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PuablishAed Thi'rsiksys and .'unceIays. I pare
Orrict 114 (CAoovzr~r sraer, Igh
New OLa.¶a s La. grew
®i. a. liOW n, Editor aid Pa t Hoat
P. B. 8. PINCHBAO , Manager. nothi
MTS-1JSSIPPI : - D.ºniel E. Young, meni
Oreemifle. Stara
LUIS1ANA .; John A. Wawhington, Unit
lasek Hawk, (oncordia 1'arish; Hon. 0. Y W,
Y. KeLo, Alessndria; Antoine & Sterrett, I " It
bhreveport. A. C. Ruth, Carroll Parish. Iexpl
A. D.Greee, Washington City.
I LLINOIS . -Lewis B. White, Chicago. som
KENTUCKY;--Dr. 1. A. Green, Louis- slv
. S. GRAN T. la
U 1 - GRwit
THURSDAY JULY 13 1871. the
Ms. urn. E. PAsus is our special
agent, and is authorized to solicit ~la
subscriptions and receive payment for
of bills. in
- -- chi
The Times in a leader last Friday ph
has som0 very sensible views with nu
reference to .the reletionahip of le£
the planter and his employee. of
We hail the tone of this article as ha
manly, just and exped ent, and we N
regard the fling at the strangers as
and interlopers, as one of the
strongest proofs of sincerity in the e0
writer, althrngh we deprecate it.
As the Tim's has suggested this
subject it may be well to say a word
or two on it. jo
We say as Colored men that we
have nothing to regret, retract or e
atone for, since we became the
"wards of the nation." We ch'l
longe history to furnish a brighter !
example of disci,'line or a stronger h,
illustration of gratitude tban the
blaek republicans of the South have tj
furnished in theme days of recon
In our Supreme exultation over,
the possession of the rights we
thought to be a century off, and in
the enjoyment of immunities we
thought would never come, we may f
csave said and done some extrava- c
gout things. But the mortification r
of defeat and the chagrin at the ,
presence of the victor upon South
er soil among southern men with I
the former slave as a witness and a t
rival for political honors, may have
had the effect of making our south
ern brethern, somewhat extrava
gant too, both in their threats
* against urn anal theur hatred of their
own race.
Yet wp phpuld be worse than
foolish now, if either side failed to
meet thq advances of the other, n
dem the suggestions of a mutual in
terest when it does not involve the
sacri~ce of principle. There is
room emoegh for us all here to try
the question of superiority of race,
-- sd whether it turns out that we
*have the physical, while eur white
fraenda have the mental advantage
or vice versa, it is certain that one
thiig wlll be settled, and this at
* thq mesbility of both races living
iran acordas is formed in al
most every European society where
eve the most prejuidiciall Amercasn
is forced to acknowledge colored
gentlemen and ladies or else aban
don society altogether.
It wouldt seem from the articles
we have copied from the Times and
Picayune recently that the labor of1
this Journal has not been in vain
mu try ng to bring about abetter feel
ing among inhabitants of the
saanpe soil and fellow citizens ofs
joint inheritance in the great comn
Iet this feeling continue and the
hIntinonious relations of capital and
labor - ill draw European and New
~mgiqnjd. money and men to our
cjyand State and the esyital al-i
j mdi our thidst, will ereep from
its prAent biding places into day
lt auideardibl eelib among all
Glseai oh~ut "S 'note
* %e take pleaisure in samaon
, > Mg at Captml Win. Vigers has
b nuetm b h the City Coun
IL.. %8 bidi o$We cf afiuperijtodent
-k "d saga Invth. *Ucpd and Fifth
Districts of New Orrazas..
LEas IM I a J.
