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Semi-weekly Louisianian. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1871-1872, July 13, 1871, Image 5

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ue L ii 8 1,"ý't
STATE CFlt' LOI SIANA:,87. laws
},11-ti r la aw.ut1T .
Not. 7'7. .wl i
Ai ct A~~
Li iLtlT iil iiared
.t-."l 1.y rb.' S~uttt. btw~tf
If t'.: State -!(col
r-.%, A . OlY Con- mo(d
" rl G,..".: tIe tls ' i ined
1' l - ,,1 i, .r ,, of I'ruiglri. aforf
t:. r pl 1tri'.h of Ort.rvn'2 IyliaJ
ft1 ,t es.'iN- iU law.. theº
'"r -. r,.. :lr I. }r. i, a~uthlor~zed m"":1
r!ent.Ar iati) 1,44i
!r.iii'n t", rnr.'ha~e. to  
S.r.l"'rtt . -irh'"r r.-' lor .f W.
F ;1 t it, r, .1.00 to prop?"- . hi..
r tut .iiid .ftl'c' tll.r tliv iait
r t;;tºW. ('ABRTER. IOA,.
r At . l.ofErptr'IuftatirefL that
to't .1. DUN N, .,,d
L J i r r 'r '.ft.trt of the. :11:hr
1r '.t , 11 rt t. ; 411 1 . lilra
ti '. t'. wH'JiMOIrTH, enLr
Ic.ri iI 'L' tit of Lnuiiaiitsu 1
A 11.. "~ " n
NoJc. ~78.+ G
Au .A~ct . ie
t..,: " t tit t "..0t "t ,i n,tr-- Lrt.e1 re'
S , ': I;. it .tit 'I r 'ý '1.hj ýB~iao~t
i t., Uyt. ,..,Lwu. .aipd Cei'a--j,
F,.:" J., "., 1. , ,- l.. , : . .r. C&,yar.. yia:u.)nr.º
il .,,"l,.. :c . 1a A.j~uit, Ed
1,1 ,} jula ' .rl,,I,,p ,, . u l. u 5itnuifl a.ii
...... \..r6 . t" . Ilrrruao Lik iren- 1 I~
.,.1t ., . .-LIC (i eu-. aiur-i-- ý,
I ,..d": l ý,,,. iall utiugr I-.ra.ºeitea.t. L
1 .i. 11.1.i '11'; to tLan." MA6i'tat. 1t ,
*rc. +:.: : lee .w. air.: hrebý .f
".ý. ., .. °I :.ir.t, 11:0.-r the f:lAW. et
1.. "" .: o: Lr tel, v.# b.
.... ,. rt an-I p-n."ih of Naºtdii- 1n;
t sutII r I.hie title "1¶j."y tite
.:. r -t .l ..0. t" ioner, a~a.I e
.I.1', t"" :uI ijc r~od t~pe v
..t !.r. Al .. -lie.1 .' : at"11t pc.'")Uf::1.li
i 'gatl title a-u! uct.. tin
. 1. .-uch -..IItjtlhti+Uu .it l `"y4 -lii
:, e L State,. aY ;h.-y nur.\' thui: .kre -.r
p.-:.d toe alter twi! aende. arnd rnu.jI'f t
u".u at pl'e~aure; W.. u~e ut C olLUIi,1
t'-'-the aine- i
,. . ? ., it further ouwrted, etc~, That 'r
tLie""m} -n.rr mirwe of usJb n.:u.tig ..',.iht1
"s llIF-ru.Irn "raertiui a It~a (t1'o
..:t wor-emhjp, tWe prayer'. tv
i., 1. 1 Il'hrew L rguitaie; al-to foe
t . " r rwio al of tii g.r.erl e.a.*atit~i; raud. t
;"i, rei o.'.4 .r,i ":f the hr.rli " ,
..... i _,r - . .. .11 .. f.r...ilb,' !
T .'ii"tý I ýijj eetin 'AK
aetvrally declared as follows: ::a i Sic'
WN ga j'*1iUM~~l hapsqe4 apý nse5't Lier~
of 41a qpeq4 "a'ably of eSt ate of S
Soi nud*; tite title o.: AuAct AP1
relative to the 14ou ara nLevee f4C1dmtj& fig
a cotporation argn '" 'ttierle
laws df tIis State, d wafting it .*bsdy A tea
podtlce aaOr:c ratetWibttayia i'ess,1
Pers r es }u, ffranchiaas vt cohtrlacting
with taid corptr.tti'1tt1" etc.. %hcth:I saidl
b:11 is now t'%forg t'i. (Govern r tp mid
sate for htis a1pprovat:' *
o'A n d w h*r mr a+, WAi1 p i . " of the first T o a t
patt will he requiril to ace p; thy L'rutt S
*xeditiorn naalu asu ..tieou'. .i . aitv act .f A1
the (Gnitru A'taebuuy n:twt it becouues a (1I
law. before the s Itote w't l.eNme hindink fist
io Lite .aid partit. on tht first p.at to.
