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hero, tbus itspwaraito et - p
"avat deelalg ea a id mateelUiis`
Uas lhiss wi ig Dirt~ s4Uw w
der ithe seedimttee with the spahaeme
1.4 1,30. R mw met.e.d, ate.1.
That the sit utgpi am Masxima
(9s wlfI~p osmre. sh.aa ..an.
sal suggewinp4Id dlgs easel, and with
the eale smevad asos te sape to build
ouete f said enal a piwotectiona eve., to
th, r t of the city of New Orteans, and O
hear the abohe of Iase Peatcbarlrain; at
the eact leWatosn of the said Canal "ad p
Ines., and of all canals dug and levees a
built by the said company. to designated A
and Az 4by the Board at Crty Adasnis
batem, ad the tide to the.san aces- -
A M7 fat said works to be pecsused and
beld for the beneft at the city of New Or- º
lotns, by the Bosld of Administrates of
the city _t New Orleans; the said lake
abots e nal to be awe less than than austyI
fest-wide on the enrfare, and Aotes feet a
wride us the surfa.e, and fiteen deep in et
t- " middle, with proper slope of the idaes, as
tshe said canel or canals along the above ad
to serve as a reservoir for draining the el
city of New Orleans and the leands in the di
rear e the city, the drainage to be tr
pumped feos the canal over iso the lane, h
sad the said protection leves to be net lsm e
than eta hnaded feet wide, and of sau- tl
s-est height to edaplately pbotee the
city from overhlow froim lake Postehar- t
tes. & Be it further eacoted, etc.,
That the said company shall also be sa
thorised and empowered to escavate?
Cisaaa of the diamensao tad at such Io-,
empties am may be AUed by the Board o! tt
Administratoss of the city of New trleane. p
which shall fully drain the area bounded t,
by the protection levees heroin aestem
plated and the Mississippi river, and con
neest with the drainage canals now located
in the aid arma .
flee. 4. Be it further enaeted, etc.,
That the said ccmpany shaM also be em
powered and authorised to build a canala
and protection levee below the. city el
New Orlenas to connect the lower mad of
the protection levee, along the las'e, with
the Mlesiaippi, of a saufielent size to fully
ygauect the city from overlow, and on a It
line to be designated by the said Board o. is
Mdministratora; and to construct a like to
easel and protectiun levee ahove the city, a
tea dimensions and locality in like man- 4]
ner to be do ignatod by the said Board p
Administrators, the object of those two tl
canals and protection levees to be the pro at
teuties from overdow of the arese between I
the Mississippi river and Like Poncther
train, above the N w or comp iny canal,
and below the Carondelet can l.
*le. 5. le it further enarted, etc., That
the mid Mimiasippi anal Mexican Gull
Ship Canal Company shall be authorized
and empowareal to di;; all the sm.iller
cana s ruquirol for the drainage of New
tlrlaajiq and ttao lands in the rcar of the
said city. of the dime usions of ten tiet or
more than ten feet in width. e
,we. 6. BL: it further enateL. e`- . Tiuta F
tiae Boatel of Aaaiui.tr.&torra shall br - r
quired. aat that is hereby u" atl t sir,,
duty, immediately aft r t1 t! p - f
this set, to lueste the lines of the canal
as-I protection lvaeaa spaeoittl i in the va
rouu sections of this act, in time t", pre.
vent delay in the pro: ec-ution of the work
on thi par' of tite el 0 n"1 The'
Bioard of At inistrarac~ are afta rpaiwred
to build and ran all the psurps or drai.n
Ca :,.ne uhin e: ncessary to lift the dr. .L-r
age wat~ r fromn th,. sasit can a tar canals
eoer into L thParamitrain. and moret-
over to keep the water in the a-nahd ill(
gOceSs aM excaivtiton. so far as prta. ticshla.
at the pr .Ip-r level for the work of excave
then, and at C e asne f imo lacat the dr-sin- a
aage of the sdja'-ent lrads : and shonld
the City Ciasntil fail to locate the lines tof
said etansl and protection levteaa above
aap i~eifI the city of Niew Orleans is hraibehy
na de liable to the said company for dam
egee resulting from ant-h delay.
