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; A
Jennie Tabor, the Hudson
Dynamiter, Confesses
lntcr.de J . . , v 'J p The Houm
rl-. rr ... . -ins A. so
Lwiilcaae .Via.. T.:e:i.
if i. A if H Y tarday oificsr
I c and l'aa v..uel to bOiW of
Jean. Tabor, w;ium5 tlJiU base
uu;a imIi sssssaasoa in tui local. ty,
la search of a drea pattern, stolen
from W. W. Bail, ft neighbor of M m
Tabor. Tbishroug:.tui.ltf;rstoecrii,
and the gul aimlf a fail aud complete
coofeaa.on. Sn completely exonera
ted youo Myers, whom the alleged
coiape.ied h-r to rub the bouse of
tor- Ooodwui aud tost . it i u r t
tiiuv u; ner user 'a Luuo. He ha
bwao rled front custody. M -
'labor produced tne drea pattern, tu i
to!4 hn she Umjk it ad also located
ind& Ml HSt of BaWate left from
the robbery of (ioodwm's bouse, and
aid she sra-4 Use ou.y ouo etiif I i
the plot to blow up aer ststT's horn
W:tb dvnam l i to:d Ir. Eaton,
her an.-.. ' an, mat awe throw
away the strv .1 STB h it was
though: MM had taken aud -'hammed
trie 'ii . -.
NPbsy Wal Uimk From the Same
ftuwtU, Aug. 17. Sheriff McCsha
of Livingston County, after a confer
ence w.tn ijuArtermairr S tekert of
thd M tiwAh state troop, ha eon-
tsled to do a i hit prirtr til tatitfj
thn demand of the troops for beer, hut
w U saaks ...- eiJ btiainees to see
t . it trie state do net violate the laws
ii iux If. t a ( u vu kert ha
Mist the tax of fTV'i and h.- county
trt-asurt r issued him a license to sell
! eer tn Iht teatf- fVQuasJsj at lalaud
lake. Mr. Sue ken says be will sett
only to the soldier-, and t-wryti i.g
wit! be anseeaa. 1'rosecuung
x hi says thw state I tor
law must he liwed up t , tad any viola
tioo Will brj prosecuted to the full ex
tent of Ihe law. The only sti pply of
the beverage w.;; be furru sned by the
Will Help Boom Bellaire.
Bkllaikk, Aug. 17. The Bellaire
Ca. OOOpejQT, COMBOid of gentle
men of (irand Rapids and M.Joan,
ha secured a valuable sue, and is bav
in k timber aad taasbsjc delivered for
buihling. They will employ a large
for-fe t men 1:1 '.iC iiiAtiuficture of
stav -, bead mr. 'tc. Bejateaebei ii t he
; 9 of thil ;ia-6 will rote upon the
f ra t'lin ' to a.d manu
faoturing enUTpr.ites and a lare num-r-er
tf n w plants is expected as the
result. ne wmch will employ 125
men making brick aud lumlter is al-r-aiv
provided for. W. M. Iavidson
v Willing to aeciTe a sitjatioo
suitable for a large shingle factory,
ami many others will flock into Antrim
i-Miinty, fur . opln deicarc t-at iU
at supply ffel lumh-r ahull not U
sawed oul IstUM lOfl but manufactured
at home.
Work of the Crusaders.
M Psaaaajrt) Aug. 17. Two trama
over the Toledo A Ann Arlior road, two
ou the Fimt A Pere Marquette, one
II south from Owosso, two from the
w t from i.uy, a d one from
aguusw,each witlt from four to eleven
. v si, a sdksdsjftk people, arr;vd
tolay uewrly all at the same time,
I rufcginsi a vast uumher t swell the
crowd mat had a!r-dy b-'un to hi! the
camp Kr md. Ti. : wvre thirteen
eeaetfti haptued during the morning
ee. Korty-two have bajsJI con-v-
rted dur'ng their stay :n the city.
The conv. r's have trie choice of any
I irch with wh.ch they wish to un;t -.
-u.ivlf rs cany on special revival
Mji f r any i iuircli that will dfMI
their doors to them and g out in siua.i
hastde h fattens parts ot tnecouutry.
