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Our new line of Cl 'th
in fr Full and Winter
I ill the new hapea
and fabrics ia u ready
f..r inspection. We wdl
he pleased to show you
the same.
Gardner .v Baxter
CiTf SWS IN BetiCe.
Bert Smith, who baa bwata attacaa
of UM Iturt a tiuu fur etrrl year,
during tn last yrr of t;. n ho hu
don regular alirtf at dark, fca r--
it -4 U n'ljii trie poalUut) f eeatl
ti. r in ibe Hurg Huees-at Jackann.
Sir ! - MM u.s oaw UuUol
lu. mediately.
lr. C. rl. Jonaston has returned
(r.in Lenvr. t'l.a Kr. J. brrlr
llubu sj.ll ruA.o iu leaver auuttier
eet f .i.a frietui. aat the Rar.
1 Alii pbU Fair will lake a sojourn a
w eg- 1 r lag daft HI a.i Lake .uy be
fore ralurn.ug.
Sfia. Joaepmne Goae haa been ap
point! ty uiwintiideut K.tch, in
eonturmauce with the reijuet ot the
trhM of Kent county, to the posi
tion of instructor m to Taerera u-
-i to i hat J at St. J onus next
g ..
I t Bank of Slichifan
in'-t.!i4; villi markai eaggega, -p c -ally
in the l ne of aavings deposits, for
which -I per cent interest is paul. Thn
bank a open Walneday and aturvUy
tfemugs from 6 to S o'clock.
Haari K . llu of this city he rn
awarded the contract for tna enoUnn
of aaa Presbyterian fhnrch hoild
Mg, to ag construe t.l at Lake Meea.
Geirgt Stone lrew itxc p. an and ape
cmcit on for trie buiMu-.g.
For the b -Merit of nunroda it may te
a d iggal trir- w aeateeae: eaaataag -
aaa 1 now open. Dttckt ''av lx shot
rtr s-pie gar 1, lut i aftridge, quail
and turkey m int not le slaughtereU
until alter Novemtwr 1.
V en Attorney Dodge arrived at
Stautou t to t,.s babeea conn writ for
thrt release ot Lr. W. ti. O11110, n
funnd the doctor had already been su
free. B th returned to tirand Kapids
yesterday afternoon.
1 rie gggaottaa aageaeJttee of the
world' fair coinm anon held a meet
ing yesterday Baorning and ajtborized
the pay mem of an installment on th
Michigan hud Luc and me purchase of
cer'a su
H H. aaa! K. J.'iunn yesterday filed
a bill of sale with UM Otty clerk fr the
lo tee bold goods at their rooms in the
Powers ooera h -use Mock to William
T. i'owers for toe sum of $o00.
John Van Amhnrg is having plans
drawn in Arch led Hush's office for a
handsome residence to b erected on
North Front street. Work on the
foundation wtl begin at on-e.
. H. Chedwick gave Ball. Rarnhart
a Putnam a ail of al of h s tftaak of
groceries at N-). 114 West Fulton street
idstead f criattt! -r g. 1 as puo
lajMsl Wdnesvlay morn.ng.
G K. McCauley, for some time con
Bected with Peck Bfoa.' drug establish
ment, will enter the piiarumc? depart
ment of the Vogiawaatara l uu.virj.ty
at Chicago in Sfptember.
No. 7 (t the M ohigafl Law Journal
Will be out this week, conta ng the offi
cial report 01 the meet ng of the Si uh
igan bar aaaociatioa, betd in this city
July '26.
Yesterday Albert Pickell purchased
of tne Standard stock farm for $1,000 a
half interest in a --year-ol 1 colt aired
by Al-ryon, dam by Loom Napolean.
At trif mreiaiu of tne (irand kaj A
lotge 1. O. i. T . to ba held tonight,
delegatee to tne institute to be held in
this citv next week will be elects I
Miss Anna Hog.-nboom of K che:r.
K T.i wb has been vietting her si.ter,
Mra. k. l)ooriunk of Julia treet, re
turnel .onie yesterday morni ig.
