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.t\ ~c AD MLA.NA( ED Bil COLOR
l~i'shit:. Ia PU'BLIMSHED) EVERY
pifi l;ýUDA AnDS tN'DAY MORN
I_," t iit t' RoN1X1º.7r ATREET
i..\ iNlHR.WK. OBLwAK4+.
p.i.S. P~INO tII h (.
Th' c Loui'iantiaL
( ti~~l,",; ,.1)1)1 n New" Orleana,j
i" q' of lit.- I.1)rI~rAN1AIN,
"till ~ . fl'-wit. ilawli hasu
u 1 r.wsetiiu. 11:inrllýll.
ii , - nII..' tranisitioni state'
'IIt. ti.. ii ,tueggling&'ftiirts11
I n. Iwv ..'oiwne'e. to be thieii
.I it 1'",iticle that i~telnc iufor-ý
:..:.I 11. ýi11 l:illPe, "iii'ciirageiiteit.
I iit. i.epI.ecf :1i~ve bteen losqt, ini
Ilit.- lath ("f a needinni.
n t "i t it N'Ii li ilte" d,-tnicnieifsni'e ight
ifI WI, .' 11. hall uctsive to juak.c
F'. rt, ."LaNx a ".'/.r;,ie.",n 14i t1,he 1e
". ,,tl '4~h . ,'. t .i oii
"11 .h ,1.'.eee .i/' ý"ricet ! .ec I ! tltJC
..- lct .":,I. cita Ili' iti . the. ickt....
r1n iuv ,. ;x hti i:LT 1,titi, c l . law ,eei
* "1 cii "1.ýt'ic .t i..i hoent
De',itiuo.; ti d cuhci e I2iciu,.eict it-ce, of
tolulit.('rntjni the' iiictiio'V of the' Iitt'il
.'uoug all ehii- ose~ and hi its .eli alli in
t it eefei Wt. IIIItII a~l,beee'ie thee 1e'100'eitl
LIt iuolitiht1 .hisentilitiea , fietter kinie-I
," c." 1. e1.il~eutcl*it. E. weliere ntalgnityf
ii-. uti~i ut r" igoe-el. and seek for'
1. :nd jnintiet' w~here wronig andl
'I'!'. -ileloil pie-railetd. Thins united in
,"- .tilhan olejt'iOtt, wes hnll ceenserve
-iii-t iiitrt'ri"4,e elevate ~nut noble.
1..:,1)i~ teit~ iaalel c. poitionj get1n
-t" l,'tj, batu lthee iea'iU dav' lile.nt'
" e aI stit-il.. et~r, and slIthi relf
:'IIi I,1.ileie1'tf the docbtrne' of an
aiit i,' h-t,' ifii .Cpnlleitiol ofr the
t* i i v-iie. etieeejjr.'iluntIs' n1X)tiefli
To wed or not to wed' thed @ the
question: -
Whetht r tie nobler in the nuind to .;ufer
The atiugi and arrows; of oatragsope love.
1 Or to take arms against the pow rful dame,
And, by opposing, qnel t' it 'To waJ -
to umarrv
No mnor :anl. by a mnarritee. soy wa'
The esurt ache, and the thoueanet painful
Love naiikes ul. tu-i ti :t,.. & cntemita145
DPetwnti to lie w iail
'I wt".. to fttue ,
't1omalrv! pteh:ehi..' a i .s .!,J 'iv'. 1/.,
tl." ,'e t,
I For, in that wed.it lit:'. r hat ;11 ua
come, 1
1 ben we have ehadl, dt o u ar ejiugle state,
Mu,.t give 11a e-rion, pause. Thereu the
Thaut laeeakse d,. haeh, louia nuic. 'ini.. rtatet:
FTor who would liw the dull. iuiso.iil
11 ttt by iuetieeriit-t tmecen che.rert lcy no
T. sit like here it it it hIlniel tboart
in siieine''& \ie hi ahtihl Ileer the er
gi le e
With which thI. tart Ior i.. daily te1-eitu.