3Sa. 7. Bem it further enacted, eta-., That
said Misaimippi sad Merlitan Gulf ship I
Carnal Company shell be required to hnavei
ready for work within Oftaaaen dalys after the
pnaaae of this act, machinery of saumcelet
hewer to excavate at lenat twenty-Sr..'
thousand (t5,flOO cubic vial.s par mnaath, t
*ada to remove the same, the distance re-I1
'yseheal to build the protection levee, and
'olecrease as moos ias practicable their
Wslei~ay te the capacity of at leasat fty
thoiited cabic yaris per month.
8. Be it further enacedta, etc.,
That at tLe end of every month it shall
be the diR% of the City survcyor, of
No Oles49ran engier appointaed
by the Bard of Administrators fdr
thet pirpoe~, * exsamine the work
dose by the ask Miisip and
Menaces Gualf 81hip head Oanal Comn
pin7, dueling ami shth. and upon
the measurement of lb width and
dletth of the canal, 05155l . parts of
tamale dug, snd protectinsle* sIil,.,
certify as to the anumber g cubic
yards excavated and the numk~r of
cubic ysrda exenVusted and the nue
of cubie yards cf protectiocel
built duriug the msid month. It
be the duty of the Administrator of
Accounts, onthe presentation to him
of the amid certideate of the (Ity
Hurs-eyor or engineer appointed by the
D$osed of Admsiniqiators by the
7useateut of the said Mississippi and
Maxime Gulf lihip Canal Company,
he des* * warrant or warreata as the'
*A4pdutor of $Piraeae in paymest
ot the work so done at the rate of
$My (AS) eatst per esbie yado of ex
eelation sand afty (i0) orats pe cabld
yest the hwsi eves, Ue~e*s
wgesto be of seeh ksaminm.gkzs..
.s alleg b piseudby the preneus of'
-s# are*sdet aty the Admuisitarea
.1Steste. m.pqes punemess to
hima.inasoaae beWarumd. abM
..- t ......matsh r s eedt the said
- e& .es ee Galt Ship
-&asd Quammay; but shoeldabhere not,
-e -ls51I feeds*to essh tihe idd
w~iuakt r wauustsi Uhes the Adsaia
indsage upes Uhe .mse U,. date the
pe smmauatic paid, which omadlat
iiil ircu flairiatheº fssemeak a
w~eight or wageak. ..
See. t B M te re ea e ste..
Thts faseder to p1erM. >teds he too
paatests *.the wek t Ibe dos by
the .elenai& panm ; the three 1oem- of s
draimiug .cainamiamtoesAra w e deala
ig dlqist edt Odeas iauladersbi,
est.ih i1d under the cato: Mareh 18,
1868, e( March 17, Ib, s&athaw
sevemi ameadnentb theeto, mad say
and all ohsepsmomo, pesmom.' er .r
poraoes whi may have on Iinpor
seudom, dmab lt usamr 11t000.*30 of
Admminsteratem of New Orlean. all
moneys, smes ments and ebim for
drainage ia their hands or oater t anr
costsl, on titles to real .ecatue; al
books, plans, tableaus, judgements inD,
favor of commissioners, the odoe far-jm
sature of said drainage commiademen c
a true statement of the claims of raid p
draining commissiomes against the d
city, to be adjudicated sad settled oat 6
of the money colleted prthe city, and ti
everything pertaining to uaid Graining S
distriets, that the Board of Adminis
tratome of New Orleans be and is here- t
by sbrugated to all the rights, powers a
and facilities posseseed and enjoyedby,
the commissiomers of theseveraldrain- A
ing districtas, or of any other corpora.
tion charged with the duty of drainage tb
awl leveeing within the limits of the .
