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2W TaE LuLIMIANIAIC ii published very
Thursday ind Siuday at 114. Ciron-g
titlut stieeL t(
- tb
11'>. (l. lJ3RoW , f1,1v.1 bt
SO-Terrnb: O(be, voe. ... $3 00 a
ar 'Sin gle. t~lcp . u e 5 o
iLaTiN V.' AltrIirais. f(
Per square of t iglut lines, or its equi- tl
tliuti sreace, first inu *"*t'ion $1 54, andu
each suhbsejut lit il(sMrtioni 3 .entJ. 1
-- -.-.----- -
'Jon lar1iTiam executed with neat- 1
nees and dispatch.
All comunnni'tions nin4 be s.ldresetI.
*i.1ditnr of ti. ,.'li..aiil. and ahnhiymfi'u$
1.-itt r; ntri t 1 :i' ) pii i.' " tlv Oil- ot thr V
wrue.l" u ii - ,t i ..e, rily ot r ;ihl. :0r l : , but a.u t.i
rv:,li":n"A 'f g"".1 faith. t
1e arit not ri" o. th'[ f- t.1 '.1 o iniols of
oar con~tributtorr.
v. .4 f :. 'rly know us Algiers, now 1t
. -rtio n of the City of New Orleaus. It isa
iiiunreasonable to niake Caiiliarisiiks r
(it thi' e(t cf Pujie in the City of St.
1'.I ui', (inio-innatti,Chiciago and a:hiimeort
f. "r it i= a we'1 ca tlishied fact that cit S
ofa den.Jl jiy p1a zthte character and cov
. ang ain s grotu nd can be guardel b;
-.t"r mnon t tielu a ilarge' torritory having
p'ltilnls inlv that are thieldv built upon
S-.in the case of New O(hiat
The former city gvin 1:u ret r
f- I l-v every means in its pIvower t 1:iu i r
the workitg and olstrunt the itdwlue' i
if the Metropobtan Police, oy the nioi
i .v:e..t if their as Seilnit and l,1 - 1
k it: the aid of C -i'rfs -ually Litter i1
ti .1' h1atred of thi: nu-cv tem. In ii't
Lit` ICC Cif l-h cr, :.1.ld tl i. ,.:
*-:-hy f rci'y the han frmi i their is
tin isiV threatcainig to dr've law tin
(e.' I -r frain our very mnidtt. 1But1 tht
3' tr ipdlitan Pjolicje has outhivel all oh
stautPH anl tlt ]Utird points with pri-;,"
to the ttlicionev of the force ui s hownti
during the lati election, when the peace
i1 protection of all vot's was maintlin
ti in a thorough 1111( quiet manner, trut
1v inotugurating a m w i v W i in elections in
thiA State.
We can see therefore, no reason why
l x en ha lie by the M ayor and A d mini is
trit r of P]uhhc Accounits upon the Met
roil s uitan Police. Unexpected as conning
from oAicers created by the same Legis
lature and party of progress that gave
rise to the Metropolitan Police, nor can
wi 8CC thll motiyu unless it be that gretid
for poe i so i:t.d to true republican go'
110(1. uit. A11ir `ti C t , : if ti. ( iit
U nit con: :dend tie explensecs of thits
1 i par'it lt l:.'.or than i:lv,; lnec-sU'a is
..nn 1t. the Ix roiene- of the past twv
o-- .:nu haie", -d that a force of '-) or
:{ao 1:1ulL a-urd he saii:'IL-iit to pojeif- th1
n'. ii.: did the' not tiu:uko their objet
,j whio the third apporiitioinmenit was
"':- 1t t: h- n em nd i, a ' ili tliAport u
y L on t'11 nt tn, "11 SO v
-it] iiPria IMr!(t:. - 'Up: or thrc
wiot-t tig( wh 'a nei I t Ohe (t'.t );pQper.
('Xtl~ttin iver the prbsp'ect (if having the
jrecout Metropo1rlita I'(lici iostein
'bhusted up," we venitured to sug' 'st a
ilnodienmh of pi'tienee,aid said it was prob
able, that when the Board had been
hc'ird, it might be that something else
might. share that unienvialdd fate.
'10 (me we ''ublish c'rppitt' iextia't
ttim the report theu refered to ai~.t in
'tit atten~tlon to the reppontatio'is oft
iL" Board.
tiiti of the I' llent' for the stthling of the
"I-'hy" chibi, failed to mnikr out IL Ca:e,
and the jurv ha-v reiderel it von
diet of a**ruital. And so the imystery is.
