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Lthe twelve wojitls to come, ry
jrp eomOfl sonols, said the hi
i .ld p1irut Win. Penn, "are a
to as of arms, and troops, w
'ct,,s. They are indeed the di
a.,r,~ f.*anse of nations."
.,; bert Lowe, when the last 1.
i, refirm bill was passed over t
1.,us re.istance: "Now we cc
t, to work and teach our ei
., fl ,their letters." b:
.i .,nectifn compulsory, and it sa
.d t, it more real wealth than
" l ,ther means combined.
south become a unit in the w
. ,f education as she was in
t in fostering an institution ir
. tended to degrade and a
ken her. ILt her instead of t
,, ,ur:n,"g the efforts on the part I
,, ll , and women who come
S, t!; io' to assist in building up k
. tw .people, show a similar
,i, for the same work. w
. :!! e no trouble in regard u
11,1t, ,.s it oime froia what u
,t r it ray. At present the E
rk too great for the South. I
ains have help. The work to e
I t'fernili should engage the
S.. ,ntry, no less the North
th.,ti outn1. in
In r,. i.'] to the number of per- -
in ib," Union at present who 14
,,.::,t rie, or write only an ap- t
at,, estimate can he reached.
I L. n the census of 1860. Ac
, ;,-. t.. .Lat census the number
S'_r t, free persons over twenty a
, , 'age was 1,277,779. As- H
Stlt during the last decade
ft ', at,.s have held their own,
."","1: !.. lbly have been ;ided to
S.tetes of the South, by e
S, ,i it4i tiog cta set of the wi ti,'
Sf.,, -00. The number of i
.,r ,-te't' Ireedwen, allowing t
t , ,. , ,,ld populitihi has not
.1. wa, he estimated .t
,.. Il The stine census of 1
i";,. . that the entire adult
,1 1 ,,,uls ion of the a.-e of twenty P
, c i utwanr, was 15,317,956.
; i , i :, ll lt,, ulation of 31,4413,
:1 ..1 niumiler of male illit- c
, r t,nty (we maiy say 1
a. "It iu,"liding Kniusls, Ne
liikit and Oregon, was,
Sbt 12,721; colored, . 920,604;
,rit 1.4:,,::25. Thius it aplpars
tip Ir ti it`
1, ties ~nut o nieither read nor
I.. I iv;s for fear of such a
. ,t, ",t H ngs ;is this that President
S 0.0., in 179t, retu'ned the
.i , ,f his farewe ll address to
m iltfl that he might insert a!
, i 1 p iiaplh recommniending
. , li: f,:rgenieraileducation. It
it:is atid this only, n1v
, I ia we are mainly to de
1,:. t e' .,-vatiom of our race.
T . , ,.,. of vou are to(t old
S .tl1 spire the timo to
;;iin liticult branches,
" i II ilna the more easy{
p. e as spelling and r1 ad
1t : *ll meiains ltt ep your
..1 ,ol, and also iinstruct
; .iiie it. isuce h ai w'." its will
S'" ini to retaiu iand imneproved
11 v learn at schooL ,For
"'"huber in his eto sty on the
':f EnIiish graunnmir, eouhl
Hr aven thiet what thit child
I et the fire-side could not bhe
:, 1 at the school. WVhile
' i a mnlamentable extent is fear
fm true, I nevertheless believe
t: ..t h dlay and Sabb'lth school act
il :1111),ttrltit part in forming and
. i:ipt e to the moral and re
u. ,. ui trader of the child. The
tlI. -living upon
iiII1T"NiT TELCHE~i, i
i' ii rt,1,et, cannot be over est
n,,. It is a fearful and ret.pon
..il. ,utv. Solomon, the wise man,
mnlIrt .ing this duty upon
sr iv.s: "Train up achild in
it l..houll go, and when
. I nt dep:urt froin it."