AdMl whereast, E'rtz in mndihk ationa o', iSn
and additilss to. dggid ry$t .na ,.t c ract .na ]
are udvisjhte, and Lave beep aggeaj on of L
between the p1,tise' Ili eta". off' 1 rat and Vefer
wecondl pasris, nad it is deiir.hbtlttltat iasn t 4.,*tn
modifi' :atintrt and alditioja be clearly da i thor
fined and Rtipulited betwees the pertiesi timas
afareaaid. before the bill ( act aforesaid to ia
] iall becoyae a LAW, with A view that afteak the
theneitd act in signedl, an I is accepted 19v gear
the parties of the frat part, the said a teb
ra'Iifcations and adoiti >na shall be em- b
nodtiedl in an ti t of tit' (l teral Ajgl bvy, itu
to aid is loing which the parties hereto dred
Sof the llatt and of the second part, and lattg
each snbs.riber. individually, shall give the
hiii a.rnat ::id, with the tider tu tnint m
that sahoult, for mav e uae whatever, the n.tut
till etmbld ing said modigestiona and Stat
additioaa fail to become a law. neverthe- ral
Iusts, the parties to this net agree and bind "1Mar
thtawselvae that Paid modifktations ant Afty
.additanua, a; atipulit..l and set forth in ittel
:.ea act, shall l. btr,-ver obligatory and I o
binding upon acid pertlie of the firat part. "cott
ttl6w released therefrom by the said roau
0 party of the ttCe.tzd pL: t. atE
Therefore, the following art' ctik'ulated thit
01d a16tled to na the namrtifl atiout anti
:.1liaionu., hereinubf're inmntinted and The
r."ferrted o. viz : "n"
*First ---tihe r iontij"t.f a o! engine.- r: to the
ne appointed tmne. r the auntkrity of ar- 11;1
ti.lm one (1%. set tun tt) ('S2 I, the ta'fore- ,
+aid tat of the f4.ner. l4Asemuly. %hall h,
required to limit the ardunat of l~v's to c%,Jn
be constrac.t I., ta, re*qoirl by their re
!r1, "uo that they tshali not Prc end tittt""u
t ' 15,G(.tDo) .1a on:, wah. t rtei, nor the tt
otal m-,nnt collc til for th ! eonrtrue. r:
Jo aun I ever otwoad nine hun Ired thout
a}. d ($')JtVO(t0l do)lolt taur atillt1°.
1 eontt -Article thrre (:1) of the secont l
it etiot ti!' aid set ehtall le ao aonrztrued iCl
-l itt nb gr'at. r r ,14t, or iprivilegte ,h::1. twi
. gr antt rI to *ii eonm.anv, party of tht Hu
1: p.rt, t tpowerin. thetn to take rin- tet
i.tt property for the purposes of right tWt
".f way, and the construction or extension U
if lever,;, thtan have been ercisreed by thet an
a tatte, parh.1 ("r tnmnitipll untthoritit :i
heretafore, ftr th. like purpitis. tceord
ing to Law.
h Third The power to mortgagc c t
ple'dg4," aacording to artirle eight "k) °
..id ,aw tion tdie (tP of said act, or atv.i*rt
* ink to any ether pr.vision of stil
.,:all otiv tientln to the foul known a."
al the constr 1'tion fN::.1, a-t1 at no t:ui
r' hall the (t'Mpang.. pa'4y h:: to of t, t
t tirst part. oll er '1.sptse .' Iot; fir ti '
pavy:iut of w :ict. 4.it e': trtrrtion 11n.:'
i" ri rtgagert or plLd N. to an a t vi
ntl,. eotjiii4 the value (.f time worn~ tonte. 1,% lt
ner< t;tan five hnutlwl thiti nil ($5ti),
r 11)' doliere, a::d that the ,Aulitor of Pub- th
la 1" .t,'roui tt:stetn the S~tate Tretsuorr
anall nit rgisterr hoand of the eomp.ar a
hat ..iexeeiding at aty tine, by mtore than tiv,
fall klnudedl thanmlen d *Huar', ilsttheeount U.
®r ...kdone.
t"' Fo t5 -.1 nmmn sinn to r.'ifaeat t+.
tt: three persons one ter be vppoitntei thit
the t tuot ru'r, one to he apnintit-d by ti'
ro axrd o: diiectori of the c*'jfl'mI. ;,st.'
is ..,ct. of tie flirt perty, ...1 o., to }t,_
t1.jinteld b, the Ireseident of th*' Vtjttei
hut tStatea: and in the ev.at of th't Last ap
be owintmsert failing to e mada, tlen tie
wi other two shall act, who, with the Cidei
o F .tgineer of the 8tate, shall inspect allI
* wccrk perfornned by the comnpany, eand
151 mike miontbiy r parta tthertof to the. Gov
* inor ctf the $hate. $aid toeinitnon dhall
and alseo on the tiret uiav of neah truttth or
ut't )iftenler, if detired, oni demand of the pre
Li talett of the compiluy, mujseet all wore
le rforutwd for wlti-h no 'ert-ifl'-.tt ha,..
bc-n icsenad, and t'ertlfy to the annie,
*m -atating the amount th.*roe-at. aand sh11ll d
1 var a copy ofetaid eertii 'ate to th 4* tu
thi irtiir of thnŽ Itait., anti anstther taipy to
the Paiesidelnt. bSaid comtmieidnnerA. ex
rept one, appniatied by the eomjnlwy, .ahai
te paid by the 8tate at thai rate of six
H bomanind ($4aO0thl dollaits per annum.
Filth - A enmminateson of one per cent
0*n the amout collectacd shall bee allowed
tae at oompeniiation to auch ofilcara oa4
whom abmll devolve the colliction of that
Staxazeimpowtd by the act of the Genezali
Asbietnhit 1k4'&iibetlire re wrrei to, to t
*deducdcd and pa~id cat of the twecde of the
lie- -opa.
an1y titxlk---Lated ofilwee millions of cubic
Bi-a- yatds of levee to be constructed hi that
* said company annually, am provided in
and article four (4) sselion two (2) of said ac*,
10 ot the waid company shall pmdet&ake the
ned. qecond ve~ar, med msnmahll' thereafter, to
o n- construct tive smillie. tbite yardts antil
*red ii.n4 kve3 shall be ceompleted to the atangl
I the Iasnt required by the report of maid coii
iaity tmisiaatm. But ii( any .iranmsatanc., such
ntod. asa an epidemic, ma overdtowor any other,.
esaid t'ause withont the cumttrol oft the comfpanfy,
wtt: or t'atteDg loam to it, shall oecar to pre~.
e of Tent the execulion of thisi ulipallaion, ties
'tule shell not be binding.
flier. Tiats done and pemeed to aqyoffieeatj
-mand the said city of New OdeensAsthdpte
Isa mw ence of - ite sre
Etasa- lawful ago and domiciliated in thiaelrty,
pied. wan hereunto sign their nenmes, tggetheF
Blry* with the said appearers, san me, the 'eai4,
alohn notary, on this tmea~sieh dqt oitrehre .