E- re -r '-r :-ntr n.- - The Mo!rg:n
h1r of iteamiers have notified the public
tii t ifter thue 18th the pcssage to Mobile
Sifl l b $2 for caib'n, and *1.23 for deck
*isimege. If the Chattiaooga 1Riilroad
w. re not in operation would this have'
lsxpa ? W'e trow not. -
Governor Cklaton~has been elected by
tii. Leiisluti'.C Houses of Arkansia toi
tie Unit.-.ISiiat .a i enat3 His tern is six
r ear, from the 'fourth of Mcr~h caisujiug
Incr&-The Metairie spring races
197l proianis to be seasewhat of the order
of '*tbe days we went, a gijpying--- long
bune ago.'
'UnCH FArrrATIC TmcEs."
The third ward Board of School Direc
tons, after many an excruciating effort at P
dce' iviiag mosku the approved method of em
barrassment to the entrance of childru e'
to the seLools of that ward, have at last
arrived at the following complicated res- n
olation, v hich they print in the Repub
lican of sunday last. "That all applications
for admission to the public schools of L
this ward, must, be made to the commit- a
teo every Saturday, between the hours of d
12 M. and 3.1. M., at the Fisk Branch, °
on Btsin i FranUkTh?) street, between G
Perdido and Poydras streets. All pupils "
:tplying must'be accompanied by their e
parents or guardian. Hereafter pupils h(
will only be admitted to the school every V
If any evidence were wanting to con
vince the mind, that this Board had I
Ioterty faelad to comprehend the scope
of their pr viuor and dude; the inipor- c
lance of education to the masses, anti its c
efiect on the best interests of the State ,
:0an the paramount nceesity of making 1
the approuches to the elemeeutary schools
as facile and attractive as possible, this r
resolution has fully 5np1):lied that lack.
In every eiviild community at thejL
present day the burden of the cry of the E
Philanthropist the patriot and the States- C
man is, Educatioi. " Thu object and ten
; l'i(e of all the efforts of the honest
Ire r, and the Evangelical Pulpit are, to
she-l light, to dispel darkners from the
land, and gross darkness from the peo
ple; and'all, in harmony amid sympathy
with the cry of "W isdom," are worthily C
imitatfing each other in their efforts, not
duly to furnm-i dll possibi_ advantages,
but iy simUplify ad expedite accers to
every aourc-- Of knowledge anuu elightUn
nffnt. Goi \crnaiients, mi.i';aiidinn with
giant st''de-', in evvrV denartmnent con
tituting and Characterizing a high civil
izatiom amre most trembling alive to the
rne -essitv and importance of elevating the 1
iimasses by education, amind so stronig is
their eioicitude so conscious are they of
the power of knowledg:, that they are
nmaking education compulsory, and inilic
trI: penalties on' parents who fail to
cause their childrln to av il themselves
of the educational advantages afforded.
But here in New. Orleans, where the
genius and institutidn of slavery, neces
,itate moon to "love darkness, because
th-iirt-eds were evil," here where un
happily, the dreadful blight and shadow
of that enormous curse still darkena and
I obscures too many minds; here in the
I third ward of this city, where there are
thousaneds of ignorant and benighted
{ children, the sons and daugietersof ignor
ant and 4 enighted parents of every
"lindred air p and tAmo"gil-here
z we have a Ward See. l Board, delibera
tV l neI \kith :en ilgcnuity as remark
able, as it is disgraceful a:! injuri us,
setti- in opvra:ioni a to -t effectual oh
stru t on to adiwissiou into the public
e I..v sulrr 1u4l the tlie of the school
xith si te roiexinlg a perrfymnance to
:ltero' parents Wha:t in the world
h4a ii '- ( *ii ttitti to do with a 8flmphi
tamm:1is1ion--(r itider to a 'I"achrr to re
I tivi a pupil-- the It-tns (4£ the issuing of
V hich arm- pri ii i!d by 1mw. BUt if this
em-onintt ede sire emliciiiusiv to have a
mfgri the jeic," why do they not at
trtid d'fliI tnd receive applications, as
l'they mu-ti c me iin? The-v have no
- authoritv in reason, or in justice, to res
I trict applica~tions, and narrow the tinje
1' .ur parents to apply te) 1)hrc hour.s out of
si 'lu-i. But this outra,.e is perhapm:
7h ncsryoutgrowth of the evil of as
h xev lated as its nlppropriato work.