When he hinmaulI might-enit .ciedh aeart
lelt grits
I t: wettitng vii,. tu t iti ast.
(it ! who" would tk:e,
1 awiuing, tt..a!d 'tatilg sadly in the tire.
Till erliht.'e I I.ec..,e'", A w.ar} life.
Fat nttir the di 'd .1 .nee eth inie
That und.ae t"'r'.1 -4td. finrs wh-.e 4traeng
No captice can Fri ti.-! puzilee thait wll.
A_,d make, usa reth.i chIeooe' 111. s.x lla w"
Th imn t1ýto oth."r".whli,"l t.wli.' na;y iing'
Thos eantton ttoo ltak.: hhneliurse of us
' i.tl thin. oi-u n tt ral .i.de tot Dciu i i..ci'..
is i e t .'.' util Ih. pal- t. .1
tn.I lovev-advr.ttine- .d4 ldest p1.t1 aced'
1 moment,
1 With this rrgnr.1. thi. it entrr('nt3 liaD lway,
AitI isi. the stone of wedinek '
A number of our cjitiwna suet at
the school h m.' in Napolconville,
on Maturday last, for the purpose t
of inangural ing the C ntrnl 'lj.uh
lican ('lub of Assunmpti.n
I Quite n large number were pi c - I
ent, and the organization was affect
.el with dispatch and in perfect good
William Mattock, Fnq, was made
tempornry Chairman, and iThomas
Divine, Secretary.
Upon the completion of teuziporat
Ts organization, an election Was
held, and the following pertnanent
Oacers elected:
Bazil Graves, President:
The following gentlemen were
uninuimnonsly' elot'td as Vice Pres
Joseph Thomson.
FTaiah Prophet.
Phillip Jones.
WVilliam Mattock,
(*nstave Nicild;
Thomatii Livine, Secretary,
E. U. Pintadec, Assistant Seers
Edwtrd Ford, Troasurer,
Jack Johnson, Sergeant-at-arnie,
Severin Hickman and Pierre
Vallery, Assistant Sergeants-at
The President mad. a short, ad
dress, stating the object of the
meeting and giving some very good
advice to his hearers. Short and
spirited addresses were afterwvards
miadci by several other mienmbrs
which was loudly applauded.
The books were then opetned,'anid
one hundred and eight v-nir nmem
hers joined the clubi. Tl'has as cer
tainly a good beginning.
The following resolutions intro
duced by Mr. Thomas Divine were
unanimously adopted:
**Wazuv..s, we base met for the pnrpat'=
of,eerganiziag **The Central Republican
Club of Amenumption,"' theerelore be it
Thaolveal, That we take this opportnnitv
tomake kuown o'r firm support of all
lRepubliean prine'iples in the pasS, and our
'eostianal support of the same in the
future; that we fling out to the world as
our motto: *Repnbifran under say and
Bscolved, That we heatrtlv indorse the
oouwe Gen. U. S. Grant has taken in the
alrminisctratioun of our National Govern.
tae Ai rn. as h he hamna. .t ae for
eterue prnaeimp s the RIe
canpary, nd oauaein Uhe ~
rit course he has hetoforq rsin
Mahive 4 That Diary C. W~ohlha
I'o"4ve mel wOnihy of Use e coscece
ties are cheamlly nommtitted with the fmdW
aseu#Wmoe of their being meredly guarded.
Resealved, That we thank the Hon. C.
H. Danuafl and our aes in the
General Aaimably for ms kaifel manner
3 in which they have protectad our interests,
and we hope that they will inte ftaure
continue so to do.
SResolved, That we are in favor of a re
ductinowf the rates of ta ton, both state
and Pariah, to suchas will raie sueieint
revenn. to delay all expenses of State and
Besolied, That we favor general Am
t^.ty and hope that at the next session of
our Congrees such a law will pass.