The Western M chigan college fac
ulty, nu : her ng ti.irty-ttve professors,
has chartered tne steamer Barrett for
a trip down the river tomorrow.
Daniel Cam pa a, Jem J. Knrgfit,
Atfred Murj.i) nd KrdTck Maiv,,.
W?Te eutena.ned at tne Pwmusularclub
by 1'eter Doraa yesterdav.
K. A. Rash has retu ned from Low
til, where tie had leen for tfie past tw
diys superintudrig the fJOOatTDtllOg
f laa Lowall pavil on.
J' ha P. t gan, who was so brutal
ly a-utted by Hay Wilson, ; Mill at
Si. Mara s hoanuai and his condition is
fav-rabie for recovpry.
Mr. and .Mrs. r. W. Strahan, H. M.
Atwo d assd Oaarlat II. K-rkey have
returnee! fftwa tn- triinuiaic uclave of
KnJghtl At I)e!iv-r.
Edwin 9k Pratt, an attorney of Trav
erse City, is a Kuest of Judge U -nrien
Hatch. Mr. Pratt waa formerly a part
ner of Mr. Match.
M. D. B ey. recuvmg teller of the
firsrui Kan'-ls fWsTiagi 1 ank. is ipaaaV
tig his vai at.on at his oUI home in
I edar - r
W. I. ar s. w io has been represent
ing th" Keltic Kalis Land company in
Bra I spida, naa arnaad safely at
Kettle Fai.s.
The ol Templars at the city in
tend to gise a mHn'ught t sr 1 a
down tne r ver on th etrn.ng of Sep.
lam bar 1
Kegur of Ded A. L. Skinner ta on
h' av b Ktti" Fails. Ha w;P also
ewat his son, wno is located in Man -.
H'T"yleft 'est mght
ff t two w as tr p to Sm9 York. Hi
par'ner. Mr. fleystek, acco npanied
. w f Fisher of ludianano ,
Ind.. s viat ng Jier sister. Mr. U. C.
Ke ler. of S 1 17 Wst Hroadwav.
risr afternoon s. regular met
tag of the ffad .wits association
w h held mi tne court iin'is.
The bmld ng of the Pnestly Wagon
roiv; v m ch wae damaged by Ore
Mats Week hae ben repaired.
Aleaaaawf Thuagiasa, ay "Doug" aa
ha fan ' known, is dangerously
til al h s resndencs.
Mr. aad Mrs. Harvy I ff , tr
C&ed in Muuons of Homes
and two sons have returned home gggfl
tnatr aaateru visit.
The new addition to the Leonard
kr f r gerator aowpaay'a factory will ba
aighl stone ti gh,
Tba Laaa In club wiil hold a meat
tug in the orfics) of Dwight ss lo uor
row gighg
The concrete fou.i lat on for the
Ottawa street pavement is bsriug laid.
dvuige par i lying daogei us
at .. home on Ceutral aveuue.
Eurial Peimits.
Bthel L. i,Uiaan, . lis Barclay
street, ggaffgaa Valley Lily; Leo Bald
win, No. 441 Piamhrld .senue. t.oira
infantum. l Andrews: Peter an iia
ven, No. 901 A. pine avenue, entero eo
l.ti. oreenaooU; William Bradiuf. No.
41 B'Seeil street, d .pother .a, ValWf
City; Aatbouy SohubarX No. 97 stock
ing street, conunipt,uo, Ml. t'aivery.
Contaioua . . .eaie
Baby Vauskeppl, i year o! I, No. 41
Fiuney street, pnai nieniugil s.
Maniacs L.ceas;.
Tfce ajawwiaj Hal S m msrr'ars
lienM -s-u-.l m sst k u .ii. t tttsj
asuica. rauoss wusa ouL.as U. Sity ui
aaaaviiue i.vriiea.
lieors Clc .jitla Lockwootl -4 .
k 1. k. outtie. Anu Afwr . i.sit B
W are - J-3
Nicbu.a Ratiiu. Lata Carsni i 17
Mrt.o tltfrfc.Mi. Msmtt- K Mecn.fl H J
Lee ra Writai. Uilje J. Vsuuer
Uoefc , , , , It-Si
Witk. twlamg r- sr -. red nd whitsv, I mi1.
