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u fou hs lit I -tamed later.
M injuries ere tiK-y are
IP docUjra v . . to atftte, but it
u Uupcvl t . uol ei uoj.
Uu llta iumI.
He :inu ol MM HMM a Wrll ft
ti i r iu camp, a.i i is
details 1 i,r to luatruct the tumt a.
j liourfii MurS v..
Atui iiK ftCCfticnl ftt b) ir.dge tu
i - 1 iii.it to oe iq paid, but hvj
a true auiUtai we reeds uu com plaint,
i .. , .t- tBj urgous were working
Iheai ii.' u'ii pt-ublj. He was
tftkfu to th- governor iMMttq uarlers
a ; 1 resting is eav ad lOula be rt
4, UrU.
Today will t e a big one in camp.
Th juihthJ i ol fiatora will tio:k hrj
t :;. eiUaan -oldi;r. Kxeursion
trains Will tm r M uTOM druua Kapdl
Thr Vetera!; f rp of Um rand Kap
t! ainl .t fin Cu-t- r k! It
Will v t t : r eowinnnitit l'.riKde
atKM MUBfti . bi iald IB tuu attT
noon, au tt-at the v.n.tor may sea tba
I - . . . 't t tttirv. A compftuy
itipecttm will aio ba Ueld.
itti v :i ke ueld near the
. M C A. n tne alleruoon. i'apt. t.
V. Wbtta, cti-iplftm of the First regi
mant will preach. 1 lie First regiment
lauJ ft.il luraiah MMi
Camp Personals.
i v B) PttM regMin-nt, i at
1'i.gb :jh u. protoat duty tni afer
oon, aritii inairuciMMM to arres; any
trAier. wbu may ie more.
. W . i i..;;s oi irand Kapids
is in tamp, UM gaet oi .ieaerai lUt-
l. :.i.
V irtM ha een in the hos
pital, was discharged this afternoon.
la It C M esaly Loo-J Aftrr In the State
J i km, Aug. 'JO. If the law taks
iu course the result ot the indued in
tbe matter of the recent murder will
result la an investigation into tbe care
and ire.itmem of the convict luuatics
by ttie prison management. Tne cor
Maefi jury on Wm. Cuddy's death has
bean m session tolay. Ir.e only new
thing was the testimony of Horton, a
fellow convict and constantcompanion
rf Kiftcku.an, and one who saw lilack
fikan many times each day. He bad
noticed Inackman'a strauge actions
and-always thought him crazy. The
Jury alju.irned at noon and declared
that Um matter is to be fmly gone into
to deterin ne :f any careifsness exists
relative to life convicta or insane ones.
Berry-Ihckers' Fue Spreads to the Town
and May Wipe It Out.
II a rh' r.TT , Aug. '20. An urgent
c ; 'va rrce.vel tie re at noon
from Kock Hirer, a small Tillage in
Alger eoaoty, th.rty mile east of Mar
qu t:--. A lite started by bcrry-piokcri
i . t toresi ) -.i r:..:.g com-
t i
1 to to ) lu. nber pi.es :u the
ari l UM entire place M inruat
w.f. geatrnction, togcthei with
i it ant of the brownstono
y Kk rv . nr- engin will ba
it one?. Bock Kivrr is entirely
4 of ftre-bght.ng outfit.
Horse Th -ve-i and Burglars.
. . ... v ig. .' .( harles
ngil 4 haodaooM and valuable
g pac r was stolen from the fair
K a. Thi animal
v - rly, bnt wax not
ivn lcn stolen unt i
mtU'r aiue this morning,
w. : gu to tbe person re-
P. T.. Daniels, on
wa m famfkad by
ar to garret last
' v i.oth :.g
tom this nii d i,.
f r a revei t
res that he
r i hair
sjruy w ag Mbsr Mneat parilW t
fi: rnarfrs the smt
bjMith aad rim and bmih n
pert owner of t. rr cu broom eon
I i i; party's puu-
tar:.. - .-i lar r.
Emoiyj Heniy Black man.