F. 14 In lbe yemr .1 our Lcrd ou4.thta
war4, eight hundred mad msentyeym. -
fie* Signed:
hBR. M. A. Brymaon JohnN. BDge6
ghed lI t.eanel Olsar, John J. Audc.ppa, .
amaalGearge E. beurmsn, . X.Besrbot>
menA. eGmrices cha4.. T. abwua
hj a den-tJA. Morris, A. D. Banki,'
etgh- C. Millmedon, F. C. Psemiek,
Sthis IL A. Sonthwotth, IL T. Isurgeum,
pnyDurant di Pon::, Michael Hahn, I
p~at, II. C. Wtrni.th, (lovernior of the Shnte of
ior of Louila~na.
er of the 1epo#
ilg , o L Je . . e
Approved February l8,197. 1
S"t8ga*te It. C.'.ARMOW
o( 3 er o fwa (as L n kie
Atrue copy: and
IL. ý I esa of I~te.an.f
:' than
4].,`.8.. the p
i;4in~ telhal,
To as at ax act entitlil "An act to ini- .tat
earpoPj . the sont western Ptailroad Loami
Company,." api r w 3ldre bft enth I hI l
(15;. one thlnsLAnd eight hundred and jhe t
fily-hive (t185), alitdgranting aid.there-1aiku
to. . . The r
Sac. 1. Be ,it enacted by the Senate asa
.ml. HA'"eA it exeutativea of the state
of Louisiana in tkeyaral Asimblty con.
vened. Th.l; the Sgothesietern "tailraddia
Ulinpaily be ini :th~ey are hereby an- v
thoriaed 16 smake and hate attra- time to .or C
time, as htreinafter pruvi.led, itb bends. coml
to be kiouwn e .4seuon ioortgage teonds o. ound
the Southeat.rg Itailfroad Comqiany. hnti
gu:irantee by the State of Louisinta; o: ºr ,
a ich jfenomination a. the cmnpewy mai muud
Aniot, but to an aminihnt o exeteding in (ctu
te) aggregate twelve thouanud five bun
dretl dollars for each and every iLlet it .
L length of iti' rrmilroad to wsine ltinlt withiI ttely
the State, on LaTke B-r;:m or the Gulf o: trues
M5-xico, in conformity with the power an4 md
r authority vested in said c'nupany by the .ltlrt
j State of Louisiana, by an act ui the Gene-, De e
ra As:- uibly of the State, and approved Irea
j March fifteen (13), eighteen hundred and in b
lfty-five; provid'd, that in order to avail purr
itself of the benefit of this act, the Mant ie c
, Soutb-eateru Railrotad Coumpany shall ficer
, commueIc8 the wsrk of building Mait rail- On t
d roaul within aix mouths, and coinillete the payf
datme within two y eats after the psausge of uceo
this a I. wn.
Smc. 9. Be it further enacted, etc., .
d That auch bonds shall be numbered con- ead
tsecutively, and Shaul be made payable to .,,or
Sthe State of Louiaianua. or bt-.tre r. at seteL 1rr
r_ tile a: the cru.m try muav&' slgigmte there- ing
in. not more th it forty years from their the
*Late, and hear interest at such rata an, the unti
ti ' mpany maiy designate therein, not ex- ;t hi
: eoeo ing eight per cunt per annum, paya- 1)1,t
uni sola i-uttmanus:1y. asid eoiupons far autrh
t, unrest sdall b1. sinexeo thp'oto. The
irincipal or inter st. or hýth of said bond.
nmay, at thi option qf the cotulmuy. Lh r
tad. payabls in lawful runty of th arl
im .nit.d *t -e, or ij [told toea, 'Cr in Ea- "
1 lah sterin-, ant it pay mbi,- in sttrliin;. diM
I two tIouunia-t fite huidr:l pounds st"r .ulv
ling per nile shall, for the purpose of thin. trw
let. be d*ei:ui'd within the limitttiiiU " ;1
ht twelve thiou..aud fve huudrid dulLar4 P' :pet
rat .toile iA s tion otne of ti.li' act contatind, )r,
-º. and the rlace of payment of the principal}
e. and inter'.t of said bonds, or any of theim.
d- rnay be either at the city of London, it
hi. lt 1, or the city ot N. w 1ur , an.tat
e t ^nmpany moy ele ct andl desiglute in 1,u."
rd- Soc. 3. ]'- it fr-ther rn'tted, e.. tt
rat ttl -tichnt 1t the p3ri -ie a .a n
n : ;!'t' to be exe'itot I I'- eaid cow `il
I 'any to tis (1,va-rnr of t:; 5'.:17 v it
1unaviat., ,.d ei' 'J or the S :et, of L *:1;' ..... (
l end for 'aid eoanmwu. sud whemt"- .tt
K) !1" :tria iCote to itoe be iuyv-mnatr t nit
26 the Mni I Nate, shall teo the trun-.6 91:tL )
-.id ins'rtgage, an 1 vested with tilt 1 1.