Whet. Juae sssuot.t p.eansuit buo for ctiade.
A gracious pUw e K sceeied, by alsjM or day,
Wtcrsocs W14M vr&ke or aietp.ive tus.aks
or pray.
Tpuc it fe'd the fw aud rose the moon;
lucre n .. auula b..wi Uie Uihta Ot
j aaa
Bat as on ere I Hskawai to their sonic
llseeoied to iao Saj VW Ueaxi wtu slung
hnrp, ift pv.n. whereou 1 searched,
and lol
LitLe anakes with iuurdcroua eyes wound to
aud fro.
Therson I left ray bower, nor may It be
"That it again in Juns shall shatter me.
But when It leaves bars withered one by one,
Whsw alghtiaalea have fled, a:.U ii.rs tue
When in deep snows snakes may not breed or
I will go back, and 'neatb the bare rose boughs
Dream of the summer and the leaves that made.
When June was hot, my pleasant lil t U
-1'Uu.ip Marstuu iu New York Independent.
A Dakota Artist.
Amon? the sgffttggliag geniuses of the
sunlit plains of far North Dakota is a
little dark eyed Boston girl, whowe land
ecape and scenic painting have won
her rich encomia. Emma R. Gar' was
bora in Boston, Feb. K, lb?u, and re-
ceived her education at Leavenworth,
Kaa., whither her pe-)ple went with the
westward tide. An eariy inclination for
painting led her to take spg ml laawgg
in the art. A year ao she 1. t: 1 at
Grand Fciks. N. D.. where -he has exe
cuted many oil paintings of real merit.
IIow to Arrange Photograph on a Wall.
Don't nail them or paste them u;.
Yon will injure the wall and the pho
tographs and will nut be able to change
the arranirinent a.-ily. ( i.d ..f
what the painters call molding with a
aata dot in it. Aa aad viaw of it will
lxk like this:
Nail these strips, an many aa yon need,
on y ur wall and stand the photographs"
in the slot. Or. if you don't want the
pictures iu rows, cover that part of the
wall which you want to use with a
rn.wr(.i or lattire work of strong
titj. tiiu-:
kfJt 3 J J Jm ikSW. I
B careful to put a tack in firmly at
each gggggggj of the tape. Different
aglgssji tapes may be nael. Cover space
enough to .-commodate all your pi
tue and slip the corners under the
I j -S
From h Trenrh.
Pwaltry Dealer - Hw did tog like the
's liTr yon had yesterdav?
Young HonsekeepT It wan vrr nie
lrn.l 1 wt ,- . r onpt hut from
g. rwiernber Truth.
o)-n aae ts rro rh
"Sow is it hs enng'i r ynu?-
vraahiogtoa aww.
40 Yara liie Suadsni
Many Go Away for a Rest;
More Stay at Home.
What IsOften Even Better Than
a Change of Air and Scene.
Something Needod to Invigorate
the Tirxd Body aud Mind.
Two f i lends, who : ot aeeu each
ggagf tor more tuau a uionin, uitt
upon the txi r t.
il aadrj ou look," einlaiaiad
one as he gazed into tba lagfgggrd lace
ef hit triaad. MMj dear fellow, ou
need a vacation."
"Vaaatioav 8 I the other, "why, I
have just come back from a gKMMaVt
racal ou."