And ii hit r Pnt have they to refu50 ad
i'issioniforer7.ir dimqs out of live ? N4'w in
- mill eri'imourneis. if the llrosemmt educational
esystem is ti be mtnything better than a
,"mlo< kurv. a (khusion, and a snare," any
- thin' bettch- than anx extratitgarit and
s eutrnge ens farce, in the nmiue of conm
mantn s&!ise adept rationtal methods
"worthier of regard anid stronger."
Abanedon all devious jaths, for there are
ahosts who can "discern the fraud beneath
the specious lure" and reouethe din
LI sdious attempts to subvert the best in
tentions of the School Law.. And so re
Scogn zgthey contract something like
camtympt for such conduct. In all prob
Iabilit a bill amending the School Law
~willbe introducei in the Lagislsture this
Y essi'en,iund we recommend this matter
a' to the attention of Legislators.
Nor GxNRI-uzxi Knowrs.-That the
Canal and Claiborne Cars run inlong
Canal street and dowa claiborneinstead
a! "f by the old route; and that the Canal
srand Coummon rim along Cknal street up
-- fc
Aj Bill has been introduced in the Se- tl
nate of Arkansas for the removal of all, fi
political disabilities imposed on those L
lately in rebellion. The adoption of this tl
enlightened and liberal poliey, towards t
the thousands of misguided aid misjudg- o;
ing secessionists, is being looked at, now p
that the heat of contest, and the terror of tl
disruption have passed away; and reason is
is calmly resuming her control, as neces- v
sary and just, if not imperative. The s]
disfranchisement, demanded in a moment n
of imminent national peril, and made ne- C
cessary "as a measure of protection and e,
saf. t,, and not of punishment," degen- a
erates into a weapon of tyranny, if pro- a
longed after the relations of the States n
with the Federal Government have been it
satisfactorily restored. Y
Many well thinking and devoted Re- n
publicans are found in direct opposition a
to this doctrine, not so much it seems be
cause the propositions are wrong, but the
conclusion is feared, on account of the ef
fects, they fear, that will result to the Re- ;
publican party if "the rebels" all over the
Country are permitted to vote. Of this
result we have no fears. The Genius of a
Republicanism as now developed has sue- r
ceeded so far, in spite of the most gi- e
gantic opl o ution which a fratricidal war
could offer. Truth and Justice have so
far prevailed, and if in the future we fail,
either, because of the dishonesty and in
justice of our own party, or of another
treachery of those we are willing again to
trust we must be content to again renew
the struggle Lind again array ourselves
on the battle field in the contention for
the suprenalcy of Right, and Justice and
"The New Orla:ins Republican" a few 1
days ago thaught it cuinp'rted with its n
dignity, and the dignity of Gre: Siephen f
Preston the Represctative of Hayti, at t
Washington, to inform its readers that
"the General is of European birth, and
of pure English blood" etc. }
"The Galveston Republican" of the 1th t
inst thus corrects the slight inaccurae. t
We are under the impression that the a
Republican has been mis-informed by his
"good authority." We knew the family
in Kingston, Jamaica, where we were'
next door neighbor, and frequent visitor
for some months. The Pre.;ton's are at
Haytian family. They were driven from i
the island on Solouque's accession t
power, and rsturned -to it when he Was
deposed by Geffrard. No one in Kirvs
ton, Jamaica, ever talked about their ex
traction, as color is a matter ladies and 1
genticmen there have decided to regard
as a taboocl subject, but if we can believe
the evidences of our own eyes, we must
decide that one of the gentleman's
parents' at least, is unmisntakably colored.
One thing more, no white man would be
placed by the faytian Government in
place of a Representative to a foreign
power. Haytiens are not ashamed of
being colored either.
*Three or four days ago a ,nrumerous
excursion party, of some sixty Editors
from Missouri, Kansas, and vicinity, ac
companied by many ladies, arrived in the
city. On Monday some twenty or thirty
ladies and gentlemen of the party visited
the Legislative halls. The House of Rep
presentatives, paid the distinguished
visitors the marked compliment -of ad
journing for "fifteen minutes," and during
tlhe recess, the majority of the party
were invite'l tA) the Speaker's room
where many introductions took place. In
the Senate the sare marked courtesv
was extended and most of the party, re
paired on invitation to the President's
room where also many introduction were
made. On the floor of the Senate, the
brief moments of the recess were spent
in lively conversation, and in many in
quiries into vraious matfers interesting
Sto the visitors. On Tuesday the party
availing themselves of the services of the
SU. S. Revenue Cutter Wilderness, placed
Sat thcir disposal by Collector Casey, for a
.river excursion. We hame no doubt that
Stbey will be delighted with the sewi-trop
.ical beauty and variety which will pre
Ssent themselves to the observers.