air cightu and po-w.. r c, -i it; r d .potn
Srustw and 7h .rejI with th. ttdtie1 b-re
U. .uitter uiow tnpoa him. ''h"" s t
nortgage .Aiil he iv lieu upon the wi ":c "t
tf the mid main .ine of ra.rtsad vi -i1: 1
A fontuany witbin tihi State of 1,. :. 4i.. tr
tl n'l m upon ail the right of way. r ,.:_ 1(l :1
"...;L-, d i., ts, , statiety, .ieop'i, l):1 .hný:. " ii
. In.wchii't . moor, enisn , cahrt std rto. _);
to ttd ersotnrl estste aetitan time htate t.e
t wary ftir thin. operiltioni of said limain Ietir
iet railroad owtmey hy the t'-:ups.il at the
atli te ofaaid mnortgag.e or which may be ac
Ulqtm red to it thereafter, and alao upjn na
e orp'rate fran'*Li'ssn tind iirivilegies of aaitI.i
bu cotnpmpiy p amnted tby thr Sate at Lcui: 14
a.uni, rt'ativt' to the conatruntflon, atlert
fla l act uae ''A aait Ilrat lihi.- of radirearv
ore eithin ith, Mtte ot Loui iaiia. Iti: the
I it n of esaid ma tgage .-ball be aubjeet mnd
aib-'rdinat'i to ti prior lien Lao the exteaam
it- en heraina~fter .ipectiied in faior ofa frtmr. ai
r winrtgage t" Lt liaide by said eonmpany tc t
ft'cr bod to be lknown as Fir-t Mtort- t
. aate Ilointah of the Southeastern Riml~roald
Comnpan) : such first mortgatge bond" ,
anx'sd the mnbrttgagC securing the same shall o
be a prior lien only tothe extent of twelvem
ntthomusa Ise hundred dolbirs, payable it
wecoow, or cu.riicy1 or two thorusand fiv
kjinndl pitnid sterling of ea~ch first mnort- at
gage bynula, and the interest whkh 'univ a
e secrtte thet.*on, at the rate of not exced- mm
o hingS eigtht pee cent~,w p m annua, reyableit1
s etDananiUdly, upon seac and every mile rt
of the aforesaid nmium line of railroad L
uicwithin the State of Louisiii'a, ineludling
allthe right of a, road~it, rails, 41*-ot, t
ii in sttin,*ushops, beaingR, machineary, a5
acol , engiaees, ears, sad reat and pefiuonalini
th saewithin the Stote of Louisiana, ap- e.
, opreat *oq u ecewasry for the opera-tf
tion of maid main line of rxilritad own**d o
by the company at die (late of Maid mort-4e
__gage, or which may he acquired by-til
suhthereafter, tad the corporate franchises a
thr sad privaieges of mild company, grantedA
by the State of Louisiana, relative to the 1
__construction, ' operition or use of maid
Smain line of railroad within the State of
Louisiana; Che principal of mach mort
'e at W b~ondrnot o beliayable a les thnj
Sjforty yeuss *rom their dsat, unleas in me a
~ fdefault o paypsey of interest theeos, ,
sq lz4paaof a ale offd a rsiand.sec-}1
of the flhIedt sad o
*h syt whish syGanhanRl
beiS elmp b~esmi4 pmp E the em
watmair lne &
Sap4oB I furthe meted ethe.s
ti That the said mcrtug to the Gover-'
1aor of the 9td. ta Lozznaaa
frrthe .Mus ir by .
sal bomda. 4hd pa nett d
sinking tapadIm atn emUs i t , Awt
kiwi ee thai Wcl .4 w (4 miwtpage.uta
and pluA blbq mdqgn }thereater, 4tbh
and. acl pay W 4ehtr ,lto4, be lee t1 a I
than one W-4f of the total amount of nweuit
the principal of all the Abefte whidijcon I
hall, upto the lime of mslliaInmst, gold
.Mr bIi*n uarmnteed bywth1 State rot
Loidiant. tut hereointar .pasikd.e. d
4 h.tlar euanetanding or ubndernd.to4 Y
ýhe trustee fur the,pjrptiaea of Ltre'
sinking fund. as hersiinaetcr rpyide-o
The.money s so p id to the said trustee
ts' all be forthwith paid by him as soon iocir
i-s )gied nato the treasury of the to
St:*tit, and shall we paid out ttdty on ;else
_ vy !ni the wtarrat of flid tretee i.ul
.or seeondi mortgage bonds of said met
1omopauT, snirendeied to hire, and a1; llui
oonda ; thu'. .mrrendered and paid for :a rs
'h-ll le forthei h staaaiipe d by thbeF!nd
,rastee, *surrcudertd to the pinking so
'ud and out. negutiable," in sonw .'r- the a
iectual manner. so that they can oru tatW
9e3 again isseucd, and shall be finmnedi- 01
a itely thereaiter delxwited in thu
treasury of the state, and the numbef
Snd auni-tut of eweh lnal .'v4ey howl sa.
uurrsnder' d to the -inking fund shall i..I
rie entered by the truste' and t~ y tha ,ftt
l 'rieaiurer of the S`Ota of Louiaiana, he
din book to be kept by them for that
it purpose, which hooka shall at all times the
1 he open to the iwapeetion of the of- Ine
al facers of the company. But the interst ono
o- ,n such snrrendered Londn shall be "aid
h payable aIs it acerues to the said trwut4w '14
of acording to the tenor of the co pu 10 I-o
and become purt of the sinking fund. S
and shall be deemed secured by a a i the
to aortgage in like manner as if sait by
t *urrenderedl banida were still oi~etand
rit ing.ad such payment and interest or.re
AT the surrendered wueads shall contin 'Pi
until tin' sinking fond shl: snaimonut to t
S; suillicient anli to piy a11 tihe dtOUli uor
iii'irtigttge bonds outstandiu'g. The
h ru:,tehall not apply said sinking 1,
tiad na' a .:iy pert thereof to the par-! if
lardhase of Soid lhnsds at any greatel
h eiea then patr and accrued interest.