Mf, Aug. V. Last -va:ftg a
g BIS MM ftd Jamea I- U
ol WMhaui sport. I'm., abruptly
a.p ua 1 1
oa iu lock ma up or I will kill
,uy. kjI tne la tfg ooiu-
IN a : .1 Ai fwU Urs
you w.n u prt-viH i I
lie a promptly iccomwo-l.au-r
oa ee Mit rv:wfl
i r-.-: I aad said I ..ki &s was
I- al
hftuU sura they WOttid die, set the
I t kept it, II- watited to nave
a anaat - ail and administer tne hoi?
Calamity Day M Hay C ty.
Bay Cirv, Aug. 20. Yesterday w t
n. sscd a chapter ot accidents in tins
cny. A i.v .-ycftr-oi t .(.u!ittfr oi
Janitor KusMil, of the Bowery school,
aaa r .n : 'y a norse and
and hor arm DrOaMO; a two an t I ill
year -old daughter of Frank
dran. waaJhing tlu.l anile her mother
was out of the uutile aud BMM utar
Jv u. J-iti Judd, tn b if--year-o Id
sn of a widow, fell into the public
lillllll 1 Ml in frout of tne jail and went
down for the last time, when he was
r cued ' W. K. Morgan and resusci
tated and wbtld Jtmsa Jackson was
putting a belt on a puller in tb" Cro
Aims factory bis sleeve caught and tut
arm was d.'awu out of place, but not
Latest LpC4M Scandal.
1 -s.v, Aug. Tgt. frafief if h I-ham, b)
vvara o i. and a res.di-ut ot Lyons, waa
anoMasl beta j aattidajr on a warrant
oiiciii : t un w in assault on the little
l-vear-.).d daugtiter of .J. Florence,
aaM al L jotM and iae atfair baa era
I uta a Mnaation m thai locality.
I- .am H an otd veterau and draws a
i.i-.o.;. He M in jail and wdl kear
:i i before Justice Kd.vards ot
I us i e .i U .dur.Jay. Cnaudock Si
Scully of Ionia have be-ia retained to
defend nun. bam claims that the
a:la r it a Mack mailing, scheme. The
. i rail 1 jrmerly resided iu this city.
Her Foot Was the Attraction.
Mr. John Williams of BaginatV fur
yrar- ago swallowed a c inmon sewing
Beadle. Alter the elapse of six
Bl ntbi or so, it appeared on toe
shouider, but not showing itself, BO
effort was made to extricate it. It
i manifaatad tsolf on the ngtit
I la jllSl BalOB lilt f iht, OHIBtiBg 3 m)
I ttlt discomfort, but was not extracted.
1 ; - m tune pa?t the lady has been
troubled with pam in the heel of the
left foot, and on Wednr lay the steel
peregrinat or was removed.
Narrowly Escaped Lynching.
I v a v, Aug. '20. Assistant leputy
IVarden Hatch, who BOOontpanied tbe
murderer Blackman to the Ionia asy
lum, says that all BtOQg tho route
topic assemble 1, and such cries a-
"Hang the !rute," "Lynch the mur
derer," were heard on every tide. At
Lansing, where they ebaaged cars, ho
was hustled off to jail to save hun from
the mob. ' .
But Few Fitted For Soldiers.
Di raorr, Aug. Ml Out of forty ap-
plicBBM for enlistment during July in
the Ut ted 3 iteaarmy at the recruit
ing ottice in I etroit only eight pBMed
the examination and thtis far in the
present month only one out of seven
teen was IBOBBMftUi ' anada furnishes
more aspirants for army positions than
any iviner country.
Mysterious Disappearance.
BaeOXaW, Mich., Aug. 20. Frank
Cnaick, n barber Bad base ball player
of some reputation, is nursing from
his home and he has not been seen
since Monday last. He wa married
but a abort time ao, and DO CBBBB is
known for his mysterious disappear
ance. Government's Gracious Gifts.
The latest l.st of pensions awarded to
II i tiigan soi.iiers is as follows: Aster
K. Mather, Uenah BpaoldiBg, Andrew
. Paxaooa, ("hauney K. Taylor, JamOi
E. Virgnl, Richard N. Van Natter,
James W, 9 Mtb William 11. Head,
JBBMe Woo l, F rancis Phlllipt, K. J.
