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compensation of the other officers, and to
require a bond, witli good security, subject
to the approval of the board, from the
treasurer, and fix the amount thereof, and
to pass all by-laws deemed necessary, not
inconsistent with this act or contrary to
Sec. C>. lie it further enacted, etc.. That
Ctook certificates shall he provided, and
when issued, shall he signed by the presi
dent of the board of directors and counter
signed by the secretary and sealed with the
eeal of the company; and a transfer book
Shall be kept, and no transfer of stock shall
|>(! legal or binding on the company until
the transfer is made on the books of the
company, and such transfer shall be legal
evidence of the ownership of the stock, so
far as the company is concerned, in any
court in this State; that a copy, certified to
by the secretary of this company, under the
coal of this company, of any resolution of
the stockholders or directors, shall be evi
dence of stock or of any written proceeding
kept by this company, and shall betaken
as evidence in any court in this State.
•Si-.c. 7. He it further enacted, etc., That
the board of directors of this company shall
have the l ight to'issue the bonds of. this
company fur any amount not to exceed the
•whole amount of t he capital stock, as fixed
by this charter, and shall fix the aggregate
amount of the bonds to he issued, the
amount and denomination of each bond, the
time of maturity thereof, the rate of inter
est they are to bear, whether coupon bonds
or not. and every other requisite to consti
tute them legal and certain; and in order
to secure the payment of such bonds, with
the interest thereon, said directors shall
have the right to mortgage all the property,
both real and personal, including the
bridge, which mortgage shall be recorded
in the office of the recorder of mortgages
for Caddo parish, and shall not be required
to hr- reinseribed to keep it in force and ef
fect; and said hoard of directors shall have
the right to receive any donation or gratu
ity that may be given to said company, or
any other aid thereto on any such terms as
may be agreed on between them and other
Slc. 8. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
Slc. 8. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
to the same company are hereby granted
the exclusive right and privilege to build,
construct, establish and maintain a plank,
shell or railroad from the terminus cf said
bridge ou the eastern bank of Bod river to
and across the Bed Chute in Bossier parish,
and to the, hills or high lands by such route
as shall be deemed most advantageous by
the directors of said company, and that the
same company shall he allowed and are
hereby empowered to charge anil collect,
for passing over said road, tolls at such
rates as the directors shall prescribe; and
the same right and privileges granted by
this section shall he for the same term ot
years as has already been granted in this
act. to wit: the term of thirty years.
Sec. 9. Be, it further enacted, etc., That
the property of flic said bridge and road
company shall be exempt from State and
municipal taxation for the full period of its
charter, and in consideration therefor the
said comnaiiy agrees to pay into the treas
ury ot thft Charity Hospital at Shreveport
the sum of one hundred dollars, to he paid
within fifteen days from January 1 in each
year, for each and every year during its
term of incorporation.
Sec. 10. Be it further enacted, etc., That
this company shall have the right by it*
agents, surveyors, engineers and employes,
to enter upon all lands- and tenements
through which it may conclude to make
such road, and survey as hereinbefore pro
vided, and lay out and construct the same.
That when such road, way or route shall
tun through any iauds belonging to the
State of Louisiana, the said company shall
have the right of way, and the land where
on the said company'sjroad shall be con
fitructcd and for the distance of eighty rods
on each side of said road, if such lands are
the property of the State of Louisiana, shall
4)0 and arc hereby granted to said company
for their use and benefit to aid in the con
struction and maintenance of said road.
SjiC.il. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
iv parish, city, town or incorporated vii
in this State, bo and is hereby anthor
to aid
ized to Sid said company in the construe*
'lion <of it»> bridge and road, or either of
Ahem. t»y contributions, or by subscribing
for its stock, or by purchasing its bonds, or
bv issuing |lie bonds or warrants of said
(parish, city or town in favor of said com
pany,; and that, for the purposes of carrying
out "the provisions of this act, the police
' juries of the several parishes shall repre
senP the same parishes respectively, and
•the mayor and council, or board of select
Hiirifc or board of aldermen shall represent
the said cities, towns or incorporated vil
iage% Audit shall be lawful at anytime
ai' times for anv parish, city or town to aid
in thesconstiuction of the'aforesaid bridge
•r road, or (either ot them, by a voluntary
oontigbutiun »i gratuitous donation of real
or personal property, money or other effects
tielongiug to such parish, city or town; and
any parish, eity o* incorporated town in the
Jgtate is* hereby authoris'd to issue five or
ten years bonds, bearing interest at a rate
not exceeding ten per cent per annum, with
tfcoupons attached, in favor of said bridge
and ®iad company, and such issue of bonds
4»v any such parish, city or incorporated
town,, when signed by the proper officers of
jsuck parish, eity or Toxin, its hereinbefore
specified, shall "he good and lawful, and
shall not 'require any other special act of
the Legislature to permit the same to be
Sec. LI. fte It further enacted, etc.. That
the board of directors of said company shall
jiiave the right to sell or dispose of any of
the capital stock of said company not al
teudy issued at the time to any person, com
pany, corporation, or other party. on*such
terxiis as they may deem best, and to receive
in payment therefor money, bonds of any
incorporation, materials, or other thing, and
at such prices or rates as they may deem to
the interests of this company.
Sec. 13. Be it further enacted, etc., That
this act shall take effect iroin and after its
Signed) O. H. BBEWSTER,
Sneaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) R. B. S. BINCIIBACK.
Lieutenant Governor and President oi the
Approved August to, 1ST A
<Signed) If. G. \\ ARMOTH.
Governor of the State ot Louisiana.
A true copy:
V- A. WooDWAtm,
Assistant Secretary of State.
authorize the North Louisiana and
exas Railroad Company to substitute
ock ot said company instead of second
ortgage, in favor of the State, and to
lease the said company from other lia
lities to the State.
jction 1. Be it cnacB d by the Senate
House of Representatives ot the State
Louisiana in General Assembly con
>d. That in lieu of the second mortgage
tired bv the eleventh section of the
fter of the North Louisiana and Texas
iroail Company, to lie given to secure
State for the ultimate payment of the
ds of the State, issued in conformity ta
l charter, or act Jfo. 1U8 of the session
i of the General Assembly oi 1808. the
i North Louisiana and Texas Railroad
npauy may give stock of said company
the State to an amount equal to the
regate sum of the State bonds
icd or to he issued tiuder said charter,
ict: No. I OS of ISOS, in wit: eleven thou
d two hundred and twenty shares or
-,■11 hundred and twenty-two thousand
lars of the sixty thousand shares, or
million* of dollar* of the capital stock
aid company, and in consideration of the
le and delivery of said stock by said
ipnuv to the State the said North Louis
a and Texas Railroad Company shall he
eved from all liability <>n the aforesaid
ids of the State, and that ou the tie*
• ry of the stork aforesaid the remainder
he whole number of bond* authorized
be issued by the aforesaid charter and
No. JOS, to*wit; live bundled and eev
v-eix bonds ol one thousand dollars each,
il be immediately issued and delivered
the president of sard oouipany by the
rernorof the State, .
ec.-. Be it further easetea. etc.. That
hiii sixty days after the passage of this
tho president and directors ol the said
Louisiana ami Texas Railroad Com
shall, it a micetim* held for that pur
adopt all the provision* of this act, ;*
of which pesolution or resolution* of
lion shall be delivered to the Governor
e State within niifetv days after the
ce of .this act* who shall file the saute
j office of the Secretary of State, and
41 be tjie <Jwtj of tlie Ceveiaoi vf Uus
State, as soon as the president of said rail
road company shall tender to him the cer
tificate or certificates of stock, according to
the provisions of this act, to cause to be
prepared, signed and executed, according
to the twelfth section of the charter of said
act No. 108 of 18*>8, the said five hundred
and seventy six thousand dollars of said
bonds yet to he issued, and deliver the
same to'the president of said railroad com
pany, which shall be. with the bonds al
ready issued, payment in full tor said stock.