.."ie mrortgage secuariig saui huond< n
1.iail c(41..win suitable Pro" i'ijtea froi
dr .uiertising for w-:dell preqiiO-t 1- to thet
hs tr:istri to surrender hoaw.i5 for tie pur.
O io e of thel sinkiing ituil, and th.
ikI ytti'tie snkil give tin. prefler.'ner' to the
grod. a "oai uaot faviraaal' to the cote-ml
pa t .my; provided, they do not exceedpaa
S..ld .auaaIr intereat. If, on any occa- as
aicu. seleid proposal r'i not rcoeiveo if
tn* :.lo' tr ustt'ee within the timno lirait*'<
!1V ton adv-ri-t-zment, for the raeiiajit a-1
t.. >amb-r of bonds, slit:oin thit.' '.f.i o:aia K
.uimt of jiarict t) thjith' thh( whli :r
1, .oun of>: :u1 .:d Col L..r 1, th1,i
ns turte .Q:11,within thrlee dayis t
e it r b' .ct tieiit in writing, Ip.'eci)f
."+ tinoo lt of bond. e- l*r. e r .i'
at ruiee''oalni.i-totlelr to dras
b o: the re.rlaisit atnauntofhonds t.
supail: tae defici~;e'iay. T'ir -s4-id e..aa
Iuiýsýionee.sij:iil fouthawith, after thei
i appojiuttwant, drawn by l1t from tht
iuniiwrs of all tat' seeiounl raort,,-.g
wr. niids 1.1.'1 (;itt *.1oring aUjInha:, .s ,
owe1is.- t4. 511 amo~un~tS stliir- Iliowsp
ifiil.. teio n ,a dhall ui.Itiiit i' i to ,* :iiI
.0 . itll (1011':' . .t e ...I 4x..11 1i~if,ak .'
it k)-"1.t r4 .i ..ucirifig i1% nejia-r +
S r .t : ilV thi. and smil :ittchL' tthei:
(1 : LLrt au allitia SWorin to by eclh (:
ni. .e, hi .ore rlitC (liie3 r of tln 6ý.t.
-e. ). ei s,azStan . sauthnol.:d Lu iahtuints to
i~tlcth4 sta'ing that auch drawaan was i
he t .te,q gjnd tha 1ji.Z u *ejtrt ii ti.F
t 16 ..ail .'atiiis-'t.' if ti' tiaaete' taut.
isport of the ('surniae,aote'rs shdlJ b.
*lih4 rin the itjjee saf the ti wretirv u
.i4J.Mts iif the' Nate of qI.jiajinian , an..f:
.r- 1 .JI rt'(tpoi the iio.dens U o thaI L)ili
ro .irn.g the iaanii.n al. ii rawn by tL.
tb. ('mtinif&tOuersli iind iipic tiel in thnit
and i ep'trt shell Re' bound to .aurrendrr th.
it". n .iin to saaid~ trdisteel on rs a'eing frona
irmi' aim hiaa wiorant on the lStit., tite sac'
ly tC (. tioŽt antitiuit t' lrini).pai oh i-ni..
Iar- wjde, .wit~h the, iaitere si seemed thor. -
raid upon, up Lu the tiama of th' axpirtttion
mad j the' untaoc ruerat~ioxitd in sectitin fij
shua1l or sneix curlier time are such warraul
may be delivered.
CAve tS s. 5. Ba ii ferther fiacted, lt"., That
nort- iimnetdiatefy after tue '6Inig of said r.Iipr
m I of sa d ormiunioaewra, the company sat.d
ased. cisusa a notice to be puabliwed specitying
yablelt ias naithasf of iie buada aj dr~awn, amat
mile requnaiing the holders thuriof to saan'ndar
Iroad the same to saul tr-.aitiv ota er biefore a
iding specified d~ay, which sifahl taut be lass than!
kncot, ~thn'ty day. titer the flint pablicatlas o..
anry, saidmodeSt tiiai..notice ablsahbe publdihed
aonal 1pa dediy newspaper in thai city of e
n, p- rlcans, ami in tat least two daily newspa-q
caa er nth sy of New York, for four sue
awn**d seessive weeks, and upon the expiration to
mnort- tie time lianited in said notice, the inter-!
by-Ideal on the bonds, thae samzibu. oe which~
chiae*e arc specified in such notice, eahall cease,
.anated .wnd no interest shall accrna tha r,.on after1
to the that tizne, or be payable, except to that
Smaid sinking fund, as heretnbefore provided;
ate of provided, however, that if in, of the
mort- besnde so drama Asha be pqanale lu the
a than city of ILondon, furaar publation of mid
a case notice pallea be made for at least four usc
eneoa. asse weeks at least three timtes in each
at USc- week, in two newapaspeas publisheJ4u dbh
them.U be at st~aiu -A's dyqs throkila
tis qeo* ptgl F gotiPati of
at -pt notice, and the fdatesmt am
men- hetm.s s.ahicmedbwibi earn to
a~psar- (aseptb tse dnaid4 kend a hinerbb.
