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- - -or
-i)AY FEBBUARY ., 1471
.1L OU'RNAL* int
or TiHE
tlird inV"'s sr eI.
ill, ..i, January, 4 1871. f af
itlded the point of order se
Alltl from the decision m
t!, ýas nill nays, the ques
11 the decision of the Chair at
t?~ Sinate refused to snstain R
1,. tl! following votes:
B.Urher, Butler, Couphland.
I, . rwig, Ingraham. Kelso, L
l b, .,n, Ray}, Smith., Thomuas, ItL
1 11 15. tl
1 - rn. h1wkmll.l, IDowmian,
_I, 1ntch, Gallup, Hunsaker,
I. 1n11h, McMillan, 'Noland, a:
,. SIords. Mtpher. Twitchell,
\1l'x -3it
.t deuhing that according to p
tilthe Senate, the question now 11
Sdlolption of the resolution
It relsohltion was adopted.
tn, lto adLjourn, which the Sen- ti
,: ll of tile OTas and hays, (
I ';ii Bl, lackman, Bow
*; t iupland, Fish. Harris, Her- .1
L:.h IL. o IlH-jra, Piniwhinck, 1
In 'nipblsl, Futch, Gallup,
I u! L11is, Lynieh, Mc1Millen, d
'. I liglan, Swords, Sypher, a
Wt \hitney, Wilcox-1$.
,oced to proceed to call I
. I Senator votes he shall
nIes of five Senators, and
t " lbrgest number of votes I
b a' the conunlittev I'l e
:u vedl, ;t: a ý1ubstitutet to 1
1 otion, that the Senate pro- t
i ." a IhairmnhI of the eiuiiittee.
..1 Iled that Mr. Pinehiack's
i . laid on the table, audl the same
I tit following vo0. on a lill
, nders:"on. I'l whanan. H3owanan
I. 1.aivh " Fish. Funtch. Gallup.
*HIunaklr. .Jenks, Lewis. Lynch.
Nolanl, fierce. Kagan. Swords,
I inn:tý, Thomnpsn., T1witchll,11
I.aiher, lintle. B koupland,
( 1 II.,t" J Pinehnackll n
Ir.crrin ºn Mr. ('mn- 4
auwws dloptcd.
t iors wrere placed itw no
t II. dlersoi, Btltk-man,
\ ilhas. 1Pinchltack tay,
att n, Thompson.
I 1 ar t the nomeintotionl
!x1 thtiflliing resoiedtwnt
-I Illinlilersiand offiersy (f
*f ILb ilY 11111 twoweenly-pa
it-in rciyd thwenty-live
b ' 'ii rlcived ti thentretolu
rdi the folownat refnoelu
* I I mbers an..!oI i cerslof
I" I t II b thilemselveshatth
'II liii h ~t, layi Tusdy thereon
ii t pusuantour don. unt
II th 0 J. Dnnunieu tenat e
'I 1 1 'rnesdentiof TherSenaythe.
Int Antoie, Balo rk Back
iltlE,(Nilup CHaLMri, Her
Ingah. aiar Jek, 18i7o'
ii, t irsua, toHadornmPerce
rhllllll. J. Tdd.n Twieteheln.
liii Prfidernt iof the Senat. ar.
Iil1llranI, Antoin, whihrter Slan.
lii Iutlere tampenlstnl, renpand,
.n Tofmrs. ThomloTitchell
rO n wfere disptnscdev. Mr.
fI ofrell ora mh rade. f h
ii1k llrdened a bill, ntihthed aen
I rt din:h wer isteani err aicrh. Nh
III liver, at Bayou Sara'
Mr. Ingraham gave notice that he would, ]W
it some future day, intsodnee a bill to be has
entitled an act for the relief of Charles Bien- tsae
renu, late Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, StaW
nr his assigns. Acs
Mr. Jenks moved that the rules be sus- mil
pended, for the purpose of placing the bill d i
introduced by him on its first reading,
On a call of the yega and nays, the rules upC
were suspended, by the following vete: nit
Yeas: Anderson, Bowman, Butler, Canep- t
bell, Coupland, Daigle, Fish, Futoe, uallup UP
Harris, Hunsaker, Ingraham, Jenks, Lewis, 01
Lynch, Noland, O'Hara, Pierce, Pinchback,
Ragan, Ray, Swords, Sypher, Thomds em
Thompson' Todd. Twitchell, Whitney, Wil- e,
Nays: Antoine, Barber, Kelso-3. fer
And the bill passed its first reading.
