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V:m. G. BlOWN.-Enrrea.
SI.Th1' LOIrsu.Avux. is published every
r'latr ad and Sunday at 114, CArondelet
L«ect. New Orleans.
jIj T:r.uas OF Snnscanwriox: i
Oneyear ................... $5 00
Six months ............... 2 50
Single copy................ 10
Per sqglare of eight lines, or its equiv
a:eut in space, first insertion $1 50, and
ech subsequunt insertion 75 cents.
JOB a nrIano executed with neat
e, and dispatch.
IU communieations must be addressed
,eOa of the Louisianian," and aaonymous
wer must be accompanied by the name of the
ui,. nt necessarily for publication, bat as an
,endenu of good faith.
s.t ,re not responsible for the opinions of
c: c-atubutor..
TY xAUn w. icaL.rE.
i. :atoms of the part are thronging
My weary way:
a:... billows wildly tossing
My heart to-day.
,. rrance of past joy is loating
Around me now:
:ca its breath comes echoing
A broken vow.
. sill life show no vows unbroken,
Nor I forget,
T, hoursh which, to remember, waken
Such wild regret.
And nmust this doubt, this wide estrangement,
Forever rust, (clu ard
Through ill those trembling, sighing heart
Till I am dust !
The lb.'v: ,,f life the years are treeing
Time's hand will turn:
And throngh thy long distrust and doubting
Their fire will burn.
Wint-r the gorgeous robe is tearing
I'reom Autumn's form:
But from the ashes of he:r blooming,
Spring will be born.
And in the deep dome o'er us arching,
Clouds will obscure
l;right stars which 'neath their f.,lds are shinin,*
Radiant and pure.
11Y AVENiEIlt.
By the' time the train was fairly on its
a to Ne:w York, I had recovered my
. o-,ession. I was perfectly eahn andt
I lied recognized at a glance the
tia~w.t, l,' of thel eil that had befallen
e t... ti. pth and Iblacknes of the gulf
of :uinni that yawned before my feet.
T'nl,'" -ht as air c,nfirmeil the story
told b th,, sending of the key. Maude's
e.r:'ellqu! jntiing as to the length of
ug!''' l "el abseonce, the fact that nay
u.eIdll unvaryving watch was twenty mi
uutee too fast, timus showing that it had
bau tmlupered with to prevent the pos
.:bility of wy beiug left, the secrecy with
'iuch she wrote and sent off her letters, '1
th. reuinsl of the Carteret family to as- t
0,isat, with her, all rose before me in an I
nt,:t, ee'in teperate incident crying f
tcaltl.t-tongued, Betrayed! betrayed!
Bu: the v,.rv extent and certainty of the r
emabnity gave me composure. Hope, a
dre.,l, w r.tth, are agitated and unreason
i e; venea~emce is ealm, collected and de- f
I reahed New York, snnounced every- '
L.*r. that I was going to Philadelphia:
-! i finct went so far as to crosm the I
brry to ,'Jersey City, fearing that Gordon
•.a1, d might set a watch upon my ac- v
Sa1", I ordlered dinner at a restaurant
thnere, aud forcd mvyself to eat and drink, 6
fr I knew I shounl need all my strength. ti
Theu I wetnt :ack to New York and took L
the train to, Weuthrook, arriving there
--bout e'ight o' clock in the evening. I had
,uhlated that Arnold would scarcely get I
te lehtter in time to take that train; and c
n ,rcover, I Snupposed he would wish to f
.ult till his departure would lpm unno
lIed on accolunt of the dtrkness. The w
n't train th:at stopped at Weetbrook did q
S: ',n' in till near eleven, the inter- h
mediate one being the fast express. My tI
lcualtiouns proved eorrect, as no trace
' lm 'lp:earel either in the cars or at
. sta:inl, greattly to my satisfaction.
I wdlkel to .Taudealeigh, and, avoid- ri
:f thi main entrance, made my way by
i rvant' gate into the grounds and C
C'ncesk.l myself in a little sunmmer
- . 7"Threr I wai~td tll 5l repeater
' Utc it tas hal:f-last ten o'clock ; I
:.left the summaer-house and went &
:,d to the luend where Czar was
bh!,,u i Tih noise and motion of the i
rin tralvelling so, worried and excited tl
:'. tat I c.hlmnl took him to the city ; a
"- rl%. K errisou'u commiands he w
klPt Clnstatly chained exceplt whenl
a:'e to fild him. He recognited
c, "ace and startel upI with a
. ; lut a wa.Vsper from
-" L'',.d 1:,'n, ai:e he croucnhed at in
my feet in an agony of mate delh t. '-No. I-I it on thi. s am., A-. _
my feetin an agony of amat delight,
Stooping down I unslaped the chain,
and taking hire by the colar I.d hima
to the little back door.
