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the Sons of Israel Association of the
town of Natchitoclhes.
Senate bill No. 177, to incorporate the
Pacifc Fire Company No. 1, of the town
of Alexandria, in the parish of Rapides,
State of Louisiana.
Senate bill no. 180, to authorize
Eugene McCarthy to sue the State of
Senate bill No. 208, to incorporate
the Atchafalaya Bay of Louisiana, for
the purpose of making a deep channel
through the said bay to facilitate the
earring on of commercial intercourse
letween the State of Louisiana and the
State of Texas and foreign countries.
Senate bill No. 216, to provide for the
preservation ef the records and documents
of the lale First Judicial District Court
of Louisiana, parish of Orleans.
Senate bill No. 236; indorsing an
ordinance of the Police Jury of Morehouse
parish relative to a courthouse tax.
Senate bill No. 247, for the relief of
the Female Oprhan Asylum of the city
of New Orleans.
Senate bill No. 246, to alter and
shorten a part of the public road leading
from the Mississippi river to Bayou
Barataria, Jefferson parish (right bank,)'
and to provide for making the new part
Senate bill No. 241, to place the
Franklin College, at Opelousas, Louisiana
under the control of the State B< ard of
Education, for the purpose of establish
ing a normal or high school therein, and
the, appropriation of moneys for its
repairs and the liquidation of claims
against said college for repairs.
Senate bill No. 245, entitled an act for
the relief of Centennary College of
Senate bill No. 244, to authorize the
city of New Orleans to construct or cause
to be constructed, by contract or
otherwise, a shell road from Marigny
canal to Lake Pontchartrain, to authorize
the collection of tolls for the use of the
same, and to lease the said road with the
privilege to collect toll therefrom.
Senate bill No. 235, to incorporate
the town of Waterproof in the parish of
Senate bill No. 503, an act directing
the Treasurer of the State to pmy
Charles Kelshaw a warrant issued by
James Graham, Auditor, on the
Treasurer of the State, in favor of S. A.
Isaac or order, and which was purchased
by said Kelshaw from said Isaac.
Senate bill No, 100, for the relief oft
persons who, prior to the year 1861,
purchased school lands of the various
townships throughout the State.
Senate bill No. 27, to amend and re
enact article 573 of the Code of
Senate joint resolution No. 16, creat
ing a con m:ssi ,n in the parish uf
And that the Senate has concurred in
the following House bills :
House bill No. 272, to relieve the
State from its obligations to gm rantee
the second mortgage bonds of the New
Orleans, Mobile and Chattanooga Rail
road Company, under an act of the
General Assembly approved February 21,
1870, by the subscription on thc part oz
the State to the capit.'l stock of said cur
poration, and to regulate the conditiorii
of such subscription, and to secure tlw
construction of the road of said corpora
t~ion from Vermillionville to Shreveport.
House bill No. 168, to amend and re
enact an act to regulate the oyster
fisheries on the bays and coasts of the
State of Louisiana, being act No. 18, of
the regular session of 1870.
House bill No. 15, to incorporate the
Roncal Water Power Manufacturing
Also, to request the signature of the
Speaker to the Senate enrolled bill
establishing the Eighteenth Jodicial
P~istrict, ete.
And return, with the signature of the
President, enrolled House bills, viz :
To create the parish of Webster, etc.
Making an appropriation for each
representative of a newspaper ini New
Orleans, set.
Authorizing Laster Vincent to build a
slrawbridge on Bayou Vermilion.
Secretary of the Senate.
The Committee on Enroliment, through
its chairman, submitted the following
reports, which were received and
accepted :
Coxxx-rrE os Esnoria.MEN,cr
New Orleans, February 27, 1871l. 1
ro the Noonosble Speaker and Mebr of tlhe
House of Representatives:
Your Committee on Enrollment have
the honor to report as having been cor
rectly enrolled:
House bili No. 119, an act c'ranting
an appropriation of money to rc.move
obstructions from the Amuite river a.s
high uip as Governor's blur,~ the Bayou
Manehac to Hampton ferrq, the Tickfaw
river to Louis Chapman's the Blood
river to Diunean's bluffand the Nataltany
river to Springigeld.i
Also, as duly engramed :
JIouhe bill No. 271, an act for the
e relief of J. A. 31a-s, of the parish of
e House bill No. 27.3, joint resolhtion
u granting a leave of absence to Hon.