I law~ived, That we will stand frm sad
isfit,.d. with a bold front to the enemy,
and that we will at the next election elwell
- tot our Parish a larger Republican nip
purity than ever heretofore known.
Resolved. 'ehat we depreeate and din
own any anthill atteppts to creste discord
tnud .1i.hr4 tu4na mn our ranks, remember
inc that "United we stined, but divided
w., tau.
Ieclve.l. That our public hools be
evenly divided through our Prish ini
order that all children amy have an equal
chane,- for the benefit of education.
Resolved. That, in the wor&. of our
Martywed-President, "nwth malice towards
none and charity for all," we will at the
next T1reeidential election triumphantly
tarmy forward campaigns of the past, and
I plant it anai ourselves upon the wide and
solid platform of the Repubmean party,
tlhe manu plank of which platform we te
elure to he that great and good deelara
tin: "iee and equal rights to all men."
Resolved, That we acknowledge, and
will s1llport, the Republican state Execu
tive tommnnitter.' of whish Ilan. P. B. 8.
l'iunhlnwk is chairman, as the only legal
heat of the ReTh'liwan party in the Stat,
of Louiainau.
teaosl ted, That r top) of these resolu
tion I,"' fonrardeab to the New Orleans
I R,ý"li,, '. Loziatauai, And Astaumptlos
J. I".', witl a ratuest to publish the
Attet which the meeting adjourned until
tus4,l.. <"lstenhlder 9, 1871.
R.mze. f(amvva. Pneaidlent.
T ii In ivIo . Secretary.
--l-. imc--honirl- .
L People say, "The steamer took
awny a million dollars," just as
complacently as though a million
,1ollaa rould be picked up like dirt.
An anonymous writer rentrks that
but few people have any more idea
what millions, billions and trillions
are than they have of the brogans
worn by the cobblers who inhabit
the moon. A million of silver dol
lars possess a vastness that is rather
stafftliug to a man who has never
faced such a pile. To count this t
sum at the rate of one thousand
five hundred dollars an hour, and
eight hours a day, would require a
man nearly three months. If the 1
`aid dollars were laid side by aide,
they would-reach one hundred and
thirty-six miles, while their tran
sportation would require fourteen
wagons carrying two tons each. If '
millions become thus overpowering
in their magnitude, what shall we
do with larger sums? The seconds
in nil thousand years seom al
most incalculable, anti yet they
amount, to less titan one-ffth i
of a trillion. A quadrillion of t
leaves of paper, each the two hun- I
dredtli part of an inch in thick- 1
ness, would form a pile, the e
height of which would be three t
luncred and thirty times the moon's E
Jistance from the earth. A cannon t
ball dies swiftly; Iut if one were I
fired at the mnoment that qae of our 1
national President. takes his seat a
in the White House, mnd were it to T
coutinue with unabated velqygity of 1
twelve hundred feet a second during e
his whole term of office, it would )
not travel three milliona of miles. C
We never hear of tMe Wandering t
Jew, but we mentally inquire what I
was the sentence of his punishment.
Perhaps he was told to walk the f
earth until he counted a trillion. C
Suppose a man to count one in 1
every second of time, day and night, t
without stopping to rest, eat or i
sleep, it would take him thirty-two e
years to count a billion, or thizty c
thousand years to count a trillion, I
even as the French understand that a
term. As we said before, what a t
limited ialea men have of the imh- t
memntity of numbers! r
Weekly Courer. r.
The terefits of Udetlslug. t
When trade grew slaek,mmd bib'
fell due, the draper's face grew ham
and blue; his dreams were ouIm
through the night with sharifasba- I
lia al iiu ight. At hast his wife e
unlo ham said, '*Itie up at onaee
get ost of bed, and get yozpapet*
inkaandpem, and say t~mweeds.'
unto all men; 'My gosI wishto
haw ab as mh wilB~g bdste
go."' "He didsa his goodwa
ehiadayho wndiS ty
¶mht tie Wk8by =with a
I Lwehabdsec tells of an insect
'Iseen lrith the mieree ape of which
fiftf4ien . ilrlons wattld only
' equal a mit.)
