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Ill, FKOM r 1 H 8 T l-Al.K.i
...... 9 9 9
li-« mile. Going up the hack stretch. Has
n't: quiet, anil Wanderer, increasing his
lead a: ever; stride, looica %ve:y inch the
At »Ks peiiiMl the backers of McDaniel's
8 vJ'e I'ouaht to hedge their bets, and there
wt-e large odds that Wanderer would win.
ficiiisg hut few takers. The glorious oncer
taiLtv ot racing was destined, however, to
receive another illustration, whijn :t eeeuied
a.' i impossible that Wanderer could
f l„ Hubbard, passing Bassett, rushed
a ],j 0 T at a tremendous pace, challenging
Wanderer aud taking the lead from him.
entering the home stretch. Hubbard led
,'j • - wo it-ngths, and won as he pleased
Tue result of the nice created genera*
astonishment, as before the start Colonel
ifVDaniel applied for permission to witu
draw Hubbard, stating that the horse was
6 . - The judges, under the rules oi the
association, declining to grant permission,
McDaniel gave out that lie would gallop
11 . hard and leave the race between Bas
sett and Wanderer.
l.n*t Bay of the Cleveland Karen,
c-LvttAXii, August if.—The fourth and
la-* d..v •*: the Cleveland Club meeting
passed off pleasantly. Ten thousand peo
were ixraitendance. The track was in
perfect condition anil the sport good. Gold
eni • Maid was the favorits in the pools
a ^aiiist the field, but in the first heat she
cl ilht her hind loot in the forequarter hoot,
] ■ ng ng her to a dead standstill, leaving
Amencaii Girl and Lucy to finish t *e race,
the Maid being declared distanced, and
Luc 7 winning in three straight heats, all
c! isely ci ntested by Aineiicaii Girl, though
the time was slow.
Lucs......................................... I 1 »
American Girl....................... \ 1 l
O/.lcimlii Maul.......................
Tiinc—fi'fI U, s
TL© and la^t race was for * *
torsos for a purse of $2000, eleven entries
and nine starters. Clementine was the
f.rvoiite in tlie pools at odds of two to one,
and won the race in three straight heats.
Clementine.................................. ' I
Walter ..................................... .. t ■,
Z 1 addie Hold Ural.......................... ,1 .. t
Vanity Fair.................................. ...
Little Longfellow............................
Marv Taylor.................................J - 7
Russell...................................... 1 k a
Sleepy Joe......................
Time—2:*J9, 2:ti7Vi, 2:30bj.
This closes the most sucoesstul meeting
ever held in the West. The weather has
been fine throughout, the attendance large
and the track in first class order.
Thursday** Knee at Snraloga.
Washington, August 2.— lhe race which
took place at Saratoga, New York, on
Thursday, for the |800purse, two miles, for
a ii „ -e-,'is described as having been very
exciting ami the fastest on record. The
following were the entries and the order of
the result:
J F. Chambeilin's b. c. line Blue, by
Lexington, dam Balloon, four years old,
Barbee— 1,
M. H. Spoflord's b. c. M ate, by Austra
lian. dam Mattie Gross, 4 years old. Hay
ward—2. ,, , ,
I). McDaniel A. Co.'s ell. c. Hubbard, by
Planet, dam Minnie Mansfield, McCabe 3.
1>. McDaniel & jL'o.'s cb. h. Jo Daniels,
liv Australian, dam Moily Carter, tour
years old, F. Gray—1.
Bice Sl McC'ormark'e cn. g. John McCor
mack, by Hiawatha, dam Itapid Ann.
three veins old, A. liobinson—•».
Carroll & Car's b. f. The Nurse, by Aus
tralian, dam Cone, three years old. liich
ardsoa—1">. ,
C. J. Alioway 's br. h. Boss a weed, by As
teroid, dam Alabama, four yeais old, Haz
ard—7, Time — 3:32 Mi. The betting
was in favor of Joe Daniels, Mate stamlin
next, and True Blue third on the list.
A correspondent says Boss Tweed took
the lead at the start, Hubbard second
Joe Daniels third, True Blue fourth,
The Nurse fifth, Maid sixth, anil McCor
mack seventh. At the quarter pole Boss
Tweed Hnd Joe Daniels were running head
and head. The Nurse third, McCormack
fourth. Mate lifth, True Blue sixth,
and Hubbard seventh. This quarter
was run in twenty-eix and one half sec
onds. At the halt mile pole, which was
passed in thirty-three seconds, Boss Tweed
led a neck: Joe Daniels second, lour lengths
ahead of the Nurse, who was two lengths
in advance of Mate, the latter half a
length ahead of True Blue, Hubbard sixth
and McCormack seventh. The horses ran
without aDy change anil around the lower
turn and part ol the way up the home
stretch. As they passed under the wire
Joe Daniels was a neck in front of Boss
Tweed, McCormack third, Mate fourth, the
Nurse fifth. True Blue sixth anil Hubbard
seventh, and all so closely bunched that
it seemed almost impossible for them to
run without interfering with each other.
The time of the mile was l:4tiV4.
At the quarter pole Joe Daniels led by a
bead. Boss Tweed second, half a length in
advance* of McCormack, who was one
length ahead of Mate and the latter a neck
ahead of True Bine, Hubbard dose up, the
Nurse dropping away. Time 2:14.
Going down the back stretch the pace
was sharp and many changes took place.
Mate ran to the front followed by True
Bine. Joe Daniels third, Hubbard fourth.
Boss Tweed fifth, McCormack sixth and
the Nurse seventh, lhe mile and a haif
was made in 2:4012.
These pi s tions wete no in'ained around
the lower t .rn, and at the ha f-mile pole the
race seemed to rest between Mate and True
Blue. As the horses came into the home
stretch Joe Daniels retiteil in favor of Hub
bard. who made a gallant dash after the
leader, hut he could not overtake him.
The struggle was most exciting between
Mate and True Bine and it continued till
they passed under the wire. True Blue
winning by ball n length. The masterly
riding of Barbee on True Blue and Hay
ward on Mate w ill never be lorgotten by
those who witnessed the race. Hubbard
•was beaten two lengths, Joe Daniels
fourth. McCormack fifth. The Nurse six,
Boss Tweed seventh. Thctime ol the two
miles was 3:32fj. the fastest ever made by
one second and three-quarters. The next
to best nine being that of Leltteton which
va- • :34**».
Preparations for ilie lliillnto Heeling.
Ben alo, August 2 —Fourteen ear loads
of horses iroiti the West will at rive to-night
to participate in the races at this place next
week. It is probable the rains of the past
few days will place tho track in splendid
Ti„- weather is cool, and the lintels are
fast filling up with visitors.
Kailronil Accident.
Cl MRi:i:t.ANt>. August 2.—A freight Train
ran into a gravel train this morning, hilling
one man and w ounding three othei s.
" n n. Conn.. August 2.—Bleach &
,uld:ug burned this rut ruing. Loss
California Wheat.
. **ax h ram isco. August 2 — Only nine
sh:: - have cleared with wheat, against
fourteen the same time last year. The
la :hots art mc.ii.td to hold the new crop
for higher prices.
Accidental Death in Richmond.
Kichmond, August 2.— John Kobiu=on, a
wealthy and highly respected citizen, died
last night from an overdose of choral ad
ministered by his wife as an antidote lor in
Extreme Ilcnt in Richmond.
Weather excessively hot: thermometer
AS in the shade. There was one fatal ease
01 sunstroke yesterday.
Fire in Portland, Oregon.
Portland, Oregon, August 2.—A fre
broke out here at Ibnro'clock this morning
Twelve blocks are now in tiames, and the
tire is still spreading.
The lire departments of Vancouver,
Oregon City and Salem are on their way
here. The tfater supply is failing. The
fire commenced near the Metropolitan
Hotel. Nearly all the city, bounded by
Yatnpill street on the north. Second street
02 the west. Columbia street on the south
and the river on the east, is in tiames.