ie~eo4 kie polied~s) - *ie spaadestthe las
Scous .qmasedausoet whbppegqstfr beenb
ad the ssp ek4 he sin 1ki 14.udnswu
* sw- orthe ws~ag fnd.s a dsphdiu
leafter surnany, cown or
[lover- the annual patyinents to ha amada
shal. coxpany to thie tra~ate, k an o
Iam mgaej'AIrsr thir -ra
j s the of saMi bwh s sad 1
c****ueams su*U*415wags4 -a4
Mr...a. nment*imosale.,@* #=*
1,n..atee P* esases a sw -y
t&Ubs~e t dete ;aMdwheeWe waypq- in cc
awentCso requidoragrudtobelnadeaP b0n2
coln is mase in emreascy the psweig qn g there
tgo adga othei t it I ar d W Y arn sent
14 the payment is due, ahallbe added; mile
.u&dA tae'h dtae decigse y recovery in of ran
motage bonlrds, o any of hemorat upogn ;aen
A1e 0t mortgad the ageant doae upon fncp bndc
{ said omade in many be piyal) h ia coin rail
or steruing, etis due. shall be add;by ie Stpt
teing cois and aterlinga: p. said vely, crpo
motb garreboy, arcsading to the for gupng q(re
;nlo. Whenever the teA + currency" whic
Sasned in tlia met, it shall be dpeaiedtc rtop
L1 mean abliuations of the United tse es o: mall
1; malence, -which are. 4r abel hb, abyLhe boni
t a s of the Unite etuiA, seeudeal4iv ies
sanber in payment of delaid. the 1
See. d. Be it fatuter enacted, etc., That sonS
- the maid mortgage to the Gowruasr of the Stitt
,tatie of LoWi"i nai shali contain n farter 1t'4
fitrsifni, that in m 4e default shall be of a
amde id the paymoant of the interest of a*u
said bonde,, or any of them, of of the smid doll
,inking fund. or any part thereof, and the 'nan
-axne shall remain in arreat for sixty days mill
ifter becoming due. and being demanded. thu
4f the said-eorpany, the principal of all chef
the bonds aesured by said second mart- fine
;age, hind then outctauding, shall, upon the
the expiration of said sixty days, become the
inc and payeblA, and said mortgage shall pit
at .ntaii 5uitable provisions for the lude oi mcu
ta. -ito railroed and the appurtenances. by Lot
he trustee, iw use of default in Wte undi-. the
ion; of said mortgage. '*D
d" Sec. 7. Be it ifrther enacted, etc., That iOa
the said mortgage shall, aidlr its uxecnutioi gi
by the esoapany, be delivered to the
iovernor of the State of Louisiana, and ii ma
the smae shall be in conformity with the the
1r f>tvisioo of this act, he shall indurse his e
epprval in writing thereon, and cause
the saiuid mortgage thus approved to be re
"orded at length in the oflice of the Secre- lo
ht.m.sry of State. Such approval by the
rag overnor shall be couvachi.ive as to the th
ir- timcdicicy of the trt a md :i..'" -ti'n of
en' id uirtgtage, and as to confityriii!y to P'
he rrovi~ana ofthis net, atud such record ,
ng ianill be construciv..,not ce to all per
u tons of the lecn of ,aid nor i;tte, and 5acL 1Jh
.nc thall be pjariL.anut to Ali other liens
a.d iucmnumbrance. umon the tnor ;rage.?
ri- .rdtmisae, except the afraiii lieu of the
-rt maort~ntg. 5v t b exteut of twelve
the thousan t five huanared chmlla.rs, or two
'm mcausiand five hundr.e.l pounds sterling,
pa4 1ad interest, on each and every mile of L
ne- aid mo .in line of r.ailroa'l within thi State
re'ai ,f Louisiana. 1
tt* ; *, ", . B1' if fcr her f'miit. .1 eta.. That
tit vbhu ahi- :.aid ace iid u.,rart .tj j 1 ba ;"
L;& a. 'ten so d-livered, apr oeid sad roe ": 1:1
Li,! *ai o ci T'i kt in'- ,, Mta I or "ticthi o
lb £11 u .utae - . 1.-ia- t.a let "L.. sit mainm lina 0..
rT t aitro:"+a, wittiu etce -Wae nf I rda;" za.
i t hll :.ve be' t co-dtru tal by tif pcas
. a iy. adl ite r .;Lu ltii thlrm.". n, the corn
I. Dtr m." yOlivor to the Goave-.r of w».
ruaI 4t*t* of t ouia..t s'. xty-twn trii to npl 114
. ina'lared dolLars, or tw--!vc thouase d Ave i
iii 1 nauirnd jfo..nda eerbnid~, o1 ,ta 'a
ac rtgn.fe loa.,Li. ad.l the G ia ranr duli
tIM rhereupon -'ahbs^ribe a c!re l.ats, to be
;-g' ritten or .priute l, upon earn of sail
o .tends, in the fl owiung words: f The
mln uynmaaot of t.o. principal of t(.e within
,i wel dn dti , ail i Oae ibter- at th. re
r ~ :i a°"r.0, i; g inar.aato-'1 1 thn
pisi ,t"mt, of L rinii.aan, puriuant to the pr.
10. "'e. of t.ine sect of the (enomral Aasemibly
if sad State authurinaug suca guaimn $&.e;"
ad had a,"x the g t ato tt4 f th_ lite
1 1ousi.a'nULto suesg c-rti.i ma., mnd the
Sa~ d s-;l chiall bs atteinaodl by thn. siginataire
can the ha risary of 1-uats. mnd the bonais~
ca . ail then be demlvera'e t the coa~jnquy
Ciiu ar it4 qincrdl aaes nii- puarpof..- naiitor
li by it, chorta r.
oa 8 .9. H il fartaer einact..t, et... Tha~t
,f'i - u tze (-f'X -irit: -.fn o emith :td btion sl
fai I -ctfo 01fr f:*rituo of flv mitro in length
t I .4 sidi iin Ira li-ne of railrwnot *ithxin tax
wit tatesof Louisiana, the a-..ampany nmay te-e
stto utaodl l'ver to thme Gjvernor of t.:ae
[rona to. 0 Lj':isin..smua a further amnaLflt a)
-4 eotd in. ct.Li,A bond-n. t-uaal to
I w a'- L.iitt-fflft Ev hm'nir: I dollarn. car
avrefw thuawnud fivo hundrefl pounds atert.!