Michigan I -.?! i tv.
W- i v . Aug. 17. The follow
ing patents were granted to Mich.gan
see today Haaf l .. Bleed, Kaia-
maxoo, seat atiactirnent for htcv tt,
h.iu r 1 , a:;d Hudson, machine
for attaching vertical wires in w.ro
fptnoe. bar lei K. (urt's. Fa:rland,
fe Mil for ch k re.n; iVter I'enn.in, sr.,
Montague, axle fabricator; Jonn K.
Evert, Mwodea, adjpstebl" number Je
v.re. Rusaell A. tlr,. Hitrie Creek,
paper jogger John A. Marvin, Lansing,
truse; Henry A. Mcn.ory, Detroit,
liquid level indicator system; (eorge
w M i.ler. KaiamaiM, urfao attle
guard. Mevnnour W. IVregnoe, Oread
Uaptds. ti tiiig sea'. Bnmael W, Wag
ou. DetMeSS, ht.n.ng aud ventilating
Michigan Crop Report.
The laat weekly bulletin of the
M an weatber aud crop i,u rea i in -4
sjajn I aal trie weather haa bewn good
for growing crop aod gwawral Farm
work. :vtw ttitand;ng tho drought that
; ra ed in eonie of the ataweJ and
southern counties This .njured the
nie t mi, corn and ; i i
9 especially. Bate a Mill aeertwd in
th section. In the centra; and north
of the state corn, rrot and
nass crop have been benefited !.v
fwaaat ram. Wheel and oats are
a t sn 1 t s . ahout a i
over. The oat or j a large one. In
Within the
Reach of All
By trie tabor ar-d' ;arT.hirr rf
Tr Price, we have isow before
as the ssreetea, freshest aid
snost feajinsaj flavor. His
I'elicseus Vaaili i Ft tract ur
yestet 1st delicate flavor any
rhcr ftavoTing etfract, whiV
his Extracts of Lemcsa and
f. , . . , , s fresh and
agf o r flavor as
fV, - t. . f- .r) w'- j , s
thev are male. Any horsve
heeper who hat oeice ewael
e. ewcf t Mmmh nsvows
fa her cake, pwLiings, or
fs, w Nvtv ref'rn to
the asc I m$
famine eounty oat and barley ai
shrunk tadiy, wuJe in several local
u mru, u ... .1 itio lalM i;e m '
working deatructioa to tue levf. seed.
Grand Rapida Man Robbed
Hi , nUgftti Aug. 17 It was given
out th uorn.ng mat a man named
Kugeav VV'alsn, wan drand lCi.da fi r
headquarters, and here several days
inr the purp e of buying neteM si
kesfj roooed taring tee uight of f406.
Wnkdt was about town laat evening,
Lraua more or lesa i.qaor and made S
display of his mjcey. He- y he re
members everything ne d.i. He re
t.red to hia room at the American
houae, aud wuea he got up this morn
:ug found b m n-v Bjiasj He
trunk be must have been followed by
aorue oue wiv knew hn had ine nuuey.
There ar ymg t ini an ful
uriraji ,! IttSM raliou la fit
MraiU' "Li( tt Brujiuiu Har.iwu."
dabsci Iks tr Him )iir ftuUyuu illl (t
tb book fr. Urdet al SSSSV
State N-ws in Br.ef.
Ion; Seutin-I Mayor Havn sent rh-
following aoknevh tdgesw ni lo I ts
clerk Cutler for a uit nendkdrehiel
bearing Doriraita of the republican cau
d:date :.r president a:i 1 VsM presi
dent. "1 hereby acknowledge reeeipt
of y.-ur baaOtixiU little preuent, which
will i-e a constant reminder to biuw for
Il-rr.soo and Ke;d."
H- nry l'luknian, the convict mur
ii rer, made a full conft-B .i of hit
last cr . , to Keep r i Dtgt SoWW, and
sa.d he had no eaose BThetever, hut was
irrea;tibiy impelkd to it. Tht physi-
ajH piouuuuce b BB Uat v.ri.ia of
"homicidal mama," and he .snow kept
stiung up in trie "hull pen."