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, etc., That
the Governor shali have the right to ap
point annually, on behalf of the State, one
of the nine directors now authorized to be
elected by
stockholders to reprenseut
the interests of the State in said company,
the stockholders electing the other eight
Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, etc., That
this act shali take effect from and after its
(Signed) O. If. BREWSTER,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
(Signed) P. B. S. PINCHBACK,
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Approved April 1ft. 1812.
(Signed) H. C. 11 ARMOTH.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
Assistant Secretary of State.
JSTo. 4>G.
To incorporate the city of Natchitoches,
and provide for the government of the
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate
and House of Representatives of the State
of Louisiana in General Assembly convened,
That all that portion of land within the fol
lowing boundaries, to wit: bounded on the
cast by Red liver, including the left bank
of said river; on the south by the lower
line of the land belonging to Auguste Mar
tin; on the north by a line beginning at Red
river, and running due west across the high
est point of Badin's Hill to Bayou Ides or
Yaco; thence on the west by a line running
due south until it intersects the southern
line, shall be known and distinguished by
the name of the city of Natchitoches.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, etc., That
to provide for the government of the city ot
Natchitoches, there shall be elected on the
first Monday in May of every year, by the
qualified voters of said corporation from
among themselves, one mayor and six coun
cilmen, will) the powers and duties herein
after set forth.
after set
Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
the election of the officers created by the
second section of this act shall he held
at the courthouse iu said eity, and be pre
viously notified to the inhabitants by pub
lic advertisement at the door of the court
house and two other public places in said
city, which notice shall be given by the
mayor of said citv, ten days before holding
the election; and said election shall com
mence at six o'clock A. M. and close at six
o'clock P. M. of the same day, and the said
election shall be conducted in all respects
according to the laws of the State regulat
ing elections, and the returns to be made
and commissions issued acsordiug to the
election laws of the State, which may be in
force at such time.
Sec. t. Be it further enacted, etc., That
in case of a tie vote at said election, or in
case of the death or resignation of any of
the officers mentioned in the third section
of this act the clerk of the district court or
his deputy shall order an election in the
manner set forth in the third section of this
act, and a plurality of votes at all elections
shall be sufficient
Sec. 5. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
on receiving their commissions of election
the mayor and councilmen shall meet and
organize themselves into a body to be known
as the "mayor and council of Natchitoches,"
and shall proceed to elect one suitable per
son to be assessor and collector of the city
taxes and licenses, and to elect a treasurer
ol the city of Natchitoches, who shall be
ex officio secretary of the city council.
Sec. fi. Be if further enacted, etc., That
the Mayor shall preside at all meetings ot
city council, shall call meetings of the coun
cil when he deems necessary, shall approve
all laws, ordinances and resolutions of
the city council, shall rote as other
members ot the council upon all ques
tions, and shall be vested with the
same powers as are now exercised by the
recorders of the eity of New Orleans. He
shall he committing magistrate, with full
power to examine and commit in ail eases
arising under the laws of the State, for all
crimes, offenses and misdemeanors against
the State in the same manner and to the
same extent as justices of the peace now
or hereafter may do. lie is hereby
authorized aud empowered to examine,
try and sentence person* for violation
of the laws and ordinances of the cor
poration of the city of Natchitoches, and
offenses against the same; and shall hold
his court daily, from nine o'clock A. M .un
til three o'clock P. M.. or longer if neces
sary. All lines collected by said mayor's
court under tlic provisions of this act. shall
he paid into the treasury of the city of
Natchitoches monthly.
neo. 7 . Be. it further enacted, etc.. That
the mayor shall hold his office for the term
of one year from the first Monday in May.
eighteen hundred and seventy-two, or_until
his successor shall have itceti elected and
dulv qualified, aud. lie. sitail be entitled to
and" receive an annual salary to be fixed by
it shall
the citv council, wlticli
be neither in
creased nor diminished during the term of
office in which it shall be established.
Sec. 8. lie it further enacted, etc., That
the mayor of the city of Natchitoches is
hereby authorized to appoint one court
officer, who shall be at ail time* subject to
the orders of the mayor; aud said court
officer shall be empowered and authorized
to serve warrants, mtuimoitn, search war
rants. attachments and initiimns issued by
the mayor in otb-nses against the *tate and
citv incorporation, aud shall receive the
saute fees for such services as are by law
allowed to constables, to be paid by the
citv of Natchitoches.
Sec. 9- Be it further enacted., etc.. That
that the tuavov and city council, and their
duly elected and qualified successors in
uuty nuuu non q,,,,,.,.. . •• •
office, shall have perpetual succession; that
they shali he capable oi instituting and de
lending suits in all courts oi this State, un
dor fite title ot "The Mayor and City Conn
oil of Natchitoches,' and that citations and
other legal process shall he served on tlie
Sec. h>. Be it furtln f enactsetc.. That
the mayor and citv council -hail have lull
power and authority to make and pass such
laws and ordinances as are necessary and
proper: first, to regulate and preserve the
peace and good order ot the city, anti pro
vide for and maintain its cleanliness and
salubritv, in » manner not inconsistent
with the iaw* of this -State: second to adopt
and use a connui t; seal; third, to purchase,
hoid and convey, alienate ant estate, real
or personal, to accept any gift, grant or
inheritance of property for public w
charitable purposes, to • erect school.
market and fire engine houses, and such
other buildings a* may be tot the public
benefit, and to build a city workhouse;
fourth, to establish ;- . uirautme for the
protection ol the <ury against ontagtous
disease* and epidemics: filth. and
collect such annual and spec - taxes ou he
real and personal, movable ami immovable
property qt the city ot Na chitoche* -i«
shall be decimal uecessttr* _by dn.ni.
vided. that said taxes snail m no one year
exceed two o- r centum on tin- --,-d
value of the real ar.u per-onai estate within
said citv tor the war tor winch tit
as?sc*ssu ent \ « is • : ■ • • • * ' • " • 1 "
pose an annual lieen?« tax «>u trauri*. v- «*
fession* and calling*, said lie nse to expire
on the thirty-first day et December m the
year in which it obtained. «ui'- v *ba n
lief-n-*; tax shall be due and payable the
oftiee oi the citv treasurer iiorn the first
day of January "to the twenty-eighth day
of* February inclusive; seventh, to
fix tins amount of bond* to he given
ho in in Ti'f* are
bv the citv cihccv* from • — -
n quire.l; eighth, t.. onrauiz*. appoint ami
uaitV in am « inmi^iun a j.oliee force, aud
to appoint as tnanv v - . ft; or* as may
U-neoussarv; to fix ?),,salaries ami .-om
pensation of all offi.-i-r* ami others appoint
Id or elected by tlu in; to remove fir*sum
wharf within the corporate limits, and fix
the wharfage dues theresui; t<* wider aud
tient cause anv ot the nj pnintees or officers
Elected by tb< in selves, and to dethe da
tiv* .; all such officers and appointees;
xtititb. to survey atnl lay out street*, public
squares. r«» rcgtiia'e and make improve
uiriit* to the sticet* and fines and other
public property, and provide for lighting
and watering tho same; to construct a
direct the ditching, filling, opening, widen
ing and continuing of any of the streets,
and if for the above or other public pur
poses the land of any private person or
body corporate is necessary to be had, to
purchase the same at a reasonable price,
or to cause the same to be expropriated
according to the mode and formalities
prescribed bv existing laws upon the sub
ject, to regulate the proportions and to
make and repair all common drains, public
roads, levees, causeways and bridges, to
determine the completion and pavement of
the streets, to fix the squaring, and to pre
vent encroachment upon the stopping and
obstructing of the streets,- public squares,
sidewalks, levees, public road* or river
Danks of the city of Natchitoches, and to
order any object, whatsoever may be its
value, which may incumber the said place*
or prevent and einharas* the free use of the
same, to be removed or sold for whom it
may concern, in the same manner and
after such advertisement as shall be re
quired by ordinance; tenth, to clean the
hanks of Cane river, or other stream*
within the limits of the city, and reopen
such ancient and natural drain* as have
been obstructed by the owners of adjacent
land; eleventh, to determine what animals
shall run at large within the corporate
limits, and prohibit others from doing so.