C, (harles Leaumont, Judge of the Fifth
District Court for the parish of Orlemns.
e Respectruly,
if J. W. QUINN, Chairman,
CoirwnrEE ON EO IoL.vM:NT,
e New Orleans, February 25, 1.-7i, 7
. To the Iionirtblk Speaker and Membkri of the
House of lepresentatives :
Your Committe on Enrollment be
e C,
e leave to report as having been day
enrolled :
House bill No. 22, an act to amend
and re-enact sections one, three and fivc
s of an act entitkd "an act to pr vido fi,
the removal of obstr'ctions Li I' you
Barthruleinow, and to improve the naviga
tion of the same, and making an appr'
priation therefor," approved M1:arch 5'
e 1770.
J. W. QUINN, Chairman.
Upon mloticn of 31r. Matthews, af
Tensas, the House was adiourned ntil
half-post seven o'clock P. I.
Chief Clerk.
Forty-Sev nth Day-Evening Session.
MONDAY, February 27, 1871.
The House met pursur.nt to adjourn
Mr. Davidson, of Livingston, at the
reqi. st of the Speaker, called the House
to order.
The roll was called, and the following
members answered to their names.
Messr:i. AN 11, Antoine Baker, Barker.
r Barrow, BIk-tley, Blunt, Bow n, liBrass 1,
ºf Th'var, Iuchianan, Burch, Butler, Chael.cre.
Cochran, Crawford, Darby, D- inihurg,
1)avidson, Durio, Ellis, Faulkner, Fkonthlin,
e (Culdis, Gardner, Garstkanap, P. Harper,
e W. Harper, Hempstead, Johnson. Kiusella,
Lai Xliniere, Lnurent, Marvin, 1 c rlanI , ,
r 1e adow.c. Moucure, Moorc, Mantr; . N lz.in,
y Ott), Ov"erton, P o n . Rtil,'. HnglSar
tiau, Sour, StciauQs, Santon, 1Tiattinl.
Thozn oil:vu, TounIir, TaIin!itn . i
e W.V-1iington, of Assumption, Waislinii.tin,
e of Ciineordi'i, Watvra, W o yl aid L Wil
lianms, H. Williams, Wilson, Worrall, York.,
Young--41. t
e A qurunm present.
The Conantittec on Corporations, by t
per:uisai::n, thr. ";it its eliairman, ,ub
Siitted the uiu.owiag rep)oi t, which was
received and aduptcd :
(C""me nzxZ; ON Coif s a.eo1sa, )
C New Orleans, February 1(i, 1s71.
e To the iHonir.alde Speaker and Memrers of tIc
1 II _ u .t pro.entativc :
Your standing Canunittee on Cci'
o ratiou to whom was referred the fol
lowing HI'lose bill N. 50, an act to n
h peal an net apciro.ed March '1s, 18'
entctie i au act to in corporate th 1 t i\
- of Prc.ii::ce, in the 1ar'h o, C(ari'i,
f and all act: tunct'atorv thr to, eti.,
favorab.v, !n1t re ::ii 1nd its phas:
Very respectiailiy,
B. '.ILf.TA MS,
B. F. UCKDitXII %'.
lHoIu bill NV. ";0, an ac: t ) ; e:1
act a'proled Mrcih 1ii, 18IS, 'cit t'an
- act to e niiirt'por the town P1o : Pro
enc'v, i: the parish of Carroll, ann all
acts ancct at0ry , e tc., recon
inmeudei by the (confunittec, was cousiderc
- ei IL. ccgriaseil.
