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,- hLoUssaeJ is published every
Surt;Y tand Sunday at 114, Caron
Wa. G. Buowy, Editor
Tcrms: One, year......... $5 00
W uingle copy............... 5 c
Per square of eight lines, or its equi
nient in hpace, first insertion $1 50, and
eb., subsequent insertion 75 cents.
je I, ITRINTISo executed with neat
r~ss atid dispatch.
Al cemmuiinications must be addressed,
.*,etnr of the Louislanian," and anonymous
kthr, mast be accompanied by the same of the
w'tr, not necessarily for pabiletioe, bat as an
of good hith.
re not responsible for the opinions of
on, chiltort
The rich and purpleatmosphere of sunset,
With soft, white clouds fall flushing in
as tvic,
A rosy halo crowned the snowy summits
of wountains in the distance glorified;
Alown the glades half-hidden streamlets
lPe.hing in mimic falls of crystaline,
And birds of twilight sang beside clear foun
A melody divine.
The 5,ntle murmur of the southern breezes,
With fragrance laden, and with intense
Fr'm idcisied fields and lily coverts drifting
Where gleaming lotus bathes her slender
A little silver shiver of the ripples,
('.oIuiht from the dying sunset in west;
A tile' stir and thrill of callow birdlings,
Il.i t-hushed to .leep beneath their moth
I nt u.cl dreaming by the lakelots margin,
in all theejuietudae of eventide.
1 " .wage of a calm, sweet face of beauty,
At nay heart's shrine, kneels is gloritiesL
It 1 111el oem that here is no spot on a
a t1 s1 rlrvr that the sunshine of rosy g
t ith ainnt convert into a blooming a
rerdlen. fr many years a patch of b
Ieiert Idvl hal rendered almost value- 9
Iso a rtnsle;.xýle. district of Manhatt..n n
lsiia . l' ing somewhere between the a
ro'iinfe of Bloouningdale and Yorkville.
A hi,,;:1uef arel to have fallen upon the ci
Ft o1
Is Dull pccpuilation, if population it F
-1 11 Ire caled, was confined to several
Lt 'I's of giZp.iY characters, who ran- p~
Wit-Ilthe city's by ways during the day at
lirtte mesas of living, and dwelt in m
Slittle better than kennels,-being w
fent of a cast of countenance which et
ias an efficient warning against th
tr~bl;ss~ as all strangers were called gi
StureflJUe within that demeane. te
'1I t t thuc orifice which served as an
Coitrancei to one of these hovels, on a p
sunnY June~ morning not many years ide
8111, aplc'aruil a votung girl of such ala
rascndien~lt Iceauty that, although the be
Stle. m nwhc she was attired were of wi
thf fornninest calmed her to resemble 00
<n of le arvefllou specimens of the do
Ituiter'.. art, whithi the lamented Elliot fr(
La.ft behminde 11im as veritable effigies evr
oft0lemost fnoort'd of the city's rising ris
geOrtiton.e) of
Tb50 was a garden patch, too, of limit
J mie'Iinsj~1, which the delicate hands A
u!lir lull,. t m~ty wore engaged in tend- li
f traililiing the strty shoots of honey-wi
a ocsweredg ther approaching,dr
a Mytound as of intruders tearing their me
~t hru4it lriars. evf
The for grdne peaned in the low,
uefi tihe was bumming, and turn- ho'
okjust at the moment that two Ye
faP&itoef widly, contrasted appearanee by
e1111e was a middle-aged man as
.4 bule lad in coarse garents, we
~ ~tureei; the other a much Pa
u Pw05Oance, but with an unmtiutan
Whit ri,.ftish look in his well cut sus
memiti. Bot were prvided with the
lifeces aind the peculiar appara- on
thip10rtsmnan. w
a" ze ro at last, Ned Davidge law
5.1i4 the younger sportma, '1
tLou Bht what have we hero ?"- Caj
Ii b youthful worker in the aws
*C '1 a teool as if half irresolute ped
"~e Orkede Precipitately, or to ad- wam
VOLUCE, 1. NEW 9IJ Iii iA, SUNIlTT, PE11 UAI 6, 1871. 11113 Ii.