city of New Orleans and Ourseiltom;
that the Board of Administrators be tsq
and are hereby authorised and diree
ted to collect from the holders of pro. L
pesty Within the said districts the
balance due on the ameasments, as A
shown by the books of the Afrt, second
and third drainage districts, uader the
acts of March 18, 185$, that of March'
17, 1859, and the several supplemen.i
tary and amendatory acts thereto,
which said assemsmaents are hereby
confirmed and made exigible, at such
time and such manner as the Board of
Administrators may designate; pro- h
vided, that the said board shall col- t
leet the asueasments herein authorized o,
12 time to provide for the payment of
the warrants to be issued to the said
company at the date of their issuesl
also, to make assewsments of two mills;
per sup.rficial foot in those parts of
the three draining districts, as existing T
tinder and created by the acts of
:Macrh 18, l Ts, and of M arch 17. 1859
and ame. nz ent thereto, and on such
other lands as are brought within the *
prott etion levees & ontemnplated by this t I
act, where no a'ssoaaaments have been 1
mad-; and to execute and enforce tb f
same as provided for by the several
acts of the L.";iialaturc, creating and
regad iting said boar14 of dr ining
e'aonmisiasio'wers, pros tded that all mo
ey or moneys received by the said
Board of Aalninisatratori from the said
eommisssioueas of t.he Jaainauge ,lisr:wt. q
' it ter from the s.ale of prop'rty rt -'t
eaiaci from the aid c*,mmiasioners, (
from th collection of claims for .
drainage now due, fruits the eoll.ctiou ,s
of aidrainage aanessments, and from any
of th" e srces of revenav coat -midl ted
Iby tic p ovi iou of this w'ecion of I
thin act he_ plwctd to thE ete lit of the
3fiisissippi :anac Mexican Gull Ship Ca-!
nal Company, and he4ul as a fund to be'.
applied onla to the driaawga' of Ncc:w au
Orleans and CArrolltou, in aceorlance ta
pith thi !pro.isiin i of t'is act; ana. t
that ali prep .rty, not won-v. so re
eiv'ied, shall be held in trust for th
p tyment of aaid Mi 'si tppi 'and MMxi- L
can (ulol Ship ('mnal $Ymmnaniy andal u
timnatily for duhabsnefttof New Orl'nans.t
.ahotld the sam? not hae reqasirtal for
the work of drainage; and provided,
further, that the rights, powcrs snd r
feaclties possessed snd enjoyed by maid al
Hoard of Adainiustratora of New r
'leans, relative to drainiagae, shall be so t
construed as not to conftict with thet
rights powers and feaclties acquired by t
unsand buildinag levees, as tp ter
in the various sections of this set.
8.-c, 10. B.* it further eanceld, etc.,"
That all sets and parts of acts in con- a
flict with or inconsiajtent with the t
various provisions of this act, are I
hereby rpalean apeiil h
act entitled, an act to repeal mu laws
rand parts of laws creating drainage]
districts in oertain portitans of the pa-1
risheas of Orleans, Jefferson, ete, pea
UM March 2, 1869. generally known as a
the Ship Iaisad emana bill; slso, ma met I
amendatory thereto, approved lMarch
16, 1870.
."Ac. 11. Beltit Srtherernmacted, tet., That
it is hereby mande the duty of the Board of
Adadlaintrmeawa to se. that the parties
whose duty M ts to do the same, sall. ,
immediataly after the peasage of this act,
hailal such levees on both iales of thea
Cae emeulas, and the New, or Canal
d d baking Coaspanys aa sedn
a Patbrri --4 arunad td
Y , astofe~ectually prevent the ovsr-~
ae flo ,ater &a the said canal. during
* storm, or water inals Pomtachei
al teit amaoof thee saktlsveeabe1
. ostaab os~ss
tto hv r&MBthe s~eh tgstsbeh
L he same,msitthe o h rd
Sdoes thre'OSad sea hum
s (Mtemm) GIG. sirnn,
Safposmh..cthms vmec at
3r (Iim4) CUARA J.
Ideutntena4 Seggmr mad
'A thee esps
Gao. FR Dors,
tiNewsary at the Ulate.
Thefirqrigea* a having hees eete
1] ta the Gevsqaer at the dine f1t oida
Oar ht. approval. sui net having been re
r sur.ed y hun to ti. houl Acof tL4 Ge.ners'
we yi uhA it mwignlaied wxths
!t1 ssm bai ý a~idltr
m* Aoeary tantses i
'3Od5 m d 1 ses m ea.
To otmpensoe tsha aGe spiniAmbel
ink the pdhi r o[ is aseeded a al
ped oft la Bais at w Oessies, of teft.