kue to0n.titutional rule being suepead- f
iiid, thc till was put upon its hird rca'
- icig :.n. ithal passage, its title odopkd,
a)di wa.s (ilaled to be sent to t'
- Senacte fu.r ciiiulrrcene.t
M~r. Stup:=, of Jir soni, by pirnns
sion, eielk UJ up mate bill No. 21i, a
F ict to alter and sihoiten a pairt ot t'e
p.ullic' mc ::d leccling from tie [ikmissippii
river to ID y.ou larataria, Jetterson par
ish, ri"'t I.) nk, smut to piov-:i ictr rak
ing the new part timereof, which was put
0o1 its hirst reai.Lii.' C
SThe constitutional rule being suspend- p
Sedl, it was read a second time by its I
SThere being a further suspensiizi of im
the constitutional rule, it was put 011 its a
third reading and final passage, its title
Sadopted, aud notice of concurrence was ti
ordered to be senat to the Senate. i
The Secretary of the Senate was an- V
nounced with the foliowin~g message. b
To tha Hjonoratile iSpezker and Memnbtrs of the
House of Rteprtsentatives:
Sir : I auii directed to present you for ca
your consideration- 't
Senate bill No. 156, for the relief of the ti
Hope Insurance Company, etc.
Senate bill No. 249, granting ferry
privileges to Messrs. 0. C. French, H. H. s
Harris, etc., at Vidzcli~a, etc.
Senate bill No. 212 [city funndimt~i
bill.] c
Senate bill No. 101, to create an in- na
surance doisurtmenL ci0
&nste bill No. 251, to releasa the p
duamacs i.,1 ILC nun-laymevt of taixes,
etc. 51
biSt. nl 1ill No. 1i5$, for the reiei 0:
Altim St ~cle.
Senate joint resolution No. 6 to
authorize the New Orleans, Mobile and ft
Cat~tanooga Railroad Conmpany to rt
its unune. Mc. u
Secretary of the Senate. w
>. T m t e' e : n (i1Wy:2 "::d .::nc,
throu "'11 :t. (hairnian, submitted the fod
n lowing rcpl ^-t, which was read. r'ecivcd
11 CON W EE ON WaTs D ?iEAS,
- Nw 0-leana, February 2S, 1871.
To '.!!c ::ih akcr ant M1 hrs of the
1i: e of R' ro~cutativcs:
G' =tl4mncn - Your committee be,
Save to report favor, bly on the :tccola
1anyinvl; ub.stitrte for House bill No. 17,
a:id recornn,1(d its adoption.
L J. rO EPL,
Mr. Faulkner, of Caldwell, moved that
'?O copies of the report, and the accom
pran yi:g 1:ll, be printed and laid on the
desks of meribors.
Mr. Winds, of Tangipahoa, moved tk
1:W that motion on die table, whereupon
to ' c:s and nays were demanded - by
1Me:<srs. Kenne', of Orleans, and Turcaud,
of St. James, with the following r4 ,ult :
Y:its : Bentley' Carr. Davis, Demnas. Floyd,
1'. i arp.r. Kinsdll., Lat SIinfire, .aithouny,
".ann, Moore, Ong, Otto, Ringgold, SitiiL, a
;,ou.r, Stunton. Ullman, Wandls, Washingto n,t
of Cancordia, Wateni, Wixeykuad, Young--23.
Nays : Abell, Adolphe, Antoine, Baker, Bar
rett, Barrow, Barker. BeIdt, Lickham, Blunt,
Sa"-en, Broussard, Bryan, Buckinghaim, Burch,
Chacheae, Cochrau, Crawford, Diriby, Thrin
- s)urg. Davidson, Ded.s Durio. Ellis, Faulk- t
mn r, Fouteli, u, Guiddis, Gardner, Garstkunip,
W. Harper, Hemp..-sted, Huston IH3yamus John
) son, heuncr. Lauirent, Llamnbias, II. Lott,
Lynch, Marvin, Mattnsws, Moneure, Morphy,
11 orris, McCarthy, McFarland. M.adows,
Murray, Nelson. Oplate-k, Overton, l'i'nd,Quinn,
1haey, Riley, Siart-tin, Scluiacher, Shtouln,
'rtmnan, Thompson. Turcaud, Verrett, Wash
ington of Assumption, B. Williams, Wlson,
Worrall -om;.
Mr. Wands, of Tangipahoa, moved it
be made the special order of the day to- >
morrow at one o'clock.
Mr. Carr, of De Soto, offered the fol
lowing amendment : r
Intinedfatcly after the reading of the
Mr. Quinn, of Orleans, offered the fol
lowing :umnudment to the amendment :
Tlhpt it be made the special order of
the day Wednesday at one o'clock.
Mr. Carr, of De Soto, moved to lay º
t1.1 amendment to the amendment-eu
- th' table.