On motion of Mr. Jenks, the constitution- '
al rule was then suspended by a four-fifths kce
affirmative vote, and the bill put upon its ac
second reading for the purpose of reference.
The following notices of bills were then
By Mr. Futch:
Of a hill to be entitled aL net to incorpor
ate the Trenten, Farmnerville and Fulton
Railhoad Company.
B` Mr. O'Hara:
Of a bill to le entitled an act to aid the 9'
Lafourche, Terrehonne Drainage and Land th4
Improvement Company in the production of of,
this work. of
By Lr. Wilcox: an
of a bill to be entitled an act to amend ''
and re-adopt section first of an act entitled a
"an act to :unend and re-adopt an act for the a
corporation and organization of works of
public improvement. etc., approved Septem
her 10, 1868.
By Mr. Wilcox: du
Of a lill to le entitled anu act to regulate
the prawtice and dispatch of business in the
district courts of the parish of Orleans.
By Mr. Wilcox:
Of t hill to he entied an t ct relative to
Justices of the Peace in the city of relOtr- al
lianis. pr
By Mr. Pierce:
Of a bill to lie -antitled nan act the more
clearly to define and enlarge certain duties Ri
and powers of the Board of Health of the Tc
State of Louisiana, and to provide for the
more complete protection of life and health. fo
By Mr. Pierce:
(i a hill to be entitled an act to provide an
for the inspection and designation of coal m'
oils and illuminating oils or fluids, derived bh
wholly or in part from coal oil or petroleum; ,x
s to regulate the sale or dispoaition of the
same; to prohibit the sale or disposition of
illuminating oils or fluids dangerous to life
and property, and to preser-ile penalties for
violations of this nat.
1 By Mr. Pierce:
Of a lill to li entitled aa act to provide a ti
i gratuitous vaccination. anul to protect the ST
State from the ravages of small-pox.
By Mr. Thomas:
Of a lill to lie entitled au act for the relief
of Norliert F. Scopini and Francois Lattier. tl
:aid to pay the damages due and assessed on a
the tenth day of May, 1870, under the pro- p
visions of an act pf the Legislature entitled
--an act to provide for the making of a cut
ofl at Scopinias Point on Red river, approved h
on the fifteenth day of March, 1860."
Mr. Lynch snumitted the following report
on behalf of the Finance Committee of the c
Senate and the Comm ittee of Wais and d
Means of the House:
To the Honorable Senate and House of Ihlprl -
sentatives of the State of Louisiana.
The undersigned, on behalf of the Com
mittee on Finance of the Senate and of the
Committee on Ways and Means of the
- House --f R-pnr.sentatives of the Legislature
of the State (if Louisiana, acting conjointly
in pursuance of ii concurrent resolution of
the Legislature, adopted on the sixteenth
-day of March, 1870, authlorizing said cam
mnittec to sit after the adjournment of the
Legislature for the pulrpose of ascertaining
from the offices of the State Treasurer and
Auditor of Public Account. the number of
bonds belonging to the redemption of the I
State debt,, to the Free School fund, and to I
the Seminary fund, and to examine and
count the certificates of ind-btedness known
-as State notes, issued under act No, 5, of I
1868, the nunlier (if coupons in said offices,
-as well as other evidences (if indebtedness
that have been satisfied and paid by the
State, and which are in said offices, the whole
of which to be destroyed. beg leave to re
~. port
LThat in the perfornmance of said duty the
Sjoint committee have examind, counted and
destroyed the following State indebtedness,
to wit:
.e Certificates of indelutedness,
Le known as "State note.," is
sued under act No. 5, of the
Legislature, entitled "An
ast to authorise the issueof
certificate. of indebtedness
and of bonds for the fund
f. ing of the same"..--.....-.4i29.515 00
('firculation of the free benks
it. of New Orheansareturned to
tat the Auditor's office during
id the years 1867, 1868, 1869
k'and 1870-----------------72,070 00
d* Interest coupons detached
~r- fromi State bonds issued
o' and paid by the.8tate... 879,00 07
'~Blank g8tate bonds prepared
y-for issue, with interest eon
ll. leons thereto attached and
ur. arer------------......--1,223,300 00
ho Total.................. 2,708,94.8 07
ni- The joint committee proceeded to the ex
amination of the bonds depealted with the
Id, State Treasurer, and belonging to the re
sir demption of the State debt, to the Pise
No School fund, and to the Seminary fund,