Mabelo a San"ga ehemaster, under the
appritat emt df the Gemssal Assenabl
sw that perpaoe, by the seeton two of
the mat amber ashot4. of the sga
la3 semium of 1257 appeoved Marc l4
Sawn oL. Be it Iseetd by th as
and seose of Bepreentatives fth* bats
of L.osichnas, in Gemesel Assembly eon
oned. That to scompeasate Jehn Bay ter
..peraedn the praiting of the ] evised'
Civil Code and Code of Practice, asn com
piling a Digest of the tatutes of the Mate
of a gemnal heractr, flo which servier
he was appoiated and authorised by see
tion two of aet No. 96 of the reguair aec
sion of 1870, approved March 19. 1870.
the sum of twvaty thouesad dolaas besad
the same is hereby appropriteed out of
any moneys is the mate treasiry not
othewise app opriatrd, to bn paid on his
own warrant ua the Auditor of Public
&e. 2. Be it farther enacted, ate., That
this act tah efect free and after its pee
gned, GEOG. W. CARTER.
tpeaker f the Homie of tepresesatahves.
Litetssant Governor and President of the
A tree eapy:
Gau E. Bovsa,
Secretary of mtate.
The foregoing act, received in my of~ee}
March 3, 1871, baving been presented to
the Governor of the late of Louisiana for
his approval, and not having been returned
by him to the House of the General As
sermbly in which it originated, within the
time prescribed by the Constitution of the
hmite of Louisiana, has become a law with
out his approval.
Secretary of State.
"Tro. 89.
Aun Act
To form a new parish, to be called
the parish of Red River.
Sjerrox 1. Be it enacted by the!
Senate anw House of Rep eaenta
tives of the State of Louisiana in
General Aesembly convened, That
from and after the passage of this
act, there shall be a new parish
formed from a portion of the par
ishes of Blenvi le, Bossier, Ih*Soto,
¶Caddo and Nat&-hitoches, providel
.: majority of the vrt.e. atst of the
qg:elided e!ector. of tat Isirtiun of
the r-arishea of NaIchitse her and
,Caddo resding within the limits
sjpeified in ar-ction two of this net
upprav~d the a uae±, .vI hereinafter.
Soc. 2. ie it further enacted, et_..i
;That tie following 1,11h.d6 Le the
huun'laries of the parish of Red
River. Beginning on west bark
!of Bayou Black L-rke, at its inter
swersection with towusahip lane he
tween townships fourte.u ant cif
teon, range eight west, running
south with the western bank of said
bayou to Black lake; thence along
the western margin of maid lake to
*the township line between town
shipe tweli e and eleveu north,
rneseven west; thence west wvith
said township line to range line
between ranges eight and nine;
thence' down said line to u-est bank
ofRed river; thence up Red riv r,
to outlet of James river, up James
river to Delat's bayou, up Delat's
oayou to Bayou Pierre; thence
ialong said bank in northwestern
*'.recti')n to Bayou Pierre lake;
'thence with said bank to Bayou
Pierre, thence along said bayou to
Lake Ganiminia; thence with east
'~era benk of lake to bayou Pierre;
thence along on maid bayou, on east
-~bank, to its intersection with town
ship line between townships four
teen and fAfteen north, range twelve
west; thence easg with township
line to the place of beginamug.
See. 3. Be it further enacted, etc.,
Thtit shall be the duty of the
Governor, immediately after the
passage of this act~, to aomainsle,
and by and with the mdvice and
'consent of the Senata, to appoint
tor theasaid parisha judge, asherift
£ recorder, sad all other offiers
that may be necessary therefor,
whose power and duties shall bel
'the sane as those of other like off
cars throughout the State.
See. 4. Be it further enacted, etc.,
That until otherwise provided for
r by the police jury tre( amid par.
ish of Bed River shall be divided
'into the heiowiag wards, to wit.~
West sumber one, ecuaposed of all
the& pgstion o ssaid plheout o
teewsaMp Ma bstweentonhp
els sa kt Mnss east of e
r ime; ward sember twa, <s lint
-oodos M patish aorthcef espe
of Bed Rim;r ward ambsr
that portion dt the pinska
at towuship h eiweern
w*.d thirsem, .1 Bgi
is ;. .. .. rfor .
itation tho parnah fair mail cow
aj ruredi \in the parishes o
U... s~a,4agr emaitd eta,
~tti ha - -s jsa q gde
- d meet at coap h i an the
Iiesu a h .ues their appoiat*
jury of the po-& at Red liver.
