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Wis. a. iow.--.m.
iamrs=t ama adn: 4 N
Thmbs y ai Nanday M 115, (hieaduld
met, New Oulmane.
Oney ar............ .......$S r gi
*ia asa-s............... git
inlyG ape .............. . 10
iasir a' asurasn it
Per~w s" od eit haes or cls equiv- a,
alems ia mpee` a in.tenrba $1 ,4 sad .
ea. , mrs et isoeutioa 7T rcem g
e rvmisn. execunteds with meat- a
wem and dispath. a
Al othe iE. wea e mutedet
ter o4t I seI iMa" fad asomJse
lWes ,sa be smspai.d by the gam of the
srites, met agqmsey ter pumhuam, be ass e
.vi'Ieiw. of Roo latd. b
We we ant u mbile for the epims ol
°ar eom tibsto F
Today we se prmbid "a aedst o et ,
thilngs, at saight Uni outy. In the ,
mor-ing Dr. Thpien wil preach, d
and in id emgg Ks.. J. Seli Martin
' j6 r "& pmirsa rl" g with the !'
meaar mee utratig that do anot r- t
ea1" that calm cmneidertior whic Pthe U
w. sin csdand s-om ad
ado, b.al ae moremn ago sadt
lesss, e, o s . oo..a. .
A r7 aroerd man de in .oetoa aFebt
isB rday mornia ed .U.er.ed in.
by a beo "nother." which harriedo i
up appeals to the prottion f thicak
hhingr oifsa*5 sad daosh. Ever
waste we nd the deajem. of the city,
ear,' ng alm tohe elr, to esacepe the I
s-t a wid Darig the day it. mode
sed and wii doubtlesso aorn resume it
desseme ild _ eneems
umelpdae -imed we you
Pdeson'm Ylgelne, Come toin this
month, replete awith entetring and
hnl tor many years eIn ose alFebl
cate.i tfor the literary a o it10
reader, ad It ha jusetly attained a high
degree of .aem . Anual gabswipteoia
Oair teas are setimdi to Hoan. J.
,Je' Stbl, I res O* aal
i yet wdimnd to purchae wathe sor
jewelry t Mhat a new good d that can
be relied n, llm sad se P. Oramin,
sherea, ueme tatr al who dsereto
; fhm in na i deas poeden demery
duermi fora he k ltaedy I. oit .in
5 Nof ee. iAn and thLy asl mrcio
odu -o
LoJ:HL ~ism Aa meem an I
I aeau t md e re to rehsntorel'etahes
aedwreYr. Eh a - ods abed
tratidnoh bing Ullwbebn rdetrsoed
The Yema eoabat ae ma de the ebsi
' rbs w oddds hoor ts e "th eebler -
yde mrltyr," who gin. tes ehareb
have now enteained tbshe exie t at.
banqe wn" the ublias mtinm peto
* hoe"4. Thuaeas Amitcip am 1 Gnirtids
krin greiieth tolirer." an d e they· e a
the Als a esibd sdamd to hb
nemer aet mat series . swrah
¶ev.Id haono htompe anwntat mear-u
tes Teaias Blyaa Ml rish amwer
thoar nowemdr h amedt exila the
ar.d e(ittha to a leaormed the
w3bls e wese i paeei tiotn, a
tee wEa he apeimb, to Am efrp
-thee aw d Ms Umh at
Murhool at GeahkogPe Winb. ite
tue Widasemd i hrealnl
"d aMoe *rwnW W hiw reane dMM the
We pressed to the aiseaptia of
omiset o awr to ats so iy ,i
vaeeioatm iB anowm beloe the we
ta, it.
