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Semi-weekly Louisianian. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1871-1872, July 16, 1871, Image 1

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VOLUMWE I. · R--YWO.ILRAH8 IrO, IbliIAA, 'BUnIDAM' JILY 1.8 !8'1. ·II UY Bll gl
7. ttil.4AMY AND SUNDAY 31MOR.
t l W . S. B. PINCHBACKL Os.as,
.. 4'. ANTOINE, CaDio,
., ;F. . Y. KEIS), B4riea.
n. G. BROWlN,--.-Mter.A
p. B. S. pl.VcJIBA CK,
Masp r.
ru Tas or SrnCsetrtrar.
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I VoUrrce 3 00
T M ............ .. .. 50
8 otrcs ('cAT .. A
The LoutisaNian.
In the endeavor to etaltiah another
_jpublicat journal in New Orleans,
the prprietors of the ILorwtuxAx?
propose to ill a necessity which has
t'becu Hng, andt noimntima paifully- -
f.lt. to xist. In the transition ttte a
ou our peeple, in their ittrnggling efforts
o attain thIat pcoiti-n in the Body t
r.iitic. s hicih we eaeive to be their t
dot-, it ii reg,.rd'l'l t" t much inform- I
S;ion, uiuidlat&ce, encouragement, coun- i
sl andl rproof have been lost, in
u.,queicEi.'. of the lack of a medium,
'v uglk which theme dedieieMte might
e mupplliel We shall strive to make
tie LtctIOelxII d a desideretum in these
as oar iiItt. indlarattes, the Lors
-:TrIa1n hll Il e Rlepblican at ci
SS atw  i u i'r.d cirreusa4l'sae'" We (
s,,al a.. . s.te the .seurity Iand enjoy- I
N,.nt of lroutl'iril liberty, the alebl
:, cfi.'puty of all men wefore the law,
.r I at: iutmpartial distribution of hbn
,,r .rnd patrouage to all who merit
Desirous of allaying sanincciti,'s, of
.ik:t.t.rtiug the memory of the bitter
Ip,,! promoting harmouy awd union
su ,: all clames and between all in
terr t, we shall advocate the removal
,f all political disabilities, fonter kiud
r..t and forbearance, where malignity
iadl r0,ntnment reigned, and seek for
.lners and justice where wrong and
clpprc,,io, lerevailed. Thus united in
tur aimu anid chjct, wshall conserve
ir bcet interests, elevate our noble
',te. to, an enivtabls position among
h, :.i-tr States, hy tho devCelopmet
, it-r illinmitble resourtces and seture
t.o !Ill ,,Untts1 of the maighty changes
dst t.l history and condition of the
teople anl tihe country.
ltI.sving that there can be no true
hltrty without the supremacye of law,
we hall urge a ~ctrict and undi.crimi
fay.'g aulnnami'tration of justice.
W. eh,.l .u1lclscrt the doctrine of an
I:!Lhl- ,c\ *iei, of taxation cmuUng
.! e',se.~ f.cithful Ccllectium c)i the
tv';lnt~u, cot;ny imr the elapndi
t:r,, cr.,rornu|,lv with the euigen
r ", ! th. Stat. oir oouutry and the
d'whbrg.- ,f ervery lcgitimate ublig"
We'e rll usletein the carrying out of
th* prI;ri-icns of the au't eetabliching
o0r ce:'c.ni1 i ,cihcci system, and mrge
a4 a ,rar,',unt duty the clducatiocn of
Sr youth, as itally Colnectedtx with
their c,n enlight ment, Mxd the aeeur
ity and tanitlity of a lklpbWaa (jov
Fam .Lt
IBy a g~'nr.rns, manly, indlepEndent,
, luidiiou~s ccnduct, we shall strive
t rete to our paper, from an ephema
*rl, SLd temporary existence, sad
t~ablish it nupon a leais, that if we
'b.ot "c',lllxand,," we shall at all
Ye't '" d'serr~ w success
Car0terd l by the United States
tlovernment. Marb
'stirOL enteC, WaIIRIWox, D. C.