--nig. as the c' tpanly away elect, for each
attain un- every jeilam in length of said wain line
4n ramlroad within thme Stiate ol Laouiishe
rianal s cfminfrtrcted (aind for which bmonais shalt
niLt have been pravinumily gua~ranteed mis
Tharta rin rovldedi and theresipos the asaitl
Cpo inwvruer shaD anbacribne a certificate of
had. guaransy upot~ealsg and every an of dI
syiag Dooada, iin tie loris pramcribcd in section
, -mgkm it of this act, and the same shallbe
tinder ceained and attested to tUke maanidr, sad
tore a shallI foilhwitii be delivtefrd t thenem
Sthan! pany for ita genaril ma.esail purposes,
limhed whole of maul main line of railroad within
)Noa the binate of Louisiana shall have bees
wpa. conatructed by said company. all the rmee
x sge. due of the second mortgage bonds, an
ion bt4 thorased by this act, ansq be esssuted II
inter- khmm eampasy. sad euis*ates of gnarantes
which ~thereon. in the foara aforesaid, shell be
cease, subscribed by the Governor, and mdesle
t aiter and attested as herein before -provided,
10 the. and such gnarantee bondv .hdt foethuith
vided;1 be dellired to the comnpya a hr IS. -
st the]i eral ames sad purposes, ansmcrarpd by isa
la the Ichator
if maid Sent. l#. Bsdft ithpaueeted,Pte., Tht
ar sac-I Se..igutur e te Liovernar S.a eaime
a esch~ 5esteme~aitt~es dilb deseMIvpmaqh
s etshworofhattsneletesses swyb nod
tiferds ,.rgdbe se thee ini dt hia, -or
ahe was Medihea
~a~ bdmrd6 e
Us ad. h. ai aw ****e4h**
of lhet tsqta Ia Set omabimd abel
S e o entathe dm. 1
in coin or'farne , b two ta mana r h
bn»eltJ ~iSAnitust g, sad 'Imitonest jMep
thereon, at`L Abeiortsenedtting" dhper theirr
Dentj "e'bha'UlltOa 'el tsid `eve. The 1
mile ef th U eitt leaga o1 imMtsharm a
of nsmiI** ithin the sate of Louisiana; of dir
and it druwe s-rneosinme of any wti* ueet
:age uponiths 9 .main Biafalu i as
befort the whole of the said main line of
railroa4 'hai h ve hebo etpletJ, th- A
. #a1p4 Iisiaoa may, rqughits Gov- at
crpae~ require that past of enad m 'line
go rempb within the .crate' ot Ioasl ba2 to `"'
which shpll h1ar beeiy constructed, sad in h
rispect of which the .ante of Loufaisa
44all -ha"e gteaetitb setofd -tmwrt age
boncls, be dol&, sh&e prswee&-of the etk Jro
,aq soi together with it duepra artbou of1 luita
the proceeds of the cte; e.agine, uaM pew .,kM
sonal property efthaoompeay, shell asmun- tae
stitute a stud upoa which the Brst mortk gora
gage sheil be a frn liar to the etea) cony the I
of seearing flirt mortgage bonda to the 1nteu
Samneum of twelve thousand *ve bandredoup
i dollossin coin or currOncy, or two thou- The
,snafu t4eu ndad pounds sterling per ,jd
m mi4 for every ;tile of constructed road a
! thug sold, with the airuarage. of interest
I thereon, and aftr paying such amount of
tfinvt mortgage bonds and Intetest out of stod
a the said fund. the surplis, or as much
e thereof as shall he nee- sarn*. abnll be ap
u plied to the payment of the tidl .sweond eves
r; mortgage bond. gruarnteed of the :hate of {r f
y Louisiana, Aid all errzenrag.s of iBterest the
thereon, or in came er.h sale shall be made All t
noder the said second mortgage, the male
may be nade subject to said first mort- N1
gage, and the portion so sold shall be re- limbh
temptd and discharged from the said fAi or i
i mortgage, and the lien and operation me
L thereof, on the surrender by the purcha- aid
i er to the trustee under said irst mort- ino
iago, of first anortg.age bonds to the cum
amount of twelve thousand live hundred I
lollare, or two thousand five h dred
ht pounds sterling. nn'l the unpaid oempons
therenato appertaining for each and every
om mile of said railroad so sold, or on then
tu payment by the pnrrhaser to said trnuatee
-if a sur sulhicient to disahatrge a like t
r ount :,a the first mortgage bond& au..o*
c the coulman in arr...r :Lerova. loci
.12. N& i further enutctedt, That rate
I this act ashll take offect aunt be in force ad!
.oin an-tAfter its pnaeco. pt)
Iic Signed. GEO. W. CAEiLEB,
we .'ijuaktr of the Hotse of ltepresentatiaee.
i, OSCAR. J. DL'N.Y.!
of Lieutenant Governor and President of the
ac 'e!ate.
Ltfa, copy:
lIat Gon. E. BoTrE. the
st :nrrnmtay of utnt. ttb
a t The forwe'ning act having bean pr~erst
o " i to th (lnvrrne'r ef the ,t.ste of Louiu4-.
Za. 1-a for his apprv-1. and not ha''nug beeC
>t.' t tured b. him to the house of the flen
ant- I -l Aveembly in which it. rgiated with- !
t :. : the' time preecw eul ly tWe crntjtutiiot1
tc of the .tu:e of j ouisians, has becuno mu
live i:c witnaoet bhe sprnval.
