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inlC.',?- FEhll4 T WAi.RIl#
r-rT!, Ist. is ' nf thtemVA ery
y -'ru and .9ndany at' 114 ; M id1elote
rNew (rleal.
g- Tnus orF SDScIUI'UIION: -il
 ·r....... .- - ,- " $5 00 '
six months ....... ... ,- 1 'o .
Single eolpy .............. 10
I.',t i' .1e'c('. CififslO rse o l d
+"h bsllue'lUnUt insertion 75 cents.
aits Pnrtw'executeSt W rtme- f4
1, and dilpatch.. .:.
ti emmunientions most he addressed
Ed the Louis a " RaI anony
.,wri mstt be sccoumpaBle by the n1;me of e
r:er. not nuse sR ily b4ebation, but csal
Bea.nfe of good ,fa .,
We ,re not responsible for 'the opinions of at
our ctibites. ' " at
ar terans onsoos.
,l, her er t in the merry 'Spring.
In the mncsuitf bads And Sowe u, • er
. and song, be
H 'r step waslight and buaant el
.i the dream of early love: 6
11 ile in her eye the star of hope 01
Gleitbed rabdtut from above. t
H. hauCgh was as the gushing note in
fIhe .song'Mtid's joyous strain;
Her eyes wore the gladsome look of youth, t
Whidh se' eoLebsek agai~
Ones more I atght her queenly foma, t
In K~umnmA'A grgemos l oom;
They told mnby the mmnuuri; stream
,ls lay, "neath ., mn arles I$ .
Grief-worn her spirit passed from earth, e.
Ire Hi had wtr:req 'ahg; ,
And they laid away no euderly,
The hrel . t*nrt~an -
" s ELr '"--T r' t. '1 I'
. 'd lat talver tthe Vret ty fpoe so 4
smiliing but. uam.0loun before. C
"I think t qWgap yery unkind. ielhard," t
shie hg Ian in a vexed.ald inmlpatient tobne. 1
'lt iu hard iuesl:if I smay not receive v
the risits. of one of my kildlt.st and best ti
friends. I have cften told you how kind o
he was to il'-" p
"Stay, Mahnle," I said, interrupting her ft
s;t.'1h sn much by emy look and gesture it
..t enmh:tlnd ns lv my w)rds. "I aLlow c
y1, v', ", know, aldmost unliminited liber- a
ýt il th, matter of your (jallui:tanIces a
anl friend-. but this much I will sn.y: I s
will i it urni.it your to nacept the atten- t
tion ," a mlua whose wife, for whatever eo
reasen it may be, refuses to vi it you: e
and ntler any *ei eumustances I cannot
allow MIr. (i,r,lnm Arnold th place hih- h
self on the footing of an intiinate friend s
of the f:unilv."
"Y, u na' jen!oas," said my wife, with
sd lightIrJ Ar siiun larr ll) "just I
,,'Iea packk of gosips and scand-l
;n~,iiIers chox.e to ianke my friendship t
! .".\eznle. Gordon the thenme of their 1:
t\.6 I wicder that you would hearken I I
t', sch vI talk." *
"lHd I heorkened to them,you never
wuldl b(e nv wiife. I am not jealous, ',
.laude, Iut I h:ave no wish to have the 1
,d, sttritabout Mi,Pembelwrton revived t
ne thl ~ibjct of MIrs. Kerrison." I
"And so I must not let my "eet Mxend
'a' eartlh visit me," An 'criedi her eyesn
fluhing througmh the indignant tears that [
illd them, "merely bec se----"
"Jlcause I will not permit you to re- I
riie himn. He may be your best friend, i
but your w, rst enemy conid hardly have h
hanrnl 0 ore b la t did when he I1
j.opst'dtl ynur good name topamper his i
owu silly vanity. I blame him, the man [
of the world, far more than I ever did the I
inezpriencedl girl yes. th , weea. I I
have forgotten the past, but beware how I
you recall it to my mind. I have never •
vyet, I believe, laid my commands upona
rou tih perrfm any ant,~btIt~h oo now. 1
. lou Wll ICI permit Mr. Arnold t. visit I
I rose from my seat 4I spoke. "'3lude t
lhad lashel away her tears, and we stood
thus gaing into ea,,0othr~ace for a ]
Inmomlent. I could see tha- my wife was
eighing the contenbig advann tes G
ribelli ,n or bn;iAo I waver
ed iu hk or tone, a Cee of violent op
litiohm to siy wishes would certainly'
live enal; hs.. ' lw e4p1,4my deter
,:ation ni my tse,.amld she yielded.