Too maiiv Detmle who go upon a
vacauon aim the expectation of aecur- I
gtg lua. in, come back fagged out, j
Weary, and ia a worse conditiou than j
a Hen tm y left. Change ia not every- .
thing. Vacation may ie pleasing, but
it is often Utltr, wlieiher one fOgg
away or stays at home, to teed ttie ,
iei aid bra u, the sources from j
which lite lUe't cu es, wnn toatethiog j
ti at can rattort tne wasieu energy,
build up the vitality, and add grai.y
t the treugtn.
lo the wi.ole runjfe of uioilern dis
coveriet, whetaei m cheaiiatry or
medicine , I he one made by Praff
Phlpsuf Laitm utu college, gaOWD
at Paine't ealery compound, standi
pre-eminent. He bat aa compounded
the powerful qualities at aVtrataa cel
ery se'ed with othal raluahie brain aud
D4 : Vt n our shnieiit, as to make a r in
tdy that aaa doae and is doing what
was netei accom pi ii.i i1 h t-re, a rem
edy that makes nrwalc Well. There
i. n e i WOO, long ago, faeed the pos
aibiliiy of having to diapnee of their
bg :uif and take a Imig ret in order
to save the.r l.ves, wiio are n W work
hag 6 netantlj and are kept in atreagta,
vitality, ami good spirits by this WOO"
derful dircoveiv. Xhare are women
who are weak, dragged out, miserable,
who are now fresh, rosy and hapojr,
entm ly a a result of using this great
compound .
No nt can atlord to neglect an op
tKrtti i ity lor increasing one'a vitality,
preserving one'a h-aitn, and lengthen
ing one's life. That a preparation has.
been found that will do this is
acknowledged by the most eminent
plvsicians. aud by those who have
need it, always with hignly satisfactory
A Sensible suggestion for the
oru-Out, Hun -Down and
"If you find yourself irritated and
unhappy and with fairly goodv rea
sons tor being so " faid a prominent
local pbjstctan yesterday, "take hold
ot yourself by the collar, and set your
seli down hard, and eay to yourself:
"Well, what is it? Supposing this s
so, how long will u last? Why should I
a'.low life to he made wretched? No. i
will not permit my lite to be enibit
terd, and cnafca, and fretted.'
"Or, if you are really worn out. run
down, tired, deponed", a prey to ner
vous exhaustion, do nut rush straight
way and t-ike some sarsaparilla, ner
ina, 'd tonic, or similar concoc
tion to 11 iiKi' matters worse. Ask your
bII candidly and sensibly whether it is
not probahle that a remedy exists
which med cal practitioners recognize
as dundard, and whose benehiciai ef
fect ist videnced by thou?ands of hap
phy mt-u and women whom it has
permanently restored.
"It is certainly better to be led by
the azuerieooi uf the wiat that by the
- gpaj ei oaofthe ignoraot. I'iiysicians
( rywbera recognize tuat great d.s
covery. Pa nt's celery compound, as
lbs one -nre meant of remedying the
Waste of brain force and muscular
I 1 w r tnat results from the rush of
modern business and social life. It is a
food for both. Tboet who have faith
folly tried it are tin- most positive in
assertions of this fact.
' In Angnet weather, slteple.Gnpss,
md si on, or weahatat, the result ot
the debiliating heat, is very common.
The net ol Paine' a celery comnouud
:iKtn to the nervous system.
nd brings rtstful tJaep, good diges
tion anu I uoyaui spirits to the uier."
Mrs. Anna I- liower'a Good Ad
vice to the President's Wife.
Men anu w nu n of high reputation
frankly bdi 1 1 e r frieadt in tnec h t,
i y, d bilitatiug dog- lays to use
that strength giving reaaedy, Paine'a
. ry aom pound, tht davaeery of the
m.neiit ji'rof. l'tn !. of Dartmouth.
The 0' naouad did o amaa fat Mrs.
Anna K. Loa r of Mium apolis that site
recommend d it to her fneml. Mrs.
Hamtaa, the wde of the president,
M i . Lowax -av
I tk. Paioa'a atlary compound
every aamoK r. lor tnerwie I am sren
rHliy Weak and debilitated during ttie
warm weather, and this medicine
maaes ire stronger. Iu fact I do not
ft i liha tht same pei son while taking
Many swel 1 known people in Grand
Hap ds are alwayt r-auy to apeafe tn
pra;e of thia taieal tic preparation.
I'hey Wata aonti wk and wear ,
sire now Strang gad WWli, soleiy by the
use of Pa;iie'a cele y compound.