I w, i.-h.r in the ~outh has al
I -tuttle duty to perflerm.
i, itt oily to inlpress uipon
ivi , vmimind the germ of it
'"itl eligieUS life, bat he liu
'', , r..t its growing and parti
,, I lie caits; and as far as he
, i',,rrptt the abuses of home in
un. r. Intil this is done, the
,.f it school is of slow
baI" Yth , must make home in
ii \,ililry to that of the
ic  aiSld sclit,,1 in reltcuing the
* . , are just cropping out
.; tOi . el girlhood; who
I. i t 'ke the places of those
. . . f. r imoral and intel
. .. v..etit have been so
." t n .ut by thi cireuhm
.t tb lest, and as.it n in
' tel .i n ha jlubhli sentiuient
.... l (oltrlibUte most effectually
S, r inr tl in1 religious iu.nprov
Li .i it is now, public senti
in.lit ,otitriibutes lut little toward
",r,*Itit; it rather retards it
.. ,therxi ,. Ahlost all are
oh't] t,,
k.\N FT oi.R TRES,
., ie ill, nut help but learn,
" , 1 at tIeir hnuds-an,1 sup
,ur ir ties. There must he
,ul t Iued somewhere an influ
I/ thit will correct this public
ltitmeniit on the one hand, and ele
te is in the other hand, and you
y toiug friends, must eontribute
,r ttar'e te this noble and glori
iiw,,rk; tirst, by elevating vour
'' l iduil, lmoral and religious
0re Youxo WOMEN,
ttervwhcr must,. look to their
tv., cease to be the kept mis
,i~t~it if fas-t and dijsolute young!
deter class care for you after
,e lost all that ennoble. lund
'tifi,,s woman, thit fits her to
tne the hosom companion of
1,am, ali,1 to fill the highest relation
t knewu to oie that of a
,, and moother? p o sai
Y-tig~en look upon you wihl COn
ht'et, amid wouldlno thi-nk Q'-t ma- . .
ryi one of 8you. So ou are to
Solomon, in descrbing this dess of
women ems; "her feet 'o down -t
death, her steps. take held on belL"
Second, J tour you" men
learn trades, become proficieutt in-i
the moohanic arts, learn how to be- C
come producers as well eas onarm- d
era and not always cobent to stand o
by and look on at the progress
made by men of other races in lit- a
erature, the mechanic arts, and e
skilled labor. Learn to do some
thing, even if it is nothing more
than to know how to "split rails
well." By learning industrious hbL
bits, seek to improveall of your idle
moments; stimulate yourselves into
active life by comparing yeurselves
to others who work more than your
self; who are worth more than you
are, and who know more than you
Why, some of the greatest men
who ever lived, have been men
whose chances for acquiring an ed- t
ucation have been the most limited.
Elilhu Burnit, the great National t
Linguist, mastered some fifty differ
ent lasguages while working at his
Fred. Douglas, the greatest liv
ing national orator, white or black =
-so pronounced by Henry Clay- c
learned his letters after he was
twenty years of age, and while he
was a slave.
You know, who said once than he
would be our "Moses," and who is
sometimes known as the"Veto Pres
ident," learned his letters after he
had married. The time was when
the means for our education and
consequent elevation was veay limi
ted; when but few schools open to
us. Bur few of ". best colleges of
the country are closed against us.
Primary and training schools are
springinging up all over the land,
ready and willing to receive us.
And if we fail to improve those
golden opportunities the fault is
with us. The time has come when
we can no longer wholly lay the
charge of our igcnorance, poverty
" and immorality to the white race.
Our friends in this and other coun
tries are looking on in I reathlcss
anxiety to see whether we will re
deem ourselves from the many
charges of our enemies-that the
negro can't learn, that he is incapa
ble of improvement, that his nornial
coldition is thlt of a slave, and to
i undertake hi.. iuprovemnent would
be money and time spent in vain.
MyI friends are you willing to make
this vaunting true ? If so, closeyour
! eyes against all these advantages
opening up before you. Let your
! children run wild in the streets and
in the woods; let them drink deep
from the flon ing streams of vice,
immortality and crime: let them
crowd our pri,ons to their utuatrmt
c.Pp:'ity and furnish victims for the
'igallows. The w'ar for the Union
lhich rIswnllted in onur frcedlena and
S.eu fratnchisemenit will hm:,ve been lost
t ulp, l us. Bait i::st,.ad of all of
ntr iris
1 I.ET 'Oi (iRAI) EFFPOT ne. MA.D
1. on the part of all to Inil-l up our
Sso 'ie'ty iand throw arotutnd it a wall
t ias iimpiregc:'hl,;. as gr Sutite and as
SduIrle as tihe pyr:unids, to protet
the virue e"f the rising gelerttion
and save it from untcr ruin.
SWhy, one resictablhe colored
e mechanic among us in a communlnity
,t .lk this reflects more credit npon a
d "ur people than a regiment of idle,
dissolute men without any trades.
iMake a speciality of something.