e loalt s provides for the ap- is
pi of physe a sar d for gratmi hie
Dakm vaseiaio in the prishes. Tk i1
second seoim provides for a a r.et re
gitry oc miinmse. Section three- -
gtb the payrmt for wediatig. be
Se tion er provldes fer aeeplag a
ply o vaccie lymph. setison Ave ass p1
it the dty at pysiesas to vi seheob In
aid see what cailme we 'Is m' Io
section cz meephe New Oulem frem
general proviesma of the bill sad l ed
the subject nader the sole oentrcl ad ra
regulation of the bosad ealh, sad tlb
renders as valid td biing as i try I
part sad peseel of the bill, any raules they s
Now othe s vaccination paw, like oqua
rantine, to be saceeesui, `muat lless.S
ly be arbitrary, ad its provisiaron am in
be splet and stringeat This bill nas at
rbe a fare beenae while it directs the to
Iphysicis to vas eeinte it does not t ic a
those who m~a neglect or rlse to be
vaccinte. It istrue that cla1use 1we t
Smakes it the d d iuty vison superiaten- pi
dent, to reuired childrena to be vaeeina- to
fte forthwith; lbt what i proposed as S
the pealty, for neglect or reial of pa- l
meat, to omply with the directiont We 
pposo sousri the shil the shooLo This
woud b dearly illegal and yet there is
no other oesivaMe penalty. If we
t mast bare a compulery rvaeination bill,
asout the neceaoity for which there is a
vdivrsity of opinion among the best jud
gos on this subject, why let as have a
measure, dealing directly, and unmista- w
kbaly with r~aninatio.
Again. iuppose that parents do have
Stheir children rvascaated. It is known
that is order for the "physician" to know d
whether it is snocesl or not he mas
see the patiat some six or seven days
ate the inoastio. What provison is
these, regulating this sight of th patient?
I From the coestractio m of the rlsamre
k getiig vceination, there isgreat lati
ts de ad temptation for the vaccinator
yto returw as mucessfully rvaccinate, all
e the patients he iay treat, while perhaps
. ot mor than one half of them were
The ase rgating the supply of
vaccine mattet, is very delective, and this
i growing o the defect in the pevious
dclauses For auniversal psvposes, no sap
'ply which the Boal of Health could
y keep ae hand oueel be adequate, with
out beeping up the supply from patients
he s. And there is un oder this
aBill no mode by which healthy matter i
an be so obtatued at the proper time.
SFarther we ezcptmibio, to the provi
ol c leaving the entire regulation of the
bject i so fras New Orleans is con-.
erned, tothe oardof Health. This is
x an entirely new question among us, this I
e mpuleory vracination, and we are in
favor of the Legislature exreising its
own discretion and prerogatives, and
e- notdelegatin of them to any other body.
to ev. C. ~ . Thompson will preach in
F 4 a emorning, and J. Sells Martin in the
And so Senasor Pincbhbek was right
i n his smppicous thatthe resent editoral
zl exeadsioniats, vtbal lollow in the wake
SI of a orm rset, ad bert ar people,
Le sand mipreseat in their several
urd o'ne ( $. ol*asurr, oana
n tna a ag wire y-val y article signd
e I W, t iand writse it says by ooe of
the party who btlgtoo lame to travel,
stdbsehindhbe After Lan . rttobe
6very ~e a m (aa . Jet Thompoam,
who has had radialsm "whipped into
hiw." thew ar says :
"By iauihtion we rviilml the missagi
..l Lgi.lat m t i Lm mdma bwher
S I thl thb pla- tarpaebsb e
T.e a. . T lLae--wee -
senSee Ise abtes, nsa bees wea
· gomg e the m a sever, mst have
beenaa ml d id ai of that lyl auom
e a ht, pio , bus neegro, sad
We th air visi to Governor
eaey W h, a emqpang bum
lam ob, wIhe imema in the Xt Mie
GecmrIa fem &L h Be dths
s mieemte be bern whi."
sA ber - Ma the kai dawn a
lteer, ad up avaib, sad lsar ng the
* At the dJuSesu fs sad
so- Cldalessep ia pedeshl pest slome
mat jt weed, 4 atms stte cf a
be Iieuteant-4OLeovb: There in.o eam'
iu on I L.r sboflatit, hu tlt a ·b his
in ,jthe sw "i0 ,V
.ha tb* otld as em ml
w-~ ma as out tia f h
was oeimaly - wee ashost pa
it. Upon the pie the im a few
mies Ir m Henry ' s g ra esm  on p1
he question of lmlug l mm as a as
ve State, ; whimk ai so r peos
imagine t was eritende or in enry tlay
-but then Henry ray was a whit as t
but this s as ahihpc 4gian dabmems.