The aucce of lrs. Annie M. Beam
of McKe-port, Puin , in the treainn nt
; of diarrheas iu hex children will un
! doubtedly be of interest to many
' mothers. She says. "I spent several
weeks m Johnstowr., Pa , after the
grat flood, on sec unt of my husband
being employed ffir We had aer
- eral ch'ldren with us. two of whom too
Use arar rhoaa tery badly. I got a me of
Cbambef laio't CotiC, rnolera and Iiar
rli pi Remedy frfm Rev. Mr. hapman.
It ' nred both af Ihera. I knew of sv.
eral other cases where it waa equally
MMartgfttl I think it cannot 1-e ex
ce 10 end cheerfully recommend it."
Twentv fiv 4- ' cent bottle for sale
bv F. J. Wurjt urg, druegist. No. Si
Monroe str -et.
If J. Mavsrs of .h',nd, Md., ay
"1 hsvaso d tblftaeu hott!ea nf Cl am
ber a n's ( ugh Pnieily today ami am
literally sold aal li t gttaahsfgwal
sane cm record of any one preparation
in a day over our eounter. H g ves
the beat satisfaction of arry coagh
aarattaat we aatadta, aad at a eiier il
leadt a, at er pttaarationa on thia
mrk'. " For ale hj F J. Wuriburg,
dr igg t. No . - street-
The Rev.
ii- ei
f r rataag
cord by Ron
ii m tor proof
I sri
rs Wr te
ggfj ggg Hura Away 3. R. 4V I.
'iraia o 7-
Leave (lrandRapd :00 p. m.
Arrive at Peluetey .oo p. m.
Arrive al bay .ew e 13 p. m.
Arrive Mackinac Island -10.3U p. m.
Arrive 'Irae.e ..ty 6.66 p. m.
huppar at Kalkaska at 0.15.
Two parlor ehaif cars to PeUakey
and klackinaw City.
CMhtg Utiat have at 7.20 a. m. and
; fi p. m foi I'etosaey and Macaioac,
h at at 7 - ' a. m. and 416 p. ui. lor
raveret CSty. Paricr and aieepiug
cars, I M a- m, tram dady.
Friday and Saturday-Last
two days ot O'Hara's Summer
Shoe Sale. 72 Canal street.
Cool Reaorie
1 here ia Leiivr, cool, clear, inviting;
Colorado Sg)ringjS the homelike; Mai.;
too, the abode uf the Gods; Idaho
Bpriata aud the famous baths, and
boulder, a lovely resting place at the
toot of the gMMOtaloa Garheld beach,
on the (iieat ?;alt Lake, as a bathing re
sort ia not equaled in thia or any other
country; nature's campagne flows the
year round at Soda Springs. Idaho; the
Columbia river, broad and grand, .a
oitbotjl a peer for a summer tour,
while the beauties of ( ceur d'Altne
lake and the apndid new region of
the Pacific northwest opens up a line
of tounst trawl unsurpassed in
Amenta. You can have your choice
of climate, any kind ot sport, and every
eonditi n of supero sceuery on the
manifold hues of the L'niou Pacific system.
Inn U. K. Ice and Coal company,
taw ephone 16i.
For Sale or Rent.
On account f the dissolution of the
Co-partnership heretofore existing be
tween Peter Vol more and Uemmelt
koenig tne foUvwing described prop
erty will be for reut at once. The feed
and livery barn now occupied by Nye
V Morgan, also a store building tollable
tor any kind of Lusuiess, haviug ample
room for storage in the basement. The
dissolution is made on account of a de
sire to retire from active buainess go
ttviiy on the pan ot the membert of
tut hrm.
A choice line of novelties in gents'
furnishings just arrived at Gardner &
Baxter's. You should see them and
make a stlecti n.
6. A. R. Basket Picnic
Custer post gives an excursion and
basket picnic t Churuh's grove on the
new steamer Valley City Sunday, Aug
ust 21. Boat leaves her dock, foot of
'".a. thy avenue, at 9:30 a. m. All
comrades, old soldiers, ladies of tht
several W. K. C.'a, their families and
friends, are cordially invited to join us.