v vance and greet the new comers "You
send did not prepare me to expect a surprise
like this."
at "0, some of my wares," replied Davidge,
with a coarse explosion of laughter. "I
told you my stock consisted of a little of
of everything. She's first clasm, sir,
.0d, though a bit rough as to externals. Here
on. Mouse--go fetch a glass for the captain,
the whose ground we are standing upon, and
"' let it be the best."
of "A positive beauty," said Francis Mer
rivale, as she retreated. What game is
this a part of ?"
"All fair and square," rejoined Da
vidge ; "she is my daughter, of whom
every day that passed teaches me that I
set, am so little worthy to call myself the
in father." He gave vent to a genuine sigh
as he said this, and looked even more
downcast than was his wont "Too good
lets for me, sir, and fit for any man's drawing
room, though I say it"
Captain Merrivale-who was as tho
un- rough a specimen of the ban vivant as one
might well wish to see-gazed serutiniz
ingly at the pretty Martha as she return
"' ed bringing the required Hollands, with
nee a look which brought the rich blood to
ing her cheeks and caused her to tremble and
der cast her eyes upon the ground.
"I came for a morning's sport, among
quail and reed birds, but did not antici- 1
pate alighting upon a bird of Paradise,'
>tb- said Merrivale, admiringly. "Never
tremble, my pretty one ; I am your
p friend. Now, Ned, we will take to the
brush again, and as we go we will talk of
your property."
L A few (lays after this conversation it I
was noticeable that a change had taken 1
place in the affairs of Ned Davidge. He
dressed with more attention to respecta
hility, purchased a flashy cravat and
diamiondl pin, and haunted the lower re- f
sorts frequented by the scions of idleness 9
and vice. The single bright adornment
)n of the hovel had disappeared, the little 4
KY garden plot was surrendered to the t
ig weeds, and often the voice of revelry '
of broke on the startled air of night, and t
e- strange lights streamed from the cran- C
Ln nies of the moss-covered cottage. The m
1e cage had lost its bright songster. t
e. In the most aristocratic quarter of the e
xe city resided, in a palatial stone mansion
of his own, the wealthy and luxurious a
it Francis Merrivale. 0
id Although a man of the highest rem
a- pectability, according to the social stand- A
y ard in vogue in certain quarters, inti- it
n macy of the most unrestricted nature w
g with Mr. Frank Merrivale was not cal- ti
h culated to advance one in the eyes of
It those who require something more than y
d glitter of gold as the voucher for charac- I
ter. a
n His elegant residence was the great
a point of attraction for the wealthy and gi
s blase young men, for strange rumors had as
h lately beg n to circulate of a beantiful
e being, not yet escaped from her teens, ra
f who, with a governess for sole companion
e occupied the more retired portion of the at
a domicile, but was so rigidly secluded aes
t from the common gaze that none-not "I
s even the most intimate--of Captain Mar- m
rivale's friends, could procure the boon
of an introduction. it
uA favorite relative, left. under my mC
,charge," Captain Merrivale would answer, wi
- in reply to impertinent inquiries, "for be
.whose bringing up I am strictly responsa- th
ble." And there the subject would be
dropped, and the identity of the lady we- up
.main as much a matter of mystery as hia
ever. pii
I That he fairly idolissd this pet of his be
Shousehold, it were unneceemry to say. of
Yet he himself never ahlded to her, even is
by name, and, without being herself are
aware of it, poor little Martha had been aon
as much a mystery to the people, who emt
viewed her from a diutanos, as the Man uw
in the Iron Mask to the population of ug
Paris. She it warn whom this amisble 'vei
libertine, struck by7 a sadden 'fancy. had at
undertaken to educate and previde for, as
surrendering to her reprobate father for gai
that privilege, his interest In the land up- aw
on which his hovel was built, and over
whelming him besides with money and apl
favors. to
Thanks to a vigilant duenuas of whom eltI
Captain Merriva!e stood in mysterlous to 1
awe, a couple of years or more had slip- ari
pad away, during which her protector fra
was obliged to content himself with his 4ec
an fast kisn&a his hoses, and his yachts,
ise and his young charge had OR this whbile
grown in virtue and lovliness, and was a
ge, fit mate for the most irreproachable in
"I the land.