Death at a Veteran of the Texas War.
Galveston, July 2.—General Sidney
Sherman, the last cavalry commander of
Saa Jacinto, died in this city last night, ami.
ill be buried this afternoon with military
honors. .
, Indian Outrages on the Frontier.
A special to the Stva from San Antonio
<rives an account ol more Indian outrages
along the frontier. Much excitement exists
and the people are abandoning their homes
and crops.
Returned from Cape May.
Baltimore. August 2 —The Fifth Mary
land Regiment arrived home this evening
from Cape May. after ten days' encamp
ment there, and were received at the depot
and were escorted to their headquarters
w.rh all honors by the S.xth Regiment.
National Guard. Baltimore rejoices at the
return of her pet regiment.
Fiioeral of the Men who were Hanged
Joshua Nicholson's funeral took place
tins evening from his father's residence.
List Madison street. There was a large
funeral procession, including twelve car
riages. Hallihan's funeral also took place
under the auspices of the Prisoners Aid As
sociation, and his body placed in a vault
in the Baltimore cemetery to await the_ ar
rival of his relations from Canada. Nich
olson and Hallihan were both hanged yes
terday for the murder of Mrs. Lamply.
St. Louis. August 2 —A seven-sixteenth
interest in the Republic was sold at public
sale to day for jbOOO.
Report of lhe New Loan Dented.
Rome. August 2—Prime Minister Ming
hetti has written a letter to his constituents
denying that the Italian government con
templates a new loan.
Fire in the Exhibition Building.
Vienna. August 2 —A tire occurred in the
Exposition building this morning and was
not extinguished before the Alsace-Lorraine
peasant dwelling was destroyed. The ag
ricultural department was threatened with
1 destruction, but was saved by the energy of
the firemen.
. Ilavaon Matters.
Havana. August 2.—The lithographers of
this city have struck work. They demand
tho payment of their wages in gold or its
equivaient in currency. All the railroads,
from this month forward, will exact pas
sengers' fares and freight tolls in gold or
its equivalent. .
In view of the many abuses in the matter
of Chinese contracts, the government has
ordered the Captain General to strictly and
energetically punish transgressors.
Nebraska Items.
Omaha. August 2.—A letter from Camp
Bacon, situated about forty miles from
Camp IStambaugh. Wyoming Territory,
says: A baud of hostile Indians appeared
in the vicinity of old Camp Brown on the
twentieth of July, attacked a house and
killed two wonien. They attempted to
commit other depredations before a body
of armed men came upon the scene, when
the Indians fled, closely pursued.
The government surveyors in Northern
and Southwestern Nebraska report the dis
covery of an immense tract of pine lands
in a country supposed heretofore to be
A heavy rain storm occurred last night
along the mountain division of the Union
Pacific railroad. One bail "washout'' re
ported. The train yesterday from tne west
was fifteen hours late. No serious delay
occurred, the passengers, etc., being trans
ferred at the break without trouble.
By Express. »
Washington. August 2.—The War De
partment will send and receive heavy re
ports hereafter by express instead of by
Cholera at Evansville.
• Evansville, August 2.—Two deaths from
cholera are reported among the mills' hands,
with two other_cases that will probably
prove fatal.
Nnit of the Michigan Railroad Company.
Boston, August 2.—In the case of the
Michigan Railroad Company vs. Collector
Slack! Judge Shepley has given a decision,
in which he decrees the sums of $12,777 GO
and $1722 93 with interest to the plaintiff.
The suits were brought to recover taxes
paid under protest and a penalty imposed
by the collector of internal revenue.
Health ot St. l.ouis.
*St. Louis, August 2.—lhe Board of
Health reports 211 deaths for the week
ending to-day. being a decrease from last
week of thirty. Seven deaths are reported
to from cholera and twenty-nine from
cholera morbus.
Fire In Chicago.
Chicago, August 2.—About half past five
o'clock this evening a fire broke out in the
fourthstory of a five-story marble building*
belonging to the Sewing Machine Company
on the northeast corner of Washington and
State streets, and is still burning, with the
prospect that the interior will be destroyed.
The building was being fitted up lor oc
cupancy by Field. I.eiter & Co. as a retail
dry goods store, and was nearly finished,
but contained no goods. The fire is said to
have originated through the carelessness of
a plumber at work oil the fourth floor.
Weather Report.
W»k Dkparthknt, 1
Office Chief Signal officer, >
Washington, August 2, 1373, 1:33 P. M.)
For the Northwest and upper lake region and
thence to Indiana aud Kansas, northwesterly
winds, occasional rain aloe- the river valleys,
with clearing and clear weather aud high temper
ature on Sunday
For the Gulf States and Tennessee, northwest
eilv winds. Jewel tea* pci a! ' re, cloudy weather and
For the South Atlantic States, southwester'v
wiude. cloudy weather, lower temperature and
occasional rain ou ihe coasts.
hor the lower hike and Middle States, rising
barometer, slightly lower temperature, northwest
w inds and clearing weather.
For New England, warm, partly cloudy weather,
low barometer, southerly win.Is and local storms.
River Intelligence.
Socthwest Pass, August 2, 6 P. M — Barometer
2:)-.6S. Wind west northwest, fresh. Arrived—Br.g
Ramirez, from New Y„rk. with lighthouse mate
lisl. .Sailed—Steamship Mississippi.
Shrkvkport, August 2.—Weather clear. Mercury
30 . River fallen two inches iu last twentv-four
hours. No arrival . Departed—Maria Louise, tor
New Orl ans.
Cincinnati, August 2 —River eight feet six inches
a d rising. Weather pleasant and showery. De
parted— shannon, for New Orleans.
,*T. Lons. August 1. —Departed—Henry Ames, for
New Orleans; Wolff, foi Bed river; Capiiol City, for
Vicksburg. River failing. Weather cloudy, with
ram nr noon; cool to night.
L'IVIstili k, August 2.—River Bfa'ioHary: four feet
six inches iu the canal, two feet six inches on
the falls.
PiTTsHtrm*. August 2.—The river is rising slowly,
witli seven feet full m tin* channel.
Cairo August 2.—Arrived—Pauline Carroll,from
New Oilcans, u iasf night ; J. M. K+dlogg. rrom New
Orleans. * P. M. Departed—Carroll, for St. Louis,
9 i a st Bight. Heavy lain since dark. Weather
warm, liner fell lire inches iu tho last twenty
four hours.
Evan-vi i.r. August 2.—Weather cloudy: heavy
st**Viii this evening. R.n-r fallen eight inches.
Mercury ranging between 7.V and 86".
Mfmphis. August 2.—Arrived—From St. Louis
Grand Tower, and John F. Tolle, from Vicksburg.
Departed—Grand Toner, for St. horns: John K.
Tolle. for New Or.cans; Fort Gibson, for Arkansas
liver; Belle Vernon f**r Cincinnati, aud City of
Vicksburg, for Vicksburg, la port—Mary Boyd
ai *1 G. W. Cheek. Weather warm aud sultry.
Vicksbvr**, August 2 —Passed down—Mary Mi ler
at 7 A. M and Mary K. Po>- a? 8 P. M. Up—H. S.
Turner :*t I" last night. Up to-dav—Bart Aide at 5
p >j. Weather warm and dear. River falling.
Domestic Markets.
New York. August 2 Evening—Cotton closed
dullf mid.limg 2*0. (>2e* o. .ale* to-*lay «53 bale-;
net r**<eipis Ml; gm-s fi"') bales. Futures
duli; sales 240(1 Vales, as follows: August 19 3 ,«
!* 7-iec Sejitembei K .' lstfiS^c; October 17 7 „ <:
17 1516c: No'i iiits-r 17 11-16(> 17*40; December 17 s .
(>17 11-16c. F:our acl 'e umuanged. Wheat a
shade timer. Corn slightly in buyers' favor.
Port quiet and steady. Naval storesdulh Groceries
firm. Freights firm.