SIn additionwtd the 'appointment by Pre
sident Grant of Frederick Douglas, Sr.
us one of the Commiiisioners to proceed
tito San Doiu' to aseoetain 'the re
;sources, indebtedness to otter goverli
ments elimate soil etc. etc. We perceive
Ithat Frederick Douglas, Jr. has been ap
perilteul t*5 q theBmmse~tarsotth
FhuDG-The Picayune of Tuesday in- Ipe
forms its radere that quite a number of dr
the Press delegation were astonished to fir
fnd such an admixture of the races in the th
Legislature. One Gentleman declared pr
that the people of his section had not
(illy realized such a deplorable condition mi
of affairs in the South." What a pity the teo
poor people of "his section" wherever as
that may be, are so lamentably deficient su
in the knowledge of southern history! p1
what a pity the "one gentleman" himself sil
should betray such a proof that he has th
not been seeing and reading the New wi
Orleans papers for the last four years; or to
evidencing his disbelief of their state- o0
ments. For surely they have never failed ca
to inform every reader, that "ignorant th
negroes" filled the majority of the seats th
in the Legislature. Increase and extend w
your circulation "Pic:" and then"quite a le.
number" of people wont express so much
surprize on their next visit la
-- - - 01
Frank Blair has received the demo- en
cratic caucus nomination in Jefferson City p:
Missouri, for United States Senator from o<
Missouri. A deputation waited on him a'
to inform him of the selection. He made ai
a speech and after the usual preliminary o0
remarks, assured the delegation." I shall c,
endeavour to cary out as far as I have is
the ability, 'be principles proclaimed for pi
me by the friends who place me in nom- a
ination. I am a Democrat and I am w
also a Liberal, upon the platform which rt
was announced in our recent election, p.
and which gave back to Missouri her 01
liberty and her freedom".
* * * * e'
We have not a si t of retaliation for al
the wrongs that we have suffered in this ti
State, because we have a higher and a I
nobler mission, and we have to do with e'
greater objects than grappling with the "
things that have gone and cumnot be re
vived. It is our duty, and the highest tl
and noblest, to go forward and aid our
fellow-citizens of the Southern States to '
the liberties ,which we have aohikved.
[Load and continued applause and e
others] I know of no better way to hi
accomplish that than to call to our sidet. Y
the noble and generous allies who aides i
us in our recent struggle. ["Good" and °
mippltusc.] t
Thanks are due the publishers of Pebttr- t'
sons's Magazine for copies of tho Feb- l
ruary numbers. a
The Portions of Mrs. Ann S. St'pheni' nw C
novelet, which have already appeared, will 1e.r
i s out, we think, in the assertion that it is the V
niost powerftl story the has ever writ',n, i'ot .I
even ex.lpting "Fashion and Fm:inu." (t
your friends and neighbors to snuerile f-,
"Peterson," in order that they way se- 'ire this
thriliiu tLie of American life. Mack taiin-rs,
for the year can always be supplied.
Address Charles J. Peterson, 3ot, Chestnut
street, Philadelphia, Penn.
(From the Galveston Republican.)
A colored man always commences a
journey with feelings of apprehension
and regreti Travelling for pleasure, any
where south of Mason and Dixon's line,
is a thing he seldom undertakes, unless
the enjoyment he anticipates at the end
of his journey, will compensate him, for
the humiliations,~ discomforts , and an-t
noyrances Jbie is doomeiu to meet by the
way. A white man or woman has only
the ordinary "disagreements" that fall to
the common lot, of travelers to contend I
with. They may go over'a precipice in
an express train, or be blown up on a
steamer. These are accidents to which
all travelers are in common eypoeed.
But in addition to these, colored people
are expos4 to inconveniences and dis- .1
eomforts, iB which their fellow travelers I
are not liable; no matter how intelli
gent or cultivated a colored person may
be ; no loatter how irreproachable in
manner or fanltless in appearance, if he
exhibits in his face traces of African blood,
it isregarded as awarrant byhotel keep
ers, steamboat proprietors and railroad
men, for his committal to the kitchen of
a hotel, the smoking ear of a railroad, or
Sthe deck of a steamer. Let a colored
traveler enter a town, in whidh lhe is Un
,acquainted5 where, perhape, he has been
Scompelled by uecesaity to go, though he
might be abl, to buy the~est hotel it
contained, yet the proprietor would like
ly refuse to aceommodate him with a bed
to sleep upon.
