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W as. d. ' vat,- E nnes.
ais publishe y
,rW : and Saday at 114, Caroadelet
.Nw Orloea.
o Tzasn uN Sur amrrno: *
oneyear.........0..........5 00
six mouths.......... ..,2.Lilo
Single 00". O...... .... 10
arran or ADaaYrsV.
Per square of eight Bawel or its aquiv
a space, first insrtion $1 50, and
museqauent iserties TS eomata
ok ri m p o e z e cute d w ith - e
WO sad dispatch.
is omauanltions mast be Wawae
agav od the Imeiaw"" sma ssaymien
- aut be sooompamied by the msae of the
wre aet neemesadly for publieatoe. but m an
ofades faith.
ý, us not respeadible hr the epinslme ef
ar asass sama
the noostide and the night,
.ot, vhsere Itrod grew light;
r.thp heart, so lone and dark,
y,,,rioed many a kindling spark:
ode' seemed new, aud earth seemed bright
3. the noontide and the might
,oweu the noontide aud the night
,t uzbt, all pain, all tears took Sight:
hanls in mine I wandered en,
rj .il too fall for aught save song:
u khises hIl, eh I losfy wight!
wseen the noontide and the night
,toween the noontide sad the night
Low wards were breathed, eyes spoke delight;
tare vislon. rose of fairy lauds.
Where tlil lies bound to love's eommamd..
And lWe grew Heaven, and Hisses was bright
euween the oseetide and the alght.
The day, while walking down Broad
vey to my place of business, I chanced to
piuMe in passing (as I often did) at the
window of a well-known picture dealer,
hnwroin that morning was exposed the
painting of the "Sleeping Duenna.'"
Strnrk by the marvellous resemblance
1 ,rue by 4Oe heroine to the young girl
1.ho1 face had so charmed me, I entered
the shop and inquired the price of the
psture. Five minutes later I was its
p.as~sor. Woomnions forebodings flled
mta rainl an I looked upon the seene of i
falehool, jealousy, and despair therei
l.'rtmyel:to nce the picture taught no i
k\ina, cnureyed no warning; and I 1
quitteidthe store with a fresh dream of ,
Matide P1eaberton's loveliness ousting ,
h fnrv my nwntal vision.
I pse over al the details respecting i
litf siue and place where I first made her
ejuwintmmne, as well as the whole history t
ed eny wooing. Looking back on that i
1cri.,d, I can but cry aloud in bitter in
iganation at my own folly, 0 blind-- 1
lind fool! duped by the soft lustre of a1
mung girl'n eyes, maddened by the I
sweetness of her smile, was your punish. a
nent grnator than your wink desered? I
Anilyct I thiuklIcan pleedmsomneex- c
a I hare seen mote beautiful wo- a
men than Mfaide Pemberton, but I have
never ter one who wee more fascinating; a
Dot with the graceful and prectised whiles
of en accomplished woman of the
'evvlor the sparkling witehcriaesof a t
brillant cwcroruetioaualst; but with a 1
diana more' novel and potent than either.
