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i()p Lc 114 CARon s.; .T 4 RELT,
N!' OI:LA.s L.a.
Win. G. uBowN, E(i;t;i nat Pib%!r .u
P. 8. S. P~raCHBACK, Manager.
OtUl .1'E NTS.
MISSI,SIPPI : Dni.l .t Young.
LOUISIANA :--John A. Washingtol.
It: wk H-awk, Cnc~ordia l':trih: tlHo. G.
1'. K.ls.o, A'..l-antrio: Antoine A Sterrett,
189revela1rt, .1.. tath. C' troBf fairish.
A. D.Green, \Wahington City.
.ILLINOIS : -LIwis B. White, ChicAgo.
KENTUCKI:-Dr. R. A. Greeu, Louis
MI. (hGo. E. PAInS1 is our special
agnut, and is. antberi;td to solicit
subscriptions and receive payment
of bills.
PJ.'r P. B. S. I'INCii\ClK ifOrle.ns
RECYIUcoimn 'ic' WI LI,.TAI \IH E'1S.
cra~·g-,wol-e';, 'r .I. F.F:I'".\Y,.
[c)i '. r"lstl l..TA : l u 14t.]
,9'.1IW ' IITfLEl. .,f I'lh:uiines.
S. 9. SCII'II' U. of Or:a~s.
1i1I1 P.:~4N (B( AR LIN. of I ,api,.e.
ALI LtI' (.AN f 1', of St. Lutltry.
JOHN PARSON, of 44rlans.
A. W. SMlI HII. of Orlke:an.
I. ItA;iY, ofN .::.t,,,h s.
4 _\.IES 1. 4 'l;:'1: . ,Io.
DA.VID YO'NG, Cnu er?:.,.
F J. IHERIRON. of ()r'..:,u.
First ('onu;rssioual )i~trict lHugh J.
('ampbell. 1I. Mthony.
itconuud ('C,ngrelsind District l. F.
Jirher, JIa:u 's L. I .!l1 ,n.
T h i r t ( ' . . 1 , r . 'se i , . a l D i . . :a -i.t "'! I ' , ,- :
fl. Nol~id, (Geoly m We: ;b,;lt.
Fourth Congres:i.nut l)-triet - E. W.
PLewees, R:"ford Blunt
Fifth Cougrt.itu. DiLrstn't . W.
}Faulkner, A. B. II-:i .
?ion. T1UG1 I J. CAMPBELL, Chair
lion. P. B. S. 'INCHBA('K.
](.n. F. J. HIERRON.
lion. A. i. HARtRIM.
1n,. A. E. .BAR1BEit.
lfon. F .!. HI;RO(iN.
l)In. T'i' )S J. N( LAND.
lioun. El. BUI'LER.
lion. A. W. FAULKNE~R.
JOHN I'AR.uN. E.q.
w yhe Grand Jury have found
a true bill against the pnblisher of
the New Orleane Pa"rir, for libeling
the character of Judge Dibble of the
Eight District Court. The oppor
tunigy will therefore shortly be fur
nished Mr West, of making the
Judge "wihh he ha.ln't"
i Some conu-y ne'v;lppers
having fallen into the double blun
k.e of pcndaiming that the late Lt.
Governor died from poison, and
that Speaker C:irer was auf.
fering from poison on the day of MIr.
Dunn's death; we hope they will not
be slow to correct these two false
impressions, p/ow that competent
zuedical authority, has in both csaes
d cided that nieither of the suffereres
JkRlRUFor rru W~r, I. R. MBother
Club, hel its meeting nu Monday
evening last for the election of of
ficers for the ensuing six months,
resulting pa foll.s : President, R.