of "Pahaw !" amid iferrivale, as one morn
or, ing he strode in petulant mood the inlaid
wre floors of his library-into the coatents of
in, which, by the way, he rarely glaneed
ad "this irresolution is unworthy of my
manhood. I am the master here. I will
ir- see this timid beauty, and know the
is worst at once."
He touched the bell-rope, and ordered
. a servant to send Miss Martha to him.
mhe soon appeared, looking so uneao
I secionsly innocent that Merrivale thought
he her more beautiful than ever.
In a few hurried, impassioned tones
re the now confessed lover poured forth
xi the long pent secrets of his heart. He
. represented in glowing colors the wealth
that was his, and the queenly life she
> might lead if she would but consent to
to share his fortunes.
z- The girl listened with burning cheek
t. to his words, of which each syllable was
h an insult; then, turning calmly, reproach
o ed him with his perfidy.
d "It was cruel," she quietly said; "it was
unworthy the aim ofaman who would haie
g the world believe that he has a reputation
to maintain and desires to recommend
himself in the eyes of women. I feel bit
r terly the sting, but you have warned me
r in time. Tempt me not, sir. There i I
e one who will and can protect me."
f "Not that dissolute and degraded brute,
your father," retorted Merrivale, in a
it pretty passion at this dreaded rebuff ',He
a has add you to me, and you must be ,
e aware that you are irretrievably mine.
- But go to your apartment. You will t
learn to decide differently when you re
- feet upon the advantages you will throw
* away by refusal.
She was going, but at this moment the
D door was opened, and there stood, on the
a threshold, a young and manly figure, to
r whom Martha fled as a frightened bird f
to its nest. He was ead as becomes a
Berk, but there was in his air a glow of
manly resolve, which rendered him at S
that moment the superior of his employ
er, as Captain Merrivaie was.
i "What brought you here, air, at a mo
c ment so inopportune ?" asked Merrivale,
coloring with shame and anger.
"I heard voices," replied Lawrence b
Ashton pale but collected, "and deemed b
it my duty to attend. It appears that I b
was just in time to prevent the consume- t]
tion of an act of deliberate villainy."
"You may congratulate yourself that
you have exposed an eaves-dropper,"
Merrivale said. "Henceforth you are no
emyloye of mine. Go. We are stranger"
"I stir not without this lady, who has
given wee a right to protect her, which it
seems she refuses to you."
Captain Merrivale touched the bell
"See this young man out of the house, 2
and let him never return," he said to the
serving man who answered the summons;
"and do you, miss, return to your apart
ment and await my piessere."
"I obey,"replied young Ashton, "but r
it is to your diagrace and confusion. Fear
not." he added, tarning to Martha, as he H
we. on the point of departing, '"you dball
be delireredoat onces at any cost, even
that of life."
left to himselft thecasptain paced his
apartment in deep discontent. Polled in '
his own lair-daisetad by a weak andX
pny boy. He decided netto be thms
bearded, and even Uhe -eprt enteme
of an ofer of mrriege wasnot the most 110
remote of his calculations The strioest
orders were left with the danana, but W
sonmchow it happened that durin1 the
earlier home of evaming the garden gate
swung open, end a slender figure. bear
nasabundle, and very pleinly cled sad T
.veiled, glided niessyfrom the shadow
at the protecting mansion, end, entering To
a earniage, which weasn waiting at no the
-aa distance from the spot, wes drive hial
away in the direction of Mount Morris.. twi
Unhappy Martha! when abe made her
appearance before the family of the youth full
to whom she had plighted her head,
although he secompeamed her, it wee only
te be roeaved a a designing wanton;
mrd returning in despair to the rude ceb n
from which the arts of a debaucher had
4ecaoyed her, she wee received by fiat
lt , gnrilede repjhate Ned NDavid, with a
chile volley of repmro m., H. strted at once
!SI a .-fotwithetamding the lateness at the
le in hour--to hunt up eaptemi. Merrivals
whom he found just reuered from a
orn- convivial party, with all his puasions heat
laid ed by wine to emoess of madness. Loud
I of voices were shortly afterward heard in
id- altercation from the direction of the li
my brary; a sudden crash of glsm., the fal of
will a body, and then all was silence.