Ereey Saturday" makesliiseo- tya
parison as to legislative pressure: these
"What a lesson of 'smartness' we down,
might give our British cousins! The and v
short session of the Forty-irst Cqa- will b
greas was productive of rather more to eas
than three thousand bills in the of th
House, and something less than half
that number in the Senate, to say
nothing of resolutions. We. v ishi
some man of leisure with a liking
for large figures would investigate
the number of legislative enact
ments carried through the National, by M
State, and City leg ilatures of the actly
United States in the course of a to on
- It has become a habit difficult of rM
I press
explanation for Southern correspon- here
dent, of Northern newspapers, and hone
sometimes for the newspapers them- ,Con
selves, to exaggerare in their ac- it s
counts of the multiplicity of bills itqu
passed in reconstructive legislatures. senq
But Every Saturday departs from com
the beaten track and attacks the
National Assembly itself. the
May we not ask what is to be
gained, supposing the charges of bast
excessive, or even corrupt legisla- f
lation were well supported by gir- delil
ing monarohial institutions an un- blan
just advantage over our republic? p
There are few things which bear of it
jwith them more of deceit, both in cliq
the figures of mathematics and the
figures of speech, than this talk l
about excessive legislation. or a
Jeff. Davis gave Congress its first
`t "lesson of smartness," when his ef- tion
fort to destroy the Union resulted
in the destruction of what he con- in 4
sidered the Union's chief institu-I thel
tion, and caused the whole system in
of law, State and National, to be thee
changed by these new bills com- upc
plained of. Nothing but an abnor- the
h mal moral condition, a provision of
legal terms, and a disastrous grasp eat
of worn-out ideas, could mislead an wit
honest Southern reporter or a for
re Northern chronicler of events so far the
ra as to make them attack Congress
i for passing laws which an altered
1e condition of society makes neces- wh
sary to the adjustment of every hon- the
eat, political and even, social rela
rd tinhip.C
We protest against that sort of re
journalism, which, in trying to be
we spicy, becomes only peppery, and
or even then throws the pepper in the dei
he eyes of the family. Great Britain of
may pass fewer laws than we. But
or she is two hundred years beyond Ih
;er her last civil war, and we are not I
as many months beyond ours. IV
ive this fact is considered we shall look far
'n- for more truth and leas speculation. sh
we -- th
in We deeply regret the necessity wi
we which causes us to indite these re
lay marks. We sincerely hoped and in
va- confidently believed, that within the tr
ion ranksofLouisianaRepublicausthere
the were none so heedless of the great tb
th- principles underlying and forming
rith the foundation of our party that
da tey wuldblazon on their banners fr
av( "rule or ruin. t
ith- It did not seem possible to us
iva- that any man, or set of men, (clain
iats ing afflgty with our party could,
heir after the mad experiences of the past ,
few years riak adisseusion that might
han throw us helpless and bound into t
t to the hands of the Democracy. Yet.
a ~such is the tenor of the distressing tl
I in- Tntelligeace which comes to us fromn
a is to believ, that serious results will
tyfollow whtwe complain of, but we
acregre that so reckless a spirit~coulde
we manifest itself. The facts are sim- a
hite ply these: i
tage The State Central Committee, as
one we contend, without authority, op-. a
is at pointed Parish Committees in a
ving number of instances. This usur
Sl-pation of power has borne fruit in
here the avowed intention of these ille
1 ngally constituted bodies to .ekct
ored delegates to the August Conven
ban-a tion. The great miannof Reptiblican
voters may thus be left to the mercy
iees of a few men who do not in any de
and gree represent them. In fact the
or of~ matter ;resolves itself purely and
vain simply into this: The State Central
~feel- Committee usserpe the power to ap
the point Parish Committees; and the
of a Parish Committees usurp from the
somD people their right to choose their
rEpresenitatves; the State Commit
I the tee father usurpe the right of the
and 'Convention to judge of the quali
New flestion of its own mecmbers, a
our mhe result 3s (sbould the Bepub-1
il 5l-~ beans of L~osisluna submit to such
from a wholelea) fl1ebimg from them of
day- their just jrivilage) that the State
ag ul oveation becooqes . th.e restion
moote and the creature of th. few individ
sI as who masy happen for the tlue
beinmg to compose the State Central
meim- Committqe. Is this Republicanism?
s has Is this,equality of representatiomf
'oun- Is there any semblane~ of justice,
daret rig t qr ordinary fair play in sucbk
Fifth a course? ~pemphatically say, R'o
IAnd if we do notwoffllfy err in our
tw tempet spirit of RI
s~m .I.~qq~4Iour a-I.
ty ya jeub~u b..amlered to
those who thus attempt to break A
down, or to pass over, well tried of H
and well established precedent, that dent
will be long reap nered, if it fail datic
to eaussthmro be moreeQahierte three
of their fellows in the future. State
At 11
The St. James Sentinel, published '
by Messrs Boves and Bently, ex
actly expresses our ideas in respect t
to out duty in the August Conten- A
tion. It distinctly and emphatially +
presses upon the attention of mem- and
bers the necessity for securing an enti
honest and intelligent and faithful but
"Committee on Credentials." This one
it asserts, and we fully concur, is A
requisite to prevent bogus repre-,a cO
sentatives forcing themselves into 'a
communion with the elect, and per
° haps working irretrievable harm to er,.