which bonds are held in trust by the Stats
an inacecordame wjtk the prov~ision mtaset
the of thle Legisuree, entitled "An set in rela
tion to certain debt. of the State," approved
Marsh 19, 167,i lauteaa wvhc bweds 11
has to be sanai satxIl uharged But
to each of maid !said, as the books of the Hui
State Treasurer and of the Auditor of Public len,
Accounts;in view of which, the joint cam- Sw<
mittee have come to tha concluiona not to Twi
desroy said bonds, and consequently have a
returned them to the State Treasurer; and 7
upon examination of maid bonds, your com- the
mittee have found that the interest coupons To i
attached to said bonds have not been taken
up since 1868, owing to the embarrassed I
condition of the State Treasury. The joint Re'
committe have thought proper to address I hi
communications to his Excellency the Gov- son
ernar, the State Treasurer, sad the Auditor offi
of Public Accounts, recommending the trans- on
fer of such amount, as are due to said funds
respectively, and also to the Secretary of I
State and State Treasurer in relation to the due
keeping of said bonds by them, conjointly, rpe
according to the provisions of the law of Jon
1857. All of which is respectfully submitted. I
Chairman Senate Committee. i
Chair House Committee. Sta
Mr. bagan gave notice that he would, at me
some future day, introduce a bill to be enti
tied "an act act granting corporate privile- tie,
gee to the inhabitants of Baton Rouge, in ear
the parish of East Baton Rouge, and to pro- the
vide for the government of the affairs there- wh
of, and to repeal an act entitled "An act to am
amend the several acts relative to the police vot
and government of the city of Baton Rouge," the
approved April 2, 1858; and to repeal all acts
amendatory thereto; and to repeal -An act a
to provide for the government of the city of As
Baton Rouge," approved March 8,1856; and t
to repeal acts amendatory thereto.
Mr. Lynch, by unanimous consent, intro
duced a bill entitled Act to secure homes
tends to actual settlers on the public lands of for
the State, which passed its first reading. se
On motion of Mr. Todd, the constitution- St
al rule was then suspended, four-fifthsof the
Senators voting in the affrmative, the bill H<
put on its second reading, and ordered to be T(
Mr. Campbell, from the committee on
Rules, submitted the following report:
To the Honorable President and Members of the ha
Senate: mi
Your committee appointed to report rules of
for the government of this body respectfully en
submit the accompanying rules, and recom
mend their adoption, and ask authority to in
have copies printed for examination of mem- Ce
" hers. IV
Mr. Campbell moved that the report of
, the committee be accepted, and the rules
esubmitted ordered to be printed. cT
Mr. Blackman, on behalf of the commit- cc
tee appointed by the Senate to wait upon ma
the Governor and inform him of the organi- tr
nation of the General Assembly, verbally re- 01
nported that the committee had waited upon
'the Governor and informed him that the 0.
General Assembly was organized and ready 7
1 to receive any communications he might
have to submit.
Mr. Lewis moved that the report of the
committee be received and the committee s
discharged. a
Adopted. b
Mr. Pinchbeck moved to adjourn.
The President then announced that the s
Senate stood adjourned until Friday, the
se sixth instant, at twelve o'clock M. r
LySecretary of the Senate.
>fFifth IDay's 8easion.
2.Friday, January, 6, 1871.
me The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.
ig Present: Hon. 0. J. Dunn, Lieutenant
id Governor [and President of the Senate;
of Messrs Anderson, Antoine, Barber, Black
ie mrn, Bowman, Butler, Campbell, Coupland,
to Daigle, Fish, Futch, Gallup, Harris, Her
ad wig, Hunsaker, Ingraham, Jenks, Kelso,
11 Lewis, Lynch, MeMillen, Noland, O'Hara,
of Pierce, Pinchbeck, Bagan, Ray, Smith,
s, Swords, Sypher, Thomas, Thompson, Todd,
as Twitchell, Whitney: Wilcox -36,
[me Prayer by the Rev, Mr. Burch.
ele The minutes of thiprevious day's session
.e- were partially reed, 'when their further read
ing was dispensed with.
he The following corrections were made to
ad the minutes, by inserting the word ':prose
as, cution,, in lieu of the word "protection" in
the title of the bill, of which Mr. O'Hara
gave notice, and by the Secretery, supplying
an omission of the printer, that "prayer 'was
offered by Rev. Mr. Bumelh."
