of ground situated in the
Second District of this city, in square hounded bv
Customhouse. Clinton and Bienville streets and
the public road, measuriug twenty-five feet two
inches three lines on the public road, twenty-four
feet five inches two lines fronton Clinton street,
seventy three feet one inch two lines in depth oa
one side, and sixty-nine feet six inches five lines
deep on the other side. Said lot is designated by
the uumber twelve, on a plan ol J. Pilie, late sur
veyor, dated December 31, 1833, deposited in the
otlice of William Christy, then a notary public m
this city. And—2. A lot of ground situated m tne;
said Second District, in square bounded by Char
tres, Bienville and Customhouse streets and Ex
change alley, measuring sixtv-foHr feet one inch
three lines' front on said Exchange alley, the
one-half of said lot having a depth of fifty-four
feet (about) ou the line toward Customhouse street,
and the other half a depth of about twenty one feet
eleven Inches- five lines on the side toward Bien
ville street, with the one-third of all the buildings
and improvements ou said two lots of ground, the
one-third of which two lots of ground belongs t©>
said Mrs. de Lassus in manner following, viz; one
fourth by purchase from the estate of the late Mrs*.
Lalaurie, per act before A. Mazureau, notary public
in this city, on the nineteenth of March, 1833, and
one-twelfth from Mrs. Forstall, per act passed be
foiv E. < Gottschalk, notary public iu. this cit 3 T , oij,
the thirteenth of February, 1367..
Seized in tlie above suit.
Terms—Cash on the spot.
oc9 23 no3 Sheriff of the Parish of Orleans.
Merchtints' Diurnal Insurance i'onipaut.'
vs. William A. Freiet.
O of Orieans, No. 9621.—By virtue of a writ of fieri
facias to me directed by the honorable tile Seventh
District Court for the parish of Orleans, in the
above entitled cause, I will proceed to sell at pub
lic auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneers'
Exchange, Royal street, between Canal and Cus
tomhouse streest, in the Second District of this?*
City, ou SATURDAY, November 16, 1372, at twelve
o'clock Ah, the following described property, to°
A LOT OF GROUND, together with ?lie buildings*
and improvements thereon. No. — ou Coliseum,
street, situated in the Fourth District of this city,
in the square bounded by Washington, Plaque
mines (uow Coliseum), Fourth and Chestnut streets,
designated by the number three ou a sketch, date*}
the third of March, 1866, and annexed to an act
passed before A. Boudousquie. late a notary public
in this city, on the the same day; said lot of
ground having, American measure, fifty one fees
six inches three lines front on Coliseum street, hj*
one hundred and twenty eight feet two inches ii*
depth, the whole more or h-ss; said lot being part
of % portion of ground designated by the fetter A.
on a sketch drawn by J. A. D'Hemecwurf. tlepuU ;
city reurveyor, on flat seventeenth of Januarv 8
1861. and annexed to an act whereby tin* said \V.
A. Freret purchased said property, passed he for.*
F. Grim a. notary public ivi lhia«le-,
day of February, 1861.
Seized in the above^uit.
tTerms—6aaiiiDii,Uie spot,
<ec!5 3" field ^ mieriff dt the Parish of rirleafc#.
JJrn# 4d*ace llatsim ftb HI is* |Uai*y X»*UH
and Mr#, jjlargaretStephens,of E*
F ifth tnuTRirr court parish vp
•Orleans. No. 3504.—By virtut? of n wri/ of
fieri facias Jo' uic directed 8y tlm honorahSH th»
Fi(th Disti'idtAtourg for the gariali of itileaii*. (ia
the above entitled cause, I vrfil jiroocml t>rs»"31 at
anblic aihftion, at the Merchants and Ancti.nccrtf
Exchange, Royal street, between t'anal aud t'ua.
tomtiouae streets, ia the Stcoiwl Dislnci or this
'City,,.in 1* Ad c Rif AY, TtovembeB 9, iSTt. at tir.lv*
o'cUcii SI., the itHl.Wiiig <l.H.iiht'ii ,11 i^ievtj. to
TWO rKRTATST t«i1» aiiW'NIt, .it-ar
ated, lying and being in tine Fnurth IM..
