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ana addressed to the United States or
Ecuador, respectively, on which the foreign
and international postal charges are tuSiy
prepaid, shall, when forwarded in the mails
of either country to the other, be delivered
in the country of destination free of charge.
The official correspondence between the
two governments, that of each government
with its legation near the other, and of
each legation with its government, shall be
conveyed to its destination tree, of postage
and with all the precautions which the two
governments may find necessary for its in
violability and security.
When in one of the two ootmtrii'S there
is no li gation of the other, the franking
privilege of the vacant legation shall be
transferred, in the terms stipulated in the
preceding article, to the respective consul
ate or vice consulate, at New Yoik or Guay
article X.
Neilber Post Department shall be re
■quire,d to deliver auy article received in the j
mails the circulation of which shall be pro
Minted bv the laws in fotce in the country |
of destination; and any aiticle subject by
the laws of either couutrv to customs duty j
or to confiscation shall, w hen ri e
the mails from the other, he treat
eordance wit.n the laws of the l
The two Dust Departments may, by mu
tual agreement, provide for the l ran-mi-
sion of registered articles in the mails ex
changed between the two countries.
The register fee of each article shall he
ten cents in the United States and one
real in Ecuador.
i in j
1 in ae j
ceivmg |
The two Post "Departments shall settle, |
tiv agreement between them, all measures 1
of detail and arrangement required to carry
this convention into execution and may
modify the same iu like manner, from time j
to time, as the exigenciesol the service may 1
require. Articles may also, by mutual eon- |
seat, t>e amended, added, or suppressed, t
according to the requirements of the set
vice, without rescinding or otherwise alter
ing or impairing any other of the articles of ;
this convention.
This convention shall take effect from the
date of the exchange of ratifications, and
shall continue in force until annulled by
mutual consent, or until one year from the
date of notice given by one of the two de
partments to the other of its desire to ter
minate the same.
article xtr.
Done in duplicate, at the city of Wash
ington, this ninth day of May, in the year :
of our lend one thousand eight hundred,
and seventy-one. !
Postmaster General of the United Stares.
T hereby approve the aforegoing enliven
tion. and in testimony thereof i have
caused the seal of the United States to be
affixed. j
17. 8. GRANT. I
By the President: •

Hamilton Kish,
Secretary of State.
Washington, May 9, 1871
Convention between the United Stales und
tlie German Empire respecting Consuls
und trade marks, signed December 11.
1871; exchanged April 29, J872: proclaimed
June 1, 1872.
Whereas, A convention between
the United States of America and
the German Empire, relating tu the
rights, privileges, immunities and
duties ot Consuls, and to the pro
tection of trade-marks, was signed at Ber
lin ou the eleventh day ot December, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and seventy-one, by their respec
tive plenipotentiaries;
And wheie.is a protocol thereto was signed
by the s.. d plenipotentiaries on the twenty
ninth day of April hist: which convention
and protocol, iu the English and Gorman
languages me, word for w*rd, as follows:
The President of the United States of
America, a'"' his in ij -nty the Emperor of
Germany, King of Prussia, in the name of
the German Empire, led by the wish to de
fine the rights, privileges, immunities and
duties of tiie respective consular agents,
have agreed upon the conclusion of a con
sular convention, and for that purpose have
appointed their plenipotentiaries, namely:
The President of the United States ot i
America, George Bancroft, Envoy Extra *
ordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from '
the said Stales, near his majesty the Empe
ror of Germany; his majesty tho Emperor
of Germany, King of Prussia, B< rnard
Konig, his Privy Councilor of Legation,
who have agreed to and signed the follow
ing articles:
Each oT the contracting parties agrees to
receive Iroin tqe other Consuls General, Con
sals,Vice Consuls and Consular A gents,in all
its ports, cities and places, except those
• hero it may not be convenient to recognize
stub officets. This reservation, however,
•hall not apply to one of the contracting
parties without also applying to everv other
article tt.
The Consuls General, Consuls. Vows Con
suls, or Consular Agents shall be reciprocally
received and recognized, ou the presenta
tion of their commissions, in the fortua
• stabliahod in their .respective countries.
The necessary exequatur tor the exercise of
their functions shall be furnished to them
free of charge, and. on the exhibition ot
ll.ts instrunn u:, they shall be admitted at
twee, and without difficulty, in' flic l. -ritie
*. .l an ii'iiiticN, federal. Stale or communal,
judicial or executive,of the ports, cities,
aud places of tlu ir residence and district,
to the emjoyment of the prerogatives re
ciprocally grunted. The government that
furnishes tho exequatur reserves the right
to withdraw the sum mi a statement of the
reasons for which it has thought proper to
do so.
l'ln*. roup -olive Consuls General, Consuls,
Yn c Consuls, or Consular Agmts, as well
a- their chancellors and secretaries, shall
enjoy iu the two countries all privileges,
exemptions atol immunities which have
been granted, or may in future be
granted, to the agents ot the same
rank ot the most favored natron. Consular
officers, not being citizens of the country
where they am accredited, shall enjoy, in
the country of their residence, personal
I immunity from arrest or imprisonment, ex
cept in the case of dimes, exemption from
military billetings and contributions, from
military service nt every sort, and other
public duties, and from all direct or per
sona! or sumptuary taxes, duties and con
tiillations, whether Federal, State, or mu
uicipal. It. however, the said consular offi
«<>is are or become ow ners of property in
the country iu which tl ey reside, or engage
in commerce, they shall he subject to the
same taxes and imposts, and to the same
jurisdiction, as citizens of the country, .
property-holders, or merchants. But under ;
no circumstances shall their official income
Is* subject to any tax. Consular officers
x hi. < ;age in comuii n e -I all n >t plead •
their consular privileges to avoid their I
ci nuneri iu! L iliiliii, a. Consular etHo.-ts of
cither charm fer shall not in auy - nut bo
interfered with in the «xmiM t.. -:r offi
cial funotii n, • irther than is indispensable
tor the administration of the Jaws ,.f ;,he
Consuls Geneva!. Consuls. Vice Consuls
«*iui Consular Agents may place over the
out r door of their offices or of their dwell
ings t !.■ arm of their nation, with the
prop r .. n indicative of the office.
•' * ' * hoist the flag of their
•Aunfrj •• -sinsuU. 1 - editiee. except
• • • * •• f* mi :>f their country
v ti)ay also hoist their tiag c, board
• ny vessel employed by then. j„, r { j or
the discharge of their duty.
Tie- consular archives «H»q ts- at all
times inviolable, and under no pretence
whatever shall the local authorities '>e al
lowed to examine or o > v* the papers form
ing part of them. Whi n, however, a eon
solar offloer is engaged in other business,
the papers relating to the consulate shall
be^kept in a separate enclosure.
""ho offices and dwellings of Consoles
oii vo who are wot tutlzeos -Jr toe country af
m adt an e, aihiMi V; .a -o uaw invtofc
who appoints them and under whose orders
they are to a«t, or by the government of
the country which ho represents. They
shall enjoy the piivileges stipulated for
" (invention, subject
le tin
ble. TShe local authorities shall not, except
in the ease of the pursuit for crimes, under
any pretext invade them. In no case shall
they examine or seize the papers there de
posited. In no event shall those oth cs or
dwellings be used as places of asylum.