The German, who smemrs to know
Sbetter than the Anmerican the value
of the mechanical arts and of agri- I
culture, no stoner rea..hes o lr
shores thatn he places his little smn
n in the fatoryv to learn a trade, or
n upon the farn, and the conseqluence
is that they a.s a class ::r fast be
coining the artizans of the country
and also the eanptalists. The
South need.s your hlabor, and she
a needs skilled labor, and in order to
,get this she must establish and
maintain a system of go d schools.
Si There need be no fear as to this
For myself, I am no very great
stickler for social equality, as dis
au'ssed by those who seem to know
Sso little about. just what it means.
e But I am ever opposed to it as
e pratied by those who seek to d,'
it grad" nm y waope, Those shriekers
who are 4oudest in their crnees
a.'ainst social equality, are doing
Sall they can outside of the constita
tion to establish it. If it is a mat
ter of legislation let us bring it
within the n,, ~ of the constitution
and mal:e '-*s question of it, and
Ssee who possess the necesary quali
fications to be made this man or
thaat man's, this .:oman or that
iwomnan's social equal. I, fotr
it one, would msy let it alone. It
,will take care of itelf. There is
no harm to come of it. The only
road to the solution of this socia;l
problem is for us to make ourselves
Sthe eqnal of every other man or wo
man in all that dr'elope intellect,
leharaeter, frugality and iandustrvy.
"ITo tell me that I can be
c come the equal of Charles 8umner
e- in learning without the s~e men
Stal effort (otherthinglsbeig equal,)
is a base slander on the laws of
mind; or t"at I can become the
n aptal of tn~;uan in anything, with
out a corresponding effort mon mry
part, is equally false. The man
who digs his way up i life ies by
r dint of hard labor. There ias
This grand law of life is stamped1
a po the univerese, and every living
d thina that creeps npon the land, it
Sdies itn the ar, or swims the track
of less deep, submits in some way to
Sthe demands of this "perious
Sfew. ~od is a living energy
,e Pop  a g, -
l-_ --"Naeood in the t nl an wdran
rl H~ppt~ mm d'~u jrtrsai m&1 wrlu~&.~
ohe.h olowlmdea C
There hw slito a etegd of the
F ourth Ward B. R-Mther Clutb it 1
their ihsl on Teme Steet, between C
Conti and St. Louis trets, on Mo
da evening, July 17the 1871, at 7"
o'ck; the following nanied gentl
lsen hav.ng solicited the same in o
aeeordaoen with resaoltion adopti
ed at their last egularmeeting, z:
Aeo. E. Paris, P. Y. Canao j'
R. Malcom. R. St. Armad
R. C. Howard, Joseph Decade,
A. Durelle,
F. Mce*l DUNN ,
our unnion Christian Camp Meeting v
will be inaugurated on the first day
of August, at the City Park, under
the pastorate and control of the Rer. °'
nthony Roes, of t. Paul's Church
their pas:ors, are respectflly init
ed to co-operate in the religious
ceremonie. The public at lare are
respectfully invitel Ample ac
ogers ironl Cbroasi Pastors in the I
city allingthoetry are requested to tl
read this notice in their respective i e
Ample preparati cons have been
madthe for the reservation of order.
Jos rat A. CRAIG, Secretury.
CAIOLLTli x, Lt.. July 13. 1.71.
HALL CLU-B No. 3, of ('arrollton, Jffeir
om Parish, La.-The Club met pirsutant to
ardjsntmeut Praon deut T. B. Stramps in the 1
chair. Pt
tht calling the roll, there Ibeing .a itoun
prient, the Honse trt re reqto business. tn
Tr 'tPtsideiet stated the object fe the muot
hngr was to take intt eonrdle a io Cle ii jecth
if ipparling the Pariah Fxeeutio e Couitt ee 1
dtelegates. After dIui- eiinsidt-ratiimu the Club 1 0
deit'crmined ct fill such vacaanei, as e xisted
in the i delegation frone this t o.
