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tint' (Orleans ^qniblican.
May be had of the following dealeie:
George Ellis, opposite the Postoffice.
C. C. Haley, No. 19 Commercial place.
C. G. D. Holle, No. 61 Exchange place.
A. Simon, St. Louis street, between Royal
•treet'and Exchange alley (under St. Louis
Janies Ennis, Pontchartrain railroad de
pot, Third District; also at depot, foot of
Lafayette street, First District.
Variety news stand, No. 3S Daupliine
Street, between Customhouse and Bienville
■ streets. _ _
BY R. M. Si B. J. MONTGOMERY, at ]1 o'clock
at No. 27'Natchez street, a general assortment o
second hand furniture, eta.
i.T WILLIAM EGAN, constable Third Justice
Court, at 12 o'clock, at No. 81 Bienville street
ehairs, wasbstand, office el (nr, office desk—G.
E. Schmidt vs. Louis Sobreck, Jr.
BT A. HUSTON, at 12 o'clock, at St. Charles Auc
tion Exchange, portion oi ground ou Market
place and Levee street—succession of James
BY HOEEMAN, MARKS k CO., at 10 o'clock, nt
No. 164 Canal street, mirrors, oil paintings,
chromos, engravings, statuary, cords and tas
sels, picture frames and show cases—assignee's
sale, bankrupt estate of Wagner & Meyer.
BY O. DK FKKIET !i CO., at 11 o'clock, at No. 45
Exchange alley, entire contents of barber's
shop—succession of J. Templeton Green.
BY 8HKR1EK HARPER, at 12 o'clock, at Merchants
and Auctioneers' Exchange, lot of ground and
buildings on Basin and Conti streets— Mrs.
Caroline M. Broils vs. Mrs. Johanna Rouse!. Lo t
of ground and buildings on 8t. Louis street—P.
H. Mousseaux vs. Michael HochenedeL At JOh
o'clock, at No. 28 Peters street, furniture and
movables in an offioo—William h. Vrtdenburgb
vs. W. H. Vredenburgh, Jr., and E. E. O'Brien,
At 5 o'clock, at No. 266' Main street, furniture
and movable effects on said premises—Armand
11. Eelmas va. Simeon Eelden and Octave Foy.
Local Intelligence.
Draining Machine Engineers.— Among
the most important offices to he tilled by the
new Administrator of Improvements are
the engineers of the draining machines. To
their skill and tact is the city in ftiany cases
indebted for the prevention of an overflow.
In this connection, therefore, it is stated
lhat Colunel Lewis is determined in retaili
ng Mr. Smediey, of the London avenue
draining machine, in his present responsible
capacity. He is said to be one of the most
careful, able and experienced engineers in
the service of the city.
City scrip is gliding upward with hearty
Only six trifling arrests in the first pre
s.inot yesterday, wherefore Alternate Bon
efiuo is rejoiced.
A fact for~temperance~men—Christmas j
(morning the officers of the first precinct
Station, through kindly feelings, offered
ninety-eight free lodgers a drink of good
red-eye. A single individual refused to par
take, for the reason that he was destitute
of bowels. Ninety-seven took theirs and
wished for more, oven after 83ven fat bottle?
had been drained.
'Gone Home.— Yankee Bligh, the Louis
ville detective, started for home last even
ing, accompanied by Henry Troy and Rob
ert Hayden—the accompaniment being
charged with burglary and larceny.
, , . ... ,
number will probably be obtained to-day.
Martini and Didio, the foreign gentlemen
(charged with murdering a man to obtniu
tte money on his life, insurance policy, were
up before tbe Criminal Court yesterday for
trial, but the ease went over until to-day,
as At'orney General Field was able to
obtain only eight jurymen. A sufficient
Thursday and Friday steam boatmen,
found it quite impossible to hire laborers
to work on the vessels, the men saying that
they would not toil while the weather was
so oold. Delicate fellows, they should be
furnished with pocket stoves.
Unusually Cold.— At nine o'clock yes
terday morning the thermometer indicated
trifi', ten degrees below freezing point.
There is no telling how low the thing went
previous to the hour named. lee was seen
in the streets and gutters all day, while
chilling blasts, directly off the north pole
froze the marrow in every thin man's bones,
Almost every human nose seen had an iu
tack of epizooty.
Burglars at Work.— The Shoe store of
Mr. C. Falk, corner of Burgundy and St.
Peter streets, was burglariously entered by
unknown parties, by means of false keys,
between Tuesday night and Thursday
morning, and leather and other articles to
the value of $500 stolen. The store had
not been visited by the proprietor during
the interim named. An old bag and a bit
of candle were left on the premises by tbe
Dealers in the thermometer ring were
badly beaten yesterday, as the instruments
went down so very low.
A quartette of Italians last evening
amused themselves at the French Market
by making a four-handed duel. OdIy one
man was wounded, and of course he was
arrested. His name is Albert Boutrion
The others are Gaspard and Antonio Lami
and Kobert Loohara. Tne little l'ua is tbe
consequence of an old feud, and the end
will not be seen until one or more ot them
gives the ooroner a bit of trouble.
Very Dead.— About seven o'clock last
evening offijers fouud Peter Gonzales laid
out at Morgan's railroad depot, stiff and
cold. He was taken to the first prerinct
statienhouBe, as a subject for the coroner.
Turnkey Lynch did not believe the msn's
life extinct, therefore, rolled him up in
blankets, and in an hour the fellow began
to move, and sullenly asked for a drink.
It was then discovered that he bad been
dead—drunk. Had he remained exposed
outdoors all night he would doubtless bave
ueea frozen.
Carl Kratobe slept uneasily in the first
calaboose lust night, although he unbur
dened his mind by confessing that he stole
a gold wa'oh, chain and locket from Charles
W. Pliiinp. Carl is a waiter, but could not
m ait pat,. .tilly lor riches to come to him, con
sequently will pass many months ia prison
Tte Stetntsltip CcrinfhJan.
The eteit-mship ConuthUn, the pioneer
vessel of the Liverpool and New Orleans
Allan line; arrived at Southwt «t Pass last
evening, at four o'clock, and will be up at
her wharf, loot of St. Andrew street, this
5|It will be seen by our London dispatches
fhat ef the twenty persons lost by the
wrecked steamship Germany, cf tbs Allan
line, twelve wero passenger*. One Auaeri
cah was among the loot.
Strangers in a Htrange I and.
A group of men huddled about the grate,
n« %% liiv.li the fire burned low. Men lay like
f^ulders were met everywhere. Then they,
cord wood, thick upon the rough wooden
breaks, lengthwise and across. Men lay
on the floor, which was spattered ou all
sides with expectoration. On either side
of.the passage between the rough sleeping
places the arms and legs of men projected.
Coats of all colors hung from shoulders
crouching in the chill of an empty pocket,
and possibly an empty stomach. Who were
they i Lodgers at the first precinct. Waifs
cast adrift from comfortable humps and
firesides away oft—strangers, and ia a
strange land.
" What made you eonae here ? " asked the
reporter ol a cripple, whose shortened leg.
hung limp and dejected beneath iron gray
"Come here," said he, "why what's a
man to do as gets in a strange place, and
has no money nor friends !"*
"So you are all strangers, then ?" inquired
the reporter of the group standing with
huddling shoulders at the fire-place.
"Come here from New York yesterday, - '
said one.