iltart werean impenetmabe meiek aof
atke'wes Shecttracteel by all the ,
Wminng grecco of a naive and lovely ehid&, I
J'l.e to the tact anl asinei famu of a *
Pracised ecoqeette. The very character I
if her benauty, hu~er rgs soft 1lae wyv
with their eapmsmnio of inmeceut weeder 4
her 'enall expreceive mouth, whose Len- 4
iiie lines vsried with every paining emo
tion, her uelsisate features, wavy sunny a
hair, and roe-leafcoplxin, all aided t
um pvosduda the effect abe duuiped. Jt a
was imnPwmiblC to loo0k at, those innocent dl
*.re, that childish mouth, end believe
flint the soul therein revealed could bar. I
a thought of evil or ofguil.. At e
least snch iran my conviction, end I never
"rewi in it5 not even when all mye as
qntaintj whether friend. or foss, on a
lernn of my devotio, to uiss Puneum l
ton heatened to me to utter vorde of a
'lni and advice. For the jounng lady t
in quamtion was veil known in the hash- J
tehero of the romance was one of those a
dieotr who infest aociety as the eobra h
dea iedoes the dwelling houses of s
Ini~gliding about on a poisonous mis- Ii
lio of detntrctivenens; a marriad Met of I
"tforsiv bed chaaadetr, bet *'encel- a
leatia stn by nma ( m~e s
Arto He wss a ery handeome man
with soft, sleepy hazel eyes, end m n es e
lt in lanlguor matched his eyes, wh~le
V toice was always pitched ~that 1,
a'nlr l11Mlrtone that iis so effective with a
'bi*l c: ad be inivariably conversed as
tilr aleyin suht toesnd with endh n
lok4k that a bystaslpr on btboldivg
them would have sworn he was ufteraig
the most ferveat protestatmns of love,
though his talk wousl pebahl:rbe about
the lah party or theaeei s Spar.. He
was tall, slightly built, mad et a delicate
appearaihee, and the fteresting pallor of
his somplexion was set oh by the dark
fringes of a silky-looking bu Ta, Navy
mousteae. He had married one t the
ºgretest heiresses that had ever graced
New York society, and she or her gnar
dirs had taken the preastiomfe having
all her large fartme so tied p that her.
husband could not touch it; an arrange
uent which, it whispered, be4 wenged
the elopement of the aaei.atigr Gordqa
with a brilliant married lady, the funds
for the proposed trip not beuig
lag an the gentmesa's part
Such was the personage whose name
seeandal had couplet with that of Miss
Pemberton. The Pemberton family
were in very reduced cireamstances, the
father having died inaolvent some years
before, and the widow and the children,
comprising besiles Mende two yoqager
girls and two boys still younger, had
been oreed to Eye in a Tvoy airpe and
rqtired manner. But the charms and
social graces of the eldest daughter had
insured her a position ib fashionable
society, and no ineonsideralle shrem of
admiration from its votaries Mrs. Pem
berton was a week, foolish woman utterly
icaepable of gukling or goverdag her
children; so that when the roaw Gordon
Arnold singled out Mande as the object
of his compromising attentions, she was
puwerless to interfere The young lady
was only tro charmed to he the chien
Cynthia of Mr. Arnold's minutes. Goe
sips whispered, elderly matrons shook
their heads, and gay yoathe looked
askance and smiled whenever the pair in
question were seen promenading to
gether in the esburbs of the city, or
conversing in whispers at some place of
public resort. Married ladies of severe
principle began to "cut" Miss Pember
ton, and modest girls ceesed to visit her,
and the afsir was beginning to assume
a serious phase it was suddenly an
nounced that Mrs. wdos Arnold bas
been ordered to )urope by her phyi
clan, and that she, with her husband and
children, was to sail hia few days fbr
Havre. Of course it was immediately ru
mored that jealousy was thecause of Mrs.
Arnold's uudden loss of health; and
scandal-mongers even declared that a
separation was the penalty she was pre
pared to inflict o her hu bed, in case
htrufused to accompany her. But the
fscinating Gordon was too fully alive
to the adventages procure' for him by his
wife's large imeome to object; and at the
time I first made Miss Pemberton's as
quaintance, the Arnold family had been
absent in Europe for nearly a year.
SuBh *as the tale *hi& my fier Ihas
well as my foes hauten to pour into
my unwilling ears so soon as pay atten
tions to Mande Pembertpo ecame an es
tablished fact. I listanded with stub
born incredulity, mentally -ccusing the
speakers of gross exagggerstion, if not of
aetual falsehood ; and with indignation
against those who could so misrepresent ,
tnh girlish ».pruda.ce, the ardent friend- 1
ship of that naive and sandid soul rising
het within my breast. It ma after men
of these converes.Mobs that I hastened to
purchase the splendid parure of tur
qusaise and diamioub ulic wal45
gift to her, and I went ~onlssi~
another to offer hr my hand. Opa.