O E m .otion of John T. lailOirue. that the
WaPs adopted.
wHa . r Ot.eH. r D.t . '
JOSEPl CRAIG, On - r e'hta, N rFl·..
on iotion f Harry Gibbs, duly seconded,,
thaLt tht Jroue ohugs of this ma ottilng l. Jiub
(in lo, ntio.n that tle~ hbe published in tl i
Louisianian, Pwas unanimTously adopted..
ler, icheling nt roll , ther binsles a efore Cl
pnt" luo , the ( adjourned to nmet on this 1t
n day wek.i ' at h i-'eloek P. SH. *
h. '. SIAn PStt, t Pre eoiect.
latn. fS. Hr oer', intarvhe
1 H (ti" MEI:NTII WAIti) l.IADI
ra ,d th i.an Motlher ('iti, Nafw terl,-akss.
uly Itimi 1nd-It ti uch taare to tit allo eis
Cite in thheNew trlminti.n l-publiat, a Litgy -
n duati if " adtiCnitaio. met at that tsrl i
house ,it (.irepintt -it aed Iln orid vtruetsa. The
litca In; w is all- th order at h f-past sia,"it
oiThe I 1'. (triftin, who stat tthe mobjet .I
I ,tiutn in ht the ('hair fto reirt tie on're ideit
kit raptainu H. L. By. to his seat.
1 In mati- the merCiting with a ful remarks. nin
thatk he trinaikid the club fri th* hotor on.
fried on him, andil tnin Itig all Republicans tioi
Smite with the lethno s.inationl tlOti th(try ia
T pirt pin tlo tbanner of t. Intepubnorict,
parth. anl inhvoked thltl to stand by t fhe httt I
ai l uatiot alu adjinistrtioure; t.at onltiy a1
ti uluiwd e'icert 8if aeti.,lli olld defat our ZI
d witicat enekie in thwk caaa~mipg of tl2.
r . The Pri ut h TAig s:, ht the ni e t
I.i..sa in order wee the e"le"ctiout of wa
. . MJ ,aure, ll, ". .
C L. l l'r, 4ith .L .
.1 lif.Iadwiaks, 5th ' "
JA. 1. Ilndc, 6th 7 . .
u Sarciss ..luhenu, 9th " "
.imon unithl, lth " "
m. . ,it r iat.
N. Jones. J. Andrwns and E. Hreddrson,
, J. B. Htarris, Grand MatalshL
J. Torregauio and J. (uillaune, Aids.
Thi f,,lowing reustutions, offetre by W. H.
Green, Win, iuiaitmouausy adopltd.
Wwimta.a The trm ofr the Pariah Extu
g tire C lommitree of tae Rhelbliean party fr
. the perish it Orleais having xphli lby linmi
ttiin on the flmftenth of Nove mlsr, 1870;
it wheas, It tr renat netrcait that the
* BnRhhlcb icward ehulijit shunil he representd
in a parih onnmittee for the better orbani
d zation f the putli therfore t be it
SuYit-ved, That ihe tievenlth Ward Readicl
Republiean Mother Club di, prcd.. to elect
i itsquotoa o delegate tohi peish ommit
tt tee.
Reuolved, That e eqotl on So ai lereimn
ward dubcsllo whig h'etota re elected t e
Et gtes,todo so at m ear-Iva day as rlssbow.
fa rthe pnrposei orgaumg a pinrsh om
V .Reolved, That we call upon the delegates
so elncts-d~o aetuble on Saturday evelnug
July e 41 hba-poat suvit o'clok at Me
S .ehanis' Institrt, for Che" uos a bov
t mentionedl andttraaatite om~telletlflC5
t, asv pr,r comlae before theta.
r. hied in the New Otrlea BRepbbictand t
t5 t he tconstittioal rle nre
.b aunan. m ons iA7t, sad teClubpro ceeded
to the lection ot four de"egu qta _ 5
in tmo , n th mittee, m
W ilisn, WNeir H. H neen,
tE Ien soriaph waem t MuonethWa r
a. Jonesmu at Anrus a E. H14ead rstbb
J Augt, 1rr. G. nd arshl
- h oallowin r -ention d
g pu omibmhdtte Nfew Oepsesrtyafo
11.e furh o rldeans haig exphy ebyo limt
s qtota mutlaab Cde 4u tth1CE pi5i5sh tt
Refovd ha eelluI B eaha
r wrdclbswhohy nt s et lete dle
[t tst um o twe erl a da a ossbl
OforaTSoutl J -.