The market for srot col ten during tlie week has
been more aelive low grades have attracted the
moil attention, but the price realized was irom o
to *,c below file official quotations. At the
close yesterday, however, the quotations were re
duced' he. but the market ruled dull and irregular
an*l closed weak.
Contract stock has been in fair request, but the
piieeswere unsettled, closing with a decline. The
sales lor the week aggregate 91,787 ba'es. of which
8t.3nn were contract and M.(87 were for immediate
livery, as follows: 4419 hales for export, 4301 for
spinning, and 1747 for speculation.
Naval stores have ruled strong for ail grades of
rosia. common strained h iving sold to arrive at
4*1 10. Spirits turpentine, however, has i»een
dull aud closed fiat.
Fvening—Money closed at3(53t(. Sterling dull
at 9. Gold quiet and steady. Governments dull,
steady and prices ur. hanged. States dull.
Money verv easy; 2qJon call loans. Exchange
dull at 9. Gold qnier and steady at n5 s ,®115L;
rales for carrying 1 all. I, 2 and 3 to fiat.
Cincinnati, August" 2. —Cotton quiet; mid
dung 19c. Flour dull at ®6 25*z6 SO. Wheat
dull aud unchanged. Corn quiet at 44a45c.
Oats steady at 33(JI3c. Mess pork in demand at
*16; held at *16 to. Lard dull: steam nominally 8c;
kettle 8qc. Bulk rnea's firm; shoulders a3c:
clear rib held at*-r clear 9qc. Bacon firm and
in good demand: sales of clear at lObulOSs
Whisky firm at 92c.
st. Louis. August 2 —Cotton dull and unchanged.
F'o'ir dull, market unsettled and lower, not quota
blv changed. Wheat dull and drooping;
lota lower, am»U aalc9 of So. 3 ? red fail $ 1 *>.
sacked iota of prime to choice *1
dull and drooping: No. 2 mixed ::7<r (4c. c. os mg at
inside figure. Oats slow: little doneyNo. 2 _)*._
Whisky firm at 32*. Pork steady at * lu-50. .Dry
salt meats firm; loose shoulders u:> country t jc.
Bacon firm: jobbing and order lots » hoL> ^" 9
8 J 4®9c: clear no lJeaWh; c.ear 10r : u 19 ». Lara,
r *UuicfAflo ^August 2.—Fionr quiet: choice ext-a
spnng*S; extia wintei *7*8 Wheat in fa;r de;
niand but at lower la'es; >o. 2 spring # *■ ■ ■ ■■ :
No. 1 spring hard *!2>. Corn mj^.r demand
and prices advanced : So. 2 m.xed37c. Oafcbde
ma <1 fair ai d market firm; No. 2 2o , . P >rk _-n
fa r demand and niaiket hi' m ; x.-> >-■»* • *• • •
Lard quiet. 7he. Bulk meats toady. ••vm«id
moderate, and unchanged. Bacon <|.i.ct aiid un
changed. Whisky in fair ucinand ou. a. loner
rate*, 93c.___ _
Detail* ol the linking of the Steamer
Jennie Howell.
A correspondent cf the Courier-Journal
writes Item Evaasvuie under date it the
twenty-eighth o: July:
Oil Saturday morn mg. about two o'c.oek.
as tire steamer Jeunio Howell was passing
Curlew Point, a lauding on the Kentucky
side of the Ohio river, about ten mi:es lie
low Shawneeiown. Illinois, on her way from
New Orleans to Cincinnati, she struck a
suag and sunk iu about rive minutes in fif
teen feet of water. The Jennie Howell had
about twenty cabin passengers aboard,
three oi whom were lost. Tne passengers
lost are a Mrs. Springie. a child of idrs.
King, both ol Vicksburg, aud a colored boy
named George, the servant of Mr. Jacob
Ailire, one oi the rescued passengers, lhe
suag struck the hull of t'ae boat on the lar
board side, near the stem, aud passed rap
idlv through the main boiler and hurricane
decks. The suag was an old sycamore
tree, and broke the boat badly, making
by the crash a very loud noise. Tue
shock and the report awoke most
of the passengers, who barely hail
t;ru# to reach the hurricane deck
when the cabin was tilled with water.
The Howell, in sinking, careened over on
her starboard side. au«i left but a portion or
the larboard hurricane deck and texas out
of water. The frightened passengers con
gregated ou the roof, and alter waiting
about twenty minutes, fearful that every
moment wouid be their last, a boat have in
The boat proved to lie the steamer Quick
step, of the Evansville and Cairo Mail
Packet Line, which was ou the down trip.
The Quickstep rounded about, and by
means of stages placed on the roof of the
ill-fated steamer, soon had all of the living
passengers transferred. The Quickstep
turned back and took the passengers to
Shawneetown. where they were taken care
of and provided with clothing by the citi
A number of boatmen from Shawnee
town then went down to the scene of the
wreck to assist the crew in recovering the
bodies of the lost passengers, aud such rag
gage aud freight as could lie saved. The
body of the child of Mrs. Ring was recov
ered and interred in this city yesterday.
The wreckers also found another child of
Mrs. Ring, which wa3 supposed to be lost,
lying asleep on a mattress and floating
about in the cabin. The bodies of the other
ill-starreii passengers were not recovered,
and it is supposed the bodies have floated
down the river. .Some of the baggage wa3
recovered, but all in a badly damaged con
The Jennie Howell was commanded and
owned by Captain A. M. Ilaiiiday, of Cin
cinnati. and the clerks were Frank Buskirk
and Lew Hailiday, brother of the captain.
She was valued at $24,000 and was insured
for $8000. The Howell was a large stern
wheeler, buiit about four years ago. and
was making her return to Cincinnati, alter
which she was to engage in the upper Ohio
trade. She had a large cargo of freight on
board. A part of tlie cargo consisted of
tweuty-tive hogsheads ol sugar. 1000 sacks
of salt and 300 casks of wine, consigned to
a firm in Cincinnati. The sugar and salt
are. of course, a total loss, but part of the
wine has been recovered.
It is not known whether the cargo was
insured or not. as the books have been lost.
Mr. F. Buskirk. the qierk of the boat,
leaves on the train this evening for Cincin
nati on business. The wrecking steamer
T. F. Eckert has been engaged to raise the
sunken steamer, hut it is the opinion of
some of the officers of the Eckert, who
passed through the city to-day. that the
steamer will be too badly damaged to raise
her. "
The snag which was The cause of the
wreck is au old sycamore tree, and is in the
middle of the channel. It has been there
but about a year, but was the cause of
the sinking of the Umpire a year ago.
The Colored People and Mr. Sumner
Several leailir .2 colored citizens ot Wash
iuton have addressed Senator Sumner a
letter congratulating him on the recovery
ol his health, and expressing the hope that
he will be able to resume his labors in the
Senate, where they say he has so long and
faithfully contended for the equal rights of
all men. They also mention tnat they are
now agitating the question of a common
school system in the District lor ail chil
dren, feeling coufiden* that this is the only
true way in which children can be educated
without* prejudice and discriminating on
account of race, color, or nationality.
Mr. Sumner acknowledged the note in a
letter in which he repeats, in the strongest
terms, his well known principles, favoring
equal rights to all men. and urges the col
ored citizens to still continue to demand
and preserve them. In conclusion he
urges most strongly the right and necessity
ol all children, without distinction of color,
to equal rights and the advantages of com
mon school education.
The Y'ellowstone.
The Yellowstone exploring expedition
has demonstrated the fact that that river,
with but slight interruptions, is navigable
from the point at which it issues from the
mountains to its mouth, where it falls into
tlie Missouri. Its width varies from oOO to
990 yards, the current runs from three to
four miles an hour, and the only obstruc
tions to navigation are a tew sand-bars,
that could be removed at little expense.