Thmy lla.s an th e powrs aa&
observe A the ia 'om wead by
gemueml laws od the blate on poliee
Jnes. They bafn make the necs
sary armasspmeasa xorthwith and
without delay, to provide the neasr
my public ndgs, .Misees, lob of
Ices, seats, tecordg books and ap
purtenamoes for said parish, and the
ofoes thereof, and shall not oeame
from their labors until all the oma
shall have at least been provisionally
Sec. &. Be it further enacted, etc.,
That the parish judge shall keep his
oaee at the eounly seat of maid
pariah, and that the said parish
shall form a part of the Eleventh
Judicial District of this State, and
the district court for said parish
shall beheld at the seat of justice
thereof at such times samay be ixed
by law.
Sec. T. Be it further enacted, etc.
That it shall be the duty of the
District and Parish courts of the
parishes of Bienville, Bossier, De
Sloto, Caddo and Natchitoches to
transmit to the clerks of the Dis
trict and Parish courts of the parish
of Red River all petitions, answers,
documents and papers appertaining
to suits wherein the defendant or
defendants reside within the parish
of Red River.
Sec. & Be it further enacted, etc.,
That immediately after the passage,
of this act it shall be the duty of the
recorders of the parishes of Bien
ville, Bossier, e Soto, Caddo, and
Natchitoches, to mike a true copf
of all acts, deeds and titles, papers
of record, in their respective offices
relative to and affecting landed prop
erty situated within the limits of
the parish of Rid River, which the
said recorders shall cause to be
transcribed in a well-bound hook
or bo>ks' paraphela "cc varietur" at
the top and foot of each page, ac.
companied by a certificate at the end
of each book, with the secd of said
reevrderi *afixed at the end of tach
book or Wo &ks, all which shall he
e.Lde4 and, with the origrtal act and
title deeds, be transimit.e Irv ashi.
re or,1e i re pective"' to thI. It-,r
der of the parish of Red Afiv.r" at
expense of the pari-h.
See. 9. B.: it fu-thler enaeted, ct,-.
That should the clerks or recordtere
of the parishes of Bienviel', Bosnii-r
'De Soto, Caddo, and Nacbitochas
rcfuae or neglect to make the trans
fer contemplated by sections seven
and eight, within a reaomable time
after the promulgation of this act.
the district judge shall, by motion
before him, tine said clerk or recor
der so refusing or neglecting to
make said transfer, etc., in the tumn
of not less thiau two hundred dol
larva, and ntot more than fire hun
dred dollari.
Sec. 10. Bc it further enacted, etc',
That until otherwise orovidi d for
by the Iegislature, the pariah of
Red River hereby created shall be.
riepresented in both branches of the
(Geneeral Assembly by the duuly
lolded prstativee of the par
(jeddo and Natehitoehee. D oo
Se.1.Be it further en acted, etc.
That the school fund of said pariah
of BaedRivir shall be provided in
the same manuer am for the other
pariahee in the state.
See. 12. Be it further enacted, etc.,
That the Police Jury of the parish
ol Rod River shall have all the
powers that are now possesseed by,
and be themsubject to all the duaties
that are now enforced upon the po
lice juries of other pariahee.
See 18 Be it furthermenacted, etc.
That in oase the pariah of Red kiv
er s esutblished. as hesmimaller pro
videl, it shall pay the espeauses of
inking the sense of the iatulifed~
electors thereof, am provided in see
Ition fourteen of this act; otherwise,
it shafbetopaid by the parisbes ot
Natchitehebe sad Caddo,
Sec. 14. Be it further enacted, etc.,
That the alperviabr of election of
the parishes of Natelhitoches mad
caddosal r abafise Am dsya' noties
in the puble journal in seid parid.
es, thmi a rota of the qualified sleet.
o~rsresidiaghi that portion uft te
lusemseofwNmhits..Itan 4g do,
indmdsd ithis the NmMisaqe4Me
touseetam two o*et mei , 4 b
taken oatharest Xoeuqply
I871, to agyrovteor dbipprpy6 t
mit : that the atles shall Av.e
wrtensea. prde opo their as
diste:mprdb'*rro agaiqgsl the'
no,. t im die itrnirg board at Neiw
~Orlamiae sa provM43 by law gor
4md aser its p gc.
(signy aG. W. cAltra,
Speabb of Ibe Las at Dsp.