Delaee Jeajell, Henry Terpune, tieorg ;
B. Aiken (ojecBaeed). Additional
laaac Frieb. Joshua tnllonbeek, Hearj
Bi Beotor, Lawrence B. bfattice, Timo
thy B. Bnrtcb, Maneer W. Peck. In
creased Wiiliam H. Hail (deceoead),
A me M. Hamlin, John J. tiurner,
Jame H. W.sner. John L. K.ce. Bab
sue and Incn ae diaries M. Martin.
Ortginal, w.dows, etc. Mary Baeen
i irk DBotber , i.vdia a. Perkiae, K.i.a-
b?th t f, Joseph Heritage, Matt e
l . 1 er., Helen xoBBg, A. Kan Lam
eraoner faiber), minor of Bdward II.
i a b, ninofi ff Stephen B. Ooodwia.
State N-ws in Brief.
Th reunion of Ihe Eaton county .
A. U. just closed was a very successful
meeting. At Ibe bnaiaeM meet ng tbe
follow ug BffMBffi were elected: Cel
ooel, George F. Norton of Wnnont
viile; i.euteuant colonel, William M.
- I uar'otte; major, .lona
tnan I; Butler of Charlotte; qoartar
master, Wdiiarn Spicer of Eaton Bap
. i iraeoBi Dr. c. s. Baall o: er
Nt ii meeting at K.aton
Bap is.
i Lapeer County Agricultural so-
bare att ti. aatM for their an
nual fair a Little earlier ttian lat yar.
Ttui year's exhibit ft li le bold tfednee.
day, Thursday and Friday, Hepternher
II, 1 1 a . 1 tt. T.v oAcen ere ra ic ng
pre parabfjai for a great fa-.r. to enrpaM
last year's effnrt, which was . tr
tamly the be.st one ever held in t ie
ci unty.
Daring the trial of Anna Kov;,
i'.; ; . t'ift ::rcenv of a poi k-t-ls
-k. m MudT'O on lbBreda)T, bOI '
Teat ! " I .n ft w i . ' i 1
deniy f- ii ' ack ward. The motber'e
ii,rxt attracted a joror't atteal .i w
-t r nig forward and sared the loy from
d th.
dr was arrated v't',' lay ai
state. The complaint
r t was made am
. where be panned
of f-K Hr IS 10 ball.
mat an eV'Mj ex
lay momuig'a atrm
II w
or- i
gan.zed at Laming for the campaign of
Benjaemiu iirr.OQ for prea deut, and
a y old veteran that has kept the prm
cip es f tne graulfftiuer ftiive .ace dm
;i rinnnHai to aeud m their
1 he mmatea of the Jackson prison
severely denounce Convict ii.ftckuian'i
murder ot WilhaBl Cuddy ae a oow
p ece of buamees, and thmk hie
traualei to tue BBBBBf asylum small
wora ou tne part of trie autnorittes.
Four more CnUBMaBB were tried by
Coauu.ss.oner uavcs m Uetroit and
were eei lenc t to ten days' nnprvaxjn
menl and di portatiou to Chu.a. Ttiey
were Jon Wing, I.ee Lee, Cruu Jonj
J i- . an I i i i Ling, aJl youu uicj
under "2 years of age.
Mrs. Bathe; uunltt, one of Sagi-
u v i O. lest u.id moat respected
pioneers, died yesterday at the ad
v kaoed ge of M, hue was torn in
Detroit and has lived :u hagiuaw the
p?t ftf y Btecp years.
Krauk lin.cn, a well known Baft
niw.au, nb j ftfts atarned laet rb mb .
has not been seen -.nee M ndy and
bail are expressed for ins aateiy. His
young wife it greatiy worried orer his
myslerioUE abs. uce.