"Got down from Sr. Louis to-day, sir,"
replied another.
"It's very cold here, sir," another said.
"If you were outside new you'd think it
was warm," one spoke up who bad just got
"1 told Jim not to hit that feller, but he
would. The feller jumped him in a jiffy;
pounded him, too. I tried to stop it and
got my head—that's the reason it's tied up
in a red handkerchief', if you want to
This story of woes came from a couple in
a top bunk, whose legs, dangling down,
showed they would have to sleep sitting il
they slept at all. The sally produced a
general laugh.
One hundred and twenty men, black and
white, were there; nine-tenths were white
and nearly all strangers.
The place had a smell fearfully human;
an odor of sweat and toil, very little smell
of spirits, a good deal of tobacco. All had
the nonchalance which belongs to those
who Lave reached 1 lie bottom dollar, know
ing well that nothing worse than this could
possibly happen to them this Vide of life,
the careless feeling of men who know they
can get no further down from the lowest
round of the ladder, and the *entiment all
those fee! when they have touched bottom
in the sea of luck, and the top wave which
will bear them into some piece of good for- !
tune is >:;d their reach—perhaps fie
Night had come on, the stars Vgati to
shine, and the gaslights to twinkle in the
streets, so silent and lonely to them, and
the < «!d, bitter and st-nging, crept closer
and eloser, descended the throat in waves
of hoarseness, numbed the feet and hands,
rough blasts dimmed the eyes and cold
for this was the story of all, turned their
! steps hither for shelter, and, uncomfortable
1 as the surroundings were, they could be
I jolly when contrasting it with vha: tvs?
' left.
The wind, been and wintry, howled down
the chimney. It made them hug one an
other closely, for under such circumstances
tbe most reserved of men Lave no objection
to a close, companionship.
One lodger was a sailor, whose
Louse Lad turned him our of door
"On a told night like this ?'* inquired to*
They don't take noVonnS ik weather,
sir." be replied, meekly.
A lodger, who affected green cap with
a tassel, Lad missed Lis way—his friends
were all going {o Teias, and he would re
join the in.
By this time the reporter Wat, the *vyno«
sure of all eves." They stared ef him from
, 1Pa(1 , whoeo ,, bica re8teil on tL . bunks ,
scowled down from ehaggy height, of brow
ti hey were all wanderers. J>. young fe!- j
low, tv he. apoke like sixty Inif looked like
underneath slouch hats, and pee-jv
ousiy at him from black lace*.
twenty, Lad sot seen Lis mother'* face i
Since he was Dine years old—nr liad run off f
to sea. and talked volubly of lb, place. !
where he Lad been. Asked what he would *
do if Le L.ad Lis owa way, he replied he i
would set up a blowin' machine ur a t« n-:iin j
alley, be wasn't certain which.
It may be just a.s well for those »v?io>
••have a home to go to,"' using the language
of one of Ihe lodgers, to reflect that he is
better off with the home, his wife and fa ic
ily. though they live in one room, than those
strangers cast ashore here stripped of every,
thing which men enjoy—money, friends
and body furniture. Every day a new ilius- !
tration is given that man is a social animal,
for it was generally noticed whenever the
door opened and a new comer was admitted
Le generally scraped an acquaintance and
compared notes with somebody before he
had been there time enough to look around
There is more destitution in this city '.hat
one would suppose. The people who go out
hunting fuel have increased, and even men
are not ashamed to go out on these expedi
tions. Life always become harder os the
weather grows colder. It is a daily inci
dent to have lodgers apply for a night's
rest, but it seldom happens that nearly one
hundred and twenty asked for shelter here,
in a single right. But then they are
"strangers in a strange laffd."
Mirrari*. Chrotnos and Oil Faialins« at
- Auelion.
Messrs. Hoffman, Slarks A Co. will Bell
to-day at ten o'clock, at No. 164 Canal
street, the entire stock in trade of Wagner
A Meyer, in bankruptcy, consisting of
nrirrors and looking glasses of all sizes and
description*, oil paintings by the best mas
ters, chromos, steel and copper plate en
gravings, marble ami clay statuary, cords
and tassels and picture frames. A large
and splendid assortment ot show eases will
also be sold, to which the attention of mer
chants ia invited. This sale will afford an
opportunity to ti e public to buy valuable
goods at low price*.
The Temperature.
The thermometer at Louis FrigerioV, j
No. 50 Chartres street, yesterday stood us i
follows: At 8 A. M..19-; at 2 P. M.. IkF; j
at 0 1'- 31., 29°. Lowest point during the '
night of December 27. CP.
A very bean: if al y«»
lar "
iiy, which is iauiDile
<]■) hurx—above the
Bittgcitieil until t!v
ii r^e at* nature. W
of eai-iiags of him
broach en suite. Th
on hate, bonnets, :c
very cosily and olo;
®on liy. The beut.te
delicacy of furai oi
very handsome o:tJ
not object to iinito'
l '(irure for ftm il
* id % g
liy comb, fast; licnl by »
liir out »nt.iliei'
tl lui/.z—;t v.c
ite-J fl.i-e .
brc.tv. Both i.
• > ; •
y look cl- \ .-ii •
ith the comb i
* k pa
.til w.iicr-ffiefi
.. i .
o ii al of ;h.* -
• *
jjururcs aitU iu
battao8 It j
died .
r <>f t'.e i.-iaii*
tu. 4 ia-T-.i z.-.
it j
SL. it! ,vt •
• L-j d.'# i
C-41 ip-vCi i.1 1*
. • .'4 • •
Wrecked in Boston Bay.
Oar dispatches this morning report the
Iols of the ship Peruvian from Singapore
for Boston, on Cape Cod. All hands were
lost. The same dispatches report the loss
of the steamer Kadish from Manilla to Bos
ton, in Boston bay. Tits captain and six of
the crew were lost.
The Peruvian, Captain Vannah, sailed
from Singapore July 8, for Boston. The
bark Kadosh (not the steamer Kadish)
sailed from Manilla July C and passed An
gler September 21. She was commanded
by Captain Mathews.
One of the Smith family in Connecticut
has killed over $125 worth of woodcock and
partridges in less than three weeks.
A Valuable Medical Treatise.—The edition
for !£?:: of the sterling medical annual known as
Hostellers Almanac is now ready, and may
be obtained, free of cost, of druggists
and general country dealers ia all parts
of Jui United Statue and British America,
and indeed, in every civilized portion of
the Western Hemisphe re. This Almanac has been
issued regularly at the commencement of every
year for about one-fifth of a century. It combines
vrirh the soundest practical advice for the preser
vation and restoration of health, a la* go amount of
interesting and amusing light reading, and the cal
endar, astronomical calculations, chronological
iremn, etc., are prepared with great care, and will
be found entirely accurate. The issue of Hostel
's Almanac for 1073 will pr- bably he the largest*
edition ( f a medical work ever published in scy
country. The prop! it tors, Messrs. Hostetler A
Smith, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, on receipt of a
two cent stamp, will ibrward a copy by mail 10
any one who can not procure a copy in his neigh
borhood. ' d» 24 eod W
Freisbt Notice. Ne
Great Northern Railroad
New Orleans, Louisiana,
New Orleans, Jackson a
road Comp
: and aiu
Orleans, Jackson and
ompany, Freight Office.
December 2b, 1872.— The
il Great Northern RaL
glit as customary
THURSDAY, December 26, 1872.
h. A. BURKS,
Freight Agent.