the Republican party.
e We are very glad that the bent iad A
has taken this stand, and hope all our a
coafrerea will fall into line. Everyv
r- deliberative body, to bear the sem
blance of Republicanism, must have Col
power to judge of the qualifications whi
of its own members. If any coterie wet
10 clique or set of men usurp this Coi
power, independence and right of ma
representation becomes but ashadow
stor a lure. gv
Let the delegates to the Conven- m
tion, therefore, take especial care
ýd that their credentials are prepared
n- in 'ine and proper form, and let Co
- them keep possession thereof until the
m in the preliminary organization of et
their body, authority is conferred a c
n- upon suitable parties to receive me
of them. t
aWe ay thus much in the inter- we
* est of harmony and fraternal good be
will, and heartily thank the Sentinel An
a for attracting special attention to: tel
far the subject.` ro
where in our columns we report w]
- the asaembling and' temporary or
ga- anization of the Republican Press an
of Convention. We observe as fair a of
be representation as we suppose it p1
possible to obtain in the State. 1
h There is an evident live interest ev
denced by the various members
n of the Press, in the matters to be o1
3ut discussed by the Convention. Of o1
I the prir ciles of our party we need fe
not I n formaldly renewed pledg.ŽR; the
o great need now i., that leaving "the:
Oi first principles of our frith, we
"o'. should go on to perfection. The 1
Convention should pledge itself to (1
a rigid enforcement of all laws; and
there are two questions on which
sity we would be delighted to see this C
re- Convention formally pledged. We
ani imperatively need the aid of cvery o
the true republican in maintaining ard n
sere encouraging us in our struggle for
teat the enjoyment of our rights and
ung priviliges. We must not be aban- e
that doned by our white r.publican
mesfriends in this contest. This is at
matter which forces itself on us
us every day in every shape, while wt I
&iui- are made to fedl that we are not rc
ai.garded as possessing rights which
9"every person is bound to respect.
into thu republican press, by counsel, by1
Yet. practice, by demonstration--to sbow
sing that their profusions are not full of
frmsound and fury, and their alliances
loth and comh nations with us are merely,1
for the purpose of securing some
t w uterorobject. We have suffered'
oudenough from insincerity, defection
su-and hypocrisy, and we, almost now
in despair, appeal to the representa
O"a tives of the Republican Press to aid
usp-n in settling onceoand for all their'
in vexatious matters.
Isur- Another matter arises out
atmi of the prevalence of murder. Our
Se-party is pro-eminently the party of
seetlaw sad order. Murder has got,
'" alas, to be a common and evgryday
lican occurrenee. Man after man is hur
iercy ried out of .the world on every flim
y de- sy pretext. Life is regarded ast
thenothing and is sacrificed according
and to the whims and caprices of almost
"'anybody. We would be glad for
0 ap- this convention to specially place
d the itself on rseord as opposed to taking
n the human life, and pledging itself to
their do all in its power to disooantenanee
omit- and coodemn the taking of life, and
If the to tend its mupport to everyoefort'
maI tending to lessen our eriminal re
'cord, and rescue the State from the
ppab- unenviable notoriety of being as
suc*'rowdy" as itnow is
State Wfl*uring the past three days
,ation our asanctm has been pleasantly ih
BiviA- vaded byT the following gentlemen:
timae Messrs. Murrell and Oscar Crosier,
entral of Lafourche; T'. T. Allin on. J.1
main? Henri Bureb, of Baton Rouge; Hon.
itioaf Edward ule, of Plaquemines;
istice, . keaidenhain, 'tax AseoOr
Ssuclh lears; T. G. Ty, of the Bpia& n,
r,No t M ' hoast of city rlsitorq "to
an our A M t taidetsh" ~'"
,Zistoiday, in response to the call Rays:
of Hon. Mortimer F. Smith, Presi-"I
dent of the Louisiana Press Armo- whol
elation, the representatives of thirty- boy i
thbe Bopubliesa newspapers of the erno
State met in the Senate Chamber. ing(
At 12:25 the meeting was called to test.