ties and uemarnis ljy eDBmizin me in
mry mad passion, only r~sead me aoswmr
dstersblned to make amends to thias erne
ly'-wronged angel by makiag her my wife,
Agai lary lqud in bitter mourn at my
own folly, Blind, Udipd I
Well, one lovely dy in autom we were a
married. A 'was quits a gey we6Eng, a
and the bride's tadsd iciness of cast- U
l.y pont appuliqae Wile desavedaly agafr
ed, and next wash obtained te distie
tion of a paragrnph in the "Namue1
Journal." I amy *"costly" edvhisdly, for a
before we had b4ee marrt sha udk
lands came to me, disedo in tears *
and wit the drasenukaps N haiein ~
hand.. "Poor mamma has nte nuear
mnoney," 'las sobbed, "anit~i3t ruin s
her to pay this hornib sWML'er a
Bichard,"--eau the blns eyseeeoe
and th rqsseda mouth q ai -$*PI
mmid from a friend who had long d
uided iu Iaela a glftofa u dsae'de ing
blah phept i be so, was
Sm rkl Sue specimen of the purset
race of thelliberisa bkxxoodbasp. I eun- *
nelsaytbat~lfly apueakedeais pr.- U
9 '1 ithe time I received it; bat as the
S increasedi1 n and beautyand
, ýyed wesderful intelgenes as well
it ag afeetiom for me- I speedily became
; vary fond of him, and czar was my
caostant compaion going down with
me to my piwgo of buasines. every morn
> 4avsdqas gaining my aide during
7 the day.. xy Rife never could endure
* him ; ie. Balled him "a horrid beast,"
d wad paeleeud to be terribly afraid of
' him, thaph he ras geutleness itself to
I .5 members of the household, and only
r displayed his ferocity when unauthorized
' itp}t ew *pade their appearance about
(Tobe s ouiasued in enr net.)
or Tza
o T WE
Twelh Oyl's Preediagsu.
Banse ow Dwamairurmv
Saturday, January 14, 1871. ,
(o*ntinued frog our ladt Number.]
rPtrflsom A"D innomus.
r Mr. Stamps, of Jefferson, presented a
k petition of tie William Tell Hook and
Ladder Company, of Mechanichan., par
ish of Jefferson Bight Bank, which was
read, and referred to the committee on
He alao presented a petition of Mrs.
Felonise Haydel, which was read, and
referred to the committee on claim..
Mr. J. B. Lott, of Rapidee, called up
the following resolution, which was read
and adopted:
Iieselvev, TIht the rules of the House be so
amended as to empower the Speaker to appoint
a committee on unfnished business, to consist
of sewn members.
Mr. Hlaton. of Est Felieiana, by permission,
oserd the Allowing resolution. which lies over
ander She ruler :
Reseslw. That a special committee of three be
appointed by the. Speaker to examine into the
beaks, buildings and grounds, and report to
this honorable body, as to the condition of the
State Lunatic Asylum, located at Jackson,
Louisiana: and that this committee be empow
ered to employ a clerk, to he paid the regular
per diem of clerks of the House.
Mr. Otto, of Orleans, by permission, offered
the following resolution, which lies over under
the rules;
Reesold, That a special committoo of three
members of this body be appointed by the
Speaker to investigate the books and accounts
of the Louisinas State Penitentiary since the
lease of tat institution to Mesis. Huger &
Jones, in ils, to the present date, with power
to appait a clerk, and to send for persons and
paperegad that said committee be instructed
to report to this House without unnecessary
Rpevode, fw , That the expense attending
said examination shall be paid out of the con
tingesnt !lnd of this House.
Mr. Johbaon, of Orleans, by permission, of
fered the following resolution, which was read
d refered to the Committee on Printing :
Resokled, That a special committee of fve
members be appointed by the Speaker, to in
quire into the expediency of redueing the ex
naease efpubldi priating in the parish of Or
lesars, and State of Louaiiam: that the commit
tee alport whet legisai~on ia nesesaery as soon
as pessible
Mr. hwiatss. of Osachite, by permnssion,
used Ste followrIng wseeointe, whisk lies over I
under the rule s
IBesced, That a 4pmisittee of thmee he ap
~bythe ilpeater, on retreechabat and I
wihpower toaptoy a clerk for thirty
Mr. Derek, of LEat Dates Jouge, by pesnis.