The late Alexander Dumas, with his
.wooly head, whose ability and high social
I position in Frane,~ even the Galveston
- ŽNews admdit, Duasea, who has been the!
gupest of the erowned heads of EuropeI
a and the idol of the literary work! of
- 1?aris, even he, woald have doubtless
.been refused a scsit at a% hotel table in
jAmnerims booaime some white man, who
wrhape, could not write his name, who
rank from his saucer, and put his knife
rst in his tobacco-stained mouth and
Len in the butter, might object to his
resence on account of his color.
It is painful to witness the embarass
Lentkand humiliation, colored ladies, as
tnderly reared as refined and educated
iany of their sisters in the land, are
ibjected to in travelling from place to
lace. We have seen such, compelled to
t in a car, the atmosphere of which was
lick with smoke, and the floors soaking
ith tobacco juice. We have known them
be exposed to the indelicate-aye often
bseene conversation of white men, we
annot say gentlemen, who chose to come
sere to smoke and indulge in ribaldjests,
icy would not dare to utter before their
ives, or sisters in the cars they had just
On the steamer we have seen colored
idies compelled to sleep upon the deck,
r as pn indulgence, upon the saloon or
abin floor exposed to the gaze of every
asser by, whilst state-rooms were un
ccupied and they at the same time able
nd willing to pay for them. There is
n inconsistency about these things,.that
no would laugh at, did they not often
ause such irritation. A ' white gentle
man or lady will ride without any ex
ression of annoyance, for miles, beside
colored person in a street car ; and yet
e are told they cannot sleep in a state
oom next the same person, with an inch
lank partition dividing them from each
This kind of injustice cannot lastpr
ver. North, in some localities, it has
.hnost disappeared. In the course of
ime it will also fade away in the South.
.t will all the sooner disappear, if color
a men, who have votes in Legislatures.
vill nakhe an eflort., when companies are
e'king charters or endeavoring to renew
hem, to see that the rights of these color
d fellow citizens are secured by sowI
la'se, inserted to efbet that objf ct.
We trust that some swveping Federal
natnment will give us our rights in pub
ic plat"s and public convey ances. Wh1,I
ou camfpiain to steamboat eaptakinl (.f
li-treatment, they lay the blame on the
Jcne rs and a pre-s their regret, that
:hei&r instruetions compel th'm to salt
-et von to annovancew. Go ito th.
>wners, and they lay the blame on the
publie. Appeal to the public, and they
wous the capt:ins, conductors iui
jý t.'rs. Ii sesms no one i3 rusp tn i le.
A 1' deral ena tiueut wkuloi s -t t,,
whole :natter at rest all over the cotml r r,
and mi"iht teach the clsns of genitlh"r
nest rt ferred to, that the colored pet ni.
tnave' sotme rights that white men art
bound to r spatc
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 18, 1871.
THE SF' vrr.
The Senate was called to order at 12
M1.. Lieut Gov, Dunn presiding.
Twenty-five Senators present.
Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Burch.
Mr. Ray observed that one of the old.
est and most honored of the citizens o
this State, Dr. Hsrrieon Jourdan, (Vpart.
ed this life early this morning, He w
elected a member of the House of Repr
sentatives from the 'jarish of Richl:an
In respect to the memory of the decese
MIr. Ray offered the following resolution
Re-dtivd, That the Senate do now
journ in respect to the memory of
H~irrison Jourdan, member of the Ho
of Representatives, who died in this ci
this morning, and that the mcmbtrx
the Senaie attend his funeral ftuxu N
126 Customhouse street, this afteril
at 3 o'clock.
The Senate was then ileclared adjo
ed until to-morrow at 12 I.
The Houae wiascalled to order at 12
Speaker Carr in the chair sad ninety
members presen&
Prayer by the Chaplain.
Mr. Gartakamp moved the Go
message be made the order of the da
Friday, at 1 P. IL
Mr. Davidson moved an adjon,
onasocount of the death offDr. Jo ,f
pichland, and paid his memory a bi
MIr. Braster o~euel a sesol
the same ~e~t, saa the House ad. -
The Pznusisai are firing at sir
which convey dispatches fror P to
Tours and other pls~eee, and tir *r
day one of the balloons was
J (nole TIZ GMAT o wap.)
the Bolmbburdim t of Paris.
(Herald Special]
Loea pri Jan. 14".-Prince do Joinvifle, j
from FRance reports that Gambetta declined dtu
aernee either as officer or private, and ordred
him to ktve Frinee.