order by Mr. Smith. leng
On motion, duly seconded, this nmig
gentleman was elected temporary his
President and Mr. D. A. Weber not
temporary Secretary. I R
A vote was then carried, that, in I this
accordance with the call, the editors Gov
and proprietors of newspapers be not
entitled to seats in the Convention, ling
but that each paper be entitled to trie
one vote. our
A motion that the Chair appoint Liei
Ia committee of five on credentials, tati
1was carried by a vote of 17 to 1& be i
The Chair appointed D. A. Web- al r
er, L. H. Burdick, L E. Bentley, mai
- Leet, and J. H. Ingraham. our
A motion to adjourn till to-day eno
r at 12 noon was lost. I
A motion to adjourn till 7 p. i., tha
last evening, was adopted, and the Du
e Convention adjourned accordingly, by
1 when the committee on credentials; "TI
were ordered to report and the
Convention would proceed to per
f marsent organization. I ha
We are unable in this issue to'
give the proceedings of the evening's the
. seepion. Te
e - - ' dul
ci Tux Gaun E:co.wiwcn of two me
st Companies of the 2nd Regiment at tin
il the Oakland Course on Sunday and cat
pf Monday last, was a fine fa ir and j
d a complete success. The amuse- + ou
re ments were of a varied and attract- me
tire character. The music of Kelly's ,ti
r- well-known band was all that could pa
cd be desired, and the "Sons of Mars" an
e iind their hosts of friends who at- tn
to tended, enjoyed one continued ca
round of pleasure. A fine restau- ex
rant, and- abundance of refresh
e- ments were on the ground from
rt which needful supplies were drawn.'
,r_ We compliment Captains Ray
s and Maurice in. the success of their M
a efforts to procure means for com
it pleting the uniforms of companies 1 m
te. E. and H. yc
A Goon Atou ar.--We congratulate in
b, our friends of the Seventh Ward al
Of on the dispo: ition they are maui- tl]
`c feting to preserve ""unity" in their al
he ranks. Lhvalry, and a dezire to in
he .win will always be present; the only ad
danger consists ini peritting whit
he is at first but friendly compe i ion to b:
to degenerate into divisiuu lund party I
1l strive. The warm contest fi4' the e
ch Presidency of the Seventh Ward a.
Club seems to be over and acqui- if
bCe escence tin the choice of the Iarty
of the word" is well timed and com- a
rd' mendable. We hope that tckings a
for will soon calm down again and the n
nd "nuble aeveinth" be pursuiug the b
an even tenor of her way. o
:anh izw ats.W are in receipt of
unt hefrsnulber of th East Felici- I
us ana Pib .t, another newspaper started a
we tin Jackson, La., under the owner-i
re-1 ship and editorship o1 E. L. Weber,
ich Esq. The salutatory is brief, but
is expressive, if not portentous. The I
a ftype make our new contemporary
by1 say that he will "iiercelesslv cacti
owgate and expose the u rong," etc.
of The Pilot opean her batteries with
ices a volley of red-le~t shot at the "mick
rel man.".
bion ti IWIn our correspondents column
iow we print the jeremiad of one of the
cuts- Isuffering Customhouse emoployees.
aid IThe writer appeals to us for in forms
their ition on a matter which if it is as
ho states, is rather rough on the
out "poor fellows." We will tell our
Our contributor that he has entirely
y of mistaken our relation to such mat-!
towtes. Conduct that !ue is suffering
'daIfrom has nothing in the world to do
li-experience has made us frequently
Ias wish that we did possess socme such
compulsory method of obtaining
notpayment from our subscribers. In
I for this case however we think we would
be content with being paid for one
copy. The demand of three times
f tothe subscription price, carries on its
1face, that each seok subscriber is
and not merely a patron and a reader,
ifort but one of the supporters of the
r-paper. We have very poor consola
Ation tooe~r sad that is to "groap
'~and bear ."
agrIn aur esat w~will show up
lays tome, of the prssament City agad
Lti- 8tate slluials.'