In the event of the death, prevention, or
absence of Consuls General, Consuls, % ice
Consuls, Consular Agents, their chancellors
or secretaries, whose official character may
have previously been made known to the
respeelive authorities in Germany or in the
United States, may temporarily exercise
their functions, and, while thus acting, they
shall enji y all the rights, prerogatives, and
immunities granted by this convention to
the incumbents.
Consuls General and Consuls may, with
the appro bat ion of their respective govern
ments, appoint Vice Consuls and Consular
Agents in the cities, ports and places within
their consular jurisdiction. These officers
may be citizens of Germany, of the United
.States, or any other country. They shall be
furnished with a commission by the. Consul
iu this
consular oflic
to the exceptions specified in art
article viii.
Consuls General, Consuls, Vice Consu
and Consular Agents shall have the right tu
apply to the authorities of the respeetiv
countries, whether federal or local, judicial
or executive, within the extent of their con
solar district, for the redress of any in true
tion of the twenties and conventions exist
ing between the two coua lies, or of iuti
national law; to ask information of said
authorities, and to address said authorities
to the end of protecting the rights and in
tcrests of their countrymen, especially in
cases of the absence of the latter; in whic -
cases such consuls, etc., shall he presume
to be their legal representatives. If due
notice should not he taken of sucli appliea
tion, the consular officers aforesaid, in the
absence of a diplomatic agent of their
country, may apply directly to the govern
ment of the country where they reside.
Consuls General, Consuls. Vi<e Consul
or f, insular Agents of the two countries, or
their chancellors, shall have the right, con
foriuably to the laws and regulations of
their country—
1. To take at their office or dwelling, at
the, residence of tiie parties, or on board of
vessels of their own nation, the depositions
of the captains and erews, of passengers on
hoard of them, of merchants, ov of any
olher_citizens of their own country.
~ and verify unilateral acts
wills and bequests of their countrymen
and any and ail acts of agreement entered
iipuu between citizens of their own country
and between such citizens und the citizens or
other inhabitants of the. country where they
reside; and also all contracts between the
latter, provided they relate to property sit
uated or to business to be transacted in the
territory of the nation by which the said
consular office™ are appointed
All such acts of agreement and other in
•trumenta, and also copies and translations
thereof, when duly authenticated by such
Consu! General, Consul, Vice Consul or Con
sular Agent, under his official seal, shall be
received by publio officials and in courts of
justice its legal documents, or as authenti
caled copies, as the case may be, and shall
have the same fotce and effect as if drawn
up or authenticated by competent public
officers of one or the other of the two
In case oT the death of any citizen of
Germany in the Unit' d States, or of an v
citizen of the United States in the German
Empire, without having in the country of
his decease any known heirs or testament
ary executors by him appointed, the com
potent local authorities eliuii at once in
form the nearest consular officer of the
nation to which the deceased belongs of the
circumstance, iu order that the necessary
information may be immediately forwarded
to parties interested.
The said consular officer shall have the
right to appear personally or by delegate
in all proceedings on behalf of the absen
heirs or creditors until they are duly repie
Iu all successions to inheritances citizens
of each of the contracting parties shail pay
in the country of tiie other such duties only
as they would be liable t,opay if they were
citizens of the country in which the proper
tv is situated or the judicial ad min is nation
of the same may be exercised,
Consuls General, Consul*, Vice Consuls
and Consular Agents of the two countries
a-e exclusively charged with the inventory
ing and the safe keeping of goods and ef
fects of every kind left by sailors or pas
•lingers on ships of their nation, who die
either on board ship or on land, during the
voyage or in the pert of destination.
Consuls General, Consuls, Vice Consuls,
and t'ousular Agents shall be at liberty to
go either in person or by proxy on board
vessels of their nation admitted to entry
anij to examine the officer* and crews, to
examine the ships' papers, to receive de
clarations concerning their voyage, their
destination and the incidents of the voyage;
* also to draw up manifests mi l lists of
freight, to laeilitate the entry and
clearance • ! their vessels, and finally
to accompany the said officers or crew s be
fore the judicial or administrative authori
tithe country, to assist them as their
inti rpreters or agents.
The judicial authorities amt customhouse
o^lieials shall in no ease proceed f.» the ex
amination or search «>i merchant vessels
W itluoit having given previous notice to the
rcn.-ular officers of tho nation to which the
•aid vessels belong, in order to enable the
•aid consular officers to be present.
They shall also give due notice to the
• lid consular officers in order to enable
them To lie present at any depositions or
statements to he made iu courts of law or
before local magistrates, by officets or per
sons belonging to the crew, thus to prevent
errors or false interpretations which might
impede tiie correct administration of justice.
The notice to Consuls, Vice Consuls, or
Consular Agents, shall name the hour fixed
for such proceedings. Upon the non appear
ance of tiie said officers or their representa
tives, the case may be proceeded with in
their absence.
Consuls General, Consuls, Vioe Consuls
or Consular Agents shall have exclusive
charge of the internal order of the mer
chant vessels of their nation, and shall
have the exclusive power to take cognizance
of and to determine differences of every
kind which may arise, either at, sea or iu
port, between the captains, officers and
crews, and specially iu reference to wages
arui the execution of mutual contracts.
Neither any court or authority shall, on any
pretext, interfere m these differences, ex
eefit, in coses where the differences on board
ship are of a nature t» disturb the peac«
and public order in port or on shore, or
when peisous other timn the officers and
crew of the vessel »:e parties to the dis
Everpt as IIfui s
iduil! coniine them,
efficient aid to the
nd, the 7oc:il authorities
elves To tiie rendering ot
Consuls, win u They may
•o-k it in order to arrest au l hold all per
sons whose nani".* iU ,. borne «m the ship's
articles, and whom they may doom it nee* s
sary to detain. Those person* shull be ar
rested at the sole request - i the Consuls, ad
dressed in writing to the local authorities
and supported by an official extract from
the register of the ship or the list of the
crew, aud shall im held during the whole
time of their stay in port, at the dis
posal of the Cousuls. Their release shall
pe granted only at tiie request of the
Consuls, made iu writing.
The expenses of the arrest a tut deti Ution
of those persons shall bo paid by the con
Consuls General. Consuls. Vice Consn's of
Consular Agents may arrest the officers,
sailors and all oilier persons making part
of the crews of slops of war or merchant
vessels of their nat >u. who may be guilty
or be accused of having deserted said
snit>s and vessels, lor the purpose of send
ing them on hoard or back to their country.
To that end, tin; Consuls of Germany in
the United States shall apply to either the
federal. State or municipal conrte or au
thon ics; »nd the Consuls of the United
S'.APw U Garmany shall apply to any of the
competent authorities, and make a request
ifl writing for the deserters, supporting it
by an official extract ot the register of the
vessel and the list of the crew, or by ether
official documents, to show that the men
whom they claim belong to said crew. Upon
such request alone thus supported, and
without the exaction of any oath from the
Consuls, the deserters (not being citizens ot
the country where tho demand is made
either at the time of their shipping or of
their arrival in the port) shall lie given up
to the Consuls. All aid and protection
shall be furnished them for the pursuit,
seizure and arrest of the deserters, who
shall be taken to the prisons of the country
and there detained at the request and at
the expense of the Consuls, until the said
Consuls my find an opportunity of sending
them away.