ibiuL, her head ain muto acquiescence,
hii:e turned and left the room, and about
an h, ur later she joined me at dinner,
-xquiuitaly d'res.4 d an' perfectly conm
1"I and plheasaut isn, map~tler, though
IInewhat graver anub mete int tan
k o eablcd oun Tsrsi
sUioU ou the iambjeqt of MIr. Arncld's
1tsits, Hl e:ax mno po, z e to th. hotise,
ad I thought it)o highlyof au 's good
:tt~t uke'
7 *:U M ei :I7 /IW f'1 W/ 7r.blliE Al t .ýti)' s.Sdv, 9 '% . 4 'A II 1
ý1 t
1 i t ýI V· " 1T r. .1 '!
-- . Li Si.)-, .II A II N 'l ltj f...v..!1
Witt .**t.,i I"'I. JAIAAL *S. f' £Ab1ý 181_ (
-:-!itr -4 ` 111 - ayi -J
Grp v"® l" ° ý;ýr i<": iljlli;;tl~r fi( 1 W IL ~i 1'N g w'; II ok -t1 E..SI
" h j'Yý Ju J'1 14.RzP47RZ·. r7*l s- fife: +1l: ."%wK.,a x J"" irf" r
t;'~~~~),lt r·'ILL .L'Vs3 !I1ii·u4 1,III
red on n clandestine i llit ' h
iYfll a.' t e" ·di 01a~ hp
lome, a ."Wl , o1.,,,l. • , I
im w u g rU "err , u
iý a numbnitfin d w
o nert o 'tet t~bt irh pa' to
nibeY and orwz 'ný r 6 heirh ni
aors nm 'ise ]s', use thm m N,
one e; hex tin, bett; flare ne tse' n t,ý- b
tions as soon asosib sariae ,w6e offit we
hboun aindher new niirhnme  ssh'le
whie bothu wre in their f reýte.
So it twnce hat r 'lae4 a 'c-hst a c
succesion of guests till late iii ;mptslWi to
her. We hati. a yer JAp egnbr; cro- r
uet parties, lunches, driving parties, and
eve f -nCh e ioi drer all ' ola.ar lleigh-f
hors  l-dtr visitomstt oem houeiiith rN
one 'exiptidn, .Mrs, 'larenee.' Ot .' 1
teret, Wh0 iaeed' very near ma, ..iseieM ta
in igndcAflo' f adent. She'wass diga -
nifetVligred niktron, thie t eth;Eta t
two laughters, ,m1 uaer a e -per ci
sonnage highly eseenied, an d'ot''ma
teI hdea tiodethe nei fehborheod -Mr.
Carteret' wk ehe*ligly friendly i w1
ever we chancel to'meat, but his re~L edi
high-indet lolte5 hver paid *sy fiL
even the ordhlary eivilY of t call. il
learned"ihy, • ho. day. ; ,
One beutitMld lroing in. Oeto ,, Iu.
rather ' 9-1'jir fo bui
nese o wamo me to
Philadelphia, ai t%'mdd not be at e to!,
, fetnit6 tlotrau at e* thi) be t";
on the fa ~nltI tlay. It ailsl& h first
time I had ev'idleLhyqcwife since our
marriage, a.d I felt a pang of runl regret
I when I thought 'of pWming trty-sixc
t hours without'` nelook'lit her pretty face,
I I one kiss from the.ro.' lps that had jnust
presed ninea, so telderly, one 'glance
Sfromn the l,lu eyes Whse last tear-veiled
Srlook Was lingering In Ny memory I had
ehosen to walk to the station, as the moi
ning was delightful, and was ;trolling
along beside the thick hslne thatl
I separated Mr. Cartetet's grounds from t
- the roadl, w:en mS ow name, pronounc
Sed in a clear, distiet tone, struck my I
ear. 1
S"Of cirse, Mir. s e'priseno dor $ notm
knthow how borthe his ife behav ed lait
I sp Shoriith t serisee Grmyself as anold."
ivei'dld aro ir revived, is it not?"ig
And: then the speakers passo ed on, andus-,
LdI heard ? more. ld wait I woul
mey fiOhrst inshehad!wope to force my way lovr
through tho hedge, ald s, to myself For
r but refleciunl came me-to my
Spause~l Should I wertise myself as .a
eavesd thropper, te talk by exhibiting
r myself in the.l4araoute, of a; urP -rous- I
edOthello? thero, wed wait I would I
e tlodI tafy tthl ralJd be1i.rý iiex
1 tion Miaude.a .ad ss9,then, so deceive4d
me? Oh,it she had! woeto her lovtei!