Jonn Murpi.y, an mnbrel.a peddler
ba ung from Detroit wa stuck by
ir.i n u tne Jaokeon yards Friday bhebt
Bad sustaund MWere injuries, though
n t Deie--ai y fatal. He was taken to
tin city hospital.
m. I ou -5 Leader says a sensation
is t xpecteu Monday when UM saloon
BBBM are examined. It will be ahown
Utat a proiuinenl cnurch member aud
.a.iday acuooi MBOhet drinks beer at a
Two bundles of clothes, tnree hats
and a pair of shoea belonging to An
drew IHamm. a piamber, were found
lnursdav uu tne river bank at Mauia-
tee. Tbe body lias not yet been found, i
George, E. rTaaaotith. a prominent
baaker and treasurer of Bellvue, cnau- j
cellor commander ot the Knights of J
Pj at and a promt aenl alaaoa, dtad I
. : iay. alter a lout days' illness.
a oompany af gyptMi is strolling
through Michigan With naif a doaeti
traiaed bars, monkeys and any
quantity of dojra. They are playing an
engagement tins Week at Clinton.
A negro convict from liraud Kapids
ou i uursday attempted to k.il A. G.
Bmith, foremau for a firm ol contrac
tors, by Being a kuifc. He was knocked
down in time to pave Smith's, lite.
kin. I. noes Paltnerof :i:naw. while
Walking ui the dark from one room to
other laet night, fell down siairs and
broke her left arm ui three places aud
received Other serious injuries.
Harriett Fuller, wife of George Ful
ler, dark oi the liusnell house, Detroit,
died at tbe reajdoaoc of her father,
Charles Herring, uo Kalamo Friday
night of heart disease.
The fruit crop of Grand Traverse is
! at 5,ou.) b ishels Of peaches,
3,;u0 bushels of plums, ByOOO bushels
Of pear.-, aud from 20,000 to 30,000
bushels of apples.
The tBird annual meeting of the
Lowell District fair will be held in
Lowell, Oct. 4 to 7. Premium lists may
Ik obtained by addressing F. 1). Eddy,
Mayor Crump, who was one of the
B ij ty contmandery pilgrims to Den
ver, broagbt borne a broken shoulder
winch he received in the Colorado ciiy
by a tall.
Dowagiac waa visited Pr iny by one
of tbe woiit electric storms on record
burning out both the electric lignt aud
U ep one plan'.-. LOSS, about 4.b00.
Senator St ockbridgo has given $100
toward defraying tbe expenses o( the
bow beedOjBbxtere of the, G. A. K. in
the Everard biock, K:i!amao o.
A new ban to he built at Hear lake
w .11 hold 3u0 ton of hay, 2,0j0 buahela
of roots and 1 J 1 head ot cattle. It will
be the largest ;n the etute.
A youmj lady m Gratiot county dis
loeated hoi jaw while gaping recently.
a physician placed her masticating ap
paratus in order again.
Great preparations are being made
for the celebraiiou of Labor day at Bay
I ty September & Saginaw unions wiil
assist io tn j exercises.
"Happy Home" clubs are being
started in many cities in the state,
i be I obj et s the cure of inebriety
and dipsomania.
The southeastern portion of the slate
. - 1 by heavy rains Fr.day,
great y benefiting coru, tomatoes and
all late crops.
The poetofBoc at Hollo, Tuscola
oounty, has been changed t Silver
w o !, and Phillips, Saginaw county, to
K. ichTille.
VTh le bathing in School lake Thurs
day, Fran te 21 years of age,
sres di waed, having been seised with
rbc bcxI annual conference of the
Methodist Episcopal cntircu will be
he! l at Hillsdale, dept. l L
The congressional convention for the
sixth district w.ll be called to meet at
I enton at an early date.
( ver tWWniy now huildtnzs were
starteii on the burnt distr.ct in liay
City during last week.
to : ne lias voted on the water
works qneetiotti and will spend 15,000
tor a plant.
bfrf. Martha Hancock of Saginaw,
who died last Thursday, was born in
1- o.
i ' e sheet iron material for the new
court bouaesd Hastings will cost $ 14,0'jo.
Taken From Jail and Lynched.