elesa e~gd thefollowing rsoe~emlto, whisk lies
wevsrwer the rules:
Resolved, That a special committee of three
be appelated by the Speeker, to take into con
sideratlon that porties of the Governorsa mes-1
asp e lattive to the removal sad re-etablishment
ofthe State Capitol and ell the efacoes of the
State oeaeialsat Dates Uoage, as well as the
enemdtion of the Peb11. buildinag of the State
thesuat, and th probable seat to the State for c
the rapakiagand semavaigtesansincasludn
genseel lah emate on msi4 eantist; that maid c
bemsgles sheD havepower to take the saldavits I
of witasumes sad ether testimony, Including the
tomease of embhiteesex4perts, costractom, e
mud buiblem. as to the expediaeny apmd fessiblity s
at maid repairs, and have summary proc.. t
aggest peause. sad pajers foenal neceneary for t
the ~Sethemsee and of maid investigation; and t
he$tshal .laspoet by illor othcrwiae to this t
Reese. at the 4palieet qday practicable, and If t
b~le duriag the present isuesna of the ILegia
O (phtkaetldrdrasa., by peraftiles, offer I
sd?&e following resolutios, widek was read we
Keer asuspeuussn of the rules, and adopted:
kmissaid, That asy sgfal .ommittee rhich 0
-oe under the Jurisdietion of the standing
eogamaitess, samin direst comlict with the same, 8
salB nat he tlatented and entertained by the
Itasogbl. Speaker and memabegs of the Hoesm
Mr. Geddis, of Ordeam, by permision, ofered
the following resolution, which lies over under
the rules:
Reaohlr, That the Spieker of the House a*
point. mee aIditionet pages, and mid pages
abll be ditrlbted by the Mwgsaut.atArms to
the several committee raes.
Mr. Johbson, of Orleans, by permission offer
ed the following reolution which lies over un
der the rule :
Resoaed, That the setpent.at-Arms be I.
struetsd to purchaes posetge stamps to the
amount of seven dollars amd St cents for each
masober of this utIo be paid for out of the
ecotingent kan&
Mr. S&uer, of Avoyslle., talled up the follow.
leg resolution, which *as read, and laid upon
the table, upon motion of Mr. Stamps, of
RueReaf, Thea the Speaker be authorized to
appoit a special committee, to consist of three
mepubre., to be known as the committee on comr
partag bille, whdse dutyitshall be to compare
and vesit all the bills passing the House, so
that they may be extinct in language and char
meter with the original bill.
Which lies over under the rules.
Mr. Quinn, of Orleans, by permission, offered
the resolution, which lies over under the rules:
Resolvd, That the Bergeant-at-Arms be in
struoted to furnish we for the water coolers of
this House during the session.
Mr. Yorke, of Carroll, by permission, offered
the following resolution, which lies over under
the rule.:
Resolved, That the special committee on ap
portionment be mad are hereby instructed to
make their report on Monday next, immediately
after the reading of the journal, or in default
thereof, to return to this House the apportion
ment bill committed to them, with or without
Mr. Yorke, of Carroll, by permission, present
ted the following communication, which was
New Osnauss, January 11, 1871.
To Hon. Mortimer Carr, Speaker oh the House of
I hberby withdraw all claims, or pretended
claims to a eat in the House of Representatives
of the State of Louisiana, in and for the Parish
of Ascension, and commend to the favorable
consider ation of the House of Representatives
the Hon. D. W. C. Brown.
Very Bespectfully,
And offered the following resolution relatives
thereto, which was referred to the Committee on
Elections, and qualitiertions, as was also the ac
companying communication:
Be it RescIhml, That the papers on file in the
Houne of Representatives in the case of Landry,
contesting the seat of General Brown as repre
sentative from the parish of Ascension, be with
drawn and returned to contestant
aErozr OF SPECIAL cOxMrrr'BR.
The special committee, to whom was referred
the apportionment bill, submitted the following
report, through its chairman, which was re
ceived and accepted:
To the Honorable Speaker and Members of the
House of Representatives.
Your committee, to whom was referred
the matter of apportionment, have, in part.
attended to their duties.