to impound all animals running at large in
violation of the law* and ordinances of the
eity, to fix the penalties and flues which
the owners thereof snail pay before the
animal so impounded snail be delivered
up, and to pass laws and ordinances for
the sale of said animals, after three
days' notice in a newspaper, or by posting:
twelfth, to abate nuisances, suppress houses
of ili-fauie, and cause the arrest and pun
ishment of vagrants; thirteenth, to enact
laws aud ordinances, and to make appro
priations for the purpose of building a city
workhouse, and providing for the govern
ment of the same; fourteenth, to pass laws
ordinances imposing a fine-upon all
ms who shall conduct any business or
pursue any occupation for which a license
is to he collected, whenever such persons
shall conduct such business or pursue said
occupation without previously obtaining
sucl: license; fifteenth, to regulate the police
of theatres, public balls, taverns places for
shows and exhibitions, houses of public en
tertainment, saloons and shops for retailing
liquors, and to order the same to be closed
whenever the public safety and tranquillity
shall require it, aud impose such duties and
regulations upon persons keeping such
places as they may deem necessary and
proper; sixteenth,to regulate the proper gov
ernment of carts and drays, carriages, om
nibuses and other vehicles of every descrip
tion: seventeenth, to establish market
places, and adopt regulations by ordinances
governing said market houses and places.
Sec. 11. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
the mayor and city council of Natchitoches
shall succeed to, and be invested with, all
the rights, property and possessions of the
town of Natchitoches, as previously incor
accouI1 . 1
Sec. 12. Be it further enacted, etc., That
the mayor and four councilmen, and no
less number, shall constitute a quorum to
transact business, but to levy any tax, toll
or impost, or to Ax any license,-or to make
any appropriation, it shall require a vote of
the majority of the councilmen and mayor,
and the affirmative and negative of each
vote shall be recorded on the minutes.
Sec. 13. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
whenever the owner of the property in
front of n hieh a sidewalk, banquette or
ditch shall have been ordered to be made,
shall fail
the laws
and ordinances of the corporation, the
major and city council shall cause it
to "be done at the expense of the
owner of the property, and the said
corporation shall have a special privi
lege on said property to secure the
payment so due, which privelege shall hold
until the corporation he paid; and iu case
such owner shall be absent from or have no
authorized agent living iu the corporation or
parish of Natchitoches, or be unknown, the
corporation shall have the right to proceed
in ran against the property in the manner
pointed out by article 292 and seq. of the
Code of Practice; and the corporation shall
he entitled to eight per cent interest upon
the amount paid
Sec. 14. Be it, further enacted, etc., That
in case of the absence or inability of the
mayor to attend, the city council shall elect
one of their number mayor pro tempore.
Sec. l.». Be it further enacted, etc., That
the treasurer shall he ex-officio secre
tary of the city council, and as such he shall
keep minutes of the proceeding- ot each
meeting, ami he shall read all laws, ordi
nances and resolutions, and all other pro
ceedings of the city council: he shali file ail
the bonds of the officers of the eity and re
cord them in a separate book, and certified
copies of said bonds and. of all la ws and or
dinances shall be evidence in all courts of
this State; he shall furnish, free oi costs, to
the mayor of the city certified copies of all
Jaw* and ordinances which impose a fine or
penalty, or both, for their infraction, and
he shall do and perform such other duties
as may be imposed upon him by the ordi
nances of tli- city.
Sec. 1C. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
treasurer he shall keep a correct
filled up, cleaned out or repaired, t
to do so iu the time required by
if all moue.ys received and
disbursed, he -dial! keep separate and apart
from each other all moneys received by tax
ation on u-ai and personal estates, licenses,
fines and forfeitures, and he shall exhibit
bis account whenever required to do so by
the mayor and city council.
Sec. I*. Be it further enacted, etc.. That j
it shall be the duty of the assessor and col- '
lector to asst** the taxes on real and per- )
sonal estate in the city, in the manner !
pointed out by the laws and ordinances oi !
the city, and 'to' collect the same. J
Sec. 48. Be it further enacted, etc.. That |
for the purpose of levying and collecting }
taxes and licenses, the major and city
council are In icity invested with full power
to pass all law* not inconsistent with the
constitution of the United States or of this
State, to compel the payment, by compul- j
sory process, of all taxes' or licenses which !
may be due, and they are hereby author
ized to confer on the assessor and collector
-r sufficient to carry into effect the la
jury" except so far as it relate* to public
building* 'and property within said city
wlticli iu
todies, am
said parish of Nafdii
f'iiat the inhabitants and prop
anil ordinance* pertaining to the levying
j an ,j q; r: ..f su,Tt taxes aud licenses,
| g EC 1; ,_ j; e it further enacted, etc., That
j f ronl an q a; ' tor the passage of this afit the
t ., OW ers of the police jure of' the parish of
; Natebitoclie* shall cease and determine
f within said city of Natchitoches, and the
! mayor and thecity council shall possess all
j the powers within said corporation which
: have been heretofore exercised by the police
...... .
i arty within the corporate limits of said cijy
i of Natchitoches shall lie exempt from the
- payment of all parish taxes,
m..-.' Be further enacted, etc., That
t ;L ;] ,y, , , - ,. ami ordinances of the mayor
| im d citv council shall have oficet two days
| aft< , r publication in the official journal of
; t h e parish, or alter certified copies of t'
; ari , three public places in
hem j
■ '
Sec. 21. Be it further enacted, et
, nv . .... . <. mav arise- in the adminis
tration „ { - t } lt . affairs of the eity of Natela
, 1!( ucc oi a failure or neglect
. U( v]< / ct ;1 „ r ,,:;-N.■ ,.„I officers thereof, it is
declared that all officer* elected
t ua ,i < , r ' (hi* act shall remain until their suv

.....:er tlii .. .
ccssots aie duly elected anil qualified.
Nr,. 22. Be it further enacted, etc.. That
tlii«"aet shall rake effect from and after its
pjis and tie- • *iit'T> fleeted under the
thru • i ei arter shall hold their offices until
tins fit st Monday in May. A. D. one thou
sand eight hundred and seventy-two. or
until their successors shall have been duly
elected and qualified, and the clerk ot the
. ourt -ii.s.i oilier an election nmh r this a< t
as ...on as the same is promulgated, anil the
officer* elected at said election shall enter
.. . disi i 3- their dutii - ••:. thf
• ■' - thousand eight
r as soon here
' fir-? Monday . .fi May. .tic
, ,
| iiumu'e<l ^v.*my * _ . , ;
| alter a? ihey may •;u....." V* ; I to
■ any * ffi.. r .U-ctc. *hail refuse^, la.l to
' quality within thirty flays Don* date ot
L hi* iur , u ; "
elected shall 1 - • u • d t <
election ?rt Ii.* :i v.ieuJie.v .-iKO* oe tuati* u
of this a 3*. _. .
Sec. Be it farther enacted, etc., mat
the right ot appeal ehai 1 exist iu at! eiree*
where" fixed penalties afid forfeitures shaa
be decreed under the provision* ol this
act. to the parish court ot the parish ot
Natchitoches in the manner and under the
formalities a* ia the cases of appeal,
, ei.-otton T,i u», -u.-n vaeaucy
J at dheld in aecoraauee with ;:••• »'•'*••••
and such appeals shali be tried ia prefer
ence to appeals in ordinary cases.
Sec. 24. Be it further enacted, etc., That
all laws or parts of Jaws in conflict with
this act, and on the same subject matter,
except the general laws of the State rela
tive to municipal corporations, be and the
same are hereby repealed,
(Signed) "O. H 'BREWSTER.
Speaker of the House of Representative*.
(Signed) P. B. S. PINCHBACK,
Lieutenant Governor and President of the
Approved July 5. 1812.