U)on which motion Messrs. Keiner ,
ahd Quinn, of Orleans, called for the
vea; and nays, with the following re
Tea-: B tier, Iku3 v. mh nTu, Cmrr. D -rhv I
).,1 r, H) 1:1- 0u :. Iamw.AX Ki( c .
'.Ite 01ii r , 1 1d . M
1:u Ott , Liu.. l 1, S1 u t.0 a, r. S,.muitn,
) au'ntr. I llm:na Vrrr* tt. Wandtl , \V.c ' ti : rta
if t' t. \' WA , % ne tad, E.t i1n.unis
i,-,r 11, from..; - .
. :, * .th X1 "1 _ :1 t . '-t, nll i. I r: , I r.
Mr. Qu4n' , of Orleans, called for tlh
i.re(ious i i',sti'' on the '(oji.o Co' A
the :-ne' llchuet to th2 a'mucndetit, t
The ma.n question was than ordo'.
:nd the aniemidment to the amendeu:int I
Mru. Carter, of Cameron, called tip
Senate bill No. 245 an act entitled an ac:
for the relief of Centeniary C'Wt-ge of
Louisiana, which was pitt on itN fir- t
Under a suspension of the eonstitu
tional rule, the bill was put upionit
- mccnd reading.
U~nder a fmiriher suspension of tLe
cnstitutjonal rulc, the bill was put on
its third reading and flunal passage,it
r-enc- order d to be s'2uL to t:;e .S'.gite.
MIr. Dariinsbcrg, of 1'ei'te Coupes.m
called up Senate bill No. 10, an act tU -
1)urchatse lihe lundred copies each of the
Revised Civil Code and the Reviued Jt
Code of Practice of the Staste of Louis- a
iana, edited by Albert Voorhies, which 1]
was jpit on its tirst reading.
Under a suspe'tsioni of the colnstitu- tl:
tional rule it was put oin its second read- F
ing. L
On motion of Mr. Darinslanrg, of
Point Coupee, the rule requiring it to tl:
be considered in tile committee of the tu
whole was suspended. Q
Under a further suspension of the
constitutional rule, it was put on its lx
third reading, was finally passed, its t
title adopted, and notice of concurrence P~
was ordered to be sent to the Senate. b
Mr. Davidi, n, of Livingston, called up thm
Senate bill No. 212, an act to provide
for the unsettled floating debt and es- fo
timated dcfieiencies of the revenue of the ai.
city of New Orleains for the rears 1870 Ca
and 187l, and tm authorize the issuing
of hmmds f'r the said purpose, which was of
p~ut on its tirst readiing.
'rho c':n-.ti bonal rule hzvii; ibcn 12:
susyoxmde-.', it was put en mtb secaond :
Mr. Llowen, of Orleans, moved for a so
further suspention of thme constitutional as
rule to put the bill on its third reading, co
upon which Messrs. Quinn and Antoine, be
of Orleans, called for tine yras and asa-s,
with the foliowfug rcsult. : f6
le:i:l) : ntley, ~Baxon, Bar"!), D'vid-I
`7`'., Dvi', Floyd,, Foamtli u. Giadd1,is
1(hetke.mp, Hem stiad, Johnson, Kerner,
i ( k:in:elh, Laurent, H. Lott, J. B. oLkt,
Lynch, McCtrty, McFarland, Ad'ooro, Mor
p i , Murray, (Orr, Op/laitoký, Otto, Rli,`y,
jSmith, Soucr, Stamps, Ulbnan. Wn.ws,
I:c hija ton, of Concordia, WVhovlM4n!,
W:tt 1s. E. Wi'liams., ii r,:ºll, Yung---3:ý.
e Nay. : Ad lpih. Antaine. Baker, ltrL r,
Leriuw, iO.t, .Le'kham, Blunt, EBrton e.1cl1,
,º" I!, I winhm Un::2ýj~lll~th-r, (".oc1"ina,
(ii:i .uord, I 'riy', L'iarin3imur;', Duino :LIs,
Faulkn. r, P. H irper, W. ILsrpwr, Hast on,
Hvais, Ll::mi'rn , ,Arie, Matthew.4, 11o
enre, "eiadows. Ntv.on, Overton, Pond,
uinln, It t1y, S:!tmii.cer, Stanton, Tat
milIii, Tihotnipsou, Tureaud, Verrett, II.