Mr. Bagn offered the following resolution:
Resolveri, That a special committee of three
members be elected by the Senate to ex
amine the sa~irs of the Board of Metropo
00 litan Police, and ascertain lifthe said board
has complied with the act creating the maid
Board of Metropolitan Police.
Laid over.
Mr. Ray presented papers contesting the
00 seat of Senator Noland, which 'were laid on
the table subject to sail.
Mr. Lynch offered the following resolu
07 tion:
Resolvee That in all eases of contest for
the seat of a meber of the Senate, duly re
turned by the Booed of Returning Ofies
and sworn in seoaoding to law, the contest
00 ing party shall receive no mileage or per
- diem unleas he establish his claim to the con
07 tested seat, and is sworn in andaeasted.
en- Mr. Lynch moved that the resolution be
the adopted.
re- Mr. Harris moved that the further comasid
Free eration of the resoclatie be potneuni
ad the rnles be adopted, which, on achll of the
late yeas sad nays, the Semlate refused, by the
aet foilowuig vote:
elm- Team: Dakbr, Wlhi, (Galup, Bansh, Hec
dwg, lewi( OHare, Ray, Smith, Todd-10.
MNs; And;sean, 3neek . -ewes
Butler, Campbell, Conuibud, Dsige Watch
Hunasker, Ingraham, Jenks, Lynch, MIMi
len, Noland, Pierce, Phabaek, Bagan,
Swords, Sypher, Thomas, Thompson, P
Twit bell, Whitney, Wlloox-J4.
M1 Lqnch's resolution was then adopted. s
Thb following report was received from Put
the Auditor of Public accounts:
To the Honorable President and Members of the
8knate : NAJ
Pursuant to the provisions of section 189, T
Revised Statues of the State of Louisiana, p
I have the honor to enclose a list of all per- y
sons who, as appears by the books of this mis
office since 1865, are in default to the State dial
on account of public moneys. A
Mr. Blackman, by unanimous consent, intro
duced the following joint resolution, which was
read its first time and ordered printed in the to e
journal: may
Wazwas, The disfranchisement of a large be
number of intelligent citizens of the State of a
Louisiana, under section three of the fourteenth lly
amendment of the constitution of the United to I
States, depriving them of the right at holding -
office both in the State and the federal govern- I
ment, with great loss to the State, of able and
valuable servants, and continuing a discrimina- of
tion between American citizens that is nnece orb
sary, illiberal and unjust; not in accordance with
the true spirit of Republican government; and, tab
whereas, by the Pth section ofsaidfoabeeth
amendment, Coagress can relieve by two-thirds 1
vote all persons of said political disabilities; an(
therefore, be it
Resulted, By the Senate and House of Repre
sentatives of the State of Louisiana, in General
Assembly convened, That our Senators are in- on
structed, and our Representativesin Congreasbe
earnestly requested, to advocate to passage of I
any bill which will relieve all of our citizens of its
any political disabilities whatever; be it fbrther
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be
forwarded by his Excellency, the Governor of the ed
State, to Senators and Representatives of the ya
- State of Louisiana now in Congress. til
The following message was received from the
1 House: i
To the Honorable President and Members of tal
the Senate:
I am directed by the House to ask the concur- mi
rence of the Senate in the the following bills: th
House bill No. 1, an act appropriating two "t
e hundred and fifty thousand dollars to pay the
mileage and per diem of members of both houses of
8 of the General Assembly, and to pay the officers, gr
o employee and contingent expenses of the same. re
House bill No 2, an act to change the venue ye
o in the case of David Fisher, J. C. Olivier and
Celestin Olivier, from Ascension pariah to the wi
parish of St. James. th
Chief Clerk. de
Mr. Hunmaker moved that House bill No. 2 be pi
taken up and put upon its first reading. H
Adopted, and bill read its first time.