(Signed) II. C. WARMOTH.
Governor of the State of Louisiana.
A true copy:
F. J. Herron.
Secretary ot State.
By G. Be Ferie* & Co.
Parish of Orleans—
B y o. de feriet a fo-iohs o. sros
rose. Auctioneer—Office and salesrooms No. 50
Rural street.—THURSDAY. December 5, 1372, at
twelve o'clock M., at the SO. Louis Auction Ex
change, will be sold by public auction, by virtue
of an order from the Hon. L. Duvigneaud, Judge of
the Second District Court for the parish of Orleans,
dated October 30, 1372, the following described
property tor account of said succession—
Second District of this city, in the square
by Chartres, Conti, St. Louis streets and Ex
aher, and measuring 3 feet 7 inches 1 line front on
Chartres street, by hb feet II inches 3 lines iu depth,
anil 33 feet fi inches 5 lines on the roar line, together
with the two store brick store erected thereon,
containing ou the first lioora store, large carriage
entrance and stairway; ou the second tloor a par
lor, dining room, two bed rooms, 2 cabinets, hall,
stairway and landing: also, a one story zinc roof,
skylight brick building, used as office to the store;
a two story rear brick building, containing three
rooms below and three abort-; privies, cistern,
hydrant, gas. bricked \ aid; together w ith 260shares
ot l he capital stock of the Citizens' Bank of Louisi
ana reduced to 243 shares.
Terms—The purchaser to furnish a stock note to
the Citizens' Bank of Louisiana for #39(10, due on
the first, of January, i.,72. aud renewable according
to the charter of said bank, and to assume the pay
ment of two mortgage notes of #966 37 y. each,
both dated fifteenth January. 137", bearing interest
at the rate of eight per cent per annum from their
date till tica! payment, and due respectively on
January 15. 1373 and 1874 aud for the balance of the
price of adjudication cash. In case of suit tire per
cent attorneys' commissions, to be likewise secured
by special mortgage; the property to he kept in
sured and the policy to be transferred to vendors.
Act ol sale ibefore E. G. Gottachalk, notary pub-.
B yg. de feriet a to.
rose, Auctioneer—Office
_ _ _ Auctioneer—Office and salesroom No. 50
Rora: st'.eet.—THURSDAY, December 5, 1372, at
o'clock M„ at the St, Louis Auction Exchange, will
be sold by public auction, by virtue of au order
from the Hon. Louis Duvigneaud. Judge of the
Second District Court for the parish of Orleans,
dated October 31, 1372, the following described prop
erty, for account of said succession
s' CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, situated in the
Second District of this city, iu the square bounded
bv Roman. St. Philip Pi fern ami Crsu'.isea streets,
and measuring 32 feet fronton Roman street, by
60 feet in depth; together with the two-story
wooden house el ected thereon, and containing four
rooms below, four rooms above; a one story wooden
kitchen, containing three rooms, cisterns, privies,
Terms—One-third cash, and the balance on a
credit of *i.\- aid twelve mouths in notes seemed
by special mortgage and vendors' lien, with the
clause de non altenando, and bearing interest at
the rate of eight per cent pei annum from date
to iii.al payment; in case ot -a:* seven per cent
attoniev's'iees, to be likewise secured by mortgage;
the buildings to be kept insured and the policy
tivinsferred to vendor: the taxes «•: : 172. payable
in ! IT ■ to be assumed bv the put chaser.
Act of sale before A. Drevfous. notary pubi c,
n >2 9 16 23 39 '
the expense of the purchaser
l dt-3
AVENUE and chestnut STREET.
' It;. -Ik * c. for tin
No " •
, c: Or.cauj—
1>V G. DE FE
fj rose. Auction!
TUESDAY. . eeeinb
tffiee N. 5" Royal street.—
, JS7'2. at twelve o'clock M..
t!,e S'. Loo's Auction Exchange. in the base
m. , nu oo-L, of the Sr. Louis Hotel, will be sold
bv pa tot,' auction, by virtue of two-orders from the
I, u. I,.-;.- Dnvigne&ud, Judge ot the Second Ilia
; ict 0 oo:• iu the par, - : of «*• - dated August
;• . 3 iobci I ;*'. the following described
i role rtv brio: gittgto sail succession—
TWO'LOTS OF GROUND, in the Fourth District
of tin., citv. designated by the Nos. 3 arid *. iu the
c.iuare ijie.tnded b» Washington avenue. Camp,
Fottitit ui i Chestnut streets. OU a plan made by L.
if Pi'ie -u' vevov. dated January 16, depos
ited iutbeomee o! W. If. Petes*, late a notary pub
lic. said lots adjoin each other, and measure each
u feet front .on Washington avenue by 125 feet in
dr-nth, between parallel lines, lot No. 4 forming the
corner of Washington avenue and Chestnut street.
Together with the splendid two story brick resi
dence and dependencies, containing too large par
3,r-., a duungrooni and pantry. Luge hail.washroom
and kitchen, piazza and side gallery on the ground
poor live bedrooms and .1 tocsin grooms, hall, batii
• stern, shed; ga» introduced tluoughout thy wi
Tetms—The purchaser fo assume if - payment of
a mortgage t ote due Feb! itar.y 15. 1313, tor $ ,59",
and for the balance .»! the price of adjudication,
cash in United States treasury notes.
Act of safe before A. J. Lewis, nttary public, at
the expense of the purchaser.
m,7 16 '23 3(1 C--7 Kb
Second District Court for the parish of Orleans—
No. 55.739.
1 Y G. DE FERIET Sc <'<>. -JOHN O. MON
_> posK. Aiiclioiiuur — Ottire No. f.uRovai .struct.—
TUFSDAY, Dim ouibei 10, at twelve o'clock M.,
.il Tii*; m. L« uls Auction Excitant* 1 , will be sold by
public ain't ion, by virtue of an ordt*r ot t-lie Hon.
Louis Duvigneaud. Judge* ot thu Second District
< ouit for l b** parish oi Orleans, dateu November 1.
wing described property, for
1372'; t!'r tuliowing
't\Vo' LOTS OF GROUND, situated in the Second
District of this city, iu the square bouicleii b
guild v, Ursuliiies. Hospital aud L
acd designated by the NijS; 1 aud 2
1. Lot No 1 rnra-ur.'H 3t feet it inches ■> uses
troll 1 ou Burgundy street, by 127 teet h ; inches
5 lines in dept h between equal and parallel Uuw;
togethei "iili the one stoi.v and attic brick, suite
roof dwelling, containing a parlor, diningroom, two
bedrooms, a r 3; -s - lose.; gadery and stairway on
the ground liisir; two bedrooms, two cabinets ami
Stair lauding in the attic; a two story, slate roof,
brick building, containing a kitchen, ironing room
and cellar belov , two in tiro,unsand one small room
ab '.e; allotii r two story brick, slaty roof build
:i,r containing two rooms below ami two above:
:7 k -.U.o roof priv, and shed, b* : 3 room T wo *■:*■
ferns, hydrant, bricked jard. The gas is intro
duced in the Lou-e.
2. Lot No .2 adjoins lot No. i, and measures :u
•et.; I ini ilies i: ..i • rgund.i sircet by
127 feet lo inches 5 lines in dept!:, between equal
and pai slid fines, tngethei with tin one story and
■ ; slate ro< f dwelim m ■ -
j uig a pin (nr. diningroom, two 3 -Looms a large
' , , ; . . ami staii ■ a-. T • ground i!o n\
; iv., i. om e.tb: nets and si a 3 s ... mini u m the alto .
, arg two-st on brick. - - i : s
taming a kitchen, two rooms anil two cellars be
low anil three rooms above, privy, siied, cistern
ami hydrant. The yard is paved with brick.
2 . LOT OF GROUND, situated in the Second Dis
trict of this city, ill the square .ounded by St.