W:!' ill us, W n uk
The bill was calendared for a third
The Speaker laid the following mes- 1
sage from the Governor before the i
Executive Department.
New Orleans, February 27, 1571.
To the Honorable Spraker and Mciobers of the
House of 01e'resentdtives :
I am directed by his Excellency the
Governor to inforn your honorable
body that he has approved and signed
"An act to create the parish of Webster 1
and providing for the complete organiza
tion thereof."
Private Secretary.
On motion of Mr. Kenner, of Orleans,
the House adiourned till twelve o'clock
Chief Clerk.
Forty-Eidhth Day's Proceedings.
Tuesday, February 28, 1871, c
The House met pursuant to adjourn
Speaker Carter in the chair. }
The roll was called and the following 1
members answered to their names :
M smri: ('trter, Abill, Baker, B.trksr. narrow.
Bickh:mun, Blunt, uow a. Bron,.,ard, Bryan.
Buckingham, Burch. Butler, ('arr, Cocmran.
t:mwurd. Derby, D.tvidson, D1)as, Durio,
Ellis, F.ulkucr, Floyd, Fontelien, Gaddis, t
( trdner, Gnrstkamp, W. H.trpr, Hiiuton,
Hiya;,', Keanso~n, Killen, Kin.,ella, Lat S thiniore,
Li~tulbies, H. Lott, J. B. Ia::t, MaLhoncy, Male1, i
Mitthiews. M4Farland, Meadows, Aldo ure,
.I1ore, .hrrns, Alarray, N Wa." Otto. O':nn.n,
ltilc\y. IRinýd, Rurnuin, ti'Lulnacher. :4nu.r.
"'iu- .1:. in litlnin, 1I ihii )i, of As'e'm'.ition,
. .: ,"). ,f C'( n ti. .i r;, I E. W1iV ul .
ti. a" itui -, Wien, W ±Ta:r. t otkc, Yourig I
A (jill) ru present.
1r elr by the Chanlain.
On motion of 11r. Cochran, of
Laty cUe, the reading of the journal
a.::n:.'d with anmd it was aipli)'._ . vi
r D s, of De SAo, "ovd 'I
rec mni .kration of the tie voto tael iO
!t C \'. 1'':; t'!' "ion, wherei ' + t I
f VC !}Ill as ..l tri L:1 \c ial or' a: kr
1dy for 11cdln.es.:y nex:1t t
Y' (!: of Cio .. T1dI .. .f tt
"~' toy' U'1-.C LW e
S o: l ".11i of thll Conuittilt on
:r"! t ? it ait trustcC.. to the \rrm liun
'(1' (itilo of Mr. .'la:thcvs, t
s ti e hill was laid upon thc LA.L,
tulject to calic
Mvr Curr, of Do Sote, offe:rel the
* llow imig rc.edution, which we:: rminl
:ud mpidby :m rising vote of 50 yeas a
R ?eThat the debatea of tiii.,
T1'ct:1 for th:s seurton shall 1)e publinihed
jn paamplhh t form b': the ofleial pr K.mr.
.af the St:ide. and fmrther, that the 0: b'*ilt
r"ep(Irter of thL. iHone and his noo iut m:
~-Laii be comntitnued in office for tn'
mcdth a:fter the adjounment of this
House a:t thair prt>&nt colncmpenstilom, n
urder to rcevise tho dcbakis and pripare
them for publc stion.
Mr. Pond, of East Feliciana, 'ieared
ftc: foilovrng resolution, which was rca I
and laid upon the table upon motion of
Mr. Quinn, of Orleans: d
11 si'vcd, That the official journal of ci
the House be printed in the East t<
Foliciana IRepdi/iezi, to be paid out of a
the contingent fund. t)
Mr. Harry Lott of Rapides, offered tl
the following resolution, which was read
amid iaiid uptn the table on motion of Mr. B
Quiimu, of Orleans :
Ksnived, That per diem and mileage 1B
be allowed to Dennis Burrel, contesting bi
the siat of Hon. Henry Denmse, from the w
parish of St. John the Baptist, from the ti
heginning of this session to the elose of oi
the contest t
M~r. Harper, of St Charles, offered the ii
following resolution, which was read gi
and laid upon the table on motion of Mir. vI
Carr, of De Soto. f
Joolrd, That the special committee in
,of three appointed to investigatc whether p~
tLe New Orlean-., Mobi'o and(1;attanoega
i.:21r a ! C.Imipany has comiplie' wit1 !:
je 11.11cr 'xe ant1orized to sit nfter th. B
:tdjournmie:t of the present sixtyda
%sesin, and shall be vested with the
s'umc powar and authority as he~retofore l)(
conferred on said committee, and shall U
be pa:id o::t of the contingent fund. cc
M±. Dewecs, of De8oto, ocered the as
following resolahoo widesiwsh rs)adS
1- lai,] upon the thble by a tisiag vote of
' sxty yeas to twelve nays on motion of
Mr. Quann, 'f Orcans.