With a view to the speedy accomplish
ment of the objects for which they were ap
pointed, and to secure the harmonious eo
tion of both house, they have met twice in
joint seesion with the committee, appointed
for tho like purpose, by the Senate.
Your committee beg leave to report that
they do not deem itocompetent in this House
to proceed in the matter of apportionment
until an official return of the number of in
habitants in the State has been made; that
they have taken measuree to obtain the
same, from the proper officers, and would
therefore report progrees and ask leave to
sit again
All of which is respectfully submitted..
aoTIeas oF mu.Is, C
Notices were given that the ftodowing en
titled bills would bea introduced at some fu- ?
twor time:
By Mr. Kineella, of Orleans:
A bhW deooring forfeited the charter of r
the Louisiana State Lotterry Company. J
A bill in relerenee to marriages' among
relatives. '
A bill in redeemene to carrying eonoealed a
By Mtr. Brown, of Asoensiom: a
An act entitled an act to enable parties 11
claiming land by prescription under the. a
laswaof the State to apply to the District e
Court of the judicial district in which such ii
lands may be aitnated to affrmn their title.,
sad regulating the pseceedinhs in such ti
hA act entitled sa aet to iaereaeeethe revenem p
of the 81ats, samis haeerporatesthelNew Orleans
LJttery Commpany. b
suing of the waterm thea bar existin at Pus
e.-'Oake, at the meeth if the Misseduifi river,
to remaeve impedkinents to the navigptiun at said
her, sad to provide 4u the lasuance of bond. of
the State of Louisiana in payment thereof; end t
to cesate a revenue to meet the payment of maid
bonds and the interest thereon. ci
By Mr. Faulkner, of Celdwdll :
A bill to reintorporats the town of Columbia, i
parish of (hldweil, sad 8o dlAne the llmid8.
A bill for the Improvement of the navigation
of Uruf river, eand acking Stats miii therofor.
A bill for the aelief of Joseph L Stesmors,
Itherif of oe parish of CkldeIL. Ul
A bifllentltled an act to limait the liabilityoft
railroad osirporalioss, their iceera and tm
I ployoessa account of lose of life or injury to the
person in certain cases.
By Mr. Hempstead, of Tberville :
A Wi giving to the different parishes in the
i State, except the parish of Orleans, the exclusive
right to sell the property of mnaceasions.
By Mr. Murray, of Orleans :
A bill regulating the taxes on coffee-housen
and third-class groceries in the city of New
By Mr. Mahoney, of Plaquemine :
A bill to repeal act No. 102, entitled "an act
to improve the sanitary condition of the city of
New Orleans, and to grant certain privileges to
the Ney Orleans tianitary and Fertilizing Com
By Mr. Williams, of Orleans :
A' set to cause a culvert to be edmstructed on
Cnaw street, from Claiborne sreet to St.
Patrick street, in the city of New Orleans.
By Mr. Fontelien, of Vermillion:
An act to facilitate the transaction of ju
dicial business in the District Courts of the
8tate of Louisiana.
By Mr. Bentley, of St. Mary:
An act entitled an act to amend an act en
titled 'an act to regulate public education
in the State of Louisiana and the city of
New Orleans, and to raise revenue for that
By Mr. Davidson, of Livingston:
An act to repeal the act entitled "An et
to improve the sanitary condition of the
city of New OrlBans, and to grant certain
privi'eges to the New Orleans S initary and
Fertilizing Company," act No. 102.
By Mr. Lyneh, of Iberville:
An act entitled an act to incorporate the
Iberiille Collegiate Institute, in the parish
of IbervillA.
By Mr. Lott, of Ilapides:
An act granting certain privileges to the
Louisiana Canal and Land improvement
By Mr. Ringgold, of Orleans:
Au net to incorporate the Charity Hospit
al Lottery A-sociation of the city of New O(
leans, ans providing for a revenue for the
support of said hospital, and the conducting
of the said lottery under the auspices of
the State Lottery Commissionet's, and for
other purposes.