Wneu August HatBttlrnan of West
Uay City was told mat bis wife was m
tue lock-up, wheci .she ha I bate taken
after being prevented from co'imntting
suicide hy jumping in the river, ex
awtaed t :i wilimgueai tliat she should
be released and allowed to go eeefc to
the nver again,
N.iiolas Kneifer of Montrose, Gen
easee county, has beeu arrested for
criminally assaulting a i:Cyear-old
daughter of his employer. Mr. B jdley.
Bt haa comm. tied the o:tuw r peat-
asllj tkoee May lest, bet b s three ai to
kill her have prevented her le.luig her
story hefoi a
ahettVtr 1i;ngs of the defunct
National City hmk of Marshal gives
aotice tiiiu on September 1 he will naj'
an addit.onal rl per cent d v.d uid to
creditors of tuat institution, whtoh
with what has leien aid, will amount
to 8" per cent in all.
t'. c. Mil.: van, i.illy Heard and John
Qoayle attempted to go down m a
burning mine at Ishpeming. After
reachiug a tlcpth of 150 feet th; foul
air eteetd them to faint. They were
rescued with considerable difficulty.
Every farm aOOte around Spring
I.-ttie h crowded wah hoarders and
vet 109 applieeat have ieen turned
away for want of room. The fruit
farms ou the lake are becoming very
popuiar for summer home?.
There are 176 soldiers in line of the
four companies of tne Nineteenth reg
ulars. They camped at N vi Monday
nignt on tneir march from Fort Wayne
to Uiand lake and attended a camp
meeting there.
Tueeday afternoon William I r. ese, a
prominent young gentleman of Muske
gon, and Miss Nellie Kuapp, a teaohof
in the schools in that city, were mar
ried at the home of the bride's parents
in ol lwater.
Cad triLman, wanted at Holly since
December 10, 1891, eharged with adul
tery, was arrested at Alma yesterday
morning. He has worked at the grist
mill under the name of Clarence Gill
man. Three farmers in Map e (trove, Sagi
naw county, had forty eheep k.lled in
one nignt last week. They turned out
for a raid apOsj the canine Suuday,
hut only killed one dog.
K iev Williams, a well known colored
bar! r of Saginaw, is in ja l for stab
bing a bartender m Ovosjo, where he
weut on Monday's excursion. The
fellow he cut may die.
Jackson city lias ordered a now pump
from the Hoily Manufacturing com
pany for it water works. It is an
,O,00) gallon a day Qatkell and
coits I3O.0U0.
Peter Thomas, an old colored soldier
sent to the state prison for killing a
oinrade at the Suldiers' home last
Vprili died in the prison heepitel Tues
day. fcdward Dunn, of Nasnville, who
forgtl the tlJHl check ou the Hast
ings bank, has been OOnVKSted and s m
tenced to four years in tne state prison.
I ;r.ng a feud between a father and
son at Stanwood the father drew a
knife and seriously cut tne son in sev
tral piaces. He is under arrest.
Mr. and Mr. John I', barley of I.i
peer wrrf severely injured in a run
away accident near th r Tuesday. Tue
lady will probably die.
Henry Blank man, Cuddy's murderer,
was removed from the slate prison to
the Ionia asylum for the criminal in
sane, yesterdsy.
The Hon. Jonathan Parsons, an old
and weal toy resident of Kaiamazoo,
.1 d it th sau.tarium ia fartoga, N.
Y.. Monday.
A ar i t . ng rig to Mrs. Alexadder
Andre, in "-hi: naw, was ljurned yster
day morning together with tour horses.
L as, IsVltsX
The yi-i 1 of wheat throughout Mich
igan is small, and most of the farmers
are defen ng Ihieehieg unci the oat
are rrady.
James E 'worth of Dei star, said to
be the eldest man in Michigan, died
1 ue day ntf ht at toe age of 11 (years.
i i vonng metahet ti tibt Ofaesl
fathers' Rarrssan efcah of Lansing is
seventy -Uire years old.
Eight thousand people attwoded the
I Met hod tat oatiip in tmg at Hrt
I s' mday
R '.y ir a prean rieni s" reev
and Mnker of Charlotte died rn Petos
kv I i' 1 y.