Tbe stream is regarded as more suitable lor
steamboat navigation than tlie upper Mis
souri, and the opinion given by the ex
plorers is that it can be navigated by boats
drawing three feet ol water from tiie mid
dle of May to the first of August. The to
tal length of the Y'ellowstone is about 550
miles, and of this about 350 miles will soon
he opened to Western steamboat trade. It
passes throngn a country that is heavily
wooded and of great fertility, and the
stream near its source opens up some of the
finest mountain scenery of our country.
The Yellowstone should be utilize*! by the
removal of obstructions
Do.nil- in Pensacola.
The Savannah. Georgia, AY 1 v on-l Coo
rit e, of Sunday last, reports that the most
malignant fever ever known iu this coun
try is desolating Pensacola. Florida. Uut
of a population ot less than 1000. twenty a
day have died. Scarcely an American is
leit. Among tim deaths are Dr Blonaugh.
president 111 the Legislative Council: Mr.
Harrison, United States aitorney, aud his
wife, the navy agent, and many others.
The troops have been partially affected,
and are removed. The Governor and coun
cil have left the t own. _
A congregation iu St. Clair. Michigan, a
short time ago. wished to get rid of their
rector, aud requested him to resign. Jle
refused, unless the bishop consented.
Bishop McCloskey bade him remain at his
post, and he did. The vestry, therefore,
locked up the church aud kept the keys.
The bishop earn-; and broke open the doors
of the church, and reinstated the rector iu
possession. But the vestry began then to
repair the church, and remuved the seats
therefrom altogether The minister put in
other seats, aud holds possession, and per
forms services every Sabbath to a small
gathering and the ease is t j go to the courts
lor final adjudicatio n _
Mr. Sample, an old citizen of this parish,
died on Thursday evening. Mr. Sample was
over eighty years old, and served in the
United States army, at the battle ot New
Orleans. His funeral which took place ou
Friday evening was largely attended. He
was the oldest American citizen in this
parish.— Terrebonne Banner.
An exceedingly careful man lately wrote
an order for merchandise on a postal card,
which he inclosed in a stamped envelope:
this he wrapped in brown paper and for
warded by express. ,
SaTUF.DaT ET15ING, August 2, 1373. 5
VVe have no • Uazige to notice io the money market.
The offerings bottom bank and on the street con
tinue light, and we hear of no transactions worthy
ot note. Com pastil with last weelf, the returns of
the dealing House banks show a moderate tailing
off in deposits and currency, but without any rna
teriai change in discounts, learn from reliable
authority that the total amount of currency
shipped irom ia.st Saturday to yesterday, inclusive,
was barely $^>0,000. We continue to fjuote first
class paper at 9/z i" cent annum, rvith or with
out collaterals. Ai at 12. and second^ class at
— <z 13: tiret class mortgage paper still rules at
and second class at 12.
We noticed that yesterday the Citizens' Bank
declared a dividend of u §* cent, payable ou the
eleventh laatali , :.
ii; w«;ek b<
... 4 719,525 64
old cpviie
•1 at :
Ll5oiI5t : . against 1
k, aud at
cer a i
light business * lose
«i a:
,i*-r tin
au yesterday^ aga
iust !!
r marker.
sales summed uj>
r ing $
> aud $8'^) at 115 : ;; $! -•
115 5
t. ati'l $>'
'0:> at 1
lie only s
^ale i
n siirar reported
w as
at 108® 109.
1 h V Cea
t prcmr.in iu
of the
aressioa oi the
limited dc
mans! sterling
rat lower t
hau y«*sterd»y.
ert* •** 1;
>;.a tfi li.fiiag at i
. ami £1*'
' aud $ 1290 ban]
2 marks or francs rteve
American half doll;
Mexican dollars a* 1
for new aud 3 foi old.
onlvsa cs reported
X i'>0 AI clear a* 12
remittance at 127.
ported. #
At the close sterling bills' were quoted at
^>125 : • for bill of lading and A1 clear, and 126. l * 2 —
for bank, and francs a" 4.57*; for private, and
nominal for bank. German marks continued noru
Domestic exchange was scarce, but. witn a r.g.it
demand, rates were without quota'll© variation.
Tueonlv sales reported were $5000 and #12,00*)
commercial sight on New* \»rk at 5-16 e»*nr pre
mium; $>lo.0U»l ou Providence at r 4 , and$3?00 on
Boston at r |.
The banks continued to check on New \ oi k at
a? 2 » \ y cent premium, and private sight :s still
quoted at 5-16.
The only sales of stocks reported were and
1» shares of Louisiana Levee, preferred, a*
Tne sales of bonds ruclu ied $4<>M c:tv gold
bearing seven per cent# at c2*q. arid $!•>**•) and
$2000 do at 6 i They closed at ti'2*. <^63.
Citv appropriation certificates vera nominal at
No sales of Metropolitan Police war:ants were
reported. They closed at 71 a 72.
Graham Srate warrants were at:'.! quote at 41 a
42. hut we did not hear of a sale.
Tim sales of Clinton State warrants included
$6<x) and *2)'» at 3i - at about which rate they
closed. ^
Saturoat Evsniso, August 2 1373.
COTTON—The sales to-day embraced 535 bales
(which includes 175 bales actually closed late last
evening), at prices requiring m» change in our quo
tations. We give also the Exchange figures, wmch
are for average Ust3 according with its types, while
ours present the proper range of the market for
average lists, but with the outside figures for low
middling- good ordinary and ordinary given aa the
outside to; strict ot those grades.
Genera. Exchange
quo tat ops. quotation.
Low ordinary................ 9 k ®!)) 1 * —
Ordinary....................1! ^ ( { 1J 12 L i
Good ordinary................13*
Low middling................I* r ; i i
Middhng.....................U \ ft 19 U\
Strict m.ddlmg..............l-'jiiT 1 -* —
Good middling...............19^ <225 19*4
The demand appeared to be moderate during the
morning, but subsequently subside.i and the mar
ket continued extremely quiet for the rest ol the
day, hi x brokers participating in the limited busi
ness noted above. Factors showed no disposition
to relax their pietensions. and it was difficult to
find either ordinary or good ordinary at the inside
figures for those grades unless dustv. Some dusty
oi*i.nary sold as low as lui-.c, and good sty 4 e good
ordinary soid at 1-3 be.
Yesterday s receipts—August .—included 2 oa.* a
new crop from Sabine parish, Louisiana—the first
of oar own crop this '. ear—shipped by Mr Stiiie,
*'»er steamer St. Mary on her trip from Grand Ecore,
consigned to Messrs. Warren, Atkinson -x. Co. As
is often tlie case with early receipts, there was
some uuestion as to -whether it was all new or
mixed new and old. but the weight of opinion is in
xavor of its being ah new-. It is s;iid to embrace the
first pickings from -several farms oi plantations,
sold to the country merchants, by v ho:n it was
ginned, baled and forwarded. It classes middling,
and is of bright color aud good staple. The first
receipts of Mississippi v'ally crop last rear were 6
bales on August 4, followed by 3 on the ensuing
dav and 1 on the dav after. Tin- two bal^s receiv* d
yesterdav were not designated ou the steamboat
manifest as new crop.
The amount on shipboard not cleared, going on
board aud engaged tor shipment wan s-t down
at the opening this morning at 12 **K) bales, em
bracing 900b for Liverpool and 3000 for Havre,
which, when deducted fiorn tlie stock on hand
by our running statement las: evening. leaves
in.loo bales to represent the quantity at tlie
landing and in presses unsold or awaiting orders.
The Exchange report* Market steady; sa.ea
53*) bales.
Stock on hand August 31. ITtf.......... 6.2Z 9
Arrived since last statement...... _ »*7
Arrived previously..............1.372 tt?
Made rrom waste, samples, dam
aged ;iiid lint product from ^ ^
City oi. mills.................. l.Ssto 39v
Cleared *o-iay.................... 1,726
Cleared previous!* ...........1,379 'Mj
Consumed at Lane Mills, city..... ^"7—1." :* •; '6
Stock on hand and on shipboard, not cleared..2 g.. 372
Stock on hand last s*ear....................... 7.2 o»j
To-day's exports were to Havr -.