the Neat day the papers rang with tha
news at the asasmm ticmo aveain Fran
Ned cim Merrirak
lif As it was lmown that Iwrenee Ashton
ion- had qiarmled with the captain in regard
iht to a love aair, the former was arrested
and charged with the murder. Not imly
Ines that: he was tried and smtemred, end
nth would probably have been hung, not
He withtanding the pray.. and entreati~e
ilth of Martha: but at this junetmure, it so
she happen that Davidge became involved in
k to a midnight broil with some boon comper
nons, and was served precisely as he had
eek served Merrivale, only that instead of a
was decanter, he was slain with a dirk.
e- Before dying he confessed his grievous
sin, disclaimed the paternity of Martha,
was whom he had taken from kidnappers
"* years before, and conveyed to her the
ion property he had received as a bribe from
Id Merrivale.
)A- But this boggy tract, once so valueless,
m was now fully within the new r ark inm
is provement: and an opportune olfer being
made to Martha, she found herself earat
ite, ed to a position of amuence; and wedding
a the object of her choice, entered at once
He upon an unclouded career of prosperity
be and happiness.
ow orm t
to oreTU
of or vat
Fifth Day's Frecudiag.
Hows or RIram'nrATIT: C
,o Friday, Januarys 1871. r
Ie, [ Continued from our last Number.)1i
Beialued, That Harrison Jordan, mem
ce ber elect from Bichland parish, is entitled t1
ed to be and that he is hereby declared to n
I be the Representative in this House of
a- that prish.
at Chairman; C
m C. Q. BUTIER, a
[- Nsw Omwra., I.emuxa, U
Janmry, , 1871.
To Ham. MeUmer cam Speaker dthe Hoase or
I hereby withdraw any pretentious to
a seat in the Hose of Reprementatives, as
the member free Biabland parish, and
recommend to the favorable coniders
tics of the Home my omapmdbo Mr.
Harrison Jordan.
The remaato war ead, end upon the c
motion of Mr. Henapetead, of Iberv~e iB
dMr. Eansrese Jordan, wa duly mworn.a
*repremumtadve of the parink of Richiend.
Ss com e on &iyertinmuat, a
tpoined at tihlasteemaio .f the Oineral
SAmsrembly, through ate dbssmman Mr. De
Swe4 mabmitted the following report,
which ws ordered to be endse.d, and
atwo hundred espies of the aecompanying
document was ordired to be priated:
I To the esosabls 8pease mi Nimbegs o the
Your Committee em Aipportoinment have
the honor to mabmit the following apor
tionment bill, as provided for by article
twenty-two of the meoubiom.ai.
We have th whomor to bse very eapeea
E. W. DEWEES, haskman;
Repreeentativee. cdh
Senator. hoe
k a :,>m oeOr eaua.
wee Noioes wer given that the folowing
the bils would be introduced at some altare
'tom day:
K * By Mr. Palner, of Chdwell:
eat- A bill entited an act to amend and re
Dud eat set Na W of the ads of the emai
I in of the Legislhiure of 1870.
ii- An ast for the relief of Messrs, Pen
I of ningion, Burk & Co., levee cofnrsctose,
A bill for annexing the northern portion
the of Ctaheun parch of Caldwell
an- By Mr. lahnbis, of Orleans:
A bill for the purpose of abolishing
ton private markets and market-houses in the
ard parish of Orleans, and also for the better
td government and management of public
sly marketa in said parish.
and A bill providing for the opening, in the
lo- Third District of the city of NewOrleans,
sar of Chartres street (late Morean,) from st
Be Ferdinand to Poland streete; and Royal
In street (late Casesalvo street,) from Louisa
pa- to Poland streets.
ad A bill for the relief of the Fire Depart- 1
a meat of New Orleans.