Mr. Bay moved that the rules be suspended oi
and the bill read the second time. D
u Mr. Blackman objected, and proceeded to dis- u
cuss the question. 41
Mr. Todd raised the point of order that no bill
t- could be considered until after a new apportion- rI
a ment of the Representative and Senatorial Dis- tl
i- tricts of this State, and based his point of order
_- on article thirty of the State constitution. 11
in The President declined to decide the point of ih
order, and referred it back for the Senate to de- N
r cide. After dicussion, and without a decision
bt by the Senate, c
Mr. Ray withdrew his motion. I
After considerable discussion, Mr. Bay renew- tl
le ed his motion, and the constitutional rule was
" suspended, on a division, by a four-afths affirm- r
ative vote, as follows. Yeas 27, nays 1; and the t]
bill was placed upon its second reading.
Mr. Smith moved to amend by striking out tl
the words "St. James," in section one, and in- 8
lie serting the words "-St. Charles."
he Mr. Lynch moved that the bill be ordered en
Mr. Hunraker raised the point of order that i
it was not necessary that the bill be engrossed, E
it being a House bill.
The President decided the point of order well 5
Staken. 5
SMr. McMillen offered a resolution as a substi
it. tate to the body of the bill, which not beingj
ant seconded was not considered.
te; Mr. Smith then insisted upon his amendment.
,k- Mr. Hunsaker moved to lay the amee*dment of
SMr. Smith on the table.
er- On a call of the yeas and nays the amendment
was tabled by the following vote :
Yeas : Antoine, Barber, Butler, Campbell,
Fish, Gallup, Harris, Herwig, Hineaker, Ia
'graham, lents, Kelso, Noland, O'Hare, Finch
ld, back, Rgn orsSyher, Twitchell, Wil
Nays: Anderson, Blackman, Bowman, Coup
Lon land, Daigle, Futch, Lewis, Lynch, McMillen,
ad- Ray, Smith, Thomas, Thompson, Todd-it.
Mr. Thompson moved to lay the whole subject
to matter on the table, which the Senate refused.
se- Mr. Lewis moved to amend by striking out the
in worde "*St James," insection two, and inserting
a the words "St. John the Baptist."
Mr. Hunsacker moved to lay the amendment
of Mr. Lewis on the table.
Mr. Wilcox moved that the bill be adopted on
on: its second reading, and ona ca ll of the yeas and
na ys, the bill was so adopted by the following
ex- vote;*
po- Teas : Anderson, Antoine, Barber, Butler,
ard Campbell, Fish, Gellup, Harris, Herwig, Hun
aid saker, Ingrabamn, leaks, Elsoe, lewis, Lynch,
Noland, O'Hare, Pierce, ginehback, Egn
Ray, Swords, Sypher, Twitchell, Wlleox-2&
the Nays: Blackman, Bowmen,Copad age
on Jideh, MciIlea, Smith, Thomas, T1hompson
Mr. Hunsaker moved that the constitutional
Srule be further suspended, and the bill put on
its final reading, which was lost on a call of the
for yeas and nays, by the following vote :
"e Teass: &ndemsom Aateia4, Ba r Bulr
era Campbell, Pish, Galiap, Harris, Berwig, Hun
a-saker, Ingaham, Jeams, Estee, lawis Lynch,
per xcilllen, Noland, O'are, Plaie, placklbach,
you- Bagan, Bay, Swords, Syphor, Twitehell, Whit
nay, Wilcox-I.
Sbe Nays: Blackuan, Bowmen opiaDage
FethSmith, Thorns, Thespieam, Todd-V.
aid- Four-Mafnth vo rting in the saralive.
ug Mr. O'Hare moved te adjon.
th Adopted,
The President thesano63ced tt the Senate
the sodajued -Ur y, the ssventh In
Kesr- tant atwev o'eoe . MllR'
-10.Seety fS t.
kIsthy's Imges.
Muam asan
Saturday, Juaq 7, 1871.