By Mr. Kenner, of Orleans:
An act to define the jurisdictipn of Justices
of the Peace for the parish of Orleans in all
civil causes, when the amount claimed does
not exceed one hued dollars, exclusive of
interest and costs.
By Mr. Johnson, of Orleans:
An net for the relief of Lewis Johnson, of
New Orleans.
By Mr. Siliniere:
An act for the relief of the Supervisor of o
Begistr.ation of the State of Louisiana.
By Mr. Worrall, of Jefferson:
An act to regulate the conduct of street
railroads, Lnd to enforce the forfeiture of e
violated street railroad charters.
Previous notice having been given, House
Bill No. 19 an act entitled "An act to re
district the Police jury wards of the parish
of Livingston," which was put upon its first
Under a suspension of the constitutional
rule the bill was read a second time, and re
ferred t9 the Committee on Corporations.
revious notice having been given, Houm
Lill No. 20, an act entitled an act to regulate
loans, waeput upon its first reading. C
Under a suspension of the constitutional e
rules, the bill underwent its second reading, 1
and was referred to the committee on Banks '
and Banking. t
Previous notice havingbeen given, House e
bill No. 21, an aetentitled an act to regulate
and preserve the public peace in, and to pro
hibit unlawful and lewd condnut at places
of ..une*ment in the 8tte of Louisiana, and I
for other purposes, was put upon its Arej A
Th*e constitutional rtales having been swo
pended, the bill was put upon its second
riading, and referred to the Committee on
Previous notice having been given, House
bill No. 22, an act entitled an act td amend
and re enact sections, one, three and fie of
"an act to provjde for the removal of oh
structions in Bayou Bartolomew, and to im*
prove the nuvigatson of the same, and
making sui ..ppropriation therefar,"appro
ed March 5, 1870, was put on itefiret read
ing. u
The constitutional rules were suspended, a
the bill was read a econd time by titled and a
referred to the Committee on Internal Im
provements. ti
Previous notice havingbeen given, House i
bill No.23, an act entitled an act for the re- ew
liaf of Andrew Freeamet A Co.: levee eon- rw
tractors, wrs.med for the first time, al
The oonsutittomal rules were uaiepended II
the bill read a second time, sad was raekered Ii
ho the Committee cii Claims.p
By permission, Mr. Blomnt, of Natchito- aU
ehes, introduced House bill No. 24A, sot act a
entitled an act dispensing with advertising
an French langusge, etc., in the pariah of
NWatchitoches, which was put om its fist cl
reading, under a sempniun at the vulses
mad cihenaered&
Upon motion of Mr. Lynch, ot Iberville,
the Hous was adjourseul uasil Metiday meit 9
et twelve o'clock IL
Chief Clark.
Tkirteetk by's Fsendiagp.
Haas 9rsBuTmarriazs,).
Monday, January, 1. 1871. )
The House met pursuant to adjoarnmniat*
Speaker Car in the chair.
The call was ahd. and the following
members answered to their names:
Mesars. Carr, Abel, Adolphe, Antoine,
Baker, Barker, Barrett, Barrow, Belot,
Bentley. lBickham, Blunt, Brewster, Brous
sard, Brown, Bryan, Buohann, Bucking
ham, Burch, Butler, Chachere, Crawford,
Darby, Darinsburg, Davidson, Davis, De
mas, Dewees, Durie, Ellis, Faulkner, Floyd,
Fontelien, Oaddis, Gardner, Osarthamp, W.
Harper, Huston, Hyams, Kearson, Kenner,
Killen, Kinsella, Laurent, Liambias, H.
Lt, J, B. Lott, Mahoney, Marie, Marvin,
Matthews, Meadows, Monoure, Moore, Mor
phy, Morris, Murray, Ong, Oplatek: Otto,
Overton, Pond, 1aby. Kiley, Binggold,
Sartain, Schumacher, Smith, Stamps, Stan
ton, Stevens, Stinson, Tatman, Thompson,
Tournoir, Tureaud, Ullman, Verrett, Wands,
Washington, of Assumption, Washington, of
CoHc.rda, Waters, Wheyland, E. Williams,
H. Williams, Wilson, Worrull, Yorke,
Quorum present.