C, Hvard ; Vice Presidents, K
Kiuberbger, a;nd L. Populus; Trea
surer, H. linggold; Secretary, A,
Plush ; Sergeant at Arms, R. Bar.
row ; Marshal, J. L. Decade.
anrGovelrqa.Alcor of 3M1isis
sl'ppi, will resigon his position to-day,
and turn over the' 6ffice to Lieuten
ant Governor Hi.wur Powers. The
abdicating kovraer qiMlleave in -
few days fur Wahiagto, asd take
his mt as United States Snator.
mTbhe "envoy extraordinafr
aiiA minister plenipotentiary" of
America'to ti4T,nrt ,of St. James,
hap uiobrtmnatl, yaeu d "-
unpopularity in Engl. d in conse
queOce 4 hie eomnisio-with some
mining eompam y which .was 4iecov
ar& t4 he r i5ahqble."
ThibsItse do that iML'hitin
Nat on is called on gratefully and i
,"blidly to acknowledge, not only
't.s general recognition of the exist-:
,..ec of a Supreme Ruler of ,the
Cuiverse, butt their full coascious- i
.cts. of dependence on him for "life
;aud breath and all things, and their i
itre sense of the consummate Wis- I
t,,ut and Beneficence display ed in j
ans onerrigetaidsane a·ft bs erst,
taried and (to as) complicated in
:'r,.ts of our Country. And we
:tie glad to find so general a re-'
;,.i'use :o the recommendation of "
:resident Grant.
To-diay hundreds of thousands
,ver this bread land wil! be wend
izg their way to their accustomed
pclaucs of worship, or privately
roawing over the wide tield of
d istinguished providential ca: e.
In the expansive aspect of na
tioual cases for "Thankrgiviag,"'
the contemplative mind may behold
a nagni'icent and overwhelming
height and depth and length and
breadlth of Divine gui lance and
overruling of events-the hushing
,i "rumours of war,"-thedlissipating
of serious intatrnal conmplicatioas,
.thie expaniuu of industry, the
.ounriful croulj, tho absence of
plagtue and the endless catalogue of
.:alge displ:ays of Supreme good
Descending to view oarselv.'s and
>ur rh'iiouahips as communaiies,
families, and individuals, we find
uhrselves involved in a complete la
byrinth of endlessly diversified per
spectice. Indeed, there might be
found ampwly sufliient for "the
,urden of our song," the recital ofi
indivi lual recognitions of the Su
premne goodness of God. We sug
;,est the line of thought indicated
in the National and State calls to
et apart to-day to special coatem
,latiuu on thc~oe things and conn
wmend the matter to our fieods.
W-A BurrTanv A::xrvrnsthr was
Sunday last to the amiable "better
Stilt" of our friend Mr. Geo. E.
Paris. Doterruined not to allow
i .oie to make inroads in his domain
.ithout exhiUiting his helligrence,
1 he pres<nce of a few '"friendls" was
requested to participate in the pre
iiminat ics. Mrs. Paris adl several
lady friends adorned the scene, and
with the cet'rie the brief hours of
the cm,numcmor.tion passed un
,emdingi y away. Apd may many
succeeding anniversaries find our
respected hcroine anl her worthy
consort in the enjoym,,nt of hea:tl
:and this worll's goods.
ItcIn a few d: ys the Congress
of the United States will :issenable
to consider the weighty matters'
which will press themselvus on the
copsideration of Senators and Re
presentatives. The first bill on the
Senate calendar is said to be Mr.
Sumner's supplementary "Civiil
i Rights Bill," which was introduced
by him on the 9th of March last.