Premset: Ron. 0. J. Duna, TL_. .00
cs sead Preudist of the Swatsy, aid peops 1
Am-esos, Antoi#9,asr DU " a-T .
hMd4r Cvewpb, Co-l4 Ws, Jhi
put*. Ga.fpImAils, herwi. HwkaIeW In T.
gran, Jeua., Kelso, Lewis, qnch, Mexiasm,
Nolad, O'Hams, Pierce, Piehhae, Bean, For
Ray, Smith, Swords Syher, Thamqs, Dtodd,
Twnesa, Whitney. W~eoz-Su. -
Payer by the Bev. Mr. BurciL
Mr. Whitney moved that the reading of the
minutes of the previous day's proeeedings be S
dispensed with.
No corrections.
Mr. Regan ofered the following resolmion:
Resolved, That a committee ofthee be elected To
to examine and inquire what dispoeilon was
made of the Ave million (06,[email protected]) delts Joe'
bonds for the use of the day of Now Odmens,
and undesred byan so o th Geneal Assem
bly of 1818 and that the eommites bespQWmed Ty
to send for pineins ma papes, and th th.
committee be allowed one clerk.
Laid over. AN
The Secretary announced the Sling of pap e
of J. P. Newuham, contesting the seat of
or Jenks.
Mr. Lewis moved that Hee bil No. 1 be
taken up and put upon its Aun reading.
Adopted, and bill read lbt mi is e.
Mr. Lewis moved tha the rules be suspended
and the bill read its secondtime.
Adopted, and bill read its mecond time.
Mr. Todd moved that the bill be referred.
Mr. Lewis moved to lay the motion to refer
on the table. InD
Mr. Lewis moved that the bill be adopted on
its secosd reading. M
The Cousitutional rule was fhrther suspend- -
ed by a four-Sobs sirmatve vote, on a dividsai
yeas 29, nays 9 ts bill read its third and last
time and eally adopted with its title.
By unanimous comment the joint resolution
introduced yesterday by Mr. Blackman was then
taken upand read.
Mr. Blackman ofered the following amend- for
ment, to be saubstituted for all that porti of
the Arst resolve down to and including the words an
"to advocate." oft
Resolved, That we cordially Indorse the action B
of our Senators and Representatives in Con- an
gress, in their attempt to have said disabilities hi]
removed, and we earnestly request them to ad- B]
vocate. all
The joint resolution was being discussed.
when a message, enclosing the following resolu
tions, was received from the House. A
Whereas, It has pleased an all-wise Provi
dence, to remove from our midst our fellow re
presentative from the parish of Ansumption, the
Honorable Joseph S. Douglass ; therefore be it
Resolved, That in respect to the memory of
I our late colleague, the Honorable Joseph S.
Douglass, that this House do now adjourn to
meet on Monday, the ninth day of January, at o
twelve o'clock M., and be it further
I Resolved, That the Clerk of this House be di
rected to transmit a copy of these resolution to F
the Senate.
r Wazsaas, Joseph rOfcial, a member elect
from the parish of Ead Baton Rouge, was killed
f in the riot at Baton Rouge, on the night of 0
November the seventh therefore be it I
n Resolved, That in respect to the memory of our C
colleague, that this House adjourn to meet
Monday, January 9, at twelve o'clock, and be it -
- further
a Resolvled, That the Clerk of this House he di
- rected to transmit a copy of these resolutions to
e the Senate, and to his widow.
Mr. Pinchback moved that out of respect to
t the memory of our deceased colleagues the B
Senate do now adjourn.
Previous to the announcement of adjourn
ment, the President made a few remarks, call
t ing the attention of the Senate to certain state
Smenta regarding himself occurring in the Mee
mage of the Governor vetoing the bill entitled an
nl act to amend the Metropolitan Police act, and
etated wherein asaid statements wero incorrect, I
i- and then announced that the Senate stodad
g journed until Monday, the ninth instant, at ~t
twelve o'clock H.
zySecretary of Senate.
(To be Continued in our uest.)
New Orleans, La
etParticular attention padto the mimi
ie facture of Gents' Underclothing; also
ag Base Ball Club and Timemmn's Uniforms
Made *onader.
E mporium. qy Ibeldon
' IegeseftldbyllrL LeOubis ErsLLLiaJels.