How wry de.s a Mtt rBw arne.
puhmenirny to the i me of dh mti
I eos frar the uaindgel ed enmedmn
the darM and es onte aai u which
is fh-r to oko m e i . be
seen and obsered r of theporatmse
o those to whom b gives such prenmlI "
oem, his article possesse some value. M
mindulge. of the sui l r M and C.
I anbel · thrae, whor a b l band of
fodatne led to ocpy potio of pro
mi. o . amon their .ows.
SWereer to this thing rder that
the wel t inking way a bate tt diny .
Sproval whisk the expresed when that
- famous renolution introdued in the
Senate, anld to show that there were d
those in that deleatin wb were no
-e ttee tiat t ea .  Iabeumm e a
has been ppointed by Pe1iduat oerSt,
Pension Agent for N r dIams b
Mr ima a
There was a pleast oeion at the s
aUnion Leages eb-house, Wedneaday i
erveing last, on the oeoso of a sues* e
plimendry dinner tendered to aHs. 1,
SHena re be, by Hon. T. W. Cboway, t
State Baperiedet of Edmeation. Tm
Sdinner was a deserde.lsime t the e
Sat ~yhMutad by M. Bieh as a les- a
ge qeer, and ma particularly to his t t
sed eod s in eUbtio to th peasage c
of the school bIll theugh the Roasm on
Aneog the -gests peses were Se- a
stars PclhbO~sk, Oam, Antoine, Bar- t
Sber ad Ingraham; Hon. C. H. Iot and 1
. H. Barek; RHa. T. W. Conway, Judge c
e Naiste, and Rev. J. Sells Martin. I
Amid the phydeial comlurts was inter
SpersedI a large proportion of the intel-(
is lectual. A number of patriotic speeches
mwere male and pooro tie ameats uter- I
old, and it was at a late hor the pleasant I
party broke up. spstimwa. I
e Web foundaed complaint is often made
1r by intelligent and educated colored men i
who are doing their utamut to sastain
h and perpestate the Iepublioe party, of
y the systemati manner in which their
- claims to official patruomage are ignored.
1When reconstruation rut commeneed,
is the grouands, aupon which their eluinm
Swere slighted, were their uttried capaei
s ty for ocial life; their general want of
d edatiaon and official exereee. It
was moreover thsen ged, tpat to pams
he ingln thebath, ai eapsus u ualver al
ly unpopular with tih Southern people,
as that oiptting colored men in peo
N. nminent ofeisl poltiome, wold drive
many geod Union men free b taLke,
1t and prevent the aeeralon dothears U
i willing to hamper teir iends wih a
ke unpopular meesume, men of cubr, no
le, mar whet theire uhai orahlia were,
al modeny yielded p-a to men, oiten
a their iniuseriou i intrihie ad lrem
ad They were eontet to wltt apon the jen.
d tim of the Federal ad State Ezeutaves
ei, lie their welarmed raewrs
be Bat M saem hir aisnee to
am, com Te colored -e lg hiatire
ito poitin in i lgift of the State or Fed
i- £nguof bothhans 'this e idah a
terP inent coord me t he
as smth, we Indtthsy hwve saU, but
en few exc.pt.on beoe shid. tth pie
me mey tbhs otes oft hir eeleed Me1w
ma etitma They have oa e eon stem
Si tmthebac it he bttrel qopodtlos of
StheIr white Mow-a~ ..m., i. ne..