Sasta Axna, Cel., Aug. . This
hi r.. ug about 1 O'clock I-rancsco
rorree, who murdered William McKei-
TT, foreman ol Mm--. M i'srancn,
was lynched by a num. tbottt thirty
l. I i went to the jail and
kt fpen front door with a sledge
ha nmer. Iney took the keys away
: oni t m in- - b- gnard, ea tared 1 1 rrew
cell, tied a towel over btl re IBth, car-
i m from tne jail a d langsnl b M
u a telegraph pol" ;r the moal public
I place la the City. A rone n astirown
ver t(M .ole And be w.s puiied nUitit
two feet from the ground and there
left hanging.
Irw.n's Head in Danger.
WasstinoToa, Aug. 2o. -Arthur Ir
w ; nr . v ' " nated from the
aiaoagemenl of the WTaattiagtoa club
ari l Danny K.ci . ; oon made manager
d aaptain. President Warner is
,,re orer ttie poor work of his
It s said that lie has iat mated
to Irv n that ti: esa a m xrke 1 hihto
cauae of tiie iatter's continual
Fat: A lent H St Ps ii
Hr Pvi i , ut W. The earth in the
rear of the Wasrnsr W'X k o I Kat s. ..
the ocrupante are dicv nt out
The Radicals Are Angry at
irmjHffh Working men Looking for an In-
i- icv:..-:: LeJr. s Up.n.ju.
Foreign Gossip.
LnMBMT Aug. to. Ttie radical re
Tolt u serious. There is bo mmcing or
r . .. u.at tne laU.ca - a: i angi
Cbay SBCeM uo coucealmeul ol their
rai; al b.iug rejected by Mr. Ulad
stone in b.s cab. nut se.ections, and of
their purpose to assert themselves at
the coming session of parliament. The
radial Hi Bgasjjd that but lor tiieir votea
Mr. (sladaloue would nave been left iu
the in.nunty, and the munsters are no
more representattTe of the masses that
const: tuto liberal majority iu the late
eiecaioa tbaej Lord Balwwry lnmseii.
They declare that the lime has passed
tor tbe people of England to be repre
sented in a liberal cabinet by aristocrat-,
wan t.tkc and tufl hunting can
didates for titles, and that the people
are now trona CBOUgb t see tnat Um
men of the people shall have a voice
In tne government.
i eaaiasj asusMtg,
it is reported that there is a strong
probability of au approach between
the radicals and ln Parnellites.
Should sucn aoonibinatioo be formed
the cab.iu t wouhi e '-tier have to bow
to its wishes or re.-ign. The Parnellites
alone do not control votes enough to
defeat Mr. Gladstone; hot united witn
.Mr. Leboucbere aad his asaooiatee they
could easilv rule or ruin the Libenal
government. The situation is. causing
anxiety which Mr. Utadeione is known
p. share, and the only solution appears
to be such recegnition of the radicals
as will bind then to the liberal ranks.
1 ins, ut present is not prul-.ible as M r.
Gladstone is arJ to Be entirely
bound up with his whig adrieors.
Head thr BteJMtlBB
The greatest intereFt is felt here in
the labor troubles in America, and the
newspapers are making the most of the
subject, as a text to run down the
American republic. The news from
tbe coal miners of Tennessee, the iron
workers of Homestead, and the strik
ing switchmen of Puttalo is read with
an interest that is significant, and it is
erident from the muttenngs heard
among the crowds as they scan the
bulletins or peruse the newspapers that
the success of a lanor insurrection in
America would be speedily followed
by a similar uprising iu England. There
are thousands of people out of work
aud desperate and ready for almost
any deed of violence without regard to
legal results. These people need but a
leader and a banner to start a riot that
would rival the Parisian commune, and
that mignt become a rev lution.
A Measure tor IicitreM.
It is in the allevo of the east end that
these enemies of existing order can be
met with and listened to, for there they
fear no eavesdropping. They bold
meetings nightly and inveigh against
what they call the oppression of capi
tal, and "talk of what tbe inassis will
do when they have the upper hand.
Among the more intelligent working
men the subject is more calmly con
sidered. "1 cannot see," said one of these,
"why American workingmen should
have to riot for their rights when they
have the ballot and really have these
capitalist at their mercy it they only
knew it. They ought to take the rail
ways and telegraph hues for the state,
abolish or reduce tie tanlt and impose
a grad Bated income tax. Then if the
capitalists attempted to vioi.ue the laws
the capitalists would be the anarchists."