DA L,. E TO.. .... Atwar
lIt CerCaduit tet.
C. V. STTrRTl'VAIT., OIhir.
AL k~ * . 9 a. . to 3 .
' J ie *.fi b ocluck
11he shdows of night are meeping
Noft over the brightaens of day;
The lowerM of the wildwoe are wee piag
Farewell to the sun's parting may.
My vspirit i andering to thew, loe
In viesons ml gloriously bright; 1
Then whisper a blindag to me, loe
A bleaming, a his and good-night
In Heaven the pare stars ae malli.
Like angels' eye, watching me here;
And mask, the lone eat beguiling, p
Stms gently and low ona my ear.
My spirit is smiling on thee, love-
And murmaruna on mf deligt;
Then whisper a bherdag for a, love
A tbh'i ski w am l edaht
Teer usem sin sease t se bliang,
Bs dear through the tleveing anr,
And angels their pinions are bending
To catch the4ow breathing of prayer.
My spirit is praying for thee, love.
Heaven lothe all thy pathway i light;
TI e whisper a blessing to me, love-
A blessing, a kis and good-night
Isn't it strange that some men,
who will be kind and obliging to
their neighbors, gentlemanly and S
polite to otherladies, will be so rde ti
and cold and harsh at home, and g
perfect bears to their wives--erwab ti
bed, snappish, ungenerous and al- E
together unsocial and hateful? r
Does anybody know of any such h
men? Not that I wish to lay all h
the blame on man-kind, or con- b
demn theni eri naw not at all ti
There are plenty of good, noble a
men, but not quite enough. When I
they are so strong, and have so u
much power to do good, and win e
love, and bless their homes, why ti
dont they all do it? s
"Circumstances alter eases." 0
Some men's wives are trying ensgh e
to wear out the patience of Job: a
but then, in the- perversity of things 11
you wdil generally find a real bear n
of a man united to a frail, patient "
frbearing and forgiving wife. She P
is your wife, Mr. Bear, and the P
mother of your children, and pro
bably dependent on yon for a home '1
andu means, and ean't get away from p
you; so of course, she is in your a
power, and you can treat her just c
as you ehoose. But if you expect i:
her heart to bound with pleasure i
when she hears your footsteps, or a
to proffer you caresses, or torejoice m
in your presence, you are much mis- t
taken. She is human-neither more t
nor less. Please reverse your situ-I
ations and conditions. How much 1
r and how long would you bear such c
l treatment as you give her? You s
will inevitably be measured and s
weighed for just what you are, and
there is no help for it.--N. Y. dInider.
--Can a man who worships mon
ey be called a ftich-ualist ?
A Dorcs.ts, in describing a pair
of horses he had lost said: "De)
Swas very much alike, specially the
off one. One lookt so mooch like
l- > tth I could not tell t'oder from
which; when I went after one, I al
ways caught de oder; and I whip
- ped the one most dead because de
oder kicked at me."