Inse is of 'urious kinds may he
seen in tie ývities of a grain of
Mold is a fo1est of beautiful trees,
with the branches, leaves and fruit.
Butterlies are fufly feathered.
Hairs are hollow tubes.
The surface of our bodies is coyv
ernd with scales like a fish; a single
grain of wgid would cover one hun
dred and fifty of these scales, mid
yet a scale covers five hundred
Through these narrow openings th
sweat forces itself like water through
a sieve.
The mites mako" te hundred
steps a second.
Each drop of stagnant water con
tains a world of aniimated beings,
swimming with as much liberty as
whales in the sea.
Each leaf has a colony of insects
grazing ona like *ows on a
Moral.-- Have some care as to 1
the air you toreathe, the food you
eat, and the water you drink.
I nand Hm/Ih. I
rikisn I>atphi.
A correspondent in speaking of
the absurd custom of drinking
healths, says, with a good deal of
"How in the name of common
sense and reason do I show an af
fectionate regard for .my friend by
dtinking into my own stomach that
which oppresses. and distresses na
ture, and which nature does at t
watjt; or what sense is there in
drinking his health while I am des
troying my own. Drink his health!
Why the very wordas are silly upon
the Thee of themnif a ma wil but
stop to consider their meaning
llow can I poBAibly drink another
man's health? I may wish him
health, or pray for his health; but
that has no rational connection with
my drinking. I might as well dance
his health, or wrestle his health, for
any real equaectipms between the
means and the sad.
Speaker Blame, who was recently E
serenaded at Saratoga, and who
responded in a speech reviewing
the political situation, is an accom
plished speaker and a statesman of i
no ordinary ability. His remarks
at Saratoga have such a ring in
them and eA abmirably set off the
economy of President (*rant's ad- I
ministration in the nation against
Democratic rile is iltnstme'd in 1
New York city, that we are not
surprised that the Democrats are c
raving mad about it. The New
Yoik WIorld cannot abuse him
enough for his au edb, but as the
)Vorld ia only a "barking dog," no
one is frightened. We give again
the comparison instituted by Mr.
Blaine, mentioned above. He said:
"Th. Republiease are in fulla
power at Washington; the Demo
crate bear undisputed sway in New
York; need Idraw the pieture which
this brace of feets suggests to every
intelligent mind ? In Washington1
every dollar that earn be saved above
eqgreat expemases is faathialuly ap-1
plied to the redution of the nation
al debt. In New York every doalar~
that can be raised or wrung fi(6
the groaning tex-payer. above cur
rent expenses is faithfully applied
to the bemelt of a private ring of
politiesl speeulators. In Washing
temwee have wimsemead with msame
eatGB $ad 8thiarts the payment,
of oar atioal hbt at the rate of
one heakei mnlliona py n
In New York we have senwith
comstmaation and alarm the in-)
meas e the amtieipsa udmt at
uhbaraeagwomM baav*. atno
rulhruy eatemtr
.tat bees m pane.st
&ebt as it mist hm-m
Sdues-payment, be it ' remembered,
lhe been made while taxes were!'
rapeal~m that were yielding eighty
tmiima per annum when Gen
seal Grant came into power.
look at New York dwring the
same period. Its bonded debt is
increased to scnh a mammoth ex
tent that the authorities dare not
confess the actual amount. Tax
levies are all the while heaped up
beyond the imagination of honest
men, and a scale of corrupt expend
itures maintained that challenges
the credulity even of those who are
beat acquainted with the audneity
of Tammany HalL"
dtill Drusaain'.
The Boston lrasrsvi-.pd, a firm
sopporter of the administration,
gives the following opinion of the
disgraceful transactions of the New
Orleans office-holders: "The outrage
at New Orleans, whereby United
States troope were employed against
the delegates favoring' Governor
Warmoth, dwserves the prompt at
tention of the administration, and
the summary punishment of all the
federal oficials responsible for the
disgraceful transaction. Casey, PaFk
and and the rest merit immediate
suspension from their offices for so
deceiring and imposing upon (rn.