Receipts proper ain«e last evening 177 ha .*®.
against d on last Saturday and 7 last year,
and since August 31 of 1,233 t. > ua.es, against 933,*
.' .*.« ias: year—increase 280 0
The Exchange telegrams make the receipts at all
tiie ports from 12 M. yesterday to 12 M. to-day
bales, against 25t»:> on last Saturdav and 176 last
rear, and since August 31, 3.55) 039 bales, against
2.S69 517 last year—increase 83.5,522.
Export- yesterday to Great Britain 4554 bales,
aga.u-t 927 last week, and to the continent cone,
against none last week. Stocks at a i the deliv
ery rents, made up to 12 5!. bib.iPi bales bagamst
174.507 last week. *
SI'GAR—Tliere were no receipts this morning.
The demand is good. 10 hhds yellow clarified sold
at 10 he . and there were large sales from second
hands to grocers, dealers and speculators—au par
ticulars suppressed.
i TTY REFINERY SUGAR—Ts selling on orders at
11HC for coffee A; Ita 12foi y: ished and pul
verized. ai d 13//. 15 h u tor cut loaf. Coffee A .»
scarce and in demand.
MOLASSES—N<» movement, fsrorfc in the sheds
41 hah bV.s Louisiana, 75* hbls New York syrup and
reboiled molasses, and 4 *3 bbla Cuba molasses.
is quoted at 42c £> gallon for common. 52c for
fair. 53c tor prime. *j2c for choice, and 85«90c for
FLOCK—?::* market dull to-day. but the
stock on and ;s cina . an l prices are very firm.
- ..v, re - comprising? unsound at $3 5
4 * low ti»-bie extra at $6 5» 4'>,5o and 5n treble ex
tra at 27 and 5n gooif treble extra at &*.
l^n do at 3*7 25; 25 chcice treble extra at £7 50; 32
and 25 i'Iiod •* extra at $3 75; r>o and 50 do at ff •;
55 an»l loo choice extra at *9 *i 1 y. 3<» and 25 at
COHN MFAL—T.-i ii: good suppV ami dull. Zr
and l(*o bb's sold tt '> 75 bbh
PORK—Is cuii. 25 and 50 bbla mess so d at
xio 75 and 2*7 at vin !7 ; j bbh it is reta ling
at $17 25 bbh .»7 bbis pr.me Sold at 9»il i*"
DRY SALT MEAT—Shoulders are centre aud Com
mand 9he r - F.
TL*- market verv firm with a light
stspplv and good demand. 7. 12 and I*> casks clear
sides eolu ou *»be spot at 11 ,( and 5*> do to arrive at
at 11 v* f aud 5<> casks clear iiu'>.dti to arrive at
II he D th
BREAKFAST BACON—Is ia iigh; suprd.r and
commands l2ff 12 : : c *r».
HAMS—Choice sugar-cur*-** a:*- in light supply
an ! good demand. TJirv aie onoted at
I* jflt erces sol * at 15 3 4C :• 1*.
LAR! —'fhe market «j ;i*-t and there n a
scare in- *-f choice. Tiem is quoted at S z 4 a 3c.
keg r .
WHI>KY— I- iu light supply arid goon d.*nian«i
and firmer. 25 bbla Louisiana red 1 .i ♦ »* * t
pr« of, feOi*l at 95c and 25 at !s»c, r*:.<i 25 bbis choice
Cincinnati rectified at $1 y gallon Western ad
vices have stiffened tlie maiket.
BULK C**KN— 1 The market is bare. Supplies
would con ni'i:id 5<»c |> bushel readiiy.
COW BE AS—Air tabbing at 75 v ^ busufeh The
season is a You* over.
CORN IN SACKS—Tho supply of choice is Tmhb
The sales are confined to 215* sack-, ot which o
sacks yeilow mixed at ♦ *»o ai.«t i "• yellow* at 05*.
1 ;;<>■> sack* damaged sold auctmn at 44he y
bushel. w Lite mixed at 7 and 250 while a:
< »ATS—Price- are ruling ;u favor of buyer*. The
supply is good with a limited demand The S(*ie<i
comprise 2151 sa* ks. cf which 5*.. *a* k« prime at
40c, light inferior at 39c prime at 4D 251 and
4«)0 at »2c. i' 1 ) at 42?^c. and a* 1 '-' sauas chc.8e Galena
at 4 c ?> bushel*
BRAN—Is in uglit supp'.y end !.**ie tz nojde
mand. I-> ( 6a*.'ka sold ai 35c k* D> *
HAY—Tiie ■
-r.pply is fair. No sai»*
a repot
[3 :u fair supply aud a
Wesleri: Sel.:
) at 21 /7 22c; choice Goshen at
34c •* ffi.
CHEESE—The supply is fair ami the
i.s moderate.
Pi ces nave an tip'
* ard r
Choice West*
*ni factory is selling a
: 12 ^ ii
X3c New
York cream 1
I5e r
demand is better ;
411.1 pr
ices are
firmer. The
stock comprise* 6?>
hi,lb L
7500 Lags In«li
a and 79 tierces Caro!
in a. \\
r e quote:
Louisiana lai:
: 7 a 7^c; prime 7
mice • ■
Carolina go**dto cnoice f fo.
fcr India
are noiuma..
AND EGGS—Chicken!
• r.*e »*•!'.ing on
at $7 for the old; $324 lor the
voung: ducks Sial £". g*-ese 4*7! a 3:* turkeys it 15
315. Western eygs I0al5c; Louisiana and Jack
son railroad 20525c ^ dozen.
ENCCLK5TS—Potatoes continue dul-. Western
are selling at ^2 56-3)2 9*); onions $5a>5 50. Apples
S3 50 <24 50 ^ bb! Cabbages net ilamaged sell at
i»10512 fc* box. Western beans i9; Northern $10.
Green peas $5 50 |> bbl. Dried anp.es and peaches
are dull, and are quoted at 4c ^ lb.
LARD OIL^fwaxer arraffiod^ te.Lng at 64 &
72c; winter strained 723T5c & gallon. In larger
ots prices are 15^2c Irss.
IRON COTTON TIES—Are seUing at 9c ^ IS.
BALING TWINE—Is quoted at wholesale at 14c
r>. Dealers are retailing it at 17c tb.
COAL—Pittsburg is selling at 524^ ^ bbl at whole
sale and 85 a $1 bbl at retail; $7 50 hhd; 60c ^
bbl to steamboats; 75« to manufacturers. Anthra
cite $12 50<&13^ ton. There is uo English cannel
BEEF—Is in light supply and moderate demand.
Texas is selling at ill $4 bbl; tierce, $16<2
13: liaU bbis $<)«z8 50; Northern and Wrstern $14
7zi5 ^ b!»l and $9 fc* half bbi; Fulton Market
$10 50910 73 ^ haif bbl.
COO PER AGE—Molasses barrels are selling a*
$1 3091 40. Green barrel poles are quoted at $50
1 hd. and $90/t l0t) tor hogshead.
CaSTOR OIL—New York is selling at 17hc lb.
BAGGING—Is ia good demand, with a fan sup
ply at firm prices. Domestic jute is selling at
l.V in round lots; dealers' rates Inc. Hemp and
rlax is dm and tiu*>teii nominally at 15c yard
at wholesale and 13Gc at retail. India is in iiru
ire*l «lemaud and quoted nominally at llGc at
wholesale a id 12^ yard at retail :n bales and
GINVY BAGS—Are selling at 17Gc apiece.and
18 for resew ed.
HIDES—The s ppl.v of dry hides is l ; ght, with
verv little demand. Heavy city slaughter a:e ia
demand. Prices have fallen for steer hides, city
slaughter, over 35 Da. and steer hides, citv slaugh
ter. 7*• *•/ 34 tbs. Dry salt***! are quoted i4<v I44.c coun
try gtr-en loe; Hint 15516c ^I7>: damaged half price.