Notice to the Stockholder* of the New
Oi ieaus Republican Printing Company is hereby
given that a meeting of stockholders will beheld
at the office of the company, No. 94 Camp street,
on MONDAY, January 27, 1873, at 2 P. M., lor the
purpose of considering a proposition to increase
the sto< k of the company.
By order of the Board of Directors.
T. It. TRaCT, Secretary.
New Orleans, December 26. 1372 3Gt
Office of the Carondeiet Street anil Car
rollton City K iiiro d Company, No. 5 Caroudelet
street. rear buildings third fmor.—Notice is hereby
kholders that an election for
imioany will be hid 1 on MONDAY,
given l* the etoc
director* t*' th # ev
Janua*> «♦. 1873, at
oVIieV.n. to 2 P. M.
dt*23 KDMON
jve office—ftora twrl#
BURTHE, President.
Marriasre.— Happy relief fur ybung men
from the effects of errors and abuses in early Hit-.
Manhood restored. Impediments to marriage re
moved. New method ol treatment. New and re
markable remedies. Books and circulars sent tree,
in sealed envelops.
Ninth street, Philadelphia, Penns n 1 vania—»u insti
tuti )ii having a higi. reputation tov honorable com
duet and professional Bkill. dt-13 3:n cod
New Orleans* National Hanking: Jtssocia*
°,on New O.leans. December 17, 1872—The annual
meeting of stockhoidcis, for the election of twolve
directors to serve the ensuing y« ar, will be held at
the banking house, No. 102 Canal street, ou MON
DAY', January 13. i8"^, bet ween the hours'of 10 A. !ffi
and 2 P. M ---
<lel9 tjalJ
*fhe LoniKtana National Hank, New Or
leans, December l.\ «- 72.—The annual meeting of
stockholders lor the election of Directors to serve
the eufu '.'g year will be held at 'he banking Louse
>n TUESDAY. January 24,1872-between the hour#
if 0 A. M. and 2 p. M.
del? lm A. LURTA. Cashier.
HENRY BhACIlK, Cashiec.
joa. mTu?*
* ci-.-i- im
Ki'w Orleans Mutual Insurance *s*ori:i
fion.—New Orleans, December 5. telJ.—The annual
e.eetion for twelve Director, of inn New Orleans
Mutual Insurance AssoeialiOD, to serve durioK the
ensuing year, will be held at its office. No. 102 Ca
nal street, on the EOUBfTH Monday in dk< em
BEB. - twenty-:Bird instant, between <h. Lour* oi
O. tAN'Afli. Secretary
Nolice.—All my powers of attorney, special or
ei.era!, heretofore If.if. by Betij. H. Pring. are
hereby revoked and canceled from this dais
• 'i!At.'Lr.'' CLINTON, No. 47 Oarojidelei atree?.
New Orleans, L:i.. December 2G,-*1872. de27
At « «pecinf meeting tii she (Board of
Direclurs of the I.oin-utnti Equitable Life fusnr
an- e Comp:* ,• fo ld this cay, beeerubei 27 IS72. ei
their office, comer <e, Carondeiet and Oravier
streets, E. Hart ion;, was unanimoualv elected
vice President. WILLIAM tfENOhkSON,
d»-27 tt ___ St-eretai y.
Notice to Consignees.—New Orleans, Jackson
and Great Northern Railroad Company. New Or
leans, November 30, 1372.—Consignees of sun
dry freight and cot|i>j! t*eeived per NewOrleaiiS,
Jackson 41 ml Great Northern railroad, lm«
elaiit-s against tl* « eompany foe loss or damage,
are requested to render 3 * bill, attaching thereto
tic f:- y i .t or'jotificatiu. « mrele ar 1 ic* .dC-* .
a Is 1 *!,»' '-ill of taditig for tbe shipment. Zil claim*
for loss or damage on shipments of freight from
New Orleans should be accompanied bv the dray
receipt, till of lading, or copy of same. Con
fortuity with these requirements
ith ihei
jmpi Mtigauon pud adjustment of claims.
no30 ii. A, BURKE, Freight Agent.
*T) " ~ : ----
Special Notice.—New Orleans, Jackson ana
Great Northern Railroad tlompanv. Now Orleans,
to th-e offloa at opo a l:st «f all consiguece for
Btoru cotton
ose account
•i iff. w »
rta per
. ralfroa
and Gn at North
h. A. BUKKN,
Froiglit Aient.
Batchelor's Hair Ilye.—This splendid Hair
Dye is the best id the world. Tbo only true aud
perfect dye. Harmless, reliable anji instantaneous;
no diuappnintLnent; no ridiculous tints or unpleas
ant odor. Remedies tbe ill effects of Lad dyes and
washes. Produces immediately a superb black or
natural brown, and !ea\es tbe hair clean, soft and
beautiful. The genuine, signed by W, A. Batchelor.
Sold by all druggists.
ec3 1 e Proprietor, New York.
Fifili Di-iriet Court for tbe Parlefi ef Orleans—
No 400.1.
SaSRTFP'e OfTTCE, FaK SB •'*!' 0*1.1?A.V* }
So'.r Orleans, December 27, 1872. J
j. \ of a ■writ of provisional seiav;r« in rein, to mo
directed l>y the Louorable the Fifth District Court
for the parish of Orleans, ia the; abo^e entitled
rause, I*have seized, provisionally, ami taken into
my possession and safe-keeping the building known
as tbe Commercial Pavilion, situated at the corner
of Levee a;.d Poydraa streets, in the First District
of This city, amt on which said building plaintiff
claims the sum of two hundred an*l twelve dollars
and fifty cents, advanced by him out of his per
sonal funds for the protection and preservation of
tiie same, the owner or owners of which (if any)
are alleged to have abandoned tlio same, amino
person can be found who is willing to exorcise pny
eontroi * v r ir. And all persons tfaeteiii interested
are Hereby notified and invited to appear, within
fifteen days from :be date hereof, ami answer the
petition ti ed in this case.
d« - .• W. P. HARPER. Sheri If.
or ;r> vtkd r. v* \
Distr : ct of Loi;>
nn, Decern b*
•; "1
net to extend ;;
private lend * lah
i;ils and Miasm
Arrowsmith. ot
Jiled n swoni s*a'
land era bra* •••! iu •
township twelve so
eastern district, Let
river, fronting r,i its i.orr!
Et. John, s * <i bounded «;n
Jean Baptiste CastiUon, ou
Daniel ( lark, and on tl*c
eu .lime lo, 1872, entitled 11 A
l for the ilnsl adju-tm^ut c
• the States of Florida. Lone
and for other purposes," Joh
Orleans, Lonisiann., bavin
; :sn*l documentary eviden*
*r» of Li« claim to tin
th, range
\V 60 <3 1 on
No. 137,
eleven cas
t, south*
t of the M
point on tl
e K fc .TO R
■«?st hy the
claUii ol
f^ast hy the
claim of
Ih hy the
chrn; uf
J. L»-bn
ords of this
hn Arrowsni:
oti: >
W .'».SDA1 . V
. c •
.'S '

• (
# . • i
ol tint d i
• : -
* •
I. TO l ONTK U Toils
• t.t of j!ip (ill-•■ill1.1 h'lVf
the month i f December, in the ye
thousand ^i^ht hundred and herenty-two, and
of the 'Ldependence ot the United States of Amer
ii-a the c neiv-seventh, before rue, Aicnand Pitot.