0ohr KI.R.sam, PRoM
mel Wre~amss 81.le. or see, Undu..main o
on evy &merpin, Ulgktsaeeses, Traellmn Walk
hne lug Ustsn, Chemisb Da,.., lars., om
Skirts Aponma, he., he
an- orden take. for weatus one . c~hmau
ih, san lneasts' Wensb gitls andDriene In th
ik, latest Styls., mad suppllaetaheit mothe
~TheTADK supplied at New York prices
amsuple3.ea,[email protected] 221 Caml It.,
At M A. i 'PAMI
in Ordessrespeet~y soeltebd
-- A. eeaosan
Mms 3. I~tLRCOSZ
Lowwer Chad- eic~e a Week.
Leaves New Orleans every TUESDAY and "
FRIDAY at 10 o'lock A. X
and an way landings en the
'esor Coast
The Steamer
dass attoo~las,
T. A. Enderls, Master,
John. T. Rheheardos, Clerk.
For feight or passage apply en board or to
V. J. WOOD, 33Peter St.
It. halt, hIsa Emiahi and Buldeah
To St. Louis, Chicago, Omaha, San Francisco,
St Paul, Kansas City, Leavenwornt, Mt
ad all P11inats lt, teat ad West.
Orle.as, Jackson and Great Nerthern Rail
wato at 7 A. M. and 5 P. M.
AN UNTANleaves the ht oof etCant
sestdaly at 8 A. M., 'elteaNewOrlesas,
Mobile ad ailroad, :making
close conetions aS obil with the Mobile
and Ohio Railroad to all points North, East
Mad West
For tickets apply to
Ticket Agent New Orleas, Jackson .ad Great
Norther Railroad, corner (amp and Comn
mon streets, under HCl nor to
Ticket Agent New Orleans, Mobile and Chat
anooga Railroad No. 150 Common street,
under St. Charles Hotel.
General Superintending Agent St. Louis, Iron
Moutaln and Southarn Railroad,
The Mobile division o4this road will be opened
for business on
f lealy, Iimber II, 1870,
a and passenger trains will rue as follows ;
Leave New Orleans, from the foot of Canal
street, for y St. Louis, Pans Christian, Mis
n cA. Springs, Pa.ong oa
Ii .iimini City, Biloxi, Ocean ens.Poaoa
k- and iobieat 8 o'clock A. I.Arrivivee at Mo
e bile atS5:30 o cloak P. M,, comneeting at Mobile
with the MOBILE AND OHIO, and the MO
aln points
- Leave Mobile for New Orleans at 11.10 A. M.
Arriving at 6:10 P. 31.
- Fare letween New Mreans ansd lbilr,
1i Five Dallars.
t Freight received at New Orleans, at the foot
of Julie street before 4:30 P. M., delivered at
Mobile early neat morning.
,d For Norther information, call at the General
of Office of the company, rooms one and two, up
stairs. STORY BUILDING, corner Camp and
nr Common streets. J. R. KENDRICK,
et General Superintendent.
it -_____________
t The New Mrleam, Jamkss aid Derat liesther.,
aid Ilsasisppl Ceatrl laliruds.
Run their Pamenges Coaches and Baggage
Cars, their combined length without
an The 7 L I lxpressTraIifsrshily,
et, Makes close connections for Vieksburg, Momn
4.piaLus hcg.Louisville, man all
Idt roant~eodSln pigamr datight, Canton
Th. Nail Train leates New Mresau h~y,
at 61F.15
- Makes sobedle commelice it Er.
flim te.Iew Terk, 70 leans
New"'b anddgnitde upC Slepn TCas
Exrun t Humbldt Tem ivesm Cleveland Te.
lMan uaa Sout eruives at l11l A. K.
Thieh oetsfe, Gd Irsonhn BSulding.
Ticket ocees, New orleasa, unihr City Hotel,
Corner Camp and Common streets, and at
LU- H. Q4 sEwAL4 General e.pehnsmiint;s
so 1.3. N OREY, Ganeal Tieket Ageat
ma New Otlesas, Jackson sand Geat Northern
_ D. 730T, Gemual Sauperlteadent;
D. B. NonrY, Gemeral ceta Agent, MIs
W. S. 500o1!. Gneeral Iumgei Ageint
AT 1115Ar ss r AT LAW,
28. Natchen 8trest:(Morgan's Dilildin~g,)
3" lly.
?,*aqA Psa 1PrVff~UUs."
(Corner of Villere SMaet,
Yes Ovl....
ATI'oanaY med 0ocalnIO AT LAW.
ELI 142.. . ...aae ile....14t
-. 3ily.

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