A , A PocLa writer saygs: "It is ab
s curd to spend one's life in hoarding I
Sup a millions of wealth, which the
f possessor can never enjoy, as it I
would be to olleet and lay upin a
- storem-ouse 0,000 mahogoay chairs
which were never intended to be
used for the furniture of apart
ment., or 80,000 pairs of trowuers
which were never intended to be
SDAmTU says he would not mind
Sliing sa a bachelor, but when be
somes to think that bachelors must
I die-that they have to go down to
jthe grave "without any body to cry
for them"--it gives him a shill that
Sfrost-bite his sphiloaphy. I'D)ter
wa seen the other evening, goirg
convoy to a milliner. Ptting this
fact to theother, it is highl g
WAyrTI-A boot for the foot of
c. the stairs, a haPdberchiet ~'r the
Sae of e pair of bellows, key to
undt a hbox on the earsm,sos water
to wash the face of theeartbina
hLe to t theheead of a clanm, t~~le
eoqsaor the railway time-tables,
apsecimks for the eyes of a polAa,
munskia gr a he of antfl.ac d
n pair of he sor the breahes4of
-. 0
Fining tl domisie of the New Or
losa %ioda nlo sad Vicl-, a
mesting tos held eotmide the u
eity of ew Orleans; granting to
peish courts jurisdiction over
prooeedim for the expropriation
*of property, etc., providing the
mode of proceeding in andcre- i
moval from said parish courts,
and providing against a suspen- E
sion of the operation. of the com- O
pany in cases of appeals or other
Sarnox 1. Be it enacted by the li
Senate and House of Represents- m
tives of the State of Louisiana in w
general assembly convened, That p
the domicile of the New Orleans, d
Baton Rouge and Vicksburg Rail- b
r. 1 Company be and the same is ai
hereby fixed in the city of New Or- d,
leans. and all legal proceedings 01
brought against the said corpora- ft
tion, except such proceedings in rem Ic
as the courts outside of the city of P
New Orleans may have jurisdiction to
of, shall be commenced and prose- o
ented in the proper court, held at a
the domicile of the company; but p
should the stockholders or directora a
of said comp:mny, or a majoritye: u
either, at any time deem it advis- I
able to hold any meeting or meet- a
ings, for the transaction of the busi- d
ness of the corporation, in the city ii
of Baton Rouge or elsewhere, full e
power and authority for that pur- a
pose is hereby given. tJ
See 2. Be it further enacted, etc., g
That tihe parish courts of the sdveral I '
parishes in which may be situated ii
or located any lands, rights or inter- e
est, necessary or prop r to be taken t
in whole, or in part, hy the said cor
poration for the aue of the same,
shall have jurisdiction of all matters e
and eases relating to the expropria- v
tion of such lands, rights and in- f
terests, and in effecting such expro- p
-priation similar proeeedings shall a
be had and taken in the parish i
courts as are now provided by the c
a charter of sail company to be had I
I and taken before tl e district courts c
I of the State of Louisiana; and if, (
during the progress of any such c
ease or proceeding in the perish I
court, it should be aseertaiued or
found that the amount in contro
versy exceeds the sum of five humn
dred dollars, and in such ease or
proceeding the same shall be, by 1
P the judge of the parish court in j
e which the same may he pending, -
Stransferred to the distriet court of]
- the proper distriet for the trial or I
hearing thereof; and no appeal or
eother proceeding in any eourt of I
the State of oImuisiana afecting the
Srights or privileges of the company
Sin the exproprimtao of property or
otherwise, shall have the effect to
t stay or impede the worak or opera
ation of mid corporatim; provided
a good sad sufcient esurity begivmen
Sto indmzmify the party in interest,
by reasos or. m asecont of the
a eontned operationa of msaid con
Spany nd oh semvity to be in the
fon of a deposiofd mooney in ort
d as now prlovided by law, or the
Sguarantee of a third party residing
anywhere in the State of Lonisi
SSacs, SoB it furtr lsastd, etc.,
t That this act shall take edet from
arandafterits peuage, sad thatal
laweor parts of laws in eansiet
ws ith the sam are hereby repaah&
S(Signed) O . W. CA"fRTE
SpSk of the Hoes of Bepe
.1 sentativea
a (signed) OSCAl i. DUNN,
- of th aleadb
apprMed Marsh w1871.
C (gd) HB C. WARW.OgR
d Governir at Stat. of Loutsias.
rtary of !Stat
Be.588J be
As act wi
To incorporat te Bonal Water
Power Mbaoraturing Company
in the parish of Tangipabra t
SImou 1. Be it eaaeted ty the U
Senate and Houe of Resrsenta
tires of the State of Loiuisianain d
General Assemnbly convemed, That of
Charles Gayarre, Amos Kent F. P. of
Duonoge, L L Adams, W. A.