"Lie down, Czar." The intgigaut
animal obeyed, his dark bem bei~g to
. tally invisible agaip t the dusky gasmo
of the ward, and in the dense shadow of
the shaded Walk. It was a moqessl
night, though a perfectly cdear re ; *ad
d the faint rays of the stars lent but *ttle
light beneath the treeq.
"You must not stir, sir. Lie there sad
wait and watch." And giving him one
of of my glove to guard as an additional
preeantion against his stirng Iopeened
the door (having as it chanced a dupli
cate key) clokd it softly behind me,shet
the bolt and ascended the stairs with
noiseless tread.
I opened the door of the little library
and shut it behind me with due precan,
tion. There was nd one there, and the
room was in almost total darkness. But
beyond, the dressing-room was brillianat
with light, and the arched drorway re
vealed to me the prettiest picture that
ever enchanted a lover, or charmed a
painter's fancy-a lovely woman in an
exquisite dress. Maude was standing
before the dressing-table patting the
last inishing touches to an elaborate
.. toilet. She was attired in a robe com
posed of Valenciennes lace and trans
parent muslin, worn over a dress of
azure silk, and fluttering with bows and
sash (f pale blue ribbon. It was clasped
at the throat,with a spray of turqupises
and diamond, a portion of my first gift
to her ; and a diamond locket, which I
knew enclosed my miniature, hung sus
pended from her neck by a slender an
tique chain. She was singing gayly to
herself snatches from popular operas as
she flitted to and tro,settliug her ribbons,
altering the position of her brooch, or
placing a curl more effectively. Then a
little decoration was needed for her rip
pling golden hair, and the selection re
quired much care and deliberation. First
a white rosebud was tried, next a knot of
Sf rget-nme-note, anl finally a tiny butter
y fly hbw of blue ribl,,,, which last proved
Ssati'factory and was adopted and fasten
ed securely to its place amid the crepe
U gold of her shinning tresses. She glanced
at the clock, gave her gossamer skirts a
final skake, and still singing gay lay to
herself, she took up the branched candle
stick that stood on her dressing-table,
and came towards the spot where I
Un ari sag
Et on voyage,
sang Mande as she entered the library.
Il me prepare a rovenir---
The song trailed off into a sbrik, and
the candlestick would have fallen from
1 her hand upon the floor, had I not sprung 1
forward and caught it in its descent..
"Richard-you here ! Why, howl-
when?" she gasped with pallid cheeks
and d';ating eyes.
"You see I could not tear myself away I
from you."
"You have frightened me terribly !"
She tried in vain to conceal her agitatioms.
"It was cruel of you to alarm me so.
How did you get in ?" ;
"By the little back door. I found it
very convenient."
A tiny fire wan burning in the gnate.
She crouched down on the hearth-rug as I
though trying to warm her hands, which
trembled nervously, but striving, u I
could see, to collect her thoughts. She
was a pitiable object as she knelt there,
her gay dress and glittering ornamentas
contrasting with the livid pallor of her
features, the bluiah ahadows round her 1
mouth, the panic-stricken look in her t
wide-open eyes, and her sparkling locket
quivering with the wild throbbing of her I
heart. Soddenly asbe sprang up nad t
turned as if to leave the room. i
"Where are yU going ?" I asked.
"I waunt to see it you rosed the door e
behind you. You have made me so aer- t
"I closed and bolted it, so have no fear.
Come back here; I 40 not wat you t
go away."
She came back And threw hermulf into c
an arm-chair. Relieved of her first
dread, that of Gordon Arnold's eandden I
appearrance before me, she speedily grew a
more composed. She evidently trusted d
that on finding the door bohted he wo rid
susilet that something wa wrong adI
would thcn quietly withdraw.
"Well, now that you are here, had we a
not better retire?" she msaid. "It is a a
most eleven o'clock." .i
I glanced at her costume. t
"Yon were going out, I apoe" II "
At, "No. I-I put on this dress merely to
i, judge of its efect. l ide was so
a lonely withou yon tba Iyoui At w t
myself to read or do Ianythibg d14" Tha
at lis psang to heAps with,.ymniuteeua
or redi mm "Ret an mast he bred,
n Richard. Come, let us to go myreom."
of M eametowads am ad :bed ovr
m as if to khisis abuatthat ait" m
id a hardly-malntasbed 8ompoeare i4b way,
1 and I tort her hom m with n ,bentle
id "Do not touch me M you vale youO
e life!l"I cried.