The eatde Chartres is in France i",r,.'
Tyso late French Charge d'iAffires at LI.
don, th se.vral leading tperialiets, ev,
joined Orleaniats.
L .., Jan. 14.-Gen. Chanzv ral'ied dhi
disord troops near Lemane, and is retrga.
ing in order.
The Duke of Mecklenbi*g tle raphe the
Duch under date of the 14th, "We adivanre.
today rth of Lemans without fighting. Our
van,, has ernatesi the Sarthe. Part of the
arriy the Loire is retreating on Alineon, th.
rest t. rds LivaL"
Lo. N. Jan. 14.-Advices have been r.'eriq
from army investin; Paris te T'usiv.
On t day the bombardment was very ee.
Th pttre by the Gern.' ns of the fortified
town rerrona is rezardcd as veryy importaat
in iii . cir.1': . It recrs i th.' line of ad.
van- r the G. rman reiuf'r ements.
Th .eratan:, hive raised the ti. 0 of Givet
on Ilt S5.1ian b riar.
Ti ennana entered Li Mane at noon Thura.
onference of the erent powere iaumt.
mun n meet in this city Tn'sdav.
F' r'kas reply to Lnxenthmre lve been
ma ublic. Tib. trap is raassurnz. The
f ; prnpr'es that the Duihy appoint the
Go Conutil as me+hiatrr.
ce. fr.), 'lb t ro my of the Fait st.to that
t1., rn.iTt'i I ar" envrui*at }l ti'* towI r-f 1ean',1.
^e, from the rmv of the North ar' to the
r4t hat F.iilherlt. h a. :,r:+ t t; .7 corn
na rt of t'o f rt" .i '+ 1'.;, 'nn tI,
ip }e'for, ea courtin . rr. fr -ipo .ing.
'ii no n':r : :pit 1 " t. re. n{
11 I Ll t Fr: byý. L' (;aura, .ii 1, n**
1I . Th' Jr i:h f":' .t wtl, l .:a per*
c 11, "1t " raspr. "
iiti.* Ti.n lo . iA ..t, it frn",
r illi .r, t..* nift 1: . :
V arn di iti ware : .A ?. r tr et
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11 van~air: ('le i" tar
A coe .p ,,1, , t ": ý'r. ies, on the 130,.
"a : r n h.,if" at I t'+ S .'els'k v.sterdaV
1,,ni.ar e:; untiww' vi.- roil*,. with
,lc f .W irt'nti;;i' , f ten an'l t rnty-five
', r"oi crticiv. To', d(I tracti .n of Fort
l -irmially 'chi~ii'I '1'. rt '' vntrouge is
ea: ' 1 , mpletely that from PaSt. near
-a'ri. a s1*(taetr c'an sc" right ihrrotih the
ci'iet?. The harr."'-<t are comTpletely horned
Ti T,.rl Frn'or "'oT .flrec:1 'a't'ive i bring.
-r .p' ace''-" tie raiIway from th- river.
Thb' lrnei+ 1 ritie near li-i Menti n, while
rowdel with mtnn was storuk with a shelI .ad
rkein idoISni yrccipitating the .eoldi.'rs fr-en as
Tnmouie.'' frni.git. ('rniin.g thiem to death.
At I o','Inek. the lienviest firinga yet kn'f
. oing on, directed mainly against Meal'
The Trlinralmi'tt wat absolutely unneallflg
.rtv-Al' boors.
Gen. Von Moltke narrowly escaped as he I
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h a Th*n tMtelt I'To'n to hI'S 'eitr'ii'-. c *e
lug Limslf and aid-de-camfp vitO fh m'd k se
Thrench desh made .t the ol'l-brasAtwo~t
reqrnlt.' in the captitr of one oec'-r and twent7
non of the ,ixth Bavarian infanTry
mGen, Chanzy"4 army has been reoranz'
an'1 is abortS to renmtifl operationiC.
Offi- it advieei ffram Paris esiy. the bomn~t
bombat mentitl' thrthent ther tht nte Jb5
flinevr mnte in 14aith. Forts quh3S
Frnotai. waith lreat vio.in e sfollictn grefi
ahe uponte rdmein la portiiltol.
Fpon dopeas Nombut and vilgeFatebl!
Bo"r.in tcbg of the MrW h tave euuto
bomeeknbardment rth t serions ~am Th
Vet rnealIPimin..atchc miltay cthe ombrden
The prnultr't of the Pari OoehlT4

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