In city slaughter sales are making as follows:
Steer holes over 85 153. l'G*c; steer hides, 7) to
84 lt>a lo h*: steer liides under 70 lbs. 10^c; cow hub s
as they run. lo- c c; Lidh, 20 to 24 tbs, 12c; kips
25 to 30 Tis. II -j* c»lf skins, each, 75c. Beeswax,
prime vel.ow, 23c & ?*). Ox horns 5c each.
GREEN FftCIT—The following prices are paid bv
dealers; Peaches—Ear.v Hal© 5<)e ; Maybeaurv $i.
$2 1
Baric tt
COTTON SEED—Tiie season ia over.
« OTTON SEED OIL—he season is o
n. is Lave sropi**d working.
bv in market. The season is over,
ing at .-$13 box. Layer raisins $2 30 box
half boxes $1 3») ; quarter boxes 90c; citron 4-')< :
ttj; currants 3kc; nruaes (German) 8kjc ; tigs 12'-.
0 15c; Brazil nuts 10i*c; a.monds 21c; do sn*»!!e*l
32c; filberts 12Gc: pecans \la\oC; dates 3u ^ !t»
bananas $1 3»)3 1 & bunch; plantains $1 50 s*
bunch; pineapp.es $2 dozen; cocoanuts $35 | v
FLSH—Th© supply fair, with little or de
mand. We quote Mackerel, extra No. 1 $22 5*> in
bbis $12 5o "in half bbla. $6 in quarter bb»s an*l
$2 3D in kits; No. ! bay at $15 in bbis. $7 75 in
halt bbis. $4 50 in quarter bbis and $1 83 in kits:
No. 2 at $12 50 in bbis. $6 50 in half bbis. $3 5 1 *
in quarter bbis and $1 65 in kits; No. 3 $11 50 in
bbis, $6 50 iu half bbis, $3 iu quarter bbla and
$1 33 ia kits; No. 3 large $11 in bbis, $6 in ball
bhis. $3 25 in quarter bbis aud $1 40 in kits. Cod
fish,%* box $1 *392*1 55, and 5^c in quarter
drums; large do 6226Ije ^ Ifi. Herrings $B bbl,
$ 4 50 & haii' bbl and 35c box.
MALT AND mope— Choice Western barley malt
is selling at $1 4521 50; good d stillery malt $1 25
Oil 35 buaiiei. New York hops are quoted at 61c
& m.
►STAR CANDLES—Are selling at IT 1 -; 7713c |> It.
STARCH—Is selling at i\3i>c Ri tor Western.
WOOL—Is in good supply with very little de
mand. Clear lake sells at 25227 q*': Louisiana
clear 13220c: Lojiiaianft burry 12215c T.
NAVAL NTORE>—The supply of spirits turpen
tine is sufficient for tlie demand. There is very
little demand for pitch; it is in light supply ami
selling iu small lots at $3 75 ^ bbl. Roam is in
light supply and fair demand. We quote spirits
turpentine at 42L.243c gallon: virgin dip, $4 75
& bbl; rosin, pale. 13 selling at $3 75, No. 1 $ 3 25
2 3 50; No. 2 $ > bbl. Tar is selling at $4 23
bbl, and $2 b*) half bbl.
NOAP—The demand is good. Keller'sextra family
is selling at 6c in large lots, and 7c in small lots Kel
lers magnolia 5 V;e m small lots and 4k-c in large
lots; Keller's olive 626^c; palm7^5'8c; castile 1'2c
^ Iti. with a deduction of ^2kc ^ IS enlarge
lots: cold wa*er soap 9*'; polishing soap 9c: extra
olive 7c ^ ft round lots and 7^ a 7^t ^ lb in job
OAK STAVES—Are ia good supply and dull*
Extra nine, cuiled, are quoted in round lots at
$ 185 a 205; wine4 do $I20ad25; extra hogshead
$145; extra claret $1052115; extra barrel $65*2>'79;
extra keg $4»). At wholesale they are quoted at
$ 10*)2140 12C0 for extra pipe. 10220 & cent
culled, $902115 for wine pipe, 10 2 20 |> cent culled;
$902100 for extra hogshead.
TALLOW—Is :n good supply and fair demand
ai d is selling at 3c $ th.
MOSS—There is a good inquiry. The supply ia
fail. Country gray is quoted at 2V 3 c. mixed 4c.
black 4c. city picked 9210c fc* 1T>
SALT—The*supply is fair, and tbe demand for
Red River is good. One cargo has arrived to a
dealer. We quote coarse at $1 452 1 50, and fine
$1 652 ' 70 fc> sack. Turks Island is selling at 90c
21 10 bag of 2 bushels. When taken from ware
house a deduction is made for drayage. Table salt
in pockets 24; 26Gc each, as in size.
COFFEE—The market is almost bare of supplies,
and closes firm and buoyant in tone at our in«ide
quotations for cargoes. Samples per baik Wil
liamson are expected here Monday. We hear that
large offers were refused on this cargo. We quote:
Prim** (gold) 2D 220 he; good 19 a a 220 1 4 c fa 1* UP* 2
20c | v fi5. We are indebted to Messrs. Marks ii. (Jo.
an*l Messrs. .Small X. Co. for the following telegram,
dated Rio Janeiro, July 14. lo73: Pun based since
July 8, 2*.(')» bags; cleared, none: loading, none;
stock n-'.D'tM; average daily receipts, 350') bags; price,
1*' loo. Exchange 25 \ & cent.
TOBACCO—The sales to-day embraced 151 hhds
(13. 1 ", 42,6, 12,20. ,~ t :<2and 1) at —. Also last eve
ning. n<»t reported until to-dav, 12 hhds. This
makes last week's sales 1201 hhds, against 1305
the we* kbefore. The amount ou sale is estimated
a: 13.5i5hhds. |.Ve continue to quote; lifer or lugs
bCz/TGc: meuinm to good lugs 32R^C; low leaf
f*//10c;"medium li'4$ 2lie; good 11 h<* >12c; selections
1 n 13c. Received a.ner last evening 31 hhds; ex
ported non*: stock on hand by our running state
ment 2!.197 hhds.
FREIGHTS—The going rate to Liverpool by hot
steaia and sa i »- 5 *d, but we heat 11-16*1
bv sail also mentioned. We quote: By
steam—Cotton to Liverpool *id2—; to New York
I.: to Phi'adelphia. lc. ('oru t*» Liverpool, 12d.
Tobacco to New York $3. Flour to Liverpool
5s ed. oil cake 422 15s. By sail—Cotton to Liver
pooi 5 „ a —; to Havre ! he to Genoa 1 \c; tobacco
to Liverpool 60s. to Havre 60s; to Genoa —a 75s.
10 V:
10 ■*
Weekly Quotations of Hides, Kte.
Messrs Hay x Me hie furnish us the following re
port. Their* quotations represent actual sales at
iirst hands. Weighing, bundling, drayage aud
commission have to bo added;
Steer hides, uitv slaughter, over 35 lbs.
CIS................. - *
Sie*-r ir.fies citv ilau^iiter. 7J to 81
ffis. ffi.......................... — »
Steer fii'ieo. cilv niaugiiter. uuder T*>
n,. %MT................... — 9
Cow hides, citv slaughter, as they run,
lb......*........................ —
Kips, city slaughter, 2'* to 24 lbs, ^ P». — l F
Kips, city slaughter. 25 to 3*) tbs, ^ tb. — 'ft
Calf skins, each........................ — ft
Country hides, dint. 20 to 25 lbs. & lb. 13 a
Country aides, timt. damaged, haif
Beeswax, prime yellow, ^tb..........— 14
Ox horns, each........................ —- ft »
Tallow. & lb........................... 3 ft 3^
Heavy city slaughter are principally looked for
at. the rrcent *iec!iu»-. Light, cows an*l steers are
neglected. Few dry hides arriving and prices un
ci anged No better feeling for kips. Tallow noxn
iLa .