 She reeoled fromn m with an new tr.
d ror esepinng over her wan steems, for
li- she realized in that moment'tmst I knew
At the truth. Just then a Stdep.leaded on
rh the gravel walk without. Jutde heard
it and turnud to spring to the window
7 (which was elesed and the paintedi .lde.
z, drawn down), but I caught her wris in
re a va e-like grasp
at "s'tay," I said in a hoare whispe
at "You shall not go near that window."
a- Evesas I spoke a loud bark from Czar
it broke the stillness. Then there came
a a cry-not a shout, but a scream of
& wild terror, though uttered in a man's
g toioe.
a "Help-the dog-help--help !"
e "O my God ! is Czar loose?" isped
r- Maude, as she writhed in vain to free
e- herself from my grasp.
A "He is !" I cried in fierce elttion.
,d "Let me go-call him off-oh, )- will
d kill him I he will killhim "'
a '0iil whom? Some wrotche tb e
it perhaps."
I "Iti ino thief you sy? Wlt then
- is he who comes to rob my wife of her
- honor ?"
oo "Then you know it is Gordon Arnold !
Ls Oh, save him !"
, "Save him !" I listened a moment in
)r tently. All was silent. "Go," I said,
a releasing her. "I give you permission
,, to seek for him now."
r- She tottered a few steps towards the
dt door. Then she turned and looked into
)t my face, and must have read my mean
r- ing there, for with a wild cry she threw
<d up her arms, wavered a moment, and
i. then fell senseless at my feet.
I looked at her with a strange pity.
d Poor, frivolous butterfly-vain, false
a hearted, shallow-souled child ! Which of
o us was the most to blame, she who had
wronged me, or I who had placed the
B, key of my destiny in such unworthy
I hands ? And I could afford to pity her,
for even as I took the light and turned
from her to descend the stairs I' knew
that I was avenged.
r. I opened the oiter door. All was
quiet, the silence brpken only b the quick
l pantings of the bloodhounar d by a
low, suppressed growl that told of lds in
G tense excitement. I lowered thie light
and beheld him crouching on the Wso
- trate from of a, man who9 white acee
s was turned blankly to sth ky, and
whose throat bore the searl 'itm of
Y the pitiless teeth of my stoop
ed and gazed upon the d'temtnreu
Yes, I had made no:m si e. twas
Gordon Arnold.
My divorce was granted last sek. To
night I sit here a free manl Witishall
t free mS soul from rsqenabering, my
name from diahonor, my ]lhe from de
solution? The name thd wpaonce heliI
I honorable among men hu~pn ag
Sinto a shammeful eelebrit  my 'fis has
1sowled on the public fro the pges of
"Police (Gaettes" and illustrated journals,
,and Maude's photograla has been on
I sale at all the news stands on &roadway.
SDearly has my freedom been purclaed,
Sbut it is Miine at last Ihaveshakenn:
r that wretbed womnan from my life even 1
Sas I would have haken ofa a riper, that
r had dst d itief upon my hand, lin
I the poison has ~rdled theverylife-blood
nim1he~rt O and over again my.
thickney sreber the ieen in the'
coduatroom, tloe $ammerg wi t1
Sthe -hinfig, jocoe lawyers, t en-
blsorhg prsa trs, pylate dmni and 1
guest, daba rear gad othe rt ot ]
thoe tlaater P rop 4d eyospr ag-i
venture the g& t6fthe w~par sac1
i once so loved.
Well, ozosin-thesln thatp ts 4 an4
I romance witers1 deeglht so 1b 'he ait y
,and rraise, 'and oe ove cainy ,
I decking it with aowery rahetoric and te -
der tancie--has wrtraglft a inigty wok
For through its uiatdse Gordon Arnold I
sleeps to-day in GOtenrood CGainebary, 1
and Mande Pemberton dwells a dls]ac- I
ad woman in her mother's haons, and I a
sit here bewide my 4esolate hearth, with a
the future lying drear and joyless before a
me, while pay hand rests on the silkqn I
head of my avenger, and the lespang i
w mes reveal to m't oniou swenA of
ari r - Por- ll....sixx
L! t ,,
;, s ,E ·o~ o F r.
b ý' o3 I It1 SeS1,
d (C eli,.,,o m Co w x,..,. n
For Mr. adolphe: CoWhr eyl, and-1n,
De.we-S mtes.