6oad9 Otbo E Karteadilsh, LF.
yu . tsJ L Cotton ad ai-i d
dePerie, sriea o do r p aewl s
4 be
ad pdtiean r tu I N
Water PAer Manufastring Com- $1
pany," ir the purpoatf satalish- vore
ing factories, buildii a town and di
developing the water power exising ea
in Tangipahos river and in Terry's a
Creek, in the parish ca Tangipahoa, at
near or on the line of the New to
Orleans, Jackson and(ireat North- at
ern Railroad Company, between the a
Mississippi and Louisiana State er
line and Tangipahos station on m
mid railroad, and by that name m
said corporation shall have per- pl
petual succession, unless sooner re
dissolved by its own act, and shall tb
be able to sue and be sed, plead lid
and be impleadqd, defenud and be of
defended, in all courts of the State B
of Louisiana. Service of process to
from any said courts agairnt said o
company must be made upon the It
President, secretarf or treasmry d(
thereot Said comp4y shall have a al
common seal, and isaereby ianvest te
ed with all the poars, right and a
pridileges and immudities incidental to
and essential to 3he corporations fl
under the laws of the State of ei
Louisiana. The capital stock of tl
said corporation shall be one hun- P
dred4housand dollars, represented t
in shres of one hundred dollars P
each, by real or personal property, (
ai fter its being acocpted as such by 01
1 the directors and said stoc may be b
Sgradually increased by a vote of the
directors to two millions of dollars, I
lin shares of one hundred dollars io
each, as aforesaid, and shall be tl
transferable in such manner as may o
.e provided for in the by-lahis of v
the corportion. Each share shall p
entitle the owner thereof to one a
. vote, either in person or by proxy, tl
for directors of said company; pro- to
vided, he shall have owned the to
same-for three months next preced- b
I ing the day of eletion, with the ex- b
ception of the first election, to take
I place after the formation of this I
company; and that the ownership p
of at least five sharee shall be re- ,
quired to render a stockholder eligi
ble to become a director of said
The number of directors shall be s
nine, of whom five shall constitute i
a quorum for' the transaction of l
business; but this number may be *
carried to twelve by a vote of the t
stockholders, and in that case seven
f shall constitute a quorum, The ,
r persons named in this section, or
r any other person o' persons substi-,
fi tted to them, whatever maybe the
e amount subscribed by aid person
Sor persons, shall constitute the irst
r board of directors to organiz said
company, and shadll cotine in
-ofice, with such power a are bere
SaIster give to the directrs of this
a company anti they or their ems-,
. sors awe elected byh e tockhaldfer
week aftr one hundred thousand
. doars shedb a v bems absribed,
Sst the&ms leeiCk said arperation
e establishd in New Oersa or amy
g other place whih the diretomay
n select Al mbhsqut eleCtiome
hall held on the iut Monday of
January of sh sreond year thew
' after, at the offe said corporation
a between thehour aI Si XY t.o
P dno t ~ye i thirty
daily uebippr in the cit7 siNew
Orseusa rd in ay lglet
lished in any plae uhemi tb
dmd.leat o a id ea upa tay be
i, e.stalsthed .t usf a*W as
at in elwor lsrna. Thpu mes re
civing te htig sebrw o vtas
i ;ou, to chuosn any e olthemeu
tes wa s et an diee dce presaent, INo
who is mre for two years, or a
until their sene s are elected. tic
They a m sial Slit a serdmtiy, ih
treisusr, and ud oether ecps at e
the company as they maydeem ad- s
visable; who shall their oee  l
deeil$h plearem of said board