trie* ef ffiis «i%. i« «he» aqriaro BouudeiJ
by Fa-.tf, 'Maga/i'l»i 0 and f'hkhl*
streets, uw^surin^ #aeh tw*-nt.v-%ix feet .front 05 *
Magazine street, ffy i^depil^ between parallel lines
or one kaftfreiVand twenty-one tW*ti)ne ixto:li, am?
i'-t'-cwuiposed of the whole* 0 f- lotafcinnbvco titteeit
and sixt#***!! ;«i*l tine rear portion of lot tiumlit^
t\»fcire. Vnielk lofe are described ou wcerfain'plaia
drawn by li. Duisson, surreyor, bearing date tint
twenty-fifth day ©f .#j>ril. 184'A and depositied int
reference in the ©ffiee«Dl' T. §hn«am!, 1st** flotar#
pub'it i* thi» city, and also designs^**! bv tlu«
same uumbers on a plan dr«vn by T. Pefiairain,
hearing tfate 'fbe seventi^nth *rUyji)f Alaieil, l'\%
and deposited m plag numbnt fourteen in tin*
office ©1 *t. Li. Stringer, lafir* jMta^'public in #hi%
city; together with ail the buildivgs and i?npier*.»
tuents thereon, rights, ways and advantages.
unto belonging ©1 in anywise go
Reiz«*l in the above
S , erins«-4ii*sii ou tl® spot.
(*'. #. ntf}V&ET,
©e6 J ? Tio»» f%eriff.*of thev>arish ot ork>rei*
t v rbnnfl'!ieiM > er v».,f*;eorgji* .Cnhiu*Sle^1ct
«r Orleaua, N«» 33.115 — By frirtua & awn* o<
seizure and sale to me directediUvith*- honorable th*#
Foust h Di.s?ricf €01116 for the josi isli oS 4>ilean s, r«
the above ttititlnl »w*use, " will iproceed to sell a*,
public auction, at the Merchants and Auctioneer^
Exchange, Royal hetv^een Canal «*ml « ' u a -
tomhouse str»*eTa. in the Second District «*f tin#
city. t>n SATURDAY. Rowmlw !>, 1872, a? twelve#
o'clock M. .itise -tt»!hnung« described*. piV)»«V '•#
sv i r.-»
FOUR CERTAIN £f)TN <W father
with all the improvement# ami appurtenance®,
rights. \vay*> privileges, servitude# and depeudei*
ei«.:B, sflhiatcd inthe Sixth Distriotwf tli.'*:ity#f Ne\*
Orleaus.<denigna r ©d severally k>' the sum '■•th oik* c
two, three and lour, iu the square bounded b? Val
mout, Leoniine, Boudousquie and Pitt streets, an «
plan drawn by JlrtBuissou and; W. T„ Thompsoi.*,
dated March 23, 1849, deposited in "the ai**hi ves ol
R. Beard, former notary iu this reify; said lotas
adjoin (each ot her, and measure *ach thirty tw -f
Seven im-lies four lines front #«i> FaimoiD
street, by a dept I: between jjiaiaiiel ? ues *.f <ew
hundred and nil® feet four inches four lines. Lot
number one foiiu* ©ifti of lh« mayuera ©2 Vglmonl
and ffitt streets.
ffjeing fli** same ^iv*pes?y acquire*! by ike •*?•-?»■:: 1 ?
ant herein oy pu^iTiasefrom Herman A.
act passed la-for© Robert J. Kci, % votary
thi» city, on February 1, 1872,
Seized in the abov*; suit.
Terms-The purchaser to s«s*mte ??,• ♦•aytm-n? */'
a promissory note for five humlrrd dollaVs, dated*
February i. iJ72, payable t welve months after date,
with eight per cent interest from maturity until
paid, drawu by detrndant to las own order, ami by
him indorsed, secured by mortgage and vendor's
privilege on said property. The purchaser also to
pay a» tomey's fees at the rate of rive percent in
case of sui? •>*.» said note, and the balance oj» tho
price of adjudication cash on the spot.
©c3 17 no'.® SheritF of the Pariah of Ori**ans.
Airs. II. de #>t. Heme yh, Hodlieue lleno.
- Orleans, No. .8751 —By virtue of a writ ot seiz
ure and sale to me directed by the honorable tho
Fifth District A'Our* for the palish <*i Orleans, in
the above entitled cause, I will proceed to sell at
public auction, at tbe St. Louis Auction Exchange,
in tIre* has- nieiit rotunda of tlie »St. Louis Hotel, SU
Louis street, bet ween Chartres and Royal streets,
in tl.«e Second District of this eitv.ou FRIBAY.