I MQ nOed, That all members whose
names are now on the roll of this Hou. e
are hereby confirmend in their seats.
Mr. r artskamp, of Jefferson, offered
ka, following resolution, which was read
and laid upon the tabla by a rising vote
of 47 yeas to 18 nays, upon motion of
-Mr. Kenner, of Orleans:
Ie oilrd, That all the special com
:nittees appointed by this House, and
t tat have not yet submitted their reports,
I be and they arc hereby ordered to
submit their reports to this House on or
- before Thursday, the twenty-eighth
3 instant.
Mr. Bryan, of Calcasieu, ofiered the
following resolution, which was road and
laid upon the table upon motion of Mr.
Garstkanmp, of Jegerson:
uRorn-d, That the Speaker appoint a
special committee of three to investigate
the cause of the non-performance on the
part of the heirs, with an act entitled an i
act for the aelief of the succession of the
late Alexander Gordon, appro'-ed
February 24, A. D. 1858, and all other
laws applicable to the same that apply to
the Mexican Gull railroads, and the
representatives of the estate of said
Gordon, securing the debt due the State
therefrom; and the said committee shall
have summary process for persons and
papers, and take the evidence of
witnesses and otherwise made necessary
for the furtherance of said investigation,
and report result of their labors by bill
or otherwise, at the earliest practicable
moment, to this House.
Mr. Abell, of Bossier, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was read and
laid upon the table by a rising vote of
48 yeas to 20 nays, upon motion of Mr.
Quinn, of Orleans:
Resob d, That the Warrant Clerk be,
and is hereby directed to pay mileage to
the Chaplains of this House.
Mr. Soner, of Avoyelles, offered the
following resolution, which was read and
laid upon the table, by a rising vote of
40 yeas to 23 nays, upon motion of Mr.
henner, of Orleans
A hede, That the chairman of the
Committee on Canals and Drainage be
instructed and directed to report, forth
with, to this House, House bill No 62,
which they have had under considera
' ion.
Mr. Adolp-he, of Orleans, offered the
foll wingresolution which was read and
laid uoon the table upon motion of Mr.
Y ofba Carr dl.
Wºihe:' ;)urin' the (l't (ays 0t tlt,
So Burerore was em loy d a
. " k li .1 tie cuhr(l;1,i It Colllnittee of
1.:is I t",.i, and is ; Ki Lrformd the duatieti
wa s whiout eeivinL any cutpentsa
1e ;t re.feed, That he is entitled to
:r! i.;r the work done on said comm:oittee
MO1eiou.l t: the appointment of the re
2uelr clerk:;, and that the Warrant
C:olr i.; .hy du~y h uhorized to pay
to has 1itc; ii dayv; salary at the same
rate as the enrollin:; clerks, out of the
continf;enf funda of this House.