(ireat Cjelista Keunion.
The greatest reunion of cycli6ts that
the continent lias seen beeau yesterday
in Cologne. About 5,000 men from
Germany and Austria are present with
t : r wheels and some of the big men
of both empires are taking part in the
program, among tnose participating
in the opening exercises of the meeting
w?re the Prince Zuewm, Freiherr Von
Loe, commanding general of the Eighth
army corps; 'ieneral Von Bokonp, gov
ernor of Cologne, and Couut Von Lue
tichan, colonel and commander of the
German Cuirassiers. The chief day of
the meeting will DC tomorrow. In the
morning 1,500 cyclists will compete in
a prize course from the Volkesearten
to Kigelstein. In the afternoon the
race championship of GeTBMnj will be
made. In the evenum there will be
fancy ridiug indoors. On Monday the
race for the Emperor William III pri.e.
General Von Loe is said to be prepar
ing a report of his observation for the
war department.
Morley Will Secure Data to Build Up a
Home Rule Bill.
LojrooW, Aug. 20. John Morley, the
chief secretary for Ireland, is institut
ing a oonamBwioo of inquiry Into tbe
position of tbe evicted Irish tenants
and tbe holders of the evicted lands,
the commission to report m time to
prepare bill before the opening of
pariiameBton November, l. Tbe Irish
mem be I - want the goeOTBBMBl b mak
an advance from the treasury tor ti".
relief of the effaced te is,
relying on the majority in par
liameai to confirm the grant,
.Mr. Gladstone lias charged the IU.
Hon. n nry Kowb r, prettdenl of the
locl government, to move t nard COBV
ple .ig tho loeal gnTerntnnt of the
metropoiiC. The K;. Hon. A. J. Mun
delta, president of the liard id trad'',
the Kt. Hon. Henry II. Pow er, p:-s,
dent ol tbe local goTjrntm nt board,
and loin Hurt, literal Tin nr r for Mo
tet'i, form the liberal c MBBiittcO np
potnl i to consider the eight-hon?
tr't bill and the anion:. t of Ital
i the em lovers' bill. Arthur Ilerb rt
yke tckland, m preaident of the
rouncil en edocaboto; Jare.ra Rrice,
chaacelloff of the duty af Laraatr,
ami tte Ut. Hetl. Sfiw L-fevre. first
commissioner of w rks from tne mu
ll tw o on panh cooncils. John. Mor
Ict's re elreti n In N Castle n Tyne
is bkly to le attnideti w.th d Acuity,
if a eo -member, C K. Hammond, the
'vative atdermaa, a Mori? will
be deleatcd y at st Wk Should
it oMir Stuart Kndt.tie literal
MOflBbei trom Montgorrieryahire, anil
rf reiT a rajrc and Mo: .y will take
the Mat tbu made vscsnt.
Whips rritchard-
ir.b round, sftrr bsv ng thine I a
own way from the tait. Th newt
that they had n.et toJay a MSrBSMS
to th patMic It -aa BOf 'tperUnl
thai ths men vrrnld meet Bntd Men
day. It art- thai s atArnent
wheat Monday was g-.vm out to deceive
the author ties, as police interference
aa anpiebeuded. and o cioaoif waa
the secret kept that on!y a few sports
It-aide the backers and MOOBds were
prea Bt. The hgut a tor i-.ooo. 1 h
Loimbroke ottered t l.OuU and a private
purse of 1,000 being oflVied by the
Ftock rscbango. Ha! s backer aa
Warren Lewis.
Bdhards in Pans.
Paais. Aug. SO. This afternoon at
the luii.es ttaugerae, Ives played a
cue:.. on carrom itame of Kftj points,
cencedmg r c- ' hits to t'.i- Kiench
man. Ives won easily by thirty BBnatB.
lait BTCjning a baJk-line game o . I
points up was plaved by Koaaou aud
Fournil. Mosson played wei I, making
OaM run of 125, mostljr ail-round shots,
and won the game.