Wool—uo sales to report; the usual quiet
feeling prevails and prices remain tiie s^me, * iz:
Lake 25 2 2*. Louisiana clear 13 2 20c; Louisiana
burry 12 «
Marine Intelligence.
.Sunday, August 3, 1373. I
French ship Emma Gouella. for Havr©
.Schooner Constance. Otterson. 9 days from Ruatan
I-ilaud, to K Morgan ^.*••*—2.1 district PT
M John. Greathouse, from Baton Rouge
Bark W G Putnam, P tts. from L;y*« ipoo! April 2.
\n M.iv 13. to master—
E miiia—172*i bales tot ton
anuts - bunches bananas I-'"
pineapples 4 LVs lemons ia specie and sua
B.%ThJ*E'» 1'GE—sttamei Ft John—1" lilt*!. *i '-i»r
anu .uu.iites
r.rci::rTs et r.i:i.r.o\D.
KRN BA1LROAD, Aujjunt J—*'l»al.a cotton 10 liitua
tobacco and sundry produce
ROAD. Ar.nu.-t J — I! 1*lids tobacco aud sundries
sixth dav •»! June. 1873. judgment was ren
dered ii. th:s court in the following entitled suit.
:n t he w*-r*ls and figures following, to wit;
Mrs. Rrzina E. Laugsffuld vs. Leopole II. Levv,
No. 4;;90.
On morion of Cotton L Levy, attorneys for the
plaintiff in this cause, upon producing to the court
due proof in support or hei demand, by reason of
the evidence beu^g with the plaintiff, it is ordered,
adjudged and decreed that the judgment by de
fault herein rendered on the sixteenth instant be
now confirmed; that there be judgment in favor ox
•laintiff Regina K. Langhtteld, and against de
fendant, Leopold H. Levy, her Lusband. decreeing
a sepaiation of property fcetweeh the said patties,
and a dissolution of the community of acquests and
gams existing between them, and authorizing
plaintiff to carry ou and conduct business as a
public merchant in her own name.
It ii further ordered that defendant pa^the
costs of this suit.
Judgment signed July 1.1373. . .
A. SAUCIER. Judge.
In testimony whereof I ha vs hereunto set my
hand and affixed the seal of the said court at th#
city 01 New Orleans on this third day of July,
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and seventy-three,
an3 17 scJ* W. A CLAES, Deputy Clerk.
$ 0OOO.
Ai. orlari tai i.i lx) addriMWff to the Manager"
office, comer o! Si. Cbar'.e. and Union .treeti.
New Orlean*
HBare. t. Proportlaa.
Seal to Aar addreu ou receipt of tn. price of
ticker, or fraci oua.
d«M it _
M *1 3 j «) s j °| 7
3! j 43 | 6n 1 4 t 43 1 2) 1 36
Tfie above drawings are published in tbe prin
cipal paper#, aud are drawn in public daily at tfie
rooms or the company.
Witness oar bands at New Orleaci. Luuisiana,
this eetoad day sf August. 1373.
Lfcatiied by Authority nnd Drawn
In Public In St. Louis.
50,000 M AIBUKS*.
5S80 Prizes* Amounting tc^ $300,000.
I prize of.......$50 0'K> t«j0 prizes of...... $'00
l prize of..... *
l prize of.......
I prize of.......
4 prizes of.......
4 prizes of.......
20 prizes of.......
20 prizes of.......
40 prizes of.......
13,450 ^ 9 prizes of....... 1000
lo.ooo ^ 9 prizes of....... 500
7.5<H) 9 prizes of....... 3'M)
5,000 9 prizes of....... 250
2,500 36 prizes of....... 200
1,»MV) 36 prizes of....... 150
500 180 prizes of....... 10*)
250 5000 prizes of........ 10
Tickets $10. Half tickets $5. Quarters $2 50.
Our lotteries are chartered by the State, are
always drawn at the time named, and all draw
ings are uuder the supervision of sworn commis
Tlie official drawing will be published in the St.
Louis papers, and a copy of the drawing sent to
purchasers of tickets.
We will draw a similar scheme the last day of
every month during the year 1373.
Remit bv postomce money orders, registered
letter, draft or express.
{Send tor a circular. Address
• Postoffice box 2446, St. Louis Missouri.
a pi 0 end Wlv _
Siim'Mion sf Hernharift Uusckcr — Mo.
Orleans. — Whereas, Mrs. Gertrude Buscker
lias petitioned the court for letters of admin
istration on the estate of her late husband. Bern
hard Bus* ker. Notice is hereby given to all whom
it may concern to show cause within ten days why
the prayer of the said petitioner should not be
Bv order of the Court.
aut 3 3* FRANK PACE. JR., Clerk.
Succe.Hdion ot Julia Ann Kroii*?—> 0 .
of Orleans.—Notice ia hereby given to the cred
itors of this estate, and to Jill other persons
herein interested, to show cause within ten days
from the present notification, if any they have or
can. why the account presented by Thomas Hasam,
dative testamentary executor of this estate should
not be homologated ami approved, aud the funds
distributed in accordance therewith.
B v order of the Court.
jy31 au3 10' FRANK PACE. JR.. Clerk.
Succt***ion of F«©derick Cornelius— > 0 .
35 659.
of Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to tbe cred
itors of tins estate, and to aP other persons herein
interested, to show cause within ten days from
the present notification, if any they have or can,
why th»* account presented by tlie adminis
tratrix of tills estate should not be homologated
and approved, and the fund* distributed in ac
cordauee therewith.
By order of the Court.
au2 7 12' FRANK PACE. JR.. Clerk.
Siiccfusion ot AJ;it ilia* Hoclilcri —>0.
ot Orleans.—Notice is hereby given to the
creditors of this estate, and toall other persona
herein interested, to show cause within ten days
Iron* the present notification, if any thev have
or can, why the account presented by the
administrator of this ettate should rot be
homologated and approved, ard the funds dis
tributed in accordance therewith.
By order of the Court.
au2 7 12' FRANK PACE. JR.. Clerk.
Sucri'K%ioii ol Jacob II* Lciigslieid—>0.
Orleans.—Whereas. Mrs. Henrietta Lansfield
has petitioned the court tor letters of administra
tion on tlie estate 01 her latu husband, Jacob H.
Lansfield, deceased. Notice is hereby given to all
whom it may concern, to show' cause within ten
days why the prayer of th# said petitioner should
not be granted.
Bv order of the Court.
jy29 aul V FRANK PACE, JR.. Clerk.
James Carter v*. steamboat Fairfield—
No. 10^64.
trict of Louia ana.—Ia oOwdienoe to au admi
ralty warrant to me directed in tbe abore entitled
suit. I have aeized aud taken into mv uoaaea^iou—
pare!, ett., now libeled by James Carter, for tbe
causes set forth in the libel now pending in the Dis
trict Court of tlie United States.
And I do hereby cite and admonish the owner or
owners thereof, and all and every person or per
sons having or pretending to have any right, title
or interest in or to tbe same, lo be and appear at a
district court of the United States, for the district
aforesaid, to be holden at tbe city of New Orleans
on the hist Monday of August, to show cause, if
any they have or ean, whv the sa:d steamboat
should not be condemed and be sold, agreeably to
tbe prayer of tlie libelanr.
United state* Marsha.* office, Near Orleans,
July IT, 1JT3.
JyU If 30 aul United State* Mar.i,ai
il AND
Passenger Depot foot of Cana! Street.
On and after Mav 25, *1373, trains lo*v # dai.y a
8 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Arrive daily at 4 A. M. and 4 P. M
The 5 P. M." Express train stops only at regu'af
COAST TRAIN for Ocean Springs and interme
diate stations leaves New Orleans daily (Sundays
excepted) at 3.15 P. M.