Iwoe to her! ide,nlle stomyfeef! For
ws w est ttle uoinu be 't or me-to msn
toI reached the statiointe ns to p i t
- thelock there, ftmnd that wasibl
cals, a Iund whileO th.little bo.iewaso wh
he propriwas eetabor ofinare'll, camtore m, just
e nto the tatibng ' tfetd topureMm to
is the ereapaper~orTi bnhere witheto
, ag the tiM IMan, ipos~medib~eri moit
ginm thOi lit d Ia'delaetale~ , It -A
a writte, and hi h.e boywas "
-el up, r sl.dq, t b 5 -
i tpI of th it whore a e p,
fmaster aet n af" th doe letters,
d the conte ,p rthrsptii
ae into thed"i..mi ,niioo, dt
ejt inse, in it'." t "4p
1took a To
SOn t f 1
t, and looked at the money&
p f
which I afte pur
., eq pl tho,t rI, .
*i4Aw~ toa osp ;of ~ uip
, prP- . el h .re . a sq º,l IiU .
-NAT, tP8y ým1uJ r
the ezWl9ed objretu wa . e omithe.
,P1 w a, adai, eaitd ,It..
am lthesgp of O Ii ...
Ui....+ " I fr
. ' i nw . ') tue ' i b 1
C 1. S cc' ' '
,' w u ll O ,T it ,,:. 2-,
*i * *lUTq. f TI
(I onieWdfrOl our la ,ue mber.)
'h~e notion to. ieaoieidar..prevailiwg. (
the bill was referred to the Cmmutta.onu
?avOdkii1 ABairs,'tipdun motionsr Mr,
Kensne, of Orless. " . t
•*1T10!5* A• I " )*a' cd
c a1rrrros t, x,,oi , <"
Mr. t.ir, of ast Bato, otge,'pre
scented memorial of Alfred A. DeMlro
dei, 'Ih was road' and eferred'to 1
theCommittee on tatisa.
-r'. Failadan , ofr C &lhtl r e 1.,., i
pettlit s for the relieff I t. A',, "bltia'st A
lam "ad st. hivetitk ifotfe, *Itibit
were rcad and ierci ,et td'tlie Comttfit
ie on L'T ritiesO' I~u"'li I fti
tions o. .*i.,,'j ./ . .,
Mr. Careir, o ,am ro pt sehti1e, .
1 pqtitids 'Roizi the pofli H' 1k'the
tectipn o the' uige an of
SP 1iAC1as r $ r&fer red
"o t i re . 'tt u -otitry "
i t a ll l:' i'l .... . . ":" " ,'" :
' ,Orleasu oered :' I
fal1l..p. rqh i*pn, w1h{ . was read
adopted : . , e - º o
r erjEtdha
pmblaeluu.ng*ef.oi ~t~te fo' a
qet pin t popeditj~ft'jin to
S d3al b cppid out of anyfI a nfder
6 E tgti ' t '!, I
I- Mr. Deweeu, of Doe oto, otfered th
gllbwtin rebluelon, which wedl ema
Itnde npti of the rvpp
r JdFPB ,Asmisiat n i.Ck*,did
* w i, b *lasth e sooen athmas
J aggl ce4"wwii9 ohit~leh owes
r, shall be.s.umenal&' e' k aufpixe ther
i noniiey',iW hlibge teudep 6o samy
,.prthircJb1 r ht
T aP. 1.blesieý: 1,+ ;.1: btg , l0'.,,
• II
it4as, meri  tamslsriab.q -
P . s i d -. _s (, t-- -i~-el ; er byr. I
W .id tif, I ' lat..w
" (" ,el lrii "t. r , : t ti e,,, '
/ t lot o K,.,,, a
,of T or i 'B
pany, a . by
.  l . i - ) . . l o.