F- This ime f shbga muat easp- The
or enpedetnerno the bat fear yaea
Dor imm Iws* mrtheal ·Usu ma
-e to -b s ts. - k
i ,rijjmtn that d ear etes emLer
he n t.1etur J d appuintees
hi - vdas me w aat or ai
ad I meaes ca ; thi bandieL . d.
th *aMyg lam to ewhit me uIt qusm.y
n LomaLe *repa-b.m, m wheos t .
hi. xca..uimvIm mq hid.s **dew
Sr t i$i1thle su dih ee.to.
s. .m.nal ana d Bet dam..m
as have phase at thir dysal. udmM
wa whc hae putthm In ther
an. Ml. H .. , iae:;ly
*ey _ ***a * a ,i ina
- I OU&aa  IN
mras cr. s1 aut a as a I
p eauh r So - oBse1r am p
asusv=. so WI no s.a ar.a' la
amse  skbe is-e, s - N, arsb r
roweb be oe- that ,, wm l be 'n h,
qqstions at e~s hee is' Uamt
a and . ., • hetn wiall anarm.
New Turk bs this week the Dkbe it
of Devearsh a Dti dh ArIls is me.
bioned as likely I. b etehb in leis
It is b'lved that th sa immrona wl
-of th JrA wom w io abin-kh I
Sdriaie seel ld e Grey, PhL Bur
utd and Laduaoa wt wnt mand
hire wes* but week of the peeant
ema.o , wa IM mkeeminr of Sir Jain
eaw bi iAbPisa . I. Rm. ppu.nd
by sae that the Oa...be w h e in
session bt a few weeks, as ut i ml
a sto oda tthe ibjest of he emserass
is ad to armnge the datm atreaty'
eMeening o wint qa esfis l eoo e
, but to detei te mpspnm ad etale
, the ralley um whek te n,"all
* afterwamd be' aagotias& '.k it :I
s claiad, is he vies atesmid in Ad- I
.sn..asn- e~eL I. 1M setter ao'
.ttlabsd doe `aaee, the 1mas .1
e of the Joint emu.mis Q ll e to eon
a id a' e~s.. e mbay, t al o
determine the prhvieioa of law mei as
Sa7y to the meeting of such sasaud ad
-the respona'biities arising in the futue.
SThis d wnbshe IabilPtof rei
e or otherwise, for the other pri w$
be eonsai4eed aad determined.
SIn the ao ,,r of the Fiethpri.s, then
I- Commissiuon will aNduubtelly determii a
* not only the prauper interpretatine o
r- present treaties, but the manner nwl ex
it tent to which the privilege shall be nadI
bereilMer availaWle to our SLherman, s
well as other matters that may poperlym
row ouat of this earue&uu. In this view
ulttheir daties the Joiint Conomisiums
utsiness will appear to be the eIaaider
Sag snd tueatioing, in the high and
grnve manner attaching to.their dign.
ed positiur, of the urmulas aa d priu
Sciples upon which not only questoknes now
in dispute l stbi seatt e, but the basis
iton which others that are likely to arise,
e pecially in epard to our relatioms with
°- British North A rica, may be dsete
mined on.
Al Ah.daimae haheavdy bee umrrsag
Sd betwee the two Govenramets, sad
will he give. tothe,£1in omits
ldm to be only nominL Thisopinia.
gae irngth hrnm it bi ttha ear
hne. Gea.theam o hmaewmnto hoe take
U .. threr i. d ,i - ha alu , theusdrs
. sta.in as 4ire t d rtithe hae vht
oa Mr Jh Mom Ma ashseke k uuali
er ing of uea imm newits d
muitjdvut e Medekp o the tub
or Y.TVEI..e x 7. rr...
a. Wa.miansu, IAk 1,-fle qggro
asamate has inhmuiL l8 e E E
-s the ddie *at v'.ug~ anaml
ha Newik Caoan a
oi- P... I.Ai 18r.itI9 e *,
ea -
t.. vi*t a e awbdpe to einta
as b beed spmr.
eat Ia o leas 6 power.