Puri; • R,e a U; >uhiie- and Bourn,, -.troets nieaa
urVn-' ' tee- il inches • i::ie.- t.out on St. l'bilip
street, b> 131 feet I" niches 6 Lues iu depth, be
tween equal and parallel !iuas; together with rite
t-.vn-.-toii Ol,. k house containing four rooms be
low -imr-lauding and four rooms above with front
and »:ue balcony; another two-story brick build
ing. I'ontahiing two looms am; a passage on the
ground 1!ooi and three rooms above; another two
fetor. brief: tiling, containing two rooms below
and'tvo morns above: a I rat un story building,
containing two rooms, cistern, hydrant, privy, ete.
Terms—One-third cash, balance on a credit of
i * . - . ■ . V Hi liot- • be:i'. Il:g i lilel I*st at tlO 1
rate of «:gl,r per eent per annum from day of sale
final payment, aud secured by special mortgage
■ ■ insured
prop..; ty to he kept
rre.i t«» veiulnr; iu ease oi
p --
and vendors lien: the
au.l tlie po'.if-y transit;
. . - • • •■ j • . <. attorney comm •*.••.>. an •
other usual penal clauses.
Act •» -• l« * ■ fore A E. B eriven*: tar; p .
!jt at the expense of tLe pur* .
!:»>* ' : - w" fleT l'i

By Bouis Stern Bros.
B 1
V tiOCTS «TERV & tsjrSTERN".
Auctioiif.er.-F . ■ • • • . 1372, at 1
..at their salesroom. Nu. it Chartres Attest,
w." 1* sold—
comprising an assorsmest raitable for city and
country trade.
Tens*—At »»'■«, fro
B7 G. De J'eriet & Co.
Second District Court lor the Pariah of Orleans—
So. 35,777.
B V f)£ P£K1£T ii CCI.-JOHH O. MOF
ROSE, Auctioneer—Office ami salesroom No. 50
Royal street.—THURSDAY, December 5, 1372. at
twelve o'clock 31., at the St. Louia Auction Ex
change, will be sold by public auction, by virtue of
two judgments rendered and signed September
30 and October 21, 1372, by Hon. Louis Duvigneaud,
Judge of the Second District Court for the parish
of Orleans, the following described propertv—
in the Second District of this cit
the «q
al aud
feet 7 inches front ou
bounded by Barraeks, Rampart, Hospital aud Bur
gundy streets, measuring 86 fet '
Barracks street, by 162 feet in depth; together with
jant, comfortable one-story and attic
e roof dwelling house, bearing No.
136 Barraeks street, containing two parlors, two
bedrooms, large entrance and hall, blind-closed
back gallery and stairway ou ground door. In the
attic four bedroooms, large hall, four cabinets,
blind-closed back gallery and stairway landing. Iu
the wing, a large &Iate-roof two-story brick build
ing. containing ou the ground lioor two rooms, a
kitchen, cellar, stairway and priyv; on the upper
door three rooms, bath room, stair landing and
privy. Another brick basement Three-story build
ing containing a washroom with hydrant in the
basement; on the upper door one bedroom and ou
the otliei door one bedioom A not lit r two-story
slate roof frame building containing two rooms be
low and two rooms above. Another brick building
containing two rooms (coal room), two cisterns,
large flagged yard, elevated dower beds planted
with elegant trees, shrubs, etc.
2. T\Vr> LOTS OK GROUND, situated in the same
square, designated by the Nos. 4 aud 5, measuring
each 24 feet front oil Rampart street, by 135 feet
7 lir es in depth, together with the {large shed
cted on lot No. 4.
ROUND situated in the Second
District of this city, in the square bounded by
Customhouse, Old Levee or Decatur, Bienville aud
Clinton streets, measuring 24 feet 7 inches 3
lines front on OM Levee street, 24 feet 5 inches
2 lines front on Clinton street. 37 feet 3 inches
6 lines in.depth on the side nearest Customhouse
street, aud 33 feet i) inches 1 line in depth on
t ie other line; together with the fine three-story
b ick store bearing No. 42 Old Levee street, now
0 oupied bv E. Bordelois, Esq,
Terms- ~
credit of
of age. repi es' nt ing one-si
and for Stanislas Plassan, survivor in ci
representing one-half or three-sixths ol
ertv. cash; and for tlie aforesaid minors,
ing one third or two-sixths of the propert
third cash and the balance at one and two ----,
with eight per cent per annum from day of sale,
with cotes of the purchaser to their own order, se
cured bv mortgage aud vendor's privilege on the
property sold, with live per cent attorney** tees in
case of suit to recover the amount of the notes, the
property to kept insured and policies transferred.
Acts ol sale before Theodore Buisson, notary pub
lic, at the expense of purchasers.
no2 9 16 23 30 de5
years, to wit: For the heirs
e-sixth of the \ ropeity, cash,
me prop
>ert.y, one
By S. Guinault.
corner ot Exchange alley and Bienville street.—
BAT UR DA Y, November 9,1872. will be sold at twelve
o'clock M., at the Merchants and Auctioneers' Ex
change, ou Roval street, between Cana! and Cus
tomhouse streets, by virtue of an order from the
honorable tlie Second District Court for (he parish
ol Orleans, dated September 30, 1872, the following
landed properties belonging to the aforesaid sue
•ssion. to wit-*
i \ LOT OF GROUND, situated in suburb Treme,
• end District ot this eity. in tlie square com
,>■ sed within Customhouse, Li's-rtv (late Treme),
Bicti * file and Marais streets, of square No. 26, said
,.t being designated bv No. 1, and forms thecoruer
if Customhouse and Liberty (Treme) streets, and
measure* Si feet 11 inches 5 lines fronton Custom
house •tree:, bv il* feet in depth and front on Lib
tTremet street, between parallel lines, as per
made by J. Commuuv, surveyor, oil the fif
th of January, 1841, and deposited in the effice
of Joseph CjivtHie*, a notary of this city. Together
with, the buildings aud improvement# thereon,
consisting of a two-storv brick house with veran
da and having on {the gioulid door two rooms
an.! hah it: the centre and three rooms in the upper
another brick house used as a kitchen, hav
ing four
the ground tluor and six in the
cr story, and another two stoiy ftame house
:o: I'.inirig I l:c above on Treme street, Iiav-ng on the
ground tloor * iiall. two rooms and sauii- bn triim
tion iu the upper story, paved yards, two cisterns,
i,v:ice, waterworks, etc.
Situated in the Second District of this city, and
measures 27 feet front on Conti street, by SO feet
3 inches J lines iu depth between parallel lines,
fronts ou Dctbignv street, where it forms the
■if: together with a frame house of three
c a two-story frame kitchen of four rooms,
shed, cistern, paved yard, privy, etc.
... A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, situated nl
the Fourth District of this eity. in the square com.
pii,ml within Josephine, Adele. Rousseau and
Levee streets, on a plan drawn by M. Keating, sur.
vevor ou the twenty-third of April. 1353. amt de
posited in the office of \V. II. Peteis. late notary of
this .-it v. aud measures37 feet u inches a lines trout
Oil Josephine strret. by a depth of 159 It. t 10 inches
3 lines, between parallel lines. Also. 35 shares of
$ lot) each, reduced to 33 shares in the capital stock
of tin- Citizens' Bank of Louisiana.on which a sum
of *525 is due to said bank, and is payable or re
newabie ou the first of Decemcer, 1372, according
to the charter of said hank.
Together with a frame house, Nos. 33 and 35, hav
ing six rooms; two old sheds used as cooper shops,
we.I, cistern, privy, etc. .......
The w hole agreeably to plans to be exhibited at
the Exchange. .....
Terms— For tlie property firstly *Te.ser;bv<:. sit
uated corner of Liberty (late Treme) and Custeiu
heiist? streets, the purchaser to pay cash Uie
amount of two mortgage notes, each ot $1447 50,
beini $2395, and tlie interest thereon, .at the rate
of five percent: said interest to be paid, besides
tlie price of ar 1 indication, trout the eighth of April,
ir:72. till paid, and tlie balance payable a? a credit
of six ami twelve months, bn notes sec;. 1 red by
mortgage on the property sold, bearing eight per
cent interst per annum from date until paid.