For Mr. Bi odby: W inylner-1 rote.
For Mr. a rter: A tiin: aBakir,
bkMr. M Lynch:. lt_,- i vote.
Fin Mr. M, Jby rlan, r &, ur eS
Ke l Fo r Fainson, er wn, Tholamn
svot ,ne.n
For Mr. MFaUte sr: Wheyland-1
d For Mr. Baby: Wheyland-1 vote.
.For Mr. Cruer: Antoine~ Baker,
aoner, Barrett , Balnte, BiPorne ,
r urd; Browne, Bruksaa :. Btown,
SaukinglRam, haetch, Crmear, Crawm,
Dfods D'rsy, DMdi ' li b, Eal1nr, Faulk
F i, of d .Qier '-, f
. tarperd, IHa pr, H umpsteon, Huston,
aorhnso, EJohs, ame r ilson, Kenner,
Kilen, La Salinier, Laurent, iam
bias, H. Lott, J.B. Lott, Lynch, Ma
Brony, Matthews, MCarty, Meardows,
2 Moncure, Moor, Moris, Murray, Nel-y,
Sson, Opatek, Otto, Overton, Pond,
Qn Quinn, Baby, Sartai, Soer, Stamps,
SPtevrens, Starnson, Tatman, THompeos,
,e Jlhnand, Washington, of Concordi,
: Waterse, aE. ilmia Wilson, H. B.Wil
_ lan, WorraU, Wands, M orte, Young-
• 71 votes.
d For Mr. Quinn: Autoine^;aker, Bar
ker, BarrOtt, Bickham , Blunt, Brewster,
Brouasardt Broawn, nBuckinghani, Burcah.
Carter, Chachere, Crawford, Darby,
SDoman, Durio, llis, Faulkner, Floyd,
d Fuxtelieu, laddi% Gardne r, Garstkamp,
oe P. Harper, W. Harper, Huaton, Hyams,
Johnson, Kearon, eanner, Killen, Lan
, rent, Lianbiaa, H. Loft. J. B. Lott,
d Lynch, Mahoney, Matthews, McCarty,
Seadows, Moncure, Morris, Murray,
Nelson, Otto, Overton, Pond, inggold,
SSarttin, Stamps, Stevens, Stinaon, Tat
k man, T*uouupson, Turean4 Washing
a torn, of Caduia, Waters, E. Williams,
~- Wilson, W torrall, Wands, Yorke, Young
For "Mr. Ottd: Antoine, Baker, Bar
e e4r, Barrett, Bentley, icklChm, Blunt,
i rewt B rorrsd, Brqwn, sucking
,f haa,,Brch, Carter, Chechers, Craw
Sford, Day, I)was, Dui Ellis, ]Fauk
. nor, Flyd, Forteliue, Gaddi , O dar,
a -Gartstkamp, P Harper, W. Harpera,
wasto H yams, Johnsmon, Kearn,
ei; I''irsle, tLaurent, Llambias, J
r B. Lpttx atychh, Mahoney, Mattws,
y Mis-, ew, Moncelo, lMoore,
C Morris q pLatek , Overtoa, rond,
dl9PirS i Sc.habm. Scrtain a eoer,
is p Fnina TIwsan, Thoopea,
'fws as, U.. w:latns wamo, H. WIn
,lhiam, Wrall, Wands, Yoa'ke, Yoahg
For Mr. Buarh: Antoine, Baker, ralr
her, Barrtt, Bentley, Bickham, Daunt,
IBrewster, Broauinr, Buron, Buckingw
ha~m, Carter, Chach~ess Ophrean Orswm
k ford, Darby, Davrido., Damas, ,D-rk j
UIEllis, FaPaI , Fiehdb Fmatlau Oad- I
1, ~ e~ra, PY. Espir, W. sawri,:
ZiealonArn; fL Es, eiarentL~n -- 1
rTtek, Otto, Overtorn, Pond, Q(sa. Ba.j
We n ls, a·lks, w4ptae s,
CIcahaer Cashrea Carlatd, DerbyI
DIaridaer, Durnasr, atik P Flk-I
ner, Floyd, Pontaie, £adde, P, F,
McCarty, McFarland, Meadows, Mon- t
. C M40s, +.Nrrim .qruay. elason,
9 Q p,. . Qusem i4n. s -. Bably,
RiAWo ,. 8hmumehe, gsairt; mnre,
ilrs. , timsa ,, Th mes, Ti per,
T earo Washimutow1: e! Omemans
W4er,,- ,Wile~i WiLos a . .W
lime, Waeds, Tua , Young--s vates.