'the following prem6ble rod reso- I1
Iutiona were -adlte b the State I
Convention of Georgia,' ald . VAt.
lanta, Fsebruary 3, 1f1:
Waazass, The peculiar condition
of the colored people in ,,a.t
ern ~tste, growing od of aw ow
bination of lo ane, does, in the
judgment of this Convention, de- m
erand a more practic al understand- 1s
ing and mutual co-operation, to the o
end that a more thorough union of 0.
effort, action, and orgaiznation may
exist; and
Whereas, We believe a convention Bi
of the Southern States would most n,
happily supply this exigency and
receive the cordial endorsement of l
the col ,ed citizens of said Statee; I
Therieore, P"
Resolved, That we, the members
of the Georgia State Convention m
now assembled, do authorize the ti
President of this Convention to is- a
sue a call, in the name of the said w
Convention for a Southern States d d
Convention, to be held at such time
and place as he, and those with -_
whom he may advise, shall deter
mine best adapted to the public 'i
convenience. a,
The above is a true exti act from ti
the minutes of the Georgia State ti
Convention. ov
J. S. SroE, Y - f
Secretary of the Convention.
To the Colored Citizens of the States te
of Alabama, Arkansas, Dlhware,
Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisi- S
anua, Tennessee, Maryland, Missis- h
sippi, Missouri, North Carolina,.
South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, g
West Virginia and the District of
Having been depl,.ed, in pursuane,
of the above resolition, as President tI
of the Georgia Stato Convention, and!
by the endorsement of the distinguish
ed gentlemen whose names are sub- I
joined, we do hereby call the above F
named Convention to meet in the city !
of Columbia, South Carolina, on the o!
18th day of October, 1871, at twelve 7
o'e ock M.
As the Convention did not advise as
to what should constitute the ratio of'
Srepresentation, we suggest that the a
respective States be represntatively ap
partioned the same as they are in thei t
SCongress of the United States, to wit, i
One delegate from each Congresional
District, and two from the District of
Columbia. The several Congressional
Districts will elect their own delegates.
which elected delegates may meet andl
i elect two for the State at large, unless v
the respective States shali otherwise
plrovihd1 by St rte Conventions.
'Tht ose: who may luo accredited as
delegates, should meet the Convention
prep:.~rl to remain ini s.esfion one
week, ii nece:ssary, is questions rt-qnir- (
ing matur;- delib:r.ation will d'obthtlesi (
,-me befor, it, antl should not be is- (
)posed of prev. piut.ntly. i
M . t 'ehtpetfully. 1
Presid er . State Convention.
31 r(ox, Ga., May 2.c, 1871. 1
A few of many gentlemen endors
ing the call:
A!a!'ama-Hon. James T. Rapier.
iAln,,+.--Hon. J. T. White.
Ielaeure-Howard 1)ay, E~q. . 1
Florid--Hon. Joha:lthan C. '
(ibbs, Secretary of State; Hon.
Josiah T. Wall, Hn. H. S. Iatr
Golia--Hon. J. F Laon . Hen.
Edw n Belcher, Hon. 'T. (. Camnp
be|l, iHon. J. M. Sinmms, J. F.
Qu:rles, Esq.
r Aoleeky-W. . H. Gibson, Esq..
Gi. W. Dupec, Esq.
L,,tisiaoa,-H ,n. P. B. S. Pinak
hack, Lieutenant Governor O. J.
Mk'ra~ond-Isnac Meyers, Esq,
W. .L Perkins, Fsq., John H. linut
ler, Elq.
Misieippi-Hon. James Lych,
Secretary of State; Hon. E. Scar-j
Xnrth Condiho-Hon. James H.
' Harris, Hon. George L. Mabson, J.
'T. Schenck, Esq.
South (Caroina--Lieiuteniant Gov
ernor A. J. Ransier, Hon. It. C. De
. Large, Hon. R. H. Cain, Hlon. Jos.
r RPiley, Hon. R. B. Elliott, Hon. F.
SL. Cardoza, Secretary of State.
T-nne.ae-Abram Smith, Esq.
SAlfred E. McKmnney, Esq., Henry
- Harding, Esq., M. Rb. Johnson, Esq.
l Texa--Hon. Richard Nelson,
tEsq., Hon. J. T. 'Ruby.
Diiri, <f Columnbia--Hou. Fred
ericrk Douglas, Hon. Jamee A.
Whereas we favor the Convention
b- contemplated in the above eall, and are
a desirous of having the coloud people
- o oour State represemted in the rsame,
Stherefore we issue this all for a State
) Convention of the colored eitizens of
Louisianam to meet onathe .