If however, such opportunity should not
present itself within the space of three
months, counting from the day of the ar
rest. the deserters shall l>e set at liberty,
and shall not again be arrested tor the same
In the absence of an agreement to the
contrary between the owners, freighters
and insurers, all damages suffered at sea by
the vessels ot the two countries, whether
they enter port voluntarily or are forced by
stress of weather, shall be settled by the
Consuls General, Consuls, Vice Consuls aud
Consular Agents of tho respective countries.
If, however, any inhabitant of the country,
or citizen or subject of a third power, shall
be interested iu the matter, and the parties
can not agree, tho competent local authori
ties shall decide.
In the event ol a vessel belonging to the
Government, or owned by a citizen of one
of tho two contracting parties being wreck
ed, or cast on shore, on the coast ot the
other, the local authorities shall inform the
Consul General, Consul, Vico Consul, or
Consular Agent, of tho district of the occur
renee, or if there be no such consular
agenev, they shull inform the Consul Gen
eral, Consul, Vice Cousul, or Consular
Agent of the, nearest district.
Ail proceedings relative to the salvage
of American vessels wrecked or cast on
shore in the territorial waters of the Ger
man Empire shall take place in accordance
with the laws of Germany; and, recipro
cally, all measures of salvage relative to
German vessels wrecked or cast on shore in
the territorial waters of the. United States
shall take place in accordance with the
laws of the United States.
The consular authorities have in both
countries to intervene only to superintend
the proceedings having reference to the re
pair and revictualing, or, if necessary, to
the sale of the vessel wrecked or east on
For the intervention of the local author
ities no charges shall be made except such
as in similar oases are paid by vessels of
the nation.
In case of a doubt concerning the nation
ality of a shipwrecked vessel, the local
authorities shall have exclusively the direr
tion of the proceeding* provided for in this
All merchandise and goods not destined
for consumption in the country where the
wreck takes place shall be free of all duties
With regard to the mark* of labels ot
goods, or of their packages, and also with
regard to patterns and marks of manuiac
ture and trade, the citizens of Germany
shall enjoy in the Uuited States of America,
aud American citizens shall enjoy in Ger
many, the same protection a* native citi
The present convention shall remain in
force for the space of fen years counting
from the day of the exchange of the ratifi
cations, which shall he exchanged at Ber
lin within the period of six months.
In case neither party gives notice, twelve
months before the expiration of the said
period of ten years, of its intention not to
renew this convention, it shall remain in
force one year longer, and so on, from y
to year, until the expiration of a year from
the day ou which one of the purtie* shall
have given such notice.
In faith whereof the plenipoTentiarie
have signed and sealed this convention.
Berlin, the eleventh ot December, 1871.
The undersigned met this das in order to
effect the exchange of the ratifications of
the Consular Convention, signed on. the
eleventh day of December, 1871, between
the United States ol America aud Ger
Before proceeding to this act, the under
signed Envoy Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary of the United States ol
America declared—
f. That in accordance with The insTrnc
tion given him by his government, with tiie
advice and consent ot the Senate, the ex
pression "property," used in the English
text of articles three anti nine, is To be con
strued as meaning and intending " real
U. That, according to tho laws and the
constitution ot the United States, article
ten applies not only to persons of the male
sex but also to persons of the female sex.
After the undersigned, President of the
office of the Chancellor of the Empire, had
expressed his concurrence with this declar
ation, the acts of ratification, found to bo in
good and due form, were exchanged, ami
the present protocol was in duplicate
Berlin, the twetitv-fiinfh of April, 1872
And whereas the said convention has
been duly ratified on both parts, and th.
respective ratifications of the same were
exchange at Berlin on tho twenty ninth
day of April last—
Now, therefore, be it known. That J
Ulysses 8. Grauf, President of the United
States of America, have caused the said
onventionand protocol to he made public,
to the end that the same, and every clause
and part thereof, may he observed and ful
filled with good faith by the United States,
and the citizens thereof.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand, and caused the seal of tho Uuited
States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this first
day of June, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-two
utul ot the independence of the United
States of America tho ninetv sixth.
By the President:
Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State.
Convention between the United States ol
America and tiie Austro-Hungarian Mon
archy. Naturalization. Signed Sep tern
her 20, IS70; ratified March 24, 1871; rati
fications exchanged July 11, 1871; pro
claimed August 1, 1871.
Whereas, A convention between the
United States of America and his Majesty
he Emperor ol Austria, King of Bohemia,
to., and Apostolic Kuig of Hungary, con
oerntng naturalization, was coucluded and
igned at Vienna by their resjmeiive pi ne
potentiaries on tho twentieth day ot 8 p
teuiher, 1870. which convention, beitt-* in
the English anti G* riuan languages, t*
r word as folio-v■:
The President of the United h-ab- «'
America an 1 •..* .M.-tj—ty the Emperor of
Aus'ria, Ki-tg ot Bohemia, et*., and
tp■•*'.- he King of liutigaiy, but by th*
tsh to regulate the ci iz nship of tho.-.
-rsons who emigrate from the United
States of America to the territories id the
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and from th<
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to the United
States of America, have resolved to treat
on tbic siiijeer, and have for that purpose
appointed plenipotentiaries to conclude a
convention, that is to ear: The President
of the United Suites of America. John Jay.
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleui
potentiarv from the United States to his
imperial and royal Apostolic Majesty; and
his Majesty the Emperor of Austria, etc..
Apostolic King of Hungary, the Count
Frederick Ferdinand de Beast, hi* Majesty's
Privy Counet lor and Chamberlain, Chan
cellor of the Empire. Minister of the Impe
rial House ami of Foreign Affairs, Grand
Cross ot the Orders of St. Stephen and Leo
pold, who have agreed to ami signed the
following articles:
Citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Mon
archy who have resided in the United States
of America uninterruptedly at least five
years, and during such residence have be
come naturalized citizens ot the United
States, shall be held bv the government of
Austria aud Hungary to be American citi
zens, and shall be treated as such.
Reciprocally, citizens of the Uuited States
of America who have resided in the territo
ries of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy un
interruptedly at least five years, and during
such residence have become naturalized
citizens of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy,
shail be held by the Uuited States to be
eitizens of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy,
and shall be treated as such.
The declaration of an intention to become
a citizen of the one or the other country has
not for either party the effect of naturaliza
article n.
A naturalized citizen of the one party, on
return to tiie territory of the other party,
remains liable to trial aud puni-hment for
an action punishable by the laws of his
original country committed before his emi
gration. saving always the limitation estal*
lisiu d by the laws of his original country
and any other remission of liability to pun
Iu particular, a former citizen of the
Austro-Hungarian Monatcby, who, under
the first ar'icle, is to he held as an American
citizen, is liable to trial and punishment, ac
cording to the laws of Austro-Hangary, for
non fulfillment of military duty:
1. If he lias emigrated, after having
been drafted at the time of conscription,
and thus having become enrolled as a
recruit for service in tiie standing army.
2. If he has emigrated while he stood
in service under the flag, or had a leave
.of absence only for a limited time.