(Biped) 0O060 J. DU1 N.
Lientesmst Germ.. and Prs ilat
of ie3 ite.
Approvea rra s r 2t.L
(Sagped) if C. WAMOBYH,
Go srnor d1 te abite of Iaisiana.
A true espy:
Gso. E. Bows,
Secretary of State.
No. 31.
An Act
Creating a Comnuissiao to locate the
site fat a State House ia the city
of New Orleans` to purchase the
neceseary gro-ds therefer, and
amaking an appropriatta to pay
for such grosads, sad to build a
State HBose and other buildings
necessary for State purposs, and
improving the same.
Sumoniox 1. Be it eacted by the
Seaste mad House of Represents
lives of the State of Louisiasa iu
general assembly convened, That
a joint committee of three of the
Honse of Representatives, to be ap
pointed by the Speaker thereof; and
two of the Senate, to be appointed
by the President of the Senate, and
two to be appointed by the (lovern
or, be and is hereby raised and cre
ated as a commission for the pur
pose of locating in the city of New
Orleans a site for a State House,
and the other buildings and im
provements necessary for State
purposes, for purchasing the neces
sary grounds therefor, and for all
purposes appertaining thereto, and
to contract for the building of said
State House thereon, and other ne
cees:ry buiklings, and it shall be
1 "wful for a majority of said com
mittee to act.
Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, 4e .,
That for the purposes of paying for
the grounds, and for the building of
said State House and other build
ings and improvements neceesary
thereon, as authorized by the first
.ection of this act, the sum of fifteen
hundred thous and dollars be and
.he same is hereby appropriated, to
;w paid as follows, to wit:
One hnndred thousand dollars to
be cp"lied to the purchase of
the grounds, to be paid on the or
der of the comniimsion herein ap
"ointed, or a majority thereof, on
.he Auditor of Public Accounts,
whose duty it shall be to warrant
)n the State Treasurer for said
amount, and the balance of said
difteen hundred dollirs thereof to
be paid in bonds of the State of
Louisiana, having forty years to
run from their date, signed by the
Governor, and countersigned by
the Auditor of Public Accoumita,
State Treasurer and Secretary of
State, anti under the great semi of
the State of Louisiana, to be made
payable to bearer, and dated Febru
ary 10, 1871, and to drae eight per
cent. per annum* interest, with in
terest coupons attached, payable at
New York or New Orleans, as may
be doeemed advisable by the coin
mnission or azmajority of them.
Sec. 3. Belit further enacted, etc.,
That, for the purpose of providing
for the payment of the interest on
samid bonds, as itaseares, all the
provisions of mection nine of an act
entitled An Act to provide a rev
enue, to levy and collect taxes, to
grant and collect licenses, to pro
ride for the crauaon, appointment
and r,,moval of revenue aoeers and
to define their duties; to punish
eartain crimea and mialemesaaour
and to oresat liens and meutgapes
in favercofthe State i eartainesases
and toregulatethe meam c ath(e
payment of moneys from thfresa
ury, approvmd Mardh 16, 181O,shall
apply to the payment of the inter
eatoa the bonds providod for inthis
leo. 4. Be it fbrther unasted, etc.,
That, for the puimrpe of paying th.
psianipal of asid bonds when the
may mature, twemty yein heare
the masturity .1 said bonds, there
shal be set apart, sanay, cut ci
tim general fund in the tremsry at
tim State, twmt we thodsmand 4de
lars, to be usedins tiriag ortaking
up amid beads; that mas es ass
amount oif dsenaty4-e thoma
dubis iesn s;a~*s p yoear ti
Sot ain tmm .huys*udpbosei
To thct tHI; dd Vf asb ib be
ammateehal ab kvinvesd m Slats,
ter Unes Sta es sel Weet be
eetei ae ato I
TI at t¢' : - : ) E ..i
cau -orae M USIt em4 't dets,
.o6 t osanid ea s to up b a
ma t . oeatsr d ats
b Aftritse tWhou" ieaue4 er ar bru
as mayo amt-id bmmadb li.
neeeminy to -a 3r mee par.
ebu., -m in .mimidmmue being
wAntimete a eoperse alil ham
thereto U"e bean - a to the
State of Loliasms, add that the
Otis had asjui ed a good aid valid
title bts 9i se . freern allis
Bee. R Be it fntuher emasetd, ae.,
That this at abdo taks e at from
and after its pansage. sad that all
haws, or parts of law, is oumiest
with th pas s e bhseeby ºp eaad
(Signed) GEO. W. CAOM
Speaser of the oqam of yrne
(Sigmed) OSCAR J. DUNN.