Jr., a notary public duly commissioned and sworn
in and for the parish and city aforesaid, therein
residing, and in the presence of the witnesses here
in niter named and undersigned, personally came
and appeared the persons whose names are'herein
after subscribed, who declared that they agreed
iind covt-imnU d, and do, by these presents, agree
and covenant to form themselves into a corpora
tion lor the object. and pmpeses, and under the
stipulations, regulations and obligations lolloping,
t-O V, 11 ;
The name of the company shall be the "So w Or
laans au\i Grand Kcoie Packet Company,'* and itc
domicile is hereby established iu the city of New
Orleans, and it shall exist and continue for the
term o: twenty-five years from the date of these
pre- •■n is, unless sooner dit-solved. The company
shaU l av. a *jea', having tor inscription the uame
of the cornj any.
The operations of- said company sha-T. be tl?e pur
chase, or building, or chartering of one or more
steamboats, and the carrying of freight or pas.-cc
gers. or both, on said boats, up and down the Mis
biesjpv'- liver and Bed river and tributaries.
The capital stock of said company :s liereby
tii© 1 at the sum of one hundred thousand dollars,
divided into shares of one hundred dollars each,
to be paid ior as lollows to wit: thirty per cent as
soon uu the company goes into operation, and the
balance in installments of ten per cent upon the
call of the Bo.ird of Directors as the necessities of
the company may require ir. This com puny shall
go into operation as soon as the sum of forty
thousand dollars is subscribed for.
The affairs of the said company shall be under
the direction of a Board of Control, composed of
nvt* st*'ikholders, possessing iu their own name, or
that of the firm of which they are partners, not
.ess limn live shares of the stock of me company.
8ect;**-n l. The regular meeting of the stock
hold'-rs shall be held annually on tbe tbiid Monday
or u* Lobwr, at wliioh meeting a ma.orii.y in capital
sto* k. represented at the meeting, shall choose
rivt* 01 * the members to serve as directors for the
ensuing year, at such election each share oi stock
shall be ent tied to one vote, and tiie directors
elect shall, within five days after their election, or
ganize into a board by appointing one of their
members as president. 'the b*. anl thus or
ganized shall nave power t » appoint all officer*
or agents and tii. their respective compensations,
i he boanl shall also appoint a secretary, whose
duty, independent of others that might be ascribed
to him. shad be to at r end the meetings of the
hoaid, and keep a collect record of their pioceed*
M.c. 2. A failure to elect directors, as aforesaid,
shall a 1 dissolve the corporation, nut the board in
office shall continue to exercise the functions until
a new board can be elected.
Skc. J. Three m inhere of said Board of Control
shall constitute a quorum for tbe trail:.a* tion of
business, and the. said board is heieby invested
with full power to frame and adopt such by-law?,
ruh'friiiid regulations as tney may deem requisite
and iitccesary fof the company and the transac
tions *»t its affairs, provided the same shall not
con tile t with the true intent and meaning *• f this
act of incorporation or tlie laws of this Stab.
They are heieb authorized to buy, and charter
steamboats, fuel lor the use 01 the company, to
make conti a-cl-s, leases, mortgages, bypoiheca
tiortsand compromises: to borrow money, and to
bu'lff, or cause to be built, ene or mote st'* amboats
for said < ompaxir.
Skc. 4. The Board f>f Contr®? shall makv divi
dends as often as they think desirable and proper.
5>* . .*>. If any member of said Board of Control
should eoash 10 be a Stockholder during his term
of servic**, hi- office «hall thereby, ipbo facto, be
come vacant. And in the event of tbe death, per
manent absence, or resignation, (j* vacancy from
whatever •■anse)*of* an> member *<f said Board of
Vontroh the board shail bave pcwti To till vacan
cies occasioned thereby until the first regular
meet hi g thereafter ot the fiteckhoidi r*. of the said
••ompany fbr the •lection of •ffieer? s>f tk« cum
« pany.
M'C. ti. Trie T»oard of <7on?ro? shall meet monthly
T 01 tbe fransa* tion of business, and the president
may call them together at any firms giving
tweniy fui.f hours' notice in writing,
f bi'C. 7. No tvi o partners whose eubseriptiong are
i»* ?iie name of their commeicial firm ^liall be eli
gible |1« *am* time as mciubcfs tht <feaid
article vt.
*?• tf ?. Tteha'I ?»e the duty «f 4bf pmsiden
«>• gaal company to keep, or cause to be kept, in
•hound books, in the naim of ti e company. ;t cor
iect record of all it* pvoceedu gs, t ransact*i*>ns, ac
* ounts. property, business and affairs, as well as
ful and complete detailed accounts <*f the receipts
and di^hursemeuts thereof. He shall, moreover,
act as Iho treasurer ot the company,/md keep a i
cash account iu one of the banks u• New Orleans,
subject to tbo approval of tiic Board of Control in
tii*' Mil* and lor account of the company, aoid to
alone autfioriaed and •lupowei'ed t;> c' r
••heck* and transact *•'] baukix.g bm ness tber* .
file pr* sh:. ut of the company ia i!;e « :o pef j'C-rgc*
•j« wiioit cii.'ilion shall be b«ived»
^R'lJCLE Vlf.
Whi? tl • period arrive* from
.dmgupof the eonci rn° of thi« corn:
•:<>> slioiders •'hall be selected by a maji
* ♦ • **l*ioi6 a gene ral uicetiug, * u
shall be to wrnvcrt all the assets'of fcli
tioii in io ••ash, and aftef the payment o;
:tic.« <>? Ihe company, disburso tl." •
levs in proportion
■TICLE Fill.
.11 e .er be he'd '.in'
. for the
tv, thre.
v of the
' duty it
te liabil
is funds
For ?L* , «n starting and pittfinj* tlie eom
pau* mto «peratfi;u. the toi'awiug nataezl stoek
o'<i: °- Ui wu: John * Mitchell, t s_ , Michel Die
?i .'ii. : -!■■ Horace ?. Shropshire, Ka<;., John A.
W illioi- -i- K«c.. uiiil George W. Tucker are consti
tuted i'- teiuporarj Board ot Control, a hose teitn of
aa aooi
• 4a o o. 1 ..v*«
The rv -'*K knu
respecti\e fnttu'est or
r-t and ifi. an.MinT. of
fpecfive shares
rt hereby declared to
John Mltch^l!,
<'fiarles 1:. Ifro
Horace K. Fhropsh
George W. Tucker,
. T. J. r. Batche!
John t\ ^liG'li*--;.
?i. Ii. Carver,
4'aspari A DicuicTi
*, P* ter V - * r, j;. *
♦ ians A Co..
WiUiam M. lev;
)». Pieisou,
William II. Jael
A. E. Sompayifte,
John Gone*
Alex. Garsin,
V. Haller,
J. J. fid Cook 1 Cf.
0 L illis liv tec*.
Emile DfcblieuXo
th Smith.
J. Ducasse.
W. p. Carr.
A. J>. Leiuee,
SI. Simon,
Trichel A Aire*
A mb. Debl'>u*.
John V. Camph' i?.
k. H. Cosgro'r*-.
Charles L. Perot,
T. LacoMte,
J. i. I'ucoTirneau.
L. Dr.pjrir.
T. Schuxuun,
%?. Mfifis!.