1- are for the round trip 25 cents.
frequently state: "We know that F'ort
Wine ia the best tonic for the weak,
nervous and debilitated, and for such
troubles as exhaustion, weakness, sleep
lessness, etc., there ia no medicine to
compare with it; yet we fear to pre
scribe it, for thsre are so many adul
terations on the market."
There is a brand called "Royal
P.uby" Port Wine, so called for its
royal taste and ruby color, it is pure
and old aud has tnat fruity taste that
no other wine has. Druggists some
times urge that whicn they have in
bulk; why? More profit of course,
ltoyal Buhyfiort wine ia guaranteed by
the undersigned to be absolutely puro
and over live years old, or money paid
for it will be refunded. Quarts $1.00;
pints 00 cts. Sold and guaranteed by
White A White, Thum Bros, and
Schmidt, loading druggists. Bottled by
Koyal Wine Co., Chicago.
The essential lung-healing prnciple
of the pine tree has finally been suc
cessfully separated and refined into a
perfect cough n edicino, Dr. Wood's
Norway Pine Syrup. Sold by all deal
ers on a guarantee of satisfaction.
Fatal neglect is little sh. rt of suicide.
The consequences of a neglected cough
are too well known to need repeating.
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup curea
a cougn promptly. Soid by all dealers
Oil a guarantee of satisfaction.
S. B. Durfey, mate of the steamer
Arizona, had his foot badly jammed.'
Thomas Electric On cured it. Noth
ing eouaJ to it for a quick pain reliever.
Ho! Traveller, take Beecham's Pills
with you.
The new line of fall and winter over
coats has arrived at ardnerA Bax
ter's. They are all correct goods, both
in color and form.
For p.rks-s BcaIM, Bsoxaai and all
pH u and soreness ot the llesh, the
grand household remedy is Dr.
1 '.o'nrt' Eli etr.c I HL Be sure aud get
the genuiti'.
The world is a) ways mterested m the
cure of oooaotaptioo; yet its preven
tion is ol far more importance. Dr.
Wood's Norway Pine Syrup is guaran
teed to core onoght anil coulds. Hold
by all dealers oil a guarantee of satis
tiiction. If you always insat upon having AI1
COCk Ti Porous Plasters and never ac-
pt a Mil stitute, you wdl not be dis
Would vou ride on a railroad that
uses no danger glial-" That rough is'
s sigi al of danger. 'Ihs safeat cure ia
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup. Sold
t y all dealers on a guarantee of sat s-
r g east's f nllh PilU
Are active. ftVctive and pure. For
s k headache, diaOfdatwd stomach, loa
of anoetito. lad complexion, and bil-
l.ousneas. they havenver been equaled
tithet in Anv r ca or atroad.
P.iiv Duliam's Ureal German II oent
I ver I f ny .n aeti parksg, at
Thr greatest worm destroyer on earth
i sta't Oreal OatOJOB Worm lyo-
tnges, only 1 oenta par boi. For
aale at I C. Bcriboar'a drag store.
Puy I iMam's lreat Ofrmin II cent
I er" Pil S, forty in each package, at
Puv Dal
l i-r 1 . ..
'--eat er:r.n 15 Oent
rty in ear s sags, at
. s ' -rat r-ruian 2A cent
ongh ' ur at D. C. s-r,tiner'a
Pny Da laaa'i rrat irn M cent
( ougn nre at l. Srritier a.
Buy Dnliatn'a
' noth ( ure at I1
sn2 car.t
' ' 'a.
Remedy mree
Pkham's Croup
'hooping en ifh.
r owes
It Ought to Be Popular.