Lieuteom sGovernor and Pre.idast
of the Seast.
A trmy o.:
Gum $. Bonse,
Beoretary of Statb
The foregoins aet receied is my dee
February 54, 1871. having bees piensstd
to the (Goeamor of the srat e Lealet is
for his approval, sad not having
turned by him to the House of
eral Aseambly in which it
within the time prescribed by the eeaml
tutios of the Mte of Lomislean, ie be
come a law without his approvel
Sonwears of Art
No. 41.
To prumote the interest of commerce by
esanblishiag the Louisiana Wanreuen
Company. and guarsnteing the bolds
Section 1. Be it eaecte1 by the earte
and Hose. of Represemtatives datpe asle
Louisiana in (enedal Asseaably eosvemed
That L A. Sheldon, j. . Weank A. bTrinb.
Joseph Hermaades, Lewis Wol ey, James
F. Val ey, W. B. TYaoug sad their ases
uiste, sad all other persons who may
hereiafter be holders ofthe stock herein
meetinsd, are hereby coas itated a body
polite and corporate, by the same of the
Louisiana Warehouse Csepany, whose
domicile sha be is the city of New Or.
Less, for the purpose of owning. leasing,
bolding, erecting sad maintaining ware
houses, sad for the carrying on the ges
ral businos of warehoussemen *and for
warders, within tbs limlaeof the sate of
Louisiana. Theourporstiom hereby crest.
ld shell exist for twemty4ve years, with
power to see sad be sued, to make sad
sn a commos seal, and alter the eane at
Pl*** .
cm !i. Bs it farther enacted, ate.. That
the eorporatie. hereby easted in and by
their coerposae name, shall have power in
sad for the prasesutian of he aforesaid'
business, to held sad acqgire any real or
peramsl property, by pueehase or leeas;
and ftrm time It die*to erll asigm, cos.
vey, transfer, or atherwise dispose of the
same; but this earparatiom is hereby as
premly prohibited froe buying or slinag i
say goode, waraa or merehemdiees or ether
propeety, as dashes, or em commiseies
Sec. 3. iHe It further easelad, ate., Tha
the sai curporaition is hereby asthorlsad
tocharge, roomy. sad olleatthe asssal en
cauemary ra~se of sdorne for the se of
heir waraeusase, sad the machinery or
helaaose therewith seammach, or masm
of teanaportatin by it emploe4;d and is
also sathorised Io chsurje sad weetelv and
ocilact al other carges s ad upeussa in.
aureors to h ee ineerse hotrlaor ether.
wise, inthe rseelpt, &Melhed, stowage,
heaping, or entedr o goads, wares, mar.
chahem.,o e ther propeest which mayhae
received by or stared with it, or upon say
bill of teieg.s stomkeepers o loa a.clor e
etomesl, order Srthe deloosry of goode,
or other deacmaues hewing poeameiom, or
the tight hinels, opes seek tern. as may
he lawfalty agred uasm by the ettiseas of
ths ads. ern*pt that mid esaporeatim
ma charge mas toenaesedae per ceat per
semebmels a mesly abadvead by thema
hetemls eme1...oflt bsb.wwn..;4 auit
isaisse mhbeisad to ebsrge sash commssl
almsassbmdoahe~ sek ther sebsegs as
are nansi sad ea~stasersyjmd is hereby
mmoe4 adthtaUof eutheha es~ aspemese,
idwarms 'seamasadente sand internes
~haBea Me us teasi goods wsres,
amhedis, Mhstbefiiag. dstesbeeperba
or luspeeleras certilsctea. ordersr theds
Msesy ofgeano btaher asumeets shoes.