4. If, having a leave of absence for an
unlimited time, or belonging to the reserve
or to the militia, he has emigrated after
having received a call into service, or after
a public proclamation requiring his appear
ance. or atter war has broken out
On the other hand, a iormer eiizen of the
Austro Hungarian Monarchy naturalized in
the United States, who by or after his
emigration has transgressed the legal pro
visions ou military duty by any acts or
omissions o'hcr than those above enumer
ated in the clauses numbered oue, two and
three, can, on his return to his original
country, neither be held subsequently to
military service nor remain liable to trial
and punishment for the non-fuifiilincDt of
his military duty.
The convention fur the mutual delivery
of criminals, fugitives from justice, con
clnded on the third of July, 18.76. between
the government of the United Stites of
! America vn the one part and the Austro
Hungarian Monarchy on the other part, as
well as The additional convention, signed
on The eighth of May, 1848, to the treaty of
commerce und navigation concluded be
tween the said governments on the Twenty
seventh ef August. 1829, and especially the
stipulations of Article IV. of the said ad
ditional convention concerning The delivery
of the deserters from the ships of war and
merchant vessels remain in force without
change, i
The emigrant from The ena cTaTe, who,
according to Article I. is to be held as a '
citizen of the other state, shall not, on liis
return to his original country, be con
•trained to resume his former citizenship;
yet if he shall of his own accord ne-aequire
it, and renounce the citizenship obtained
by naturalization, such a renunciation is
allowable, and no fixed period of residence
shall he required for the recognition of his
recovery of citizenship in his original coun
The present convention shall go into ef
fect immediately on the exchange of ratifi
cations, and shall continue in force ten
years. If neither party shall have given to
tho other six months' previous notice of its
intention then to terminate Tee same, it
shail further remain in force until the end
of twelve months after either of ifye con
tracting parties shail have given notice to
the other ot «ucb intention.
The present convention shall be ratified
by the President of the United States, by
and with the consent of the Senate ot the
United States, and by his Majesty the Em
peror of Austria, eto.. King of Hungary,
with the constitutional consent of the two
legislatures of the Austro-Hungarian Mon
archy, and the ratifications shall be ex
changed at Vienna within twelve months
from the date hereof.
In faith whereof the plenipotentiaries
have signed This convention as well in Ger
man as in English, and have thereto afixed
their seals.
Done at Vienna the twentieth day of Sep
tember, in the year of our Lord one thous
and l ight hundred and seventy, in the nine
tv fifth year of the independence of the
United States of America, and in the twen
ty-secoud year of the reign of his imperial
aud roval Apostolic Majesty.
And whereas The said convention has
been duly ratified on both parts, and the
respective ratifications of the same were ex
changed at Vienna, on the fourteenth day
of July, 1871, by John Jay, Envoy Extraor
dinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the
United States, and Count. Frederick Ferdi
nand de Be nat, Minister for Foreign Affairs
of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, etc.,
on The part of their respective governments:
Nos', therefore, he it known that I,
Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United
States of America, have causi d Ihc said
convention to be made public, to the end
that the same, and every clause and article
thereof, may he observed and fulfilled wifti
good faith by the United States ami the citi
zens thereof.
In witness whereof, I have hereutiu* set
my hand and caused the seal id the United
States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this first
lay ot August, in the year of oar Lord one
thousand eight hundred and *cventv one,
and of The Independence of The United
•States of America the nine v-si xtb.
By the President:
H i milton Fish. Secretary ot State.
Hucccksion of Marine I 1'. U lover — h'o.
kY of O-leans.—Notice is hereby given to the cred
itors of tins estate, and to'a'l other jiersona
in interested, to show cause within ten days
from the present notification, ii any tiny have or
why the account presented by tne admin
siratrix of this estate should not be homologated
ami approved, and the funds distributed in aceoid
ande. then* witli.
Bv order of the Court
ja24 28 31* FRANK PACE. JR., CWk.
huccesnion of
hchwab — No.
of Orleans.—Notice is he»eby given to the
creditors of this estate aod to all other person*
in interest* d to show cause, within ten day
from the present notification, if any they have or
can, *hv the account presented by the executor
of tne deceased in this estate should not be homo
logated and approved, and the funds distributed
» accordance therewith.
Rv order of the Court.
j.iI7 21 25* FRANK PACE, JR.. Clerk.
of Julian 35.998.
S h
Siiccet<*ioii of Julian Viildcs-No. 35.998.
f Orleans.—Whereas, P. B. Fouke, public ad
i mat rat or, has petitioned the couit for letters of
liumiritration on the estate of the Ute Julian
a o s. riecea ed, intestate. Notice i.s hereby ftiven
► all whom it may concern to show cause, within
nH rts, why the prayer ef the said petitoner
ma'd not be granted.
B» order f th»j Court.
ja!8 'It 2C* FRANK PACE. JR., O rh.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby g
ltorw of thi^ estate, and to all
herein interested, to show cause 1
from the present nollfication, if an
lam.wry the a(C>>unt presented
n ertatary executrix in tiiis estate
cr* d
0 , ther persons
it bin ten da 1 •
tbev have « r
iy tl-e testa
honld rot
homo ognted and app oved, and 1 he funds distri
buted in accordance therewith.
Bv ord»*r of thrt Court.
\ U213\ FRANK P 'Cl? Clerk.
Hucctftriou of >ickolti4 J:irquillard->o#
Oileans.—Notice is hereby given to the cred
itors ot this es ate and to all other persons herein
Interested, t** show cause within davs from the
present n-.tiftc.it on, if any they have or can. why
the account picpeDTed by the administra
tor of this Ohtate should not b* horu-do*
gat* d and api roned aud the t ':r ua distributed in
accordance there wit In
Bv oid* r of the Court.
1*17 21 25* V ASK V3( V. JR.. Cl -k
Nnccewiiou of 4.eon l-abu-wisiurp- No,
36 026.
Orleans.—Whereas, Masimi u Labusquicre
has petitioned the oonrt lor letters 01 administra
tion on the estate of th late I^eon Labuaqutere,
deceased, uitestate, notice is hereby given to al!
whom it mat concern, to show cause within ten
days why the prayer of the {*ud petitioner shmii*
not be grafted.
Bv order of the Court
y* V 14»• FR-\js k otefc
C'orarr *? iuiioi and
?n ooufbrmitj •witt» Iheii cfntrt«t, i'yiupunj
pabhfch tiie follovriu# ntateioent:
on fir?.....
On marrnr.
Ou rives..
$>318,327 25
. 58 045 35
. 20.%5 93
Total preftiinms...................... $4fl3.33B 53
Lt»b premiums unearned
eemteer 31,1872..........9118,163 09
Rtfturu premiums............ % 33u 93—1^313 93
earned premiums.,..*,..........#278,3^4
R#m«urum'es. ............ 9127/3 41
Losses oil fire......9f»a,lil 32
Losses on marine., 55,452 <>■*
Losses on river..... 2,259 46—125,822 8f
Losses on fire unadjusted and
adjusted, but not due____ 90,800 00
Reserve as required, by char
ter, two and h balf per
cent on above losses......