Reymxilda, then in Texas, that he
lent the military for the use of these 1
intriguers. The administration can- 1
not afford to lose its well-earned 1
fame for moderation and peace by
allowing ituelf to be compromised
by an implied or never so remote a
endorsement of this altogether un- I
justifiable act. ILet every federal !
officer at New Orleans conerned in
it be given notice to quit, and fill s
their places, not with tools of Gfov-o
arnor Warmoth, but with honest '
and discreet men. -N. Y. Ete» i ng I
Post. e
Advantage of Crynag. a
A French physician is out in a
long dissertation on the advantages l
of groaning and crying in general, s
and especially during surgi. al ope
rations. Ho contends that groan- A
ing and crying are two grand ope- a
rations by which nature allays an a
guish; that those patients who give a
way to their natural feelings more s
speedily recover from accidents and 1
operations than those u ho suppose t
in unworthy a man to betray such c
symptoms of cowardjip as either to i
groan or cry. He tells of a man t
who reduced his pulse from one 6
hundred and twenty-six to sixty, a
in the course of a few hours, by it
-giving full vent to his emotions. If a
people are. at all unhappy about *
anything let them go into their a
rooms-and comfort themselves with o
a loud boo-boo, and they will feel a a
hundred per cent, better afterward. k
In accordance with thq above the h
crying of children should not be too 0
greatly discouraged. If it is eye
tematic5lly repressed the result may
be St. Vitus's dqnee, epiletic fits, or P
some other disease of the nervous
systemn.-What is natural is nearly a
always *egu; and nothing can be a
more matoral than the crying when Ii
anything occurs to give them either d
physical or mental pain.- -C/nod d
Hoalg/h. fI
Ignorant people are very apt to a
use phrases with double meanings P
without intending to do so. Among a
the advertisements we mar some- i
times read that a respectable young g
woman wants washing. The pro
prietor of a bone-mill adveitises 0
that parties sending their own bones a
to grnad will be attended toe
with y anddispatch. It was
once related in a city paper how, 0
diring the selebratiena child waa '
rum over, wearing a short red dress,j I
which never epoe safterward. S
PaIKAateomse. his letter to theIa
New YTo lb*iwus: ii
I rghted these statemeata to ~
earset an eroneous inipremmion, p
whi~mfsfetion hene seek to spread s
Me thuse ~ habeenss mu -
iatarin*ese em the
Ot Meti fibe Mtes suthebo~ies
t~ponhis own ediameme, sad uS
bhe*Ms ins the 1te>..e, as
gabto wMob gr. h~ra p.t d
nshoor sa FU5Ued* km gratiu
cation upon learning that President
Grant had also condemned t n. it
conduct. Poer Packard!
-Attakwpas Re .
flta te 'V L o w Ois ,a r -a _
A'o. 105. ,
at Act t
To incorporate the Loniaiaia Land
CcOmpany and Loan and Savings
Section 1. Be it eupcted by the
Senate and House of $Iepresenta- i
iives of the State of Louisiana in
General Assembly convened, That
A. L. Hohles, DIniel F. Smith, 1
Robert H. McLenmro, Charles It.
Fe; S. D. McPherson, Andrew .T.
May, Sanders D. Oliver, d. H. Ir
win, Spencer Field, Henry L. Birge,
Robertý3loomer, W. L. Henning,
.Jamee fE. Aiken, N. L'aderwood, 1
Williamn A. Gardner, Fjnest de
Blanc, M. A. Southworth, W. V.
Burgess, / . .W. Caurer, J. IHanri
Burch, William Hanemann, .James
P. Baller, A. W. Noreress, J. W.
Hillman, Dinjel George, W. J. (!a
hoone, R. W. Todd, J. A. Rern!l.