Hack ty park m to bare water works
st' n1'" s another sea
son opens.
iiroerned while tmthmg, Tuesday
n g t. Frank Bead e of v . snti, II
- a - d
fhe mil r smen'a oa-p at Island
Laae haa iso ciir, - 1 it v
T . county of Dickinson w 11 build a
18nS8s3 awairt bowse in Iron Mountain.
Iirs sr. I Wholes rr. Qu iv
Commend o pub.'c srr "nr-a, tv -. 1
I re a i rqu 1 atat.ve remedy. y i: -f
Ftga. It pteasant v the tt and by
acting srntlr on the g dnva vr and
txiWeis tn ' v
it nromobsi the heaim a 1 omfort of
alf who us it, and w t; mtlhons it is
th best an 1 only remedy.
pawtkeaeiaat ita i.w sih'i i r
r Hunjawm m ( iaa twwasswi ee
aravtsw rrHlSiti SJrrn himt.
ra S' ai a a e ewssae at
tt t itali ee - - ' aj Ph
The Soldier Boys Are All at
Island Lake.
Waa Held egg N.ht W.th a Good
Showing Thw Grand Rapids Com
panies Well Represented.
I- in . Vj 17 At 9 o
sharp yesterday morning Companies 1 1 ,
K aud li were drawn up m line wa.Cng
lag ih-j tram wu.ch was txpeeted to
Itevt at Ittsl hour. At aHH a tehgra.ii
was received from Cadillac saymg mat
tne members of the hitth regnnent,
from the northru peninsula, wrt at
tuat hour eatmg their breakfast in
Cadillac. This intelligence seemed to
throw e groom ever the troops, a me
of waiting several hours was
not eatraeexag.
U aeral Passenger Agtht DeBavea
hetrevefi st)mvl to me 00011100,
an 1 heatled around until he had madu
up a tra.n of three coaches and a
Ui,:i4 car, iu'u wh -;i tl.e troops and
I 1 1 baggage were hustled, and at 10
0 uithe companies Were on their way
for Ulead lake for a week's training,
to show the taxpayers of the state what
could be done by the citizen soldiers
tuey are supporting. Compauy H,
Captain Laaspert commeediagi was
tne strongest numerically, having
si uiy-two men in line, alout forty
five of whom were tlad in the uniform
of the state, the real wearing citizens'
clothing and white caps. Company K,
Captain Ed C. Bennett, contained sixty
men and Cautain John D. Kronier's
PntapailJ ii was of a ;ui eiual
strength .
The Trit to t'aiap.
The trip to the encampment ground
was pleasant, although extremely
dusty. Shorts stops were made afMc
.ord's, Suntield, Laaslag, Webberville
and Howell, but otherwise fast time
was made. At Howell Private Souser
of Company B and Private Lett of
Company E, both in the cycle corps,
Were sent out to secure maps of
the county which will la? used in pre-
paring the routa of the f'lrci J mar oh.
1 .1. y came to came on th ir bteyclee.
The distance is twelve miles and the
road are sandy, hot the trip was made
; i t t .me, again exemplifying the
practicability ol the cycle in military
Campaign. At the Capital city, com
pany t , 1st regiment, located at Mason
and corntuaniied by Captain Hender
son was added to the train, and at 2i30
the whistle of the locomotivo announ
ces that Island Lake has been reached.
Of Island Lake proper nothing what
ever can bt said. In fact there is
nothing in particular there. A small
building by courtesy called a "depot"
tfl located iiere. The main feature of
this building is the sign on top of it an
nouncing that Grand P.apids is only
111 unlcs away. Companies, aud ba
tallions were coming in hourly and
'all day long through the dusty street,
sounded the tread of marching feet."
Soldiers :n all conditions of private
lite were there, dusty, tired, but happy
in the proepaet of a week m camp.
I. 'il O it tlie Kuul&rs.
Four Companies ot regulars and a
land came in yesterday morning, hav
ing marched sixteen miles over aa
dusty roads as were to be found in
Michigan. They had nut come through
the march in veryg md condition being
very much fat gued. Nearly a doien
bed given out entirely and were
brought in in an ambulance. It is gen
erally remarked that the volunteer in
fantry could have put these "men of
war" on the ahelf.
i .oration or Island bake.