Exp^nst'S, taxes less interest
3,645 35
44,630 14-176^71 96
.........$ 10! ,952 64
The emm anv has the following assets:
Bonds, city and oth* r, cash value....... if 91 520 00
Pledge and mortgage notes............ . 359,774 39
Stocks, ga9 and other, ca«'i value....... 61,135 00
Bills ice ivable fi r premiums........... 17.4-90 16
Premiums in course of collection....... 89.148 99
C ash ou hand............................ 63,710 40
Cash in hai*d& ot London bankers...... 5*>0 00
Biauch otlice........................... . 2.518 87
Suspense account........................ 2,120 19
Property corner Cana) and Camp, cash
value................................. 55,000 00
Property, Duiuaine street, cash value... 6 013 24
Total.................................$755,841 24
Capital stock.............................$500 000 00
Reserved for unearned premium....... 118.185 00
Keaeived for claims onset! led........... 20,0u0 00
Dividend to stockholders......$50,000 00
Dividend assured.............. 51.952 64—101,952 64
Surplus over and above liabilities....... 15,703 00
$755,841 24
The above statement is a true and correct tran
script from the books of the comp'tuy.
J. Tl YKS President.
J. Vi. fciiNCKS, Secretary.
Sworn to and mi her- n lied before me this t^ntb
davof January. A. I). 1H73.
. Notary Public.
At a (netting of the Board of Directors, held
January 9, 1873, it was resolved to decLire the fol
lowing cash dividen- s on the net earned premiums
f r the y*-ar ending December 3i, 1872, payable on
I he third Monday of January, 2872. «is follows;
20 per cent on tire premiums,
percent on ri' erpr* miuma.
it was also resolved to pav a e^sh dividend of
ten percent 4o the stockholders ou and at Ur
tirvi Monday tu February, 1873.
ilcorge t>qnT»art.
47 T. Dugazon,
Cl. W. Bai cock,
T. Bailly Blanchard,
k. Bchreiber,
Charles Latittw,
ja!6 lit*
tf. Pavte,
I'laeidc Forsfatl,
Aug. Reichard.
W. B Belinda I,
4- Tut, ns.
'jA ............Co tiitn etc in I Pine#...........
Between Camp and Xt. Charles #t.rrwtr,
CAPITAL^ $300,00(1,
(Strictly Vire.J
DarTiws desirous of insurance have the privilege
of making two half yearly paymei ts, and are en
titled to au equal portion or' the dividends at the
«nd of the year, or in lien thereof f-> the usual re
bate. Insures against tire risks exclusively, iw
city otcountrw, *( lowest rates of premiums.
D. LEUBRIE, President.
4). S. ANCH,
PuDerintenden; ef Ageucie%
p. BEYFR. fteemary.
P. X. Andeiwok,
P Bettng.
K K. Loch,
H. Weber,
F. Robbert.
B. Broderick.
William Ilippef,
H. Hafuer,
W. Leonard,
M. l'okoruy*
A. S. Cutler,
de29 3m
F. Bia.se,
C. Jacob,
kT. Azcouw.
•1. M&rquart,
L. Schurrnanti.
*. B. Verge*.
J. Buckler,
f, Hollander,
Hugo Rtdw it*
^JEUtllANTSt .Ul Ci 'Al m r
COMPANY »»F ry.V •■RLE.iK*.
(' out* Mrt j i ...........|94
Tn conformity w: h thi
Charter, the oompan> pnbiieh the
Premiums received dur g the
31, 1872, including nneai'ned prem ; >.
vious year—
On tire risks..........................
On marine risks......................
On river risks........................
Total premiums...... ............
Less unearned premiums. ......
Net earned pftminma May 33. it*72..... 4
Losses paid-*
On fire risks.................. ^2«*j.07b' 4!
On marine r isks.............. 93.680 32
On jiver risks.... ........... 125.965 63
Temerite <;f their
e wing state
■ ol the
#719,323 S'.
.102,619 17
169,212 (■
9*991,150 74
*01,800 (X
430,724 3k
Taxes......................... ^1,537 41
Reinsurances, return premi
ums, and profit and lose. 56.416 #
Deduct interest,
pc uses.........
, f-508.078 6f
. n.85t 53-^98,822 fl»
............$298,528 62
Tire company have the following aw-et*
B« al estate.....
City bonds........... .......
Bank and railroad stocks..........
Notes secured by mortgage... ..
Notes secured by pledge..........
Bills receivable..................
Premiums in course «t collection..
Ntate bonds.................... .
Scrip and stock of other eompardei
Stock of Vallette Ihrv Dock *Vmpai
Stock of r.eve** Steam Cotton p:
Stock of Marine pry Dock and Ship
Harbor Protection Company ... ..
Mortgage bonds Turners Ismm
M ortgage bonds Old Fi Hows' Hi. 11
Cash on hand......................
New Orleans, Florida and Havana St
ship Company...................
St. Louis Hotel Aasociatioj.......
Total assets.... .....
..if 121,606 Xj
.... 289,050 <K
.... 52,168 <M
.... 449,745 62
.... 122,559 97
.... 45,61) 30
.... 12,418 95
2,500 00
____ 2,982 50
- .. 19, 0( 80
3,309 40
f.tiOO 00
.... 1,981 00
2.000 uo
5.000 ix
.. 261,659 82
. . 3.f«or. oe
,. 6,0<K> ot
..$1,461,241 2J
The above state*
transcript from th«
!-iit a ^;ist. true and correct
books of tiie company.
PA t'L FOURITIV, Piesident
O. W. Nott. Secretary
nr Lon«IANA, f
Pariah ot Orlettns, ]
City 01 New Orleans. }
Sworn to aim snbwn'.ized before me this tenth
dav of June, 1872.
P. CHS CDVET.LrKE Notary Priblic.
At ft meeting of the Board of Directors held 01
the tenth day of June, 1872, it w»s resolved U» pay
the net earned participating premiums for the Year
ending 31, 1872, payable ou the third Monday
of July next. Also to pay on demand ten per < eni
interest to the scrip holders upon (-diversion ot
their scrip into capital stock at .K*r aibended char
ter of the coiu pan j.
Jel 1 1 v CH \ R L KS L A FTTTK.
>o. I I £
• iitMcr wrrfu
Insures agric^t
l^trc* .Marine and lie
At the Lowest Tand
A. EIMRR BADER, Premdent.
CHAN. KNGBTFFLD, Vice P?esid*-r>t
Kii>t Fi--ai \ ear*
Premiums received ... .... ^
FLre, marine and r. » r kissca
* ....... ....... **->-**
Reins man s. rebates
penses.elc.. . . •• ... • *
imt efo s t on capita , d n *. pt • •
Dividend one-*; *.i' p-.:*i in, f :« x
Dividend oji • *■ r p * »i,
flerify AbrW Jim,
Louis fiehf-c •**,?,
Jo»»ciffi K* it
S. A Bft-iiT.g.*
ft. Hteg
r. h Miller,
H Kicke.
J. N. ScLwnrV*
H. Pohhr i£
X. W* p. .h .»J*
A FI in. r Bad- f.
V 4 S - iMf.
7 cd. reL oil
4. r f t l Bondio,
L-.-u -' Beberck
A. L. Nasits
...... .........CilARTEll.
Be it known that on this twenty-fourth day of
the month c f December, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred aud seventy-t wo, and
of the independence of the United States of AmPr
ica the ninety-seventh, before me, Arwaud Phot.