Bakers at a daas are not particularly
tas.veio a Uusneaswa. 1 nere
aie excepuont. however, and one of
tne most notable of uteae ta me 1 ted
Stales Baaiag oomiouiy. Ihtv never
let aiip an opport J..:ty to picas ttie
public. Even the issues of the preti
dantial caunpa.gu t.ase received ttie.r
attention, and me retail il i Tlnnd
lather a Hat" cake that bat made ltt
s : r-ara:. e wilp.u the laat few days,
s'.u vt Ch '.o aooat will be tound at
a ir-e : .fc' grocery st.'t- It is
sa d to ts a delightful cake, and if the
name goes tor anyiouig it ought to be
:mn. . -us. oawJar.
1 he frlttoec la l.esr Wallae's -L.lt
ot llcujtuiiu Hsiriiu' it s lis i(m1 su
tsiis( wf frasiaa( Hsriitus liiuiMif.
1 Uo buok la a gusj s. Ordr at uue.
TUtrr It a lull pact eag-rastaa; of M
K tiiier la Tt M.raiU . "Lif mt aanjaaala
Uarriius." Matte sur adwsrUMUtaai. Or
der mi si'
Leasees aaa Maaagera
Matinees Tuesdav. Thursday ant
Easageoiatt af America Character rou
Assisted by th Dowltnt Ilaaaon Ortaotsatton.
lireseuinn: net a. OK. ba' lour act
' SSrgf iuau.a.
A play containing three great sensations, one
e iuailiug. It n 't aurpssslug the horse raee la
tin' '"County pi:r. One airoog' r than th
butz saw lit " Iwue Jeans a.m f e t' at t
ralirosd effect ever presculed to the Ameri
can public.
teat ou Sale baliu-day. Price 15c 3tc.
3k aod dOc.
ry Mim a oraaa house.
Proprietor and Manager.
A DBC 1 1 )E I ) S U CCK S S I M
Nothing Kver heea Like It 9
A Beautiful Burlesque A Polished
Roaring Comedy Masks and Faces.
An Olio ol I ungual kxeellaaoa.
-r MATINEES-Wednesdar. Friday
33 aad .Saturday
Al wnicn time me enure rrogram , CTS
will be presented.
La fetlte ADDIE ROWAN, daurhtar ef Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Wood, youngest skirt dancer
la the Uttlted States. li appear iu the bur
lesque -POLIFHEI) BANDIT" the coming
Largest in the World!
These marvelous machines
were built for the world's fair
at a cost of $2",000. Two ma
chines. A German Carousal
and American Merry-go-Kound.
Steam power, electric light.
Baring ..' th stoek of aoltt
s t rnahion tlr g pattern Btry.
clea of tt Ursni Rapid rti o.
at VKRY I.fW PRICKS aearsaa
aMed ta offer Ui.-m to you at
We baTe on hand m thaaaiid tire
w.ee 9 ot the 1 Inrh snt ef th
Bi rusttlf'n t ra. D' I V-T I "R
GET (bat thea- are e l w hose aid
bow 1 your time to seeuro OREAT
ItMAIlft ''tore tty are ail
gone. Ift are agenta
4 Monroe Street
Fcuntain-sl Livery,
Hack ?nd Boarding Stables,
Ce, fmifttam sad lefria.ttg
ii a e H i I n i i .
Ca1 ad Ov', 0T4ri
A tvaetaita.
erg all Kiegt.
That the Sure-t W'av to
Secure the Nan is to Take the Paper
That Prints the News t
Covers the Entire World of News.
Are the most accurate,
The most comprehensive,
The most complete,
The most reliable,
The most readable,
The most concise.
The most enterprising,
The most impartial,
The most thorough,
The most independent
Owns and Operates Its
Own Special Wire and is in Instant
Touch With Every
City, Town and Village in the World
Through the MatchU
Service of the Incomparable United Press,
The Grand Rapid Herald
Has the Most Desirable Circulation,
As it Goes to
The People That Buy and Sell
And is Therefore
Unequalled as an Advertising Medium.
Is Admittedly Superior
To That of Any Paper's m Grind Rapids.
Are Simple and Reliable.
Are Fearless in Condemning Wine
And Vigorous in Upholding the Right,
It is Independent Republican
In Politics
But it ii a New IfefJJKf
First, Last and All the Time,

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