'This bill dcclarces that all citiz:ens
of the United States, without dis- I
Stinction to race, color, etc., are en
titled to the equal and impartial
enjoyment of any accommodation,
!advansutage, priority, or privilege,
furnished by common casrriers,
Swhether on land or water; by in
keepers, by licensed owners, man
agers or lessees of theatres or other
places of pqblic amusemcnt; by
tru.steeas, commiseioners, sulerii
tendents, teachers, or other officers
of common schools and other pub
lie institutions of Lbrning, the same
being supported or authorized by
law; by trustees or otcers of church
organizations, cemotery .ssociatiues
and benevolent institutions, incor
Imratil by nation~l or State wa
thority; and that their rights sthall
Snot be denied or abridged on any
lretense of oolor, etc. The bill also
I p1rovide~' the machinery for enuore
i ing its provisions, and ootians.
aragraph securin~ to all citiz'
an eyual righlt.io grve on irjni"
a" The uRainey pyarder qse,
come uj lor trial in the FitslCi~s
trt- Courtlp .goday. hi, lq .: T
'whole of ta Arat end prut <. tip
second were coeased in, ubtatainig
a jnry. Tbe papl .wa 9 opFnleted
on Tuesday at pnid-ay aind the a
ry eoasists of five whip~e, ad eYsyn
colored jurors.
u a call of thgLpmpaz of the wt
Iesses for the prosecution, Mr7. j.
Pasteur, the prjacial aone. wU
is org a tionra1ha thnrough
its President and a committee, sum
moned a mass meeting of the Citi
zens to assembflein the Mchannics'
Jiastitute to.-orrow eveningto take.
into consideration, the. setveaIh mat-,
ters referred to in the recent mes
sage of Mayor Flanders to the City
Counoil, a copy of which was sub-.
mitted to the Asseociation by the
If we may judge of the probable
tone of the proceedings, by the
tenor of the articles in a portion of
the city press on the subject, there
is little room to hope, that, however
much room there might be for im
pirovement, reformation and re
trenchment, the association will ef
fect much if the method- of strict
inve ;tigstioa and impartial inquiry
is to be lost sight of in preju.lieed
r presentations and virulent de
nunciations as a condition pre
"After the city, after the State!"
may snit admirably on certain oc
casions; but the unthinking head
long pursuit such a "War cry" soli
cits anti encourages, is scarcely re-:
concilable with the alhnness, judg
meat, and delib.r.tion which earn
est business men.invest ii scrutinies
of this description.
There are doubtless many im
Sporta t "reforms" which might be
introduced in the management of
the a'firs of the city, and we hope
that the "Citizens' Association" who
are as much interested as "any 4
other man," will display more of
the qualities of both head and heart
than have recently distinguished
the "citizens' meetings" we have
witnessed in the city.
ajrOnz oo.'rom P. O'Hars of
the `'.rr bua me I;a,uicr, has resolved
to "nail his flag to the mast, ' and
let his Banner float in every breeze.
Henseforth let his enemies under
shund that he intends to "stand his
ground." In his Last issue he as
same-s his attitule alter this :ma:,
uter, he s;ys:
S"We will state for the informa
tion of some certain parties who
are inclinel to try an I break nn!
the Itma ,er ofi-X, th'tt we will con
tinue to pnh:ltih it as long as we
hLvo a hl;ar h'ft upon our head, or
I at the hat,: r1 of our h'fe, notwith
sta:d aig, A h it the I'':' asse ted
in its. last issue, that ue wo..d.
slumber for a'm imned:i-.it; plrijod.
We stand dirtectly on our own f`oct
and not on :uany future pro.lc('ts of
the Iob-tail Demn',.'racy wai:i'g the
liay in i187i , as the aitrh'd 'nan
ldots. We a'"e nlne of your pr-"
t.',rdt'd Ip:u', l cas., w, m.vr .u .'rat chi
the regular ticket of the IRe ablic'ac:
party. Do you ? IE:-, answers.
I 'sorter' think I di,.
ti·.Judge Lo~umonat I;as sn 'l-red
a series of severe aftlictions in the
death of no less than five children
in less than as many months. The
i ryon" rightly says:
SA profound sympLathy is feIt in
our entire community with the
siorely afflicted family of Judge
Charles Leaumont Some three
nronths ago he lost a son, and on
lTuesday, the 22d, a boy baby, 20
months old, died; on Saturday, the
25th, a boy, four and a half years,
and a girl, two years and nine
months, dtied at the same hour; and
yesterday, a son, of eleven years,
was lost to the parents.