Jr., a notary public duly cotmniss oneu and swum
in and for the parish and city aforesaid, therein
residing, and in the presence of the witn* sses here
matter named aud undersigned, personally came
and appeared the persons w hose names aie herein
after subscribed, who declared that they agreed
and covenanted, and do, hy these presents, agree
and covenant to form themselves iuto a corpora
tion for the object - and purposes, and under the
stipulations, regulations and obligations loliewing,
to wit:
The name of the eonipsn? shall fto The "New Or
leans aud Grand Kcore Packet Company," audits
domicile is lieieby vstabliuhed in the city of New
Orleans, and it ahull exist, and continue lor the
term of twenty-five years from the date of ihese
presents, unless sooner dissolved. The company
shall have a seal, having for inscription the name
of the l oui| any.
The operations of said * ompany shall be the pur
chase, or balding, or chartering ot one or more
steamboats, and the carrying of freight or passen
gers, or both, ou sai t boats, up and down the Alia
feibsippi rivi-r and tt- d river and tributaries.
The capital t-tock of said company is hereby
fixed at tiie sum of one hundred thousand dollars,
divided iuto (.hares of one hundred dollars eiMfli,
to be paid for ;is follows, to wit: Min ty per cent ns
s-on as the company goes iuto operation, and tin
balance m installments of teu per cent uimhi the
call of tf Bond of Directors as the incessities *-f
the com pan > iuay tequire it. This company shall
............ ....... soon as the sum ol forty
thousand della
The affairs of the said company shall b»i under
the direction of a B ard of Control, composed of
five stockholders, possessing in llu ii «vwn name, or
tflist 01 the firm of which they are partners, not
less than ti\e shares of the stock of ifie company.
Srctioiv 1. The regular meeting of the stock
holders shall beheld aanually on the thiid Monday
oi October, at which meetlEtt, a ma;ori».v in capital
stock, represented at the meeting, shall choose
five of the menfoc.rs to serve as directors for the
ensuing year. At such election each share of stock
shall be entitled to one vote, and tne directors
elect shall, within five days alter t heir election, or
ganize into a boaid by appointing one of their
members as president. Toe b aid thus or
ganized shall have power to appoint al) officers
or'agents and fix their respective coiiipensuMons.
'the board shall also appoint ft secretary, whose
d> ty. independent of others that might lie ascribed
to him. sl a i he t*. at end Ui« meetings of the
boa d, ana Lt ej- a correct record theu 41 ocecd
Nkc. 3. A failure f<* rleef directors, aa afoiesaid,
shall 11 i t d ssolve the corporation, out the board in
office shall continue to exercise th# Functions until
a new board can be elected.
Sbo. 3. Three tu niters uV sai«f Boarrfof rontroT
• hall c<M£titul* a quorum for the transaction of
busiucss, aim She said board is liershy invested
witli full power to irame and a^lopt such by-laws,
rules and regulations as they may deem re quisite
and necessary for the company and the transac
tions of its affairs, provide j trie same shall not
Conflict with tne true int«*nt and meaning-f thi-* 1
act of incorporation or the laws of this State.
They arc betel) authorized to buv, sell and charter
steamlnmts. fuel 4or tho use of the company, to
make couttacts, leasKi, mortgages, hyi»othe<a
tions and compre.mises; to borrow money, and to
build, or cause to be or moie s. cam boats
for said company.
Skc. 4 The Board o9 f'ontvol iff.alF make *divi
deiidri as often as they think desirable and proper.
fine. 3. If any member of said Board of Control
should cease to be m stockholder during his term
of service, Ins office «haU thereby, ipso facto, be
come vacant. And in the event of the death, per
manent absence, or resignation, (a vacancy from
whatever cause) of anv member said Board of
Coutrol, the board shall have power to till vacan
cies occasioned thereby until the first regular
meeting thereafter of the stockholders of the said
com pan# fur tho wlcctiou mf otLceis of the com
fi'KC. 6. Th« Board ot ('ontrol •shall meet monthly
tor the transaction of business, and the president
may call them together at any tinre by giving
twenty-four hours' notice in writing.
Nkc. 7. No t wo partners whose sunscriptions are
« the riam« of their commercial firm shall be.eli
gible nt th*- sail** fiuie aw membeis *it i!»** said
ffKCfl'irr.H 8 ft rfiiill he the duty o 4 tiie preside!*
said companv re» kts-p. or cause to be kept, in
uouud bw-ks, in the name of thw company, a cor
rect record «»f all its proceedings, trausactioiiH, ac
1'ounts. piopcfty, business ami a (fairs, as well as
full and complete detailed accounts of the receipts
and disbursements* thereof. He shall, moreover,
act as the 1 reasure* of the company, and keep a
c;i*h account in ••!»« ef the hanks in New Orleans,
subject, to* he approval oT the Board 01 Control 111
the name and tor am ount of the company, and to
he alone authorized and empowered to draw
• hecks r*ml IranK.i.1 a;l Innkiug business thereof,
'rhe pr • sident of the company in the 1 person
on vsLozu rktatioii shall be ieru*<i,
> en tTir period arrive*
winding up of me concern
stocc holder* *tmi) b* *«'!*■(
* out lio'idei- at t* general
shall be lo< ourert all th
fi-oin a:«r rauer for the
s of this company, three
ted by a majority ol the
meeting, whore duty it
' asset* oi 11 the corpora
tiou into cash, and after the pay ment of the liabil
ities 01 the company, disbureo the su*-plns fumis
among the at<M'.kholders 11. piopo-tlou ;<• ihei^ir
*!*♦■•*' U\e shai ca
Ko stockholder shall •* i*! htildlkibhsr respon
Bible for the contracts o* laulisof the companv
beyond the amount ot 1.is stock company.
For the j»n -pose of eta ri mg and putting the com
pany into operation, the following named slock
nolders, tov.it: Johu C. Mitchell, Michel Die
trich, Esq . Horace K. Shropshire, h«q., John A.
Williams, Ksq., and George W. Tin ker are consti
tuted a temporary Ih.ard ot Contro.', whose t**im of
office shall expire as soon as Lbei# successors are
ele* i**d and iia' tr qualified.
The name® and respective interest oftlie sub
scribere to this act and ttm amount of their ie
apective shaies 41 re hereby declare d (<« be as fol
Johu r Mitchell,
Horace K. Shropshire,
George W. Tucker.
John Mitchell,
<' lapari & Die trie !> #
Gans Si rio.,
L). Picisou,
A K. Sompay i ftc.
Alex Garsin.
J. J. McCook k * o. #
Emile D< hii* u.\ #
J. Dueaese.
A. K. Lem**#
TiichelA A.rev.
John f*. Campb* IT,
diaries L. Perot.
7. 4 . Duconru^au.
T. Bchuman,
K. PocTe,
H. Li* ]itenhenst*i:i 0
H. Jaffa,
John Rusca
Wienbnrg A* Koffic
Mis. Grozau.
4'li;ir4*'H If. Brown.
R*»l»ert M. Walnisley,
7 . J. C. Batchelor.
M H. Carver,
4VtJ-r Venb rnan.
Wii-iam M Levy.
William II. Jack.
Johu Gei.oe.