Ineu 8oresystb.eCitssas. Gurd of you
arier, terday. W~ezpspe to have aons
cm. J. rofrusbing itnems if the esp~ss only
Has. extaids far inough; if it dont, it
ines; sdas o6 be lapsymble that the
Or- Loasiuiantensesy he culled in toplay
ao pcartI the ---- li egom 'Isy Agut
ed * MSt, ves" in which it
"But it is a known fact to the obta
whole commuet ty, that our neigh- mitt
bor is intensely desirous of the Gov- false
ernor's suess as against the act- lack
ing Governor in the pending con- ter
test. Admitting this, (and we chal- lady
lenge a denial,) the language of our a w
neighbor was wholly in unisue with char
his motive, and therefore we could ntuu
not have misrepresenti h"id-im." vzie
We emphatically state that if ofto
this was a square fight between 1
Gove. Dunn and Waripoth, and sees
!not the work of the parasites, hire- betb
lings and the horde of political ed
itricksters in the background, that pro'
our sympathies would be with the Alle
t Lieut. Gov. because he is a represen- in
tative colored man, and, it would take
be in strict accord with the politic- Ewy
- al record of our paper, for we have of
made it a fixed rule never to fight was
our people. Our opponents do lies
y enough of that sort of thing. But
We now admonish the " Guard" of 1
that if it is friendly to Lieut. Gov. ed.
e Dunn it will not serve his interests du
r, by forcing an issue between him and of
I "The LouisuL&mA." pal
_e fro
r- g WThe Republican of yesterday of 1
has the following: mc
;o "The statement in a city paper 'U
'a that the Net Orleans, Mobile and "Ie
Texas Railroad, or one of their con
ductors, refused to permit three of
o members of the Louisiana Legisla- w0
t tare to return from Mobile in their
d cars, is incorrect.",
id The LoulsuiI m reported this as
e- outrage and said that the three an
tI members of the Louisiana Legisla
r's ture were "compelled to leave the mi
Id passenger car and go into the m'
5" smoking car," and this is what ac- nii
At- tually occured, as the Republican ha
ul can assure itself by refereare to the
U- expelled members. an
h- -1
n., Ni
For the Louisianian. th
,ir Mn. ErroR:- 9i
n- Having heard you remark when ve
Les interrogated as to the length of time vi
you have been connected with news- of
papers, say that you were initiated se
its into the service by your paternal
rd ancestor in 1651, it occurs to me
ii- that you must have had very favor
err able opportunities for obtaining
to. much knowkedge if the intiieaeiea T
ily and "tricks of the tra4u" of which
vAt thousands of your less fortunate
to brethren are neciesarily ignorant. T
rty I arm cneidcerbly per:l xed and
the exsperated over a vexat;on matter I
ird aid pant forsomcenlightenmeLtand
ui- if you gill le kind enough to relieve
rty me I will esteem it a great personal
flj favor. I might have sought inform
is ation through a more private chau
the nml, but as I wish "many others" 4
the besides myself to derivo the benefit
of your reply, I prefer to resort to
thin p~ublic medium and request you 7
9 o to reply to me through the same. I
ic-will state my unfortunate case. I =3
am one of a number of employees (
n -in the New Oileana Customhouse.I
(el erive alirnited income, and literally
"u in the sweat of mny brow" do I eat
the Ibroad. I am surrounded by so
*ary many obligations that I can just I
w~i ootrive to "make both enrls meet,"
et.and toincrease my difficulties, a1
vith contribution of one dollar's per
month has been levied on my w~ges
to support The Citizenu' Guard, a
newspaper I do not desire to have.
imnl I might have reconciled myself in
rthe some measure to the hardship, if I
ees. had been required to pay the sub
ma- scription price of the paper which is
a as four dollars a year. But to compel
the me to pay for thire subeeriptionsaI
our I cannot but regard the levy a~s
irely enormity. "3lsa~ry loves compse V
nat- it issaid, anidif there is any couw
ring solation to be deiived frota "corn
e do pany" it isto befond in theafaet
our that "all of usa" employees are taxed
intly the same amount for the usae pur
much pose. Thus making up a suim tabs
ning of itself should he ample support
In for this paper. What I want to
ould know from you is whether this is
one the tUsual way for umendiesney to be
imes subsidized, maid whether this is the
an its way that newspapers are generally
ar is established.
ider, Thsnkiug yeu ior the apsese l
the lotted as I Remain Tours,
sole- Ruer
~roap New Orkuaa, July 11, 1671.
w ua, yug mSs-WOousAUm~ K. U.ULs
It have e,.e d ther I
yes W rots you las.weeekapd whi&hI
inone reqsetsed yes tegabli*,sand lad
only that whll. I should like to lay b.
it, it aw~youvr weers the *-rstsmb.