of direadk. It shall be the duty TI
of the psident o preside Iat ml
aImelge of the steckhboldeae the o
wahtieo sa-als of thebe ard Pa
d&t e ittos, mad to alb spsetl b
es in q board the dm rera
SIthe o dk emp ! tpa ed a
s#e. wr a h ,eting of te di
shallrit all brne head hed o- lo
tok [(reeters) a odio, eea *e a
vorte sad exerise all powers of a
director, and shall also give the ¢
casting vote as president in ase of
a tie. Upon a shimlar reqest as Pt
above, On the part of three direr
tors, he bal call a meeting of the
stockholders. Two days notice of t
a called meeting of the teckhold- ph
er. Two days notice eee amled 0
meetingrshal he. given in s or he
more daily papers pubshed in the t
place where the meetngit of thedi
rectos shall be hold and at least
thirty days' notice shall be given in ae
like mannelr, of say called meeting vi
of the stockholders. The said a
Board of Directors shall have power
to AS any vacancy ocuraing in their
own body for the unexpired term. P
It shall be the duty of the viehpresi
dent in ease of the abscence or dis
ability of the president, upon writ
ten notice of his inability to attend
at nay meeting of the directors to di
take the place of the president, ful
fil his duties and functions ad ax
erciae al his powers; and in ease of
the abshoence and disability of the O
president andvic s president, then i s
the functions and powers of the P
president shall be vested in a presi
dent pro tern, elected by the Board
of Directors from among theirna-mb
See. 8 Be it furtherenacted, et, t
That no certificate of stock shall he
issued until twenty-five per cent of
the subscription amount shall have
oeen fully paid thereon, and if any fo
+ubecriber shall refuse or neglect to t
pay any balance due by him on the di
amount of his subseiption, writhin i
thirty days from the date of a writ- a
ten requisition made by the diree
tors for the payment of such
balance, he shall forfeit his stuck
bolder. a
Sec. Be it furtherenacted, etc., ri
That this company, although it is of ti
perpetual sncession, may be di- a
solved by bankruptcy or at any a
general meeting of the stockholders n
by -a vote representing two thirds tl
of the full paid capital stock. On tl
dissolution of the company as here- d
inmentioned, the mode d liqui- o
dation shall be by application to s
any court having jurisdiction where d
the domicile of the company may a
be established, for the appointment
e of one or more eonmisuioners taken F
froinm mong(the stockholders, to re- t
- slime the valme of aR usrets of the o
c orporsato in sach a manner. ae
ths law may diree uid todistri- a
hbaos the same among the parties t
entitled theretos according to the e
Oderesd the oourlk
See. 5 Beit further emntedde., t
' That the directors shi, lhav power j
o ateu aehbrlawa ~rs sandrd e
Sgkalat es as they shal deer proper 1
aad useful tomching Lthej proprty.
a sook, rih,, iset*4 frsambises 1
d ean es if Ceneral of the oarn
Spaay, sadeo touching the team 1
7 'er of sbares, the erm oia, the
Y duties sad oadmet of their e~moo
- said company, and eltsiier he ;d.
r sei& hd wa y~.im asse fad h*
* bdt wtithin the aim iisn ;epbin
ml dr masses 1 am e.
b Aoappelt o eihs, aghaW
a- etleiabb <abete
UJ libg.kwene t sei: eca
a- poepomY a they may dar
tm-jem~ Ko stocld sIj be
1aM.e TIo any oblation, eatbet
and oadebtedaa of the aapor- -
tio beyond the amount of his sb
icriptio. The isertary and lse
e-w ibha give ich bonds *1h IE
eb sewrity as the mid bostd
shall hrm time to time requir
See. & Be it firther easm et, ft
Thm to enabL ieompany to ase
eoa pai the purpom and objeet =
of tlin eethis e the Ad ycol e.