Returning, leaves Ocean Springs at 6 A. M ,
arflves at New Orleans at 9:50 -a. M.
This is the only line ruunmg PULLMAN PALACH
OARS through without change to Lo'Aisviiie, St.
Louis. Lynchburg, and Virginia Springs.
For tickets and information apply at office, cor
ner Camp am! Common streets, opposite City Hotel,
and at depot.
General Ticket Agent*
mV24 Genera! Superintendent.
Traius depart and arrive as follows from depot
foot of Cal.iope street:
Express.....A. M. Express ... I 1:00 A M
Mail........5:55 P. M. | Mail...... 9:43 P. M.
This line is many miles the shortest and many
horns the quickest to,all points North aud East,
aud the cnlv line running Pullman s Pa'ace Sleep
ing cars to Louisville and Milan without change.
Only one change to principal cities North and
East. Tickets tor sale and ail information given
at No. 22 Camp street, corner of Common. New
Orleans. A. K SHELDON, Agent.
ja!2 ly E. D. FROST, General Manager.
The following new fir6t class, full-powered ClydA
buiit Screw steamships are intruded to sail regu
larly between NEW ORLEANS and LIVERPOOL
LOUISIANA, 2' 0 T > tons register----Captain She wart
MINNESOTA. 2000 tons register----Cantaia Hamlin
ALABAMA. 240* tons register........Captain Flint
PENNSYLVANIA, 2500 tons register. Captain Braes
VIRGINIA, 2500 tons register........Captain Sadler
GEORGIA, 2500 tons register........... — - —
The steamers of this line will sad
for Liverpool direct, as follows
From New York to Glasgow:
VIRGINIA....................Wednesday August 6
GEORGIA...................Wednesday. August 20
PENNSYLVANIA..........Wednesdav, September 3
Will receive and sign through bills of lading to
Havre, Bremen. Hamburg. Antwerp, Rotterdam
and all Continental ports.
Return tickets issued available for TWELVE
MONTHS, at reduced rates, and Through Tickets
to all parts of the United Kirgdom and Europe.
A stewardess and surgeon axe attached to each
steamer; uo charge is made for attendance and
Money orders granted free of charge.
Prepaid Emigration Tickets issued here to par
ties desirous of sending for their fr iends.
These ves»els cross the bar at all times without
For freight and passage, having superior accom
modations apply to
seU No. z9 Carondelet street, New Orleans.
For New York Direct.
Tins Line is composed of the Steamship*
The steamship
KEMBLE. Commander.
Will leave her whaif, foot of Toulouse street
SATURDAY. August 9, at 8 A. M.
Freight for Liverpool, Bremen aud Havre taken
by this line and through bills of lading given for
the same. For freight or passage apply to
ja? No. 41 Carondelet street.
Cedar Keys nnd Key West, Carryifl# the
Cnited States Mall.
The New Orleans, Florida
and Havana Steamship Cnmp.inv
will dispatch a first class fast p**
senger steamer
Every Week,
From the foot of Calliope street First District
lo Key West. To Cedar Kev$
Cabin......................$30 $25
Steerage.................. 15 1$
Through bills of lading issued to alT points !s
Florida, including Tampa, and to New York. Charles
ton and Savannah.
None but the company's bills of lading signed*
and none signed alter sailing of the steamer.
Splendid passenger accommodation*, and tlirsugU
tickets given to above points.
No freight received without permit *fioot til#
For freight si passage apply ts
• I. K. ROBERTS. Treasurer,
No. 120 Common street.
Over the Louisiana National Bank;
The steamship--follows on regular day
de5 l y
I*«rtb CSarma* I-lojtf.
Th« Steamahlp* ot th. N*r 4
K German Lloyd will its'ims '•hsj
regular tripe xi« xt fallen follows:
From Bremen. From New Orleasj.
STRASSBURG..September lo. October 11.
HANNOVER...,September 24. October 25.
FRANKFURT...October 8. November 8.
KOELN.........October 22. November it.
Further days of departure will be advertised aort
al ler.
The steamers touch outward at Havre and Hav
ana, and on their home trip at Havana and soutt*
ampton to land and receive passengers and freight.
From Bremen, Southampton or Havre to Davis*
or New Orleans.
.......... •»*» gb'.A.
Steerage........................... 40 RO i,j.
rrom N^ Orleans or Havana to Southamcboe
Havre or Bremen.
*? a ^ m ........ •!*<» golA.
Steerage.......................... 45 gol 4
rrom New Orleans to Havana.
.........................*3* goia.
Steerage...................... 15 gold.
Passage tickets from Bremen. Southampton ,f
Havre to New Orleans, issued bv the undersigned
?or further particulars apply to
„ . SI). E. STOCKMEYER A CO., Agents
* a 3 ly No. 4li Union (tract.
Mi*»i*sippl City, MUais.IppI,
Having been put in complete order, U open lit*
tlie reception ot guesta. Inducement* ate ott'eie,
to families, as the rooms are unusually lar^e an.
any. A wliait and bath-house have been erected
giving ample accommodations lor bathing Tb.
bote! bemg directly open to the Gjit of Mexico
Balt bathing is at ail times assured. Ovateis tub*
crab*, fniit and vegetables in abundance. A tel"
graph office at tl,e lio^el enables guest# to commit
nicatc with all parts of tiie world.
Terms'—Per month, * in, per dav, *2 50
A Ll'NCII HOUSE, separated from the iio e' On
tin- accommodation of passengers bv the tra us
will be kept in the best style.
■i Yl > »'ii J. O. NIXON Manager
# Situated at the celeleateit
The houre is now open and in complete order fut
tlie reception of guests. Tbe bathing and fishing
an- the beet ot any place on the coast, and iiersou
seeking either health or pleasure can not do bettoi
than visit, t*i*j Ocean Springs Hotel, where ih**k
wid r^eive every attention during their stay
lb*: table will .always be supplied with the delie'*
eie§ ot the Benson. Invalids seeking health I
would reter them to the pamphlet (to lie had at
Scnmidt A. Zeigltr'a, New (hrleans. or at the note!
containing an analysis of the water id the Sprin-.
aud their wonderful cures, which are e.-rt he.l I«
by some of the most eminent physicians of ths
eountry. terms aie more reaaonable tlia.ii any „
the Other watering macca on the coast lor thesa"**
accommodation. L&eral arrangements made wi'b
families ana those Wishing to remain dtirinix t ;*»
season. There ia also connected witli the hot* a
tine bar room, where the la-st ot wines aud lKiimrs
are kept, besides a tenpin alley and bil iard s:,i
also, tine Cloquet grounds for the guests of the
house. ue proprietor Las madearrangi uiei is ha
3,,'rin 1 . ? r mu8JC ' ."-'hich Will be ill attendant.
? evening of tlie week, besides a huv
piano for tire ot ilie guests of the hotel.
. |v -' ltn _M. AINSLEK. Propriefov.
Uillman dk Jary, Proprietors
* , *tablis!iment has been fu'lr rs
■tted forthe opening of lhe spring business,
lei 3m
Opt* for the Henson of
Tlie finest surf hatl ing in the South. The finest
beadi lor driving in the world. The ovstei farm
the South. F;sh ah.uiid in every variety and irk
sunmps and crabs always plentiful. Nail
hshmg tackle aud guides to enable guests to eni.'fe
the best of sport wiil always be kept, and no efioit
Sana. "**"* ^ * lu » *ltr» 3
The swift, light draft and *omforfaJ.l«
vev s canal every TUESDAY and SATURDAY ar *
mate ffre of a *3. t8l *" d Way « the mod!
^ Steam ferry leav*. foot *f Jacks.n nrt.t KIN
Board pot month *50; pef week *15 Per dav *t
Term* lor fAmtU^ qr fcr over oneT^tTvmy hi
® JJAROOT. Proprietor.
i* lute™.. . D DIXON, Agent
v a 11 g fi«aercL»l ^Uce, bos so. in

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