By Mr. Brown, of Ascension:
ms An act supplementary to "An act toin
be, corporate the Bayou Rapides Navigation
era Company," approved February 17, 1800. 1
he An act to provide for the inspection 1
)n and designation of coal oils and illumi
ting oils or fluids, derived wholly or in
es, part from coal or petroleum; to regulate
un- the sale or disposition of the same; to
ng prohibit the sale or disposition of iuami
at- mating cal. or fluids dangerous to health
og and property, and to prescribe penalties
ce for violation of this act
ty By Mr. Blant, of Natchitoche.:
A bill misting a poorhouse in the town
of Natohitochas, Louisiana.
L A bil for the purpose of dispensing
with the publication of the procsedings of
the polie jury of the parish of atebi
toches, and of&ll advertisements dn and 1
under judicial proceedings m aid parish, 1
and making it lawful to publisl the ere
in tha Eaglnk language Only.
y By Mr. Schumaber, ofron....:
An act to establish a ferry and ferry a
loading at the foot of Poland street, Third
LDistrict, city of New OKleena
An act to regulate the practiceof medi- L
cine in the State of Louisiana, and to
prevent and punish charlatanism and il
legal practices.
1- Also an act entitled an act to regulate O
d the sale and dispensing of drugs and R
o medicines in the State of Louisiana. m
f By Mr. Burch, of East Baton Rouge: T1
An act to incorporate the Board of
Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, South, at Baton Rouge, Loci- W
By Mr. Harry Lott. of Espides:
An act to ememd an act entitled "An
act to incorporate the Bayou Rapides
Navigation Company," approved Nebru- t
ary 17, 1860 and to grant State aid to 1'
the amue y
t By Mr. Brewster, of Osachita: a
A bil to prohibit town and city govesa
mats and polio* juries from levyiag
speeial tax as linease upon mae anies cad
By Mr. Morris, of Ascesmion:
An act to incorporate the Morning Star O
Benevolent Association of the parish of
By Mr. Davis, of Orleans:
A bill to amend the city charter, by
abolishing that psat which saletes to Be. t
3y Mr. Ong,oatSL Bernasd.D
A bill amendatoryet the Metropolitan toi
Pac~e law, to asx sad dstermainethelimits tw
Dy Mr. Worrall, of iefson: be
A biBto provide for the pnnimshmen me
persons guilty of adultereatng food, drink
and medicinesa else
By Mr. Stamps, of Je~eron:
An aeat toheendtlad an act to inear
porats the Irisemsip line Comp.ny No.
3 in te city atCarrollto., parish dit- 'd
By r. Jolnuon, at Orleamis; *
An act to -epest eton three ofn se o
relative to gnauniqg A
Peerious mne. haring h..m po.. wsa
Hones bit Na 8,mag e to pmlvde is, T
supplying time h om pubis imoo ndu ad
other papanescemmed by the burming of 12 a
the oouuthouae in the parish of Moro
home, on the sixteenth of March, 1870,
was pat an it/safamL n.
Under a sa-u esiom 'o tM aonoia
tirao .nl, the bSwsa weagswsemd
time, and aqenred totheC Oa
Judiciary. ý
Previous `2t0 bashh4 given,
House bill No. e a! mA edti~m4 an ast
for the relief ". !I wees -. l lat'se
asses- of State ftaes .vier park o
Caldwel, was read orthestt time.
The constittiMoal re bd -spend
ed, ire bill mads.wemte.is .eoeseI,
and w" aired b as
g Ypermisican Mr*. " dicton, of L ,
e ngston, i nerasess OW Os G ring r~m
tion, which was read, and s sere " i
of the rules, end dp :
Resolved by the n n Bejesenta
non fives of the smate of ýqseemiin!