I\ Pnete,
Is. F allr. Co..
H, LicL^Rher.-eU-ii
G. Fontenot,
A. P* rrini.
T. K. Burdit k,
Hy. >1 Levy,
F. M. Hurt mar.
H. Jaffa,
N. NelkLa,
John Rusca,
Isa-ae Jacob.
Wi* nbnrg &. KotL**
B. Weinhuvg.
>!r«. Grozan,
John ChansCrro,
A. J. Ducote.
Sars-h Msver.
Moso Rosenthal,
. J. J. Perth : rie,
W. B. Harper,
N. T. D r, / : -»r.
A. Jarreau.
J. W. John "ton.
Frang*ris Barb;* i.
Louis Afiad.e.
A. David.
J. G«oo«Jfu^n.
Julius Lon In,
V. & Wi ••
B. <\ Duke.
J. A. Williams
J. G, brunch,
Jonas ID sentur
David Kabmayci,
jMike Legras,
Sam Pincus,
James W. Oafior
Henry A. Boissar!.
Tkoiuao VYood
J .fin's Bn*U r,
Sol Hess,
Joseph H. Hyuson.
J. Jackson.
Dai iei Gefir,
ii-nry Hi. John,
Jo: r. S. W.-il,
Solomon Meyer,
Louts Tcnwla,
K. T.. Piersori,
John Clun«*y,
H. n. Warn.->ier i
I *
Patrick Kelowe.
f*. M. Fiermant,
V. Regard,
A. Ik Coco,
George W. Tueke*
(;s* ar Chopin,
A. A. Mont on,
W. Ik Langfienl i.th
James M Rhorcr.
H. A. Thompson,
T. Sp.-uce Smith,
Louis Lawiencft,
3Iil?nig U Bolton.
M. L. Moi <_• iu L • '•
Willidni y.Jroiig.
F. Clnvaiic,
I. Droiiin,
V. G. Monir,
• . L. Walmrly X. f>
Horace K. Hhropsl
f nri i -\ y,
M. A u'f.W, o
E. L Wu.tk;ns
M. Wells,
A. Cf. Cer-ptoi!,
II -rht rt.
J. P, 8nc! ; ing
Ilyma 0
<reO. W. St tii o
Lr »*nch tUft-j. '
•' O-ife C. DU,

thi> 8(.id appear: rs acd me, no:arv, after due read
iupof the whole
Original eigptxi:
A. G. LA PlfH.
A. PITOT, JR.. Notary Pubiie.
■ The andersient d, depute recorder of mortgages
for this parish and city of New Orleans, Stale of
Louisiana, does hereby certify that the foregoing
charter is duly record, d in this office, in book so
ciety So. 9, folio 69 et seq., this day. J,
New Orleans, December 24, 1872. '
A true copy:
A. Pitot, Ja., Notary Pubiie. di-27
Be it known that on Ups twenty-fifth day of the
mouth of November, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and rcventy-two, and of
the independence of the United States of America
the ninety-seventh, before me, Gustave Le Gardmir,
Jr., a notary public, duly comiriisriom d and sa orn,
in and for the parish and city aforesaid therein re
siding, and in the presence oi' the witnesses herein
after mtni d and undersigned, personally eame and
appeared Mr. Jean Jules Aldige oi this city, herein
appearing, stipulating and acting for and in the
name and as president oi the BIENVILLE OIL
WORKS COMPANY, a corporation duiv organized
under the laws of this State bv act passed be fore
the undersigned notary on the twenty-ninth day or
August, eighteen hundred and sevenry one, and
herein acting in such capacity ot president under
and by virtue of the several r> solutions passed at
the meetings of the stockholders and of the Boatd
of Directois of said company, held respectively on
Seventh, tweltth and twenty-fun th days of
h#»r In fit IIRTU Hlllr • fieri /innino of
the 1
October last past (1872), duly certified
h#»r In fit IIRTU Hlllr • fieri /innino of
October last past (1872), duly certified copies of
which said insolations are annexed in the margin
hereof for reference.
Which said Jean Jules Aidige declared in his said
capacity that pursuant to the act of incorporation
of the said company, a general inci ting of the
stockholders of the said Bienville Oil Works Com
pany was convened and held at tbe office of the
said company ou the eleventh day of October,
1872, for the purpose of aiithorir.iug certain meas
ures and mnking retain amendments to its act
of incorporation, and that at said general meeting
stockholders holding and owning 2 t ;0 shares of
the capital stock of said company—being more
t hen three-fourths of the whole amount of shares,
which is twenty live hundred—were nresent or
repiesented, and ihey unanimously recommended
and adopted ihe following alteration >r amend
uk "t of article five, of the aforesaid charier er act
of incorporation of said company, viz;
In each and e very year the president shall cause
to be made one or , wo statements ot tile ailaira of
the company, as the board of directors u.ay direct,
Olid as they may think more advisable ar.d more ad
vantageou: for the company, and at such times as
the board ol directors may select and designate.
Said statement or statements will show the receipts
and disburse meats made, and the true situation of
the company, and on the day that shall or may bo
fixed by the board of directors for said statement
the board of directors shall declare such divide: d
as may accrue of t he net profits of ihe company,
and fix and determine the time and manner in
which said dividend shall be paid to the .stock
Aod the said J. J. Aidige further declared iu his
said capacity, t hat. at a subsequent general meeting
of the stockholders of the said eooipauy, convened
and held si the office ot the said eompany on tiie
tweltth day ot October, 1372, for the purpose oi'au
thorizing certain measures and making certain
amendments to its charter or act of incorporation,
stockholders holding and owning2132shares—being
more than three-tourths tlieieot—were present or
represented, and they unanimously recommended
and adopted the following alteration or amend
ment of paragraph first of article si x, of the afore
said charter tract of incorporation of o.nd eom
itany, v iz:
All the powers «1 this company shall be exer
ised by a board of directors to consist, of six per
-'er. three of whom shall form a quorum for the
tranfaetion of business.
Wherefore the said Jean Jules aidige moreover
declared in his said imparity, that by virtue of the
powers iu him vested by the aforesaid resolutions,
and ia order to more fully cairv into ettect the
ifoiesairt amendments, h(feces hereby publicly da
clan and make known that the article V, anil the
li st paragraph of article VI of the charter or act
Ji incorporation of said Bienville Oil Works Com
pany. as passed before the undersigned notary, as
aforesaid, have been changed or altered so as to
read and be as they are hereinbefore written.
Thus done and passed at New Orleans, in m
fib e, tot* day, month and yeat first above written,
iu the pretent.. of Ambroise O. La Pice and Edgar
Montegot, worupefpnt witnesses, who have sign
with the said pin
: g
rtg itnu
A. PIT!iT, Jr.,
LeGARDEUR, Notary Public,
ttirr. gn. ii, Deputy Recorder 01 Mort
fs fity and parish of Orleans, Mato of
do bert ny .citify that the within act
-nt to the charter of the Eieuville Oil
npany has been this day duly recorded
e. eg . ab:\ iir law. in Rook Society
• a 5 7 and 488. on tiie margin of £'.e
: • 1 ;■ -m: of mid nun ■. .
u.'*, November 27, i"7;'
c. daka-astkI., tiornty.
'ie ?efi going to be a True copy of the
. an Ulo and of record x» mv office.
1 ,, toy hand and seal, at New Orleans
si . tii day of November, A. D. 1272.