Mr. Oplatek, of Orleana, offered the
fulowieg preamble and resolution, which
was raid and laid on the table by a ri
sing vote of 45 yeas to 13 nays, upon -
motion <f l:r. Carr, of Do Soto:
To tLe IIi Morable ipe:di~r and Members of Lhe
I u,.w el RIprscfnt4Ltives:
Wh :ereas, (Jeneral complaint and.wide
jpread oi'omatisfaetion prevails among ~
the leo'l of the State relative to the
'aokig 'nd actiomis of many of the n'
eorpor~ te bodies and associations at
present existinig under the general and n
:4pecitlc laws of the State ; and
Whercems, it has become a matter of
public notoriety that m~any of these cor- ~
p4arationx exist and are conducted in
pailpable violation of their several char
ters and of the laws and regulations un
der which they were created; it bi
comes, therefore, the duty of this House
to take such action in the premises as
will tend to the proper enforcement of
the-law and the rights and privileges of
the community at large ; be it therefore
Ro~o'ved, That the Speaker of this
House appoint a special committee, to
be composed of five members of thi,
House, of which he (the Speaker) shall
be a member and ex-officio chairman,
whose duty it shall be, immediately after
the adjournment of the present semein
of this House, to ins~itute and make a
thorough and careful investigation and -
inquiry into the workings actions and
general and particular business of the
various and several incorporated bodies,
associations ana companies, whether
banking, insurance, navigable, trans
portable, local or municipal, now ezist
;itgund'Ir and by virtue of any and all -
!::ws ut this litate ; and for this purpose
th d mai 1 conanittex: be and are hereby
emp'owere'1 arid authorized to summon
witnesses, send for and ezamnine pereoni, A
boois, papers, machinery, and all else 11
that appertains to the workinga and
conduct of the said ineorporated bodies
i1 regular such chang
Ii tions and mnodilications of the laws, pb
vileges, charters, etc., under which ara
by virtue of which thse several andp
a ticular incorporated bodies and apt.
nies exist, with a full an:i clear sta
I of the poije , conduct, operatioas ad
I business of s ik incorporated l1rlies an
companies. as will tend to the bette
f curity of the lives, property and inter,
of the people of the State, and the 4.
- forcemerit of the laws thereof ; and b
l it further
Res- ted, For the thorough c arryi
out of the inten.its and purposes of th
foregoing resolution, that the said spe.
cial committee be and are hereby autho
izod and empowered such experts and
clerks as may be necessary ,r this in.
vestigation ; that said c.s< tittee shai
exist and shill an und carnr dirout h h
said investigation during the time inte.
vening between the afciurnment of th
present s~ession and the convening of the
next regular session of the House ; and
the expenses of said committee shall b
paid out of the contingent fund of thi
Mr. Matthews, of Teneas, offered the
following resolution, which was read and
adopted :
Resolved, That the Committee o
Judiciary be, and are hereby directed to
report at this evening's Session, Horn
bill No.-relative to costs and fees d
clerks, sheriffs, and recorders, etc.
[TO as corrnWEuD.]
And Fine Gold Jewelry. Keep always on bin
all classes and patterns of Gold, Silver and 8ita
Spectacks and Eye Glasses. Glasses charg,4
and sent to any part of the country. Watch i
pairs done promptly and warranted. Adds.
orders to
Paul Granzin,
112 Carondelet street, New Ork*ue
Feb. 16 ly
CA,;AL ST. I3t V[.LLRLY And RoBEarsos tramk.a
Joaiigj. .n'1r ll to I'a.ddaily.
16J7.... CANAL STIEET....... I%
N~o. a (CAXP S~TEEaT.
JI:urun:kta1L,. and ikalers
.Trznkls, Valises mad Bags,
Respectbiuly give notice that they have rcmov
to the Large antI centndly located stite
No 167 Carnal Street,
a Ncar Dauphine.
The publit- have lang desirod the etstabish
Iih it of a8 Mart, wh* re nil kmndi of tNewiI
Macbin. s and Heiiin,. Machine Finadiegs a
.seo and comnpnre thu workings of one IIwLID
with ant ,Ler, ond eltet Iromt Lhe d.lEnd
matkes thu machine best suited to th4e il.
which they dtairad to apply it. To .urh i ar
wu invite you at I89 Canal etreet.Agentts w.nId
no 22 2ptf ll. S. HEDRLCK, General Ageut
500. 500. 500. 500*
Sold vwithiin Uhe Past Two
Months under a Full
Not one
Not one complaint.
Speaks for itself.
In Operation Daily at the
Depot, No. 176 Canal street.
PRICE $18&
New Orleans Home Manufactm
A.., Company.
142... .Gravier Street.. ..142
(Up Stairs.)
(J. u wk;Nss-Is.tAii TLLAEP.)
19... .Cor mmercinl Place...
New Orleans, La.
I'roipt attention give:. :o Ch:I bUL i
the Stats atid United States Court'II

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