'2kthershaiotme whie D. & Banse ws
aply place~is~yet the dee~ ae de
,* SesiehamL And yes waspplil
1 tie fteris head
-26ee ward
edlksoP St., Newa Orleait pron
obtain lodging. Having bees ad- or r
mittel as a lodger, he neat, under ry
fa!e pretenses, betrayed a young true
lady, who was the adopted daugh- noth
ter of the land-lady. The young that
lady became a mother without being able
a wife, and this mother, whose on t
character was ruined, and whose and
future is forever blighted, is the tWc
vi trunt-ef H. Reese, semwi asitar '1
of the Lafotrche Repuiiian. D
Raow he proi.eldad to obtain pue- n
session of t is young lady-how he not
betrayed her.-how he acknowledg- Pro]
I ed the paternity of the child and pub
prowmiaeddu sv pport it and poltry ful- amC
Awled his promise, are all portrayed 0en0
in language too plain to bemis- to
I taken. not
. Every true Republican n the pariah to
of Lafourche knows that Reese theA
t was the confidonce of the Repub- Uw
liran party during the last election. side
But few persona know the depths fore
" of villainy to which he has deseend- can
r. ed. And yet this slanderous se- of t
a ducer of womanhood-this outeast tioe
d of degradation-this contemptible enf
puppy-D. H. Reese bas the ef- the
frontery to talk of the impeachment for
of the Governor, and to publish the of
most infamons falsehoods concern- da*
,r ing one whose character is above me
Sreproach. rg
In closing I give him this piece me
of advice. Go and support the tiei
woman you betrayed, support the ens
i helpless child which claims you as a
father. Go! but consider yourself thi
is as a you are, a seducer of woman, if
and an outcast of society. qu
a- Mr. Editor, I only sign with my ha
initials, not that I am afraid to let Sp
I my name be known to the parties kn
interested, but I do not wish tot no
have it before the public. If Mr. ve'
heese is anxious to know who I am, an
and wants satisfaction, he will find w
me on the 12th, and 13th., at the
Republican Press Convention in
.jNew Orleans, and I will then and
there give him any satisfaction re
quired. If the public doubts the ri4
en veracity of this statement, let them l
no visit No. 221 Common St. corner id
ra- of Dryades and convince them- et
ed selves, es
ial F. P. . s
me A friend of Thos. W. Conway. Ii
)r- Lafouriche ime. Ile
ng mi
Leh To The Picayune.
t. O
d 1 Foreign Labor r.OP5at ilaern As.aulted ! al
eve The Aswsilanta R.'ptdaed. g
nal -
n Attaok on Fenian HIadcuartera. re
efit THE POLICE. tl
Sto Naw You, July 12.-A party of ti
fo Irishmen attacked the foreign lab
Sorers near Harlem this morning. b
SThe 3Ird Regiment of Cavalry and J
the 84th Infantry were dispratched $
8.1I to the scene of disturbance and C
ulycaused the assailants to retreat d
eat down Ninth Avenue. '1
soLater, a mob attaclked the Fenian [
Sheadquarters, on Avenme A, to get r
arms. A sharp engagemeat ensued t
" with the poliee, who finally recov-1t
pe ered the arms abetraeted.
d, a Awtoz
if I On several occasions we have ear- I
uib- nestly advised Republicans tbrough
& is out this 8tate to 'nake haste very I
apel slowly in getting naminaee for
mal I ole into thehfedd There is plea
Bb ty elteme for tim&- Preeipitsacy I
IS" willdo morelmnmetlan goo&. 4
costr It would please ties Democracy i
:om- well to be able, front the very start 1
fact to turn the full Sore. of their batter<
ized ise apon eertaiza individuals, instead,
pur- of~priaciples, amd might, unless ex
that tmme ear. were exereised in the 's
port leetiop of men. prove damaging to
4 to suacele. The artful and uawssried
use is euintions of an unprincipled enemy
oh.e aratohbe thwarted in soge manner
mihbe ard in no better way easa the Stat.
ray Beulca rotectthanmalresthan
by, at the eomeneuen, foreini
.1a- pracinet or neigthborthood organiza
tion and keeping ineb combine
-. taoms coomplote in all particulars,
After the founation of the alubs,
.eeietise, or whatpver tbqy may be
@~edl', mtns abohild he regularly
tas.. sad pasmtly. ld.Md the prin.