Messr. Carter, Otter Liambias, Quinn
ad irahr , haviag reehud a anjoi4ty
of ath*. east, ware ddared~tattd
as mbes of the committee to % _W.
gas t bee shargs.. '
Mr. inhggld, of Odjaw Ma dd4d
to the chai.
. *K Harry Lett, of Rapides, mtbed
that an expert be appointed to eam"ine
the minutes,
'*rM t of Orleans, movqd an ad
o, joutnment, whieh uwk i and' te
9 rm was declared M adjourned anl
to4uormow ~ twelve o'clock.
Twety-hert. h ky's ur iets.
Houss oF Rhaseianva,
,1 Satuay, January 33,'1871.
T House met pursuauit'o adjourn
1 ment. ,
Spaker Car in the chair.
The roll was ealled ad he following
, members answered to their names
SSpeaker Cart, and Mears. Abel,
, Adolph. Antoine, Baker, &Ad ett, MA.
~ ham., BRult, Aoaem, Bfu aK Brain,
.yran. e.lighami unlc' be.r,
r, '(te 'Cldhaes e, ' Ebehrk? ;'%'n'ýºWf
. Darby, Davidson, Davis, D M," .
,weer, Eario, Ellis, FalkE'*lbyd,
,FIontel en, Gaddis, Gardner,' l rkamp,
i P. Hderd , W. Harper, Hempetekd, Tis
Ston, Johnson, Kenner, La Sklipiezb, Lan
, rent, Lmbias, H. Lott, L B. Lott,
S~Mhbney, Marvin, Matthd~e 'McCarty,
, eFarland, Meadows, 3Mioocur Moore,
,MoTrphy, Morris, Muray, On , Op.ttk,
h Otto, Pond, Quinn, Baby, Rfey, R -
gold, Saitain, ScMnachbr, 'Stmps,
- 8tanton,' Stevens, Tatata, lompieia,
_ Tonnoir, Tureand, Verred, Wands, Wmsh
ingbm, of Aamkpt don, "hI o of
ti'Concordia, Wacters, Why land, . R'E. -
liama, H. Williams, Wilson, Worrall,
Yorke, Young-83.
Quorum present.
Prqyer by the Chaplain.
The Clerk proceeded to read Thp
day's journal, when the chair stated, for
the information of the members that it
was ncessary for the committe elected
by the House to make their report, as
the jounal of Thursday was in their
~fr. Faulkner moved that the rules be
s upended, so as to allow.the special
committee to report.
Cirrd i
The special committee, thrumgh its
clqirman, submitted the following re
port ;
STo the Honrable Speaker sad Mamber of the
- lse of Representative.:
Your committee, to whom was refer
- Abe ori.gial 'jairal E. Wedameuday,
twmyreixth, fo.. manina.ie, have had
under eareM mnsiderations the subject
rebmed to them, adm beg lsve to sub.
mit te following report and relditiams
for setan :
Your comanittes in emndhtiag the
msmo sarmaan-rnqulas wslma In.
Sthe original bminutes, in d~O-hand, of
Sthe proceed~$i6f the Eonu ou Thuru
day, twenty-slth ; also, mid minuteg as
written in fall y the Minute Clerk, Mr.
egnetto. Thby alo had , u Lpy of the
journalof the rmedate, as made nup by
Mr. R·andall, fra the aborthand report'
and original matter ; also, the proof of
I da ournal from the oficial printer.