And yet in all this accumulation
of sorrow no suspicion of "doing"
"rThe Trre.4,ne Patriot, of No
vemits" 2,th, indulges in a forecnst
of the r.svctive status which it
thinks somei of the members of the
Senate occulpy with reference to the
Lieutenant. Governorship to be
I filled by an election in the Senate
.n Decenider 6. It s-ys:
S"Should the act of 1865 be decided
to be the law governing the elec
tion ljy the Senate of, a Lieutenant
Governoi, Ie tentide ta gay tihat
the folk-ing Will bedabut'theteht
tive stauding of the letdiamg-iSe
.orea fo.the eleetiva to tiktt ice,
by wlptever ,combinition is made,
viz: Sena;t~rs Oinchbac-k 20.mF
ei f afods1brds pleastfp' to
transcribe the following eomnimeb
to lien. 1P. J. Herron, from ftl
Shrele'pdt Rcpalfew of Nokeom
J. Iferhin tod ftasiberdu'uf"'The
State fistW of *acfation, will t%'
- -d h al to c"
So wa ,t ove t -e m . r
rlr ot thei aisdehjhe"
dat ing, is its article on 'Oscar
James Dunn," says, in relation to
the use of Governor Warmoth's
-piege, by. the family ,of the late
IhAieimant Goverior, on the day of
the funeral:
"It was with no small indignation
that the f4mily learned that they
had occupied Warnetth's vehicle,
and we are authorized to state that,
l-it beei iieowhn,le carrags ,W6ould
not have been ne~i."
Struck with the heartlessness of
the statements, and believing that
there was not a particle of truth in
them, we excused oar intrusion on
the grief-stricken widow, and as.
certained that "the family" made no
such remarks. and were too deeply
absorbed in their overwhelming
sorrow to say "anything about the
Governor's carriage."
The Kdo,.on,! ReplatWin will per
haps submit the source whence it
was "authorized to state" rouss
an error.
&'-With reference to the above
the public may now perceive to
what d(esprate straits these mcn
are driven, to mannuf eture unpopl
larnty for Governor Warmoth.
1They are compe.led to violate the
sacredness of the tonb; with unholy
hands t. rend asandcr the veil that
shrou)'s a creaved and sorrowing:
family in the mu)me:its of their bit
terest anguish and fill their c:lasten
ced hbosons, with those wi'kedI
thoughts, ual their niout'hs %ith
thoe unkind and ungra:teful ex
I pres. ion. which they tl!g asrlIve
naturallyv entrt its and utter.
But the comllcttncss and the i
promptitude of the indignant repo
(diation of the. seuthiueit and the
langwage, is btt another blow at
their crumbling fuor ress~s and a
sure i.d(,xat.i- of their descent,
whi:h i-- Iwv.:-n oa -- .vn.
I6-*The Caune'li Me.tn.dl Aid.
:;:id jRitef A s.-critinl of Touiisiana.
third district, New ()hre:.vs, will
FAvc: Der:ts Bo.~. nt th.e Mechanie's
I!lstituto on Iotday everniieg, De
cetnbe r 11.
The ('o:onuittee onu Invitation
will please accept our thanks for
,mplimtary tckts.
e le ~va:r:tble'.ss o- the
w,.a:her is ama-t i: t,,:erable. On
T ':d (1 tth' sunl shjot his l:(t:uims
fiLr.e y everyShrwu, and G.e t m
lr:mtur* v.at eual to that ,f the
warn,: t July d::y. Yeste.::'y wa:
usher-d in w:t' r:,iu ani clhilly
bl o t n:!al to-.lay ov-remuat wili
dlouht.tless! he cce'table wear.
"1' I '1I! ."LV
I -I
The Rin; is 'dowly feling away.