Island lake, so-called, is located 111
miles fiom Grand Rapids and 42 miiet
Iruni the City of the Strait. Tne
campgrounds alt admirably s. mated
for the purpose for which they are now
being used. They aro located on a rie
of ground bordered by Island lake
on the north and south by swampy low
lands, and on the east and west tne
land is high as far as the eye can
Island lake is a beautiful sheet of
water of peculiar, irregular shape,
dotted here and there by islands of
green from which the town takes its
name. Tho location of the (irand Kap
lds companies is as follows:
Company H is on the extreme left of
the regiment, Company K near the cen
ter and Company 15 next to Company
K. uptain Mam-field, which is on the
right of kht regiment.
The camp lias U-en named "Camp
Wmans" in honor of the chief execu
tive of the state.
nattalion Drwn rararto
At o:3u last night a hattahon dress
parade was held. Immediately after
l r.--s para. h- was held the hist guard
mount and Lieut. John C. Boon did
the duties of a ljutant for the hist time.
His soldierly appearance and familiar
ity With his duties cau. d nmcii favor
able comment, (. apt. Kd C. Bennett of
Company K, Grand Lap. Us, was senior
officer of guard for last night and
Cent. Bert C. Allen of Company F,
Ionia, junior officer ot the guard.
Br gadier General Kugene Rtsssuana
;s in camp and reclines on a cot in
front of the brigadier headtpiarte rs
with his crutches w.lhm ea.-y ream.
His pale face and general air of del i
ity of the invalid commander of the
Michigan brigade excite much sympa
thy. However, bt oversees the muster
ing s of a I oompenws.
on.;nv I -i "irand Haven arrived
at ti o'clock last night and was greeted
with thre cheers a id a K.rx -r itl
neighbor, ( ompany b. Tht arrival of
th s e mpa makes the second regi
meut com p dp.
Et'tiiaf at Camp
The evening at camp was peaed be
ihc mititia men In renewing old
quamtanees, telling Torits of camp
1 ft " tht Mtt, eetl commenting en the
future. In severs! plsces, etcrllent
maie tpiar'fts r soigoig; naUoaal
-onga, and the aweet meaSO of the r
v as rs blended in perfect harmony
1 the music of Ihe bands at the
different regimen tat beeslenarters. The
evening was a .,uie ono, and at "taps"
Ihthtt were out 11, ail tetit - x. p-
wosrein a.fr- osss nae sstk. et wisefe
tome "n eonld t tht particular mo-if-
t npan a !ek rt
At guard mount trie member el the
aaj reported to 1 eutenani
I r, hut r. et t : uy was as-
-guesi to thent
w ( Grand Rapid men are
'PtT l dnt
"41 bcyete
:i and Pri
I ' : porsl
i . . i o
F.. r. Kemp
and Privaie
r-av B.
Cap'i I Bennsn w e f1
,1. - VI ia 1 a f U th ridfir of
a r titer ti,.- the
p gfitwed- IL'S ra .: rar
tit ' aarap green 1.
r ,r
f I Iit:!tn1
a i.n '
It Is Terrible
to have a w fe or f usband with a bad
hiselb t khlS may tor axo.dru ly
- g si N i It 1 u-ost agree
abls to the tau, fragrant and health
ful. It conteia comfort upon ,u users,
and prevents th rtitcSMal ol unpleas
ant breath:
ML-liluAN B Y.
iv. aa.
- BNL I INK '' i I'.ap.ds Peloakey
T.ju a. m. Wl p. Ma
1 parlor car
1:10 p. sa. v-ju p. m.
PKT08KBT, pariur car.
CBASLEVOIX 11:1 P, as. 7 M a. m.
AND sleepc-r.
BAY Y1FW A favorite route to the
(summer rrs.ul.
Guud Luuka.
Good look art- more than kin deep
depending upon a healthy condition
Ol all the vital organ. It tu Li?
u- .naetie, you have ,i bilious look.