Ing palsssm orthe sign th~eas or
ether peopint, or pse eas -ee warn,
smerheaists blils of lading. steaepasspa
or mpsesaelere astedae mlss fa thea
deM~ery of -ods or 6Ahe dsinamet
sheutug peassesh or the rghI heeaW.
ar thae property holeage to the ,st
a praesby wheeswaddiqutaspaam
admams. . an seme as... ..l I..a..
muds., ow*seamin, weshmsyb in th
-sat ~w poesmslserm 4 so. L ...
w ..oaer oupwjr e thes me.id
Sb. *igh ~A sess ml so as .sai
smessee sw -bga mpss s ,..e
asseneinesssse ml. insar ve
Utalemmg ofaspgnben asm bi as
* iiesm ner .mgc s toese a t
hmea moss eqe einartu ise
4 ~o eme sn
do weha-egas aers
4 ui asfsesieeto asliov'tes
be olM at plbie suetiem o h ,
anno~rt asth any
my aord dmlwIhm
alo. es oamia s e io
juaa hmrm e beaa ni tem..
& the seals ihelone u
.ak ina thmRS iy pa loer be
wth les afar mand and~$; anor
all hb elu ane mea sahdll
thds the am .f Mn d 244h
boas.e "oaev h saw
Soeaui4 - It. i, fothe
hMONO. Oe -yft mex; S! fl
madthe edlpmeeo Of maid u l.t ,
*.t a the pariams nstalo te 7 0
Id*vnes O isCsed the e- c
mmmp thmmleaoee.v ad to~
Ma dome the m am, sn ft
al fse riMMeg Saidwms ahaWI
the balane., if say, to the uan ty
Ma iyl. toa wsein the sar a.
Sec. 4. dolet futhr shaved e
the espital stock of maid earpeego
eosuele 6 tiwrnuasdwod thommmMjh1
divided hato thwer thousnds.! e
loaed duai, ba ck, which &A %.
deoumsed nssota po'to execd be hois sss i h a s4
may piemeib.. &* 1 ca 4
eamemme busines sand *bell b
My organiaed when the isr eto
them.on dollars sahal have hee
s the eaptatocthin CAiT am
eock may, bya twothirso ofto e a
8ee s Mas it lkthe su~tockoMe., 911
toheorpora stn seaied in therp 4 %
tiocs of Oki. act, as soo am two hd
teiemsaad dolhis of theamid n
be subscribed. awe hereby 'mn
cel! a meeting of the mtoekboklea of #
egypurt, anid said inenrpnmetp rh
be es-oecio direecoe. of 'sa eauppbo
usa a pamesnt organmti.o. dll
e am premuribed in the pee
Section; theme aell then be an ereaim
direplors, ani in number; each &%*
mut hold i bin own name, or is
anm of the earpomaion of ter., *
he in member, at fet twenty es e
dock o this corporation, and mal, isn
Mrat instanee, be elected to serve nee pt
sad thessafter the directors haill e d
ad sun'ny; at euch time sad s rat
measer as the by laws of the
may preeuribe; and said direetoa id
at their Sont meeting. proceed toelde i
of their ausbm, who shall be rspejq
ly presidmnt sad visolprwdent of th
poretion ar the year
Se 6. Be it farther enacted
That the direetors shall have poew
aseke wik by-laws not incogsideea
the lews a the United ,States athe
deem naeemary for the condem ad
agement of the business and a&ist
eowposstiom, the holding of the
the trandfer of Mock and of suberK
theweto; which by-laws from time b
flay be amended, added to nr shid
the directors for the time bhing A
jority of said director. sh il condo
quoarum for the truqscalmon of behm
sad ehall have power to appoint at
move all lemrks or laborers emeu.
requisite to earry on the bunmnee'f
corporatio, sad to 611 may remaie
their numhbr oeasmioned by daead
sigastiom, or otherwise.
(Cam.es' rws O . Ner
P. 1 nm.ansc1, a C. Assn
Mne orlemma, L.. asst
inaests i%'omyt atmeliou glee.l IO
mmd peerdems, lemigre ofwma.dI,
£hamlguma.Iu mewem bg hn=w**'
eoom me dtppl meb.. othenise
on s the qf Zefdlag
Genermi Commission M
Agent to, the ade of BemlF
Mmrers Geo. W. HU nI~
Bhd.e an,, 4 co., JA
Twiry, Ieq,, Lloyd 3E
sameId Dsnet, Eel
MUTUAL Dsusuadi'
u osas uses ?&
.. .l.L ..S*

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