Tweed will, it is said, resign in a
few days, and is nowv only waiting
to see whe:ther he eannuo bar-gain
fr the seee"to of h:4 sv"cessor.
Conno!!y has at last resigned the
Coutrollers!ip, and Mir. Andrew If.
Green, to everyboly's satisfaction
and relief, been appointel in his
ste:d. Hitherto, as simply Dputty
Controlle', his tenure was depend
ent on the duration of Connollv's
pen te:l e, and, h Id T.:n:nany car
ried the election, he would probably
have been dismlisod. Connol!y, it
is said, offere.I to resib.n some
months ago,: on co3ndi ion that
Green were put in his place, which
the .Mayor agreed to do, but, afer
the sceeming success of T.mnmmany
at RB hester, he picked up his
c m~rage ag din, and1 refutn.se. The
electioa !,ar at last fr:ghtcned him
into counp'iance. Judge Hitou'
place on the Central Park Commis
s.ion has been worthily filled by 3Ir. i
IHenry G. Stebbins, who lmng pre
sidld n the old board, and has
si.ce fiuretd prominently on the
Committee of Seventy. Sweeny
having rcsigned, too, Hll may be
said lo be left "bloaxntng alone."
Why ftie does not fhtirw his "lovely
Seompanions," it is liird ta say, but
we understand he wishes to snp
poirt his ~enial of Ull complicity in
tIhdra'iLs kiiting to his place.
It wo'aly aian~mL't Ii c6thi gciif
in th9 'eonsttalt i hh & t
Imihd ro 'aakd It .alibba ter
eoe oprt.tht' gentleitan who
pa 'twenty years iaide Iew
SYork politics, and even led th&e
oLe of'listtrict-attorney for more-_
tthan hballtht i,&andmad Lte
i  intimae, wtti tdo IAb 'mei
bers bf the Bing, can haeoi'mmnia
ed his wers as a mmin ter ot'tlw
Splad'of AbhI ito'weed, and after
Myards eEiornef Wat'fants for
"~Ismeh".to t' asouut AYb4afdvi
o .ari. in i ,an q , m "qIamautim
veo gk
lei m qhription is innj
cen , who, whens
hears of the frauds, and finds pte
snmptive evidence of them on the
books, rst denies that they exist;
then acknowled_-es that they do
exist, but that mn "old board" was
responsible for them; then says he
signed the warrants, but only "min
isterially;" and then says he did
not sign them at all, that his name
was forged to temn. but never ex
hibits a particle of surprise or in
dignation, and never proposes,
during six long months of
agitation, to aid in any investigation,
or put anylody on his trial, or bring
anybo'!y to justice. It is almost an
insult to the publie to pretc%:1 that w.+
have no right to charge H ill with
fraud lwea:mtne nololy has been able to
tr.ace any of the money into hispockets I
or into his bunk amount. If such
proof were necessary to mural convic
tion, nine-ti nthl of tih thieves could
boast unblemished reputations. There
im ty not is' pr )f eno:')l tJ sal d !him
to jail, but there is proof en'ngh to
drive him out oP office, and out of
every honest man's house and comp:any.
Theae chanuges in the city gov
erumwlnt have been very alppropri
ately followed or accompanied by
the resigna! ion of Collector Murphy,
which he has at last had the decency
to send in, and which the President
has accepted with profnuse expres
r ions of esteem and coufidence,
which, peorh ps, he owes Murphy,
but which it would, have been well
for li own reputation. if Ih: had
refrained fem offering. There can
be no doubt that Murphy was ap
I pointed in order that he might do
ia certain kind of work in the Cus
tomhoase, atd there is no doubt
that he did it; but that work was.