Assnmbly couvrmed, that he paker ba.
'- authorised to bass a uitahles.pheas m.
or., ranged for the cloaks sad hats a the
i emembera
The emingm
Auditor of the Stav wae reqd, and upon
g motion of Mr. Ong, of St. Bernard, it was
the reseived, sad refered to the Co(mnittos
Ater on Ways and Means,
blic SasacLe
New Odeas., January 1 .4
the To the Hononrble Speaker and mesam "t the
a He oso of epueeumIave1 "
Sc. Pursuant to the provistoni of section
yal 189, Revised Statutes of Cie state of
isa Louisiana, I have the honor to kdgies a
lis of an persons who, as agi-by' the
at- boobs of this office mice 18' vre in de
fault to the State on aoabtortopuh1
in- JAMES A. ORA A.alh*
ion Upon motion of Mr. YTorke, 6t(efri,
go. the House adjourned until to-unoirw at
on twelve o'clock m.
in Chiefd erL
to mb hgs humihg
ni- Hoiis oar Iwamee ays,
& Studay, Janua% 7WL .
c The House met p.amin cour..
meat. . . s
Speaker (r ir e; cham * Is r
en The well was csiled l "the EoI tag
members awpeeed to thei, assaess
Meaers C. Abl Adpip, Anine,.
t Basker, Barker, Barrett, Barrow Rer,
dl- mea y.i B'i . %15tek. 86wa;es-ew
ad Ater, B'oO s d, arear, ...
h, auckisho - Berth Reer, Qinter,.ti &
M Ch*n, Cohresaa, fahsed, Daubya I d.
Faulkner, Floyd, Poedeliea; ei di
Gardner, a wp esper, Usjeap
stead, Huston, Hyens5elmsn, K4asea'
Kenner, Kiaseas, I& Balk"ie, .j Lmsa
a honey, Maise, xMie, :Mueiw, .Ms
. Carty, McFarland, Meadows, Moocur,
Moore, Morphy, Mmusj Nelsn, t
, Opletek, Otto, Overton, Pson, qui.a,
d Raby, Riley, BinaWDil, Samtoia $la*.
maker, faith, Soer, Stmph.#test'
Tatmana, Th'mapsam, rsiai, Winu
dVerrett, Waa&d Wseangt .j, 4 A.a...
ltion, Washnagton, of OosmewisWatey
Wheyland, -. Wiflimus H. aWfims
Wilsom Womrn , Yoduee ! .. i
Prayer by the Rev. Ma Ai d. .
The journal was reR fad&
Mr. Kemter, atO~jtuw tic'ue
-that he would, on M~oaday, move for a
reeomsdeamanner of a knteroubais
yederdayradatlve tbitw lazb edamt of
umptie., sad 5. Uab1r i aUadv'h
1ston bugs, offrdtees nw%
sadneshe da rs 1renh amid saeta-'
Wuinx ae, t jeshed in fl'-wI.e
Provideasee to reanver from wurhh~t ou
feunlorepresmmtoliue frome hIe prih f
Assmptiam, the Kern. Joseph S. Dough.s;
therdele belt
-eovn That Irspeeptte thrwdenocy
of our late so~agus, the Horn. Ai8f ,
Dough.,s thatthisooedene**uith(
to mtsaeto Menday, the alom -"k
twelumo'do* V., sa~bE Wbtg iIi
he disretal to tekel asoj rais
seaoltiesm to the Simabo
wusmia Jesap resen g ja seds
was kins ine nthl etn. 3se fm
theuiagM etNeet h e sg veML, !saTe
aeladti heisas mpea e.imry
at ou enamgms, t 3i Wee
to -ei x a Mads a S4 t Adv.
Re2old4 That asaerk aEtIiose
ha direeted to tramsmit aecopy iasuthee
smolesas to Me Uass set l"e
The aNo. wuns wa bd 4bsrqbt
ad s Nas mb~y, the aee6hso .
£hie Owrk

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