They had bfore theitj as witaeees,'
,. Cart, at his own reqesat, and, by or
.dero! the eamab'tee, eers. Vigers,i
1a invetiit ink had mali ,. a
to ele math o maninkbg up, e I
Iand aierrltglhti the Public Printer tAei
juralie thb Hiosesa, with pi re- lo =
farmneeb1t h ti errors fednd an Uthr 1
jee satltasf apa sOM-,
- Wha, .oR~irb .tCd [ehaue
ibmal atte, tion titt the dlaw conl
-mnapla dian d oty seuipres
The journalsh nlaawa made up looee
y, andif the Hose is not rigilant in a
watehiag t* seas dtriemet tbe
Whiltheasor qumestim in locaLt di- 4
ret ly tes Knue Clark, and ebarged t
to his ineffiiency in keeping the minutes,
it could have been arvha if a chide
Clerk had discharged his duties and
given the per .... eoa thst th-aw
Itfr appee fa tither, etar thete!m 1 .Y
that!sither 46 SpekH or Cief Clerk
reerdlit jooraaly the propertd y o
the ouse !4 t*, o, s abrypm etand
corret and approve the same, and)hat
theSpeaker chime, under the b rnl,
and the Clerk, under originl dlis re
and power, after the journal ba bee-
aude up and forwardel to the printer
' sad .eatback . to P* requirkd
Sbylaw, totk.4h4 o m -idprinbe
' journalnd r> Jt dimeie te th.rm
to the Mous and m~ them back, and
L alltis withe"i whwey of kl, Ad
w~without consulting the P* y'-&w
S--whose property te journal is. By
n this as mption f an r pponll the
SertoinaS 1 R11Pr of the Houg
a and be aIutmn of simila atihtby
kbybA t ler met rs eeu a member, beth
Speaker and Clrk being the creblSe
d er+ti bt e te would never
d control the legMMiom a th IoTue, and
could indirectly so delay and embarra
legidlatiouns ka3ske ali seuinia w e.
In this instaoke, abysimr i
on the pgrt of the.-ars bses, tho,@ i
of yeetw'dayhad -b··pprvsed, -. '
of the Hone ueqhl- -*be4 ew :be.
aises w eddokte4e.U&a thwueeuubdIroi
journal, onme appeatrL eld llava bee
oialrr, an A _ ers ti # ted, % "
proper in lbis'eoniecten tost 04&
Swhie thb eomi.use did not pepoos to
investigt. thepeasker's dselity toe d
ty, ad did ae amoin him me a -
neo but being a witses at bls eiw te
quest, , ,tiestyL of both he Chies
Clerk and the Speaker show ta maid'
Speaker has ban negligent is dieharg
ing hesper..ey .pao sem . ties.
claimed byhNo ulwr'tlm ·dINK 9 For
aniaWchtairmEsathe Howtels iei ht ma
red dJmt sk rahnd " a' s d t-'alf, , ,
-uaihAe land dangeh.sýseaic  d i
poawl by the Clerk addiesakhe and to
feiitate sgisatioan enfiay, yr n -m
mitt.. close their repost by slthasg
tb following reeoltion.
J. M. QUIN ,
Brnolea, That thi Holes eha s stead
ineemmitte of three membdir, totu
Sstitute and be know' ed he benia Iw
on lEaue Journals,'whee day it dhell
be toS dy easaine the jrsal t the
Houes immediately ntet its adjoburnst
and after the emanitte appaees of the
samre, t shall be forwarded fe pubca
Stiontothe offiial joumrnal my ths esk t
the Homee; butin no ab.shda th Houn
Sjournal be publisheutmntapproved by a
majority of amid committe, and when s
spprovwed shall beemse the propeey of
the Hoare, and slbjest 'so aenslien
leam by the said Man. seesabled .ad
thaso muck of rule" ot the stading
ruled the Hous as eraye, "The Speaker
has the right to weaaia hiLd boratd the
journal before is rss," be and thermaw
is hereby ruepeled.
r. Berrett, of Orleans, med as
adoption ot the report sad esled for the
previous quetiom
Mr. Davidson, at LMageisarsisdt
the blowing paint tif ai4.er: a u
ding snle No. of the WhavS1
I standing rule orwernftdel readoett
gbameeinded or chengam wIthJ.eekgg
anotise beluggivem. rcad
The Chair decide tbe po- e see
The question recurringrpwn dsyp
an asys, witi the £ 'sD!rs
!ar: Antoine, 1
ibn, Uunt, Brewu. B
i byJ, ocidron, Dea4 ,
irne, Flobtd, Fontena, Ghdln. S rd
GOrsthamp, W. Happr,
aa r~ . ....on, Kener, i
ia. le, s.rbi &h.~ .
eMsd Stisow, Taneesma, L
6w. 0. o. ..
P. Marpr, i ra.MAA
Bath, soner, sltantou, Tolwae VaEiS,
Mwr Bhrret deiOd, eoWn ib.
Mr. tork, ofr k as *t
tan iiled sir the ye and bes win
theblhwilgagreglh ;t £:
Ceuu e S ri Fha.

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