For the property secondly described, situated at
i of Conti and Derbigny streets, the
the cornel of Conti and Derbigny streets, tin* pur
chaser to pay cash tlie amount of a mortgage note of
$1100. ami tiie intt rest thereon at the rate of eight
. said interest to be paid, besides the price
cation, from the eighteenth day of Jan
uary, 1472. till paid, and the balance at six
per cent, said interest to be paid, besides the ]
• ad j ml:. ........
_____ive months credit, for notes secured by mort
gage on the property sold, bearing eight per cent
intetest per annum from date until paid.
Fm the property thirdly described, situated on
Jo-phiuc street. Fourth District, the purchaser to
his stock note
the Citizens' Bank of
Louisiana of $525, due to said bank and payable or
renewable^ the first of December, 1372, and the
balance payable at a credit of six and twelve
months for notes secured by mortgage on the
property sold, bearing eight per cent interest per
annum from date until paid.
The above property to be kept insured by the
purchasers and policies transferred to the inter
ested parties, and in case of judicial proceedings
lor the recovery of any of the notes given in pay
r the above property, the lawyers' fees,
five per cent, shall be at the coats ot
incut for the above property, the lawyers'
fixed at five per cent, shall be at the coats ot pur
_ of sale to he passed before William B. Klein
peter, notary public, at tlie expense ot purcliasers,
as w.-il th*-taxes tor the year 1 *2 payable m
1*7 3 008 16 24 31 no9
Set-Kid Ivvt: * Court for the Paris!* of 0
No. 35,837.
B V f »VI!N A If sT. AT'^'TIONEER—Office
THURSDAY November 14 1372, * .'A he sold at
eleven o'clock A M , at the corner of Oaiennie and
Tehonpitoulas streets, by virtue of an order from
the honorable the Second District Court for the
i>:; I • aii ot Orleans, dated November 2. 1872—
ware, aud a quantity of article* too tedious to
! M ■•:«-, ! Buggy and Hamiba l Nadtlie and
Bi .he.
Terms—Cush on the spot. t*o3 • G
District Court for the Parish of Orleans—
No. 35 27.
B y h. tiriNAULT, AUCTIONEER—Office
corner of Exchange aiie', - and P inn He street—
1 m .NATI RDAY. November 29. Jut*, at twelve
«>:,* k M. will be sold at tiie Merchants and Auc
tioneers* Exchange, Roval street, between Canal
1,1.:;se streets, bv virtue of an order
the honorable the Second District Court for
• . :■ . of • H i.-mis. dated October I t. I 17A—
A LOT OF t;ROUND, eituated in the
tltet of ties i.ity
(.ROUND, situated in the Third 7)is
city, in Faubourg Mniigur, being part
ated by the No. 7. ..f square No. 7,
it. Anthony. Love, Bagatelle and Good
sets, said lot ot ground measuring 31
teet ii inches 3 lines front on Love street, by a
...and front on St. Anthony street of 47 feet
inches, together witli the buddings and improve
IMS in ■ fuels on, consisting ol a house of four rooms,
an old kitchen, cistern, etc. Sec plan at the Ex
"E-Cash. *
Act of sale before O. Drouef, notary public, at
the expense of the purchaser, as -.veil as the taxes
of 1372, payable i
o: adjudication.
vable iu 1373. besides and above tlie
OS# SQ B0'
.« taxes
he price
........ AUCTIONS ALE S,
By J. B. Walton,
valuable property in the sixth district.
Vo. si* Magazine street. 9
Sf«oiuJ District Court for the Parish of Orleans*.
No. 35,726.
No. 162 Common street.—Ou SATURDAY, No
vember 9. 1872, at twelve o'clock M. at the Mer
chants and Auctioneers' Exchange, oil Royal street,
will be soul tlie following real estate, belonging to
tlie succession of Tneo. F. Ostrander, deceased, by
virtue and in pursuance of an order of the Hon,
Louis Duvigneaud. Judge of the Second District
Court for the parish of Orleans, dated September
25, 1872, court docket No. 35.726—
District of this city, in the square bounded by
Magazine, Toleda.no, Live Oak streets and Louisiana
avenue, and designated by lot B, on a plan drawn
by William H. Williams, on the twenty-seventh of
September, 1764, and deposited in tiie office of the
secretary of the council or the City of Jefferson,
feet 2 inches 4 lines front ou
Magazine street, by a depth of 127 feet 4 inches, be
tween parallel lines. The improvements consist of
a two-story frame dwelling, No. 914 Magazine street,
slate roof, containing .six rooms, pantry, cistern,
outhouses, etc.
Terms—Cash in United States treasury notes.
Act of sale before Joseph Cohn, notary at the ex
*nse of the pure*
revenue stamps,
By Placide J. Spear.
Second District Court for the Parish of OrleanB
No. 35,540.
Office No. 46 Exchange alley.—.SATURDAY,
November 16.1872, at twelve o'clock M.. will be sold,
at the St. Louis Auction Exchange, on at. Louis
street, between Royal and Chartres streets, by
virtue and in pursuance to an order from the Hon.
Louis Duvigneaud, Judge of the Second District
Court for the parish of Orleans, dated September 12.
1872, for account of the above succession, on twelve
months' credit, and f >r whatever it will bring—
TWO LOTS OF GROUND, together with build
ings and improvements thereon, situated in the
Filth District of this city, in Duvergerille, in
square founded by Jackson, Madison, Monroe and
Homer streets, and designated as lots Nos. 8 and 9,
on a plan drawn by A. D'Hemecourt, dated the
tenth of September, 1846, and deposited in the office
of S. F. Caire, then a notary, as plan No. 195 in
book of plans No. 3, bis. Lot No. 9, at the corner
of Jackson and Monroe streets,
front ou Jackson street, by 120
front on Monroe street; said lot
long tfi) the deceased by
* thereof fro
i G.
before Abel Dreyfous, notary public, dated the
of February, 1863, and lot No 3, adjoin
ing the same.
feet front on Jaei
street, by 120 feet iu depth, and was acquired by
the deceased from Mrs. Alex. Du verge, wife of J, B.
Olivier, by an act passed before S. Magner. notary
public, dated June 2.9, 1867.
Terms and Conditions—Tlie purchaser to furnish
his bond at twelve months, bearing interest at the
rate of eight per cent per annum from the date ot
sale until final payment, with security to the satis
faction of the court, and mortgage on the property
purchased, the cost and charges of the former
sale and the present one, amounting to $ 175, or
theieabouta, to be paid in cash, and in deduction
of the price of adjudication. The buildings to bo
kept insured for the amount of jfclieir value, 4ud
the policy to be transferred to the vendor.
Act of s;*le together with internal revenue
stamps, etc., before C. Morel, notary public, at the
the, following broken depth, «
a line parallel to U hart res i
on a li!i'* parallel again t<# Cl
By Francis Fernandez.
Seeouil Court forth* Polish of rtticiMs-o
No. 35,562,
and Real Kstatis Asi-nt, No. 97 Kxthange al
Jov.~SATCBDAY, Novt-inl)** K>, 1872. at twelve
o'clock M., at tlis* Meii-Iiants a;.<l Austtiouoors' Ex
eltamis-. Koval street, Between Customhouse and
Canal stieets, will be sold by Ttrtu* ot a judgment
rendeis-d By the Hon. I. Duvigneaud, Judge of th,»
Second District Court for the parish ofSirleans,
dated June 17. 137J, and signed on June 21, 1872.
aud by virtue of an orde* oi sale tome directed
hr Hon. L. Duvigneaud. Judge of the aforesaid
Second District Court tor the parish of Orleans.