is s a m-iirr.me ! hae
F - us p . --p mls.-. era e
hli. A,io bei!n , aoSe Iso
*T mae...., r > lT 'haih d
J.ourU Pa. &-4 l I, ,. ,
hamrs ietk ibJ olin
Jm Is mmr i.h eln..ip bL..armO
da la - inmiht -Ar gorlp!at slm
pw - paeskmr &IeN
|i. y sof e, ami -e l
.. s Ma.iFob L- . inai.. i oa
mlew u.mas, sdd t ukt lgm
b hbo wmm outhmsm tr
ethe.l Serm an
~pa~. mll udea away A.
ho ,oarsl*d a =mIs
S:m Fe. la-U* A. A
Cumsar-e ma-m. awinsemp a m rk
iry at b.thi.- dtmse awat
attest 160 hms hvei. mald. a* at
Ted thlb. wse. eoehes. 13,.7
tIt l "w ,dmry .11 .1 a. . -r OnI
14, 110e , ho e ,1:4( y,: toe
Yo. 14 mw i&Wmgf, M14N14..
wSeTA s' ATE *'I
DeI r Ie anhee . .T
Sa iMsls is mA imt oleaeaS tiOe o atl rt
irs twa twdpwd LAbats u em t th4e ia
a e baily addiang M ear b ergian.. "akun.
S... of ramediaIt as th imviAve lt*a ilk
.mfy, sus tine hso.arig iaver.iu; t ar
rismaui. h ulaamry exue a riabtioa kt
w31 awl esa i.r u*, cluk uadsimi e
traw VTflin"i.
h- tavm. ma Usae Idtuala gtLet r
S laae. o too eal Sm to ib. iamsd ls mabi
1Me, he buwow uoW u UM33 Pfan?1.
fI vIZ, lUma sat tSmeo, .a40 . &a t
e' Aprlcadumh .aie sad Caves.ts 1.. m ses a 'Si
SIa d ad 4d 4lbet -s o ors, as. A rms..
r oae oe - tamvnms, ti n p*m l e ge a -
mil. St Wiu~se la. t be .buimneatio;
oI Thl IA3 ou 3s1i
0 case! Oremm.
Wou BY XVIsnsI ode.I D. RY
n Wlat t TMLk A q Em uLL
A h A1 eir 47ms i teW.
t i (h mun1g iimg b- ge
a 9as
a the ghat a
m ibsineupt
41d01hm a0 pe. a , miori..a
amd tm w OU pler1 d' simt . W.,
au Pww A wua L
e, Go. . , 1168 &0 Mtma. ,e1a,,
O o &= Pu r n.T
armoxds M 0 ft aft
omU C onsO16,Co. &Wrw
TAisSm s..z UIt a.EAS .
aO a oa s I
.V . s BeA t a.
be.....o s w. P.-m?, LV.,,
Basesme M A. W F J Ca.
mmn m4m am.
asý seanam as
S.uouhrm and Wetr Preeo".
aWo.1O 4aywessa.nMast.,
' et rO by do UlaSbASmas Gue,..
r aIl PU , wflWSo n , %S C
4Di. L. RA ON .........Aeery
IRA =3 AT 113W OLEaai LA.
pC, L S 3TSVANT. aner..
I -a- -"...... .......... tojas .i3
bSadv Nighits . T to 8 Md
Mt t mp 8Mt,.et
LAw amTrr,
1e Sa St. CIaVku tfte
nI tR iteiaMom iawu to edv badm m
a ar Iy
" A. P. Fiddst, erbt aMlt
S Atorney' Came1 SrslO tML ,
4 meflbt Atte.ti .. ul..! ....in .in c
31 JOwouhamS U0 r
Si 1. aaguiVu. ] NVtf
1'. A. IA.. TLET ,
TOW, ,. in, (X~U133O3 IAlAw.
tlJ(Upok asor) It
NOU 3 IsA~b~fl
Moseb Oud e inm
no an' a
· -.. a aBse.

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