If your atomaeh be dlsordrerd you
gave a ITJ . ppttH Look aud i' r-.ur
Kjdnew ke aifeet woe hav. a piuebe l
,tiot. geeurt good health and you will
have o kKsla Bag tit Bitter is
the ff 1 :i t ait.ratix it.i.l pnnie, ata
.' reetly on these vfhsl organ. Cures
Pimples. BUiteJiv. p.iils aud ftlvea a
gooe ompleaaoa. Sold ut Peek Broa."
I'lonouio . 1 llopclraa Irt Ctired.
From a letter written by Mrs. '
ilurd. of ChrOtOB, S. 1)., we quo!.-
vo.w taken with a bad cold, wnicb
settled en my latnggj cough b t in and
ally terselaated bj coufumptlon.
Four doctors gave me up. aayui tta'
I could live but a ahorft time. I gave
n yteil up to my Savior, determined S
1 V uld not etay with my friend OU
tarthf I won!'! meet my ahesal jnee
abov. My husband was advised to
vret Dr. King's New Discovery lor Oou
1 umptietw Conghs and Ootda, I gave
M a trlali took hi all. eight bottles; a)
has tared me, and thauk Ood I ara
now a well and hearty woman." Bot
flies 10 cents at Peck Prog. drugstore
regular hize, HOc and $1.00.
D Corsets,
B Waists,"
I Ties,
I Belts.
fl Prices Guaranteed.
H Every
S Item
I 110 Monroe St.
Now Is the lime
To Buy Your
Imvo tkdj bs)g4 t 1 . m
I'rwit Jni mud.-. !,, nlt niy
titl oi bvwsj , 1 n ,,,,r j.ir.
W, S, & J, E, GRAHAM
Cor. $ C f ' " V rf ftf' raa.
.i'ii", ,M
a raiMw.
t ' Jld f'tai '-rm lawN0 sat
V if7 ' v01 asoML eo.,
Vr 1 taaWaa .-. "t a
- t Of
Special Good News to the Voter.
Wo offer a Beautiful Bound, Handsomely
Printed, Elegantly Illustrated, Copy
of "The Life of Ben. Harrison,
by the Author of Ben Hur"
Absolutely free.
VuagSkswr Swass
Bv arawsasaVvv
Gen. Benjamin Harrison is a candidate for re-election.
The Nation demands that the hero who led its
armies in the Field, and who for four years has Wisely
and nobly steered the ship of state shall continue to hoi
the helm and guide our Nation through the perils of the
future as ably as he has through those of the past. I le
who during the administration has saved the country
from a series of threatening dangers, has brought Italy
and Chile to the feet of our Republican throne, and
made even England yield to American demands in the
Behring Sea difficulty, is the man for the people of these
United States.
Gen. Lew Wallace, who is known throughout the
United States as one of the most intimate personal
friends of President Harrison, and as having hail a
great deal to do with his re-nomination, has written a
biography of the President, which reads like a veritable
Romace, yet is Accurate History.
The book has been officially authorized and con
tributed to by the heads of the goverment in Articles
regarding the workings of the Republican policy and
the Present administration. These distinguished con
tributors include Hon. William li. Curtis, Hon. John
Wanamaker, Hon. Jeremiah Rusk, Secretory roster
and Hon. Hugene Hale. Their topics include com
mercial Reciprocity, Postal Service, Progress of the
Public Domain, Htc.
When General I larrison was asked his choice of a
biographer he promptly replied. "My life-long friend.
General Wallace.'1 His chief advisors, interpreting the
President s desire, have officially supplied the volume
with most valuable contributions.
The Book Is a Monument to
Skill and Fidelity.
We offer it Free with three months' subcription to
The, Hekalr The book sells for $1.50, and thous
ands of copies have been and are being sold. Y are
desirous of having iiich a book, brim full as ft is t
infonnation of vital unportanceto the voter, in cverv
home in Western Michigan. It will be referred to
ofa ner than a dictionary, and will be read with m
pleasure than a novel.
Send 1 1 4ft the rabcriptioa price of Ttt Heai d"
and WC Will SClid yO at once
By the Author
Be Prompt, Sooum tlio Book to Btftd
I ui iog Ihii Ciuiipaiga
The voter cannot cast an
intelligent Hallot unless he
can appreciate the intricate
manipulations of the heels
of government and become
conversant to some exU nt
at least with the funda
mental facts and theories
controlling the various
great governmental depart
ments, and he cannot hope
to know the character of toe
chief executive unless he
reads an Accurate and im
partial Biography, written
and compiled by a Master
Litterateur, equal to the
dimcult task.
of Ben Hur.