.1 ited September 20. i 372, the iullawing described
property, to wit— . ,
I. ONE LOT OF GROUND, situated anff forming
the corner oi Chartres and St. Louis streets, Sec
ond District of this city, said lot being of an irreg
lar. decangular Jorm. anil having, in American,
measure. 32 feet front on Said Chartres street, on
........ viz: 45 feet finches on
t. li feet
Chartres street, fi h-et o
inches .
2 incites on another line parallel to Chartres street,
5 leef 8 incites on a line reclining toward St Louis
street, i feet 5 inches reclining more on said street,
and finally bv 2 feet 8 incites up to the centre of a
well, aud 02 Got fi inches front ou said St. Louis
street by a depth of 56 feet 3 inches on a line par
allel to Chartres street. terminating at the centre
of the well above mentioned. Togetlior with all
the buildings, improvements and other appurte
nances to tiie said lot belonging, including all the
partv rights to the walls of the buildings contigu
ous to those existing ou the lot of ground herein
described; said property being know u as LA PETIT
2. AND ONE LOT OF GROUND, situated in
square No. lfi, bounded by Oid Levee, Chartres,
Conti and Sit. Louis street, also in the Second Dis
trict of this eitv, which lot is designated by tit*
letter 11 ou a plan deposited in the office of S. Mag
ner, late a notary public of this city, as plan No.
71 aud as lot No. 3 on a plan annexed to an act
passed before Mare Latitte, then a notary iu this
citv, under date of January 6, 1323, said lot meas
uring 20 feet fi inelias 4 lines front unsaid Old
Leve! street. 24 feet 1 inch 7 !ine3 deep on
the line toward Conti street; thence running at
right angles 9 feet 10 inches 2 lines; thence running
a further depth of 10 feet 3 inches 7 lines; thence
running at right angles 2 feet 10 inches 1 line
toward IS-. Louis street; thence a further depth
of 2 feet 3 inches 5 lines; thence 14 Get 2 inches
7 lines wide in the rear; thence a depth line of 20
feet 7 inches 2 lines; ihence running a I right angles
toward Conti street until it strikes a last depth
line which measures 24 feet 1 inch 7 lines, up to
the place of beginning. Together with the build
ings, improvements and appurtenances to the
said lot belonging, and bearing No. 83.
Terms and Conditions—One-lialf eaob, tiie balance
at one and two years' credit, tiie purchaser or
purchasers furnishing notes, secured by mortgage
on tlie property sold and bearing inler«Ht ai tlm
rate of e'mlit per eeut from dale of sate until final
payment, with the clause of five per r»*nt attor
ney's lees in ease of non-payment at maturity,
and the properties insured and poiieh s transtt-rred
to the amninistrator of said estate until final pay
ment of the notes.
Acts of sale before Joseph Cuvillier notary pub
lic, at the expense of purchase r.s, toother with the
internal revenue stamps attached, il necessary,
oclfi 16 21 26 no2 8 15 16
By H. M. & B. J. Montgomery.
•—. • .
important f-tlK *)F •nolcu • l:> UiP.asniES
AT .Vi. 119 COMMON STCI-.U'.
Ai • . ? ..it-V at,: of C'lorgsGariijs-t, *»»; «ri*t«u 4
••augvr. a? I ** riot*.
!!. V. A- ?5. J. W>NTf.n.Uf;ttY~
>1. Mg:i 1 gfciu* ry. ' • N»*.
• 7 fgzup •tre**?.—Will be sold on FRIDA V, Novem
ber 1-*. a? hit IT-j»ast ten o'clock, at S<*. 119 •'omiuou
fetn-et •• • • rof'f Hon. Lo l ■ - •' .
of the S* etcitl District Uourt for th«? p^ri.sb of ♦«!
l.-an • date.l be*- l. I'M., No. " th«
docket of said court —
CHOD E riLl> BRAND!EM ^'I!HK!Kf as •>*•»■
Certii .'•••: George (Lampel spe^Uir and gang i.
Terms—di C'uitrd Matea treasury jioi* «.
B v Ii.
R. M. "
BOVSKHgM* furniture, pian
ai. Ac it. j. aio:.t«;oaikUV
; >NTGOMERV, tSuetion*-c• —f):2i'•- -V m
•jvy 11a I N<*. 87 • amp street — W:' j-" • •
. »i . SATURDAY TUESDAY' amj Tlii K>DV# «
t! • ,*■ • • aui ioom* No. it Niitehea . ■• T • •
m « 'M -k-»
OND-HANTs FURNITURE, fetich as Ko«e«-o04
. 1 and Walnut Bedsteads. Ai no r» *• •
v. d- f.r:ut Furniture. Mai'oc to;.* "♦
Tabic. Carpets, French Fiat* Mirant», «»! •**•*»
(J«>ok:ng .At•-•to. ^
Upright an ! Square I'UNG.feof fieae!, iwsrm sad
At their large warerooms'knon-B */*rmory fia'»
Vo 37 . amp street, a large stock ot NEW H R>.
TCRE of every description and design at private
Terms—Cash. u *
■ . u , , ^ - f
♦ >.4 * 44;r*ri«
amendment to charter.
A -
° State of LorrsrAKA ,)
Parish of Orleans, City pf New Orleans. )
Be it known that on this ninth day of October,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
tired and seventy-two, and of the independence of
the United States of America, the ninety-seventh,
before me, Andrew Hero, Jr., a notary public in
for the parish of Orleans and city New Orleans
State of Louisiana, duly commissioned and quali
fied, and in the presence of the witnesses herein
after named and undersigned, personally came and
appeared Edward B. Benton, of this citv, president
organized corporate body, domiciled in this city,
instituted under the provisions of an act of tho
Legislature of the State, No. 21->. entitled "an act
to incorporate the Loan and 'Pledge Association,"
approved October 31, 1368; also Richard I(. Wood,
cashier of said association, and Messrs. Benton
and Wood, herein acting for and on behalf of said
association, under and by virtue of a resolution of
the Board of Directors thereof, passed at their
meeting held on the-day of —.—.
Which said Messrs. Edward B. Benton and Rich
ard H. Wood, in their said capacities, presented
unto me, notary, two certain instruments of
writing, purporting to be written agreement ct
the stockholders of said Loan and Pledge Associa
tion, made and entered into at a general meeting
of said stockholders : convened, for the purpose of
changing the name of said association and accept
ing the benefits and privileges granted or intended
to be granted to the said association by the Legis
lative of this State, numbered seventy-seven, en
titled "An act to authorize the stockholders of the
Loan and Pledge Association lo change the name
of the incorporation, and to grant certain privi
leges to said association," approved March 9, 1870,
which said general meeting was so convened after
thirty days notice in the English and French lan
guages, published in the daily newspapers having
the largest circulation in the city of New Orleans,
and such proposed change of name and acceptance
of the aforesaid act No. 77 of the Legislature of
this State for 1870 was assented to by the unani
mous vote of all the stock represented at aut-h
meeting; which said instruments of writing said
appearers requested me to record and deposit iu
my notarial archives, to serve and avail as occa
sion *shaU require, and they are written in tho
words and figures following, viz:
Office of the Loan and Plf.dok Association', ?
New Orleans, La., September 16, 1872. i
Iu pursuance of the notice published on and since
tlie thirteenth day of August, 1872. in the New Or
leans Times and tlie New Orleans Bee, for a meet
ing of tho stockholders of tlie Loan and Pledge
Association, to beheld the sixteenth day of Sep
tember. 1372,-to accept the act of the Legislature
•f Louisiana approved March 9, 1870, entitled "Aro
act to authorize the stockholers of the Loan and
Pledge Association to change the name of the in
corporation, and to grant certain privileges to said
association," we rim undersigned stockholders,
each and severally holding and representing the
number of shares of the capital stock of the Loan
and Pledge, Association written below and opposite
our siguitures or names, do hereby respectively
vote and assent for said association to accept said
act of the Legislature of Louisiana, approved
March 9, 1879, entitled "An act to authorize the
stockholders of the Loan and Pledge Association
to change the name of the incorporation, aud to
grant certain privileges to said association." In
testimony whereof we have hereunto subscribed
our names opposite our number of shares.