G. LnOARDEUK, Ja-, Notary 4'u' lie.
Usitkd States Mahshal's )
-w Orleans. December 2 d, 1372. j
wairatt in bankruptcy has been istned out
of the District Coait of the United States for the
District of Louisiana, against the estn-t* of William
Cude, of New Orleans, in the parish of Orleans,
State of Louisiana, ad judged a bankrupt upon his
own petition; that the payment of any debts and the
delivery of any property belonging to said bank
nipt, to him, or for his use. and the transfer
vf any property by him are forbidden ly law. that
& meeting ol the Creditors of said bankrupt, to
prove their debts, and choose one or more as
signers of his estate, will be held at a court of
bankruptcy, to bo holden outlie sixteenth day of
January, A D. 1873, at eleven o'clock A. il.. at
the Customhouse bi > ding, New Orleans, before S.
C. Kellogg, register*
£e'2!i ja 1 g T'niti^d ^tatos Marshak
Office United State?; Marshal, )
New Orleans, December 26, 1872. )
i J. warrant in bankruptcy lias bean issued out of !
ihe District Court of the United States for tl e Dis
trict of Louisiana, against the estate of Mai la I). A.
Tivz-evant.of N< w Orleans, in the pari sh of Orleans,
state of Louisiana, adj.. Iged a bankrupt, upon li* r
own petitio"; that the payment of any debts,
acd the »h lively of any property belongto said
bankrupt, to her. or for Ler use, and the transfer
of any prop -rty by her are forbidden by lav; that
a meeting of the civ.ktors of said Dankrupf, to
prove their debts, aud choose oc«? or more «.a
signees of her estate, will be held at a court of
b; nkrupt .y. to b** hold* a on the b : xt*?e;itl day
of January, A. D. !873, at 11 a. ii., at the C» s
tomhonse building, New Orleans, before C fi. Kel
logg rri K i, or. S. B. PACKARD,
dt' 2 o j »!• UuiredS ates Marshak
r.viTKn States 1
ft Mil.* T" 1 » GIVE N
L wri.-ram u baukri
hal's OryicK, 1
i her 26.1872. \
en issued out of
the Di.it.r; t ( ourt of the United StrilHB for The
District of Louisiana, against the estate of John
Cud* , of New Or) ans. i r i tbe par fib of Orleans, Staie
of L -uisiana. adjudged a bankrupt, upon his own
petition; that ike payment of any debte, anil Ihe
delivery of ahy pjoj)*rty belonging to said br.nk
rupt. to him, or for his use, and the transfer uf any
pioper!y by him are forbidden by law; that a
ting of the creditors of said bankrupt, to prove
ird choose one or more assignees of
ill be he'd at a court of bankrupt* y,
to beholden on the seventeenth dav of January,
A. If. 187;. at eleven o'cio* k A. M.,' al the Cue
toirihouto bu'-ding, ^^e w Ori* aus, before G. 8 Kol
OTATi. OH POM i!;VT.4.\ ( IAUKU.
r.NTBD States MarfkalN Office, )
New Grleami, December 12, 1872. 5
i.ai.kruptcy ha®, b *-n issued out of ihe Dis
rict fVjurt of the United States for ti e District
f Louisiana againai the estate of Powhatan
lurke, of the parish of Rapides, State ol Louis
adjudged ^ha.'.krupt niKjn bis
payment of any debts,
sown pt;
and the
; veiy *<? any property be lor. ging to said bar,
fo • .'iu. or lor his an*l the t
transfi r of aiiy p
>y iaw; that a
mkrupt, to pxoi
ro as<*igr.efs ol
it of bankrupt
i run?
. . A.
. lit So. 4! l'.x. lai
gustin, Reg U
S. B. PAGK\R.!-.
United r>taf«*e >i..rrihr*L
! ° ■ ■
rill :>• r
Or* » o
; • 0 . (
l ' o
- md . it
■ - f*»: 0
- ; of
(■; (f,
sb Ot Ol.
iKr-;pt on
* l •
OD ,V° 5rS
0 o
o riil.g •
G the tr-»;
: -2 # v
ot-s -;id choo
r • '- 111 be I .
ho idea c,v •;
In Bnokruplcy-Noi l'| 12 ,
District ('Bni-t ©f tbe Ui. it* *1 states for tbo
District ot Louisiana, sitting in bankruptcy :
Tke petition of K. K. Norton, of the city of New
Oi leans, herein appearing as the as9iffneo in bank
ruptcy ot the estate ot Adam Werner, bajiki'upt
respect Ail! v represents that among tbe assets sur
rendered by tbe bankrupt, and belonging lo the
aforesaid «*atate in bankruptcy, there is tie
following described real estate, situated in the
State of Louisiana,in the parish of Oi lcans, lo wit—
A certain lot of ground, together with all rhe
buildings and improvement? M ereon. and all the
rights, ways, privileges and appurtenances there
unto beiongingor iu any wise appertaining, situated
m ihe Faubourg Livaudais, Fourth District of the
city of New Orleans, designated cs lot number
twenty-one of the square comprised within Sec
ond. Third, Dryades and St. Denis streets, as per
plan mad j by A. G. Blanchard, deputy surveyor,
«>n tlio twentieth day of May, 1853, anil deposited
for reference in oTIooof Walter H. Peters, notary
public, rtaii lot measures iu American measure
twenty-tire feet front on steeond street by one
iiundred and twelve feet and eiglu inches in depth,
between parallel lines, and was acquired by said
vendor, together with others, by purchase from
Robert C. Ai instead, ns per act of sale in the pre
mises passed befoio Walter H. Peters, notary pub
lic, «m the twenty-second day of June, 1%3.
Your petitioner further represents that the said
hereinbefore detcribed real estate is as appears of
record, encumbered and charged with the follow
ing hereinafter specified mortgages, judgments,
liens and privileges resting tlier on. to wit—
Mortgage favor Henry «raohelback for $7i>0.
Mortgage favor General Relief Association of
the Independent Order of Odd Fellows for # 1000.
And your petitioner further represents t hat it ia
impossible for him to determine the validity of
said iLc.umbrauoes aud Iht- auioaut dtie thereon;
that he can not ascertain the value of said proper
ty bv agreement between himself and the creditors
holding said security, as provided in section twen
ty of the bankrupt act of Flo?. And that ri is neces
sary. iu order to ascertain the value of 6aid prop
erty, and for the due.properandspeedyarminis
tration of said estate, and for the interest of tho
creditors therein, that said e-tate be sold at public
auct ion, free and clear of all incumbrances. That
all said judgments, mortgages, lit. us and privileges
recorded against said property be canceled arid
erased, so taut your petitioner can convey a clear
and unincumbered title to any purchaser'thereof,
reserving to said Henry Stadudnack and tbe Gen
eral Relief Association of the Indepeodt nt Ol d* r of
Odd Fellows, and to all other persons, ail their
rights in law to the proce. ds of the sale of said
property upon the distribution thereof.
Wherefore, } our petitioner prays that he may bo
ordered and authorize d to s- II said property above,
described a* public auction, free and dear i'roua all
incumbrances. That all said judgments, mort
gages, ieus and privib ges recorded against said
property hi 1 canceled and erased, ►o that'your
petitioner can convey a dear and unincumbered
title to any purchaser thereof, reserving to so id
Henry Nta< kelnad and the General Relief Asso
ciation of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow s
and to a!: other persons all the rights iu law to
the prove ods of sale of said property according to
their rank. And he prays for all other necessary
AUG. Dk B. HUGHES, Attorney.