1113 nD ar 5n? e AUI7
in the city of New Orlesms, fthe
rd purpose of eleeisng delegates to the
SonthaIrn &ttCovebtion. Thhasia
of representato in sid t eeaveatia to
'o be'the wme itha to the lower Reuse
o tof tmreeal Asmaby.
,,I. 8. &a PfteTrRaSe,
C. c. ANTrO
B. P.' LZBR,
eBO Br, IYrL.
*' -T TF' iyt.
jgiq7Cl~l 5
oA Ar. Ray:se
Wua.i, Aording tothe require
publian party, oU the tenth day of
g, t1870, the State -
,i omittee, ap. foined byR
the expiration of therm oenth derv oe;
theefore be it
Besolv.d, That a convention of the of
Republican party be and is hereby cal- LI
led to meet in New Otlems oa the
ninth day of August, 187.
Bemoled, Thatthehasia of rernesn- P
tation in said Convention shael be as
follows, viz: Every seven hundred Re- Si
publican votersin each parish, and in
earh ward of the city of New Orleans.
shall be entitled to one delegate, and
an additional delegate for every fraha
tion over one-half of seven hundred;
and provided, that each pariah anad
ward shall be entitled to at leatone
Rto ?ved, That the presidents of the
several I rish committees of the Be
pubhcan party in the State--except in
the parish of Orleans, the presidents
of the mother ward clubs are, hereby
authorized and required to call elle- at
tions for said delegates to said conven- te
tion, and to forward to the President am
of the State Central Executive Com
mittee the r credentials of the
delegates elted, eountersiged by the
secretaries of their committees and
clulb on or before the time txed for
the sTtting of the Convention.
Resolved, That the president of the
State Central Executive Committtee D
he and is hereby authorised and direc* I1
ted to ascertain the number of dele
gates to be elected from each parish E
and ward from the authentic vote in ol
the office of the Secretary of State, and m
inaue his proclammation for said elee
tion, and have the name published in
the Republican papers throughout the
2. Resolution introduced by Mr.
Whereu,,The time of service of the
Parish Executive Committee of the w
purish of Orleans expired bylimitation V
on the fifteenth day of November, 18- ti
70, therefore, be it
Ramolved, That the seventh day of
August, 1871, lie designated as the k
. v when elctions shall he held in
eich ward of the city of New Orleans
for delegates to the State Convention, ta
ealled to meet Angut 9, 1871, polls to d
I he opened and closed at such hours as
the Presidents of the mother ward
clnha may indicate, at least one week's
notice of the same being given. n
By order of the committee.
a B. PACKARD, President, 1
P. F. HERwin, Corresponding Sec.
IIWRepublican papers of the State
will please copy.
APPoanriorwTr or DEuZOATE .
Ascension ...... 2 Assumption.....
Avoyvlles....... 2 E Btuon Rouge....
W I etou Rouge. 1 Bienville....... .1
Bossier......... 1 Caddo ..........2
C;le.h siu........ .1 Caldwel .......1
C:,uner... .......1 Carroll.. ........2
Ca(tahoula ...... 1 Claiborne ......1
('ncordia ......2 De Soto.........I
F,"lieiana, East..2 Feliciana, West..2
iFraaklin.......1 Graut..........1
leria.......... I 1 ervil.le ........2
J.ck"n .........1 Jeferson........ 3
Lafavettaj .....1 IIdfourche'. ....
Livington ...... I1 Mdison....... 2'
M3I)rehouse .....1 Nattchitoehes.... 3
Onchitt ........2 Pltquemine .....4
Point Coulae...2 Rapides ........3
Riehla:d ........ 1 Sibine .........1
'St. Bernard.....1 St. Charles....2
St. H.lena......I St Jamcs .......3
St John Baptist..1 St. Landry...... 2
Tangiphilytu.....1 Tenas. .........2
Terrebonne .....2 Union ..........1
SVermnillion .. ...1 Washington .....1
S inn .......... W elster........1
Vrnm . 1 d...... 1 Ried River ...... 1
(:Lkns: n
Fi.st Watrd.... Soald Wnaul. . .2
Thirdl Ward...4 Fourth Ward....1
S Fifth Waed.. 3 Sirth Ward.....1
S venth Ward.2 Eight Ward .....
Ninth Ward..2 Tenth Ward.... i
l El,'uth Ward.2 Twel'hWard....1
Thir'nth Wlard. 1 Four'nth Ward..1
SFif'nth Ward.3 ju.5-1m.
l os. 9, 1I & 13 Mercer Street,
Sole mnanheturers, Sader Ceduyear's
ad Iey's P~ttts, .