P. Haller,
Willis Holim-%
K Smith,
W. B. (3arr #
II. Simon.
<Amb. Deolien.v 0
J. Hf. <Jo»grov*j.
T. Lacostei.
L. Duple ».
J. Messl.
Is. Kahn Atf'o*
T. II. Burdick,
F. >1 Hartman.
S. Nelkin,
I ha
■ J,lc
A. Jar
A. David,
Julius Levin.
B. C. IKike
J. French.
David Kuhiuavfd,
Sam Piucus
Henr• a. Boissart.
J lin Butler.
Joseph H. Hvuson.
* iei Ge|»r
John H. Weii
Louis Texada,
Patrick Ke!*u.».
P. M. Fiern.ant.
F. Regard,
A. I>. Coco.
George W. T'.ck*#
Oscar Chopin,
A A. Mcmton.
W. H. Lang tic Id
Jam*-- M Rhorer.
H. A. Thom noon,
T. Spence Smith
Louis Lawrem •
MiHnig L J'>
M ' • • 4 -
M. Hv
!#. U •
Dr. .V
,s. Weintmrg
John <v hamhera k
Harsh Mayer.
J. J. Forth, ne.
IV. T. Dozier.
J. W. Johnston.
Umis Ahad.e,
J. Goodman,
fe. A S. Weil,
J A. Wilhan.e,
.loiaH Ros.-rithal,
M*ke Legras.
James W. Osborn.
Tkomas W*HMlward.
Sol Hess,
J. Jackson,
floury Sf. Jot n,
Noionren Meyer.
K. 1. Pierson.
n B. Watteiey fcCo.
F. riftvarbi
L. Drenin.
K. J. (I. Mon in,
r. I*. Walmslx Si Co.,
Hoiacc K. fifiiopBliiri
i . H. 4; Brown. (J. 51
•V. 1 fiord fk i
V fr Me.O u
Horace Hre
• appeii k **urrv.
B. trio»,
i» tiou*]* t on a
i- Roy
j M fort* f.
!f. Bo 'It
Ru V Si h .t #•«*.
>i.u K., r*
V JatfiilllOt,
*1 B. Lhirer.a.
• tern
John Clark,
W. T. BvncU,
William Wat«o|).
F. B**noist,
• Givanovr*.
e ri»ert A- eon,
• A •'h.v r * 'ok);
V- R Rniiftt.d,
• e. M m • . L
• K«iiv
none a' riSMA at New Orfeana, \n toy of
to- daj v. > ith and year first above writ
or - ,ie of Mri-iri. Ou«*H''W D <»ar
».iui AiutiroksG. le fi'A <yv Ktcat wit
•' Cc. LU* fifc? -. •b'
the paid appeare-rs ami tne, notary, after due read
ing of the whole.
Original »igui*i:
Horace k. iirobnhir^
A. <i. LA PICK.
A. PITOT, JW., >otu/f 4'iAA.f.
^oreU*rg)f mortgagee
few Orleans. Niate ol^
fv that flit foregoing.
v q . , .........Aisotlhw, i« k«ohi ur
*0110 v9 et seq., this day.
Oilcan*. TWcwnber 24, kr t >.
C. DARCANTfk, Xlbpii> 9
thovimlersigne#, deputy
or this parish and city o
.niiiaiaidm-s h. rct.y ct .
1 ( ... torif* d in th
% trap vopv:
* fiiTirr. ,1 k.,
nrv Pwiill.
* « I*
c .
UMTKB> JilT^TK* ,f)F AMKElCik. S3#
Be It known that oil this thirty tir-t day of tho
moi.tli of Ui crmbt r, in the year of our Lord ono
th.>111,aud eight lmndred and .evenly two. au.l of
the independence of the United States of imerioa
tiie ninety-m-venth, ben.re me, ilnua, e toGardeur
Jr., a inaari publio. dnlv comuiiariamd andaworn*
in and for the parish and city aforesaid therein rtv
hilling, und in tlie pieseneo of the witness, s In rein
nt.e liniii d and undersigned, poraouallv ,•nine and
appeared Charles Oavaroe, Ksq . ot this eitv. presi
dent of tiie NKIV OKLhANs MltTljaL INSI KANC'K
AssOiff ATIM.V, a coiporai ion organized under the
laws ot tins State, and havnights domicile in thia
Paris), oi eh leans, the sai l appealer herein acting
iu his aforesaid eapacty, bv virtue of a resolution
adopted by the Board ol Directors of said corpora
tion. at, their siitiu" of ih„ twenty tnst day of
December, eighteen hundred and s< veuty two, a
certified copy u hireof is hereto auuexed tor refer
Which said appearer declared in liis said capa
citi, that in criler to carry into effeet, un.l , an a ing
to be recorded the resolutions adopted at a gene
ral meeting of Die stock holders of tiie said curpont
tinii, held on tiie twenti, th day of December, 187J,
pursmuit to a call made by tile aaiil Board of Di'
rectnrsspi cialiy for the purpose of taking into
cott-idera inn and voling upon the adoption of
aHo ndmeiits proposed to the charter or act of in
corporation of the said New Orleans Mutual In
surance Association, bv tiie Board of Directors, a*
their sitting ot the eighteenth day ot November,
IS72 which, aid call win adverii-ed bv nonces a
the New Orleans Kepublican. a newspaper, v,'.
Itrihud in tin- c-iiy of New Oi loa.is, fre,m tli« nine
tff-nth day of \0vm1Vr last until the day of hold
iiifi B.iid genera 1 nuttlug, ha wiil more fully aoiiear
by l eh relic* to tine annexed certified copy of the
proceeding* of tho *ai*t general meeting'of tho
stockhohleis, wherein bum kl olders owning and
representing in tho aggregate teven thousand)
eight huudred aid ninety two shares of the capital
su ck oi the said corporation, beingr ; 11 the s?ock<
represented nt said general meeting, roted in tavoti
«d the adoption of tiie said amendments, being*
niore tliau three-foni ths, a*re«|uired hv law.
#I«, flic said H!»p*aie», acting in hi* atoresai&
capacity, does, by tl*«»bo pr«c»eutN in behalf of
the stockholder* of • the said New On.
iesire Mutual Insurance Association.deelaie, pre®- 4
claim mid publihh the said amendments t«> th&
charter or act «)f incorfioratioii of the said Ne\s;
Africans Mutual Insurance Association, u hich havea
h« * n iinituiiuoucly xdopted at tiie r.ai«l genera?
meeting of'1 he stockhold'-rs of win- said ooi }>or£>
tion, to be he.w*torth \ inding and obiigatoiy upoifi
* " ^ i--3 of the said corporation and ato
•same shall or may concern, and!