Prayer by the Chaplain.
The r ading of the journal was dispensed
with on motion of Mr. Stamps, of Jerferson,
and it was approved.
The Speaker announced the following
special comamittees:
To investigate the affairs of the Board of
Public Works-W. H. Wheyland, of Sabine,
George I.. Smith of Caddo; Norbert A.
Llanmbia, of Orleans; Henry itaby, of Nat
chiteches; Horace Jordan of Richlend.
To examine the books and affairs of the
Commissioners of Emigration-H. H. Ste
vens, of Jackson; John Garatkamp, of Jef
ferson; J. C. Meadows, of Claiborne.
To investigate the uffairs of the Ship Is
land Canal Company, and the affairs of the
Lake Borgne and Mexican Gulf Ship Canal
-David Young, of Concordia; Schuyler
Mervin, of Catahoula; Adolphe Tureaud, of
St. James.
Mr. Garethamp, of Jefferson, by permis
sion, outered the following resolution, whnch
was read, under a suspension of the rules,
and adopted:
&soeosd That the special committee on
Metropolitan Police attars be and the same
is herceuy empowered to send for persona
antd papers.
Ms. Barker, of Lafoarche, by permission,
offered the following resolution, which lies
over under the ruled.
Resowred, Thus Rule Thirty-four be so
amended as to read. empower the Speaker to
appolint a standing committee of five (5)
memaers, to be stLled the Committee on
Swamp Lands.
By permission, Mr. Harry Lott, of Ba
pides, introduced the following resolution,
which was read and adoptel amd referred to
the Committee on Elections and Qualiflor
WNunuR.m, It is alleged that persons have
been returned as elected to this House, and
are now occupying seats as members there
of who were not eligible under the constitu
tion at the time of Inc election; therefore be
Resolerd, That all such case of alleged in
eligibility be referred to the Comniitttee on
Elections for investigation, and that the
said committee be instructed to ascertain
whether any persons are holding seats in
this body who are not eligible, either by
reason or non-residence or by not being
citizens of the State, or for any other reason
and make early report thereon. And in
such investigation they are authorized to
send for persons and papers, and shall cease
the testimony taken to be prited for the usa
of the House. Such oases shall take preee
deuce over all other businees before said
committee; and if, in the examination of
any ease of contest which has heretofore
been, or may hereafter be submitted tt the
said Committee on Llections, they shall find
that the sitting member or contestant is in
eligible, they shall so report to this House,
which report shall be accompanied with the
testimony taken, and shall not further eon.
sider the claim of the person so disqualified
without the further order of the House.
And no oompenaastion for per diem or mile
age willibe allowed by the House to any
person or claimant who shall have been in
eligible to the ofieo of Representative in
the (lenerul Assembly of this State at the
time of election. But any contestabt whomi
himself eligible shall not be debarred from
proscuting his claim to a seat. B. it far
Resoioad, Thast any person making charges
of iaeiigibiiity against any member of the
lHouae may appear by himself or counael be.
fore the Committee on Elections, to proe
cuate the same.
Mr. Bureh, of East Baton Rouge, called
up the following resolution, which was read
and referred to the Committee on Pubile
Re.uraLu That a special eomamittee of
three bappointed by the Speaker to take
i nto consideration that portion of the Goev
crnor's imeasge relative to the rcemoval and
re-establishment of the State Ceipitel, anut
as heo&,eseof the istae eaAmsahs Baton
Rouge, as well asthe condition of the Pub.
lie buildings of the State thereat, and the
probable cost to the State for the repairing
and ranorating the aanse, including general
informahoe on said inabject; that mid com.
mitts. aIn have power to take the usda
vit of utamesses and othes testimony, In'
eluding thetsetimoa1 o at ehkilset, euparta
cosntasnse amlhaildara. as to the einpoi..
eney saM higttitty ot smait bepana, and
have sumarnsy pricesm against persoams aid
paperafound wersmr7 for the feathuage
of said inavetgatice; And that thesy ahatfle
port by hitor otherwime told eethfr 4
0Atstawdo ThiMrd fIg*

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