D. Dreuing Combs.
7 Long Combs.
Twist Combe.
Fine Tooth Combe,
[. (A varietyorElegant Faey-Patterns."
S, Pocket Combs.
Hair Pin..
.i so, SQLE MA.¶P ACT,'RE
e, [ias cunras Pasuaw Fassr.)3
4 The sale ofanyCombination Sid
Cosqbe, no matter of what Iamsteria
1.uL, un.maa&1 .wider lice,..
• y.m u .~cdiby la. -
re.- o -,  i -.
- . , "
autustact lrleeYrs
e.lat eou dmeli~aleeum~-st ebae
XZ- A D u am~L 3[a'.Li ,,
-- w
rn.mi, bre, un."d al M.Sit
New Osee,
lAlwa}s os a c hoieewli um i
of iren GROCZIES, o se WINES a4g
Paseryad Castry Orders
solItested. No. 40 aSn.
0'7e a,,. -t by.7*. 3
We want Sma t and erFetWieeA to
ntroduoce oar pepara and justly ielee'
ted inventions, in every Priarl, Obca
aod oty if the World.
IiMbpenaiMe to Every
Household ;
They are highly approved of endored
and euupted by Ladies, Pkusieians oad
And aii who keep FANCY STORES, at
Evry F il will d our elet articl SELL
VERY RAPIDLY, gives pefect mtiufac- cm
ticandmor nem. Somehing tr
to all Pp.l.erl and AgentL. OP
Counitry Rights Free
to all who ire engaging In an TOS, e at,
Renb bl and Prr eodlet Bartile s the th
same time doin good to their ompa.di
aona in life Sample $2,00, sent fres by
mail on reipt of prients. SEND FOR
J~wtoria Manufsacturing Co
60 Camp Street, C
... ZiAasaa'as,
No. 94, E.rt*age Alley, bet eren
Bienilleand Conti Stnre, New Or
Alls thian coe hundred ad Wixta di
I serent pulietMons ~ cded and oMld.
ttabscriptiocnrsedded to all peaiodisal
~ publication.. L
| b~ieribter will be seomtable fir the!
atbaeription as log they do not aend
back the paper, or notify otherwae.
'BookWeller aI! tationer
New Orleansr, l.
CANaL8r. Bet .nzaar k Eeemmoao be.
JobWu. Almdat do Pwicfie*.
)IktbAt e LokihlgOlame
li .. . New :rtmk~
Ian I" .ass .: "
* flNiOWb 1
A Aisles : am* thdt hemss. a
EM1 ., Wh., I.t
Magesines attet, or. St A dnew,
i IfatIIL "1 I It "
Locatdoer the reim $abd .
S"...... · .s. I..... . . ...
114 Carordelt St.
oPrm Ai Axts wmUJo, ro CoaTIO.
The old and young can eter at this
Intuation any day, no diatinetlie
made in regaldto rmfae oro.n Te
design of the Institution, is to farnish
opportunities to those wishing a rapid.,
thorough and practial busdness Wd
cation, Afty to one hundred per cent.
saeed by students, b taking -he rapid
cossmerrial earse. Partis having or
dinary asility, who have eatlrey a."
gleeotd their education now have the
opportunity to qualify themselves foa
almost any position in the Sbts, in
an incredible short time.
From, tWo to three mou is hi al
that requires to complete the commte
al coare. Terms reduced to mlt the
For further Information call at the
Colege, or aidrea :
Prof. A. T. &dever,
S Priucipa.
167 ..CANAL STREET..',.,.167
XamunbetursnAl Dealers
Tranka, Vales a"n L
peAtialy giv aWtio tittthbt !
removed to the lsarge ad stral tY
Ne 167 Canal Street,
Nor Dauapbhie. .
RAaTILJNG, iU0oo1W, .
eA1peI, s8W1 PAlT' `~
O3ee No. 941)ryadies8t7a et,
SNear Union Street'
Bosardiug .s4 L.it4 ae
m-mA.2E-3-! -.
TEE 3001 O1!EE1 DAY:
I" . Just o4
PAii ie ada s.
~ sa~~aa~~~aa~~aaa~~aa~~aav eJ~h r
-j J· :""~ 1 !·'4)\C.~
* ;t-Ti-~ .~ f~~
agb9 ·I.t
4,~ ?
-'S id

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