F. Marie, Robert faling, W. M.
C'onor, H. S. Hanunonil and their
a5sociate4 and snecetsors, and such 3
persons as, together with them,
may hereafter become stockholders
in the company hereafter created,
shall be and are hereby declared a
body politic and corporate by the
name of the Louisiana Land Com
pany and Loan and Savings Bank
and as such and by that name and
style shall have perpetual succee
sion and are hereby declared to
have perpetual charter, according
to the conditions and provisions
hereinafter mentioned, and shall
sue and be sued, purchase, hold,
sell, coat ract, lease and release,
grant and transfer, determine and
appoint their officers sad servants,
and fix their compensation and term
of office, adopt and use a common
seal, make, publish and alter at
pleasure by-laws, rules and regula
tions for the government of the
corporation Red the cawying on of
its business and shall have power
to reeeine moneys on deposit, and
to allow and pay interest thereon,
and to lend money at such rate of
interest on real or personal security
as the board of directors may deem
sufficient and to discount buy and
sell promissory notes, bonde, bills
of exchange, and other securities,
and to execute and acrept all such
trust of every description as may
be committedto it by any person
or perons or Ly the order of any
court of record and to issue cer
tilicates of deposits for moneys de
posited with it, which shall be nego
tiable by in semet and delivery,
and to issue bills or totes of the
several denominations of one dol
lar each, two dollars aech, three
dollars each, fl'e dollars each, tea
dollars each, twenty dollars each4
fifty dollars each, one hundred dol
lars each, fiv hundred dobias each,
and one thousand dollars, and to
perform all other acts and exercise
and enjoy all rights and privileges
incident to corporation, snd, in
general, to do all other things
which bodies corporate and politic
or natural peimons may do, and to
amaintain the senie, and in the ex
ercise of the powers herein granted
may acquire by purebase, gift, ex
change, devise ar suy ether lawful '
way, any movable or imunovable c
property and may ereiv*, buy,
'emit, make, imus, subscribe 46 re
ceive seigamensta of, or oterwise
acquire say movable ad imnova
bl. pmope4y os' shares cf stocks,
bond. or cnopons, blit of exchange
prmmw otes, Pihbs@ripio. o(
-ee upik m ear @ the shames
throaghaib biod 4t &ios atS E1
msid nirporaion m a t~ (Ialy as
thsin -ue bae -~a har
-cats *4, sw me)
llSamowW me mi s sl yr
Thr~ee 9 19 1) 3610
Four ~161 25 361 36 70
i Sz. 8 8 1M 70 100
I 1Column. 80 j11O vS 250
Transie~nt a81S" per
Ind bres - of advertimms~b
dos PauNTNGeqs4 asmalams
and diepateb.
wig u Card ectedl * a(eordsrnee.
ttee~ ~n amlwsh q s.ip
-Prompt attention giveuti to civil
1ý11sinPeR in the several eotirts of the
A. P. ki4 s 4' Robert DOlt.,.
Attu rnety*nd Cori a rn at Law.
'# $tricl Attention to all elir sad
('r,,,dal hulijurn in the State sad Uaited
StditEI. ('oirt.
oEli~ t;e& No. 120 couuwis ermaur.
P~ ass ur~NP M
New Orleans, N~ew York, Liverpool,
London, Havre, Paris~ or
amenm, at tile. .yion
of the in's,.rd.
CRTARLE. B) IGGS, President.
A. CARUIERE. Vics.Preidens.
.J. P. Reeg, Sbsr.ary.
(IF THE (1!'1 OF I 1FO(R[
NO. 159 BROADIýJ't
*rlm~nmr. Pr,.af., L. if 1rrnfrrw. Aarhuerp.
.Se'ly .f1F it. ,4r y., `~~ taepp.
ýdt4. .4qeiug. T. A:1GK e Um.lMeL b~r.
A;ýrwle, ?t%"p Orlerrv 'itcia ý
THE FIrE3IA '8 $AIA~is
Chattered by the Uuia tedliteg
Government, M-Mi

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