Destroy Comfort.
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Cured ! t
KoKattoar sajajl eaxaraoaa.
N- truss aa4
a ' .. cawraasaaw Sa raSoaa sas
nu4ara t isxr ut MWa-aaif it aiaa la ii
i(UrlD tu aar aefirwsua raaaipt J
st Kat mtj as tBssaasaaea
Chll wl WTXlr tr.,
LHUHaaww.j iro,wif. an of
l lr v.a lc. l.r :,., . .-
rtL hinaioa aSrasf u. taxs. I j
ate I oiaaa Kai.iaa Hast
Trie Famojj Nerve Spec flst,
IVo. IO orlh llvlssIos Ml.
MM L aa. v.
Cures Paralysis. Twitching, Pinch.
In or l'r.i ki.ng N-awt om, Tremu -
r'..r;K, 1 , , r Ac
Back or Keefe i"a.n, aomtime. run:
ningdown the arm or Uck, I.ittneai
aad otii'-r sympt.iu.a trline to para
lys.s. Nervous Ieb. it ajag enia.e
Conapla:nU a:n! Chronic I.ease.
Consul Ut .on free and confldetitial.
No charge for service until curwd-.
Direction tn all language.
Diseases cured,
eye and car diseases cured.
Catanti. deal news, rbeu nitiim, uer
wuiuaoaiiy, im.n sjtSMS nd a I dn
resulting from early indiscretions
an 1
sees of manhood, all dieeswse
loe urinary org us, irual paraiys
.iTiiaiTin rajpauras, SSMSJO'
oia aores, aropay, Haa dMi
anua.uney cosnpiaints. aewrt ,1 n
noiniraa . i i '..Bin, Mr!
amall cf Us.
curwd quickly aud re rasanotiy.
mai oougu, a Kht terse at4 wssfc
na. shortnesa of leat . paipiUWon
of aait, any sweans sure enef quicg
1 you are n-mus. reat4eeta
dreatiis, t r i m-" rni a
beadach, had taale m 4 BrOwl
sSMawaiasel isa a-... an i go abo
your employnH ut w tboat . '-. essti
or aaaMtion. d.re lo a
glix'tny !' - a ng
w. rrr and frsi au, u 'rouble
ah ad
list rir come, spell of fM
In I or u near La a aom.. mu L
apinta, yo i are sufinng f row awrwont
v a j - - r p-w.r.
saw mmj ana m ur :
intau.ty and death.
It you have a gres t aense of weak west
and wearm". w; h I red Utnl
t.eaa l.-a- ; . r a
Cold 'eet -. 1 I ga, you r adaat
c thai mot aeriou 0 a-as- - Pa ra
If rsjsji had arhes. fel Burnt)
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r a.
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irefl, m , Btrwage s'aai ' ria.
--a , j
?-u V ink Wit! e, , .
Or you ara a . . -a st nsgStt,
df wssseas nl lu.ln',w dunng
gag, tbte use aad h-a n a rua
If you hsse etiy of tbw
DOl nefla t i t'.ry will ad
r-ar vaa, inaart 't. T' a,'at 8
A yrn a-aiu y r I do no.
. x wan .--k. t .rra a J
rssace has ebown, awe huwdrsste
startling aod ssMarreswu esjuee
proTed, that taeae esstsjaas see
fatrtlf ''d xntui 1 t
ft. CLAY 7 i I t on etewet,
rr'ttn 1, S arvd 4. irand Rapxla, Mtra,
taaVr sa. of ha. a. CLAY
TOLL - rei arkaM all
tltoae sywavtowfl fit if by fnag(Qv
a a ' ! I era-a
s-ta ty of biorl and baauvh of body
H S " rn
purely eswhat
and bsrr
u si
Da I
t I f.a
La. T
etreva, re
N rr
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fO)IK'UD ! b
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a arr
ewn eat
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A Fl eni'y twlk snl?
Low ceergee.
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