menot the prompt, careful, and Lonest
edllectionuu of the revenue. We know
'of one ease, at least, in which, just
after taking utlice, he confess.otdWo
a merchant of this city--who wont
to himl to intercede for ant upriglhtI
and edicient officer of long standing i
whom he-w:a di iumising - that ho;
(JlMurphy) wais put there to "r::ua"
the ('ustoauno, e for the fyst in-I
trests of the'party, ured tha.t his
meant to, do it., a:l that, although
lie acknowk dged the truth uo all
that was said in fnvor of the gentle
miun in question, he would hiv. to
., as hi.. place \:as needed fur a
r:tioe "u"ful'" man. It was Lbecause
it was this kind of service that the:
('.)ectr was expecte.l to reader
that a man of Murphy's e:as. was
s lIc',dd for the plhc,, nail that ,.lass
ine'l itds, in this city, Tweed, Con
nolly, Hugh Sniith, Swceuy, :aid
the like. Some of its memniers ale
epulliamne, ther6 Democrats; mul
have some nomlnal calling, and all
"'pcculate" in ( ity Ieal estate, and I
know a gcod deal about it, as Mnr
pli y says he( does; but they all man.
.ate to help (Iheir speculations by a
Ittle "politics."
The amount of Murphy's co:le
tions at the Custoumnhou,e, an;l the
cost per cent., have lh'en sent on
from Washingten as a s art of lurt
ing touch of whitewash, but we
warn the reader that these fig!ures
.rove nothing and reveal nothing.
What we need to know fir~t is how)
much miqht be collected, and at
what cost, by an efficient abusiness i
man; haxing got this, we should be
iu a position to, judge of Murphy's
edictiency, or that of any.politician
who takes his place. We believe
Sthe genral opinion of the mercan
tile community here is that the
C. stomhouse was never worse man
::ged than under his sway. To his
jsuccesasor, Mr. Arthur, we know of
*only two objections-that he is a
lawyer and not a merchant, and
that he is ad haa lbwn a warm
friend and supporter of lMurphy,
and an active politician of the same
*wing of the Rtepublican palrty.
Personally, he is a gentietnal and
a man of education, but the fad
that he is a prominent maeramber of
"the Customhouse faction" forbls
the hope that he will take the Cae
tomhouse out of politics r imetitute
sny real reform. It is for the people
of %he- United States to uaytaow
long' this jfan of eform6nng'thd1
OCi'l'Set'(e" on paper, 'aroua8 g'
table eatWsbingtob, sadI keerping
tl its wrs4labrWes in the akeiesty
,chlie, ',1 s obertttte4.ft.A'* -
Tea fjlMasseWaer~ eWhssetF.
A Wgltt e lpetteru witmer reorug
Alri~gg of incoln's em paei
-ot ahb. asub.
;i Gow -
.#'r Uom·lmd· 404 ewclnA l
Soon Thankagiving will be here.
Then will resound throughout all
the land,
"Praise God from whom all bleasing' flow;"
and 'each fither, mother, brother,
sister, uncle, aunt, and cousin will
vie with the other to bring home
someth:ng which will gladden the
heart and make jotfnl the house
hold. All this i the la nguage of
lie,w teDence, the moral sentiments,
and the social affections. It is in
deed "a good thing to give thanks."
Let this senti:.cnt of charity add
brotherly kindness become all-per
I vading. It is humanizing, civilizing,
Selevating, spiritualizing. Let .us
thank God and the founders of our
liberties for our blessed Thankgirv
ing. This .Vatinal holiday has a
greater significance than is indicated
by roast turkey, fricassed chicken,
sweet Indian pudding, and pump
kin pie. It means that Anmtri
caus -both native :and foreign born
above all other nations and races,
h:Lve a country, a mode of govern
huent, edue.ctioual institutions, and
a free religion for which they are
thailkful. Otrs is a country with
acre.,, txteciding from ocean toocean
and from gulf to gulf, including
:many latitudes and many clilmaes.
It ha:s ioulntain -and va:ile, forest
and prairie, with the greatest lakes.
the longest rivers, and iall the
mlncra's-iron, Mrd, co, 1a, copler,
silver, anu: gll - -in in~xiaunistile
z quantities ; while for the growth of
I corn and cattle, roots and fruits, no
country in the world can equal ours.