An' Set o i w lh* t o
pathange .do and .Warish Compy. d or
By Mr. H, edeptof Astrn t ns ofu e:
a i 'tsat D i "s* t ' hlba . aigd kt i
.+ina.e etdJ i 6 n agfiud afUtb I ol je gPlpl 9T -
Ef r. .Beutlrot frSt.Nau"j Q- " H r
s twrela"ng to titdng of Ap t iPx-: f
igM.tho aiay.iof the, me'o s~4 C ,n,- .
Ib qnds gratina , toa. May.w sa4 d
'lAn se"aoetitlted an act. in 4ti i t lon
the tal Leve Company, and for . '
ot.f " • o'1 o " "1 s
By Mr. Hyams of West Baton Rouge: 1
Ac ,it io t e' ,Wlt !ton I
Rong, .s"t " ,, : . , 'r.: .;,
So","k alnb to ckngth D cetmber
.te .oj1i'eMi'ti A;iAs i ., .,n'.d ,a.d
`fortll lii prisi, bl lo B i.fton .  L-',, to
n.  ,ctentIl t ifor th'r,tIl I of
an ~act ent1 fý'd rAt,'o amae eItl n t
i o I ,i ti A act refv4 to ac
bill PId l"'
tf of ex 0
T A. A ll ""4. nrr
,1., 1, o "foi  M.Ib9i o,,. :a,'i '
z,,- , .ad nact sect p -
RQe o nine of'P
thq esona i c of wo f tnesses I
, rovid fo R'9F - a ; A n g
ý Iac ies s "r"ý.i p. ý ..ta.ý1 f Mi r-: ' r
mr t eOill _N o 8, 4 o ag ri t Lit .s
ytisN Levad~ping, ahnd erreh
he ui itraA .qcmri .f pn i n of t t
:'lb:stae S e ti I
54 tib*essstgP oiaP *
ZN u Ii mag W 3 JF,, 4 ,, *,
awi G~ars p 1
S9aen i , +U O } - I
]slety' , o" e oi ,1 ag . :
piae, ,stes, 'r, - . ' ,I . .
me4,ers e O&
I a1 iºe" , e, ~ r , ý *lf
,and, Ma , oc fUr
- arlld, Meadows,
rr n , + · ,T , ,
ment.r Quo pic nt
oese wf ii, i~ , ..' l 4 ' .,Ij ,'."
u the uecidn oldeink tile 4y, ebsf
m ted ý
, p1it~, fm r aotir i- r
ba Jacintagi U
ID, i, 4 *(19Pl9e1 4 'id1 DS',
ratal ' " t.l.
yfun-. iit4 p a t.
l qqi pt ifu:l leard .nsad 41aA
gold& l rtn ai, ,-ch ,.,,= t ii a,,,,.:
so St Wi W ;Stet
r Thomeq Ain', r ii u
,n I,-W t ý,
: cal atshI htam d mrveys ,
!r eemepulfillR SlFM "
d Pdrayer by t as C afiSte asseen
S d, ,,,,K .ýoet.g. , a
,w E u.i.-maAsse soaessesa
I. petieos frm a thl Sarieies aof p ndin-r
hS t8 htgtfrc Janie ion [email protected]
refe~ad to the C m80cttti b lp c uq
_j. am o- ath .,m.isU..,
mywoe e>ln -..-..-'. -
Sia sle, ma
.arr.,- , .__,_.,,,,g
e 'pt.. oi , A .
tMr. Murray, o 'l 1 - -
Jarn and fifty sent. for
out of the continge "
,I I dDs, Be oh" .P
the m6ege eIgrenatbr odti a M
r c se assel .+tj, t
cis, onfg, odlverton, Pond, ll
I,,.,hrr~·~o.t4 , -
" l a" sort,, z.,n_,'41 , s p.s, .l).
ti, Ontol, eab y, "o*m dio=: Ia
Johnsont, [email protected], ,. A.K fIeh ol
I o ii:;;;rrasiabi var r ae
oir, , -UlVl yppp4 :juý ý ·tr e
M I F tj,
are and Art.
uitgn, rna1rteair esrealh* Mol
i Harpersane a
' ' fi I rdre A A d n &hb.r.. .. O -
bit urbaud saUIy rniaicjtidt, Wlie Wgd
,t byq the q of hAds·agby***MkaI p
HIa r ner, b
-lyhews, 11orreid.bimweesuemd
* t fbg is d s wui.res. * -

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