On motion of A. de B. H ighes, attorney of K. E.
Norton, assignee, and upon suggesting to the
court that he has filed in "this court the foregoing
petition, it is ordered that Henry Stachelback and
the Ge neral Relief Association *of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, and all other parties in in
terest, do show cause upon t he ninth day of Janu
ary, A. D. 1873, at 11 A. M„ before this court, why
the said petition should not be granted, and said
property sold, as prayea for, and why a-'l incum
brances recorded against said property should not
be canceled and erased. And if i* fm flier ordered
that notice of this petition and order be served
upon 8:tiii Henry Stachelback and the General Re
iit ! Association of the Independent Order of Odd
Fellows, and ail other persons, by serving a copy
thereof upon them or tneiragent or attorney, or by
said assignee publishing a copy of said {*• iGinn and
oruer three times in tlie New Orleans Republican,
a newspaper printed in New Orleans. Louisiana,
the hist publication to be made at least five days
before ihe day of hearing.
E. H. DI RELL, Judge.
December 17, 1872.
A t rue copy of the original on file and of record
* J. A. CHARBONNKT, De ; ly Clerk.
Clftb'H Office, New Orleans, December 17. 1872.
*{*•22 29 ja4
teenth day of November, 1872, judgment was ren
dered iu this court in the following entitled buii
in the words and figures following, to wit:
Mia. J. Piquet vo, her husband. No. 3829.
On motion of Messrs. Charvet and Duplantier,
attorneys for the piamtilj', on pro«3u<*ing to the
court due proof In support ol pUintlfTh -leii and,
it is ordered adjudged and dec re. d that tlio
iudgmeut by default enteied herein on tlio ninth
of November, 1872, br now confirmed and made
final, and accordingly, that there be judgment in
favor of tbe plaintiff, he/er Bouganll, wife oi Jules
Pi(:uet, and against the defendant. Jules Fiquet,
dissolving the community of acquests aud gains
her* ofo o existing be .- -en tiie said plaintiff and
defei-dant. and d-crcej g that tiie said plaintiff i e
srpara•«-si in property from the sa l detendaat. It.
is ? ith* r ordered, adjudged and d* creed that
there he judgment in favor of the said plaintiff,
v.s. v* Jyw Fiquet, and against tbe aiJeudant, Juies
Eiquet, for the sum of live tbousnnd dollars
in gold, with legal interest from judicial
demand rill paid, and coats of suit, with the mort*
g.iutj and privilege granted by law To married
women. It is further ordered that ;; fee oY one
dollar be taved a. coats herein in favor of ;lic crier
•l this court.
Juugiuent signed November 20, '72.
W H. C« u>LFY, Judge.
In t* sriin o t \v whereof,I have hereunto get rnyhasd
and affixed ti e seal oi the said court at t/iecity
of New Orleans, on this twenty-first day of Novem
ber. in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred a.,d sevent y two.
• -,029 del 4 28* _____ Gicrk.
Fa Bankruptcy—No. 1 i£U I *
> V parish of Oilcans ar.d district aforesaid, duly
declared bankrupt under the act of Gougiews
March 2, !8G7, has tins day filed in said court a
tition praying for a discharge and certificate
t ereof from all his debts arid other claims prov
able under said act.
Notice is therefore given to all creditors who
have proved their dents, and to all other persons
is interest., that the thirty-first day of January,
1672, at i! A. M , is assigned for » ho hearing of the
same, and tfiut tliey may then and there attend
and show cause, if any they have, why the
prayer of the said petition should not oe grouted;
and notice is given that t!t*- bankrupt wRJ un
dergo an examination before Register I». A-gnstin
or the twenty eighth day of January, A. D. 1878
Til A. M.. ut bis offi. e, Exchange alley.
g . rk's office, New Orb ana Deeeiabef 27, 1872.
de 28 jh 4 Ii K. LOEW, Deputy Gleik.
ucoeeslca. of Robert AI. MrAlpiii-No*
f Orieans.—-Whereas, G. B. F - ike, public ad
initiator,baa petitioned the court fur letters of
ministration on the estate o th* late Robert M.
dipin, deceased, intie-tat**, notice is herety
Ten to all whom it n:av concern, ?o show cans*
i ten days why ihe prayer of tbe said ;/e*
tire/. *.ilc* • •: be granted.
Bv -,r.k r of the Court.
d* 28 '.ii ja-3 FRANK PACK, Jr.. Cleik.
HcccesKiou ot Antoine Conwinot llcurliig—
No. 35^88.
of Orleans.—Whereas, Alfred M Arc hand butt j»e
titioo-'d the court tor letters of administration on
the .siat* of the Ute Antoine Const a.-it Ileariug, dr:
<ea-td. intestate, notice is hereby given to all
whom >t may concern to show cause, within ten
days, why the prayer of the said petitioner should
not he granted.
Hr order of the Court.
dc2o '.i jf ' FRANK PACK. Jr., Ork.
K<orc*«:c*r! of Andre Dubuco—No. ,'55,781.
jf Oi b ans.—Thu- creditors of this estate are
liereby notified to attend a meeting of creditors m
thi« case at the office of M. T. Ducros, Esq , notary
public of tb ; s city. No. 18 Royal street (upstairs),
on the feutn day of January, 1173, ac lo a. M.
E.y order of the Horn A. L. Th sot .judge of said
court. FK.\NK PACK, Jr., Clerk.
r< u!street,
:ib\ &. THiar*
k: w? ss~:sAi#.a '
6® • 1
' X'y : tuST* C0'-T;
.A'oct «rclrJ FI*
»» -®■
'->i.Doa g'Ven to all
bud a
itssd rs Cowrru.
» Hziito, JO.,
SOrASTTCSUG A5 r . riiw'U:;- :0.SKE OF D-h.'.B*
Office No. if Comtr.er ini Place.
r- r .-r ,.nris procured w 'v - 4 , 1 a ;. 1 ore" 11,1
X! Leon Lubimsqmo took posseasiou of Paul
voorbies' store, No. 17 Dumaiuc street, onTburs
da.y, December 26, 1872. dc29 Jt*
............fciUN DRIES.
POTATOES—6000 bl»l» choice Ohio RusMetb,
Peach Blows, Early Rose and Goodrich iu store aud
on fia t boat landing. ONIONS—100 bbls Red
GREEN APPLES—150 bbls in good shipping order.
DRIED FRUIT—Iu lot^* to suit BKAN^—100 bbls
choice Navy White. ALE 50 casks Mult's Strong
Ac. pints, landing ex-stea»iiship General Meade.