eile g .apigAth p.r4 b. fully
er I 4isund the paiugeo leagmange
inc I that at pusmdertnd,. iAnd the
6*d wsst atpizwqpile, the 4ulcty and
h e- dsuiflmsq .1 the oppostion need
tible sot be s WL he psemislo
S is -se bt4wi aq is enordeem
headed party--s: attemt
ward morel ut afta the "me,
and lshes," and not in the k
prompte&) asq love of prianple
or regard for the good of the e.
tty-should be set forth in thejr
tramighL The "whole truth and
nothing but the truth" will be as
that is needful to cnnnnce neon.
able men that the Republicansi
on the right path, always havebeen,
and always will be-so !cng as jus.
tics and rslrqp are kept in view
We desire to impress upon the
minds of our readers that cne.
naorm are quite plenty. They wil
not be found wanting when the
proper time arrives, aid the IRe
publiean party may choose fron
among the very best men in the
country those whom it may desi,
to pat in offcial positions It.
not necessary that those who mean
to become contestants should hiih
their light under a bushel, bat let
thema come forth slowly, and con.
Rider the surroundings carefully Ir.
fore even announcing themselves sa
candidates subject to the decision
of their respective district conven.
L tions. What we mean and wish to
, enforce upon the Republicans of
- the State is the absolute neceemi
t for concert of action, perfect unity
o of feeling upon the issues of the
_ day. and these can in no manner be
e secured excepting through thorough
organization, agitation, talk, argi.
e meat, publication of facts and at.
e tistics, and constant watchfulia
e and care exercised over ourselves in
a each and every neighborhood. II
i the truth is everywhere prevalent;
if the people mingle together free
quently and converse freely, and
y have occasionally a good, eoumd
A speech, from some man who a
known and trusted and right, there
need be no fear that when the eon.
r. ventions are held for nominating
n, any other than good Stite officen
,d will be selected.
a* TJ'i.W ly Aiss Pil'.
in -. -
e- It strikes us that the commonest.
le riers of this State still continue to
a be centrolied by prejudice and tin.
or idity rather than gratitude to their
a" chief benefactors or the real iteV
este of their stockho scrs. Th1
suffer the senseless and unfourWW
bigotry of one clhss of pewite t)
lead them to cmmmit acts which 're
unjust and inconvenient to anot
$ er.
We have two cases in robt
One that of Senator Pinebib
T. who wished to send his Iardr
North in one of the l'ulman nn
ad attached to the JTecnson Ikilrsd
train, and the other rkirls rire s
gravated, of the refused of the No
Orleans, Mobile and Temse 11W1
road Company to perI t MFrs'
Antoine, Geddes anti J hieat
rlH return to this city fro'mn Mobilers
their oars, after havi.lg carie
of them over there.
LIb- In the first casee, Senator Fir'
ag. back has brought suit against f
nd Jackson R tilroad (or'npany fr
Led $25,000. But we lea-n that tie
ndl company pleads in defense that '
sat does nsot own the sleeping cmi'
That it hiss commnit'ed a ler! ar
ian portant part of its duty as aicc'
get mon carrier, to other and irfeip*
ned blo parti ese, who claim and elero
ow- terih to deny privileges of e
venience and comfort to a porti
of the company's passengers. ,rC
they are glad to sell to others Ii
is barely possible that, in ii n
legal point of view, the JVr
se- Railroad Company disch5Zird
gh- duty to Senator Pinchbsck'e 6s
'cry ly when it offered to earnths
for paid for passage by carrying5
Len- in the ordinary coaches of~
ney trai. That ab this would int~
change of ears at Canton.
say at Ithmboldt, and we knew
tart how many toore before theVT'
ten' Louisville;, it promised to e
snd aoth. women and childre ah
ex- were sbout to travel sere'5l
m e- dred miles, without a mnilfto
g to them i. looking out for
rled Aert, to eodless anxiety 5D
Nmy bsn fatigue, they could
sawe mid tobe admitt~d to tepcm
itate demanded by and secordi'l
han dinary travelers. And the3
sing ZsflnuiA Companyl inr'4
usa- morally responsible for pe
Isa- the Pullman car owuerd tO
d eim albusiness which tbh
abs, to the prejudice of the i5~
y be the road. For werfl5't
larly sight of the fact that tbt1
arii- ri'Sr'0d Vas mainly bitb
fol mone.y wang froiD the
I the gratoxon g)9 people are
and atleasettoasecffiommte
acdspectazt treatfilent whef r
muhes )auld.W 1Uag to Pa!
the tps deell around Ab

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