;W- are in lnsmseion of ltil'lions on
millions of untouched acres of the
richest and most protlncive soil.
1These lands await the emigrants
!from the overcrowded ol W, orld
Swhere the intt-llhignt artiann and
tthe co',maion I: torer can not hopie
to better tih lconitin. We 1a: e
rot mn enough without c:':vwdiný for
,uoe hulndred million of men aid
'vomeun. We have no expensive
mon1narcyV, uo us".lcss rosal fai y
olr .azb:. :.t to tax or e:d out our
suil,btance. Here, oe is as gool as
n..:i.hcr wLile he bchavts hinmself
:s Well ; auerd i!!, rit h utld poor
a.e n!d beftore the la:w. Is not
this so.medliug to be thankful for ?
:ounsider the l..,es.,iIgs of our com
anon selhoos, in which n7 Iur chil
:.'ea 180 la he luate-:t La mo
:irtr.hiic l, I,liest-ridl.l 'en c.ountri:.s
o'l ty tie pr;'v.eged f w a;'il e(dq
ce:tti :u1 t he g .a't mra:ssa.s of I hli.
population a...re kept iii ig:.r r ,
and p up:eIsm. Ieire, we can have
nio -uha l,ow, Ilrtal class; no nativt
}Ia:iperis:s, except thi few wi,,
,iircc.ly or rein trely, thro ugh 'n
l tlLpe'ance, vice, or c'i'llC, le..i:g i
aion themnsvlv,:. Ileti, ev't' Opi
poraun.ity is afforded for self-sup
port, anwl for euterpris.e :andl thrift.
Here, we have no ;great' incubus in
thei shape of a de.ad-anld-alive state.
church, with an indolent or volupl
tuvus lristhoodl to be supporled
,by taxation. Thi' is the only cOun
try in the world where every lu.u,
Imay worship God according to his
own untrameled coilscience. Let
us thank God for this. Is tiot this
enough? .Are we no: estahilshed
n, solid and righteons foundations?
Axe nut our instiitutions in accorI
with Christianity and the laws of
God ? Is it objected that there are
wrongs, violations and corruptions
in the administration of our gov
ernment? Granted. We do not
claim perfection for our law
yers and legisators, though the
aim of every law is to be ju.d. By
the neglect of well-disposed citizens
who take pl:aces of trust, and being
themselves pervertced, tl;hey pervert
their offices and bring reiroach on
all. The correction of this evi is
in the hands of the people. No he
reditary tyrant holds by "dJivine
right" any place in this country, and
it is the privilge of Americans to
choose their .srri·nd.,-not rvsters.
And th's is something to Le thank
ful for. In fact, our system of go.
ernment is the best in the world.
It'mxy be everlat' if ever jnt
add righteoas. Reader, let' 'se I
to it that uW transmit to ourl poter
ify'a frlee countt, base~d elt Demo
of l ,d'f." r ties i iH" -
Af'airs :si p Uintl
in a new ministerinl crisis. In t,,
Fitting of *he C.nrte on Fri'ay lavt.
the Zoril!a wing of tle Ithld,;i..,y
brought forwari their prop)i,)n
of want of confilec:, in the li+l.
campo C:,bin:t. bae t maI U.:ily o, -
s'rted infrint m-ntt of the rie,&
of association!l in deal,ing witih t,
Internationals. This wa. ,,, 1..
counter-motio:i, tubmittL.,l by .S ' ,,,
Oehoa, for the supltre..ion,i <1 a;
restrictions on religiouis s(,.i..
and pot:,hly of therat imol. l...l I, t ..
late iovh sion l (loe'.nV''.
nemlber. Pen,lin tl t i
which was vi)'_t' t :Ll 
metsuie, a prop 1 a Ihito: ui.,, " ..