Wjii the Swimming Contest.
M'Mkkai., Aug. Wk -Arthur Kenny,
an Australian swimmer, won tbo io)
yard chanijtiouahip of Canada ttus
afternoon in rougii water aud broke
tne American rec rd of one mm lM
aud thirteen seconl. csiVermg tbe
d. stance iu L11J. He ttat four com
petitors. Tha front lapit-t r in lo ilct-, "Llf
ft Kuj-iuin Harnaon" Ua tlMell eu-
HBsisai ut essasssat u"iu ineit.
1 he i. ..... la a good uur, UrUar al uuee
He Think He Will Cany a Whule
Group of States.
Iik.vvik, Co:., A kj. .-.-General
James B. Wi uver, peopU's party QBBdi
date for president, arriend in l'euver
Uly o . n s rt turn f r. BB a tour of the
htolnc coast and immed au-ly con
ferred w:th T. M. Palmereoni editor of
the Bnoky Mountain Ni-ws. He says
he is ooobdeat tbe groop of states wtst
of the Uiseouri river can be counted
safely for the people's party national
ticket. He says Ins tour of the weit
has been nmst grntifymg, and himself
and Mrs. Leaso have addressed Urge
audiences everywhere. They ko from
here to Des Mo.nes and Ftnrt o:: a tour
of tuc'aoutb, that Visiting Arkansas.
Kreigerbund Festivities.
Kan-a- GtTYi Aug. 0. This has
been a great day witn ihe kertnan pop
ulation of Kansas City the annua! to
the Kreigerbund of North America
began early iaat nignt as the Cttf at
mat tune was filling with visitors. It
is estimated this evening that 5,o0o
veterans are in the city and 1,000 more
are expected by tomoriow morning.
Tbe reunion coming at the same time
as the Knights of Pythias encampment
has taxed the city to its uttermost to
provide suitably for both organizations
but so far there has been no complaint.
The open reception at Turner hall
tonight was a most elaborate affair and
was attended by fully 15,000.
President Hzrrison's Birthday.
Loos Lake, Aug. 20. Today was the
sixty-first anniversary of the birth of
President Harrison. The fact was kept
rather quiet, at least not mnch was
said about it until tonight. The presi
dent attended a sleight of band per
formance at the hotel. The president
had no callers today. He did a little
official work, but the nature of it is
not kuown.
Thre ia a full paff engraving- of Mr
h nl.-y iu The lleralil'H "Life of 11 n jam in
Harriaon." Notice aur advertiaemeat. Or
der at ouce.
Yesterday's Base Ball.
At CtBMtBad: a h k
Cleveland I 0020100 0-1 1 1
New for .04 1 0 0 0 0 1 -- 6 7 I
Batteries -Yaaai and Zimiuer, Crane and
Br .nc.
CtsaeMad o ooiioooi . : 2
New York 02000000262
BatteriesCoppS and Zimmer. Kiujj aavi
At Cincinnati: a h r
Ctaclanatl i oiooooo J5u
Ptnladelpbta-Ji 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 I I
Batteries Dwysr and Isabeaer, Wetklag
and 1 raaa
At wsaatectoe r h k
tVashiuKtyii U 0000000 f. 74
Louisville 1 Mill f t a 4 t 1
lUtteries Straiton and Merr.tt. Kilieu and
AtClnca.o: r h r
caieaea I 31000200 11
BroAKlya .2 0 1 i t 0 0 S if 1
Batteries Miller and KittTtage, geaaeej
and giaatow.
At St. Louis: R I B
St. Louis. 0 1230000 2- It) 2
haltimore 0 0 1 I 0 0 0 0 0- 1 fen 7
batteries treason and Baefcler, lckery
au l hobtuson.
At I'ittsbure: a n
Ptttsbarc 0 ii 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 5 7 3
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 132
Batteries Baldwin and Miller. Nlcimls and
How the Clubs Stand.