s ý ýyJb ll pshriliarer
bys orh o
establishneg fror s, r di4o pis bi
conduithr forming ead oweretoing
ayther y d en oeem p lakig -
ponds, and aooosepihinag, withen
entering into forther specileasMos
all that may be leeessfry 'fte t
attainment of the object eantes
plaated in this t; and maIy mah
corporation, person or peramo as
hereinbefore aentioned, are hereby A
autherized and empowered to grant,
sell or transfer to said apany
suoh rights, privileges and framhisss
as they may deem proper sad ad
visable; and such rights, privileges
and franchises when conveyed to a
and accepted by said company hosm et
any mach corporation, person or -
persona, or already granted or coo
vbyed to any individual before the
formation of said company, and
subsequently transferred by said in- 28
dividul to said company, shall be
deemed and taken as rights, priv
ileges and franchises, rvested and
confirmed in said company, and not i
liable to be hereafter revoked,
changed, modified or impaired, -
cept with the consent of said com
Sea. P. Be it further nacted, ste.,
That said company be, sad is here
by authorized to piwebaas, or a e
eim,m ad hd by gers, er-hs
wiss, al mh dieal and peraO m
tat, rights, kranhiseis and privilege
as it may deem necessary, conveni
ent, or adrvantageous to acquire in
the aoomplishment of the objects
for which the company is ineorpoas
ted, with the privilege of seWigand
disposing of the same in whole or
in part, whenever it may deem it
advisable sad proiahble tothe eon
pany; and that it be ad is hereby
authorized and empowered, in se
said real estat and par-a prp
erty, franes i privileg a d
rights are to be obtained out of the
estateof any deceased person oa rof
a minor, to acquire the ae fromm
any duly qualified eeentora, ad
minietrator guardian wad tror e
thereof, subject to the approval of
the proper court of probate juri
diction in ease of sroesioas,d a
of minoas, and the act and deed of s
suchexeeutoraadminidstrators, gear- S
dians or trust3es, ins relation thereto 8
shal p oas title in h relor per- A
sonal estate, rights, franchises and
privileges, in the same maanner aif
- the said deed or act hsd bees made
or done before his dea tb3yh ade- I
Seeased or by a legal ewne of full
age, and such -enters adminis
I trators, guardisas and brusteesds
S account to those intsrtedinthe
same manner in which they are
, bouad to do sayother aet other
r admaltrtion.
- Ssee & Be Ifurther emdstedata,
r That said eaepa i hmrhy e '
. powered, fro a. toehs as her
I- as aeeald, ,ap is bowa msdFIt,
I- for tpaqoreeo fruhd i s -
*5 ganised; and eatlm of thiew
a cesy, ** r~r le ea pouma b'
be o r m n
rs**~~r~ ~ i
a tteo
ib ..n. 5.
sewh nsit enh
1 A , . . 0.
Sc m r
' ,s 41 jnj, -I
dwrztf ArDVMTIS 5W22
u s-.ss ,m ui
iah t. seerd leorts dthe ase
A. P. Feltds &fl Srt Belese
arWekist Anitmam b .n cOWl sab
rgmaal bedla is t m hsb ad Uatt
sAh soare..
Atterus aet Law,
s8....... ateises kre ......
(Morganr Beilng.)
Noewr odr. I&
rT u. A sL sonUahc commn
erca, Na 190 .ombsl -m.
an ara a! lmam
s e ism, a
' aNr odea. Nfrew Ye, Iepusci,
Landes, Bwss Paris, w
Brane, at -o options
of tb immsd.
A. CA33B Yn4owmls.
. P.  .uk ,m, ing.
t xvrzu( ids asseuxe
oF rsm cm or wsw sons
. NO. ar M .0A WAT.
If Jc *a. anLia. H. *mr. 4. llus
Sin s..r. Pr.L, L M. g *Iw Adamm
Mi" W. £ C &e, aswi is!p,
,t B Agm . T. Z * MA e r,
SAget-s e,  O*i r "re&i . "e
. siu isus,, ,, i s ,,  p . I'
r c'am, , & A2TOu3.
- -

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