One large emptv Fiatboat For sale hv
J. G. MURPHY 3c CO..
1 ■'* No. Poydras stri'et.
give noli
A that on the first of November, 1872,
1 acquired a certain note subscribed by Felix thi
,H . Vor . of * >I - Labuoquiere. for the sum of
.'to bJ. dale*! July 1. 8b'T and payable montha
alter date. Said note was bought with the under
standing thst M. Labusquiero would recover iJks
>aiiie. cither civilly or judicially. I give furtbei
noGre that the said M habusqnieie is my geuerai
agent since the first of November. 1872
d* 25 29 j
TA v A > 1» I.H K.N^i
^wAiKHs.-upu'sui the memorial of propert>
nouieis are deposited at. the places hereafter
< 7nSiV' a ' '\r n ' i tl5 licence Pjvcrsai-erc
qu s. <i to call to sign the same: At B. ('am be Ill's,
conn i oj (■laiborre and Palmyra street : at J. Lam
bai. t «, No 23J PfiydniH stroct; at rnrncr ot
i balia and JlHgiirme streets; ,-»t K. Coulonge's, No.
fit South Market .tre.t,; at Laciolx, No. 08 Du
mame etivet; at Mme. Sugn's, No. l'>0 Orleium
Mul '' k i', n "■ ' l!, «' r ' "tfii<* : at Laplare'H,
l'atni>« KlyaecH; ut JuIcb Ootmlot?*, No.
121 Itaplanado etreet: at SilnimauLor'a, eotnor
Great men and Kugbein streets; at II. Moreau's
bo. 220 Levee street; at A. Doriooourt'a, No. vi
ioulouse street; at Orhiuis luNnrance Coin
pan\. corner Camp and Canal streets; at Uer
Company, i'onunoH street* at
Union Tnsuraec Company. Caromielet street,Ine
l oniinou; at F. Maurien's. corner Carondelet anil
vvafiiington streets; at Miller's, corner ol Ninth
ami Magazine streets; at Charles J. Blankston's.
corner ot Nt. Charles and Melpomene streets.
tlvVi tjHl*
Will save its coat in fuel in one year.
It wih outlast any other, as it coutaJns twice the
It will cot»k meats and breads In a shorter line.
It w"l Broil as well as a range.
And it !s the cheapest stove in the market.
Agent for the Times Cooking Hf-ove,
ly 2p No. 141 Povdms streot.
«TI vx ."7.777 niTtiFk
The death of our Mr. F. W. SEVMgUR will make
r.o change in the firm. The business will bo. con
ducted ihe HHinc as heretofore.
Nos. 45 and 47 Front street,
deC lm Nob. 4*> and 48 Fulton afreet.
No. 581 Dnades street, opposite Jefferson ttchoo 1
near I>i yades Market.
Ladies wishing to purchase anything in the
IIAIR LINK, I offer mv large stock or Chatelaine
Plaits, Switches. Puffs, FrxtHtes, Curls of a#
styk*s. etc., allot* ruy own manufacture, from tiie
light* at to the darkest shades. 1 don't say that I
sell cheaper than anybody cIbc, but my priced will
suit everybody, wadies, I would solicit your early,
call; examine mv large stock before making ar
rangements elsewhere.
All kinds Of HAIR WOPK made to order, at rea
sonable prices.
All Country orders promptly attended to.
I have also a large and splendid assortment of
Farcy aud Jet Ornaments; Fancy and Jet Nets;
Jet, Horn and Shell Bands; Bracele ts of all de
scriptions. aiid other articles too numerooa to
mention, nt prices to suit the times. del lm
Published at Trenton, La.,
Has the largest weekly circulation of any paper ir
the State. Merchants of Nt^w Oilcans will find th©
Far in or ail excellent medium to make t heir busi
ness known in. Address
no!6 l y Publiaiiers, Trenton. La.
Jj J. NErTo.NT loj
I>eal< rs in all kinds of
fyft Reritlur Street, Inte Old Levee*
(Between Conti and St. Louis streets),
Libelal cahh advances made on consignments, '
de25 6m
No. 00 1-VJ (kiKqnct Hireet,
1% prepared to give iDHtnictions on the Piano, Gui
tar and Flute at n asonab!^ rates. d» 20 *h>* 1 lot
Bonae nnd 8hlp Plumber, On»-Fitter,
So. 464 Magazine sfn'et, rear tiie corner of RaO«r
street, New Orleans.
Dealer In Plumbing and Gas-Fitting MuterUfcls*
GasFixturee etc. o fi',27 1 j
I3'A...............Julia ntreer ............. t3tf
(Between Camp and Magazine.}
Second hand cistern* always ou hand. All work
guaranteed. Lock box No. 30 Mechanics* and Deal
ere' Exchange. foM ly
Mpnm Candy *Innnfnclurer«,
Wholesale Confectioners,
Agent.-, for Fire Works ar.d California Wines and
Nos. X) and 52 New Levee street,
d* d Ira New Orleans, Louisiana.
Schedules prepared strictly according I'i?
tbe Bankrupt Law, general orders of the United
States Supreme Court, and rules of the United
States District Court, by
At the office of C. 8. Kellogg, Register Ln Bank
ruptcy, in Customhouse building. de28 ly
Solicited by
Architects and Ilugfiiewe,
No. 27 Commercial ifiace, New O* Louisiana,
mhl3 ly
Sole A«eney for th# (folden Wonder.
OKOltQK K. TTiKTZI'ir. & CO.,
No. 143 Grnvler Htreer.
Uamif ctnrers of Cotton fUnnd.i. Stoncll
Official Seals, Kibbon Stamps, Banniia Brandt,
Door i*Ht«s. etc. au'z.'.t u
p A. Dill It It K V,
No, 19! I>Iaftnzlne Street, between Jnltn.
nnd St. Josenh Streets.
OiBtema made to order and repaired. Al! 'Votfc
warranted A lot of rl*tom> uirute of Hie bolt
material and workmansfilp, bept ooiutanU; oo
hand, and for sale at pri(;e« to suit the tln on. Or
ders prompt Iy attended to. ,al3 lr
Il~~^^OERIESr 7
^T 0 RKTAIIj..................AT RKTA11..
Sugar-cured Hhttis »t 10 cents, best ft! 12** C4jiit*.
10.000 pounds best Hugar-cured Hams at 12^ cents
per pound.
10.000 pounds Gr«en h:im» at 8 cents r>er pound.
10.000 p*>und» Green and "Uioked Nh.A'.Tileja ai «
Also, 500 McClellan Saddles at ,f 1 W each.
For sale at f*. B. CHURCHIliL'R.
No. -JO Magazine straf*
between Natchez and Grawer streeie;
'■ V •' :• t : V JemcH Do:» '..
.41 r-. Derby vn. Mr. nnd ,»lr». Sllchtrel
Curley—'i bird Justice Court for 'be fari&a of
Or'.eane, So. 8Kd.
me d'reeled by the Hon. John I,. Larerelxe.
Third Justice of the Peace ir; and for the Pariah ot
Orleans I will prneeed 10 ne'.l, «i public aueti.w
>n HOSDAV, January H, HTTS. at twelve o'eioek ».
it ti '•' aaiehuoae So 45 Bienville street—
O '• X hOIlHK:. HULK.
Seized in the alvove suite.
T* -ze-Ca.h .a L'n-red ttvate, T-easury S.
<i' - Jl _ WiU.fAK V, N.
<i, l.. SiTitnit vh I.otria Mrhrrrk, Jr,—TfUril
Jb-tice Quart for the Pariah u Orlfaaa. No
ly to roe di-eef.-d by the heeutaide Ttpd
iustice of the Peac< in arid ftir the t-nneii Z'
I w ill p.-oeerd te :t ft- , ■ . ' -
I; I 'A V ll.-ef uih'-r 'Z''' ' ,
o'no'vft.yde-rrii'.■•> •o'v-— M
Til4 .-.h ' 'lA .
OS'S i -TTCF at re ■ .
B T t

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