Following is tlie record ol tho National
leaii'i'- championship:
Played. V. n. Lost. P. C
Cleveland 29 21 S .7i4
Piiiladelphla M) 1 12 .i0
Nw York .27 li 11 JM
Itr.otlyn .11 17 tl .567
Boston 29 If 13
Baltimore 2t 15 11 MB
Pltt!.r . 15 U -1"
Louisville 21 it Ii .44S
Chlcaco ; 12 la ,ee
Cincinnati JM 12 It .4'i
MashuiRt n .21' II if
8t. LsiBS 9 20 Jm
Wait for the Opening.
New mer-
ha.it Ta .
oriug I'ariors September l.
BstATTO i v TuiiwrnunoE.
Bvejwtbiog bow.
C A li l' At the B. A. b ra mid hee
" pttal. aoerk; on eapal e ot k
bo iks tppl me nsa I Mk
M. . Ci s y. N. 21 I unt in tre. :.
dent ' . a I M f
1 - ... M . , .
. i Pa 11 ,. !.
remarka'") ' - . 1
r in curiuf
i m
! mr frr.i wr thrt
t( to A wrt vt thsaav
k 0)w htm 4 an man r Praa that twr H am
a frm K rt Oa piBt cur B
t 1 - -- 1
l 'v ar
Skawa In r s tt T eaWSH
f tt 1 M aawi eia, nr ami a4
r asrwa ire - ?rt prr Tt
? li bx
Object Lessons
This Week.
We Want Your Attention This
August Monim?.
o o
TIk atoersj tteVB at this time lias itK.rr than n elrrn
charm. The words are winsome t the home lover
and thr wise and rndct .ul will mentullv ect them
to ecoinnnic mubic. Money iavmk' noans more
thinps for fjrace and OOBattforC, and that means haj.
pier liniut's.
"One of the h irdej't m.-tft, t S .: . r, u uu i it the
koiK uktrt iot u i-ing."
flad we space we could introduce n t.. a aat an a
of bargains, but, like voyages taken on pajn-r. do not
satisfy as does the real experience. You must ace
them this week. Be an eye w itnt gag ajd a partu .
paters in the host of good things prepared f. r Wfjsj,
hi the Dim Perspective.
Another season is dawning. New things will soon
take the place of their pfdrlOTOSMOSTB. IfANI BAV8
ALREADY. Btaplea will foUow staph t. sjsasj novel
ties follow novelties. All this ealls fr a general pre
parntMu fruiu us and a cleaning up of . u rviim, sj
each department.
The China Silks
Mu-t all go. There are a large number oi DtCSM l'at
terns and quite a variety of pieces iti m hu h thet. -just
enough for a silk waist. Fust DOOM erill gi t
them at very low DficCa
A Still Greater A ttraetion.
Monday morning we inaugurate a general clear
ance sale of our
Including domestic and imported Ginghams. Satin, s.
Silkalines, Madras Cloth, Bedford Cords and manv
dress lengths, cut way lel.w first cost. The pr
will furnish strong incentive t lav m g , Mipph
at once. For particulars apply at the counters.
Wool Dress Goods Novelties
For earlj Fall are arriving d:n! vering thr r-r,L ,
weaves in the old and new world. INSPECTION
1 V I TED.
We have many fine remnants in this department
lets as a result of the season's rutting and slashing,
which have been marked at price. Ihe little mi
will find in some just enough for a gown, tht adult
ditto. Take this gentle hint.
Across the Aisle
TOO will find an elegant bargain in our LAPTRS
50c USlsE THREAD VEST, low neck ami skew
less this week they will be sld at 37c.
Housekeeping Linens.
Tow is the refur of flax. You don't want it in
your table linens, hold cloth, napkin or doylie to the
hght. Are there rough IpotOl Then tow. Su b
stuff i dear at any prii e. 1 hut's worth remembering
Here are bnrgain in flax not tow:
T'J im h Cr nm Iamask pi r MBjsJ 7
72 inch Cream Damask, fin ly l b ai bed Ku:
oft!, $1
A fine linen towel w ith ol. r d bdgelgsj and
apt n w tk m 2
The 3fV kind.
Our 0S Honey Comb Bed Spread Trnt thr world.
Mens lose.
1(Y do7n regular 2V
GOdosen Balbriggan
Hose this wrrk ....
hirts and rawere

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