This done in meeting assembled at the office of
said association, at New Orleans, Louisiana, tho
sixteenth day of September, in the year ot our
Loard one thousand eight hundred and seventy
Original signed: Shares.
E. B. Benton...................................... 395
John Lockwood ................................. 280
H. A. Witiliotf..................................... 150
R. H. Wood....................................... 10
J. W. Ilillmau.................................... 200
F. 0. Abbot....................................... 25
A. Benedic........... 85
J. M. Burchar.lt, bv E. B. Benton, attorney in
fact..............'................................ 35
E. B. Benton, president Loan and ineilf-B Asso
ciation....................................... 25
D. Pocheiu...................... 50
H. Burke, per pro John Burke.............ei-e.. 10
W. E. Murphy*................. 5
C. H. Foster........................... fi ......... 10
Signed and acknowledged by allot' the above par
ties befo e us.
Signed: Si. JOStiPHSON,
i o® ?hh Loan and Pledge J?Aso»i4vroN, ®
, September 16, 1872. ?*
pursuance of the notice published on and
siuce the ttirteenth day of August, 1872, in the
New Orleans limes and the New Orleans Bee for a»
meeting of the stockholders of the Loan and
Pledge Association, to be held the sixteenth day of
September, A D. 1372, to signify their assent U9
change tiie name of said association to the Accom
modation B.ink of Louisiana, we, the undersigned
stockholders, each and severally holding and rep
resenting the number of shares of tee capital
stock or the Loan and Pledge Association, written
belo# opposite our signatures or names, do hereby
vote and assent for "aid stock to change tlie name
otf the Loan and Pledge Association to tho Accom
modation Bank of Louisiana, by which latter
name the incorporation shall hereafter be known
aud design.*!ed. This is done by virtue of and iu
accordance with the proviiious of article twelve
of the act of incorporation and of section one of
" ' ' " ' "" of Louisi
an act to
and Pledge
Association to change the name of the incorpora
tion, aud to grant certain privileges to said asso
ciation, which last aforesaid act was this day ae*
cepted by tlie stockholders of the Loan and
Pledge Association. In testimony of our
tin? acS of the ^Legislature of the State
ana, approved March 9, 1870, entitled
aiiUiorizx- the stockholders of tlie Loan a
hied, subscribed our names this sixteenth day
of September, iu the year of our Lord »i«5 fehoife
6and eight hundredauAseventy-two.
Original signed: 0 "I*.hares.
John Lockw'ooito . . 0 $>..o.*•;«.. . O .„®o.o......•••. .280
E. B. Benton.................... •» . 0 .... . . .395
Hi A. \Vith<>5#. o • o* . o ................. - • .150
R. II. Wood............. e. • • ... D«
,). W Q ............................................2(Kj
FaO. Abbot... r.., e ....... 25
A 0 Benedic----• • • .• .........................85
Jo M. Buithardt, ©<•; k,. &. Benton, attorney in
fact......*-.......\... 0 .«> .............33
EoiJ. Benton, pn'.--EcutA>f&.oau»nd Pledge Asso
ciation........................ ----•.....25
D. Pocheiu........................ ... . 50
II. Burke, pc*. .foTiu Buikffc...o „ « . .. . • <® 16
W. K M u rpln~ . o.... o.... 0 c . c .. o ..... 5
C. H. Foster.......o....... «>.o. ....** ...... 10
and acknowledged ivr all *t the above
ckigm-d a
parties Bs •
W|ii ;!i said ilucimieuls.aftf-rSoiugtlius 11-cordt-tl
were annexed in the margin hereof for reference.
And the said Messrs. Benton ?nid Wood moreover
declared, in their said capacities, that by virtue of
tin- authority iu them vested by the aforesaid reso
lutions ot said board of directors, and in order to
more tully carry into effect said acceptance and
change oi name, that the Loan and Pledge Associa
tion aforesaid, by the unanimous vote of all tlie
stockholders represented at the aforesaid general
meeting, have and do hereby formally acei-pt all
the rights, benefits and privileges granted or in
tended lo be granted to said association by the
aforesaid act No. 77 of the Ia gislature of this .Stale
for the year 187b, and that henceforth the name
and tit le of said Loan and Pledge Association shall
be and is hereby d» dared to he the Accommoda
tion Bank of Louisiana, and to these ends they
hereby require and authorize the recorder of
mortgages in and for this parish to enter these
presents on the books of his office.
This done and passed iu my office, at New Or
leans aforesaid, in the pieseiiee, of Paul A. < onand
and George Genas, witnesses, both of this e.t.y,
who hereunto sign their names with the parties
and me the said notary, the dav aud date afore
Original signed:
R. ii. WOOD, C.ishier.
K. B. BUN*ToN, President.
ANDREW HERO, JR.. Notarv Public.
P. A. Conanp,
Gkorpk Akna>.
I, Audit w Hero, J-.
do cert ifv that i l e Do <
copy of the original
records, which originn
in tlie mortgage office
No. 9, folio 21,
'hand ■
eleventh of <
State >>y I.#.r: ana, i
City of New- Orleans. J
notary public as aforesaid,
t-goiug i.-j a tnie and coriect
act extant i:« my notarial
! :n't has hef n duly unit <1
t»r this parish, in book
al at New Orleans this
JR., Notary Public.
o-sbaud—No. 222.fi
!•« ?jU8
fi-eutii day of January. i ;7J. jiidgnn-nt vras ren
dered in this wrourt ?u tiie foiknving errtitlt d suip
ir. file word* and Mgn.es folioaing, t.* -
Ah tiie 'CuMofc »jai#nvinl»bR
hat.d. No. 2273
In ttii» ,niHC. f*fi,.is-oi4.? eonfeii%>r:n« ».•
ev.il.*,!.■» to l,• * A*
Iff is «». ii> ty ii *b: ti ^ fe-.d i '7.* •••.•*
V iudgnn in in Ciroi • • ; • nt 'ft.. » • «
and a-Min « .1. te'.iin IU :.e i v. ,n! . e I., r
Itusband. «.•»>.»,: g ».«*■-• i a lion d».<M..je >•). l.t
tweea l-iieni; d. ® an Git iiafee rne ad nan.si rat-.fen
•f her private a ,i i.di ... G: t y, and -l.af
rec.ivt-ref a.ie! •te.»aidaijr.«(n: snru o? Sdm.ai,;« ■
eo.ta offeuit, with m vh•'•«<• as allouysj l»v l»'.v t'«
married worne.i on «... f>:7q.ern 'hoi* In s'oaadv
i Jildgna-llt 6..fti!e«e.i JaljUalijoitfi 1372.
..—J faiiii.i' s • - ; 1
•st. 3*1 g'9
f o tivYRL^S
foi.Thrt® ?!*- 10111*90
affixed ti.i -• a. •*: th*; court at ?! &
• Ke*' Oj '<• -if^ , ® w* ! !! rat •»
. ■ iu .* oi® oui i-9. o o tho
« it iiumin-A « lSi -.o-'-ein v-i.w m, ami th* niuety
fiuvt-■,,(!: %. mi *>} the i-'idep-mhuiee <.« ?',• United
« -a. , RJCHAR!^
•i. SO ■
Deputy fl7efk.
VeS **f tUUIAtJfie-.WAPPY .9.Eft®E« *OR
I / voung mt-^tiom tie- Ml'eCtSOfeTroifj Hi:d«th::aes
! : a ir any life. ^'auhon'USeatoifcd. IiupedimeutA Uj
j itnaiTia^R rumovi-ii, New method of tieatiner.% New
: i*nfi i-Moukiibf (Pooka ^Uftularo
' Ben? free, in sealedfc&TKlopoa. , ,
Addrcfift Howard
tlon.'^o. S Ninth
street, Philadelphia. Peaasylvanii*— an. institution
having a high rejmtatiofc ^ kmorable conduct

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