or act of incorporation of the sai*E
A shim iation is a<
ti « stockholdc
ot hers v> hotu tl
that the ch-trte
Orleans Mutual Iu
eordinglj* amended in the mauntr following
to wit :
Firstly—Tha. section oue of arti*'le tlnwe of
act of incorporation be amended so hja fa ireie®
fc'liews, fo a it:
FkctioA I. The0-apitnl stock *^thi**i-sornifionCQ
h< re by fixed at the sum of three millions ot dollars,
of which the one million of dollars already so
sc ri tied ami issued shall form part. The remaining
two mdliousot dollars of stock shall be created anS
issued aa follows:
Whenever the special fund created and estato
lished under section three of arti**le seven of thi^
act of 'neorpoiation shall amount to the sum oft
one mihioii of dollars, st ck to that 111110 unt shall
!kh older* off
Ii they sh^Jit
original on#
and certifl
per <-ent pe#
to Hfti({
lie apportioned an
d al'otti
bd to the Ml *
t lie n
n ihe r
atio in whi
resp. el
be holders of . In
> 11 01 do
llai a
«.f the
capital stoe
cat* a
Of H O
k, eu
them to t*• 1
11 iute:
rest :
•nd pn
ri leges ttttii
m ltlUi
nil fttadi
tall bo
«a*uod to
1 never,
aff. 1
' fho a
ITotfnsnf iiiii
million of «h
of arldi
ii ienal hf • el
sue of ortfc
tin special Kind <
three of article *
million of d Dan
limi t nt Mock a
B*oek Blinll h- Mi.-i
eate*l and estahliohed by stetiofif
veil *!iall again amount to on«$
;tn« \v Rpj orlioninent and nllot
<1 new issue ot' c-rtificates oV
e to tli*' Rtockholdc8 «f the as
Nociatioii iu tier tm iu which they shall I hen 1*9
holders of ft.- ti-st two millions ot dollars of the*
capital hii rk, mid entitling the bearer* thereof
the same rigii « and privileges ns the prior issue*.
And attei ihiKBccoid a In'incut amt issu. (dads
• i mual stock, the special fund cHtaiilislied for that
purpose of lucre asiug tho stock of the asbociatior*
a* aloicftaid, dia l cease ro exist.
Hccond—That artic!
X'OaUlltMl ftc %m UdtMl I
Nkctiow V. From and affer the beginning of ffi#
thirei year the stockholders * hall pay no premiums
on the insurances * fleeted by them.
fine. 2. But on the last day of each quarter th<4
president shall cause tube made a Mat* ment of
1 he losses and expenses of the association, tew
which *h-ll he added two and nbal' pei cent in"*
tereht. lo be paid to the stockholders on their
stock paid in fu 1, or on sueb part thereof as shall
have been paid, which said stateic 11 ts shall be
pub b.liod as provided for in section . ne of ai tide*
six for the annual scatenient to be made iu Januz
arv, 1871 aud 1872.
Hkc. 3 At the same time »s this *ji:s t< rlv state*
tuent shall lie rendered a call shall lie made ot?
each insuring stockholder for a contribution of'
sixty five per cent on the premium* of ihe sums
insured for by him, earned during the expiring
quarter which said coutnoutiou shail be paid at
tin; office of the association immediately after the
first publication of the e<lf made f.r the sarne;
and hii* h call snail b** publish* d three times in al#
least 1 wo news pipers printed in 1 he city of Novi
Orleans, 'l l** auimint ho collected shall he apr
pli: *1 first to cover the losses, expenses and in^
lerest snee. tied in the last quartcfliy statement^
and the surplu*, it am , shall be set apart and con
st it ute a special fund for the increase of the capi
ta 1 » nek, >ts pr vided in section one i-> article!
three of this act of incorporation
Mtc. 4. It the amount i f the losses, expenses an/f
inter- st due to stockhohleru specified in the quar
terly statement exceed sixty-five pci ceut of th«^
i»i» min ms earned during ihe ex piling quarter, but
do not exceed the aggre gate amonnt *m said earned
pieuiiums then a coninbuMon shall tie made and
111cient to cover sai<?>
-a- s. t -xpeiiricH and interest.
Skc. 5 Audit' the losses, expenses and interest)
<1 during any oue quarter ainoum to a sum
ing the pienimms t amed during s iid quaro
• 1.nmiing stuckhohleiH shall t><* .■-ailed upohi
pli **ii 10 pay 111 full the premian s earned
•Vi-I qua! ter «u 4iie insurauc. h ♦ :). « ted bj
*1 <1 '*»• txc. SH shall b<* 4sken from thO
part to increase * he capital stock,
three of tl
nt of said Speer
fr- m the other uv
'.ation, a* provided
rticle, to they
land; and $
liable r#v
• this ac^
at! air
pi oviih *1
nek of this JLssticiation
im ot three million
shall be caled f..
art 1
«*t tto- insuring
Hfockhouit-iK lor an amoui t exceedirg 1 he sum of
tie 1 .kg-m rex;>. m* and 1 wo a».d a half per coni
interest to the stockholders, a certain* *1 and do
cared in the quarterly sta eniont, m» de and p" K 0
fished b\ virtue of section two if this artel*.
Hkc. 7 No party insuiii g shall be liable torn* _
trii.utions »- provided hi this aiticle, to an amount'
exceeding tlit; premiums on insurance* effected by
Thirdly—That article nine of the act of Incorpo:.
ration b». aaier ded so as to read follow*:
SacTiojf 1. It shall he lawful for the Board ©
Direc'ors to iuv* st the capital stock and other
moneys *-f ti e ssor lati- 11 in bands bills, and note©
hn.t in mo'tgaues . ii real *aiate. 'I hey may also
invest the. capital stock ;md other cash funds of
ny bonds «»r stock* created by
wh of ti»«v United Htates, of this
orations of this Htate or loan its
of any of the aforesaid public or
bo d» or stockH.
lb*- lawful also for the Board o Ij
rchaae any prop- rty, reai or per
1 in
r*KC 2.
Diic ton
mid Charles Cnvaroe
ui capacity, that by
vested by the afore*
to more mlly cairy
dmenr*, he d
v;rt.ao oP
id r*u*<ilu>
into* ffec<
bv de< lar*
Known that sec tu-ns one of rticle three
• mi s, ij and article nine ot tin* chare* 1 < r aci,
1 <u pora'imi .t the said New Oi.eai * Mutual
ance Ak*»oc a ion have be n chang' d a/.d
*W-d so a-, to lead ai d be a- i* t.ereinabovo
*»itid !w* hereby authorize* and re quires'
1 r- r- *t of mortgages in a *> ».r f.Mi- nry and
h t;* recur-* »aid aim- ih! meats -.4110% '*>00ka o£
do •*
Fed by
th- |.l
f.'W •'•i V
fl.si (f
vlio 4 ih ve H'guedi
1*4.*, m'% m
• • A Y * ROC
A. PI r«-T, Jk.,
LA PK *.
1) LkGAK DKLtt, J -., A'qhlMk
• wndersig! ed. Deputy K. corc^sr of Mort-*
.?• thiMpi»nr' and ei-yot .-ew Orleans. State*
rtify that ihe foregoing
rd* d Dus da^
n i!j<« -.th*
J i -'S rei .
% t wire c
j*3 t • it :
»k Mociet
Inly 1
No. 9, lolio 6 i.
•* DAMCANTKf*. tiepnt#,
f.KfiARfriXR, /r., 5otsrs Publl<\
y.\U!l-;TH>* WVNTt'R *AUOON«
Gynte* :t«ni i.mrb IS ■ oun.
XutAefeui Of Hawkin' kaloea, Vari*tk>* Pluo*;
Hot <"iioya, Porter Homo ana Teuil-rloln Stwak*
Bird. Omic, irirril op to ordwr and in tnnipg
lllg stvL Y.V 1 ........ .
st v l* . h| __________
» twi-r'j Oil iiw *Vitc Sies, vTu.'im<i
' to* ,aJ*i
1 K.
•a l®

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