(iEO. E. DO E ,
lull ,.`cretsq of .reste
taich - No. 29. W
nbc All Act
aiu To nwnl and r" - aict u:n aidt croatin ,;
r thh 'iivR r 1`..ckt:. t'C..
th ; ny, aciml t") grent Htate mid thereto 1
ir - S:-tno: 1. Ie it eanaaed .. the
'zuattu auimd Hlouse of Rse.r.retintutive
'f " tme- fiste~ (uf L'uisiaana ingte~
thim. u5.44Z14bly convenud, Tcamt 1lcajanmi: '
lueMoantgoinm rv, C. C. Aja ojne, Anderson
anduc Ii. Lewis, (leorge, 1. Klcso, J. 3
Lor- tlard. 1'. B. 13. I'iuhb.auck, J. Mtl11,
Martin, Janitt II. Jugrudhama, A. E.V
rhet iimriaer nand thuvir assoc~iittt a, suceoneorm
on. ~and aqaniguj'nr ar 14reby cr.Rted anid coin
'ugtk atitute4 a body corporate' for the pur
uh ome's sad with the privilkgee mind right.
exe .I hereinflr set forth.
Ltoa A3'VrcLE L
I o.Thse said body eamrporste mhafl in)
. rkno" n uinmir the aSAAIe ian-I title. of flh
,erl.! Minarnappi River JPackct Coumpanye
esehnd bay this title' it, 4ha4 acquire pro.
line Dest', se soand beusiwd, and shuall n
inajoy aena eae~roiuaa aul powers and rig st41
bshmh of a body corporate under the laws of
said saWcLBa U.
~ 'The damicale of t oulpeany Ata~ll
wadtbe in hecity o* New Orhesuar.
The objeot of thai. eompany mm tot
coeetauct or otherwisee to procure an
corn ntin on or mos tmmbeatm to
a the and navigate the Mwup~ li
ithin $ts tributariea, for the pu11poset -
s- arTIces Iv.
" ~Tie capital stock of th* 4Xjiyay I
ed b& hrneb Azed at y1h thousend!
notei a re thousand'
allb hdseof one& &44sppeach,$
riled, n hB [email protected]
kwith I ofaonnd
nbler-rh4~ aulflhe tenmi4den
cr paid 1etltome nd"th
*r of dolAIbf
.4f g.da abBhoetheyete *' elg
bea d suint isdelret meenm an
~m time dsti it etem cq, .of
t " t s 4g weh
s~., w more w rn.bmp
sha fcI sim31 twmty4~e vmas
'hiu irem ", i ntre si
T h p u w Z D~ in e e o n o f~
The~ .t~h but
,of dire tius" WbhoS44-Wn tutil toum'
4UtscC(sotS A11864 e l inpu.i~ foe
'* fa lore to fe~et liuecms'"ea regpai
mreeting of the. stn ghblUefmd i & or
djisscolve th~e wmp* buothe drtlst
r lace, vepoW mbtoI of th boa r a of "l
r aememmsry rules and by:sw for the
govewmat d the .eomps~y, M~vided
Y the a LObdo not cn with the ,,re
e 1intent mumsire naig ptthints¢i of in
dourpoTatio11,' acid theoLure of the Stag.
I- The board of directors may duelper
'rDividends from time to time, as thy7
If hawy direcor shafllcauehto be
stockholder during his terraof offee, it'
shall1 je the declard actin a; or in thee
ed (event of the death, permanent absenco
gsj ur reSogDAtiOU pt anj 1airoetor, th e
rt- N AiIlCMa. X16
rt ostockholder shuall ever be held.
'-liable or zesponaeible for the pouaaacta
r.t .r fault"i of mild company beyond the
°A motft Of his, her or their stock in
`a- said company, nor shall: any MreO
r t, kiuorinriuitv iii the orguniastism tf uwaid
edcmnyhave the effect of rtoideriag
rd.tepresent charter null, orof erpomn4*
NMIIt tokhodertoany greeter liability
tLhan the amount of isn, her or tbtel
ik ISod n ubecr~oer rdijp, or le
oa:io lay puactnadly him, her,or Wheir Insallf
*ueentg asthe ame nfall dui ixtctnmtat the
but; rate of eight per et nt. per annuw shall be
ýre:tdlt Vt ie'rto froms waurity until MR*
pxaysateat; sald ii aday aibecrbur neglha t or
ratia.a to psi} luia, her sir their install
,, .auett witloi dtlary d~ays sifter thl sipeci'tiel
timeq of payweut, the baoord of directuze
41151 _hll ave the right of cauariug stoy share
or salares, upoaa w~ihis .and iias mt~al~.
way be due, to ies told at auct en, or 9A
torteit said share:, or to compel, by silt
,the paeymeut of such i isalimestae the
ooar~i cosy deem pdvitaebla%
er.t-; Th~i lr~eideut of the coatapeny 3s bedy
°" coustituted the of'tuer ern 1an all e~ta
.Ujai ;nay be merved.
J~-t+- L B.e it ftut'hsr menacted etce:. lucts
tlH tin errj'r o: tasi lttaºte of L-M)5iai~az
atol hali snoacribo to the capital utork of kid
nu At~azaaaapji lhiiver P'acket t,;omtlmu'y ibtlie
t~~eof thA. ~aete of TSaea wie
,ive ..iuauj'd runaner ofadhuut
to-.ar c.adas, thei said twenty-fire haiadr.aI
abarcat to Li, 1nia upona file orgarafattuu Of
lore.. B_;t it furthe'r ecoated. etc.. That
ttitip uij r. wur,-r o~f the Stim of Lou~ala igLr4$
4,w tauihb a~atuwrzc'1 sad r qntre to -pay
,rc t0 lae comap wy tae i Iri~iealteh of the nut'
-tht"tjJiih rltwuý iºaL us~ safraraid .as thay IJ.
,tive mnas' duo-, pact pay able on the relfl itioit
___-if Lthr (Jo~xucr cent of any m'o_-iys in the

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