November :y 1872. at twelve o'clock M., the follow
ing described property, to wit—
%-a.ch other, .-ituated i:i faubourg Tn-me, des if
nated by numbe.rs five and six i# square number
seventy *-;u\ on a plan drawn by Vodquin, laf«* sur
veyf.'t. dated lJ*-< emhi-r 27, ?;:5. ami deposited, j- 0
th* office «; H L**-deficiaux, lat*' rotary public iu
Lot tiimibetrti \ + . t hirfy iix feet h'".«-n and a ha 4 .'
inch* lion* on • Inibome street, by on** bundred
and tw.-uty feet, in d- pth, and thirty tiv** h-.-t^iiwe
inches iu v*idth iu th*- rear; and l»i number hi■*.,
Thirty f»-et #.:i ^haihm ne street, by one huu
*1 !'e*l ami tweufv f'«- * t iu depth. Together with :
th# buddings and improvements tiiereon, am* •
. • . 1
tiiei®ur.t'o;ne!i*i,ging or in anywisv* aj>p*-itainiu •
Being th* sarm- ] 1 *qier1 y acquire*! bv deb-mUni
by purc'uiHf- from Miss Olestiii# i)'t*rvilV. hv*<°
passed beiorc A. Brocard, late a w>tarv public i;&
this e;• v, (*n slie tenth day of Maud. 1 ■'.*>. «lu!v w
rorded in tf <*e(*nvoyanc®5 •'*; thfscif.v . lV>o«
fieized 114 tin; ahov. in if.
T* iuini—4Ja®b oii^the spots
t Iff ;:>A
4) 9J/. f&S.'Vl5*
ffoflr h*; I'af.sh «*r'®*
Jli's. 't arsllnJ At* llronv v*«; .'Irn ,lohs*mii»
Miugi ♦' para #«i in •• d b *j
. pr*i*i*-rt . of li* r fiusbamb Jo-,*-ph 4?-»us*-!).
j'OUl THE |\t
firrue of a w
houcrahh* tb« Fouati* ©isfric*. Court lot ti.«
■ : ii pro-***"? 'O s® I. at pu]dic_ aujtti<?n.
:.a?iTs a
•I, « -
id L-.
l S#ls
T wfiri'RT
: il*
» h«
. . e if
• the abo>
0 Sft' i i
:*. •• .
; A"\*
'■ !.;*»ii*
*•:-' Eretf.;
1 . 9 .,
<4 «
ri . *
of ti'
. re .ty
Hoy ,.!
' .* t ' * • v ®- «> ocla 5 ;., th«
p-' i'*? • tov.-iA—
i;TAiN 'ftrit «:;■ ®.v tu
l l.viiig *>.-.% T,i* uy, ;t» th** !4ec#,mt of
• in the »quare t# •» -■ f..
Frank;m an*i B
fy one f o _ * ijefies ftont'»*u®asin Sir--# ?, <r ©
®lepti, aiid %o:tf '*uf*o:itt H»Oe**t ®#i •! •'. Ai •*)*•♦
• :* e?: in<h il'-e »nd a lutCT lilR-s. •*! v..-e» pat
• ■ ♦ - ■ *> *!+ ?L- f i
b * . miwtt hi t .« i<9 •). , jjnatori i..> t%" 0
ion* • • • K Murji
dared 11 ?5?- t+uC-*jr. b -"•*»'■. •
tiieofi J. GUV'.li:t;i'. j'd*4U V pub *1 . ()
• *o togerlMBr wfth ah T !i*- r._r *• - prwvo.
fl * * :• ': ' • a . • '•. :oy 5^*1 k
unto belonging coy fai ai^rwise appertain ,0
th*- sal);*: propel fy :tr*j ■; n d.j ,v tile derfuuT y?S®
in l)f -puT*:hre-e fioin Jfts l!ilen BroX»/ & fc.pei a«°
p#.- -r-i v:®.• * ft. JJCastell, ailiiotary ->
eitv. on t'.-e •<- v**nteent h *k6V J iii-* 1 0 > <?
Seized iu the, above suit.
US* bt 4.*3®' Ahwfg- ef ^T&D

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