to declare the ý,itti. ."r:ua.:,:
anid alopted 1t a '1i tidhr:. .
joritT, in spite ,if the Cdi:nu.t -t do ,.
its ex'stcitce o( it, r, j, e!i.,: \
mlirWl .XLlealulpo, the .Mini,'.r !'I,.
idlont, thern up*, i lunn.iitt .t,', ;,.
rogued the ('o e by r.,al ,1,:,,.
andt te:idoered hi: -i.::,,i
k ilg, who, h ow v,.r, t :,, t , . ..
in aeeiting it. i.e ii.
throilghot;lt thet c ut llitv.: ;!ir ,. It;.
et'rntional. are bist f.t t
tilunles ; but the It . iu!,,.l ....
bt rs of the ('o;tts h;: v. " . .
cular Urging t!:e niiiiltthi , ' ,: :."
der. The (':.lt fai, t :::,
bh w·ho.-,sw ti felction thll .'?. .
.lal,'ampll(';hih:,t he ".1, , ,
about. To judge by pr c.i,,:: i ..
p atc h ,s , it i- m ' u ,il, i .  t L ,
sulited from : facti,; .,'::
twecn lIt publ.:cans aad i a.
ou oun sidle, :ed ('a'.i : .. .. -
F ,n.tsfls on 1 ie ot i( r, tlI
ItEva r'yt rv i'. ir:  i , I1.. :-, rl;I
jullct ,to t. i i , o lta t I ...
te .ia t , d. -',r i: t.: ,h '1 - .
hl , S i. - ., 1 : . . ,
S .-r,·'. to I'i'i :tl'h: , .". . ' .... : 1 ,,.'
-'in,.,l : ti: ' :: ..: , , . . .. .
*1 11t ` o. ()' t.Y· a r, :lz. . i'.. ,
, i ir: n ,a " 1 n 1I' : . ' I' t. I.i
i: a l i . iir .. ] i. I t I : i ..i .
In all' v of th '.s:" : :, ''
i SO , I ' s i . I .,.
cotine' , fl 1. 1i ft g ,l I, ,.r 11 '.
ill en ,to :n: g..o.1, it 11 . n,.1 i ,
. id ; lut t. :, f l t l a; ,
the hadoIow of ,:n u-Ih.-l i
to aV one, ti. v a og.,n asee- u ,;+.,l.s
is ll m. ct of i elhice.y h :,,l : ", ,
nuIIii :iliv 1- U alljkt:1 't't. a .s I t
contempijti.t lt to g. . , .
things a:s it woul Ioloua.
siher r bol'rrow it. b, :,'r
get to return the.n. -,I' .iI
11o# to (,'ct Alon !;.
Do not stop to tell stri, s il:,
ines hi ,urs.
If vou have a p!hei of liv in.''
be folundi tere wh.n want, I. tr
in business hours.
No man can get ri'h by lIoiui-l!
in s'ores amti baloons'.
Never "fol', in businues :t r
Have order, systemn, rcrgulr ,
liberality, promptneis.
Io not meddle with bauines~ '
da not~nuderstaad.
Never buy i a'rt:rle -tyou d .,t
neetd simptyi becau.e it i,. ,.:..qp ,U,
the nun who seis v,'j t .". i in.
in tra~e.
Trade is moniey.
Endeamor to a'0dA hard v.s
ad personalitit
Do not k ok every .st,,e in the
ao milc ea e mjiadt iii
.day by go4 steauil'y on th ,i"
IPay .as you go,
A man of honir r'Sl5' Lis
i,-word as he dots his loA..
.' Aid, but nevr-2F F."
o.M thers .wlIt1 you cal'
Ito, aj ly ecaIuse it ia fask
LaUa ty.SO "yo. . o new''r
. . t irT [,it
I Be vigilant.  ..
Keep , h-a'e th bh
the ti e .. .

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